American Idol 2012 Auditions: San Diego Recap

The American Idol 2012 auditions continued from a San Diego aircraft carrier in a rare Sunday night special and it looks like the days of more bad auditions than good are a thing of the past.

The people who tune in just for the ridiculous auditions are probably not very happy right now. I, however, am happy. I’ve never been a fan of the bad auditions: the costumes, the purposefully-bad singing or even the bikini girls. Come on, people, you know where to find naked people — you’re using it to read this blog right now — so you don’t need American Idol to give you half-naked people.

Speaking of half-naked people, that’s how Sunday night’s show started. Jennifer Diley came in with a body and that’s about it. I’ll call her “Butter Voice.” So Butter Voice belts out a mess and is sent packing, in pretty much the only “bad” audition featured the entire night.

The Standouts

Ashley Robles. The single mother took on “I Will Always Love You,” and did so quite well. She has the look, the story and the voice.

Jayrah Gibson. I was certain this was going to be one of the “bads.” With his whole “no plan B” schpill, I was sure of it. But then he starting singing and it wasn’t bad.

Aubree Dieckmeyer. She might have thought she was auditioning for “America’s Next Top Model,” but she can actually sing. She doesn’t seem very smart in the least (for the record, “Feelin’ Good” was covered by Michael Buble — it’s not his song), but thankfully you don’t need a brain to sing.

Ali Shields. I would almost put this one into the “bad” category, but the judges liked her. I thought it would be safe to say her 15 minutes of fame ended when she made it onto the Ellen DeGeneres Show, but no, she made it to Hollywood. She wasn’t bad, but certainly wasn’t great.

Kyle Crews. I first thought this frat guy was that fat kid from “The Sandlot.” But after extensive research (five minutes of Google), I found out I was wrong. For some reason, the judges really liked him. I just thought he was kind of OK. He’d definitely get annoying if he were to stick around. But I’m pretty confident (even without checking spoilers) that he won’t make it very far past Hollywood.

Jane Carrey. A mom. A waitress. Jim Carrey’s daughter. Eh. I don’t know. She was OK. It would be pretty cool to see Jim Carrey show up to root for his kid. But I doubt we’ll see that. She’s good, but not good enough to make it through without people claiming she only made it through because of who her dad is.

Jason “Wolf” Hamlin. I told myself that this guy is interesting and isn’t bad but would probably sound a lot better with some music. And I was right. He got to play his good fiddle and sounded a lot better. And I’m actually pretty afraid to say anything negative about him anyway. He scares me a little.

What did you think of the San Diego auditions? Who stood out to you the most? And if you want to see if any of these guys make it to the next couple of rounds, check out our American Idol 2012 spoilers.




  1. We set our DVR to record the Auditions in San Diego on Sunday evening, but Fox 12 plugged in the Giants and 49ers game and it ate up the whole recording time- so we didn’t get to see ANY of it- THANK YOU FOX 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I really like Jason I think he’s got the a great voice. So I’m going to stick with him and there was other I liked but not much as I liked him……. Mary k

  3. I set my DVR towait record the show tonight also and only got the game and the beginning of American idol. I really wanted to see these auditions.

  4. I was watching the game so I knew it ran overtime.  I really enjoyed the show last night.  The best was Ashley Robles.  For some reason I still don’t think we saw the best auditions, but thankful that we are not seeing all those awful ones.
    Hello Sherry K. hope you had a nice weekend.

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