American Idol 2011: Your Top 24 Spoilers – Updated Again

Well here we are!  It’s time to learn who has made the cut after walking the American Idol 2011 Green Mile which took place this past week.  Joe’s Place has once again come through for all us American Idol fans and has 18 of the 24 confirmed.  As more information becomes available we will update the list for you.

Read no further if you want to avoid these spoilers and wait for the show to reveal the Top 24 results

Updated with the rest of the alleged Season 10 Top 24’s…

Update 2:  VFTW is now saying their list is wrong so the final 6 are still unconfirmed

Update 3:  Joe’s Place has confirmed two more contestants and 99% sure of another two

Ashton Jones from Nashville, TN.  Her video from the season:

Brett Lowenstern from West Palm Beach, FL.  Video:

Casey Abrams from Colorado.  Video:

Clint Jun Gamboa from Long Beach, CA.  Video:

Jacee Badeaux from Lafayette, LA.  Video:

James Durbin Video:

Jordan Dorsey from Franklin, TN.  Video:

Jovany Barreto from Harvey, LA.  Video:

Julie Zorilla from Denvor, Co.  Video:

Karen Rodriguez  Video:

Kendra Chantelle Campbell from Maryville, TN.  Video:

Lauren Alaina Suddeth from Chatanooga, TN.  Video:

Lauren Turner from Slidell, LA.  Video:

Naima Adedap from Milwaukee, WI.  Video:

Pia Toscano from Howard Beach, NY.  Video:

Rachel Zevita:  no video from Hollywood available.  We haven’t seen her since she auditioned. 

Robbie Rosen from Long Island, NY.  Video:

Scotty McCreery from Garner, NC.  Video:

Updated with the alleged other 6 members of this season’s Top 24, according to VFTW:

Guys: Alex Ryan, Jacob Lusk, and Stefano Langone
Girls: Haley Reinhart, Ta-Tynisa Wilson, Thia Megia

Update from Joe’s Place gives us Haley Reinhart and Tim Halperin are now 100% sure with Paul McDonald and Jacob Lusk as confirmed.  Thia Magia is 90% in the competition!

Confirmed out of the competition:

Chris Medina – I can’t believe he didn’t make it through! 

Eryn Kelly

Hollie Cavanagh

Keisha Lewis – may have been disqualified due to a contract dispute

Jessica Cunningham

John Wayne Shultz – I am so bummed they decided to keep Scotty McCreery who really bombed his solo audition. 

Any of your favorites not listed yet?




    • Ashli Rae…..I can't wait till Thurs. let us know as soon as possible……Here's hoping Jacob Lusk makes it…..

  1. If they are not listed above, then perhaps they are one of the unknown 6 Hopefuls. No point in asking "what about…". Sorry.

    • @ Matt…lol…I agree. Thanks. @ Phyllis G. I also hope that Jacob Lusk stays on the confirmed list (shown at the very bottom) As country goes, I am a little "bummed" (like you, Ashli Rae) that he won over John Wayne Schultz ( maybe he (JWS) just might make it though when all is said and done…I hope so.) Very excited about this week and looking forward to seeing some wonderful performers that last more than 30 seconds~!!! Whoo Hoo~!! 🙂

  2. we are actually waiting for 7 spots because rachel zevita either quit or was disqualified so she will have to be replaced. I hoping the guys that make it are Jacob Lusk, Deandre Brackensick, or either Colton Dixon, Stefano Langone or Jerome Bell. Girs: Thia Megia, Haley Reinhart, Jackie Wilson, and Ta-Tynisa Wilson

  3. Fingers crossed for Paul McDonald, but based on his latest tweets, I get the feeling he didn't make it. =(

  4. Jacob Lusk made me cry when he sang God bless the child whose got his own. He gave it everything he had. What a powerhouse! Absolutely awesome. I hope he makes it. I would love to here more of him.

  5. I would much rather hear that Chris Medina and Casron Higgins made it through instead of Clint and Jordan…jmo…sorry, although I like him…I think that John Wayne Shultz would be a better contestant than Scott McCreery…Scotty is good but he can not seem to get out of that deep voice rut and really funbled around on solo night. So glad that James Durbin made it through. 🙂

    • I re-read the list…read it too quickly the first time. I saw all these J's and "assumed" Jacob was on this list…Now that I have rfe-read it…I find out that he is not on the list…do not like that. His solo night was awesome. And again, replace Carson with Clint; Jacob with Jordan, add in John Wayne Shultz, Colton Dixon and Chris Medina. Then all will be right with "my world"…lol. Still so glad that James Durbin has made it this far…what a great talent. 🙂

    • are you serious? Clint is one of the best! jaycee should have been but, weak voice, he'll be cut sooner if the audience din get to vote.

  6. Jacob Lusk *has* to make it! How can he not? I’m also hoping that Colton Dixon makes it. I’m sorry Caleb Hawley didn’t make it; I liked him. I also liked Carson Higgins, but he didn’t make it either. I don’t know how Scott McCreery made it over John Wayne Schultz; should have been the other way around.

    • Aw, did Caleb really not make it? He's seriously a great unheard musician. He was my favorite leading up to it, but now that I know he's been cut I'm for Casey.

    • Well, I had several favorites already and a few are on the 24 list. Jacob Lusk and Haley Rineheart-oops, Reinhart….certainly deserve a spot!! I think the final choices have more to do with variety, and throwing some in that will get voted off quickly–UGH!!! For sure I will vote against that arrogant SOB Gamboa guy. They must have let him go through just so there would be more friction between him and Jaycee. Poor kid, he has awesome talent but should have been passed by so he could grow up a little more. I don't think either one will last long, but hope JC at least outlasts Gamboa.

  7. Tim Halperin is a close friend of mine and he refuses to tell me anything. I understand he's under contract, but still, its annoying. I want to know!!!!! I hope hes in!!!!!

    • I know Tim hasnt gotten a lot of air time, but watch his music video (witch i worked on, btw) on YouTube,. its called She Runs. SO GOOD! you can tell he deserves this!

      • @ Josh….I saw the video. Yes, Tim is very good…reminds of early Eric Clapton or the Sound of Bread….if anybody out there remembers this group…lol…Also, even maybe the Eagles… Looking forward to seeing what happens this week…Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  8. I've been searching throughout the web to know whether Melinda Ademi made it through or not, but I couldn't find any information about it. could you please update us regarding Melinda??

  9. please ther's some guy missin scott dangerfield from milwaukee jennifer realy liked him wher is he ? he was great

  10. clin gamboa is the best…. It is a singer s competition, not Disney Channel, please, don t

    repeat the history Clin vs Jacee, it s the worst… this program need good singer, not nice child… By the way, I hope Paul Mc Donnal will make it, he is great, he has a unique voice….

    • Alan everyone knows that if Clint and Jacee makes it to the point when American starts to vote who stays and who goes, Clint will be voted off hands down just because he is so full of himself and a huge jerk.

  11. Hi. I wish to say my oppinion. I am not agree with some "proposals" here on American Idol. There were some singers thad screamed, not sang; for example: I saw that Clint Gamboa was selected. He has a good voice indeed, but on his last solo he was not so good. I remember he sang "Georgia on my mind" and I like this song; it is very sweet, soft…but he sang loud, he screend so much that he simply murdered it. I wouldn't selected him for top 24.

    I saw some good contestants. For example Colton Dixon. I heard his auditions and I think he is an amazing singer, so is Melinda Ademi, Jacob Lusk is also very good,Carson Higgins, and Chris Medina he deserved a chance…

  12. Ashli Rae, Thanks for the great update. I am sorry to see Chris Medina go. I am shocked that they are keeping Scotty and letting John Wayne S. go. He is so much better than Scott M. Unless he shocks us with a beatle performance to me he is a one note wonder…….

    I love this site and I can;t understand why people don't realize that its for comments and opinions. Name calling is not where its at on this site. There was a lot of name calling in Season 8 and I thought that was awful…You keep giving us your comments….we love it!!!!!

    • @ Phyllis…I agree. People need to understand that this site is for comments/opinions and not "what happened to so and so and when the new auditions are. As AI progresses all this information will be available. I would have also chosen John Wayne Schultz over Scotty as far a country talent goes. Perhaps the mentoring will get Scotty out of his rut…who knows.

      I encourage people to agree to disagree without name calling and putting people down. Excited about this week and to really be able to see exactly what kind of talent and stage presence is out there. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

      Thank you Ashli Rae and Matt for keeping us well informed. This is a great site and I have made such wonderful AI friends. Keep up the good work. 🙂

      • I think you are the same Rose & Phyllis you always agree with each other and no one else and you always take up for each other and no one else. Weird

      • Jerry…not true…we are individuals who feel the same way about this site. We have been on it for a long time and we agree on many things. I don't like when individuals come on it and bash it….If they don't like the site, then get off of it….There are quite a few people on this site that have been on it for a long time and we've become AI friends. Deal with it!!!

      • Rose A and Phyllis, My two friends. We have been on here for years together! And you ladys know that all three of us have an open mind!!! We always have had an open mind. Maybe except for ADAM! And that was a no brainer! Duh! As for people who call other people names, consider the source! Phyllis G and Rose A have been loved by many people for a longtime. Don't either one of even pay attention to some idiot that would call you a name. Or anyone else a name for that matter! I think all three of us have enjoyed this site because of all of our friends! I know I love both of you! Sherry K. 🙂

      • Sherry K. Thanks……

        Jerry…by the way, I agree & disagree with a lot of people on this site. If you were a regular on it you would know that…..same goes for Rose A. and all my other friends on this site….

  13. Lauren Alaina dissapointed me singing to Steven Tyler when he was in the chair on stage. I thought the other blonde (don't know her name)did a better job but maybe it wasn't all shown on tv, who knows.

  14. @ Jerry. I do not agree. And, please correct me if I am mistaken…but I do not believe that I have seen your name on this site before…Do you have an opinion about the contestants…or the show this year…or the judges…or who you think might win…or was your sole purpose to "dis" us. We are all entitled to our opinion and would value yours if it was constructive. I believe that I can safely speak for my other AI friends when I say that we have been a fan of AI for years, have a fairly decent knowledge of music and what we would buy. Have a great day. 🙂

      • Hit a nerve did I? lol you go girl! And just because I don't target everyone on here because I don't agree with them on every subject doesn't mean youv'e been on here longer than me. I Just read and observe., You can't prove your more into music than I or anyone else on here. 🙁

      • Jerry…never claimed to be more into music than you or anybody else. I just know what I like and what I don't like but I always respect peoples opinions and if I want to re-buttal someone's comments I do, thats why we have this site.

        In season 8 people kept telling me to shut up about Adam but I didn't….LOL….PS. they still do…..and if you have something to say…say it….but I will come back at you…This blog is fun…..Just enjoy it!!!!

  15. Does anybody know if Molly DeWolf might be one of the top 24? I really loved her audition, but they have not shown anymore of her singing, but I know she made it to Vegas. I really hope the last three girls are Thia, Molly, and Haley.

  16. If deandre doesnt make it, im not sure if i can watch this season. he has pure talent and deserves to win it all!!. I am praying that he makes it through!!! 🙂

  17. We are Scotty fans all the way! We haven't watched the show in the last few years but had to start again once someone showed us his audition.

  18. It's hard, but I'm still trying to take these spoilers with a grain of salt because anything can happen and significant changes can be made. They brought back Felicia Barton in season 8 and Tim Urban in season 9 so it could happen this season too. *crossing my fingers for Colton Dixon to make it*

  19. Out with the drama, in with the artists. You wonder why you haven't seen some of the contestants? It's because A.I producers wanted to show the dramatic contestants, as they got weeded out before the live showing.

    There's a reason why some contestants haven't been shown. If your favorite is one of them, watch this week. 🙂

    • I was wondering the same thing about Molly; she is one of my favorites! I am really hoping she is one of the girls in the top 24 that we don't know about yet. She has not been officially confirmed as being cut, so I still have hope.

  20. little preview of whats to come on idol Beatles……James Durbin has a vid on youtube of him signing "as my guitar gently weeps"….this kid is sick!!!!! can't wait to see how far he goes

    • @ Clark….WOW…He is awesome….I have read some people discounting the fact that Rockers can't tone it down enough to sing a ballad. Are they ever wrong~!!! This was absolutely astounding. James Durbin HAS a strong voice that can definitely be softened down to sing a ballad. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

      • I agree..I think James Durbin will be able to sing anything..As for, Scott McCreary. I agree, I don't think his voice is near as versatile as some of the rockers.

      • i think that james durbin will be a deffinate finalist with lauren alaina suddeth! they are both amazing!

  21. Love J Lo, she is the best, this year American Idol is more entertaining than the previous years. The contestants are really great, lot of talent there. Keep out the good work IA.

  22. Bring back Simon, at least we had drama and excitment. People just couldn't handle the truth and he was truthful

    • Chelsea is awesome. I have been SOOO disappointed that they haven't showcased her AT ALL!! Barely even a glimpse! I love that girl!

  23. I'm confused…I thought they were picking a Top 20 this year, not a Top 24. And that's what it says on the description for Thursday's show on my cable guide. Has anyone else heard that?

  24. Sophia Shorai what about her she did that awesome geroiga on my mind whats happening to her cause she is my fav

  25. Pretty pathetic list of contestants. The only one I have to root for is Paul McDonald, especially now that John Wayne has been cut out. Pity, he seemed to be quite good and I wanted to see what he could do.

  26. I am so happy about the new judges!Didn't think I would like Steven Tyler as a judge. But from the get-go he has been fabulous! Can't get enuff of Tyler now! Feel the same about JLo. Don't miss Simon like I thought I would. The abundance of talent is wonderful! Way to go AI! Of course Randy is always spot on in his comments. Can't leave Randy out of the Luv Fest!

  27. My picks are James D., Jason and Casey…love Casey!! Can't remember names of the girls that I really like? But I will make notes tonight. There are so many awesome voices and personalities to pick from.

  28. Scotty Mcreary can only sing one song and I for one am already tired of that monotonous low voice of his….maybe he should be a back up singer at the Gran'Ole Opery???/

  29. What a huge mistake that Chris Medina did not make it! Hope there is a wild card and we all get a great surprise.

    • I completely agree. Chris Medina should have made it. The judges have made a mistake. Chris should have gone through and let America decide. In my ten years of being a devout A.I. fan, this is the first time I have ever been so disappointed in the judges' decision.

    • i agree with you cause Chris Medina give the best , the judges have made a very big mistake . so disappointed for judges

    • I completely AGREE with you!!! I love Chris. Can production fix this mistake???? Hope he can come back this competition 🙁

  30. Why hasn't Chelsea Sorrell been on here? Hello even if she doesn't make it she deserves more airtime than just walking up and down the stairs and sitting in the front row of the audience. LOL Just kidding, but I do think each and every person that made it to Hollywood should show, not just the drama kings and queens. Either way Chelsea if you read this we are voting for you and if you don't make it through you are still our favorite Idol in NC. Love you

  31. I loved the show last night, Jennifer Lopez showed much compassion for the contestants. I personally do not care for Chris Medina, he is ok, hope he does well in his life. This season American Idol rocks, so much talent there. I am glad the mean-spirited Simon Cadwell is gone. This year the judges are caring, talented and fun. Jennifer Lopez you are beautiful and I am so happy American Idol has you as one of the judges.

    • me too…he was robbed last night…is it a fact he's trying again next year? His voice is outstanding. A natural talent.

  32. I think it was totally unprofessional for JLo to cry and say "I can't go on". It is not about her. I was actually embarassed for her.

    Bring back Simon.

    • showing your emotions is not embarrasing, on the contrary it show you care for other human beings. Jennifer Lopez is the best.

      • I actually like that she showed her emotions is such a difficult situation. Having met the fiance and seeing how many challenges she has would make it incredibly difficult to tell Chris that his journey was over. JMO Highly unusual situation for an American Idol judge to deal with.

  33. You guys lied Jacee did not make the top 24 make sure you get your facts straight before you put it on the internet. I am really upset that he did no make it.

  34. I will not watch idol anymore this year. I can't believe they sent home Chris Medina and Jacee. I loved both of them and they deserve to be in the top 24 in my book. I really wanted to watch this year too! Steven Tyler is awesome and I even like Jennifer Lopez now. She has real heart but I can't believe they sent those two boys home! I can't watch!

  35. Deandre Brackensick was the greatest he gave me chills when him and the other great teens sang Queen. He looks good,wow what hair and eyes he will definitely be a heart throb for all teen girls. Please bring him back and make this a contest the girls are going to win. But I think I am not going to watch AL anymore because my two favorites were Deandre and Chris. When Idol kept the guy who kicked that real nice young man out and that one black guy left one group to be with another tells me that AL has no idea what an idol means. It means someone you can look up to and those two alone give idol a bad name. To bad idol forgot morals, and how you treat others are an important quality and they have two unethical stingy people as the top 24 and they aren't even that good of singers boo al.

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