American Idol 2011 Top 8 Performance Rankings

It’s time for the latest round of performance rankings for the remaining American Idol 2011 Top 8 performers based on over forty-two thousand votes in our poll last week. Keep in mind these rankings are based only on those polls and Pia Toscano was ranked in the top three each week but still managed to get eliminated. No one is safe, not even your favorite!

This week’s biggest drop came from Haley Reinhart who fell five points from 13% last week to 8%. Lauren Alaina wasn’t far behind as she dropped four points down to 4%. The biggest gain goes to Scotty McCreery who continues to dominate our polls. Scotty pulled in an extra 8% this week to reach all the way up to 23% of the vote. Had Pia survived she would have been in second place with 18%, but instead that honor goes to James Durbin at 15%

Our top three and bottom three ranks going in to the Top 8 week are as follows:
Top 3: 1) Scotty McCreery; 2) James Durbin; 3) Casey Abrams
Bottom 3: 1) Lauren Alaina; 2-Tied) Jacob Lusk; 2-Tied) Paul McDonald

Check out the rankings below and see how your favorite is doing.

American Idol 2011 Top 8 Performance Poll Rankings

  1. Scotty McCreery – 23% (up from 15% previous week)
  2. James Durbin – 15% (up from 14% previous week)
  3. Casey Abrams – 9% (down from 12% previous week)
  4. Haley Reinhart – 8% (down from 13% previous week)
  5. Stefano Langone – 8% (up from 3% previous week)
  6. Jacob Lusk – 5% (up from 4% previous week)
  7. Paul McDonald – 5% (down from 2% previous week)
  8. Lauren Alaina – 4% (down from 8% previous week)

How is your favorite singer doing in the polls? Better keep voting!

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  1. i think this is the best show every there where a lot of good singer but only a few make it i hope who ever wins go on to become a great singer and good luck to all

    • Scotty is by far the best singer and is getting my vote. I don't know what all the hooplah is about pia being voted off, after all she didnt make it on the season 6 idol show either.

      • Oh I didn't say I want Durbin to win, just that his poll numbers have been very good. Then again, so were Pia's!

      • I personnally hate James "singing"!! If I wanted to hear screaming–which I DON'T–I'd go to the nearest looney bin & listen to the real pros!

      • @J9 you're a phony. James has been working on that song for years and finally had a chance to perform it on Idol last week. It's a very real tribute to his family because his fiance has been supporting his music for a long time – even though he hasn't always been able to provide for them. There is nothing phony about James Durbin. He is the real deal.

      • You are saying James is supported by hia fiance? Its been said he has a wife. He showed his wedding ring. I doubt 2 women are paying the way for him.

      • Hey, there, Rose A. I personally think it will be between James and Scotty, and I would not mind that one bit. I am ready for Stefano to leave. With only Haley and Lauren left of the girls, we need to send some guys home next. This reminds me of the Adam/Kris season, when Alison was the only female to make it to the top 4.

      • littleredhen, I work in a "looney bin" (phychiatric hospital) & the patients don't scream. That would frighten their special friends away.

    • I have not voted for him but I like him. There is nothing wrong with showing your feelings. Maybe the person who is doubting him does not know how to cry or show emotions.

      • @ J9 & littleredhen. I feel that everyone is entitled to their opinion. That being said…one would be taken more seriously if the opinions stated were not cruel and vicious. I feel those remarks about James were uncalled for and petty.

        I admire him…not only for his awesome talent but for the person he has become. I believe he keeps it real.

        @ T. Hello… "-)

  2. sorry but i think scotty will win it if not i hope laura does james ok but not that great good luck to them all though

    • I hope Scotty doesn't win. He's my fave, but I'd rather see him escape the contract with 19E and get one in Nashville instead. So, I'm happy for him to come in 2nd or 3rd.

      • I hope either the moderators either delete my message in favour of the repetitive vapid sycophancy that so often adorns these pages, or that they don't. Like Erick I have neither the wherewithal nor the nous to make anything approaching a decision.

        Oh, and just to sate the webmaster, go Casey.

      • @Bryan: Your comments are being sent to moderation because instead of adding to the discussion you're taking potshots at other readers and comments.

        If you'd like the discuss the show then feel free to join us. Otherwise…

  3. I'd go for Lauren since Pia had been voted off. But I think Scotty could win the whole thing even though I'm not a fan of him. But I think Pia is more talented than him.

  4. The judges have their favorits and show it. Their faves get glowing reviews, goose bumps. and can do no wrong. A little patch of beard under the bottom lip sends JLO into spasms, or a crodile tear blows their minds. Stick the judgeing to talent offered

  5. It seems impossible that a girl would win this season. The remaining girls would eventually be eliminated i think.. well, we don't know what's gonna happen.

      • They really have to vote for their favorite. Lesson: Don't be just confident if you think your idol is a frontrunner or a strong competitor and think he/she will be just safe. You'll never know what's gonna happen next.

      • If they don't change the voting format, male champions will become a trend in the foreseeable future. *sign*

  6. Pia was boring … James is so not boring, hope he wins, he's fabulous. Can't imagine anyone running out to buy a CD by Jacob, I think he'll be next to go home.

    Have to say the show needs someone like Simon, someone honest who does'nt beat aroung the bush and tells it like it is instead of worrying about hurting peoples feelings

      • Being boring is just fine for me. Okay, let's say Pia is boring because she's not a heck of an entertainer. But with that voice, she'd blew us away. And she REALLY REALLY deserves another shot in the competittion. But Americans did not vote for her. You know, I really believe that this competition is about growing up on stage as an artist. If America gave her another chance, I think she would probably do the judges' advice- how to own the stage and own the moment (and not to be boring) But.. sigh.. I really hate the fact that I won't be seeing her perform for the judges.

      • Erick: I'm not so sure. Pia went to a performing arts school. Shouldn't she have had some idea of stage presence? People need to face the fact that Pia lacks star quality.

      • I disagree with that. If she doesn't have this star quality then the judges, as well as the people, would not believe in her. Pia still practicing and trying to connect with the audience. And it has yet to be developed to her. In her interview, she said she was a little bit shy.I understand her because I also have that personality. But AI is there to boost her confidence and improve her as an artist. She really deserves the chance. Just my opinion.

      • erick, speak for yourself. Pia never blew me anywhere except maybe off the couch so I was spared looking at her upper pallet in HD. The cameras had to do close-ups on her mouth because there certainly wasn't anything else going on.

    • I miss Simon but I like the judges. Sometimes it looks like Stephen is in LA LA Land. I will keep saying that the only person who does not belong on this show is Ryan Seacrest. He looked silly when he was dancing around on the stage with the contestants.

  7. I live in Argentina and I´m a fan of American Idol. It´s a shame Pia was voted off because she was an excelente singer, reminded me Celine Dion. I think Scotty is the best and I hope he wins.

    • I agree with you. Pia's elimination was so unjust. I wonder why they voted her off. Some give reasons that are half-witted. I almost cried when I watched her get eliminated. I just couldn't get over that day.

      • Nobody voted for Pia to leave the show. That's not how it works. Pia didn't get enough votes to keep her there, it's really not that hard to understand.

      • I was pulling for Pia too. I think Pia fell into a trap of choosing some very ordinary songs. I'll Stand By You was a great song. When she sang with the other girls, she was outstanding. But her other song choices made me cringe because she is better than that.

        I don't think Pia is boring, just bad song choices.

      • I agree with Frank, it was more her song choices. I'm thinking about this week and it's like something is missing from the competition. Pia wasn't one of my favorites but I think this season is worse off now.

      • Eric: Celebrity Apprentice is the show where someone is "voted off" (aka fired). One person makes the decision on who to eliminate. On American Idol, the public gets the vote. Don't say "voted off" or "gets the boot"—wrong terminology

      • Pia is very happy. On the net it says she is dating pro dancer Mark from Dancing with the Stars

  8. Hailey is the dark horse of this competition. With her appeal presence,she definitely make the Top 5. And if Paul stick into Country genre,i bet he can divide Scotty n Lauren fans cause the fact that he is safe the weeks before its proven that Scotty n Lauren fans divided. And the most overrated contestant of this year is definitely Scotty,with all due respect. The fact he got a unique voice thats a fact,but from last week performance it made me sure of it. He can only sing a Country Ballad and if its a little uptempo he bring his guitar with him so its a camouflage of him not being able to move. Scotty didnt do a good job with singing Elvis song last week, i think it was a disaster although he's doing great with the pitch. He sings Elvis song but perform like a R&B/ HipHop style,just look at his hands movement. When people ever saw n heard of Elvis song they obviously knew the obvious thing : Elvis = sexy n smooth move that very100x enjoyful to watch n makes the audience wants to shake their hips along with him. I kinda surprise with the judges comment that he did well.. hmmm… >< (im ready for reply from Scotty fans :))

    • You slam Scotty for bringing his guitar, but without a guitar Paul behaves like a schizophrenic spider. Paul is not going to impact Scotty in any way.

      • LOLOL didn't say anything about Paul in his post. Scotty fans shouldn't worry, though. There's really no one that will be able to overcome his popularity even if he doesn't perform well. He said it best during Hollywood week "I'm only here for my deep voice."

      • @Templar : what i meant for Scotty is he should do the camouflage thing with the Elvis song. He should play Elvis song with his guitar like Paul did (Johny Cash song),cause his performance of Elvis song is without a doubt a disaster if u seen Elvis. All i see in his performance is R&B/HipHop Elvis…its strange 🙂

      • This kid is only 17 years old. Give him a chance. He grows every single week and gets better and better. At least he attempts to not be a bore like some others. He gives it his all every time. His voice is incredible and is comfortable on stage and as he does it more and more he will improve that's for sure. He is having fun and it shows and that in turn, turns into a lot of votes and people just smiling. Nothing wrong with that.

      • I thought he was great and better than all the others 🙂 Go Scotty……………

    • Scotty is not Elvis. i am glad he put his own spin on it. Hip hop or whatever. Good for him! You probably just dislike hip hop. I do not like country music, but I am able to put that aside and see Scotty as a potential winner. As soon as Jacob is gone. i will be casting my vote for the least forced artists. Scotty and Lauren.

      • I agree Scotty not Elvis,but theres is no such thing as HipHop spin in the song arrangement whatsoever last week. So he sing a Country Rock but the way he performed like HipHop artist. If he put HipHop tunes into the song n he performed with HipHop style, well thats fine. I like HipHop,i like every Genre,i like Music.

      • You're right Sam, Scotty is no Elvis. Nobody is.

        Scotty does a very good job in his genre with is Country Music. He looks to have a bright future.

    • Totally disagree, thought is voice was incredible and he was having fun. It completely entertained me and I so enjoyed it. Yes, he is country and not trying to be anything but. When he makes and album that's what it will be. He takes every song and makes it his own, he picks songs that are perfect for his voice. How many times do I hear it's about the song. Well he picks them great and in any genre they throw at him. A great entertain takes that an makes it his own as he does. He focuses on his strenths as he should do. That's smart. Why should he sing a song that's not in his range, none of them should and when they do they sound horrible. Great way to get kicked off. You have to play your strenths as best you can, ever winner will do that.

      • i agree with he should play with what his best at. Its the way he perform n move with the song last week. Have u ever see a country song n the artist that perform it with a HipHop move? i dont think so…

    • @LOLOL: I totally agree with you about Hayley R. I did't like her at all at first but since she started to show her true style she is in my top 3 along with James who is my favorite and I like Scotty also, he has a personality he sings well he's a little bit boring but he is young and will have very good people who will advise on his music career

      • And about Hailey,what can i say…the way she sing (her bluesy growl) n move…. Grrrr Sooooo Sexy!!!!!!! 🙂

    • Scotty is the only true singer from the bunch. If you wernt complaining about his hands and listen with your ears, maybe you would agree

      • 1 of the most ridiculous comment…they're all a true singer!!!

        Hence : Live show… u watch n hear.. if its only a show meant to be heard than it should be broadcast in the radio… do u understand?

  9. I'm surprised to see Lauren at the bottom. I think she got swallowed up in this whole thing. Did anyone notice that Pia got 18% of the votes, but the majority of that was only after she was eliminated. Lauren will need to do something people won't forget about so easily or she might be gone earlier than expected. I'm really surprised so many people fell for James' performance. He's been working on that song for 5 years and that's the best he can do? Paul, Jacob, Stefano/Lauren bottom 3 this week.

    • Pia was in second place on the votes before she was eliminated on Thursday. She did get a few extra % points that night before the poll closed, but it was not a majority by any means.

      James has been in the Top 3 spots since Top 13 was announced. He has a solid base to support him even when he has an off-week.

      Lauren has spent most her time in the middle of the pack, so her drop this week was a little surprising, but she was never a strong poll contender (at least not yet).

      • Well adding up your percents I'm assuming Pia got 23% up from 18% I remember seeing it at over the weekend. You can't say that number is not inflated by what happened.

        Looking at the chart I see your point about Lauren, she hasn't been a strong contender, but she's been consistently in the middle-ish so it is a little surprising.

      • The poll was only open Wednesday PM through Friday AM.

        So what I indicated is still true. She already had very high numbers (second place in fact) before Thursday night's elimination. She saw a modest boost after her elimination of a few % points, but not a rank place shift.

      • It would be again the guys' season. There are 2 girls left and it seems that they're not gonna make it through. At first, I hoped that a girl would draw first blood this season because in three consecutive seasons, after Jordin's victory, the guys reigned the American Idol.

      • These polls are only 50,000 or so people, there are millions that vote. Even if the 50,000 voted 10 times that's still just a 1/2 million votes, not close to 35 or 55 million. It's just a small gauge and really can't be completely relied on. Last week I read everything about pia on the comments and I'm sorry it appears a hell of a lot of people didn't like her. And honestly, I never thought she would win. But i did expect here to make the top 5. Even JLo said she expected pia in at least the top 5, maybe 2. She never said she would win.

      • Matt, may be people are busy voting here, they forget to vote their favorites for real…:))

      • James is so good it's crazy ! He knows how to please a crowd for sure. He is a true performer!

      • @Matt: So that means that fans of Pia did not vote for her because they believed she was safe?

      • Top Three. James, Scotty and Casey. Next in line…Lauren and Haley. Bottom 3 – Paul, Stefano and Jacob with Jacob possibly going home this week. I have a feeling that Lauren, Haley and Paul are going to be competing for the 4th slot. JMHO. Go James. 🙂

  10. My favorite American Idol is not there!!!! Pia is the one who should be there…This has become a is he or she cute contest. Or this ones dating this one contest instead of a singing contest. It's all teeny boppers who are voiting, that's why Paul and Casey and people like that are winning. In my book, Pia was # 1……

    • I agree 150% it has become a beauty content about how cute he/she is, it should be about the voice and talent they have. Look at who are being sent home, Pia… come on

    • You are so wrong. I am middle aged again, and pia just didn't get it done. Yes, beautiful and yes nice voice, but no stage presence, no connecting. It's a shame but true. Get off the tinny bopper thing. I vote every week for the same person I like, Scotty and multiple times. People didn't vote for her so she didn't win. She is no different than any other idol on any other show. And even if you want to take the tiny bopper route then they are the ones buying albums and make everyone famous and put them on the map including entertainers. Hell there would be no taylor swifts, justin beiber, mileys, merhia carry's, bon jovi's, katie perry's, elvis's, lady gaga's hell I can go on and on. They all need to start somewhere. And these kids are making them extremely rich and famous. And that's wrong? Please. LEt's not even start on the movies stars they make rich and famous. Don't hear any one of them complaining about it, and if it was you in the situation, you could give a crap who was voting as long as you were winning and going to become a star.

    • It's not a "who's cutest" or "who's dating wo" contest, it's a "who's got a weird condition" contest (james) A pity party. jest sayin'

      • Sounds like somebody is getting worried her favorite is about to get durbinated. LOL Keep trolling red, your tears taste good. 🙂

  11. Well Scotty has been my favorite since I first saw him audition. I love country music and I love him (and I am a mid aged woman). He continues to grow each week and show us more and more. Every week he is thrown challenges and he continues to come out strong. He is extemely comfortable on stage and his voice is amazing. Second favorite has been James also from the beginning.

    1. Scotty

    2. James

    3. Casey (not my cup of tea music wise, but he is talented)

    • Dawn J…..I totally agree that Scotty is great. What it has come down to now is taste. I would love to see Scotty sing at the Grand Ole Opry but not everyone loves country…..I would pay whatever to see James perform because that is my taste…..We should all agree to disagree…..Scotty is running away with the polls but I do attribute it to the younger generation who think he is cute….The young girls have the time and the patience to just vote and vote and vote…..I truly believe that Scotty, James and maybe even Haley will get a contract of sort…..but to be in a concert. Its JAMES all the way…..JMHO

      • @ Phyllis G. Definitely agree…Nashville would be crazy not to sign up Scotty. I like country but Rock and Roll has always been my taste. We need a really good Rock star and James is it. Top 3 for me…James, Scotty, Casey….followed by Lauren, Haley, Paul, Stefano and Jacob. Go James. 🙂

      • I like Scotty's looks but I do not thing that young girls would vote for his looks. I think some of the other guys are getting votes for their looks. Scotty is a much better singer.

  12. I was shocked to see pia go i thought she would of atleast made it to the top 6 I really thought it would of been jacob going home.

    Im really excited to see this weeks peformances has to be songs from movies I would love to see someone do footloose

    Hopfully this week Jacob will go home i dont want to see another girl go

  13. Whats the view on Lauren? Reading these forums, it seems there are always lots of discussions on everyone else. People seem to either love or hate the rest with no middle ground. But Lauren seems to provoke little response – is that because she is average and forgettable??

    • hopefully this week's performances will change opinions for this week's outcome. who knows, one of the contestants may surprise us with their performance…

    • Although very talented with a good voice…I personally do not see Lauren as the next American Idol. I think in some respects she has a lot of growing up to do…she is a little immature ( almost like Kelly Pickler and her self promoted "southerness"). I suspect she may come in as 4th followed by either Haley or Paul. 🙂

  14. I love Casey,James,Scotty and Haley! I do believe its all up to what kind of music the individuals voting like to listen to day to day! Myself enjoying all types of music its hard to choose who should win! I love rock(James) love country(Scotty)love rythem & blue(Casey) and sexy suductive sounding (Haley) I believe Jacob belongs possible on a differnt type of competition for his style of Christian! Paul well I quess he could grow on you but I'm with other he should probaly do tooth paste commercials Lauren just needs some more matring and coaching Stephano the same & needs to have a choice of style of music that he prefers he is somewhat musical show style! They all are good but some are "Great" 1st Casey 2nd James 3rd Scotty 4th Haley 5th Lauren 6th Jacob 7th Stefano 8th Paul! Just my opition on whi is best(1st) and last (8th) This has been the "Best" year ever!

  15. I love Lauren, and honestly without prior talking to my family and friends. They all love her and have voting for her. She has a huge fanbase, but she does need to step it up a bit. I just think there are others that need to go before her: Jacob, Stefano, Paul, and Haley. I picked Lauren to be in the top 2, and I'm sticking with it!

    • Well I like Lauren and I think she has a beautiful voice a little country but thats what we like in Georgia.Love all music she has a great voice and I think she will be great.Like Steven Tlyer said she is a shining star

    • I'm with you. I would so love to see a Lauren/Scotty finale. Doesn't really matter though, they are the two most marketable & will soar higher & sell more than the others. I do believe that all eight of them are great. Just looking at what is selling right now.

  16. Go Stefano! Stefano has one of the strongest vocals in this competition! I want him to win or at least make top 3. All you Stefano fans, we have to keep voting!

    • He does have a great voice but he picks the wrong songs to showcase it. He is so up down. I would love to see him start picking songs that fit his vocals, because he would be great.

    • Stefano and Jacob have the MOST ANNOYING voices of the remaining 8 contestants. Stefano turned Elton John week into a Broadway show tune and 'Hello' by Lionel Richie might have been the worst performance of anybody from the top 13.

      1. Casey 2. James 3. Haley

  17. So happy Scottys still in but its a bummer that Pias not…….but i hope and Prey Scotty WINS……

    • and he lost 3 percent after elimination was over and people stated voteing for pia,she went from 11% to 18% after she was gone.

  18. Casey should win the whole thing. He offers the most variety. I love his intensity when he sings. If he had a concert, I would go. James is also great!

  19. For the most part I agree with the poll results. Casey used to always be in my bottom three, but he has improved a bit lately, though certainly not into top 3 level, like the poll suggests. Whereas Jacob used to be in my top 3, but his gospel singing style get a bit old after a while, 'for me'. So, he has dropped considerably.

    My top 3:

    Scotty, James and Haily.

    My bottom 3:

    Jacob, Paul and Lauren

  20. I totally disagree with The Executive Producer, stating that Pia would not have stood a chance with Scotty at the final step. Every week the grow with every constructive criticism and Pia was starting to focus more on her stage performance as she took the advice from the judges. I think that had she been given that opportunity her talent, beauty and stage performance would have blown them all out of the water!!! The judges should have the final say on the bottom three as they would have a better understanding of how an artist can go with their assets/potential!

      • I also am a greatgrannie & I hate James! Different strokes & all that—–everyone is entitled to their opinion, & that's mine (thank god for the remote control!)

    • Yea I'm also grandmother almost, great grandmother and I love James.

      I do not like metal rock but I like James, perhaps because it reminds me of my adolescence in the sixties with the rolling stones,

      The Who (My Generation) in Woodstock 1969 etc, etc.

      • Exactly, James is a rocker, but he can perform all kinds of Rock, I mean so far 1 Ballad and 1 power ballad written by Beatles (60's), a Stevie Wonder Anthem (70's), a Bon Jovi Classic (80's), and Judas Priest… only one of his performances has been of a real hard rock/metal edge, the guy has really went all out to perform all different types of songs and show how diverse and talented he is.

  21. Still upset over PIA. I would think that Haley would pick up her votes or lack of votes. One more stranger night and I'll watch reruns of Golden Girls or Reba.

  22. Does anyone know where to go for the list of cleared songs for movie week. I'm sure it's only 50 or so songs, and probably the same crap list from former years.

  23. I'd go with James,Scotty, and Stefano at the top. At the bottom, Casey, Jacob, and Paul.

  24. Soy de venezuela y nunk me pierdo American Idol, me encanta como canta




    James i loveeeeee saludos…

  25. Matt…..thanks for the updates…..Its always great to hear your comments. Along side Branden and Ashli Rae……Great writing and reading….

  26. I can't believe no one has commented on the way the judges reacted to Pia getting voted off. Sure, they were shocked but they over reacted to the results. I felt so sorry for the kids that were left….like they were chopped liver and Pia was the only good singer. The judges could have toned it down alittle. Am I the only one that felt the pain for the remaining contestants?????

    • @ Nancy…I agree. I felt it was very unprofessional and felt bad for all the remaining contestants, particularily Stefano. Very poor taste.

      • Yeah, imagine being Stefano up there on stage with the crowd booing and the judges so shocked and disappointed. Very insensitive. Even though they were reacting to her being eliminated and not necessarily the fact that he was not.

      • i agree with Rose. it was very unfair for the judges to show too much partiality with the results. poor Stefano.

      • Stefano commented in twitter that his was a little upset, but that he was OK.

        If it was me in his place I would be really sad.

    • Totally agree, it was unprofessional and a slap in the face to all the other very worthy contestants.

    • I am glad that the judges showed their true feelings. Stephano should not feel bad. The one I would haved let go along time ago is Casey.

    • I know! It's was totally rude, unprofessional, and not fair to anyone on that stage, and all the voters back home. Please vote for your favorite, and don't diss the person who gets eliminated.

    • Meh, I don't feel bad for Stephano at all, the dude was just shocked and thrilled to still be standing there and be on the show. Hell, you could see on his face that even he was stunned about the results. Stephano is a big boy, I think he can handle some unintended slights, if he can't then he just jumped into the wrong line of work.

  27. I vote for who I think has the best vocal tones to their voice, even if they don't always hit the right notes or have strongest stage presence, since those thing can be learned. Not every one is at the same level in their vocal training or stage polish, so I look at their basic voice tones and if they are getting better each week.

    Haley is a little different it that she has the it factor that many singer from the 40's and 50's had. It may not always sell records but it will line people up to see her live, while Pia was just the opposite, with Lauren in the middle and young enough to gain both with time if handled well.

    Paul is the most polished and has a record out but I just don't connect with his voice, which seems to get worse every week possible due to a vocal cord problem that would take a few weeks to fix and recover from.

  28. After Jacob Lusk comment last week about if he gets in the bottom three,he needs to go!!

    • Yes!!!!! Thank you! Jacob needs to leave immediately. After that comment he had made, I don't think anyone should vote for him at all next week in order to send him packing! People just need to stop voting for him so he can leave, for good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Jacob keeps getting better each week. How many times have we all said somthing we regret? The only one who does not seem to regret his cruel questions and remarks is Ryan Seacreat. Am I the only one who dislikes Ryan?

    • I agree…rather arrogant. Plus, I do not care for his voice and the way he performs. Way too much drama. Give me a good Rocker with a lot of passion for what he does and a great voice any day…and that would be James. 🙂

  29. I hope Lauren wins the whole thing. She has an amazing voice. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!!! Hope to see you in the finals. Linda

  30. I don't want to vote any more. Pia was the best and American Idol has lost her. Mark my words, she will show up as a lead singer with some important group somewhere, just like Adam Lambert and Jennifer Hudson did. I have no doubt in my mind she has been grabbed already on contract.

    If I continued voting, I guess it would be for pleasant, easy going Scotty.


  31. Until the American Idol producers change the voting system so that each person is limited to the number of votes based on each remaining singer, you will always have upsets like Pia and Casey. Allowing anyone to vote 100 to 200 times distorts the numbers and allows the tweeners to have a disproportionate share of the votes. When Ryan says we have 55 million votes cast, he doesn't say that 80% of the votes are cast by under one million of the viewers. I would prefer one vote per person limit and eliminate the tweener popularity contest and have a true popularity contest.

    • You are right Jerry and i agree with your statement but it is never going to happen because they get money for every vote cast on the phones. So if a 12 year old's parents don't mind spending $200 on a cellphone bill the 12 year old can vote 200 times.

      • I've always thought each voter should vote for first, second and third each time they vote. With fist receiving 3 points, second 2 points and third 1 point. This wouldn't totally eliminate the possiblity of this occuring again, but statistically it would reduce the chance. The one vote for your favorite is as much to blame for this outcome as anything.

  32. I see some comments about the contracts they have to sign and that Scottie may be better off not making the top 2, because those who do, have to sign a 7-year contract with 19 Productions.

    Carrie Underwood is just entering her 7th year with them but it under the banner of 19/Arista Nashville so, although, it seems a bind, 19 does have its' hand in all genres and, let's face it, Carrie Underwood has done just fine by them so no reason to think that they won't manage Scottie just as well.

    • Carrie Underwood is in a movie that is coming out, a true story about a surfer who lost her arm to a shark and is still surfering

      • @ Stevie…I saw a clip of that movie. Carrie plays a counselor. Very good, btw. And the comments about Carrie are right. She has done very well for herself…one of the best Idols to date…other than Adam ( who was robbed)… jmo. Go James. 🙂

  33. The way the voting goes in AI, it should be about America's Favorite Singer, not America's Best Singer. That's the way it all plays out. I didn't care for Pia's personality or stage presence, but if we're looking for the Best Singer, why are some of the others still there. As for Haley, I didn't care for her at first, but she has definitely grown on me and now I'm actually hoping she'll be in the top three at least.

    • Hence : American Idol,Not Singer…

      Hence : Live show… u watch n hear. If its only a show meant to be heard than it should be broadcast in the radio…

      Basically,they all can sing but when is it enjoyable to watch, thats differ. Whether because the looks,the move etc,thats what it meant by "it" or "x-factor"… 🙂

      As how the vote should be,i agree with Mike comment in the 40th comment 🙂

  34. Well I think at this time that One firm favourite is Scotty. and let me tell that I think he could win with a song in his style that could have a mix of country and pop and also power like the song called : Stranger in my house of Ronnie Milsap.
    But Scotty has a serious ¨rival¨ like James Durbin that could have chances doing that rock songs all full of energy…. And then in the fight are coming Haley, Jacob and Casey…
    And sorry for elimination of Pia Toscano (a beauty in all the words you could say about her: like singer, a woman ….) .

  35. All the contestants are very good except for one. My favorites are #1 James, #2 Scotty and I know I just really really want Jacob to go home, I think he is awful, especially after last weeks comments.

    • @DeAnn i'm totally with you on this. although i prefer scotty over james, i also think they're the top contenders for this season. and i really would like jacob to be booted off next. high five!

    • If Jocob doesn't win, it's because America is a bunch of racist homophobes. Not because he isn't better than everybody else. And if you don't believe it, just ask him. LOL (Honestly, he and all like him really get on my nerves. Right up there with all the holly rollers. Gimme a break. Just because someone doesn't believe in handing the minority element a living and carry a bible in their back pocket, doesn't mean they don't have a strong moral sence or know what's right/wrong. Just saying!)

      • @ Tim329. If I am not mistaken…Jacob was trying to hit on the Black woman during the TMZ spot they did last week…Your term of homophobe may be way off base…it is called defamation of character…please think before you write. :-)I believe his comment made last week was very arrogant…and his performance contradicted this "moral vernacular". 🙂

      • If Jacob gets voted off its not because america is racist its because hes just not best out of the competetion. Yes jacob has a a great voice but hes peformances are getting boring and anoying that is why he would get voted off

  36. JAMES is the screamer,HALEY the growler,Jacob the gospel singer,Stefano belongs in a boy band,Casey on a cruise ship,Paul is just goofey!and Yeah Lauren and Scotty thats the talent!!!!!

    • Yeah. The one trick pony and the bundle of nerves, fruitcake teenie bopper. That's the REAL talent! LOL (Gotta love when the hicks get excited.)

    • LOL… 1 conclusion = u're a die hard Country fans LOLOL. Thats just rude. So u think other Genre Artist arent a true talent??!! MJ,The Beattles,Celine Dion,Mariah Carey,Frank Sonatra,Nat King Cole,Queen,Jimi Hendrix and so on arent a true talent!!! OMG!!! I feel sorry for u ><

  37. i’m all for a Casey vs James finale. I really want Haley go home because she is not a very good singer.

    • it doesn't really matter whether haley is a good or bad singer. her initial reaction to Pia's elimination shows how fake and nasty she really is. if you're ugly inside, you can never make beautiful music.

    • Haley is simply the best singer among these contestants!!! I'm soo gonna love it if it's gonna come down to Haley and Lauren showdown. Of course, Haley is not gonna go home since she's gonna be this year's AI winner!!! oh my gosh!!! her reaction during Pia's elimination wasn't really intended to the fact that Pia got eliminated. Oh my gosh why are there stupid people who think that she laughed at Pia's elimination? Is she that stupid to show the whole USA that she's a bi*ch? my gosh, come on! think!!!

      • You are crazy she will go home along with Paul, Jacob, Stefano, Casey. I dont know who is worse than Paul, but Jacobs crying is so old send them both home this week PLEASE!!! She is not the next American idol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • @ T. Hello…So many posts and comments. I miss seeing and reading posts from some of my favorite people. Being movie theme week…it will be interesting to hear what the reaining 8 contestants will sing. Looking forward to a great Idol week. Hi to Sherry K., Phyllis G and Angela and all the James Durbin fans. James for the win. 🙂

  38. I know what your poll is saying, but that is not what other polls and people are saying. I am betting that Jacob does better than before. Anyway he is a shoe in for a record deal like Pia. A lot of the popular tweens did not like Pia and she is doing quite well.

  39. Don't like Haley and Jacob that much. I liked Lauren before but she seemed to bore me lately. I've always found Scotty's performances entertaining. James not that much. I would like Stefano to go through at least til this week or next. Hope they pick more current songs this time.

  40. What's the big deal with Scotty? Why do people like him so much? He's a great singer and all, but honestly I wouldn't be disappointed at all if he goes home.

    • Alexia — Lots of country fans. The major states apparently that vote for Idol are in the south. I listen to pretty much everything, and yes, I see a great future for Scotty in country with his deep voice and southern charm. At this point, I will not be disappointed if any of them go home, because I think they will all have a pretty decent future in the business. Some better than others, of course, but they have been seen and heard by enough record producers and such at this point.

    • IMHO, Scotty is popular because he has the best enunciation of the bunch. No one has to strain to figure what words he is singing.

      But I think that he did himself no favors last week. To grossly paraphrase Mark Twain; it is better to not sing Elvis songs and have people think that you aren't as good as Elvis than to sing one and remove all doubt.

      • Scotty's the reason why this show is popular, Theo. His Elvis Presley performance was the best he's done all this season.

  41. I am hoping Jacob goes home this week, still insulted by his remarks last week about America getting it wrong. Pia is amazing and will do well, not American Idol material, too mature. Scotty and James will be the two finalists, I think Scotty will win, his voice is amazing and country music is huge.

  42. I love sports. An obvious trend I've noticed from every successful coach is the ability to make use of each players strengths. They don't try to make the player into something they aren't. With that said, I believe Pia is gone partly because she was coached into an outfit and makeup that belonged on Gwen Stefani and tried to perform a song to meet the coaching of the judges. Of course there are other factors, but this seems to be one of the more obvious ones. Poor coaching.

    So now AI is down to 8. How can they be coached to suit each singers strength. I'm going to try and just put positives as if I were actually coaching the contestants.

    Paul: There are many famous singers with a style they call their own (Rod Stewart, Joe Cocker, Bob Dillon, Mick Jagger, Tom Petty, Steven Tyler, etc..). Paul has a definite uniqueness when he's audible and in melody. His own songs that were mentioned before are a good example of his potential.

    Jacob: Every song he sings has at least a section of the song where he sings beautifully. He needs to control his overdramatization in action and sound. Find that zone where it's enjoyable to listen to him and don't stray.

    Casey: He seems to be an extremely gifted musician. On the other hand he's an average singer. It seems like he should be coached toward writing and/or producing music.

    Haley: Steven Tyler was right, she does sing sexy. That's her strength. Now developing a stage presence to match would be in her best interest.

    Scotty: He's 17 years old and has a great country voice. Holding the microphone like a harmonica is simply unique. Let's face it, if you like country this guys only going to get better.

    Lauren: I believe she's 16. Her best sound leans towards country songs. I also believe country would provide the best opportunity for a successful singing career.

    Stephano: His tone and high notes can be very nice. He needs to develop a smoother transition between the two. Take your time and work the song versus going straight to those high notes.

    James: His greatest strength is perseverence. I'm sure his turrets has proven a burden his entire life and yet he's willing to stand in front of millions to sing. Some refer to him as a screamer. I beg to differ. Screaming can't move up a scale and hold that note. He's a rock singer and some of the notes he can hit are achieved only by a select few well known rock singers.

    These would be the strengths I'd emphasize with each of the remaining contestants. They all have far more singing talent than myself, but bad coaching can send them home at any time.

    • @ Mike…some very well thought out statements regarding the remaining contestants. You are right…they each have something unique to offer. It is a matter of personal preference in styles of music and what one person likes or dislikes. I like country but I happen to like Rock more. I definitely see James and Scotty standing in the top 2 positions. My personal favorite happens to be James…and yes, he can and does hit those high notes that are controlled. Really lloking forward to qa very entertaining Idol week. 🙂

      • yeah,i really appreciate how james durbin managed the competition despite of his being less capable at some aspects. He will definitely win.James and Scotty in the finale.

      • Oops! That’s hilarious. I thought I’d write my thoughts in WORD and copy/paste to this sight. Damn, foiled by spell check again.

    • I agree with your comment about James. He has been persistent from day one. (actually before day one since he's prepared himself for a couple years to audition for idol)I love the fact that he says I CAN BE the next american idol and doesn't get all cocky like other saying "I'm THE NEXT american idol" He is misunderstood by many who do not understand or are not familiar with Tourette's and Asperger's. It's a huge struggle for him but a struggle he's willing to take. I admire him for that. Not only is he exhuberant about his accomplishments and all that goes on around him. He's got an awesome spirit that makes us all want to strive and pursue our dreams. He's such a great inspiration. He's got a keen musical sense. A 6th sense if you will. I believe he will go very far. The more he's exposed to, the more he's taught. I bet we'll be amazed with him in years to come. Do vote for DURBIN with all your heart. After all, he comes out on stage and sings with all his heart for us, for his family and to follow his dreams. My heart bursts with pride and such joy watching him on the stage. I can NEVER have enough of him. Too bad we can't scream ENCORE! on Idol.

      • Im sick of the screaming!!!!! And i dont care if he has a medical problem as long as he can sing.

      • Steven Tyler used to be able to scream like James. I wonder how that worked out for him?

  43. Lauren all the way XD , step up your game and show them that you are unstoppable , !!!!!!

  44. Scotty continues to amaze us! His voice is so pure and he is very sincere. He is a class act! Go Scotty!!!

  45. Last two standing now that Pia's not in it anymore will be I believe Scotty and James. Casey will be I believe in the top 3. Hailey and Lauren will be in the top 5 I believe. That's what I believe, though it might not play out that way, since I thought Pia would go to the top 3.

  46. from Colombia me and my daughter follow American Idol and we really like Lauren 🙂

  47. My favorite singer Pia Toscano, the Best American Idol contestant since the inception of American Idol ten years ago, got booted. She deserved the crown more than anyone I know. I am so upset!

    • Whatever, she never did anything different thats y no one voted. Same old same old, boring.

  48. Why does everyone refer to Scotty as a one trick pony?? He is a country singer period, and is smart enough to realize it!!! He'll be laughing all the way to the country bank…win or lose

  49. Pia sing good sound and her activities 's really attractive more audience, and I didn't think she failed last week. I hope that she will return this week. However, I wonder why she fail? I'm really shock when i heard the result, may be unfair.

  50. I would be willing to bet about a million Can$$ that either Casey or Paul will sing "Somewhere Over The Rainbow",with ukulele.

    …at least,I sure hope so!

  51. Scotty would make a great idol, he has charisma, can turn any kind of song into country and makes it his own. He's charming and the girls love him……….yet he exuberates innocence.

  52. Scotty is by far the most awesome for all ages … young or old.

    keep it up, Scotty.

    we are waiting to buy your CDs.

  53. I think Stefano needs to have something done to cover up the scar in his scalp… mabe something as simple as colored spray. It is very distracting. It sometimes is the small things that make a difference. Home someone will see this post and do something about it befor next week.

  54. omg! while i'm still trying to get over the fact that scotty is still in the running, i just can't believe that he's got the support of a big chunk of america! come on!!! when i first saw him, w a paul e neuman face n weird voice, not to mention he looks like he's living in the 50's.. i was so certain he'd end up in the Idol Hall of Fame but look at him now??!!!! what a big joke AI has turned out to be lols

    the only 3 contestants i will support now is james, scotty n lauren.. pls vote for them 🙂

    • oopsss what was i thinking about?? certainly NOT scotty!! 😛

      go for james, stefano n lauren, America!!

    • I can understand those grannies love his 50's singing style, which perhaps brought back loads of memories….but couldn't figure out why those teen girls are carzy for him as he just look so ordinary!

      • sorry i do think he's even worse than the regular guy.. no fashion sense. honestly, i don't get it he's nvr been in the bottom 3

    • monic I think you mean Alfred E. Neumann – Paul Newman is the actor with the bright blue eyes! If he had been able to sing, HE would have been an American Idol winner – just as he's been an film idol!

  55. I am from CAMBODIA, I and my husband follow American Idol every week ,and we really I love Scotty's voice. His voice very pure. Also he is charming(:-).

    I love Hally's voice too, he is much improved, and has different style, I feel happy with her.

    I love Jam and Stephano too. However, Stephono, be more self confident during on the stage. Your voice is very good too. I love American Idol (:-)

  56. Hola, soy del PERÚ me gusta mucho la voz de Scotty espero que gane AI votando por SCOTTY!!!

  57. Well executive producer Nigel Lythgoe is quoted as saying top 5 will be Casey, Scotty, James, Jacob and Lauren, so tough luck on Paul, Haley and Stefano – check out uk Daily Mail for full story, quite shocked to read it !!!

    • I almost agree with that top 5 but personally I'd rather see Haley in the top 5 instead of Jacob. I afraid the girls will continue to get voted off though. 🙁

  58. I like Jacob and James for the final. This week elimination will see Haley or Paul.

  59. Jacob has a beautiful voice but not for American Idol-Paul is unique-love his voice and smile! James was my fav but he is getting a bit over confident not. Casey is great-but not a winner. What is going on with the girls-Haley and Lauren are both great – come on we need female singers too. Love country so I like he country singer but not for a winner I don't think. These kids are all amazing in their own way of course and it is going to be a hard call but hey we never know what will happen-aylor Swift just won singer of the year on the country awards and that is just wrong!

  60. I have been watching the show all along but my computer crashed and I could not participate at this site. I am shocked that Scotty is such a favorite. Without knowing what AI peers were thinking, I would have bet that Pia, James and Jacob were the top three choices. With regard to the actual voting on AI (versus here) I would agree with Steven Tyler that young girls hitting redial are controlling the outcome of the show. Whether it is because they are jealous or because they are enarmored with the males I don't know. Maybe it's both? I guess I am clueless with regard to who will win since my choices are not consistent with what is actually happening. In the end, Pia will likely be the most successful. She has the most potential for celebrity. Jacob will do well, also. Even James might suprise a few and release a killer CD. Only time will tell.

    • Wanda, I agree with your thinking and your choices but you forgot to mention how remarkable it is that Paul is still in the competition when he has such a mousy voice. He couldn't even produce sound at the end of his last song! So this show is not about voice quality at all. It is about tweeny appeal.

  61. I love Scotty. He is true great singer. And he is country.

    James D. is great also and he is more rock and roll type.

    I love Haley , she is unique and enjoy her voice. Lauren is great too.

    Don't much care for Jacob, sorry, i don't think i would buy his music. It

    is not to my taste.

    I am not sorry to see Pia go. She sounded the same every time she sang, and didn't think she was that unique. I got bored listening to her. And i think lot of American felt the same. There are lot of singer who posses her voice.

    At the end Scotty and James are going to be in the final. They are both winners, one country and the other rock and roll.

    #1 Scotty

    #2 James

    #3 Haley

    #4 Elaina

    #5 Casey.

    They should be top 5 idols.

  62. ref pia she should of not the judges should not saved casey when they did

    regards grant

    down under

  63. i was shocked whem i heard pia was eliminated i wish her well

    regards grant down under i also wish they would bring an american idol tour down under with thsi group of talented people and past ameriacn idol winners like carrie underwood and etc

    • Cheaper for you to come here than to fly all of them down there. Come on up, we love you guys. Cheers!

  64. have Scotty sign TOMORRROW by Chris Young.

    It will showcase his flavor & endear himself to all of the girls & women.

    Who knows, it could put in the top 3.

    • Anything by Chris Young would be good. He'd never do it, but I'd love for him to do "White Lightening Hit The Family Tree".

  65. This is the order ofmy favorite singer to least in the top 8.

    1. Lauren

    2. James

    3. Scotty.

    4. Haley

    5. casey

    6. Stefano

    7. Paul.

    8. Jacob!… HE NEEDS TO GO!

  66. "Paul McDonald – 5% (down from 2% previous week)"

    something's obviously wrong here. From 2%, he went down to 5%? Please change.

  67. I don´t know what everybody see on Stefano. He is an average singer he is not a good performer. In his last performance "When a men loves a woman" he can´t hit the big notes, he continue singing with her eyes closed and I don´t think his songs arrangments are good enough.

    The most shocking for me the last week was see him to have more votes tha Pia, incredible.

    Vote for Haley and James amazing and versatile singers.

    • yandrie??SHUT UP!!who gives you the right to tell us whom to like?if i know youre juz jealous..i doubt youre a girl..trappd in a mans body LOL!!

  68. Randy Jackson

    its true that its takes one to know one but not in amercian idol not jacob eow!!!!! @@@@

  69. all the good ones have already been sent home.. weird season..the judges must be doing a poor job influencing the viewers who to vote..Let's bring back Simon Cowell!

  70. I got this Power List from somewhere and I think it makes a lot of sense but I'm sure that some of you will disagree with the bottom positions. I've watching his posts and he even predicted that Pia will go. So let's take a look:

    1. James Durbin

    2. Scotty McCreery

    3. Lauren Alaina

    4. Paul McDonald

    5. Casey Abrams

    6. Jacob Lusk

    7. Stefano Langone

    8. Haley Reinhart

    • excuse me? what planet did you get this list from? come on, what nonsense!

      this is the true list:

      1. Haley Reinhart

      2. Lauren Alaina

      3. Scotty McCreery

      4. James Durbin

      5. Casey Abrams

      6. Paul McDonald

      7. Stefano Langone

      8. Jacob Lusk

      • No way. Here is the list.

        1. Scotty McCreery

        2. Lauren Alaina

        3. James Durbin

        4. Haley Reinhart

        5. Paul McDonald

        6. Casey Abrams

        7. Stefano Langone

        8. Jacob Lusk

  71. i Love country music and i believe that Lauren Alina is going to be the 2011 american idol. and Scotty Mccreey is going to be the runner up. I feel that paul jacob and casey haley and james and especially stefano all have to go.

  72. With Pia gone, there is only second-rate talent left. Whoever wins this year will flop. The best thing to happen to Pia was to be unjustly eliminated early. Everyone knows Pia was eliminated by the flawed voting system. Everyone knows Pia was the best singer in the competition. After the public outcry, now American Idol is considering changing the voting system for next season. Pia is going to sign a record deal. Pia was on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Pia was also on MTV. Pia got what she wanted out of American Idol. Sometimes better things happen when something bad happens. I hope Pia laughs all the way to the bank.

  73. Scotty your #1 and I don't care what other people say. If you don't end up on top then there is surely something wrong with the judges picks. YOU GO SCOTTY !!!!!!!!! Yea

  74. I love Stefano, I think that he¨s an amazing singer and I hope you win because you deserve that and more…

    • I can see that stefano will be in the final. American idol material not only america but for the whole world.. People appreciate his voice unlike country style..

  75. I am so glad Pia is gone im sick of her same Ballads, they were gitting annoying. She cant do anything different. And y was everyone so shocked, geez. It wasnt that obvious.

  76. Please dont vote for Paul you can barely hear him which isnt a bad thing because he is terrible and why is he still here? At what point will Jacob cry durring his song it has gotten way old be a real man and use the voice god gave you. When will Haleys over done growling finally stop I cant take any more fake sound some what like some one else. Scotty you can sing but try some thing besides country we have all heard you sing and want more. Stefano you are only there because of all of the tweens votes your not that tallented you are pitchy and off key and take over half the song just to get going. Casey you should of gone home when you were voted off, the judges wasted the save on you, Lauren you can sing but you are not the next American idol, James you got the tallent stick to rock and roll it is what you are a hard core rocker.

  77. why is everyone so crazy about Scotty? i cant stand him. i actually switch the channel as soon as he is about to start singing. whats wrong with all you voters?

    • Correct.. I dont know they like scotty. For me its boring.. Not for international carreer..

  78. First of all… PAUL HAS GOT TO GO!!!! He's terrible Lauren.. she's good, but not the next american idol either. Casey is alright…. he should pursue his instruments instead of his voice though. James is okay, but just another Adam Lamburt, SORRY! Scotty is so damn talented. Josh Turner better watch out! So young., and getting better everyday. Jacob definitely has the gift of singing. He is very talented. Stefano…. alright, but of course is still here because his looks. It's about his time to go. Haley is great! Awesome personality, stage presence, she just rocks it. Her voice is unique. Original. I'll probably make a bunch of people mad, but I was glad to see Pia go. I'm sick of the same damn stuff. She can sing hella good, but it was boring and not American idol material. She'll be putting out singles i'm sure, but she just did NOT wow me like I guess she did everyone else…. even though she didn't get enough votes from all these people that love her? You lose, YOU LOSE!

  79. They all deserve to be in the top 8. Casey rocks and I always love it when he sings. He makes me happy. Haley is also great. Her voice is very powerful. She's also very pretty. Scotty is a very good singer and that's why he always has the most votes. But my opinion is that he should try something else aside from country singing and take risks. Lauren is also great and I remember carrie underwood, kellie pickler and kelly clarkson from her. Stefano is just okay. Sometimes, I like what he sings. But sometimes, he bores me. He's kind of cute though. James can sing but I don't like him screaming so much. He is just like an Adam Lambert duplicate. As for Jacob, I liked him last week, for the first time but didn't like his statement of the reason if he'll land in the bottom 3. I hope he does go home this week. He's very dramatic though talented, I just don't like the sound of his voice. Paul sings very soft, I can't understand most of the lyrics. He's got the looks but moves awkwardly. I think he won't stay for long.

  80. I see no one can respond to my comment U all have a deaf ear. Listen to Jacob versatility i his voice.

  81. Pia is below Celeste Dion and above everyone else on american Idle. I'm sure shd's glad she's gone. Seen her on Dancing with stars. She already has a future. that's more than I can say about most still on the show. Durbin is great and is pitch perfect like Pia. Don't be surpeized if it's goes county. There's millions of country and small town folks in America and around the world that like it

  82. Scotty we love every performance now and forever. To sit and watch and listen to this young man is so entertaining such a pleasure. Scotty McCreery American Idol for 2011.

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