American Idol Online Voting Through Facebook Starts March 1st

You kept asking for it and now FOX is ready to deliver with American Idol online voting! Starting this Tuesday, March 1st right after the Top 12 Guys performance show you’ll be able to get on and vote for your favorite singer!

Of course there are a few catches, but they’re not big issues at all. You’ll have to log in to the voting system using your Facebook account info (speaking of, you already joined us on Facebook, right??), so if you don’t have that set up yet then get it ready now. Secondly, you have to be a U.S. resident (including Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands). Lastly, you’ll only have 50 votes allowed while phone and text messages (AT&T only) are unlimited voting. Once you’ve logged in on (NOT on, but rather using your Facebook account info) you’ll select your vote on a voting page from a series of pictures, perform a verification (to make sure you’re not a bot), submit it, and then rinse & repeat.

What do you think of their plan for American Idol voting online? Is it about time they did it or something you wish they didn’t? Of course, this means Simon Cowell won’t beat Idol to it when he does it for his new show, X Factor, this fall.

Check out the American Idol’s press release after the jump:

For the first time ever, American Idol will allow viewers to vote for their favorite contestants online at Sponsored by AT&T, online voting begins immediately after the first performance show airing Tuesday, March 1 (8:00-9:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX. In addition to online voting, fans will continue to be able to vote via toll-free phone lines, as well as unlimited text-message votes for AT&T wireless customers during the voting window (standard text-messaging rates may apply).

To vote online during the voting window, fans should visit and follow the directions. Fans will be required to log in using their Facebook account to access the American Idol voting page, which will feature the name and photo of each of the current contestants. To vote, fans will simply choose their favorite contestant, complete the security verification and submit their choice. After each performance show and during the online voting window, fans may cast up to 50 total online votes for that evening’s performances. Only fans with a registered Facebook account in the U.S., Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will be able to cast their vote(s) online.

“We have been wanting to do online voting for several years, and now Facebook has offered us a secure solution and we are ready to go,” said Simon Fuller, Creator and Executive Producer, American Idol. “The show has always involved a high level of engagement with its viewers through texting and phone voting, and it’s great to expand on this tradition.”

While I’m very excited to see this finally happening, I hope they’re ready for all the conspiracy theories it’ll introduce with every results reveal. Just think back to DWTS’ Bristolgate to see how easily dissatisfaction with the results can turn in to a blame game and accusations of abuse. Maybe the use of Facebook is intended to calm those concerns (hah!). I’ll just keep my fingers crossed.

Source: FOX – American Idol




    • I would love to vote, but not seeing anything that even looks like a place to vote. They need to do something so people can vote easier. Loved the show tonight, alot of good talent, but I think Jacob Lusk is a heavier George Huff. Looks alot like George.

      • I agree with Chris, but i just cannot figure out where to go to vote….they tell you….so you type this in, then they tell you facebook, you go to face book and on and on…would love to vote….

  1. @ Matt…thank you for the wonderful update…so so glad that AI is attempting to do something about the voting…My question, however, is : If AI is able to limit voting (albiet through FB) then why can it not limit the phone and text voting??? Perhaps this is just a rhetorical question~!!! 🙂 I will continue to watch and support my favorites. Looking forward to this week… Whoo Hoo~!!!


    • It certainly seems like it'd be easier to limit phone call / text voting, but maybe they're somehow getting something out of that.

      They might just be more worried about voting bots w/ the online voting than the other methods.

      • @ Matt…Makes sense and then again brings up another question. FB is world wide…how are "they" going to determine who is an American citizen? Just wondering??? 🙂

    • Hi Sweet Rose! And Phyllis G. too. 🙂 You made Matt answer you! Well he answered me once! Hi Matt!

      How are you two gals doing? Were you upset at anyone that did not make it? My husband did not like it because there were supposed to be 2 wild cards. He said Steven Tyler liked Naima, or she wouldn't be there. He said they couldn't come to an agreement because Tyler wanted her in there. So, they let her stay too! What do you think Rose? How about you Phyllis G.? I know I am going to get Booed as sweet Randy said! LOL! But I think Naima sounded like a lounge singer! Sorry all. Just go ahead and boo me! LOL! I really think a guy is going to win this year. But I must say to Matt and FOX too. Love your 3 judges!!! Just LOVE them! I have forgotten all about the others except for Randy. I like my Dog Randy. But Tyler and even now Jennifer are coming on strong like they need to be! Bye my sweet friends! Sherry K. 🙂

      • Hello, sweet Sherry K. I agree with you to some extent about Naima There are times she does come off as "loungy"; but nonetheless I am glad she did…adds a competitive edge among the girls. She may not make as AI but I believe she will have a future. Look at Crystal…there were several comments about her being to much of a coffee house singer and look where she ended up (although, she was not my favorite to win last year)…So…as AI turns…we shall see what happens. I really like James, Scotty, Paul, Casey, Pia and Lauren so far. Jacob Lusk is great…just not my style. When he sings, I feel like I need to be in Church raising my arms…LOL Looking forward to this coming week. Take care, dear friend. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

  2. I think is a good idea but not the only voting for american citizens 🙁 many of us from Canada would love to vote for our favorites too, the program is called American Idol means for the Continent named America NOT America as United States OF America dont you think?

    • I have to agree with Marta, they too should be able to vote. I only have one problem, how the heck do you voye, I find nothing on facebook about casting a vote.

      • I find it very sad that I as a Canadian still cannot vote for my favorite American Idol. I absolutely love the show and have been watching it ever since the very first season so I was exstatic to hear about the online voting through facebook because as facebook is a worldwide social network I assumed that would mean that finally all of us diehard Canadian fans would be able to vote but was dissapointed once again only to log on last nite to vote and realize once again that you must be a US citizen 🙁

  3. as much as i love watching american idol. i think the voting process is a sham…i really don't get the numbers of votes per person: 50 votes facebook, unlimited votes on phone/text etc why isn't it 1 vote per person ? i don't think these ridiculous amount of votes are indicative of americas vote at all…it only reflects the votes of folks who do not have to work the next day, or have get the kids to bed…

      • @Kathryn, I got where you were coming from! I laughed when I read your comment!

        @mimi t. I agree with you also, this has been an ongoing issue with AI fans, and I am an AI fan but I stopped voting because of this problem! Maybe I will start back voting again this season, but right now I am not sure!

      • Agree….and then we have the question of how are "they" going to determine who is an American citizen since FB is world wide…the voting system still needs to concentrate on the "unlimited" phone and text messages. If I wanted I could vote 50 times on FB and then alternate between my landline phone and my cell phone and vote all I want…??? Online voting through FB will just be another avenue.

      • Good point Rose A., I did not think about that problem! Well I guess it's back to the drawing board! Come on AI, still hoping for more of a positive resolution for voting changes!

  4. I dont know i just hope that the people that i want to win get the votes. i am grateful that i will be able to vote only though, no matter what im gonna be watchin, Jacob Lusk! Yeah Baby!

  5. I feel pretty indifferent about the online voting. I know a lot of people that have two facebook accounts, so they get 100 votes? If someone really wanted to vote online, the could essentially make as many facebook accounts as they want, basically making the online voting unlimited too.

  6. I believe it to be inequitable to only permit US residents to vote. The show is international, and as such opening up the voting to the rest of the planet seems a no brainer! I'm an Aussie< i'm allowed to place at bet on the winner, so why then shouldn't I have a voting right?


    Tony D.

    • Just watched Australian Idol from 2008 and 2009 on U-Tube. Fell in love with Wes Carr and Hayley Warner. Wish we had such talents in the US!

  7. 100% agree with Antonio (#11)! I myself still don't understand whether I can vote or not: being a US cit. I live in Israel, got IP number and Facebook account here – so does it make me ineligible to vote?

    • SaFr…I would hope not…I have friends residing overseas who have FB and are American Citizens…like I said before…how are "they" going to determine who is an American citizen….and…I may get "dinged" big time for this; but we do have a lot of people (from all nationalities) residing in the United States who are not American citizens…again…who is going to determine. Anyway, this is just probably a needless arguement and may all be just a moot point because I really do not think there is going to be any way to control the voting~!!! Looking forward to 3 nights of AI this week. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂 @ Phyllis G. and Angela…my dear AI friends…hello. PS…Sherry K…where are you?? I have missed you in the past seceral days. 🙂

      • Rose, You always have the answer to problems. I do love you! I am not a fan of face book! I do not have a cell phone yet. Isn't that crazy? I am definitely going to get one.I don't do much on the computer on week ends Rose. I think our dear friend Phyllis is a bit the same! Hi Phyllis! How are you doing girl friend? PS,Rose,Thank-You for the smiles!! And you know I did learn to do it! Always a smile for you and Phyllis! Sherry K. 🙂

      • Sherry K. It is so good to have you back on the site……We had so much fun during the Adam season I hope this season is just as much fun….should be because there is so much talent this season…….I don't think they will ever get the voting down…….too much money at stake…So looking forward to tonight……We'll talk about it tomorrow….Enjoy….Love you!!!!!

      • Both the posts above in the article say that you have to be a RESIDENT of the U.S.. so it does not say anything about citizenship. This would probably mean that if you don't currently live in the country you cannot vote. Also, because it says resident and not citizen that would mean that the people who are not legal citizens can vote because they can't proove (by phone internet or otherwise) that someone is not a citizen. Also they can control who votes over the internet because even network television websites can control who watches their programs online so this new voting would have the same technology as that (possibly by seeing ip addresses

      • Rose, My husband keeps me busy and drives me nuts! He is not working and he sits on the damn computer ALLDay and night! I have to wait my turn to get on it. You know I love you and Phyllis G. I have come to know you a LOT through this American Idol chat group! Thank-You for missing me Rose. I have missed you and Phyllis G too! I will be on here next week for sure. I picked 4 of the guys who won! My husband was trying to cheat off of me. LOL. I don't pay too much attention to him! He wasn't even going to watch until I got excited about the contestants! Take care Rose and Phyllis G. Too! See you next week! Sherry K 🙂 I think I have really learned the smile Rose!

  8. Frankly I don't think voting on FB will eliminate my concerns about the cell phone and text voting. Now the teeny boppers can also vote online…DUH!!!

    • @ Phyllis. So true….Seems like we are just whistling in the dark with the voting deal. So, I will just watch and enjoy…do a little voting…I do not text…too expensive and up here in the Mountains of PA, I have to hang out the window at just the right angle to get cell phone service~!!! So, it is what it is…for shame. So looking forward to 3 nights this week. Take care my friend. Whoo Hoo~!!!


    • @Phyllis G. and Rose A., instead of voting, I just keep my fingers crossed for the ones I love or like the most, whatever the case may be!

    • Sorry Phyllis G. DUH too! I am blabbing away to Rose above and as usual didn't even scroll down and see you! You are so right about the tenny boppers. They vote like crazy. Smiles to you and Rose both.This week should be exciting! I am ready! Your friend Sherry K. 🙂

      • Hi Sherry K…I have missed seeing your comments. I know, I am so excited about the 3 nights this week..Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂 Leep the smilley's coming.

        …@ Pat…sorry. I made a mistake. Yes, you are right. It does, in fact, say American resident.

    • I heard it's because they're evil!

      Just kidding. No clue. Big Brother does the same kind of thing with only US residents being allowed to even apply.

      • Matt, Are you sure they can't vote? Can they use their cell phones? I know they love the ones they pick out too? Ladies and Gents, just try to get around the system! Good luck to you! I really mean that to be nice too! Sherry K. 🙂

      • At least with Big Brother, I just submitt a US Zipcode online and it allows me to vote. But with the new AI voting, it is done through FB so it sees my location as Canada and won't allow it. Too bad there wasn't a way to get around that!!!!

      • Okay … I think you can get around the system. Open up a FB account, and set your address as a US address. Use a State and City with a valid Zipcode and it works. I can now sign in on … hope it stays this way!!!!

    • Matt…..its not the canadians that are evil, it's the AI voting system that is EVIL!!!!!!!

      • Angela, Good idea! do you know anyone in the USA?

        If not dream up an address! someone every where lives on Main ST. USA! LOL! Phyllis G. is right! It's the AI system that is EVIL! Love you Phyllis and Rose too! I like this sweet Angela too!

        Sherry K. 🙂

  9. What about the people that don't do face book or texting? Leaving out alot of the viewers!This is NOT fair!


  11. I won't be voting online. I do not think American Idols needs access to all my info.

  12. I may be able to answer a couple of the above questions: (but first – Yeah! Where do we vote?)

    If you could vote from other countries, they'd call it "Earth Idol". Ryan says – "Let's see who get's AMERICA's votes…" so, sorry Canadians. You have William Shatner and Rush. ;o)

    Lastly – 50 calls per person – Sponsored by AT&T…. ;o)

  13. Ok, so I'm disappointed that I don't get to vote from Canada. This season offers up some great talent and such diversity! I like the team of judges, seems like a good balance! My pick for top 5, in no particular order: Scotty, Brett, Casey, James (Jacob or Paul, can't decide between the two)

    • I am with you. I think we should be allowed to vote too!!!! Certainly would make it more interesting!!!

  14. I want NOTHING to do with facebook and when I found out on-line voting was on facebook only, I was NOT HAPPY so I used the phone.. but having to vote on facebook is not free from annoyances and snooping and cluttering up my screen and other yucky intrusions in my life.. I am about to quit using Yahoo mail for those reasons .. I dont want my computer trying to be my friend ..*rolls eyes* .. and saying hello with my name every time I log on.. *sigh*

  15. I wish SO much that us Canadians could vote!! We live in the Continent of America … shouldn’t that count??? We are allowed to watch, fall in love with the true talents, yet can’t vote!!! So not fair!!!!

  16. What was with the band back up for the guys last night? And the sound? The mikes were no good, those poor guys had one strike against them with the sound quality? Did anyone else notice this?

  17. how can i vote here? they should make an easy way of voting.. i cant vote my favorite idol ashton and scotty

  18. i really admired the new judges of this show specially JLo. she has a kind heart. the two male judges are so good in deciding as to who are to leave and who are to shine in the stage of idols… keep up the good judgement!!

  19. CANADIANS WHO WANT TO VOTE::::, just open a new facebook account say where you reside is somewhere in the usa, and don't bother filling in all the rest of the useless junk, just click through. I did it, and voted last night and tonight :)) You can make as many accounts as you like, just don't bother to fill out all the junk, and use a fake name .. I did!

  20. It is not fair to have to join Facebook to vote for American Idol. I do not want a Facebook account so I will not be able to vote online. Why not do it like Dancing with the Stars. You do not have to join Facebook to vote. There are many people that do not like Facebook and will not join.

  21. I think it's great however I would love it if I could vote! I live in Canada and watch your show all the time. I love it. There are so many talented singers this season.

    Thanks for you time,

    Oh I can't wait to hear some tunes from last year's runner up Chrystal. She was so awesome,I am certain she will have a record to release soon.



  22. I think that using facebook is a bad idea, there is already too many diversions on that venue and it would be much easier on vote on American Idol's web site after all it is their contest. James Durbin should be a strong favourite this year he rocks.

  23. Why can’t Canadians vote for theirs favourite singers on line.I want to vote for Scotty GcGreery but have no way to do it on my Laptop. I am not on face book
    Shirley Gilks

  24. I would like those of us living in Canada to be able to vote also. They sell the show to Canada, but we can’t participate. Seems a bit silly! It’s not like we’re electing an American President or anything like that. We are already voting in Dancing With The Stars, so why not also American Idol? It’s clearly not the end of the world, but for those of us who enjoy the show, it would be nice to be able to cast our votes in support of our favorite singers. Last season was really good, with some great judging and I really enjoyed reading what the bloggers of these pages had to say.

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