American Idol 2011 Early Spoilers Leaking Out

American Idol judges 2011

Are you ready for American Idol 2011? Well it’s just six weeks away now and as you’d expect we’re starting to get even more spoilers than just who is going to Hollywood this season. So far the big spoilerish rumor news is that there will be online voting this time around for the Top 50 or some contestants.

That online voting, which will allegedly be done through AT&T’s website, will narrow things down to 2011’s Top 12:

Apparently, 242 people have received golden tickets to Hollywood. The Hollywood episodes are supposed to feature Q and A sessions and workshops so the viewers will get to know the contestants. 40-50 contestants will be featured prominently in the episodes, and viewers will be able to vote via online ballot for their favorites.

The 12 highest vote getters will advance, with 3 more contestants advancing to the top 15 via a wildcard with Jimmy Iovine and the judges.

All this focus on the Top ~50 singers feeds back to Nigel Lythgoe’s statement that he wants us to care more about those early stage singers and not rush through to the Top 24 rounds. Makes sense and will definitely give the new American Idol season feel much different by generating that much viewer interaction.

There’s also an alleged Twitter account out there (well, actually right here) that notes the online voting will start on February 10th via That site currently generates an error screen, but does so right after it redirects to a more detailed Idol URL on their site, so it seems kinda legit.

Does this early news about the upcoming changes make you feel better or more cautious for what’s to come on American Idol this year? Your thoughts?

Source: VFTW

Side Note: Simon Cowell’s new show, X Factor, has allegedly offered a judge’s seat to Cheryl Cole. We’re still almost a year from that Fall 2011 premiere though.




  1. I have already read about the online voting. This is not new news to me, I am still a skeptical viewer, just letting the cards fall where they may!!!!


  2. Still a wait and see…Voting definitely will need to be restricted…voting online and/or text/phone should be limited to a certain # per person. Looking forward to the new season. 🙂

  3. @Rose…..exactly….if they don't limit the calls/texts and online voting then nothing really is changing…..Its just more ways for the teenie boppers to vote a trillion times for the cuties.

    Yes, I too am excited about the new season just to see if anything is really going to be different…

  4. The key to the success of American Idol is to get attractive singers. If you have someone that is both attractive and can sing, they will sell albums. I also believe you need someone on the young side. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood had both and have gone on to produce multi platinum albums. Fantasia was younger, attractive and talented and has done well. However, the last couple of years has not produced superb talent that is easy on the eye. They also need to make sure this talent makes it through to the finals, and in the finals it doesn't become a pure popularity contest.

  5. I think voting online would be good but it should be limited to one vote per computer and also one vote per phone # when voting with texting

  6. I wish that AI did NOT have online voying…at all! Plus I would REALLY like AM to let OTHER phone carriers to let us continue to VOTE, VOTE, VOTE! But since AT&T is their sponsor I can understand WHy they choose to do it the way that they do! I ONLY wish that they would "open" it to others! Afterall we are NOT all AT@T cell phone clients!

  7. @Ron Kelly and Carrie won before power texting became the determining factor. Teens, tweens and cougars won't vote in a girl. The voting needs to be restricted.

  8. "Powers that be"…Are You Listening???? PLEASE change the voting…keep AI a Singing competition and not a Popularity contest. 🙂

  9. I am excited that I don't have to try a zillion times to try to get through and vote. I just gave up and enjoyed the show or got angry when my favorite wasn't picked.

    Yahoo, now I feel validated.

    Thank you

  10. I've been an AI fan since the first season and don't want to lose it! Hopefully they will fix what's broken and get the "magic" back. I'd still much rather watch a fun show like this than most of the police and lawyer garbage that's available.

  11. CHANGE…is a good thing.

    It seems like there will be a better way of observing the talents of the contestants.

    I felt that the old way was getting alittle boring. I love music and singers. I am excited that I could watch from Thailand

  12. I don't agree with Ron about looks…it's all about talent.

    Case in point, Susan Boyle.

  13. I agree Joyce, there are many talented singers without the good looks and have gone to be #1 singers throughout the years. The votes should be restricted to 1 vote per phone or computer. The past couple of years there have been many talented people voted off because the young generation would rather look at someone rather than give their vote to someone they just don't want to look at. Come on young people, listen without looking if that is the way to get your true vote of a talented singer.

  14. Author Jo..thank you for agreeing with me. I admire good looks and young talent..but go for the TALENT..thats what the show is about. The age limit is there in the rules.

  15. I agrew with Carol and Rose. The voting online or perhaps elsewhere should be limited to one per person/email/phone number. Otherwise, there will be problems like on Dancing w/the Stars. Do we want political parties deciding who should be the next AM or what "decent" attire is? Hell NO!

  16. One voting will never happen…the more the votes …the more the money for phone companies, etc.

    It is still an enterprise that the viewers pay for.

    American Idol is a Classic talent show…the best we have had for the past nine years, Lets keep the talent coming.

  17. Frankly, I'm tired of getting these e-mails! It's burning me out on the Idol before the show even starts! It's like Politics, everytime you turn around, there's something else. If I want to watch it, then I'll know about it, as it will come up here or on TV.

  18. Everyone, Ron called it! No it is not right, and it is discrimination in sheep's clothing. Looks more so than talent, is the determining factor in the entertainment business!

    About the voting, I do not disagree with what I've read. When the season starts, contestants will be brought on stage before the public to see and hear, and the abundant will be attractive! How many votes per whatever the complaints are, will be second nature!!!

  19. Well you guys are the professionals – I think more weight should be where you think these contestants will do – if they have a market or not – maybe more weight should be on Judges comments maybe a 75% Judges weight and 25% voters. I like that you will concentrate on getting to know the contestants more as long as you are fair in editing and putting each in a good and accurate light.

  20. Beverly has a good point, but remember, it's the people out there that is buying the albums and the are the true judges.

  21. there has got to be a better way to vote for contestants. I have been watching for years and not once have i been able to get through and vote for someone. it is a hassle and it should not be so hard. since i dont have

    AT n T as my phone company i can not text my vote in. so it is not fair that those that hve atat are able to vote so easily while the reat have to call and wait and wait to make the vote.. online voting would be great and make it easy so that it is reasonable and i for sure would vote everytime if it was easier to vote. i dont have time to wait up for 2 hours every nite and try to get through to make my vote and i dont think i am the only one that has had this problem.. so please make it easier to vote so the right people will get a better chance to win. i was so didsapointed the pst few years by the wasy the votes came in, it was a ridiculous scam and not fair to the contestants due to makeing it so hard to vote.. so i hope someone here hears me.thank you, gary smith

  22. I have stated this before, the voting is only a way that the phone companies make more money. It would be sooooooo easy of you could vote on line, facebook,etc. But to sit and hold a phone with a busy single for more than two hours sucks.

  23. i agree with many, its supposed to be a talent competetion. who would be better to judge than the judges, i say it should be 50 50. 50 pecent people votes 50 percent judges. maybe that way we will have real talent.

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