American Idol 2011 Top 12 Guys Perform Tonight

The American Idol 2011 competition finally takes form tonight when this season’s Top 12 Guys take the stage to perform for your votes. Even better is the news that those votes don’t have to come from just your phone or texts anymore now that Facebook online voting will be officially turned on tonight at 9:30PM ET!

We’ll get a full 90 minutes of performances from just the guys tonight starting at 8PM while the ladies will follow on Wednesday. If you’re anxious to get a sneak peek you can read the guys’ spoilers here for who is singing what tonight on stage.

If you’d rather protect your eyes from spoilers then take a read of Branden’s predictions for who should be safe and who is in danger of being cut this week.




  1. I am a FILIPINO and I find Mr Gamboa very talented …However, my BEST BET is Scotty, the guy with a deep voice

  2. All the guys are vocally talented, but for me it's Scottie, Jacob, Clint and Casey for sure.

    Then either Paul or James. Good luck, all of you guys!

  3. 2011 guys are singing. THE BAND IS TOO LOUD. CAN YOU HEAR ME? We cannot hear the singing over the band. Please QUIET DOWN THE BAND.

    • I agree with you, Florence. Turn down the band a little, and turn up the performer's microphone.

  4. scotty next week please do '"TRACE ADKTINS" DONKEY, DONKEY!!! friends from Winston Salem,NC GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think that Scott McCreery will be the next hot country singer's to make it to the top of the charts.Just like the singer's today Brad Paisley,

    Garth Brooks and so on and so on.KEEP IT UP Scott YOU GOT MY VOTE 100%.


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