American Idol 2011: No Worries For Pia Toscano – More Contract Rumor Updates

Eliminated American Idol 2011 contestant Pia Toscano is going to be just fine.  According to multiple sources, Pia is in talks with Interscope Records about signing a contract however this has not yet been confirmed.  Pia did say in a recent interview, “I’m looking forward to any opportunities that are to come but I’m really just focused on the [upcoming ‘Idol’] tour right now and getting some much needed rest that I haven’t gotten.”  She went on to list several producers she would like to work with including Rodney Jenkins, Harvey Mason Jr. and Ron Fair. 

Personally I think a deal has been reached for the best technical singer we had in the competition and I’m hoping we will hear an announcement soon.  She has mentioned looking up to Alicia Keyes and Christina Aguilera and would love to collaborate with either them and even sing a duet with Idol’s Jennifer Lopez. 

In other Pia news, she has been seen about Los Angeles with Dancing With Stars Pro, Mark Ballas.  When questioned by reporters on how they met, Mark wasn’t very forthcoming and just said “around” but since DWTS and American Idol are filmed right next door to each other it isn’t too hard to think they could have just bumped into each other.  Mark went on to say about his new friend, ”She is an amazing talent and this is probably going to turn out good for her. I think she’s going to be all right. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel and she’s got a ridiculously amazing voice and I think she’ll be fine.”

I agree with Mark, Pia has a gift and getting voted off Idol could be the best thing that’s ever happened to her.  We’ll have to wait and see. What do you think?

Update: Interscope might want to get a Pia single or even album out there as fast as possible, but according to PopEater, there’s no chance that American Idol producers will let that happen.

“No way do the producers want a contestant who was kicked off having a hit record when the winner hasn’t even been announced yet,” another ‘Idol’ insider tells me. “The first hit song has always been from the winner and this year will be no different.”

That makes sense to me. It would definitely undercut the eventual winner to have Pia put out a song at this point. Suddenly this competition would turn in to American “who can get to the Top 13 and then get eliminated first so he/she can put out a single” Idol. There’s just no way FOX can fit all that into a title screen.

Meanwhile, you can check out Pia’s appearance from this morning on The Today Show in the video below where she deflects questions about a potential contract and even whether or not she has a favorite in the remaining Top 8.




  1. Pia had the perfect package for being the winner.

    Firstly she can sing, stunning looking and looked every inch like a idol. How could America have voted her out. I am so disappointed that we will not see her on Idols.

    • Yes, I totally agree with Kat and everyone else. Pia should hv been tillthe end and 200% sure that she shouldhave been this year's winner. Except a couple of contestants, the rest does not have thepackage to be the American Idol.. Still can't believe that PIA is out of the contest, I am sure there is something to it, something was done for her to be out…which we would not know. Idon;t feel lioke watching the show knowing that PIA is no more… she has the stage presence, beautiful, charming, lovely voice, sings effortlessly! Good luck to her….

      • I am so disappointed in idol this year that i don't think i'll watch any more from this season. I think that when you get down to the final 10 it should be the judges decision because apparently america got it wrong this year by voting Pia off. Also, i think they should have an extra save to use in the final 10 so things like this don't happen again.

    • your right kat pia was so good i love her,iwas shoked,i dont believe til now that she is out,but i believe she will make it

      • I could not belive pia was voted out she was so good.the best I know she will make it big someday soon




      I THINK THE INEXPERIENCE OF THE JUDGES ( EXCLUDING RANDY) made them use their veto too quickly when they saved whatever his name ….. they should have waited longer to save a contestant that was really worth it.

      The producer has to find a way to change the voting system….. I don't agree that saving a contestant should be totally based on viewer voting. A certain percentage of these votes should be considered / a percentage should be given by the judges who are the most knowledgeable as to real talent.I don't know how they would work this out…. BUT THEY HAVE TO FIND A WAY.



  2. IMHO All of this "talk" about a deal for Pia is just more damage control. Interscope/Jimmy Iovine is part of the Idol cartel, and putting out a blips about a CD is to shut the whiners up without damaging the brand.

    • @ Templar…probably right. I read somewhere that this is a 7 year contract….not sure if she would want to lock herself in for so long. In any event…I agree, Ashli Rae…she wiull do just fine…just hope she can get "out of her head" as she has been quoted…and learn to have some stage presence. JMO James to win 🙂

  3. @Wish Pia the best of luck with whatever path she chooses. I can't wait to see Naima on tour, it was good for her to get voted off, the exposure on AI gave her the opportunity to get notice, and now she can get some help with her vocals and put it together with the dancing!!! Naima keep owning that stage, you'll make it happen for yourself girl!!!

  4. I think no need to question why America doesn't like her coz every body have a right to choose, if we always ask why why why just because not match with our prediction, people can question too why Obama could be a president

    • But I am happy she'll get the contract, and for this AI 10 I hope Scotty can make it

  5. I have now seen Pia on a few talk shows and she has a lot of class for such a young girl….I know she will do fine. She was not my favorite (I did expect her to be in the Top 3)but I always said I would buy her CD but I would only pay to see James in Concert……James for the win…we need a rocker to win and James is the whole package…

    • Yeah Phy..I think she's very elegant instead of "wooden" as those haters labelled her. She behaves like a true lady which is rare to find on someone as young as her (22??)these days. I guess she'll improve her dancing & performance dramatically….since she's dating Mark, the DWTS expert….lol!

      • Btw, the only concert I went (amongst of AI contestants)& CD I brought so far is from Adam Lambert!

  6. i do not know what happened butit is wrong, america could not have done something sooo stupid, she should be the winner, there is no way the votes are legitimate. why don't the judges get another save, they saved Casey and they should be bringing Pia back, i don't even care to watch this anymore, they screwed it up when rubin won over clay and now Pia, wrong wrong wrong

    • I have to agree with this I think that what shoud of happened is instead of them saving Casey they should have saved the save mode for Pia because the tv audience was shocked on Thursday night when they anounced who was getting voted off. Even I was shocked to hear

  7. Look at the former shows! When Pia was interviewed off-stage after each song she sang, she always said "If America brings me back, I will show them that I can do this or I can do that, I will bring it, blah blah blah" ALL of the OTHER contestants were bringing it each week, each song. Pia, sorry but America got tired of waiting, so your finale came! Plain and simple, if you were saving it all for the big finale…guess what…your finale CAME!! If you want a hit record BRING IT TO THE STUDIO, you sure didn't bring it to IDOL…boring, boring, boring!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pia is not for everyone. She is talented but her music does not appeal to all and she had very bad song choices. Everyone does not like adult contemporary music. I agree that she was boring on the show but I wish her good luck.

      • Sarah, You are nuts to say this….. Pia is the most talented and the best of the best from that lot! Anyways, she got a better deal than AI! then we must say most of others are horrible, screaching… especially the Afro Amercian contestant….

      • I totally agree with Theresa and Serah… What's all the fuss?? Alot of the people talking on here did't vote for her did they? it's just easier to blame someone else… Pia was boring to me, she kept choosing safe songs n refused to step out of the box even a little bit… I wish her the best in the future but can we move past dis already???

        I also know that wen her single comes out, all those screaming blue murder will not even buy her CD… Give it a rest lets enjoy the rest of the show!!!!

    • SO TRUE I am sick of hearing the whines about her-She was not the best that has been around AI Let it go-She would not have won anyway-To boriung all songs sound the same Buy her albulm do whatever but shut up about her

  8. Pia your the winner in my eyes. I am just waiting for your album. I have forgotten the rest already.Pia don't jump around the stage, that would be wrong for you. Just that voice is all I want to see and hear.Nothing boring about a Beautiful girl with a voice to die for.

    • I guess she'll learn a step or 2….since she's dating Mark….& soon will become a "complete" package!!

  9. well she was to good for American idol and i believe it was destined to have her leave and be the biggest star.she doesn't need anyone else to sing with she is fantastic alone and a new star is born named Pia.the best of the American idol ever.god wanted better things for us American idol to me is just a amateur and now she will be famous more than anyone else on that many people adored her and i still think someone miscounted or just was to jealous .Pia see you in tv movies.go girl

  10. I would love to hear her sing with Jennifer Lopez — WOW — would good duet. And yes, she will do great and her future is looking up for sure. And as far as the people that did not vote for her stating the reason is she did not move around. That is just crazy because there is young lady that won AI, and she did not have the whole package, as people are saying and seem to forget, that this young lady won American Idol.

    Good luck to Pia. I will miss hearing her sing but look forward to buying her CD when it comes out.

    • I would prefer she sings acoustic songs (i.e. If I had you or mad world etc.) with Adam Lambert, as both got perfect vocal…yummy!

  11. I am a Scotty fan. So, when are they going to ask all of the contestants to sing Country. Scotty needs a fair chance to Really Shine in his special groove. Geaux Scotty!!

      • Yes! And all his songs sound the same! And some think Pia is boring?! And what's up with holding the microphone like that-very femmy! Yuk…

      • Love Scotty he can hold the mic anyway he wishes he still sings great and has the best stage presence of any of them AND he'll win it

      • SCOTTY BORING!!!


      • @Ninny You should have sich a talent. YOU DONT LIKE THE WAY HE HOLDS A MIKE? Aint that a shame. No matter he will be NUMBER ONE

    • I agree with Mary…Scotty has had to sing other genres that aren't his specialty so why not put Paul or James etc into Country???

  12. pia is the best.the voice,the elegance,presence,the beauty…

    american idol is finished for me

    • I can't seem to find a proper place to say doesn't involve Pia, so don't think this the right spot for it, but here goes.. WHY? I'm wondering, do we have to hear "Over the Rainbow" once at the very least, every single solitary year on AI? It's a good song & all, but the spin put on it (screams, raps, blues, gospel etc…give me a break…no way would the composer want to hear any of these….IMHO)

      • pia the winner american idol im threw with you.and simon im watching you .Go james you inspire me and if you dont win something is seriously wrong you are a gift from god

  13. i am a south african viewer who watches religiously every sunday , and i was totally shocked at the voting .

    for americans to vote pia off is equal to voting president obama off to bring in the klu klux klan !!

    what is the american public thinking ???? shocking decision , shocking !!!

    • Part of the great thing about living in the U.S. is freedom, to each his or her own. It was shocking for Pia to be voted off, but life goes on. I have heard a lot of talk about changing the voting system for Idol. I do not agree with this, because the show was founded on popular vote. It's not really fair to the fans of the other contestants, they are people too and just as important as Pia.

  14. First Chris Medina, not Pia.

    They're snatching the most marketable talent off the show, even if it means discrediting their own brand name. Proof the record industry is in trouble.

    • I think you might be on to something,and i bet stephano is next.From the start I picked Pia as the most potential girl,and Stephano as the guy….this happens almost every year.

  15. I would not buy her CD. Obviously, she did not appeal to alot of people since she got the least votes last week.

    • Speaking for yourself!! Haters of course won't buy anything from someone who hates, what's new??…..just like I won't & never will buy any cd or attend any concert by Scotty!!

      • OHH And just to let u know I wasnt voting for either of em and I have an opinion on it

      • seaweed…I guess you're just another shallow teenie bopper (it's worst if you're not!). So your mommy locked your mobile during the voting night??…lol!



      • Since this person can't even locate the caps lock, they seem an unlikely choice as a music critic.

    • yeah I bet she'll be in line at a concert Give it up Pia isnt going to have any concert You Pia fans are only acting like big babys over this crap She isnt going to do anything

  17. We have to remember how simon described what this competition was about at the start of season one. American Idol=pop culture,singing talent,having the look,and the presence that goes with being a pop star,etc.And every year there is 2,3,or 4 that get the boot way before they should. Maybe the judges should pick the bottom 3 and the public vote on that?

  18. We first saw it when Adam Lambert lost to what's his name. We saw it again last year when Crystal Bowersox was edged out by who was it? Three strikes and American Idol is out. This time the best talent once again will not be the Idol because it is not a real talent contest, just a popularity contest. After many years I finally get it. I have better things to do with my time than waste it on this shame of a program. Goodbye AI.

    • It is a T.V. show! Ya know, T.V., right?? Ratings, money, talent. Talent comes last!! You are on a computer, you are on a tech device? Voting in this T.V. show, is pretty much, silly. Go Jacob!

      • And the important thing for the contestants is national exposure and the $$$ for doing the tour. It isn't just winning.

    • I do not agree that Pia was 'the most talented'. Don't get me wrong, she was good, beautiful voice but the expression of her music was definitely subpar. And it first happened in s3 when Jennifer Hudson was voted off and then again in season 5 when Daughtry was by far more robbed than Pia was. Season 7 we lost Michael Johns far too early but this is more what happened to Pia. That year had some amazing competition just like this year. What happened to Adam was he didn't quite connect with the mainstream, but I think he's better off not winning anyway. Not even gonna touch Lee DeWyze, he should never have been in the top 40.

  19. Last week you were slamming Pia now you are praising her for what she is doing and wishing her well, how 2 faced you are!

  20. I would have thought that scotty would have sung something from like Oklahoma which would have appealed to the adults more as they would have been the ones watching as well.

    With so many movie themes to choose from I would have thought they could have chosen a better range then they did, I mean to say will Haley's growling voice something from Cat's would have been up her alley she deserves to go this week and I will not be sorry!!!

  21. Actually, they should let her release at least a song if not an album. Why? Because of AI's stupid, insane mass texting voting mess that caused Pia to get her time on AI cut short by musically illiterate, boy-crushing little girls with cell phones. That would be fair.

  22. she was eliminated? so what? I dont remember the name of the guy who beat Adam Lambert. Winning isnt the point anymore…

  23. wow pia´s voice is incredible. I was surprise when I heard Ryan says pia does´nt continue in the competition, because she sings better than others are there,like lauren or paul, I really ca´nt believe it, but all things happens for something, cheer up PIA

    • Pia is the real American Idol, I am from Samoa watching this American idol, I was very shock about the result, I agree with everybody, she is a perfect singer, you vote out but you still shine as a Real artist I was melted when hearing Pias voice.. Of course Angeles is right Pias voice is incredible. Dont give up.. Press on babe..

  24. she's overrated.. she needs to work on her sharpness.. she's glued on the stage.. no appeal..

    • What does "glued on the stage" and "sharpness" have to do with a singing competition.

      She sings in key, hits all the right notes, has range, and is a naturally gifted singer.

      Comments like this make me wonder if more people are looking for the next Britney Spears (an entertainer) and not the best vocalist.

  25. Honestly, I think there might have been something wrong with the phone lines Wednesday night. I tried to vote for Pia three times and couldn't get through!

    • That is because, it is called tech! Pia is not so great. Pretty, yes, nice voice, yes. Our judges, blew the save, on a sickly, curly, haired guy? There is nothing wrong with the phone lines. It is called "tech" and money. It is all ones and zeroes. Really? Get on board. Pia will be fine!! e

    • I've read a lot about the voting, and it is normal to experience a busy signal when calling into American Idol to vote. Even for a very popular contestant. The majority of votes are coming from text messages where you can vote 5,000 times, or from the internet.

      Bottom line, calling just doesn't keep anyone on the show. They have to get their votes from tech savvy individuals. More than likely from people under the age of 18.

      Sorry, but your single phone call just doesn't compare to hundreds or thousands of votes from someone else.

  26. As much as technically skilled singer Pia is (and very gorgeous), I will not buy an album from her, because honestly, she's a cookie cutter-type singer in the mold of many amazing divas (specially Celine Dion). There's nothing new and refreshing to hear when she sings, its just the same old sound.. But I cannot deny she's going to be very successful in the music industry.

  27. the time pia was voted out i dont feel like watching american idol is not there so whats the use of watching, thats why only one came up with the grammy award. What happened to america's finest idol!

  28. These shows are big business and cost a lot to put on. People will buy the winner's CD because they won this earns the show money. The best singers dont have to win to do the same. So the show can afford to shed one of the best singers, Pia was that night, and still earn money. A side effect is it encourages people to ring in lest the same fate happens to their favourite. The shed artist will get snapped up by a recording studio. Everyone wins. Is there an independent voting adjudicator on these shows ?

    • Personally, I probably wouldn't buy a cd from any of the guys. Scotty is a big Country singer, and I'm not a Country fan. James is closer to what I like, but he would probably be better suited as part of a band. Jacob, Casey and Stefano also don't do anything for me. Paul at least has a little redeeming value with his smile and dancing skills.

      So, I am with a lot of the others that have said they will not longer watch AI this season. I tend to like female singers more than the guys, and the there aren't many gals left.

  29. Pia was a great singer but failed to connect to us the audience like Haley has and i really hope everyone will support Haley the way they wanted Pia so the same doesnt happen to her! Just really listen & watch the way that Haley is an Artist foremost and hopefully the next American Idol but knowing how the public is i doubt if they will keep her for much longer but please everyone VOTE FOR HALEY!

    • She was one of the only singers that I connected with. If you expected a dance number, she didn't connect, but as a pure singer I loved her vocals.

  30. Isn't this "Dancing" start the same Idiot that went to Alaska with Bristol Palin???

    When is the news about Pia going to STOP – I mean really!

    There are so many talented singers left in AI10 and they all deserve our attention!

  31. well I am extremely disappointed in American Idol this year I can not believe that Pia was voted off she was the best female vocalist on the show so I am through with watching American idol any more this year it is a waste of time.

  32. Personally, I am getting tired hearing about poor Pia. She really int impress me all that much. Where were all her followers that night? We voted like we wanted to. This is not a beauty contest, but talent. The judges are terrible. give me Simon, who tells the truth whether it hurts or not.J LO TALKS TO MUCH. She is boring and steven, please go home.

  33. Personally i agree with gloria. american idol should really get new judges, but you wrong on Pia. she was the best girl to ever perform on the idols stage. its a shame that she didnt get enough votes. and anyway when ryan anounched that stafano was staying i was shocked. even he relised that Pia deserved to stay.

  34. Pia had alot of talent for all of you saying your not going to watch anymore its not AI fault for the results it is the fans.She will be fine.i agree that there are more talent left but paul should be gone not her.

  35. I don't think Idol is preventing Pia from getting a contract and a potential hit single, as the interview of Ryan with Randy reveals that Jimmy [Iovine's] already going to make a record with Pia at Interscope

  36. Pia you are a great singer and you sang from the heart. You gave it all you had and the best is yet to come. Believe and just remember things happen for a reason. Good luck with your singing career!

  37. I absolutely loved listening to her sing…Definitely want to buy all her cds when they come out…I was shocked beyond belief when she was eliminated from AmerIdol…but she will become a big-time celebrity and for that I am happy for her…

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