American Idol 2012: Top 24 Part 2 Recap

American Idol Top 24

American Idol picked up where it left off on Wednesday night with Adam Brock’s fate hanging. After a drawn-out discussion and emotional torture, the judges told Adam he made it to the American Idol 2012 Top 24.

Next up was Jeremy Rosado. The quick glimpse we got of his final performance was smooth and pretty much flawless. All his performances have been strong and his last one sealed the deal. He’s in.

Shannon Magrane might have forgotten her lyrics during Hollywood Week, but she made up for it enough in Las Vegas to make the Top 24.

Scott Dangerfield probably shouldn’t have dropped out of the contest last year because it seems like that might have been his year instead of this one. The 2011 early-fan favorite did not make the cut this season.

Skylar Laine was certain to not make it after fellow country singer Chelsea Sorrell made it through, but her final performance of Reba’ “Fancy” might have changed her fate. I think it was actually her raw, real classic country sound that landed her a spot in the Top 24.

In what’s always a completely unfair disadvantage, American Idol rushed through three other Top 24 contestant decisions, skipping any footage of their performances. Those three were Hallie Day, Chase Likens and Aaron Marcellus. Getting the really short end of the stick was Chase. He’s hardly been shown at all so far this season yet will be singing for America’s votes next week. I hope Idol’s neglectful ways don’t hinder his chances of going beyond the Top 24.

Jermaine Jones’ deep deep voice has gotten mixed reviews among fans and even though the judges seem to like him, he did not make the cut.

Hollie Cavanagh, Shelby Tweeten and Ariel Srague made the long walk together and unlike last season, Hollie made the cut. Shelby and Ariel say goodbye.

And the final two guys of the night — Eben Franckewitz and David Leathers Jr — also make the long walk together. Both of the young guys have similar sounds and have become great friends during the process, but only one of them are in and that spot goes to Eben.

So we have our Top 24. BUT. Yeah, there’s always a “but.” But next Tuesday, the Top 24 will become the Top 25 as the judges have decided to reinstate of of four guys — David Leathers Jr, Jermaine Jones, Johnny Keyser or Richie Law.

I can’t imagine it will be Johnny since he was cut before the Top 42 and didn’t even have a final performance. So the decision could go a few other ways for different reasons. It could be Richie, since he’s kind of quirky and would certainly bring some dramatic flare. Or it could be David because of all his early fan support. And then it could be Jermaine because of lack of diversity in voices. There are no other deep voices this season.

Here is your complete Top 24 (in alphabetical order):

• Deandre Brackensick
• Adam Brock
• Baylie Brown
• Hollie Cavanagh
• Hallie Day
• Colton Dixon
• Creighton Fraker
• Eben Franckewitz
• Reed Grimm
• Heejun Han
• Jen Hirsh
• Haley Johnson
• Skylar Laine
• Joshua Ledet
• Chase Likens
• Shannon Magrane
• Aaron Marcellus
• Phil Phillips
• Jeremy Rosado
• Jessica Sanchez
• Chelsea Sorrell
• Elise Testone
• Erika Van Pelt
• Brielle Von Hugel

Of course on Tuesday it will become a Top 25. Who would you like to see return to the competition?




  1. I think either David or Jermaine.  Yeah I doubt Johnny since he was cut in the Vegas round, and I hope not cowboy as he’ll definitely won’t make the top 13 since he will be voted off faster than someone can say Clint Jun Gamboa so I think it comes down to David or Jermaine and I’m leaning more in David’s direction than Jermaine’s but who knows they could surprise us and bring Johnny  back. 

    And Idol playing such a “Simon” move like this will definitely be getting us talking until Tuesday.

    • When they cut Jermaine I thought it looked like things were being staged for the judges to change their minds and bring him back. But now that I see he’s against three other very talented singers, I’m just not sure. We’ll know soon enough though!

    • Given the judges penchant for high male voices this year (the Scotty backlash?), I would think David would be the choice. He channels the young Michael Jackson instead of Wayne Newton, but he still sings high and pretty well.

  2. It’s Johnny…guaranteed.  Why else would they pick a guy not in the top 42?  If it’s not Johnny, they would’ve just narrowed it to three.

    •  Could be, maybe if it’s Johnny then they’ll show a clip at the start of Tuesday’s show after the Vegas Round and the judges either having Johnny meet them or them catching up with Johnny before he left saying they made a mistake and want him back. Then how the secretly had him to his “sing for your life” song and then tell them that they are letting 13 guys and that it will be a top 25 instead of a top 24, and he’ll be the 13th guy. I would prefer Johnny to the other three but if it’s not I’d say either David or Jermaine.

  3. It seems as if the judges were focusing on boys who channel Wayne Newton. The males all sing at least as high as tenor and a few cannot be classified as anything but sopranos – even when they are not singing falsettos. Is this the “in” thing now? Seems a little weird to me, that the men are supposed to sound like girls, while singing romantic love songs to and about women. What happened to women liking romantic, male voices like Barry White, Lou Rawls, Luther Van Dross and Paul Roberson.

    Is the 16 year old girl with the skinny legs who seems to believe that they are beautiful (she insists on showing them to the point of their distracting attention from her voice) the only girl who can actuall sing, as opposed to screaming? I just heard a bunch of shrill “Oohs” and “Aahs” from the girls.

    This season is shaping up to be nothing but a popularity contest as the singing talent seems pretty shallow.

  4. I’m hoping it’s Johnny Keyser, he was my choice and to put him there and take him from his fans again just wouldn’t be right!

  5. Chase Likens has not been shown much at all, but because of his looks will probally fair well with the ladies.  Question:  Has Haley Day ever smiled all season? If she did I misse

  6. I don’t think its right to add another person,  the judges need to stick with their choices.  If they’re adding it should be one of each to make it fair.

  7. I think that David was better than Eben it should of been David so maybe Tuesday they’ll bring him my fingers are crossed. I really hope its not the cowboy he is to much into himself he doesn’t deserve it. But if it is him he won’t be going far people won’t vote for him. Just like Astro on the X Factor. 🙂

  8. Jermaine Jones is the best one. They should not have made him leave. But, he is too emotional and needs to stop crying so much or he will never be the Idol. Be cool and get tuf.

  9. Surprise person called back: It’s Johnny

    They got to the final 12 and said, who is the guy all the girls are gonna fall in  love with?  Uhm….we don’t have one.  Who can we get for some eye candy who’s talented?

    The way you know?  There were more than 3 guys sent home from the show with 42 down to top 24.  They could have shown any one of those guys sent home in a 4 way split screen and said one is coming back.  Why drag up JOHNNY? who wasn’t even in the top 42? 

    I think they wasted a spot with Heejun compared to the young guy who sang Michael Jackson or the huge guy with a deep voice, both of whom got eliminated.  Very glad cowboy got sent home.  His ego was bigger than his enormous cowboy hat.

  10. Johnny Keyser. Duh!!! Me and my kids thought he was a winner from the start. Now that the show is airing, I am sure that they got so many e-mails wondering why he got cut. They made a huge mistake and now they have heard from the fans. They have to correct it to save face!!

  11.  I don’t think it will be Richie. Clay Aiken in a cowboy hat isn’t that good.
    Jermaine is a segmented singer. He will do great in some songs but just ‘eh’ in other. Given the themes that changes every week, I think he will have a hard time if he goes through.
    So, it’ll be either David or Johnny. David is genius. The kid can sing almost everything. However, Johnny’s got the look. In Idol history, looks do help.

  12. I’ts gotta be Johnny!!  He was better than any of the others by far!!  This looks like what happened on Xfactor…..Simon sent a girl home then went back for her and she ended up winning the contest….

    • No is not the same because she actually made it all the way on the contrary Johnny didn’t make it to Vegas!  If he gets pick up that will be a shame!!!  Don’t get me wrong the guy is awesome but is not fair to the other 3!

  13. shannon and jessica are outstanding.  the rest are good to very good.  but as happened in the past, the teeny boppers will vote for the bieber look alikes and the right person will not win.  but as has also happened in the past, the true talent will get signed.  ah yes, another season of idol.

  14. Two comments – first, adding a 13th boy is a joke.  why a boy?  There were some talented girls cut that deserve a chance!  And how can it be possible that all 12 girls are white?  Looks like the producers are trying to stack the show.

    • All whites??? Are you watching a different show?  They are hispanic and asian also! But what the heck do the color have to do with singing?????

  15. This racist crap needs to stop.  This show is based on talent, voice, and the whole package…not on skin color.  I think the judges actually did a great job of choosing the top 24 this year.  Usually at this point, I see a few “thro-aways”, but I can’t really think of anyone that is a throw-away.  There may be some people that may not be your “thing”, but they all have amazing talent in different ways. 

    I really DO NOT agree with bringing along another boy for the live shows.  All four of the guys up for it are good, but they didn’t make it.  Don’t give up…come back next year.  Look at all the people who came back from years past and have now made it in the top 24.  They should be proof that you should not give up.  Just because you didn’t make it this year, does not mean you are not good.  Just keep going!!  I especially do not agree with Johnny since he didn’t even make the final round in Vegas.  That is really unfair to everyone else.  David has a great voice, but I think he needed a bit of “humble pie”, and I honestly think Eben is just as good as he is.  The cowboy will go nowhere on this competition because of his attitude.  I was most sad to see Jermaine go, but I do not think he is quite ready.  I love his lower tone, being a bass myself, but he was still a bit shaky.  We shall see what happens.

    I have so many favorites in the top 24, but I am going to be voting for Hollie Cavanagh like crazy on Wednesday night.  I am not leaving it up to chance, especially since she did not get as much air time as everyone else.  Some others that I really hope make the cut are Jen, Creighton, Deandre, Joshua, Jessica & Hallie…It is so hard to choose, they are all really great!  I also love Shannon, Erika, Phil, Elise, Baylie, Eben, Haley & Jeremy.

    Although not my favorites, I think both Colton and Hejuun will end up in the top.  They both seem to be quite popular.  I cannot wait to see what happens.  I am going to try to not be upset about the results (as long as Hollie makes it…LOL).

    • Great point Kris, we as a whole have to prevent this page from being a dumping page by angry people with nothing better to do than gripe and
      complain especially about skin colour.  I can tell that like me you are a musician and appreciates good music and good talent.  Keep up the good work and we will try to keep this page open for those who truely appreciate the shows main goal and that is to find the next American Idol.  And yes this year I must admit that the talents are spread out among the 24 contestants.  This will make this year’s show very interesting.

      One thing though, they should stop at 24 and not copy Simon’s lame excuse in bringing back Melanie, as if we do not know that she is a very good singer.  Stop the copy cat and proceed with what they got since they already got a good group of talented competitors.  Besides I know that they will have to eliminate 2 guys right away to start things off and that would lead to more “crying” by both the fans and the people the goes home, what I’m trying to say is let us move on with the show and start the singing,  enough drama please…………..LOL

      Last thing me amigo , you might be missing the “Dark Horse” of the competetion, no I won’t tell you who, you will see 🙂

    •  We did not hear one
      word or note out of Hollie’s mouth until the last five minutes of all the
      preliminary shows. There were flashes of her face in the last two episodes but
      no Hollywood or even Vegas songs. Her name was not even so much as mentioned
      until the very end of the last show. This will put her a great disadvantage to
      those who the AI editors have dwelled on all the way through the competition
      and who, thus, are already developing a fan base. She must be good or the
      judges wouldn’t have kept keeping her this far!  This was grossly unfair of the AI
      editors.  This was especially strange in
      light of the fact that she has followed the exact same path as Colton Dixon,
      getting cut last last year.  We know some
      of the guys (and girls) life story by, including their ancestors and what they
      like to eat. Extremely unfair. 

      • Agreed Tom, Hollie is definately good.  They did post her Sandman video for all to see.  Its really good.  I thought the first 10 seconds were annoying though, with all those bum bum bum bum bums.

  16. Love Jermaine… but totally unnecessary a top 25… that’s ridiculous! And why more guys than girls? I just don’t get it.

    • What concerns me more is next week the live show is now in the hands of fan voting, so there will be three contestants that will be sent home on the first round of eliminations, 1 girl , 2 guys  in other words any one of our favourites can be booted out of competetion.  With this extra person in the equation it may screw up the whole thing, I hope not!!

      • Don’t you remember…last year they did it differently!!!

        Thursday we find out the top 10.  The top 5 girls and the top 5 guys are automatically in the top 10.  Then the judges pick I think 6 people to sing on the spot for one of the 3 wild card spots.  Once all 6 perform, the judges can each pick one of any of those 6 that just performed.  There is no longer this long drawn out process to get to the top 12/13 where two people go home each week.  This new way is so much better.  That way, no one is automatically eliminated.

        According to the information on Thursday’s show, it appears they are doing it this way again.

      • Thanks Kris I forgot, you’re right it is a much better format, this will indeed improve the eliminations.  Good stuff!!!

    • What format are they going to use this year?  I like it when they cut one boy and one girl each week until they have 12, then merge the genders.

  17. I have to agree with Branden………Why did they pass over Chase AGAIN….I saw him sing once and I can’t even remember if it was Hollywood or Vegas week.  He has such a good voice…….Is he going to be the dark horse this season?????  Its so obvious how they push certain singers like Reed Grimm who  is a character but not a great singer.  Not crazy about Phil Phillips either…….Maybe the judges hear something I don’t.  

    Unfortunately this show becomes a popularity contest.  This should be a girls  year but who knows who the teeny boppers will back this year!!!!!!!

  18. It needs to be Johnny Keyser.  Heck he needs to win the whole thing.  He’s got everything.

  19. i am wondering if this twist has something to do with viewer feedback.  Did they get a lot of emails or twitter traffic out there about one of these guys?  i wonder if this twist was preplanned this season or did something happen?  you know they have people doing constant twitter monitoring for names and topics..maybe they found something.  I would guess johnny since his dismissal was last week.  they wouldn’t have had the time to get that feedback for the other three.  just a theory.   But in the end i am a Phil fan.

  20. Please everyone take a look at Chase Likens.  He is a great singer and didn’t get much screen time.  

    • Totally Agree!!!!!!!! He could be the dark horse in this competition because no one has really heard or seen him very much……..

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