American Idol 2011 Top 8 Weekend Update

Is it possible for the Top 8 Week to be any more exciting than American Idol’s Top 9? It’s gonna be tough, but I can’t wait to see what happens next. After Pia Toscano’s shocker elimination on Thursday the Idolverse has been alive with conspiracies and allegations, but there’s no turning back so let’s see what’s coming up next as we press on toward the season finale.

The 2011 Top 8 finalists will return to the stage on Wednesday and perform songs from cinema. Well that’s pretty wide open! Then on Thursday night, along with the results reveal, we’ll get performances from Rihanna and Kelly Clarkson dueting “Don’t You Wanna Stay” with Jason Aldean.

Also on Wednesday this week (April 13th) there will be a special benefit concert for Juliana Ramos, fiancee of former Idol contestant Chris Medina, at 3359 W 115th Street in Merrionette Park, Illinois (Map). The concert will feature 5 of the top 40 Idol contestants: Caleb Hawley, Carson Higgins, Jerome Bell, Ta-Tynisa Wilson, and ChrisMedina. Each former Idol hopeful will be performing a few original songs along with some group numbers. Doors open at 5PM with former contestants performing after 8PM.

In other reality TV news, So You Think You Can Dance just wrapped up their first day on the new season which premieres May 26th, the day after the Idol finale.

Let’s great ready for another awesome week on American Idol. Are you ready?




  1. Putting together my list of songs from the movies I'd like to hear them sing. Will post it later. Right now I'm late for target practice at church.

    • @ Templar. Interesting oxymoron…target practice at Church…never heard that one before~!! I would not begin to even speculate what movies thay will choose…so many. Have fun with your list. James for the win…jmho…

      • I'm with you Rose !!!!! vote like there is no tomorrow for , JAMES. I love James Durbin, He is the DARK HORSE moving up. JUST KEEP WATCHING.

      • Hopefully if things keep going this way Scotty will win the whole thing-he is by far one of the best.

        James to much screaming- Who cares he has a handicap??

        Haley- Only certain songs fit her

        Jacob- Cant even understand him and I only get a kick out of the misery faces he makes like trying to push a big turd out

        Casey-Not my type music-snoozeeeeeeeeee- Attention lover ya think HELP- I cant breath!!!!

        Lauren-She would do in second maybe-Shes grown on me

        Paul-I wont even say- Worse American Idol I have ever seen go this far along

        Stefano-Hes not bad I dont know why eeryone is saying he should be next to go- get real- PAUL is still there ya know—–

        Scotty- Always sounded great, and is the best stage performer and voice performance hands down.

      • Ruffles, I can't believe you just said that ! How horrible. You don't care for him because he is handicapped. I HOPE HE MAKES IT TO THE FINALE AND SHOWS YOU. I would love to say so much more to you , but I'm speechless !!!!!

  2. While it is fun to guess at what movie songs these top 8 will sing, it is good to remember that of the thousands of song they are limited to i believe 25 or 50 song choices My guess they are going to be the cheapest royalty cost songs. But this group is very talented and should be able to pull of almost any song.

    • I am soooooo blown away with this year.I have my top as Haley,Lauren,James and Casey.But,Scotty is unreal with country,(He can just move to Nashville and be a big country star.Paul has such a unique star quality,voice so great,and diff.Stephano,nice tone,but not same caliber(Talent is unreal.)I feel like Stepano could have been in top 5 other years,but talent is best in all seasons this year.Jacob is super talented too.)

      • no seriously if stefano can deliver those performances like i need you know and if you dont know me by know he could actually take it, u can never jugde, nobody thoght pia was going home but she did :/

  3. glad to hear your getting some good performers on Thursday's night elimation. Would love to see adam lambert back on again, as many times as possible

    • Love Adam Lambert.Will never believe he didn't win-no one like him.But,he has gone on much more successful too.Chris Allen who?

      • Adam Lambert was a good singer and sould have won. At the beginning of American Idol they show all the pictures of the previous winners. Why is Adam Lamberts picture there when he didn't when?.

    • @ lb I agree…Adam can come back as many times as he wants.

      @ Bev…Yea James…he has had my vote from day1…Scotty is a great country singer…I am sure there is a contract waiting for him. Looking forward to hearing and seeing the performances this week. 🙂

      • Yes, I'm glad we can finally agree on something Rose 😛 I never get tired of watching Adam perform. Also, the reason why no one hear's anything about Kris Allen is because he's doing Christian Rock which only a select group of people actually listen to.

        And YES good performers, finally. That's cool they are doing a concert for Christ Medina's wife. I liked Chris but agreed he wasn't for the top 40. The only one from that group I'd want to hear though is Carson Higgons, he was just fun to watch.

      • Hi Rose A. 100% ADAM can come back as many times as he wants! I would sure like to see him in concert. Our friend Phyllis G. whom I can't ever find either due to all of these message boards constantly changing and bopping all over the place. LOL. Rose how did you like Scotty's rendition of ELVIS Thats alright Moma? I loved it!! Kris Allen lives down here where I live David. And they play him on 98.5 some. But , yes he does mostly Christian songs.Oh and by the way I am sure you already know this! Pia Toscano was signed to a deal by that lively( spelling? ) the nice guy in the baseball hat who is a producer and is helping the contestants in the back. Rose my dear friend if some of this spelling is off Please excuse. I am tired as a wet dog. Hugs to you and Phyllis G. I miss talking to both of you!!! I just cant keep track of where you are at on which board. Hugs to both you and Phyllis G. It is getting close Rose!! Who do you think is going to win??? My husband had Pia ~LOL and James. I have James first of course and Casey. good night Rose. Luv you and Phyllis! Sherry K 🙂 🙂

    • lb….Could not get enough of Adam……I saw him perform and he is worth every penny!!!!!

      My money is on James. Win or Lose I'll pay to see him perform!!!!!

    • He IS amazing.I find it very hard to list my order.This is one year that any winner will be super talented,and other than one,has star quality.

      • I'm so glad you like Jacob also….he gets so many negative comments. I think he's a wonderful singer! Go Jacob.

      • I too really like Jacob. He is raw pure talent. I hate to keep reminding people but almost 1.6 million views are not a mistake, with very few negatives. For me it is Jacob all the way!!

      • Jacob is an arrogant person with the "mirror" remarks thing. If anyone still likes him after that, i guess i will understand because they might probably did not get it.

    • Amen, David. Last week's show was ludicrous.

      8 singers tried to sing the blues and failed miserably.

      • Yes their selection of Elton John's songs and the Blues were very bad. I hope that they get a much better selection.

      • I am wondering if you are not a week late here…last week was Rock and Roll. The week before was Elton John.. and before that it was Motown. 🙂

  4. The final eight are all wonderful to hear/watch perform. My favorites are Lauren & Scotty. I would love to see them in the finale & I don't really care which of them wins.

  5. Scotty's in it to win it! Going with the movie theme he has a shot at doing Johnny Cash from "Walk the Line" or numerous Elvis movies. Also the tracks from Pure Country by George Strait or some classics from Urban Cowboy

    • you are right Rich. Rckers and rappers dont last long, Scotty has never been in the bottom 3. Ryan Seacrest is trying to raise the audence by having James cry and then little girls rush the stage

      • @ J9. As I recall…little girls "rushed the stage" for Scotty…NOT James. And, yes, James had tears in his eyes due to the emotional connection of the song to his family. Go James~!!! 🙂

      • James cried because hes a big boy baby and face it his throat was probably hurting from the screaming so he cries–WAOOOOOOOOOO

        Not gona win it so all u fans get ready to moan and groan like Pias fans

      • They werent LITTLE GIRLS– They looked to be 17 or older to me- jealous guys my goodness-

      • @j9, Yes Rose my dear friend was as well as being there. She was watching!! And so was I. The girls rushed to Scotty. I think it was the first time I saw him embarrased. Isn't that right Rose A.?

        go James 🙂 🙂 🙂 Sherry K.

      • @ Sherry K. Thank you sweet friend. Hugs to you. Not being able to get posts sent to e-mail is making responding more difficult. I miss it. James is my favorite to win…followed by Scotty and then Casey. I did have Pia as # 3 but we all see what happened. Ah well. Looking forward to this week. Finally some good guests. Hello to Phyllis G , Angela and T. James for the win…Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

      • Didnt lookm embarressed to me- Looked like he loved it and these were NOT LITTLE GIRLS—

      • Sherry & Rose A…..You guys got the smiley face down…Love it…..So good to see you both on site…..

        If J9 was watching the show he would have seen that it was Scotty and not James….

        ??????? I wonder what he was watching????

        Hugs to all the James fans out there…Vote for James he is the Man….

    • This isn't country/western show…Scotty needs to just leave and go to Nashville and do his thing. He cannot sing anything but country….yuk!


  6. no i'm not ready!!!ready for what?to hear people who can't sing?to know the only true talent is gone?i'll never watch AI again and have deleted it from my dvr.If you want what happened never to happen again, you would do the same.

    • Get over it and move on. Why try to discourage people that DON'T agree with you. There are still about 5 excellent singers left and I am looking forward to it.

      • I agree. Not watching because your favorite is eliminated is like a job, a game or anything else … Because you do not like the rules. And trying to convince other to join you, is only sad and pathetic.

    • There can be only one at the end but I think Pia should have been around longer.

      Paul, Casey and Haley are now the weakest singers but have good stage presence.

      Jacob's attitude and unwilling to change his style may hurt him.

      Scotty has a truly great voice but needs polishing yet.

      Lauren need to pick better songs quickly.

      James needs some more vocal training yet but there are several rock bands looking for a strong singer like him, which are harder to find these days.

      • Pia may have 1 album then she has nothing else to sound different- May not even be enough for album It will sound like the track goes over and over and over and over and u get it—-BORINGGGGG

    • I would like to believe you that you're not gonna watch AI again. But if you really do, then you need to stop placing your hate comments and remarks here. These space are for people who would contiue to watch and will still enjoy the show…

      • @ Randi…I agree. There are still 8 very talented contestants…I will continue to watch and enjoy the show…especially if AI continues to have guests like Rhianna, Kelly Clarkson and Jason Aldean. 🙂

  7. yau must be jelousy louised i think they all have good voices it up to the voters and the judges use there safe to soon

  8. finale 8 maybe but as i see it pia is the big winner a bunch of the best producers and agents wanted her and signed her up right when she got sent home.but not really she is the next best new performer and the best of all the american idols this year.she had the voice the looks of a goddess and woman were jelious and pissed not me im thrilled may the best one win pia you were to good for american idol i new it

    • Yes and the same thing is going to happen to Jacob and Scotty rather they win or lose. Just because a lot of young people with the ability to re-dial does not equal to a true gage of enduring talent. A lot of people who vote for AI use personal opinion and not true talent to make their emotional decisions.

      • Based on previous seasons I would have to agree that the voting is not always based soley on talent. There are a few left in this competion who should have left weeks ago. The younger audience needs to stop voting because they think someone is cute or hot or dreamy LOL

    • U are so funny- The girl was not a beauty queen by no means-She was also a very boring performer-Glad shes gone More luck to her dont care what shes doing now-She aint American Idol winner so—-

      • I loved James' performance of While My Guitar Gently Weeps. You could really hear how great his voice is. I really hope he wins

  9. My favorite is Lauren I think she will win this year,so people let vote for her so it will not happen like Pia.

    • Lauren is my second favorite behind Scotty. Their duet was awesome. I am not a rock fan but James is definitely in the game and if Haley continues to get better look out.

      • hey Rich, i loved Lauren and Scotty's duet too! i'm personally rooting for James-Scotty finale.

  10. I Cant believe that the best singer that American Idols has ever had was voted out Pia was amazing.

    American Idol should do what they do in So u think u can dance where the bottom couples have a dance off and the judges decide they should do the same so that this kind of thing does not happen again

  11. I love this season! I think it has been one of the best in comparison with others previous. It so diffult to jugde them because they are giving all they had as future singers. I really like like Lauren , Nahima, Casey, Scotty, Jacobs, and James but I can say that the final will be: James and Jacobs.

    • I would be truly shocked if it was that conbination who went to the top two. My guess is it will be James and Scotty in the top two. But,if I saw Haily there, I would not be disappointed.

    • I agree that the final will be Jacob and possibly James with Scotty coming in second.

  12. I love Lauren Alaina too, but let's face it,It's not going to happen! She will probably go home in a week or two. The guys are getting all the votes.

    The same thing that happened to Pia will probably happen to Lauren and Hailey. That is why I'm not watching the show starting this coming week. I still wish them all good luck!

      • hey Rose.A

        if all the little tweenies are voting for Stefano and Paul then why were they in the bottom 3 last weekS?!!!!

        so doNt say thaT plzZ…

      • Cos teenies are texting faster than the twennies…does it satisfy your curiosity?? lol!

    • I heard Pia say in one of her interviews that she had tried out 2 other times but was eliminated early. That was when Simon was a judge. If Lauren and/or Hailey do not make it this time it would be possible to try again.

      This season Pia was one of my top picks at first, then felt that she was not connecting with the audience or song picks — did not look forward to seeing her perform as I do some of the others. I wish her alot of luck!

      Cannot wait to hear what the remaining very talented entertainers will bring this week.

      • Very funny "simon" – I only agree that Stephano's song will be the obvious and played millions of times Everything I do… – all the songs he picks are the ones that has at least 1 billion times in the radio score, only this year… I hope that would have a category – songs that were NEVER EVER EVER performed on the show…

      • really???Pia was tried 2 other times and eliminated??!!!!i cant believe THIS!!!So why didnt they mention it??!!!!

      • If you are a finalist on the show you aren't allowed to try out again. Otherwise we'd see all sorts of familiar faces that would have huge advantages over the 'newcomers'. And yes Pia has tried out twice before and never made the cut. (If one of them was last year the judges must have been on crack because that year sucked and Pia would have had it in the bag).

      • Sorry I was not clear –Pia said she had auditioned two times previously and was eliminated before the top 24 was chosen.


  13. The judges used the save at the wrong time. Pia should never have gone home….. So sad for her

  14. As we in South Africa, only watched thw result show a few hours ago, and I resisted peeping on the website…I have to say, PIA chose the wrong song, and though beautiful to look at she just did not MOVE enough..but wow America your votes, can only be from young teen age girls AGAIN you got it wrong . Not a fair fight, at all . Change the rules. Give the judges more power. PLEASE and have male and female category …the guys win year in an year out. Something is WRONG !!!! Corrina

    • hey honey, your comment belongs in the previous post. we're all so over Pia getting eliminated.

  15. Scotty has my vote–he is the complete package. For the record I am not a teeny-bopper but a 70 year old great grandmother!! We vote too!

    • i know alot of older people that vote for scotty,there r alot of older people that growed up with and love country.

      by the way,it would be AWSOME for scotty to sing CROSS MY HEART by george straight from pure country on wendsday nite,he would kill it!

      • Well-I guess that says it all I am 40 and voted for Scotty so guess its all age groups then huh????

      • I love Scotty also, he's been my #1 vote from the start. I'm in my early 60's….Now what??? I wish I could get a copy of the duet he and Lauren sang "I Told You So".

  16. I'm really excited to see what Casey and Paul choose!! I don't think Paul is going to be on much longer, though. Depending on how things go I wouldn't be surprised to see Paul, Jacob, and Stefano be the next 3 to go.

    1. Scotty

    2. James

    3. Casey

    4. Haley/Lauren

    5. Lauren/Haley

    6. Stefano

    7. Paul/Jacob

    8. Jacob/Paul

    However a lot of people are mad at Casey (even though it wasn't his fault) so he might go home sooner. Also, while I don't think the teenie weenies sent Pia home it will be a huge factor for the finale and James has very little chance to break through that barrier.

    • @ David P. AH…David…and we were getting along so good on agreeing…lol…I beg to differ…James is in it to win it…agasin…James, Scotty and Casey as # 1, 2 & 3. 🙂

      • There is a great tidal wave of teen votes that will be going to Scotty, it will be hard for anyone to ride it out.

      • By reading all of the above post looks like more then the teenys voting for Scotty- Looks like all age groups to me

      • David P….Unfortunately I agree…..Scotty is getting all those teen votes……Hopefully James will get the twenties and thirties and above votes. I girl can hope!!!!!!

        VOTE FOR JAMES…Its about time a rocker wins…….

  17. I'm looking forward to this week. Does anyone know where we can find a list of the potential Movie Songs?

  18. I'm from India and I was shocked to see Pia leave the competition ! What happened America !!! She's so talented and one of the best singers of this season…Still shocked that she's no longer there this season. Paul or Stefano should have gone home.

    • Why is everyone saying, "what happened." She did not get enough votes. Use your brains.

    • Francis, this post is for discussions for the 8 finalists on next week episode and what songs from movies they're gonna sing. Pia is gone. Check the old news, & voice out your concern there. No one will entertain your sentiments here… TY.

  19. The three to watch this week are Stefano, Casey and Lauren..

    My predictions are as follows..

    Lauren –

    1) My Heart Will Go On(Celine Dion)****

    2) Over The Rainbow(Judy Garland)**

    Paul –

    1)Mrs Robinson(Simon & Garfunkle)****

    2)Youll Be In My Heart(Phil Collins)***

    Casey –

    1)Iris(Goo Goo Dolls)*****

    2)Kiss From A Rose(Seal)****

    Scotty –

    1)Walk The Line(Johnny Cash)****

    2)Will You Be There(Michael Jackson)**** [If he can pull it off]

    Stefano –

    1)Everything I Do, I Do It For You(Bryan Adams)****

    2)Bohemian Rhapsody(Queen)*****

    Haley –

    1) Cant Fight The Moonlight(LeAnn Rhymes)****

    2)Take My Breath Away(Berlin)***

    Jacob –

    1)I Will Always Love You(Whitney Huston)*****

    2)My Girl(Temptations)**

    James –

    1)Live and Let Die(Wings)****

    2)Jailhouse Rock(Elvis Presly)***

    You heard it first from Simon Cowell himself.

    • Simon, are these the songs that you would like to hear/see from each performer? Or just what you predict that they will sing?

    • There's more chance of Pia winning this year's American Idol, than Stefano singing Bohemian Rhapsody.

    • This are really good suggestions for the most part, but if Lauren doesn't sing I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith I might be a little disappointed.

      • @ David P. Now, that would be good…it would be a risk for her…but the little country girl does like Aerosmith…we shall see. 🙂

    • i don't think Scotty could pull off MJ's "Will You Be There". i like the song choices though.

    • Stefano would absolutely ruin bohemian rhapsody, Gaurenteed, he doesnt have a strong enough voice. Honestly only james could pull off that song at this point.

      I agree with Iris for casey,

      Paul shouldnt do mrs robinson, as casey did a really good version last season

      • I don't think James could do Bohemian Rhapsody. Freddie Mercury was arguably, one of the best vocalist out there. James biggest weakness is his singing.

      • David P…..Oh please….Adam nailed it in Season 8….and James will too if he chooses to sing it…..

        Personally, I think that Adam could definitely step in and be lead for Queen……..did you watch the finale of season 8?????? or Season 8 at all???

    • Simon you are so funny. Wish you would come back to Idol. You always told it like it is. You are so animated. lol

    • You only have one thing wrong Simon it will be James doing great again this week. James has my vote!

  20. Song choice is critical, but especially from here on in. We know they all can sing very well,each bringing their own distinctive sound and style for American stardom. However, at this point the song choice will either sink or save each contestant.

    Its going to be interesting to see how each contestant deals with the intensity of the game. Stress will either make or break them, and how they deal with it determines the difference to go the distance.

    The loss of Pia from AI was certainly unexpected, so expect a CD release from her soon.

    I still believe Jacob and Haley are the two best suited for the music industry, marketing and merchandising. Paul, Casey, and James may have more difficulty stepping up to success and/or being accepted as a "pop" star for the youth of today than the others.

    I'm just say'n

    • I agree. I liked Haley all along and I am happy she is finally getting it. Jacob could fill a void in the R&B market. Many do not understand the perspective of his talent. It is pure soul with a gospel slant.

      There are so many music markets. I think from a lot of the comments, folks do not seem to understand that.

      After the two of them leave, I will be rooting for Scotty and Lauren. I like their attitudes better than the other contestants. Their performances do not seem forced.

      I never thought I would come to this view.

      You have to like the people you are voting for. That's why Pia is gone.

      • I agree completely. Pia has a beautiful voice but she didn't click with the audience.

      • Why I don't understand that, because all of the current music like Christina Aguilera, Joss Stone, Justin Beiber, etc. get their inspiration from Gospel R n B. The only problem is that they don't want to hear it from Jacob, but love it when others copy.

  21. Well Lauren Scotty and James are my top 3 picks – who will win? We will have to see the next performances right?

  22. I think we miss titanic song by Pia this week.I think she can sing it.

    any way………..scotty's in it to win it.

  23. My choice :

    Casey – "Summer Wind" – Lyle Lovett (ost. For Love of The Game)

    Stefano – "So Close" – Jon McLauughlin (ost. Enchanted)

    Lauren – "You've Got a Way" – Shania Twain (ost. Notting Hill)

    James – any song from Rock Star movie

    Jacob – any song from Ray movie

    Hailey – "Old Cape Cod" – Patti Page (ost. Die Hard II)

    Paul – Johny Cash movie

    Scotty – "The Weary Kind" – Ryan Bingham (ost. Crazy Heart)

  24. or for Paul : "Iris" – Goo Goo Dolls (ost. City of Angel)

    Hailey : "You Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger" – Beth Rowley (ost. An Education) its suited for her appeal LOL 🙂

    btw,Casey have a tons of choice cause his specialty (jazz and upright bass)

  25. songs of the movies… awesomeeeeeeeeeeee… it gonna be greatTTT..Hope theY choose the Bests that fit their voice and tones and…

  26. Hope StefanO will pick an awesome songG that hit the stage and make us cRy…

    everything is about picking the right sonG… so GoOO

  27. HeyYY Guys see Who is Here… Here is Simon Cowell… OO He picked songs:D

    and said:The three to watch this week are Stefano, Casey and Lauren…

    yeah yeah i agree with u Simon…

    P.s: we missed you:D

      • Finally a light goes on! Seriously people, as if Simon Cowell would be here! And if Simon Cowell were here he would know the theme!!

    • Simon COwell is not on this chat get a life-Its fake!! Must be a bunch of kids on here

  28. Im not ready for more Idol. I don't know if I can watch. I hope they do address the responce of the viewers over Pia being eliminated.

    Hopefully the judges will do a better job, saying what they actually think about the performances.

    Not just that everyone is great.

    I will watch one more week.

    • The judges were very unprofessional in their response to Pia's being voted off. They made their choices when they were in control and now it is time for the viewers to make theirs. They acted like three spoiled brats that didn't get their way.

  29. The three to watch this week are Stefano, Casey and Lauren..

    My predictions are as follows..

    Lauren –

    1) My Heart Will Go On(Celine Dion)****

    2) Over The Rainbow(Judy Garland)**

    3) Cant Fight The Moonlight(LeAnn Rhymes)***

    Paul –

    1)Mrs Robinson(Simon & Garfunkle)****

    2)Youll Be In My Heart(Phil Collins)***

    Casey –

    1)Iris(Goo Goo Dolls)*****

    2)Kiss From A Rose(Seal)****

    3)Bohemian Rhapsody(Queen)****

    Scotty –

    1)Walk The Line(Johnny Cash)****

    2)Will You Be There(Michael Jackson)**** [If he can pull it off]

    Stefano –

    1)Everything I Do, I Do It For You(Bryan Adams)****

    2)Bohemian Rhapsody(Queen)*****

    3)Will You Be There(Michael Jackson)*****

    Haley –

    1)Cant Fight The Moonlight(LeAnn Rhymes)****

    2)Take My Breath Away(Berlin)***

    Jacob –

    1)I Will Always Love You(Whitney Huston)*****

    2)My Girl(Temptations)**

    James –

    1)Live and Let Die(Wings)****

    2)Jailhouse Rock(Elvis Presly)***

    You heard it first from Simon Cowell himself.

      • the judges have changed to being cheerleaders. I wish they'd dress the part – it would be more entertaining!

    • Well Simon if this is truly you can you guest judge for one week. These judges are likable, but they aren't judging. They are telling the contestants that they are great when we have a contestant who can't sing, another who screams all the time, and another who can't pick a good song for themselves while the best singer of the pack was voted off last week. We need someone who isn't afraid to dish out the criticisms.

      • I agree with you 100%. I do not know what has happened but the judges are not doing their jobs anymore. Randy tries to fill my shoes but as soon as he says something the audience likes he shuts up for the rest of the night. These people dont understand how important constructive criticism is. Its unfortunate.

        And I'd like to say I have seen way too many people ruling Stefano out but in my opinion, if he starts making good song choices, him and casey will be in the finals.

      • Shawn you hit the nail on the head. Jlo and Steven are terrible judges,with their favorites cant do no wrong

      • Now I know this is a fake Casey will NEVER make it into final 2 and Randy is so much more man than u ever wished u could be FAKEY!! Thought Id thro my opinion in even though its not him HAHA U gettin kick out of this arent u kid!!!

      • hey simon i agree with u … specially this part:''And I’d like to say I have seen way too many people ruling Stefano out but in my opinion, if he starts making good song choices, him and casey will be in the finals.''

        Stefano should be at least in top 3

    • Simon, Stefano may be able to sing, but he does not have anything remarkably or notably "special" about his voice. His voice also isn't as strong or unique as other contestants. Stefano is the weakest of all the current contestants at the moment.

      • Then "sana" who would you believe is the weakest based on personality, vocals, and uniqueness? Stefano is forgettable to me…followed by Jacob as the weakest. Sorry, that is my opinion.

  30. Ok, here's my picks for movie week:

    Jacob – What A Wonderful World [from Michael]

    Paul – Try A Little Tenderness [from Duets]

    Stefano – Dahnke Schoen [ Ferris B]

    James – Roll Me Away [from Armageddon]

    Scotty – Storybook Love [from Princess Bride]

    Lauren – Hopelessly Devoted To You [from Grease]

    Haley – Hey Big Spender [from Sweet Charity]

    Casey – Smoke Gets In You Eyes [from Always]

    • @ Templar…Stefano will definitely be in the bottom 3 with Dahnke Schoen [ Ferris B]

      I can see and hear the rest of the contestants singing those songs. Good job.


    • Yeah thanks, I was kinda at a loss for Stefano. I think he needs to do something fun so he doesn't over emote.

      • Makes sense…I feel he will still end up in the bottom 3. I just do not see him as an American Idol…buth then…look at Lee Dewyze, Kris Allen, Taylor ?? and a few of the others who have won. I think Stefano looks uncomfortable on stage. JMHO 🙂

      • i think when Stefano forces himself to keep his eyes open while performing this makes him uncomfortable…So whats the problem close your eyes whenever you want boyyYYYY…

  31. Well Pia's gone, though the shock of it hasn't worn off. I don't know what it is, whether it is teeny boppers or just people thinking that she's safe and voting for someone they think is in danger. Pia has more talent than Paul(who can't sing), and Stefano(who can sing but makes bad song choices), and Jacob(who just screams, and insulted the audience with his comments). It could also be the judging. I like the judges, but they aren't dishing out crticisms. Everything it "great" or "in it to win it". If Simon were there he'd be telling Stefano that he needs to pick better songs, he'd be telling Jacob to stop screaming, and he'd be telling Paul that he can't sing. The judges need to start giving real criticisms and stop praising everything. I hope that this is a wake up call for them to start doing that.

    Now this week I'll be rooting for James, Scotty, and Luaren. Now that Pia's gone I think those are the ones left that have potiential. And neither one of them have yet been in the bottom 3 either. Also this week it's time to get rid of a guy. I am a guy but I think it's turning into a all guys club. The two remaining girls have more talent than Paul, Jacob, and Stefano. All of us who reconizes talent should be calling and texting in the votes 500 times like the teeny boppers and get them a run for their money before we have a James, Paul, and Stefano top 3.

  32. Everybody sooo upset with Pia being gone and saying that America made a mistake is really getting old! Everybody watched the show, we all know what happened! You don't have to come on the internet and tell everyone what happened over and over. She got voted off for a reason. She was boring! She had an amazing voice but she didnt move. I loved her but I know why she was voted off. The next few weeks Stefano, Jacob and Haley will go home for sure. After that, the comptetition will be really good. The rest of them are all amazing singers. I would love to see Lauren and Scotty in the finale. I'm pretty sure that Scotty will be there but if Lauren doesn't pick good songs these next weeks then I don't know if she will make it to the finale. I really hope she does but she has to step up her game. If she doees't make it to the finale then James will. I'm sure that Scotty will win. People forever say that he's a one trick pony but I beg to differ. He did an amazing job with Elvis this past week. He didn't do his usualy country and he still did amazing. This is how I think thewy will place :

    1. Scotty

    2. Lauren

    3. James

    4. Casey

    5. Paul

    6. Haley

    7. Jacob

    8. Stefano

    ^^^ this is most likely how it will turn out 🙂

    • If Haley keeps going the way she is she is definitely competition for Lauren. I don't see Paul, Jacob or Stefano lasting longer than Haley or Lauren. Casey may be in danger as well. I don't think Lauren has nearly as big a fan base as James. As much as I don't like James I have to admit I'm seeing a Scotty/James finale with Scotty winning.

      • Yes. Now that Pia is gone, I have a feeling that no one will be able to beat Scotty in this competition. Hailey may beat Paul but I'm not sure.

    • i really like the part where Scotty's #1. (huge Scotty fan btw) but i would love to see Jacob get booted asap and as much as i love Lauren, i think it will be James-Scotty showdown in the finals.

      • Yes, the more I think about it James will be in the finale with Scotty but Lauren still might have a chance if she picks good song choices and gets a lot of the votes.

      • that's what i keep thinking too. Lauren's definitely got the talent to win this thing. she just keeps getting lost in the performances due to her song choices. they're not bad, but they're not great! she needs to shine!

    • I think Haley will be higher up, but other than than, looks like what I'm expecting. Scotty wins!

      • Me too Nancy!

        Haley might be higher because he has gotten a lot better the past few weeks. If she picks the right songs then she could possibly make it farther.

    • Paul and haley might switch places, Im a huge paul fan, but realistically, he isnt going to go that much farther

      • I agree with you. Haley may go farther than paul because she has suddenly gotten better in the past feww weeks. If paul picks the right song choices then he might beat her. I am also a Paul fan but I dont see him winning.

      • I'm just hoping he makes it to the top 5. I love Paul and he is very unique and has a lot of showmanship.

    • I think it will be

      1. Jacob

      2. Scotty

      3. Casey

      4. Haley

      5. Lauren

      6. James

      7. Stefano

      8. Paul

    • and to add people talk about scotty being 1 trick pony singing country,but never mention pia always doing ballads or jacob doing the same thing every week and haley always growling every week,and casey too,then james always rock,nooo its always scotty,come on people dont be double standard on this he is not the only one that does the same thing every week1

      • BUT hes the only one that hits it rite on the nail EVERY WEEK so that makes a big difference whine——–

    • i dont think Scotty did a good job with Elvis song last week. He sing Elvis song but perform like a R & B/ HipHop style,just look at his hands movement 🙂

      • It is a talent contest LOLOL. You know singingand you are watching hand movements? Unbeliveable. You must be so young and maybe should have been in bed with your teddybear.

      • if its just a singing contest than it should be aired in the radio,but its a live show. U see n heard…. not just heard….

      • ummm, excuse me but Scotty did FANTASTIC! I don't know if your deaf but everyone told he did good. Maybe your just to young to know better anyways, so I rest my case 🙂

  33. I have to be honest and say, I really don't care much for any of this last 8 contestants. I suppose if I had to pick someone, it would be Lauren.I think Haley is a screamer, don't care for her at all. Nah now Pia has gone, I have lost interest.

  34. I would like to make my opinion public on this season of Idol so far.

    First and foremost, I have not seen a more talented group of contestants in the history of this show. They would benefit so much from me being there, its unfortunate they came one season too late.

    Secondly, the judges have been doing nothing to help these contestant but telling them "you nailed it". This does not help them, I understand the performances aren't as bad as past seasons, but there is always room for improvement and things need to be said to these contestant before this season is remembered for the wrong reasons. The judges owe an apology to the viewers at home as well as the other contestants that WEREN'T voted out. Which leads to my last point.

    Finally, the two contestants that possess the most "raw talent" have not only been neglected by the voters but are now being targeted as blame for this Pia elimination. She had a great voice, but she was dull and did not perform at all and that is why she is gone. Stefano and Casey both have incredible voices, Stefano needs to be told by the pushovers you call judges that he needs to choose better songs. Songs that will capture the audiences attention. Casey has been flawless this competition and is on track to win it. If I voted, Stefano and Casey would be the only two Id bother with.

    • are you really Simon or just trying too hard to be Simon? no offense, i'm not buying it.

      • Me either so stop trying! It's really getting old when your not Simon Cowell, commenting on here every hour. Sorry, but trying to be someone else is not cool!

        Oh, and I ddo not agree with you anyways. I feel that these group of contestants are by far the most talented then any other group that has been on here.

      • @J9: my point exactly. and did you notice the conspicuous absence of Simon's English roots from the posts? or his humor?

    • Well I apologize if I hide my accent well over the internet, it's morons like you that are destroying American Idol. I don't care whether or not you believe me, I was voicing my opinion on this season of Idol. I may yet make an appearance on the show, but I will tell you the chances are slim to none.

      • There is one word that the real Simon would use for Pia. I'm still waiting to hear it.

      • Simon (the real one) is deep in starting a new talent show Called The x Factor, which starts in Sept with a first prize of 5 Million in contracts for singers or singing groups of any age or gender

    • Earth to ADMIN — where ARE you??? First sexually inappropriate posts now Identity Theft!?

  35. I hope Scotty wins – I am a grandmother who really likes country music. Scotty will be a great addition. It is time to have a non=rocker win

  36. You know, Nigel released the statement that Pia was never a front runner, so we must assume that Scotty, James, and Lauren are the front runners since none of the three have been in the bottom three, right?

    • No, because the score is NOT cumulative. The frontrunner can and probably will change week to week. That's why people need to vote EVERY TIME. A person could be first every week and still lose if they don't win the last week. Many people do not seem to get this.

      • Ditto, I agree. They just might have always been in the middle but not at either of the extremes. But not necessarily the biggest vote getters.

  37. Simon we need you back on AI! I agree 100 percent PIa was too boring…Lauren's voice is much more powerful and she can really connect with the audience! It is time that America will help a girl win this season….we have the best girls left there…

  38. due to the fact that stefano had more votes than pia; stefano will be the next to go even though he has a fantastic voice; why is paul still in the competition

  39. Simon Cowell over here is fake!

    The real Simon Cowell admitted when asked that he watched Amercan Idol only once & his immediate reaction was "There is only one contestant who is outstanding and "unforgetable" and he is Scotty. This season's judgings was all the way raving esp. from Steven Tyler – his infamous words "you nailed it, I love it". Jennifer Lopez is over-dramatic and emotional, Randy Jackson's comments do not make much logic. Judges were not doing their homework – come on, how could all contestants performed without any flaws. All of them were not perfect but it's the judges raving comments that were not helping voters to decide who is the weakest. The voices and songs peformed by Casey, Paul & Haley couldnt be better than Pia. Judges' mistake to use their save for Casey, who will be booted out sooner or later, a matter of time only cos Casey is not in the AI leaque yet.

    • You just stated that Simon put Pia in the same league as Casey and Haley. And to defend those two they put their own personality into their performances and musically and stylistically are much better than Pia even if they aren't better technical singers.

      Pia is gone because she didn't get the votes. That's all that happened. We are supposed to be over this already, Pia is.

    • whining… whining… please go to the corresponding post. This page is for the remaining top 8 and what are they gonna perform come Wednesday. Get over it, please. Pia is fine with record deal already. She's happy so be happy for her.

  40. I wish they get Lady Gaga to dress up these men this time…wonder who will get the honor & being dressed with….the raw beef loin cloth?? lol

  41. Same old theme each season…can they think of something new or new-er?? yawn….

    • I agree. Have a theme you never had any other year. Maybe one week don't have a theme but do something differnt, suprise us.

    • I think the themes would be OK if they would just expand the list of cleared songs. They are making huge amounts of money but are incredibly stingy in paying out royalties for more song possibilities.

  42. Would love to see scotty do"Cross My Heart"by George Straight,from pure country…

    any one agree??

      • @ Templar…that would be good…who knows…Scotty may be able to handle it…he does have some versatility. Still a James fan though. Also, in regards to your previous comment…you are right…there are a lot of artists that won't let the Idol contestants sing their songs and a lot of copyright restrictions…so that leaves the choices very slim…and I do believe you are right in that they only get about 50 songs to choose from. Go James~!!! 🙂

  43. I predict the order of elimination per week will be as follows: first- Jacob; 2nd- Stefano; 3rd- Lauren; 4th- Casey; 5th- James. The last three standing will be Haley, Scotty, and Paul. No offense meant, to the fans. Just a vision I had.

    • @ girur…looks to me like your crystal ball has fogged up…I do not see Jacob as a frontrunner at all and especially #1. I "see" him being eliminated sooner than later.

      • my dear Rose A., i predicted the order of elimination starting this week, and not the order of winners. You got it all wrong. I agree that Jacob will be gone this week.

  44. Hailey is the dark horse of this competition. With her appeal presence,she definitely make the Top 5. And if Paul stick into Country genre,i bet he can divide Scotty n Lauren fans cause the fact that he is safe the weeks before its proven that Scotty n Lauren fans divided 🙂

    • And in my opinion Scotty didnt do a good job with singing Elvis song last week. He sing Elvis song but perform like a R & B/ HipHop style,just look at his hands movement. I kinda surprise with the judges comment that he did well… hmmm…. ><

  45. Casey casey casey!!!!! El mejor…el mas divertido!!! Realmente cuando lo vemos en casa, nos divierte!! y muchooo… We Love You Casey!!! ♥ ♫

  46. Well, I love the movie Con Air and I like Lauren. I wish she could sing "How do I live" by Trisha Yearwood/Leann Rimes. I know it's a big ask, but who knows…

    Another thing, I wonder if AI would consider to do Songs-Picked-By-Fans theme..just sayin'..haha

  47. All the Pia fans out there! Since you can no longer vote to Pia…where are you putting your votes? (: Just curious as to who's going to get the flood of Pia fans…

    • Thank you guys, I'm going with James too. I hope he makes the finale, it will be a crazy one. Lots of people wanting a Lauren/Scotty finale ,now that Pia is gone. I want my rocker in there.

      • James has been my favorite from Day One …I thought for awhile that it would be James, Scotty and Pia…??? Now, I am thinking James, Scotty and Casey. 🙂

      • Rose A, My husband picked PIA, and James! I picked James and Casey. No cheating here either!!! He was stunned when they took PIA off. I told him " No big deal. She will get signed anyway." And she already has been signed to a deal with that nice man in the ball cap who helps the contestants in the back!! Hugs to you and Phyllis G. I have missed both of you. But with so many boards I can't keep up with where the two of you are at!

        Sherry K. 🙂 🙂

    • Won't be watching or voting! I think the entire thing is fixed. They needed more voters, thus had to "shock" America into voting, thus Pia got the shaft. I also don't buy that Pia wasn't a front runner nor do I believe the nice graphs they published proving otherwise. Waiting for the X Factor. AI has lost me all the way around.

      • …obviously, you didn't read all the blogs. everyone agreed she could sing but not PERFORM. She needs to just 'strike a pose' and make a living!

      • I don't know what you mean about Pia needed to perform. Pia performed every week,she didn't need to jump and scream around the stage. i can't listen to screamers. Pia is the full package, beautiful and a voice to die for.

      • Lauren has been my fav since day 1.I think Haley is amazing too.(both unique great voices,amazing stage presence.)I love Casey and James.Casey's vocals in his last song with the instrument was perfect.What a phenominal voice.All of these 4 are spot on always,and bring so much to every song.I think Scotty is great,but doesn't need show.I think he could move to Nashville today,and be huge.Jacob is good,no question what soever.Just like the others more.I love Pauls unique voice.Would def buy his Cd.This is my ranking order.

    • SCOTTY & STEFANO… all ladies will be axed the sooner than we thought… more shocking results will be revealed… so watch out…

  48. The elimination of Pia is proof that public voting is biased and unfair. American Idol has now lost its viewer appeal. Perhaps the original format should be put into effect i.e. half public votes and half from the wisdom and experience of the judges.

    • I DO NOT agree-Pia may sing well but she would not have won the whole competition. U Pia fans go on with your life and quit acting like this is the end of the world. She was boring and thats why she got voted off- Whine & Cry if u will but please take it somewhere else-Enuf is enuf!!I am sick and tired of hearing the baby crap- Dont watch the dang show anymore then- We could care less!!! The show is NOT rigged It was her time to go-Now dont die over this

      • Won't die over it, but I won't bother watching AI either. Great Pia has a been snapped up by a recording studio, and I am just waiting for her CD. Pia is a star, the rest real amatuers.

      • I don't think Pia would have won but I do think some others should have gone before her. Pia was the most polished singer to start with and had improved little since the start. Haley has improved the last 2 week and I liked her preforms better than Pia while just listening I would give Pia the edge but this is TV and not radio.

      • i have all the MP3 of Pia's 5 songs studio version, her voice is really solid, amazing. she can hit high notes with ease. but the reality is, my impression while listening alone is different from listening & watching at the same time. On stage, she can't woo me. So, i can honestly say that i like to listen to her on the radio than watching her on stage.

  49. Pia fans out there. Do vote for James Durbin. If you felt it very unfair that she was eliminated that early. Let's not waste another great talent (James Durbin). Let's make him jump into the finals. James has the talent and indeed a total performer. GO JAMES!

    • James is not a talent. He is a lot of screaming and screeching, who thinks that his history should put him thru.

      • This is a singing competition….not a who can screech/jump all over stage….get w/ it…this is what makes voting wrong…..judges should have final say……

      • J9 & Amy…..I guess you two weren't fans of the Rolling Stones or Aerosmith because you can't tell the difference between screeching, screaming and singing……You can still buy Thia's CD.

      • Sorry, J9, BUT James is awesome !!! I love his voice, it is beautiful, You feel James when he sings , I love him. I hope he wins this darn show. People vote , please not another shocker like Pia.

      • American Idol now is a little scary. Even the best or frontrunner is voted off so early. James or Scotty could be the frontrunner now. Who knows, another shocker this week or next week. No one is really safe. You could only wish & pray for your bet.

      • That is cruel.You have every right to your own opionion of his voice.We all like diff ones for diff reasons.But,it's mean to comment on his short comings.He would never want to think anyone is voting for any pity.You can tell he feels so good that his talent alone(I personally love him,and he showed when he slowed down,that his tone is great too),speaks for itself.If history put people through,there have been major hardships this season.People did not patrionize them.they got cut because they weren't strong enough singers.Sorry,those are my thoughts.

    • @J9 Ok! it's your opinion. I can't argue with that. James for me is the best among the rest! And I'm just campaigning for him to win. No matter how he does it when he is singing. shouting, screaming and stuff like that. however that's awesome. With the range of voice that he can make, it's stunning.

      • James has good tone and range in his voice and seems to love being on stage but still need some vocal training and stage polishing, maybe after summer Idol tour he will be ready.

        Scotty and Lauren are in the same boat but they are still in high school and maybe a good college with a strong music program maybe better for them before going fully pro.

    • mhilotic…..totally agree with you….James is the man…….I did not think Pia was going to win but she should have been in the Top 5 at least…….but I think she is going to be fine…..She does have great vocals…..

      • Saw Pia on Live with Regids & Kelly thisd am and Pia stated that she had tried out 5 times before. She said that this all prepared her for what was going to come in her life. Glad she made it this far this time…and if all the Simon Cowell fans out there will take note…the 5 previous times she did not make it..Simon was sitting in the judges chair~!!! Just sayin…

    • Everyone loves to see a performer who can sing beyond normal range a singer can. With James vocals, he definitely nailed it. How I wish to see him here in Phils. I'm campaigning for his win coz I can't vote 🙁

  50. i think james is ok but not that great scotty great and there are other who are little better then james i think it time to stop talking about pia and move on she has a great career ahead of her so she be ok


  51. Jacob would not sing a song with sexual connotations, yet he dry humps on stage. Give me a break. I will vote him off for his singing and I will be able to look in the mirror!

    • LOL…I agree. I feel that was a very arrogant comment that Jacob made. He is the least of my favorites. Time for him to go.

    • I agree also. I totally expected Jacob to be in the bottom 3 and be voted off. His comment killed any chance he may have had in my court. He's next to be eliminated!!

      • If Gaycob will be voted off, Randy and Steven will protest. Also, if Stefano will be out in the AI, JLo will cry like a river!!!

      • What in the world does anyones style or preference have to do with talent or stage presence/Gaycob/It's 2011.Really?

  52. I wonder if CMT's Next Superstar competion will allow rock or pop singers in. It seems that the country station has only a country comeption but the Rock Pop competion has country.

    • Have NO IDEA what u just said- DAHHHHHHHH

      Nothing to do with American Idol Go to another chat dummy

    • GG35 Were you just stumbling around the internet like a bewildered horse and somehow fetched up in here?

  53. I would like to hear Lauren sing one of the following:

    9 to 5 by Dolly Parton

    How Do I Live by Trisha Yearwood

    Take My Breath Away by Berlin

    Not Ready to Make Nice by Dixie Chicks

    It Must Have Been Love by Roxette

    • I thought James was tied for 2nd but was a little lower the week before so 3nd could be right in that away.

  54. Wow this season has been a roller coaster ride for American Idol contestants along with te viewers! What a shocker on Thursday nght (4/7) with the elimintion of Pia. Can hardly wait to see who it will be this coming week. I think maybe one of these three: Stefano, Paul or Jacob…. Which should have been gone last week.

    • or perhaps another shocking result such as Lauren or James or Scotty maybe… who knows. Pia has sure a record deal now. The other remaining finalist who is most likely to have a record deal is Scotty… a shocking bye-bye would be Scotty, next is James.

  55. The number one person who should be voted off is randy jackson!!He takes delight in Messing young people's life up, down and around. He will never stop trying to be another Simon Cowell, Mr. Cowell iis sitting and laughing like crazy at "old man randy" and the fact is he is extremely jealous of Mr.Cowell. randy must realize that no matter how many pairs of those golden booties he wears to Idol program, they ain't gonna' help him. Jennifer Lopez, well what a lady, She allways gave pia such outstanding words on how very beautiful she and her dresses looked…Some one Should have told her that Amer Idol is a singing contest NOT a beauty contest.The home audience and studio audience got very,very tired of hearing how beautiful pia was.Steven Tyler, well, what can I say? I was told years ago that if a person cannot say something good about a person, it's best to say nothing at all…so here goes…….!!

    • totally agree, Randy Jackson should be done with AI. All the other original judges were gone, he should go too. AI deserve a totally new set of judges…

      • I love the new judges.They really know music,and give great critiques.They do it in such a positive way,still making a point.Randy is just randomly mean.If someone doesn't change it up,h comments.If someone changes it up,he says its too diff from original,or "Don't change what isn't broken'He is the only one that bothers us.

    • Simon was too harsh a critic but someone needs to evaluates the performs so they can improve.

      Randy critiques seem a bit to random at times, sometimes small things with a good performance, while maybe say its pitch for a bad one and little for the one in the middle.

      If Randy was a little critical of every one with some praise mixed it, that would work best I think.

  56. my order:

    8. Paul- just go mate u cant sing

    7. jacob- so rude, and i cant understand him when he sings

    6. ur all gonna hate me for this but scotty- becoz all he does is the same style (1 trick pony)

    5. Lauren- I like her but there are better singers

    4. Haley- Her voice is sexy and she is sexy

    3. James- Amazing range,great voice

    2. Casey- I have always liked him, he is soo good

    on his instruments

    1. Stefano- Great voice, great guy, want him to win

    only my opinion

    • Agree some what which your critique but would change the order a little. Scott may have one trick but its a rare one for someone his age, Roy Orbison had somewhat the same trick and did great or Johnny Cash for that matter.

      I like Casey but he will have to find great songs for his voice to get to 2nd.

    • I do think jacob shouldn't have said,"If I go it won't be my voice not being good enough.It'll be that people can't look in the mirror."Maybe he was trying to give a deep message,but it came off cocky and obnocious.

  57. This is written to:rose a.,Jordan j,ruth sharp, and sml…..First of all, Jacob's family and grandmother are sitting in the audience, and he has Respect for his family.How can you knock that, perhaps you 4 people come from families where there is no respect for the older members of the family! Why should he sing a song with sexual connations on american Idol. Maybe your parents would really enjoy hearing a song full of sexual conotations. I've never seen him doing ANY dry humps(as you put it)while singing.what he was doing was a bit of dancing,which you were hoping would have been Dry Humps. All of you 4 must have REally liked elvis presley all of his songs while he was singing were loaded with your "dry humps", BUT he never used songs that had sexual conations, he respected his parents and elders. I think you 4 would enjoy another type of show(if you get my drift)But are U old enough to get in.By the way how old are all….12 or 13?

    • I think Jacob is a little confused with coming from a strong Christian background on where the lines are in what is acceptable. He likely feels he need to push them some to stay on the show while trying to stay inline with his upbringing and family values.

  58. I think it will be between scotty and paul with scotty being the winner.It would have been between scotty and pia.

  59. Will NEVER watch this show again as well as many of my friends until they change the way the voting is done!! Good bye Idol ….

    • I am with you Cathy, the voting format is a farce. The true talent is getting voted out. Oh well I don't watch AI anymore, too much screaming, and the contestants left in this competitiion,one is going to win but that is as far as they will go. I don't see any big future for this lot.

  60. Loved, loved Scotty more tonight. My husband sang "Cross my Heart" at the alter when we got married. Scotty rocked it. Love him")

  61. How arrogant of the judges and Casey to feel they must "EDUCATE" me. if I don't like Casey's throughout clearing version of Nature Boy….does that mean I'm illiterate uneducated and …well just plain wrong . Buzz off judges ..I can make my own decisions

  62. Paul is amazing. Who wouldn't fall in love with him? He's FUN. Very infectious. This type of music he performed tonite suits him. I like his throwback style and how he stays his hippie self. You go Boy!!!!!

  63. Not into James tonight. Don't like Metal!!!! I can appreciate rock but he should keep in mind that many diffrent voters have diffrent tastes and try to find the middle ground, while staying true to himself. Not into him.

  64. Lauren is sweet. Her softer side is her best, to me. Sounded like the song was written for her. She was good tonight. Good luck Lauren.

  65. Stefano is so talented. Just when I think he is done and I don't have high expectations, he comes through. I'm always surprised at how good he is!!!! Happily surprised.

  66. I'm not a country fan, but I appreciate country music and the singers. Scotty is a great talent but wasn't moved by his performance tonite. The audition and the song he sang during the rehersal was Amazing. He should have sang the other song. The one he sang was a downer. Very boring and un-original. NO GOOD. Scotty's one of my bottom 3 this week. He didn't bring much for me. He should keep in mind what Pia just faced, with the same old regurgitation.

  67. Casey was AMAZING. OMG!!!!! HOT. HOT. HOT. Casey got his sexy back!!!!! He was better than good. I had to listen to him TWICE. I was worried when he didn't go with the safe song. Especially since that song, although classic, isn't a popular song. I love Nature Boy. I first heard it by George Benson though not Nat King Cole. But it is a sleepy song. I didn't think it would be enuf to get him to next week. Thank God Casey is such an amazing artist. I love his version. I'm so happy with and for him. He is terrific. A true artist. And I love that his heart is always visible in his performance and in his demeanor. Good luck Casey.

  68. Haey is a great singer. She can hold her own. But she messed up tonight. That was the SO WRONG song. She needs to be flawless in everything she does. She is always in the bottom 3 and clearly America has not bought into her. I don't think it is due to lack of talent. Maybe it's the missing "IT" factor. Can't call it but I think she may be going home tomorrow. Which is too bad because she is a good performer and singer.

  69. I know not everyone is into Gospel. I'm not myself. But OMG, Jacob can sing and he is making a believer out of me. I like him when he's humble. If we are voting based on singing talent, Jacob has no worries. What a powerful voice. I'm not sure if he is the next American Idol, but he certainly deserves recognition.

  70. Good morning everyone.Well the end i guess is coming soon to the singing contest.But we all must try to get more organized before the next Am.Idol.My thoughts are: It just doesn't make sense to have hundred's of contestants and building all of those young people's minds,hopes and dreams up and then after some weeks and then letting all but one of them loose.We all know that there very easily could have been (and should have been)at least 2 more winners. I think that there should be a first, second, and third winner. That would make amer.idol seem MUCH more fair, and would take more of the politics out of the contest. Another good idea could be for the judges not to discuss each of the singers very strong points and very weak points on t.v. directly after they have sung their song. To discuss them on t.v. influences the home audience and the studio audience as how they should vote and that is really not fair to any of the contestants.I have seen it this year much more than ever before.The judges should really not show favoritism towards the any of the singers, I believe everyone has seen this year how that can end up.I would like to hear what people think of these ideas.

  71. Well James was the best in the whole show but i’m hoping Lauren wens this one she has a heart of Gold and a great Voice but good luck to the both of tmem

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