American Idol 2012 San Diego Auditions Tonight

American Idol 2012 auditions in San Diego

American Idol 2012 auditions continue tonight when the judges arrive at the USS Midway in San Diego. From the promos we’ve seen so far it seems that Steven, JLo, and Randy will actually be sitting on the ship for these audition rounds that should definitely keep things interesting.

We’ve got a preview below of tonight’s American Idol show which will air around 10PM ET (7PM PT) or whenever the NFC game wraps up tonight. So far between Savannah and Pittsburgh we’ve seen the judges hand out an average of forty Golden Tickets at each stop. We’ll soon find out how California performs against the likes of the east coast talent. You can also take a peek at the Idol spoilers list to get an idea of who is yet to come on the Hollywood Week journey.

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  1. Very happy that Idol’s time slot tonight won’t interfere with Once Upon a Time or Downton Abbey.  What a swell way to wind up the weekend,  3 hours of great TV.

    • Wow, I was thinking the same thing! Once Upon and Downton are my favorite shows on TV right now. What a nice Sunday! Football, music, fairy tales and the English meet WWI. 

  2. Once Upon a Time is a great drama, I have been enjoying it. Can’t wait for it to air tonight and for Idol. Hey Idol producers how about showing some auditions from people who are old enough to vote in a presidential election, so sick of seeing kids, kids, and more kids.

  3. The ellen show chick is hilarious. She’s actually pretty good too, except she didn’t hit any of the high notes in the song. I don’t know if she meant to do that or was just flat lol

  4. Please somebody help me! I am trying to found the American idol transmition without results! The transm is Fox and the time….?

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