American Idol 2011: Scotty McCreery Hits Number One

Scotty McCreery Clear As Day

Scotty McCreery has really out done himself this time. The American Idol 2011 winner has done something that hasn’t happened since 2003: he’s hit #1 on the Billboard 200 with his debut album, Clear As Day. That’s right, not even Carrie Underwood managed to do that with her debut. Only Kelly Clarkson and Ruben Studdard have pulled that off way back when and not again since.

So what does this mean for McCreery and his debut? Well it means it was good, but surprisingly not as good as other recent years. Not even when compared to one recent runner-up:

McCreery’s album sold 197K copies this week. That’s the biggest first-week tally for a first post-Idol album by an Idol winner since Cook’s eponymous album sold 284K in its first week three years ago. But McCreery was edged out by the most prominent runner-up of recent years. Adam Lambert’s For Your Entertainment sold 198K copies in its first week in 2009.

Scotty sold about two-thirds of what Cook managed but somehow managed to be the first in 8 seasons of American Idol to hit the top of Billboard with that same debut? Go figure. Either way, nice work, Scotty!

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  1. So happy for Scotty. Hope he stays true to country and doesn’t worry too much about crossover.

  2. Good job Scotty! I’d like to get the cd but just kind of short on money right now so I’ve got to wait a bit to get it. This is good for the show too when not only a former constant but the seasons winner’s cd does well. Keep up the good work Scotty!!

  3. I just bought the CD on iTunes! I love every single song, especially Dirty Dishes, Water Tower Town, and Old King James!!! SCOTTY, YOU ARE INCREDIBLE. I wish you the best of luck in you future.

  4. i bought this album and i was a little disapointed
    i thought his first album was the best.

  5. I’m happy for him for sure, but he also wasn’t up against any other debut albums, so they timed the debut very well. Carrie underwood sold almost 120,000 more her first week, but was up against Madonna’s new album debut, which is why she came in 2nd. He should definitely be congratulated though :).

  6. Good job Scotty keep up the good work and keep doing what you do you do a great job and i hope that you dont stop making song or music my mom listens to your song “i love you this big” and i like it too its a wonderful song well keep up the good work well all love you Scotty

    Sincerly, Dalonna

  7. Love every single song on the Album. My 5 yr. old grand daughter makes me play “I love you this big” over and over in the car. She can now sing it.

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