American Idol 2011: Top 9 results show recap – Elimination shocker!

Either American parents need to stop their 13-year-old daughters from voting or “American Idol” producers decided it’s time for Pia Toscano to have a recording contract and pulled her from the competition themselves. Because I don’t care who you’re a fan of, you can’t deny that Pia’s elimination Thursday night was shocking and unwarranted.

Or maybe it was just that horrible outfit Gwen Stefani made Pia wear.

Something just isn’t right. In my Wednesday blog, I did mention that things could get interesting and crazy because Thia and Naima’s fans had to throw their votes to someone. But I never thought Pia would be the one to feel the negative effects.

Sigh. If only the judges would’nt have used their save so early. Or if only young girls were a little more picky with the guys they think are hot. I mean is it really that easy for young girls to crush on a guy? The pickings are slim, so I just don’t get it. Casey Abrams looks like a dirty frat boy. James Durbin kind of resembles Sloth from “The Goonies.” Scotty McCreery looks like the Mad Magazine guy. Jacob Lusk will probably never believe in “getting it on.” Sure Paul McDonald and Stefano Langone are commercially good looking, but they’ve both been in the bottom a couple times so that doesn’t add up. So maybe young girls aren’t really shallow. Just desperate. (As always, backlash welcome. Let me have it!).

I’m just confused. I guess I’ll never understand what happened tonight, so I’ll just move on to the episode recap.

I should’ve known things were going to go wrong when the show started the way it usually does with the terrible group medley. Apparently last week’s awesome format was just a big tease one-time thing. Oh well, I did kind of miss Scotty’s and Casey’s awkwardly terrible dance moves. So that was fun to see again.

Then we get a random visit from Russell Brand. Not sure what that was about. I guess there’s some Fox whoring going on. I didn’t pay attention.

Ryan finally pulls up Casey Abrams, Stefano Langone and Lauren Alaina. He sends Lauren to safety first, then Casey, leaving Stefano in the Bottom 3. At least I got that prediction right.

Next we get a special treat with Constantine. And by special treat I mean pointless filler. Speaking of pointless filler, we next get a whole segment on Gewn Stefani’s TERRIBLE styling from Wednesday night. The more I think about it, the more I think I blame Gwen for Pia’s elimination.

More results. Ryan asks Paul McDonald, Scotty McCreery and Pia Toscano to come to the center of the stage. Scotty and Paul are sent to safety and Pia lands in the Bottom 3. I haven’t had Pia in the “100 Percent Safe” bracket for a couple weeks so it’s not a huge surprise she’s in the bottom. I just though she could fall in the bottom one week then her fans would be scared into voting harder and she’d ride the wave to the Top 3 at least.

We get more ridiculous filler of the contestants visiting slime-ball internet “news” service TMZ.

Ryan then calls up James Durbin, Haley Reinhart and Jacob Lusk. James is sent to safety. Then Haley. Haley’s performances the past two weeks have really done good things for her. At least America has noticed that.

Iggy Pop performs. Who knows how they talked him into doing a show like “American Idol.” Which I’m sure is something Steven Tyler asks himself everyday.

And it’s final results time. Jacob, Pia and Stefano. Ryan pulls one of his stupid pranks and makes me think my dream has come true but instead sends Jacob to safety. So then I thought my prediction that Stefano would go home was right. No. Ryan reveals the shocking news that Pia has been eliminated.

Everyone is shocked and rightly so. Next to Chris Daughtry’s elimination, this has to be one of the biggest shockers in the show’s history.

Next week it’s time a guy goes home. It’s only the Top 8 and there are seriously only two girls left. That’s ridiculous.

What are your thoughts on Pia’s elimination?




  1. It is the Judges fault for creating the "only singing ballads" narrative while praising Scotty each week for singing only Country songs. They can no longer pat themselves on the back for picking the "Best Season Yet" competition. The judges ruined the season by wasting their one save on Casey Abrams who needs to adlib his way around notes he can't hit. Idol producers better get busy planning next years new panel of judges and voting system, because their show just took a major hit viewership wise.

    • John, I agree with you 100%. It's the judges' pimping and biased comments that is hurting the show. First Thia, then Pia. Next AI should say, "Ballad singers are not welcome".

      • I hope they DO say that. SICK OF PIA. BYE. Can't wait for Lauren to go. BYE! Sure hope it's next week. Then, Jacob and Stefano can go and leave the best as the rest!!!

      • They were voted off because they were boring.

        We all agree Pia is amazing, but she is no one's favorite, just top 3, so its not a surprise to me she got voted off.

      • Ya, it takes talent to sing a ballad. Way more so than a screeching rock song. The judges should have a 50% say in the result like on Dancing

        With The Stars. That might help the talented survive the influence of the clueless teeny girls. Watch out Lauren and Haley!!!

      • I Agree. American Idiol is starting to SUCK big time. It's time they stopped allowing kindergarteners from voting. Thanks American Idol voting for blowing this one BIG TIME.

    • Agree, the whole system actually is a mess and i will not be surprise if Steven and JLo will leave Idol soon. They will not take the crazy system of IDOL unless they have a strong stomach like Randy and Ryan..I think it's more on the system itself is wrong , i am not against Randy and Ryan but the whole system per se.Last week my heart bleeds when Thia was eliminated , but tonight its like double murder case..I was shocked even i dont vote for Pia but i like her.She is the strongest bet among the girls.I thouht she will stay until top 3!Now i felt vendicated for Thia Megia. She should not be surprised why she was voted off last week , even the strongest contestant was voted off tonight!

      • Good point. Thia and Pia who had excellent tone and the other amazing range hitting 3-4 octaves. Meanwhile, the show has Kevin McDonald, Casey Abrams and a still struggling to sing a whole song well Stefano. This season is turning into being a farce and the reason being is the judging and feedback is so lame and unobjective.

      • you're so true…im beginning to not like this show….something bias s happening….=(

      • wow were we listening to the same show. Pia had one tone SCREECH. America got it right

      • @Oldschool: Pia SCREECHED? Pia sings like a bird. If a small animal made the kind of noises Paul makes I would kill it with a stick out of sheer decency. America can vote, but what constitues real talent these days is clearly lost on America.

    • I agree.

      Its just too unfair and yes, they shouldn't use the safe so early.


    • Er, you can be upset about Pia votted out, but don't get Scotty involved. Lots of people critized Scotty for weird movement and gesture but do you think the judge ever told him so?

      And they advise Scotty to keep up singing country because this is his strength. His voice is purely country, for god sake. He's a country boy with a love for country songs. He's comfortable with this. At last he is trying to prove himself. Isn't he improving himself a lot in working with the crowd? The

      Pia has a good voice and she can sings in more genres other than ballad. She's comfortable with ballads, that's alright. But she's slower to change than Scotty.

      Pia and Scotty seem close and I am not happy when Pia is voted out at this stage.

      The judges are partly to blame. But the contestant themselves must realize things, not just relying on judge's comments.

      • Slower to change than Scotty? Pleazzze! She sang uptempo twice while Scotty sings Country songs week in and week out till this week when he found something in his wheel house. Yet the only reward Pia got was she didn't move around well enough. If that isn't out to get ya I don't know what is. Don't get me wrong. I think Scotty is an excellent Country singer. But let's not have two standards of judging. If Country is Scotty's strength great, If Pia's was only Ballet, then that is great too. Personally I think Pia was holding back to not peek early like Bowersox did last year. I think America is going to miss some great performances she could have made.

      • I totally agree with melp and disagree with John P. It is very sad that Pia went home, she's got the stuff to make it in the world of music. But John equated Country (a genre) to Ballads (a song type). The two are not the same, or comparable. There are country ballads. A ballad is a type of song within every genre. So while Scotty is sticking to his genre, Pia wasn't moving around, because her ballads were always soft rock-ish, but they never actually changed a genre. Yes she took on some uptempo songs, but she didn't take them on soon enough or really move far enough outside of her comfort zone. She's a wonderful singer and it's a terrible surprise that she was voted off, but you really can't compare her to Scotty.

      • Michelle B: last night Pia sang a Tina Turner Rock song that was not a ballad and yet she got zero credit for it and still gets accused of having only sang ballads. I give up on AI. There is no objectivity in the contest.

      • Um, John P. I love Pia! But, I didn't think her singing that song was her best, and I don't think you need to get a pat on the back every time you try.

    • I so agree with this. This might make Pia regret for not singing another ballad which is her forte. After feeling so upset about Thia's elimination, I honestly felt relieved to see Pia followed the same fate this week. I'm now sure that most of the voters this season are girls who really don't care about the contestants' performances. They only vote those who they think are cute.

      • I wonder who the heck do these teens think are quite???? I loved the ladies and their talent, except Hailey! Bot since all of the females are getting knocked out the box then I will limit my vote to only one who I feel can make us proud!

      • The voting system has disappointed me since both David Cook and Chris Allen. Both should not have won – they were way out sung but were better looking as viewed by teenage girls. Unfortunate that again AI has not interfered with the voting. It should be judged on singing during the current week, with the judges getting to put forth some voting power to prevent poor singing by contestants to trump excellent singing by REAL singers. Bummer.

      • Ms. Mims, I know Scotty has a big fan base of such girls. Stefano is still there until now because of his looks/ appeal and not because of his talent.

    • I do believe it is the judges fault for letting this happen. Do I see Pia getting to the bottom 3, that's a no. My mother and I were talking about it, she loves Pia. I can't stand her. True I do think she is beautiful and has a wonderful voice. However I would never pay to see her sing ballads. My mothers point was, well look at Barbara Steisand. And I replied that, how many people do you today in Vegas or online or on the radio, is Straisand.


      • Streisand is 60 something years old now and yes still sings occasionally even with tremendous stage fright. Of course because of age, you won't see her in today's mainstream music. One thing is for sure, history will regard her as one the top vocalists of all time. And I say that knowing I can't stand her personally for her politics. Some people enjoy listening to vocal capability and some are more interested in being entertained by a stage show. Pia is not for that later. If stage entertainment is the requirement, then the contestents should be judged by that during their local auditions.

    • I totally agree with you..

      Why did they let Pia sing her last song why they didnt for thia and naima ? what the heck?

      too bad..this is a scripted show.. dont waste your money america ..

      all votes are all converted to money for the price of the grand winner..

      • I don't think it is a great thing to let the person just voted off sing a song anyway. I don't think Pia was in the mood to sing at that moment.

        America's taste in music has gone downhill big time.

    • Yes, the save of Casey set the wheels in motion. Also – that created a sympathy vote for him. Agree with you on the judging too, they need to define for the audience who is the best and not nit-pick the favorites.

    • What's happening to AI? They're eliminating contestants that can really sing. Who's next? Maybe Jacob. After Thia was eliminated, I was hoping Pia would stay until the very end. I'm not excited anymore of who's gonna be the winner. I'm now excited on who will be eliminated next week. I bet, it would be a shocker, too.

      • definitely another shocking result. it could be Lauren. See the trend of elimination now. All girls with great voice…

    • I think talent wise, this still is the best season of American Idol, and Casey Abrams is talented, and evidently had just as many fans as Pia did, you saw the same shock, but everyine knew for sure that Pia was going home this time, so the shock was more obvious. If we're being serious, other than this, all the right people have gone home, Thia was getting monotone and boring, Naima(don't recall name) was off pitch and she wasn't even focused on her singing much,and Ashton shouldn't have even made it into the top 24. Hailey should've gone home before though, her last performance was ok, but other than that, why? They aren't saying "no ballads", they're saying, no boring. And with Pia singing the ballads, then getting eliminated while she sang a more upbeat song, the no ballad thing is a little less of a valid argument. I know my mom said "Well, I get what they're saying" then hearing Pia sing, "No, she's fine in my book, she can sing ballads like that all she wants."

      • The best season of AI? Really? Actually, it is the worst by far which is fine by me, because I am finished with it now. I can't bear to watch Haley another week.

      • is there something not clear to me? Pia singing ballads ok but Thia singing ballads boring????

    • this is a popularity contest.

      do you tell your 16 year old son that his pants are too low??? No, because YOUR pants are too high!!!!

    • don't agree with Branden, the result wasn't the "biggest shockers in the show’s history", come on.. it was abvious Pia will be votted off. her exit might be early, she should leave maybe after Jacob, like in 3 weeks: after Stefano Paul and Jacob, then followed by Hailey then James.. final three should be Scotty, casey and Lauren.

    • REally, did any of you vote for Pia just curious. Everyone I know crying about it, didn't even vote or didn't vote for her.

      • Dawn, you hit the nail right on the head, girl. If you are not voting for your favorite, then DON'T whine and cry because they are eliminated.

    • Scotty does old school country.

      Lauren does her country twang too.

      Jacob sings choir.

      Stefano does broadway.

      James does rock (hard and soft, given)

      Paul is consistently freaky and squeeky.

      Haley is a hot sexy lounge act.

      Casey in actually the most interesting.

      Was Pia the only one who stuck to a "shtick" or theme?? No.

      If she would have believed in herself more and OWNED her performances, I think maybe a lot fewer people would have found her boring, or rigid, or not entertaining. I love a beautiful voice and Pia brought me to tears and left me speechless every time she sang but all I need is that perfect vocal for me to connect with an artist. Pyrotechnics, lasers, choreography and lip-syncing is fun to watch, but it doesn't MOVE ME like a true singing talent like Pia can. I think the arguments here are between some who love great singers and some who love great performers. End of story.

    • a ballad is a type of song, country is a genre….scotty os a country singer there is no such thing as a ballad singer or the Ballad Music Awards.personally i prefer ballads vs any other type of song but domt trash the judges when a guy sings country, pop, gospel or rock

  2. I don't know is the producers read these but they need to make a change in the voting and they at least need to give the judges three or four saves. If you are paying the judges to judge let them judge and let their scores count for 50% of the total. This might help with having the teens from voting off anyone with mature talent.

    I understand why, if we are not really let them have any voice on the choice their comments are just reactions. These three judges have the ability to judge and we should let their voice have some power not just opinion.

    • Andrea, the judges still give their expert criticism/comments, but they did their job to get the group down to the ones that WE get to vote on. It is "AMERICAN IDOL" not the "JUDGES IDOL". It's up to us, the audience, to get it right now!

      Pia will be fine- -she will definitely get a recrding contract. I don't think she would have been #1, but I don't think she was due to go out this soon! (ummmm Stefano??)

      • Excellent, Pam. It's AMERICAN Idol, not judge's idol! We voted and we don't like Pia enough to vote for her. She can sing somewhere besides MY tv. Sick. Of. Her.

      • Very well said Pam. If the judges had multiple saves, then why should we waste our time phoning in votes.

    • I agree with Andrea.let the judges judge like dancing with the stars they vote and we vote!

      American idol needs to change there voting system limit the amount of times one can call in. are better yet judges had a save give us a save. we all vote who we want back. so Idol if you are reading fix this system are maybe you planed this for rating sake,

      • I agree with Andrea's comment about changing the voting system as in Dancing with the Stars whereby the judges will also have a say in the retention of good performers rather than sit around and cast silly comments as though they were "American Idles"!

  3. I agree with your summation, and I got a good laugh over where the heck those teeny boppers are sending their votes!

    When Lauren sang and I saw her outfit I felt so bad for her. Do they have any say on their hairstyles either?

    As for Pia, she sure has the vocals….So she didn't win the show. Who do I hear more on the radio? Oh yea…Adam Lambert and a little band named Daughrty.

      • Eva, I totally agree with you on the horrible way they had poor Lauren dressed–and her beautiful hair, OMG. Same with Pia. That stylist should never be allowed to set foot on AI again. I felt so bad for Lauren.

      • Mandy, ITA The stylist was singer Gwen Stefani. Dreadful taste. And the result night guests were godawful. Who made these choices?

  4. Clearly, the judges are to blame because they "love" every performance by each contestant and do NOT distinguish nor rate them in any meaningful way. Think about it… what true insight or value have any of the judges actually given on the show? Answer: NONE. As such, they are really completely useless/worthless!

    • It is because they used their power to save and they can only use it once. You guys has to blame the voting public who votes thousand times for their bet specially for the boys in IDOL. It was very clear that the bulk of voters are girls , ofcourse they will vote for boy contestants so the poor girl contestants in IDOL will go home !And this voters will not care , definitely they dont care !So far no boy contestant is eliminated aside from Casey who was saved by the judges!

    • totally, 100% agree with you Joe!! especially tyler!!

      and can't they be obvious with their favorites???

      their biases are freaking obvious!!

      • Joe, you are so right. I miss Simon so much in this regard; they are so complimentary to everyone that they just blew it for the most talented performer on the show, which is really lacking in talent this cycle.

  5. While she has a great voice, there's no passion and she doesn't bring anything original to the table. She's bland and the outfit definitely didn't help. She's one of those "technical" singers who hit the right notes but there's very little feeling behind it. Stefano's next.

    • i agree. Pia is a Vegas style singer and will be successful in that type of venue. She seemed wooden, but her powerful vocals are meant for big stage entertainment with lights and props. Time for her to go.

      Casey is a loser and the judges should never have saved him.

      • You must be out of your ears!!!! PIA will be a super star, all she needs is a good producer and little more confidence (which this bull crap vote didn't help). I stopped watching for years after Daultry was voted off and he was the best (check out his financials) and who won last year??? Oh, that's right, not the "gay" guy.


    • Yep I agree her singing is technically great but no stage presence and no rhythm and no feeling. Her exit song was actually her best performance because she was so emotional. I was shocked though, I thought Stefano was going.

      • This is exactly what is wrong with AI. Let me get you right. You prefer listening to someone who is so emotionally distraught she can't carry her notes long enough over the girl who did hit and carry all of her notes in every performance. Wow now I see why AI results are so screwed up.

      • so did he and the judges really made him feal bad the people voted..I think they are all good in different ways but I lesson to different kinds of music even opra..different strokes for different fokes.

    • I totally agree. Beautiful voice but lacks emotion and she didn't bring any excitement to the stage. Her up tempo was not enough of a change from her ballads. I'm happy to see her go. I hope Stefano is next.

    • Although I like Pia, to ignore comments like these is to ignore the American public and target demographic of the show. Now that I think about it, Pia should have researched other material that she could "make her own" besides power ballads. And when she DID try uptempo, she bit off more than she could chew with Tina. People likely thought "Yeah – she is a great vocalist but not a very strong performer." That could be what did her in.

  6. What a disappointment. I loved Pia, she was in my top 4. She will be a star regardless. I think the judges should have 50% of the vote and America the other 50% as they do on Dancing with the stars or the American Idol will be selected by 13 year old girls. Have you noticed there are only 2 girls left in the competition??? They will be picked off next. It's too bad, make some changes Simon Fuller.

    • I agree that the two remaining girls will be next. I voted heavily for Pia. I think having six men left makes it obvious. Not many young men are voting and too many young girls.

      • The worst reason for these teeny boppers voting are because their "hero" is "cute"..yawwwn…!

      • …because the boys are too busy with their Xbox, PSP, etc. AI is not their thing. Even if they do watch & like a contestant they would be too lazy too vote. The show is too gay for them.

        Sorry Pia. You're vocals are great but I've seen better. I hated it that the judges hyped you up. You're overrated. I love Haley – she's got so many tools in her toolbox and I wish the judges would stop pushing her to that Janis Joplin thing and just let her be herself. Scotty and Casey are okay. I don't care about the rest.

  7. Pia was a "sure thing" and her fans just got too comfortable. Such a shame! She is so beautiful and talented. I hope she gets a record deal and an endorsement tomorrow!

    • Voters thinking Pia was a sure thing… this could have been a factor. I agree!

  8. And I am DONE watching this farce of a show, until it has new, real judges (that actually judge)and a more fair voting system!

    • Wow! I LOVE the judges this year! Randy and JLo give good advice and comments…and I just love Steven Tyler! He adds some "zing"!


      • I am DONE as well. I stopped watching this BS of a show after Daultry was voted out. Something needs to be done about the voting. When I tried to vote for him the lines were tied up until four hours went by….hmmmmm now I remember why I stopped watching this make believe show. Goddbye IDOL.

      • I absolutely love the juding this year. I look forward to the talent and experience they bring with each new show. And yes, I second the Steven Tyler is just loveable! I do agree they used the save too early, though. Do you realize poMOMinEG that you stated you stopped watching this show when Daultry was voted off, but you know and have strong feelings about what happened tonight on the show?

    • Yeah! This season is a failure due to they selected these cardboard judges! I guess X-factor will overtake this show next season!

      • so you quiters are saying if you all do not vote the way I want then i am done wow..

      • No Cathyrn that is not it. Last year I thought Bowersox was the best artist through-out the entire competition. Also I thought Lee Dewise had great potential even when he was struggling earlier in the season. He improved tremendously during the contest and peeked on finals night. I still thought Bowersox still deserved to win based on her consistency. But America decided differently and I accepted that. Now had Bowersox been voted off in Week 9, I would be just as frustrated as I am tonight. Objectively there are still several contestents who shouldn't be still on the show. Had Pia been voted off later because of this and that and others had really improved like Hally did this week, I would have been fine with that too. But this was just wrong. Judging by the amount of comments here saying the same thing. Maybe the result was just plain wrong, it appears that the few anti-Pia comments are just that and lack objectivity or just have an axe to grind with her.

      • Exactly John, even Adam didn't win, but at least he's in the final where he belongs!

    • The judges are not to blame. They didn't "love" every performance yesterday. They were just as shocked as us because Pia was exceptional. If anyone is to blame, it would be the voting audience or the voting system. Think about it. After seeing the audience reaction to the results and the disbelief EVERYWHERE, how could Pia NOT get enough votes to stay on?? I'm thinking that Branden is right about the show's plan to market Pia early. Maybe they want to stir up some emotions to get more interest and viewers. If they had nothing to do with it and are really interested in "justice" they will figure out what went wrong and modify the rules…..

      It's only a show anyway and really doesn't matter who wins because there is a potential singing future for all the good talent there. It's interesting for me to see people like Joe get so emotional. I wonder how he reacts to the ups and downs we all experience in daily life? Anyway, I'll definitely miss seeing Pia and I still will watch the show. Like any other contest, there ultimately will be one winner – and it's not always the one we want…..

    • The organizers should definitely change the voting system for the next season. They should introduce a similar system as in "Dancing with the Stars" – whereby the viewers votes attribute to 50% of the decision and the judges, the other 50%. This way, they will ensure that the best performers are safe.

      • I agree that the voting system needs to be changed. But will each one of us ever be satisfied with how it's changed if our "favorites" get voted off?

  9. America got it right! No matter how much the judges looooved Pia, she's BORING.

    She can't move, and her songs have all the emotion of a philodendron. Plus she's obviously uncomfortable on stage — and you have to love being in front of an audience to be live performer. She has excellent pitch and good tone. That's all. She'd be useful as a background singer or in a studio.

      • If the Idol competition was all about vocals then the judgement /ratings would have been completely based on the recordings and not having the format as it does now. But I think AI is looking for the complete package , vocals and entertainment values , so maybe that would explain why Pia received such a low votes.

      • and me too, totally agree. I think people should stop blaming whoever and whatever just because the result didn't satisfy them. this is the way how the show is, you are votted off if you are not good enough as a singer, performer and entertainer, that's it.

      • If she wasn't forced to wear those monster heels (Gwen?) I'm sure she could move. ARE YOU KIDDING when you say anything about her voice…I'm sure you will all be eating your words when she is making millions!

        Some tone deaf folks are here…keep watching this stupid show and you will be right at home. DONE.

    • I guess American prefer drag queen style of music & thus Jacob will last till final vs. 70's singing style old fashion country boy…lol!

  10. I so agree that tonigtht was just as bad as when the judges had to use that 1save… Maybe when it's clear that something is off with the American voting process we may have to make a few changesmin the decision process… Afteralll, professional judges are available for their expertise, so let them have maybe more than just one save. I think the talent level this year is off the chart, but I also see that a few folks could have been sent home prior to Pia! Maybe she does have upcoming roles and/or a record deal in play, but I don't think the outfit was the issues. She has what it takes to make an outfit "pop"' but something has gone totally wrong with them voting process this year… I was sue that Stephano would end up on the chopping block this go round even tho I loved his performance in the beginning… He just failed these last two performances! Good luck to 2011 American Idol, but we may need to tweak the system.

    • I guess they should change the voting system to 1 vote per person…so that those teeny boppers won't spent the whole night to save their "cute" instead of talented hero.

  11. Pia going home is RIGHT!!! Boring…..knowing ballads and think she is a DIVA…..Jacob or Lauren to go next then Paul and Harley and Casey….. Looking at Pia sing, it is a known fact that she will not last for too long so what is the SHOCKER??

  12. Well Well Now the bottom three jacob Pia and Stefano for thing i think they made a mistake when they said Jacob was safe and he can go back to the seat because he was safe and when Pia and Stefano was up there did you see Stefano's face yep Shocker can you even imagine Pia would get iliminated not me not American idol every is just so shocked and poor Pia will she ever re-cooperate from this shocker and from the voting …

    • I can't stand Jacob!!!! He needs to go home immediately. Let's target Jacob and send his arrogant self home next week. Don't anyone vote for him next week and leave him without much votes. Jacob has to go. Please don't vote for him. Who is with me?

    • I think Stefano has the strongest vocals in this competition! He can really sing!!! People keep hating on him for some apparent reason. Stefano should at least make it to top 3. Next week I hope I can say Adios Jacob!!

  13. thia now pia. WHAT THE HELLLLLLLL.



    • Actually there is another music competition show coming on after AI ends this year where the judges who are actually coaches never see the contestents. They go by what they hear vocal quality wise. Pia can get on this show and get a more fair judgement. Even the AI vocal coach could only say "amazing" about her singing ability.

  14. i'm having kinda mixed feelings right now. even if pia made it through for the next round, she's not gonna stay longer than we wanted to because the tempo of american idol is dictated by voters. this has always been the trend of american idol. teenage girls probably have a different standard of what a STAR is and what a STAR should be. i think it's about time that the AI prod think of something else to strike a balance between talent and popularity. but for as long as AI's fate is at the sole mercy of american voters, there will be shocking eliminations will never come to an end.

      • I missed Simon's excellent informed to the point honesty this year. He is a very successful music producer and I am afraid knows more about the entire music field than these three judges together. Randy could be better, but I think he lacks the courage to tell it the way it is each and every time.

  15. I have been loving the judges this year but have always thought that we don't necessarily end up with the best when only the public vote. Look at So You think You can dance, same producer why not same format for voting?

    I am not surprised Pia is off, she's a great singer but boring to watch. I really didn't make a connection with her at any stage. Same with Jacob.

    It's easy to say that it's all the 'pimping' that gets people loved but look at Paul. He came into the finals with virtually no exposure but because of a brilliant personality is getting stronger and stronger.

    Of course the producers are giving more air time to the interesting characters it's tv and they need it to rate.

    As for the judges not passing on useful feedback I kinda agree and disagree. We knew that without Simon we would not get the 'in your face' honesty that he was great at and he really could spot talent – or was that the producers?

    I have heard feedback given that the performers should take on board and in some cases have. Perhaps they are just not as articulate or in your face or perhaps because none of it's said with an English accent it seems less 'qualified'.

    Steven to Stefano – bordering on Broadway – spot on.

    Randy to Jacob – find your one moment in each song

    JLo to Casey – less antics more Casey.

    Perhaps where the others are concerned there are things that should change but just saying them to the contestants won't make the contestants be able to change.

    Someone should have told Thia to do Disney because she was not mature enough to show a range of emotions – only sweet and happy.

    And Naima, well what was Naima doing there anyway?

    Loving this season of Idol.

    Would love Scotty to try his hand at Roger Miller or Johnny Cash and Paul to try some Stevie Nicks.

    There are going to be more good singers leave and I'll save my righteous indignation for when it's Paul or Casey.

    • You think the good singers are Paul and Casey? Wow! I think you need some voice lessons…. They are not great singers, and they use personality and white teeth to stay alive. Paul is just a Rod Stewart cover song. He could go to Vegas and do a Rod Stewart tribute show. And Casey, well….I think he should have gone home. I don't think his health could stand traveling on the road…

      • Do you know what voice lessons are for? Did I hear you correctly? Maybe I should get my ears checked. Maybe those voice lessons will improve my comprehension and spelling too.

      • Great you like the two contestents who need to adlib around every note that is in major. This really is a popularity contest and AI should change their format to reflect that.

      • "Casey is like a teddy bear on the stage."

        And there it is folks. Whoever makes the teeny girls squeal is the winner.

        AI or American Heart Throb?

        I'm going to win next year. I'm going to go to AI dressed as a freaking vampire and mope around the stage and fret about my vampire love life. That crud really does it for modern day chicks. Sigh.

    • I been cruising around reading lots of comments, because I too am enjoying this season. There seems to be two camps, those who complain and those of critique.

      To all the complainers, I say. Poor baby would you like your ball back.

      To the Critics, I say thank you for the insight and perspective.

      Kylie I agree.

    • Thanks for the feedback. It's just fun. For the person that thought I claimed to be a singer I didn't?? I just know what I enjoy watching and I know what I enjoy listening to and both Casey and Paul tick those boxes. I am also enjoying Hayley more and loved Scotty and Lauren's duet.

  16. 1) move the show to 10PM

    2) make the show PG-15 (minimum)

    3) give the judges at least 3 saves

    4) say every night justin bieber is a fag

    that will fix the "pre-teens voting for the wrong one" problem.

    it doesn't matter if they use the save too early, if the rules are the same probably this will occur again, maybe lauren is next, or james, now it's a lottery.

    awful night, I mean AWFUL! I bet the ratings drop big time next week…

    • 5) 'Jonas Brothers' are not a real band

      6) Rihanna needs Autotune

      7) Autotune can't help Miley Cyrus

    • Hey don't blame only the kids. Ellen DeGeneres is a big fan of Stefano too.. did you see her interview with Nigel?

      There she said Pia doesn't have enough peronality

    • tennisaddict it appears you are only on here to voice your bigotry. If you don't have anything to say about the ACTUAL subject matter, such as the performances, you should just shut up.

    • Oh please I'm not a Stefano fan at all. but I should say 90% of the teen votes got to Scotty not Stefano. how come Stefano is in the bottom 2 if gets votes?

    • AI wants teen girls to go crazy.. didn't you see how they hugged Scotty on stage? What do you expect from them???

      I agree with Nan, it is Scotty who's getting the teen vote not Stefano

  17. I'm devastated with the vote!!! I know that for fact Paul is the one who's going to win at the end. Girls are just voting for looks and not for talent. Pia was the best among all the girls. GOSH!!! it sucks!!! I don't feel like watching the show any more.

  18. Please! Pia was a huge part of why I was watching this years competition. That's over now! What channel is "Survivor" on?

  19. Very poor attitude from the judges when Pia was voted off. It was between Stefano and Pia and Pia drew the short end of the stick. I felt so sorry for Stefano when the judges were acting "shocked" and voicing how wrong it was for Pia to go. Their actions were clear that they though Stefano should be the one gone.

    My thoughts?

    PIA: looked the part, but really… she was a-run-of-the-mill-makes-me-want-to-yawn singer, nothing made her stand out other than her looks. No flash.

    CASEY: does have something unique, but his looks and his demeanor is a turnoff. Needs to quit growling and learn the words to his songs. Bottom 3 next week.

    STEFANO: has the looks and a voice, but his voice seems to be more for a Broadway stage.

    JACOB: well, what do you say about someone who is constantly out-of-key? Bottom 3 next week.

    HALEY: she has looks, personality and a unique voice. She is a top contender.

    SCOTTY: gotta love that kid. Yes he is country but he proved he is anything he wants to be. All the teenyboppers & grandmas are voting for him. Another top contender.

    PAUL: so unique in every way. He's a "sleeper" top contender.

    JAMES: Mr. Rock 'n Roll. Looks, unique voice, stage presence and another top contender but he better try something other than rock.

    LAUREN: Has the looks, almost has the voice but the crybaby routine each week is out-of-control. Bet she goes to the bottom 3 next week.

    • Here ye!!!! I was wondering if anyone noticed what happened to Stefano! How horrible he must have felt….here everyone is boo'ing, and the judges are shocked and freaking out….If I were him, I would have walked off the stage! The judges and the audience literally slapped him in the face! I mean, come on…this is a COMPETITION!! It is understood that only 1 person can win!! It is understood that each week 1 will have to go!! They are all pretty good, so it will not be the easiest elimination!! Pia was good, but again, someobody has to go, and America voted!! The judges should have a little class, and should have felt empathy for Pia, but hey congrats to Stefano! I was really disappointed in the judges for being so rude….just sayin….

      • Well I like what you said, I was thinking the same thing. Did you catch that little smile from Haley, what was she thinking?

      • tammy, even stefano was shocked!, watch the video again, he was sure he was out, the thing is pia was a strong contender, that's why the judges and every one was shocked, what if ryan send stefano to safety and leave pia and jacob? the reaction would been the same… I bet casey feel's really bad because he knows what every one is thinking. (save use too early)

      • THANK YOU TAMMY!!! You and I seem to be the only ones thinking about poor Stephano!!!! What a kick in the gut. Did we see ONE person congratulate him?How humiliating for him and unprofessional on the judges part for consoling Pia and not acknowledging Stephano. Why was Lauren boo-hooing? Would she rather it have been her?

      • Uh doi, Stefano SHOULD feel bad. He should be the one packing his bag – not Pia. The reaction was not "impolite" it was a sensible reaction to a strange occurance.

    • Darren, I think Haley was thinking the same thing all the contestants were thinking… "YES!". Even I was thinking Pia was going to win the competition so with her out of the way, it's anybody's ballgame right now.

      I love a good shakeup!

  20. Let's get rid of Jacob! His arrogance is getting on my last nerves. Come on guys, let's send him packing next week by everyone not voting for him. I'm so serious. DO NOT VOTE FOR JACOB NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! Who's with me?

    • Perhaps we need a definition of American Idol. Jacob has the best male voice, and probably with Pia, the two best vocals in the show. Loe them or ate thme, these two can sing. Also, I'm betting if Jacob looked like Kris Allen he would win the show hands down. TOo bad we have to judge on looksand sexual preference versus talent.

  21. It's sad that someone has to go every week but I for one am glad to see pia go. So she's pretty and proper. That does not make a star! She has no soul in her singing and seems emotionless while she's singing and no charisma.Stefano(sp) is boringgg.I love lauren and paul makes me smile and Scotty is just awesome and he showed last night that he can switch it up.I do think the judges need to step it up and critique these contestants so they can get better each week. It's too much of a feel good about ourselves competition this year.I was so excited about steven tyler but where the heck did his sexy craziness dissapear to? and Jlo wants everyone to Rap? and even randy is weird this year. Somebody step up and lets get this show back rolling! Tonights elimination was a step in the right direction.

      • Pia as a judge? For starters, if she only made it this far, what qualifies her as a judge. For seconds, she's got about as much charisma as Kara Dioguardi, which is zero.

  22. Let's get rid of Jacob! His arrogance is getting on my last nerves. Come on guys, let's send him packing next week by everyone not voting for him. DO NOT VOTE FOR JACOB NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!!!! Who's with me?

    • When are you going to understand that we vote for someone because we like them? NOT because we DON'T like someone. It's people like you that probably screwed up this week's results.

      • First of all, Screw you "TCExperts Say"! Second of all, I'm trying to get people to realize who sucks and that needs to leave, which is Jacob! If you didn't like wat I said, don't comment. And for the record, its not my fault people didn't vote for Pia enough for her to stay!!

      • Calm down "Love?". I'm sorry that my writing sounded like an attack on you. What I am saying is that obviously a LOT of people liked Pia. A Fox news poll even said 80% of the people who called in disagreed with the vote results. So, how could this happen? There are many theories, none of which can be proven. It could have been due in part to people convincing others to vote for a particular person to make sure they are safe. The bottom line is our vote should be from OUR own belief – not what others are telling us to do. I don't appreciate you telling me or others who to NOT vote for. I can decide on my own. In my opinion, nobody sucks. So you don't like the guy – maybe you hate him, Then just change the channel. Maybe you could watch two and a half men instead.

    • I agree with you dont vote for jacob or paul.. Im happy stefano is still in the contest.. Pls vote for him..

    • Love, the thing is that those who like Jacob are going to vote for him. Those who like somebody else are going to vote for that person.

      Personally, I think Jacob should have been gone long ago.

    • I don't like Jacob too especially with his Mirror comment. With an arrogant attitude like that, he can't be an IDOL to me.

  23. All the contestants were victim get off on the controversy last week on issues

    on accuracy of votes and bias treatment of randy jackson..

    They sent off one of their favorites ~ Pia to whom she can only sing ballads (like Thia). The …only difference is she is Randy's fave and now as if he's mad..As if Randy was mad..hypocrite..

    This show is too biased.

    • Yeah, good for Randy. Now he is cursed. He said, America got it wrong. Sorry, but America just got a revenged on him for using the SAVE card so early in the competition. Now there is no card to save Pia, who is much a more deserving one to be saved.

  24. Oh PLEASE!!! I know you are not going to like this comment but pleeeeease get over it!!! This Pia was not the greatest thing ever to come along and she certainly wasnt the best singer on the show this year. America got it exactly right for a change. She had an annoying pitch to her scream that the judges praised so much. If Simon were on the show he would have told her so. The scream was not a singing note it was just that a horrible scream from a horror film. Listen to them back. When she screamed like that she went from her singing voice to her normal speaking voice and just screamed. It wasnt a music note at all. That said she was an O.K. singer but way over rated. You've got to entertain up there. Her performance last night was fake and forced. It was not a genuine, having fun and entertaining performance. It looked like she was putting way too much effort and thought into it. Maybe Casey and Paul are not the best singers either but their performances were geared to be entertaining and not necessarily pitch perfect. Personally I did not like Paul's rendition of Folsom Prison Blues. First of all it wasnt bluesy at all. It sounded like he was locked up and glad of it…LOL…what ever floats his boat. But to go and start poking fun at the other contestants and comparing them in a less than flattering way to fictitious characters has got to be the worst reaction to a contestant being voted off I have ever seen. Bottom line…if you are going try to be a serious artist you better have the vocal skills to back it up…Pia does not!!!! If you cant do that then at least be genuinely entertaining to watch….Casey and Paul are. Stefano needs to go!!!!

    • As someone who has sang love in front of audiences with live instrumemts, I disagree with your assessment of Pia's vocals. Care to show us what you know about singing by telling us what key she sings in?

      • I dunno what key she sings in. I just know what my ears hear. The only credentials I have are the two ears on my head. I listen to music and when I tell you that I didnt like the way someone sounds then there can be no mistake about it and nobody can tell me that I did like it. I thought it was irritating like nails on a chalkboard. Neither you or anyone else can tell me that I liked something that I know I didnt. LOL Is this an opinion site or a pissing match?

      • Tam: I am just making a point because you were making some rather negative comments in regard to her performance technically. If you are going to hold yourself out as an expert in regard to her ability to scream rather then sing high notes, I would think that would be better left to others. The judges consistently told the audience that Pia executed all of her notes in all of her performances. And i will add did so with much more challenging material (vocal wise) than most of the others attempt every week. Hally, Lauren and Steffano also pick challenging material with varying degrees of success depending on the week. That is why for me, seeing Pia go this week was not warranted as she has been the most consistent "singer." But others want to turn it into a entertainment stage show criteria which makes me wonder why they audition their voices in the local competition. Maybe AI should change the local tryouts to being a stage performance contest to be more consistent with how America seems to want to judge it. That way who looks the best running around the stage with average vocals can win deservedly.

      • wait wait wait. I never held myself out as an expert. Nobody choses what music I listen to except me. And nobody on this planet can tell me what sounds good to my ears but ME!! In that I am most definitely an expert on what I like. I did not like her scream. That is all I am saying. It was irritating and just did not sound good to my ears..LOL…I dont know about anyone elses but that is my opinion and this being an opinion site I am entitled to state that. As far as the entertainment side of it. The vote is left up to the American viewers. That is what makes it so popular. The viewers vote and it is each individual person's opinion that either gets the contestant through to the next week or not. Most contestants have a whole campaign going on back home to get the vote out. If she did not do her homework then it is nobody's fault but her own and who ever her supporters are. That said to not do that is displaying a certain level of arrogance that no contestant at this point in the competition should possess. It's almost as if she thought she was so good that there was noway that she needed to put forth the extra effort to gain voters. Neither you nor anyone else can tell each individual American what criteria to use in making a decision on who to vote for. Bottom line!!

      • And as far as the negative comments go..I didnt make any remark as negative and infantile as telling someone they look like sloth or some fictional mad magazine cover. That was just a kicking and screaming fit written out in words. It was totally disrespectful and hateful to say the least and should never have been allowed to be posted on this site in my opinion!

    • There are a lot of contestants left standing that have a whole lot more problems with screaming and pitch than Pia.

    • WTH is up with making Pia sing after she got eliminated? Not just Pia, but any of them. I think the last thing they would want to do is sing a song after getting slugged in the face.

      That's just ridiculous.

      • Every contestant since the beginning of AI has sang when they are voted off. Ten years this has gone on. The only time they didnt was last week when they got rid of two and couldnt due to time constraints. I dont know how long you have been watching but this is typical protocol for the show. It is supposed to be the contestants opportunity to show America why they were wrong in the decision that they made. But most of the time (as in last nights final performance by Pia) it just confirms that they got it right as usual.

    • John, that's kind of a ridiculous comment. 99.9% of the people who buy CDs have no idea what key a singer sings in. They buy the CD because they like what they hear. Taymaro is right. A lot of us only heard a lot of controlled screaming when Pia sang. Pia is not as phenomenal as people here are making her out to be. I understand why fans would be upset that their favorite was sent home. And sure, maybe she should have been around longer than a couple of the other contestants. But this week, next week, or the week after…really, what's the difference.

  25. America showed their face today by proving how stupid they are! Pia you were The Best!

    • The voting system is flawed. If you get teeny boppers who send in thousands of votes, it is not an accurate voting system.

    • America loves Justin Bieber and Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus – I mean Hannah Montana. C'mon. You're not REALLY surprised here are you?

  26. I'm glad Stefano survived another week. He belongs in this competition and he has one of the strongest vocals out of everyone. It makes me mad that people keep underestimating him. Stefano can sing!!!! Get use to it!

    • Agree with you.. Winner!!! Stefano really can sing.. No one in the boys sing a songs as hard as he can.. Pls vote for stefano..

    • Agree 100% plus another 50%… Stefano is really a survivor since that accident. He has been in wild card, twice in bottom 2. Oh boy, that's not easy to bear. Go Stefano, make us all proud. You're the only finalist who has a total package to be a true american idol… more power to you, good luck next week!

  27. Casey rocks. I know everyone is sad about her going home but come on! She has no stage presence and can only sing ballads. This is a competition. And the whole point of it is to get out of your comfort zone. Do something different. Try something. I am also sick of Country boy, try something new Scott. Seems like ever time the judges pick something Scotty has to pick the ONLY country song. I do like him but come on, pick it up some. I also want Jacob off. He's just gettting to annoy me.

  28. katherine what do you mean by a "sleepy" top contender with paul? didn't under stand the expression? and "the crybaby routine" by lauren. What does that mean?

    • Quote: "PAUL: so unique in every way. He’s a “sleeper” top contender." Unquote.

      Sleeper means unexpected recognition or success. He is so unique, he just might go all the way.

      Quote: "LAUREN: Has the looks, almost has the voice but the crybaby routine each week is out-of-control. Bet she goes to the bottom 3 next week." Unquote

      Check her out.. she cries each week at the back of the stage when someone is eliminated. If she put that emotion into her singing, she'd be dynamite.

      • Paul is indeed unique. He's like no other singer in the top nine. Because he can't sing.

      • So we are supposed to judge the contestant's emotions during elimination? I'm sorry; I thought this was a singing competition, or maybe now a growling competition.

      • Just my opinion, but I believe Lauren cries with each elimination because she's a 16 year old girl, away from her family and the other contestants have become a surrogate family to her. The support group is dwindling and maybe she's not that close to Haley. Thia was her closest in the group and Pia may have been like a big sister to her.

  29. I know atleast 85 percent of america will disagree with me but i think that Pia was the right pick to go home. I love the girl she can sing, but she doesnt have the stage presence to me and shes very shy and kinda vunerable. And also people really need to stop giving Stefano crap. What the hell did he do? His fans voted for him more than Pia's fans did? The reason Pia went home is because America didnt vote for her.

    I bet most of you guys didnt vote for her

    did you?

    • I find this so odd. Courtney says "I know atleast 85 % of America will disagree with me but I think that Pia was the right pick to go home". How can America be disagreeing with this when America is what made it happen. Something isn't adding up.

  30. Pia, Stefano, Scotty and Jacob are great singers but utterly uninspiring performers. There is a huge difference. People pay good money to go and watch performers or they buy DVDs of their performances. With singers they just buy their music. Casey and Paul are great performers with not particularly great voices. Therefore the winner will come from one of James, Haley and Lauren who are all excellent performers with excellent voices

    • Hailey does NOT have an excellent voice, nor is she an excellent performer, she nearly trips everytime she wears high heels, and need we go over the lipstick thing? Plus, she growls way too much, if she controlled that, she might be better.

    • James has great stagemanship but if one critically listens, doesn't have that great of range outside of the rock scream he does. That is all fine if that is what one likes. Haley showed up finally this week and sang without making me feel uncomfortable strutting around the stage and with body contorsions to get notes out of her tiny frame. All she needs to do is get the stompping effect a little more under control and sing consistently. Lauren is a natural effortless singer with great range and probably is most surprised that Pia went home. America will probably gang up on her next (undeservedly so) now that Pia is gone. Leave it to America to vote off the better singers in favor of the local band level quality singers.

      • I agree, Haley's performance was better this week, but I'm not voting off local band level quality singers as you call it, I voted for Pia as well. And excuse me, but how do you define what makes a good singer? It's something people like to hear, right? Right.

      • It's obvious John P has a sense of superiority on this subject. Possibly an elementary school band or music teacher? It appears he simply doesn't want to accept people's opinion simply because it is an opinion.

  31. I think the judges should know who what the results are before the show and be able to override what the decision of america. They are the judges and should have that right. I don't know what america meas by voting Pia off. She was the best. Lauren should have been voted off long ago. The only thing she has going for her is that twisty butt.

    • They just need to change the system – maybe make the votes count only 50% (isn't that what they do with Dancing with the stars?)

      • They dont need to change the system. Thats what everyone says when they dont like the results. An "Idol" is a person that you look up to. A person you use as a standard for your own behavior. If enough people viewed Pia as an idol she would still be here. Scotty is just getting the most votes right now. That is just the way it is. More people should have voted for Pia. Dont blame the show or the judges for the public voting results. I think that is high time that more kids got back to basics and away from the bad influence of the disrespectful and vulgar hip hop scene and I think parents want that too. I hope the teenie boppers are voting for him…i pray for it and I also think the grandparents and parents are too. Good for them!!!

  32. The "Bottom Three" – Pia, Sefano and Jacob – two Italians and one Black. As for the other six, they are the "chosen ones". That's how America votes – and it sucks. Its not the great performances from contestants like Pia that's appreciated, but it seems like its "something else" that a majority of American voters look for in the contestants! I am done with American Idol. I'l leave it for the Red Necks. Hopefully, the Organizers will change the voting system by attributing 50% of the result to the votes cast by the viewers and the other 50% to the judges choices – as in the "Dancing with the Stars". This way, the better performers will be safe. After all, the telephone voting system is not "one person, one vote" – a voter can cast several votes – and this system sucks.

    • Devoneco:

      You insinuate that Pia, Sefano and Jacob were in the bottom three because they were "two Italians and one Black." Then you say, "I'll leave it for the Red Necks."

      Please don't make the voting a race issue, because it's not.

    • Just because you look at it as racist, doesn't mean it is. If all of the "red necks" got kicked off, and the blacks and italians were left, there'd be no problem for you I'd assume. I'm not white, but I love Casey, more than I like Jacob, so, um. yeah.

  33. As result of tonights decision I can no longer watch this program. I totally agree with you get those damn 13 year old kids off the voting. This is SINGING contest NOT a popularity contest. The judges share in this embarrassment as well. The program is a sham!!

    Good-bye American Idol

  34. I would like to blame it on judges for emotionally stupid enough to used their save on Casey. He's not that worthy to be pulled back in the competition. Coz I still think that teen girls would be picking the one with the "look".

    How come all the judge praise Scotty for only singing Country but demanding other contestants to sing upbeat song.

    It shows that female voters are the key in voting who would still be in the game…..until now only the girl contestants who are voted out.

    • True, the judges are obviously so biased for Scotty. they always praise him for performing country songs. Now, the judges were cursed by Pia's elimination. I want to hear what they would answer to the question… what is more shocking and more deserving to be saved… Pia's elimination or Casey's elimination. They did not see it coming and now they are cursed. Good for them.

  35. I agree with your first paragraph Branden. I can't say I wanted her to win, although I did believe she was top 2 material, but it's absolutely ridiculous that she was eliminated at this point of the competition. She has serious singing talent, as Randy pointed out. My choice to go home would have been Paul or Haley but I could see where Stefano would have been the next possibility, as well as Jacob.

    So the Bottom three for me was a bit wrong, mostly for Pia being there. The silver lining is knowing she will most likely be successful anyways, but it's still not fair.

  36. Why oh why wasn't Jacob voted off? He's just too much drama and wrings every emotion out of every word and leaves me cold. I looked in the mirror and thought I saw him waving, Buh Bye. I am sickened to be wrong about his leaving the show tonight.

  37. let's start a campaign so they change the voting system next year:

    YOU VOTE FOR THE ONE YOU HATED THE MOST!, that could be interesting, don't you think??

    • Not much different as teeny boppers rules the votes….they should be locked up in the dark room during the voting night…lol!

      • I don't know dude, but this will happen again this season, you'll see, lauren and haley are NEXT, just because they are girls, because is not coincidence that all girls have been voted off the last weeks, damn pre-teens, seriosly they have to give more power to the judges…

    • Um, I'd like Haley to go home because I don't think she's very good…And girls? Please, there have been four girl winners and 5 guy winners in american idol, not much of a big difference.

  38. I watch this programme here in NZ and I have always thought the voting system on AI sucked. Unless they are completely stand-out talents (Kelly, Carrie, Fantasia), the girls usually get eliminated way before they get a chance to grow into stars. It's the little girl teeny-boppers sitting on their phones voting for the cute guys that skew the voting. However, as far as Pia's elimination, I have to say I agree with her not winning, but not with her having been eliminated so early in the piece. She is a technically gifted singer, just like some can be technically gifted playing an instrument. But there really was no emotion or soul in her singing. The very emotive ballads she sang left me completely untouched. Give me someone who is full of soul and heart but doesn't quite get the notes perfect any time over someone who cannot move me with their gift. Music (for me) is ALL about heart.

    • I'm going to disagree, I like Paul because he sounds like James Blunt and Ray Lamontagne, some of the artists I like, and Casey because he sounds like Marc Broussard and other music I listen to, with his own different voice as well, and I still voted for Pia, because the girl can sing! Yes, I'm a teenage girl, but I don't think any of the contestants are "cute". And even still, I wouldn't vote for them if I did. I love Gavin Degraw, and he's not attractive at all…And yes, the girls have to be pretty amazing to stay, because, do you know how easy it is to find a girl singer? Vs a guy singer? A good one? I'm sorry, I can't help it, but I love a smooth, or unique voice, and that's why I vote.

      • Paul sounds exactly like Rod Stewart – but only if you beat the heck out of Rod and castrate him first.

  39. I missed Simon.

    And at this rate next eliminations are haley and lauren then james and scotty.

    oh my god! America please look at mirror. you are beautiful but someone doesn't.

    I liked jacob but you insulted America.we aren't so ugly.

    judges dont be angry and … and accept consequence of your behavior.

    • Well, he's still in the competition! That mean American loooove to be insulted by him….lol!

  40. Pia was one of the top 3.. What's the point to watch the show any more? The producers have made

    a Huge Huge mistake on this one!! Just like Dances

    with the Stars & Bristol Palin!! The credibility was forever lost! You'll See!!

  41. Blame The ones who save Casey Really soon. The judge change Pia style and made her fall down.

    really? Casey hardly can sing and WTF with good musician! because he can stand with a standing bass and merely play it (did you mention? It seems he is an amateur).

    Blame you Judges you made new Celine out.

    • Agree… totally agree. It's all the judges fault. They don't have a SAVE card now to use to someone who deserves it better.

  42. OMG! Why are Jacob, Paul and Stephano still in the competition? Can the judges not really hear how they sound? Jacob is far too obnoxious thinking he is better than he is, Paul simply sounds worse than the drunks trying to sing karaoke and Stephano just can't seem to stay in tune. I'm no singing star by any means but as a listener I definitely wouldn't buy anything they produced.

  43. The result was crazy. Pia was one of the best, quality of voice and singing performance. This is a Singing Competition, not America's Next Dance Crew. So if girls are voting for boys and none for girls, then this should be The Next Kid On The Block contest.

    • But if American teen girls are the biggest demographic, and can make Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers big successful mega-stars then why not get Pia off the show and get Casey to take his shirt off? Let's just get honest here. Maybe this is not about the best singer, but what American teen girls want.

  44. You know what went wrong here? it's because of the Show's producers and judges favoritism!

    Thia Megia under-performed and was eliminated because these people in AI and the judges did not allow her to get her confidence, and limited her with the song selections.

    Now, it's a favorite who was eliminated because Pia did not push enough to perform a notch higher knowing that she's a favorite and will surely be safe. And the voters thought the same!

    The judges should not point fingers on the voters, but put the blame on themselves!

  45. i think they better start conceptualizing "AMERICAN TEEN IDOL" so these teenagers will have their own outlets to pour their admirations, crushes and adorations.

    • or maybe they can rate this show as Rated PG, so parents can guide their teen kids while watching the show =D

    • very good idea my friend, or maybe fox should pay mtv to put on air at the same time teenmom or something like that, a bieber concert at the same time in another channel, to keep them isolated…

    • I don't know why everyone is putting down "teenyboppers" opinions as meaningless. They watch Idol, and buy albums and songs. Why are their favorites any less than us older viewers? All of the contestants are really good this year. I am loving the show.

  46. I was shocked that Pia was eliminated, especially since she was in the bottom 3 with Stefano, who should've gone home long before. His rendition of "Tiny Dancer" was absolutely awful, he puts no feeling into his singing, and he's boring. However, Pia was not meant for the stage, even though she is beautiful, and I agree with the many people who said that they would not pay money to watch her perform.

    I LOVE watching Haley and Casey, they are both wonderful entertainers and have very unique voices. Don't kill me, but I am really hoping Casey will win.

    Lauren is very sweet, but too much like Kelly Clarkson, etcetcetc, and I think people are getting bored of her.

    Scottie <3… i doubt he will win, but will DEFINITELY get signed because he is an amazing country singer and his voice is mmmmmmmm and i can't wait for him to come out with an album

    Paul.. also will not win, but his voice is very unique and I love listening to him sing (kinda reminds me of James Blunt)

    Jacob.. amazing vocal ability but ughh so annoying.. really hoping he does not win.

    James.. starting to like him more since his subdued performance, but meh…I will not be excited if he wins.. He'll be fine even if he gets kicked off, though, as many people would love to see him perform.

    To sum up.. American Idol is NOT just about vocal ability.. it is about being able to connect with the audience, and make people WANT to listen to you and be excited to watch you perform and hear you sing. The only people who really do that for me are Casey, Haley and Scottie, even though they may not have the strongest voices out of the group. But Stefano should've left tonight.

    • You could be wrong! teeny boppers rules the votes these days & caused Pia's elimination. SO I guess it's a big chance Scotty will reach final as he got most teeny girls votes (for being "cute" instead of talented wise!)

      • I agree with you, and that is what's wrong with the voting system.. AMERICA isn't voting.. I mean, even I"M not voting, and I'm on this forum talking about it…

        I wish voters were better able to respect true musical ability. Casey has it. Haley has it (although she's a little touch-and-go). James has it. Scotty has it, albeit, it's a little one-sided. I would love if one of them won.

    • scotty will win because he has the teeny boppers AND the red necks, so, thats a lot!…

      • true that.

        I have 20$ on Casey, but just because I realllyy want him to win.

        He won't though, so screw you America.

      • Sadly, this is the most accurate comment I've seen on this entire site in weeks. Sad, but true.

      • I'm a teenager, I voted for Casey, because he is awesome, and his talent (his amazing voice, and what he knows how to do with it) is unapreciated, like Pia's. I was highly upset when Casey was even subject to the bottom three. I haven't voted for Scotty, but he's still talented. He sounds like a legitimate grown country singer.

    • It's funny how so many people are now blaming the American Public for voting 'wrong' when a favorite of the Judges eyes gets the Axe. Listen people, this is no longer the judges call. This is Americas call. I called this last week. If you want to blame Teeny Boppers, then it's THEM that were trying to keep PIA, LAUREN AND SCOTTY, in there so long! Listen, it breaks down like this in the Real world. This season, is like no other. We are not looking for a great voice anymore because they are all great, and we know (because we learned form past seasons) that most if not ALL that were invovled in the top 11 are going to get a Recording contract and have the chance to make tons of money. Now, all America is asking is that they EARN that! Pia lied to the American public over and over and over again week after week promising something she herself knew she COULD NOT deliver. She was just a 'stationary' singer and every time she performed she was BORING! When she did try to do something 'outside the box' it was still some how MORE OF THE SAME. So America judging it correctly said if she's not showing any groth, but promising 'she'll do it next week' and weeks come and past, then we already know who she is.. so send her home. In this compition, she just became BORING. Now, why are those out there upset that she got voted out because she was 'hot'.. come on man! lets get real! The ''hot'' vote was what was probably keeping her in there. They all sound good, but they have to start earning their spot and start treating this compition as their 'show'.. if you seen pia singing in concert just standing there song after song after song.. would you really go back to see her again? I think after 5 songs.. it would get pretty BORING.. and that's exactly what happened. Now Jacob.. To me, he called out America, so America Called him out.. and sent him a message as well… It was stupid for Jacob to stay if he makes it to the bottom it's not because he sang bad.. but it's America's fault for not wanting to look in the miorror.. that's like calling your boss stupid.. so give me a raise.. haha.. come on Jacob! That doesn't make any sense. Now as far as Stephano, what exactly was his problem yesterday? If you guys are to say anyhthing about anyone, shoulnd't paul be on your guys minds? you can hardly understand a word paul says.. not saying any of them are bad.. i'm just saying in this compition if you play it safe, you are NOT safe.. So basically because i called this exactly how it went down, it's summed up like this.. This years American Idol season, since they are all great, America is willing to reward those who are straight with them and who give an effort to ''perform''.. anything else, will just be considered boring. With the caliber of voices they have, there should be no reason why any one of them is just squatting like they are sitting on the toiler through a week after week!!! sorry Pia. That's just the way it is.

      • TOTALLY AGREE. No doubt Pia can sing, but nowadays the music market is full of singers like her, you can't even recognise them from the voice. she kept singing the same style every week. Her singing ability is not that good when she tries to hit the high notes I get really annoyed she screams and it looks difficult for her to hit the high notes. I never saw her as a winner. that's my opinion.

      • Her singing ability is not that good when she tries to hit the high notes? What are you? what a joke from someone who pretends she's an expert!! lol

      • while i agree in what you said..Stephano should have gone… Pia was way better than him in every aspect..

        I hope casey gets to the top three or two and then gets voted off… Awesome music shall follow..

      • Your opinion lost all credibility by maintaining these are all great singers. Maybe in three more weeks you can say that earnestly. πŸ™‚

      • haha true true.. i'm so sick and tired of people berating on teeny boppers, jealous girls, other contenstants, or whatever, when a very democratic way is provided for them to vote for their FAVORITE. if pia's supporters need any scapegoat, they should blame themselves for not voting hard enough, not taking for grated that pia will be safe while week after week delivering the same performance.

      • @Real American Vote: I agree with you completely. Pia's performances were so boring, even though the vocal was crazy good. She's just not a good performer, she's just a good singer.

  47. If Simon was still there, haley, stefano, casey and paul are back already in their own state making music of their own and planting veggies in the backyard.

    • I am sorry but I feel like Pia should have gone home last week. How many Las Vegas style ballads can we take. Her upbeat song this week just sounded like the same old stuff just LOUDER!!!

    • Thank god that he's not here anymore then….Simon was pathetic..Just because he's mean, you cant call that constructive criticism.. He got into the music business because his father worked in EMI music.. He doesn't know how to sing..and he ain't a good music producer either..From what perspective was he judging teh contestants..i dont know.. Yes his upfront attitude was refreshing but he really wasn't that great..

      • "Simon was pathetic". Simon was dead on with his critiques 99% of the time. 99% of the time now, the judges are either way off base or trying to force performers into their own image because the public has made them all feel like expert producers and the last word on talent and popular culture.

      • I completely agree! If someone told me "that was horrendous" vs. "I think you need to work on your pitch, and could you pick a better song next week?" I'd know which one would help! Simon wasn't that great of a judge, he was just a tad more honest than Paula, who loved everyone. I feel like the judges are more balanced this season.

      • The truth hurts sometimes to those who can not take constructive criticism. What is mean is telling someone that they are great when in fact they are not. We have seen the results of this approach this year by these judges. We still are listening to several second rate local to regional band members at best. Heck Paul McDonald was that before Idol and probably will be that again after.

      • John, when the judges TELL THE CONTESTANTS WHAT TO WORK ON, THAT IS CALLED CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM, SWEETHEART. The judges have been doing that, and you only keep calling Paul a local band singer, because I suggested that he sounded like James Blunt and Ray Lamontagne, who aren't even in these "local bands". Its a style of music, and if you don't like it, say that. But don't insult someone's talent.

      • kayla. That is exactly my point. They didn't tell several of these contestents the truth other than "you were a little pitchy." When the truth was they were flat, off-key and sometimes just horrible. Heck they let Thia off the hook by not getting on her for forgetting the words and being saved by the back up singers. As far as Paul and his local band critique, thanks for making my point, That style isn't main stream to the point of being an American Idol (at least what it should mean) and the size of the market which I take includes you will only meet the demand by local to regional bands. That's great if you like it but it isn't going to sell significant numbers. Technically, he is atrusish. He should keep to material like the Cash song which allows him to stay in his range. When he has to get out of his range, he adlibs around every sharp note. This is what the judges should be saying to the contestents so America can judge more objectively for who should win a singing competition.

      • No, John, my point is that people assume to be a good singer you have to hit high ranges and sing loudly, and have a smooth voice. Just because Paul's soft, raspy, voice doesn't exactly fit that, doesn't mean he can't sing. You're assuming people have to be able to sing like Pia to be good, and that't not true. So, I made my point, not yours. Also, they did tell them when they were really bad! Just not in a harsh way.

      • @kayla that is so right. there are may ways of singing, and some are becoming legendary because of that. singing perfectly may have made you a good singer, but not an artist or performer. look at billie holiday, she may not have the best voice but sing with incredible SOUL.

    • I really don't think Simon would like Casey too much either dude. But then again, probably half of everyone wouldn't be there. If Simon were there, this wouldn't be one of the most watched seasons of all time.

      • Easy easy…chill..I'm sorry..I didn't know you feel so personally for Simon..:D. And what i said was completely true…There were times that simon was right but there were far more times when he wasn't… And i do agree that Steven and the JLO are piling on unnecessary compliments but you know what..Aerosmith (Steven) has sold over 150 million albums..150 million..Not a million or 6 million…150 freakin million albums.. So he is more credible for giving advice than Simon..My point is that the Steven not giving good criticism is way better than Simon's criticism.. Simon is a reality tv star…Thats all he is.. And i do believe that Simon would have liked Casey..he would have ripped casey on the looks department and for the nirvana and grapevine song..But apart from that he would loved casey..I am not saying that SImon is a bad's a very good human being in real life..but come on..If you give criticism, it should come from personal experience.. I know that you will reply rebutting everything is said and so i am just saying in advance that i am still sticking to my opinion..And now..after wasting the last 5 minutes talking about Simon (my fault i admit)..I wish you a great day ahead… and also to tenisaddict…Haha..i love me some cardboard. better than rotting wood..:D Cheerio and all that

      • aarggh i'm sorry..i guess i replied to the worng person. did i? i dont know..My reply was meant for those above you..Sorry…

  48. I feel HORRIBLE for Stefano. I mean could they make him feel worse about himself? i dont think so.

    Plus its not like Stefano's the reason Pia went home. Its because people voted for Stefano, and not Pia

    • I know what was yp with treating Stefono like he was nothing. At least he keeps fighting back. Go Boy!!!!

    • Yes, you guys are right on! It's also not wise for any of the Judges to sit there and play the blame game on America for voting. The problem isn't that no one voted, the problem is just that we didn't vote for their favorite. Just because Stephano isn't a favorite, doesn't mean you gotta make him feel bad. America Voted, both Jacob and Pia went from 100 to 0 in one night. The judges have to look at that and stop trying to blame America for voting.

      • I guess the grown up are too busy earning their living instead of voting. Who would spend the whole night voting but the teeny boppers?? They obviously don't need to get up early to work!! LOL

  49. I'm not American…..but i love to watch American Idol..

    first THIA..and now PIA is eliminated..

    I think americans are getting dumber in choosing a REAL SINGING STAR….


    it happened before when Adam Lambert and Chris Daughtry were eliminated….



  50. Ok…While i believe that Pia did not deserve to go, i really was getting bored everytime she sang…She can sing really well and all that..But what the judges said was absolutely true…Ballads are fine and she showed that she can do them well..But what about other types of songs..And dont give me the bullshit about how Scotty survived..Scotty is sticking to a genre not a particular type of song..Artists do not have to move out out their genre but they do have to explore the space within..And come on..Judges shouldn't have used the save on Casey…What are you guys smoking? Casey had one terrible performance of Nirvana…Thats it..Yes they were were not all great but they were good enough..The last two especially were great.. If Pia had listened to the judges and just move a little bit more in her genre, she wouldn't have had to go.. If Pia puts out a record tomorrow, what kind of songs will she be signing? I dont know…All ballads? Certainly not..Then what what would it be about? I thought that stephano should have gone..but..Here's wishing her all the luck in the world for her future endevours… In the article above, you have stated that none of the guys really look good…"Casey Abrams looks like a dirty frat boy. James Durbin kind of resembles Sloth from “The Goonies.” Scotty McCreery looks like the Mad Magazine guy. Jacob Lusk will probably never believe in “getting it on.” Sure Paul McDonald and Stefano Langone are commercially good looking, but they’ve both been in the bottom a couple times so that doesn’t add up." You know what..maybe the people are voting according to their performances… Peace…

    • tsk people should really stop being mean and call people names because their favorite is voted off. really people, saying haley or paul or casey cannot sing just because they have different style of singing?

      like you, i was really surprised (bur secretly glad) that pia voted off. people has been comparing her to mariah, celine, whitney.. well my 2 cents: when was the last time they have number 1 hit? people just need more that good voice these days. i wholly agree that she has a great voice, pretty face, a perfectly stunning girl… but that's about it. no personality and versatility whatsoever.

      times are changing, and probably she's not what america wants right now as an IDOL.

  51. I wonder where will those Pia's votes goes in the future? interesting & perhaps more suprise results will come…let's see! lol!

    • Thats a very good point. I've wondering the same thing. My guess is the knock out order will be very influential.

      So Pia's votes should go to Haley except she might have got caught wishing for that to soon. They could go to Lauren also, maybe Scotty.

      Next week Stefano or Jacob go and those votes go to Haley.

      Haley, Casey,Paul and James are sharing the same voters I think so when of them gets knocked out the others will get stronger.

      • Thia's & Naima's votes went to Haley and Lauren. That's part of the reason Pia is out.

      • Haley was happy because she then knew raw talent was not a factor in the competition and that if Pia was gone, any of the seven standing next to her could go too – aka she still had a chance. She was smiling out of RELIEF because she knew Pia was a real threat, and because if Pia could get voted off, that meant anyone of the remaining 8 could win.

  52. Come on, this is the same nation that elected Bush twice and Obama once… it has been obvious for over a decade that Americans have no idea WTF they are doing when it comes to voting for anything, why should AI be any different.

    • Maybe if people would actually vote, it might make a difference. D O N O T blame the voters, blame the people that did not vote..

      How many people watch the show and how many vote? Come get real and I do not like the fact you mixed in your bias in past presidential elections..

      • Well, Pia's supporters obvious are grown up & thus too busy earning their living & won't stay up all night voting like those crazy teeny boppers! They most likely only vote once or twice each week…that's how I see it!

    • As oppose of other nations.. who can't vote with out loosing their heads? haha!

    • Actually from what i have heard Bush was elected twice because people didn't take the time to go out and vote for the more sensible candidate…All the crazies and there are many of them in America voted for Bushie… But you forgot Sarah Palin…You guys do have many people to be ashamed of haven't you, Bill o Reily, Fox news, left loonies, westboro…blah blah… How do you still exist? πŸ˜€

  53. Now the show is boring. Don't watch it as a protest. Ratings should go down for that show.

  54. i think they better start conceptualizing “AMERICAN TEEN IDOL” so these teenagers will have their own outlet to pour their admirations, crushes and adorations.

  55. Pia was not my Idol this year but I'm a little sad to see her go. Did the judges use their save too soon, maybe? Nobody to blame but Pia's fans who didn't vote. But, she'll be fine, Jennifer Hudson was voted off, 7th was it? and she did very well for herself. Worked hard for her success but definitely turned out better than some previous Idol winners that's for sure.

    What I found distasteful was the judges extreme reaction. That was uncalled for and unprofessional. How the heck is their extreme denial supposed to make the remaining contestants feel? Poor Stephano, who's not my Idol either, to be made to feel bad for still standing. 2 thumbs down to the judges for their over the top reaction to Pia being voted off.

    • The judges own Stefano an apology and when someone is eliminated, they should refrain from commenting or shaking their heads.

    • I guess it's obvious. Niether Stefano,Paul or Jacob…, have deserved to be around for a couple weeks now. However…., we have to listen to them for yet another week.

      You might want to get a grip.

    • I totally agree with your comments, it's maybe sad Pia left, but that's not to say Stefano doesn't deserve his place, and whilst the judges were shocked they shouldn't have reacted the way they did.

      • Absolutely true, the Judges so unprofessional for displaying such emotions indirectly towards Stefano when Pia got eliminated. Stefano deserved the votes from his fans and please stop putting him in a bad spotlight.

        Judges, please be mindful with your actions in the future if you want the viewers to respect you all and live up your career. I hope the AI Management will issue stern warning letter to Steven Tyler cos he is becoming too vulgar lately. Remember this is a family show and not some kind of low-moral reality program. JLO please display more motherly aspects from you to all the contestants and be fair to all.

      • Oh please. If the judges are expressing an opinion let them. I've had enough of Steven being censored.

    • very well said. that was really an awkward moment for stephano. i just hope that whatever trash that came out from the judges mouth tonight, it won't affect stefano's performance next week. i don't particularly like him because my fave has already been voted off already. but i agree, he was treated harshly by the judges' reactions

    • Good job for you guys for watching what's happening, and not just following the masses. You guys get it! it was unprofessional what they did.

    • i totally agree with you MaryMary, i feel so bad for Stefano. the reactions from the judges when Pia was voted off is indirectly brutal for Stefano. In fairness to Stefano, he expected Ryan would call his name, & he was shocked and said "What?" when he heard Pia's name instead. But then, we can't really blame judges reactions because Pia is their favorite. Now, i want to ask the judges.. what is more shocking the elimination of Casey or elimination of Pia… too bad they could not save Pia. they used the only Save of the season at the wrong time. i think american voters get revenged last night when the judges overturned american votes two weeks ago when casey was SAVED by the judges.

    • Bah, I don't think Stefano was at all insulted, he was to busy popping massive wood over the fact that he actually gets to stay around another week.

      You can only be "next in line at the guillotine" for so many weeks before you have to stick your head in, he's just thrilled for the stay of execution.

  56. American "Bullsh@#"

    Maybe thats the response producers are looking for. I hope it has a negative effect.

    The result…, just says that all the people of America are idiots.

    Bad voting system??? I'm not buying it. Like anything in America…., it is all political…..,and money orientated. Lets hope this one finally bites a tainted show in the ass.

    • So "All America" weren't Idiots when she was safe all those weeks? haha!

    • why blame american people? you know kiddo, americans vote for who they like, it's not who you like. so get over it ok. move on… i have moved on when my favorite Thia was eliminated… so it's the same story for you…

  57. Shame on American Idol voters! Pia should of been in the top 2. She will be a top music and concerts seller in the future.Pia is top tallent, her future in music is going to explode.This is a sad day i will miss her flawless talent.They should think about saving the one save for the last 10 contestants and give the judges 51% vote with the fans.waiting for pias album to come out peace out till next your.

    • the good thing about her being gone, is that now maybe Niama could teach her how to dance.. shake a leg.. move a hip.. blink? haha! cause if you think American Idol votes are harsh, try MONEY voters.. last i seen, the only stationary peeps that can get away with it.. is Celine Dion and…..hmm.. haha

      • Niama was a vocal hack AND a dance hack. Elaine from Seinfeld could dance better than Naima. She was freaky and really only appealed to highly stoned 40 year old Rastafarians.

  58. I am not at all surprised. Pia was boring to watch. Yeah, she has a great voice, but this is television, not radio. Out of our circle of friends who watch AI, many felt that she was boring to watch. I'm sure she will get a recording contract anyway so what is the big deal????

    • yay Nancy.. you are a Honest voter! Congrats. It's not that she was bad, it's just that she promised something week after week, after week, and America got tired of waiting.

    • Nancy… i read so many blogs, reactions, comments about Pia. Most said, she has a good voice, but boring and fake. I am suprised these commentators/bloggers have spoken. I myself see Pia as a choreographed singer, there was no orginal in her way of singing. I see her as reaching the top 5 but not top 3. she will be eliminated soon but not too soon… so am a little shocked.

  59. Unfortunately on all these 'talent' type shows contestants get crushed. I read some of the comments, but not all. Personally I agree with lots that I read, ie; Pia can certainly sing, but for me she had no charisma, and sometimes came across a little smug. I also think that Stefano deserves his place amongst the rest, and for everyone to boo like that is shocking, it's not his fault she was eliminated.

  60. For the life of me, I can not see even a shred of quality in Paul's voice. He's a nice enough fellow, certainly a likable smile. But this is (or at least I thought it was) a singing/performance contest. Unfortunately, his voice has an annoying "squeeky" tone with a pretty narrow range and absolutely no power. And his movement on stage is, well, shall we say, "strange". Being "cute" is not what I would even remotely call a sufficient criterion for musical success, unless, of course you're a preteen female.

    Regarding the others, Scotty and Lauren have careers in Country music just waiting for them. James Durbin is a natural rocker, but one with a true quality voice…he's the whole package. Haley's voice has, I think a narrower appeal, but she should do well professionally…maybe on stage. The rest I do not think will go far…they will not sell many CDs.

    As for Pia, she has the greatest power, vocal range, and voice quality. The stage presence, will, in time, come…that can be trained. She will do just fine as a recording artist with the kind of voice she has. Obviously, you don't have to have "American Idol winner" on your resume to succeed..Just look at past seasons for that truth.

    • Listen to Ray Lamontagne, and James Blunt. You will then appreciate Paul's unique tone.

      • Why would we have to listen to someone else to appreciate Paul? That's like saying you don't appreciate your car enough because you've never driven a Mercedes. I don't get it.

  61. Really, who did the judges expect to be eliminated instead of Pia??? JLo wouldn't even let Randy give the mildest degree of constructive feedback to Stefano. This year, all 3 judges are giving nothing but positive feedback across the board.

    Yes the contestants are stronger this year but, man, could they ever use a more discriminating voice on that judges panel.

    Also, the judges and the talking heads need to quit accusing "America" of getting it wrong. Who wins a ballgame? The team with the most points. Who gets eliminated from AI? The one with the least points.

    I also have to say that it's utterly stupid to claim there's foul play in this. It's a pretty safe assumption that a lot of Pia's fans, including some here, thought she was a lock for this week and failed to vote. There's no big mystery here.

    As for people boycotting the shoe, give me a break. It wasn't THE SHOW that failed to cast the votes for Pia. It was her fans. If anything, THE SHOW did everything to promote Pia…Like:

    – Giving her the only standing ovation in the top 24 week. This was the first time the contestants were live on stage and that got Pia off to a great start.

    – Steven saying she was the "brightest star in the AI universe"

    – And they cut her slack when she insisted on doing yet another ballad on Elton John week.

    Ultimately, AI gave Pia the huge break she needed to have a career in music. She, and her fans, should thank THE SHOW for that. Everyone who is mad tonight should get off the "boycotting and conspiracy crazy train" and just make it a point to buy her CC when it hits the stores.

    Now, can we all just grow up please?

    • Simon…, I'm guessing your missing the point.

      I don't care if there is 50 million votes, or 50……, fact is the votes are tainted.., or wrong .., or whatever description you want to use.

      • No, I think YOU are missing the point.

        You say the "votes are tainted."

        Really??? That is a FACT? See, I think it's more like an opinion…yours, to be specific. If you can't distinguish between a fact and an opinion then you probably also failed to vote for Pia this week thinking she was a sure thing at this stage of the game.

        You're letting your emotions cloud your thinking.

      • yes, provide some fact to back up your statement, else it's merely an opinion. stop looking for scapegoat.

  62. We were enjoying this year's AI until last night. Pia should be back on the show by popular demand. She should have been at least in the final five or final two. What is wrong with The voters. There should be a way to prevent this. I would have loved to see the actual vote count. My wife and I thought this was the best season for AI but now the luster has come off the show and it's system. There should be a way for the judges to save anyone they want and have them on one more week as often as they want. That can only help the show and it's popularity. I can't wait for Pia's first.CD!

    • i thought the POPULAR DEMAND is the VOTE, which you have EVERY WEEK. the show/judge only have one ammunition, the SAVE which was used for the very deserving casey. i'm glad they use it early so contestant wouldn't be lazy and depending on that, so they'll bring their very best in every performance.stop looking for something to blame…

  63. so i agree, the stage presence can be trained.

    To sum up the events, they are all trying hard to do their best as if they are not comfortable their doings except JAMES DURBIN is really SUPER COOL and SUPER NATURAL…that's really the "AMERICAN IDOL" keep it up boy!!

  64. I guess she should have done another ballad. Shows how much you actually know Branden. Tell her to do uptempo and then she gets voted off. What an ass!

  65. Come on guys we heard the judges said everyone was good and anybody can be eliminated fron the Top 9. So what's all this hoo-haa and protest when Pia got eliminated. Please have do respect to the remainding contestants cos they are all great especially James and Stefano who I predict will be in the Top 2 cos they are the most potential and of a record-selling material.

    Pia is a good singer but she's not a good performer, very stiff and boring on stage. thought the judges have already commented that couple of times.

    From now on Stefano will have both my sympathy and talent votes for him to stay on this competition. He is a true star in the making, great performer, unique vocal and lastly he gave his all when go on stage.

    Lastly, this is all about voting so let the hands do the talking and the votings count…NOT the mouth. I wish the judges can be more professional when making comments about the votes cos we the viewers have every right to cast our votes and the majority will choose the Final 2 Idols to compete. Seriously, i think past viewers already made grave mistakes by choosing Idol like Fanstasia, Ruben, Lee, David Cook and perhaps Chris who cant perform on stage and cant compete in the market…..So far only Kelly Clarkson, Daughtry and Adam Lambert have made a splash on the entertaiment world.

    So Amen to the result tonite and let's give blessing to all the remainding contestants. STEFANO I TRULY RESPECT AND LOVING YOU FOR STILL STANDING THERE. AND DONT EVER GIVE UP.

    • I agree that Stefano is excellent. I would not have put him in the bottom 3. In fact, He's in my top 3 or 4. However, when it was between him and Pia I really wanted Pia to stay.

      Why the heck couldn't it have been Gaycob going home?

      • Strongly agree it should have be that GAYCOB……and I want him out by next week, really do hate GAYCOB singing and now I am so Bleeding Love for Stefano and God loves him and he will stay true to himself.

      • Other than stereotype, upon what do you base your assertion that Jacob is gay?

        Also, do you feel this is a reason people shouldn't vote for him.

        I'm just wondering, because I haven't seen any comments from him like we saw from Adam Lambert a couple of years ago. Please let us in on your secret information source, ahem.

      • I think what they are refering to is his effeminant nature, which rubs many folks the wrong way. Me personally I couldn't care less about that, My issues with Jacob are his bizarre facial contortions while signing and the complete lack of control he has over his rediculously powerful voice. Jacob is like a jet engine with 2 settings, off and balls out. Either he unleashes his voice full fury and loses control, or he maintains control and suddenly any shred of power up and dissapears and his background singers suddenly start overwhelming him. He has the potential to be somethign special, but untill he learns to subdue and control his performance while still using his vocal power, he will be like nails on an out of key chalkboard.

        Stefano has the opposite problem, amazing control, but no power. He nails every note, but without the natural power behind his voice he can't connect to his audience without straining, you can see the strain in his face every performance to try and produce, but he lacks the vocal muscle to really belt it out.

      • To Kdub

        "Jacob is like a jet engine with 2 settings, off and balls out."

        Can i worship you? πŸ˜€

    • I like Stefano since day 1. He has the total package of a true artist. very lively, with stage presence, dance move quality, movie star good looks and a good voice. He was in bottom 3 twice now and he is gaining votes each week everytime a finalist is sent home. he gets all the votes from fans of eliminated finalist. So, stay there Stefano, you deserve it.


  66. Oh and I never really noticed how nice and "proportionate" Pia actually was until this evening. Very Nice!

  67. I am writing this from Hong Kong where we religiously watch the Idol Show each week – or perhaps I should say we were watching it until this week. Everyone I know thought that Pia was going to win the competition. Every time she performed the opinion was that she "was just better than everyone else" – a singer of real class. This is not to criticise the other contestants because, up to now, the consensus has been that it has been the best "Idol" ever. The judges have been so much more sympathetic since my British compatriot left the show and the contestants have therefor performed with more confidence and freedom. Also, the expert help they have received in preparing for their songs has been enormously beneficial. The problem does in deed seem to be, as many of your correspondents have pointed out, the voting system. It would be impossible to organise one where everybody would be in agreement, but there must be something better when easily the most talented performer is eliminated at this stage. Having thoroughly enjoyed the program up to now, it must appear strange to write that I will not watch it anymore this season, but that is the case. There has been a terrible injustice!

  68. It amounts to this…it's a contest…once there were 12 or 13 it became a popularity contest more than a talent contest. I look at it as who would I like to sit through a concert listening to them sing. But young folks wouldn't have the maturity to think in those terms which may account for the voting trends. Pia's a lovely young woman with a voice that is a gift and compared to some that are left, a much larger gift. She'll be fine with her singing, she's had her exposure and she can now move forward. American Idol will not be the end all be all of her existence or anyone else's either.

    The entire exercise is for what? that's right…money and ratings…and ratings equal what? that's right more money.

    For the most part it's entertaining and that's why we watch and increase their ratings/money. Simple.





    • So, American idol is racist.. (Spell it right) and they let italians, hispanics, blacks, and even indians (sorry, that last one may be incorrect, but forgot what Anoop was) on the show. Rigghhhht (heavy sarcasm.)

      • I think the most common form of racism is against the whites because everybody whines and gets special rights for being a minority. It's all b.s.

      • I think the most common form of ignorance is looking at a bleacher with 7 caucasians and one black and trying to say THAT is racist against whites???

      • Dear idolfan12

        rac·ism   /ˈreΙͺsΙͺzΙ™m/ Show Spelled

        [rey-siz-uhm] Show IPA


        1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

        2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

        3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

        Use racist in a Sentence

        See images of racist

        Search racist on the Web




    • I agree that Pia And Thia should stay longer than Stefano. I mean Stefano is cute, but his not as good as these girls.

    • Wow…Now that youw rote it in capital must be true…:D


    • I thought white was the minority? Any way, race doesn't matter. You can't say race matters when there are tons of black athletes and black singers who are currently getting tons of money. It's just who's effort is the best? America was never a country that would look down on people for at least trying to show effort. That British's Simon's gig. All America is asking in this show is that you give Effort in earning your spot to win against the best of your pures. The judges already said it, the American People want to see performances because at this point we already know they will land contracts.. so act accordingly and try to make your performance count! Connect with us damn it! if you at least try, it's all good.

    • Administrator ~ All Caps. And are we going to talk about racism until the show is over this year? Frankly it is getting quite boring. I have watched since the beginning and have not seen, or heard anything that sounded like racism. Everyone have a good week end. Don't be upset. Every thing will work out. Sherry K. πŸ™‚

  70. This was really a shocker.

    first, Casey was almost eliminated.

    second, Thia was eliminated.

    and now, Pia was eliminated. I'm not a fan of Pia, but I think she deserves to be in the top 3. She really can sing. Elimination night is hard to understand. So WEIRD.

  71. You know american idol is a joke when a crappy singer like fantasia can win the show and a very capapable beautiful hotty like Pia places 9th. America is effed up!

    • Obviously, with all your comments, you are racebaiting. Find somewhere else to peddle your trash.

    • capable beautiful hotty for doing what? Squatting like she's taking a Pia every time she sings? the look never has anything to do with who wins. We ain't that damn desperate. And trust me, if it came down to Pia and Fantasia.. Fantasia would win AI twice. haha!

  72. First we vote Obama into office, then we vote Pia off idol? What will America mess up on next?

  73. Ok everyone, check this out: Evidently, Pia was loved by many, however, I've seen just as many "Pia's boring" "Pia's not a performer" and "Pia's overrated", so, obviously, she may have just not had all of the fans. The voting thing is not a "race thing" Its not a "gender thing", get over it, your favorite got voted off, ok. That doesn't mean teenagers are ruling the voting world, or that the system is corrupt.

  74. America got it wrong! If Pia was part of our South African Idol line up.. rest assured she would be in at least the Top 3. She is terrific and will go a long way. Granted she is not a performer per se.. probably because she does not have the experience … yet.. but with "practise" and nurtering… had she stayed in the competition… it would have been a case of "Watch this space".

    However, it was not meant to be I suppose .. not the end of Pia I hope, I personally will go out and buy her CD. Bring it on Pia!

    So James, step up your game.. because you and Casey (and Pia) were always my top 3 favourites. Im wondering why Jacob, Paul and Stefano are still around. Im not a country fan.. at all… but I do have to say that for a 17 year old Scotty has a real special voice….

    • yes what you are saying is true; but the Ultimate question is that we don't know if she would "sound the same" if she did have to stop from being stationary. Singing LIVE and performing in the studio are two very different things. Every time we seen her, she was more singing for the recording booth, and not for the connection of the crowed. I say that, is because she refused to really move any the judges did warn her and the judges have been there done that and are continuing to do that. If Jennifer Lopez just stood there singing, would she be Jennifer Lopez? I'm not saying that America is asking for them to do flips and tricks.. I'm just saying that there ARE ways of performing no matter what type of song you are singing.. if Celine Dion is what Pia likes and wanted to be like, do some research on Celine Dion.. If Celine Dion promised that she would do something different every week, after week after week and never delivered.. we would get tired of waiting eventually.. when she didn't deliver.. the same happened here.

  75. America is full of idiots. Just like anybody who thinks Casey Abrams is good enough to be in the top 3. The judges made a crucial error when they used the save this season. The save is meant for a time like today when you have somebody who actually has a shot at winning the show get voted off. The save should have been used this week. This may be the fall of American Idol for good. X factor will soon take its place.

    • Excuse me, but Casey is just as talented as Pia, just in different ways. He may not sound like Celine Dion, but he still has a great voice. The judges save was meant for what it did when it saved Casey: keep someone who deserved to be there. And, I'm no idiot, thank you. Evidently enough people think Casey is good enough, so, um.. he obviously has a shot at winning, thank you…

      • Lies, the save should only be used for someone who can win. Nobody is going to buy Casey Abrams record. He doesn't even fit a modern genre of music. Your just a racist against Italian women.

      • Please explain to me how I'm racist towards italian women? I said nothing negative about Pia, I liked her and voted for her, but you just were crossing lines with Casey, I didn't imply you were "racist against white men". How does that make sense? And that you, A.A.

      • Wow! We can play the race card in music contests too? I thought that was only used by Democrats in politics πŸ™‚

      • Well, people will cry racist harder next week…when Jacob is being vote off….lol!

      • kayla…take it easy…Idolfan12 doesn't live in the world we live in..he is in lala land..and every things upside down in lala land..

      • the save should not be used for someone who can 'win'. That's kind of a strange statment, cause if the person can win, then they probably more then likely wouldn't get voted off to begin with. I can't see any of the people that won American Idol, be voted off and come back to win it. The save is to give someone a second chance to come back and 'trrrrryyy' to win it.

      • I can't even tell if idolfan12 is a man or woman, because they say earlier that Pia is "proportionate" and good looking, then say that someone is sexist for calling Haley a slut. They call people racist, sexist, dumb, etc… and don't know what they're talking about.

      • I used to think Casey was pretty amazing, but since week 2 of the competition, he has done absolutely nothing to warrent holding our attention. (Aside from butchering a few great songs… his performance of CCR and his performance of Smells Like Teen Spirit had my entire household stunned and asking "WTF was that garbage?" (we have a similar reaction to Paul nearly every week, but thats a different story.)

        Basically it is my opinion and the opinion of pretty much everybody that I know that watches idol that the Casey save was a waste, and you could tell on the judges faces last night that they knew they screwed up by using it prematurely as well. Well, there are only so many women we can toss into the firing line before Paul, Casey, and Jacob finally (and thankfully) get removed from Idol.

      • Idolfan12, I'm Italian and what we do with statues is put them in gardens or maybe in museums if they're better than average. We don't put them in show business. Good riddance, Pia.

  76. Yay! Finally, Pia is OUT! Upbeat song? She cannot sing upbeat songs and America finally voted her off because they are sick and tired of ballads. Besides, all she does is walk and stand and raise her microphone up during high notes. Not a performer in many eyes. Haley rocked! In fact she was the only one who did during "Rock and Roll week".

    Yay! Pia is OUT!!!!

      • I think you meant to say "you're" a retard.

        Really, when calling someone else a retard you should be able to spell all the words right in a 3-word sentence.

      • Aside from needing spelling lessons, you apparently need lessons on understanding the meaning of simple words like "racist." I have no idea what race you are nor do I care. If you don't like me correcting your spelling then maybe you should think twice about calling someone a retard.

      • A racist retard. That is what you are Simon. Actually thinking people care about proper spelling and punctuation when typing in a chatroom. I'll just have my mommy proof read these from hear on out. I'm sure you'd like that because your also a sexist obviously.

      • Is the "12" in your name your real age or do you just want everyone to think that based on the things you say?

    • Yup!!! agree with Idol Fan it may be too soon for Pia to get eliminated but its all fair cos Pia has zero stage presence. So boring and robotic when singing upbeat number. Pia should take a lesson from a true performer like Madonna. You go Pia, just like a virgin on stage…Ouuccchh !!!!

      • Brilliant. Compare an amatuer on American Idol to a seasoned performer with 20 something or more years experience. If you Pia haters held the other the contestents to the same level of scrutiny, you would vote them all off in one week and call it a season. Yikes this is what America has come to.

      • Not really. I just think people got tired of her acting like she was going to do something and never did it.. she is the one that said she was going to doit.. week after week after week.. the judges (who are seasoned) told her the same exact thing. If she didn't want to, she should of just been honest with it and said to America 'this is who i am, i dreamed of being this type of performer and you can't change me' trust me.. if she said that.. she would not be gone today.. but she did herself no justice by keep saying she will get it, then fail to even attempt it.

      • Too stiff for pop and not good enough for opera. Not commercially marketable. Maybe Broadway. Not an Idol.

  77. i have stopped watching american dol after thia was "eliminated……there is no more credibility left and pia's removal just proved my point!

  78. i dont like pia that much but its pretty obvious that it's too early for her to go…

  79. if only simon was there then it will not happen by misjudging and having a favoritism coz he knows who will be a great singer just like what happen to Carrie Underwood. He told that Carrie has a great voice and he is right and now where is Carrie she is now a big time and a great singer

    • The judges told Pia she was amazing like, EVERY single time, and she was the only one to get a real standing ovation.. So, what are you talking about? They need to offer a little constructive critism to everyone, Pia wasn't PERFECT.

      • No, but I'm saying she got critisism just like everyone else. Wait, I shouldn't need to explain myself, because nowhere in my comment did I imply that I did think anyone else was perfect.

  80. shocking with my mouth wide open and jaw locked…. i have so many things in my mind to say

    right now but don't know what to say first. i think, Pia's fans did not vote for her coz they thought she would be OK. they are confident.. instead they voted for their other idols whom they think are in danger of elimination. i think that was really happens. shocking but true. i admire AI for being honest with the results. there was no manipulation done…

  81. I MISS SIMON very much.He tells it like it is.

    the judges are biased ,on crack and dunno how to judge .The JUDGES sucks

    everybody is beutiful all here to win it,no mistakes

    American Idol last Season


    • it's not the judges job to Q America how to vote. The contestants are competing for OUR votes, not theirs at this point. The show has a process and now it's our turn to decide who DESERVES it. If Simon was Qing the audience, then he should NEVER be involved in a show like this again. I for one won't watch the X factor when it comes on because I'd rather not hear his BS about looks, weight, pin sales men and trying to Q America on how to vote! The judges at this point are all there to offer help in this stage and in this stage is something (besides Randy) the two judges know plenty of. HOW TO DELIVER A LIVE PERFORMANCE. It's not very well their job to hint to America how to vote now is it? If you can't judge for yourself, then don't even get involved..

      • You are right, it's the judges job to offer constructive criticism and praise where it is due and tell america what they truely thought of a performance.

        What I can't tell is wether or not they are failing to give honest toughlove critiques or if they are really that mindnumbingly easy to please, because they have praised the heck out of some horrid performances without an ounce of constructive criticism where it was desperately needed.

  82. What a sad end of the season to Idol. It's virtually over. The best singer (it is a singing competition right?) just got voted off of the show because Stefani stuck her in some sort of sack cloth for the performance. Of course that still doesn't absolve these judges from wasting their one and only save on Casey. Oh, he's got a chance to go all the way? That should have been the consideration. I mean Randy most of all stopping the show leading the charge to rescue him from just his deserts because "we know who he is" was just ludicrous. Where was Simon when we needed him to as they like to say, "make it real". Now we see the result of that rash judgement. No deserved second chance for Pia. The mob is fickle and maybe more votes went to Scotty from the groupies because of the talented way he holds the microphone up to his lips and cutely croons Elvis' song. Or maybe it was Paul's charismatic smile that stole the show. Could it be the baggy shorts Stefani dressed Lauren in that drew attention, accolades and votes away from Pia? We'll never know. But this result is so much more the fault of the producers and judges of the show than it is Pia's. I know that I for one have lost a lot of interest in what's left of the season except maybe to see what the ridiculous outcome may be now. But I'm sure of one thing, Pia will probably be more successful in her career than whoever may be the eventual winner this season. Too bad she couldn't have had it all. Let's hope that a couple of the talented contestants still left like Haley or James or Stefano can survive the delirium of the groupies.

    • James may be the only one between Haley, James and Stefano who will make it to the finals.

      Stefano continues to be in the bottom 3.

  83. Simon Cowell was the greatest thing about idol. He was the only credible judge. Now we have a crazy old man, a latino bombshell, and a guy who thinks he's a celebrity. This is so dumb now. Granted Kara and Paula sucked, but Ellen was actually whitty. Get somebody on the show with class, balls, charisma, and fair knowledge to guide the light of honesty into our triangle of deep compassion for one another as beings of the wonderous planet we call our homestead. I think we need Gary Beusie!

      • Not really, they sugar coat everything. They need to be more harsh to the people that should be voted off.

      • Way to go Kayla! thanks for being Honest with all your post! It's very refreshing.

      • If they are honest, then they are the most mindnumbingly easy to please group of judges on the planet. They have praised the heck out of some truely hideous performances. They toss softball after softball of honeyladen compliments when some tough love constructive criticisms would help some of these idols hopefully get better.

    • so true…The crazy old man and the latino bombshell have only sold over 200 million albums compared to Simon who has… wait he's not an artist…he's a music producer right? yeah compared to Simon who..umm..who has he produced? Oh yeah Westlife, curiosity killed the cat, five? I mean how can you get better than that right?

      • haha! i didn't know he produced westlife.. but i kind of figured he did. If not for the Internet, I don't think i would of ever even known of them! Simon really doesn't have any place on 'American' idol, not to sound harsh, but the show should of started with American..Idols. haha

    • I don't understand it. The judges are the ones that found your beloved Pia. The judges were practically crying when Pia got voted out by America.. so .. where are they the problem? Cause they didn't Q people in to save her? not really their job is it.

      • You are right in that the Judges aren't responsable for this (Except for their wasting of the save on Casey which could have been put to much better use tonight) but their coddling of the contestants is definitely hurting the show, you can see it in some obvious issues with some of the performers going untouched week in and week out because in no small part, the judges don't call them out on these issues. They don't need to be as brutal as Simon, but some honest tough love instead of the hippy flowery lovefest we get from them each week would be so much better. As it stands right now they are not judges, they are cheerleaders.

  84. Pia is already out and honestly she is not that really excellent and I dont see any similarity of her singing style ala Mariah, Whitney or Celine as claimed by the tone-deaf Randy. Pia has been screaming all this while cos a true musician will know that and she is just as robotic and stocky like Thia when on stage.

    This could be a curse to the judges for keeping Casey by using that precious save card. The judges overruled the voters right cos this is American Idol votes counted and validated by the American Public and should not be abused. Serve you right judges for not respecting our decision to eliminate Casey and now Pia's the one to go…Next I am not surprise the one to go should highly possibly be Jacob then Lauren then Paul then Hayley then Casey then Scotty …… and Final 2 are James and Stefano and with God bless this will happen. James and Stefano, 2 of the best friends should be in the finale. These 2 talented kids can compete on today's Bilboard Chart.

    • Seeing as how after Casey was almost eliminated, Ryan said "you'd be proud of the vote this week" the week after, that implied a huge rise in his voting, and that people DID want him there.

      • either that, or there are just a lot of people out there who LOVE being told who to vote for… and I'm starting to see some on here. Scary.

  85. i agree, pia may not have stage presence but she still has a damn good voice! i thot she at least could be in top 5 if not top 3..

    who knows, maybe blessing in disguise..maybe, she does not have to waste time competing and go straight to cutting an album now

  86. Could someone PLEASE explain to me, what makes Hailey's voice so good? Because I don't see it AT ALL.

      • But, she growls and has no real stage presence, her voice is whiney and she has TERRIBLE vibrato.

    • It looks like Haley's plan is to slut it up as much as possible to try and get the votes of those desperate souls whom I won't waste time characterizing.

      As a side note, Haley looked quite happy during the eliminations tonight. I think she might just be a lot more catty than what some may realize.

    • Well she finally found a song where she could carry the low flat notes as well the higher sharp notes. Technically she really improved this week and hopefully for her she can continue it. She may become the late bloomer this year.

    • Haley's kind of weird. She can sound really good 1 minute and the next minute she sounds like two cats fighting.

    • hey Kayla, we just found someone who's complaining how the voting went tonight, while saying the reason why Hailey's voice is so good is because she's sexy and people want in those Jeans.. haha! doesn't really sound like someone who should be complaining about the voting process is sexiness makes your voice good… and as a side note, she's not that sexy. I been right so far with the eliminations, and Scotty is in deep trouble along with Haily. So you better start bringing sexy vote back.

  87. Funny reading all the comments complaining about teenage girls having too much of a say in the voting. Take this show for what it is – a 'cheap' vehicle for the record companies to figure what their biggest demographic of paying customers will buy and a means to promote new & underpaid artists so the record company keeps the lions share of any record sales.

    If you think this is purely a singing contest go back through the seasons and review all the judges comments referring to the 'complete package'

    • Conspiracy theory… hang on. Let me put on my tinfoil hat so the government can't use their mind control beam on me!

      • Not sure where you see conspiracy theory in my comment – it's saying exactly the opposite. If the kids who are the ones buying records say they wont pay for a Pia record then Pia is gone – no conspiracy – simply listen to the opinion of those folks who are opening their wallets (or purses).

        Perhaps you need to readjust your tinfoil hat and trim the bit that's covering your eyes πŸ˜‰

      • That's the main reason Bieber on top of the world…even if he's a dummy!! LOL!

    • Oh yeah the big bad recording companies. I feel so bad for the musicians that make millions if not hundreds of millions for doing what they like to do. Such an evil world.

      • ACtually John, those making millions represent a small percentage of all of the popular artists out there. Many, after paying studio fees and the record label getting their share, don't get a whole lot of money. It's a common misconception.

      • Right Templar. But how many artists are there out there? And how many are doing North American or Worldwide tours for each album? I guess we're talking about "big time" artists and not artists in general. The few artists I know are barely paying the rent and doing local gigs. For ever star there are 1000 aspiring starlets…

  88. Typical.

    When something happens that one doesn't agree with, get bitter, then take it out on those who have no control over what happened.

    I don't agree with Pia being voted out this early. But that doesn't mean that anyone is goofy looking … as if that has anything to do with it.

    And just because Pia deserved a save doesn't mean that Casey didn't.

    • I love your last sentence; I agree 100%. I'm tired of everyone hating Casey for "stealing Pia's second chance". Casey is good too.

      • Casey isn't half as good as you think. He's way too over rated. He's entertaining but has not vocals.

      • Idolfan12, what the heck is your deal? Casey is good, deal with it. He does have the vocals. Judging by your comments and post, if you can't spell "you're" correctly, don't know that "overrated" is one word, and calls me a racist while I say nothing pertaining to race, you don't seem smart enough about everything else, so why am I to believe you're smart about singers? There, talk about the way I "think" again.

    • Very intelligent comment. I agree 100%. All nine are very talented in their own right, but I think Pia's powerful singing voice should have kept her in longer.

    • "And just because Pia deserved a save doesn’t mean that Casey didn’t."

      You are right, that wouldn't be a reason.

      However that Casey sucked for the two weeks before his save and yet again this week does mean that he didn't deserve the save. (in my opinion…. I mean, that was a butchering of a classic CCR song, as well as a classic Nirvana Song before)

      • Can't let you "bury" yourself alone, so i will help you. It sounds like you have a Casey "hate" thing going but he has more "heart" stage presence and raw musical talent than all the other contestants and that's why …in my opinion…the judges saved him when they did. Get the "connection"?

      • I don't hate casey at all, I have said that he has been outstanding at the very beginning, and the week after his save he did a good job as well, but thing is, he has been just as bad too many times. He has tons of potential, but his numerous screwups have really tarnished him. As for heart heart doesn't sing songs, I don't give points for heart, I give them for entertainment. And Casey has been very hit and miss, while most of the other contestants have been just as good as he has been on a good night… that said, prior to tonight I would have put Casey ahead of anybody else that got eliminated, but Pias voice is (again IMO) lightyears beyond Casey and once she gets her stage presence down, she would have been a force… Honestly, I'm a James fan, so for me this is good news for my favorites chances, but even so, wrong is wrong. And Pia going home while Casey, Paul, Jacob, and Stefano are still there is just flat out wrong. (again, IMO)

      • Kdub – for whatever it's worth – I just hope all the contestants are given a fair shake without too much mucksling. Poor Pia. But how could it be Casey's fault if we didn't know that Pia was on her way out? Will it always be Casey's fault if anyone else gets voted off??? Face it, he earned his spot…yawnnnnn

  89. The voting method is so flawed. If only one vote could be cast (per phone # or computer), a vote for the least favorite, the result would be more accurate. It was shocking and heartbreaking to see a contestant with such talent be voted off.

  90. Pia being eliminated should worry most of the contestants. Everyone thought she was safe. No one is safe!

    • Tonight, after Jacob was declared as safe, Stefano really thought it was his turn to go. I am not a Stefano fan but now I kept repeating the part on the video when only Stefano and Pia were left on the middle of the stage and when Ryan was to announce who will be leaving. Stefano was really shocked upon learning he's safe. His reaction was priceless! Check it out.

  91. judges blew their safe :)) casey may know how to play 1 million instruments but he couldn't sing like pia πŸ˜›

    since thia is gone, im rooting for haley ^^

    • Looking like Pia lost due to problem with her AI phone line, it seems to have failed early in voting so voters only got a busy signal then and could not vote, while the website "dial idol" lists her phone line as 3th most active. People could still vote online if they had a computer but with 50 vote limit.

      Voting has closed with the votes counted now and Pia is off so not sure if anything can be done.

    • I am like you. Since Thia is gone I vote for Haley. But I wish I could listen to her singing longer. No one at the American Idol 2011 compares to the the quality of her vocal.

  92. I guess they got bored with the over all package delivered on stage.. looks quite ackward.. she should have sticked to her forte..

  93. Tonight's vote was a bum deal. There are a few crud singers still left on Idol. Pia was one of the top three for sure. No way she should be going home now. Come on voting Idol fans……..this was horrible.

    • So true. Pia may not have won, but based on who is left, she should have been in the top 3.

  94. Well again it`s all a matter of opinion, as i keep saying, different stroke`s for different folk`s, no one need`s to be slagging anyone off, or saying this one should go, or that one should go, who are we really, not expert`s,as individual`s we just all like what we like, or don`t like, it doesn`t make our individual opinion`s Gospel. At the end of the day it`s all in the lap of the God`s. Yes i have alway`s believed that the teeny bopper girl`s have a lot to do with it, but other thing`s do come into play, it has in my opinion become somewhat of a popularity contest as well. We in NZ have Idol tonight, with the Result`s show tomorrow night, i alway`s look on the computer to get the Result`s before we get the Show. At this stage of the game, anyone could go, that`s why the Judge`s keep saying every show night you have to be the best you can be basically, cause if you not, you are at risk of going. I think Pia has a fabulous voice, but i personally think she needed to get away from those ballard`s week after week, for me it had become incredibly boring, she is a great Singer, but not a great entertainer, so i can see where the American Public are coming from, but regardless i`m sure she will do well in the Music Industry. πŸ™‚ Someone mentioned that Simon would have not let happen what happened, in the demise of Pia, what could he have done, he`s not God, but i do believe he think`s he is a God unto himself, and didn`t he create the X-Factor? if the format of his X-Factor is anything like the Australian X-Factor, then IMO it`s rubbish, it`s so petty and childish, it`s a Show all about the Judge`s vying for their own little prodegy to win the thing, it`s pathetic to watch grown people carrying on like that. As someone else mentioned about Adam Lambert not winning Idol, we all know it was because the American Public were largely homophobic, there was no other reason other than that, it was a shame, he was the better of the two Final Contestant`s by far, but just all my opinion for what it`s worth.

    • Lynne's comment was absolutely right. Btw, why can't we have judges(aside from the present ones) who are composed of musicians, music teachers, singers, composers and producers as well, and they will see the contestants from their homes. Chosen like members of the jury in a judicial court, just a thought…

      • Yeah obviously you are right Nathan, i don`t really have any idea on what exactly, but your suggestion could work, the whole thing allowing the Public to vote is a real crap shoot, anything can happen, and it usually does. Now we have just had the Show here in NZ, and going by all the comment`s i have read, more people seem to think that it should have been Stefano to go. My personal choice to go after hearing them all would have been Paul, i think he should have been in the bottom 3 and gone, so there you are. say`s it all doesn`t it. πŸ™‚

    • Geez Lynne, learn spelling and punctuation is you're going to post a comment that long. It's really jarring to have to mentally sort it all out. Example: always doesn't have an apostrophe.

    • Lynne, Your opinion of ADAM Lambert was 100% correct.He did loose because of the homophobics. This is supposed to be a talent contest. And the best singer should win! PERIOD! Have a great week end Lynn! Sherry K. πŸ™‚

  95. Pia tried to sing a Tina Turner song in her usual (semi-upbeat) ballad, that is why america did not vote for her. She is plain boring. I was hoping for a Tina Turner performance, instead, all she did was move her hands, WALKED around the judges, and belt out her squeaky high notes. The girl is just another ballader, ala Celine Dion but with bad high notes. She did not deserve to leave so soon, but her elimination is just as deserving although I was really praying for GAYCOB to leave, I cannot stand anymore of his ridiculous facial and booty movements- yuck!

    • Well said idol fan18, couldn't agree more with your point " à la Celine Dion but with bad high notes". I watched her departure singing, OMG was very bad specially when she tried to hit the high notes. I know some will probably say it's "nerves", but I don't agree, her high notes were really annoying to me throught the whole live shows. The girl can sing but with low tone only and not with high notes, she was overrated. I read somewhere that she is better than Casey, oh give me a break, Casey is very talented musician, not all musicians have a perfect vocal, the guy knows his stuff and he deserved the judges saving definitely, BIG TIME. America: you got it right this time, Hats off.

      • I agree that Pia was boring. But what irritated me more than anything was her holier than thou attitude when she was first placed in the bottom three. Then when it was just she & Stefano, she had a look on her face like "it won't be me going home". Okay so the judges were shocked, America was shocked, but more than anything Pia was shocked! GOOD RIDENCE!

      • The truth hurts Lucy, doesn't it?

        Agree with you Bunny, the look on Pia's face was like "won't be me who will be eliminated" and BTW she was so sure of herself since the judges gave her that standing ovation in the 1st live show, remember? I think from then on she thoght well no way I will be eliminated. she was boring sorry.

  96. Dear Idolfan12,

    rac·ism   /ˈreΙͺsΙͺzΙ™m/ Show Spelled

    [rey-siz-uhm] Show IPA


    1. a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one's own race is superior and has the right to rule others.

    2. a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.

    3. hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

    • Dear Kayla,


      [ih-rel-uh-vuhnt] Show IPA


      1. not relevant; not applicable or pertinent: His lectures often stray to interesting but irrelevant subjects.

      2. Law . (of evidence) having no probative value upon any issue in the case.

      • Dear Brian, it's totally relavent when you read idolfan12's various comments towards me, thank you. By the way, I know what irrelavent means.

      • And I'm sure people here know what 'Racism' means. Annoying when someone patronises you isn't it?

      • and from what I've read, rather than racism, it's Idolfan12's homophobia that seems overtly apparent!

      • I know OTHER people clearly know what racism means, that's why the comment was addressed to idolfan12, who called me racist too many times, on too many posts, and I felt they needed to learn something before they posted again. Idolfan12's everything is apparent, none of their accusations make sense. I'm not trying to patronize anyone, merely explain to them that they should stop using words, particularly as insults, that they don't know the meaning of, and I'm sure plenty people who have been subject to the posts agree.

      • Jordin, I know you're a bit simple, but at least put your comments in the right place, luv.

    • dear bryan,

      o·pin·ion   /Ι™ΛˆpΙͺnyΙ™n/ Show Spelled

      [uh-pin-yuhn] Show IPA


      1. a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

      2. a personal view, attitude, or appraisal.

      3. the formal expression of a professional judgment: to ask for a second Medical opinion.

      4. Law . the formal statement by a judge or court of the reasoning and the principles of law used in reaching a decision of a case.

      5. a judgment or estimate of a person or thing with respect to character, merit, etc.: to forfeit someone's good opinion.

      6. a favorable estimate; esteem: I haven't much of an opinion of him.

      • But it wasn't an opinion, Jordin, and rather than support Kayla (By the way, notice that I actually go to some effort to spell and capitalize both your names appropriately) your definition merely substantiates to the contrary. It was a piece of text whored from a dictionary website.

  97. Whats new? After eliminating a real beautiful singing voice Thia, now comes Pia whose got an awesome singing prowess. AI should really make some revisions in their elimination thing.Perhaps a second voting scheme in saving the one eliminated, with the discretion of the judges still if second round voting is deemed necessary.

    • I agree. Thia and Pia, both whave great beautiful voices, are now eliminated so early in the competition where you know, there are other less shocking finalists who have gone earlier. Guess what, I bet next week result would have another shocking one. Who knows, could be Lauren because we have a female trend of going home now…

      • Thia and Pia will be appearing at the bandstand in Stepford Park for an extended engagement.

  98. Oh man, Stefano's just got to feel horrible right know i feel for him.

    Love you Stefano,

    also hope he sings his heart out next week and stays longer

    I think Jacob should go next week

  99. Pia Toscano is deserving to win this season in AI. She has great effort of performing very high notes that even no other contestants in this season could match her talent. And i bet that if she will be given a recording contract she will be the NEXT "MARIAH CAREY" "CELINE DION" "WHITNEY HOUSTON". It's really shocking even though i'm not american. i live here in the philippines and my friends were shock about the results. πŸ™

    • I feel ridiculous when you compare Pia to Mariah Carey, Celine or Whitney. Pia does not have special voice like Mariah's, Pia can not sing in French or Spanish like Celine, and after all, Pia's voice is not as strong at all in comparison to the 3 above mentioned divas.

      Give us a break people. I must admit that the fact Pia was eliminated is shock but sooner or later this will happen. And if someone says that she has the most beautiful voice out of all the remaining contestants, excuse me but this is just ridiculous. I bet her voice is not as strong as Jacob's. She is just boring. Who wants to see her sitting there exposing the high notes week after week without nothing else special. She should have learned this when Thia was eliminated. Yet nothing else special. She deserves this after all.


  100. Many people are outraged at America's voting Pia off. Maybe if the contestants sang from behind a curtain and the public couldn't see them, that would be a singing contest. It isn't. It's a fashion and personality contest.

    • How can you say that, when Pia was both pretty AND dressed nicely? She had style and grace. Geez, people and their invalid arguements.

    • I agree. She is a beautiful woman. I meant that people judge the contestants not on the way they sing. I thought she would win it.

  101. Tonight was so not for Pia! Nd I so think stefano should of went home way long time instead of Thia. Come on for crying out loud Pia deserves to stay in american idol cause she has the quality to sing and a high voice and the judge didnt do that cause of stupid stupid rules. Now that Pia's gone there might be a cance where no one's going to watch american idol, X factor will be more popular. Amrican idol is such a big joke and thats why Simon Cowell left! Now that Pia and Thia's gone, my favorite are now Scotty, hope he'll be the WINNER! (scotty has a very deep voice that makes it so special and I love it and him but not way obsessed!)hah. And everone else I didnt count on, they are very good singers vut without Pia and Thia, now its not going to be fun and challenging to watch anymore and so what people think Pia is boring but she

    has some kind of special talented voixe that some of us cant dp

    o and the voters did not see her that way!!! American idol really sucks for being racist cause they keep americans only that I just happen to notice


    • I agree with most of your post except the racist remark. I am Italian and I do not believe, even for one second, that Pia was voted off because she was Italian.

  102. The Top 13 – chosen by the judges – comprised of 7 girls and 6 guys.

    The top 8 now comprises of 2 girls and 6 guys and tonight one of the most talented vocalists in the 10-years of the show was ousted.

    Interesting that 7 of the others were in tears (guys included) and came to console Pia but one was missing and I believe he was embarrassed.

    That was Casey who, no disrespect to him, because I like him, should never have been saved at that point in the contest.

    Frankly, I think AI is finished as a bona fide contest and Ryan's appeal at the end "don't leave us, we need you" summed up how embarrassed they were at this ridiculous result.

    This is now a female teen popularity contest and unless they change the voting procedure, then AI will fade away, especially when Simon Cowell introduces his contest later this year.

    If 19 Productions have any sense, they will get Pia into a studio and release an album or some other agency will buy out her contract with 19 Productions and make a fortune with her.

    • Agree completely. How does someone who Randy said delivered one of the top performances in the 10 seasons of the show get ousted. Looking forward to seeing the viewership numbers next week. I won't be one of them. Too much time gets invested in watching this show to see something like this happen. And next year, unless huge changes are made, I won't commit to watching it either.

      • As an AI junkie who has loads of downloads of AI contestants, tonight really turned me and my family off. My wife was in tears and we are both singers who loved Pia and her range.

        She, as Ryan highlighted a number of times, is a shy person who comes to life with her music.

        We can related to that because to many of us it is like being two different people – reserved and somewhat shy until you hear that intro music.

        Because she is so beautiful, people thought she was stand-offish, whereas she was just shy, as are many great performers.

        Sad and so very, very wrong and, I believe, bad for the show.

      • Here's the deal… Pia has a beautiful voice. However, the MAJORITY

        of American Idol fans would not pay for the type of music Pia sings, peiod. (How many Susan Boyle CD's have

        you Pia fans purchased? She has a beautiful voice and sings ballads too.)

  103. I am sure that majority of the voters are young female teenagers who know nothing about music since the majority left are males. I hope Haley doesn't get eliminated …

    • Top 13 – 7 girls and 6 guys

      Top 8 – 2 girls and 6 guys

      I guess you have a very relevant point and, IMHO, this is the end of American Idol as a serious "singing" competition.

    • haley needs to go. she is no way near janis j., they need to stop with that. she is no way near a blues singer, more like she is clearing her throat. yes kayla, she needs to go and so does paul and his two note performance and rose suit, that went out with porter wagner.

  104. i don't like the judges this season. and they don't deserve to be called "judges" 'cause they don't actually judge. Please give the judges the authority of saving very talented singers such as "Pia Toscano"…. Maybe its better to replace them with the big 3 in the music industry "Celine, Mariah and Whitney"

    • I agree – there has been little constructive criticism and, in fact, Pia has been the one who they have criticized most – especially JLo who was in tears tonight!!

    • I agree with you that they are not judges. Else why would they have given YOU a save?

      Your performance this Wednesday was just grunting and groaning like someone sitting on the toilet with constipation. It is pathetic that a great singer like Pia can't be saved because the judges wasted they save on a fool who dresses like a dirty frat boy.

  105. Pia tried to sing a Tina Turner song in her usual ( semi-upbeat) ballad that is why America did not vote for her. She is plain BORING. I was hoping for a Tina Turner performance but what I saw was another Celine Dion version of the song, minus the back-up dancer. She is another ballader, ala Celine but with terrible high notes. All she did was move her hands, WALKED around the judges, and belt out her squeaky high notes, not a total performer. Yes, it may be too soon but her elimination is just as deserving. Although, I was really hoping for that JACOB to leave. I cannot stand anymore of those facial and booty movements–yuck!

    • I have both the Celine & Tina versions of that song and, while no-one can match Tina for her raunchy performance of the song, Pia did a better job than Celine – listen and compare,

      She is one of the most vocally talented singers in the 10-years of AI and the show was the big loser tonight.

    • I am not a great fan of Jacob either, however he seems like a really nice person.

      It's just weird when he sings a duet and he's in a higher key than his female partner….kinda..weird.

      • He is awkward but I will give him credit for being the one who gave Pia a shoulder to cry on tonight before any one else.

    • I swear you anti-Pia fans just want to spread rhetoric. This weeks song was in fact not a ballad. Thanks for substantiating the point why Idol needs to put some checks into the voting process.

      • AI lost a lot of credibility tonight and the appeal by Seacrest to "stay with us, we need you" summed up how embarrassed they are at the result.

  106. It would be great if there was the "Daughtry" surprise save and Pia came back next week!

  107. Looking like Pia lost due to problem with her AI phone line, it seems to have failed early in voting so voters only got a busy signal then and could not vote, while the website “dial idol” lists her phone line as 3th most active. People could still vote online if they had a computer but with 50 vote limit.

    Voting has closed with the votes counted now and Pia is off so not sure if anything can be done or if it would be fair to others now.

      • Eva I am real glad I don't know you as a person with an attitude like yours. You sound full of hate. Try to be nice. You will find life much nicer.

    • BS The same cop out was stated when Ruben won over Clay and when Kris won over Adam. Clay and Adam both did better than the winners, so don't worry about it.

  108. When Thia sang heatwave(an upbeat song) she landed on the bottom 3 and now Pia sang an upbeat song she got eliminated. I don't know how to please the American people.Thia and Pia was just taking the advise of the judges.

  109. If she was eliminated due to phones not working right, AI should have her come back next week and then eliminate 2 contestants next week also.

    Sometimes idols get back advice from ego centred "stars", so Pia wore that unbecoming outfit, didnt help any.

    It is NOT Stefano's fault. He IS my favorite from Day 1 and has been improving from Day 1.

    Would be much easier for someone to stand out in AI, if only they would look and act like one of the Jersey Shore "stars" (no compliment there), they would be #1 each week.

    People, stop twittering "hate" messages to Stefano, not his fault, leave him alone. He is devastated by the results this week. I am rooting for you, Stefano, love you lots!

    • Yeah there is no reason to be mean to Stefano. Twitter the lame Judges who let this situtation develope.

    • I am sad my beloved Stefano was put on the spotlight again. Love you Stefano and just be strong, If you have survived that near fatal accident, you can simply fight this. Your fans are rooting for you and come back real strong next week ya.

      JLO, please dont ever turn your back on Stefano or else I will never be your fan anymore. You are a mother now of 2 kids so be a respectable and impartial parents to the contestant…..Remember, you are still that Jenny From The Block and your Love Dont Cost A Thing right? So get On The Floor and show love to all the remainding contestants

    • Don't you worry Zorro, our Stefano is a strong man. He will absorb all these hate messaged for his advantage. He will emerge a stronger person come next week. These 2 weeks of being in the bottom 2 would help him a better person and better singer. Stefano, you are now a dark horse in this competition… you have all what it takes to be an total package American Idol…

    • I think someone was sabotaging the voting! I was trying to call PIA's number but it was busy the whole time! It also happened to me when I was voting for Thia last week!

      Hmmm something's fishy going on here….

  110. Stefano has been in the bottom 2 situation twice now he must feel really bad. Also Casey for getting saved. I still can't believe Pia got the boot this is insane I actually thought pia was going to win and hoped my favourites were going to come in at least 2/3 place. I did watch the show and it was pretty hard to judge personally I thought they all did quite and the comment Jacob made was totally taken out of context but bias ppl will do that to make him look bad. To be honest if he does leave next week I won't be surprised Thia and Pia amazing vocalist have left. In all honesty I think Hayley and Paul should be up next.

    • Haley smiling when Pia got voted off made me dislike her. Have some class girl. You have a right to be happy because Pia would be hard to compete against, just don't show it.

  111. The producers of this show should be ashamed of themselves. How can it be that one of the best singers who has ever entered the contest be "voted" off, while someone like Paul, who I refer to as, "The Whispering Chipmunk" stays on. The whole system for voting needs to be changed. It should not be…. "vote for your fave as many times as you want America"… it should be… "vote once for the person that you feel needs to go home after this weeks performance". Of course the format for voting will never change because the producers are making too much money off of telephone revenues and texting fees from mega-multi-voting teenage girls. The premise of this show has always been a little suspect in my opinion… but now the bs flows like water.

    • I agree, voting should be for bottom 3 and Judges decide which one is to go, let them earn their pay.

      Pia got a bad break in that her AI phone line failed early in voting and gave busy signal only then, so most of her vote had to come by online or text which simply was not enough.

  112. hahaha…

    i think idol must retire

    so as the crazy predictions here…

    remove this if i'm wrong



  114. she's too good for idol, and too boring because she's already too perfect. thought this was a good choice!

  115. Oh! True Blue, Pia got eliminated, it's just too soon for her, hoping Pia can survive until Top 5 but honestly she is not that really excellent. Don't ever dream she will be the eventual winner. Great voice though I thought she was screaming all the time and her stage presentations were so bad. She's rather stiff and so amateurish.

    Just Like A Prayer, my beloved, all natural and talented kid Stefano is saved. Stefano gave it all on stage and he is marketable even Billboard raved his performance. True musician knows what's actually talent is. My choice of bottom 3 should be Paul, Scotty and Jacob really has to go. This 3 cannot make it anymore, no star quality and cannot sell.

    The biggest shocker is actually on the judges reaction. PLEASE Steven, JLO and Randy be more professional with your expression cos you guys are being watched. Be a justified and fair parents to the contestants cos they are young and all are equally talented. When credit is due, it has to be given to the remainding contestants impartially. Don't take side in this game. If you feel strongly that Pia is simply the best among the rest then declare her the winner, stop Americans from voting and end the show. Please drill this message in your head deeper – American Idol is a reality TV show and it's viewers prerogative to vote and eventually decide who is the winner. You may say it over and over again that Mariah, Whitney and Celine have the biggest pipes and best selling artiste all time. But you are WRONG, certainly they are the biggest acts till today that outsell these Divas….Have you forgotten Barbra Streisand, Madonna and Aretha Franklin and even Diana Ross. Singing is all not about who's having the largest spectrum of vocal range but it's all about taking chances and be different from the rest and being marketable. I can see these elements in James, Stefano and possibly Hayley.

    I am begging you JLO, please show ample of love to Stefano like you always did cos he's truly hurt and traumatized when placed in that spotlight. He is a good kid, full of discipline and he needs your love to keep him stronger. Stefano is only 22 yr old kid and he has a tough life surviving the near fatal accident and please dont turn your back on him at this moment when he needs the judges love and care the most. God loves you Stefano and be strong baby, your fans will always be there for you. Next week, appropriately sing Phil Collin's I Wish It Would Rain Down, pull that vocal chord to the highest and let the world sees that. Love you Stefano….and Keep It Together ya πŸ™‚

    • Diva Madonna, we're both huges fans of Stefano. Loved him since day 1. He's really a true artist, natural, total package. He sings his heart out everytime he hits the stage. I thank God he's still standing there. Hoping more people would try to look at him and like to see him there weeks after weeks. Good luck and more power Stefano…

      • Simply agree with you Randi. I see so much potential in Stefano than the rest of the Idols. I am going to tweet encouraging words to Stefano and really wish he will sing I Wish It Would Rain Down next week or parhaps the song Forever Young by Alphaville. Stefano got the range to nail these 2 songs. God bless Stefano.

  116. Sabia que estaba en peligro, al principio era impresionante pero luego fue mas de lo mismo una y otra vez. Fue la unica que no vario su estilo un poco y la gente comienza a ver lo mismo en jakob. Lauren Y James no deberain tener problemas para seguir avanzando.

  117. Watching this in Australia, disappointed for Pia I guess they need to take the teeny votes away from the lovesick girlies over there.

  118. This blog was spot-on. Honestly, this undermines the whole purpose of the show. She has it all…looks, poise, likability…and she can sing her ass off! And the judges most definitely erred when they saved Casey. He should not have been voted off either, but for goodness sake, he doesn't hold a candle to Pia. Scotty was the most expendable last night. His old school country crooning has no great range. He's fine, but he's not half the singer Pia is. What next, Hailey? If these jackass voters get rid of her I'm done for the season (though I would miss Steven Tyler – who is the coolest).

    • The voting system is nuts. People claim they were able to vote for their person 600 – 1,000 times yet Pia's line was busy for almost all of the 2-hrs allotted to voting.

      On-line you are restricted to 50 votes so they need to apply that restriction to other methods.

      Ryan pleading at the end "don't leave us, we need you" said it all for me because they realized what a face it was last night.

  119. Yeah Pia has looks and a great voice, Let's vote for the geeks to make ourselves feel better?

  120. Does America forget how to judge rightly?With what happened, then I just got an answer for my question..

    • I listen to country music, so I don't know who Iggy is and don't care, but I'll tell you this: he sang worse than all the contestants on the show!

  121. …and so the backlash against Casey surely swings into action.

    The save for Casey was the right one at the time. Not in spite of it being used early, but BECAUSE it was used early. The save isn't so powerful later on, because the voting patterns are more firmly established, and there's less chance for viewer perception to change before the final.

    Vocally, Pia was furlongs ahead of the field, but she suffered from being the worst performer. If she had James' showmanship, jeez, she'd be unstoppable. Sad she's gone, but she'll have a successful career.

    I think the biggest travesty has been largely overlooked. Constantine's…. erm…. 'version' of "Unchained Melody" was one of the most uncomfortable 3 and a half minutes I've ever endured, and in comparison made Will.I.Am's performance last week feel like Led Zeppelin doing 'Kashmir'.

    Can someone please explain, given Stefano's popularity on this forum, why nobody votes for him? It doesn't weigh up.

    • Casey had nothing to do with the judges' decision to save him, so the backlash is quite unfair.

      Perhaps many of those who give good comments on Stefano in this forum are fans who can not vote for him, just like those of Thia's.

  122. I can only articulate my observation thus far: that several internet fora still abuzz with reactions hours after her elimination is a testimony that Pia will not be forgotten anytime soon. I wish her nothing but abundant success.

  123. i'm looking forward on the impact of the judges reaction to pia's elimination and how they put stefano down. you think stefano will get more votes this time and not be in the bottom 3 next week. just asking??

  124. Look at the picture above. She is still screaming even at her last time on stage. We did not vote because we are just too sick of it. That's all people. And you mature people, do not put your anger in someone else just because your so called "talented" Pia is eliminated. She has strong voice does not mean she is talented. People are just mistaking gifted and talented. Her voice is a gift but she used her gift badly. Nothing special. I do not think i will buy her album because i know she will just nothing new but screaming again and again.

    Thanks God for this relief.

    • @josh, thia is not screaming, she's singing and also has a beautiful voice… does that mean you're gonna buy her album? opps! just asking. peace.

  125. Disappointed result repeat again. I think seriously they need to consider no teeny votes.

    • Pia had the voters, they just could get through to vote, website "dial idol" lists Pia's phone line as 3th most active but it had to lowest number of votes on it due to Pia's AI phone line locking up early in the voting and not taking votes, just gave a busy signal, had the problem been detected before the voting close then Pia would likely still be in it.

      Very bad luck for Pia but those are the breaks.

  126. Yes, Pia's elemination is shocking. Though I would not say it is in the same class as shocking, that Chris Daughrtys elemination was a few years back was. As Pia will never come close to having the post Idol career Daughrty had. But, that crazy, insane save on Casey a couple weeks back, sure looks foolish about now, doesn't it?

    • No I don't think the save on Casey was crazy nor insane. Casey was way more talented than the others that would have remained had he been eliminated, and hence deserved the save AT THAT TIME. I guess the judges did not think that somebody like Pia would get eliminated this early. If there's anything or anybody to blame for what happened, it should be those tweens and teens who keep voting nonstop for their favorites regardless of performance, and to the voting system that allows them to get away with it.

      • Now that he lost that silly growl … Casey has improved the past couple weeks, though nowhere near a top contender. But, at the time he was saved, he was BY FAR, one of the weaker performers in my viewpoint.

      • I disagree with you. Casey is not talented. Look at all the grunts and groans he did in this Wednesday's performance….it is sick, that is not singing.

      • @Patty it's just a DIFFERENT style of singing. not everybody should sing like mariah or celine. lots of other hugely successful artists have very unique style of singing.

        @iurqal sure sucks living in a FREE COUNTRY isn't it…

    • And remember Sanjaya! Teeny votes (or the producers' decision) kept him on for weeks beyond what should have been his departure date.

  127. BRANDEN – have you checked the information that came up on this site that the phone lines with Pia's number had some problems during voting? Some people reported here they tried for several minutes and could not vote… I think some serious investigation should be done at at t to check this out. Although teens vote like crazy, no way Stefano could get more votes than Pia – something went wrong from a technical point of view… I hope the producers check this out carefully… I know about shocking elimination, but last night, it was beyong shocking as it did not add up with what had been going on on the show… Pia was never at the bottom 3, her performance was not perfect, but was still enough to get her through next week… It can only be something else, extra show, that I hope will be resolved next week…

    • One more thing… If they find out something was wrong with the phone lines – which I think might happen – we will have Pia back next week for a double elimination show… It will continue to be dramatic, but it will come across as a more honest show… right now, it is not looking good… The voting system is weird – here in Brazil, for reality shows, some shows resolved the problem by allowing votes only online and one vote per machine IP. The number of votes is not that massive, but the winners usually are the favorite for the most people, so it is more real in the end…

    • A similar issue came up last year when Siobhan was eliminated. There were claims that the wrong numbers were posted for Siobhan at some site and remained so for most of the voting period.

      • and I read somewhere that this happened during the voting period of the Season 2 Finale, wherein Reuben won over Clay… i don't exactly remember the details. i agree that Pia's voice is impeccable but her performance last night is one of my least liked, along with Jacob's and Lauren's. I do not like Stefano's singing much but I liked his performance yesterday, it is emotional, just like the time when he sang 'I Need You Now' during the Wild Card Round.

    • I hope she would return to sing with her amazing voice attracting everyone

  128. the results is really ridiculous. pia is a good contender. i guess there is something wrong with the voting system. try to check it out.

    AI producer must not only look on the outcome of what they can earn but also the TALENT of the contestant.

  129. One big mistake for the judges in early saved for Casey. He is not even marketable. Now their in anger(judges) because they cannot do anything to save Pia.

  130. Why are people surprised at this? This has everything to do with race….and it's not because America is rascist, it's just that the audience has changed. And bare with me for a minute here…first 4 people to go home post top 13 were 4 out of the 5 true "minorities". Tonight, you had the 5th minority and the 2 people of Italian descent in the bottom 3. The 6 white, white people were safe. Now granted, Casey was voted off the show 2 weeks ago, so it's not as transparent as I'm making it sound. But reality it took 5 years for a white male singer (Taylor Hicks) to win, and now it's happened 4 out of 5 years and almost surely will happen again. Assumingly, only Lauren Alaina can stop that from happening, and she just might, although I think there is a big part of the audience that when looking at her maturity as compared to say Scotty's, will not carry her through to a win. Look, the audience has changed for good and it's not coming back. X factor may command a similar audience to early American Idol, but only for a the first few seasons if it indeed stays on that long and replaces idol. And based off everything we know about the british x factor, America isn't going to be nearly as well receiving when they realize how much of that show is truly scripted in some ways and how little input they have in it. Tonight's elimination should shock no one. American Idol has always been about America's favorite from the first vote ever (Jim Verraros) on American Idol until now. The audience determines, not music critics, not judges, the public. It's not a flaw in the design, x factor' set up has flaw's in it's design that americans will not take well to. If you don't want to watch Idol because of what it's become then don't watch. Of course, you can return American Idol to what it was by WATCHING AGAIN if you've left. The contestant pool had Ruben Studdard, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks, etc. at one time. Perhaps the best minorities and/or female singers have already been found. At least in the generation that has passed through. Everybody just needs to relax and accept that the way the vote is and the reasons why it is that way. Because it's not changing just because. You want to change it, start watching the show again. Unfortunately, I don't think Idol, in it's competition with X-Factor, will let that happen, and they will start changing the show instead and ultimately kill it. Oh well, what are you going to do.

    • If it has "everything to do with race", then that is in essence, consciously or not, racism. That's such a dumb, self-defeating statement.

      But anyway, I don't think it is everything to do with race, so your argument is bollocks on two accounts. You need to ask yourself why you're looking so hard to find these patterns.

      • Not sure if this is pertinent, but US is 75% white, 12+% black and the rest other minorities. It seems inevitable that white would predominate.

  131. Pia is just like Thia. Think Pia should have changed when Thia was eliminated. Look at what James and Scotty did. I must say that i dont really like the soft side of James and Scotty is nothing special if he does not sing country music. But they did make a change and entertained people. This is entertainment. You give people something to expect so that they want to see you again for the next week or else you leave. Either Thia or Pia could, then they must leave. It's life.

  132. American idol's voting fan base is determined by schoolgirl crush teen's, wake up AI you need to have a system that uses 33% of the judges vote for any chance of a fair outcome! WAKE UP PIA WOZ ROBBED!!!!!!

  133. Mi dispiace, Pia.. You're voted off last night. But Jennifer Hudson's performance last week might give you an enlighment.. That you don’t need to win AI just to win a Grammy or even an Oscar!!!

    PS: Jennifer Hudson was voted off in the Top 7 of AI season 3

  134. I'm just going to say i was right on my prediction with Pia. I like Steffano and Haley but James is more marketable. Just remember this for no surprises!

    • Steffano and Haley should have been gone long ago when they were in the bottom three so many times before.

    • This is the judges' fault! they should not have saved Casey who i believe is a subpar performer. Who would watch American Idol if the best ones get eliminated every week. God help us if James and that cowboy who can't sing anything else but country would make it to the finals. Don't get me wrong but i think this is the worst season ever, including the selection of new judges who does nothing but be blind to mistakes and just heap praises though undeserved! Bring back Cowell and Abdul PLEASE!!!

      • If that cowboy can`t sing, he should have voted out already, but there are many americans out there who appreciate his music and that`s the reason why he is still "IN".

      • My wife and I said the same thing. Saving Casey 2 wks ago was a big mistake. If Casey had gone, then Naima would have gone last week. Thia probably would not have survived Rock and Roll week instead of Pia. Also, jennifer's critique of Pia's performing skills probably did more damage than people think. She sings and looks great, but was a little stiff. However, isn't the point of this show that they are not seasoned performers. It is a singing competition. Jacob and his over-emoting needs to go along with Casey then Stefano and Paul. I really like Haley. I wish they would let them sing 2 – 3 songs in a row, then people would see how monotonous Jacob is. Could never sit through his concert.

    • The voters were apparently tone deaf if they thought this was a good decision. Pia was the only voice that had the range and delivery to make a sustaining performer who can sing any style they were asked to.

    • Hi from Canada, too bad be are unable to vote from here, watching Pia get voted off last night was frustrating for us!!! We loved Pia, she reminds of the deep talent of Celine Dionne. We also feel that IDOL might need to consider changing their current voting methodology, as shockers like last night, might ultimately hurt the show's credibility. I will not make any negative comments about the remaining contestants, but Pia should have been in the final top 3 with Scotty and James.

      • Canada here too, that was the worst night ever watching American Idol. I was totally turned off that show from that result. I wish I could have voted for her.

      • reminding people of Celine Dion is EXACTLY why Pia got voted off. Pia can always work in vegas though.

    • While I absolutely agree that it was entirely too early for Pia to go, I had a feeling yesterday morning she would. She has an amazing voice that can rival Whitney, Mariah, or any of the greats. However she has a tendancy to end up in outfits that look pretty bad on her and with ALL the rock classics, her choice of song Wednesday was very questionable to me. With that being said, her voice still came shining through. Either of the other two in the bottom should have gone first and Pia will definitely be missed!!!

  135. I think Pia was boring, the judges thought she was the best, maybe they over did it, I don't care for Jacob screaming, Stefano is beautiful, and Scottie I love. the rest are (except Halley) are wild.!

    • for dorothy…..if you think Pia was boring, well then you dont appreciate good music and a great performer. Like Steve said, where's the public's passion for music???? it's not about how you dress, but ur voice, Pia I love you and think ur amazing……too bad the public are clueless on the voting……

      • For Retha,

        You can appreciate good music and still find a performer boring. I though Pia's vocals were outstanding, but she brought absolutely nothing in the way of showmanship. I don't expect her to run around the stage a la James Durbin, but as you could see, once she didn't have a ballad or a mic stand to hide behind she was lost. With some work, she will rise again and probably all the better for leaving at this stage of the game.

    • u r the worst people i ever seen….how can…u say pia is the worst…….dont u see the judges are really angry…..u asshole……..

      • Go find your crayons. Or better yet, go do your homework. Start with english, grammar, spelling and punctuation.


      • i really thought pia might win or be the runner up because she has an awesome voice, just no stage presence. she was gorgeous so i thot all the horny teenage boy voting (if there are any) would vote for her

    • Pia maybe boring for her performance but she can sing better then the rest by far.I listen to music in car not watch it.

    • I thought she was boring too. I usually started listening to her song expecting her to bust out and be a real performer, but it was always the same thing. Stand rooted to the stage like a tree dressed in burlap bags, swaying back and forth, then sing some high notes. Do I think that she has better vocal abilities than most of the remaining contestants? Yes, but in the end though she was is not a strong stage performer and she had no connection with the audience. So she didn't get enough votes to stay. If all of these "outraged" people voted, then she would most likely still be on the show.

  136. The judges should be ashamed of themselves for the way they reacted to Pia's elimination. Yes, she is a very good singer – but so are the others. Would they have reacted the same way if Stefano had been sent home? Probably not. That is what is wrong with their comments. Also, we must remember that with the Idol voting system, a person can vote countless times which makes the vote totally undemocratic. Maybe they should have the system that Dancing with the Stars uses, where the judges vote as well as limited audience voting. I predict that James and Scotty will be the Final Two. But, the other remaining singers are also very good – and we must remember that. To resort to insulting comments about any of them is shameful. BUT,I still say that the judges should be ashamed of themselves, especially Randy and Jennifer, for their unprofessional reaction to Pia's elimination.

    • This is for K Scratch's comment: You say that the judges should be ashamed of themselves for the way they reacted to Pia’s elimination. I definately agree with you. But, think about it, the judges were not ashamed of themselves when they stopped Casey from singing to save him. What about that? That was totally disrespectful to all the other contestants.


    • That is ridiculous. They are not all great singers and Pia has been the very best all along. There must be a reason for the judges being there, and it is true that many of the voters are clueless regarding talent. But I thought that was the role of judges. Do it. JUDGE talent and help the votersmake it something other than a popularity contest. Pia had NEVER been in thebottom 3. Then, she is out. It has become just a popularity contest with little inputfrom the judges since they fawn over those with little or mediocre talent. Tsk. Tsk. You can't blame the teeny boppers. They are not the ones getting paid.

      • They are all great singers. Its just that some might like a certain style or tone of voice. Its just impossible for everyone to like the same singer, so lets respect each others choices.

    • I agree totally, the judges reaction was very unprofessional, gave everyone the impression they would have preferred Stephanoe to leave, and i'm sure it's how it made Stephano feel as well.

      • Randy, I'm sensing that you have anger management issues and a propensity for, shall we say, colorful language. Or is that just your favorite word of the day? I understand being upset about Pia's elimination, but like it or not, Carole is right. I don't think Pia should have gone last night, but I do think the judges comments are a back hand to the other contestants.

        In the end, get over it!!! There will be worse disappointments in life.

    • Well so many more people around had that same reaction. They were shocked just like many more. They lost the best singer on there last night. Haley and Steffano should be gone long before now. Pia was my Favorite now I'm turned from that show altogether.

    • The judges made the rest of the contestants feel like a penny waiting for change!What is wrong with them??? Don't they think??They just have their favorites and to hell with everyone else!And yes,I think that hideous outfit Pia was forced to wear was her undoing !It totally had a sub-concious affect on the voters!

    • The judges act as if they want to save all the contestants, and for them every contestant is already a winner. My Gosh! If that`s the case then lets end up the show and divide the prizes into 9 so everybody happy.

  137. Hi

    Just watched the show in NZ. Jacob should have gone home – he was terrible – he can't dance to save himself and he always looks slighly out of the side of his eyes which is very disconcerting.

    But I have to say that the girls are being eliminated because the guys are better performers overall.

    But this is all just my opinion. Final will be Scotty and James.

    • u really are not professional….God please why american s….o……stupid in giving opinion…..oh….lord…..dont u seee the judges are very ANGRY…..huh!!!! asshole…i dont no what to say anymore….the worst people got in and the best got the lowest vote…..oh……GOD……

      • Randy–

        Go lie down,

        Sleep it off,

        And come back when you can


      • To each his own, Randy. why get so consumed with this? they are more important things in this world than this.

      • To each his own, Randy. why get so consumed with this? there are more important things in this world than this.

    • the girls are being eliminated because…. the voters are mostly teen girls who think these guys are "cute"!!

    • I agree with you about Jacob. He is terrible. His voice sounds so syrupy and sugary it makes me sick. It's either that or he is screeching so loudly that his tongue and tonsils vibrate.

  138. and they didn't make her wear that stupid dress , she had doz. to chose from and she picked the wrong one, not race, not beauty, viewers didn't care for what she could sing

    • I love Scotty I hope he will make it to the finals … as for Pia she was ok but she should not have picked such a atrocious outfit, she is such a pretty girl to where such junk … the show is what it is it has always been about popularity and not always the best singing that gets you to the end. I blame the judges for saving Casey which was a bad call and they are the professionals!

      • What does the outfit have to do with a singing contest? James (for one) looks like he just stepped out of the gutter. But, no one comments on that. Pia was the best SINGER on the show. That is what the show was supposed to be about, or atleast that is what I thought.

      • yah….i aree with u…..the one who should not be in bottom three got in the bottom three…..GOD….why…please give them wisdom to vote. if like that next time we vote for their cloth but not how they sang……what a stupid ass…..American Idol HELLO!!!!!not american SEXY CLOTH….HELL…….O.

    • This is not a fashion show it's about who can sing. Pia was the best singer by far.:(

  139. Pia is so boring and so got voted out. She does not bring anything new to the table. There are many good singers in America that sounds like her so there is no unique factor in her. And she can't dance and move when she sang River Deep Mountain High. She's just another good singer, not idol material.

    • I think this is what it is. I think Pia is talented and gorgeous, but I never "felt" her. I did not vote for her, and still wouldn't. The only time I was excited to hear her sing was when I was wondering if she was going to sing something different. Surprised, but not sad to see her go.

    • i totally agreed with you patricia…pia can sing but not an idol material..i always knew that she wont be long..coz she is boring and people wont missed her.. and next should be scotty (lame) and james (annoying).. if scotty win this season its gonna be a BIG mistakes…coz he wont be too long in music industry..and that wil be ashame..

      • Scotty will be big in country music, the ones that currently sing like him are over a decade older, like Josh Turner who is 14yrs older. Scotty just needs 2 or 3yrs to get polished and find the right songs.

        And Scotty has been in first for weeks by a wide margin, the young girls love him.

      • its like sticking knitting needles in my ears when I hear Scotty sing another country song, how Jlo and Dawg cant pick up on that yawn but have a go at Pia for singing ballads, also whats up with JLo and Stefano?? The way she carries on about him, I'm surprised Mark Anthony hasnt step him out yet.

      • ok Pia could sing but she had nothing on stage compared to James and Scotty. James is classic rock style with a great voice and Scotty? Well, Scotty is something special- to say he'll never be big is the WORST judgement i have ever heard in my life. You must seriously not be a country fan if you think that and if you arent a country fan on the topic of scotty, your opinion DOES NOT COUNT!!!!

      • Banana you are so wrong about Scotty. He can sing other songs very well…he has proved that. He is not just country, aren't you listening to what he is singing?

    • I have just compared Pia's version and Celine' and have to say I like Pia's voice better, Celine is more animated with head and arms but mostly stays in one spot with a microphone stand. Tina Turner was better and worse on parts but unreal stage presence no one is going to beat. I'm a James and Lauren fan but people really need to listen Pia, while not always in right key on higher notes her voice is solid.

    • I could not disagree with you more !

      I can only guess that you are young and wouldn't sheer talent and class if it jumped up and hit you in the face. To say she is not unique is just unbelievable. She was heads above the other contestants… she stood alone as the absolute best singer.. remember, this is a singing contest, not a dance, showmanship contest!! She is the epitome of a talented singer, in a class all by herself.

      I was so disgusted by the results and the flawed voting ( which her own comments just prove), that I am no longer an Idol fan… that is my way of voting !!

      • now, no need to call names and assume the worst out of people… i'm not saying she's a bad singer, quite the opposite, she's a great singer. but that just won't cut it nowadays.

        idols need to PERFORM. they can't survive just being in the records and radio. how could she hold a concert when she doesn't have a stage presence?

        by the way, i'm not a teenager, just a realist.

    • She sing well but it seems she only relied on her voice only while others tried to bring new things….. She should have made some effort to break out of her comfort zone.

      • Oh my goodness…. how DARE she "rely on her voice" in a singing competition?!? Look, she was the best singer by a long shot and if she was boring I do think the show bears some responsibility to help her with marketability. This really should be about singing talent and with her beauty, the AI handlers kind of failed her because she has tremendous potential to be marketable.

      • It is not entirely a singing competition. they are looking for the full package. that is why the word idol is there. don't u see there are many idols who don't really sing that well but because they have their own style and charisma, the fans love them.

    • just because Pia is hot and can sing..a hint of jealousy Pat?? I suppose after taking Jacobs advice of looking in the mirror, its time to take it out on Pia

      • Nothing personal when we give our comments. so no I'm not jealous hahaha! just that everyone will have their likes and dislikes. lets agree to disagree.

      • why people need to bring up jealousy everytime a woman give negative comment about pia? really juvenile.

  140. If the Idol competition was all about vocals then the judgement /ratings would have been completely based on the vocal recordings and not having the format as it does now. But I think AI is looking for the complete package , vocals and entertainment values , so maybe that would explain why Pia received such a low votes.

    • The blind have been leading the blind. Randy was not even allowed to say that any of the performers were pitchy. There must be some good reason that the judges get paid big bucks. So, if they can't judge and the voters can't judge (just stupid teeny boppers) then change the format. The voting system is too easy to screw and judges should have a say, both during the program and after the teeny boppers make their bloopers. I hope American Idol can survive this one. I won't be there to find out. This outcome is plain stupid.

      • Stupid teeny boppers buy albums and songs. Why is their opinion less valid than any one elses?

      • Teeny boppers will continue to vote out the females. I'm sure there is a lot more female teenies out there voting than male, and when they crush on someone, it is what it is. Scotty will win with his one and only country talented voice.

      • The judges should JUDGE and not give SYRUPY SWEET comments to every each one the contestant. Give praise and constructive criticism where they are due do the audience would use their comments as guidance. So Jennifer Lopez Just shut up your face if Randy wants to give advice to the singers

  141. The thing I took away from the show was how good this crop of contestants is compared to the former idol contestant who performed. Pia was excellent and deserved to finish in the final 3 but James is very likable and hopefully will win. Bet the judges will save their save longer next season.

    • yah i agree….with icanfly…casey was not so entertaining….that night but ok….but why pia….she sang like professional. no pitchy every week….but why pia????????? im lost now……i dont no what to say…

  142. I really do not think that I can watch AI too much longer. With the piss poor judging and the simple voting. The show has lost something that made it a very good show. They need judges that tell the truth to all the contestants (not just a select few). Jennifer is the worst judge in the history of the show. Steven and Randy are not far behind. All the judges need to stop pacifying the contestants. out of all the contestants left, I think that Scotty, Lauren, and Haley should be the final 3. AI is very disappointing this season.

  143. Obviously the voters in American idol are suffering a brain damage with accute idiocy.No more Idol for ne.Byeeee

  144. Hello?! This is not a singing competition, it is a popularity contest. Look at two years ago when Adam lost. Wake up and change the channel if you're angry about Pia.

  145. i think there are 3 reason why Pia got eliminated.

    1. Between the 3 female contestant she is by far the most weakest performer that night. Eventhough shes not the weakest from the 9 contestant (Jacob the weakest after his comment stunt & Stefano the only 1 who got bad reps from Randy),dont forget the female population is 4 : 1 to male population….

    2. People like Pia for her humble, grace and sophisticated image. Like Will.I.Am said, "if Madonna sing Tina Turner booo". Gwen Stefani is the blame because the wardrobe for Pia is not the Pia that everyones like,its Madonna's Pia singing Tina Turner…

    3. Its a chain reaction from Top 11-Redux. We all know that back in the Top 11 Pia definitely said that next week (Top 11-Redux) she will sing an upbeat song but she didnt in the Top 11-Redux. People felt betrayed…

  146. To all teengirl voters .Stop suck your fingers.Your vote is really sucks.Pia have talent voice, presentation.

  147. america u suck….yes we are watching in New Zealand…such destruction of young musicians…how can you possibly expect a musically uneducated public to be the decider of such talent

    • The judges should start JUDGING from now on!!!!

      If the audience does not have any guidance on who they should vote for since every single contestant's singing is beautiful and amazing, then IDOL should do away with the judges!!! Hopeless!! PIA was one of the best in the contest…..I really thought that she'd be in the final!!!

      • yeah start judging by voting randy and j-lo off the show now!!! Simon would be just putting some of these singers to the sword because of the way they sing!! I listen to most music on i-pod or in car, it doesnt matter who they move or look like..its about the voice, which 5 of the last guys dont have!!!

  148. Remember that Casey was voted off the show but was saved by the judges. I am boycotting the show because Pia should have been in the top three. Are Haley, Lauran, Paul, Casey, Stefano and Jacob better singers than Pia?

  149. I totally understand why pia went off..cant deny she has a good vocal(so does everyone in it) and good looks (dont be so shallow and only judge by appearances)..but personality playing an important role to entertain us…and she ain't got any. so..farewell pia=)next will be james..

    p/s:save CASEY is worth it..he just put a smile on our face=)

      • I was not smiling when Casey flung himself on the floor with his ridiculous drama. I think he needs some serious meds.

      • @jozee what if he really need it? he's been in poor health last couple of weeks. why assuming the worst out of people?

  150. I do think the voting system needs to be revamped because until this year I had shyed away from American idol due to the fact the last year I had watched it Melinda Doolittle was the best singer and a bunch of kids made sure they got who they wanted in that years finale. Melinda did at least make it to the top 3 though. I liked Pia and was hoping she would make the finals against Scotty who is clearly the favorite. Realistically though I figure she would make top 4 or 5. So it is a surprise but I really believe everyone left besides Scotty is playing for second place. With voting system as it is, I challenge anyone to say that Scotty isn't the most popular guy left with the teen audience. It is what is it people we deal with it or we stop watching and force them to change things for their own survival as a show.

  151. hmm, I think it's not really time for Pia to go, I hate Haley and I would want to see her go, I don't watch Idol nymore because Thia Megia was out, and now your telling me that Pa is out and Haley is there? Until Haley's gone, I'm not gong to watch idol.. I'm just here because I'm curious… That's it! i HATE THIS YR IN IDOL. it's just UNFAIR this yr…

  152. I was so hoping Jacob would have been the one to go. He constantly seems off-key to me and is never really critiqued. I think he has everyone afraid to say anything for some reason, and it isn't helping him improve. Most of the other contestants listen to the critiques and improve…poor Pia listened and got voted off! I think she will be given a contract.

    I LOVE Lauren, and I feel like she sings much better than critiqued. My favorite i-tunes of the season are hers.

  153. Really America got it soooo wrong Pia was and is amazing and i am not sure why stefano is still there….. I think the judging should be like it is in so you think you can dance! They have the bottom 3 then the judges watch them perform again and then they get to decide who goes… this stops these mistakes from happening…

  154. americans are crazy…she is everyones dream chic and has it all….how you people didn't vote to keep her in, will keep me amused for a looooong time…wake up america

    • But not to those nymp. american teen girls, unfortunately!! Cos their brain only function on "vote for the cute one" Lol!

      • Tenisaddict, you know AI is enjoying the votes of the teen girls because it is revenue potential, No matter what at the end of the day they will always count how much is their profit, and not how happy is AMERICA.Don`t you know how mush is their share from AT&T?

  155. The judges should not have saved Casey in the first place!! Pia is so much better than him. Her vocal, so powerful!

  156. I was totally turned from American Idol when Pia got voted off. She is the best singer they had there are so many more who I think should have been gone long ago. Too many young girls voting for the guys. I can name a few guys who should be gone. When I listen to music in my car I do not watch the video I just want to hear a good song and she could sing better then all of them on there. she is another (celion Dion)(Mariah Carey)(Carrie Underwood).

  157. To all Pia fans:

    I really know how it feels after Thia got eliminated. I was expecting that Pia was gonna be top 3 or even Top 2. What happened, happened and we can't blame anybody, since our favorite is the least favorite by everybody.

    I just hope (I do believe) that they'll both have great careers ahead of them

    God bless Thia and Pia

    Go balladeers πŸ™‚

  158. Change the voting time to 30 minutes after the show is over

    That will fix this 300 votes by one acne laced 12 year old issue

  159. I can't believe Pia is gone…she was BY FAR the most talented performer they had this season, perhaps ever. With the exception of Jacob and Halley, the rest are simply mediocre…they can sing, but they do not have strong voices, nor the range required to make it in the music world. I, for one, will not be watching the rest of this season.

    • Are you sure you are not going to watch…because it's going to get interesting…im sure!!

  160. This reminds me of what happened last season- All of the girls were eliminated early, then a lot of boys, and we were left with one boy and one girl in the finale.

    • I don't think so..The way the idol pimping the boys, Lauren and Haley are next in line..

  161. Yes..Yes…Yes…..America Got It Right!!!!!

    Bravo America…Bravo for doing the correct thing!!!

    We know all the contestants are good in their singing..i mean their voices are flawless despite one or two , here and there , once in the blue moon , an occassional hiccup in the voice…it doesnt matter….

    But what matters the most….if you are given the chance to perform….do it as though this the last chance you've got it and perform extraordinarily….show that you have something really , really , special, something that can move the spectators , the audiences…something that shows you have worked really hard to perform on the stage uniquely and differently…and that was what i saw in all the contestants including Paul,Stefano,Haley and Jacob but Pia inspite of being very beautiful, inspite of having one of the loveliest voice, inspite of promising many times that she will improve her stage performance and her stage presences, she failed countless times to present a magical moments except for delivering songs in her beuatiful voice which is not enough when you have tough contenders who are performing like as though it's their last chance on the show!

    I'm not an American and i'm not in America but watch American Idol one day late due to the late transmission in my country. Hence i cant vote!!!… I have no hard feelings for any contestants especially to Pia…she will go far after this….its not end of story for her…..i know…it just gets better….

    Well…America….i hope you continue to vote correctly….seeing contestants who really worked hard and give their all best when they perform…dont base your votes on who looks handsome , sexy , gender wise…but vote on who moved you internally with their performances and your instinct should guide you to vote correctly…Thank you again America…..

    • Dude you've been brainwashed by the judges comments about performing, I pity your narrow mind.

      • no I agree totally with you Rd. Ignore son of Paul.He doesn't know what he's thinking or saying.

    • ahahaha i second you. i really appreciate contestants who spend time and effort to make their performance stands out. putting their own twist into it, making it their own.

      i actually glad the judges used the save option early on, so the contestants would get off their asses and work even harder.

  162. well what can I say after watching the show?? Shall I watch next week? hell no! do you think there gonna get another 50m votes? yeah no

    blow the votes and the people have spoken rubbish..the 2 best singers with the strongest voices have now been eliminated. how randy can go up to Pia and hug her and say unbelievable, when he was putting the boot into her for singing ballads, left me as stunned as the result.

    Well who will be AI '11, now that the front runner has gone so early. Well after tonight it cant be any of the following:

    1. Durbin or Dumbo shall I call him. He is an arrogant fool after his comment to the TMZ guy, he should remember where he's come from, because he may be back there next week, and then that reporter dude will go, Durbin who? in a couple of years.

    2. Paul – how a guy who cant sing in tune is still in this game, shows how stupid the people are who vote for him.

    3. Stefano – everytime he sings he's like a church mouse. He has no power, even in the group numbers, the back up singers are louder than he is. incredible how he is still there.

    4. Scotty – Hey guys, guess what Scotty's singing this week, what country? no? really? really? he's that good? fools! Low notes and country. more coffee or bring something else or go back to your softball team.

    5. Casey – why save his ass??? he needs to go home shave his beard, tuck his shirt in. to think that that's being different and individualistic?? wow, he looks like a hobo. plenty of them around. there's probably alot of them with a better voice as well.

    As for the other 3, sorry they can sing, even the dark horse, Haley..but knowing all the idiots out there, they'll be in the bottom 3 next week.

    1 thing is for sure, the one who is AI '11, wont sell as many records as Pia.

  163. I'm in doubt at online voting. Is it reliable?

    Someone might vote a thousand times using different email address.

    So I would like to advice not to take online voting very seriously.

    I mean it should be only minor parts in the judgment of true American idol winner.

    I'm the one who was shocked by tonight's result.

  164. So they are telling us middle-agers to vote more and the results will be different. I don't know about anyone else, but waiting on phone lines to open and paying to vote for someome isn't my cup of tea. Haven't done the computer yet, but hear the # of votes is limited. Where are these teenies getting the dough for these calls? I guess if mom and dad are paying, then maybe us moms and dads should start voting too!

    • Phone call votes (1-877 numbers) and online votes are completely free. Text votes only cost if you don't have a plan that covers it (and you have to be on AT&T).

  165. American Idol 2011 Shocking result Pia Toscano the best female eliminated. Public vote a joke! Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson eliminated 2004.

  166. There is no way Pia should have been voted off! You can't change the way the public votes, so American Idol needs to change its rules. I think each judge should be allowed 1 save. You have too many young girls voting for their crushes. This program is getting to be a joke instead of a true singing competition. The judges are doing a great job, they work great together, but now their opinion should be considered in the voting. These kids work their heart out and this voting system is very unfair to them. Rules need to change or this will be my last season watching the show!!!!

  167. Pia in my opinion was and still is the MOST TALENTED singer they had this season. NO OTHERS could compair. She is a TOTAL MARKETABLE PACKAGE. This could become the best time in her life because of the uproar her voting off is creating. This attention is giving her much more media attention. Hopefully this will land her a big well paying recording contract!

  168. Pia vocals 10/10 looks 10/10 performance 5/10 =25

    Haley 7/10 6/10 8/10=21

    Scotty 8/10 4/10 7/10 =19

    Lauren 7/10 6/10 5/10=18

    Please explain!!!

  169. What is going on with American Idol??? PIA is by far one of the most talented!!! I think the judges need to tell it like it is on American Idol. They say everyone is great and that is just not the case. If Simon was on the show that would have never happened. Their being way to nice. Sorry PAUL please.

  170. The way to make a statement is to stop watching the show…….STOP WATCHING AMERICAN IDOL>>> Maybe the producors will get it…….and if I were a sponsor I would pull my ads……COME ON AMERICAN THAT THE WAY TO MAKE A STATEMENT>>>>

    • David, the way to make a statement is to vote. Her fans not watching or not voting is why Pia is off.

      • I don't agree completely. Every week I vote 5 to 10 times for Pia texting my vote. There are some people who spend the entire 2 hours sending a text over and over again. I thought 10 votes were kinda high for myself but I don't have the free time to have a voting war through texts with people with nothing better to do than voting their favorite nonstop for 2 hrs. I refuse to have to do that.

      • As we say in NY you gotta be in it to win it, Thomas. You didn't want to put in the time, you got the result.

  171. Branden it's true you get it & you don't! You put Pia in the bottom three yourself. Not because she picked a bad song but presumably because everything she does is the same and not unique. There is nothing about Pia's voice that would allow a person to identify her if she were signing on the radio. This isn't about finding someone who can sing a nice version of Ave Maria in church — it's about finding a unique talent who should have a performing career. And what's with the complaining about the girl vs boy count? This is about talent not sex. Back when there were 12 girls and 12 boys it seemed like they should have just dropped the 12 girls then and there — the boys just happen to be better this season.

    • hte boys ARE better this season, that is a factAnd what you said is true, no one could identify her on a radio, thing you CAN do with Paul, Scotty, James… This rule is not true though if we're talking about Stefano. I think he's not original at all and c'mon, look at the public for crying out loud.

  172. I'm so disappointed. I wish that Randy and Jen didn't give her such a hard time about her movement on the stage – I think that really hurt her. She doesn't need to do anything but sing. If you think about the really big stars like Streisand, Houston and Dion – do/did they need to "move", no, just sing! I hope that her career has just begun! Love her voice!

    • Her voice is so generic it may as well be computer generated. When you hear Streisand or Dion you know who it is. Not so for Pia.

  173. I thought it was silly that she went home so early on, and thought for sure Stefano would leave after being in the bottom so many times. However, I knew she would not win like so many people said she would. I figured she would be in top 4 or 3 at best but then that would be the end for her. She undoubtedly has an amazing and powerful voice, but what she lacks is originality. Not many people want to listen to "Diva's" (if you will) anymore. I know I surely can't listen to them often because their voices tend to give me headaches after a long time, yet I still am awed in amazement whenever I do.

    That and when it came down to her performances, I never felt any passion from her, anything that could possibly make me connect in a way to the lyrics or anything for that matter. A mediocre singer/ artist can give an incredible performance if they bring some real passion and raw emotion to the song and make it their own. Not just someone with a beautiful voice singing a song for the sack of singing.

    Also, she made the stupid mistake of singing so many ballads. She should have switched it up a long time ago before this round. All in all, I hate to say it and I'm sure to get flamed- she deserved to go home, I just don't think it should have been this round.

    Q: why do so many people like James? I'm completely oblivious to that one. He's (imo) a less talented version of Adam Lambert, who he himself isn't that great either although he did have some good moments on AI (i.e. Track of my Tears & Mad World stand out most notably in my mind. I just don't get that one. Or why Paul and/or Stefano is still in the competition.

    • Gotta agree that James is like a poor man's un-camp Adam Lambert. He gives it his all though!!

  174. You know what, I think the guys are so much better, that they do deserve to win! I mean, I liked Pia, she had a great voice, and I still think that Jacob or Stefano should be the ones to go, but Cassey, James, Scotty and Paul? No way!!!They rock!! This season, for me is the best one no doubt about that.

  175. Just watched the performance show in NZ. I can't believe Pia is gone. She has one of the best voices in the comp and I had pegged her to go deep with Lauren Scotty and James. This is not the first time that the judges have dissed the viewers, IIRC Simon did it from time to time. Not sure where she goes from here but she has a great look and a great voice, we may not see the end of Pia, but I have seen the end of AI2011

  176. there is not a credible judge!! Though Jennifer occasionally has backbone and points out flaws she is still unable to direct the audiences and cut through to the truth. The other two judges are useless. Though unprofessional, their reaction reflects the fan base., and voting public. This system is flawed, perhaps a descending voting value from the judges. Ex: top ten – 75o/o. Top five- 50 o/o Top four – 25o/o. Top three- 10o/o. Top two 0 o/o. Will ensure the correct bottom five. Most of the remaining talent is diversely fabulous, but there are at least three males that should have gone before Pia. The top five, should be the top five in singing ability. I'm disappointed and concerned about the credibility of the show and have no need to watch any further

    • The judges are not helpful. They should have kept Kara who could have been the critical voice on the panel. Instead the audience is told that all the contestants are "in it to win it!" This is what happens. The biggest shock since that Indian kid almost got to the finals

      • So, basically you're saying we only vote for what the judges say? Of course they have an influence, but I wont vote for someone I don't like or think is worthy of my vote just because Steven Tyler (who btw I think is the best) said so. I have my own opinion.

      • I didn't say that but I am sure there are many out there that listen to the judges' comments and this affects their opinions

      • There are those who think what the judges say is a rule. They have more experience, yes. But it is up to us now, to who's single we'd buy. So take in to consideration what they say, but do not make of it the definitive choice.

      • Considering the AI voting public's success rate (3 of the previous 9 winners have had notable success (Clarkson, Underwood, Sparks)) I am not sure the voting public can be trusted. It is one thing to vote for a contestant on a talent show, another to spend your $$$ on buying that artist's records

      • Pia's talent is undisputedly top five this voting system has not assured the top five. The last time this happened, it lost the interest of half my family and coworker, so if this is happening within my little world you can bet it's happening on a broader scale. My concern is to deal with the problem., the voting system. This year the judges are sugar coating obvious flaws and have neutralized the obvious talent unable or unwilling to create a winner. That's fine, but it's disingenuous! And mocks the very premis of the

  177. Entirely wrong that Pia got sent home, but she showed what a class act she is in defeat, finishing her song strong before turning away from the camera and breaking down. Pia, you are a star and you will shine for a long long time.

  178. Pia didnt deserve to go home, no she had no stage presence, but she was a heck of a lot better then PAUL!! omg that guy has no valume. he definitely needs to go go go!!!! and stephano should of went last night, I have never been so upset, Pia isnt my favorite, but it wasnt her week to go, well good luck Scotty and Lauren… love you guys…

    • it's the voting system that's messed up, IMO. i am quite sure a lot of people, like myself, thought Pia, James, and Scotty would all make the top 5. When you're allowed to vote for only one then someone can easily slip from 1st to last. Case in point, Casey was eliminated and saved by the judges, the very next week he is in the top 3 in votes so it appears as though people voted from their norm to make sure he stayed. I like the way the Heisman is voted where you vote for your top 3 and it gets tallied that way. I never do vote but if I did it would be for James although Pia would have been 2nd. It seems more fair to me. As far as those who say it isn't fair, sure it is. I'm not going to gripe because I don't ever vote but it's set up the way it is and people are afforded the right to vote for whom they want. Look at the last two Presidents we have had – one side says Bush is the worst ever and the other says Obama is yet they were both elected by the majority. I realize there is an electoral process but they still won the majority the last 2 times – Bush didn't the 1st time, of course. My point is this, the rules are what they area nd people vote for whom they choose and here are the results. I still like my top 3 idea.

    • The bottom line is that we have more talent this season. Whereas in the past, you have 2 or 3 really strong top 12 and the rest are okay, this time it is different. They are all unique in their style, and have amazing talent. Every week will be a "shocker" as to who goes home, but there can only be 1 winner!

    • I have been a music buff and musician all my life (I'm 48) and feel pretty well qualified to say that Pia was the best singer in the competition. No, she does not have good "moves" on stage, but who besides James does?? Scotty is the most popular according to the votes on this website and couldn't slow dance with a professional ballroom dancer! Casey, Paul…..don't make me laugh (or gag). Haley, Lauren….yea right. My point being, lack of "stage presence" would be the only valid reason for Pia to get voted off, and since hardly anyone else has it either, something is fishy here!! Pia got voted off because the vast majority of the votes come from girls age 10-16 that vote for the cutest guy on the stage. Please don't take that as chauvinistic, because I certainly am not. Just the facts. The pre-teens and early teens that yell, scream and cry over Justin Bieber, those are the main voters. This show is in real trouble; long and short term. Did you hear Ryan Seacrest tell us at the end of the show to "please stay with us this season, folks"? (may not be exact words)A comment he surely got chewed out for but he is smart enough to know what Pia meant to the show. Pia was far and away the best talent for AI since Carrie Underwood, who by the way, had no moves at all until well after Idol. Pia will sign a multi-million dollar contract by next week and will be much better known a year from now, 5,10, 20 years from now than any Idol contestant ever, other than Carrie. However, Pia's best satisfaction will come next week when Idol's ratings take a steep and permanent nosedive. Now there will be yet another all male, tired-ass finale. So here will all are, mostly adults, following this competition and writing on this blog, when the outcome will be decided, for the most part, by people not old enough to drive a car. Makes me feel like a chump and I am done with it. Final Regards, Paul

      • As a musician too, we both know Pia was the real deal. Can't wait until her next album comes out (she has one already check out You tube) as far as the rest ..not to sure that any of them will have the "chops" for the long run .. Scotty is like so many other country singer, He doesn't have anything specail to set him apart and he will get lost in the mix. I don't think any of the rest are even close to having any original type talent .. (SO SO seen it all before).. I like Casey as a musician but star material he is not , Paul also is likeable but not a long run kind of singer. Both of the girls bore the hell out of me

        and for the rest … to be seen I guess. And yes I did notice Ryan plea not to give up watching because of discussed with the way it has self-distructed because of a bad call.

  179. Pia & Jacob, both of the acoustic fidelity timbre is best, is also the best singer.

    Very disappointed Pia must leave.

    Haley Reinhart is not best in the stage, whether only then the sexy golden hair can stay behind.

    The counting the ballots vote way already lost fairness, I do not think this program.

  180. I Blame everything on GWEN STEFANIE . Her styling was EMBARRASSING for Every single Female. Poor Pia. Such a beautiful girl, but Gwen Stefani made her look absurd. Pia is classy looking. elegant and sophisticated. Gwen's styling is all about the worst elements of New Jersey , West Virginia and Philadelphia. yuk. And Jacob is next to go, with his lame excuses , assaulting " Americans" who might not be comfortable with black gays yet. Please. Give it a rest Jacob. That is NOT why we now think you are a jerk. Trust me.

  181. it was just wrong. Pia was soo much better than at least 4 of the boys. Crazy night, she will be signing a record deal quickly, or Steven Tyler will make her a deal I am sure.

    • I agree with Rick—not only was she the most talented of this year's crop but if this were about looks she was prettier than any previous Idol winner including Carrie Underwood, Fantasia or Kelly Clarkson…the problem is simply we have too many ugly 18-25 year old female haters out here voting

  182. They need to have a default sytem to over ride stupid voting. Everyone enjoys the show, however, most adults don't have the time to sit on the phone all night to vote….

    Pia was a professional with her work ethic and song choices were too mature for youngsters.

    The least Idol can do is have her back as a guest artist, before the show ends to remind us how silly the whole thing was.

  183. No one down under is surprised! After all, look who America voted as POTUS! We see that Paul McDonald is only getting by, soley by flashing his whiter-than-white pearlies at the camera! It used to be said that camera doesn't lie! Well, we can certainly put that old wives tale to rest!

    • Paul isn't getting by just on his smile. He has a really unique voice, no one sounds like him. Personally, I didn't like his performance this week, but I have liked them in the past.

    • he's not your average cookie-cutter singer too though.

      probably, just probably, that's why people vote for him.

    • Tim I am with you-Mama-mia,Poppa-"PIA" I could not believe this was happening & cant wait to see her become a STAR!I will BUY her music.Move over Celine.

      • I like that suggestion Tim ! Let America vote for the bottom 3 but leave the final say to the " professionals "

    • with the growth and expansion of businesses out there that demand good elevator music, demand for Pia's style is definitely unquestionable. Just this morning on my , they were playing some up beat music in my elevator and I started to get depressed, but then I thought that Pia could fill that need now.

  184. Like Randy and Jennifer said: It makes me mad and angry when Pia was eliminated. It make me question the music mentality of the voters. I'm done for the season of Idol.

  185. After watching the performances I was pretty sure that Stephano and Jacob would be fighting it out for elimination. Jacob's "Man in the Mirror" was dire on every level

  186. This explanation that young girls are responsible for the results last night just doesn't fly. Talk to some young teenagers as I have and you'll find that they don't think any of the guys are cute except Stefano.

    I'll being voting with my remote next week. No more AI.

  187. To all you fools complaining about Pia's great voice but lack of performance,

    Download the performance and listen to that on your ipods. Geniuses you not.

  188. All of us were in shock but no one as much as Stefano!…he knew that it was time for him, as it was…he's good, they all are at this point, but he does the same performance week after week…Pia will have a career, as will all the rest, but it would have been nice to have been able to see her grow and advance her stage presence…I do think it would help her movement if she stepped down the height of her heels so she could move without fear of falling….she has an exceptional voice and I think maybe we need to have another "save" available to allow for voting boo-boo's like this!

    And PLEASE….no more open closets for dreadful clothes choices…yuck…….and no more aging, bare-chested, not-for-prime-time rockers… didn't appear that JLo was anymore excited about his "close-singing" performance.

    • Agreed. Iggy Pop was terrible, Stephano should have gone, another save is necessary, Pia will have a career. Kind of makes you wonder if after last night, the judges regret saving Casey. I am sorry, but a save for Pia would have been SOOO much better than saving Casey. If I was Casey, I would have stood up last night and said, "I will leave tonight because this chick deserves the save so much more than me." Whether they would let him do that is another story . . .

      • I said the judges would regret using their one save on Casey, because he was not that good. Oh boy was I right.

      • I feel in order to get the exotic flower u know who I mean into the Idol Tour they set that whole thing up with Casey, and it backfired.I know she has had a rough way to go but realy judges was it worth it.

  189. Just watch Pia blow them away during the AI tour. I will definitely watch it just because of Pia. And one more thing: I predict Pia would land the first recording contract among them. David Foster may bring her up for his "Friends" gig.

  190. I think Pia is a wonderful singer and will have a great career however; she is boring and not relevant in this venue. I was a bit disappointed that Jacob stayed instead of Pia but I will not be surprised if he is the next to go. They all gave great performaces and I think the vote truly came down to how each worked the audience and the stage plus I agree her attire didn't help. That outfit was awful and I thought that the minute she came out. It did not suit her and looked silly.

    • Pia was definitely the best there was, no Jacob will still be there until all the girls have gone over the next few weeks. The program is a con and if the voting was legal then the public would have voted Stefano off 2 weeks ago.

      The program is rigged because everyone can see that Pia is a class of her own, she can control the stage with a bit more experience. Some producer out there must take her on. After rerunning the program again the voting is rigged and the produces have voted her off not the American public, to many people are shocked.Jennifer Lopez or Steven should should take her on.

      The program now does not have any good number 1 singer they are all average, perhaps that what the producers wanted.

      • On the other side, don't you think that the show would want to keep all of their number 1 singers for as long as possible? Multiple previous posts have said that they are done watching after last night, less viewers = lower ratings. And isn't the whole goal to be over Dancing with the Stars in the ratings?

        I am not saying you're wrong, I am just saying that you might not be right.

  191. The season is over for me. Erased the show, eliminated AI from my DVR queue. No more AI EVER. With Pia gone, maybe I will read a book Wednesdays now. I voted for her 7 times, so I don't know what is wrong with the rest of you. Enjoy your sausage-fest, America.

    • GOOD FOR YOU!!

      Now you can start doing

      something CONSTRUCTIVE

      with your time like the

      rest of us should.

  192. @ Branden…I agree. Pia's send off was totally unwarranted. I was stunned. She has a wonderful voice. Although, not my favorite to win..I had her in the top 3 with James and Scotty. I am a huge Rock fan, but I thought Iggy Pop's performance was terrible…seemed he got bleeped more times than Steven T. ever was. JMO

  193. what I saw was a horror/ drama show.. I thought she will be in the finals. God! what have you done america? Can't you see what true talent is? first Thia was voted off early and now PIA??? hmmm.. this isn't funny anymore.. what with the guys?? (sigh)

  194. it’s the voting system that’s messed up, IMO. i am quite sure a lot of people, like myself, thought Pia, James, and Scotty would all make the top 5. When you’re allowed to vote for only one then someone can easily slip from 1st to last. Case in point, Casey was eliminated and saved by the judges, the very next week he is in the top 3 in votes so it appears as though people voted from their norm to make sure he stayed. I like the way the Heisman is voted where you vote for your top 3 and it gets tallied that way. I never do vote but if I did it would be for James although Pia would have been 2nd. It seems more fair to me. As far as those who say it isn’t fair, sure it is. I’m not going to gripe because I don’t ever vote but it’s set up the way it is and people are afforded the right to vote for whom they want. Look at the last two Presidents we have had – one side says Bush is the worst ever and the other says Obama is yet they were both elected by the majority. I realize there is an electoral process but they still won the majority the last 2 times – Bush didn’t the 1st time, of course. My point is this, the rules are what they area nd people vote for whom they choose and here are the results. I still like my top 3 idea.

  195. What the hell!What were you people thinking?PIA has the the quality to go straigh to the final.I can't belive it.i swear i never watch american idol again

  196. Pia has a beautiful voice and will be another Jennifer Hudson. Her voice is incredible and she has been noticed. Way to go Pia

  197. What's wrong with you Americans??? I'm Canadian and cant vote !!! – PIA should have been the winner…. what is going thru your heads over there????? I'm done with AMERICAN IDOL!!!

    • Cathy, America voted for their favorites or they didn't vote thinking their favorite was safe. But at the same time there is a whole website that is voting for the worst contestant that will keep him on AI and he probably will win. The only thing the public can do is throw their votes to their next favorite contestant to keep her/him in. Remember the last three AI winners? But you do remember Crystal Bowersox and Adam Lambert who didn't win but should have. For all of us that can vote do so to make sure that website doesn't continue to spoil the show again for us.

  198. I have never commented before but feel compelled to do so this time around. We need to realize that this is a "contest" based on personal likes and dislikes. We are all free to vote for who we choose. While I may like one contestant you may like another and that is great – it's a democratic society. I would think most of us are not experts like the panel and vote for what we like.

    I was appalled by the judges expressions when it was announced that Pia would be leaving the show – esecially Randy and Jennifer. I felt bad for Stefano because he didn't get to feel the happiness that goes with moving forward. It was obvious the judges didn't agree. If that is to be the case than this whole concept needs changing – maybe it should be "Judges Idol" instead of "American Idol".

    I think that all contestants are good – a competition means only one person wins – while it may not be what I like it is obviously what someone else likes.

    • I think people should decide the bottom 3 and the judges choose the contestant that goes home.

      • You are 100% right! Pia will be fine even though she was eliminated… she will survive! It is a CONTEST and people take this way too personally!!

      • Chris……You are right, we do take it personally…….I know that only one will be the winner but to eliminate the best female singer in the group is ridiculous…..

      • @tapuscrit even if they change it like that and then your favorite contestant got voted off by the judge, you'll find some other reason to complain. give it a rest, the sole responsibility to save a contestant rest with the people now. if you don't want your contestant go home, then VOTE.

    • I couldn't agree with you more. It was horrible and they made every contestant on that show, along with the media feel like they are not worthy.

    • B.Glenn

      Wish I had said what you did

      as you hit the nail on the head.

      I wonder why everyone spends so much energy and time attacking each other,

      instead of simply enjoying an evening of

      listening to good music.

      I also wonder if these voters were as "nit-picky"

      when they elected our president??

      Oh yeah———–

      Most of them weren't old enough to vote!!

  199. Now that the best female singers are eliminated and the two best male voices were in last nite's bottom three, I think we'll all just watch Bones "twice" from here on in…."screamers" rule!

  200. Everyone else has their OPINION of Pia… so here's mine.

    She was PLASTIC; A mannequin and a spray on tanned, push up bra wearing BORE. She was Celine'ish and could stare down her viewers with a tinted little grin that hinged on SNOOTY and biznithch face. She could sing… oh lord could she sing. In fact, she sang so well that she forgot to move and entertain any thought of connecting with the very words that she had chosen to sing. Performer? No. Singer, yes… just like any mannequin with an IPOD crammed down its ARTIFICIAL throat.

    Yeah… I said it. It's my opinion and just like every one of the other hundreds of threads that support Pia like "Pia got jipped" "Pia was robbed" "Pia, Pia, mama mia!" It was time to cut ties with the robotic world. *Waits for the backlash* LoL, believe me I am not a hater. Just saying…..

    • I totally agree with you, she was so boring and yes, from the beginning, she seemed snooty. I was glad to see her go.

      • Thank you!!! I am so tired of hearing about Pia, Pia, Pia… your points were right on the money!

    • I agree. She could sing but it was like watching a pageant. No excitement whatsoever. And thank God for DVR so we don't have to sit thru all that filler crap. Who comes up with this stuff? Where do they dig up these people. Constantine? Really? Does ANYONE enjoy watching the results show? Make it 1/2 hour and get on with it already.

      • although I love me some Pia, Tamie was right on the money! sometimes watching her perform was like watching a beauty pagent(albeit a d*m good one)…but I've been saying this for 7 years now: do we really need a full hour for an elimination show? how bout we leave the Russells, Constantines and Iggys at home and get this thing done in a half hour?

      • You just went to the top of the stupid comments list, the most stupid comments provided on one site.

    • I am with you guys.. AI is not just a singing contest.. its for the total package.. so sorry pia if you didn't charm america.. yeah and i agree! she's kindah snooty.. feeling she got it all..

      and the judges are partly to blame.. if only they critized a little better and not saying 'Dude you nailed it' all the time, then america could have identified who performed well and who did not!!

      these are the times when I MISS SIMON!

      • Shoot, I've been missing Simon since the 1st week of auditions!! can anyone out there recall Steven Tyler even telling at least one contestant they stunk in the past 6 weeks? how can ALL of them "nail it" week after week, week in and week out? are the words "constructive criticism" even in his contract?

    • I don't feel as strongly about it as you do, but you basically identify what happened. I think there were others that should have gone before her (Jacob and Stefano for sure), but she bored the audience and made a terrible song choice this week.

      On the other side of the coin, I believe she actually does have the natural talent to do very well and a good producer can get the right stuff out of her. She may actually be better off like Chris Daughtry was.

  201. It's not rocket science, folks. Randy, J Lo, and Steve Tyler blew it when they used the save too early in the show. We knew they wasted it on someone who didn't have the full idol package. Perhaps someone should explain to Randy (again), J Lo, and Steve Tyler that this is American Idol. It's not just a singing contest. We're here to promote and launch a successful career of an idol who can sell lots and lots and lots of records…It's business…Look at the record sales of the last seven or eight idols. It's gone downhill with exception to Carrie Underwood.

  202. The problem with AI is the voting system. If they raelly want the best to stay they would have people vote for the person they think should leave.

    I am sure that would keep the top performers around a lot longer but AI wouldn't approve. The producers loved last nights show, look at all the press their getting.

  203. Listen Pia is stunning and has a great voice. Was it early for her to go yes. But, am I surprised about last night absolutely not. This show isn’t just about a voice, it’s about stage presence. She didn’t have it. Week after week she just looked uncomfortable on the stage. Plus, I’m sick of the crap about the teen age girls voting for the guys, so sick of it. Bull crap. Young girls love nothing more than a beautiful woman the can emulate, dress like, be like, connect with. They love princesses. But Pia, really think about it. Her song choices (all boring sorry), the way she dressed on performance night stunning, but what young girl relates to that unless you are going to prom or a wedding really people. Crap I