American Idol 2011 Top 9 Elimination Results

Tonight on American Idol, we’ll learn which singer will be sent home and who will make up the remaining Top 8 for this season.

Based on your votes in our Top 9 performance poll I’m seeing the trailing contenders for tonight’s elimination are Jacob and Lauren tied at 5% but Paul is right behind them with 6%. Could this mean America was just not ready to look at itself in the mirror as Jacob indicated it’d be our fault, not his if he was voted off? Oh the drama! Oh the misplaced blame! Oh I’ve got my fingers crossed!

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American Idol 2011 Top 9 Elimination Results’ Bottom 3:

  • #1 – Stefano Langone
  • #2 – Pia Toscano
  • #3 – Jacob Lusk

American Idol 2011 Top 9 Elimination Results:

  • Eliminated: Pia Toscano

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! That was a shocker indeed. I expected to see a Pia and Scotty finale this season. What happened out there in Idol Voting Land?? So yet again, another female singer eliminated. Only girls have been sent home since the Top 13 was announced. Looks more and more like another all male finale show.

You can download all of this week’s performances on iTunes or you can get the original artists’ performances for free with Real’s SuperPass trial.

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    • If Jacob goes home this will exactly demonstrate my point – someone with actual talent being voted off by a bunch of 12 year olds who know nothing about anything. This show then will lose all credibility.

      • If Jacob gets voted off it will because he is arrogant and insulted all of America last night!

      • When did America get so overly sensitive? I mean SERIOUSLY people! I'm get tired of trying to read intelligent, meaningful, expressive comments and having to be constantly hit with "OMG I can't believe he/she said that/did that to us! How dare they!"

        Let's all please try to get over the fact that people say or do things that rub us the wrong way, and get back to looking at talent.

        And as a side note: I am not and never was a Jacob fan. He's talented, but doesn't have what a lot of the other contestants do vocal and performance wise.

      • yes, any 12-year olds or any person who doesn't like Pia should not have the right to vote, and Daniel Ruthers should have 50 million votes cause he knows the right answer

      • The average age for voters is 45. So I dont think the 12 year olds voted Pia off.

    • *remember.. the top four contestants make up 75% of votes coming in..

      the bottom 3 (like most poll results) will share 11% of votes.

      jacob probably got 4.5% Stephano 3.5% and pia 3%..

      that being said, most of you are crying about somebody that clearly nobody bothered to vote for

      • LogT, where ido you get your voter-data? I'd love to see a voter-analysis (age, gender, ethnicity, etc): a crack-brained election result certainly piques one's curiosity. But that's democracy for you – the cretins get to howl.

  1. I would not be at all disappointed to see Jacob or Stefano go home, they both suck.

    • Mindy I only half agree with you – Stefnao has zero talent and is relying on pre-pubescent teens to keep him there when in reality he cant sing. Jacob has real talent anda great voice and if he voted off it will just prove my point that this contest is going down hill fast towards being based on children voting for the contentants who wouldnt know talent if it head them over the head vs people who have real talent and dont look like plastic perfect dolls.

      • i dont think thats true i think that Stefano has alot of talent, I think that Jacob is arrogant, he can sing but i hope he goes home not Stefano.

      • this is exactly how it feels when a favorite is at the brink of being booted out. we have to respect each other's sentiment and understand where they're coming from.

      • The average age for voters is 45 so I dont think children are the only voters.I vote and Iam 55.

    • guys, whoever gets to sent home, its not because they are the least talented. Its just the way it is, somebody's got to be sent home. These finalists are all amazing, each one of them could have won any of the previous seasons of AI.

  2. I really feel this is sinking into a popularity contest and not a contest about talent. The judges responses are not at all critical of people who have little or no talent and just encourage them with their inain comments. Bring back Simon – at least he was honest.

    • i half agree with you Daniel. while i think that this contest should consider popularity to some degree because we're looking for the whole package here, i do agree that the jduges are not very critical anymore. i miss simon's critiques and insights.

    • judges have their own way of assessing contestants' performances and have different ways of articulating the same. the fact that they have not been very critical in their evaluation does not mean that they cease to do their duties as judges. it's just that sometimes, what they say is not exactly what we WANT to hear from them. when my favorite was voted off, i wanted to put all the blame on the judges, but when i review the previous shows/performances, i realized that "hey, they're not that bad (in assessing contestants) after all". so.. chill guys… whoever goes really means that it's the end of the line for them. just be happy with the thought that you'll still see your faves on the tour!

      • The judges have zero ability to judge a chicken contest let alone this show which has become a popularity contest among 12 year olds. They NEVER provide negative feedback and when they do, one of them whinges and complains they are doing so and the audience which is consiting of teenage girls fail to grasp the point that their 'favourite' really deserves the critism they get! I do not believe that the judges are objective or honest. You look at them when the 'performers' are perfoming and they look bored and disinterested, but when it comes time to provide feedback they are full of praise – how much are htey being paid again?

      • i'm sorry if you feel that way daniel. much as i want to agree with you 100%, i can't. american idol has always been like this (except that then there was simon cowell, who according to you was the only one who can give honest to goodness assessment)… but other than that, AI has always been the voters' game because voters are the ones who will ultimately decide who will become the next american idol. your said that teenage girls lack the ability to grasp that their "favourites" really deserves the critisms that they get, i cannot argue with you on this because they probably have a different sense of what a STAR is and what a STAR should be. they probably have a different standard which is not consistent with yours. judges may not be very objective in their assessment, they may not, most of the time, give honest opinions about the contestants, but again, this is AMERICAN IDOL and AMERICA (that encompasses all walks of life including "teenage girls") decides who will become one.

    • Simon would have dressed down Pia for her poor stage presence and boring delivery. It was obvious to me last night that Pia had gone as far as she could on a voice more suited to singing the national anthem at baseball games.

      • I agree with you that Simon would definitely said something like, "Well, Pia, that was all very nice, but who cares? You were boring, boring, boring."

    • this stage of the show allows the judges to comment, but the public gets to decide who they like for whatever reason. there is a save rule which was used effectively to save Casey who received the highest number of votes ever recorded the following week

    • agree 100% with your comment. You are absolutely correct about the judges. Fortunately Simon will be on with his new singing contest show and I can look forward to watching it and let the people who are more interested in voting in a popularity contest watch Idol.

  3. Jacob should not say that, he consider his voice is the best, what we need now is other person opinion and not ours

    America will loose faith on him now I think

  4. God not a god awful medley why couldn't have they stuck with the format they used last week and put them in groups and pairs that was so much better than these god awful medleys.

    • scotty should have been voted off, this is a singing competition, not pure counrty. Dont they have a country competition on CMT. He belongs there not on IDOL

    • The female contestants are boring. Haley reminds me of a tramp Hope she gets booted.

      • @MARY M I agree with you about Haley

        and I'm surprised no one's commenting about her smirk when Ryan announced pia's departure take a good look at the video Haley is not that "nice"

  5. I think Paul will be out. Pia also needs to be voted out,along with Lauren.. why, she has no stage presents or personality. I think James, Casey, Scotty, Jacob,

    Haley and Stefano are the best ones to compete.

  6. I don't know about you guys, but I really like Stefano! I mean he is cute and he can really sing! Hes very talented. I think he should win. that's what i think but hes definitely got my vote.

  7. Well I think it will be a guy who goes home tonight, I'll be surprised to see any of the girls going home tonight.

  8. Pia in the bottom 3? Now that's a shocker, but lets admit it. Paul had an exciting performance last night so that probably got him a few votes to keep him out of the bottom, but I think it will be Stefano who goes home.

  9. That was a curveball. I'm not a Pia fan, but had her at #5, definitely in front of Paul and Lauren. What do I know???

  10. I think Haley is safe. Pia shouldn't have worn what she wore. She has an amazing voice but the look wasn't her. :0(

  11. PIA?! wtf this is such a fake. this was her best performance and she is in the freaking bottom 3. I love Pia and I am in tears. Paul should be in the bottom 3 NOT pia.

    • There is no doubt that Pia can sing, but she has no stage presence. She sang a song that is so energetic and vibrant which she just didn't deliver. Maybe this will shake her up.

      • agree with debbie here. i don't think she'll be eliminated though. this will definitely shake her up.

  12. Let's see if Jacob gets put into the bottom 3, I think his comments in the video before he performed hurt him.

    • Jacob, can sing! He may be going home, tho. Paul is staying! Lauren (sp?) is a 50-50! She is really not that great! She is a barbie doll! Yea, another AI barbie doll.

  13. Well 2 out of 3 of my predictions came through, though I still think it will be Stefano who goes home tonight. Still shocked about Pia being in the bottom 3.

    • Not at all shocked about Pia, she can sing but not a performer. Jacob is just arrogant and insulted all of America with his comment last night.

    • Same here, Pia is a shocker but many of the women love Paul and hate Pia and her doing a song Celine Dion covered likely didn't help.

  14. All the polls showed Stefano the lowest and going home this week darn I wanted him to still be there but I love Jacob and Pia too so I dont know 🙁 maybe everyone is right and Jacob is going home

  15. Good call America. I wouldn't buy even an iTunes song from any of those 3.

  16. Jacobs commit last night, make all of you America look like IDIOTS. Don't let him do it again

  17. I like Jacob. I have him as 4th best. Paul and Lauren are big surprises to me. Every week we seem to have a surprise or two in the Bottom Three. I can't see that Stefano has a chance here.

  18. there is no way Pia could be in the bottom 3 as i checked the votes this morning and she was in the top 4… something is definitely wrong….. i nearly fainted when i heard ryan say paul is safe he only had 6% and not pia she had 12%…… no way……..maybe someone needs to check the papers ryan is reading the results from!!!!!!

    • I agree!!! Something is just not Right!!! Pia should of definately not of been the one to be eliminated,very upset!!!

  19. No they did not get it right – Stefano and Pia are awesome, Casey should be the one to go home tonight

    • no way, casey is good in every way, he can sing and perform and has a lot of stage talent……….

      • Yes Casey is good he is different and thats what makes him good not a cookie cutter singer.Thats what makes a legend.

  20. 1. Ashton Jones

    2. Karen Rodriguez

    3. Naima Adedapo

    4. Thia Megia

    And bottom 3:

    1. Stefano Langone

    2. Pia Toscano

    3. Jacob Lusk

    What does this list tells you?

    I smell something bad in the air…

  21. I think the threel (as voted for by America) nominees for elimination show that those who visit this blog are only maybe 33% in tune with America. Maybe that also explains some of the bitterness read here about Casey which clearly isn't the feeling of most of the actual voters.

  22. Great way to take a great show by bringing in some druggie to sing that has to be bleeped out. He should be the one to go – not one of finalist! Igy POP made me regret I watched tonight.

    They just worked with the contestants to tell them how to behave….

    Wrong person left tonight!!!!!!!!!! Went with the singer!!!!

  23. Remember, it's a popularity contest, not a talent contest — or, America would not be the ones voting — the judges would be doing it!!!!! And, Pia would still be there!!!

  24. I agreed completely with the judges on this one. Randy mouthed the words WTF when it was announced that Pia was eliminated.

  25. WTF!!! Pia going home?? This is a travasty – I am in shock – and to think the judges gave away their only save a couple weeks ago by saving Casey.

    • much boring… cause the good singer always eliminated… think the show will clamp down…

    • well, I have to blame the judges specialy Jennifer, with all the BS about Pia's connection to the audience. I had a gut feeling this would happen. As much as I like Jennifer, I felt like she picked on her.

      I think Pia was the best of all…I am not watching the show…this is all bull.

  26. I am utterly shocked. Pia?? No other words can describe me right now. Tomorrow's gonna be a weird day, I can feel it.

    • I agree, she did sang great, the outfit suks.

      She should have worn a uber sexy dress. That could have made the difference, imo

    • I tell you guys, that dress did it for Pia !!!

      Grrr, i wonder who chose that dress for her

  27. This is one screwed up elimination. Pia is the best singer that they had and this is so messed up. If they had not saved that save on Casey then they would have been able to save someone who actually could sing and win this competition.

    • Shes to cookie cutter she needs to get a job on a cruise ship. Need I say boring!!!! The judges told her step it up and I dont think she did and I dont think she really new how.

    • I agree she was a top 3. She is not my favorite, but I put her ahead of Jacob, Paul and Casey.

    • I think its a combination of things.

      1) Her run of ballads, even after promising something more upbeat. Kinda felt disappointed.

      2) Her lack of presence. It's true. Really. Last nights performance her vocals were siccccc but she couldn't let herself go. SHe had to keep herself grounded. This especially showed during her awkward strut around the judges table.

      3) What I think happened with Casey a couple weeks ago. Majority of us saw how much talent she had and just figured she'd be ok. That it was a given. Maybe even some of her hardcore fans loosened up on the voting frenzy cus, hey, like we're all reading now, "the girl can sing, right?"

      Everything just all caught up with her eventually. Too bad, cause yeah, she has a voice.

  28. My complete recap of the itunes version. Hope u like it 🙂

    Alphabetical order :

    Casey – ITs sooo original!!! And the thing that amaze me the most is its totally different than the live performance. Instead of ukulele,the itunes have a richer melody of guitar and the drum beat its amazing!!! True artist indeed. Freakin AWESOME!!!!! The beginning of the song he put a REM tunes. WOW!!!!i see the performance n heard the itunes,it gives me goosebumps just how bottomless musical talented he is. Always different & the fact that its not his 1st song choice just make me wonderin “How in the world he can easily make a different arrangement of a song?”Thats crazy…

    Hailey – YOU ROCK!!! the way she sing kinda of reminded me of an almost extinct vocal nowadays such as 4 Non Blonde although without the growling. It fit her perfectly. Arghh,now im gettin addicted to her since Bennie & The Jets Muuahh

    Jacob – no change whatsoever with the arrangement from the original,n frankly this song is just fit with MJ kind of voice,clear n highpitch not rounchy. James should sing this song.

    James – OMG!! He has a classical rock voice,DANG!!when i 1st heard the intro,it kinda makes me takes back to my 1 of my best lifetime song “soldier of Fortune” actually makes me stop the song n see the title n wondering “did i download the wrong song?”… That gives me the chill…

    Lauren – Nice arrangement,but the vocal is beaten by the music,thats a shame..

    Paul – Theres 2 country in this Top 9 itunes,Paul n Scotty. I gotta tell u he outdo Scotty. The arrangement makes me wanna move my body!!! YeeHaaw!!!

    Pia – hmm,i believe this song is better suited with a Whitney voice that have a deep but highpitch. This song will suit better for Jacob instead.

    Scotty – if u never heard of Elvis n Johny Cash voice u will probably like this.But u know,its Elvis song and it didnt make me wanna move as much as Paul rendition… ><

    • Scotty – if u never heard of Elvis n Johny Cash voice u will probably like this.But u know,its Elvis song and it didnt make me wanna move as much as Paul rendition… ><. With that stunt of Jacob "If get voted off…."…wew,SHOCKED!!!

  29. this is absolutely ridiculous!!! Pure stupidity on the voters part. Why in *U*#$ do you keep the non-vocal space keepers like Paul and Jacob??? This woman has more talent in her pinky than they both have together!!! You blew it America!!!

  30. Pia is b-o-r-i-n-g. You have to bring more to the party than just a voice. If Pia were singing on the radio how would you know it was Pia? You wouldn't.

    • I agree. She can sing. But she did not TINA's song any justice. NO MOVEMENT!! Not even a shoulder or leg!!! This is why she lost. NOT A SHOCK TO ME.

  31. I cant stop saying Ohmygod and my mouth is hanging open,Im super happy that Stefano is safe but Pia going home thats just wrong.

    • Stephano should have been eliminated weeks ago. What a waste of a seat. It just shows that this is not a talent contest, but a popularity contest. Lets see the ratings after this week. I hope show shuts down after this season. Idiots!!!

  32. The women have spoken and I fear a sausage fest is coming yet again when only the guys are left.

    • This is not a race war or a sex war — it's just who is better at the WHOLE picture.

      • Agreed. I always felt from the beginning that the guys were stronger than the ladies as a whole. And as a heterosexual male, I would have loved to see Pia stay longer. Just couldn't hold up.

  33. This basically shows how the competition favours male contests. Five female contestants eliminated in a row is definitely not a coincidence.

  34. America really messed this one up but the judges messed this one up even worse by using the "save" way to early on Casey. He is still in & Pia is out what a joke…..we are throught watching this show.

    • If the judges saved Casey it is because he has talent.The judges told Pia to step it up and do more than just ballads.A beautiful voice is not all it takes to be an American Idol.I dont think she has the complete package.

  35. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha…

  36. You can definitely be prepare for your ratings to go down cause tonite is going to be the cause UNBELIEVABLE> Thats the end for me too. No longer interested in the show

  37. The judges are HORRIBLE this year…please give some constructive criticism. EVERYONE is not perfect. You gave a great disservice to Pia. She was one of the best, yet you criticized her for her genre. Yet, you have someone like Paul, who is very shallow with little more to offer but white beautiful teeth. I'm sorry…this season is very disappointing. One of you needs to be more like Simon…make someone better than they already are…I have watched every year. After this one…I'm done.

  38. This will be my last time watching your show…the system is wrong when some one as talented as Pia get voted off while some fool that can hardly sing let alone carry a tune advances. The judges kept a person a few weeks ago that can not even come close to Pia…what shame that their choice was the wrong one

  39. This year the men are far better than any of the women. Just the roll of the dice. 6 guys left & 2 girls. How come no one is crying gender discrimination? Ha! (sarcasm folks)

  40. wow…didn't see that one coming. I don't like her, but wow. But you have to remember one thing, Jennifer Hudson got booted off in a surprise elimination and has got a stellar career…so I am sure that we will see more of Pia.

  41. Sad to see Pia go, after she did shake it up a bit, she was a bit dull though. I thought Jacob should have gone, he wasn't that good and especially after what he said last night on the show. The saddest part is that there are only 2 females left, no males have been voted off. Although the judges saved Casey he would have been the first male to go and this obviously had implications for the way the public vote.

      • you're just tonedeaf or dumb.cCsey deserved to be saved, heck he didnt even deserve to be in the bottom 3 that week, let alone being eliminated

    • Yet another example of teenage girls running the show who have zero perception of what real talent is and only vote for plastic made up dolls and not anything that actually might be real. This show is fast going down the tubes

  42. This year the men are far better than any of the women. Just the roll of the dice. 6 guys left & 2 girls. How come no one is crying gender discrimination? Ha! sarcasm folks

      • youre obviously tonedeaf and dumb for saying that about Paul. Any intelligent observer/listener would know how talented and unique he is

      • I agree. Paul is karaoke personified and completely unoriginal. I get that he might be more polished than say, Lauren, due to her age, but he drives me bonkers. I have to look away. Rod Stewart he isn't… although he certainly thinks he is. I was sooooo hoping American would have forgotten to vote for him.

  43. The judges wasted their save too early. Idol has lost 2 viewers because of this ridiculous conclusion. I may never watch again.

    • Wasted save waaaaaayyyyyyy too early!!!!!!! Don't care if ever watch it again. Probably wont.

  44. I'm very annoyed at how the judges acted this week, it's nuts that Pia is going home but they are all talented and they made Stefano feel like he doesn't deserve to be there. They weren't thinking of his feeling at all, completely unprofessional.

    • i agree.. that was a very uncomfortable moment for stefano. just like the week when casey was the one voted off instead of stefano. they (judges and contestants) all have this weird facial expression saying that "OMG!! why?? should have been stefano!!!"

      • Er, I agree about the Stefano part of what was said. I do think Pia going was a shock, but I had her in the bottom 3 and was not a fan. (I just thought others would/should go before her.)

  45. i'm starting to think the male voters are way outnumbered, cuz it looks like the females are getting swatted like flies off the show…Pia deserved to go alot further…if Haley goes before Stefano, Jacob, or Paul, i'll be done watching the show for a long time.

  46. Pia? Gone? What are they crazy??????? That's it, I'm not watching AI anymore. This is the last straw!

  47. WOW did not see that coming! only 2 girls left now… I really thought it was going to be Stefano or Paul going home.

  48. America got it wrong….Pia was on of the best singers that ever appeared on American Idol . I am very upset….and I will not watch the rest of this season of American Idol.

    • Think of it this way, some of the best singers were eliminated early and ended up with bigger careers than those who actually WON.

      • The fact that some of the early eliminated have gone on to huge careers – when winners have fizzled in the dust, is not the point. The point is that this is supposed to be about talent not plastic. Paul has pretty teeth – teeth don't make a singer. Stefano would be a great lounge singer (and I believe he knows it). Pia has talent, she has the chops to hold her own next to the other strong women in music. Her leaving goes to prove the voting system is flawed.

    • Well, I totally disagree. I think Pia had nothing to offer that the listening public wanted to buy. I was not a fan at all.

  49. You must be kidding!! The most talented performer of the whole lot gets eliminated–no way!! Something has to be dome t bring her back!!Period!!American Idol is not a talent contest; it is a popularity contest with all the teeny boppers voting for the cutest guy!! You have lost my vote for watching–not worth it!!

  50. We will never watch your TV show again. You are no better than dancing with the stars. Forget tallent vote for the young guy or a terrible black singer. Your show is a complete yoke. Good bye.

  51. i congratulate to all AI contestants, they are trying hard to do their best, except JAMES is supernatural, he's really REAL!!! keep it up boy!!!!

  52. Wrong, Wrong Wrong! Jacob should have gone this week. It shows that the vote is not about talent but politics !

  53. sorry, i haven't finished





    • And America has spoken…as I have already stated you have to have more than just a great voice, i.e the total package to be the next AI. She just did not have it…end of story.

  54. Today is the last day I am watching American Idol. Pia was the best singer on the show. It is rigged! Goodbye American Idol our family will no longer be a fan of this show!

    • Wow, way to drag the whole lot into the mess. Just like us Americans, over dramatizing things. I wonder if Lil' Johnny was ever secretly bored by the girl who only sang slooooow ballads week after week, but only applauded because thats what the family did.

  55. The voting needs to go back to the Judges because the public is not doing a good job – tonight was a disaster – Pia should never have been voted off. I am done, will not watch again until the voting goes back to Judges and not call in's this is beginning to become a farse. Even the Judges were shocked. Get over it and let the Judges make the decisions, after all they are the professionals.

  56. I can't vote because I don't live in the US but WTF is wrong with you people. I can't believe you wouldn't vote for someone with a voice like hers. If she doesn't have a contract within a week I'd be surprised. BIG MISTAKE!

  57. ok it was a surprise…but it was going to happen at some point. but i think in a way stefano was disrespected. he is going to go home soon too…and i really thought he was going..but for the judges to say they are angry about pia being chosen…really is a bit much. i think scotty is going to win or maybe james…so pia leaving now or in a few weeks is really no big deal. she is a great singer and if lawrence welk was still alive i am sure she would be on his show.

    • if you don't know who lawrence welk is, he was an old foggy known for lilly white singers doing boring songs. ask your grandmother. pia was boring.

    • Ha! I agree completely. She could put out a record for insomniacs. Just one American's opinion.

    • Can't handle hearing what the judges have to say.Are they not professionals??? Pia..sooner or later. Just happened to be sooner. Feel bad for Stefano for the judges comments.

    • very uncomfortable moment for stefano. oh, boy, i hope this won't affect stefano's esteem. not very professional reactions from judges.

    • I totally agree with you with everything. The judges and everyone there took it a bit overboard only one can win and I too hope and think it might be either James or Scotty. They both have the voice and the personality to go with it. I really felt bad for Stefano too. He's been on the bottom so often and for everyone to act that way is horrible.

  58. I'm not as surprised as you guys. Since the top 24 week, I had Pia somewhere around 6th or 7th overall for my taste at least. She's out a little early but I've thought she's been overrated a little bit all along. That said, she's still very good and will have a successful career in music.

    Now for the NEXT

  59. Every singer this year is a great singer…each week someone goes home…sad, but it is a contest…so what is the point of saying America got it wrong?…no matter who goes home America gets it wrong….they are all GREAT!! JLo saying she was angry made no sense…isn't this the whole point of voting. Next week it will be another…Pia was not better than any other. Just saying!

    • i agree marie. and it's not fair to put stefano on that awkward spot. after the top 9 performed, the judges said they cannot choose was the best and who was at the bottom because they were all good!! so what's with Jlo's comments?? that's very uncalled for!

  60. Girls always get axed first cause the voting population is mainly girls voting for boy. STEPHANOE shouldn't have been a wild card.

  61. I am so discusted with American Idol. The judges really messed up a couple weeks ago with an early save and now the tweens have taken over. You can kiss all the females goodby now.

  62. OH MY GOSH!!!!! Pia should have NEVER been voted off…what happened and what was America thinking!!!

  63. that was wrong and my family is in shock how could this happen. pia you will make it girl keep your head up and keep flying you can go anywhere with that amazing voice.

  64. Wrong She is the Idol She is the best I will no longer watch the show this year and hope it is not back next year. Pia will be a star and the show will bomb Bad show voters

  65. Pia shouldn't be going home. I wonder if the judges are rethinking their save now?

    • If the judges blew their save then tell me why Casey was sent immediately to the couches for safety and not again in the bottom 3. Maybe because he is an overall musician with more than just a voice…again I say the "package" not just a voice or pretty face

      • Perhaps. Maybe they didn't want to stress him out enough to put him back in the hospital. Since they knew he wasn't leaving why put him through it?

      • Dude! Do you honestly believe that if she could have been saved that she wouldn't also be sent immediately to the couch in the coming weeks? Come on now! That's just the way it works. America get the wake-up call, then responds.

  66. Pia should not have been eliminated. It's shocking. I thought she would have made it at least to the top 5. Sad. I enjoy listening to her.

    • It would of happened sooner or later. She is really a good singer , but she fell short of being a total package. I did think Jacob was leaving tonight, so i am a little shocked too. She will still do well. She can go on to record now. Wow what a night.

  67. I thought that those in the bottom three were all wrong and if it dodn't require me to register to vote..used to vote by phone (land line) and now they only do cell's ..all wrong ..did to re-vamp the system and make the voting more voter friendly.

    • I don't know what you're talking about…you can vote landline and there's never a busy number which is the way it used to always be..

  68. Pia deserves to go home. She's got a great voice, no problem about that, but she's not a performer. I kinda got bored with her ballads and when she tried to perform a fast one, she was almost zombie-like. She's no Tina Turner!

    • She's better off going now. She's still on the tour but at least some scouting record producer will approach her. I think she's going to do all right without Idol.

    • Agree totally with you. She's got the looks and a voice..but not a performer. As the show goes on, it will be harder to vote.

    • Maybe a different song would have saved her. Who knows. I wish she would of done something from heart.

  69. Just dumb…Pia may not have won it but she was clearly in the top 3…just dumb. Not worth watching until the finals…does free up some time..she is so good…cut an album…I'll buy it.

  70. This was ridiculous that Pia went home but Jacob and Stephano survived. Pia is the most talented person on this show as far as a singer who could be an idol for millions of american. I am done watching this show. You have lost a loyal fan!!!

  71. Unfriggin believable!!! Pia should have been in the top 3 – WTF happened, America. Did everyone think she was too good to be vulnerable? This is awful!!! A.I. should have made an exception to turn this around. Big Mistake losing Pia. You are and always will be GREAT Pia.

    • I'm not taking sides here, but if you've been following these blogs you must have seen an awful lot of negative comments about Pia. They were basically the same complaint that people voiced about Thia. That she lacked spirit and personality. When considering the appeal of popular singers, personality often beats vocal ability.

  72. Im totally shocked,, Pia had it all !!! Thats it for me on this show, I had her picked to win it,, now I'm done !! She is SSOOOOOOOO much better then half the remaining group

  73. Wrong ! Jacob should have gone. It shows that its not about talent , but is about politics.

  74. It is time for a major voting change. Change it so that everyone votes for who should be sent home as it would lead to better results. It is painfully clear that the wrong singers are being lost in the shuffle of a poor system.

    • I agree 150%, my husband and I just said this very same thing! The vote should be for who you think should go home!

    • No, it wouldn't. If the procedure was to vote people off, the teens would assess their favorite's biggest competition and vote like maniacs to oust them. Mox nix. The only fair way is to limit the voting which Idol refuses to do.

  75. Hey,I really don't she would have won American Idol anyway, but I feel it is too soon for her to go!

  76. AMERICA, Hailey should be the one to sent home packing! I can't believe you like listening to a drunken lady howling and growling in a karaoke bar!

  77. american idol is finally starting to go down hill

    there are four people there who sing WORSE, will not watch idol AGAIN

      • i'm not a huge pia fan either but i think she deserves to stay for a couple of weeks more. well, what can we do… this is all voters' game. that's AI!

  78. No way should Pia have left. She was one of the best last night. It should have been Jacob Lusk.

    • Jacob slammed "Man In The Mirror". He did it better than Michael. You are insane if you think she is the best.

  79. deep breath, wipe the tears from eyes and…





  80. I'm also disgusted by the results. I don't think I'll be watching the rest of the season. So sad….

  81. I'm done. I will NEVER watch this show again. There is NO WAY PIA should be going home. It should be Paul or Stephano or that other guy who's hair sticks up all over the place. Pia had the BEST voice on your stupid show. I'm going to post on Facebook for everyone I know to stop watching as well

    • really, facebook. I guess you know a bunch of people who can't form their own opinions. This is voted on by human beings prone to make their own choices on who or what they like (the horror). While we may not like or agree with the outcome, obviously enough people feel she needed to go or that she was safe. Hate to say it, but everyone knew that going in this is as much politics as any other reality tv show. You piss off the viewers with an attitude, or don't appear to have any regard for advice given to HELP you….you may not win as many votes. Jacob is still breathing a sigh of relief that he didn't lose based on his poorly chosen words prior to his performance…and probably will lose a lot of sleep over whether the public will forgive and forget those words. She acted like she was above their commentary and did the same stale, rooted to the stage, handcuffed to the mic stand or stiff legged jaunt around the stage that was just painful to watch. She shouldn't have gone home tonight. But, she didn't really improve or change it up at all until it was too little to late. I loved her in auditions, the first few weeks…after that she fell victim to partial tivo edits. She just started to feel too one dimensional. Can she sing, heck yeah. Can she work a crowd, not yet. Will she one day be the total package, probably but she needs to revamp her stage presence.

  82. Im shocked as everyone is, I figured she would win.I feel someone messed with the votes. I dont understand this at all.

    • I never once considered she was good enough to win. I thought she MIGHT win, though, because the judges were always falling all over themselves with praise for her "amazing" singing–which somehow I never heard, not even once. She was "nice." That's the best I can say. Didn't appeal to me at all.

  83. Attitude is everything. Pia's crappy attitude at the end of last nights show was here demise. She stood there like a snooty u know what. She could take some lessons in humility from Lauren. You cant stand on the stage and look around like you are better than anyone else on a show like this.

    • Well, I somehow missed her snootiness. Just maybe other people like me just didn't like her singing voice. I mean why isn't that considered to be in the realm of possibility? Her voice did not do a thing for me.

    • Spoken like an man who blames "snootines" on women who have probably always rejected him. LOL!


  85. As Usual the people got it wrong! It should had been Haley, Paul, gone weeks ago. Really the Judges are not judging properly in their eyes, everybody is great.. They need to find new words to use, and they could had saved her, by not using the saved so early in the show… All Judges need to take lessons from Simon and Karla!!!!

    • Seems like the judges don't want to hurt any feelings by telling the truth. They're leaving it up to the voters…then get this SHOCKED look on their faces. Not very professional at all!!

  86. WOW! What a joke, I thought this was a singing competition. She was the best singer by far. I guess thats why they got rid of her. Last time I watch this show.

  87. Your show is a teen show. No talent just looks. Its a complete joke. Why have judges. Go to the Xfactor. Maybe you'll find a good show.

  88. I am surprised at the comments made regarding the judges. It is not their fault that Pia got voted off, it is you the American public who vote or don't vote. By not watching the show because someone who you liked got voted off is pretty childish.

    And if this is truly a show trying to find the next star in the music industry then America got it right. Pia has an amazing voice and is an amazing talent, but she cannot perform on stage. That is only something that she will have to work on.

    She is compared to Celine Dion and Celine Dion (though I am not a great fan of hers) is a true performer and has great stage presence.

    But don't look for conspiracy theories, or hidden agendas accept the result for what it is. Pia choosing the wrong song and when she did, she didn't perform, no stage prsence.

      • don't insult the poster. debby is right. every year this happens..pia was never going to win. she is not commercial. she is beautiful, and sings like a person in a pageant…great voice, no soul, no charisma…just stands there and sings..she was going home before the final two anyway.

      • agree with chichi! man, she was boring me to death…sorry, Pia, yes, you have a great voice, but I don't even find anything interesting or unique in it, and definitely can't do anything on stage except stand there…

      • Well, I didn't even think she had a great voice. She could hit notes, but her notes were not music to MY ears.

  89. It's to bad that this year the entire show has been judged by call-ins. Where's Simmon when you need him. At least he had the nerve to really critic the performances. When you leave the performances up to the audience without any guidence you end up with a popularity contest. To bad because it takes some credibility out of a great show. You need more Randy's and a Simmon.

  90. Well that really sucks. Pia was the best by far. No need for me to watch the rest of the season 11, America just voted out the most talented singer.

    • The guys voted for Haley and the women didn't like Pia very much, while the majority of young girls voted for Scotty or James with a few for Lauren since she is 16.

      • I'm female and I voted for Haley, Lauren, James–and oh, yes, one vote for Scotty, too.

    • The guys voted for Haley and the women didn’t like Pia very much, while the majority of young girls voted for Scotty or James with a few for Lauren since she is 16.

  91. Somebody had to be voted off ,why make such an issue over Pia leaving , Stefano could'nt even enjoy his moment of getting to stay on the show , BOO HOO Pia cry a river..It is part of the show .

  92. I voted and I am totally shocked that this woman and extraordinary singer could be eliminated. Th unfortunate reality is that we have an innumerable amount of tween girls who vote and have not developed any musical taste or discretion. They vote on "cute" factor alone. And while the judges are shocked, giving "constructive" criticism and using a save early in the season did nothing. And, Steven, looking bored while a contestant is singing is totally rude. Watch the video of Wednesdays show.

  93. Has America gone crazy?? How could you not vote for one of the best singers ever on Idol? My husband will not watch anymore after tonight even though we thought all along this was the best year so far.

  94. I'm not as surprised as you guys. Since the top 24 week, I had Pia somewhere around 6th or 7th overall for my taste at least. She's out a little early but I've thought she's been overrated a little bit all along. That said, she's still very good and will have a successful career in music.

    Now for the NEXT one that needs to get a taste of the bottom 3…Scotty.

    I'm really getting tired of him referring to himself in the 3rd person on the show and on his twitter account. He's gotten just a little too cocky, in my opinion, and needs to get a big dose of reality…and maybe that can save him from his immature self.

    Don't get me wrong. I love his singing. I'd probably pay to see him live and would buy his music if he just would show a little more humility.

    I've never been a fan of Stefano, but he could teach Scotty a LOT when it comes to keeping it real and keeping the ego in check.

    • look back off scotty stefano sucks and is the one who needs to go home.scotty is sweet and has true feelings toward other people,and scotty dont need to take no kind of lessons from the worst singer on the show he is just lucky and got saved again he needs to go home.SO BACK OFF SCOTTY

      • This is an opinion page and that's my opinion. Scotty IS a good singer BUT he's also been getting a very big head. Who else goes around constantly referring to themselves in the 3rd person? Go back and watch his past interviews and look at his twitter page…I'm not making this up dude.

  95. what the h-ll are voters just gone crazy stefano should of left tonight not pia,this whole thing is rigged

  96. I will not watch anymore this season. The judges shouldn't have wasted their save on Casey. Pia is a much more talented artist. I have been a follower and voter since the beginning of Idol, but this has made me think twice about watching.

  97. I am done with the show. Tjos a travesty!! It has to be rigged!!! I will never watch again!

  98. For me this is the end of the program,it is ridicules that PIA,the best you have from all 10 seasons is going home. Iwill never wacho your program ever. You reach the lows rate ever on national TV.

  99. This is beyond ridiculous. She should have been in the top 3 at the very least. What a joke. I'm never watching the stupid show again. I can't believe those judges used their save on that guy who is not near as good as Pia. Pathetic.

  100. Unfortunately, the judges think the name of the show is "The Judge's American Idol". The "people" voted for "their" favorites and sadly, Pia, who has the personality of a fish when she sings is not "America's" favorite. If the judges can't handle the truth maybe they should bring Simon back who certainly can!

    • I agree, the judges job was to pick the top singers for the show. Now it is the publics turn to vote. Do the judges realize how they made the other contestance feel, poor Stefano, the look on his face, he thought he was going home. The judges used their save on Casey, which was fine, but thats how it works.

      Judges don't make the others feel bad about staying on the show. Pia has a great voice, but week after week, she said I will do what you want next week. Well next week won't come, it should have been last week. Pia will be fine, she will have a modeling, singing career.

      But, Judges, don't make the other contestants feel bad. The public votes for who they like. If you don't like the way Am Idol works, then change it to, the judges vote everyweek.

  101. Its a shame such a talent girl no longer on by the face's of judges it tell me that first you lost me as a watcher and that if you took a poll of age bracket's who voted most were are clueless they go on who's cute all wrong.Shame on you simon babd producer.With that talent of judges they know who stay's and who goes not teenie bopper's sad sad sad .

  102. America just voted out the very best singer of the bunch. I can't believe it. I think the judges better do SOMETHING to bring Pia back. The letting America vote without the judges input has got to change. America is making too many mistakes. I'm sure you will hear this alot…….

  103. Why in the Hell did this happen Casey should be gone I will neaver wacth the show

  104. NOT A SHOCK!! Yes she can sing but not a good performer. She did not do any justice to TINA's song. NO MOVEMENT, NO DANCE. The judges hinted on this last night. This is why she is gone.

      • I agree too. Pia does sing good but I don't think she was the next American Idol. What really got me was the way the judges acted and what they said!!! How do you think that makes Jacob and Stephano feel!!!!

      • well you can teach someone too dance and perform….

        but you can't teach someone too sing like her… what a joke …america just (f—-) up big time

    • I agree with you TGirl, Although I was shocked because I believed she had a following, I was bored every week. I felt bad for her, but she had some chances to improve…American did get it right or she would be still in

    • I agree with you. she is a good singer but she does not have what it takes to be a performer. She will still go far, just not on the stage. I'm a little shocked that she went before jacob.

  105. Pia was the next american idol. What is america looking at. She was terrific. Pia you will get a record deal your great.

  106. Par for the course. Only two of the past AI winners deserved to win, and made a name for themselves. Most of the AI stars finished 2 thru 10. No worries on Pia. She WILL be a star!!

  107. I too am shocked at the results. I CANT stand Jacob. His gospel vocals sucks, his facials when he sings is ugly and the way he moves eewww! I fast forward because it is too hard to watch. My tob picks are Scotty, James and Paul. I want Jacob and the other one hard to watch Haley to go!

  108. wonder if the judges wish they had their save back? pia was boring folks…she is a talented singer…but nobody is going to buy her cd's including most of the people complaining now.

  109. Im mad and will not watch your show anymore Pia was by far the best singer on this years show.

  110. i'm not a pia fan, but i wasn't ready to see her get booted off. i was rooting for jacob to go home. tsk tsk

  111. what a joke Pia should have been in the final 2 she has the voice, the looks, the stage apperance

    something is wrong with the voting very wrong

  112. SOOOOOOOO wrong – everyone knows that Pia was the best up there – you could see it from the faces of the others that they all know it was wrong – maybe the owners of the show fixed the results so that Pia could start her real career early….sort of like Daughtry who was the best singer during his season and look who won…. the gray haired guy who's name I can't even remember since he hasn't done anything else….I am not sure I can continue to watch this season now! They will have to bring even larger star power to the judges seats next season for me to pay any attention.

    • Why is it that I don't "know she was the best up there"? If I exist, then there are others like me who exist. We just didn't like her talent more than other contestants! Why is that so hard to believe? I think it's because a lot of folks swallowed everything the judges had to say and didn't listen with their own ears and brain.

  113. The problem is the vote should be for the one you think should go home or the judges should vote until there are only 5 or 6 left. Too many people will sit on the computer for hours and just vote for the same person. Remember Sanjaya? When you get down to the top 5 then maybe vote for your favorite.

  114. I CANT BELIEVE America has just let one of the top 2 go home tonight. Steven,s comment tonight was right on. Anyway Pia will be a huge star and I cant wait to buy her C.D when they come out and I know they will. Good luck PIA

  115. Outrage! That's what you get when ignorant people who have no musical knowledge decide singers' careers. Judges must count for 50% of the vote. Based upon the idiots that make up the voters, count me out of future shows.

  116. casey should of been gone and not saved. Pia was one of the best singers on the show. Hope she gets a record deal because I would buy her music.

    That was the biggst mistake to vote her off.

  117. Pia was by far one of the BESST contestants on this show and it was definitly not fair for her to get booted. I know that America does not have the right to vote anymore if they're gonna vote the people off with true natural talent. Pia should of stayed. It was unfair and cruel she had to leave.

  118. WHAT THE HECK!!!! PIA IS AN ANGEL FROM HEAVEN!!! SHE HAS A GOD GIVEN VOICE AND WAS THE MOST TALENTED CONTESTENT IN IDOL HISTORY! WHAT IS GOING ON AMERICA?!?!?!?! We wish her a great singing career. She deserves it deeply. Pia we love you! <3

    • It was going to happen sooner or later. She is a good singer , but fell short on being a good performer. I am a little shocked that she went before jacob though. She will still do well . She can start recording now.

  119. Pia is the best singer there, obviously it's not a singing competition, the show is not worth watching anymore!

  120. Pia may have been sent packing a few weeks too early but she is not good enough to win this competition. Seems to me the judges are over rating her talent…..she has the looks but she does not measure up to most of the remaining contestants that have far more talent than Pia. I thought Pia sounded more like a wedding singer, hot looking, yes, but not a unique talent.

  121. This is CRAZY!!!!! Pia's the BEST one! THEY NEED TO BRING HER, THEY DEF CAN! that was a mistake i bet if they did she wouldnt be voted off again and she would win

  122. Yes they did get it right. she has not connected with audience. I truly believe the judges need to provide better feedback to contestants. Jennifer acted shocked but yet when Randy told Stefano he didn't do well, she cut him off and said he was wrong. Love Steven Tyler, but never has said one negative word

  123. Is america brain dead…I guess so..!!!..To vote off pia is the biggest mistake they ever made and I'm not watching this FIXED SHOW ANYMORE.PIA IS THE AMERICAN IDOL…!!!

  124. they got it all wrong I will not watch it until the end just to see who wins. But Lauren should be gone before pia

  125. Pia was light years ahead of every other competitor! This is a singing competition- she was, no, IS the best this year!!! This is unjust as well as biased! I know this young woman is going to be instantly bought up by a big sound recording company before she goes to sleep tonight! Wrong- wrong-wrong!!!! I will be on the first line to buy her CD's! I'm very saddened over this outcome!!!!

  126. what a joke,,,,,,,paul and stefano are not that good,,,,,,,,,,,another idol fix,,,,,,,,just to keep ratings

  127. I'm not 100% sure of how things go on with the judges and stuff, but I think they should totally bend the rules to the point of breaking it to bring Pia back. She defiantly deserves a place in this competition. Randy, Jennifer and Steven you should totally do something about this. There are thousands of fan throughout the world that are totally disappointed of America's decision.

  128. I can not believe they sent Pia Toscano home this show sucks now I will not ever watch this show ever again this season . bring Pia Toscano back .


  130. I cannot believe that Pia was eliminated…She is so gifted…I was hoping that she would be the next Idol…I was so so sad to watch her being eliminated…should not have happened to her…she was the best of the group by far…

  131. WTF….Pia going home! That's it for me, I quit. America, send a message. Refuse to watch next week. Refuse to watch until this format is changed. The judges save Casey and now what. Pia is not my favorite but there are three guys and 1 girl that should have left before her. We are letting 8-13 year olds who vote decide this thing. I QUIT.

  132. what the heck is wrong with america she is the American Idol 2011 wow this is crazy they kept paul over Pia? WHY?????????

  133. this is the worst outcome of the vote, since Daughtry was eliminated, and this is Worse. Its just like Simon used to say "IT"S A POPULARITY CONTEST" WHAT A DISGRACE

  134. I have watched this show from day 1! I am all done with it after losing PIA tonight. What is wrong here? Casey should have never been saved, Stephano isn't consistant and Jacob, is that his name? I couldn't ever listen to him through a whole song! America got it wrong tonight!! PIA is the BEST!!! I won't watch the rest of this season!! Maybe you need to RECOUNT your VOTES or better yet BRING PIA BACK!!!~


  136. The voting process for Idol is definetly flawed. Someone needs to take a hard look as to how things are currently setup. This multi-vote system needs some form of restriction!!

  137. Obviously none of you WERE watching and NONE of you voted otherwise YOUR favorite, Pia, would still be on. And yes, you will still watch!

  138. Pia should NOT have gone! This is crazy. I was watching her until the end, and I'm just nasty disappointed. Something went wrong somewhere.

  139. Pia is very talented and I am soooo sorry to see her go. I think she is more talented than some of those remaining. I wonder if we could fix the voting process? I vote online and it took an hour to do and I didn't even use all my votes. Having to go through the catcha thing each time is difficultand time consuming. If we could select a contestant and just put a number of our votes by them it would shorten the time and ya'll would get more votes. Also, the captcha things are hard. I would advise the company NOT to use the letters c,j,p,s,u,v,w,x,z. These letters are the same whether they are capital or lower case and because the font size changes you casn't tell. Last night I had to redo so many because of this. I also got locked out several times because of overload. I hope this can be fixed before we lose another amazing contestant. Good luck Pia! You will have a wonderful career, just keep going for it.

  140. I was surprised that the judges said America had it wrong. What did that say for the other two standing there. Pia can sing but she can't move on stage. She was stiff and programmed on Wednesday night. The others are becoming all around performers. I think America did get it right. This year is very tough; all the contestants have been very good in their own way.

  141. I have been watching American Idol since its inception. What happenend to Pia Toscano is a tragedy and a flaw in the design of this show.

    I am no longer a fan of American Idol. This girl was delt a bad hand. I know the judges of the show are probably embaressed at the decision .It is sad the American public are both tone deaf , and prejudice . I use to look forward to watching this show , but after watching it tonight. I am no longer a fan .

    • Did her a favor! Look at how far Constantine has gone without winning anything! She can sing on Bradway starting next week!

  142. this is not a singing competition. With Pia eliminated, I do not care to watch the remainder of the season. Judges should have input like Dancing with the Stars

  143. The judges faces told it all. The show for the rest of the season is a sham. This should never be allowed. I will not watch another episode this year. When Pia cuts her first record I will buy it. She has a voice that doesn,t come along that often. Maybe Andrea Bocelli will have her sing in one of his shows so the world can see her talent. I can,t imagine what Simon would have said about this.

    • The show is about America voting…..obviously Pia did not have enough fans, that's it!

  144. What a ridiculous outcome and and the judges wasted their save. Also she is now tied up in a nonbreakable contract which limits her marketability. I will not waste my time with Idol but I will buy Pia's cds. Lets face it most people that watch this show applaud mediocrity.

    • You are absolutely right. You have the same people who voted non-stop for Bristol Palin on dancing with the stars. The group that was left on the couch when the bottom 3 were in the seats, was a joke. Non of the ones on the couch with the exception of a few can't sing. Sugar coated, bubble gum, remedial is what most people find appealing.

  145. I said the judges got it wrong when they saved Casey . Now look what has happened. I hope they will have viewers after tonight I for one will not be watching

  146. She has such a beautiful voice. She will be famous.

    All on the show is so good. It is hard to see anyone go. They are all winners!!

  147. and this is why they need too have 50 /50 voteing set up 50% vote buy the american's and 50% by music producers or someone like that …….there's no way Pia should be done her scotty and james should be the top 3 ….


  149. the judges screwed this girl by telling her to change it up. she is a great singer she does not have to dance around the stage or sing up beat she is in the league with whitney miria and all the great singers .well I hope they realize sometimes you appreciate what you have and don't try to change it because they are the reason that she is off the show.pound for pound she was the best don't tell me that paul could sing with her way to go judges you cost her her dream

    • They all must perform, not just stand there waving a pagent arm & showing off your upper pallet in HD. I wish Pia well, but, GOOD RIDENCE!

    • Hi Jim – I kind of agree with you – her strength is ballad and her audience liked her that way… That is why it is important for the contestants to stay true to themselves…

    • Whitney and all the great divas have great voices, but they are also great performers. That's the key. Pia had no physical or emotional connection to what she was singing. I did not think she would go home tonight, but after last night, i concluded that she would not win.

  150. Yep Im done watching Idol!!! I voted for Pia. They should leave the voting to Professionals. Pia should of been in the finals… Idol is going down hill… Iggy Pop..Really???

    • This is a shocker and I am glad that I did vote for her last night or I would be kicking my own arse right now. Yeah, going down is right with the Iggy Pop thing tonight. The judges are probably kicking themselves for using the save so early.

      • Nah, they used the save because now, they don't have that responsibility anymore! SMART!

    • Exactly Laurie , Iggy Pop ??? even Ryan introduced him with a little shame . . . I actually anticipated Pia in the finals singing with Celine Dion

  151. More proof of the 'dumbing down of America'..Just goes to show how incredibly brain dead the average viewer truly has become…the one person who has more talent than the others combined gets booted….America, you should be absolutely ashamed of yourself, then again, with the aggregate IQ of a worm, I guess I shouldn't be surprised…Pia, you will be far more successful than anyone who has ever been on the idol stage…period!

    • @Michael London ok number one all americans don't have the "aggregate IQ of worm" I for one have an iq nearing 140 and I although I think Pia is quite talented she is not the best performer sorry. I take it you're not an american since you feel the need to criticize so many millions of us If you don't like americans than don't watch

      our television shows and if you are american than it's clearly time for you to deport

  152. Pia was probably the best singer but this isn't a singing competition. She was BORING. All she can do is sing, not entertain. She was not at all interesting. She's a stand-at-the-mike-and-belt-out-a-song singer. I never voted for her any show.

    • Since when isn't it a singing competition? Or maybe it's since Simon left. . .he was the one who always reminded everyone what it was about.

  153. Does the public vote REALLY matter?? After the last couple of years of Bowersox and Lambert NOT winning I needed AI to prove to me this year that it is not rigged and they blew it. I am so over AI!!! There is no way Pia should have gone home. Are you kidding me? Stephano and Paul both should have gone home. you can't tell me that intelligent people are in charge OR voting for these uber talented people! Good luck to you Pia! You WILL be a STAR… and not have to give one red cent in AI royalty to this messed up show!!!!

  154. OMG….the teeny boppers must not be allowed to vote…..this was the worst vote ever on AI. Pia was so far ahead of 90% of the contestants it didn't seem fair……but the idiots have taken over the voting lines. Someone please save the show and get rid of Paul next week…He is so far behind everyone else in talent it is laughable

    • I agree, it should have been a slam-dunk tonight for Paul to go home.. HE Cannot sing. Next off should be Stephano. This is just simply a big goof up! True talent will find a way and she will have a big career but she would have loved the experience from being on AI. A shame :/

    • Why shouldn't the teeny boppers vote? They're the ones who spend the most on music. That being said, if Idol would limit the voting per number or e-mail address it would change everything.

  155. Stefano should have been gone a week ago. Pia has the voice, the moves and definitely the looks to be in the top four. What was America thinking? Very disappointing.

  156. this was the worst mistake american idol could of made. i really don't know if i can continue watching your show.THIS WAS VERY VERY WRONG.cletus

  157. This is my last straw with this show.

    I have been loyal and watched this show every year since it started.

    Your new judges were a good choice but using the save too early is obvious for sure.

    They lost a great and talented signer now because of there mistake.

    I will not watch this show anymore and had enough of the mistakes!!!

  158. no surprise its Pia..she did too many ballads..promised to sing uptempo the next week but stage presence..and started to get a little boring

    • Here, here. I agree. I am disappointed in Jlo's response to Pia's elimination. Jlo was the one telling her last night that she must study other performers & learn how to perform. This is not just a singing contest. Its about being exceiting & bringing the audience into the show. Pia stood & sang to the judges last night. She didn't perform (once again) & she didn't sing to America!

  159. What happen to night was just wrong.She was one of the best.

    And be cause of this, my wife and I are no longer

    going to watch. After all the seasons We Are Done!

  160. Pia should not have been eliminated. It’s shocking. I thought she would have made it at least to the top 5. Sad. I enjoy listening to her

  161. This is truly a joke. They tell you to vote-vote-vote. More people will vote now so their favorites won't get the boot and more MONEY will be made.

  162. Americia got is WRONG tonight. Pia was top female singer in group. Had a chance to beat Scotty & James in finals.

    • I totally agree and I was thinking her against James, but you're right Scotty also.

  163. you guys suck pia was the best one there and i am very angry now im never ever watching american idol ever again GOOD LUCK you'll need it good bye i hate yous

    pia is better than everyone now she left

  164. What!! Stefano is still in?!!?! He should be syllabicating his songs at home and not on tv! He's too jerky for me.

  165. You call this a talent show? Elimination of Pia is a grave miscarriage of what your program should be about. She was clearly superior in talent from all the rest. Either change your method of using a "popular vote" or I will boycott every advertiser on your show, and write them with my complaints. This is not a popularity contest. It is a talent competition.

    I am 68 y.o. and have seen many talented people. Pia was the best of the best in terms of talent.

    It is very difficult to get through your phone lines to vote. It is always busy, so how are people supposed to vote for such a talented individual?

    What a sorry system you have.

  166. wat happen pia is one of the best singers. the judges now know they wasted their save on casey.

  167. WTF?! I'm in shock and I'm pissed it seems that when you have talent and beauty you go home. I though her and James would be the top 2. She always sang amazingly and was consistent, unlike some others that are still there. Anyways, give her a week and she'll get a record deal, if not a modelling or acting contract. WTF?! WTF?! Che cazzo!

    • I second your comments….Pia and James talent wise stood out way above the rest even though I agree the talent this year is some of the best they have ever had. Just find it hard to believe I am one of the few who sees Paul as the only untalented one in the group…In my opinion he wouldn't even rate in the top 100 of AI…



  169. I believe that Americans assumed that Pia would absulotely make it for her amazing voice.

    Simon can you make a guest appearance and rescue her?

  170. WTF! That was the worst voting I have ever seen on this show. One of the other two deserved to go home. Stefano is one step above a cruise ship lounge singer and Jacob sounds gospel (not top 40) to me.

  171. This would of never happened if Simon was still there. He would of never used the save on Casey and Pia would have been saved. I blame the judges.

    • I agree with you on this. The save was too early and wasted on Casey. Simon would have not let that happen most likely. But no one has a crystal ball and this was a big surprise. Unexpected!

  172. I am so mad with America voters, how can they take out Pia she was one of the best one, really so sad that they let go of such a great talent.

  173. Steven Tyler was correct. There is no excuse for apathy. Why aren't we impassioned with these passionate singers to vote for them each week. Even if we change our vote based on the performance and not just favorism. Get out and vote! Pia shouldn't have been the one to leave this week.

  174. thes is no roay send PIA HOME NO i think iall do wrong think tanks i don see aerican idol no more no not not thanks american idol entertayment ———-

  175. I would advise to ALL girls not participate anymore.

    When was the last time a girl won AI?

    This show is for silly girls to vote for mediocre cute face singers, nothing more.

    I think Pia will have a great future since she is one of the best voices this year.

    I bet the judges are now sorry they saved Casey.

    Pia was much more deserving to go on to the end.

    This show has gone from bad to worse.

    Miss Simon.

  176. Once again Idol fans got it wrong!!!! Stefano should have gone!!! Weeks ago he should have gone…

  177. I will wait for Pia to bring out a cd..I will definitely buy her music…So sad to lose her on this show…

  178. Pia, cmon girl you still can make it to the x-factor auditions. They got $5M prize pot in there.

    Surely Simon will love you !!! go go go Pia

  179. I can not believe she was voted off!!! I am shocked!! That makes me wonder what america is really looking for!! Pia and Scott were my top two singers. WEll i wonder what will next week bring????

  180. This is a shock aroud the world!! One of the best singers on the whole show since it has aired has just been voted off! What the hell. Pia was the best and I voted for her everytime, i thought she was going to win it as many others out there did to. I can honestly say now I'm not going to watch american idol anymore and america just made a huge mistake! Yall will realize it in about two or three years you will see Pia being as big or not bigger than Rubin, Carrie Underwood and more.. Big, Big, Mistake!!!!

  181. Yes they got it right. She thought she had it in the bag. So don't be so sure. She was not the best singer. She was okay, but not the best. Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez should get an Oscar. They were not really surprised they knew this before the show. And Randy playing like he was cursing WTF, man please.

  182. I knew it… I said yesterday in a posting here if Pia's song was indeed that Tina Turner's one, she would be eliminated. It is a boring song, Celine Dion sings it too – what makes it worse… I knew Pia would not be the winner of the show, but I thought she would get to the final 5 or 4. Stefano or Jacob should have left… I thing the show producers will come up with a twist to bring her back… let us wait till next week… I know Nigel Lythgo – the executive producer of the show – he loves drama… we will see… something will happen next week regarding Pia, let's wait and see…

    • Yes, I think you hit the nail right on its head. But still she is okay but not that great. If she do come back she needs to stop thinking that she is better than everyone else.

  183. America got it wrong but Pia will prevail. She oozes star quality and talent. Her poise, talent, sincerity, and beauty will sail her past the remaining contenders and into the real world where recording contracts are written! We have not seen the last of her. I am sure there are record producers waiting to sign her after her commitment to the season tour. Pia, keep your chin up and don't let it damage confidence. I will be waiting to buy your first album!

    • I think so too. Pia is really talented. I really think we will see more of her very soon.

  184. I was really really surprised and disappointed. Pia has the best singing voice on the show. The judges made a mistake using the save already. I don't want to watch the show anymore.

  185. I know they didn't get it right this week, She should be still in the running it is so sad. (I'm from Canada) I wished we were able to vote also there are alot of Canadians that watch Idol and we would sure vote

    • I think it stinks that Canadians can't vote. Why not? It's American Idol not United States Idol. The U.S. and Canada are siblings from a common parent, they should get to vote.

  186. I hope the judges can sleep tonight.The save should have been used tonight.The best singer went home tonight.

    • I thought she was top 1…fantastic voice…there is no competition anymore. The judges used their vote for KC.

      But I blame Jennifer…her comments to Pia made America to not vote for her.

      There really is no more competition…not fair at all…

  187. Didn't really expect that… and to you guys complaining, if she was voted off then obviously she did something wrong… Now I didn't not like her and expected her to go farther but I wont stop watching just because of that. Their is nothing wrong with the voting. It's called having a different OPINION.

  188. Greatest travesty in Idol history occurred tonight! Something is definitely wrong somewhere!!!!!!!!

  189. i believe it was totally wrong for pia to go home. it is no ones fault, but ours who are to sure of the outcome and we don't vote. she had a tremendous voice and beauty becoming any star, but i think most of all the way she handled it said most about her.

  190. Having Pia not be good enough is like saying the Beatles were an OK group, or J Lo isn't too bad or that Aerosmith is just satisfactory. That is just insane!

  191. I cannot believe that Pia is gone…Casey should have been gone and the save left for something just like this. Hope the ones that make the record deals are waiting in the wings…you need to grab her up…she is awesome. Thought sure it would be Pia and Scotty in the finals…?? It's downhill from here.

  192. This is starting to become very stupid. Why hasn't jacob went home yet?? I like Stefano, but I would rather see him go home than PIA! The judges should have never used the save on Casey….they should have at least kept it until later in the show, they never know whats going to happen and tonight just proves that!

    • I guess that's why we vote. Casey is much more entertaining than Pia. Top 3…. James, Scotty, Casey.

      I do agree that the judges need to stop with the love fest & get a little more real.

  193. Are you kiding me? Jacob over pia? Jacob over anyone? American Idol lost me and friends as viewers. This was bogus and a ploy for better ratings. Good-bye idol. I WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN.

  194. Pia was the best singer there! the judges have to start giving some constructive criticism to help america vote! they got it all wrong! they have to bring her back!

  195. This is so UNFAIR!!






  196. Pia should never have been eliminated. she was the


    again, big , big, mistake.

  197. What just happened??? BRING PIA BACK!!! This is so so wrong. I cried my eyes out. Probably will stop watching it all together.

  198. american idol isnt makking anymore money their bout to lose a whole lot of voters

  199. I have a message for all teenage girls that vote based on looks…. I hate you all. that is all.

    • I think you are on to something with the teenage girl thing. They must vote more than anyone else. There are 6 guys left now and only two girls. Probably looking at an all male finale for sure.

  200. No,I did not agree with the vote. Pia could sing, had looks, class, maturity and a great body. She had it all. I agreed pretty much, up till that point. I think we need a recount on the votes. That is just so wrong, wrong, wrong.

    • I agree, we as the voters should demand a recount, accountability from the producers, and maybe even another opportunity to look at what may have happened with the number changes. At the end it was very rushed and I couldnt rewind it but I am sure my votes went in because I use a notebook. AI loses ssoooo big on this one to bring this talent and then not have the save or make it a male and female winner competition. we need solutions. I'm sad

  201. Pia leaving is not a surprise to me.. This is one popularity contest.. People vote for gimmiks!

  202. I wonder if "vote for the worst" had anything to do with this? I have seen some bad results in my time, but this has to be the worst I've ever seen on the show. I've never seen such a talented contestant finish 9th. 4th or 5th, yes, never 9th.

    Aside from malicious voting, the only other explanation I can think of is that teenage girls are voting for guys based on looks and not talent.

    • I wondered the same thing about voting for the worst. Not to worry, Pia will get a record deal from someone. Also possible the tweens are voting for the cute guys.

    • Hey! You might have something there!… vote for the one you want to see LEAVE the contest! Yeahhh……….:)

  203. Dumb…cannot believe Pia was voted off. May not have won but was in top three. Think I'll just wait for the finals and free up some time in the evening away from TV…dumb, dumb (lack of) vote. Cut an album, I'll buy it.

  204. The phone numbers changed this week and I believe people didn't pay attention to this and called the old numbers. This is why Pia got sent home

    – what a tragedy!

    • What numbers changed? All 10 seasons the numbers have been 1-866-436-57__. The last two digits being the order in which they sang. Nothing changed.

  205. Yes The right one was voted off. Ho wever your show tonite had a fellow with no shirt on wrong and a comedian who was most improper. Remember the American public do not all go for this type of entainment. You are losing your class that you have had on the prev shows

    • Absolutely agree about the poor choice of entertainers. I disagree with you about Pia; I think she's extremeley talented. But, I was appauled at the "Wild Thing" being on a famiy show. REALLY BAD!!!

  206. This is the most wrong vote ever in the history of the program and I blame Jenifer Lopez for that and I think Pia is going to be more successful than her,

    There is something wrong way would they save Casey and not Pia?????

  207. Pia is one of the best singers. I like her attitude and character. Much more mature than the other two girls. Too bad we don't get to see her compete to the end. The judges really made the wrong decision few weeks ago using to save Casey so early in the competition. Since Pia is no longer on Idol, I won't be watching how the rest will end. I'm very disappointed at the results. She should never have been voted off.

  208. WOW UNBELIEVEABLE PIA SENT HOME. I will never watch American Idol again, this just does not seem right, when you have other singers that suck and send home a voice of talent, In my opinion I think Paul and Jacob should have been sent home along time ago and I bet the judges are kicking themselves right now for using their safe card on Casey

  209. Wrong, Wrong, Wrong. America for as intelligent as it can be really got this one wrong. Pia has more talent and a voice that can sing anything. It's ok though because when all is said and done you will see her perfoming more than the whoever the next idol is. That definitely is a give.

  210. Absolutely outrageous! AI just walked off a cliff with the decision to vote off Pia. Why would anyone with decent talent now want to subject themselves to such a rigged and low-brow contest? Like the rest of the country, the gun-nuts, abortion-protestors and tea-pottiers dumped on Pia because she was too high class for them.

  211. I think america got it all wrong. The bottom three this week is the top three. What is going on Simon AI really needs you back.

  212. american idol isnt makking anymore money their bout to lose a whole lot of voters

  213. NO, America didn't it right at all but what upsets me more is the poor choice of the producers to have that "Wild Thing" on a family show. I had to turn it off until he was done. Was that really the only choice available???? Not good discretion! Pia will be fine…I bet she is made an offer to produce an album, tonight! She is obviously an amazing singer and a very sweet, humble lady. Best Wishes to her know matter what path her life takes.

    • I agree. I also changed the channel while the Wild Thing was on. Very poor choice.

  214. I have until tonight been an American idol fan and feel America is no longer playing the voting game. I am so sad that Pia was eliminated when we all know that although only one person can win, there are less talented people left in the competition. I vote religiously and 50-60 times in one sitting for my favorites. Good luck Pia, you will be a headliner, I hope I hear your voice again, I so want to buy your music in the future!


  216. All I can say after the shock is this. Pia's gone so am I. Season 11 is worthless now.

  217. Absolutely ridiculous that Pia is eliminated. I guess that proves the voters are the girls who like the guys. Pia should have been the one along with Scotty in the Final Two. It's a shame, but Pia deserves a big contract and will wind up on top, ahead of all of them. I just lost confidence in the voting system.

    • Vote should be limited to one per person.They want everyone to think by the numbers of votes more people are watching the show.

  218. NO! According to us no they didn’t. Paul or Stefano should of left. I think and feel in times like this one, the judges should have the last saying and they should be the one saying who should stay or leave. I am sorry it is not the first time this has happen> I feel they should change the rules. I really think they should look at this again and overrule the votes something is definite wrong here.I am very upset and unfair and wrong person went.

  219. I have watched Idol since season 1 and tonight was the last episode i will ever watch. it was bad enough when Chris Daughtry was kicked off and then they came up with the judges save and it was wasted on Casey. Sad that once again the best singer on the show was kick off. RIDICULOUS

  220. guys guys guys. That dress put Pia down.

    That dress was a total YUKKK !!

    Sheesh, She should have worn a super sexy attire.

  221. Pia and Jacob are the best singers by far. Any educated person with an ear knows that. What a travesty. Typical American stupidity. All popularity and NO talent is what it takes to succeed. No wonder our country is so screwed up!! Up is down and down is up! I guess we deserve it. That's it for American Idiocy, I mean, Idol, for me. Enjoy the rest of the idiocracy!! Ciao, AI!

  222. I am soooo upset that Pia was voted off. Was it true or an Idol fix? That is so crazy. She has the best voice and is far better than Hailey and Stefano!!! I am done watching Idol from now on. I had stopped watching it for 2 years and then watched and was enjoying the talent this year, but this did it for me!

    • When we see 3-out-of-3 judges angry and very-upset at the vote to send Pia home; when we see almost every contestant showing shock and disbelief at that vote; when we see stunned-disbelief on Stefano's face when he realized it was Pia that was going home and not he; when just about every informal poll that we've seen on the Web during the past couple of weeks placed Pia in the Top-5 or better; when we hear Pia's excellent singing capabilities; when all of these things (and more) are taken into account, we can only conclude that there is something very wrong with the current American Idol voting method, and a great-wrong was done to Pia tonight. We (friends and I) are expressing our disgust via various blogs, and we will “vote with out remotes” the next time American Idol is on.

    • I'm with you. Usually the one or two idiotic decisions in a season I can deal with because they don't really effect the final outcome… until now. This is twice now, the judges shouldn't have had to use the save on Casey because he shouldn't have been voted out in 11th in the first place. Same with Pia. This is just ridiculous. Next week with be Jacob, then Casey etc until there is just stefano and Haley left. That isn't entertaining to me. I'm done.

  223. I do not understand what happen with Pia, if I look at the servey on this site, almost 30,000 persons voted and Pia is third, 30,000 persons gives a good % How could she finally be out ????? Tjis is crazy. I don't whant to name anybody, but someone should leave her his place….someone that everybody know he will be out in 1 or 2 weeks…

  224. Hey get over it, she was a ballad singer and no one would sit for a whole concert listening to her…come on…

    • Ever hear of Barbara Streisand or Celine or Jennifer Hudson or Mariah Carey or Whitney Houston, etc, etc? They are so good that they are known primarily by their first names. At sell out stadiums with record ticket prices.

      • yeah and all have incredible stage presence as well she does have gifted voice but she needs work

        bottom line

  225. This proves that the judges, the professionals need to have the final vote!!

    Pia and Scotty should have been the last standing.

    Young girls vote more Than anyone i would bet, they are voting for the the boys,

    Voting this way is not fair or accurate for the contestants! I voted for Pia last week,

    It did not make a difference , not sure I want to watch anymore now!

    • I agree whole heartedly. I posted something similar after you, before I read your comments. As I said judges are suppose to rule and make decisions. The way AI uses their judges serve no purpose but decoration.

    • thank you! I stopped watching when they didn't give Thia a solo/commercial last week.

    • You are right Vivica, the young girls are voting for the guys. I have always felt the judges should have a say too, kinda like Dancing with the Stars. Pia is beautiful and talented and she will be famous still. This is publicity for her because its so shocking. The unpredictability of the show is good in a way too.

  226. Today the results was completed unfair for american idol, Pia is one the best singer. I think there is a big mistake on it. They should reconsider and put her back.

  227. No way! should Pia have gone home this week..It's probably true that mostly girls vote that's why the boys have stayed.

    But the voting procedure sucks…Fox wants to say that millions have voted. I think you you should vote for who you want OFF that week…that would make it fair but Fox would not get as many votes.

    It's hard to vote in a two hour period for the few you might want to stay but much easier to pick the one person you want off that week..


  228. I will stop watching Amarican Idol after tonight. I cant believe someone with talent like Pia has, can be voted off.I think there should be an age limit for the people who are voting. Obviously they vote for something other than talent.I say bring her back or loose a lot of fans.

  229. NO!!!! Pia by far is the best they have. If she is not saved I'm done watching Idol. This is suppose to be a show about the best talent winning. I'm glad they saved Casey but Pia is by far the best singer out their. It is not right!!!

      • You are entitled to your opinion. Unfortunately, it is uninformed, or you are deaf.

        Sorry you are in the minority.

  230. i watched this show from my homeland (Samoa). Its very sad to see that Pia is gone. I'll never watch your show again.. its suck…

  231. Could it be that many people are seeing one of their favorites in danger so vote for them instead of voting for the best? Pia definitely should not have been voted off.

  232. America got this one wrong, Pia was the only reason why I watched this years show. I hope that she continues on with her singing career.

  233. The ill feelings about Jacob are race related. He is the most talented singer in the group.

    • Truly…you need to get over it. Jacob is a wonderful artist with a beautiful voice and race has absolutely nothing to do with it. Have you looked at the judges? One is African American and the other is Hispanic. You need to take a good look at that. There is no racesm…everyone loves him.

      • Yeah, but their votes don't count. They only receive one vote per season and they used that on Casey. It doesn't matter what color they are. They also love Jacob because they are professionals and they know true artist. That is why they did not believe that Pia was let go.

    • Sorry Lady but race has nothing to do with it. I just don't care for Jacob's voice/style. I think Pia was more talented that him, but she was not the most entertaining. People vote for the ones that make them feel good.

    • Jacob is the most talented of the group. The rest are a dime a dozen. You can see their talent anywhere. There is nothing at all outstanding about the rest of the group.

    • the one comment about Jacob was so not race related,it was just about his over-blowin ego.

  234. I am horrified that Pia was voted off…

    She was by far the best singer,most beautiful…This show sucks!! I am sorry for you Pia..Please doont give up…YOur AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Dont let this ruin your confidence!!! Your the bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  235. Pia is beautiful, has a nice but not strong voice, not a performer, does not have charisma, but will have a career somewhere singing, probably Vegas. All the final contestants have been so good this year. You hate to see anyone go. But that is life. Pia was great in the video stealing the device with Paul. Maybe acting?

    • Charisma? What does that have to do with her beautiful performances. She grabbed the audience each and every time. You are so mistaken….sad.

  236. There is no reason to continue watching American Idol 2011 now.Pia is hands down the best singer on the show and now that she has been voted off I am very disappointed . Pia is the American Idol of 2011 and I will anxiously await for the release of her first CD . Go Pia! you are a winner !!!!!

  237. I am outraged on tonight's results! The fact that Pia was voted out was outrageous. What is wrong with America? This is a talented young woman who hopefully will be picked up by a recording studio who was the best performer on the show!! I am truly disappointed with the show and so much so, that I will no longer tune in. The reason? The judges should have saved their one vote for a case like this. Casey is a talented young man with a abright future, but in no way comes even close to the incredible Pia. I am so sorry Pia….you deserved to stay. As for America….this show is about talent and not "popularity". What happened??

    I will never again watch American Idol again…


  238. I have been a fan of American Idol every year since it started but never voted. Nothing I have experienced is so bewildering as Pia getting eliminated. There has to be something wrong in the voting process. If I do not hear that something can be done to bring her back I will never watch another American Idol program again. She is in my opinion the best talent that has been on American Idol including Carrie Underwood. You really need to make a special exception and do the right thing and bring her back by popular demand.Show that American Idol can do what is right and let the judges save her!!!

  239. Pia was boring!! If she had been more entertaining she would have stayed longer. Jacob should have been sent packing after that rude remark! He cannot sing!!!! All that over-doing it sucks!

  240. At least Pia got to sing a goodbye song! What about the two girls left last week? No goodbye song for them??

  241. Casey Abrams should've been the one axed 2-nite!!!

    They shouldn't have saved him earlier w/the wild card! He can't sing any of the songs he's been singing the last few weeks…I'm not saying he's not got any talent—he's just NOT going to be the next American Idol so the sooner they get rid of him the better! Pia should've stayed; she's got more talent in her little finger than Casey's got in all of him?! Do over's!!! A re-judging is in order based on 2-nite's results! Somebody's taste is all in their mouth…Boot Casey & let him take Jennifer Lopez with him! Stevie Nicks or even Dolly Parton would be a good replacement for J-Lo!

    Iggy Pop was really cool! He's still rockin'!!!

    Would like to see Iggy & Steven Tyler do a number together…:)

    • The judges should blame THEMSELVES for this! They nit-picked Pia for 5 minutes last night and a lot of viewers are influenced by that! Also, they WASTED a "Save" on Casey and now when someone truly deserving of a save needs it there is not one to give!

      But let's face it: Anyone going home at this point is a shock.

      But you judges manipulated votes last night to Paul who ruined Folsom Prison. Pia paid the price tonight.

  242. PIA! PIA?? Judges used the save way too soon…I'm done. I was looking forward to Pia in the final-Casey may be a musician, but Pia has the vocals. The judges talked too much about her lack of dancing, swayed the voters…

    • I agree. Jennifer Lopez' persistence that she become another in a long line of shallow talendted pop singer/dancers was disturbing throughout. Pia actually had depth of quality to her vocals that far exceeds those who have to gyrate to divert attention from their shallow, overproduced vocals. Pia's live performances demonstrated the purity of her singing voice–pitch perfect, depth of emotion, broad range, textured and nuanced delivery. AI is to be congratulated for moving her from obscurity to public awareness. From that platform, she should go far, despite the results of this juvenile and irrelevant competition format. Anyone ever thought of voting Ryan off the show. Think his plastic enthusiasm and airheaded comments would be good on wheel of fortune. Waste of game show talent.

  243. I just can't believe it………there are several I think are precious and fun, some I think should have long gone home (did anyone else notice one person who was too busy smiling for the camera and they didn't have time to put on their 'sorry, so sad' face when Pia was voted out? I hope that person is out next week. Horrible person. But Pia, beautiful, talented, sweet Pia. A pleasure to hear her voice and so very beautiful, inside and out. jane is right, Pia will be like Daughtry. Some record label will snatch her up quickly. This was the last straw. AI producers!!!! You might want to rethink this and get her back in due to viewer demand. otherwise, no more AI for me either. What a waste of time.

  244. The issue is that the voting should not be for your favorite, AMERICA NEEDS TO BE ABLE TO VOTE FOR WHO GOES HOME THEY HAVE IT BACKWARDS! The current setup is just a popularity contest, voting for who you want to go home would help objectify it because you don't have to choose between your favorite 2 or 3, way easier to pick who you don't like!

  245. This just goes to prove that you cannot trust decisions like this to people with cell phones. America got it wrong again just like Jennifer Hudson, Taylor hicks, Fantasia and others. I will never watch American Idol again and I will go out of my way to patronize the competition of those companies that advertise on the show. If the judges had an sense of integrity they would step up and and make a forced save. After all the producers can't replace them.

  246. They did a terrible mistake!! I think she was the best singer on the show… I really don't know what happened but she deserved to stay!!!:(

  247. I am totally shocked that Pia was elimated. She is an excellent singer,beautiful woman and should have

    been the American Idol. Something is definitely wrong with this voting system. Please reconsider her.thank you.

  248. just cause she was eliminated does not mean she won't go further than the winner. Remember when Latoya, Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson were in bottom 3…

    Sometimes folks can't get through sometimes people get tired of trying to get through… Pia is the bomb and she getting ready to BLOW UP .. HOW THE HELL IS THE CURLY HEAD OBNOXIOUS GUY STILL THERE the one the judges choose to save so foolishly…

    He definately has taken spots of better ones… grrr thats why i stopped watching for 2 seasons it's about popularity IT'S NO LONGER ABOUT TALENT… UGH..


    • ok the curly head guys name is casey abrams i have no idea why the judges chose to save him guess cause they had let the others go and that was the last chance they had to save..

      he is cocky as heck he thinks he is better than he is and there were a few folks that left that shouldnt have he is blocking a dang spot… why why why keep casey?

      i say the last 4 will be scotty, jacob, paul and thia… Just my guess but then again its not about talent its about who gets most votes..

      and no we dont wanna leave it in judges hands heck no


  250. We believe that everyone is not voting. We have not ever been able to get thru on the phone and we do not have text nor do we want a facebook account.

    need more options to vote, maybe just online not through facebook. Good Luck Pia!

    • I did not have any trouble at all calling in last night, although I waited about 45 minutes after the show.

  251. They need to re-format the way votes are weighted. Never should people who have made a living in the music industry be relegated to meaningless comments that have no clout. It should be a combination of the votes of the judges and the audience, like dancing with the stars. Other than that the judges really serve absolutely no purpose. Judges make rulings, they don't rule.

  252. what is wrong with you people, Pia is so graceful,and one of the top singers on the show…the one who should be gone is the COUNTRY GUY!! He's got a nice voice but very many Country fried Americans.

  253. I also cannot believe that Pia was sent home. this is not right she is one of the best and could of won. Yes they should of left the save for somehting like this and i am sure they are thinking that now, i think she should be brought back this is absoultey terrible. Pia should of been in the finals,i dislike this show now its not worth watching…bring her back bring her back

  254. Great voice – but no personality at all. Actually turned you off with "I promise you" week after week. Someone should have worked with her on connecting better with the audience.

    • Isn't suppose to be about the voice?? Not the personality!! Maybe the nerves got the best of her, when it came to showing her personality, but she sure showed off her voice – what the show is suppose to be about! THis show needs to revamp how the votes get counted and I agree with some other viewers, these judges should have some say in the votes, like in Dancing With the Stars.

      • It isn't American Singer, it's American Idol, so personality is a major part of the package.

  255. I think that was absolutely disgusting that Pia was eliminated tonight!! I'm finished with this ridiculous show!! It should be based on Talent NOT popularity, Paul is IN and Pia is OUT??? Come on Give me a BREAK. I'll be watching something else on Wed. and Thurs. nights. Pia has the BEST voice of all of these contestants, so you'd better re-think how you run this CRAZY show, cause you've lost at least one regular viewer!! E. Nielsen

  256. And that my friends is why the judges should be able each week to look at who is in the bottom three. If one of the best is, then they can save them. Finally on the night of the final competition, between the final two, american has that call. That way……….it is not just a popularity contest.

  257. OMG!!!! I can't believe what I just witnessed. America got it wrong again!!!! What are they listening to. I'm sure the judges are kicking themselves now for wasting that save a couple of weeks ago! But I'm sure Pia will make it in the long run, like Jennifer Hudson, Chris Daughtry. Who won AI during their seasons?? Taylor who? Fantasia who?? Where are they now? Keep Your Head Up PIA and Keep On Singing!! As far as I'm concerned this season is Over!! Goodbye AI!

  258. thats not fair ,were not gonna watch the show anymore, its not fair because pia is the best one there and deserves to be the american idol 2011. we think that the final decision should be made by the judges because thats why they are there. democracy is bullshit when a good one gets disqualified.

  259. i feel horrible about pia being voted out! they should have made a percentage between the judges and the voting ..and we cant even vote online here in canada.. im not using at&t that is being unfair!

  260. America got it right tonight,they are all good but someone had to go home and Pia was the right choice,she has a beautiful voice and she was one of my favorites But she does not know how to work the crowd,and those judges have a hell of a nerve making Stefano feel that he should have been the one to leave,that's my opinion and the opinion of alot of my friends.

  261. OK, so I'm stunned. We're all stunned. In 90 percent of the comments so far this season, Pia has been in everybody's TOP 3, not even CLOSE to the bottom 3.

    But as others have said, the show goes on. And although I don't agree with the choice, I also see NO REASON to stop watching the show. In fact, almost all the comments, including mine, were that this was the most talented OVERALL top 9 that Idol has ever had. Idol has had better individuals, but never a better GROUP than this one. And somebody had to go. The show is that strong. Last night's show had 9 strong performances; NOBODY was bad.

    So don't stop watching. Pia will have a career. She's a songbird. She didn't have a good stage presence, but she may be the next Streisand-Dion type Diva as she gets more comfortable on stage. She'll get seasoned as she's touring with the Top 11.

    I thought that Jacob, Stefano and Paul would be the bottom 3, and that Stefano or Jacob would be gone. I never foresaw Pia.

    This shows what the demographic of 10-to-15-year-old girls who do most of the voting are looking for. It's a stunner, but really, how many 25-to-70-year-old folks are going to sit around for 2 hours after the show pushing phone numbers over and over, a gazillion times?

    As long as the voting is structured this way, so that one person can vote literally hundreds of times, this is what we're gonna get.

    As for me, I'm just gonna kick back and enjoy the TALENT, and then we'll see who has real music careers after it's all over.

  262. What an upset of a show….Pia should NOT be gone! Perhaps, Idol needs to re-visit their rules to keep the show honest. Why do you have professional judges (don't they count for something, when it's obvious Pia is a winner)? AND, Jacob needs to re-visit his conscience & keep comments of discrimination off the record…..we've come a long way from decades ago, so move on with your insecurities! Hopefully, there are plenty of agents out there, who will give Pia her dream that she's earned.

    • Iggy Pop. He was disgusting. AI should have made him wear a shirt. I don't believe it was appropriate to see an old, under the influence rocker perform on a show young kids watch. Pia has more talent than he ever had or will have.

  263. Cannot believe I had Pia and Scotty the final two. What is America thinking. Next season needs to change voting put it on judges. This is so wrong. This is a popularity vote not a talent vote. the most talented was voted off tonight. I agree with Randy I read lips, Randy was right what F.

  264. I am so mad, America give your heads a shake, you turn around and send the best singer home. I know the show it-self is not at fault, its you America. I feel the show should have something in place so that the judges can overturn a vote, when it is this wrong. I'm finished with the show and won't be tuning in next week.


  266. This show is a sham…Pia had the best voice of the top nine…something is wrong here! I am going to dump this show for the rest of the season and I hope America does the same too.

  267. I want to hear Pia sing again…please bring her back…I hope she gets a great record deal…so sad…


  269. Pia being elminated is just wrong. She is the one that should have won the competition this year. This reminds me of when Jennifer Hudson was voted off Idol – don't worry Pia, look how far Jennifer went!! We haven't seen the last of Pia.

  270. i will never watch idol again….its thye judges fault for using the save too early

    • I'm luxuriating in the knowledge that with the many people saying they're done with Idol, these blogs will be so less crowded next week. Yaaayyyy!

  271. Oh my gosh, I cannot believe Pia was voted off the show. She is so beautiful and has a marvelous voice!! Yes, there are other great singers on the show but she was the best!! Still cannot believe she will not be back on. Will not watch the rest of the show!!!

  272. I don't understand what's happen, Pia she's the best singer, Scotty is not a good, sorry and he steel there, I remember the year with Adam Lambert (good singer) and last year Chrystal the best female singer…..

  273. Last person to have been eliminated. Sorry but the teeny boppers are making these decisions. The two other girls are not very good at all talent wise. Jacob has a great voice but won't make it until the end and Paul just does not cut it. Sorry

  274. It should have been Paul or Scotty. Everything they do sounds the same. I'm not a rocker, but James is amazing. The most versatile of the bunch. And i agree with one comment; we need Simon back. The judges just flatter and flatter and rarely say anything constructive. I like Haley, but she killed the Janice Joplin's best song. She "growled" every lyric. Joplin never did that! She sang most of that song and only used a growl on the chorus. Haley, you were a caricature of yourself last night!

  275. She clearly has a great voice and it seems so wrong.Give her another chance its only fair,She was not the one to have been let go and it is so apparent who should have gone. I can see myself buying her music and enjoying her great singing voice, Pia will surely come out on top as she is very popular to millions who have heard her voice thanks american idol for giving her the chance.

  276. Elimination of Pia was the worst decision I've ever witnessed. Your show should be in its last year after losing so much talent in recent years.

    Why not release Pia from her contract with you so She can sign with a first class recording company?

  277. Im done w this show…

    the judges did a great job, the show finally got serious when that nasty brit left, but it doesnt matter because the people of the US are stupid!

    The three most talented singers were the bottom 3.

    Lets admit it…Jakob will lose because he is a black, effeminate man. Pia has the best voice on the show, and is a natural talent (from NY as is the italian singer)…

    But there is more of the mid-west voters who will vote for a one-dimensional country singer or Paul, the WORST singer on the show for weeks!

    This is why:

    1 Bush was elected President

    2 I will NEVER leave NY!


    • what are you obama, still having to make Bush comments. Your clown is doing real well now.

  278. It's rigged !! It's stupid !! Pia should be the next American idol !!! I'll never watch again !!

    I am overwhelmed with emotion … A Girl that good !!! ???? Just awful ! Someone with half a brain will pick her up and sponsor her … don't lose faith PIA !!!

  279. This is completely crazy America. Stop eliminating the girls!!!!! Is it because only young girls are voting? This process needs to be rethinked. It is absolutely not fair. Boy..this is a man's world….

  280. That what the judges get. They have been too nice and not honest enough when simeone sucked or was all over the place. Yes, the voting public picks their fav but come on, Stefano should have walked. Maybe Pia's ballads did her in and everyone thought she was boring. IDK.

  281. I am going to watch World Class Wrestling since American Idol apparently is a take off from it. I truly believe after tonight their ratings will go down for sure. I'll never watch it again. The sponsors should also wake up to what they are doing.

  282. I hope American Idol comes up with a way to super save a super singer like Pia next season!!! As for the rest of this season you have lost a veiwer

  283. I just feel sick that PIA went home , she was the winner and now I think I will watch some other show .This just BS why do the judges only have one save ? I think this show is going down if you can`t protect your top people


  285. OK ! Let the public vote for the 3 last, but the JUGES should decide who leaves, give the JUGES the last word, they are the best persons at the best place to do so. This is my opinion and I saw the reaction of the juges tonight.

  286. Well I think america really messed this one up I mean come on Pia is very beautiful an very talented her voice is the best voice on the show this season! I am not saying bad things about stefano, but come on Pia is alot better wow lol.

  287. American Idol needs to block the teenie boobers vote. They are voting off the girls one by one. T he girls were more talented than then the boys and the teeny boppers are voting them off one by one so they can see the guys. PIA WAS THE BEST ONE AND SHOULD HAVE WON!!!!!!!!

  288. hey monitors….I thought ALL CAPS were deleted according to your own rules???

  289. Pia is way to good to be sent home. She will be one that will fly to the top of the charts and stay there regardless of her elimination. I wish her much success. God has blessed her with a beautiful set of pipes and she knows how to use them.

  290. I went to vote last night and got thru on all my favorite contestants with the exception of Pia. I called her number to vote for her for a solid hour after the show completed and got a busy signal. It was a busy signal that we as if there was a problem with her telephone line. I believe there was an error on her line and that votes couldn't be made because we couldn't get thru. She can't possibly have a busy signal for 1 hour after the show (no other telephone number had that issue) and be voted off. HER PHONE NUMBER WAS DAMAGED AND HER VOTES DIDN'T COME THRU. PLEASE CORRECT THIS! IT IS NOT RIGHT SHE BE VOTED OFF.


    P.S. I told my husband this morning that she was going to be the one voted off because we couldn't get thru on her number. Mechanical error!!!!!!!!!

    • It took me forever to get through to vote for Scotty and James. In fact, I only got through on one before the polls closed. They just got more votes, as they should have.

    • I just hope that this was scripted to create more contraversy……….hope she comes back, one way or another.

  291. Well, tonight American Idol just lost a viewer. Pia being voted off was just idiotic. Clearly of the top two or three and may have won it. Obviously AI not a show looking for singing talent…maybe just gimmicks. I am off the American Idol net this year…bye.

  292. Pia Gone!! Get Real American!

    And to think the judges wasted their save on that no talent Casey. The judges really blew this one.

    The show has become a popularity show run by teeny bobers.

    What a shame. I hope Pia is picked up by a recording company. I for one will buy here disc when it comes out.

    Another option would be an uprising by the fans to make Idol save her. Not likely thowugh.

  293. I can't believe what I just saw tonight! PIA SHOULD NOT HAVE GONE HOME!

    Somebody made a mistake… A BIG MISTAKE! I haven't had a problem seeing my favorite singers go home in past years, but this was something different, something strange and unbelievable. I had a big problem seeing Pia eliminated tonight because I thought she would win. I think she has the best voice and was the best performer (even though I also like James, Scotty, Lauren, and Casey). Again, I just can't believe what just happened…

  294. What can anyone do? she was one of the best and the top reason I am watching the show.

  295. I Can't believe the Pia is gone, I will never watch again this show, for me it's over.

  296. No way! should Pia have gone home this week..It's probably true that mostly girls vote that's why the boys have stayed.

    But the voting procedure stinks..Fox wants to say that millions have voted. I think you you should vote for who you want OFF that week…that would make it fair but Fox would not get as many votes.

    It's hard to vote in a two hour period for the few you might want to stay but much easier to pick the one person you want off that week..

    and to think the judges gave away their only save a couple weeks ago by saving Casey.


  297. So wrong, She should be winning the show not being eliminated. She is outstanding. She should have a record contract before she leaves tonight..

  298. What a shame. I don't believe that Pia got the lowest votes. She was the most talented singer of the group of this American Idols contestants. I guess it will be the case of another Jennifer Hudson voted off who becomes a super star. America should have a save vote and we want Pia back.


  300. This year was the end for me. I have watched the best singer in the show eliminated early once again. This is nothing but a popularity show and nothing to do with the best talent. It is time to allow the judges to have final input. I trust their music knowledge over the voting audience who has no clue and probably votes several hundred times over. Goodbye American Idol.

  301. just like our government, american people cant make the right decision. pia was the best of the best out there on stage. to bad she couldnt of been saved. we need 2 saves next season

    • This coming from a Canadian………I think you are right, Lynn………another political screw up.

  302. It's time they change the voting process. The judges should have 75% say and the fans 25%. This isn't the first time that one of the top three performers got selected to go home based on fan votes and not true talent. The popular vote is hurting the show by letting the least talented performers stay while the talented ones are going home. Something is definitely wrong with this picture and American Idol executives better change this in the future or they will lose viewers.

  303. I believe Casey or Jacob should of went home NOT Pia!!!!

    However,I am grateful that James is still on, I love him, he has a great voice and stage presence. I hope he wins.

    GOD Bless you Pia, I know you will havea great career in music.

    • No way! Scotty should be eliminated. So predictable. Country song and grimaces….


      Hey, it's only an opinion…

  304. Pia was so far beyond the others talent-wise and most voters obviously thought she was safe with no chance of getting eliminated so they reached out to the others. What a shame that such a wonderfully talented competition is going to be tainted for letting one of if the best get eliminated. We will be seeing this girl's name in the bright lights real soon. It will be special watching her career explode in the next two years.

  305. This was so wrong……Pia was growing each week and many looked forward to what she would do each week. American got it wrong.

    • If we look back we saw how people were brooding because she was the "ballader". She brought what she promised, her version of upbeat…I would guess that her try to pick up the pace was not appealing to Americas choice of a stage performance and her singing of Tina Turner, merely mediocre and not good enough. If you disagree, its your opinion but her upbeat voice, stage performance etc. was not something Jlo would have paid top dollar for front row seats to see. Sorry to all you guys who could do nothing but fantasize. You'll just have to buy tickets to see her on tour. Having less than desirable stage performance puts her way below those who do have it and do bring it week after week. Be fair to all…not just the hot pair of legs.

  306. Give back My Pia Toscano ! It was so so wrong ! How could somebody as good as Pia,the best singer n the best voice in the competition went home tonite??! Save My Pia Toscano,,,tonite the voted was so so wrong 🙁

  307. It is such a shame to see that America could get it this wrong , this early. I realize that Pia perhaps lacked a bit of "Pia-zazz" in the performing aspect, but there was never any denying her vocal ability.Let's just hope they don't accidently allow any of the remaining "top talent" to be victim of poor choice of who is their fave. I wonder if the voting was to be who you would like to see go home how the dynamics of the competion might change.

  308. I really hate the judges reaction to Pia's elimination. Consider how you made Stephano and the others feel. Pia just didn't give the best performance on Wednesday. That is why she didn't get the votes. It doesn't mean she isn't great. It only means America liked the others better this time.

  309. American Idol has been part of my weekly "Have 2 Watch" shows since it began. Tonights vote is clearly "unfreaking beliveable". I will no longer be a viewer of "American Idol". Pia is an amazing singer..One of the Best on this season. I cannot belive this is actually happening!! Done!! Pia, you will be fine….Some people actually know when someone can carry a "Tune".

  310. something is not right in idol land! i have lost faith in american idol at leasr pia was in the top three.and even to see jacob sitting there was also upsetting. come on FOX, and why arent the voting results published.yes its fair to say this the talent is over the top but pia! come on!

  311. such a huge disappointment with pia being eliminated. a very classy young lady, lovely voice and great looking. yes the voters truly got it wrong, what were they thinking!! i hope she gets a contract with someone who can bring out the best in her performance. she was visibly shaken by this, so sorry for her.

  312. Definitely wrong tonight…Although Pia was not my favorite to win…I had her in the top 5. Sorry….Jacob should have gone home, especially after that arrogant remark made last night. Pia did have a truly wonderful voice…and what the hey was up with the shirtless guy….that was just an awful waste of time. AI is losing or has lost it's credibility factor.

  313. really disappointed. expected Pia to be a top top finalist. something is wrong with the current system to have her eliminated… i did vote for her! can this be reversed???

  314. Pia should not have been eliminated tonight. Like stated by one of the judges, she was one of the best ones this year. I expected to see her in the final two and possibly to win. I love her voice, she can sing anything. This is the one week she sang an upbeat song which proved really how great she was. Wrong, wrong, wrong for her to leave. I hope someone gives her a chance and she outshines everyone. Love this girls talent!

  315. I've been a fan of American Idol for years since the beginning there's been a lot of time when I would say I'm not watching it any more because I felt the wrong person was sent home! But this time I mean it. What is wrong with America's hearing why are they sending the wrong people home? And Jacob in the bottom, no this is all wrong Pia has a great voice watching her was like watching a young JLo(smile), I hope that everyone who is receiving a bad deal due to the poor voting do get their dreams. America idol can open doors'! for the people who isn't voting, please vote, go

  316. Unbelievable!!!!!, I just can't believe it!!! I mean she's the best, the real thing. I thought she be in the top 3. Wow, who to hell is voting. I think young girls are voting constantly, over and over, because this is the 4th female voted off. She's ten times better than Stephano. I think they should have the judges vote as well as the viewers, maybe half and half, that way it wouldn't be all the young girls who are more likely to phone in, and a lot of regular just don't bother. It's not fair but I think someone (lucky one) is going to pick her up and offer her a recording deal. Anyone who has heard any of her songs, knows she was the best singer overall, the best voice! The judges were astounded, so was I…

  317. What a travesty!!! I will never watch Idol again!!!! Pia was the best singer,whole package…star!! Obviously jealousy had something to do with this. Why bother having judges scour the country for talent? Such a mistake. Am sure pia will get her justice when she outsells and outshines whoever wins Idol this season?

  318. will be greatly missed on this show…but please please please…keep on singing…You have so many fans out there and we all want your music…As soon as possible…really fast…get a cd out…I love your voice…

    • I'm waiting also. I really thought Paul or Steffano would go home tonight. It's a real shame seeing as how Pia was the best female singer on the show and possibly the best overall. She has such a beautiful voice and to sing after being so upset the way she did proves what a huge talent she is. <3

    • Pia will have a contract by the end of idol regardless of tonight's outcome. She has the talent even had she not made it to the top 24 to get signed. AI has just made the road ahead a bit faster for her. She didn't deserve to go home on the back of that performance, but of all that have left thus far she has the best shot hands down to succeed with or without idol. All I can think is that maybe it was too late for her to change it up, and that the voters got bored already with the stereotype she sat herself into. I am first to admit, that is how I felt. However, I really didn't think she would go home. I thought Stefano or Jacob would get knocked out. Good luck Pia, success is out there for you so keep moving forward.

  319. I think the judges are partly to blame for Pia leaving. They were always critical with her about something – maybe trying to be constructive, but I think they affected the audience opinion.

    • I think Jennifer Lopez was very supportive of Pia and she was just giving her suggestions to be even better because she knew she was so great and wanted her to know even more what she thought people wanted to see and was only trying to help Pia. Very constructive, but I would have saved it while not on air to let her know. I don't think it effected what happened. People just thought Pia was so good she wouldn't be voted off. And I agree I sure didn't think she would be voted off.

  320. Cutting Pia was a terrible mistake. In my opinion she was the best there. I've been watching American Idol since it started with season one, but after tonight I am so disapointed with the results that I will never watch American Idol again. I'm sorry but this was my last show and I'm sure I'm not alone. And Pia if you get to read this You are incredible go make a record I will buy it.

  321. Its official….. america is so full of teenage snobs that the show will lose a LOT of viewers and will only last a couple more years.

    • #9 Ron Renai —- Ditto, the producer should be fired over tonight's horrible show! I thought this was a family show and don't think I will take the chance that my children will see another naked and disgusting act like the one tonight. I will miss AI….

  322. Tonight show was the worst show since my wife and I began watching for the last 10 seasons.

    !. The opening production was terrible.

    2. The former idol singer was terrible. All of the contestants have better voices.

    3. The last performer in his bare chest should of been blacked out, not only because he could not sing but it was disgusting watching this nitwit jump around naked. The produces should be fired for this show.

    4. And finally, the best singer of all was eliminated. the format for selecting the winner needs to be changed. Let the judges pick the winner, they know talent: not the little girls that call-in and vote. Remember this is a talent contest! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    5. You have lost a loyal viewer forever unless something changes. Again let me say it again, the producer should be fired if he is responsible for the production of tonight's show.

    • Couldn't have said it better myself. Every point you made was right on. Sometimes I think they plan thse things just to shake everybody up. But I think THIS time went too far and have lost thousands of viewers. I wish everyone w feels the same would STOP watching beginning TONIGHT.

  323. the judges acted very unprofessional tonight………..they really shocked me with their behavior

  324. These comments are AMAZING! Seriously?!?! your not going to watch anymore because Pia got sent home? Then maybe you should have voted last night to keep her there if you cared so much! Not to mention how RUDE and DISRESPECTFUL you are to the rest of the contestants! Plain and simple there is only 1 winner of this contest, and Pia doesn't have the WHOLE package, just a great voice, no stage presense. Besides, look back over the years, how many of the actual winner of the show ever did anything? Not many, usually the companies pick out their best of the top 10 and those are the ones that get the record deals, she will get a record deal so she can make her ballad albums. But show a LITTLE respect for those that are left! Pia was not and is not the entire show!

    • yeah, but she did not deserve to be voted off so soon. Paul? Jacob? Casey? Do you think they sang better?? Good god. WTF is wrong????

      • I agree. How many of you voted for Pia. She went too early, but I she held her cards too close to the vest for too long. She has not been one of my favs, but she wasn't the worst. Who was…too close to call for many. But, here is the issue, this is based on opinion…and in a voters eyes it is not necessarily all about singing, but personality and overall performance. If someone else can "sell" their performance better and sing well then someone who sings exceptionally but looks "stiff" that person can go home. I think to an extent that's what happened here. But, rest assured this young lady will get picked up. This will not be the last of Pia.

      • No, I am not saying they have better voices, however, they have very good voices, and a VERY strong stage presense, they know how to perform. You can't expect to get up there and barely move a muscle during a Tina Turner song and think people are gonna keep you around!

    • The judges were right to be shocked (though, hello are you wishing you didn't roll out the save so early??) but, at the same time how about a little consideration for the other contestants. That was kind of shocking, too. Kind of a slap in the face. I think maybe the judges should pick a bottom 3 the American votes for their fav of the 3. That allows voters to feel like they have final say without a giant shock. Though we'll all find fault in any alternative, too. No doubt. Should she have gone home over the others, probably not tonight. Was she the winner, not sure. Top 3 definitely though. Too bad it comes to this. Will I stop watching? No. There isn't a winner until the end, and there are still great performers in the game. She was a great singer, but an average "performer". The good news is she has so much potential and she will get an opportunity to become the performer the judges already know she can be. She's going to have offers by the time the season wraps. I'm guessing no one can discuss contracts until season concludes though.

  325. Now I have my Thursday nights back. Baseball, The Office there are other things to watch other than FOX

  326. I'm totally disappointed in the results tonight.The judges got it wrong when they wasted their only save on the wrong one. If they would have waited instead of jumping the gun, Pia would still be on the show. America you did it again. People should realize this is a contest for people who can sing not scream their songs and show their pearly whites. Both my wife and myself will never watch AI ever again.This is not the first the american got it wrong.And yes I do vote.

  327. This is a travisty!! I don't know who is voting or who is counting but this was wrong on all levels!!

    Pia and Scotty are the two best. This shows that the voting needs to be overhauled and the judges need more power.

  328. I can't believe they sent pia home, she is the best female singer. people clean your ears out.. I actually thought it would be Pia, James and scotty in the last three. I will definately miss pia, but as good as she is, i'm sure she will be picked up by someone.


  330. Must put Pia back in or this is complete outrage to all loyal followers of the show.

    • Why? She sucked. Absolutely no stage presence at all. She was like a tree rooted to the stage. Her singing was monotonous. She has a hot bod, but always seemed to cover it up with burlap bag dresses (did look hot in red dress the photo shoot). Anyway they are all going to lose except for one. Why does she have to stay on if noone votes for her? If the show was rigged as I have read some people say, why would they get rid of their fav?

  331. I forget to dd this

    Tammy says:

    April 7, 2011 at 9:15 PM

    I’m done watching this season too!

  332. Goodness gracious! I can't believe that Pia was kicked off…Something was diffently wrong…BRING HER BACK! That was a very stupid move!Come on America! Get out there and pull for Pia…we need to get her back!

  333. So wrong that Pia got voted off tonight! It doesn't make any sense. I'm sure that her phone is ringing off the hook right now with record companies and music producers standing in line to sign her.

  334. I am piping in from Japan and since I am not able to watch the show LIVE … I was totally shocked at the bottom three. And then to have Pia let go. In my eyes, she was one of the best … truly one of the best singers the show has ever had. Charm, great tone to her voice and do not understand the voting. Yes, I thought that this week would be the most difficult to cut anyone as they all gave their best yesterday, but Pia … going home … WOW … the show definitely has lost my interest with her being dropped.

  335. why PIA??? That's crazy. Why not Casey or Jacob??

    everyone needs to keep watching and keep voting.

    Pia will make it, she is a star. GOD Bless yoy Pia and good luck.

  336. I dare say Pia would have no problem filling a concert hall for a concert. The other two of the bottom three should have gone. I agree that the teeny bopper girls are voting by every mean available and scuing the vote for the real tallent

  337. I think Pia's fans were so confident she would always be on top that they didnt vote! This is

    so sickening. Pia is a natural!

  338. I am so disappointed in the fact that the judges gave the save so early in the show especially with the talent that there is. Pia should not have gone home and they could have saved her.

  339. Pia is going home I don't know what the big fuss is about. People vote apparently they think someone else is better. That is the democratic way. Everyone deserves what the public want,.

    • You are not alone. I think if they don't do something about this…American Idol is DONE.

  340. This is all wrong, but it is not the end for Pia. We will be seeing her for a long time to come. Go for it girl, you got what it takes.

  341. Pia Tuscano is a super star. Me, my family and all co-workers will no longer be tuning into Idol. Sending Pia home this early in the competition was an absolutely insane thing to do.

  342. My husband and I live in Canada, and we watch American Idol every year. This year the contestants are absolutely outstanding, so I am sure Americans had a difficult time choosing their favourites from these top 9. However, boy did they make a mistake tonight. I am not watching from here on. Pia was the best; I love the others too, but she was the best: beautiful, almost perfect voice; lovely appearance. I don't know, but maybe the judges should continue the elimination process because the American public are wrong, and this is not the first time.

  343. The judges haven't had the backbone or the guts to actually "judge" the contestants this season. They are affraid of getting a negative reaction from the studio audience! They would rather be "popular" than honest. Maybe if they did have the guts to "tell it like it is" Pia would still be on the show and clowns like Casey and Paul would have been long gone. The show is a joke. I'm done.

  344. this is a travesty? no, what is a travesty is this is so important to so many people…pay attention to the real news…wish pia well and tune in next week.

  345. This obvious "FUBAR"….(ask any military veteran, currently enlisted or family member) is the main reason why the format for American Idol needs immediate overhaul!!!! The future of these extremely talented individuals should not be based on the vote of the public!!! It's obvious any individual that has any sense of hearing what-so-ever knows that "PIA" at the very least is "TOP THREE" contender…….in any other season she would have been the "WINNER" by a land slide. The judges should have the "FINAL SAY" in any vote and the should be able to pick the "LEAST COMPETENT" competitor week-to-week!!!!! The PUBIC'S Opinion is not only too "SUBJECTIVE" for their favorite…….it's "WEIGHT" is based Primarily on who votes that night. This is an obvious "ENDORSEMENT" by the show to make money by having people vote!!!!!! When in fact they are CHEATING THE RIGHTFUL CONTESTANTS OUT OF THE CORRECT PLACEMENT OFF THEIR TALENT"!!!! This has happened several times throughout the run of the show and again……..this is a great DISAPPOINTMENT and the reason I have stopped watching the show in the past…….and again…..I WILL NOT WATCH THE FINALLY!!!!! TO AMERICAN IDOL…CHECK YOUR RATINGS EVERYTIME YOU LET THE PUBLIC MAKE AN "IDIOTIC SUBJECTIVE CHOICE"!! TO PRODUCERS…….YOU HAVE THE CHOICE TO MAKE THE FORMAT RIGHT AND THAT THE TALENT BE JUDGED BY THEIR "PEERS"!!!! I'M QUITE SURE YOUR RATINGS WILL STAY STRONG THROUGHOUT THE SEASON!!!

    EXTREME TRAGEDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I can't believe they just eliminated PIA??!!!..WTH!! is going on!???..something needs to done immediately like this doesn't seem or sound right this is not Fair!..OMG!..I'm so Disappointed!She is the BEST ONE!!

    • Yeah, maybe they should change the rules to be like Americal's Favorite Dancer where the public votes the contestants into the bottom three but the judges pick who goes each week, until the very last show when it's America's choice.

  346. oh my gosh….the judged has favoritism…..why 2 are not eliminated..why its pia only eliminated..?thats really big unfair…..just like wat they did to thia… favorited…they eliminated thia it bcoz of there decesion not the voting system…i think thia get the high votes last week…they didnt care about the voting ..only the judged decision who they want to go…….not its pia….??????????but thank GOD STEFANO LANGONE ARE STILL DER…..go thiano!!!! thia fans pls. still voted stefano…………………………….!!!!

  347. Good bye American Idol it was nice watching you, but I'm done with you now. It's really not your fault, It's the voters who didn't vote for Pia who are at fault. Me not watching will not make any difference,but it will make me feel better. I hope Pia lovers will follow suit and boycott American Idol. If not SO BE IT!!!!!!

  348. I am shocked at Pia being sent home! American Idol needs to figure out a way to get her back somehow. Re-write the rules or whatever. Otherwise there is going to be a lot of people no longer tuning in to the show. She should have been the winner!

  349. It is logical America do not know what an artist is. Seems like the majority of the voters are young girsl who do not know anything about being an artist. Take years of preparation, I was specting for the finale, Dubin, Scott, Pia, and Jacob. Too sad ………

  350. Yes, this was a total shock and definitely wrong. Pia should have been in the top 3 of the final show's competition, if not in the finale. I'm bummed we won't hear her amazing vocals in the coming weeks and I think the show will not be as good. However, there is no doubt in my mind that she will be a star. A smart producer will snatch her up faster than free money on the sidewalk and they will all make a pile of dough. Can't wait to hear her first hit on the radio.

    Now, to those of you who quit watching cuz your fav got booted…take it like a man/woman and stop having tantrums. This is what happens in competition where results are by voting (especially teen girls, who are texting non-stop for the boys) and it's how it's been for 10 years – people we really like get voted off accidentally some times, especially when there are so many talented singers at one time, like this year. But there's still a lot of hot talent to enjoy, so, when you're done being pissed, just come back and watch the competition and vote MORE for who you still like. Or don't.

    • The show is fixed. The producers already know who they want to win.

      Pia is one of the BEST singers ever in the show. It is a terrible mistake.

      I am no longer watching this show. It is a fake and it has no credibility.

    • Please – I think the show producers will find a way to bring Pia back – some people on this site are reporting they could not get the line to vote for Pia – maybe there was a technical problem with her line – this could be something the producers would use to cancel this voting…

  351. Pia is one class act. She will do well, as for the tweens voting they are strong and sadly they have proved that it is not about talent…..

  352. The judges are to blame partially for saving someone so early. Also another tween rules season. The females will fall one by one. Makes the show very uninteresting.

  353. Jealous, jealous, jealous. Looks like we're headed for a HeHaw reincarnation! This used to be a valid talent contest but has turned into a popularity contest with the teenie boopers?? Judges, I hope you are proud of using your only save on Casey. Paul needs to go back to singing the Dew Drop Inn where people are so drunk they don't know if someone is singing in tune. Good luck to the remaining but I'm sure the worst will win. Anyway, it doesn't matter, I'm done with watching this season!!! Simon Fuller, you better review the concept because, your losing your hold on America!

    • Where are the votes ? The viewers have no access to the votes. The producers decide who advance and who goes home.

      It's a lie to the viewers in America.

      Can anyone see this ?

  354. First Casey, now Pia?? What's going on America?? It's clear that Stephano and Hayley need to move on. They've both been in the bottom three, (Stephano twice now!), and neither of them has that "x-factor" that the others clearly bring to the show. I, like others, have watched every season, and this by far has been the best. Best judges, and best contestants…. we, the older generation must start voting, the tweenagers have clearly taken over with the majority vote…. devastating. Pia, Jacob, Scotty, Paul, James, Casey are the top 5…no question about it. Even the judges were shocked beyond belief with both Casey's and now Pia's outcome. Too bad they only had one save. I will keep watching cause it's not a fault of the show that America is bowing down to tween votes… step up and vote no matter your age! It will make a difference.

    • It does not matter who you vote for. The producers decide what is best for the show.

      Viewers control NOTHING.

      The show has gone down, now is a joke.

  355. Well theres no reason to continue to watch American Idol ever again. Clearly America got it wrong again ! ! ! This has happened time and again. I'll be looking forward to Pia's first CD. I bet it goes platinum before it it hits the shelves. She has a better voice than anyone else on that stage and can stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Celine Dion, Whitney Huston or Jennifer Lopez.

    • Think of it this way. Whoever wins is stuck with a 19E contract and has to make a CD according to their rules and with whatever crappy songs 19E gives them. However, those that make top 10, but don't win get the money from the tour and are open to better offers from better music producers. Jennifer Hudson, Clay Aiken, Daughtry, Kellie Pickler, Adam Lambert etc. all profited from their exposure on Idol even though they didn't win.

  356. America could not have been more wrong! How could a young woman with so much talent leave way before her time? Too bad the judges already used the "save".

  357. I thought all the girls did not have that solid performances last night.. Hailey's performance is lively, but her howling and growling was very annoying. Lauren and Pia doesn't look comfortable moving, specially Pia.. and maybe that may have cost her.

  358. Pia was top 12% why did they vote her off? Pia's phone was messed up and i think they should have redo!America should have a save vote and we want Pia back.

  359. America, you need to remember when God closes one door another will open which will be better. God has bigger plans for Pia. She has an awesome voice and will have a great opportunity come her way…just wait. She will make it big just like Chris Daughtery did a few years ago. I believe at least 6 others should have left before Pia.

  360. Just to remind all of you how childish you are all acting I bet you will still watch next week. Nobody will know but you yourself

    • Yeah…you won't know either…. but when the ratings drop to nothing and they take the show off the air..we ALL will know.

  361. I broke my heart.I will never watch the show again.I hope the ratings goes to the garbage can.She is the best one there.Unreal how the people dont know what they are doing.tottaly disgusted.The wild card was used on the wrong person.I hope to god she proves the people wrong and gets a great record and becomes famous.So in shock.Im from nfld and living in rankin inlet and still loved the show but not any longer…

  362. OMG! I can't believe Pia is gone! What a mistake—she has an unbelievable voice is gorgeous, the whole package!! I expected her to be the next idol! There must be a lot of jealous girls out there!!! The judges should have never given Casey the wild card–he's going soon!! Pia will get a contract and be very successful–just like Daughtry!

  363. Each of us has a different criteria for entetaimnent. The voters, right or wrong,decided that Pia was not going to be their idol. Pia has a much better voice than Mick Jagger. But who would you rather watch?

  364. Judges, Way to waste your save on the screamer…. I'll be watching NBC….

    • If the show is fixed, how can it be the best.

      Viewers have no access to the votes.

      The producers make the decision who wins.

  365. guys i got a big shocker reason why paul is not leavig and others are is because of this one website vote for the worst. com are trying to keep him in and trying too ruin american idol we need you help to stop them please people this is for american idol's good and for the contestant's good

  366. No way should Pia have gone home. Avid Fan…."not a strong voice"??? Come on! She had the best voice on the show. Look back at the videos, particularly her first rendition of "I'll Stand By You", and you will see that she was on every night. Not only did she have the best voice, she was elegant, mature, and displayed tremendous poise on stage. This vote was wrong, wrong, wrong. I'm done with this show!

  367. i think they should bring pia back…everyone should boycott the show next week..when no one watches you'll see how fast they will change the talks and with no one watching there will be no sponsors

  368. Pia has a good voice and I don't think she should've gone home tonight. There were others that should've gone home first before her. I definately thought it would've been Pia and Scotty in top two. I don't think she was an idol however. She was another Celine, Brittney, Mariah, Christina, etc… She was very boring on stage and didn't take anything the judges said to her to the next show when many of the others do. I wish her the best and hope she gets snatched up by a modeling agency or record label….

  369. America got it right. Although pia could sing really well, she could only do ballards and she was not an entertainer.

  370. Without a doubt, pia n Jacob has the best vocals among them. But all pia n Jacob has been doing is scream at the top of their lungs on stage every week. This is a singing contest not a screaming contest. If Jacob don't start singing, he too will be out. America did not messed up. They judge based on performance. Same with stefano, he keeps screaming every week. Casey on the other hand, liste to the judges n showed us he can sing with more than just a raspy voice.

  371. I had an additional thought. Let America vote to see how many total votes you receive on bringing her back and eliminate (2) people next week like you did with Casey. I almost want to believe everyone voting thought Pia was a given and voted for others they thought neede it.

    I think the votes to bring her back will surprise you!!!

    • That's a great idea and " voting for others they thought needed it" just might be right.

  372. I do not thing American got it right. Pia should not have gone home. I think Haley or Stefano should have been sent packing. What is American thinking. Pia has the best vocals. I don't think I can watch anymore.

  373. My man Stefano is safe for another week, im sure all of my votes for him helped him out alot. Some people think they are to big for their britches and are always sure they are gonna win, im just saying. Noone is ever safe, i dont care who you are.

    • are you saying that you voted for the same person more than once? I didn't know you could do that. I thought it was one vote per person.

      • you can vote til your fingers bleed Kevin…if you are still watching after tonight.

  374. I don't agree with this at all. Pia is a great singer. I don't get what people see in Scotty. He is not AI material and Jacob is more broadway or gospel. James all the way !!

  375. i will never watch this show again, this is not a singing contest, this is a who has the most friends contest, i have watched this show since thje getgo, never again

  376. I can't believe this…I'm shocked…I'm appalled…I'm angry…I'm in tears!!! How can this be!?! Pia is THE best of the best! America, you got it wrong;now let's fix it…vote her back on!!! Let's do it! American Idol judges,producers,etc…Listen to me, to us. Put Pia back in the competition! Eliminate two next week if you have to. Right this wrong…PLEASE!!! I can't stand it! Please,I emplore you..put PIA bck in! We love her and her amazingly beautiful voice!!! 🙁

  377. Pia is the BEST voice on the show….what happened with the american voters????????


  378. The voting should be for bottom three with the Judges deciding which one goes home, while not perfect it would be a bit fairer.

    This is a total disgrace about popularity and not talent which it seem the guys have the advantage year after year.

  379. Pia was the best! She is my American Idol and I want her back. I don't believe that she got the lowest votes. She'll have a record album out before all of them and it will turn gold.

  380. I cannot believe Pia got eliminated. Estefano should have been the one to leave. Why in the world did AI invite Constantine to perform? He is so arrogant and just horrible!!

  381. Paul got Pia's votes. The judges touted his worthless rendition of Folsom Prison while criticizing Pia's for 4 or 5 minutes. The judges can blame themselves.

  382. After Pia was elimanated tonight. I have to say that the judges have to be more critical of the performers.

  383. Seriously, Pia? Maybe Simon knew it was just a matter of time before the show would implode. If Pia isn't back next week, I am done with American Idol. No worries though…I rather watch the weather channel then be a part of this disaster.

  384. Hello…..I have been an avid fan of American Idol but based on the results tonight I have lost faith in this reality TV show. This show is no longer about finding great talent. The judges should bring her back. Many followers agree and unfortunately idol is not as appealing. If idol does not do something drastic to reverse the events tonight my family will no longer support idol.

    thanks for listening,


  385. Without a doubt, pia n Jacob has the best vocals among them. But all pia n Jacob has been doing is scream at the top of their lungs on stage every week. This is a singing contest not a screaming contest. If Jacob don't start singing, he too will be out. America did not messed up. They judge based on performance. Same with stefano, he keeps screaming every week. Casey on the other hand, n to the judges n showed us he can sing with more than just a raspy voice. he has got real talent.

  386. I am Totally disgusted tonight and truthfully I am beginning,for the first time,to doubt the validity of the entire "show" Was voting Pia off meant to "anger" the viewing audience and for what purpose? I am not sure if this was very smart for "the powers that be" and tonight I am not sure if I care to watch any longer because the "results" could not possibly have been correct!!Seriously,Save Casey and vote off Pia!!!

  387. I can't believe they just eliminated PIA??!!!..WTH!! is going on!???..something needs to done immediately like this doesn't seem or sound right this is not Fair!..OMG!..I'm so Disappointed!

  388. As a Canadian I have always been shocked at the way American's have voted, every season, for their Idol. Tonight was a shocker beyond shocks. America – what are you basing your votes on, now and in the past. My Gosh!!!!! Pia was never my favorite but was always in the top 3 for me. I can name 6 other contestants that don't come close to what she possessed. It almost makes me want to boycott watching this show as that is how angy I am with the American voters!!!!!

  389. I am so very shocked!!! I really thought Pia would be one of the last two standing. That girl never sang a bad song. I pray someone signs her right away because I'd buy her CD in a heart beat. From the looks on the judges faces they are just as shocked as me and my family are.

  390. Pia, James, & Scotty should have been the last three standing, this will definitely change the way I feel about American idol. Judges just sit there too have front row seats they get no say! They got one say in this whole compition! Americans should get 50% judges get 50% it's fair (: pia will end up being glad that she left she's to good for idol

    I loveeeeee scottyyyyyy pia & jamesssssssss (:

  391. I am just as ticked at the judges right now. Randy mouthing the words WTF said it all!! We need to VOTE VOTE VOTE!!! We need to make sure that we who vote on talent are outvoting the teeny boppers who are just voting for the guys just because they think they are cute! Paul should have been LONG GONE! Stefano should have been long GONE! Jacob has talent, but after his comment last night he should be GONE! The guys who deserve to be there are James, Scotty, and Casey! But I thought the final 3 would be James, Scotty, and Pia. My hope now is that Casey manages to make it to the final 3! I am so ticked right now. Next week VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

  392. Personally, I'm sorry that Pia had to go thru that experience. She'll be okay and this should make her stronger. Winning idol doesn't guarantee you success especially when it is not the best talent. As far I'm concerned she already won. I hope that she will achieve huge success after this contest is over with. She can still get the contracts without the Idol win and people will still be saying she should have won for many many years to come.

  393. hey i want a recount on casey james from last year, lol. pia is going on tour, but not going to be back next week…her best bet is not to are not doing as well as others anyway. scotty is probably going to win…so pia is going home sooner or later…but not last.

  394. 4/7/11

    I am appalled at tonight's results. Please, please see what can be done to bring Pia back. She is truly the best singer in the competition and deserves to be there and in the finals. Tell me this isn't the end for her.

  395. WHAT JUST HAPPENED?????? PIA is voted OFF!!! I think they need to do a recount. You will be a star Pia and I will be in line to buy your first album.

    Judges are to blame for this also, you saved Casey and that was a huge mistake!! Sorry Casey it's not that I don't like your singing but it was way too early to save anyone. I don't know if I can continue to watch the show. I agree with Freddy America should vote for who they want off the show – then maybe the talented people will stay

  396. Really offended by Jacob Lusk comment "If you don't vote for me you can't look in the mirror" sec.

    That was racicist, race baiting and the response from a loser who was looking for an excuse as to why he was not talented enoough to go to the next level. He moved on but he is not a contender , he is a crybaby, a loser, and an unfortunate contender for "American Idol". I will watch, I will vote and I hope that Pia will get her career jumpstarted by thr likes of Stephen, Gloria, and Randy who were agast at the results. &0 yr old who loves rock & roll.

    • Agree with Jim M, and your comments about Jacob. What a racist comment. Can't win because you have little talent so he will play the race card Shame on you American Idol for repeating his comments

      • his comment was not racist. I personally thought he was referring to America not being a able to handle him being gay. But, he tried to cover that up by asking out the unattractive TMZ reporter?!?WTF

    • I agree with you as far as Jacob and Paul, but i think that Casey is one of the best. Jacob should have been gone a long time ago, and he probably should not have made top 24. I think Haley, Casey, Pia, Scotty and James all have the potential to win it all.

  397. Tonight on American Idol was the biggest shock that I have ever seen on that show! I always vote with the phone or cell phone; as I did last night, but to have the the most taleted, improved Pia was more of a shock than I could take! I do not know what happened but I do not think that show will be back on my television, viewed by me or anyone in my household! I believed that is the end of my watching American Idol, anymore now or in the future!! That was a big "GIP" to the show, and all of the people that believwes that the show is fair and square, for all who appear, and watch! It must have taken a lot of intestional foratude to eliment Pia. Some body sure greased some palms for sure! Sure don't think that it was the judges, and the public is the one that really got royally SCREWED on this one! A very unhappy former viewer!

  398. I've enjoyed the show for some time now. No more. I vow never to watch Idol again. Pia removed, Absurd. America is one messed up country and this is absolute proof. Bye, bye Idol and Ford for sponsoring this.

    • There's some thinking…boycott the sponsors until she's back…Ford and go old Coke !!!!

      • Yeah. I'll hold back on a $30,000. vehicle purchase because someone lost on a reality show. Absurd idea.

  399. I wonder if we can sign some petition to get Pia back in the show…anyone knows how to start one

    • how can we get the producers to vote Pia back in….judges did indeed use the save much too early…truly biased .and in favor of the guys!!

  400. I was ready to see Pia go home. I feel she has a great voice however, the only thing she had going for her is the ballads. She doesn't have the TOTAL package. She would not be my pick to win idol 2011.

      • You all are kidding, right?? If that was elevator music, I would never get off the elevator.

      • Jill and others: Where have you been?? She is the only one who is the TOTAL PACKAGE, CLASSY! And as others have said, "She needs to go on her own, no competition here!

      • I agree with you guys, however, I think Jacob, Paul, and Stefano should have went first.

      • she is the total package….this is a singing competition or didn't you know that….what did you want her to do up there????

      • Pia's style is not what you hear on pop stations right now. 10 years ago – YES, 20 years ago – YES… and so on. But not know. That ballad style does not appeal to young audiences. Her singing appeals to adult women and that is it. Guys don't like it, boys and girls don't like it. Her talent and experience (LaGuardia HS)are head and shoulders above everyone else. But this is American IDOL – not America's Best Singer despite what the judges say.

  401. This a such a shock. I did vote for her last night. I think your method of counting had some issues last night and needs to be double checked. I don't think I will vote any more this year. I hade Pia slated to be the next American Idol. I am heart sick. Please do something to get her back. Paul should have gone this week.

  402. America voted…at least some of them did…demographically I'll bet they're between 11 and 16 and female looking for like a "cute guy" who they could like really be with and who would like like them and like be their friend on like the internet.

    But it is a public situation…and the like public told it like like they like think it is.

  403. IF we still had Simon for a judge the SAVE would not have been used too early and our PIA would be safe still… who the heck voted…idiots??? Pia should be in the finale and go home the winner of IDOL.

  404. Pia Toscano should have won this year. She is the best singer on the stage …. and possibly that has ever been on AI Stage. I'm not watching the show any more this season. Its pure bullcrap !!!

  405. After seeing Sioban get voted off last season and now Pia I am done watching. It isn't really a contest for who is most the talented and something must be seriously wrong with the voting phone system.

  406. I don't think america is voting for the voices! Pia should not have gone home!! But i strongly disagree about the final 2 being her and scotty!! NO WAY! I thought it would be Pia and James! now i'm guessing it will be Lauren and James.

  407. My prediction was Pia will be one of the finalist as Scotty, but tonight I was very very shocked that Pia is eliminated!!!! for now I do not want to watch anymore American Idol, Pia is one of the best singer !!!! so please, bring back Pia on the stage!!!!!

  408. Pia is one of the very best singers they ever had. I'm done watching this show. I'd rather watch re-runs of something else. This show should be call Teen Idol – not American Idol.

  409. There is no way Pia should have been eliminated. I am a musician myself and she is by far the most talented of the bunch. She has it all looks, voice, and presence. Voters made a hugh mistake!

    • Some of us find her one of the worst. Yes she can sing, but she is boring and has zero stage presence. The girls are just awful this year.

      • Are you serious???? You have no idea what talent is then. You don't have to jump around on stage to be a great singer….this is a singing competition

      • You are right – "boring and has zero stage presence." And this is not a singing contest despite what the judges say.

  410. I don't know why the Judges on American Idol get so mad when somebody they like gets sent home. Somebody's got to go! All their doing is upsetting those that are safe & making them feel like crap for being safe. And then they say come on people you got to vote for your favorites if you wanna keep them here. Well apparently Pia Toscano isn't America favorite & that's why she's going home.

    Don't hurt the feeling of all those that are safe!!!

    • actually Margaret Pia is a favorite among adult voters but I'll save you the time of watching the the final 8 and give you the results of AI 2011 . . . Scotty and James will be in the finally and Scotty will win , not saying Scotty is bad , he's gonna be big for country music but this show should be renamed teen Idol . All the young teenage girls are flooding in the votes , explain to me why 6 guys and only 2 girls are left standing

  411. This season of American Idol has been totally exciting to watch. We've enjoyed all the wonderful, talented contestants and have been eager to see results each week. Since the beginning of American Idol, we have been avid watchers of the show. Tonights results have shown us that a huge flaw in the way the votes are collected, or perhaps who is allowed to vote, or what age group is voting is causing the best talent to be left out and asked to leave. We no longer want to watch the show. Pia is the best singer on the show. We will not watch American Idol.

  412. God Bless them all I think they all have talent. I want to know who contracted the shirtless singer, he had NO talent…

  413. Hopefully Pia gets a contact tonight, she was always perfect. She should have stuck to her music and not have been swayed by JLO. She has talent and looks. Shame on Jenifer for always bashing, you did this

    • shame on all 3 judges…they tell other contestants to stay true to themselves and don't sing something your not use to and she listened to them and got booted off…Paul & casey shouldn't be there…Pia should.

  414. What is wrong with America? Pia is definitely the best singer this season. I think they need to rethink the way this show votes. Maybe the judges should vote and combine the votes with america. Maybe the right winner will win. I am very disappointed and will not be watching the show anymore.

  415. Lusk was mediocre- same old same old..quite boring, Rocker James did a nice ballad 'it was rock and roll nite folks'. Casey's performance was childish, Lauren was poor. Pia Toscano voted off, I blame the judges. This years final contestants are the worse group that I have seen, but remained faithful until tonight. Reason: Judges do not criticize performers.."Everyone is great" attitude by all of the judges has ruined the show.

    As a long time follower since Idol's inception..Today is the last time that I will watch this show. Goodbye will certainly lose many viewers.

  416. OMG good heavens she was booted out. She's only good for ballad songs.

    It is >>> Casey FTW !!!

    Now American Idol is becoming sooo exciting.

    I bet my balls, Casey will be America's Idol this 2011.

  417. I will NEVER watch the show again!I will but…

    And I Loved the show…but if they vote out the winner as they did in Pia Toscano…Just dont know what to say…but those were the first words out of my mouth when Pia was eliminated…


  418. Lost viewers here too. The first time we have really great judges that are helping these artists reach their potential, America lost its hearing.

    • Exactly!! Some are criticizing the judges, but they were just trying to make them even better. I certainly liked these judges better than someone who was so rude, cruel and just showing off!! I think some people don't really watch the whole show or listen to the comments from the judges–it is so obvious.

  419. The voting needs to change, should be for bottom three with the Judges deciding which one goes home, while not perfect it would be a bit fairer.

    This is a total disgrace about popularity and not talent which it seem the guys have the advantage year after year.

    • Agree. Or one vote per phone or email. And yes, why should the judges have a save vote anyways? They should be voting for the one going home out of the bottom 3 fan votes.

  420. Put Pia back…come on american people let's try to make Pia to come back. Should be something that we can do ? We cannot let her goes. Its wrong….I think there is a big mistake on the results…

    • It isnt a mistake. Pia is only good on ballad songs. What America wants is a versatile singer who can sing almost all genre and got a good presence onstage.

      Pia got busted on that rock song. She can't sing other than ballads. sooo sorry for her

      • that's why she should have stayed singing ballads. the judges kept telling her to kick it up….why??? Celine, Whitney, etc…sing ballads and look at them…

  421. I cant believe what happen! is terrible that america are voting based on the way contestants looks and not about there talents. This.. really SUCKS".AMERICA YOU HAVE TO LEARN HOW TO VOTE! Im with JLO, iam ANGRY!.This is very stupid, i cant believe, Paul and Jacob over Pia, naaahhh…! Bring Pia BACK! PLEASEEEEE…!Good BYE American Idol! Please J LO or STEVE help Pia cut an album I would buy it….!I'am from Puerto Rico.

  422. What just happened tonight??? Pia sent home! Are you kidding me! This is outrageous. This girl can stand right along all the greats that are famous, and she is even better than some that are already famous. The only thing about this that makes any sense whatsoever, is people were not voting for her because they thought she was going to win and get votes anyway so they voted for others. This is so wrong, that is why the judges should have saved the save. America always does this and casts the wrong vote. This girl requires to be brought back into the competition.

  423. Let’s face it look who’s doing most of the voting they did the same thing to Jennifer Hudson

  424. Unbelieveable! I have been a Pia fan before the top 24. Last night I did not like her costume, nor her song choice, but omg, she easily has the best voice to make the top three at least! America is sleeping, even to have Jacob in the bottom three is ridiculous. Sad, sad, sad!

    • Casey and Paul deserved to be in the bottom 3 tonight…how they are skating through this is unbelievable…Pia should have made it to at least the top two.

  425. I was disgusted to watch this happen, Pia deserves to win this idol stage and she goes home today..are you kidding me..It shows people dont know talent. I wish her the best in the future and god bless she goes far.

  426. WoW Poor Pia!! I am so sad, she has so much talent! this season has the most talent I have ever seen on idol. I will not be nearly as excited to watch next week. She should have been in the final. I have a couple others I like but I think it should have been pia and scotty in the end. 🙁

  427. ALSO.. IF the judges read this… please start giving constructive criticism to the contestants.. They need to hear this so they can learn/grow as they should. YOU are not helping out bu pampering them!!@!@

  428. I was sad for Pia to leave also, however, the reaction of the judges was disgraceful. Stefano must have really felt bad after the vote and especially after the judges reaction…if I were him, I'd pack my bags and leave AI the the summer tour after the blatant way the judges/audience made their feelings felt about him being kept over Pia.

    • I really think no one was wanting to hurt Stephano…if you looked at his face…I believe he himself felt badly for Pia. I think all of the contestants really thought she would be one of the top 2 or 3. Of course everyone wants to win, but my goodness…who could NOT see her talent.

  429. This just shows where the creators of A.I have failed.To let all of america to vote and not just once but many times so it is not a real true judgement of a performer.In the end she is better off .Why? This way she can get signed with out the grasp that the top two winners get tied two by entertainment19. They literally run your life until you can produce 6 albums before your contract is up and suck out the royalties.This way you can get a better deal.A.I needs to come up with a better and fair way to do the voting so the real singers get a fair shake and base it on the whole package singing,working the crowd,being able to do showmanship,personality,artistic creativity,true artist identity. Now simon fuller will worry about results(t.v Ratings will fall) This will hurt there come back after past lower ratings.

  430. Are people in America ignorant?!! Pia is by far the best artist this season and, along with Carrie Underwood, the best Idol has ever been privileged to have on the show. I wish Pia a very long and extremely successful career. I am astonished, angry, and extremely upset. I will not watch AI again

  431. American idol performers in order from best to worst last night

    Scotty Mccreery- great elvis

    James Durban _ while my guitar Gentely weeps was amazing

    Casey Abrams- again worth the save

    Lauren Alaina- soso

    Haley Reinhart- so so

    Paul Mcdonald- At his best

    Jacob Lusk – at the beginning cockey but still prety good

    Stephano Langone- did not fit him

    Pia toscano- best of the girls but voted out

    This is how I think the voting went

  432. pia lost tonigh because of the judges. They tell contestants to be true to themselves (singing the style of songs ) but they presure them to kick it up a notch. Pia finally said ok and didn't do a Ballad….She really is the most talented and because of the judge advise she she ended up getting booted. The judges all were really shocked but it is THEIR ADVISE that got her booted. She should have stuck to her guns and sand a ballad. st time she didn't and now she's gone!!!

  433. For those of you that are blaming the show, realize that is not what sent Pia packing. The show has given opportunity to these kids and it is up to America to vote based on talent. So, it's not the show's fault – it's the American voters that can't seem to figure it out. Grrrrrr, you are so frustrating that I have to say I am glad to be Canadian and not American.

  434. I am so mad at Randy, Jen and Steven for using their only save to save Casey. When they did that I commented on the Facebook page that I sure hope Pia, who is by far the better singer won't need that save and sure enough I was right. The judges made a BIG mistake by wasting that save on Casey. Shame on them! I feel so bad for Pia, she is by far the better singer and I do vote every week,but due to Randy, Jen and Steven's BIG MISTAKE I quit watching the show after today.

  435. Indeed, I am shocked; however, all the contestants are so very good that anybody sent home would be a tremendous shock. Someone has to go every week until the final one gets the title. Let us remember, they ALL are winners even if they do not take the title home with them. God bless all of them and the families from which they go home to.

    • haha I know! so ya'll Haley haters, where are you? Haley in the bottom 3 ya say? na uh! Haley is simply the best female singer here and will sure be the American idol! Pia getting eliminated? well i guess this americanidolnet poll and the bloggers are just losing their credibility. my gosh your predictions about Haley going home? oh please, give yourself a coffee!

  436. We will see you again! Keep your head up – God is not finish with you yet! We love you in TEXAS

  437. Really believe Pia would have been this season's winner. Hopefully she will sign with a record company soon and we will hear her on the radio! Next week's competition will be tough.

    • Nahhhh. Haley is clearly the winner! Next week's bottom 3? hmmmmm



      Paul / Scotty

      going home? Scotty..i like!!!

      • U knw what lil miss ilovehaley. Haley is NOT goin to b this seasons winner her voice is strong but not strong enough. N I think Its messed up that haley is seen laughin when pia gets booted. AI is about talent not about teenagers votin for the cutest guy on the show. N pia definitly had talent N the look. But its cool because 1 day pia will have her hits on the radio n i will see u on her so sad cuz haley doesnt make it. u so need to get over urself n stop talkin so negitive about every1 else n concentate on who u like. N because ur talkin so negitive about every1 else i really think thats makin people not like haley so dont b surprised when she gets booted. i wont be ill be sittin back laughin jus like haley did….

      • Ughhh! hey you mommat77, Haley will be the next American Idol coz all of her million fans will not stop in voting for her! She's just soooo amazing and she has the widest voice range here (like Mariah Carey). She deserves to be an idol because she's soooo sweet and kind to everyone else. That few second smirk is not fair to be equated to her personality. Are you sure that she did that because she was happy with Pia being sent home? no proof! grow up!

      • How could u even compare haley to mariah carey like no1 can even come close to her looks or voice… Haley will NOT b the winner regurdless if the fans vote for her. because the fans that couldnt get thru to vote vote pia r wonderin why she is gone.. n like i said u will be sittin here wonderin why haley didnt win AI. when this is all said n done. n it was very obvious that she was jealous because she had the smirk on her face when every1 else was shocked she had no shock what so ever she was jus relieved the the #1 Contestent(PIA) is Gone. N as far as some1 needin to grow up that would be you writin dumm a** comments on peoples comments that r so childish So how about u grow up…

  438. I was totally shocked by tonight's results. Like many of Pia's fans, I thought she would definitely be in the finale. Such a great voice, beauty and poise. America you definitely got this one wrong. This is a "singing" contest.

    • kinda..I was expecting a male/gay contestant to be eliminated. gosh I can't stand Jacob standing there for another week!

      • So apparently jacob needs to get voted off because hes gay? whys it matter if he is and how do you know he is

      • My gosh haven't you realized that Jacob is a homo? oh please, even a baby can tell that he's gay! he's just sooo annoying with all the waving of his hands and all that silly facial expressions. and his voice is just soooo fugly. Haley is soooo gonna win!

      • so what that he's gay. the show is not about gays or staights like get over urself he has talent n thats whats its about if u dont wanna watch him go back to playin with your barbie dolls lls

      • duhhh this is American Idol! it's not just a plain singing competition. read…IDOL! Homos have no space in AI! he's soooo going home next week.

  439. We all know who the weakest link is and apparently Jlos crush has a little to do with him still being around it shouldnt have been pia who went home thats just sad…as for the judges using the save to early did you people not see caseys performance he was amazing. America just got it wrong thanks alot Tween girls

    • haha I know! Tween girls are manipulating this competition! probably they're just insecure with Pia and they soooo love voting for cute male contestants. gosh if Haley gets voted out next week, we'll sure know what the reason would be…Tween girls' votes!

  440. Geez, people, so everybody agrees: It was an inexplicable result. We're all stunned.

    But all these hundreds of posters saying they'll "never watch the show again"? Really?

    The SAME posters who have said that this is the overall most talented group Idol has ever had?

    So you're going to walk away from watching the very TALENT you've been so impressed by? That makes no sense.

    Be upset at the way the voting is done — with the preponderance of 10-to-15-year-old girls sitting at home voting hundreds of times in those two hours for the "cutest boy." DON'T be upset at the show and walk away from watching the very talent you've said you're enjoying so much this year!

    Support the talented performers, if not the way the voting is done. Running away from the show will only make it worse.

      • You got it. Those teeny bop girls (voters) will vote out those girls that threaten their "cutest boys" they want to win…..

        That's the way it's always been. Who's got the whole package? As the contestants dwindle down, the teeny bopper votes get washed out. The show viewers by the end get it pretty close to right most times…. Just ask Ruben! lol

  441. The best singer is out–the rest are all average. Haley, you seemed "not so upset", I wonder why?

    All of the other singers had to try so hard every week and PIA WAS AWESOME ALWAYS!!! Is she Latina???–I am just wondering. And it is the stupid young kids who are voting. That she is just a ballad singer, someone commented–it's too bad YOU don't have any imagination either. The voting shouldn't be up to the public, what do we know about music. AI and DWTS should not be decided by stupid people out here who are not experts.

    • Excuse me, how dare you! Haley is sooo sweet and I know that deep inside, she's kinda sad coz another good AI contestant went home. But of course she's the next American Idol so who cares!

  442. Russell Bland…TMZ…Constantine…Iggy Pop (You've GOT to be kidding me)…Pia voted off…makes for a totally forgetable AI night. Frankly, I think that Pia was just a bit too perfect for all the teeny-bopper voters…and perhaps jealousy kept older females from voting for her. She will be JUST FINE without Idol. She's a true talent! Best of everything to Pia T.!

      • oh dear it's not only me who loves Haley. There are billions of people out there. can't you see? she's not even in the bottom 3 as few of you expected. oh i can feel that Haley is soooo winning AI.

  443. I am so sad to see Pia voted-off. I might not watch anymore, I believe she was one of the best singers on the show. I think it is so unfair. We will be hearing again!

  444. This is crazy, Pia was one of the best of all season. Is very sad, she was the only contestant capable to sing song like Celine Dion, and Celine is the best, i see her like our next Celine, super wroooooooooooong america, very dissapointed, good luck to Pia, she is great.

  445. Pia is/was my favorite and I believe that she will go far. Idol was her stepping stone. Keep the faith Pia, you are awesome!

    • Absolutely do a re-count. Something is terribly wrong here. This competition is about vocal ability is it not. Not growling, or advertising toothpaste.

      • Thanks for the FYI. :O) Just not my cup of tea. I have ten Champion dogs and don't like growling period.Human or animal. Just my opinion. FYI.

  446. 'Not Your Choice'? Okay. It is done! The last one standing in the bottom (3) was just as shocked as the rest of the folk who liked Pia. The 'Booing' and Negative Comments by the audience Judges inclusive (No Disrespect Intended) was quite harsh & hurtful as the previous result shows. I must say that Stefano stepped his game up each time and applied the constructive criticism to improve his performance. Pia, No Doubt has a beautiful appearance and voice. But as we know the Results are always shocking! As some won't watch it anymore, most will be drawn to see what will happen next time. I'm One Of Them. I'm just sayin'…..

  447. Upset is not even the word, I can't believe that Pia got sent home! Like hello America, she is by far the most talented person on Idol! Well whatever, Pia is a star and she will go far regardless!