American Idol 2012: Colton Dixon Reflects On Final Performances

American Idol 2012 Colton Dixon elimination

The night Colton Dixon was eliminated from American Idol 2012 he took a few minutes to talk with MTV News about his final week’s performances on the Idol stage and what he’s looking forward to next. Despite having just been cut from the competition Dixon kept a very upbeat attitude and went light on the regrets we’ve heard elsewhere.

While the judges weren’t a big fan of Colton’s interpretation of Earth, Wind, & Fire’s original “September” Dixon explains that he was very pleased with how it turned out. He noted that not everyone is a fan of change and he knows he changed it a lot, but added, “I loved ‘September.’ It’s been one of my favorites I’ve done on the show just because it was so different from the original.”

Colton closes with a promise for his fans. “This is totally not the end. I’m excited to do a record so let’s do it.”

Listen to Colton Dixon’s interview below with MTV then re-watch his performance of “September” during his final American Idol appearance.

Colton Dixon performing “September” on American Idol 2012:




  1. Honestly, September was one of my favorite performances by Colton. Definitely in my top 3. He made the song his own, which the judges always tell the contestants to do week after week. Kudos to him for taking risks. Playing it safe gets too boring.
    And, this comment that he made in the interview made me literally tear up:  “I wasn’t singing for the judges, I wasn’t singing
    for my family or anyone in the audience. I wasn’t singing for anyone at
    home. I was singing for my lord and Savior Jesus Christ.”
    So proud of him. Can’t even express how proud of him I am. Keep doing your thing, Colton. God is on your side.

    • It’s going to be so weird watching AI without Colton, but just remember, Jennifer Hudson was #7. I am looking forward to buying Colton’s upcoming CDs. He is one ridiculously talented young man. Good luck and God bless Colton!

      •  Oh my, I know. I already miss him on the show and it’s not even Wednesday yet! He said that he’s already in to writing new music and he can’t wait to release his stuff. Next Chris Daughtry for sure!

        He also said he has some exciting news to share with us soon? Hmm… Who knows. 😉

      •  He admitted that wasn’t a good choice of song for him. He regrets choosing that song because it wasn’t the real him. He said he was too caught up in trying to take risks and whatnot. He didn’t “dedicate” Bad Romance to God.. 

  2. I admire Colton’s deep relationship with God. It shows in his attitude. He has an aura of maturity in him. It is unique. I am a big fan.

  3. ” wasn’t singing for the judges, I wasn’t singing for my family or anyone in the audience. I wasn’t singing for anyone at home. I was singing for my lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” seriously? That’s prolly why he got sent home on the first, what’s the point of performing on national television, if your only performing for “God”

  4. colton you did amazing job with september and bad romance may bad romance was not the best song chioce you sang it well i looking forward to your singing career i know you get a record deal believe in God.

  5. he should go to the church and sing there, no point in trying to become an american idol. maybe he can success and be a god idol there. america got it 100% right for eliminating him.

  6. Well Colton Some of us know what living for the lord means , you are fansatic , Amen , for staying real to who you are ! I also can’t wait for you to have A CD out there for us to hear ! Let’s Go ” Colton”
    Your Audience awaits You ! best of luck to you thur your travels .

    • Do most Christians go to church on Wednesday night? Maybe that’s what happened. Maybe they all had been staying home to watch Idol and they got to feeling guilty and went to church and didn’t vote.

  7. I agree. He should just go to church and sing to god there. You are on American Idol because you want to sing for the audiences and the judges. I don’t like that he always acts. He’s not real. Everything he does is so fake and planned. You deserved to go home 🙂

    • He does go to Church and sing there, just like Matthew West and Paul Coleman, and lots of others that I am too old to know (haha). I loved seeing a rocked out Christian singing Christian and secular songs (although Bad Romance wasn’t the best song of choice for him). I am looking forward to hearing his new Christian music on the radio and in my mp3. 🙂 He could sing practically anything, Cindy Lauper other songs he sang were great. Just needs to stick to who he is.

  8. colton should have been a gospell singer or a christian singer,,,and stay more in church  rather than being in national television,,,,

  9. wow some of these comments are just so wrong its crazy if your not singing for god then whats the point of singing he gave him the beautiful voice he has!! i’m so disapointed that colton went home but i will be in the line to buy his first cd as soon as it hits the shelf 🙂

    • Agree with you but then have to add your comments to that very list. What a crazy thing to say that it’s only meaningful if you are singing for god. Personally I liked a lot of his performances but was mixed on some others. So what though, at least he was trying to make covers his own and incorprate his musical background and training. I’m not a fan of artists that simply ape the original. For that he gets my respect and it’s a shame he was kicked off the show. As far as being a future success I guess that depends on how good his original material is.

      • I only liked “Love the Way You Lie” and “Piano Man”. The rest were just so so and then the Ga Ga song and September were terrible. I would never buy any Ga Ga song and I have other artist’s renditions of Piano Man and Love the Way You Lie so no need for those either. Sorry but just not a Colton enthusiast. I wish him luck though. 

  10. Saw Colton on Live with Kelly this morning and he was awesome..What a great guy and I wish him all the best. Cannot believe he is gone, but I am sure he will do just fine.

  11. There are some things you should never change. SEPTEMBER was one example, if he loves his version I can only say wow that is one gloomy boring dude. How in the world you changed one of the most joyful and upbeat songs in recent history into a song fit for funeral?

    The lyric said “Ba de ya – never was a cloudy day” but watching Colton’s performance he might as well sing under a thick dark cloud ready to unleash it’s torrential hell upon earth!

    •  He was making the song his. That’s what the judges pressure each contestant to do week after week. Colton took a very big risk and turned a great song into a could-be Colton Dixon original. I loved it and so did many others. I understand that many are upset about him changing it up so much, but he was taking the judge’s advice and simply making it his own.

      • It’s one thing to make it his own, it’s another thing to changing it into an entirely different song. Basically he just pissed on that song kinda like how Heejun made fun of Billy Joel’s song, except Colton basically made the song entirely pointless as his version just doesn’t go with the lyric.

        Pretty sure he’d have done better just singing it his own way only with slight alteration of the original tempo/melody. That for him, will count as taking a risk as he has mostly just sit there with his piano for almost the entire competition.

  12. September will go down as the very worse song choice in AI history. I really liked Colton and there were so many other songs that would have been great. I just want to know WHY COLTON…WHY?

    • worst song?!?!?!?! WTH? no way. i loved it  – and plus THERE WERE FAR WORSE SONGS IN AI!!!!!!! 

  13. I’ve watched AI every year and most years disappointed with top spot results as I will probably be this year. However, what I get out of AI, is finding out about people like Daughtry, Lambert, Durbin, Bowersox, and others. Colton will be on that list too.

  14. I am very proud of Colton for his deep relations with God. So rare today in that age. So Colton keep praising God in your singing. I don’t think that is what got him cut. They reported that 18-29 voting age was off that week. So I think that is what hurt him.

  15. Say where do the the ones who get voted off moved to? They probably have to stay in town I would imagine. The ones voted off so far are in the bottom 10 and will go on tourer. That manison is so big I am wondering if they have to move to a different area.  Just wondering…….

  16. at least the guy was trying to be a star…. he dressed like one.. even though his vocals were not special and just ordinary, the only ones left who are deserving to win are Elise, Joshua or Jessica.. they possess true artistry, true vocal talent,  and ability.. the others are ordinary singers for ordinary folks to sing ordinary songs for ordinary americans… America buys ordinary,

  17. Tweaking a song here and there to make it a performer’s “own” is one thing and perfectly okay; but how “September” was sung by Colton & re-arranged was not to my liking as it did not enhance his voice. It was just off for me.

    But  really, really liked how he did “Piano Man” and “Love the Way You lie”. Colton will definitely go places post AI and be successful. He is a talented musician and fully respect his religious convictions. So wish him all the best!    

  18. Colton sang September so well, I can’t understand how he could be eliminated. The song was beautiful.  His voice is terrific and he’ll have a great career in music.

  19. honestly first ~ three person have to blame is the judges,judges have already pick thier favorite(like Xfactor Style)….UNFAIR!!!!…anything from Jessica & Joshua must be a stand up and BRAVO…..

    • i think they like joshua the most. he gets SO from them every single performance night! jessica got it only in the first 3 0r 4 top 12 performances, then after those they started to pressurize her into becoming like joshua — to scream and screech and dunno what. don’t u think it is also unfair for jessica to be branded as a favorite when in fact she is not. she gets it when she delivers, not when she does not. favoritism is when the judges SO for u rain or shine or even if the heaven collapse with your screeching..

  20. I’m still in shock, can’t believe he went home, and I know if he wants a future in music, he has seriously earned his place!  You’re awesome Colton, Chin Up Bud you’re going places!

    • It surprised me too that he was voted off too early,knowing he got those teenie boppers in his hands and Phillip.That’s life he is not  the best AI11 it shocked me only that his 1st being in bottom 3 ousted right away?
      Now it’s not true many followers or fanbase supporting him,that I read many times in many poll sites.He did’nt got even 5% to those 53,000.000 votes that were cast last week.

      • I’m in my 40’s and I’ve enjoyed watching him every week.  He stood out for me, and have always voted for him, especially when he has worst week.  However,  I’m a bit weary about the voting.  Last week was the only time I got A LOT of busy signals and all circuits are busy recording.  Why couldn’t I get thru if not too many people were voting for him?  Never happened the weeks he was safe.  Also, some people thought he’d be safe because of the tween votes, so they didn’t vote for him, and maybe those who usually voted for him also,  voted to save Jessica.  Who knows the reason why.  I think he’s a very talented musician and singer, a true artist.  He’ll have a great career in music.

  21. It’s good for him to leave the competition. Because what would you expect if he was not eliminated? Britney Spears? PCD? maybe he will do a Beyonce cover or even Taylor Swift… waaaaa. I think he’s just getting idea from Punk goes Pop series and he will just do a replica of those covers. Nevermind!

  22. As much as I don’t want him to leave this early, I have no rights to argue because wasn’t able to watch and vote for him~ 
    Great future ahead of you, Colton~ 🙂

  23. first of all, Colton wasn’t planning on auditioning for American Idol in the first place…it could have been because he wanted the focus on God and not himself but that’s irrelevant..
    either way, he took this as an opportunity to share Christ to the American Idol staff and millions watching. He handed everything over to God, and was an amazing testimony to millions of people while doing it. He showed the world there is something more than idolizing ourselves-surrendering ourselves to God. And that’s just what he did.

  24. I am so not shock at all. After that “I don’t want to sound cocky, but I don’t care” line, I was like, that’s it!

  25. i think september is splendidly done 🙂 and i really like that he is really strongly principled. I ll see him as a big success, i guess.. 🙂

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