American Idol 2012: Top 8 Elimination Results

American Idol 2012 Top 8 results

We’re about to find out who went home tonight on American Idol 2012. If your votes in our weekly poll are any indication then we already have a good idea who is in the danger zone.

Along with the usual results reveal by Ryan Seacrest we’ll get the return of American Idol alumnus Kellie Pickler for a performance. Joining the show for an appearance will be the corporate creation, The Wanted, in an attempt to cram them in to the US market. We’ll also get a first look at Jennifer Lopez’s new video “Dance Again.” But if you can’t wait then check out her “Dance Again” sneak peak clip on right now.

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American Idol 2012 Top 8 – Bottom 3:

  • DeAndre Brackensick
  • Hollie CavanaghRyan reveals Hollie is safe
  • Elise TestoneRyan reveals Elise is safe

Now DeAndre has to sing for his life. Will the judges use their coveted “Save?”

No. Steven and Randy vote against saving while JLo supports DeAndre. He’s gone.

American Idol 2012 Top 8 – Elimination Result:

  • DeAndre Brackensick

The following singers are safe and make up your American Idol 2012 Top 7:

  • Joshua Ledet
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Colton Dixon
  • Skylar Laine
  • Phillip Phillips
  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Elise Testone

What do you think of tonight’s American Idol results? Did America get it right?




    • Did jessica cry when deandre was booted out. I know she’s very close to deandre….. Sad 🙁


    • i like elise..but somebody’s got to go..and with the judges’ comments, based on the polls and comments here, i think it will be her..

    •  I hope not – please don’t be true. I think she’s an amazing singer and she deserves a few more weeks to stay.

      • She deserves to win, don’t get me wrong, some good singers are on AI, but they don’t seem to connect with the songs, some are like robots, all they do is sing the song, smile, and leave the stage.

      • based on performance, elise and hollie had the most number of flats and sharps… either deserves to go home

  1. Love her or hate her, you can’t discount that JLO can rock it in a video. I can’t wait to see the rest of it! 🙂

  2. Jimmie loved Joshua 10’s all around And outshined Jessica, thank you Jimmie!!!!! Josh is safe……. and Jessica. Yeah!!!! The two best powerhouse singers That should be the finals, no doubt

  3. i don’t get the colson thing.  he is a fake rocker.  his voice is just ok.  i  guess its a teen thing.

    • No Mary, in my ears, Colton have one of the best vocal, so no wonder if he is in the finale, like what I said about Scotty last season
      Are you the same Mary from Mexico?

      • no…i am not.  and colton dresses like sid vicious and wants to be thought of in that league but he is just a nice kid from tennessee who wants to really do christian music.  he is a fake rocker..and he slurs his words…and i am from tennessee originally.

    • Haven’t you all notice….

      Phillip is like LEE DEWYZE!(I see no change!will win because of LOOKS)
      Colton is like KRIS ALLEN!(fake rocker! will win because of  LOOKS)

      if either of them win this season it would be a train wreck !

  4.  WOW!

     ONLY   JESSICA ……………

  5. yes Jessica is safe Go BBchez i know you will win I think it will be between Jessica and Phillip or Joshua i dont tjink it will be a girl vs girl in the finale
    GO- #TeamJessicaSanchez

    like if you agree

  6. well you know the other one is elise…it would be a major upset if it was Phil.  of course AI loves drama…

  7. i really want jessica and joshua for the finAls!!!! that would be a great show 🙂

    • I hope not, I have to mute about 5 seconds in anytime Joshua sings.  =/ Hid incessant screaming makes my ears bleed.

  8. Is anybody noticing the attitude of Elise sitting in the couch? The looks and and body language is awefull!! Thank God for the voice of reason, Jimmie please take J Lo’s spot on the panel. One of the best music producers in the world said Deandre not that good, nowhere near Joshua. Ha Judges please take note of that and don’t waste the save on him, if he had the lowest vote total Yeah for Jimmie!!!!!!

    • Perhaps her “attitude” has something to do with the unfair comments she receives from the judges.  She is by far the most versital singer in the group.

  9. i don’t remember kelly being this twangy and nasally…but i have not really followed her.  i am a country fan, but that almost sounds fake.  and i have a southern accent.

  10. Wohoooo!!! Our Jessica took a seat at the Top 7! I’m so proud of you little feisty firecracker!

    I hope Elise and Philip will each have a seat too! Go my idols! 🙂

    • That actually sounded crappy. So he’s not willing to take advice from musical professionals? You got to grow as a musician Abd take advice from successful people. Get over yourself Phillip, your a pawn shop clerk!

      • Phil is good! Very good. And it is supposed to be you’re; and not “your” hahaha

      • Yes, and he works there Mary. Why is it that everybody is taking criticism and advice from the musical Experts on the show, except for Phillip. He’s trying to break into a market that they have already succeeded in, so not soaking in everything they are trying to help him with, so that HE can succeed in the music industry, us just asinine! Sorry Mary, if he thinks his way is the only way, he would of been a star a long time ago! Eat some humble pie Phillip and take some advice. Damn it just don’t make no sense not to. You can defend him all you want Mary, but he doesn’t know one tenth of what Jimmie knows.

      • Yes, and he works there Mary. Why is it that everybody is taking criticism and advice from the musical Experts on the show, except for Phillip. He’s trying to break into a market that they have already succeeded in, so not soaking in everything they are trying to help him with, so that HE can succeed in the music industry, us just asinine! Sorry Mary, if he thinks his way is the only way, he would of been a star a long time ago! Eat some humble pie Phillip and take some advice. Damn it just don’t make no sense not to. You can defend him all you want Mary, but he doesn’t know one tenth of what Jimmie knows.

      • Never saud he wasn’t good. Just said he’s not above taking advice from experts in an industry he is trying to break into. Read sir. Easy to spot typos, coming from an auto correct iPhone, but not to easy to understand what was written I guess.

  11. i hope elise’s duet pulls her out…she was awesome in her duet.  she and phil should record that song.  deandre should go home.  he is a nice kid..and with some time and coaching might be successful.  i would like to hear elise at least next week.  hollie must have a following…

    • Elise has no likeability factor. Besides, her face is SO BORING! Time to kick her ass in this contest!

      • yeah i think she comes over rough…and certainly older than even her age.  she is hot and cold.  but i think she has potential.  she clearly is more of a real rocker than colton.  i grew up in the 70’s and she would have been a true rocker then.  colton would have been laughed at.

      • well this is not just about likeability factor… its also about pure talent. and in my opinion, i believe more in elise

      • Its really a no-brainer… Elise is one of the, if not the best vocally and technically.. but her problem is that she’s already 29 and the question as to why she still hasn’t made it to the big time is what (silently) bothers the audience.. plus her body looks uhhmmm (sagging t*ts and all), plus her comment earlier in the season about couples will be making babies after she sings… collectively, all of these make her look and sound OLD.

    • Elise should’ve gone for Hallelujah. She could’ve rocked it. Phillip is good too but last night he wasn’t as prepared as he is with his other performances.


    enough said!

    • Really??? I love Elise!!! She has a completely different style that is totally unappreciated. Her idols are true legends wheras the others model themselves after singers that will be forgotten. It is hard to compete with with a group 10 years your younger that are loved by all of the teens which make up the majority of the show’s demographic. Ex. Jessica is great but 3 Whitney Houston songs in 5 weeks and Colton? Good but has stayed safe singing the same songs. I like Elise bc she takes risks and enjoys it. Her “pouting” is her knowing she is in trouble. How would you act if you knew you did bad and Might be eliminated?

      • one person hit it , people don’t vote for talent, just look what pia went through, talent and preforming are the things to vote on, not looks or age. wake up AMERICA,

    • What is it with you and  likeability factor? What do faces have to do with anything, this isn’t a Toddlers and Tiara’s pageant, this is about music, real music, and if you’ve ever seen a GOOD singer, they don’t have a “exciting” face, what ever the hell that is. The face is tired from practicing and singing. Elise has that face, and by god I hope she keeps that face.

      • Do you think Elvis would have been nearly as big a star if he’d looked like Screech?

      • Hi Templar,

        I suppose not, but Buddy Holly did, LOL. hey, how about Sammy Davis Jr ?

        One small point,  when you are listening to your favourite CD or from a radio station do you see any faces pop out of nowhere? I hope not.

      • @1383bfe567b54bb5a0c263bffa5ea908:disqus Buddy Holly was a radio star.  Sammy Davis was even earlier and had the added cachet of the Rat Pack “Cool” factor.  We live in a visual age.  Rihanna would not be a star if she wasn’t beautiful because her voice is total crap.  Adele has the spectacular voice and a pretty face, but getting famous in the UK first helped her tremendously.  Good voices aren’t enough today. 

    • Umm… I love Elise and I hate Colton… That’s a likability feature. I am in love with Elise. *dreams about Elise*

  13. Phillip is amazing.  there are some of his older performances before idol on youtube.  if anyone is interested take a look.  you will just love him more..or if you are hater, maybe you will appreciate him.

      • don’t you think thats your interpretation, your guessing of how he feels.  i think he does not want to be some commercial clown that does everything handlers tell him to do.  he seems rather humble in a way..and very kind to the other contestants.  i don’t see arrogance i see humility and dignity.  i guess he could go hollywood but he remains albany georgia. 

      • I agree. Phillip needs to get over himself. He is so arrogant! The Comment made tonight shows it. He said he won’t go around touching the fans hands…well Phillip you don’t deserve to win!

  14. jennifer do not save him.  its inevitable.  don’t mess it up.  i will mean someone unintended goes home next week.  oh he is doing the bouncing song.

    • Yes. We got to stay behind him. Too much Josh hating going on on this site, I think it’s because he poses the biggest threat to Jessica. Those two are far and away the best singers on AI. Would be a great finale.

  15. i would save only phil, jessica, josh and let the others fall where they may.  i think those three are certainly the top 5…and i think they cannot save after that. 

  16. Sorry to see him go, really liked him. But I felt that Jimmie put the nail on the coffin for him. He just kept on saying how he needed more experience and was heading foe the bottom 3. I know he wasn’t the best and was not gonna win but, why all the hate?  Anyway, I’m sure he’ll have lots of success in the future and at least he got the tour!

    • i don’t think its hate…its honesty.  he can grow..but he needs more honesty and less admiration.  he needs a good coach.

    • I don’t think Jimmy puts hate on him. As a mentor, he has to be honest and frank. If it was Simon, I know you’ll get him more.

    • Hi Lana,

      Jimmy was the only one that had the courage to tell Deandre the truth.
      Those judges lied to him and gave him such a big false impression last night.  It all came out tonight, it they think Deandre was so good why not save him?  Jennifer was trying to save face knowing they needed
      more than one vote to save a singer. 

      We need a guy like Jimmy to put some credibility back to Idol and make this competition back to a singing competition and not about
      the three stooges. LOL

  17. Aah poor deandre. I like him and he’s still only a youngster. His time to shine will come

  18. Yay! Hollie is safe. If DeAndre will be saved then Jessica is in a great danger if and only if she will be in the bottom 3. Same shocker like what happened last year, right?

      • Whatever the result is, I still believe that Jessica will become a big star, a recording star because she has the greatest talent, and she knows how to package herself.  Very rare talent and America should see this.

      • She shouldn’t even worry when she’s in the top 2. She has what it takes to be the winner. Now it’s up to Jessica lovers to make her win. VOTE!

    •  Awwwww! I think its not Jessica who’s in great danger if Deandre has been saved. I believe its Hollie. Hollie and Elise to be exact. Wake up!

  19. Hey! I got the bottom 3 right. As I predicted the most polarizing contestant goes home.

    Have  all of you actually started voting? Wow, see what it takes to get people to participate in this. 

    Disappointed to see DeAndre go but I think most of America got energized and actually started voting and that is a good thing right?

    DeAndre will be just fine so don’t worry. And he will be on the tour so you better go get your tickets if they are coming to an arena near you!

  20.  Oh thank goodness, I was worried they might actually save him.

    Not that I have anything against DeAndre, but he was supposed to be born
    like 20 years ago, he would be a big hit in the early 90’s.

    BTW, what’s up with JLo? She wants to save everybody.

      •  Haha, yeah my bad 🙂 What I meant is to perform 20 years ago.
        I can just hear him in my head singing hits like “Would I lie” by Charles and Eddie. Or Milli Vanilli. Got that looks too.

  21. Oh yeah. Jimmy Iovine does not know what he is talking about. Plus he is armed with the voting results before he goes on record with his comments so he can make himself look smart! 

  22. Hollie offers nothing original or interesting to the competition. Who honestly would buy her CD? No one. 

    • I would. She has an amazing voice and with the right guidance could be exceptional! The problem is she’s not getting it right now. From what I can tell, she’s being in several directions by several different people and none of them is good. Check out her youtube videos and you’ll see that, when she just does her thing and ignores everyone else, she simply shines.

      • sadly Hollie is not improving as AI progresses, she was one of my top picks in the first shows …amazing voice …but has not impressed sinse then …its been sad , bad song choices can mean you are out and so far it has been their own choice what they will sing each week ..

    • Um… I love her uniqueness. If you can’t spot it, you must like singers like Scotty who sing the same as all other country singers…

    • Not sure about buying it… I mean, he has a great voice, but…. He’s not really a performer… And if he sang the way he did on idol, a bunch o people will hate him. Or, if he’s like Haley who rocked her single,I’m fine. That’s why I liked this week better than the others. Randy tells Elise to stop doing so many runs when Phillip was growling the whole time? Randy needs to think this competition over a bit more.

  23. As long as Jessica is nowhere near the bottom 3,  the result is always right!!!

  24. I’m done watching Idol this season!!!!!! Good luck Dre!!! I cant wait to buy your album!!! For me you still the WINNER!!!!

    •  He was my favorite singer and dancer. Not watching anymore either.
      I wish him the best of luck.

  25. yes America did get it right..For me, none of it matters when its Deandre or Hollie – as these guys are predicted to be out so soon as they are really NOT as GOOD as the other AIs..:) So its fine with me if its DeAndre..No hurt feelings!..haha

    But as far as predicting who could be the next AI? Well, its tough as there are many powerhouse peeps in this season..Skylar Laine is showing up!! Hope she can continue this. There’s Joshua, Colton and Jessica, Elise….Oh my!!!

    • So now American Idol is a gauge of talent. How many times have I seen posted on this site that the best never wins this show. And it’s true. If DeAndre had won it would mean he wasn’t the best. 

  26. I guess America did not appreciate such unique talent. I am so disappointed in the vote. I thought DeAndre would be our nest idol

  27. its jimmy’s fault that DeAndre’s now out of the Idol Stage… he should have shut his mouth regarding his opinion on the guy… poor DeAndre 🙁 sad to see a unique artist to go…

    • Umm American voted him out before Thursday you know.. Plus, Elise and Hollie were criticized and they stayed… And the judges were going way too easy on deandre.. That shows Elise and Hollie have more fans than deandre

  28. Boy (Jeremy)-Girl (Shannon)-Boy (Jermaine)-Girl (EVP)-Boy (HeeJun)-Boy (DeAndre)    Girl power is pretty stong huh? Little girls are crying right now~

  29. I think Elise should go. She has attitude. Don’t need any of that. She’s not really good. Great voice but very pitchy.

    • Are you serious? After all the criticism she gets, I’d want her to get upset! I bet that if the judges said that they hated skylar or coltonsperformance that skylar would open her mouth and start arguing

  30. Thought Hollie was really going home tonight. Week after week she has received comments from judges regarding her uptight performances. Deandre shouldn’t have been eliminated. Hollie should have gone home. Jessica for the win!

  31. Yes America did get it right!!! Sorry to say it but Deandre mostly screamed, not sing!!! We have a lot of good talent in this season, but I believe it will be between Jessica Sanchez and Joshua Ledet;) Joshua knows he can sing!!!!! I think that Phillip Phillips and Colton Dixion should definitely get a record deal… Phillip Phillips is so cute, he just makes me have goosebumps when he sings;))))

  32. the judges should have saved Dandre! there are only two more eliminations that they can use it. Dandre at least isn’t boring

  33. I think this is how it should go (for me)

    2 and 1. Colton and Phillip. Not sure who wins.


    • Jessica…third to go home from hereon?   Looks like a prayer than a prediction.   

    • LOOK AROUND YOU JESSICA  GOT ALMOST 40% OF VOTES ! and everytime she is  on the top! 

      • 40% on THIS site. maybe not on idol. could have more could have less never know. AI’s been known for surprises

      • The Jess fans on this site are gonna vote her as the vest performance of the night every single time because they can’t admit when anybody outshines her. That pole is a complete joke. It’s a shame people can’t look past their favorite to answer a pole honestly for once. So it’s a worthless pole because of it.

      • Btledoux1229, just because Jessica got the most votes, her fans did not vote honestly? Just because their thoughts were not to your liking, they are not honest? That’s a very immature and irresponsible comment.

      • You can not honestly tell me that Jessica has had the BEST performance every single time! If you truly believe that then you’re not the one being honest. I’ve voted for four different singers thus far and not just my favorite everytime, so I think that’s honesty actually.

      • Speak for yourself then. Not for others. Because you cannot honestly be sure they were not honest. You are now even assuming that only Jessica fans voted for her. Let me be honest with you, I am a Jessica fan, but I can say Skylar owned the last performance.

      • @Btledoux1229: That’s why they are called fans because they are very supportive of her? As for those who vote for those who really are the best, they’re really looking into talent and performance. Can’t blame anybody for his/her opinion.

    • I just HOPE this happens. I doubt its going to. A lot of people are rooting for Jessica (sadly…).  Rarely do my favs win  – like last year – i was rooting for Paul, Casey and James, they didn’t win! they only got 8th, 6th and 4th!!! I just like Colton and Phillip this year. Everyone’s good – but they are MY favourite. 

      • You can’t understand anything Colton sings… All he has is emotion. And they were being mean to Elise because she had emotion like Colton????? GRRRRRRRRRR

  34. My prediction is right too, not yet too late for people at the bottom 3 to shine and now is the time. People are tired of Hollie & Elise doing same thing every week and Hollie has to prove her worth, not any song in her name to be brag about and it’s time for her to redeem her self so as Elise…. really in AI still consistency is the key whether you are getting a OS or not, alot has been hating Jimmy Iovine but i guess what he has been saying is precious enough for those who really want to emerge as a real artist. He is a producer himself and he knows who will make money…. 🙂

    • Elise dong the same thing? She’s done slow, rock, blues, pop, and much else. If you think she’s been doing the same thing, then you must have thought that Scotty did a million things last year. (he only did one, country.)

  35. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!…..Elise should be the one GONE!!!!!!!!!…..WOW!!!!!!!!…..This was my last night watching!!!!!!…..very bad decision not to save Deondre…..

  36. Well it’s official now as it has been since the beginning of the season. This season of AI sucks. But now I can vote for my WGWG, Phillip Phillips. I think he is going to end up winning it all. 

    •  sorry, but I think this year’s top 7 is the best we’ve ever had on the show. *peace

      • That’s your opinion and you are entitled to it. I can’t say as I feel the same way though and that’s my opinion. Sorry! 😉

      • The best?  There is not a single “star” in this pack.  Not a Carrie, nor an Adam, a Scotty or a Kelly.

      • Scotty wasnt a star… All he was was another country singer… I’ve heard a million that sound just like him… If you tell me you’ve heard 20+ singers who sing almost. Exactly like Elise, and prove it, I’ll take this comment back.. But Scotty had NO star quality.

    • THIS DECADE!!!!!!! ( I just hope no one is stupid like Jordan Dorsey last year and do some rap thing)

  37. At this point I can feel good about anyone of the Top 7 that may win this. I think anyone of them has a chance to win.

    If I got to pick the winner today it would be Elise. Not because I don’t like the others cause I do, a lot, but because I think she is most likely to make music I’d like. Next it would be Phillip for me. Sadly I have yet to pick the actual winner in the last 5 years. (didn’t watch before that). So with my track record that may not be good for either of them.

    • Yeah me too. If you have read of Elise’s bacground, she has a degree in music and that is already a huge accomplishment. She should know mostly about music already. And she already has a band and performs, etc.

      • She should know more about music but she should also know that she has a lot sharps and pitchy moments…

      • She isn’t hardly ever’s just the way her voice sounds

    •  go dream hahahaha


      • I think that Jessica has a lovely voice, but you don’t know what percentage of Americans vote for her – you only know the percentage who vote on this site

  38. Didn’t like the decision. It should have been Hollie to be eliminate tonight. She was picky last night

    • Um… The judges said very nice things to deandre and he did horrible.. All Hollie has been doing is following the judges and Jimmy’s directions… Then, this week, Jennifer tells her not to listen to them when she gets on stage… Wow..

  39. Jessica…. Jessica…. Jessica, your future look so bright! Big & beautiful voice coming out from that tiny body, really a God’s gift to you! You are so talented and you always sing with emotions, you give your all as if it was always your last. Loving the tandem of Josh & Jessica, their voice are in harmony, great performance! 🙂

    • And take notice Jessica is not eccentric, she is very humble even
      complimenting Joshua of being amazing.
      she is the one who is true to herself.

  40. I’m so glad that america didn’t listen to the judges about Hollie and Elise, they deserve a second chance:).

  41. Jessica, Colton, Philip, Skylar and Joshua…definitely the top 5 in this season!

  42. So you won’t watch AI anymore now that your idol is gone?   You have all the right to do so.   Good-bye and come back when you are mature enough to accept defeat once in a while with grace. 

  43. TOP 3
    1. Skylar Laine – 25.76%
    2. Joshua Ledet – 23.71%
    3. Jessica Sanchez – 23.50%
    4. Colton Dixon – 15.76%
    5. Phillip Phillips – 5.12%
    BOTTOM 3
    6. Hollie Cavanagh- 2.12%
    7. Elise Testone – 2.03%
    8. Deandre Brackensick – 2.00% —-> O.U.T. (X)
    wow!! skylar;s performance sure did her the best!!!
    LOL she overheaded JESSICA last night

    via THIA MEGIA [official fan page]

  44. God, I am sick of hearing about Jessica Sancez. She is highly overrated and her only spectacular performance all season was “I will always love you” Her other performances have been either dull and boring, or unemotional.1.Hollie2.Jessica
    5. Joshua
    6. Colton
    7. Skylar

    • Sorry but Hollie has been consistently bad as well. She can’t beat Jessica in your ranking either. She gets nervous everytime she performs and it’s not doing her any good. She has to forget that she is being judged. First, she has to beat everybody else in the competition if you want her number 1 and so far she hasn’t done that. She has only 1 week left.

    • Guess you better buy a lot of medicines because you’ll be sick for a long time. You’ll be hearing about Jessica for the next two months, and after, when she is crowned the AI Idol. She is really that good!

      When you said dull, boring, unemotional, I think you are referring to Hollie. I love Hollie. I just hope she get over her nerves, and sing naturally. And she has to start now.

    • Pitty you Tyler, surely you will hear more of jessica because she ‘s gonna stay… like it or not!!!

    • I agree on the jessica part – she is getting boring!!!!! well, she actually always was… i think its colton and phillip FTW!

  45. I like Hollie very much, but she keeps getting dumped on by the judges and this doesn’t help her confidence which is already low.  She needs to loosen up and she needs more experience, but she really has a great voice.

    I find that Elise is the most talented, but I guess young teen females aren’t going to vote for her very much.  Don’t know why the judges knocked her this week.

    Getting tired of the voters being lead by the nose by the judges.

    • I agree Hollie has a great and powerful voice but the problem is everytime she sings a song that is not on a  high range ( that means on low note ) she’s getting flat and pitchy.. I really like her but for the last  3 weeks i was so disappointed on her performances… 🙁 …. I hate to say this, america gave her another chance so she should step up and pick a right song or she will go home next week 🙁

  46. Elise will be back strong next week, no worries.   She had an awesome duet with Phillip last night, as well as 3 great weeks in a row.  And Jimmy called it right about Phillip…he ruined that song last night, yet the judges continue to heap praises on him.  Nice guy, but musically he was flat in many places.  Yet this seemed to escape the judges ears.

    • I hope people were paying attention to Phillip’s arrogant commments tonight.  He acted like a sulky baby because Jimmy didn’t fall all over him like the judges do.  He and Colton are so totally over-praised it’s ridiculous.  They are painful to listen to and neither of them deserve to have gotten this far.  Idol needs to change their voting so the teenys don’t keep voting for their fave cute boys.  Really skewed results 

      •  well… last time i check this is IDOL…. fans votes rule who ever votes, that’s why is is called IDOL if you don’t like the result then do your own campaign for your idol or better yet watch “THE VOICE”

    • Can anybody come up with anything more original than Josh screams? And these are the same people I’m sure that thought Adam always sang beautifully and never ‘screamed’ wright? I’ve never actually heard ‘screams’ like that in a horror flick, maybe I’m watching the wrong horror movies, or maybe Josh doesn’t scream, but adds his gospel based on pitch, in tune runs to a song……yea I think that’s it.

  47. Jessica fans should be banned from this page her fans are so violent and biased. heaven forbid if you like any other singer

    • They reminded me of Haley’s fans. On a second thought. They probably are the same people.

    •  I don’t agree with you. I am a Jessica fan but I don’t do violent stuff here. Love Love Love 🙂

    • Really? Am a big fan of Jessica, but am not violent. Bias, in the sense that I support her no matter what? Of course! How about the fans of the other contestants? I will say they, including you, too are bias. Nothing wrong with that. But there are comments simply made to solicit anger and hatred because they are purely prejudiced. Look @ late – a comment made from hell.

    • why should we be banned?? this is a democratic country we love her and just protecting her from negative feedbacks im sure you have your own favorite and you would do the same if your idol has been attacked negatively…

      • Uh dumbass we live in a republic.  Stop listening to your teachers and do some research on your own.  This is why our country is in the state it is in now, b/c da’s like yourself just listen and believe what others say.  Can you say indoctrination?

    • not all her fans is violent…  maybe look at yourself first before  saying bad words to  other people.
      we  just love her because shes a great singer….

    • Please, do something with your rants… You should look for side-kicks also.

      We don’t try to be violent here. We just like our idol. Have you ever heard of someone having his or her favorite idol but defends another contestant like he or she owns that contestant? I guess not.

    • Banning us? Idiot! Guess you don’t know what is the definition of competition huh?… I have Merriam webster dictionary I dont mind if you wanna borrow!!!

  48. I don’t care who goes next week as long as it’s not Jessica, Colton or Phillip,… one of them SHOULD win

  49. Up until tonight this was a screaming contest. Deandre not only screamed but did it in falsetto. He sounded like two cats fighting. Then Joshua, screamer #1 , hopefully will be out of there before long so we can give those fighting cats a rest. I knew Deandre was heading out when he got carried away and did 90% of his last song in falsetto. What with the falsetto and his screaming, I never heard his real voice. He probably can sing but too late now. Joshua is the same. I bet he’s got a great voice behind all that screaming and STRAINING. Can you imagine listening to a full album of those two? Not my ears, yours maybe.

    My favorites are Phillip and Colton. Look at the past winners of American Idol who have made it big: Kelly and Carrie. They were commercial. Jessica can sing but she doesn’t have oomph power. Joshua doesn’t either. Skylar is going to end up another Kelly Pickler–which isn’t all that bad.  Holly is good but for some reason it just isn’t meant to be. The only three who are commercial are Phillip, Colton and Elise. Each of them I could picture with an album and their faces on its cover–and you could enjoy all songs on their album.  

    So in my opinion it’s a toss up with Philip, Colton and Elise.  (I know, I know Jessica is sweet and has a natural talent but she is not visually all that commercial.) Phillip and Colton could win beauty contests AND they can sing. Elise isn’t exactly a knockout but she has a very commercial approach to the business and she looks like she is a good singer. 

    So, we’ll see in a very few weeks if I am right or wrong. I’ve been watching AI since season two and so far have never been wrong in my choices of the top 3.

    • You’ve never been wrong huh? Let’s see… You could have been a fortune teller you’ll be  wrong this time man….

      • What does racism have to do with anything?  Jessica isn’t commercial because her type of voice isn’t popular right now with the demographic that buys a lot of music or goes to concerts.  She’s not a beauty, has little or no sex appeal, and isn’t at all current.  None of these concern her ethnicity.

  50. Elise is far better than Hollie by experience, voice quality. Elise should just pick the right song fits for her husky voice. You can see Hollie lacking experience on her movements, it does not appears natural as the Judges says its all in her mind. She has a wonderful voice no doubt, but comparing to Elise or Jessica they owned her on experience. 

    By voice category, Elise is rock, Skylar is country but trying to be soul, Hollie is soul, Jessica is soul. This is Jessica’s territory and she owns this. My prediction for next week without a doubt would be Hollie but only if Elise will choose the right song for voice. 

    The guys has their own category too, PP is rock,  Colton is almost the same with PP, Joshua is an R&B soul. Joshua will definitely remain among the three. After Hollie, it will be between Skylar, Elise and Colton for the rest of the week…

    Top 3 would be Jessica, PP and Joshua. If PP will stick to his singing for the rest the week, Joshua will own him. 
    Finale would be Jessica and Joshua…they are both winners for me but Jessica will win without a doubt, this a voting competition she has 3 countries voting for her (America, Mexico and Philippines) how  can you beat that. But in fairness to Jessica, voice range between the two, Jessica will own Joshua… Go Jessica!!!

    • Elise has more experience than Hollie, but i will not agree with you about the voice;hollie’s better.

    • I think it’s only America, specifically US of A, that can vote. Even then, I agree totally Jessica will win! America will vote for her.

    • I agree it should be those two in the finals, but owning Joshua on vocal range??? Did you see the duet? While being absolutely a great duet, Joshua outshined Jessica, Jimmie even mentioned it I like them both, but range wise Joshua has the advantage there. I think this would be the best finale since Clay and Reuben season two. If that duet is an indication of what the finals could be, then wow, what a night it would be! I do think Jessica has too large a fan base for Josh to win, but they are both great in my book!

  51. GO JESSICA SANCHEZ you are the sole SURVIVOR on the LAST PIT STOP AMAZING,no FEAR FACTOR ,you have the X FACTOR and THE VOICE to all BIG BROTHER of America, SO WE THINK YOU CAN DANCE to the tunes, and you GOT TALENT, and THE BIGGEST WINNER,you are THE NEXT TOP MODEL SINGER and the number one AMERICAN IDOL

  52. I see JLo is at it again.  Last year jealous of Haley, now Elise.  She’s okay with the very young girls, but the ones that are the ages of her boytoys, she can’t handle.  She needs to act like a professional and keep her insecurities and jealousy to herself.  Just judge on the singing!!!  Stop showing the outright favoritism of Deandre.  Shame on you.  He really is way too young for you.

  53. Based on their performances last night, it should have been Hollie not Deandre. Actually, it was my first time to appreciate Deandre’s voice last night, he was good, too bad Hollie has lots of fans but in reality she’s been out of pitch every single week.  Her voice was shaky when she was moving and walking around last night.

    Elise is a good singer but i realized there are only certain songs that would fit her. Last night she got pitchy trying hard to do the runs and change the melody of the song.

    Now, i have two wishes for next week:

    1. I wish Philip to sing something different. He’s good but i’m really getting bored with his style.
    2. I wish Joshua to sing something mellow this time, don’t over sing … please, no screaming, it’s just too much to hear every week. We all know he is a great singer no need to scream and scream in every song.

  54. Wow, america’s on fire! the results of this season were getting more predictable and not so surprising. I do believe Deandre is very talented and worthy for a judges’ save but the rest really stood up (except for Hollie) and so he has to go… My current rankings (in order based on all of their performances) : Jessica/Phillip, Joshua/Skylar, Elise, Colton, Hollie. Sorry Colton fans, u may save him up to Top 3 considering he’s never been on bottom 3, but the way he sings, really does not impress me. He has the passion and personality but he’s inconsistent.

  55. if i would rank the remaining seven base on all there performance:

    1. Jessica Sanchez
    2.5 Joshua Ledet
    2.5 Elise Testone
    4. Skylar Laine
    5. Phillip Phillips
    6. Colton Dixon
    7. Hollie Cavanagh

    I watched all there performances since top 24, and Phillip’s seems to stay in his zones, nothing has change  except for the title of the songs…… Same interpretation each week. The biggest problem is the JUDGES don’t seem to notice.

    but base on last night it would be:

    1. Skylar Laine(rank 5 last week)
    2. Jessica Sanchez(rank 3 last week)
    3. Joshua Ledet(rank 4 last week)
    4. Elise Testone(rank 1 last week)
    5. Colton Dixon(rank 8 last week)
    6. Phillip Phillips(rank 2 last week)
    7. Hollie Cavanagh(rank 7 last week)

    • I am one of those that vote on who the best performer was on that given night. I refuse to vote for the same person each and every week, no matter how they perform. And my viewpoint on this week performances, mirrioes yours to a tee. He once was my favorite. But, Phillip is starting to drop like a lead weighted balloon for me. I need to see something different from him.

  56. After singing unnatural falsetto for most whole season, why should the show bother with ‘sing for you life’ to earn a save, in that, he offered nothing by the same sounding songs and stiffened dance moves.

    – Vinnie

  57. Thank God they didn’t save him, maybe a nice guy but really, a 5 year old kid can sing better than that…

  58. What the heck was America thinking?! They never get this kind of stuff right. DeAndre had one of the best voices there. His voice was like an angel and it was so unique. I’m very sad that he had to go home. He was so cute, but that isn’t the only reason i voted for him. He could actually sing. I think that Holly is long overdue for her elimination off the show. She should definitely go home next.

  59. I’m a big fan of AI and during weekends, I watch previous episodes. As I watched it again last night, I was forced to skip most of the songs. For me there were 4 standout perfromances this season so far:

    Jessica – I will always love you
    Joshua – When a man loves a woman
    Jessica – not sure what the title was but it had to do something about dreaming (Billy Joel week)
    Skylar – Wind beneath my wings. I’m now a big fan of skylar.

    In terms of all-time best performances, Joshua’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” is there on top with Fantasia’s “Summertime” and Haley’s “House of the Rising Sun”. 

    Philip is phenomenal and consistent but he has no “moment” yet.

    I pray that Jessica would win.. It is sort of redemption for all Asians who made it to the top 10 previously but did not quite make it. This year, she has a fighting chance.

    • Jessica?  Are you serious?  Her performance was sub par last night.  Are you paid for your comments?

      •  Be careful on your reply dude… Does the word appreciation for you comes with the value of money?? Oh cmon! Anyway who’s your pick? Guess your idol dont excel right?

      • Yes. Does that make you a happier person? Sleep better now?
         Chill, man. Just my two cents on the matter.

    • Personally, I would not put Joshua’s “when a man loves a women” as being anywhere close to the Fantasia and Haley songs you mention. But, as much as I like Phillip and Jessica, I will agree that they have not had not really had their moment yet either. But, they are both good and deserve to be at the top of this years compition. But, if they were competing against the likes of Adam Lambert, they would BOTH pale in comparison.

      • While I respct your opinions, and everyone else’s opinion, my personal take on the matter regarding adam lambert is that Adam was lucky to have a not-so-strong competition during his time. And he was constantly in the pimp-spot of the judges and producers of the show. Not that i’m saying he’s not good but if joshua and jessica were on the same season with him, it would have been a coin-toss vocally. Of course, in terms of overall stage presence and showmanship, Adam is there on the top – no contest there.

  60. Thank God Goldielocks is gone. He never should have been there anyway. Now there is hope that the Tweenies are getting it together. There were 6 powerhouse singers this year, 5 girls and 1 guy. The voters dumped one girl who should be there and left Goldielocks and Colton. Really, are people that blind? The great guy whose left? Hint, it ain’t Colton..

  61. I think that Elise should have went home!!!! DeAndre your good keep your head up! Randy and Steven are crazy for not saving you and regret it when your album come out

  62. Once upon a time, a fox came strolling down the woods and came upon a grape orchard.  “Boy, I am sure those would be tasty,” he thought to himself.
    He backed up and took
    a running start, and jumped, but he did not get high enough.  He tried and tried, again and again, but just couldn’t get high
    enough to
    grab the grapes.  Finally, he gave up.  As he walked away, he put
    his nose in the air and said:  “I am sure those grapes are sour. I won’t come back to this orchard again.” 


  64. It’s the season for the administration’s American Idol.  Why else would JLo and Randy pander to Deandre, Jessica & Joshua.  Jessica was not that good.  I’m glad she’s got a good following here, but let’s see, Hispanic and black?  Two of the ones voter groups?  American Idol could not possible allow another “white” person to win.  Let’s see is Jessica considered a “white” hispanic or a “black” hispanic?  For those who can see whiat is really going on here.  I’m done with this bs.  Plus another boy band played and a girl last week that did not even sing two lines out a song are considered talented artists?  Give me a break.

  65. Hollie should change her image. She looks uptight, and rather older than her age, with her pulled back blonde hair. If she wants to stay, she should sacrifice the hair, put some lowlights and cut it for a more modern look. As they say,it is the whole package, and the audience should see her as more natural, more charming.

  66. These judges have absolutely no idea what they r talkingabout.That Philip is awful and his voice is really grating. Colton is completely over rated. Why do they always tear hollie and elise to pieces. They are both very good, especially hollie. Am glad that stupid deandre went with his silly out of tune girls voice.why did simon ever leave. At least he gave it straight. For some reason the americans love it when singers shout or do these stupid runs up and down which do nothing to show off anyones singing ability.

  67.  Hollie and Elise didn’t sing perfectly in tune last night that’s why they were in the bottom 3.  Elise got pitchy doing her runs while Hollie’s voice was very shaky while moving around and at some point got pitchy also.

  68. heres how i think the order will go;

    like if you agree

  69. I think they should change the competition to a popularity contest because Americans seem to vote on that basis. It’s disappointing to see Deandre go as he was very entertaining for me. Another example of Americans inability to tell true talent was the axing of Pia last season. I could not believe that the best singer(Pia) got voted out. I believe Joshua is the best singer this season, but there is a good chance he will not win as he is not as popular as other contestants.

  70. 1 down, 7 to go FTW:

    7. Elise (Saved)
    7. Hollie
    6. Elise
    5. Skylar
    4. Colton
    3. Joshua
    2. Phillip or Jessica
    1. Jessica or Phillip

    It will be a battle between West Coast/Pacific (CA, HI, WA, OR, NV, AZ) votes versus South (GA, TN, AL, LA, MS, AR, NC, SC) votes in the Final.

  71. Deandre did not deserve to go home! I hope a recording artist will pick him up as I would love to hear more from him!!!! I have lost interest in the show now!!!

  72. Jessica remains steady, poised and sings to her best…young but look very strong and determine to win!

  73. Colton for the win!! with Jessica or Skylar for 2nd. .. When Philip said “I dont touch hands” comments, I was annoyed by Him.. he’s really arrogant..

  74. Elise can’t sing worth a dang and they still got her on there. Phillip Phillip’s can’t sing either all he do it Holler but they still got. America can’t hear well.

  75. My latest rating for this contest are:
    1.Jessica Sanchez
    2.Joshua Ledet
    4.Colton Dixon (Anyone of can be the winner but most likely is Jessica……I hope so.

  76. TOP 5 REVEALED::

    Phillip Phillips
    Jessica Sanchez
    Elise Testone
    Joshua Ledet
    Hollie Cavanagh

    In the top 7, (this week) Skylar will go. The judges will save her, then next week, there will be two eliminated. It will be Skylar and Colton. The judges will wish they had never used it on Skylar, but it will be too late

    (This is only my opinion)

  77. I though that it was very bad what you did you did not use the ticket on a good voice like DeAndre Brackensick which sang much better than
    Jessica Sanchez but you saved her why why why she was not better than DeAndre and you can not pruff to me bad choice I hope that you three get your heads out of your A__ 

  78. No, they did NOT get it right! Hollie Cavanagh’s perfermance was AWFUL, and Elise Testone’s was mediocre. Even the judges loved DeAndre’s rendition of “I Like It”. They should have saved him, but I know they want Jessica, so the process is unfair! When it gets down to 8 people or so, they should have a two save option for the season-especially if the talent is that good all around. Even this week, Hollie Cavanagh’s performance was weak, yet she’s still there. People will soon stop watching Idol because of the inconsistensies!

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