American Idol 2012: Judge Randy Jackson Predicts Top 4

American Idol 2012 judge Randy Jackson

American Idol judge Randy Jackson has predicted the Season 11 Top 4 finalists. Yesterday when he visited CBS’ “The Talk” Jackson was put on the hot seat when asked who was making it to the end.

Randy started out naming which singers were sure to be part of the American Idol 2012 Top 3 and then stretched it out one more to name a fourth finalist.

The Idol judge told the panel of ladies, “I think the Top 3 is probably Phil Phillips, Skylar Laine, Jessica who we saved, and probably Joshua. Those are the Top 4.” I was surprised to hear Randy name Skylar second before adding in Jessica, but since he didn’t indicate what overall order he was using to name, he might not have meant that as a ranking.

Considering how Hollie Cavanagh and Elise Testone have been repeat visitors to Ryan Seacrest’s Stools O’ Sorrow, I don’t think it’s a stretch for Randy to make this prediction. Of course last week taught us that a Bottom 3 newbie is just as vulnerable as a veteran when Colton was eliminated. Then the week before threatened the survival of an odd’s leader with Jessica’s vote-out. So really, anything could happen over these next few weeks.

Who do you think will make it to the big American Idol 2012 finale next month?




  1. Completely agree with Randy. Hollie and Elise.. I just don’t think they’ll make the Top 4. (But then again, with Colton’s surprising elimination just five nights ago, who knows what could happen?) I definitely think the Top 3 will consist of Phillip, Jessica, and Skylar with Phillip and Jessica making it to the finale. (Although, I’m hoping it’s Phillip and Skylar)

    Although, it doesn’t matter too much now. All six of them have great careers ahead of them (If they play their cards right). That also includes Colton. (Next Chris Daughtry anybody?)

    • How inappropriate for you to comment that if you were Hollie or Elise, you’d SPIT on Randy. Just like you and everyone else here, Randy is entitled to his own opinion.
      If you don’t like what he said, just disagree with him instead of acting out of desperation to spit on somebody. Breeding is Priceless.

      •  He has his right to his opinion but he is a JUDGE on the show not just a fan.  There is a very fine line with showing favoritism and being professional.

      • To scorpio009,

        Yes, Randy is a judge, but HE DOES NOT SELECT the winner, YOU, I and the REST OF AMERICA DO.

      • And if he would of NOT included Jessica in his top 4, everyone here would of throwing stones at Randy, but since he included her, no one here has the right to speak out against what he said. That’s how it works, it’s getting all too familiar. Just like when anybody but her gets a standing O. Comical.

      • I didn’t say I would spit on Randy, I said if I were a contestant I would.  It was an expression of disdain and not meant to be taken literal. Ever hear of drama.

        By definition a Judge is to be impartial, showing lack of favoritism; “the cold neutrality of an impartial judge” fair, just – free from favoritism or self-interest or bias or deception.

        This is why it’s inappropriate for Randy to be declaring his favoritism when the contest isn’t over. He’s telling Hollie and Elise…go home, you have no chance. These judges are doing things this year that no other judges have done before and are very much against the definition of what a Judge is. They can keep doing it if they want, but they are only hurting the show. 

        Also, did you ever think, how unfair it is to Jess or Joshua if they don’t win. How are they going to feel is they lose, but the Judges said they should win. It’s not right. The judges should judge and provide feedback for each performance without partiality or favoritism.

        Simon did not do the kind of things these judges have done this year.

      • I agree. Him predicting who the Top 4 will be is really  no different than you or I predicting the top finalists on here. The only difference is that he did it on a *national* level. As for him being a judge, I agree. I think as we get closer to the finals, we *hang on every word* the judges say…so of course we jumped on it when he said this. The tightrope he is walking as a judge/fan is the same one Jennifer walks when she tells America to pick up the phone and vote for a particular contestant (DeAndre for example).  I personally dont agree with his choices, however I think its unfair for him to name names nationally while the other contestants are still in it. He couldve said a girl or a guy etc. But…..when ur a celebrity, the press hounds and dissects your every more…so maybe Elise and Hollie could use this as a teaching tool and go with the flow….Lets see them prove him wrong type of thing. Could work to their advantage….

    • He was asked a question and he answered it. It’s as simple as that.

      Whether Hollie and Elise make it to the Top 4 or not, they better be pretty grateful that they’re even there at all because who is the reason they’re here in the first place? Jennifer, Steven, and… Oh. The person you said they should spit on.

    • Randy is a biased jackass…. I like all of them but he’s been biased the past two freaking years. I’m a huge Haley Reinhart fan n he hated her nearly the entire way and it burned his butt all the way to the top 3:)

    •  Oh come on, Simon used to do this all the time! He even said that of the Top 2 in Season 7, David Cook “deserves to win, not Archuleta. I hope it’s Cook.”
      And yeah it all comes down to our votes, really. Who knows, Elise or Hollie might make the Top 4! You can never tell! Keep voting!

    •  J-lo is prove as Top Singer
      Steven Tyler prove as Top singer in Top Band

      but who Randy ??? when i search in wikipedia he just drummer, and not success Singer, Omg why AI choose him as Judges again

      • J-lo a top singer!!!??????? hahahah

        Well, Randy is a bassist and producer. He has produced and played with a lot of artists. So he nows much more than J-Lo and Steven Tyler (well…mabe just J-Lo)

  2.  1Jessica Sanchez”Radio Ga Ga” (Queen)TBA2Phillip Phillips”We Are the Champions” (Queen)TBA3Elise Testone”Somebody to Love” (Queen)TBA4Hollie Cavanagh”Love of My Life” (Queen)TBA5Joshua Ledet”The Show Must Go On” (Queen)TBA6Skylar Laine”The Miracle” (Queen)TBA7Jessica Sanchez”Listen” (Beyonce)TBA8Phillip Phillips”It’s Not Over” (Daughtry)TBA9Elise Testone”We Are” (Ana Johnsson)TBA10Hollie Cavanagh”Candle in the Wind” (Elton John)TBA11Joshua Ledet”Lean On Me” (Bill Withers)TBA12Skylar Laine”As You Turn Away” (Lady Antebellum)TBA

    • The entire group is doing Somebody To Love on Thursday night with a Queen tribute band, so I say you’re full of it.

      • Yeah I read somewhere to that the entire group was singing Somebody to Love on Thursday, so I didn’t think anybody would be doing it on Wed

    • Love the songs by Jessica………..hmmmmmm Hollie chooses songs that are definitely subject for “boring” issue – that’s disastrous.

    • Is this really true? Becoz i want Jessica to sing Listen! :D. But i want to hear her sing it in FINALE. 😛

      • I have the same feeling with you before but after her shocking near elimination then followed by another shocking cannot-be-saved elimination of another frontrunner Colton then I believed that there is no place for reserving the best song by any contestant now. Jessica and the rest of the remaining contestants should think that every round is a FINALE. Results are shockingly unpredictable and thus all of them are vulnerable to go home unexpectedly.

    • Candle in the wind? that kind of song would not amaze people. I think Hollie should sing something else, not a good song choice for singing competition… You wait till Jessica sings Listen, song by Beyonce. Again, this type of song she’ll be singing needs belting, not sure of the word but it ain’t screaming or growling just like some bitter people are saying here…. 

  3. Top 6 ranking based on the likely voting outcome:

    1. Jessica
    2. Phillip
    3. Skylar
    4 Joshua
    5. Elise or Hollie
    6. Hollie or Elise

    AI winner this year is very likely to be a female.

    Jessica’s SAVE by the judges was meant for this reason.

    • Phillip will take it but I’d kind of like to see Elise make it to the final two with Phillip. Jessica is getting boring.

    •  Skylar vs. Jessica for the finale! that would be an explosion of a show! Two powerhouses singing each other down? Yes please!!! If Phillip makes the finale, it will be a really boring show…even more boring than the Season 9 finale (yawn).

    • Jessica Sanchez is like Young Beyonce! She can really sing! Skyler and Elise is just like Kelly C.

  4. Facebook Fanpage LIKES of the remaining 6 AI contestants as of 4-24-12:

    1. Jessica Sanchez 140,000
    2. Phillip Phillips. 88,674
    3. Skylar Laine. 41,639
    4. Joshua Ledet. 36,870
    5. Hollie Cavanagh. 32,767
    6. Elise Testone. 31,790

    •  Don’t forget though, this really has nothing to do with who goes home and who stays. Colton has the most followers on Twitter and the most likes on Facebook and he went home last week.. 🙁

    •  Jessica also has a wider, more international fan base, so that’s why she has the most followers and always leads in the polls by such a wide margin.
      That doesn’t take away her awesomeness, though 😉

      • The winner will marketed internationally. The records they will be making will also be sold internationally just like the rest of the singers not only in

      • By International you mean Filipana?That’s not neccessarily true.Colton is quite a hit worldwide especially in the christian and gospel loving music enthusiasts

    • I will vote for Jessica Sanchez including the rest of Mexican / Filipino-Americans in CA. The whole Fil-Ams community Supports Jessica Sanchez in so many ways.

  5. How I would WANT it to turn out:

    How it WILL turn out:

  6. i know where they found those song rumors , in wikipedia
    as you know wikipedia is not reliable because it can be edited by anyone

  7. I so agree with Randy! Hoping either Hollie or Elise goes home next. Jessica, PP, Skylar, and Joshua are all great to complete the top 4!

  8. hmm maybe randy is right and even more right by saying it in order i wonder haha 🙂

  9. WOOOOOOW! how unprofessional of him! He’s a has-been anyways. To just throw Hollie and Elise out the window like that is just so disrespectful!

    What a fatass hater.

    • James said he’d spit on Randy.

      You just called Randy a fatass hater.

      Desperate times call for desperate measures.

      Breeding is Priceless

      Flag! Flag!

      •   I
        didn’t say I would spit on Randy, I said if I were a contestant I
        would.  It was an expression of disdain and not meant to be taken
        literal. Ever hear of drama.

        And no, Randy is not entitled to his opinion because he isn’t a fan,
        he is a judge and that is way different. By definition a Judge is to be
        impartial, showing lack of favoritism; “the cold neutrality of an
        impartial judge” fair, just – free from favoritism or self-interest or
        bias or deception.

        This is why it’s inappropriate for Randy to be declaring his
        favoritism when the contest isn’t over. He’s telling Hollie and
        Elise…go home, you have no chance. These judges are doing things this
        year that no other judges have done before and are very much against the
        definition of what a Judge is. They can keep doing it if they want, but
        they are only hurting the show. 

        Also, did you ever think, how unfair it is to Jess or Joshua if they
        don’t win. How are they going to feel if they lose, but the Judges said
        they should win. It’s not right. The judges should judge and provide
        feedback for each performance without partiality or favoritism.

        Simon did not do the kind of things these judges have done this year.

        It’s no different than Donald Trump saying Miss America would be in
        the top 3 of the Miss Universe contest before it ever started; Judges
        can’t declare they are partial when as a judge they are supposed to be

  10. Phillip all the way!!  I’m sick of these ballard singers and what they have to offer.  I hope Joshua comes in second and Skylar third.  Jessica is on my last nerve, can’t stand her snooty attitude and her saving graces by the judges.  America spoke 2 weeks ago for her elimination and the 3 judges were like a bunch of clowns on Christmas day, acting so completely immature in saving her.  For what???  She is not gonna sell a bunch of CD’s like the 1st three I mentioned.  She’s a wanna be and the judges have made her personality so stinking lousy. Oh and BTW, Colton eliminated = SO WRONG…..doesn’t make one lick of sense.  JMO!!

    • Another BITTER who can’t sleep at night while Jessica is still around. Take care my friend, BITTERNESS is Freakin Bad for your health!

    • Come on, what snooty attitude are you talking about?Can you cite specific instances of such behavior?  If you like other contestants, then just continue liking them instead of throwing false criticisms on those you don’t like.

    • @b18d54b7f8de8365f635a4279af6007c:disqus If u say anything negative about Ms. Sanchez on this site, her fans attack u like a pack of dogs.  I don’t necessarily agree with how you phrased ur opinion, but u sure are entitled to it, unlike some folks who don’t believe in the AMERICAN Constitutional Right of Free Speech.

      • Every right comes with a corresponding responsibility not to abuse that right. You have a right to state your opinion, but not to throw insults when you meet a contrary opinion. Likening Jessica’s fans to a pack of dogs is not cool, essa. 

    • Only fools argue with fools….so please leave nosoul..errr, soulshine alone…     🙂

    • 1st – you’re not a judge
      2nd- you’re not a producer
      3rd – you’re not a singer
      4th – you’re not God
      so shut your mouth and stop hating Jessica and just vote for your idol ok

    • Jessica is a fine artist.  Well, there are people in this world who either don’t see and  appreciate true talent or just simply don’t want others to succeed.  Crab mentality….  What a pity…

    • Remember that the winner will be marketed internationally just like the rest of the singers not pnly in america

    • Last year’s top 10 finalists even had a concert in the philippines. See what i mean?!

    • Again, I didn’t say I would spit on Randy, I said if I were a contestant I would.  It was an expression of disdain and not meant to be taken literal. Ever hear of drama.

      And no, Randy is not entitled to his opinion because he isn’t a fan, he is a judge and that is way different. By definition a Judge is to be impartial, showing lack of favoritism; “the cold neutrality of an impartial judge” fair, just – free from favoritism or self-interest or bias or deception.

      This is why it’s inappropriate for Randy to be declaring his favoritism when the contest isn’t over. He’s telling Hollie and Elise…go home, you have no chance. These judges are doing things this year that no other judges have done before and are very much against the definition of what a Judge is. They can keep doing it if they want, but they are only hurting the show.  

      Also, did you ever think, how unfair it is to Jess or Joshua if they
      don’t win. How are they going to feel if they lose, but the Judges said they should win. It’s not right. The judges should judge and provide feedback for each performance without partiality or favoritism.

      Simon did not do the kind of things these judges have done this year.

      It’s no different than Donald Trump saying Miss America would be in the top 3 of the Miss Universe contest before it ever started; Judges can’t declare they are partial when as a judge they are supposed to be impartial. Image if the judges for Miss Universe acted like the AI judges. I would destroy it.

      JessPushers is this how you want Jess to win? Because of favoritism? The actions of these judges cheapens whoever the AI is because they are saying the person can’t win on their own, they need “help”, even if it is unfair help.

    • how are to judge too… on their choices.. so just stop watching AI ok…you already know the out so just stop……

    • Phillip all the way, i so agree.  Jessica is also on my last nerve.  And the  JUDGES were like a bunch of clowns when they saved  Jessica.  If I were the others competing I would of been pissed on how they acted on stage over her.  And why didn’t she have to sing for her life like everyone else did.  The JUDGES were very unfair to everyone else on that stage. 

  11. Yeah, he shouldn’t have done that. You know that will get back to Elise and Hollie. Of course he doesn’t care that’s what he wants. He wants to shake their confidence because he has already decided who “the best” is. 

    Such a lame thing to do. I hope they can him after this season. He is about the stupidest person alive. How he got to where he is will always remain a mystery to me. 

    Do you think Simon would have done that? He would have just said, “It’s anybody’s game at this point. They are all good.” That’s the difference between CLASS and TRASH!

    • The Best thing to do is to prove Randy wrong (which he is anyway).  Vote for Elise.  She is one of the Best voices and she will rock the house down with her songs this week.  Queen is in her element!   It’s the voters that decide now, NOT Randy and he will not sway Elise supporters! 

      • I’d like to see Elise in the final two with Phillip I’ll give her votes this week.

      •  No matter what Elise does, she will never get into top 4. She’s great but she’s just old and not likable. Obviously, she’s the oldest but she can’t handle criticism. If she does well with the queen song, she will go the week after anyway. It’s a fact !!!!

    • In season 4, Simon said since the beginning that Cairrie Underwood will win no matter what and the other contestants have no chance. Is that what are you talking about? And he always predicted the winner at Ellen’s shows.

      • Simon also kept on praising Crystal Bowersox and Lee DeWyze  as though the other contestants had no talent. he definitely wasn’t impartial.

      • As always Simon was predicting how the public would vote.  He always said it’s not just about the voice. He was right. He always just predicted how we would vote. Not about trying to make sure we vote the way he wants by manipulation. Simon didn’t say that right after he told the whole of the USA that we did it wrong. Simon was very critical of the contestants on the show but he was always very careful not to insult the viewing public. That’s the difference between an intelligent individual who knows where his paycheck is coming from and say……Randy Jackson?

    •  I don’t like Randy Jackson eaither but I think he’s right this time. He’s not just saying whom he wants to be in the top 4 but it’s also whom the public want to be in that top 4 as well.  Let’s face the fact that this is the way things will turn out. Elise and Hollie will go next. And that result will come from the public vote.

    • The judges have been showing favortism since the beginning of show,
      all three of them need to be replaced. Elise has the best voice of any of the bunch, the judges have been getting in her head since the start,she needs to ignore them and give her best her fans will support her. And I am sick of hearing that she is too old, my god she is 28. I guess you have to be 16 to win, go Elsie

  12. Not really understanding why everyone is flipping out. He didn’t say his favorite. He pretty much said what anyone would guess at this point. He didn’t smack talk he just pointed out who the favs are. Everyone can chill. If you’re so worried about Elise or Hollie going then just make sure to vote. Sitting on this site bitching about Randy won’t do anything. Sorry. but in my opinion, Elise sucks and is rude and needs to go.

      • Did it never occur to you that he could be pysching the voting public into voting for Elise or Hollie?

      • ugh, no. I actually can’t stand Randy and I never really agree with anything he says. All I’m saying is that he made a prediction- didn’t say his favs or anything. Same thing Jimmy does every week. Get over it.

  13. It just makes me sick and disgusted that he would do this. Is his high blood sugar affecting his mental capacity or has he just always been this dumb?

    • Its just a matter of accepting the fact that Randy knows better than you guys,( who hates Randy’s opinion). This is America and everybody is entitled to his own opinion.It is Randy’s prerogative as a judge to predict and tell who is the best ..For you hates, create your own singing contest and say whatever you like , it is your right!Nobody will stop you, lol, wake up guys , this is USA…

      • it isn’t his singing contest. He’s a bleeping idiot! Justin Bieber isn’t even 20 years old yet and already worth more than twice as much as Randy Jackson in his whole career. Look it up! Now that’s a loser right there, DUDE!

    • He was asked a question and he gave his honest opinion. He was on a national talk show supporting this show, and was asked HIS OPINION, so what the hell is wrong with that!! It’s no different to when Simon told Ellen that Carrie would not only win, but would sell more records than anyone from AI. The judges give their OPINIONS, that’s what they are there for, so if your getting ‘sick’ because of it, then don’t watch or comment, simple. He did nothing wrong, if so, all if us giving Our opinions on here are wrong Whoopi

      • I guess the thing that bothers me is that I don’t respect his opinion and yes I’m still bitter about the whole “America got it wrong” thing. America did nothing wrong when they voted the way they did a couple of weeks ago but he sure felt compelled to tell us we voted wrong. What’s wrong with a little taste of his own medicine?

        Also he says the whole point is to have America decide but then wants the public to speak out and demand more “saves” for the judges. Did you miss that part. He is just contradicting himself all the time. He does it with the contestants on the show and he did it here. 

        He tells the contestants to do one thing and then the very next performance he tells them something totally opposite. He is just yapping to be yapping and has no clue what he is talking about.

        Simon Cowell was the voice of American Idol. Randy Jackson is just a SC wanna be. Simon wanted to go on record in predicting the outcome of America’s votes and how America would receive the artist. It wasn’t even so much about the talent. He always said there is more to it than just the voice and I agree with that. I don’t agree with anything this clown says. 

        Just sayin……

  14. LOL he said, “We want the public to choose.” What a two faced ……
    And he said that with a straight face right after he said he wants another save?

    So which is it Randy? Do you want us to choose or do you want the judges to over ride our decision every time? So what when you get an additional save then you will want 3 and then 4? 

    We did choose and you said we did it wrong. Spin that head around let’s see that other face you have on the back of your head, DUDE!

  15. Remember Randy is one of the Pioneer Judge of American Idol, he can predict and can choose who He  like to be in top  that is his prerogative , so lets just wait and see, but i like his line up of top 3..we know that Jessica is way better than Skylar , hello ,so its gonna be Phil and Jessica in top 2 spot.

  16. Is he, as a judge, not supposed to say these things? Shouldn’t he be more tactful, unbiased?

  17. At this time nobody knows exactly who will go home on thursday and so on….what we are going to do Jessica fans is to Vote as much as we can to make her stay til the final.

  18. It is inappropriate for Randy as a judge to discuss who he thinks will be  in the top three.  The TV audience maybe voting, but whatever Randy  says could easily sway a voter.

  19. This is great, they want us to be shocked so go ahead and keep saying that top 4- that means it will be “shocking” when Elise stays!! Go Elise!!!!!

    • Elise is arrogant, rude and snobby and her voice is not good enough for America to look over her personality. sorry.

      • Get a life.  It’s just a television show.  All these kids have worked their butts off to get to this point.  They all have their core audience.  You don’t have to like one or the other’s style of music, but getting personal doesn’t do anyone any favors.  Chill out, Homey!

      • No true! Where are all of you getting this arrogant, rude thing from? I haven’t even seen that at all and I don’t really care for Elise’s singing but what you are saying is not true. Give me one example of her saying something arrogant or rude.

    • Randy should have no comment regarding the final 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, or 1.  His job is to critique the contestants, not tell everyone in America how to vote.  He and JLo are constantly telling people how to vote.   Joshua, are you kidding me?  Way to Gospel.  Jessica is just hard to look at.  P2 is different and I think he will take it all.

      • You didn’t answer my question.

        In my opinion, P2 is not different. And I don’t think he’ll win neither.

      • He didn’t tell anyone how to vote he just said how he thinks everyone will vote.

      • jessica is hard to look at? wow, it’s a singing competition and not a beauty pageant

      • Reply to your previous post calling Randy Jackson a loser..11 years in the biggest show on tv paid millions of dollars and he’s a loser? Duh? And you my dear taymaro are a winner? I guess anybody worth less than bieber is a loser that would include you and me and 99.99% of the world

      • I had to like this to reply to it. No I’m pretty much a loser. Have you ever heard the old adage, “It takes one to know one.”?

        Yep he’s a loser…..LOL

  20. Don’t understand why the judges are so down on Hollie. It doesn’t matter how well she performs they manage to discredit her in some way.  Last week when she sang the Adele song she was absolutely amazing so why no standing “O”?  They’ve given lesser performances a standing “O” but this poor girl can sing her heart out and maybe get a ” little” positive feed-back. Jessica is great but has not always picked great songs and Hollie has out sung her a few times, yet the judges still under praise her.  Of course she won’t make the top 3 or 4… the judges will make sure of  that. And for that reason , this will be my last AI season to watch! 

    • hollie’s performance is just ok and i don’t think that a standing “O” is needed because what she sang is a very easy song and anyone can nail that song like hollie did

      • It’s an EASY song to sing??? are you kidding me??

        I want you to show me someone else how has matched up to the vocal prowess of Adele in that song like Hollie did?

        You sound ignorant.  Hollie took on the biggest artist to emerge on the scene in the last decade and performed of of the hottest singles in the past decade and did more than give it justice.

        She DESERVED a standing O and there is no questions asked.  The judges don’t like her; plain and simple.

        But if Hollie fans have anything to do with it, we will push her to the finale because America AND the judges needs to see talent when it slaps them in the face.

      • scorpio09: if you said that Hollie should receive a standing “O” then why is that those 3 judges didn’t give that to her? it’s not because of hate or they don’t like her it’s because there’s nothing special to what she did and don’t call me ignorant because i have nothing against Adele ok because she’s my idol and we’re talking about Hollie here so don’t change the topic

      • Some fans here are so obsessed with their idol (Hollie) that they can’t distinguish make-believe from reality.

    • Hollie is good but not great. The songs she chose are all popular and some are easy to sing. She never had any rendition of not well known song, except for last week’s soul.

  21. It really did not matter what Randy had to say, people wanted to start a war with the judges……………… What a shame !!!   Judges had the right to express their opinions.    Why was it Okay for those people commenting on a lot of craps, and it was not okay for the judge to say something ?????
    Who has double standard here ???      

    They forgot those people were brought on to the show by all the three judges.    If  the judges did not make their choices, there were no Deandre, no Elise, no Hollie, no Phillip, no Joshua, no …………… to begin with.    Give me a break.    You people need to look at your own mirror, and see how ugly it gets, and spit on your own mirror……….   and watch the Hell’s kitchen instead.   

    Really nobody force you to watch Idols !!!!   Do people know how to spell the word …….R.E.S.P.E.C.T. anymore  ???? 


    • No matter how logical and how true what you just said, it doesn’t matter to some people around here… The issue here is beyond RESPECT, its more about H A T E and it seems like you’re are simply talking to a brick wall (there’s no reasoning and stuck to what they think is right even its not)

    • You got a good point but there is one problem with what you are saying. It’s America’s turn to decide now and Randy already insulted us. He said we got it wrong. As I keep saying, we can’t get it wrong. It’s our decision. They had a save and they used it. Now they only have the power of suggestion to try and sway votes. It’s out of the judges hands now. 

      If he can tell us that we got it wrong then it is perfectly okay for us to tell him that he was wrong in this interview. I don’t care who his picks are from this point on. 

      Please don’t give them any more saves. He said they want America to decide so let us already and learn to live with our decision. 

      • oh campaigning much? Randy is a Judge, Producer, an Artist, etc..and you?? gonna say this?? who are you by the way? you can’t recruit people to join your bitterness in life. lmao. just my two cents taymaro. May you rest in peace!

  22. how i hope:
    1.)skylar for the win!!
    2.) phillip
    3.) joshua




  23. i like this comment about Jessica Sanchez from a voice coach, he says:

    in just 1 performance (talking about Nobody’s supposed to be here) she uses these kind of vocal qualities,styles and types:
    Raspy/Husky, Airy, Fading, Strong, Faint, Piercing, Melisma, Falsetto, Rich, Growl.
    She got the breath control, Adrenaline, Sustain, Power and Endurance.
    The switching of Chest.Throat and Head voice is definitely hard but she nailed it…
    She can play the music whichever way she wanted.
    Only those singers that were considered as legends can do so however, even if she was young, still she can be 1 of those legends.

  24. I don’t think Randy should have said it, not fair to the contestants, but his prediction is probably right.

  25. Thanks Randy for your awesome prediction! But most specially thanks for making some people here mad again. There’s a couple here I’m sure are foaming in the mouth and would like to beat the hell out of you!! Hehehe! Good work again Randy! You’re making it easy for us. It’s so nice when you have somebody on ur side who can represent your own choices on tv…others don’t have that luxury. They only have this blog to promote their faves! ….. Sorry guys! Love u randy!

    • Jessica (and Joshua) have both been the best consistent singers. vocally. But, are they the best performers? To some people (myself included) there is a differance.

      • I do not think Jessica is anywhere near the best PERFORMER.  To me, at least.  When I watch her all I see is her scrunching up her nose like something smells bad and doing this weird thing with her hand on the microphone where she looks like she’s trying to do the chicken dance or something.  And then she just stands there really.  Even if I liked her voice, this would ruin her for me.  To make it in the music industry you HAVE to be a good performer.  Nobody wants to go to a concert to watch somebody stand still for 3 hours.

      • To:Iloveusa914

        Have you seen Jessica singing turn the beat around? How will I know? How about love you I do?

        She does those moves because it is more professional. She stands still while performing some songs such as I will always love you. I wouldn’t imagine anyone jumping up and down and running all over the stage -_-

        This is what makes her a good performer. She knows how to fit stage presence with the meaning of the songs she sings and the tempo of the songs.

        And she most likely will make it in the music industry. As long as she has supporting fans. Idk what you’re talking about but I would go to any Jessica Sanchez concert. Win or lose I will always be a fan

  26. My top 4 in order: Joshua, Skylar, Jessica, Elise. I don’t “get” Phillip. He’s OK, but what’s all the fuss?

    • I have to agree with you about Phillip. He is a OK perfromer. Not brillant. And he is a bot of a one trick pony. But, so was Scotty, from last season. And he did OK. So, you never know.

  27. My top 4:
    1)  Hollie (love the tone of her voice and fresh look)
    2)  Phillip (love everything about him!)
    3)  Skylar  (best complete entertainer)
    4)  Joshua (“When a Man Loves a Woman” = best performance I’ve seen on Idol)

  28. It’s not true that Jessica has no emotion while singing have you watched all of her performance sespecially the Prayer “goosebump”? Some people just can’t accept the fact  that a 16 year old girl nailed any type of songs.  On all her journey in life since she was a little girl singing is her paasion all the trials that came to her life  make her a stronger person and came out on her emotion while singing

  29. I hope Phillip wins … I liked Colton too, but I don’t really care about the others.  Sorry to say but I don’t think Hollie should still be there, she’s not that good of a singer, but she’s a sweet little thing.  Phillip is a good all round singer and musician with his own unique personality.  I will buy his CDs but I wouldn’t buy the others music, it’s too boring for even this old granny ….

    • Wow!!!!!I think you’re a fond of singers do the same like Phillips,maybe you’ll enjoy his singing style but most probably not  to others that are constanly following the competition.
      For me there is only one who deserves to be the winner like Jessica Sanchez always takes the risk when singing,not like Phillip many times he goes for a safe songs,because of his fanbase that makes him the winner perhaps,but not for being the best.

      • Anyway I don’t think anyone can predict the outcome.  Remember Adam Lambert !   he got beaten by Chris Allen who I have never heard of since, so it’s the exposure they all get that counts in the end.  I think the talent in The Voice is way superior ( Australia )

      • Intereperformudges think Phillip risk taker and he NAILS it every time. Jess sings boring same old diva songs. Judges say she not connect good to audience bad performance

    • boring? men. if you want to relax., from getting so much stress and work. .what would you listen? get the point?

  30. we all know who is the best in this competition… 
    its the 16 year old girl.. 
    if this is a SINGING  competition she will win it 100 percent..
    but if  noT …ITS no other than P2 will win… 
    that a fact…

    • my guess is exactly the same as randy’s,  but I didn’t base it on talent, but on popularity.  of course  randy, jimmy and the rest of the judges know who is the most talented contestant, and it’s jessica.  
      you know, it’s not always who is the most talented who wins AI….

      • yes…
        Season 10 i was hoping for Pia (9th), Stefano (7th) and Haley (3rd)…atleast Haley did good.
        Season 9 i was hoping for Didi (10th) or Sioban (6th)…but it turned out to be Lee and Crystal, fair.
        Season 8 i was hoping for Allison (4th) or Danny (3rd)…but Adam is way ahead, and Kris I could not complain for his win I like his voice as well.very much stiff at that time.
        Season 7 i was hoping for Carly (6th) and Syesha (3rd) but they got it right with David Cook and Archuleta.great outcome.
        Season 6 well its weak season but I like Jordin, deserving.
        Season 5 i was really hoping for Chris D (5th), Elliot (3rd), and McPhee (2nd).
        Season 4 i was hoping for a battle between Vonzell (3rd) and Carrie…no  complain with the winner, much deserving, fave from the start.
        Season 3 this is a great year…Fantasia outshine them all…this is when I started watching AI in the Philippines…it became a huge hit in my country becuz of Jasmine Trias and Camille Velasco’s inclusion in the show.

  31. Teenie boppers always dictates the winning idol everytime,but you can’t guarranty if (he or she) to be popular and succesfull than the real one deserves the best.
    My personal ratings in pure vocal & performance are:
    1. Jessica Sanchez………………………..96%
    2. Phillip Phillips………………………….58%
    3. Skylar Laine…………………………….49%
    4. Joshua Ledet……………………………93%
    5. Elise Testone……………………………91%
    6. Hollie Cavanagh……………………….75%
    Note:this is my personal rating only.

    • I so agree with these %s.. so I don’t want anyone to freak out at me, but I honestly don’t get what is so great a bout phillip. I get that he’s cute, and I think he has a good, interesting voice and I think it would def be good on the radio.. but I do not see it as very powerful and to me he just always sounds the same, I just don’t think his vocal ability is amazing.  & I do not think he should win b/c I don’t think he has amazing vocals as some of the others do.  Are these just my ears? or does anyone feel the same?

  32. To all the remaining AI11 contestants Jessica Sanchez will sell the highest records after the competition,base of all sites I’d visited she was the highest rating in all poll ratings globaly.Not one of them having like her when it comes to popularity.
    If did’nt win this, most probaly the winner can’t sell many records compare to Jessics Sanhez,massive follwers are waiting for her already to record.

    • Don’t believe everything you read,
      Jessica was at the top of the polls the week she was voted out, then saved.
      Your only good as your last performance.
      Colton was a good example of this.

    • I agree. The winner will be marketed internationally just like what I have said before. The records they will be making will be sold globally just like the rest of the singers. In fact, last year’s top 10 finalists had a concert in the philippines.

  33. I agree with Randy, but i think Elise should be part of pit and Joshua and Jessica is a shoe in in the top 4, But i also like Phillip and Skylar, it’s very hard to decide.

    • It is much harder to decide this season. As they all are somewhat close in talant. And now that Colton is voted off, I do not see the pre-teen girls voting a 1000 times a night for a average looking guy like Phillip. So, we might actually have a girl winner this year. My guess Jessica. But,  favorite Hollie or Elise.

      • Phillip is NOT average looking, but he does appeal to a more mature segment of the voting audience.

      • Humm, I still do not see how you girls think Phillip is anything more than average looking. But, in case you do, lets hope it is “only” the more mature girls that think that. As I so do not want the pre-teen girls, who vote strickly on looks deciding who will win this season.

  34. My top 4 are :
     1- Jessica
    2- Phillip
    3- Hollie
    4- Elise

    Who I think will actually make it to the top 4:

    1 Jessica
    2- Phillip
    3- Skylar
    4- Joshua

  35. OMG Randy was just speculating, and he even said those were not necessarily his favorites.. SO GET OVER IT. He’s not even the one who decides the winner,, everyone is so sensitive about this.

  36. Thr winner of AI will be marketed internationally. The records they will be making will be sold internationally just like the rest pf the singers not only in america. Last year’s top 10 finallists even had a concert in the philippines. See what I mean?!

  37. My ranking of the 6 semi-finalists (as of now):

    1. Jessica2. Hollie
    3. Phillip
    4. Skylar
    5. Elise
    6. Joshua

  38. Never, ever listen to Randy. This is the guy who for no apparent reason, alienated the great Haley Reinhart last season and said that “You and I” isn’t a good song.

    I will not be surprised at all if Elise/Hollie survive until the final 3. In fact I expect one of them to do so.

    • We never, ever listen to anyone, including Randy.

      And we will definitely never, ever listen to you as well.

    • Why not?? Randy is already a JUDGE for 11 years in American Idol…How about you? 

  39. Again, I didn’t say I would spit on Randy, I said if I were Hollie or Elise, I would.  It was an expression of disdain and not meant to be taken literal. Ever hear of drama. Spitting is an old world custom used to show disagreement with someone.

    And no, Randy is not entitled to his opinion because he isn’t a fan, he is a judge and that is way different. By definition a Judge is to be impartial, showing lack of favoritism; “the cold neutrality of an impartial judge” fair, just – free from favoritism or self-interest or bias or deception.

    This is why it’s inappropriate for Randy to be declaring his favoritism when the contest isn’t over. He’s telling Hollie and Elise…go home, you have no chance. These judges are doing things this year that no other judges have done before and are very much against the definition of what a Judge is. They can keep doing it if they want, but they are only hurting the show. 

    Also, did you ever think, how unfair it is to Jess or Joshua if they don’t win. How are they going to feel if they lose, but the Judges said they should win. It’s not right. The judges should judge and provide feedback for each performance without partiality or favoritism.

    Simon did not do the kind of things these judges have done this year.

    It’s no different than Donald Trump saying Miss America would be in the top 3 of the Miss Universe contest before it ever started; Judges can’t declare they are partial when as a judge they are supposed to be impartial. Image if the judges for Miss Universe acted like the AI judges. I would destroy it.

    JessPushers is this how you want Jess to win? Because of favoritism? The actions of these judges cheapens whoever the AI is because they are saying the person can’t win on their own, they need “help”, even if it is unfair help.

    • Expression of Disdain?


      Because Randy did not include your dear, Holliebut, in his Top 4 predictions.

      Cry Baby Cry!

      • yap you are correct in saying that JAMES is one of the Jess HATERS///HAHAHAHAHAHA,,,,

      •  SO sick of everyone that doesn’t hop on the Jessica bandwagon and act like she’s God being labeled a “hater”  and attacked.  Just so everyone knows:  People have different personalities and tastes.  Just because one doesn’t like to listen to, what is in my opinion, screaming and pitchiness covered up by runs, doesn’t mean they deserve to be chewed out, labeled a hater, racist, or anything else.  It simply means they are expressing their OPINION, just like you.

    • FYI, Donald Trump picks 5-6 finalists of his choice in the annual Miss Universe contest because he is THE OWNER of the Miss Universe pageant.

      •  You no speak English? You missed the Donald point completely. He isn’t the only judge and he doesn’t announce his favoritism before judging.

    • “Image if the judges for Miss Universe acted like the AI judges.”

      This is the outcome of US taxpayers’ money spent on James’ English grammar education.

      • I went to school in the Philippines, my father was commander of Subic Bay Naval base, until my school George Dewey High School collapsed from Pinatubo. That was a living hell.

      • To James,

        I agree. It’s a living hell living in Cincinnati, Ohio. Cold weather, sitting on a computer 24/7, collecting welfare. What a living hell!

      • pcosmachine,
        My comments must make you lose your cool because all you can do is mount a personal attack on me 🙂 Yes,  myself, my Pinay girlfriend and all 12 of her Pinoy children live on welfare. We think 1 kid might be mine, but know 11 of them are yours that you deserted…lol.

        BTW, glad to see you have evolved where you know what the “Caps Lock” key is for. Guess this site’s rule broke you of your normal habit of SHOUTING AT PEOPLE.

    • i agree on this…the judges should not say their top fave or their so called prediction, they need to be impartial for credibility purposes…

      but of course, this is showbiz…this is hollywood…any publicity is a publicity, good or bad…just to make the show more controversial and more dramatic (?), Randy said this…it would make Hollie or Elise fans to vote more…or Jessica’s, Philips’, Skylar’s to vote even more to retain that outcome. 

    • You don’t get to tell the Judges how they should act even if it’s wrong. You can criticize but you can never instruct. You did not pay for Randy’s seat. The producers do. Randy is Randy. Simon is Simon. They are two different Judges. I agree that he should do what a judge should do  but, he doesn’t represent the entire America so relax, dude. Relax…. 

      • I agree with James, Randy should have avoided issuing such statements. It is unfair to all the finalists – not just Hollie and Elise. Considering it is 5 weeks more to the finale he is pre-judging the contest.

        He may have his personal opinion but as a judge he should keep it to himself. If it is a court of justice, this would be a ground to declare a mistrial! Thankfully this is just a singing cum popularity contest and not a trial so he need not inhibit himself. And of course there is no more save so it is the voters who will decide whowill advance to the finale   As it is, whatever critiques he will issue in the succeeding performances will be suspect and may be taken with a big grain of salt…

    • James, you protest too much. The problem with your denial/clarification is the fact that we don’t live in the old world anymore, so you don’t expect people to be familiar with the custom you refer to.  I did give you the benefit of the doubt and I even searched  for idiomatic expressions re spitting but sadly they don’t seem to exist.  So forgive me if I say that I don’t believe you. 

    • I really doubt if any woman will ever have sex you. You only have sex with your ugly dog while collecting welfare in your living quarters full of manure in your hometown of Cincinnati, Ohio, and eating fast-foods everyday to get fat. Lol.

  40. LOL…I read the comments of the JessPushers on here with their broken English, reminds me of the Communist Chinese propaganda during the Korean War. Asians just do not understand Americans.

    •  IdolMonkey, your alias or what ever your name is best suits you…what better name and I doubt if you knew what the Chinese did during the Korean war. Broken English? Try us and your spelling bee contest would not be swarming with Asians!!!! Lol!

      • Crazy like a monkey for you!
        So I was serious, I send you a plane ticket and you be my date at the AI finals.  I have tickets to the show already.

    • Hey Monkey, wouldn’t it be funny if they spoke and wrote better English than you did? You think facility with the language correlates with better intellect? There is no reason to feel superior because of it.

      • Yea, you don’t have to feel superior just because you’re an American and you speak your own native tongue so well…. i think what makes people intellectual is not even about being a multilingual… but having ability to reason with principles… not only intellectually, understand ideas, to think and understanding…

      • Yea, you don’t have to feel superior just because you’re an American and you speak your own native tongue so well…. i think what makes people intellectual is not even about being a multilingual… but having the ability to reason with principles… not only intellectually, understand ideas, to think and understanding… (If you missed one word in your sentence, that doesn’t test your intelligence…. Honestly, i rather be called educated rather than intelligent….coz many who consider themselves intellectuals despise God….and they think they’re god…..  

  41. if jessica is screaming.. then it sounds so good!! so what’s wrong with shouting?? i dont get why many are so hard on jessica, she’s is good, and you cant deny it, some might be better than her but who cares? let those singers scream let us see if it will sound as good as hers

    •  Skylar is the best screamer. Every time she sings, she screams just to hit the high notes. PP2 is monotonous and looks constipated when he sings.

    •  Agreed Enzo,   I watched all the singers in utube and no doubt that Jessica Sanchez sings really very good.    Watch it in utube and you will get a better reception on how they all sing.    Joshua is  also very good and Phillip,  also Colton but he was eliminated.  

  42. as for me.. Jessica and elise is my dream finale or jessia joshua.. but i think it will be Jessica vs skylar….. that’s my opinion. respect

  43. Did anyone else notice that for a couple of weeks, Randy was wearing  Sally Jesse Raphael ‘s glasses…the red frame ones.

  44. for me this is  how it should be at the finale!

    1.Jessica Sanchez
    2.Joshua ledet

    runner up.

    Elise testone..Nuff said.

    •  Elise deserves to make it to at least the top 3.  I would love an Elise vs. Joshua or Elise vs. Phillip finale.

    • I would no longer be watching if this was the top 3 (Jessica & Joshua, followed by Elise at #3).  Elise needs to go back to her bar and sing there, and of all the people remaining, it will be Phillip who has the best recording and performance career, regardless of where he lands in the competition.  And even now, my top 5 would have been Phillip, Colton, Hollie, Skylar, and Joshua.  And I really wish that one guy, Aaron who was a music teacher, had stayed in longer.  Plus Reed Grim, Creighton, (those two for musicality and overall interesting performances), Jermaine for that glorious voice, and Hallie Day.  And I would have liked to see if Erika Van Pelt had some more sound than what we heard, if someone could have given her better songs and shaken 0ff her wedding singer background (which they quit mentioning to hype the mobile DJ thing).

  45. It will be PP, JS, JL and Skylar the dark horse. From day 1 this alrady my vision of top 3. Although I’m rooting for JS and PP as the top 2 finale and PP will be the season 11 AI. That’s my honest opinion.

  46. Randy is a douche and I really don’t like him… buuuuuuuut, I totally agree with the top four!! LOL

  47. My goodness people. It’s just not about who has the biggest voice and hits the highest notes! Otherwise Scotty McCreery would not even be in top 5. Or Jessica would have been declared a winner during top 25 live show. Will you be shocked and cry foul if Phillips made it to top 3 and Jessica got voted off at top 3? Hello?

    • In the end it’s a popularity contest.  And, most likely with this year’s group of singers the top 3 will have minimal success in the music business in the US. If the top 3 includes JSan, she may have greater success internationally than she has stateside.  IMO there is not a breakout “star” in this group.  And , someone posted up thread that tonight is going to be a train wreck.  I agree.  Queen songs are generally difficult to condense into 2 minute performances and the orchestration will have the band overwhelming the vocalists again.

      • I was thinking the same way but after travelling nationwide in a months time, “I” noticed that there’s a significant increase in amount of people following her especially after Colton’s exit (just my personal observation during my travels)

        Anyway whoever wins, well heck, hope all of them become successful here in USA and internationally plus them able to reach their maximum potential because each one of them deserves it

  48. I actually AGree with RANDy… with this even though im a filipino i think Skylar just had a good run in the show.. i mean she belt out and her country voice is quite amazing i wouldnt mind another country singer would win it again..

  49. My top 4:
    Jessica (Definitely the deserving one to win this thing. She has the voice of a Diva! She can shout, growl and hit the high notes!)
    Phillip (He is soooo talented. He is not boring to watch. He can make a lot of records)
    Joshua (He is also a great singer, but he should sing naturally, no shouting)
    Elise (Really deserving to the 4th spot. She has a super unique voice. I want her to be a Rocker)

    • I agree with you except in a different order. lol I’d put Phillip first, then Elise, then Joshua, then Jessica.

    •  Though I am happy you gave Elise the respect she deserves, as she is so underrated and underappreciated, how can you praise Jessica for shouting and criticize Joshua for it at the same time?  She does the same thing he does…

      • Well for me, Jessica’s shouting is better than Joshua. And Jessica is not always shouting in her songs. 

  50. WHY SO BECOME JUDGES until 2012 ? HE never success become a singer even 1 time ! SUCK !

  51. this is AMERICAN IDOL, i dont think J sanchez will win this competition, you must be know, behind Voting, Producer of AI  Arrange who will be eliminated or not, n who will be as American idol,
    have u ever hear until now, finalist who was another American, such as Philipinos, Latin etc, become a winner ??

    • You are racists with a pretend inferiority complex.

      Ok, you’ve convinced me, I shouldn’t vote for a “Philipinos”

      • hey James pls. send the plane tickets to Manila ok haha and before i hate you for your words against Jess but now i’m beginning to like you haha 

      • I’m not sure what’s his/her nationality 🙂 If he/she’s “pinoy/pinay”, he/she should spell it correctly- “Filipinos” LOL! 
        I would still root for talented individual regardless of her/his race. 

      • Since he/she can’t spell Filipino, I wouldn’t worry too much about the seriousness of the post. If Jessica Sanchez wins, she will win as an American whose father is Mexican-American, born in America and a navy vet. The name Sanchez is Hispanic, not Filipino. 

    • Well Kemplung, anyone who’s born in the US  is considered an American. Where were you?

    • It should be Filipinos not Philipinos… and Pilipino for the language they use….Philippines is where they live.

    • She was born in the USA, her father is a Mexican/American born in the USA and her mother’s grandfather served in the US Navy. Last I checked, that makes her an American Citizen. 

      The name Sanchez is Hispanic and not Filipino and this whole Filipino thing has gotten out of hand.

      Jasmine Trias finished 3rd and Camile Velasco 9th in Season 3. Ramiele  Malubay finished 9th in Season 7. Thia Meglia was in the top 10 last year. These are the Filipino singers I remember who heritage was Filipino on both sides of the family.


  52. You know, the judges know who gets the most votes every week. Was this a slip on Randy’s part? Does Philip get the most? I hope so!!!

  53. After a few: weeks of observing, im convinced tha jessica has the potential to make it big! I dont know if anybody has ever nticed that she is the most lpved and most hated personality in this blog site – which only proves one thing — she really can draw attention!!!!

    • Yes, what is this with a certain group ppl that seems to hate Jessica so much. I mean…..really really, just stop it. YOU LOVE YR FAVOURITES, WE GET  IT. BUT PLS STOP THROWING HATEFUL REMARKS ABT. JESSICA OR JOSHUA

  54. Who I think the top 4 WILL be:  Jessica, Joshua, Skylar, Phillip.

    Who I think the top 4 SHOULD be:  Elise, Joshua, Phillip, Hollie.

    (No particular order for either of those.)

  55. OK. Do we even have to submit ourselves to watching the rest of Idol since the winner(s) have already been predicted~??? Pr63…too funny..I so agree.

    • thanks. at least someone appreciates my warped sense of humor.  everyone is SO DAMNED SERIOUS!!!!!  it’s only a tv show.  it’s supposed to be fun, not a war.  after all, the judges are all comedians.

  56. Easy prediction from Randy.
    – Phillip, never bottom- Skylar, 1 bottom- Jessica, 1 bottom and saved- Joshua, 2 bottoms- Hollie : 3 bottoms- Elise : 5 bottoms and saved

    • Elise was never saved.  She was never voted off, that we know of.  The judges had to chose between her and whoever the other guy I forgot was.  We don’t know if she was saved, because we don’t know if she had the lowest number of votes.  And compared to that guy, I doubt she did.

  57. I hope Hollie makes it to the top 3.  Elise needs to go tonight, since she has somehow managed to stay to this point.  My top 3 would be Phillip, Hollie, and Joshua/Skylar at this point.  Skylar is a fun performer, but her voice is not the very best.  Phillip, Hollie, and Joshua have the best voices remaining, as in the quality and whether I would buy their music.  I would not buy Elise’s music if you forced me, and truly would only likely buy Phillips and Hollie’s, although I would follow Skylar’s career as well, she is frequently oversinging.  Joshua has a great voice when he doesn’t let the church part overwhelm the quality, and he is a strong performer, but I don’t think I would pay for his music.  Phillip and Hollie we rewind and listen again.  When Elise sings, I would rather go to the kitchen to get something, but I can unfortunately still hear her in there.  Jessica remains an imitator, not an orignal creative artist, although that Stuttering piece was one of her best vocals and performances.

  58. For those who think the show is rigged…I doubt it. After game show scandals involving $$$ there were new regs put in place and heavy fines for rigging anything. Sure the judges can sway the votes by their comments but any other manipulation of the votes would be against the law.

  59. I hope the top two are Skylar and Phillip.
    Jessica can certainly sing but, like Pia last year, she is boring, not an entertainer.
    In other words it’s FUN to watch Sklar and Phillip perform. I don’t feel that way about Jessica.
    Elise can sing too but I don’t like her attitude.
    I have always liked Hollie.
    Joshua will have a great career as a gospel singer.

  60.   Colton
    fans, to make a point to the judges, vote against their favorites. It
    is like voting for Colton’s ghost. Ghosts happened when people in life
    get ripped off and treated unfair like Colton got ripped off by AI

    Let’s haunt them for what they did to Colton. Vote for the ghost of
    Colton by voting for the judges’ anti-favs; vote your choices: Elise,
    Skylar, Phillip, & Hollie for the most impact of an anti-vote. Vote
    as many times as you can, like they did to get rid of Colton.

    Long live Colton’s ghost! Help it be a force in the AI to the end,
    haunt the judges for their bias and unfair favoritism. The other fans of
    the favorite contestants mocked you as “Teenie Bopers” and told you
    Colton was terrible and deserved to go, especially the JessPushers. Some
    called him Colon. You know what I say is true. Don’t be sad, get even.

    Remember…how cute Colton was until they killed him off.   🙁 🙁


    •  You’re right.  The others aren’t on the same level.  They’re better.  (Not so much Joshua, I like him a ton.  Just sick of everybody getting praised for screaming all the time.  If you wanna scream, go join Metallica or Slayer or something.)

      • And you can echo John? That just goes to prove that in this world there are fewer and fewer kinder people. Do not do to others what you would not l ike done unto yrself. We can comment, but pls to compare some of this wonderful group of talented people to pigs?? This is getting out of hand, dont you think? Can we be more civilized pls

      • How can you be so cruel….I cannot believe that I am reading this. Jessica and Joshua are artistes in their own right. Look, ppl, one man’s favourite is another man’s poison. But let’s not get carried away here. IN my opinion all the top sixth have their own strengths and opinions. But to call them names, my God, I am left in awe….In short, “If I read yr remarks, I will end up in a mad house” How’s that feel?

  62. You just gave Elise the kiss of death. You pulled the same crap with Haley Reinhart. It just proves that the show is fake and rigged. You have told Elises fans not to vte to her because you wont allow her to win!! F_CK….The only thing missing is U!!!!!!

  63. I am wishing Hollie the best!!!  Good Luck tonight and I hope you nail it “again” !!!  Phillip, as well !!!! 


    • Jessica has an even better voice than Skylar. As for stage presence, it is just a matter of opinion. 

  65. i would love it if phillip won american idol he is such a great singer and has such a amazing voice im a big fan

    • But don’t we all wish for a girl to take the crown this year….it’s been a long while since Jordin Sparks

      • Sure, I’d like to see a girl win but only if she is actually deserving. I wouldn’t want a girl to win just because she’s a girl. Make sense?

  66. you all are wrong for standing up for joshua every week, he is not that great you all just wont him to win , so why do you just send the others home now, and not meak them feel like crap every week. the world knows you wont him to win.

  67. Hi randy, i think you are and awesome man and funny but do you really need to call the weman dude…lol…it just don’t sound right. i would rather here you call them there name or chick. Thanks you fan Dale

  68. I don’t think the judges should say anyone ‘should’ go home because they are all so incredibly, amazingly talented. That being said:

    Joshua is an amazing singer, but he is not current!!!

    Jessica sounds too much like Beyonce/Whitney(not that that’s a bad thing), she just doesn’t sound original & she doesn’t have an emotional connection to the songs she sings(she did cry in her song tonight, but no other time does she connect with a song the way Skylar or Elise do).

    Skylar is a pro!!! She has an amazing voice, sings and performs perfectly, and you can tell she connects with her songs!! She seriously is the whole package! Can’t wait to see her in concert!

    Hollie is great – just because she’s not the judges favorite, she absolutely deserves to be there, she has an incredible voice!!

    Elise is awesomely talented – amazing voice, great vocal ability, and puts her soul in to her performances!

    Philip Phillips is just crazy talented. He has an awesome, unique voice, and is such a rock star!  Would love to go to a concert of his!

  69. I just wish Ryan would not as the Judges to name their favorite or not favorite.  People watching the show are obviously taking their answer to heart.  Thanks to the judges who refuse to comment.  After all they already commented on after they each sing. That should be enough!  Phillip should win!!

  70. Correct me if I am wrong, wasnt Skylar in the bottom 3 before Hollie? I can certainly see Hollie in the top 4…and if she keeps on improving each week, she Hollie) could be a finalist…IMO, Joshua is most likely not making the top 4 of those chosen by Randy Jackson

  71. Jessica is good in short doses but annoying in the long run…but I disagree that she’s snooty i find her quite nice and down to earth.Highly unlikely that she’s going to win though you never know.
    There’s no need to be insulting to the singers they’re all there on merit and trying to live their dreams.It’s unfair to take out anger on them coz of the judges bad habits and that is what might have caused Jessica’s win


  73. I’m so tired of the judges trying to get us to accept their choices.  Jessica has. in my opinion consistenty underwhemeld me.  Both her and Elise should not even be competing anymore.  But those are MY opinions.  I’m really beginning to think the show is rigged.  Never any good honest criticism.  The show needs and deserves Simon, someone who isn’t afraid to voice an honest opinion. 

  74. Phillip Phillipps was good at the beginning, but his growling has taken over his former wonderful voice.  I can’t believe that people like that sound.  Every song he sings now sounds just like the last.  Growling belongs to animals with four legs.  Sorry Phillip, I wish you would perform like you did in the beginning.   Alise has not improved, she is already a professional so I think she is at her peak.  Joshua has a tone that I wouldn’t want to listen to very long.   Jessica has a great powerful voice, but I think she is at her peak, she seemed better a few weeks ago.  I didn’t care for Skyer in the beginning, but the last couple of weeks, she has come on strong and is quite a performer.  All of these kids are winners, but Hollie was beat down by the judges, so she acted like she was not as good.  I will buy her CD, she has a voice with versitality, power and sweetness.  Love you Hollie, good luck tonight.

    • I love the voice of Phillip, I just like hearing him sometimes and not watching~ :))) lol.
      I’m expecting JS to sing songs that is new, just like what she has done with her covers on youtube~ So I think she’s still not at her peak, besides..she’s young, they’re all young actually, they could still learn so much~ 🙂

  75. It doesn’t matter now who finishes on top, as I think they have all shown us what great singers they are and they will be top recording artists.  I do enjoy watching the show and look forward to see who will be eliminated tonight. Hopefully not Jessica, Skylar or Joshua – they really are more favorites.  Good luck to all  – Kathe from Fremont, Wi

  76. I think Randy is fine as a judge, but I wonder if he could think of another word to use other than Yo. I don’t really don’t understand what that means. I also hope Skylar wins the Idol. You can never know what the voters are thinking. I hope they honestly vote for the best singer.

  77. Randy should not have predicted who will be in the top 4. What right does he have to tell people how to vote. Let the people make up their own minds as to who  should be the next American Idol. Please stop picking on Holly! She has a beautiful voice. It is mature and stands out from the crowd. She is not boring. Anyone who has a good ear for music can tell she will be a big star.

  78. My top 5, #1-Holly, #2-Jessica, #3-Joshua, #4-Skylor, #5-Philip. My opinion only. I’m sure this will probably not happen.

  79. I think that there are 2 singers who can sing just about anything, Skylar and Holly, and have demonstrated this often.  I’ve noticed that jessica often misses her notes.  Joshua sings some things absolutely fantastically.  We have seen many times in the past that the singer who wins this contest is not the best and fades away.  Most of the singers who make the to 10 can have a good career.  My picks to win are Josua, Holly and Skylar.   Any would be great.

    •  you must be tone deaf!!! lol….hollie is always out of tune and skylar is twangy (sharp)

  80. Sorry I donot think that Jessica has the full package on stage.  She has the pipes, however, she is a fish out of water as far as stage entertainment.  She can’t move or dance to ever excite me when ever she performs.  I want Phillips and Skylar now they have it!!!

  81. I thought only Americans can vote on American Idol, how come Filipinos outside USA are using Facebook and other illegal means to vote for Jessica Sanchez? Come on there are about 97 millions living in the Philippines, this is plain cheating! Hey American Idol management are you reading this??? It’s so unfair to other contestants.

  82. JS vs. P2 (Fan-base)
    JS vs. JL (Voice/Power/Range)
    P2 vs. SL (Artistry)

    JS vs. HC (Would love to see 2 girls in finale) :))

  83. I think they are all great. It’s too bad there can be only one winner.  It would be nice to have other career offers for runners up.  Good luck to them all.

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