American Idol 2012: What To Expect Top 6 Week

American Idol 2012 performs Queen

After last week’s shocking elimination of Colton Dixon, what lies ahead this week on American Idol 2012?

On Wednesday night, the Top 6 will again be performing two songs each. One song will be a Queen song and the other is a song of their choice, according to American Idol Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe.

Also on Wednesday night, Original Queen members Roger Taylor and Brian May will join the Top 6 for a group medley.

On Thursday night, one more of the finalists will be sent home, giving you your Top 5. Katy Perry is set to perform her new single “Part of Me.” Also taking the stage will be Idol alum Stefano Langone and  Queen touring tribute band Queen Extravaganza.

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  1.  Awesome!! Very excited to see what Phillip will do for Queen. Hoping Skylar does some Miranda Lambert, since that’s obviously where she feels comfortable and has the most fun. For Jessica, she needs to choose a song that’s suited for a teenager if she wants to steer clear of the dreaded bottom 3 this week. As for Hollie, Elise, and Joshua… who knows! But I’m sure Elise will do great with Queen. Hollie may struggle though..

    This show won’t be near the same without my other favorite, Colton, though. Still disappointed. Definitely going to be missing him Wednesday night!!

    This is the TOP SIX. Obviously from last week, our favorites aren’t necessarily safe. It’s anyone’s game now.

  2. singing queen is tough.  the only contestant to give freddy a run for his money is adam lambert.   (by the way, when is he going to show up this season???)  i like the individual song choice part.  you can keep katy perry.  and for my namesake in las vegas, “better than i know myself” is on the playlist at the taj in atlantic city!!

    • I’m sure my choices for the remaining singers won’t be realized, but for Queen songs I’d like to hear:
      Hollie – Show Must Go On
      Joshua – I Want To Break Free
      Elise – Too Much Love Will Kill You
      Skylar – Crazy Little Thing Called Love
      P2 – Killer Queen

      • sooooooooooo glad you stayed away from “bohemian rhapsody”  no one in this batch could do it any amount of justice.

      • I like a couple of your choices, with a little twist:

        Joshua *We Are The Champions*
        Phillip *We Will Rock You*
        Hollie *Who Wants To Live Forever*
        Elise *Show Must Go On*
        Skylar *Crazy Thing Called Love*

        As for their own choies…I pray that Joshua sings *When A Woman Loves* from R Kelly, and Im positive Skylar will do *House That Built Me* from Miranda Lambert. I would think Jessica should do something current, and aimed at a younger crowd so to speak, maybe something from Taylor Swift?? As for Phillip and Elise, I think he should so *Free Falling* from Tom Petty, and she sould do something from Stevie Nicks….maybe *Edge Of 17*. Queen has left some huge shoes to fill, so they REALLY have to step up their game….

      • Has anyone done “Another One Bites the Dust” before?  I see P2 rocking that one………..

      • For jessica – all of the songs she can sing it easily,.. So she is no need to include with those amatuers list….. Hahahaha

    • Yes where is Adam Lambert this season??? And why Katy Perry with Queen week…it should be Adam….

    • Constantine Maroulis is the best one EVER to do Queen on Idol in season 4 he did bohemian rhapsody and blew all the judges away…….you can find it on You Tube I am sure if you didn’t watch that year Personally I have seen every Idol since it started……He has never been beat doing Queen on Idol.

  3. would like to hear jessica sing ‘love of my life’ or ‘we are the champions’. 

  4. Queen is going to be tough for a lot of  the contestants. I’m looking forward to seeing who will take this moment and shine. If it’s true and Jessica is singing Beyonce’s Listen as her second choice, I think that’s a HUGE mistake. It’s just another diva song…people are obviously bored with that. If Phillip is singing Daughtry’s It’s Not Over..I’m intrigued. Will he change it up? 

    • At this point in the competition the top 6 should be sticking to their strengths as far as song choices are concerned, be that diva, country or whatever song they choose…

  5.  Bohemian Rhapsody will be the perfect song for a group medley with Roger and Brian at the helm.  I am hoping all of them will stay away from doing it alone.  There are so much into that song and a solo attempt even with the best singer will still sound flat in my opinion. 

  6. I hope to hear 
    We are the Champions/Bohemian Rhapsody + And I am Telling You 
    For Jessica Sanchez

    Other songs I want to hear: We will Rock You, Who wants To live Forever
    They should really level up their game this week to stay. 🙂

    • And I’m telling you is exactly what I want Jessica to sing too! Hope it happens! 🙂

  7. It not the same! without Colton, he should have stayed. i think it all fix ,who they want to win it does  not  matter who votes.  or how many times we call . just look at his face book page  the numbers are high, and iam sure some fans  do not have face book i betting it even higher, so to me its all fix.

  8. Please remember Queen week a few seasons ago.. Young Princess P did The Show Must Go On.. Great for powerhouse singers.  I am very curious to see who sings what but I am sure it would be interesting.  My thoughts:
    Phillip-Fat Bottom Girls, Under Pressure(if that is available)
    Joshua or Jessica- The Show Must Go On or Somebody to Love

  9. wanna hear Philip singing “Love of my life” with his syle..
    I think Joshua have enough ability to bring “Bohemian Rhapsody” alone.. but “We are the champion” gonna work awesome also..
    I think Elise will choose “We will rock you” i think its so obvious.. 
    Someone should sing “Somebody to love” Its either Jessica or Skylar.. maybe it will suit skylar more than jessica..
    Hollie… what should you sing?? I wanna hear you sound awesome this week.. Queen came from England, she should know best.. I think.. 😀
    Other covers i wanna hear “Don’t stop me now” “I want to break free”.. 
    ooo so excited.. I Love Queen so much!! 

    • Hollie, you should try “Who wants to lift forever”..
      Jessica “The show must go on”

      • Go to the MTV website, then search “Adam Lambert with Queen EMAs” and LISTEN. THAT…. is how it SHOULD be done. But I don’t think these kids (except for the more mature Elise) have the life experiences/emotions yet to draw upon in order to infuse the songs with enough depth. Especially Hollie. Yes, she can sing well technically (though she often has pitch issues) but she fails to connect emotionally to the songs. Something Freddie Mercury did and Lambert does.
        Nevertheless, because I love the music of Queen, I’ll be watching (and probably cringing!) ;D
        Quick Edit: Joshua may pleasantly surprise!

    • I think another song that would suit Philip’s style is “crazy lil’ thing called love”… with the guitar!

      • I picked Crazy Little Thing for Skylar because Freddie wrote it as a rockabilly tune and that is perfect for Skylar.

  10. It really doesn’t matter anymore who wins or loses, there’s no one that’s in the top 6 that is American Idol Material . Who ever America picks is not worth buying their CD, STEVEN TLYER YOU ARE THE ONLY REASON TO WATCH THE SHOW AT ALL ! See You in Albany Sweetheart !
    America Idol WOULD LOSS A LOT OF VIEWERS IF Steve Tyler was not a Judge on the show ! A lot of Aerosmith Fans keep your # up for you !

    • I loved Steven last year, but this year, he is so quiet, he seems really out of it…even bored. and to comment on Queen…really, Queen????? That is a terrible choice for the kids left in the competition. Going to be tough for all of them. Really, Jessica and Hollie, singing Queen???? Why???

  11. Whew…. I guess this will be a tough week for the top 6. I read rumors about what the idols will sing this week and honestly, those songs are not really good choices. Some are okay and some are not. Some are predictable. 

    •  Adam Lambert could not be there THIS week due to being on Jimmy Kimmel LIVE, doing a concert outside on Thursday night (April 26th) BUT, he WILL be performing (his latest single, “Never Close Our Eyes”) either the NEXT week or on the finale.
       Adam has definitely confirmed (via his Twitter) that he WILL be performing on Idol this season. We just don’t know which week for sure yet. And let’s not forget, he has FOUR complete concerts scheduled with Queen this summer! One in Moscow, one in Kiev ,Ukraine (Elton John also will be on that one!) and 2 at the Hammersmith Apollo in London (both nights were sold out in 15 mins! so Brian May said they may add yet another night for fans!) YES! ;D

    • I REALLY hope Adam Lambert will make a surprise appearance! He has performed a few times with Queen, so why in the heck would they NOT have him on the show?

  12. Jessica is going to kill ‘Listen’ by Beyonce. 

    Radio Ga Ga, however is going to be one neat ‘trick’. I can’t imagine how she is going to get away with this song. It’s got a good beat, but my issue with this song is that it builds up, but feels like it never reaches a climax.

    I think they are going to customize this song a bit.  Hope actually.

  13. Here are my predictions : 
    Hollie – Who wants to live forever – I think it’s the best song for her to show the assets of her voice, not too rhythmic !
    PP – Pretty Things Called Love 
    Joshua – Somebody To Love
    Jessica – Don’t Stop me Now
    Elise – One vision 
    Skylar – I want to break free

    But if they are not singing these songs, I’d like to hear Kind of Magic, Killer Queen, Cool Cats…! 

    • There is no song called Pretty Things Called Love. lol..and besides, that’s a horrible choice for Phillip.

    • Hollie should sing Show must Go On.  It’s perfect for her voice and the lyrics reflect the time she’s spent in the bottom 3.

    • I really want Joshua to do somebody to love! But i doubt anyone will do it b/c  that is being performed on the results show, but you never know. I have been listening to queen today and I think Wed night is going to be quite interesting

  14. Okay..I’m not seeing anything offfical that the contestants are even singing two songs.  i’m just seeing that it’s a Queen themed night..nothing about a song of their choice.

      • OK, we get it. You love Hollie and can’t stand Sanchez. Is it too much to ask, to just say nice things about who you like and stop bashing other contestants? It’s not going to make Hollie any better or worse than she already is, but opening your mouth is making you look like a bigger fool than you already are.

      • i agree with @99ecf1fdd4352952b425ca7a6210643a:disqus !  if you cant say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.  i am not a jessica fan but if you guys keep on doing that, i might as well give my vote to jessica.  she has a beautiful voice. respect the opinion of others…if you want others to respect you. 

      • Yeah, jessica will Fail on Queens song,.. Because she will just whip it easily like a Goddess of music,…. Now im gonna pull your tongue to shut-up…. old woman!

  15. Jessica, you have the best voice in my opinion. Forget about your age.  Bring out your full confidence, strength,  and boldness and you will shine like a star.  You have it in YOU.  You may have the greatest talent but if you do not show it and let it shine, of what good is it? God gave you the talent and great personality….LET YOURSELF SHINE LIKE A STAR…SHOW IT ALL!

  16. Glad to see this theme this week! I think for most it will be a challenging week  (due to the Queen performance) i think Elise and Phillip are at an advantage with queen, with Hollie being the underdog. I think Joshua could definitely surprise us or crash and burn. This weeks totally gonna define the strongest of the pack in originality and diversity. I’m rooting for Phillip, Elise and somewhat for Joshua…maybe Skylar if she can catch my attention. PS..NO ONE SHOULD EVEN TRY BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY!  Queen never even performed the original version live!!

  17. Oh man – I love Hollie but her and Jessica doing Queen could be really, really terrible. They’re too sweet to pull off Queen. Joshua will also probably be terrible doing Queen. They better absolutely nail their second song if they want to have any hope. I think Skylar can totally rock it – she has the attitude for it. I really want Elise to do ” We Are the Champions”. She needs to do a really well known song and she has the personality to totally pull it off. Phillip will be fine with Queen, it’s in his comfort zone. But I’m waiting for him to do something different now. He always performs well, I just feel like I’m watching the same performance over and over again.

  18. Okay, honestly. I’ve been listening to Queen all morning. This show is going to be a complete and total trainwreck.

      • Well, it’s just..there will never be another like Freddie Mercury. (Adam Lambert comes close) He was so flamboyant but he could totally rock out also.  I think a lot of Queen’s stuff will seem too theatrical with other people singing.  Hopefully, I’m wrong and it’s a great night.

      • Of course it’s going to be a great night. Freddie Mercury is great, but it’s not as if he is going to be the end all and be all of great singers. There will always be somebody better. That’s a sure thing.

      • Of course it’s going to be a great night. Freddie Mercury is great, but it’s not as if he is going to be the end all and be all of great singers. There will always be somebody better. That’s a sure thing.

      • jojoandrada…Freddie Mercury was voted greatest rock singer of all time..and one of rock’s greatest all time performers who possessed one of the greatest voices in music. He’s not just another diva.

      • And this guarantess that the show will be a … ‘trainwreck’? Explain that.

    • you’re 100% on the money about adam doing queen.  that’s as close as you’re gonna get to freddie perfection

    • ITA Not because these 6 contestants can’t sing Queen, but because if history repeats, they will choose the wrong Queen song for their voice.  IMO they often choose a song because they like it and not because it will highlight their strong points.  One terrific thing that Adam Lambert has that these kids seem to lack is how to choose material that showcases his gifts.

  19. Is it me or Queen + Jessica is the most unlikely combination? Cant really make a connection between them. At the same time, P2 is set to shine this time (as if he never did), Skylar has the ability, Joshua will do We’re the Champion for sure, Elise + rock = jizz. Cant think of Hollie tbh

  20. the only vocalists I look forward to hear are,,  Elise, Jessica, and Joshua,they are true talent and vocal stars.. the rest have no vocal flash.. no supreme vocal talent or skill.. Skyler,? Philip?, Holly?? no vocal flash.. no extreme vocal skill.. they are just ordinary singers.. they will soon be forgotten, just as the guy who sang his song last thursday.. that won American Idol.. he will no make it.. for the same reasons.. Adam Lambert was the true winner that year… just as last year,, Scotty and the gal who cam in second?.. no vocal flash.. just ordinary singers… but I guess that describes most americans.. being ordinary.. and cant relate to anything that is extreme skill.. most americans want some average singer that they can sing along with.. exactly why rap is so popular,, for those that cant use to be about the voice and the song.. now its about how ordinary and likable you are as a performer and how simply your song is… go figure.. why would a simple group such as LMFAO be so popular enough to appear on american Idol? cause americans like simple stupid music by simply stupid singers n rappers

    • Really…Scotty’s first album has gone platinum. I doubt if he will be just a flash. As much as I like Adam, I haven’t heard much out of him either. You don’t have to be a diva singer like Jessica to have skill.  You don’t have to scream like Joshua to have skill. Turn on your radio, pal. You might hear a lot of what you call ordinary singers. And if Americans are so stupid on what we want, why do all the singers come here to make it big? I’ll take Phillip’s bluesy sound over Jessica’s robotic singing any day of the week!

      • America is not stupid, definitely….but what makes it stupid is this Abnormal being named Pally45… A second rate trying hard commentator.

    • Diva music sucks and has over saturated the market, most Diva can’t get 500,000 in sales, Dave Mathews, yes Phillip is a close kin, sold 60,000,000….put that in your divaPusher pipe and smoke it

      • Really? How about whitney houston – one of the world’s best-selling music artists, having sold over 170 million albums, singles and videos worldwide…. Have u ever read that?, she is just one of the Divas,.., now put that Dave Matthews wanna be on a Toilet bowl and flush it!

  21. I still can’t believe they are doing Queen week NOW, when Colton is gone!!!! I give ‘good luck” to Phillip. 

  22. The last time Queen was on Idol, it was AMAZING.  I can watch over and over, Adam Lambert singing “And bad mistakes…”  Gives me, what’s the word now?  “Goosies”.  LOL  Can’t wait to see Queen this week.  And can’t wait tio see Adam again too.

  23. I predict rating droppings this week. Queen is great but not a captivating theme. That being said it’ll be interesting to see each contestant struggle with such different songs out of their comfort level.

    Btw is “Pressure” sung by Queen? If so, Hollie should do that.

    • Pressure is Queen with David Bowie.  Great song, but IMO Hollie should sing Show Must Go On.

  24. Would like to see Philip sing 
    Wanted Dead or Alive  – Jon Bon-Jovi
    He’d kill it!

  25. Please somebody do radio ga ga. Look at the live aid video and see if you think any contestant can handle it. Maybe elise? It will either be a train wreck or it will bring the house down! Big risk but big reward!

    • Are you crazy?  Think about the lyrics of Too Much Love Will Kill You.  Elise is the ONLY one old enough to pull off that lyric.

      • Are u nuts? Anyone of them can pull those lyrics if they want and try their best,… Or should i pull ur tongue to shut-up?!!!

  26. Elise and Philip will do fine I think. I just hope Philip doesn’t change one of the songs into a slow, acoustic version for once. Jessica could really have a moment with the Queen theme if she chooses the right song. “Somebody to Love” possibly? She also should choose something more known or current for the other song and connect even more. Joshua might have some trouble with the Queen theme. “We are the Champions” maybe? Hollie could also do well with the right Queen song choice. She just needs to sing, and feel it rather than think every moment through.

    • I think Joshua would do great with Killer Queen if he gives it a New Orleans jazz vibe.  But, to be honest, they will look at this abundance of great music and choose all of the wrong songs.

  27. According to WIKIEncyclopedia:
    Queen Theme:

    Jessica sanchez- Radio Gaga (Queen)
    Phillip phillips – We are the champion
    Elise testone – Somebody to LOve
    Hollie – Love of my life
    Joshua- The Show must go on
    Skylar – The Miracle

    Personal Choice:

    Jessica – Listen
    Phillip phillips- its not over
    elise – we are ( Ana johnson)
    hollie – Candles of the wind
    joshua – lean on me
    Skylar – NA

  28. Queen Theme:

    jessica – radio gaga
    phillips – we are the champions
    joshua – the show must go on
    skylar – the miracle
    hollie – love of my life
    elise somebody to love

    Personal choice

    jessica – listen
    phillip – its not over
    elise – we are ( Ana Johnson)
    hollie – candles in the wind
    joshua- lean on me
    Skylar- NA

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