American Idol 2011 Nashville Auditions Episode Tonight

The auditions continue tonight as American Idol heads south from Milwaukee to Nashville in search of the 2011 Idol. This time around we’ll just have an hour of the best and worst from Tennessee so get ready to settle in tonight at 8PM on FOX.

53 golden tickets were handed out in Milwaukee, some of them maybe shouldn’t have, but tonight it’ll be a new round of hopefuls vying for a trip to Hollywood. Be sure to stop by the site tonight during the show and join us in the Idol Chat room to share your thoughts with other American Idol fans.

For more thoughts on last night’s Idol auditions, check out Ashli Rae’s review, Reality Rewind’s take on the teeny-boppers, and what Small Screen Scoop had to say on all the performers from the land of cheese.

If you’re in the mood for some Idol spoilers then be sure to check if your favorites so far have made it through to the American Idol 2011 Top 40.

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  1. Thanks, Matt. I'll be watching. The show was great last night. All the judges are wonderful. I agree with the comments made by others who feel that this year's combination of judges has really been a boost for AI. 🙂

    • I've definitely been pleased so far. The judges act like they're interested in being there and are enjoying it. I could see how after 10 years you'd be tired of doing it (read: Simon's bored indifference) so this big change could do a wave of good for Idol.

  2. The talent last night was wonderful. I already have some favorites. I have a feeling it will really be difficult narrowing the field down. Steven T., J Lo and Randy make a great team. All joking and "bawdy" humor aside, the sincerity and humanness of Steven T. is great. I was a little sceptical at first…but I am eating my words. Looking forward to tonight.


    • I loved the show last night. I can do without the contestants that are tone deaf but I guess its all part the show.

      I can't thank you Matt and Ashli Rae enough for making this site possible. I have been on it for a while now and it is soooo informative.

      Plus I have met the greatest AI fans. BIG THANKS.

      • Plus I am so looking forward to Nashville tonight. Quite a few on the Top 40 list from there.

        Rose A…Will you be watching with your granddaughter? I love it, I think its a hoot!!!!

        Your introducing her to music at an early age and I think thats great…..Enjoy the show tonight!!!

      • @ Phyllis…no not tonight; but I baby sit again tomorrow and we will do a review…lol… 🙂 Love, love, love this season. I don't know if anyone else caught it; but Randy was about to make an "unpleasant" comment and Steven T. stopped him…I think it was when the Civil War re-enactment guy was doing his thing…anyway…thought it was cool. It really appears that the judges are turning away contestants in a more kinder-gentler manner. And, yes, a big kudo's and thank-you to Matt and Ashli Rae for keeping all of us updated and informed. 🙂

      • I can too Phyllis G.But some of those kids come on that show and actually think they can sing because their families tell them they can.Its like being in church and listening to people sing,you can pick them apart if you dont have your spiritual ears screwed on.Some of my family will roll their eyes and I have to say get your spiritual ears on!lol.

  3. I just want to know where auditions will be held next year b/c i am trying out someone please let me know

    • No one knows yet. Once the season gets close to being over then FOX will announce where you can attend the next round of auditions. Those auditions will be held later on this summer so you've got lots of time until then.

      • If the long hair dude cannot stop the ugly mouth he needs to leave the air. I don't care how many songs or tapes he wrote or wirtten.. It is ashamed that we cannot listen to good clean programs anymore, Just more trash.

        Most of the singing so far is good.

  4. Just read where Casey James…3rd runner up from Season 2010 will be the opening act for Sugarland. Good for him. Can't wait for the Nashville Auditions tonight.!!!! 🙂

    • Rose A. Thanks for the update….I liked him and I'm so happy for him….I adore Sugarland….I love the way they sound……thats such good news….I heard that Adam was up for a Grammy for "What do you want from me"….

      • I do too. They are awesome in concert. Great news about Adam…hope he wins. Would have been great if he and Shibhon could ever collaborate on something….that would be something worth seeing. Ah well…back to Nashville…so looking forward to these auditions. 🙂

      • I would have loved to see him & Siobhan do a duet. It would be awesome…..She was my favorite last season and, of course, he was my favorite of all times….(I also loved Carrie U.)

        Enjoy the show tonight……talk to you tomorrow.:-)

      • I would to Phyllis, and bring Adam Lambert onboard also, that would be a performance to remember!!!

  5. I really hated this show but with Steven Tyler (sorry if I misspelled it) I will watch as much as I can> I have not watched tv for years but I like the way he treats people. I would have never expected and would have not have believed it if I did not see it for my self! WOW I would even shake his hand!

    • Me too Thomas.I don't even mind the cussing because its bleeped out.I think it's a refreshing change from Simons demeaner.There's going to be a lot of talent this year.I love Steven Tylor.I never would have guessed him so funny.It looks like a comfortable situation compared to the past shows.

  6. What the song that was playing during the intro of the guy with the cowboy hat and the family the has all the foster kids?

  7. Have not heard one "you should be singing on a street corner" or "you would do well singing karaoke" comment so far….Simon who..??? 🙂

  8. Does anyone know the name of the song that was playing in the background with the cowboy wearing the bj overall with the foster family ?

    • Sorry I don't. I know I've heard it before but can't fiqure it out either. Like you I'm trying to find out because I loved it.

    • That was "Falling Slowly" from the "Once" soundtrack but it was Kris Allen's version from his season.

      • Oh my God. Thank you very much! I'm actually looking for the same song right now. WAAAAAAAAAH! FINALLY! 🙂

      • i am looking for the song after the cowboy got his golden ticket when hes walking out the door does anyone know it i cant hear the lyrics please help!!! haha wouldnt it be nice if they told us at the bottom of the screen it would be so helpful!

  9. About the song for the african american girl, the song is Your Rocky Spine by the Grate Lake Swimmers.

  10. Does anybody know the song that was playing during the intro of the last girl to audition tonight, Hailey?

  11. I can't remember the last girl who sang tonight (although I can remember her cousin was Holly). It does not appear that she made it to the top 40 (sorry for the spoil) but they all thought she was awesome and the best so far. Go figure that one. No one has stood out as being "the whole package" although we have not seen them all. I hope there is someone to root for.

  12. Can anyone tell me the name of the song the black guy sang at the Nashville auditions? They only showed him for a quick minute and he did get a gold ticket. This is driving me crazy!

  13. Does anyone know the song durng/right after Matt Dillard`s audition in episode 4? dont mean the song "falling slowly".

  14. Last night's show was awesome. I can't believe how excited I get knowing the show is going on. I haven't felt this way since Season 8 when I couldn't wait to hear what Adam Lambert was going to sing that night. Amazing feeling…..

    Last night my son, my niece & nephew were all watching the show and we had so much fun because every time someone voice challenged came on, they would ask me if they made it in the Top 40 and we would all laugh.

    If these three judges come back next year, this show is here to stay for a long time!!!!!!

    • I agree Phyllis G.! I hope all three judges are back next year! This season, has started off being an exciting season so far, I hope that AI continues to stay exciting!

      • @ Phyllis G & Angela. Me too !!! They are awesome and just the the show needed…a real refreshing breath of air…Can't wait until next week. Have a good one. 🙂

  15. I just love Steven he is so raw and rockin…

    I love all the bleeps he gets because it's easy to figure out what he's saying. They knew what they were getting into knowing the type of person he is. Those kids have to get use to the type of people they will be exposed to if they want to be in the music buisness. It's not a sugar coated industry, you either get tuff or you get out…

  16. Ok the question of the day is: after the girl from the farm sang and the boy cried, they played a song while showing the crowd, and the judges were getting out of the cars. Can anyone tell me the song or who was singing it?

    • The song that goes "I believe in the (something), I believe (something else)", followed by only guitar? If that's the song you're talking about, it's driving me crazy, too! Let me know if you find out.

  17. I am a great fan of Idol, and I think these Judges are great and funny too. They make up a good part of the show.Thanks for having them.

  18. does any one know what the last song was that was played at the end of the last episodee??? it a guy and its kinda sloww and it says something about best time of my life and coming home i thinkkk please help!!!

  19. Does anyone know the song that was playing in the background after the boy & girlfriend finished their auditions ?

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