American Idol 2011 Hollywood Round Continues In Las Vegas Tonight – Update

Update: Nigel has announced that tonight’s plan for a 2-hour Vegas show has been scuttled. Instead we’ll get one hour of Vegas and then switch over to the first hour of the Green Mile episode scheduled for tonight. Don’t worry, you’ll still get 2 hours both nights. Green Mile will just run a full 3-hours over two nights!

Las Vegas, here comes American Idol! In a new addition to the live show build-up, the series will be taking its Hopefuls to Sin City where they’ll continue to sing for their Idol lives on the set of Cirque du Soleil’s Beatles’ show, “Love.”

Of course, this portion of the season remains pre-recorded and what happened in Vegas doesn’t necessarily stay in Vegas. If you’re anxiously awaiting who makes the cut tonight and who leaves in tears then wait no longer. All those Las Vegas spoilers can be found right here. Heck, we can even let you know who gets paired up for tonight’s performances if you really want to be in the Idol-know!

If you’re not taking a peak at the spoilers, then who do you who to see make it through the next round? Branden’s made his wish list for Vegas. Who is on yours?




  1. Whoo Hoo~!!!! Can't wait. Definitely would like to see James Durbin, Casey Abrams, Carson Higgins, Jacob Lusk, John Wayne Shultz, Brett Lowenstern, Jovanny B,Robbie Rosen, Deandre B., and Colton Dixon in the running for males… forgot about Scotty McCreery and Jacee) ~ (there are so many guys with so much talent this year – hard decision)Females in the running, Pia Toscano, Ashton Jones, Naima Adeapo, Sophia Shorai, Mollie DeWolf, Lauren Alaina, Karen Rodreguez, Julia Zorilla and Haley Reinhart for the females… If I had to pick a favorite right now it would be James Durbin for the guys and Ashton Jones for the girls…I am going to just sit back, be entertained and enjoy the ride…Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂

    • Hi Rose A.! There are so many talented contestants, that I read about! You and Phyllis G., have kept me well informed!

      It will be hard to say, who is the better one, at least for me at this point! Of course, I know there will be standouts and the contestants that were mentioned by you and a couple of other people, I will pay close attention to, when watching the show tonight! P.S. Hi Phyllis G., hope to hear from you! Take Care!

      • Hi Rose & Angela……I am sooo ready for tonight. As everyone knows (because I never shut up about him) I hoping the James Durbin makes it and Pia Toscano for the girls. I love knowing who makes it thru to to top 24 but the real action starts when the shows go live and we get to vote…..

        Really looking forward to Beatle night…..

        Angela…I hope everything is coming along with you.

        Rose A. What can I say….Your the dearest and sweetest….

        Sherry K. My longest and dearest since back in the Adam days. Hope you get to watch the show tonight……

        Thanks Matt…..and Ashli Rae….because I just love this site and my AI friends.

        Christine….I hope your sticking with us…It is so much fun….There are a ton of nice people on this site….

  2. I really hope we get to see everyone sing even if it’s just a few seconds. There’s so much talent and it’d be a shame for the producers to waste time not showcasing everyone. Off the top of my head my favorites (not in order) are John Wayne Schulz, Ashton Jones, Colton Dixon, Lauren Alaina, Casey Abrams, Robbie Rosen, Caleb Hawley, Carson Higgins, and a few other girls whose names I can’t remember. It’s a good year with lots of talented folks!

    • MaryVB…..I agree….I hope we get to see them all sing tonight…..It would be a "FINALLY"…..

      They seem to show the same ones over and over and there are talents that we haven't really seen or heard yet. Enjoy the show!!!!

      • If I'm the Christine you are referring to, thank you, I am back I do see a lot of very nice people. This will be a fantastic ride…..

        Sometimes, I think they keep certain talents very hidden but they make it through then blow up the stage. It's obviously strategic. It has to happen to make sure there's some type of surprise factor. Let's hope anyways.I like

        Lauren Alaina, Ashton Jones, Thia, Julia Zorilla, haley reinhart, Brittney Mazur, Karen Rodriguez, Kendra Chantelle Campbell, Miss Jackie Wilson, Pia Toscano, (11 &12 ) not sure

        Men – Robbie Rosen, Paul McDonald, Brett Loewenstern, Casey Abrams, Clint Jun Gamboa, Colton Dixon, Tim Halperin,Jacob E. Lusk, Jimmie Allen, Jordan Dorsey (?),

        Such hard choices

      • @ Phyllis G. and Rose A. WOW! I really don't know what to think after tonight! I was disappointed Carson Higgens got kicked off! I was not too surprised about Cris Medena. I didn't think his solo was too good. I was glad to see that one girl go. They went kind of fast for me! Did Ashley is it Sullivan? The blond who is always whining get kicked off~the one girl I mention above? Not to be mean! But she has got on my last nerve! I am kind of nervous about tomorrow night. They did 2 hours tonight even though it says above.(Nigel Scuttled doing 2 hours tonight!) Because I was going to watch something else. But my husband said it's not over. I sure hope James Durbin makes it. My husband said he is very talented. Rose, You and Phyllis are both my very dear friends since ADAM. I just love ADAM! You can go to google and google Adam and there is one " At Upright Cabaret", where he sings " Dust in the Wind by Knasas." So sweet a song coming out of Adams mouth! Phyllis, are you nervous about tomorrow? Have you or Rose any thoughts about who might not make it? I printed out their pictures and x~ed out the ones that did not make it.I hope Scotty McCreery makes it.But my hopes are not good. I am a bit confused because they called 7 up front and told them they had made it? Then they went to a second hour,and told 5 of them they had made it. Somebody Help me please. I'm going no where! Staying alive.( (Bee Gee's) I have not been as excited about this show since ADAM was on. There is so much talent it is going to be hard to pick a winner! Jennifer needs to quit crying! It's only going to get tougher! I really did enjoy the show! But I was on pins and needles! Well goodnight My friends Rose A and Phyllis. We will see! 🙂 Sherry K

      • Christine….Glad your back…..The only guy you left out that I'm rooting for is James Durbin but I like your choices…..Stick around…this site is fun…..

      • Sherry…..I agree the show was a little confusing last night…too much recaps…..we've seen it already…lets get on with this ridiculous Green Mile walk…It takes forever to get down there and then they recap the whole history of the contestant on Idol….ENOUGH already…….Tonight should end this, they will pick the top 24 and then next week the live shows start and America votes..YEAH!!!!

  3. Here in Toronto the show is scheduled to be 2 hours tonight, I would think they changed it for everybody Matt.

    For now I dont want to say who is my favorite as Chris Medina is gone 🙁 but I still have some I like a lot. Early to say who is the very fav as everytime I pick someone is kicked out hahaha so I wont say anything!!!

    • Yes, the show is still 2 hours. Sorry if that was confusing.

      Half of tonight's 2 hours will be Las Vegas and the other half will introduce the Green Mile one night early. Tomorrow will have another 2 hours of Green Mile.

      • @ Sherry K. Good morning…I think the "green mile" they are referring to is the green carpet that they have to walkkfrom the stage door all the way up to where the judges are sitting to get the good or bad news of either they are in or out. Yes, Ashley Sullivan (drama queen) did get cut. I was dissapointed about Chris, but you are right…his solo was not all that good and in his duet he was overshadowed by Casey. He truly is a remarkable young man and I wish him nothing but the best. Excited about what tonight will bring. Hello to Phyllis G, Angela…Whoo Hoo~!!


  4. What is with the judging tonight?? So much talent tossed off the show!! Chris Medina being the biggest upset. Not just because of his story, but he has serious talent!!! I am very disappointed and I think from now on America should decide from the top 50!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • I agree but the their is sometime no reasoning…however, I beleive the ones they tell to come back and especially Chris…He will be contacted. I really liked how they sent that blond young girl home, I think she was 17 and told her to come back because she is winning material………….I really like the judging this year. It's quite human..

      • Christine….Totally agree. Simon would have told her to go with no explanation….This panel has a heart…all three of them…..I really felt for J.Lo last night. That was heartbreaking to tell Chris M. he didn't make it. There is so much talent this and he really wasn't one of the best singers. But a Great guy….

      • @ Christine. I agree. I think her name was Holly Cavannaugh…she was the one who could hardly make it through her first audition due to her nerves; but proved that she could sing. Jennifer even said that she got outvoted because she wanted her to stay on. Hopefully this young lady will try out next year and make it through. The judging is quite human…caring and compassionate. Looking forward to the show tonight. Whoo Hoo ~!!! 🙂

  5. @ Christine. So glad to see you back. And you are right. There are so many nice people on this site. Also, it really is a hard decision…there are so many talented young men and women….so glad I am not a judge. I am not going to put a spoiler on it; but one person did not make the cut and I saw how this decision profoundly affected the judges. So hard. I know they have had the top 24 spoiler list minus 6 or 8…actually seeing it happen is nerve racking. Good luck to all the contestants still waiting to hear tomorrow night. 🙂

    • Rose A, Thank-You for telling me that long thing they walked down was the green mile!! I am a bit color blind as well as can't see too good! Tonight is going to be a heart breaker. But fun too. It all adds ups doesn't it? You and Phyllis have kept everyone up on who is who. And what the heck is going on! Love your signature Rose! Whoo Hoo. Smiles.My signature should be Duh! Due to the green carpet! LOL. You and Phyllis are the nicest two women on this site ever!Off to feed the dog and get something to eat so I can park my self in front of the TV! Sherry K. 🙂

      • Sherry K. You are the sweetest….Enjoy the show tonight. We'll blog tomorrow on what happens tonight….I really hope there isn't too much drama……I cried enough last night….

      • Sherry K., Phyllis G. and Angela…Enjoy tonight. Sherry…too funny. My pizza's ready and so am I. Talk to you all tomorrow. Whoo Hoo~!!! 🙂 Still really like James Durbin…hope he does well. 🙂

  6. I have been watching American Idol with my wife since season 1 and have seen many talent come and go over the years. I have to say, while touching American with his story, that sending Chris Medina home is a very big mistake. The entire concept of "American Idol" is exactly what is in the meaning of the words. Chris Medina not only had a very touching story, he had a great voice and a passion for what he was doing. I know there it is amazing that he made it to the top 40, but honestly the judges should have let America make the decision. If he wouldn't have cut it, then American would have sent him home. WOW!!! Large mistake in my opinion.

    • Jeff. I loved Chris and my heart broke with his story but don't you agree that there is so much better talent out there this season. He probably would have won AI last Season for lack of any real great talent there….

      • Phyllis, you may be right…or he would have been in the top 3 for sure. I wish him the best and continued improvement for Julie, his fiance. Kudo to him for being such a remarkable young man. 🙂

  7. The last solo that Chris medina sang really sank in. I hated to see him go! He was one of favorites. I hope to see him again and soon. The way he had control of his vocals was amazing. I hope he never gives up! Go all the way Chris!

  8. omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I am sooooooo pissed!! Chris medina was my total favorite, such a talent, love his voice! What a huge mistake!!!!

    Hey phyllis G, were you sad about him going?

    I said if they let him go this early in the show, it will just ruin the whole rest of the show for me!! I loved him from day one! And really thought he would go far, i just sobed, and jennifer made me sob more, she knew she made a mistake! Especially when you hear chris say "my fiance just loved all you guys, and he said what his girlfriend said for each judge, i just cryed. I agree with people on the site here, we should be juging them to vote off or not, sounds like alot of people on this site are pissed they let chris go!!

    • Karen…..I really liked Chris but I agree with the panel….his solo and group performances were not that good. He is a wonderful man and deserves the best but I don't think he was the best on Idol. So much talent this year…..I had my tissues right next to me….Used a lot of them last night…..This part of the show really upsets me but I know its coming so I'm ready……Enjoy the show tonight…

      • @ Karen and Phyllis G. I have to agree with Phyllis as well. Chris was very talented and it was so sad to see him go. I believe that he will have a good future ahead of him. We really start to care about these contestants that have a genuine and heartbreaking story which makes the judges decision even harder. Like I said before, I liked Carson…maybe not the best singer out there, but great stage presence and great entertainment value. I was bummed when he got cut. Enjoy watching the show tonight. I know I will. 🙂

      • i became very happy when i saw Jlo and thanks U & your program become better than befor & this evolution because for Jlo & i suggest U that next one will be ENRIQUE IGLESIAS.thanks again

  9. I would just like to say that yes ,it was sad to see some of the contestans we have come to love go home last night! But my friends Phyllis G. and Rose A. for many years are both philosophic! And they pretty much nail it. They love a lot of the contestants. But they just know some we really like have to go! Love you both Phyllis and Rose! Sherry K

    • @ Sherry K…so sweet. Do not know if you have seen the article yet but on there is an announcement about on-line voting through Face Book. Peoiple would have to go through their FB account and the vote is limited to 50 votes per voting night. My BIG question is: if they are able to limit votes on line like this…then why don't they limit phone and text messages the same way. After a phone # comes up a certain amount of times, it will be cut off and all that person will get is a busy signal…not sure how they would go about the text messages…is there not a charge on texting…seems the 1st time the phone bill comes in for little 12 yr. old Suzie Q….Mom and Dad would put an end to that. Ah well…just a thought. Looking forward to tonight. Whoo Hoo ~!! Enjoy the show tonight dear Phyllis G. & Angela I will. @ Christine…so glad you are back. 🙂

    • Sherry….Love you too……Sometimes talent goes that I love like you know who!!!!!!!

      • Thank-You Phyllis G. Lets have a good time tonight. Rose too! Have fun. I know both of you will. I will too! BYE! Sherry K 🙂

  10. WOW….it's not over but most of my favourite are making it through………….I love Lauren Alaina…….and……..well………..all the rest too!!!!!! They are all so talented.

    thanks for your wonderful replies from the past few days. Great group.

    • Christine…..So glad your back……I am so excited this season….I really think that all the top 24 performers are great (except I would have preferred Colton over Brett..JMO)…..

      Its really going to depend on every single performance this season because of all the talent thats in the top 24…..Next week 3 night…love it…

      • Me too – I like Colton,I think they chose Brett because he has a different look. But I am very happy with the selection and can't wait for the singing to begin.

        Have a great weekend everybody!

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