American Idol 2011: The Top 24, three nights, your votes

The “American Idol” week ahead is going to be a long one. And not just for the contestants. For us. According to Fox, the Top 12 guys perform Tuesday from 8-9:30 pm . The girls go on Wednesday from 8-9:30 pm with a two-hour results show Thursday. Welcome back, too-long results shows. Gah.

Since this season doesn’t seem to really be playing out as anyone previously said, I’m going to guess what happens Thursday. All press releases say the Finalists will be announced. I’m guessing that’s the Top 12 (though I’ve heard there will be a 13th wild card member, but who knows). That means 12 people would be cut Thursday. Six guys, six girls? Of course I could be wrong. Last season went from Top 24 to Top 20 this week. Anything is possible this season.

That all being said, Tuesday night the guys are singing songs from their musical idols and I must say, there are some pretty interesting choices. Check out our guys’ song spoilers if you’re interested.

I’m going to go out on a limb and predict the four guys who will definitely be safe, the two guys that will probably be safe, the two guys that could go either way and the four guys that will probably go home (the latter eight can be interchangeable to protect myself from being wrong – ha!). And remember these are just predictions mixed with opinion. Nothing more. Think I’m wrong? What’s your say.

Who will be safe

Casey Abrams. I heard he’s even in the “pimp spot.” And almost dying and exiting the competition surely can’t hurt you get votes.

Robbie Rosen. His name is popping up on A LOT of blog comments as a favorite. And his talent and boyish good looks. He’s fine.

Brett Loewenstern. He’s been showcased a lot. He’s got “stage presence.” Vote For the Worst will probably pick him for the characiture alone.

Scotty McCreery. He’ll get the country vote and his sweetness is going to carry him a bit at least.

Who will probably be safe

Paul McDonald. That smile. That voice. He’s pretty refreshing. But he gets weird on stage. That could be off-putting.

Jacob Lusk. He’s a musical freak (in a good way). He, too, is pretty refreshing. But, he too, is also weird on stage.

Who could go either other way

James Durbin. He’ll get some sympathy votes. He’ll get some rocker votes. But he’ll get  a lot of Adam Lambert fan hate. He could go either way.

Stefano Langone. He’s gotten a lot of blog comment love. If those people vote, he’ll be fine.

Who will probably go home

Tim Halperin. He might be one of the most talented and marketable guys but he’s been so sidelined that viewers don’t know him yet. He and Stefano could easily be interchanged here depending on their performances.

Clint Jun Gamboa. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on my part, but people hate this guy already. He really shot himself in the foot during Hollywood week.

Jordan Dorsey. The only person possibly disliked more than Clint is Jordan.

Jovany Barreto. He’s kind of a tool. I just don’t see him beating out any of the other guys.

The girls take the stage Wednesday. Stay tuned for my predictions on that tomorrow.




  1. @ Branden….as, always, thank you for the update. I would like to see Tim Halperin stay and definitely James Durbin…as for the others, I agree. Looking forward to 3 nights of AI this week. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

    • Morning Rose A., I'm with you, I am excited about the 3 nights! I don't think I had a chance to hear the two guys you mentioned sing yet, maybe a little during the second group night, but I do not remember, so this might be the first time that I actually get to hear them! Have a Blessed Day! P.S. Greetings Phyllis G., are you getting pumped up for this weeks performances? I hope you have a Blessed Day as well!


      • Angela/Rose….I am really psyched for this week. I can't believe that they are cutting 6 guys and 6 girls. WOW…I hope your wrong Branden about Tim and James….I really like them….And Stefano should definitely be in the top 10……I am really looking forward to this show and then I'll make my opinion……should be interesting…

      • Phyllis. I hope I'm wrong about Tim for sure. And I very well might be. And you're right, after Tuesday our opinions will start to matter more.

        As far as the six guys and girls being cut this week, it sounds crazy. Previously they'd stretch this out a couple weeks. They still might. Who knows this season. Like Matt said to me today, it seems like they're making this up as they go along.

      • Branden…..I tend to think that you are right. They're making this up as they go along…..So many changes….I believe they may be cutting 12 people this week because after that it will be one at a time and the finale is usually in May….at least they got the judges right this time!!!!

  2. Phyllis G. And Rose. Phyllis, You are definitely right! They got the judges right. It is better for me with these three than it was with Simon,Paula and Ellen. I never did like Kara. She did have some good comments. But she was trying to act cutesy. Boring! I have really enjoyed this year. I didn't think I would. But so much talent. I think right now the winner is a toss up. Casey Abrams is pretty good. But, I do not think he will win.I do like Tim Halperin.I like Stefano too! We will see soon. They are going to start cutting again. Bye to you an Rose. Be happy! I know you both are. Sherry K. 🙂

  3. i love tim,casey,stefano,paul,jacob and scotty….. they are my top 6 boys in top 12….

    wished they do….

  4. My top 6 boys:

    1/ Casey Abrams (I think he'll go through at least top 5 this season)

    2/ Scotty McGreery

    3/ Robbie Rosen

    4/ Jacob Lusk

    5/ Brett

    6/ James Durbin (this position ought to belong to Chris Medina 🙁 )

  5. @Branden: Im an adam lambert fan,but i do like james just 'coz of that! i think it's interesting to have someone in this competition as good as adam again!i dont get why adam's fans would abhor him?!

    • I am an Adam Lambert fan and I love James Durbin… The only comparison that I see between Adam and James is that they both have amazing talent and are not afraid to be themselves…So excited about this week's AI. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

      • @ Phyllis G and Rose. You ladies know I am a HUGE Adam Lambert fan! James reminds me of Adam. But he is not Adam! I close my eyes and just listen when James sings. He has that Adam sound. But it needs polishing! ADAM needed nothing! But as my dear friend Rose say's and it's true is both of them are not afraid to be their selfs! And that is a great way to be in any kind of talent competition! Also as Phyllis G say's James could be a great singer. But He is still young and if he gets some coaching with his singing he probably could be great.I was surprised they put Scotty up first! He is great! But he needs a country recording studio to pick him up.My favorites are Scotty,Casey,Jacob,Paul McDonald. Love that Rod Stewart raspy voice! And James durbin. Don't forget Stefano Langone is in there too. I like him too. I think it will be a boy that wins this time.Maybe I am way off the mark! We will see! See you Rose and Phyllis Monday! Love you two. Have a great week end! Sherry K. 🙂

    • Sep…..As a huge Adam fan I do not abhor James. I like James very much and so far he is one of my favorites BUT he is no Adam …He has great potential but he definitely needs some coaching…….I am rooting for him, not because he is another Adam, because I feel he can be a great singer with a little help…..

    • They look nothing alike, but they each have an interesting voice-of course, i started watching in Season 9…

  6. Clint and Jordan will definitely go home! After the Jacee business with Clint, America might hate him. Remember that this is really America's choice so anything can happen….but I think that the two who you said will probably be safe are creepy-but again, it's all up to America!

  7. Jacob Lusk should sing Praying for Time by George Micheals AND anything by Freddie Mercury of Queen.

  8. Where do you vote? I vote for *James Durbin,*Scotty McCreery,*Stefano Langone,Paul McDonald,*Jacob Lusk,*Casey Abrams. 50 times each

  9. GO STEFANO AND ROBBIE BEST singers I’ve seen all season!!!!!!!!you can make it!!!!!

  10. Really thought that James Durbin was awesome last night. He can definitely sing…and has great stage presence. Scotty McCreery also did a great job, as well as Jacob. Although I do like Tim…I was not wild about his performance. Paul McDonald did a great job with Rod Sterart's Maggie..It's the girls turn tonight…we shall see. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  11. Yeah for James Durbin!! I have a feeling he is going to be Like another Adam Lambert. Just full of surprises. Love his energy and creative talent. Overall, I have to say there is some good compitition in this year. Very close to decide on voting. Just have to wait and see over time.

  12. It's no fair that they got rid of Nick. Nick was the greatest one out of them all.Then my last hope was Jacqueline. I didn't watch the episode of her getting booted out. Now that she's gone my last hopes are in James and Brett. I didn't see the episode but, I can't believe that they got rid of Chris. I was counting on Chris to win for his girlfriend. I was counting on Jacqueline to win for her and Nick. Life is unfair. Just like how my life is sometimes a nightmare.

  13. My Auntie Sandy isn't thinking that my life is a nightmare…


  14. Man O Man, this season is awesome. You guys made it to hard to chose! No one needs to be voted out. I can't chose! Every one needs their own contract!

  15. My bad, I can't choose, they are all awesome, the best season, and I've been watching since the beginning.

  16. I was very dissapointed that I could not vote on line like you said we could. The box kept telling me that the vote box was closed.

  17. On Thursday,it wasn't fair that they let that last girl stay.The one with the name that starts with the letter "t".I thought that atleast Brett should've gotten a wildcard and get back in the game to be on the show.I wanted

    him to take Jacob's place.I hate Jacob!Also, now that I think about it James may have a chance at being this year's Adam Lambert or Lee

    Dewyze.One thing about season 8…

    ADAM SHOULD'VE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I think that the only reason that Kris won was because everyone was holding up signs for him.

    • Nick, The girl was Naima Adedapo. Steven Tyler wanted her. That is why they could not come to a conclusion. Ergo they gave in and have 3 wild cards instead of 2 wild cards. Next week should be fun! Sherry K. 🙂

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