American Idol 2012: Top 24 Spoilers and Where They Auditioned

American Idol Pittsburgh auditions

The Idol Pad, MJs and basically everyone else has reported the same American Idol 2012 Top 24 spoilers, so while nothing is confirmed, it should be pretty safe to say that the list below is solid.

Along with the list is a breakdown of the Top 24’s audition cities.

It comes as no surprise that NO Top 24 contestant came out of last night’s dud Aspen episode. It looks like Pittsburgh produced the most Top 24 contestants with nine of the 24. Followed by Charleston/Savannah with seven, Houston with five, San Diego two, and Portland only one.

If you want to see the list, keep reading. If you don’t want to be spoiled, run away! Now!

The American Idol Top 24 — Audition City

The (alleged) Top 12 Girls

Hollie Cavanagh — Houston

Baylie Brown — Houston

Jen Hirsh — Houston

Chelsea Sorell — Charleston/Savannah

Hallie Day — Pittsburgh

Elise Testone — Charleston/Savannah

Erika Van Pelt — Pittsburgh

Jessica Sanchez — San Diego

Haley Johnson — Portland

Shannon Magrane — Charleston/Savannah

Brielle Von Hugel — Charleston/Savannah

Skylar Laine — Houston

The (alleged) Top 12 Boys

Adam Brock — Pittsburgh

Reed Grimm — Pittsburgh

Deandre Brackensick — San Diego

Creighton Fraker — Pittsburgh

Aaron Sanders — Pittsburgh

Joshua Ledet — Houston

Eben Franckewitz — Pittsburgh

Heejun Han — Pittsburgh

Phillip Phillips — Charleston/Savannah

Jeremy Rosado — Charleston/Savannah

Chase Likens — Pittsburgh

Colton Dixon — Charleston/Savannah





    • Something  must have happened either in Hollywood or Las Vegas because so far she is the only one that stood out for me…..Frankly I can’t remember hardly any of these names except for Colton Dixon, Philip Philips and Heejun Han and to me these three weren’t that great either.   Tonight 5 of the top 24 are in Pittsburgh so I am looking forward to the show tonight….

      • I dont know about you but i really dont believe any of this…because their are 1 guy from aspen that should be in the top 12 that is Richie Lawson..their should be one from St Louis named Reis Kloeckener and one girl from st louis Rachelle Lamb..if those 3 do not get into it than this show is rigged.

    • Something  must have happened either in Hollywood or Las Vegas because so far she is the only one that stood out for me…..Frankly I can’t remember hardly any of these names except for Colton Dixon, Philip Philips and Heejun Han and to me these three weren’t that great either.   Tonight 5 of the top 24 are in Pittsburgh so I am looking forward to the show tonight….

  1. so far NOBODY is brilliant.  most of the bodies i’ve heard sound like they have deviated septums.  no one so far has that WOW factor that makes them unique.  SOMEBODY out there must be fabulous, no?  or have we all been spoiled by you know who??

    • No WOW factor yet…….Lets hope that changes soon…..but you are right, we’ve been spoiled by you know who!!!!!!!! Don’t want to upset Ed so I won’t mention his name….!!!!! LOL

    • They didn’t even show the real talent! I know for a fact there were some really good talent and if you don’t have a “story” you really don’t get heard! this I know for a fact! 

  2. Its great that we can still remember being 17 and all those great stories….!!!!
    I think this site is so much fun……

    • @Phyllis G & Pr63  – Speak for yourselves girls, what makes you think I’m not 17, heh heh, just kidding.

      Let’s just hope once the final 24 performs live and with the back up musicians they will  perform what we expected them to do, wow us.
      Sometimes it is hard to tell by listening acapela, I know I needed instruments if I wanted to pretend I can sing,I  still need at least my
      Taylor to back me up. One or two among the 24 should give us some
      thing to talk about, also it will be more dynamic once the band is
      back playing.  I hope this time the song line up is better and more to our liking, and you know what music we like?  Patience , patience
      there should be one or two that will shine thru.

  3. Well I read an interview where the judges said that there were some who they thought would go far in the competition that ended up falling flat in Hollywood, so maybe they are focusing more on the ones who actually made the top 24 over the ones that might have wowed the judges but didn’t do well in Hollywood. There are only two in this list that I can actually get behind and that’s Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixon(who was robbed last season) all the others are just ok for me. I say let’s see how things go in the Hollywood and Vegas rounds before making final judgements.

  4. I liked Hollie Cavanagh from last year and Brielle Von Hughel. I also like Deandre, Colton, Philip Philips and Heejun. Watch for Hollie Cavanagh though, she could win.

  5. I really don’t know why everything is hyping about phillip. i really don’t think he’s that good. sure he’s talented but for some reason he doesnt give me the wow factor. i dont know maybe its just me

  6. Does anyone know what happened to scott dangerfield? it appears that he withdrew from the competition at the green mile. does anyone know why?

  7. American Idol Season 11 !!!    Is it good to be back ?? I think it is .

    Till now , Nobody is great . WHY ??? .Coz  We can not give the right judgement about any contestant . Some will shine under the pressure and some …

    Brielle Von Hugel !!  I do remember her audition and when she sang Grenade with Pia  . She was very good but What can u say about the new judges …       Hollie was very good as well .
    I think it was an EXPERMENTAL SEASON for the TWO judges !!!

    Be ready for ((( X Factor  VS  American Idol )))    It will be contraversial

    Which is better ??? I think it does not matter as long as they develop both of the shows .

    A question  >>
     Do u think that they should make some changes  like
    ( Not repeating the same songs over and over again ) ??

  8. FYI Hollie Cavanaugh was eliminated one round before making the top 24… It was announced right before her national anthem performance a couple months ago… So this list is WRONG… Pls update

    • dude.. the green mile round was done just recently. this has to be  a reliable list. if you’re saying that the announcement being made ‘couple of months’ ago that’s gotta be info from previous season. 🙂

  9. Scott Dangerfield is not in the list? NOOOOOOO…
    Does anyone know why??? He’s been my early favorite since last year:(

    • He is REALLY good! Hopefully the list is wrong and we’ll find out that he actually made it through

  10. this list is incomplete without jairon jackson, jayrah gibson, and cortez shaw. why is it that only a few black people make it every season?

  11. Go for Heejun Han! I really think he is awesome and naturally cute… Lol. The judges must see something unique with him, otherwise he couldnt be in top 24. I really hope he will make it.. Hehe

  12. Damn. I saw this guy, can’t remember where he was from– his name was Richie Law.  He looked like a kid, well he had this GIANT VOICE that popped out of him and I about fell over. I thought for sure he’d be on here. I don’t know how he couldn’t be because he sure was something.   

    • I couldn’t agree more. Colton is my number 1 pick this year (as he was robbed last year) im also really the asain guy (forgive me I don’t recall how he spells his name) and Phillip. And so for those are the only 3 that’s really grabbed and held my attention this season.

      • We have pretty much the same taste. And that “Asian guy” is named Heejun. HeeJUN! (-_~)b 

  13. I just really really want a girl to win this year since it’s been more than 4 years since a girl, namely  Jordin Sparks won American Idol. Whom of these guys (except Scotty- don’t think he’ll be around for too long) are doing well? And now look at Kelly, Carrie, they have both been in the business doing SUPERB so a girl should win this year. Maybe Jessica Sanches who was on the AGT years ago? We’ll see how everyone does 😛

  14. anyone know what happened with Johnny Keyser , he audition this past Thursday in St Louis?

    How reliable is this list?

    • Hopefully not very reliable!  But I have no idea, really.  I’m just upset Haley Smith isn’t on it.  Johnny was also very good.

      • I am starting to get a bit worried that Johnny didnt make it to the top 24- the other sites that has “insider” information also don’t have him in the top 24 and are specifically saying that he had a bad performance in Las Vegas and was quickly cut. 

        He is still in Los Angeles, but that can be because none of them are allowed to go home until they are officially kicked off on television or else it would really get out there.

        if this is true lets home he auditions next year and he should be a shoe in for Hollywood week then.

  15. what happened to shelby tweten, she made it to green mile, but what went wrong? Did the judges finally see her true colors?

  16. What happened to Jermaine Jones? He clearly was the best singer, but is not on the list of 12 boys. Does America really like those girly voiced boys that are on the list better than those beautiful baritone sounds that he makes? I guess it does since it also likes its men to have no chest hair either. Androgeny marches on.

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