American Idol 2011 Top 12 Elimination Results

We’re about to find out who will be eliminated from the Top 12 tonight on American Idol 2011 and who will move on to the season’s Top 11.

Based on your votes in our Top 12 performance poll I’m seeing the trailing contenders for tonight’s elimination as Naima, Karen, and Haley. My prediction? We’ll see Naima hit the road tonight.

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American Idol 2011 Top 12 Elimination Results’ Bottom 3:

  • #1 – Haley Reinhart
  • #2 – Naima Adedapo – Ryan reveals she is safe!
  • #3 – Karen Rodriguez

Unless the Judges’ Save is put in to play, one of these ladies will go home tonight.

American Idol 2011 Top 12 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Karen Rodriguez

Karen gives it one last performance, but it’s not enough and she’s eliminated.

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Did America get the vote right this week? Share your opinion!




  1. I think naima, karen and haley will be in the bottom 3, the performance was very boring and pitchy… and might be karen or naima will go home tonight…

  2. Vengo viendo american idol hace años y me parece muy interesante. Felicitaciones.

  3. Naima hopefully will be going home tonight, but I wouldn't be overly surprised if it was Karen or Hailey either… but hopefully if any of those three are decided on to stay, that they will not get the save of the year, because they definitely don't deserve it based on the last performances…

  4. First act sounded horrible the producers MUST review the sound inside the studio this is getting annoying.

    Poor Haley 🙁 lets see what happens but I think Naima will go…

  5. Naima is my favorite. I love her, she's so unique. I hope she remains on idol. :}

    I love Haley too, I would like to see Karen go home. She annoys me.

  6. I am not a Paul fan, but I felt a pass was needed for him since he was singing while he was sick. I agree I think Naima will be going home tonight.

    • Yeah, not only he performed with energy but he didn't use his cold as an excuse. He sang his lungs off even thought it was obvious he was struggling. I guess another girl will hit the road tonight!

  7. Funny how both Hailey and Karen ended up in the bottom 3 two weeks in a row, but once again I think it will be Naima who will be going home tonight.

  8. I noticed that to I hope Naima goes this week she has been to picthy all the way she was a wild card y dont know there was better then her they sent home

  9. we need a rock star to win this year not one rock star did so i think james is going to win it hands down

  10. Very surprised. Karen is definitely better than Naima. I'm sad to see her go, America really didn't give her a chance. What don't they see? She can sing very well!

      • If you read some comments, people dislike her because she was very proud of her Latino heritage, because she sang in both languages, etc. There is a comment on this page that says she shouldn't be in the show because is AMERICAN idol and she is not AMERICAN! Can you believe it? I guess people don't know that USA is not the only country in the continent called AMERICA, but here they are praising an EUROPEAN girl in the show. Yes, PIA TOSCANO is Italian and if Karen didn't belong in AMERICAN idol, Pia should pack her bags and go audition for EUROPEAN IDOL!!!!

      • Please do not take a few (small %) comments too literal. She is a talented singer and a beautimous young woman inside and out. Please do not make this a race thing. There were minimal comments about it. You are ok.

      • I just think she's targeting the spanish market too much, to the point where it's kind of desperate. People might find that a bit over acting. She's good, better than Naima actually, but the spanish kinda restricted her.

    • Yes, Gabriela, what is wrong with you? She is very talented and I take offense in your distasteful comment..I am a latina PROUD OF MY LATINO HERITAGE! Just like Jennifer Lopez..and she too, SINGS IN ENGLISH & SPANISH..and so what if it is American Idol and she is Latina, its for ANYONE WHO IS TALENTED AND RESIDES IN THE USA..If you are still in school, check your heritage..cause you might be surprised that ALL that live here are not all Americans..this land belonged to the Indians before it was raided by other races..this is why the world is the way it is..cause of people like yourself..Jealousy is an ugly trade!

      • HEY! Check who wrote what, I WAS DEFENDING KAREN AND DEFENDING THE FACT THAT SHE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE ON AMERICAN IDOL! I just dislike Pia. Please, READ MY COMMENT AGAIN because you got it WROOOOOOOOONG! I am Latina too, are you in School? Can you read?????

      • SVC, Gabriela is a proud latina and she was defending Karen. I am sure you are a proud latina too.

        There is NO need to offend anyone if they dont agree with our opinions. I went to University and I speak 5 languanges, and thats an advantage.

        I am sure Karen was sent home because she was singing in both English and Spanish, and that was not right. Colombia, Mexico, Canada, USA, and other countries are all part of the American continent. In America there are 3 main languages, English, Spanish and Portuguese.

        In Europe, there are more than 5 languanges. The show should be neutral at all times. Karen was the only latina in the TOP 11. Good Luck Karen, you will go places. Buena suerte.

  11. Well hopefully Naima will go home next week. Randy said they couldn't all agree. I bet JLo was pulling for Karen.

    • And continue the bad coments for Latinos please stop. Well Karen is gone.

      I think Naima is worse than Karen

  12. Can someone tell me who the girl was in the Black Eyed Peas. That was no Fergie…was it?????

  13. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you where gonna use a safe it would of been tonight bad bad bad choice AI boo

  14. delighted karen is gone and next week if naima is still pitchy im hoping she will go. its a singing competition afterall…

    • I agree with you! why would they use a golden ticket save on Karen? Puleeaase all the girls can go except for Pia she can take it all the way!

      • Pia SUCKS, is like listen to Jordin Sparks again, soooooo boring and so predictable. Ugh!

      • I believe that both Lauren and Thia are amazing – just a bit young and not sure if idol got it right by lowering the age limit

  15. Public got it wrong again. Naima should have gone home instead of Karen. Naima should have gone last week! I am so disappointed in the public's vote. However, I think it's too early for the judges to use their save because this kind of travesty could happen another week.

  16. american idol is over for me this year!!!! Karen should have stayed !!!! is america really getting it wrong year after year ? or are votes really being counted ?

    • I agree 100%. America got it all wrong again!! I think when you get down to the Top 12 it should be up to the judges to decide not america.

      • I think it should be like dancing with the stars, combining the judges scores with the votes. It's sad to see Karen go, she wasn't the worst performer last night, NOT AT ALL!!!

  17. That is just not right my mom just called she is so upset Randy should of use the safe you jerk!

  18. Definitely WRONG choice to leave. Naima was by far the worst of the three last night, as her pitches were all over the place, just like Randy said. For the life of me I cannnot figure this one out, and am very disappointed she was not saved either. LOW point of the season for me thus far for sure. America got it wrong thing time: aka: voters with no real knowledge of music, voting appearance and style over substance. This is/WAS supposed to be a "singing competition," (?) or so someone used to say all the time.

  19. naima was way pitchier than karen this week but if u listen back to akrens performance tonite it was defintely a travesty in parts 2. i doubt that naima will be able to master her pitch problems (lets be serious they are bad) in one week. she will def be in danger next week!

  20. I am very sad about the judges decision. But I knew. The Jennifer's face showed on TV that she didn't want to give a chance to Karen.

  21. NO. Naima should have left. She should not have been saved the first time around. How does she keep on this show. She is not even close to the rest of these constestants. Really….

    • if haley really moves it up a notch naima will most defintely be gone next week! fingers crossed

  22. I really really hate Naima. her stupid umbrella song was horrible… Karen was amazing, especially her first performance in the top 13. I love the way she sings in Spanish too. She was amazing and beautiful.

  23. The judges were all wet tonight. Karen should have had another chance. What a shame for such a beautiful singer.

    • I don't think the judges will use the wildcard until they're using it to save Lauren, Jacob or maybe even Casey…and I don't think that will be until they get to the final 6.

  24. someone needs to get rid of naima. she is not good for this year. unless she is being kept for a fall guy later. karen should have been kept!!! just my opinion!

  25. I thought Karen was underrated and I suspect Jennifer agreed but we move on. I still expect Haley, Naima and Stefano to be the next to go.

    I think the next big battle, to be played out over the next few weeks, is whether Stefano can pick up his game and join Paul and Thia as wildcards.

    After that, we'll see if any of the wildcards can pass up the big top 6, which include:

    1. James

    2. Scotty

    3. Pia

    4. Jacob

    5. Casey

    6. Lauren

    I distinguish Paul and Thia (and maybe Stefano) as wildcards because I believe they have the potential to hang with the performers I put in the top 5. Furthermore, I think that these wildcards can actually HANG week-in, week-out with those guys…not just for one night.

    Of course, once we do get to the top 6 it's going to be a dogfight this year. This group is so good! With all due respect, I was watching Lee DeWyze sing tonight thinking that he wouldn't even make the top 6 this year.

    Anyway, that's as far as I'll go in picking it for now. My expectation is that over the next 4 or 5 weeks we'll see the dynamics change as we see more performances. My guess is that Pia's stock will drop, Lauren's will rise and James will start to pull away from the pack as this season get's ready to go down the home stretch.

    What a great year to be watching this show!!

    • You couldn't have said it better!!! Watch out for Stefano though. I think he gets better and better every week. And he really puts it out there by reinventing those songs he sings. He is the sleeper in the competition. I didn't have high hopes in the beginning but I am rooting for him.

  26. All I can say is very DISAPPOINTED that one of the top 3 was sent home tonite, beautiful voice just can't understand why the save wasn't used.

  27. After the way Karen sang her song, "Hero", the judges got it wrong! Haley has a weak voice and Naima cannot sing altogether! She should have been the one to go! While I believe the judges this year are really good, I have to question their judgement on some of these!Just because Naima can prance around, that should not cloud the fact that she cannot sing!

    • i disagree musically haley is really talented…she needs better song choices….if u listen back to karens songs tonite and yest she is pitchy sometimes and just doesnt have the power. a beautiful voice is not enuf when it doesnt sound beautiful all the time

  28. Public got it wrong again. Naima should have gone home instead of Karen. The judges set up this mess by saving Naima to start. She has not had one song where she was on key. Karen has a beautiful voice, and given the save she deserved tonight would have shown everyone. I've really respected the judges until now…They just don't want to use up their one save.

  29. altho i dont think karen should have gone tonite i dont think she deserved to be saved. really she doesnt bring anything new to the songs AT ALL. singing bits in spanish does not constitute this….it was becoming predictable with her songs choices and her singing…

  30. I don't agree with who they sent home at all. Haley has a diva attitude to me and doesn't deserve to stay. Normally people are upset they are in the bottom 3 not smiling like it isn't a big deal. I really am going to miss Karen =(

  31. I am surprised that a lot of you don't like Naima! She may be a little pitchy but it seems to blend well with her style. She has great stage presence. I suspect she can sing almost anytime of music

  32. A proud and strong Hispanic will never win American Idol. Despite hispanics being a quarter of the population, a Hispanic is not considered to be American enough for most Americans. Sad on a day like today (St Patricks Day), that celebrates ethnic pride.

    • I hope this is not the case. In the same way Osama, a black man became the President of the USA, a Latino can will the American Idol.

      Blacks and Latinos are part of the population of the United States of America. They both pay their taxes, work and vote during elections.

      Congrats St Patricks, arriba latinos.

  33. this comment is for Gabriela..where are you from? Karen is an American that has the talent to sing in both languages..such as Celine Dion..who sings in English & French..I am a latina who was born in the USA..I too, would consider myself American even though my parents are from Puerto Rico, which in fact, is a common wealth I take offense in your distasteful comment on it is American Idol and no one should not sing in other languages..Karen was a great singer who was talented to sing in 2 languages..Gabriela, you need to check your roots, it might be that you are not a fully 100% American!!!!! No one is a full American unless you are a Seminole Indian or of some type of Indian decent..cause as we ALL KNOW, the first people that lived here in America before anyone else, were Indians..Que viva la raza Latina!!!!!

    • HEY! Check who wrote what, I WAS DEFENDING KAREN AND DEFENDING THE FACT THAT SHE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE ON AMERICAN IDOL! I just dislike Pia. Please, READ MY COMMENT AGAIN because you got it WROOOOOOOOONG! I am 100% Latina!!!!, Are you in School? Can you read?????

      • I was criticizing a comment someone wrote that said: This is American Idol, not AMERICANA! Yo soy de Venezuela y eso no me gustó!!!

  34. i think the judges will save their golden ticket for a rainy day…either paul, jacob or stefano…and even lauren if there is an upset….they would never use on someone who has pitch issues…

  35. I think getting rid of Karen was a good choice even though Niama is the worst singer on there i still dont like the fact that karen would sing all her songs with bits of spanish. After all it is american idol.Its not that i have a problem with anybody from other countries but its pretty bad when we cant even keep our language what it is in our country…

  36. naima sucks i hope she goes home a 3 year old could have beter pitch so im so up set i could cry she doesn't even have th face i think that america should have sent naima home they shouldn't have used there vote but they shoun't have even had to think but i hope naima know that america hates her so honestly naima sucks at life soif naima reads this (i hate you) haha but i realy do she is way to pitchy and even if she is not she is a bad singer and not one for the looks karen had the hole thing going on i hope you agree.

  37. My goodness, did anyone hear Naima perform last night. She was horrible, she needs to apologize to Tina Turner for murdering one of her best songs. Karen can at least sing and probably would have shown improvement. I do however think the judges should use the save for someone like Pia, James(though I don't see him facing elimination), Scotty(once again I don't see him facing elimination), Casey, or Stefano. And let's face it Karen was in the bottom 3 two weeks in a row, but I don't think she should have been eliminated tonight it should have been Naima!

  38. karen is so good people are sooo soooo soo stupid niama should go home america niama can't i repeat CANNOT sing send her home !!!!!!!!!!! i rest my case

    • They are all good singers.We can only have one winner so the others must go home but they are all winners. BTW Naima is a great singer. Karen is a name and use a capital"K" and capitalize your "I's"

      • naima a great singer? are u serious?

        how many more times does she have to 'murder' a song before u realize that she cant even sing?

  39. People, people, people…you must realise something that it is a search for an American Idol, one that will knock the socks of music charts in the USA and also around the world. Only 2 idols have done that, Kelly Clarkson and the amazing Adam Lambert. I cannot see Karen ever doing anything amazing outside of the USA. As for the others, well said it before will say it again…..the top 5 will be James (my fave), Casey, Lauren, Pia and Jacob. But the dark horse is Stephano..cannot see the others being as succcessful as you may think. I really do hope that a rocker will win it this year….don't want another "candy coated pop singer".

    • Don't forget Carrie Underwood has done pretty for herself as an Idol winner with several grammys etc. under her belt. Kelly Pickler has also done well opening for several major country singers. While I don't see Scott taking it all – he will definitely make it in the country biz.

    • I guess you have not been watching Idol very long , based on your ridiculous comments…. David Cook , Chris Daughtry , Carrie Underwood, have also rocked the charts , Kelly Clarkson should not have won that year…….

      • You are right Daughtry rocks too – have not heard much from David Cook though although I thin he was an amazing talent. You have to agree though there have been some who have not done much and some years it was the unwinners (i.e. Jennifer Hudson) who have succeeded more than the winners themselves.

      • Kelly Clarkson was by far the best singer when she won the title…And saying she should'nt have won is riduculous..

  40. Naima should have gone home instead of Karen. No one nailed it last night really – Best were Scotty and James–

  41. It's obvious that the judges are holding off their "save" for one of the top finalist whom they think should stay. After the way Karen sang her song, "Hero" tonight, it was obvious that she should have been kept. And it is nice to hear diversity in her songs when she interjects her Spanish. It gives it another flavor to the songs. And no I am not Hispanic. And even if they did not want to use their "save" until later, they still sent the wrong one home.

    Naima's moving around the stage does not make a good performance when her voice is clearly not a good one. This is not a movement contest but a singing contest. And it is the whole package; moves and singing that is what makes a good performer. But Naima has neither one! If her moves and her voice were good, then fine, keep her. But she is not good! Period! And as far as Haley is concerned…she has a very weak voice. Nuf said!

    • You are so right! Naima should go home. She was not good last night. On the other hand, Karen Has a good voice and I dislike the way Randy tells the girls that their performances

      are sleepy and boring! I also think that Karen singing in English and Spanish makes the songs more interesting and shows off her beautiful voice.

      • I don't dislike her but PLEEZE…Naima was not good last night. Karen was much much better. And aside from the perfect pitch of Pia…her performances are sleepy too (Oh my! Randy would be shocked!)

        Karen, to me, was genuine, sweet, and I really liked her voice.

      • I agree Naima should be sent home. Whats up with bashing Karen? Just because she can sing and speak 2 languages, more most of us can't do that.

    • Naima or Haley or Thia should have gone home, not Karen. Her versatility of singing in both languages was fantastic.

      Maybe American Idol should show the votes on TV, so the people at home would know what is happening before the eliminations.

      • 100% agree. Could someone make sure that this message gets to the right people? Who reads these things anyway?

      • Even the results for voting were shown, u guys will be ashamed of yourself because Karen will still emerge as the least vote getter in the competition. And c'mon, karen better than thia? Sigh…u dont know wat are u talking guys… Thia is more formidable and more even great than Karen… Results were shown, and that's it. Karen wont be able to get back to competition coz thats the majority of America feels and thinks…Okay??? Free ur mind and chill out. Thia will go far that what u are thinking right now.

      • You're kidding me.Please. I agree with me, Mr_Villez and sid, Thia is much much way, way better than Karen!

  42. Naima has style and I like the way she sings. I'm not surprise that she has so many haters and I hope she remains on the show. Karen is an amazing singer also. I wonder if all the votes are being counted. It seems like only the haters votes are being counted. When I try to vote I'm blocked on line. I wonder if I'm the only one with that problem.

    • Naima is a great jazz and blues singer. The little 13 year old girls can't identify with her so they hate, some older ones also.Again this is the best group of singers we have seen for a long time on Idol.

  43. Tonight was a predictable choice…would think the top 6 will be: James, Pia, Scotty, Lauren, Casey and either Thia or Paul. JMO

    • I think Stefano will come in ahead of Paul and Thia will be out unless she freshens it up. I agree with your others

      • Yes…you are right. So sorry, even after I was blown away with Stefano's performance the other night. He does have a good voice. So, yes…let me backtrack and replace Thia with Stefano. 🙂

  44. Naima should have been eliminated. Karen had some issues, but is a much better performer. I don't see Naima making it much further unless she really does something right. Remember she was the 13th.

  45. BRANDON!! This is getting spooky dude! That's two weeks in a row you got it exactly right! You da man!

    I thought Naima and her festive tropical fruit wardrobe were gone for sure. Karen is not top 5 material but WAY better than Naima. As a matter of fact I'd rate her ahead of Paul, Jacob and maybe Stefano as well.

    I have to wonder if Karen's insistence on mixing Spanish and English in her performances affected her votes. It shouldn't matter, but with the whole anti immigration sentiment in this country, America might not be so supportive of a contestant displaying strong hispanic identity. That would be sad, but I think it is reasonable to wonder if it might not have been a factor.

    • If the spanish affected Karen's votes, then the show is becoming racist and that should never happen.

      United States of America has a huge spanish population. Latinos and black are the largest minorities in the country. The show should try to be neutral on their direction.

      • Not sure if you guys are just trying to be politically correct or what, but to me it felt somewhat annoying because I don't speak This language at all. I wonder if you guys would still praise the diversity if a contestant were to sing in, say, Chinese?

      • Cy the difference is that their is a huge population of people with a Hispanic Heritage that live in this country.

        By contrast, the Chinese population is "not so much".

        Just my opinion

      • @wcarmn fair enough. I just felt a bit weird to listen to Hero in Spanish totally out of blue; there's no way I can enjoy it because that's what I was expecting from Hero. I might be even ok with a Spanish song, but a mix is really weird. I am even not sure if Karen is playing her Heritage card hard because of J-Lo.

      • If you thought it was strange to hear Hero in Spanish, you should have heard it in Norwegian!

        …just kidding.

    • I think Karen played the heritage card and she didn't need too. It could have been her ace in the hole. She is good and half of those people that stayed on tonight should be gone, way before Karen. You have one guy that sings like Rod Stewart, one that sings nothing but country, one that screams all the time… give me a break.. Karen has talent and showed her versability. Judges said that she was everywhere..what the heck…she just showed that she could sing any and all types of songs. True talent!

      • Well, if she played the race card, then she blew it. No one else, but her. If America played the race card in their votes, then they blew it. Can I not watch a show without race getting tossed out there? Guess not, I give up. I like Karen, she will be fine! She has a beautimous voice! I also like Paul, (he has hair on his face, his teeth are toooo white) He is a cutie with a Voice!

      • Lots of people do not like when a minority excel in anything. They are looked down on and not to exhibit any talent, thats how most Americans think just look at how the President is treated.

    • @ primo: hahaha, i love the way you described naima's wardrobe. not only does she need voice lessons, but she also needs a stylist (badly!)

  46. Is it me or am I the only one who thinks its was crazy that there were more women/girls in the top 13 than men when clearly the men rocked it. And based on the two let go between last week and this week who thinks the Clint got a raw deal by not being able to sing and be in the top 13. There should have never been 7 women and 6 men – the men were way way better this year – what am I missing????

    • I agree with you 100%. I think Clint or Brett should have been in the top 13 ahead of Naima, Ashton and Haley.

      • I feel terrible about Clint becuz he did a really great job with his Stevie Wonder rendition – and even after all the judges comments about his performance they did not give him a chance to sing – I think it had to do with how he acted during group in hollywood week – he was definitely better than both Ashley and Karen and even Niama!

      • I agree with you too. There are definitely more guys that are really rockin' it this year. Pia, Thia, and Lauren all have nice voices, but they sound like so many other women in the business and they pick songs that are covered by too many aspiring female vocalists. I think James is going to win, but Casey, Jacob, and Stefano will make him work for it. Paul has got an interesting style, but he seems to be getting a little too esoteric in his music choices. Scott has a nice way about him and his voice, but I don't see him getting much higher than fourth. Naima or Haley need to go next. Karen, although she has a good voice too, played the Spanish card a little too much without really singing her songs much differently from the original singer.

      • Clint? No way! He is arrogant, and rude. All he does is shout. Thank goodness he's gone. Looking at him, makes me think how 'dispicable' he is with those glasses.

    • I totally agree with you. I think letting Robbie Rosen go in place of Ashton, Naima, and maybe even Stefano was ridiculous.

      Brett was interesting!

      I like Scotty, although I just don't see how he's going to remain popular if he keeps singing nice-and-easy country songs.

  47. What's up with the black eyed Pea's? Who was the new girl? And no one said anything about it. ???

  48. I was surprised to see Karen go. I believe her Latinness cost her. She should be one of the final three women . Haley ??? Naima?? you cannot be serious? I really thought the save would be used tonight, I guess not. Good Luck Karen, You have a future in music. …

    • I forgot to look at her heritage! I am mad that Haley stayed. Clearly not the one to stay. Karen has a wonderful voice!! She will continue on, become better then the show!! Very sad.

    • I agree with you 100%. I have the impression that the show is not too open for latino candidates.

      • I don't think it had anything to do with her heritage – my husband is Puerto Rican and he told me while he thought her voice was good and that she was pretty he felt she lacked confidence in her performances that she appeared too nervous.

    • that is stupid to say that they kicked her off because she is latino not to mention it sounds kind of racist. i dont think you would like if i said go sing for spanish idol cause you would have a better chance karen

  49. In my viewpoint Naima, Thia, and definitely Paul seem to fall behind a bit more each and every week. Holly Molly, I know Paul was sick, but that act was painful to watch … So why did Jennifer Lopez gush over it so much?. For me the top 4 consistent performers are Jacob Lusk, Scotty McCreery, James Durbin and Pia Toscano … In that order.

  50. Naima or Thia should have gone home tonight, not Karen. If the votes indicated that Karen was eliminated, there was no need to make her sing again. It would be very good if the people at home could see the actual votes on TV before the eliminations, like Miss Universe. This will increase the credibility on the show.

    • Rene , I totally agree, Di you hear Randy's comments the vote was not unanimous ! so who voted for Karen to stay , or go??? I want to know??? I guess it is a secret. I think Randy voted to let Karen go, Steven tyler obviously liked Karen so did J-Lo.

    • Rene, you are so correct, the voting process is not credible. They can tell us anything as they collect the money from the voters while the producers make the decisions on who goes or stays.

      • Someone's finally catching on!!!!! It"s called SHOWBUSINESS with it's business being of ratings, sellability, marketability and oh yeah, money. Does anyone really think a billion dollar enterprize is going to give the voters a lisence to run their business?? We should enjoy the show for what it gives us. An opportunity to see some great entertainment and don't obsess with voting results which are out of our control.

    • You kidding? Thia has a much stronger and powerful voice than Karen! Honestly, I couldn't hear a word from Karen's singing.

      At least, Thia's power voice is so clear and pure, I could hear every single words.

  51. How unfortunate they got it wrong – Karen wasn't a superstar last night but she showed what she is made of with Hero. Naima had pitch problems and should have exited this evening. Karen should be called back by public opinion.

    • I agree with you 200%. Karen should be called back by public opinion.

      She has voice, beauty, presence and a charming personality. The total package.

    • The public already voted and that is why she is gone. Karen has a nice voice but she would not be able to win.

      • No one is saying that Karen will win. The point was clear. Between Naima, Haly and Karen, Karen was better. Naima or Haly should gone home.

      • Hayley has the most sultry , bluezy. unique voice I've heard in a long time.I think if you heard her voice on the radio you would know it was her.I'm sure she will bring it next week….

  52. America got it wrong Niama should have went home a long time ago !! Karen also had issues, she makes me think of a Slena want a be. I wish the best to all others left, but they need to kick it up with some newer songs, some of there own they wrote, too many slow or balads. More rock, mix it up more

  53. i really want pia to go home because i think they only like her for how she looks, i mean she can sing but i think they give her too many accalades(idk how to spell).i never heard a performance i thought was extrordinary and she has a weak personality

    • You are right…being beautiful and talented and able to out-sing others IS a real personality weakness!

  54. Thank you America for getting rid of karen for not singing in English!!!!!!! It is called American Idol after all!!!!

    • United States of America is made of different ancestors backgrounds, languages and religions. Spanish is one of the languages. Singing in another language should never be punished. In Europe everyone speaks more than 2 languanges, why not in America. Is a virtue, a skill to sing in more than one languange. Why not ?

      • Um Mr. American-English … You so know Mexico and every other country south and north of our border is part of America, don't you? Do no teacher ever tell you America is a continent, not a country. So tell me again about … who should sing on “American Idol”. I tell you the education system in this country needs improving. And this is a perfect example why.

      • american english–you have an interesting point and are correct about America being a continent. However, when people say they want to immigrate to America…I don't think they are usually talking about Peru or Canada!

        Just my opinion…and no offense meant towards Peruvians.

      • Steve Fox–you have an interesting point and are correct about America being a continent. However, when people say they want to immigrate to America…I don’t think they are usually talking about Peru or Canada!

        Just my opinion…and no offense meant towards Peruvians.

      • Mr wcarmn, knowledge is power. Only because some people speak wrong about immigrating to America (not Peru), we should generalize. Americans are every single person borned in the American continent. Let's speak proper. That's education.

      • Rene–Lighten up…it was a joke! A joke that is true, based upon the numbers…but still a joke.

        So have a Coke and a smile!

      • Rene – it is "born" not "borned"…just sayin! Heaven forbid a disaster like Japan cause we would be in big trouble!

      • America goes from anywhere between Canada and Argentina. The fact that United States call itself AMERICA is a misuse, incorrect form to call ONE country of the entire continent. But, if we are going to play that Language-Geographic standard, lets be fair and send PIA TOSCANO home. Because, last time I checked, ITALY is not even in the continent called AMERICA! We can write or hands off on this blog, but saying someone went home for singing in another language is racist and ridiculous. Karen wasn't the worst performer on Wednesday, yet she's gone. This is a do-over of AI season 6 (Blake & Jordin at the finale) but in this case will be James & Pia, and SURPRISEEEEEE… she'll sing a ballad and will end with a HUGE scream of a high note… SO PREDICTABLE! And judges are not doing anybody a favor either by saying everything is "good", If they don't give the contestants honest critiques, they will not improve! I MISS SIMON!!!

  55. this is a joke this year karen should not have been in the bottom 3 if anything she was in the top five naima,casey,and paul were the worst this week and naima,paul and jacob shouldnt have even made the top 13 im starting to think this is fixed this season its a shame when someone with a voice like karens gets voted off before the real bad ones

    • I hope American Idon is not fixed this season. This will damage the credibility and the ratings.

      I think they made a mistake and they will find out too late.

      There were no reasons to eliminate Karen, the only latina, like J-Lo. Karen you have a fantastic voice, good luck. You will go places.

      • The ultimate reason for any contestant to get eliminated is the vote.

        I also like Karen and thought she should've gone further but the bottom line is that the people have voted and she came in 12th this week in the popular vote.

        Whether it's "fair" or not, that's how it works. It works the same way for album sales too, by the way.

      • Simon, I agree that Karen is good and should have gone further, but I disagree with your other premise.

        Album sales are somewhat different than AI voting system. Albums sales cost MONEY…and AI vote costs virtually nothing. It is not the same. If it were the same Daughtry wouldn't be outselling the "flash in the pan" Idol winner of that year. If it were the same, All idol winners would be having megahits…they are not. Popularity is different than talent. Voting for popularity is different than voting with your wallet…just my opinion

      • Simon, the only issue here is that we can't see the votes anywhere. How do the people know who is at the top or who is at the bottom ? Do you know ?

      • Naoma has had pitch problems for awhile, and I think she should have went home before Karen. I would say Naoma is on her way out next….

    • Dave….I felt the exactly the same way…except I don't agree about Casey. I am not even a Nirvana fan, and I think he deserves props just for even attempting it. Really brave and actually really good.

      But Paul made my ears bleed. I was thrilled to see someone else NOTICED THAT!

      The gal that I thought was a possible winner….they didn't even give her a chance for an extra spot…weird…very weird. They absolutely LOVED her when she performed. I am speaking of the other Lauren. She was incredible!


    • America did not vote for her. At what point can we the people really see what America voted?

      All we know is what Ryan tells us/

  56. They got this weeks elimination just right. I was worried about Naiema. She's the best entertainer on the show, but can't seem 2 carry a note.

      • naima should just go back to her previous job. or maybe apply as steven tyler's roadie. the girl makes the show annoying to watch.

  57. If I had to pick between Karen and Naima… well let's just say one would have been way above the other and it would not have been the one that was safe tonight. Don't want to say anything too negative because it takes a lot of guts to get up there and not totally lose it… so there has to be some level of talent…. I guess I personally just don't get her.

    Kinda partial to Lauren though,I think she is the "Money Maker" or the best "Marketable". BUT I also like Casey,Scotty,Thia,Pia and James.

  58. I know without a doubt that american voters has made the right choices up to this point, the one thing that will surely get you bounced is making stupid comments like i know i will be around cause i know God, or some crazy shit like Latinoes are back just shut your mouth and perform. without a dout Pia is the best flawless performance no other idol hopeful got close to the performance she put on…. way to go babygirl. if she dose't make it she can look me up

    • WHOA,DUDE!!! You been hanging with Charlee Sheene??? I need a handfull of Stephen's happy pills to even HALF WAY understand what you just said!!!

      • Debbie's two cents, LOL! Bruce Lockett, Pia is not That good! She is boring! There is no reactions or emotions from her!

  59. I just dont believe that Karen lose in votes. For sure was Naima. for sure there was issues because she is singing in spanish. Naima dont have a good performance, and still have a lot of issues when she sings. Karen is so much better than Naima.

  60. I thought Naima did the worst job this week. I love her but she was not singing the notes. Jacob needs to stop oversinging. He overdoes it every time I've seen him. You can't overpower the song; sometimes you have to hold back. Jacob, you're trying too hard. Karen needed to let her hair down; she looked too uptight and too much makeup. Love her voice though.

  61. Karen OUT???? Come on! Haley should be in her way to home tonight!!!! 100% disagree!

  62. Naima did the worst job and she should have been elimimated. Karen was much better than Haley and Naima. I feel sorry for all the remaining girls because they will all be going home first, before the guys. It is a shame that if a guy is cute he gets all the votes. Unfortunately, all the girls with good voices will be overlooked. Some of the guys are not that good, but it will not matter. Until just about all the girls go home, None of the guys will be eliminated. That is truly sad!

    How fair is that??

  63. You guys are funny….the show is American Idol.

    I understand keeping a few people who show they have the ability and work ethic to improve, but they could seriously cut that field to 5 in a heartbeat.

    Scotty is good, but he is the exact same every week. It's going to get ugly if I have to keep watching him make faces while he sings….GONE

    Paul–if you like him, buy a Rod Stewart album and you wont have to watch Paul jump around like a drunk…GONE.

    Naiema–nice girl, but…GONE

    Haley–I like parts of her voice, but…GONE

    and so it goes…

    My best five…in no particular order





    Casey is a great musician, but not the singer these other 3 are.(but I understand why some would pick him over Jacob who needs to grow some muscles and look a little more manly…but that kid can sing




    Just my opinion.

    • wcarmn, I agree with most of what you are saying here, especially, about Jacob little teenage girls want guys there who they can fantasize about. They also do not like young pretty talented girls, like Pia they are seen as competition.

  64. I thought Naima should have been the first one eliminated. She is "pitchy" (off key) and not nearly as talented as the other contestants. It will be even more difficult after Naima goes (next week, I bet) because the rest are pretty good. In my opinion, no one is outstanding. I love Scotty's low voice but is America ready for Country Western?

  65. i think haley should get more credit. she has one of the more unique voices and keeps showing it, but the judges keep giving negative feedback!!! Paul should have been in the bottom three instead! anyone agree???????

    • Here's the thing with Paul. Granted, he's got his own bit with the quirky voice and on-stage presence but, inside those boundaries, Paul's got a really tight act. I think that's going to wind up being a good thing and a bad thing for him.

      It'll be a good thing in that he's probably going to outlast Naima, Haley, Stefano and maybe Thia since Paul really delivers inside his comfort zone.

      The down side for Paul is that, tight act or not, his bit just isn't "big" enough to compete with the top contenders this year and that will be Paul's downfall.

      • Paul is ok…but he wont be the american idol. Kind of reminds me of a Taylor Hicks…but even more strange. I like his voice, but I have Rod Stewart albums. This guy will always be known to be "that guy who sounds like Rod Stewart".

        I will take the original..thank you.

      • Personally, I think Paul is the worst of the whole lot. OK, tied with Naima. He hit his peak weeks ago with his version of Maggie May. Once you got past those crazy quirky, jerky dance moves of his, that song was good. But, the following week he did "Come pick me up" … Whicn I though was the worst pefromance of that week. And this week I think he held the botton spot by a mile, with his painfull to hear version of "I guess thats why they call it the blues".

      • You should check Twitter, which is an application WAY more popular than this page worldwide. Audiences ADORE Paul!!! I guess a lot of people (like me) are tired of the same thing over, and over… I don't see him going anytime soon.

  66. I liked Karen and would have kept her but she is gone.

    Whining about it is kind of like complaining about the girl who won homecoming queen…I'll bet that queen wasnt nearly as pretty or as smart as your friend!

    I respectfully say:

    Get over it…Time to buck up and move on!

    just my opinion

  67. As a fan of Karen I would have liked to see her continue on, but let's put this in perspective. If any anti-Hispanic bias hurt Karen, which is debatable, it was only a matter of a couple of spots. Based on the talent in the competition this year, I think the absolute tops for Karen this year would have been 6th place. She missed that by 6 spots. She's still going on the national tour this summer. She's been on the "national stage" and, clearly, she's won a lot of fans. She's in a position to go on and make a career of it now and those of you who are behind her now just remember that feeling when her CD comes out someday soon…and buy it.

  68. Naima needs to go!!!! She's only there because Stepehn likes her! That's bull @@@@! We are voting, not him, she did not do will!!!!!!!!!! Judges have too much say this year!!! Bull #@@@@@!!!!! Love Love Love Stephen, but he needs to open his eyes to singing abilities not looks!!!!!

    • Susie–wasn't Karen's leaving and Naima's staying based upon the viewer's votes and not the Judges??

      Or did I miss something?

      • wcarmn – well that is what we are led to believe, but when the judges each had a "save" early on…take a look at who they chose. Stephen looks a Naimi as if he would "really" like to know her, don't care what she sounds like. Last week she was singing Tina Turner, sounded so bad@!!! The only judge that like her was Stephen. I thought that womanizing crap was done with when Simon was gone. I don't get it either!

      • You guys are too funny! If you think the show is "fixed" why do you watch it?

        I don't think it is fixed. It is just like life. Sometimes the best wins…sometimes they don't.

        I can't imagine how frustrated you must be…forcing yourself to watch a show that you think is fixed!!

        Too funny….

      • ARe you guys trying to question the validity of the voting system? Are you kidding?Why not accept the fact that America didnt vote your favorite Idol

        contestant. Why cant you accept that's the fact and your favorite idol has to go. If you dont like thee result then dont watch the AI anymore because yourr favorite Idol has already gone…Stop being sourgraping!

      • Rommel-There is quite a conspiracy theory brewing here! It seems that some are unable to accept that the majority of the voters did not agree with their choices.

        My guess is that this isn't the first time, or the last time this will happen.

        It's hard for them, when they know they are "right" and everyone else is "wrong".

  69. This season would be much more interesting if Hollie Cavanaugh, Robbie Rossen, Clint Gumboa & Brett is in the top 13 replacing Ashton, Naima, Thia and Paul/Scotty. I know a lot of people like Scotty but I find his performances to be boring (nothing special about his performances except his deep voice), I'm sorry to say.

  70. Karen was good, regardless if she spoke spanish or not.I think she tried to use that to her advantange but she didn't need to because she is darn right good with or without the spanish speaking skills!…just sayin!

    Country boy needs to go….what is he going to do when it comes to motown, or other topics of songs. He sings country good, but what else does he have to bring to the table?

    • He'll do the opposite of Adam Lambert, who "Adamized" the song he did when Randy Travis was coach, even bringing a sitar into the mix. Scotty's modus operandi will be to sing other genres of music into his style. If that turns out to be Motown, it will sound like a country version of Motown (and will still get a lot of votes from the south).

  71. Shame on the judges for not keeping Karen. She sang her heart out and should have been in top 5. I have no doubt the judges had their minds made up before she even sang. The hardly even listened to her – they were talking half the time she was singing. I guess they wanted to save their "save" for their personal favorite – it doesn't work that way!

  72. Why is no one talking about Paul? He's so great, there's been no one like him ever on Idol. He gorgeous and entertaining and can sing better than any one else on the show. What a smile. He acts like Jonny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. So sexy

      • How funny! I think he seems like Jonny Depp on Pirates, too. And he's gorgeous and sings better than all the others.

    • Your right! Paul does like a drunken, pirate who is about to fall down…All he needs is an eye patch and a parrot.


      • Uh……No. Paul does not keep me looking.

        He is ok, but people WILL get tired of his same old/same old act. What is up with that stumbling dance act…Wow! People are really missing it if they think he is going to be the next AI.

  73. Boy, did they get it wrong. Karen has a beautiful voice

    . Why is everyone so gung ho on Casey. He screams a lot and looks more like wolfman. Get rid of him

    • Agree. He is a repeat of Adam Lambert. Scream once and sound good but when you do it on every song…..enough already!

    • I always thought the show was rigged. How do we know who won the popular vote? We are forced to believe what Ryan tells us. Think about it. He says, "these people received the lowest votes" how do we know that for a fact?

      Naiomi is terrible.

      • I so agree. I have watched AI since day one, but this may be the last one for me. I love the new judges, but you just watch…Naima will make it only because Stephen picked her as his wild card. She cannot sing and America knows it. There is no way she is getting votes, just like Rod Stewart soundng guy…they both gotta go!

  74. Let me tell ya….this is my first post after lurking. I might not make any friends with this, but did anyone think that Paul should have been in at least the bottom three besides me? I was actually uncomfortable watching him. I felt sorry for him it sucked so bad…but not it appears that I am the only one that felt that way. I could not even finish listening to him. I am confused.

    I do agree with most here that Karen had a much stronger performance than Naimi. When Karen brakes into her Spanish, she is really strong.

    Their agenda is again super obvious. I was hoping this year would be different. 🙁

      • I Agree. I don't see what everyone sees in Paul. Don't like his voice, don't like the way he dances and his performance last night was one of the worst of the night. In my opinion. Casey wasn't good either at least not last night. Naima was the worst of the night. Karen wasn't gonna win but at least she deserved to be for more rounds.

  75. i love thia. she truely posses a true filipino attitude. very humble on stage even on comments that is hardly to accept. she's just there to sing and share the best she can do. never hesitated to say sorry to judges who didnt like her last night perfomance. a true idol, i guess. i also like pia.

    • I think I forgot to mention that Thia is my current favorite as well. She has a beautiful voice of velvet! Amazing….

      • what i like about her is the fact that she only say her words when ask to else she just smile to the judges. truely love her. i dont expect her to win but if she does she deserve it more than the other contestant.

    • When Thia sang that lullaby her mom sang to her….I was blown away! She honestly needs very little backup. I wish somebody would realize not to over-orchestrate her.

      Besides James, none really have "stage presence" but that can be worked on. LISTEN to this girl people!

    • lalai, I agree with you on Thia. But I don't like Pia. I couldn't stand Pia. Thia could just use her smooth voice and only her voice to carry herself on stage. Pia can't.

  76. I am SO pissed right now… NAIMA cant hold a tune in a freakin bucket yet shes ssafe and Karen who sings Beautifully gets sent home? WTF? REALLY PEOPLE??

    • sorry for that but we have to accept too that if it's not really for you then it's simply not for you. God has a better and bigger plan for her.

      • rachel,


        I agree with you. I wonder what people are listening with their ears or their arse.

    • Makes me so mad that I'm ready to turn it off. I may have to start watching dancing with the stars. 😉

      I've been reading postings and one 1 person out of all that have posted said they like Naima.WTF. Higher up people take note or you will lose viewers!

  77. i cant believe it was karen!! not a good choice at all !! i think it should have been Niema the queen of pitchie!! what was america thinking??

    • Makes you wonder…I don't think America voted for her, like they make us think. I wantto see the numbers. Please.

      • contact Facebook and twitter and etc. etc. etc. Numbers? Seriously? Are you thinking " one person, one vote?" " America " had nothing to do with it. (with the utmost respect)

      • I understand how you feel…I felt the exact same way after the last Presidential election!

    • Les Cole, America voters has nothing to do with the results. Viewers has no access to the real numbers. It's a producer decision what sells the show.

      Regarding Presidential elections, is not the same. At least people are shown the current votes per cities, per states, etc.

      Like Miss Universe, viewers can see the votes prior to elimination.

      American Idol should show the votes before elimination, and let the judges to be part of the voting process.

  78. Randy said it wasn't unanimous, so obviously 2 judges wanted Karen to go, does anybody know which one wanted to save her?

  79. i am american born and raised and i loved the fact that karen mixed spanish with english in her songs… thats what made her unique and to me an idol shouldnt be just like everyone else out there.. karen you are loved and dont give up your dream!! i would buy your album..

  80. I'm a fan of Idol since season 3. And I know by now that this show is more of a popularity show than a singing competition. This year I saw really impressive talent in the auditions and Hollywood week, and I had really great expectations of this season but i'm getting tired and dissapointed. First of all the judges got to get more critical of the contestant because they aren't getting any better, I think that's why even though I really like the new judges I kind of miss Simon in the show.

    Another thing, people need to really listen to this contestant and vote fairly. In my opinion, Paul is not that good, yesterday his performance was painful at least for me it was, Casey's too. Naima was terrible and most of the contestants lost their "pitch". I think that Stefano did great and of course Pia but she reminds me a lot of Catherine Mcfee and I don't know if that's a good thing. This kids got to step it up. I think that Scotty is great in this competition because he's kind of unique, even though I'm not a fan of country music I appreciate his uniqueness. Well, in my opinion, Naima, Paul, Casey and Hayley got to go, and even though Karen wasn’t gonna win at least she deserved to be for more rounds.

    • I really like Paul, from the beginning of the competition I feel like "he is someone who I would listen to on my iPod" I love his style, he has this unique quality to his voice…for some reason reminds me of David Gray who is one of my all time favorites.

      Yes Casey and Paul were not on the top of their game last night…but they were both sick!

      I am bored too, but with the same old "perfect" singer like Pia (who I actually enjoy) but I guess I am looking more for a musical artist not an american idol.


      • whose david gray? maybe that because I have never heard of him explains the paul and casey comparison. both of them are bad. LOL

      • David Gray is great……So sad that you have not heard of him… needs to step away from Mtv and Vh1 and listen some other artists that make some great music. I think Paul Sounds like James Morrison ( not the Doors singer) and James Blunt………..As for Scotty I dont think there is on unique bone in his body, He sounds like every male country singer from the 70's -80's (before it became mainstream) ……..Jakob probably has the strongest voice, but something about his style…Its just not for me………As for Casey….I strongly disagree and think he will be standing for weeks to come

      • As Hayley said,"u are entitle to your opinion" as am I. BTW Lauren A was sick too…and she sang fairly good. They are all good people and everyone of them deserves a chance but in my opinion Paul, Casey and Naima were painful to hear. At least for me…this is just an opinion…Dont get mad at me because I dont like Paul's Style 😉

    • Just lump Karen in with the rest of your "Gotta Go" list. Her performance wasn't that great either. Not to say that she can't sing, but she's no Mariah Carey and she shouldn't have sang that song. Wheather it was this week or in tow weeks, it was her time. I will say that I really liked her as a person. She seemed sweet and humble and she deserved to be part of the group and hopefully the exposure will lead to great things for her. She carrried herself like a lady and that's rare these days. For all of these reasons is why I would have wanted her to stay. Nonetheless, none of them are professionals. They are "growing" on stage every week as we watch. Literally picked from the crowds, so we should have these huge expectations. This was an incredibly talented group. Some more talented than others, but ALL bringing their own uniqueness to the table. Whoever wins, they were all in good company.

  81. Man, so surprised that Naima survived – she has made thru two weeks where I thought she was on the bottom…. even the judges continue to criticize her for her singing and she has not made any attempt to make it better – what are we thinking with the vote?

    • Well said Stephanie – they are all great artists in their own way. And we would all hope to get as far as they have in this vast competition.

      • Agree, she should not even been brought back for the final thirteen but Steven Taylor for some strange reason likes her. I personally can not even stand to look at her never mind listen to her voice. She has to go.

    • I surely agree Naima should be GONE!! Her voice is not half as good as the others and she seems so egotistic like she thinks she is the best. Paul CANNOT sing cold or not – Paul and Naima need to be GONE SOON. The others have a shot and Karen has a fantastic voice I feel bad she is gone.

      • Stefano will be gone looooong before Paul. He wasn't even on the top 5 guys that "America" voted for. But Paul was, so……. whether some people don't like his unique style or not, he's getting the votes!!!!!!!!!!

  82. naima should go home..i think american feel pitty for her because of her background.she sang out of pitch and her voice wasn't great enough..please BASED on talent!!!!!

    • what do you think people based their vote on? maybe they dont vote karen cause of her big mouth?

      • physical appearance not important missy.. mybe she will be eliminated nxt week if she's unable to choose a better song that suit her voice.

    • i strongly agree! naima should have been the one sent home. disregarding her bad fashion sense, it was truly her singing that's kinda getting to my nerves. the girl can't sing america. i hope we all come to our senses and realize that.

  83. gosh, what are you people thinking and talking? you keep saying the same thing so boring. either karen, naima or haley dont care they all sucks. just the fact that you cant send more than 1 person home, i know the three of them will still go home next time. and by the way karen's face is so irritating especially when she smiles. its kinda frightening to watch. and so much that i love spanish music and singers like enrique and julio iglesias, and christian castro, karen is so terrible singing mixed spanish and english, and consistently doing the same thing everytime is so boring besides that it is so annoying.

    people saying karen should not go home over and over sounds like karen singing english to spanish over and over.

  84. I agree with most of you, I think Naima and Paul should have been the bottom 2. Paul cannot sing or dance, why is he still there ? Naima the same she is terrible. What is America thinking.

    • paul may not sing the same as the other but he has something special in him that entertains me and maybe some americans thats why shes still there. come on lets have something new…

      • Here! Here! Paul can TOO sing! And maybe it doesn't appeal to you, but I like the way he dances. Last week wasn't his finest moment, granted, but please stop bashing. All of the contestants are talented. As the weeks progress, we will start to see more of their talent, AS WELL AS THEIR LIMITATIONS. That doesn't mean they SUCK in their entirety. BE KIND PEOPLE. I'm all for "keeping it real". But si it really neccessary to be mean spirited and hurtful in our remarks.

    • He's unbelievably good. He sings well, is gorgeous, has charisma and is INTERESTING! Not boring like so many. He really is an American Idol.

      • Ha! for a minute there…I thought you were talking about Paul….Oh, you were talking about Paul(uncomfortable pause)


      • I would describe Paul somewhat differently than you did….

        I would say he is a fair Rod Steward impersonator(imposter) who has forgotten to take his epileptic medication before going out on the dance floor….I can't wait until they use the strobe light on him!

    • karen was there too long enough too singing english to spanish over and over every time american idol is on. what the H! im tired of it, and maybe not only me.

      • @Juana, only because you dont like Karen, the rest of u have to do the same.

        For many of us, Karen was better than Naima and Haley.

        Just my opinion.

  85. i love karen..she definitely deserve a 2nd chance…mybe not to win this competition but at least stay on top 7 or 8..she hve a problem with song selection bcz we all seen she did 'hero' by mariah.. n she did very well..wasn't she? pia..she is great but haven't we heard tha b4??female singer with that kind of voice like she had? for me yaaa… catherine mcphee way better than her.she's comparable.

    • I agree. Pia is good but i heard this kind of contestant before.Caterine was better but I compare this 2 because they are beautiful young women that can sing high notes. We all heard that before.

      • I agree. She is a little vanilla. And we have all seen it before. But remember people, this is only the beginning of the competition. She at least deserves the opportunity to show us what all she's got before we completely write her off. She may surprise you. She certainly has the talent. And also keep in mind that they pick songs from a song list and have to work within the framework of whatever that week's theme is. It's not like they are coming up with their own music and a lot of good singers don't have the remixing skills and have to rely on others to make the song "diffrent" for them.

  86. It is too bad that Karen was let go tonight, but I believe that unless the other two they show a big improvement they too will be gone with in the next two episodes.

    Remember that we the American people will choose the next American Idol.

    • Totally agree with you there. That was my bottom 3. I think based on who is left, if they have another repeat of this week; the bottom three will be Niama, Haley and Paul. Which is too bad. I like them. They need to really bring it and be perfect in their singing. Although, I really didn't have a problem with Haley's singing. She just doesn't "sparkle".

  87. Karen Rodriguez has one of the best voices and shining looks. She is much better singer than Naima,Haley, Paul,and Scotty.It is a most unfair elimination. She is original and has a star quality,and undoubtedly she will become a very popular singer. It only shows to me that the song choice and the guidance she got from the mentor were wrong. The top four i think are: Pia, James,Jacob and Lauren. Pia,James,and Jacob have the strongest motivation to win. I am not sure,as yet, that Lauren has it too.

    • lauren oh no..she's too common.. nothing special..she even eats her words /lyrics..

      karen deserves to go (someday sounds somedey),,

      same goes to naima and haley bye..

    • Yeah,i'm confused, too. If so, she sure doesn't look like the Fergie in my Avon brochure! Someone set us straight.

    • @ Tishe…I felt the same way…I thought perhaps a look alike lip syncing Fergie.??? Did not look at all like Fergie. 🙂

      • I've read that Fergie is pregnant, so maybe she has a "stand in" for a few months. Who knows???

      • cant stand naima either!

        shes just the worst and i think she should stop using her being so 'passionate' as a scapegoat. the fact is, she cant sing.

    • I wish they would beam up Scotty…I am tired of him. He is a good country singer, but he is exactly the same every week. He is also annoying with the faces he make when he sings.

      I like his voice…but for crying out loud, show some growth!

      I also felt Scotty showed his true character when he didn't stand up for that nice kid during Hollywood week. Sure he apoligized…it sounded good. Butwhen the chips were down, Scotty was naughty!

      He wouldnt make my top 5!

    • Well, in one way I agree with you…I think they should vote, and end the show for Scotty.

  88. I think the majority, but definitely not all, of the contestants have come this far because they are talented; however,nerves and a bad sound crew will kill a performance. In my opinion, that's why I think most of them sound sooo bad. 😛

  89. I am very upset that Karen is going home she had the better voice of the 3 and she should not be judged for her background!! I think it is very difficult to be able to sing in 2 languages and she deserves some credit for this. No, I am not hispanic just appreciate good talent. Please re assure us that this show is not fixed because if it is it will be such a disappointment to all of America.

    • Iagree.Something tells me this is not viewer votes anymore. They will lose viewers if it starts turning that way. I've watched AI since they first started, never had that feeling until this year. Is it fixed? Please reassure us! Judges need to quit influencing votes based on their personal opinions. their comments should be truly based on talent!

    • Melody, you are so right. I started to think that the show is fixed. The viewers votes are not shown, and we don't really know who is selected by the viewers.

      At the end, it looks like the producers and not the judges, are deciding who goes and who stays.

      I hope is not fixed for the sake of America.

  90. No surprise that Karen went home and I am glad. She didn't really add anything wonderful to the show, her performances were quite forgettable. We don't get the show for another 2 hours here in Australia so the surprise has gone for me but I will still watch it.

  91. America got it wrong again !!! Seems like it is gonna be another sanjiya thing, where some really great singers go home first…I don't think that Karen should be going home, she was one of the reasons Istarted watching this show again, after the sanjiya season.I just didn't make it home in time to vote, although I was able to view it on my dvr, I am vary disapointed that she was not saved by the judges

    • Not for nothing, but it's a little insulting to all the other contestants, who are GOOD, to be compared to Sanjaya. I'm sorry to see Karen go as well. She had a beautiful personality and demeanor but somebody had to go and the others who don't shine as brightly will have to go sooner or later as well. I didn't expect her to win. She would have really had to surprise me. But the competition is fierce this year. And that is a nod to ALL the contestants.

  92. Oh for crying out loud, why don`t you people all get over yourselves, everyone has a different opinion, and everyone seem`s to think their opinion is gospel, different stroke`s for different folkes, if you don`t like what ya hearing and seeing turn ya damn TV off, easy as that.Why has it become a popularity contest, because all the teeny bopper girl`s voting for what guy`s they think are hot, end of story, happen`s all to often, because of them great female talent make an early exit, sad really. Steven and Jennifer rock, Simon Cowell, the least said the better.





  93. Oh and for what my opinion`s worth, the top 12 all deserve to be there, they are all individual, and have brought their own flavour to the Competition, long live individuality.

  94. Oh one more opinion for what`s it`s worth, Adam Lambert was by far the best talent when he was in Idol, an exceptionally talented young man, why wasn`t he voted Idol back then, because your Voting Public were homophobic, that was blatantly obvious.

    • @ Lynne ( again)…lol…definitely right about Adam Lambert…He was and IS truly the best. 🙂 Individuality has died and the popularity vote appears to reign…so sad.

      • Homophobic? Is that why Ellen left? lol He was outvoted, people got tired of his same routine……..etc……………..Daughtry did not win either> was it the anti-bald America?

      • No. Americans over-all are homophobes. Adam deserved to win. No doubt about it. But it hasn't hurt him any. He still has an amazing career and following. So take that Homophobek!!!

      • Well who was speaking to you???? If the shoe fits wear it. I was speaking of those whom the description fit. Which is many!!! If you have a problem with that, then search your own conscious, since I don't know you from "Adam".

      • And additionally, being a full blooded AMERICAN, I will say what I want about my country. I got the right to do that.

      • I don't believe most Americans are homophobes at all…I do believe that most Americans get weary of having that whole business push on them over and over…and when they do not agree with it…they are labeled "homophobes…

        Certainly, most Americans are not afraid of gay people. They may not agree with them on everything…but they are not afraid of them..

        Just my opinion

      • Stop bashing America, Lambert lost get over it already…..I have always loved Rob Halford, Freddie Mercury, Elton John and Joe Jackson….so don’t start calling me names, you hardly know me!

  95. I thought Naime would get the boot. It really didnt matter though Pia is the only good female in the entire contest

  96. why is paul still in this thing?

    He his horrible. Karen has more talent in her pinky.

    Not a Karen fan …but better is better.

    EXTREMELY CONFUSED….Casey was poor also but is called safe without going to the bottom 3 …REALLY!

    He destroyed that NIRVANA song.

    • True the Nirvana song stank. Casey should leave the rock to James. However, he is an amazing muscian and performer and can afford to have a bad week based on his track record to date. I find him to be very entertaining. Also, I didn't realize how YOUNG he is. He looks a lot older.

  97. This is my first season of ever watching American Idol so I have nothing to compare this season to. But, I certainly love the diverse styles and voices it offers and it's just as interesting to read the diversity in comments int he blog. The one person I really dislike is Jacob…it's the same voice…he will probably be on boardway where his voice would be wonderful in the part but I flip or mute half way through his song. I love the uniqueness of Paul's and Casey's voice would buy their CD's but then I like people who aren't afraid to shine in their indifference or why would Steven T be so awesome…

  98. Definitely got it wrong!!!! i can't believe that the bottom 3 have all been girls. I think you Americans are all tone deaf…to get rid of Karen and keep Paul and Naima…come on people, get real. This is a singing competition let's keep the best singers in there. Karen definitely deserves to be in the top 10. Please people wake up and smell the coffee….Paul has absolutely no talent and should get the boot sooner than later.

  99. America did not get it right this week! Karen Rodriguez has one of the best voices amongst the current group of contenders for American Idol. She sang Mariah's song with heart and soul and should have been saved by the judges!! It's ironic that the bottom 3 were all females. Attention young ladies, please cast your vote based on talent and not because a guy is cute or sexy looking!!

  100. Even a milwaukee girl like me agrees with most- naimia should of went home. I thought she was good at first..but these past two weeks she's been horrible…sadness.

  101. not agree with the elimination, Karen was one of the best of the competition, this week it was not rigth with elimination, Im sorry for her, ella fue un ade las mejores y sobre todo por que cantaba en dos idiomas, por lo menos queda uno de mis preferidos Sigue en la competencia, one of my feaver still in the competetion so le see, but Karen was one of the best in American Idol not fear at all :(.

    • yezenia I agree with you, Karen was awesom, why Naima still there? for one moment I said she is going to go home OMG!!!!

  102. about time it became american idol again not spanish idol its american idol no part of that is spanshish so keep you spanish singing off the stage

    • Real American, I just wander how many languages do you speak? Probably only ONE: english.

      Do you know that is a limitation ?

      People in Europe can speak 4-5 languages.

      In America, you have SPANISH, PORTUGUESE, French and only 2 countries in ENGLISH (Canada and USA).

      I speak 5 languanges. Its fantastic to be able to communicate and understand other cultures.

      Just my opinion.

  103. Americans likely are racist, American Idol is a big business and is probably fixed, the judges do affect the votes by their biased comments and for what it is worth I like Naima

  104. To "A Real American" What a dumb thing to say. I suppose we should get rid of JLo too! IDIOT!!!

  105. I guess they got it right sort of. I wish Paul would go away but guess they will have to get down to just Pia and Lauren before we cut the dead weight from the guys. Paul then Jacob then well I don't care. I only like these two and if I can be convinced Thia if she does something that isn't so boring. She does have a great voice.

    BTW, why can't Haily get a Fleetwood Mac or Joplin song on her own? Why does she continue to ignore the judges. Who knows, she may have talent?

  106. season 9 is definitely much better compared to this year.

    contestants now are way too lax and less talented compared to the likes of crystal bowersox and lee dewyze, the arrangements are awful and couldnt sound anymore karaoke, and the back up band is even worse than a show band. lastly, it hurts the show not to have a simon cowell on the judging panel.

  107. Yes, America did get it right; however Naima should have gone before Karen. Thank you Randy Jackson for putting your foot down.!!!!America Loves You Too.

  108. America got it right. Now all they need to do is get rid of Naima (never liked her), Haley & Thea. Then the competion get better.

  109. Pia will or should win this competition. She is streets ahead of anyone else. Very very very Commercial voice. Just fantastic.

  110. Truth be told not one single contestant is outstanding this year. This season is so disappointing. So based on that I vote based on how interesting the contestant is. I am choosing the ones that seem to know why they are there and are trying to be entertaining even thou their voice may not be the best. The ones that fall into this category for me is :1. Scotty 2. Casey 3. Paul 4. Jacob and 5 Naima. I have tried to be a fan of James but after this weeks performance I have scratched him from my list. The real truth is Stefano has the best voice even though I have not voted for him. I think at this point in time Scotty has the best chance of winning. But my favorite is Paul I love his voice it is so unique, but his physical movements is his downfall and he needs to sing more powerful songs.

  111. i do think america got it wrong i dont think karen did a bad job at all the first night and shes got a great voice. i think paul sucks. he has a weird little voice and its not nearly powerful enough to compete with any of these idols. my pick is james durbin to win it all. although i love laura alaina alot

    • You're right David – but then America is America – and Karen is Hispanic. Get the point? If Karen had a last name like McKintosh or Smith and she didn't sing parts of her songs in Spanish, she would not have been eliminated. As for Paul – I agree with you to a point – his performances in the preliminary rounds were great – but now he continues to hop up and down the stage as though he's stepping on burning coals without his shoes on and singing as though someone was strangling him – completely out of tune. But the judges like it!!!!

      • Ah it didn't take long for some fool to play the race card. But now that you mention it you are dead right it is called AMERICAN Idol, not Spanish or Latin Idol. She was terrible along with others, several could of gone home. But she did push the American needs a Latin Idol a little too much she should of tried to hit notes instead of getting by because she is Spanish.

      • Steve, you are right on! I would go one step further than you…I would say to be a true American Idol, all contestants from Alaska and Hawaii should be eliminated from competition. Only contestants from the Mainland should be allowed consideration. And to go one step further…Only Native Americans should be allowed to win the finale!

        Wow! Now I have seen the light.

      • Yeah, the "judges" liking Paul…I guess somebody has to be entertained but Paul SUCKED at singing, and Karen didn't….

      • I totally agree about Karen playing the "time for a Latino Idol" card. It costs her dearly in votes (plus she didn't have the talent anyway!) American Idol is about an AMERICAN Idol….not a Hispanic Idol! Get real!

    • Finally! Someone with ears that work! Paul is a wannabe rock star & he sounds like a goat. I am shocked every week when the judges praise him for having his own unique sound! Haven't they heard Rod Stewart do Maggie May? He's a mimic…like a parrot.

      I don't know if anyone worked harder than Karen. She has a natural raw talent and I'm sure some record label will scoop her up possibly as a Latin singer. I do think Paul should have gone.

      I have alot of respect for James Durbin…overcoming & working through his Tourette's & Aspbergers Syndrome. How many people could do that? There are alot of talented kids this year though. I think it's too early to tell who will win.

      • OMG! Melinda, paul sounds like a goat…You hit it right on the head! LOL! I was thinking farm animal…but you're right goat. He's much better looking than he sounds. I thought Nyima should have gone home, she's beautiful, but really not a special voice, why is she not knocking on Conde Nast's door. She sould be the next American Model!

        Karen-goodbye, that's what you get for being so cocky and ungracious in your interviews, and making this big deal about how the "Latina's are back baby!" Really? They're back? I didn't know they'd left. She had a nice voice, but that's all. If Jennifer hadn't been Puerto Rican, she'd have been gone earlier (sorry, just saying what everone is already thinking). AND what was all that fuss at the end with the judges and the contestants all around Karen? I've never seen that before! Ridiculous! As of last week in order: Stefano (OMG! who knew that voice was in him?), Pia, James,& Scotty. wish them well, hope they make it to the very top. I can't wait for Paul, Theia, Lauren, & that other blonde who can't sing..what ever her name is, to go home.

      • I agree Paul does sound like a goat, lol. I could't think of what the sound was.Plus the movements, which are really odd. Gawd.

    • I do agree with your opinion, but with lauren alaina, sometimes may ear aches maybe bcoz her voice sometimes so annoying. i don't know what exactly the term.

  112. scotty is so boring….please stop making faces when singing scott…it is so irritating…my top 5? I wish the american idol this season be JAMES DURBIN…second choice is PIA….third choice is THIA…forth choice is STEPAHNO…and fifth choice is CASEY.

    • top 5: pia (winner?), james, scotty, thia, and stefano

      next to go home: naima

      i bet shes gonna mess up big time again next week. i wonder what excuse she will use though. lol.

    • Yeah he looks like Alfred E. Newman. Good picks but I disagree with Thia. I think she will make it to #8 and Jakob will make it to at least 5.

      • My last 5 picks are Pia, James, Stefano, Naimi and Scotty. This will be the best combo of all time. Casey reminds me of Taylor Hicks. A bit qwerky, can sing but yet a showboat type entertainer. His style incorporates to much grumbly screaming like a mean animal…

  113. Naima should have went home!!! Paul is not really my favorite but he has an intrusting voice. Doesn't anyone think that Paul sounds like James Blunt? Anyways, I think Stefano is the one to look out for!

    • I think Paul sounds like Adam Levine (lead singer of Maroon 5) and he is a babe magnet. Audiences adore him, I love his voice. I would love to hear him sing a Maroon 5, James Blunt, or maybe a Jason Mraz song. Does anyone know the theme for next week? Thanks!

      • Some guys can't handle a drop dead gorgeous man! Paul looks like Bradley Cooper!!! SO HOT!!!

      • on a different matter, I find Ryan Seacrest to be somewhat less annoying this year, when his is not trying to match wits with Simon.

    • Devonco, good call. LOL! He's cute. But his moves? Like a robotic stick figure on acid. I don't get the voice, at all. I get the babe magnet part. But since last week Stefano is THE one! Sooooooo cute, but I wonder how tall he is? Humm??? He "SteDreamy"

      • we are talking about SINGING VOICES HERE NOT HOT BABES!! I agree with you all that Paul has GOT TO GO!! And I also agree Stefano has an amazing voice!! James is DYNAMITE and Pia is good also…

  114. America got it wrong. Naima should have gone, haily or Paul. I think scotty and thia are the best. We can't vote for everyone but who vote's for them 3. I wonder.

      • I think Mary was saying she Scotty. He has the BEST voice in the contest!!!! And he is a genuine person. I only vote for him, even though I like James, Paul, Thia and Lauren.

      • I meant to say she likes Scotty. And yes, Ryan is less anoying, what was up with him and Simon.

      • Scotty is a good COUNTRY singer – I think he will get a country CD out but not win American Idol.

    • Thia has the best tone in her voice. Very clear and soothing. Base on the voice alone, I think she is the best. Scotty is very good but he could be a one dimensional singer. I like James too. I like his take on McCartney's Maybe I'm Amazed. Very good.

      • I love Scotty…his big voice and his little boy face…he will go far…as will Lauren, Pia, Thia, Jacob, and hopefully still Karen. Those were my final top 6, however, that changed when ever Karen got eliminated. I personally think Lauren has it all to win. And whoever said it was fixed is wrong…does there always have to be a conspiracy theory, lol. America votes and chooses the winner. 🙂

    • ya thia is the best!(you've got it right)

      my fave list

      (1) thia(an amazing girl that sings

      ) (2) scotty ( contry boy)

      (3) james ( relly loud boy)

  115. Does anyone know what are the contestant suppose to sing next week??? Theme??? Challenge??? Do you know where can I find that information??? Thanks!!!

    • Motown this week,at least that is what I heard on the "Bob n Tom Show. I for 1 can't wait.

  116. America did NOT get it right. Where is everybody?!?!?! PAUL MCDONALD, HELLO? He needs to be set loose next week and stop the embarrasment! It is ridiculous the way he runs all over the stage and kicking out his feet…OMG. I can’t stand to listen to another song he sings. Jacob is next! WAY too gospel. Even though he may have a good voice it is not made for POP! I question why the judges didn’t give Clint the opportunity. He was definitely pop and would have fit in the competition, clearly!

    • yeah i agree. there were really some much better talents who should have been there and clint is definitely one of them. jordan dorsey too.

  117. No they did not get it right. There are a couple more that should have been eliminated, such Naomi.

  118. I understand what you are saying about Namia….but there is something about that lady that tells me to wait and see…because her studio recordings are flawless…..She may be pitchy at times but I think with a little training could possibly become a dark horse….I think she would add some variety into a road show and I liked what she did to "umbrella" in the middle….I remember how good she was with the group…but I did not like her pseudo echo repeating the "ella" at times.

    I think Pia will take it away this year but hey with the voters who knows what will happen…I don't think the judges would bother wasting a save on her or any they have already saved….

    • thanks to a software we call melodine! thats why naima's recordings doesnt sound as bad. her 'pitchiness' automatically gets corrected by the said software. im quite sure the studio/recording engineers who mix and master her recordings use a lot of it, and antares too.

    • Pia is too stiff, screamy and boring to take the title. On top of that, she shows no personality and is very emotionless when singing, if you call it singing. When will the judges and others see that?

  119. Guess I'm 'old school'–the judges seem to prefer the screamers. I like the calmer, sweeter ballads. Judges say boring, I say, their taste & comments influence the voters too much, or maybe it's the fans that like screaming who vote…?

    • Alice….if you paid attention to the past….remember Kris Allen over Adam Lambert or Lee D. over everybody……Taylor Hicks over Daughtry….Carrie Underwood over Bo Bice…..Seriously, no rockers have ever won.

      America votes not the judges……

      • You are right of course. I just think the judges remarks to the contestants who screech & scream as opposed to ones like Haley, for instance, they pan & say she is boring. Also (I'm just using her as an example)It's only a couple of shows into the competition & they have criticized her choice of song both times. They suggest & compliment (Scotty ferinstance)& say "Yes Yes Country is your thing!" Anyone paying any attention at all can pick up on who the judges are promoting (ex: Jennifer/Karen..but fortunately that didn't work.

    • yeah, i totally agree with you..maybe season 10 is a screaming competition..those contestants who scream have good comments. really?? are they hearing something we don't?

  120. I Think the vote was off. She was definitelhy off and her pitches were off. She should have been the one eliminated

  121. America got it really wrong. I had Karen in the top 6 with 5 guys (Paul isn't one of them). She's a young JLo in the making, and will be a big star. I'm sure there is a producer or two already talking to her.

    • I agree with you Dennis. I did not see your comment until I was done commenting, therefore, I had to comment on yours. I also had Karen in the top 6 along with Pia, Scotty, Lauren, Jacob, and Thia. She is a JLo and ironically also the performer that JLo starred as…Selena. Beautiful voice, great passion for music, and a remarkable ability to present her music in both languages. The art of singing a song in both languages (making it flow beautifully and seem so easy) is what performance is all about. I sure hope you are right that producers are already talking to her, if so…Everyone better watch out..she will entertain the entire world!!

  122. Karen being eliminated this early in the show was a big mistake. Most Definitely the other 2 in the bottom three should have been there. They both should have gone home before Karen. Karen is an excellent singer, she makes her songs her own, and she perfectly intertwines her native Spanish lanquage into the songs. I was devasted for both her and her mother. America mad a big mistake.

  123. To set the situation in a true light. . .America is not the USA it is both North and South America and most of the people speak English but Spanish, Portugues, French and many other languages are also spoken, only in the USA the majority can only speak one language and the is terrible. Voting is not limited to the USA only and Karen should be able to sing both in English and Spanish like many others have in the past. She should not have gone home. . .I would agree with the exit of Namia, but not with Karen.

  124. I am sorry to see Karen leave. She had the talent and personality to win. Too bad, to see her eliminated from the competition.

    • I agree with those of you who commented on Paul's "dancing". His movements are so awkward and distracting. He reminds me of a person having a seizure. When he sings I put the TV on mute. As far as being sexy, huh??? Oh, and btw it is a singing contest. Get rid of all of those croakers and screamers. They hurt my ears, and what notes are they actually singing. They sound like nails on a chalkboard . Pia and Thia are my favorite for the girls and Stefano, for the guys.

      • yeah, i agree with you..why does casey scream all the time for the past three weeks? is that at all singing? im getting annoyed.

  125. I can`t believe America would have Karen as the one with the least amount of votes over Naima, I really feel like this is rigged, there is no way Naima in Americas eyes is better than Karen. Just like Adam Lambert, should have won, everyone was totally shocked about that. America votes, but someone else is making the final choice, in my opinion.

  126. WOW, I`ve reviewed alot of these comments and the majority of them are against the vote that AMERICA apparently made. I`m telling you, we vote, and are LEAD to believe that it counts, don`t believe it for a minute America, you are being flim flammed by this show. The winner will be who they decide.

  127. Easy, big fella….just because a hundred or so folks type on this website doesn't mean they reflect the opinion of 30 MILLION votes…

    Come on folks…if you really think this show is fixed…WHY do you watch it?

    The shows producer's would NOT risk their advertising cash cow by allowing the type of scandal you are suggesting…To do so(allow a "fix") would be bad business.

    Of course everyone has their favorites…You do, right? So why can't the judges, producers, etc. etc. I am not saying it's right…I am just saying it is human nature. BUT that doesn't mean the fix is in!

    If you really believe the show is fixed, it would be huge news. I am sure you could get 100 reporters to uncover the scandal.

    In the meantime, if the "crooked" AI is too fixed for you, you can always watch Lawrence Welk reruns!

    Just my opinion.

    • Wcarmn, you are wrong. A show can be fixed and still be watched by many people. But the people have the freedom to express themselves.

      Sports (like basketball, boxing, soccer), beauty contest and singing and dancing contests, and elections have been proved to be fixed, and still there is a lot of people that still continue to watch them.

      In AI the votes are free, so AI can may well ignore them without any consequences. There will never be any scandal for anything that is free.

      So in conclusion, too many people seem to believe that the show is fixed. Guest what, maybe it is.

      Just my opinion.

      • Rene-

        OR…..Maybe you and the folks that think the show is fixed are wrong. Maybe you just cant accept the possibility that Millions of voters don't agree with you. That is the most logical and likely possibility.

        But in any event–props to you for being funny.

    • To be honest I've wondered about the "fixing" process on any show that relies on phone in votes – whose REALLY knows just how many votes came in and for which person? It would be very easy for the producers to choose who they want gone and to hell with the votes – not saying that it's happening, but not saying is isn't happening either.

      • You caught me Rene. Idol has in fact paid me to come on here and spread propaganda to help them continue their conspiracy.

        I may have fooled everyone else, but not you….

        Oh, and in answer to your question…No of course I don't work for AI. I am just a person with a different opinion than you.

        But you have now reinforced my opinion that you are a very funny person.

        I needed a good laugh tonight. Thanks!

      • Rene, One more thing….

        I didn't have anything to do with JFK or any other suspicious conspiracy happenings…

        Thank you.

      • Wcarmn, for sure you are a funny person. You always seem to present some analogies that are total opposite.

        The fact that you can't accept the possibility that the show is fixed (lot of people agree)has nothing to to with JFK. Was that a joke ?

        Stay focus, dont change the subject.

        And yes, you are a funny man.

  128. You posters are a show all by yourselves. Don't get so upset when your person is voted off. They ALL know there'll eventually be just one left standing. just sayin'….

    • I don't have a particular favorite at this point, but I DO have a problem with this whole format – when the best talent is eliminated over someone mediocre the entire show loses all credibility.

  129. i think this is the best year ever and that being said its very hard to judge the singers. every singer is good not saying good enough to be an idol but talented. pauls voice is very weak and hes just not a performer, this has a nice voice but its just not good enough to be top 10. haley is gorgeous lol shes got this smokey raspy voice which doesnt really fit a style shes singing. scott only can sing country and we want someone versatile. even carrie underwood sang rock. my bet is on james or lauren. both pia and jason are over the top on vocals.

  130. I am going to plunge ahead and pick some Motown songs for the 11 remaining contestants (if, indeed, that is the theme for the coming week, that is).

    Some suggestions for contestants, listed in alphabetical order by their first names:


    "Shop Around" – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles or "Higher Ground" – Stevie Wonder

    "I'm A Road Runner" – Junior Walker


    "You Really Got A Hold On Me" Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, or

    "Nowhere To Run, Nowhere To Hide" Martha Reeves & The Vandellas, or

    "What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted" Jimmy Ruffin


    "Reach Out" – The Four Tops, or

    "Can't Get Next to You" – The Temptations, or

    "Bernadette" – The Four Tops


    "Money (That's What I Want)" – Barrett Strong, or

    "Signed, Sealed Delivered I'm Yours" – Stevie Wonder, or

    "Hello" – Lionel Richie (this would be interesting)


    "My Guy" – Mary Wells or

    "You Can't Hurry Love" – The Supremes, or

    "You've Made Me So Very Happy" – Brenda Holloway


    "I Heard It Through the Grapevine" – Gladys Knight, or

    "Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing, Baby" – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell or

    "Living For The City" – Stevie Wonder


    "You Are The Sunshine of My Life" Stevie Wonder or "Tracks of My Tears" – Smokey Robinson & The Miracles or

    "Cruisin'" – Smokey Robinson


    "Stop in the Name of Love" – The Supremes or

    "Where Did Our Love Go?" – The Supremes

    Ain't No Mountain High Enough" – Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell


    "Papa Was A Rolling Stone" – The Temptations, or

    "War"- Edwin Starr, or

    "Superstition" – Stevie Wonder


    "Baby, I Need Your Lovin'" – The Four Tops or

    "Uptight" – Stevie Wonder (actually like to hear him handle this one), or

    "It's The Same Old Song" The Four Tops


    "Baby Love" – The Supremes or

    "Please Mr. Postman" – The Marvelettes, or

    "ABC" Jackson Five

    • Good list. I agree with the comments about Thia..although she is not my favorite to win…she does need to really step it up…also Pia…I think stepping out of your comfort zone is not necessarily a bad thing. A good entertainer can do both slow ballads and rock…AI is not being one-dimensional but varied in their style, stage performance and ability to connect with the audience. JMHO. Looking forward to this week. 🙂

      • Thanks!

        You know, I found it easier to pick good songs for James, Scotty and Jacob than any of the others. I guess the key is that they each have such an identifiable sound that the matches make perfect sense. And hmmm, maybe that means the criticism the judges have aimed at Haley makes more sense to me now (it has infuriated me up til now).

    • To add to your list (which is very good)and really shake things up perhaps:

      *James – Three Times a Lady – Commodores

      (this would show a more vulnerable side)

      or he could do Super Freak – Rick James …but this is really more Funk Music than Motown)

      *Scotty – Shop Around -Smokey Robinson

      (he would have to make this his own – since Smokey Robinson and the Miracles have tenor voices) or he could do – Let's Get It On by Marvin Gaye and sound the same as he always does.

      * Casey – Papa Was a Rolling Stone – Temptations

      *Lauren – My Guy

      *Stefano – Ain't Too Proud To Beg -Temptations

      * Paul – Tears of A Clown – Smokey Robinson – maybe he could tame down some…lol

      *Thia – I still like Stevie Wonders – Living For The City or A Change Is Gonna Come – Billy Preston

      * Pia – Money, That's What I Want – Barrett Strong

      *Haley – Baby, I Need Your Loving – Four Tops

      *Naima – Will It Go Round In Circles – Billy Preston

      *Jacob – Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing – Marvin Gaye/Tammie Terrell

      Just some additional thoughts…who knows…the contestants are probably given a list to choose from…which most likely accounted for the really bad choices last week. Looking forward to this coming week.


    • Isn't Motown songs mostly slow songs or ballads? There's only a few upbeat songs for motown.

    • HP, I've mentioned that it was a good list before, but leave out ABC. I don't think that song would fit in though.

  131. I think Karen dug her own grave with her comments,lets make this a latino idol year, and latino's are hear to stay, and singing parts of song in spanish. I am not from America, I love my native country, but I do not expect America to become my country, I expect to speak English, eat cheeseburgers (and I thought before coming here that everyone wore cow boy hats!). I resented her comments because I do not think anyone coming to this country should act like they are taking over. I think she lost votes because of her comments, she has a good voice.

  132. Everybody's defending Karen now. I still think she lacks power although she was far better than last week. She ain't that good, her voice is just so common, and when she reaches for the high notes her moment just gets sooo weak. But maybe Naima could've gone before her. Just not Haley. I love Haley!

  133. Seriously, my TV must not emit the sound everyone else seems to hear. Jacob is horrible! I have to change the channel whenever he is on. He sounds like someone is strangling a cat!!!!

    Love Casey and James, fingers crossed our final two:)

      • James and Casey may scream, but in a good rock and roll format. I'm not sure what Jacob is, other than awful. I can't believe Jacob and Paul were picked for the top 13 over Tim. He had more talent than the two of them put together.

  134. I could say that in terms of tone and the flawlessness of the voice, it's thia megia

    for the belting and reaching of the high notes, it's for Pia and Durbin, so does jacob

    for the low notes, it's Scotty

    for being unique, it's Naima and Paul

    for being good, it's lauren and stefano

    I don't know about haley, I like her, but she kinda lost her way from the show….

    the top five for me are (in no particular order)






  135. Karen was the best singer here she shouldn't have been eliminated!!! The only reason why I was cheering for Reinhart is because she's hot!!! She can't sing better than Karen though!!! I hope Karen comes back next season.

  136. No, it wasn't right, Naima should have gone home based on the last few performances. However, Naima is adorable and I really think she is darling and love that she designs her own clothes. Karen should still be in!!!

  137. Maybe they can get it right next week. Naima should never have been on to begin with. Close your eyes and listen to hear sing! She's no Tina Turner. My opinion for what it's worth is that James & Casey have the most talent. You may not like the songs they sing, but the level of difficulty in singing them is amazing. James singing Paul McCartney unbeliveable and Casey nailing Kurt Cobain! Personally I think these two will be the last two standing.

  138. thia, karen, stefano, naima, hayley and paul should leave.

    the rest rocks and its a tough competition between jacob, pia, james, casey, scotty and lauren are great singers.

    scotty please dont always sing country. boring.

      • You actually think Jacob is a great singer? Is he an American Idol, I sincerely hope not!! A member of his local Church choir, maybe.

    • you really like that screaming and shouting? it gives me earache and sometimes i was so fed up… 😛 honestly…

  139. I think America got it wrong. Naima should have been eliminated. The judges did not care for her performance, and I did not either. She has talent, but at this point in the competition,a person needs to do very well. Karen's performance was far better than Naima's.

    This is a great group of finalists!

  140. James for me…has been the best so far overall….I believe the one who will improve the most and really start to shine from now on is Haley….

    Casey, Pia and Jacob to make up my final 5…IMO

  141. I felt bad when Karen Rodriquez was eliminated,because I believe that she really best voice of those bottom 3 and she really look very good on the stage.

  142. Pia for me is by far the best vocalist in this competition. She will go a long way out there in the big wide world.Just awesome, and my second choice would be Thia. The rest are just a noise.

    • I think Thia does a much, much better job than Pia. Thia has a beautiful tone and the quality of her voice that is so infectious that I can listen to over and over again. Thia is very soothing. But Pia is just screams and shouts, just loud to me.

      • Sorry I do not agree with you. Thia is sweet, but she doesn't have the power of voice like Pia.

      • Sorry to you too. But I disagree with you. Thia has a better quality tone than Pia. Just my opinion.

      • WTF? Pia SCREAMS?? Go listen again, my friend. And tell me about "PIA SCREAMING??" WOW. Words cannot describe.

      • I just love Pia, I think she is Fantastic. I choose Pia. YOU choose Thia. But Pia will be very very successful, regardless of AI.

      • i have heard a lot of singers that has the same voice of PIA. nothing spectacular for me though she`s doing a great job. Im still choosing THIA over PIA. That 16 yr old girl has a unique voice among others.

      • Pia is doing fine, but I agree with juliet. thank you, juliet. Thia does have an unique voice among the others.

        Dianne, I'm sure Pia will be successful so no worry.

      • Thia does have a sweet/delicate voice, and she will eventually be something very special. She is only 16 years old, and she has time on her side. But for the moment in time, I still believe Pia, is the talent of the time. Pia has a powerful voice, and is a long way from screaming as some like to say about her.If I was buying a CD, it most definitely would be Pia's.Her voice is Commercial, that is for sure.

      • Dianne, I won't argue or debate who is better. All the contestants are special in their very own ways. Everyone has his/her favorites. It's ok that you keep getting back at me. Some say that Pia screams, some says she is not. It's ok to have opinions.

        Some say stuffs about my favorite too.

        I know it hurts to bash on our favorites. It is a competition after all. Everyone wants theirs to win.

        Win or not, I believe that each one of them will have a great career ahead of them. So, for now, I am sorry that I said things about your Pia that you don't like. Everyone says things about everyone. Honestly, Pia is doing great and think she will make it to the top 5. Some people thinks she will take the title, like you. Some says no. She does have a commercial look though. So, who knows? In the end, I love to see all the idols together. This year does have the most talented kids on the show.

    • anonymously! Thankyou for your message. Your right we all have choices, no doubt and I respect you for that. This year I have to agree with you there is a lot talent.I will always have my favourite, like you. May the best person win. Take care.Dianne

      • Dianne, it was very nice to talk with you. I respect you for all you've said too. And I agree, "May the best person win." Take care yourself.

  143. I cannot believe Karen was eliminated. That girl can sing!! I've come to the conclusion over the past few seasons that it's basically teeny bopper girl crushes that set the vote – there are at least two guys who wouldn't be missed and yet they have made it through while Karen, who I thought had a fabulous voice, was eliminated. It's all the little girls voting for the cute guys whether they can sing or not – let's face it Adam Lambert was in a league of his own and yet he DIDN'T WIN. Enough said. It's now worth watching anymore to hear all those little girls screaming like mad and having the results turn out the way they do – it's a farce.

  144. I´m not agrre with this decition Karen is very very tanlents.

    I tnink that she deserve another oportunity.


  145. Personally, I would like to see them make cuts to the best 6 and then give those six 2-3 weeks without making any cuts. After those 2-3 weeks, they could go back to cutting 2 each week until they are down to the final 2.

    I think this would allow the better singers to get the input they need to really improve. The elimination pressure would be off for a little while and the contestants could really concentrate on giving it their all.

    The cream would rise to the top.

    It would be something a little different than other years, but I believe it might allow the better singers to excel over those who are more personality than talent.

    But it IS hard to argue with the over success and track record of AI.

  146. i personally am amazed that scotty is still on. nothing he does is impressive to anyone over 12. hes just a simple country singer, yet he is doin very well in the polls. is it because most of the votes come from teeny bopper land? i felt sorry for karen last week when i thought as a whole she was not the worst singer on stage, but just my opinion. i do believe there is talent on stage that is being ignored. again teeny bopper land in chrg!

  147. Jacob. I don't get what they see in him. He's my least favourite to watch and listen too. I always end up changing the channel until he's done.

    • Shell, I know. I don't get it too. I'm not a fan of his, but I won't bash on him either.

      • I'm not bashing Jacob, he's just not my choice. Have you been on the chat line? That's all they do is bash everyone. Nothing is off limits.

        Some of the remarks are not fit to be on the web

      • Hello Shell, I am not saying that you are bashing Jacob at all. If you feel that way, then I apologize. I know how it feels to be bashed and having your favorite get bashed. It really hurts.No, I've never been on chat line. I was looking for a civil message board where I can express my opinions and even read others' opinions as well. So far, this is the best board that I've been on. I've seen others, the remarks are so terribly rude and hurtful.

        Anyway, yeah, Jacob is not my choice either.

  148. Hafling: what a racist comment. Do you know anything about American history??? The spanish were here first! Duh!!! Anyway, Karen's gone and that's just the way it is.

    Paul should have left last night. Why he's still around, I just don't understand. He sounds like Rod Stewart with laryngitis!!! Judges were right keeping Casey!!

  149. I've noticed a common thread in this blog—-noone has barely mentioned Jacob. It will come down to James and Jacob. James has that powerhouse scream which will carry him far in rocknroll till he gets too old and tired to keep touring and Jacob =OMG! I would pay to see him sing anything(considering I saw heart front row in the 70's for 99 cents,thats saying alot what with the cost of tickets these days.. anyway,remember you heard it here. And furthermore-I hated to see Nyima go-wow. she was the most entertaining from the get go…Move over Sade, Nyimas coming out!

  150. oops, I looked again and saw that someone said they change the channel till Jacob is done. Wow, you must be void of emotion to not feel goosebumps and the sound of someone singing from thier heart…. He is a fine young man and I have no doubt that he will fill concert halls around the world.

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