American Idol 2012: Colton Dixon Regrets Lady Gaga

Colton Dixon

Last week on American Idol 2012 we said goodbye to Colton Dixon in his very first visit to the dreaded Bottom 3. During follow-up interviews Colton responded with thoughts on just what caused his rapid drop from a judges’ favorite and persistent “safe’r” to the American Idol Season 11 7th place Hopeful.

For Colton the blame comes down on his song selection, the Lady Gaga hit “Bad Romance,” which strayed from his usual vein of performances. “I think the biggest risk was ‘Bad Romance,’ and I think it was a bad risk to take because I didn’t really think it through,” Dixon explained to E! Online.

It might have contributed to his departure from American Idol, but at least he was satisfied with how he pulled off the performance. “I think musically, performance-wise and image, I was so happy with the way it turned out. But at the same time the message that was portrayed wasn’t really who I was, and that’s normally the first thing I think about. For whatever reason, I overlooked that this week. I think that’s the main reason why I’m talking to you right now, honestly.”

So what was Colton Dixon referring to on Thursday night’s show when he said he was disappointed in himself? Production had just played the segment of him backstage following his Wednesday performance of “September” where he said he didn’t care what the judges thought. Colton confessed, “that’s definitely not who I am and that struck me the wrong way.”

I’m sure we’ll see Colton a few more times throughout the rest of American Idol 2012, but only as a member of the audience cheering on his friends who remain in the competition. Having made it this far through the season I imagine he’ll have lots of opportunities to go on and make the music he wants to perform for many years to come.

Do you think Colton’s song selection was a leading cause of his dismissal this past week on American Idol or was this simply as far he should have gone in the race?




  1. Honestly, it was the song choice. This week was his first “not so good” week. Not trying to bash any other contestants, but Hollie (for example) has had a handful of not-so-good weeks and she’s still there. I can’t see how Colton was sent home just for one bad song choice – which he still performed greatly. I do expect to be seeing some amazing things from Colton Dixon, and as a Messenger, I’ll support him ’til the day I die.

    God is bigger than American Idol and He has a plan for Colton Dixon.

      • You honestly think that all the screaming girl fans out there didn’t vote for him because he did a lady gaga song and that it conflicted with his religious views? -___- woooow. No. The reason they didn’t vote for him was a combination of many things. Firstly, he performed second, which is never good. The safest spots are always nearer to the end. Second, Elise pulled the dog card. Sorry but it’s true. Thirdly, Hollie had great performances. If she had slipped up even a little bit she would have gone home. And lastly, his performances just weren’t that great. Not terrible, but not memorable. It’s unfortunate. I thought he would secure at least 3rd place. He will be missed.

      • Hi daewoo94,

        Tempe said ” Fundamental Christian voters + Lady Gaga =elimination”
        that was it.

        Where did “the screaming girl fans out there that didn’t vote” come into play on what Tempe said?  Or you just putting words in his mouth?

        I understsnd reading between the lines, except there were not enough lines to read in between on what he said.  ????????????????

      • @daewoo94:disqus Wow… I did not know that @87578d1d42418ee7218c1c641b153a37:disqus ‘s comment has a deeper meaning. LOL Dude, that was just it. No need to rage about it. There’s nothing much about what he said. It’s just a simple arithmetical equation of a fiasco. 

    • Hi Jillian,

      There are only 7 singers left and one has to go Thursday night.  The person that received the least amount of votes went home and that person is Colton.

      This coming week one more has to go, do we need to use rocket science or bame it on the sinister show producers that a  singer has to go home once more.  Isn’t it the format of the show to eliminate one singer at a time until one remain standing. And the normal formula is the most votes received means “SAFE” and the least votes means “Too Bad” ?

      They are all good singers, and of course it doesn’t matter who goes home next someone, somewhere will cry foul , will blame the show producers for fixing the results , for racial and religous descrimination,
      and many more crazy reasons why someone should not be eliminated yet this is suppose to be the normal trend for this show to finish.

      This happens every year, although I am having a terrific time just reading the usual cry babies’  remarks I think it is time to stop, smell the roses and enjoy the ride since it is nearing the end. 5 more fantastic
      singers will go home, face it, accept it because it is……………………..

      just saying……………………….  😀

      •  Totally agreed. Eventually they all have to go but one.  An added caveat this year which may affect the outcome is that people all over the world are voting via the internet/computer.We may have our first Asian winner as a result.  To recognize how Americentric this world is, see how many remarks, blogs, tweets, etc. on American Idol matters come from other nations. Conversely, Americans (me) have little or no idea who the contestants are from all the other nation’s Idol/X Factor/Got Talent shows. And it would never occur to us to figure out a way to vote via the internet for their contestants.

      • I know someone has to go home each week. I understand that. I’m just saying (in my opinion) Colton is better than most of the singers still on the show. I think this just wasn’t his time to go yet. But I do hope the remaining six contestants the best of luck for their music careers.

        I wasn’t expecting Colton to win, but I also wasn’t expecting him to go home during the Top Seven Round Two show either. But he’ll do great. He has great things coming his way, and with God on his side, anything can happen.

      •  Hi Sach Col,

        You got me mistaken for someone else, I did not say that at all.
        Suggest for you to look again and see who made that statement.

        Have a nice day Sach!  😀

    • Colton and Philips votes were starting to split with the majority going to Philip. Philip has a huge fan base of all ages. Just my opinion,

    • Good for you Jillian!!!  That is just great what you said about Colton! It shocked me off of my seat when he was thrown out!! But he took a chance when he sang that gooey Ga Ga song! Should it have happened???? NO!  But he gave them an out! to get him out!  And they did it. I will support Colton too. Same as ADAM. And same as James Durbin. Three sweet hearts!!!

  2. Yup, it was that bad Bad Romance. Even September ain’t good. Add the hair and outfit.

    • If it was based more on the hair and outfit – half of the contestants still on should have left WAY earlier. 

      • Colton appears to think he is above reproach.  That’s what turned me off from the begining of the competition.  He has a weak voice. Yes, he can carry a tune, and adds theatrics now and then, but he was not a stand-out performer. It was time for him to go.  Even Ellen can’t bring him back this time!

  3. Colton should have gone far than this…SAD… anyway Jessica is still there.. Now I’m rooting for Jessica Sanchez!

  4. It is funny when something good happens to you Colton, it’s God’s gift. When something bad happens to you, blame Gaga. Shouldn’t both side be God’s gifts too? Strictly speaking. 

    • He doesn’t blame it on Gaga! He blames it on himself for not thinking and choosing something thats not him! I personally think he did great with the song, I’m very sad to see him go. 

  5. Alright already, he’s off the show now, that’s what yiu people wanted, leave it alone now. Everything jappens for a reason, the Lord clozed the door bon Colton and he will open another door for him. God bless you Colton, you have the biggest fan, The Lord, praise God!

    • Do you really think God cares who wins ??  If He did I think He’d know how to rig the votes in his favor.  

  6. They never should his making that comment or I missed it. So I think it had to be song choice. Jimmy might had been right in this case. I think we will hear more from him then the ones that win. Unless Skylar wins the Idol. My votes go to Skylar, Jessica and Phillip. 

  7. It was definitely his song choice, but I think he himself was confused as to which direction he should take. Rocker? Piano man? Or Christian worship singer? Finally though, that conflict led to his dismissal. Pure and simple.
    I hope Jessica is learning, she needs to really bring herself back otherwise she too will not make it to the finale…she is becoming redundant and is playing it safe now… 

  8. I am still heart-broken that Colton left. He was amazing, and I personally like the renditions of the songs. I am VERY sad he left. I can’t believe they used the save on Jessica, they should have seen that America would vote someone amazing off. Ugh, its going to be a boring season – with only Phillip being the only great one left. I wish Colton good luck for the future – and America, please don’t screw up again – VOTE FOR PHILLIP! 

    • So Olivia- are you one of them screaming teenyboppers that always vote non- stop for 2 hours for the cute guys?….lol

    • Olivia, I agree Phillip is great but so is Jessica and wow…incredible Joshua Ledet!  How can anyone count him out?  In my opinion, and no- nobody asked but here I go anyway, Joshua Ledet is already my American Idol!!

  9. He could have stayed a couple of more spots, but I think the other talent  exceeded his.

  10. IMHO Colton tried to be too many things to too many people and himself. The clothes, the hair, piano man, cool rocker and Christian. Pick one. I was too confused as to his identity to vote for him.

  11. No it didn’t but the producers had a different favorite and they saw that as an opportunity to get him out of the way and make it look legitimate. 

    • Taymaro,
      I agreed with you on other posts but not on this one, my friend, if the producers really rigged the result, they might have let someone else go and keep Colton so it would be more diversified in term of music and more balance in term of gender. But on the other hand, it was hard to believe because of just one bad performance ( or it could be two, for me, September song was worse than Bad Romance) and he was voted off by viewers.

      • My posts aren’t aimed at getting people to agree with them. I post my opinion and if that is different from your own then you are free to express that, my friend

        If you want to drink the “Koo-laid” this show is dishing out this season then go right ahead. I calls ’em like I sees ’em. 

        I didn’t like those two performances either. I didn’t like most of his performances but you don’t have a 20% swing just based on one night. It’s most definitely rigged. The numbers just don’t add up.  

      •  AIFAN, you are right.  I don’t know what to believe any more.  Whatever it is Colton will have a great career in music.

    • Sorry, come on what the producer had to do with the people vote come you came up with a better reason. I like Colton also he will be seen again on a CD cover

      • I didn’t like him. I thought he had only 2 good performances the whole show. I am just stating what I feel has been going on this season. 

    • Skylar Laine, at this point, could easily have gotten this far and farther on a country-western set in the good ‘ole country states.  County music is actually the largest group of singing in America-often people don’t realize this because of where we live, what State I mean.  But at this point, Skylar is SO good, she should let the rest of the finalists compete and step back herself and she will still  be one rich lady with millions of fans in the Country scene.  It isn’t so hard to be a country star in the “country world” especially with her talent.  I’d like to see her take that route and let the others finish this out.   The genre of music she has is way different than what the other  American Idol finalists are doing/singing.  Skylar will be incredible without winning this.  So, IN MY OPINION, I hope she does get a chance to let the others compete for the Idol slot and she will MAKE IT HUGE no matter if she wins the whole competition or not. 

  12. Colton simply has a mediocre , weak voice. thats why. every single remaining contestant has a better tone

    • I don’t really like his voice that much, but I like him being a Christian. When he starts making his own albums I think that’s when he’ll be able to shine. He’s gonna be able to showcase his songwriting skills, his compositions and that other stuff which you can’t really let anyone appreciate in AI. I don’t know how it will turn out but I wish him good luck. I don’t think they wasted the save on Jessica at all, Jessica still has a lot to learn and after Try A Little Tenderness by Otis Redding, I can see her really trying to come out of her shell. She sees Colton as a big brother and they seem to be very close and sweet if you’d take a look at some videos after DeAndre got eliminated (so girls, pls don’t bash on her). 

    • I don’t think so, his voice is more like Kenny Loggins  I would have loved to hear him sing Teacher by George Michael.

    •  you are predicting a bottom 3 before performances? Guess you havent been watching the show because clearly it was Colton’s performance this week that got him eliminated

  13. Honestly his elimination has nothing to do with his performances from the night before. People don’t vote for their fav “that night.” they vote for their fav from the whole season. Everyone over analyzes the voting. My theory is that people assumed he was safe and voted for their second fav like what happened to Jessica. I like Colton but for me personally he wasn’t as exciting as Jessica or Phillip. That would be the best and most interesting finale for me. Two completely different artists who bring a lot to the table. That being said Colton has nothing to worry about he will be successful and everything happens for a reason.

      • I THINK SHE IS EXCITING!!!!!!! Everyone has an opinion ! I love her and hope she is the finale !!!! with Phillip !

  14. Sure Colton had weak performances this week, but I still loved both Bad Romance and September. He was the best overall performer, who always connected emotionally. I don’t think you can say any one of the remaining contestants connects every time. Other singers have had not just a bad week, but bad WEEKS. (I’m looking at you Hollie and Elise.) I chalk this one up to voter complacency and people throwing votes to Hollie and Elise out of pity from the poor way they’ve been treated by the judges. Colton should have made the finale. I’ll just look forward to getting an album from him sooner!

  15. No doubt, Colton saying he didn’t care what the judges said lost him lots and lots of votes. I know it did mine!

    •  Hmm, that’s funny, since they showed him saying that on the results show recap, not the actual performance show…

      • yes how did you know he said that BEFORE you voted?? America did not know he said it until AFTER all the votes were in. And since when is confidence a bad thing? In this business, confidence will get you far.

    • He said that on the little behind-the-curtain cut after his performance. He came across pretty cocky both then and on the results show. If there is a god, I certainly hope he/she isn’t wasting a nanosecond on AI or Colton’s “career.”

    • Yes, it wasn’t even shown Wed to affect your voting!!  Plus he has apologized, even though he mentions editing was involved!  So surprising with reality tv!  I am done with idol!  10 3/4 years in and I’m done!

  16. colton always the best….doen’t mean if colton has a weak performances this week….he’s the weakest contestant ……BTW…that was the first time his weak performance…he always consistence until this week….

    # how about hollie….she’s not consistent…I LOVE HOLLIE OKAY…..JUST SAYING..

  17. I am tired of Randy’s negative comments on all the singers,  even if they are great.  He has one winner in mind and everyone else has problems with pitches etc.

    • He doesn’t have one winner in mind ! unless your talking about Josh ! He has gotton so many standing ovations I have lost count ! He is not my favorite ! Some of the others deserves some too !

  18. i don,t think bad romanace was that bad i likes that performances somes christians are being too much. i think he has apromising career ahead i can,t wait.

  19. I think this is just typical of american idol do they ever get it rightfirst Daughtrey and then Adam Lambert and noe Colton are the people voting just stupid tone deaf or whatThis is it for me with this show I refuse to watch ever again I have given this show enough chances to get it right and they never do Bull—-

  20. I do nto think it was his song choice..I thought he was and is still an awesome guy. I am not sure what happened? People who vote for him went for Phillip this time???? Randys negative comments??? And he is always negative. Guess he is tryng to be Simon, but Randy comes off as negative. Simon came off as trying to help. Think the judges are leading people a certain way this year and it is wrong. Time for them to go and for people to make up their own minds as to who they like and who they do not. I vote for replacing all judges. JLo has no constructive criticism, while I loved Steven last year, this year he is really out of it, and does not seem to care, and Randy is just rude…..

  21. Colton’s last song performed was an Earth Wind & Fire song that was really wrong for his style.  I was disappointed in that selection , and I think the viewers were also not impressed. It’s a shame that such an artist was voted off ahead of some karaoke type performers that remain in the competition.  Philip can hardly carry a note, but he remains popular with the judges and the callers   Go figure. 

    • I believe they have no choice but to select from the song list they were given….

  22. I think Colton was sent home because the votes are being split between him and Philip. He is an amazing performer that has an amazing future ahead of him.

  23. I really feel everyone fingered he was safe and voted for someone they wanted to keep out of the bottom 3 instead of Colton. His song choice was different but he did a good job with it, just not great. When it gets down to the bottom 8, it becomes a “favorite” instead of “talent” regretfully! But that’s AI….

  24. I actually liked his Bad Romance performance a lot better than his September performance. I think that’s the one that really wrecked the night for him.

  25. I think it was his backstage comment. It seems as soon as a contestant hints or directly says something regarding “not caring”, they can kiss winning good-bye. 

    • They didn’t even show that till Thursday night, so it didn’t affect voting!  Also, how do you think the other contestants are feeling about how the judges are clearly favoring the two Js!!!!

  26. i think jessica saved was rigged….the producer really2 want girl ( jessica) win this year…..

    1. jessica  nearly voted off last week…how can jessica be in the bottom she has a nice voice and great performance….and never be in the bottom 3…oh!!! i know…the producer BLOCKED jessica’s voting line….so, when she’s voted off, the judges will use the saved….

    and then the judges doesn’t have a power anymore to saving  contestant..

    2. seriously,… I can’t believe  colton was voted off this week…he has the most FB and TWITER followers…and never been in the bottom 3…OH!!! I know why because colton elimination has been rigged….colton’s voting line has been blocked…not just colton…but hollie too….

    many of people saying when they voted:

    jessica:voting  fastest
    phillips, joshua, and skylar: voting  faster
    elise: voting fast

    then, colton was voted off..and the judges can’t saved colton because..the saved  used….

    # plus, colton’s weak performances have help the producer to kick colton from the competition


  27. I think song choice was a big issue. He always picked a female singers song instead of a male singers song so he was always changing the songs to fit his voice. That showed talent but did him no justice. I think he could have rocked out a Billy Idol song or something similar. I always voted for him and think we will still hear him make a record even though he didn’t win idol. Like so many other artists did.

  28. I think Colton got ripped off. The song did not show off his amazing voice! If he sang what the producers picked for him that;s bad. I don’t know if Jimmy Iovine picked that song? But he definitely knew it didn’t sound good.

     OK Colton! You are talented. See if you can get someone to sign you you up darliing. Because you have the chops to make an album. May God bless you in all your endeavors through your life. I know he will because I know you know him!!!  And Colton and he  defintely knows and loves you!

  29. Colton should definitely still be on the show. Skylar and Josh have got to go! Colton got screwed!

    • Without knowing much about Colton other than he is talented and professes to be a Christian, I can only say that God will turn this seemingly unfortunate situation into one that glorifies Him. If Colton continues to look to God for his inspiration and leading, he could be used by Him in an awesome way that would be much better than answering to the powers that be on AI. Look at Mandisa’s career after she was voted off. She is a very popular Christian artist now.

  30. I have never been a Colton fan. But, I still expected him to be in the grand finale based not on his talent, but on his strong fan base. So, why did Colton’s strong fan base abandon him this week:
    1- Most of his adult fans that are voting for him, are doing so based strictly on his Christian beliefs, not his musical talent. And when he came out dressed like a 1980’s, pretty boy rock star, singing a Lady Gaga song … That was enough to turn that very conservative minded group away in droves.
    2- The other part of his fan base, which is pre-teen and just past 13 aged girls most have been busy watching a Justin Beiger concert on TV that night. I’m not saying that to be a smarty pants. I just truly believe Colton fans are the very young and the very religious who don’t necessarily  vote based on talant. And I’m not saying anything is wrong with that.

      • Personaly, I do not see how I can be wrong with my analysis … As it is “just” my analysis. But, “If” Colton has talant, I am in fact very blind to it. So, I guess you are correct in that sense. Colton will surely have success playing at varies christian concerts  throughout the country in thenear  future. Might even be playing at a church near you one day. But, I truly do not see much a future beyound that.

  31. Yes.I am a Christian also and i don’t think we should be listening to or singing lady gaga songs.she is evil.

    •  Evil?…… Really?   I don’t think so, I don’t consider myself a christian but I do believe in God and quite frankly its usually the people who declare themselves to be Christian that are so very embarressing judgemental.  Feel free to let me know the correct definition of a Christian but to me its just a holier than thou statement that makes me cringe.  Also regarding lady Ga Ga you obviously haven’t heard about her ‘Born this way Foundation’  Yes Lady Ga Ga actually does have a heart and is, unlike your very Christian self, very non judgemental. Thats my opinion anyway.

      • Hi VJ,

        I agree Reed57 is a little carried away with that statement of “Evil”
        but there is no need to bash Christians, especially the ones that openly and boldy declare they are.

        Colton sang “Bad Romance” just in case you don’ tknow the lyrics of the song here is part of the verse on that song Colton did, you be the judge.

        “I want your psycho , your vertical stick”
        “I want you in my rear window baby , you’re sick 
        “I want your love”    ( oh by the way she is not referring about a car )

        now here is a guy who said he wants to be a worship leader and be a christian rock/contemporary artist and record album for his Lord.
        His regret in doing that song is understandable, he is also human like all of us and wants to succeed and win.  You got a problem with that?

      • The definition of a Christian is someone who has faith in Jesus Christ as their Saviour.
        Lots of Christians are judgemental, unfortunately,  and so are lots of non-Christians – we live in a fallen world. 

      • Hi VJ,

        I forgot to add, being a christian is not as simple as what you may think.
        Those who truly are would not even breath a word about being holier
        than anyone, because a true believer knows no one is holy except for God.

        Rest assure the ones that you meet that are a true believer may change your mind because they are exactly the opposite of the ones you despise and frankly I don’t blame you for feeling this way about them because chances are they may not be what they say they are. Peace !

      • Ed, I have actually already replied to your original comment but seemingly it has went away for moderation, don’t know why but it has.  Anyway hopefully it pops upsometime soon.  In regard to what you just wrote that is my exact point.  None of us has the right to judge another.  None of us are that perfect.  Also rest assured i don’t despise people like reed57 but I think they should think before they speak or in this case write.  Also in case my other never pops up, I have absolutely no problem with the words to that song or Colton singing them or not singing them.  Like you say its a competition.   

      • Being Christian is to believe in Jesus Christ and to believe that God sent him here to die for your sins so that you can still have an opportunity for everlasting life even though you are a sinner. Some Christians are better representatives of the faith than others I’m afraid. 

        Now as far as Lady Gaga is concerned. She is the female version of Marilyn Manson IMO. Both are bad influences on our youth. I don’t know if “evil” is the right word but I definitely know that “righteous” isn’t the right word. 

        Look up the video on Youtube for “Born This Way” which Skylar sang. In that video she is giving a whole new representation of creation where she is the god and she is giving birth to good and evil and she declares that evil is necessary to preserve and protect righteousness. 

        Pretty screwed up stuff, huh?

      • @d2c4e8b902a48a74153aa98d14563f26:disqus ,
        Since when is singing about sex a sin/evil? None of us would be here if
        it weren’t for sex and we think about it much of the time. Hell…the
        bible has passages about getting sex.

    •  “Judge not, that you be not judged. For with the judgment you pronounce
      you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to
      you. Why do you see the speck that is in your brother’s eye, but do not
      notice the log that is in your own eye? Or how can you say to your
      brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log
      in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye,
      and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s

      “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”

      •  Hi James,

        Stop it, you are so full of it.  I think you are one of those people who will take a couple words, twist it  around, make a lot something out of nothing, blow it out  of proportion and start a war.

        Not interested to talk to you anymore, so talk to someone else please.

      •  Hi James,

        Forgot to add, that I did not say anything about sin, you got me mixed up with someone else.  Look it up again and this time read the comments first and find out who said that ok.

  32. I think that Colton simply had gone as far as he could in the show and it was time for him to leave. All of them will be gone soon. In what order, we’re not sure, but I hope that Holly and Jessica will make it to the final 2 weeks. Joshua should be there too, if he stops screaming, when he sings. He doesn’t need to yell and scream,  he has a good singing voice.

  33. I actually thought “September” was the worse song choice for him.  It had no energy or life.  I thought that “Bad Romance” was good, but it may have offended some of his Christian followers.

    •  I think “Bad Romance” hurt him. He couldn’t sell the song like he has other songs in the past. It didn’t fit the Colton his viewers had come to know and love. Maybe I was the only one worried that Colton was giving in to the pressure of his faith and chose that song to satisfy both audiences. I think it backfired on him. I still voted for him, but not with as many votes as I normally would of. I want Colton to succeed and I look forward to his solo career as a Christian artist!

  34. Colton is a good performer and has a good voice; I think it was b/c American Idol fans were using their votes on other contestants.

    • Take this comment for instance. Well, duh. If the voting were actually considered it would be obvious that he is off because the votes went to other contestants….LOL 

      Anyone remember the Kris Allen controversy involving the whole state of Arkansas? What better way to trick the public into thinking their votes actually count than to manufacture an example of an all out campaign that even involves government officials and a whole state along with other corporate entities to show that the voting system is legit. After all how can you manipulate the system if it’s not a legitimate  vote? Yeah, right.

      Then the hoax is complete when they take another openly religious individual and show how expressing your religious views can also work against you. Does anyone think that people in the future will be discouraged from professing their faith because of this? Ah, maybe that was the goal of the production. What do you think? After all as Matt posted early on they did warn the contestants, “Easy on the God stuff.” Remember?

      More AI Koo-laid!!  

  35. He hit my thoughts!…. It was really not him. Most of the times, he’s preaching about God and then next, he sang Gaga’s. I myself did not get it. Now I know that he was really not himself that time. XD But that was really a concert.. 🙂

  36. The Lady Gaga song certainly played a BIG role in Colton getting eliminated…but he certainly did not redeem himself with his Earth, Wind and Fire song either…top if off with his “I don’t care” line…and that spelled elimination for him.

    It is a shame because I really would have like to see him take on a Queen song this week…

    • The I dont care wasn’t aired until after the votes were in. How many times do we have to keep saying that. Geeesh!

      • haha i guess you have to remind them over and over again because some people here are always commenting without watching carefully the show just like what happened to randy when he said that Jessica is “one of the best” and not “the best” 

      •  Maybe you weren’t watching closely enough, because I saw it Wednesday night and sure wouldn’t vote for him after that!

      • I was watching and I went back on the TIVO also and it wasn’t aired until Thursday night. None of the contestant’s reactions were aired until Thursday night.

      • I was watching and I went back on the TIVO also and it wasn’t aired until Thursday night. None of the contestant’s reactions were aired until Thursday night.

      • If the famous “I don’t care” line was shown on Wednesday, I did  not notice it being said until Thursday. But, if enough people say it started on Wednesday, I guess it’s true.

      • No it’s not true I DVR every week and it wasn’t shown until Thursday night. That just goes to show you how easy it would be and is to manipulate the public. Nobody likes to admit how gullible and dumbed down the American public has become.

  37. i feel bad for colton because  i think the one that should have been sent home was hollie cavanagh, is america going crazy don’t vote if you dont know what you are doing,colton keeps saying that he was sent home because of his choice of song lady gaga, i dont think so i think he was sent home because of his bad taste in fashion i see that tommys tips didn’t help you can’t put pants that tight on a so so very skinny person, thats my opinion,rayray.

  38. I am disappointed in Colton’s leaving. There should be room for Christian music as well as all others. There are many Christians watching and Colton sang from his heart when he sang his music. I know he will do fine in spite of being cut off but I for one will rethink my loyalty to Idol if I cannot be assured that Christian music will be given equal time.

  39. I’ve been praying for Colton to be eliminated for several weeks now and God finally answered my prayer this week.  I think He knew that it was pointless to answer my prayer as long as the judges had a save available to them.

  40. I believe it was the song…the song does not represent who he is…what he profess he is…his faith…his ministry. Maybe God has other plans for him..just continue to pray and God will lead you where He will use you the most. God be with you.

  41. i think that the judges should have sent Jessica home last week and they should of saved that one save for someone who REALLY deserved it like COLTON. He is way better than her and she needed to go home. Sorry if you like Jessica but im just telling the truth.

    • That’s a novel idea…… thinking. You REALLY need to work on your deficiencies, sorry just adding to the truth.

    • Wow!!!,you think Colton is much better hahaha………joking maybe you’re one of those teenie boppers that after good & cute guys only.
      It’s ridiculous to make a comparison between the two, Jessica has a pure vocal ability that colton does’nt have.It’s even better for him leave that day,it took so long for him to be there that long.

    • Man oh man, I so do not agree with you. I was one of the few who actually thought Colton should have been voted off, before it happened. Heck, I had the same foresight on Jessica, the week before. I think Brandon needs to make me the “official” performance evaluation expert … Because I am so on fire with most of my predictions. 🙂

      Unless Elise can have a magical moment, I think she will be going home next. Even though I hope that is not the case.

  42. It’s good for him to leave the competition. Because what would expect if he was not eliminated? Britney Spears? PCD? maybe he will do a Beyonce cover or even Taylor Swift… waaaaa. I think he’s just getting idea from Punk goes Pop series and he will just do a replica of those covers. Nevermind!

  43. It’s good for him to leave the competition. Because what would you expect if he was not eliminated? Britney Spears? PCD? maybe he will do a Beyonce cover or even Taylor Swift… waaaaa. I think he’s just getting idea from Punk goes Pop series and he will just do a replica of those covers. Nevermind!

  44. oh please!!! did colton actually think he could win this thing???? UGH! There’s no one to blame but himself, why blame it on the song choice? He’s so bitter! Why can’t he be just like Deandre and Heejun who both left on a happy note?

  45. eva:  in reply to popopower

    There’ no way other nations can vote for the Idol contestants outside US.
    Right now American Idol, after their investigation, claimed that there’ no
    way other countries can vote.

  46. Yes!! I think colton chooses the wrong song that really fits to his voice. And to think he is like a rocker why dont he choose some kind of daughtry, linkpark, evanescense, train a lot of songs that really suit to his voice.

  47.  The viewers are not satisfied of his performance because it’s really far of what he is. to think that the song came from Lady Gaga then he represents the Rock genre

  48. I think his choice of September was worse than Bad Romance, personally. His performance of Bad Romance was actually pretty good. September was…eh.

    • I think I agree with you. Colton made the song his own … but it was so changed,  nobody recognized it. It didn’t sound remotely similar to EWF’s song.

  49. The ouster of Colton can’t be blame to the song he did,the teenie boppers supporting him are the culprits and maybe they forgot to vote that time,knowing he’s safe.It was almost the same for what happen to Jessica when she was nearly off the stage that week.
    To all his followers just accept the facts he’s not there anymore,some will voted off every week except to those who got many supporters and fanbase.

  50. These are my arrangement who will follow Colton week by week ouster.
    1. Elise Testone
    2 Hollie Cavanagh
    3.Skylar Laine
    4.Joshua Ledet
    5.?????????????? Jessica 0r Phillip
    6.WINNER???????????????????????Jessica or Phillip
    Both of them got the massive followers & fanbase in this AI11
    I hope no one get upset it’s only my opinion anyway you can make your analysis too. OK guys

    • Sorry, but Jessica has such a large fan base she nearly got voted off?  I think I might rephrase that.

    • Elise just might make it through this week. Her style is a natural fit for Queen songs. She’s a rocker.

      • Elise has the perfect voice for singing Queen songs.  She will shine on Wednesday nite and will gain more fan base.  She will be safe on Thursday with more fans voting for her.  She is the dark horse and the one to watch!  Her unique voice can get her to the top two.  One never knows who she will be paired with?  Will it be Jessica?  or Phillip?  ….?

    American Idol Season 11 Top 6 songs: SPOILER ALERT!!!1 Jessica Sanchez “Radio Ga Ga” (Queen)2 Phillip Phillips “We Are the Champions” (Queen) 3 Elise Testone “Somebody to Love” (Queen) 4 Hollie Cavanagh “Love of My Life” (Queen) 5 Joshua Ledet “The Show Must Go On” (Queen)6 Skylar Laine “The Miracle” (Queen) 7 Jessica Sanchez “Listen” (Beyonce) 8 Phillip Phillips “It’s Not Over” (Daughtry)9 Elise Testone “We Are” (Ana Johnsson) 10 Hollie Cavanagh “Candle in the Wind” (Elton John) 11 Joshua Ledet “Lean On Me” (Bill Withers) 12 Skylar Laine “As You Turn Away” (Lady Antebellum) 

    • why did Jessica choose radio gaga??? the other one, listen is good… it would be a 50/50 again for her..

    • it would a challenge to see Jessica sing this and make it here own…just saw the queen’s video at live aid: wembley london 1985

    •  “Radio Ga Ga” a bad choice, “Listen” boring Diva tune
      Where was Jimmy, thought he was going to help her make better choices
      “The Show Must Go On”  a bad choice
      “The Miracle” a bad choice, “As You Turn Away” a bad choice

      Phillip 2 great choices
      Elise 2 good choices
      Hollie 2 good choices
      Joshua 1 good, 1 bad
      Skylar 2 bad choices
      Jess 2 really bad choices

      I would think contestants would know by now, one way to win is to chose very well known songs. There are better and more well known Queen songs than “The Show Must Go On”  & “The Miracle”; very bad choices for that reason. At this point, bad song choices are enough to get eliminated. I think these song choices put Joshua, Skylar, & Jess at risk based on song choice.

      • You think “candle in the wind ” is a better song choice than “listen”? Are you a 65 year old woman? It is a diva song but not boring. It is a more recent song by beyonce than an Elton John song! Bottom line is you are just not a fan of Jessica. It’s your opinion but its so biased I must say. And on the queen’s radio gaga, what do you think is appropriate for Jessica? Did the Queen release a new song recently that you can call age appropriate for Jessica? James, no matter what you say, Jessica’s fans will support and rally behind her. Haven’t you seen the polls last week? Hollie and Elise were at the bottom 3.

      • as always it’s obvious that your a Jessica hater and don’t deny it James coz i’ve read lots of your comments bout her and it’s your right to say what you want to say but keep in mind that Jessica is not doing anything on you and she’s not aware that some people are saying rude things to her because she’s just doing what she loves which is singing so please please just vote for your idol and stop hating Jessica ok be fair

      • SailorMooned,  Now I’m a Jess hater because I’m concerned about her song choices?
        Either “We will Rock You”  or “Seven Seas of Rhye” would have given her much better opportunity to showcase her voice with up tempo. GaGa is going to be tough to pull off. 

        Diva music is over-saturated right now and all you have to do is look at sales to tell that.  If Jess stays a Diva, she won’t win, why girls haven’t won the last few years. If Jess would stretch out of being a boring Diva singer, she would win. Yes these are my opinion, but they aren’t hating opinions on Jess, I’m actually hoping she will make some changes so she can win.
        Guestagain, “listen” is boring, do you know how low the sales are, so apparently many others agree with me because they aren’t buying it.
        “candle in the wind” is extremely well known and classic song that gives Hollie good opportunity to show what she has.

        Jess needs something younger, something hip, something uptempo..any of these would be great…She needs to make it a party and show she is having lots of fun!
        “Hold It Against Me” by Britney Spears
        “Moment 4 Life” by Nicki Minaj
        “Raise Your Glass” by P!nk
        “S&M” by Rihanna
        or another interesting way to go…a John Meyer song

        If she did one of these….I would become a JessPusher

  52. Elise is very good singer and she needs our votes.please keep voting for her america.when she was in btm 3 last week,i thought she’s the one going home,but when ryan called her safe i hit the roof.i think she deserves at least 4th place.

    • Please don’t.  Tired of her excuses and stress face.  Thought it wasn’t very classy when she was laughing and smiling after she found out one of her friends would be going home.

  53. It was scheduled as it is.. Elise first then Phillip.. the haley reinhart slash mariah slash adele wannabe and the daughtry slash cook slash constipated singer wannabe… they will all go down as it is.. sad for colton. id rather see phillip go home first than him. cant stand phillips singing… darn. and elise’s attitude.. BETCH much!

  54. I’ve yet to comment this year but I do read what AI followers have to say honestly, it never ceases to amaze me how narrow-minded so many of the fans are.  Even more than last year when so many were bashing Haley as though she was this haughty, negative person when in fact, not one single basher had ever met her.  Same this year.  I’ve read people refer to Elise as a horse-faced ugly so and so, Skylar as a fat nasal southern hick, and Jessica as a spoiled 16 year old diva.  For crying out loud, it’s natural to be emotinal about your favorite but to resort to such juvenile remarks is beyond foolish and immature.  My favorite happens to be Elise. Why?  I like her voice and I would buy her music.  That takes nothing away from the incredible talent of Jessica (who, by the way, gets so much attention because it is unusual for someone her age to be so advanced musically).  Colton, who I believe was never a clear frontrunner, ran the risk of alienating voters because of his outspoken religious views. Good for him but American Idol’s forum is a risky place to express those views.  I think it makes many people uncomfortable.  Joshua, who is amazingly talented, will not make the final because he, too, is viewed as the “choir boy” and that will eventually be his demise on his quest for the final.  I try to see what all the hype is about PP but come away from watching his performances with the same reaction…they all sound annoyingly similiar to me and as they say in England, “not my cup of tea”.
    Which brings me to Hollie.  To be honest, she is the least polished and yes, she does have problems with stage-fright and it shows.  Songs that resonate perfectly when she is not in front of a major audience fall short when she performs and she does miss key changes and at the risk of sounding redundant, she does get “pitchy”.  Skylar is a firecracker and no, she doesn’t have the best voice in the competition but she is loved because so many viewers love that spunk and energy she puts into each song.  Nothing I could write will sway anyone away from their favorites but being respectful of each contestant is something that seems so hard to do for many of the commentators here.  Elise continues to survive each week because many of her fans are not all over message boards slamming the other 5 contestants.  She will probably be eliminated soon and again, it should come as no surprise that the most talented does not win the title.  No bigger case in point is the year Adam Lambert did not win.  By far, his vocal talents were way beyond any of the others competing.  So, my long-winded point is this:  vote for your favorite, do not be surprised by the outcome and please stop contributing to the idea that this show (and folks, it is only a tv show) is a part of some conspiracy to sway the minds of all us who have no free will to make up our own minds.  I will say that the judging on this show is extremely biased…JLo, not wanting to her anyone’s feelings does exactly that by running up to the stage and grabbing the microphone from Jessica.  Extremely rude to the other contestants who have worked their butts off all season long.  And Randy, aka “Dawg, that was crazy” Jackson, needs to take his own advice and be “Consistent” each week with his critiques.  And then of course, America’s rock God Steven Tyler, who lives on a planet that I envy…one of chirping birds and harmonious beauty…gotta love him.  So, just enjoy the show and if you pause to ponder your own journey through this lifetime, you will see that having a cut-throat, blood-pressure rising reaction every week to some perceived injustice, it just isn’t worth it in the bigger scheme of life. 

    • extremely well said.  hate to be repetetive, but as i’ve said before,  music is SUBJECTIVE.  what one person likes another inevitably will hate.  no one is right or wrong.  and it’s only a tv show, folks.  who do i think has the best VOICE?  no contest, jessica.  but it’s not written in stone that she’ll win.  i think the best PERFORMER is skylar.  in the long run, it’s about who will sell records and concert tickets.  it’s all about the MONEY

    • That’s what i’ve been sayin’ all this time.JUST ROOT FOR THE ONE YOU LOVE AND STOP SAYING BAD THINGS ABOUT THE OTHER CONTESTANTS.this is what people on this site should keep in their mind while commenting.

    • Thank you-I agree with just about everything you’ve said…bravo!
      As far as Elise is concerned…I really love her!  And the one thing I think people miss about her, especially in one of the comments below about her “beech much”, she’s already been trying to get herself out there with her own band and singing.  Like she said last week, she’s used to having six minutes to sing a song and has the time to get everything out she wants and its hard to do that all in just one and a half minutes.  So, she’s struggling with this part of it, but also, I don’t feel like she’s as understood as well as some of the others.  Elise definitely has that power house voice, I’ve seen her stage performance be excellent, I think she gets nervous and why not?  She’s been in the bottom three more than anyone I think.  But, I DO get her, I think, I hope!  She is truly a great singer and performer and if just given that chance to sing like she does when she’s in her clubs at home, I think we would all see a different side of Elise.  An Elise who is not only sure of herself but also not forced to “hurry” each performance.  Whether she wins American Idol 2012 or not, she is going to have CD’s out there, and I will buy them!  I will go to her concerts and I will support her.  I don’t think people understand when she wants to say something or disagrees with the judges at times because, unlike the rest of them, she’s already been out there in the world, bearing her soul, smiling to the audience and herself and worked her butt off to be the best she can be-which, in my opinion, is great!  I don’t think Elise is “beeching much”, like someone said below, I think she wants to express how she feels and what she’s learned and let the judges know she understands but has learned through her own experiences other things as well-which none of the other finalists have done yet.  BUT-if Elise does win this, she already has the grace to carry herself in everyday life since she’s already started down the journey of life of my beloved Steven Tyler!  Elise already has a little experience to be able to handle what can and will be thrown at her as an artist and winner of AI, if that were to happen.  Either way, she’s already a star!  AND WOW-that Led Zepplin song was AMMMAAAZINNNNG!   I hope the younger crowd “gets” how amazing that performance was! 

      Although Joshua is probably going to be seen as the “choir boy”, man his vocals are incredible as well.  How could anyone count him out just because of his life experiences and truly being part of a choir?  He’s incredible too, stage performance, vocals, the WHOLE PACKAGE! 

      Also love me some PP, Jessica Sanchez is great but young and every week I see her sing, I see someone is extremely talented but so young I don’t know if she knows how to connect with an audience yet?  She hasn’t had the chance to got through life experiences that we all go through that could enable her to show us her heart and be “vulnerable” as JLo said (although I think she may have said it to Elise???).  Anyways, great vocals, incredible, unbelievable, preternatural.  ALL of it! 

      Skylar, she can get off AI today and make it huge in the country scene…she doesn’t need AI like the rest of these people do! 

      And little Hollie, she’s beautiful, sweet, and timid.  Last week she shocked me!  She stuck to her notes, she brought power and strength…I just hope she can keep doing it cuz that is probably what saved her from being voted off last week.  A little powerhouse in there but also young and is she ready for the big leagues?

      Steven Tyler would know the answer to the Hollie question since he’s been there and done that!  And man, I love how you write of Steven Tyler’s world…how you describe how he see’s the world with “chirping birds” etc!  He is wonderful!  I read his autobiography…have you?  Incredible!  And people on this thing always say he shouldn’t be a judge…they know not what they speak!

      American Idol Fan!


  56. Who makes up Joshua’s fan base? I just don’t understand why he is still on except that the judges love him. I guess that’s enough?

  57. it’s not that colton chose the wrong songs.  he chose the wrong performances.  a great artist can sing anything and do it justice.  colton is very pretty to look at, and has a great smile.  but as a performer he’s just not that brilliant.  don’t worry, though.  with those looks some label will sign him.  will he last in the biz??  anybody’s guess

  58. I really don’t think the end result of Colton being voted off was his song choice.  Colton is an incredible artist and singer but there are people who are still on the show who have more of a voice as well as stage performance who will still be left standing, hopefully, in the last two weeks of 2012 American Idol.  I don’t agree with him being voted off before a few of the others AT ALL but I truly believe he would have been voted off eventually just because there is a few other people who have a better chance of being the “IDOL”.  When I first saw him, in the beginning of 2012, I didn’t even like him but WOW…as the weeks went on, he proved himself to be incredible and I know he WILL have music on the radio and CD’s I will buy.  Colton is already a star-you don’t have to win the title of 2012 American Idol to become a star on this show!  That’s the great thing about American Idol!!  All of these kids are already stars!  This chance, this opportunity has already created a huge fan base and now he gets to sit back, relax, and let the offers flow in while watching the rest of the season and cheering his friends on! 

  59. really dude? your “September” was probably the worse attempt of making a song your own. I think people stopped voting when they realized that was the type of music you are going to create after Idol. I felt like I wanted to fall asleep during that performance but somehow it depressed me a lot just listening to the melody, it was waaay too gloomy.

  60. He wasn’t going to win this anyway but I am shocked that he left this soon……What were his fans doing Wednesday night????

    • Oh Hi Phyllis G. I hope you see this post!!  I have been looking for you! I wanted to tell you hi! And see what you think about who will win??? See my post way up above if you see this one. It is about  Colton, I guess his fans were sleeping.  ADAM, and James Durbin.  Have you enjoyed the show so far this year??  What about the voice?  They booted out 2 that we liked. There are some still there with less talent???  Who knows anymore??   Have fun Girl. Have a nice week end. Your friend SherryK.

  61. I’m an older watcher of the program. I’m quite amazed that Colton didn’t make it to the last 3. Everyone has had a bad song week.  He is an amazing performer. I think the judges used their save much too soon. Jessica can sing but her songs are too old and big for her.  I think Joshua has the best voice there and the judges agree. He is soulful, dynamic, versatile and I would buy his records as well as any records Colton makes. My bet would have been Joshua, Colton and Philip as the last 3 standing, but America often doesn’t get it right. I wish the judges had the final say.

  62. the American Idol has been decided any way!! It’s Jessica Sanchez. Why else when the bottom 3 last week were decided did Tyler say”were going to use the save tonight”(they already knew but they have to make it look good) Then Randy shouting out she is the best singer EVER.yah right!,And  to vote for the best as she is the best.
    Bias much judges???
    Colton’s fate was decided when they found out that he was getting mega votes from the young kids.
    Does anyone monitor how exactly the votes are overseen?Is there an independent consulting firm overseeing the voting?  Could someone tell me why so many votes are allowed per household should n’t it be limited to maybe 6 to 10  per phone number as I don’t think many American families have more than 10 people living in one house hold.The same should be true for text votes and computer votes

  63. To be sincere this year’s American idol bores me compared to last year’s thoz guyz were hot hot i thout  may be deserved Colton th money bt since hez gone, thats it…

  64. As Simon would say”  BAD SONG CHOICE”  I really liked Colton. And I think he has a lot of talent. I hope some record label picks him up. He is sweet and a very nice young man. That last song he sang was just BLAH!  Phillip Phillips last song was bad too last night. Randy said he was afraid for him too. When the cometition gets this low they need to blow it out as Steven and Randy told them. Wax in you ears Phillip? If Phyllis G. is around. Or if one of you chat with her I have some fun information!!!  James Durbin is going to be at Juanita’s club tonight!!  Wish I knew someone working there. James must have a LOT of fans here too. Tickets $13.00 and at the door $15.00. But I called and they are SOLD OUT!!   The manager was sweet. she said yo can stand out side the door and try to watch. We won’t shoo you away!!I would like anyone who is a James Durbin fan to know what he said. Though he loves performing and touring, he misses his wife Heidi and their son, Hunter who will soon turn 3! He said it can be depressing. so I bottle it up and write songs.
     Funny too, he said he does not recall if he has been in Little Rock, arkansas either. He said all we knew to do was get on the bus when they told us too and get off the bus when we got somewhere. That is really funny. He was speaking about the American Idol tour of course. LOL. sound like they just drug them from one city to another!!!  Well Bless his heart. I am sure his fans know he has released his debut album ” Memories of a beautul disaster “. Most of you have probably al ready bought it. I got an ipod for my birthday. So I just download the songs I really like. I already have 72 songs on it. One other thing I would like to mention because of all the christian stuff about colton. James was asked if he would like to act!!He sai ” Id do something else, especially if i could play Jesus, or Judas. I’d want a role where I could keep my dignity and remain faithful to my wife.” In other words he would not want to be involved in any roles that involver romantic hoopla!!   See, isn’t he just a sweet heart!! Phyllis G. Our computer crashed again. and was in the shop for 2 weeks. So if you see this give me a shout back. I sure wish I could go see James perform! If it was ADAM I would try to crush my body in somehow to see him.  Sorry Matthew!!! I didn’t mean to write a book! I have seen other ones like this many times though!  So please forgive me this once??? You know I am usually good. Have a GREAT week end! Ed if you see this Hi to you too!! Sherry K 
     PS,Did anyone hear Steven Tyler say to JLO. don’t go starting up that stuff tonight with me tonight woman!  Yeah for you Stephen! She usually blabs right over him. I guess last night he had enough of that!!  The look on her face was worth a thousand laughs. She was MAD!

    • Hello My Friend,
      Where have you been?  I hardly see any of the old commenters on this site anymore……when I do I like to respond.  I wish you would have gone to see James D.  I wouuld love to see him but I wasn’t impressed with his appearance on Idol….His hair was horrible and his song did not sound  anything like it did on the CD (which I love).   Adam is going to be on Idol pretty soon too…….So looking forward to that.

      So far this season hasn;t been as great as the judges think it has.   There is really no one that stands out like Adam, James, etc…….so who ever wins is fine with me except Skylar…I do like her but not another Country winner.  PLEASE!!!  Take care Sherry…

      • Phyllis G. Well my computer crashed. Thats one thiing. And very busy moving to another house. You know I noticed too that I wasn’t seeing any of the old commenters either. I NEVER see Rose. And I don’t think I have see Templar? You know what you said about James is right. He does look funny with that blond hair. And there are lots of artists that do not sound as good in person as on their albums. They can’t get all of that great studio stuff singing live. Steven Tyler sounds just like a bomb in person. I mean that in a good way too. He was super in concert. I would be willing to bet too that you could put ADAM in a card board box.And he would still sound fabulous!!! Well we shall she who wins. But I am not too excited about who it will be. The judges keep talking about how good the contestants are this year. I disagree. It is not the best lot of artists they have had in the 10 , or 11 years. Boy does that ever make me feel old. I have been watchin AI for 10 years. I am going off to get a nice cold cup of ice cream and a good book. But it is always nice to see you Phyllis!!! You take care too friend!

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