American Idol 2011: Vegas Round Spoilers

Here’s some more spoilers for all you American Idol 2011 fans.  Joe’s Place has once again come through with some information about Wednesday’s show.  The remaining contestants will sing The Beatles’ songs in groups on the Cirque du Soleil “Love” stage. 

Here are the rumored groupings we know so far and some of the songs they are singing:

  • Carson Higgins and Caleb Hawley sing together.
  • Scotty McCreary and Lauren Alania sing “Hello – Goodbye”
  • Tim Halperin and Julie Zorilla sang “Something”.
  • Jovany Barreto and Lauren Turner sing “Let it Be”
  • Sophia Shorai and Ashley Sullivan in a group
  • Pia Toscano and Karen Rodriguez sing “Can’t Buy Me Love”
  • Brett Loewenstern and Brittany Mazur and Chrissy Feliciano sing “Come Together”
  • Keisha Lewis and Tynisa Wilson and Jerome Bell in a group.
  • Ashton Jones and Jacqui Elliott in a group.
  • James Durbin and Stefano Langone sing “Get Back”
  • Casey Abrams and Chris Medina sing “A Hard Days Night”
  • Naima Adedapo and Jacob Lusk and Haley Reinhart in a group
  • Jackie Wilson and Tiwan Strong in a group
  • Alex Ryan and Mollie DeWolf Swanson in a group
  • Robbie Rosen and Aaron Sanders and Jordan Dorsey sing “Got to Get You into My Life”

Check out our top 24 spoilers!

What do you think of the groups performing this week?




  1. Thanks, Ashli Rae…sounds like a great line up. Pumped up about this week. Can't wait to see what happens. The Beatles songs are hard to sing so this should be a real challenge. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂 Hello to Phyllis G; Sherry K., Angela, Marta and all my AI friends. Are we "stoked" or what~????

  2. I am super excited about Naima Adedapo, Jacob Lusk, and Haley Reinhart in a group! 3 of my favorites in this competition. Im also curious to see whats gonna happen with Casey Abrams and Chris Medina.

  3. Thanks Ashli Rae…….I am so excited about tomorrow night…. Singing the Beatles is tough but it definitely separates the good from the very good. I'm ready to get a good look at all the talent tomorrow night…..and get to the Top 24 and the live shows…….Hello to all my AI friends….Hope you all enjoy the show tomorrow night…..

  4. Hey, it's about the total package, voice, stage presence, attitude, who has it all, for me, Ashton, Carson, Brett, Casey, James D, Jacob's voice and style blue me away, however, his stage presence needs work. Wow, this year's contestants are awesome!

  5. Whats with the Vocal Coaches telling People to HOLD back and then I seconds later the Judges telling them that they should never HOLD back. This is definetly Conflicking advice to the Contestants !! Who are tehy susuposed to listen to !!

  6. I am sick and tired of seeing all the sob story people and the drama queen bride……….when we get to the final 24 we aren't going to recognize half of them who are in it! We have had to watch the same people who DON"T make it. Why? Who cares? But then I guess they are saving the real deals for the shows that will be worth watching! Go Lauren Turner! (I know, you don't know who she is right?….she's the one they have not shown ENOUGH of! She is awesome!)

    • I agree. They want you to hear all the losers names first. Then the really good people like Jackie Wilson. who have not even taken the stage except for auditions comes out and nobody will know who she is. Why do they do that.

  7. Thia Megia is great, unique, and phenomenal. I think she will make it to top 24 or even top 10. Wanna bet. More power Thia and the Philippines are praying for you. We will support you up to the end.

  8. I just deleated Idol from series manager. I'm not watching this season. I thought Jaycee Badeaux has a beautiful voice and should have made it into the top 24.

    • I absolutely agree, pamela. He has a beautiful voice and was consistently good He earned a spot in the top 12. Many, many of us just do not understand why he was sent home. Did anyone hear his Beatles song?

  9. The judges kept saying “consistent”, which Jacee was. The judges said several times, “She needs a break” pertaining to several girls. Jaycee WAS CONSISTENT. His final performance was FAR BETTER THAN the two in competition for the last guy.I usually agree with you guys but NO WAY ON THIS CALL! If what you go by is consistent, you better look back at your mistake.Yes, I’m with several others:you let the bad guys advance. Jaycee was only “weak” in his group performance which he was late being included.BRING BACK THE ONE THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE TOP 24—JAYCEE!!!

  10. …What happened to the cowboy whose mother had breast cancer? He was superb but he was never shown again. When did they decide to send him home?

  11. With Simon gone, at last the show is about the contestants and NOT the judges! And gone are the days of playing with the emotions of the contestants for the judges' own entertainment. Well done, American Idol!

  12. ..go made it pretty good in America's got talent…and i believe you could do much better in AI..go PINAY!

  13. ..go thia..she made it pretty good in America's got talent…and i believe she could do much better in AI..

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