American Idol 2011 Winner: Finale Results

The American Idol 2011 winner is about to be crowned and we’ll be providing live results of tonight’s show. Settle in for an impressive show if the guest performance rumors are true. Will Scotty or Lauren be the next Idol?

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Don’t forget to download Scotty’s and Lauren’s American Idol compilation albums featuring their performances from last night’s show.

American Idol 2011 Finale Results:

  • The winner of American Idol is Scotty McCreery

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  1. Me encantaron todos los participantes que escogieron este año…por eso fue tan dificil tomar la decision final…Pero creo y pienso que Scotty tiene mejor personalidad que Lauren en el escenario y eso es lo que vale…

    • Speaking of Stefano… what a good Prince! I was shocked.
      Maybe if he had done that during the competition, he’d a lasted a little longer?

  2. I’ve forgotten how much I hated the big group numbers, and I hate that Lady Gaga song!

    As far as the results I wish both Lauren and Scotty the best of luck. No matter who the winner is they will both have big careers ahead of them.


    scotty wins. but whatever. it is fair over lauren… but still… whatever….

    HALEY: huge global success. she will also end up breaking a dozen hearts. starting with casey.

    LAUREN: an overall flop. she will meet a nice dude. have a dozen kids. she will have weight issues.

    SCOTTY: big in suburbia… kinda lost. could make it big, but come the right kinda wiked woman to man him up.

    CASEY: reenergizes jazz. gloabl audience. huge. marries haley for 2 weeks before she runs off with a poet and lives in europe.

    JAMES: makes some music. enjoys some success. a network (mtv or something) picks him up and he does some show….

    who else?

    PIA: makes it big. meets cyline and realizes she is bigger than that.

  4. Scotty seemed sad, even when he performed last night for some reason. Anyone know why?

    • I thought the same thing, he just did not seem to bring it. I told my daughter he is such a gentleman perhaps he was backing off for Luaren’s sake

      • To me, he looked very sad and out of it last night. I think he knew the doctor was going on, and he must have also heard the “mom” song from Lauren. Maybe he thought slighted in all of the hoopla? I think after the judges said their predictions, he just felt uncomfortable.

      • Aww kechik, it’s ok if people have typos, even if it is your favoritest person in the whole wide world’s name.

      • Are you from America kechik? You type alot like a co-worker from Poland with the missing verbs etc.

  5. How in the world did James get voted off in 4th place, he should have been competing in the finale!

      • Wow. Grammar alert, Kechik! Please don’t act as if you’re so good when your grammar stumbles! Ugh.

    • Tonight made me realize just how good James is & how talented he is,too. I think he picked up a lot of points with producers. Good luck to James.

  6. I might change the channel and tune back in for the last 15 minutes to see who wins.

    • and she’s probably proud of you, too, as her fan! please use verbs next time, pal. 🙂

      • Casey-Haley, “be” is a verb. Clearly, English is not his first language. Be a little kinder.

    • what kind of english grammar is this?!! so pathetic… you better go back to grade school and do your homework..

      • bumshell, can’t you tell English is not his first language? Let’s hear you speak French.

  7. the wednesday live show is hundred millions better than the tuesday’s… that proves that scotty and lauren are too boring…

      • shut up kechik or i’ll kick your ass off… i’m totally pissed off from your comments..

      • Kechik, I told you to back off Haley, right? You want me to start blasting your Lauren now that she didn’t win?
        Hey… I got all night & believe me, you DO NOT want to piss off a hard-headed, stubborn Taurus! Ask both my exwives.
        I’ll ask you to give it up one last time.

    • i agree! the minute i turn on the tv and heard Scotty’s voice? i was gonna fall asleep right there! no telling how fast i was to switch the channel right then! i don’t wanna go to sleep yet Scotty! i’m telling you, this is the one time that i didn’t want to watch idol finale at all! what’s happenning AI? it is getting real boring!!! don’t America has any more real artiste?? i don’t care who wins this one, they’re both losers to me! the good ones were all voted off already!

      • i hope u got a insomnia .. so u can listen Lauren n Scotty song .. and u get sleep well .. hahaha

  8. i saw so many2 Lauren haters than haley .. dont know why .. wat did she doin??

    • They hate her because they’re Scotty lovers. Make sense? No. Expected from what we’ve seen so far for posters here? Yup.

  9. Gladdis looks spectacular as always, she is such a beautiful entertainer. That was a good performance for Jacob, plenty of people to drown him out

  10. Lauren please win do your best I love you Lauren Alaina and one more thing I am from h
    Hong Kong

  11. Sorry I maid a mistake I am not from h Hong Kong
    I am from Hong Kong thanks

  12. I didnt get to see it last night the news was on up dating the storms but i’m sure scotty was awsome i hope he wins tonight

  13. You know, is Fat Bottomed Girls appropriate for a family show???? And these dancing girls don’t have fat bottoms!

  14. Oh my this is the best Casey and Jack Black …way too funny. Why oh why couldn’t it have been this fun all season.

      • Ulcerative colitis is no joke. He did look skinny. Jack Black and he were enormously entertaining! (I read, but never realized, Jack Black can really sing!) I loved their performance together!! What a great pick, Casey!!

  15. Honestly I love the 10 13 soo much that they should do a reality show with all of them again. GREAT SHOW SO FAR

    • Yeah…85 yes old…the guy still has incredible pipes whether you like that kind of music or not! Haley….cute as a button,naturally.

    • Hey gang, our Haley is singing a duet with Tony Bennett! Guess he must not have minded her “growling & attitude” too much, huh?
      Way to go, Haley… you showed the haters. Tony Bennett… wow.

  16. Lil Jon and TLC,Tony Bennett wow they are pulling out all the stops this is phenomenal. Best finale of Idols history.

  17. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. This show has been epic so far…
    Scotty sounds good on this but Tim McGraw …!

  19. Wow. A very surreal experience to see thousands of auditions then finally get to the final two, both early favorites!!!

      • Oh, well, you are in the deviant side of things, KC. The norm says Haley is by far the most technically talented singer of the season. Have you been in your cave for how long?

  20. Anyone who sees my comments knows i love country music. This was like a dream finale and it is not boring at all like some have predicted!!!

  21. That was an awesome duet with Scotty and Tim McGraw. Tim McGraw is one of my favorite country artists, I’ve seen him live and it is definately one of the best shows to see.

  22. You’ve got to be F’ing me!!! So they finally did it. As someone who likes Haley I’ll finally concede to American Idol. They made Haley look bad. Tony Bennett?? Get Real.

    They can’t give that kid ONE chance to shine. Right to the bitter end they’ve got to try & make her look bad. She did the best she could given the circumstances. It wasn’t enjoyable though.

    Thanx a F’in lot American Idol.

    AI apparently didn’t want her showing up J-Blow.

    • How did being with Tony Bennett make Haley look bad?? If anything it made her look good! Not to mention how much she must have loved singing with him.

      • It’s not that it made her look bad, it’s that it pulled her back. She couldn’t shine with that duet.

      • I know the contestants are SUPPOSED to get to sing w/ who they want, but get real.

        Do you think if Haley had any say in things before she would have had that bodyguard in her limo? Do ya think she would have gotten the text for her song in the limo instead of in front of a crowd? Every edit in the production was against her.

        Why should things change now?

        I just have my doubts that someone who would sing Led Zeppelin, House of the Rising Sun, I Who Have Nothing & the list goes on would choose a Tony Bennett song as her farewell tune.

        If I’m wrong I’ll apologize but I highly doubt Tony Bennett was Haley’s choice.

        As for why it made her look bad, it was a boring sleepy song. I’m glad some people think it made her look good though. I’d never really thought of that angle on things. I just think it made her look bad & where they placed her in the show sort of tucked her away like an unwanted chair in the basement.

    • No, Danny, you’re wrong. Haley WANTS to sing jazz. Tony Bennett is old, but he’s a legend. Yes, he stumbled a bit. But Haley did beautifully and was a great partner to him in the duet. Her vocal skills are dazzling.

      • Regardless who chose who, as I said, Tony had to approved of the duet.
        Haley must have been so proud & felt so honored. As a generational comparison, it would be like singing with Paul McCartney.

      • Very true. Tony Bennett is a big deal. Haley’s genre, if she were to be pinned to one, is Jazz. It’s her first love, she’s said so several times. To be able perform with someone who was around with Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie and other Jazz greats is not only something that will not be possible soon, but something to be very proud of.

      • Ok, if you folks don’t think she was set up, I’m not gonna dig any deeper.

        I respect your opinions & it looks like I’m in the wrong here.

        I hadn’t really thought of it the way some of you folks presented it. I figured it was another AI attempt to make her not relevent.

        My bad.

    • Was that singing? Gawd awful! They deserve each other. And LOL at Matt, calling him Skeletor! So funny!

      • Now there’s cover for lless than best talent: Have world famous wife come down & have her shake that million dollar ass for nearly a minute on national TV.
        Is that the definition of “pimping”?

    • I agree. It was a lot of fun. And I am happy with Scotty winning, too! Never thought I’d say that, but I do like him a lot. And I wish him well. Really good young man who I am sure will have a big country following.

  23. kechik and KC must be tweens or twinks with large braces and ugly faces who doesn’t even appreciate artistry but pure hanna montana songs… how pathetic… you kids should go back to school and do your homework…

    • i am so lovin’ you, bumshell!!! i love that ‘with large braces and ugly faces’- description!! yes, we can’t make them appreciate what we appreciate.. or for more, we can’t argue with them regarding artistry.. it will be a waste of time.. it’s just freaking annoying to see their comments in here.. bah..

      • You are rediculous. we have different tastes. you can’t change that. so shut up and enjoy the finale you idiotic jerks. >:(

    • Please don’t put a damper on such a great finale. And don’t make fun of people. not right. I am pretty sure that i speak for kechik when i say we are not teens. delete her comment PLEASE Matt.

      • erase my comment???? Gosh, i’m entitled to it… please just shut up there..

        oh, by the way, why are you so defensive on my description of your appearance? maybe it’s true.. GUILTY..

        P.S. matt, i hope you look at my comments.. i didn’t wrote vulgar words.. this KC and Kechik were just pissing me off so i did these comments…

  24. A little late here, but … TIM MCGRAW! YES! 😀 Love him.
    This is an amazing show tonight!

    • Those jeans! Faith is beautiful, but she is also a lucky woman to see those tight jeans each and every day!

      • I’m not even a country music fan, but I would like to do the Bewitched nose twitch thing and be in Faith’s shoes for just one day. I’m not greedy…just one day would do! I’m 47, so it’s not like I’m totally robbing the cradle with him.

      • Angela, Lord honey. don’t slip out of you chair!
        When Paul was performing I made the same comment to her. She was beside her, now!

      • Fatboy,

        Tim would so leave Faith for me! Remember how we established in our warm and fuzzy conversations to each other how smart and beautiful I am?

        Before everyone loses their every-loving minds and attacks me, this is a personal joke between me, Fatboy, Pup, David P. ilovehaley, Devin Lee, and the guy who said he was going to kill me. Oh yea, that would be imweirdandsarcastic.

        I was obviously left on this earth a bit longer to find more stray dogs.

  25. Wow, Ford just did a great thing for those teachers the schools and the final two

  26. Nobody can say that Lauren is fat in that skin tight black legging/top set. Her stomach is flat and her legs look very thin! She looks amazing! Those puffy dresses were very deceiving and obviously hiding a diet/work-out plan in progress!

    • Not sure who dressed Lauren this season, do hope they do a better job on the tour.

    • Angeles, she’ll get there.
      As her confidence grows & perhaps with some support & motivation from Scotty (?), she get there.
      Carrie looked great! P.S. As always!

  27. I cannot believe the first song Jacob has to sing he is already grabbing his crotch!!! That is a low life move… the puke!

  28. GO LaUREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. WOW, and to think somebody was worried about fat bottom girls being inappropriate?
    …was kinda edgy for “family night”:-)

  30. Omg I’m so mad Bcuz I don’t have cable so I can’t watch the finale so im just going by what the comments are saying! GO SCOTTY

  31. Don’t get me wrong…I do agree, Lady GaGa is an extremely talented artist in a Marilyn Manson way

      • If I had younger children watching this show, I would have changed the channel the minute I saw her. How do you explain her look/behavior (even if it is all in the name of performing) to a child?

      • Her sexually explicit, freakish style must appeal to some segment of the population. It’s a shame she went that route, because she does have a great voice. Just can’t understand why AI is condoning this kind of thing on their shows.

      • I agree with Pup. She does have a great voice but has totally gone of the deep end with her presentation. I thought last year when the camera guys were on their toes trying not to get a shot of her thong would have taught them a lesson. Also, JLo tonight was rather trashy, imho.

      • I thought so because she realized she’s the bad infference to the youth.

  32. Omg Carrie is soo hot. I’d say more but my jaw keeps hitting the space bar..

  33. Carrie has awesome legs!!! And shes so sweet encouraging Lauren. Although it seems laurens voice is really suffering tonight.

    • Yes…she struggled with that song. She looks pretty tonight, but I think she looks a little sick. Her voice sounds like it’s on the breaking point.

    • I was shocked last nightr that they constantly had a camera on Lauren’s mom but rarely showed Scotty’s parents. I believe Lauren’s mom will be a true stage mother.

    • I’m not even watching, and I can imagine the pain of just looking at her one more time. Overgrown teenybopper, stage mom to the max. Branden said it right yesterday: That whole mom-daughter scene is right out of “Toddlers and Tiaras.” Yuck.

  34. Thanks for letting me know Tommy!! 🙂 who’s for SCOTTY?!?!? ME!!!! 😉

  35. So what’s going on on the show right now cuz I’m not watching it?

      • Oops. I was agreeing with Wellen. Did not like Beyonce’s “favorite” song. Isn’t that how she described it?

      • Had the same opinion of the Beyonce song when I heard it live BUT……
        upon listening it 4-5 times the performance and the song are simply awesome .. for me… a real spellbinder .. trust me…

  36. O.K., I know I promised to be nice since Haley left. But I can’t help myself….I really, really can’t. Naomi scares the crap out of me. She looks like one of those undercave creatures in “The Ruins”. Maybe I have watched too many horror movies, but her look just doesn’t seem quite human/normal? Go ahead and blast me if you must, but I’d like to know if anyone else sees this creepy side of her?

    • I’d rather look at her than be forced to look at Lauren Alaina’s mom one more time….does anyone else have a family?

      • Every once in a while, they focus on showing one family in the audience. I remember seeing David Cook’s brother/mom and Elliot Yamin’s ailing mom quite a bit. Not sure why they are doing it with Lauren’s mom since an illness-type story isn’t involved.

      • If I were the producers I would be stepping on eggshells around Lauren’s mom, too. She seems like one of those crazy toddlers & tiaras mothers.

  37. What happened to Aerosmith? I thought Tyler invited James to sing with him if he survived?

    • Aerosmith wanted nothing to do with Idol. And that duet was only if James made the final two. But I am glad the top four had duets.

  38. You can tell Lauren thinks her voice is bad tonight. Or she knows (?) she didn’t win. She seems a little subdued.

      • She looks like she doesn’t feel well. I thought the same last night. They gave her medications…and who knows maybe her throat is painful. Be nice everyone…it is the last night. Be kind please.

      • Cecil, I have to agree with you. I hope the “freezing” procedure and then performing last night didn’t damage her vocal cords further.

  39. Wow Carrie Underwood totally ate Lauren up in their duet. Kinda showed that Lauren is miles away from being the next Carrie Underwood.

    Btw, that Beyonce performance was GOOD.

    • You mean the group performance, right? If so, I agree. But the one by Beyonce (Make Love To Me) was awful.

      • see up comment…further listenings of this song changed my view completely… a singer like Beyonce commands my respect and so i listened to it again and WOW..

  40. I’m not gonna say Scotty won before it happens or doesn’t happen Bcuz I don’t want to be wrong. How bout this: I hope you win SCOTTY!!! <3

  41. Results have to be next! What are the chances there is a miracle and Lauren will win?

  42. I’m not gonna say Scotty won before it happens or doesn’t happen Bcuz I don’t want to be wrong. How bout this: I hope you win SCOTTY!!!

  43. Well hopefully soon the moment of truth will be upon us. I hope it’s Scotty, but even if it isn’t Scotty he’ll still have a huge career in country music.

  44. Lauren get a fever .. so many bashing her ..
    Alainers .. be patient ok .. i believe they got a Karma soon..

  45. That was such a tease with Steven Tyler I was so waiting for James to come out on stage.

  46. If Lauren not be a winner .. i would like to say .. American’s close to be cruel with have not sentimental value .. just like to bashing and kill people!

    • Are you trying to say that voting for Scotty is as bad as murder? What is wrong with you?

    • Are you trying to say that voting for Scotty is as bad as murdering someone? What is wrong with you?

  47. Anyone who went to see Steven Tyler with Aerosmith live in the 70’s and have listened to his albumns for decades can truly appreciate the awesome job he just did on Dream On. The man is over 60 years old and he rocked it like 40 years ago! He sounded the same, for goodness sake!

    • Steven Tyler is my Idol. He was, is, and forever will be awesome.
      He still has the pipes to hit those high notes.
      My favorite performance of the night.

      • Following Steven’s amazing performance with the ultra lame “I love you this big” was kind of a contrast and a moment of clarity. I hope this season was more of a glitch than a sign of where music is heading in America.

  48. Anyone who went to see Steven Tyler with Aerosmith live in the 70’s and have listened to his albums for decades can truly appreciate the awesome job he just did on Dream On. The man is over 60 years old and he rocked it like 40 years ago! He sounded the same, for goodness sake!

    • Yeah I was wondering if he was gonna go to that high note…and he did. The guy can sing

    • Even though I wasn’t around back then I’ve listened to Aerosmith since I was in 4th grade, he really is amazing. Him and that kid that sang with Bono win AI this year.

      • Interesting…so I’m older than you. Does that mean wiser? Just kidding. Watching Steven Tyler as a musician in his 20’s was amazing. With all the drugs and alcohol that did happen back then, I’m surprised that he still has his wits and vocals. I have heard on many, many interviews from other people that he is a great dad and even better grandpa.

  49. Our boy won!!!!! I knew Scotty would be our next AI!! I am so proud of him. I can not wait to go to the AI tour on July 9th!!!

  50. The show was great…I’m not jaded…I loved every second of it! Makes you realize when you see this kind of excitement and performance levels how much this season lacked in excitement. Congrats to Scotty…they were both nervous as heck…I thought Lauren might swoon.

  51. Congratulations SCOTTY………… You deserve it.. I knew it that you are the one.. Your the AMERICAN IDOL Season 10…..



    • Hi Sue. I agree. The show was terrific. Great talent. I was thrilled to see James doing what he likes with Judas Priest.

      Steve Tyler you are awesome. The stage was alive tonight.

      Tony Bennett age 85 and still doing it.

    • They really had to do something spectacular with the show tonight. There are so many angry fans that said they were done with Idol. They pulled out all the stops (and money) to take away the bad taste about voting/judging and persuade people to watch next season.

  54. Alright, Scotty, you’re the best. Now release a album.
    P/S: At the end, I saw Lauren kiss Scotty a lot. They’re such a sweet couple.

  55. YAY!!!! Scotty totally deserved it over Lauren. His duet with Tim McGraw was amazing. Finally, something on this show went right. Congrats Scotty….

    • She did great…WoW Carrie Underwood looked terrific…what a figure…good song from her and Lauren…could have lived without Lady GAGA

      • Carrie Underwood was great. I was sitting through the whole thing wondering: Out of all the girls this year how the crap did Lauren get to the finale?

  56. Awesome that Scotty won! What he said afterwards was so cool – makes me hope high for the two of them, Lauren & Scotty. He said, “I love you, baby” when he hugged Lauren the second time, and before that, he said they ‘came up there together & that they were going to stay together.’

    • I heard the second quote, but not the first. BUT, I think you are right. I think they are a couple. Surprises me!

  57. Thoroughly enjoyed the show & well deserved win by Scotty who has been so consistented all year & Lauren so gracious in defeat & it looks like these 2 are great mates so I would expect a few duos coming out or double concerts. So until next year folks…….

  58. Rightfully so for Scotty to win. Of course I also like Lauren. But the right one won. Way to go Scotty.

  59. I was right country music wins in the end and Scotty did it with style. I have to admit, I liked Lauren, Haley and James too. But Scotty was the winner of the Season.

    • I thought this contest was about vocal ability. Not about particular genres of music.
      I think some were voting just because the kid sings country. If so, that sucks.

      This contest became about country vs rock/metal vs jazz. NOT about the vocals. That is just so wrong people. Comments about “country music wins in the end” says it all doesn’t it.

  60. GREAT JOB Scotty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You WILL go on to great things, and so will lauren. you are both amazing!!! 🙂 CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!! 😀

  61. All the best Scotty. I have been a fan of Scotty all this while and I am so happy for him. I have predicted that Scotty is the winner and he is a very humble and cool guy. I am very very happy that Scotty wins American Idol 2011. Wish Scotty the best and success through all the years ahead.

  62. YES! I just knew it America you voted right. Even if James did grow on me before he was elimated. I knew Scotty would be the one to win. I can’t wait for his album. I can only image it will be a sale out.

  63. There is a reason why the show had the lowest ratings in the finale on Tuesday… is not what most people want to hear. They’d rather watch an NFL wide receiver dance LOL. Although I thought the contestants were better this year, I completely lost interest in the end. Last year I really enjoyed the end.

    • I didn’t want to watch the finale but my friend had watched it all along and talked me in to it. It was obvious, at least from this blog, that Scotty would win no matter what he did. He’s country (not really lives in posh suburbs), wears a cross and appeals to Moms and teeny boppers.

      I’ll congratulate him but after seeing real talent performing tonight I’ll forever wonder how he made it. Thank goodness I don’t have to listen to the boo boo boo anymore.

    • Last year was boring as heck, the hippie sing and Leigh Dewise, boring
      this year it is two young adults with talent that will grow and singing country which is big, music
      yea for country

  64. scotty,we all need role models ,no matter the age.I hope more young adults share the same pride as you in being from the USA. Good OL COUNTRY, Bring it to us in your songs. P.S. I’m a grandma from Chicago.

    • Pia sounded the same, to my ear just a plain nondescript sound. (I thought Matt said she was to do a duet with Charice. Guess there was little time left for duets past the top 4.)

  65. Congrats to Scotty. You will have a long and prosperous career in country music. Thanks for being true to your roots, all of them, all year long.

    Personally, the best idol performer tonight was Casey. Casey, come down here to Cajun country and I will buy you a round of your favorite adult beverage, and bring Haley with ya.

  66. Congratulations Scotty! Both are winners & they can make a good duet in country music. So happy for them.So young yet so talented & confident. AI,thanks for the wonderful show-love this season.Hope they keep the 3 judges & Ryan Seacrest for following seasons. Best performance by the contestants this year(love their dressings too). Thank you for entertaining the viewers overseas.<3

  67. Congratulation to Scotty for winning American Idol 2011. Scotty is amazing. Yahooooooooooooooo! Scotty wins. My predictions was right on the spot Scotty wins. I have been a fan of Scotty all this while and Scotty deserve to win and I’m so happy that he wins. He well deserved the winning.

  68. Obvious Scotty would win thanks to his teen voters. But I’m happy for him. I’m sure Lauren will have a good career ahead.

    • I’m way over being a teen and several of my friends (older) really liked him, too. It’s not just his voice, but that he seems to be an honorable, humble person who isn’t ashamed that he has a relationship with Jesus & God – and the entertainment business could use a few more like him. Forget the Gags, Rhiannas & Kanyes.

    • I HATE YOU DAN!!!!!! Why do you have to say something negative in the midst of everyone being happy?! AND STOP DISCRIMINATING AGAINST HALF THE COUNTRY ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • It’s so funny that you people will say w/e you want about the people you don’t like but when it comes to your favorites you get all pissy about it.

      • David, he put something very rude toward southern folks. I was simply defending us southerners.

  69. I screamed with JOY!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Idol Title has gone to the real nice kid who thanked the Lord first. The kid who was gracious and loving in winning and the show was great. I plan to buy his records. And Haley’s too. His voice was amazing and I have my happy ending. I voted over 50 times last night. Yeah, tonight feels good.

  70. CONGRATULATIONS SCOTTY!!! From the first time I saw you, I hoped you would be the winner. Thanks be to God for your win and to America for casting the votes to make it happen. Enjoy this victory with your family and friends. This was an AMAZING season of American Idol.

  71. woo hoooo… Scotty McCreery, my ultimate idol won!!!! he totally deserves his victory!! way to go Scotty! I cant hardly wait for your record-breaking debut album sales! xoxo

  72. Scotty, I am so excited that you are the winner! The best to you and hurry up and start making music.Gramma Kelly

  73. Although Lauren not winning, she will have a good career ahead of her. It seems like Lauren have crush on Scotty. She kissed Scotty many times well who knows maybe she had some feelings on him. Scotty is cool and humble guy any gal would fall in love with him. I’m so happy that Scotty wins and he ver well deserved the winning. Wish Scotty the best in his career ahead.

    • Did you miss hie “I love you, baby” when he was working his way down the line. Might be a mutual crush there.

      • Might be a crush between the 2 of them. At times you know when you are so close with someone there might be a little feelings involve maybe love as a friend or maybe love at first sight who knows. They look good together if they are couple.

      • When Scotty spoke about Lauren I think he said they had been together for a year now & they would stay together.
        Lauren danced a little with him showered kisses on him. I, too, heard Scotty’s comment to Lauren.
        Honestly, whether we’re making more of this or not, it makes me smile & makes me happy.

      • Can you imagine how mad all the millions of little girls that have a crush on him would be if he was already “taken”?

      • They will be touring together for several weeks…all of them together..what a lot of fun

      • I don’t think Lauren kiss Scotty on the lips maybe on the forehead just joking. Lauren kiss Scotty many times on his cheek.

      • If I remember correctly, she seemed like try to kiss on the lips. Not really in the cheek but very near the lips. I too got the impression that there is something between them. I mean, do American call the opposite gender friend “baby” so casually???

  74. Praze the LORD! I jus new when I tuched hevin this after noone that The Hand of GODbwas on HIS Servant Scotty!!!!!!!! I prayed threw and anoined my TV in the HOLY Name of JESUS!!!!!!! O halelouyah halelouyah halelouyah!!!!!!!! Kin I git a AMEN, brothers an sisters in the LORD????

  75. I just watched the video Scotty and Tim McGraw performed ‘Live Like You Were Dying’

    That was AMAZING!! That’s the real Scotty.

    • If Scotty had sang & performed as he did with McGraw, there would have been much less misgivings about him.
      My daughter said Scotty sounded & sang better than Tim. You know… I think she’s right.
      That young man is going to fill arenas. The very best to him.

      • I don’t really think he sang better tan Tim…no sir…not happening! He sang well though.

      • Both of them are Amazing! LOL. It is just me to feel that Scotty finally hit the high notes in this song?

  76. 8 shud hav bn Haley but stil thankful 8s not lauren hurrrrrrray…… Scotty!

  77. Scotty I will buy your album. I like your voice very matured. Scotty is great and will always be remembered for his cool and humble personality. All the best Scotty. Yahooooooooooooo! The winner of American Idol 2011 is Scotty McCreery.

  78. I had a feeling that Scotty would win it after James was eliminated. If James had been in the finale with him, it would have been up in the air as to who would win it(though honestly I would had been going for James), but I am glad that Scotty won it!

  79. It’s gud to no dat Scatty Mac Criri won. Ay dont like Loren and all her dramas and cry baby stuffs. Congratulation to all country folk singers who voted. Baduy kayong lahat! Mabuhay ang baduy!

    • New all along Scotty would take it. He will be a good idol and a great role model…congrats

  80. YEA!!! SCOTTY WON!!!

    Now someone please tell me is there something going on between Scotty and Lauren? She kissed him on the lips when he won and he said “I love you baby” to her when he was hugging everyone HUMMM????

    He also said we will always be together! ??

    Are they dating???

    • Maybe Scotty didn’t look sad last night because he felt slighted by all of the attention on Lauren. Maybe he was upset that Lauren was hurt/sick because he cares so much for her????

      • W/e it’s going to be another Britney/Kevin thing and in 5 years she’ll be boozing and he’ll have the kids. Haha! Jk!! Just trying to get CJ and KC all riled up.

      • David, why can’t we just ignore each other because you upset me, and from your comments I am pretty sure I upset you.

      • Considering the source David P..very funny… coming from you…that comment took some thinking…who helped you???

      • DavidP I think you’ve gotten confused. At the age of Lauren and Scotty, it would be a Britney Spears/Justin Timberlake analogy that would apply. Kevin Federline was years later with a previous marriage thrown in.

    • Dating?! Scotty’s been cornholing that prize winning heifer most of the season!!!!!

  81. Should’ve been James, the most charismatic and ready-for-stardom performer ever on AI, but Scotty’s a good second choice.

    • I never was a James fan but tonite…He was very good..looked like he was having a lot of fun….He will do real good

  82. ‎(Yohanes 20:29) Kata Yesus kepadanya: “Karena engkau telah melihat Aku, maka engkau percaya. Berbahagialah mereka yang tidak melihat, namun percaya.”

  83. I think alot of James’s votes went to Scotty and Lauren (and pushed Haley out). Then I think many of Haley’s votes went to Scotty (versus a female rival?)

    • It will more likely not to happen, because Jacee Badeux will return and shine.

  84. I’d like to thank Matt, Branden and Ashlie Ray for deleting dan’s retarded comments. THANK YOU FOR AN AWESOME SEASON OF REVIEWS, ELIMINATIONS, AND TEARS. We should all thank them!!!

  85. My 12 year old listened to “I love you this big” and said “He should have paired up with Barney the Dinosaur for that one!”. I laughed my head off. So true, now I wait for a real album… hurry up Haley!

  86. Pia was thrown under the bus AGAIN!!! Duet with Chaurice, perform new single? LIARR!!! Jacob got a duet, Pia got what? no duet, no solo, only a group song, even less showtime than Naima or Karen. I’m pissed. AI SUCK!!!

    • Do you think they did it on purpose? Maybe she would be too good/powerful/strong and get everyone all upset again about her being voted off without a save. Idol probably thinks that whole fiasco has died down and doesn’t want to stir up the pot. They are trying to get everyone to forgive and forget for all of the mess ups this season and leave the last memory as positive with all of the stars performing tonight. With Idol, I think nothing is by accident, and there is a reason for everything they do.

  87. I told everyone that if he won, I would marry him!!! Looks like im on the way to the wedding bells!!! Im only 13!!!

  88. Even though Lauren did not win,she will have a big career in the future,perhaps even bigger than Scotty,like many runner-ups from the previous season. I will keep on supporting Lauren and Haley no matter what! 😀

      • Yeah yeah,keep hating,nerd.Lauren will no doubt have a great career,time will tell you that.

      • I REaLLY AM STARTING TO GET TIRED OF YOU DAN!!!!!!!!! You know if you keep putting comments like that you will be banned from the site. What kind of sick weirdo picks on sweet little girls?!!!!!!!! Matt, if you are still on here, get rid of this jerk please!!!!!!

      • Maybe KC we should go back over the last 4 months or so and delete every negative comment you made about everyone else.

      • I agree with DavidP. KC, you also give out negative comments re: other contestants.

      • Do I discriminate against races or groups? I didn’t think so. So keep your mouths shut.

      • Lol, you discriminate against people that don’t think like you 100%, which is bad enough.

      • OK fine David, whatever you say. o and walter, he was talking about her weight, and if you want proof, look at his past comments about her.

      • Im not a itle girl like DAN keeps posting. If you really think bout it he is putting comments on here after all his original comments acting like hes a little girl 13 or so(using other sing in names) cause they voted for Scotty. Well guess what Dan The Man Scotty won !!!! HAHAHAHA What do you do sit at home on computer all day with no life YAYYYYY FOR SCOTTY and Im not a little girl Im 39 years old and LOVE SCOTTY

      • I dont even know what Dan is saying
        must not be very nice people that say mean things do it to make themselves feel good, how sad for that person

    • Lauren most definitely has a bigger shot at success because she can go that pop, to pop-country route.

      • The most listened to artist on the radio in the past two years just so happened to sing a duet with Scotty. Don’t kid yourself, this guy is going to make it big. He has more charm and charisma than the President and he is only 17 years old.

      • @walter, Barack Obama and other candidates are probably considering Scotty as a serious threat for them at the next National Election, because of his fame now and his resemblance with George Bush. 🙂

      • Yup and he made Scotty look like he is – an amateur with limited vocal range and a lot to learn.


  89. The all Hee Haw barn dance Finale was a joke. Lauren and Scotty should have finished no better than 5th or 6th but all the little trash teenie girl voters ruined another season.

    • Go to bed, Dan and dream about any and all women that you will never get.

      Matt, he is at it again. Can we continue with the “Admin delete” on this turd?

    • Sorry Dan but I disagree, Scotty should have been gone when he forgot his words a few weeks ago. I kind of enjoyed the finale actually. I thought the contrast between Steven Tyler’s professional performance and the following Barney the Dinosaur special with “I love you this big!” brought a moment of clarity 🙂

      • Steven was awesome tonight. Maybe we should raise the try-out age to 60 (:

      • Right angela? And I thought Michael Johns killed that song a few years ago, but no. No one can sing it like Tyler.

      • I did think Steven Tyler was AMAZING, there is no one like him. His performance shouldn’t really be compared to Scotty’s though. Scotty had just won and was very emotional, and he did not write or choose that song.

    • Didn’t the fact that they deleted all your comments teach you anything?! Nobody wants you here!!!!! GO AWAY!!!

    • YEp The jealousy comes out in all the other fans YEAH SCOTTY CONGRATS MY IDOL!!!!!

    • Idiot, the little tinnie girls are the next voters, the future, let them have their say


    • Oh please Scotty, don’t even try to export your ‘music’ to the rest of the WORLD. We’ve had enough of you on AI. The only good thing I can say about you is at least you thanked God.

      • Country singers get paid more fyi. for you retards sooo yeah he will be more successful 😛

      • You are so dumb, I am in Venezuela right now (South America) and EVERYONE wanted Scotty to win. They changed their IP addresses to vote, they are CRAZY about him, so… he is already Internationally famous FYI!
        GO SCOTTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Oh, Gabriela, all that talk and you couldn’t even vote. Hahahahahaha. All you could do was hate.

      • HE HAS MORE FANS THAN HATERS (AS WE FOUND OUT LAST NITE) so dont worry bout what the comments say CONGRATS SCOTTY GREAT CHOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • @Pup, can you read again (obviously you don’t get the idea of a sentence by reading it once) I VOTED SEVERAL TIMES!!! I just changed the IP address to my laptop and I voted numerous times like my entire family did. So, YES, I COULD VOTE and I’ve been voting all season long even from Asia when I was there!!!

      • I do not agree about Thia. The only person on the show with a more unnatural vibrato is Scotty. Not that vibrato matters, but if you are going to implement it at least do it right.

      • Haley was lucky Steven was high and let her through the final 24. She SUCKS!!!!!!

      • Whatever! I don’t love or hate any of them, but that girls’ voice is too annoying to me and many others. You have the right to express yourself and say she was the most wonderful thing ever, and I have the right to voice my opinion too! Whether you take the comments against her “singing” as something personal or not, that is your own issue. I don’t get obsessed about my favorites and I don’t get mad at people that dislike them, but that is just because I am well adjusted. I would get mad if you say something about my parents or siblings but I don’t give a tiny rat’s ass about your opinion about other contestants that could be my favorites. So my advise to you is to chill, relax and live your life because guess what??? Haley doesn’t even know WHO THE HELL you are for you to be fighting for her like a crazy maniac. RESPECT the opinions of others, whatever I say about Haley’s voice is my problem and a lot of people agree with me and some others disagree… PERIOD!

  91. Glad that Scotty won over Lauren at least Scotty didn’t get eaten up alive by Tim McGraw the way Lauren was totally gobbled up by Carrie Underwood in their duet. Scotty is definitely more ready.

    • I think lauren kept up with Carrie just fine, and consider she is 16 and has not been a performer the way Carrie has, give her time.

  92. OMG…this argument goes in a big fat circle! It’s over! My gal didn’t win what. On a brighter note …who besides me thought this was the most fantastic finale ever? What talent…every performance was a little gem and the filler in between…the “most shocking elimination” and all the idol banter was FUN! Made the whole season worthwhile. Good luck to every one of the contestants. By the way Karen Rodriguez stood out in the Beyonce medley!

    • Good post Cecil..I enjoyed the show..great performers…Carrie Underwood>>..WOW…Not thrilled with Lady GaGa…Tom Jones..I wouldnt have rreconized him..he can still sing tho…good show

  93. And the winner is BEYONCE !!!!! wow that was a treat…a real emotional gut-wrenching ballad that I have now watched at least 10 times…she stole the show and the season WOW

    • It was horrible! Oh my heavens, a song dedicated to pleading with someone to “make love to me.”

      • @dd-Jealousy? I love Beyonce. I just hated the song. The lyrics were really inappropriate for the show.

      • I did not like,Beyonce very much either in her solo, but she is great. i think Thia stood out, boy has she grown up, she looked great.

      • So Pup… you dislike Beyonce but like Haley… Hahahahahahahahahahahaha that says A LOT about your taste in music hahahahahaha… OMG, this made my day!!! Hearing aids anybody????????

      • So Pup, you DISLIKE Beyonce but you like Haley??? Hahahahahahahahaha that says A LOT about your taste, hahahahahaha! Hearing aids anybody???? Hahahahaha!

  94. Scotty’s principal is friggin hawt!!!!! I’d do that twice a day and thrice on Sundays! Keep Scotty’s lame-ass music!!!

  95. I think you are a pessimist. I see you also have a problem with the south. Your negative attitude will only make you look stupid.

      • I have a problem with the south? I come from the south! shut your mouth you moron.

      • yeh dan is on here acting as if hes several people just to make it look like so many are against Scottys win How immature he must be awful bored with his life hehe go on Scotty baby make all that money and sell all these CDs Youre the way with the life!!!!

  96. Classy, Beyonce & American Idol! Let’s screw!! Let’s bump uglies while soldiers die. Hell yeah, coitis rules!!! F-ck the world! Sex reigns supreme!!!!!!!

  97. Hey hey heyyy.wat d fuss about the winner guys!!.Scotty won and that’s it.Nothing can change that.Besides..I think he deserves to win cause he and James were d only contestants with raw true talents out of dem 6:18:23 AM..



  99. Congratulations Scotty!!!!!!!

    I guess all who made it to the top 13 are winners already 🙂

    Let us show them our support ya regardless who the winner is 🙂

    They can’t please everyone of us :):)

    This is a competition n we are well aware that only one can make it to the end :):)

    Greetings from Singapore 🙂

  100. .Hi im from Phil but im avid fan of AI. When Jame was removed in list of finalist, i felt so sad and angry with the show. James and Scotty are my choices but james was my top! And now i feel that america have choosen the right winner and a true idol.GOD BLESS Scotty. Scotty deserved the title and he deserve to called AMERICAN IDOL!

  101. Congradulations!!! We have a new winner in the IPhone Apps Contest!!! American Idol has become a joke!! The amount of votes are misleading. I would much rather win a competition knowing that I was the favorite instead of knowing I won because of advanced tecnology!! Scotty seems like a great kid, but Laurens did so much more through out the competion and her song last night was wonderful..I was and still will be a Haley fan, and I feel that the voting system needs to be addressed and changed. If not then when they have auditions they need to post a sign that reads’ Sing at your own risk, you will be competing againest IPhone apps, so therefore unless your male and 16-20, your done before you start.’ With that said, now the true results will shine through record sales, and the winner will be Haley Reinhart, fair and square!!

    • Haley was the best all around singer if for nothing else she did not sing in yet one style.
      Scotty sang country with some Elvis with twang.
      Lauren with Pop-country.
      James with Heavy rock and a couple of medium rock songs.
      Casey hmm ok but most had a jazz feel to them.

  102. I just knew it damn. Thank you america. Finally we have a great idol. And he will prove to you in the years to come why you choose him. Congrats scotty. You were my number one all the way

  103. Happy about the result…
    But i think the whole thing is boring campare to the previous idol finale…

  104. Congratulation Scotty!!!!!!!! I am looking forward to you cd. And yes, Haley too.
    Scotty, you are all American and i am proud of you for winning.
    I enjoyed James Durbin last night. He is awesome as ever. Yes, Hope to buy his
    cd too. These 3 were the most talented on Idol.

  105. SCOTTY deserves to win, lauren is just not fresh…she’s predictable ,she doesn’t sound unique. SCOTTY is the deserving WINNER

  106. congratulations to Scotty! Still, I would have loved to see a James- Haley showdown (not that I like Haley but I believe he can definitely bring it and the show will be very very competitive). But all that is over now and Scotty already won. Now begins the real competition… who can bring the highest album sales. Good Luck to all the Season 10 idols. This has definitely kept me watching all season!!!

  107. This was one of my favorite Idol seasons ever!! I loved the new judges and thought they made the show much more positive and fun! I also liked almost all the contestants-their singing, and their attitude! No, not every show was great, but overall this group had the most talent of any season yet. I wish everyone making comments could be positive too, but that is too much to wish for I guess! I also thought the finale was AWESOME!!! It definitely had me laughing and smiling the entire show! I can’t wait to see how the all the contestants do now that the show is over. I can’t wait for the next season!! =)

  108. I have been routing for this final all year. Sorry all you haters and Haley pimps will have to wait until 2012 to find some others to hate. I actually don’t want to pick on Haley as I do like her and will buy her music, it’s her fans that make me crazy. After all the work of leaking by her mom, maybe all those crazy posts were hers?
    Having all that said, I really didn’e enjoy last nights show. I was really hoping for some Pia and all we got was more James and Jacob, ugggghhh.
    Wish we could have seen some more Carrie. I did also enjoy watching and hearing Sheen E on the drums with MA. Think that JLO was saying good bye to the show as she terared when waving. I guess the 12 million and what ever seven figures they trough at her hubby will be spent elsewhere as her new show on Univision will bring in about $400 dollars.
    If we go the route of a new female performer, I would like to see either Shania or Posh. Enjoy the time off or maybe see you again during the X factor!

    • I’m right there with you for Shania Twain as a judge. I wouldn’t watch if Posh was a judge. First, because I can’t stand her. And second, because I think all of the judges should be American as it is American Idol. Other possibles, for me, would be Anastasia Brown or Cher.

  109. i love you so much Scotty.You are so great and i was happy that you are the winner.I dont like Lauren ,all about her ^_^

  110. James deserved to win… lauren is just boring she thinks she is Kelly clarkson. But Kelly is better than her….


  112. I am soooooo glad Scotty is our American Idol!!!! I have voted for him since day 1, he is truly great and I am sure we will hear him for years to come!!
    Good job America, good job Scotty!!!!

  113. Hello from New Zealand !!! Big country music week here in Gore , the country music capital of New Zealand .So , soo great that Scotty has won American Idol . And that Lauren was the runner up . An amazing week for country music all over the world . Supper Amazing Well Done !!

  114. old bent head the winner..!!!! felt sorry for pidgeon toes, Pia looked freakin fantastic no wonder all the girls voted her off. James Durbin Rocked, Haley always a pleasure, if it wasn’t for Jack Black Casey was crap with that stupid growel, did I mention Pia..???

  115. You have the talent are the winner congratulations Latinoamerica it supports you¡¡¡¡ from bolivia

  116. Big, big congratulations to the ” I LOVE U THIS BIG”w winner Scottie! Congrats too, to lady Lauren.

    We look forward to seeing and hearing you here in the Philippines…

  117. Que emosion , me alegre mucho cuando escuche y vi q gano scotty

  118. Jennifer Lopez You are not the best American Idol Judge. The final show proves that you are Jealous immature and let’s faced YOU ARE NOT THE BIGEST STAR ON THE PLANET. From the beginning to the end your performance was “Look at me people look at me”.

  119. Hello from South Africa. America you made the right choice,your idol Scotty rocks!!!! He is amazing and our congrats to a super star! Country music is the best!

  120. Scotty has a mesmerizing voice. It will be fun to watch him grow up on stage in the years to come. He will only bet better. I would love to hear him sing Elvira.

  121. Hi from South Africa!! Your show was GREAT. HAPPY Scotty won His humbleness made him a winner!

  122. HI I AM FROM SOUTH AFRICA…I love american idol i would like to know what SIMON COWELL THOUGHT


  123. precioso ke canta este chico de tan solo 16 y lo mejor country, ke a muchos nos gusta aki en México

  124. Hello from Jakarta, Indonesia. We have been watching AI from the beginning – and my pick has always been Scotty. I like him – humble, no bragging and yet poersistently good with his sonorous voice. Congratulations. Lauren is also good and showing her youth. She is right being numero two!The other contestants are not singing, they are screaming and shouting – Haley, nad James and Casey… Pia was also good. Pity she should have stayed up to at least the final 3
    Bravo Scotty

  125. There are two sorts of companies, those who work to try and charge countless those that work to charge less. We’ll be the other.

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