American Idol 2012: Colton Dixon Performs “Everything” On Media Tour

American Idol 2012 Colton Dixon

Colton Dixon fans still have a few more chances to enjoy their favorite American Idol 2012 singer as he’s continued to make the rounds after his elimination last week. Among his many appearances and performances this week we’ve got a couple to share below. I’ve also included a 12 minute interview Colton had on The Tom Sullivan show.

First up is his appearance this Monday on “Live! With Kelly” where he again performed his swan song, “Everything.” Following the performance he told Kelly Ripa that his elimination was bittersweet now that he could move on to following his dream of writing and recording sooner. Colton also noted that he missed “the American Idol family like crazy” but the freedom to get out there and start working on his solo career is exciting for him.

Colton Dixon also made a post American Idol 2012 appearance on Access Hollywood where he stuck to his guns and sang, you guessed it, “Everything.” I suppose after Colton’s heartache over picking a Lady Gaga song last week he doesn’t want to stray from his message again.

If you could have requested Colton Dixon to perform one other song from his time on American Idol 2012, what would it be?

Here’s the additional interview from Monday’s The Tom Sullivan Show where there’s lots of discussion on his “shocking” elimination. I don’t agree that he was expected to win American Idol Season 11, but I was surprised to see him go a few weeks earlier than I thought we’d see.






  1. colton got the exposure he needed and will probably be signed with a record label.  is he really that great?  questionable.  he’s got the looks and the hair but the voice leaves a lot to be desired.  will he be around twenty years from now?  doubtful.  to colton fans, it’s just one girl’s opinion.  we’re all entitled to them.  this has been the nastiest season yet with some people really getting down and dirty.  there’s no place for that kind of behavior.  it’s just a tv show, folks.  sit back and enjoy the music 

    • true.  Colton is not a stand-out.  He will do well in  gospel music.  I’m a bit over the whole Colton scene.  He’s been voted off. Let’s move on .

    • Amen, sister! : ) and I do enjoy the music. Colton, if he prayed as (I) do, that. God’s Will be done, then I know he knows his elimination was in His plan. You’re right – he got the exposure needed to persue his dream of singing to glorify his Lord. Some people voted for their favorites whether they performed well or not. However, some don’t. I thought he could be eliminated, not because I thought he should, but because 1) I thought my(own)self during that first performance ‘that is so not his personality’ 2) some of his fans would not vote. So……Next?? Who will/could it be? I’m going to sit back, enjoy the music, vote and then will find out if my votes helped keep my favorite in. If not, well…..I’ll still do it all over again next week.

    • Youre from Dubai! so am i 😀 Colton was my favorite as well, still is. I would request for him to sing Piano Man as well! I bet you watch AI on osn 😛

  2. Would have liked to hear him perfrom “Where I Belong” by Building 429. 

    I don’t think that he was expected to win once the live shows got started. Before that he was a favorite but he just didn’t have the impact that everyone was expecting. 

    Maybe he can take what he’s learned from the experience, build on that and use it to do what he wants to do in life. 

    Best wishes!


    • Hope he sings other than “Everything”.  Good Luck to Colton. I heard that so many times.

  4. He is not arrogant he even said when he said ” I don’t care what the judges say”. That he wasn’t himself. No America didn’t get it right it should have been Elise. She had been on Ryans stool more than any of them. And that was his first and last visit. Scotty was in the bottom once and was not voted off. But we will hear more from him then the ones that win.

  5. tom sullivan said colton expected to win the whole thing,,,,your lying right tom?……colton even said his cocky and didn’t care,,,,that was his downfall…oh well  lm glad his gone,,,,

    •  Colton apologized for his behavior. He apologized on the Idol stage and in every interview I’ve seen, he’s apologized in all those too. He didn’t mean that he didn’t care about the judges opinions overall. He just meant that he was singing for God, so if the judges didn’t like his song he was okay with that. He just didn’t pick the right wording. That was his first week of tough criticism and he wasn’t sure how to handle it/feel about it. Cut him some slack, at least he’s man enough to apologize for his actions. Plus, the editors cut out the rest of what he said, so his “I don’t care” made him look worse.

  6. Colton
    fans, to make a point to the judges, vote against their favorites. It
    is like voting for Colton’s ghost. Ghosts happened when people in life
    get ripped off and treated unfair like Colton got ripped off by AI

    Let’s haunt them for what they did to Colton. Vote for the ghost of
    Colton by voting for the judges’ anti-favs; vote your choices: Elise,
    Skylar, Phillip, & Hollie for the most impact of an anti-vote. Vote
    as many times as you can, like they did to get rid of Colton.

    Long live Colton’s ghost! Help it be a force in the AI to the end,
    haunt the judges for their bias and unfair favoritism. The other fans of
    the favorite contestants mocked you as “Teenie Bopers” and told you
    Colton was terrible and deserved to go, especially the JessPushers. Some
    called him Colon. You know what I say is true. Don’t be sad, get even.

    Remember…how cute Colton was until they killed him off.   🙁 🙁


    • hellooooooooo who do you think voted Colton off??  Not the judges, the fans.  The fans who know what they want to see and hear.  Guess what? ! 
      They don’t want Colton Dixon!

    • Is James crazy or has he been watching a different American Idol than I have this season. The ONLY time I noticed that the judges EVER gave Colton a negetive review, was on the performance last week. And he deserved a negetive review on that week (and many other in my viewpoint).

  7. I would like to know why people say he’s so arrogant and cocky and full of himself. Seriously? I don’t see how. He’s a great man of God and an extraordinary singer/performer. He knows what he wants to do in the music business and he knows he was one of the favorites since the beginning of the season. What’s the harm in knowing you’re good?
    Plus, during commercial break when it was just down to him and Hollie, Hollie laughed and told Colton that she knew she was leaving. She said, “Just by looking at our piles of fan mail, I can tell you right now you’ll be here another week” and he goes, “Yeah, but after looking at the performances last night – you killed it and I didn’t do so hot, at all, so it’ll be me leaving. At least it should be.” And then when they announced Colton’s elimination he said to Holly “Congratulations baby, you deserve it.” … I don’t see how that’s cocky or arrogant.

  8. I wish American Idol would give the contestants the opertunity to sing Gospel Songs. Many of them have gotten their start or love for singing at their churchs.  

  9. I would like to have heard Colton sing “Broken Heart” or “I Love the Way You Lie.”  Good luck to him; he’s very talented!

  10. He is not arrogant, He is confident.  Yay for him for going out with a song to praise Jesus!

  11. I’d love him to sing Fix you. Just as he did during the final judging in Hollywood. that was superb.

  12. You may not have agreed, but the entire week after the Jessica save most online polls, predictions and even “vegas odds” had him winning.  I have the printed articles!  Oh well!  I think he will do well either way and the arrogant comment is totally wrong.  If you watch all his interviews he is very humble and raises up the judges and other contestants constantly.  He is a better man than me, because I would have hated the judges after their obvious favoritism this year!

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