American Idol 2011: Milwaukee Audition Afterthoughts

It’s the land of the big cheese and American Idol 10 stops by in order to find a few singers to send to Hollywood.  They get their wish and 53 contestants receive a golden ticket in the hopes of pursuing their dream.  But we did run into a string of really horrendous singers on the way as well.  Please Nigel, stop forcing us to watch the God awful contestants we care nothing about!

It’s really hard to concentrate on all the really good performers we heard tonight and I’m not one to get all bent out of shape for another sad story but Chris Medina grabbed me.  You might find 1 person in a 100 or even a 1000 who are that young and will stick by their true love through thick and thin the way he has.  It was heartbreaking to see the two of them so happy and in love and two months before they exchange vows, she gets into such a horrible accident and both their lives are changed forever.  I thought it was great when Steven told her he sang so well because he was singing to her or something like that lol.  I really thought he had a good voice and I hope he does well in the competition.

It was another fun night watching the three American Idol judges getting along so well and listening to Steven’s sometimes incoherent statements lol.  I’m personally loving him as a judge and not finding myself missing Simon so much anymore.  Never missed Paula so no loss there and Jennifer is tolerable but as I was last week, still on the fence with her and Randy is still Randy lol. 

Female singer of the night for me was Alyson Jaydos.  Anyone who is different and wants to bring some rock to AI has got my vote.  Not to mention she gave “Dream On” a shot lol but come on, there is only 1 Steven Tyler.  She idolized him and he comes around to give her a hug and makes some crack about her looking like one of his…what?  LOL you’ve got to love this guy!  Randy says she’s not ready but dude, she’s DIFFERENT and that’s a good thing for idol!  Jennifer and Steven send her on through.  Watch Alyson Jaydos perform The Beatles’ “Come Together” below.

I’m really looking forward to the Nashville auditions tomorrow night because there are so many in the Top 40!  I hope they showcase the talent and not the crazy idiots we have down here in the south.   

Who stood out to you tonight in Milwaukee?




  1. OMG!!! what a show. If I liked Tyler last week I loved him this one, he literally made me cry when he kissed the girl in the wheelchair. I loved him!!! so human and tender!!

    Many good voices tonight still a long way to go but tonight the last guy Medina blew me away.

    • Marta. I agree. And it seemed like it just came so naturally to him. He really is the "Star" this year. Chris Medina was awesome. Not only did he have a great voice; but kudo's to him for standing by the love of his life. 🙂

      • I've been an Occupational Therapist for over 15 yrs and honestly I can say I cried when Steven Tyler approached and spoke w/the fiance of Chris Medina. Most people, even therapists at times, feel uncomfortable approaching someone who has been in a horrific accident which has left them paralyzed or non functional. Steven Tyler seemed very comfortable and caring when telling the contestant's fiance that he sings so beautifiul because he knows he is singing to her! Unbelievable. I hit the rewind button several times and cried over and over because there are very so few compassionate people in the world… Steven Tyler is definetly one of them! What a great thing to see…Steven, I give you 100% thumbs up! You are a special person.

      • kudos to Chris for standing by his girl even after the horrible accident,that is what real love is and he shows it and I know he will stick by her forever. I am 65 and I have been married 45 years and I can read people pretty good. I am sure he will stand by her.good luck to both of them. and he is a great singer. he will go the way,I love the new show and i do not miss Simon. I love Jennifer and Steven and I am shocked that I like Steven but when he bent over and kissed that young woman in the wheelchair I cried.

    • Hats off to Medina, my daughter was in a terrible car crash, she is still the same just sitting down……she said to me "mom sitting down is ok, you'll just have to get used to it……she has started a business,got married, and become an expert on health and fitness…she teaches me every day, just like Medina and his girlfriend will do if you take the time….you judges rock….Nornie

      P.S. My husband is a musician and luthier and we are passionate about the show…..

    • Yeah I cried too when Steven kissed her. That entire story just broke me up. She was so beautiful and young have to live the rest of her life in the condition she's in is heart breaking. If Medina stays with her I'll be amazed. If he makes it all the way which he has the talent to do so, what will become of their relationship. Makes you wonder…

  2. I think he was going to say she looked like she could be one of his children?? LOL…it was funny! The last story had me bawling. They also showed a tiny clip of a young guy singing a country song that was great. I hope he made it! I love Steven Tyler on here. I have never been a big fan, I mean…I love Aerosmith, but never paid a lot of attention to ST himself. I have a new respect for him now!

    • Steven is so raw… I love all the bleeps they have to give him because he's such a potty mouth. I have loved him since the 70's and I love him even more now. I think this years Judges are great. Jennifer is fantastic too. Poor Randy appears to just be trying to keep up to the other two super stars. Buthe's the foundation, him and Ryan. GAWD I love this show!!!!

      • I think the "irrevant" remarks are all apart of who he is and his whole personna…He is just super. Have always Liked Aerosmith…bet his band mates are "eating crow" now…lol 🙂

  3. Personally, I have always thought the bad auditions were a hoot. I remember rolling on the floor in tears during season one.

    And I miss Simon. Three "sweet" judges is just, well, boring. Although Tyler seems like a nice guy and is gentle with contestants' feelings, I don't enjoy or appreciate his slightly or overtly perverted comments, especially when directed toward minors. He is my least favorite of any judge. Ever.

    • He keeps the show real….He gets bleeped so if the youngins can't handle the flame they don't need to be near the fire. They'll experience a lot worse if they make it to the top. Besides Steven is the most interesting of the three. They knew when they hired him he was a loaded cannon. I'm not sure I miss Simon. I always felt he was just TOO RUDE! Honest but friendly judges are better. No one needs to get their feelings tramped on.

  4. Even at age 65, I am a great fan of American Idol. Excited to see this epoisode tonight, January 27 here in the Philippines. So far I am betting for ROBBIE ROSEN.

  5. Even at age 65, I am a great fan of American Idol. Excited to see this episode tonight, January 27 here in the Philippines. So far I am betting for ROBBIE ROSEN.

  6. I loved Chris Medina — the last dude – not only did he sing beautifully, what he is doing for his girlfriend is incredible — most guys would have bolted and not looked back — what an amazing guy – i wish i had one of him — there were some great singers tonight – I have loved Steven Tyler since the 70's so having him there is just an experience! Never been a JLo fan, but am starting to warm up to her on this show – don't miss Simon, Paula or what's her name AT ALL — I think these judges have heart, talent, smarts and are on the right track — I am loving this season – just the punch in the arm that this show needed – change can be good —

  7. my girl Fefe is still waiting for her call back from san fransisco audition where she got her golden ticket now what wait or is she to reaution or what. she was in accident in october but doing better. where did you go she still has the dream to shine. mom

  8. One of those 15 year olds who made it to Hollywood from Milwaukee was not featured on the show tonite. She is much, much better than ANY 15 year old they have shown so far. Her name is Hanani Taylor. America would have been in for a real treat but they didn't show her singing. She auditioned with "I Am Changing." I saw her audition in the stadium at Milwaukee. No one could believe her big, strong Jennifer Hudson voice. Watch her on YouTube at:

  9. I have a huge favor. Please tell the guy who brought his fiencae' in. Please tell her to look into a Back-lo-fin pump. It will cut down on her shaking. I know because I was in a serious car wreck and I have one. I hope this helps.

  10. i'm loving this season of american idol- i feel bad for those who gave up on it last year & missed last nights episode (one of my favorites) i think tyler is stealing the show-what a great addition. looks like a lot of stars may be found this year!

  11. What a wonderful surprise last night's episode was for me!

    The contestants was a joy to watch, I know there were more contestants who auditioned but the twelve that did, did well! Out of the twelve that I saw audition, four of them I really loved and the rest did a decent job!

    • Angela, I agree. I already have some favorites and we haven't even gotten to Nashville yet. The young am that sang the Josh Turner song, Scott McCreery was great…as well as Chris Medina with the fiance he sings to. I also liked the student teacher, Scott Dangerfield J Lo said he was her favorite so far). Little Emma Henry who sang True Colors really needs to grow up…she had an okay voice…something different…give her some singing lessons and let her try out in a few more years and who knows. I agreed with Jennifer and Randy…She will get pushed aside and eaten up as the competition continues. Have a great day. 🙂

    • Hi Rose A., the snow is really doing a job on us, here in PA! I agree, little Emma Henry will not last long! In a couple of years her voice will probably be more developed, but as for now she should just wait, and let nature take its course!

      • I know Angela, don't know where you are…but all the heavy stuff just slides by us, but we get inch by inch by inch…just enough to have some school delays.

        I know, little Emma was sweet…her voice is just not ready. Have a good one. 🙂

  12. LOVE LOVE LOVE American Idol…One thing I cant stand is fake sob stories. The last guy has a real life story. The first 15 year that made it becuase she cried and begged that this was her life…She was 15 and not that good. she has the rest of her life ahead of her. Randy should not have given in to her crying. It makes it look like if you have a sob story you qualify to be an American Idol. Like I said that last guy has a real reason to push for it. The girl from last week that had the daughter who was said to be born sick but only has hearing aides and she sings for her daughter…

    It upset me because her current career is a medical assistant and she claims she is singing to help her daughter. You want to help you daughter? Go to school to finish in the Medical field that you are already in and become a doctor or someone who helps other kids and moms like hers and make a difference. Singing wont make a difference.

    • That woman possesses real talent. So yes, she has a shot at becoming the next American Idol. Do you think the money she could earn from a successful singing career would not help her daughter in some way? Your comment, "Singing wont make a difference" makes me wonder why you watch American Idol at all!

      • The reason I say singing wont make a difference is because in some cases you can make a difference more in a opportunity that will benefit more than one person. The medical field is special to be in. I know this because not only am I in it, but I also serve my country doing it. Yes she has a good voice, but some people that go in there and have a good voice and a career that may not go some where more deserve a chance at something greater. Someone that has the capability of further the greatness they are achieving should do so, such as in her case.

      • Melissa, Again I must ask,why do you watch American Idol? You also commented about, "Who goes to Harvard, works for the president and then decideds to go sing????" My guess is, someone who has a dream to fulfill.

  13. the guy who had the wife in the whell chair honestly wasnt that good, he sucked to be honest, people just like him for his girlfiends story and how he is still with her. look at the talent people, not the oh so sad sob story. Honestly thats most likley why he got though

    • I am SO unbelievably tired of cynical and negative girls like you, Brittany Anderson with your snide comments that only tear people down. His voice was crystal clear on every single note. Anyone with an ear for music, which you must NOT have, could easily hear the amazing control he had, in addition to range and skill. If you can't grow some ears, grow a heart, they're nice.

      • I agree…Brittany, that was cold…who pee'd in your cherrios this morning. I thought this young man, Chris Medina had a very good voice. Hope you have a good day. 🙂

      • Gawd Brittany did you have the volume up on your TV? Chris Medina was one of the best last night. I am a singer for over 40 years and I have perfect pitch, I'm telling you the guy hit almost every note, not all but real close. That's a nervious thing anyway that'll be corrected with practice, the quality of his voice was brilliant. He'll go far no doubt.

    • oh well well! Look who can't swallow the same s*it she deals out. What's the matter, don't you like people judging you based on one thing (post) you did in public? Just like you know everything about that singer from a few lines he sang? Criticism hurts, doesn't it, Brittany? YES, you have every right to express your opinions — but don't forget that everyone else then has the same right to deliver their response to you. Keep expressing those negative opinions you have, see where it gets you in life. I hope one day YOU have to spend every second of YOUR life taking care of a handicapped person. And I stand by his my comment on his talent.

      • Brittany may have been blunt be she is only being honest like the rest of the world including the judges. I agree with her side though on the fact that people get in with their stories. Its bad enough that they pre-audition them in the gym and purposely pick bad and good people for ratings and they pick ppl with sad stories cause it boosts ratings. it frustrates me too. Not saying he didnt sing good in fact he reminded me of the Garcia kid from last year that looked just like him and sang just like him and he was a stay at home dad.

  14. I'm excited about Idol this year. It was sad last year because the year before with Adam Lambert (which I feel should have won) and all the other great talent, last year seemed like a big disappointment. Don't get me wrong I loved Chrystal she was a hot blues singing chick. (I felt she should have won) But last year seemed dull. I'm hoping this year will rock it and hard. I love Steven with his raw and perverted comments. Hey if these kids have a problem with him they aren't ready for the big time.

  15. This is the first season i have ever watched of american idol since it has been out.

    it is a wonderful opporutunity for people who actually have talent to get recognized

    HOWEVER!!!!!!!!! IF YOU KNOW U SOUND LIKE A DYING ANIMAL DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME. so far i have noticed people go on there and get upset or angry at jennifer, steven, and randy because of the things they say but ITS THE TRUTH. if you cant handle the truth u obviously cant handle fame so FORGET IT!

    other than that show is GREAT.

    steven is amazing, the girl that came in on the wheelchair and he went up to her, OMG i teared up.

  16. Kay losers I can have my opinion my god. I didnt like mr. sob story and i have picked all the idols in the past years. Im glad you dont know me and think im snobby 😀

  17. Guess Im a snob for having my opinion. geeze. guess what, everyones not going to always agree with you, deal. Chris will not make it far. ive been picking idol winers since season uno

    • hahahaaa "everyone's not always going to agree with you, deal." —- yeah, get it?! now go say it to yourself in the mirror in the bathroom.

      • You cant tell me what to do. and Mellisa thanks 🙂 everyone else…you dont know me yall are so judgemental…but I dont care! 😀

  18. I have watched American Idol since the beginning, I was afraid the show wouldn't be any good without Simon, I liked Simon, but dang….Steven Tyler Is the BOMB!He has put the spark back into IDOL. I still love the DAWG, Randy…Randy is the foundation along with Ryan to Idol.

  19. The guy with the wife in the wheelchair was some personal story. My favorite was Molly, the gal who went to Harvard and then the White House, she was so talented and beautiful. Can't believe Randy smacked her in the face. So sad that she didn't have a cheering team there when she emerged. She deserves a hug. Hope she keeps going. While she didn't have family greeting her with her ticket, she can count on all of her fans, people like me, to be her family and keep cheering her on. She needs Randy, Steven and J-Lo to keep saying YES and let me (and all her fans) be her family! Yes, yes, yes to Molly!

    • I thought that the girl from the white house, was Allyson Jados! She was the performer who sang with Steven Tyler!

      • The one who sang with stephen tyler was the girl that he though "could be one of his…" The girl from the white house needs to stay in the white house. Who goes to Harvard, works for the president and then decideds to go sing???? All ratings!!!

  20. Well, I think everyone seen the finalist last night. Chris Medina is an American Idol. The very meaning of the title is all there. Its not all in what we hear or say, but in what we do. For two young people to be together in this type of "fighting for each other" kind of relationship, AND for him to have a awesome voice to boot, is a real refreshing taste of the American spirit, and the spiritual spirit as well. What courage he and she has. To me thats an American Idol. Thank God there are still people on this earth that still have a deep seeded realisation of what life is all about. Great people always take a tragedy and turn it into a blessing. You go guy's!!!!!

  21. I have watched Idol as a casual viewer for a number of years. I just want to let the show know I think that this crew of judges is by far the best! I LOVED Simon and Paula, but I feel very strongly that who Stephen Tyler is as a judge and man and is unbelievable and that J-Lo adds not only proper evaluation of talent but class to the show….Randy is as much fun, and COOL as ever. I am pleasantly SHOCKED that I cannot miss an episode. Grats Randy, J-Lo and Stephen Tyler for adding that magic to what was endangered of becoming routine. I will be watching EVERY week!

  22. I love, love, love Steven Tyler! I have always loved his music, but now I love him as a human being. I have been watching American Idol since season one and I think this year will be great! Don't miss Simon at all. Now everyone won't be held hostage by his mood swings!

  23. I love all the banter between everyone as to who thinks should be this years AI.

    We haven't even seen all the contestants yet so it’s extremely premature but fun to read… I'm going to wait for the finalist to express my opinion as to who I think should win.

    I've called some right and some wrong over the years. I thought Adam Lambert should have won 2009 and Chrystal Bowersox 2010…Sooooo I came close but no cigar! This year so far has the makings of an interesting show, last year was boring. I don't have a problem with Simon being gone he was annoying anyway. Ellen was useless and Kara was blah. So with this new meat I'm hoping Steven will bring a raw, rocking talent to the judging and Jennifer a motherly but honest addition. Randy is the foundation now and seems to be trying too hard. Ryan is well Ryan. He's always saying & doing stupid things but it's expected. So all you arm chair judges lets see what the season brings. Comments accepted, I love to debate….if you can!

    • I agree. I believe that Hollywood Week will start to weed out those that do not have the determination nor the dream to continue on. And to me, that is what Idol is all about…NOT just the talent, but the whole package, the dedication, determination and maturity to be able to handle the pressures of "fame" and not get swallowed up by it. I already have a few favorites but we still have more auditions to hear…and…ley's face it, we live in a very fickle society…what might be our favorite now may not make it through Hollywood week and then we will have a new favorite!!! I just want to sit back and enjoy the ride, be entertained and root for my favorites when the time comes….Love the 2 new judges and the quality of professionalism I am seeing this year. Looking forward to this week's auditions…who knows…may have another favorite…lol 🙂

      • I agree Rose A.! I picked my favorites, and have added a few more to my list!

        I commented that, I believe these contestants will go far! And like you Rose, I am going to sit back and enjoy the ride! Let the cards fall where they may!

  24. @ Angela….Agree 100 %. I have been taking a sneak preview on U-Tube of the "listed" top 40…and there are a few contestants that we have not even seen yet that have amazing talent. An exciting year for AI. PS..when I said the major snow was sliding by us up here in PA…well…it finally hit. LOL 🙂

    • Oh No! I hope that you were able to dig yourself out! It has been stressful for my husband and I, trying to keep the driveway clear!

      More snow is predicted in the weather forecast where we are!!

      Well, at least we have AI to look forward to this week! Stay warm, give your granddaughter a big smile for an AI friend, and have a good one!!!

      • The hubby is out right now with the snowblower. It really is pretty though. Being from the "south" originally…this is a real treat for me. I am definitely looking foreward to this week on AI. Will be seeing the precious one again on Wednesday. She is so adorable…wish I could send you a picture. Are you on FB?? Anyway, I will give her a hug and a smile from you. I truly am blessed. 🙂 Stay warm, have some hot choclate…and maybe even some snow ice cream !!!! 🙂

    • I am not on FB, but my goal is to stop procrastinating! I would love very much to see a picture of your granddaughter!! It would be a pleasure!!

      My two daughters laugh at me, when I say I am starting an FB page, well, the two of them will be surprised!!

      • Too funny….that is what I love about getting old…er!!!….I have the wonderful freedom to try new things and experiment…Life is Really Good…see you on FB, perhaps. Looking forward to a new week of AI and some more amazing talent. Stay warm. 🙂

  25. Love the new judges. Like Scott Mccreedy-great country voice. I like Jennifer-don't see her as snobby. Loved when she talked to the young child with disabilities after meeting the young mom and sending her through. She seems sweet to me. I agree that the young beauty pageant winner should not have been sent through. She should go be a model-no singing talent really. Others were much better-the guys put her through on looks only. Do not miss Simon's rude behavior one bit. He was right a lot, just didn't like the way he treated people-like he was better than them.

  26. Please help. The guy and ex girlfriend. Sang together. The song she sang and the original vocalist name PLEEEEAAASSEEE. They were quite good!!???

  27. luved aerosmith wen i was 13 nw im 28 and nw im fallin all over in luv with their music n steven tyler….. ur so cool…

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  29. This years Idol is going fantastic…I'm so impressed with Steven Tyler and his kindness.Wow, what a man. He's MY IDOL!!Jennifer Lopez is still on my wait to see list.She was always a snob..We'll see..Randy Jackson is another story that I don't even want to go there. I looked up Hahani Taylor,a girl we haven't seen yet and she can belt out a song..She's great..Looks like a good year ahead.

  30. Love the new season of judges! Last year Simon seemed bored with it all and Ellen just was not a good fit! I'm tuned in.

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