American Idol 2012 Finale Week Ratings

Phillip Phillips on American Idol 2012

Not even the spectacle of guest star performances, sparks falling from the sky, and the dimmed lights’ results we’ve been waiting for all season could save the American Idol 2012 ratings this week.

Falling to its lowest level ever the American Idol finale drew only a 6.4 rating in the key 18-49 demographic. That’s roughly a thirty percent drop from last year’s Idol finale which earned a 9.2 rating in the same demo. Overall the audience was 21.5 million viewers compared to last season’s 29 million. Ouch.

To put these numbers in perspective the series peaked on its finale night ratings back in 2006 with 36.3 million viewers and a 14.2 key demo rating. Since then the show saw a steady decline until last year when things had their first uptick in five seasons before returning to the downward trend.

Tuesday night’s final performance show drew only 14.8 million viewers after the previous week’s 16.4 million viewers. Go figure that one. I would have expected a shorter show between the final two singers would be of more interest than a two-hour filler-fest.

Both American Idol 2012 episodes this week still managed to win their timeslots and put Fox in first, but if things continue this slide then it might get ugly.

Source: TV By The Numbers & Deadline




    • TPTB steadfastly refuse to change the voting policy, and that is what is killing Idol.  Why bother to get invested in a show where your opinion is overwhelmed by power voting?  Those maniacs are not going to buy thousands of Fords, CDs or concert tickets.  They may purchase thousands of Cokes, but they’d do that anyway.  I’m so fed up with the stale song lists, Randy’s babbling, and JLo’s partiality for cute boys.   They ought to clean house.   Bring in [off the top of my head] Cher, Harry Connick Jr. and Babyface or their musical equivalents, limit the voting to 10 votes per device, and throw out any song that’s been performed 3 or more times in Idol history, and kick Nigel in the a$$ on his way out the door.

      • the voting policy in the last few seasons has become absurd, along with the judges and some of the contestants.  the show itself is becoming stale and if it doesn’t shape up it’s going to lose more viewers

      • I think they have to keep the voting system as is because of the sponsor AT&T

  1. the finale show was pretty good. to me the highlight was the hollie/jordin duet.  absolutely fabulous.  but i still say the show is getting old and tired.  it needs some big changes, especially at the judges table.  and i still wonder about the validity of the vote count.  oh well, it’s summer and time for reruns

    • I agree w/  all you say & also I’d like to change 12/12 rule, but the highlight for me was the Jenifer/Jessica duet. I can say that Philip opened the show but Jessica closed it w/ a BANG….jst my opinion…

      • jessica, by far, blew the rest of the contestants away all season.  so what does that tell you about the voting???

      • Ugh. That Jennifer/Jessica duet was WAY WAY over the top. Totally over-blown. By the end, it was just yelling.

      • definitely the highlight of the IDOL performance of Jessica!!

        ..also true that the show’s not as impressive like the previous AI seasons, why? , maybe the need to reformat their rules. We get confused with the fact that it’s a reality and popularity show  and at the same time, a talent show for the judges. 

      • The Jennifer Holliday/Jessica Sanchez duet was one of the most amazing performances ever in the history of the music industry. It will indeed go down in history as one of the greats. If you don’t understand that then you don’t have a full understanding of the industry and what being a great singer really means.

        On the other hand, the Fan/Mantasia performance was a mess  and a disgrace to Joshua Ledet and a very sad note for him to go out on IMO.

      • @Taymaro, Oh..I disagree. I didn’t like the movie Dreamgirls either. I don’t like that kind of music. That doesn’t mean I don’t know what being a great singer is. I’m sure a lot of people love Pavarotti but you wouldn’t catch me near an opera. It’s a matter of taste. I think the remake of Knockin on Heaven’s Door by Guns N Roses was one of the best songs ever because of Axl’s vocals. You can bet anyone that liked that Jennifer Holliday/Jessica duet will not agree with me but a lot of people will agree.

      • Jennifer/Jessica duet was the worse of the much screaming, even more screaming than Joshua and Fantasia…if Jessica continues to scream like that at the young age of 16, she is definitely going to have nodules…..I hated that song. Worse of the night.

      • If you’re talking about that screaming that some think of us as music, it’s was horrible and may have hurt her voice.

      • I thought the Jennifer/Jessica duet was way over the top, nothing entertaining about it at all.  I saw nothing amazing about Jennifer Holiday. To me it was no different than Fantasia/Joshua, screaming and very unattractive faces.  My opinion!

         You are always going to have unhappy viewers because their contestant did not win.  I was unhappy that Hollie was voted off but that is the name of the game.  We all do not like the same kind of music, we all have different tastes.   I could argue all day that Hollie was  the best  and I still believe that..  Will not change anything, the majority did not agree and Hollie was eliminated.  The majority like Phillip better than Jessica.  Does not matter  if you limit votes to one or 100.  Everyone thats votes has the ability to power vote.  Think about it, there is so much competition out there right now.   American Idol, The Voice, America’s Got Talent,  X-Factor, Danciing With The Stars, and now Duets.  I could go on and on.  AI was one of  the first reality shows aired, now there are so many it is incredible.   Of course the ratings will go down, you can only watch so much TV and so many shows.  Thinkabout it, howmany of you folks have been irritated with the results of AI and sworn you would never watch again…next season, there you are again.   Some people move on, I know my time has been spent studying, that was my priority and I did miss many of the shows.  

        I do think that when Simon left the show has not been as good, he was a big part  of it. 

        Anyhow CONGRATULATIONS to the final two, they will both be very successful.

      • Pr63, she blew everybody away say for one, Joshua, he hung with her all season and even outshined her in their duet. He’s just as good, and those two were the best vocalist without a doubt

      • Hollie held her own. I wish  she would have just relaxed and enjoyed singting instead of focusing on what the judges said, she already knows how to sing she should have done what she knows instead of trying to change to please them.

      • I totally agree, I did think  Hollie sang better than Jordin but it was great.  Jordin looks so good!

    • Anybody will tell that I have raised more questions this year about the integrity of the process than anyone on this site.

      Anybody with a little bit of intelligence would tell you that the best thing for the show (as far as ratings and a feeling of legitimacy are concerned) would have been to have Jessica and Joshua in the finally. Either they decided that, “Hey, people are onto us, we better chill out and let this thing play out.” or for some reason they really wanted Phillip to win so badly that they decided that taking a hit in the ratings was worth it.

      Judging from Steven Tyler’s comment after the results show, I can’t quote him directly because I can’t find the interview again but he said something to the effect that Phillip would be a great actor some day, and then added “oh and a musician as well”, I would say they decided to let it play out and they did their best to try and make Phillip out to be a musical genius toward the end to make us believe that he really deserved the win. I am not saying that he didn’t deserve it but with a statement like that coming from Steven Tyler, I would say that he sure doesn’t think the right person won. 

      Phillip himself said he had absolutely no say in the picking of the coronation song. He said that what he really wanted to do is start recording his own stuff and get it out there and that he hoped people liked it just as much.

      I really think that the judges did a poor job in selecting the right contestants to get into the top 24 this season. I also don’t see how they can have a record number of votes and such a big drop in the ratings unless they were including the out of country votes before they were disallowed. Ryan said that’s how many votes were cast, not that’s how many actually counted toward determining the winner.

      • it would be interesting to see the breakdown of votes.  and voters.  the numbers don’t jibe.  like you said, a record number of votes yet a drop in the ratings.  on a completely different note, the saddest thing on the finale was watching neal diamond who, unfortunately, cannot sing anymore.  was it me who noticed, but was his mike turned down??

      • I noticed that too! Boy, he’s look ing old. Well..he IS old.  Didn’t he just marry someone young enough to be his granddaughter?

      • Either his mike was turned down or he just can’t do it anymore. When you reach his level of fame all you have to do is show up though. It was still great to see he is still in pretty good health. 

      •  Hi Pr63, Pally45 & Taymaro,

        I am a big fan of Neil, I am sure you guys are too.  I was not happy hearing him sing and sound  like that 🙁

        Although he has been a solitary man most of his singing career and never much for group singer like the other night.  I like to blame it also
        on his style of singing that requires great timing and delivery which is his signature style.

        The music sheet the band used also did not help him since he was late or too early each time he sang a note. I heard him recently as a guest, although not the same singer 20 or so years ago but his voice still sounded as good as I can remember.  Still he did not sound very good
        that night.  I agree.

      • People love to hear Phillip sing, the thing Tyler has a problem with is Phillip can be himself and not change and win….. Tyler respects him. He taught him a lesson. You’re never too old to learn. I don’t like Jessica’s voce, her lower voice isn’t good and she screams. My old voice teacher would have toss something at her if he heard her screaming, but there again I wasn’t trained to sing on American Idol. Joshua is good and I like his voice, he should sing Gospel,
        You seem to put everything on voice, but this is Ameriican Idol, some people like country, rock etc you have to have different kinds of singers to make it fair. But,,there is going to be one that shines brighter then the rest. God blessed Phillip it is He that gave him the talent.

      • Have you ever read any of my other posts? I don’t disagree with the outcome if you read them.

        My point was that American Idol let it play out and didn’t manipulate the final vote IMO. They did that because they thought they would suffer worse for not letting him win than they would for letting the cards fall whether it was the ideal outcome for the show or not. I don’t know that for a fact though. Phillip got the most votes and he won. That’s the way it should be. 

        Do I think he was the best? No, but I do think that he deserved to win and America picked him to win so that’s the way it should be.

        Do I think Steven Tyler thinks he deserved to win? I think his statement says it all.

        Does Phillip Phillips think he, himself was the best? He has said that he does not even consider himself to be a good singer.

        American Idol isn’t just about being a good singer and the right person won IMO. 

        The questions now left to be answered are: Why did he win? What lessons do future contestants need to take out of this to increase their chances of winning? And what changes does American Idol need to make in the future to keep the ratings up and keep people watching?

        The topic of this post is ratings and that is what I was commenting on.

        In my personal opinion, Ryan Seacrest is the most powerful person on that show. It is live and he could announce any winner he wanted to. He doesn’t have to read what is on that card. If he decided to do that would AI ever reveal it? I don’t think so. Ryan is the one who carries the show. Without him AI would have been off the air a long time ago. Plus the show would suffer if they revealed anything like that, not just Ryan. 

        Do I think he would ever do that? Probably not but you never know.  

      • I watched the show back(well the part where he announced the number of votes) and what Ryan said is that it was a new world record. 132 million votes came in. He didn’t say that all 132 million were valid.

        He didn’t say anything about the votes being world wide though.

      • to ed,  loved the reference to “solitary man”, one of  my all time faves of neil.  the big question is, how many of these kids will last as long as neil and produce the kind of music he’s been making throughout his career.  also, if you notice, his stuff  NEVER gets old.

      • I heard Steven say on an E! interview before and after the finale, that he wanted Phillip 4 the win.  I was surprised bc he was pretty rough on Phillip most of the time.  But…when he thought he did well he really praised him.  If everything I’m reading about the coronation song is correct, it could be a summer hit….first time that ever happened for a AI coronation..getting excellent reviews and predictions.

      • All I was saying is what I heard him say in one interview. I don’t know whether it’s going to be summer hit or not. I just know he said he didn’t have any say in choosing it. I have no opinion about it myself. Just stating facts.

      • I liked you commented – it gave me an idea – it would be great if the audience could vote on the final 12 – for example, each week, starting at the Hollywood week, the audience would vote in their favorites – the cut would be connected to those that got less votes than the others.

    • Hollie and Jordin were the best of the night..two very classy and talented ladies.

      • Hollie got better week after week even though she was always in bottom 3.  Now here is a girl the judges didn’t like.  I enjoyed her performance on the finale with Jordin much better than Jessica and Jennifer, yipes.

    • I have this feeling that do they really announce the true winner? We dont know how much a contestant garnered out of 132m votes? Are we sure about that? I hope Im wrong..

    • those girls out there should not join AI because of WGWG trend . No talents are more likely to win.  That’s the reason it lost its ratings .

  2. we should say that the reason why most shows are not rating that much, and lessen, its because of the livestream on internet, and the fast posts on youtube and other sites. instead of watching it on tv, and watching it live, they can pretty sure they can still catch it on net.

  3. because they already knew who the winner is, WGWG… sad to know that AI is slowly dying because america is voting for looks not on talent 🙁

    • Seriously?  People voted for Scotty bc he is good looking.  He sings well, but sorry he’s not really eye candy!

      • Vanessa

        You’re just plain stupid!!! Scotty is awesome in every way!!!!!

      • Nope, not stupid.  People are constantly saying it’s the “cute” boy who wins.  I was simply saying, he wasn’t conventionally good looking, at least to me.  Not a country fan, but I liked his voice from the very beginning.

      • I gotta go with Vanessa on this one. As much as I like Scotty, he is not what I would call good looking either.

      • Not eye candy but cute.  Same with P2, just cute but he has charisma, and a sexy little smile.  I do like Scotty and voted for him because of his talent.  I also voted for P2  because I love his voice and style.

  4. surely next season of  American Idol would even be on its bottom level rating……..but really,  American Idol is  for Americans  to watch and behold!

    • Yeah!  All of these people whining about the guys, the judges, the ratings..I don’t get it.  If it is all so miserable to you, why do you watch, why do you take the time to post that you’re not going to watch.   Makes no sense to me.

    • There is only one(1) reason of its decline in rating for me – DISAPPOINTMENT. Deserving contestants are usually the ones who lost in the game and winners are likely predictable. 

  5. a record amount of votes and a lower rating? does not make sense…also have to consider…the international market and interest…I would love to see the international numbers, I am sure there was a huge increase

    • True. It doesn’t make sense. “Low ratings” and “A record number of votes” are two things that just don’t add up. I have a feeling that the 132M votes announced in the finale include votes made outside US. Anyway, it’s just a wild guess.

      (By the way Daniel, you’re not related to Matthew, right? You, like, have the same surname, you know)

    • LIKE I SAID before it is the guest talent they have. people dont like all the screaming and shouting some do. this is stupid, not singing just only acting like something gone crazy. to see the judges giving them standing o’s is sickning…….people will not waste there time, and ruining there hearing listning to this garbage….

  6. They’re only behind Sunday Night Football. I doubt Fox is going to drop the number 2 show in the nation!

    • Actually I am a Guns N Roses fan and I also liked the duet of Jennifer and Jessica. So that makes at least one of us. My musical taste is all over the place. I get bored of listening to one person or one genre all the time. I guess with me it’s more about who is singing and how they sing than it is about what is being sang. If you are good at what you do I can appreciate that. You don’t always have to be playing to me for me to acknowledge your abilities.

      You have to appreciate it for what it was. It was the power diva vocal equivalent of dueling banjos. It was absolutely awesome. I guess you have to understand the context of the original performance. It always amazes me that she(J. Holliday) has been singing that song for so many years and she always manages to get into character and give an amazing and emotional performance like that. She challenged Jessica and that little 16 year old answered back in a big way. That was priceless!!

      • I actually thought Jessica did a wonderful job. I thought Jennifer went way over the top..but she is a broadway singer so..I have to take that into account. My musical tastes run all over the place also.  My Ipod will be playing AC/DC one minute and then the next song will be Brad Paisley and then Linkin Park.

      • Same here. I have to create play lists that I can listen to alone and then others that I can play when I have someone else along with me…LOL

        Shhhh, don’t tell anybody.

  7. disagree… Hey Look at the winners: Philip Philips/Scotty/Lee/Kris Allen/David Cook …    what are in all of them????
    “Decency””Humanity””Politeness”Adorable characteristics u know what i am Not from America and im saying that America and lets say all of the people around the world want these in their idols… America is sick of celebs without these so they want these and vote for them beside talent of course…and F.Y.I im from IRAN

    • Maybe I missed something but I felt the Top 5 this season all had those characteristics this season.  There was no one really to root against and they all had talent.  Every contestant in the Top 5 said all the right things in their exit interviews.  And it sounded sincere. 

      • did i say that they do not???!!!!….i said these are important and the winner definitely has them beside Talent/Voice/Performance/individuality and…

    • So none of those attribute were in any of the other contestants?? The best humanitarian, and one of the most polite contestants, was Joshua. People don’t know this about him, but I’ll tell it anyway. Joshua tutors for free evey week, cause my wife has tutored alongside him, he has given his services ti countless funerals and weddings, he’s volunteered at Abrahams tent, the local soup kitchen for the homeless, preparing and serving meals, and he’s involved with any community service project going on in the community. He cares for others, and gives back to his community, more than most adults do. So if you thunk America has only been voting for the polite humanitarian, they missed the boat this time.

  8.    With the viewer numbers dropping so drastically, there will almost certainly be some major changes next year. The WORLD RECORD number of votes is a sad cry for unearned attention from AI. With 8 million less viewers than last year, the voting still broke the record. What does that say about the impact of the power voting? Will AI continue to lose viewers if the WGWG syndrome is now the way it will be until the power voting is replaced with an improved, voting system that levels the playing field, and will produce an end result of the most talented contestant winning the contest as opposed to the cutest guy winning the contest?

        AI needs judges that are critical when they need to be, even when it is their personal favorite. The contestants need honest, helpful constructive criticism from the judges to improve, and to fix what they are doing wrong. Wrong song choice is an unproductive criticism, unless they also inform the contestant what a correct song choice might have been. The judges don’t do that, and in the last two seasons, the judges choices for the contestants in top three week, were all, for the most part, the WRONG song choice. LOL. The judges used to tell a contestant they need to work on this, or work on that, and they would tell them if they were off key, and where they were off key. Now, they give standing ovations for slightly above average performances. What should a contestant think if they got a standing ovation? They should think, wow, I did great, I am going to do it the same way next time, I can’t do any better than getting a standing ovation. When Simon was around, that may have been true, but with these judges, pfffffft, the standing O has little or no meaning.

    So, AI needs judges who judge, and a revamped voting system, or I think the number of viewers will continue to decline. Who wants to watch when the winner can be chosen before even the top 12 are picked. WGWG.

  9. My last show!!! I think they already know who they wanted to win from the start, so no use of trying to figure out who’s gonna win at end.  But Jessica and Jennifer duet is the highlight and most entertaining performance  of the night.

    • every season we should have surprise surprise oO my God elimination that there is no safe like this season “Colton Dixon” place7!!!!!!!!

    • that kind of screaming, not singing is why  people was not watching the show…..

  10. The show is not dying because of WGWG’s winning.   The show is losing viewership because of competition, the novelty wearing off after 11 seasons and over saturation of the reality TV market.  Proof is people claiming to “be done with idol” still clogging up social media with that message. If you are done what are you still lurking here for???

  11. Don’t you read what people write in to you? Fox lost a lot of viewers cuz ofvoting regulations ! Spoilers all so let’s you know what’s going to happen, so you don’t have to watch the show, just wait for morning reviews , you ( Fox ) are ruining your own Show ! TRY READING WHAT PEOPLE TAKE TIME TO WRITE TO YOU!

    • Huh? You don’t have to watch because you can read a review? How do you know what’s going to happen?

  12. The cast of any show is a huge part of the draw. The judges of AI are not a draw, and many of the contestants lacked the kind of charisma that generates mass enthusiasm. Of course the shorter show with the 2 contestants drew fewer viewers. When the show is manipulated for a certain end, it seems the manipulators do not have a strong feel for that quality that can carry a show. Yes, Phillip is cute and a musical talent, and Jessica has an amazing voice. But…

  13. Definitely, Jessica and Jenifer Holiday were the highlight of the show…. I loved their duet performance….

    “And I am telling  You”…. BREATH-TAKING duet performance!

    • Breath-taking as in I was laughing so hard maybe. My husband and I were busting a gut at Jennifer Holliday. From her awful wig to her faces to her girls almost falling out. And then..the singing…WAY over the top. I thought Jessica sounded good though.

    • it was horrible to me.. screaming, shouting, hollering and not singing a word you could understand. this is not singing to me or the viewers .this is the reason there numbers was down on viewers…

    • Do you really call that music??  I was saved by the abomination of Josh and Fantasia’s screaming singing, as I found out later, oh thank you God, due to a power outage; storms whipping through North Carolina, but in the end, one of the most well deserved wins in AI’s history took place and the “Gentle Giant”, brought it home.  We’re so proud of you buddy!!  We’re really looking forward to your CD’s, now that’ what I call some good road trip music………Peace VV

  14. I’m wondering why the judges chose some of the contestants over others.  I’ve seen many posters wonder what happened to Johnny Keyser and Ashley Robles and we ended up with Heejun.  JLO and Randy need to be replaced, and the voting policy absolutely needs a major overhaul.   America is still willing to believe in Idol, but not unless it cleans up it’s act.

      • Ke$ depends on who you ask whether it’s a good thing or not. I like Phillip so it doesn’t bother me that he’s a white guy with a guitar. So are a lot of successful artists. 🙂

      • It depends.  If the WGWG is Jon Bon Jovi, it’s very, very good.  If it’s Lee DeWyze, not so much.

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus Sorry to burst your bubble, but Jon does play guitar, and piano and harmonica.  When he’s got the entire band behind him, he plays rhythm guitar on some songs.  Richie plays lead guitar.  I’ve seen Bon Jovi in concert  more than 50 times.  I’ve seen Jon without the band in smaller venues at least 10 times.   I’ve been to the fan club events in Fla. and NJ.   Trust me, he plays guitar.

      • I’ve seen him quite a few times.  You’re right..he will pick up the rhythm guitar and play. However, I would put him the category of WGWG though. He’s the lead singer. You could ask 10 people and I bet 9 would just call him the lead singer.

      • True, but skill wise I’d say he’s at least as good as Lee or Scotty.  So, on Idol =WGWG.

    • It is interesting.  I have watched all 11 seasons and I remember when they changed the rule to allow contestants to use an instrument. Before that it was a pure singing competition.  I assumed they did it to open the show to a more diverse audience by including not just singers but singers / musicians as well.   I still don’t believe it is killing the show.  But perhaps they should have separate divisions and titles…  WGWG;  PD (pinoy diva); BGGS (black guy gospel singer); WGBS (white girl ballad singer)— everyone gets a trophy like in little league baseball!

  15. OMG! I still cant get over J Hollidays facial extravaganza with Jess, its still marking in my mind! Lols….

  16. What a bunch of close minded sore loosers !!!!!!  Jessica is very talented and will go far in her musical career, howver PP deserved to win and has that much needed raw talent.    Keep in mind that they switched the day — pre holiday and the weather was great in many places whre it has not been for months.

  17. To me get rid of the judges save. That causes too much hurt feelings how one contestant can be voted off by voters & then this lame judges save saves their favorites not the voters. Its just not fair to the rest of the contestants. That save angered me this season.

    • Normally the save doesn’t bother me. I think it was more the way they did it this year. It was ridiculous. They basically told the rest of them to go home.

      • Totally agree.  Jessica deserved the save but even she was confused by all the drama created by the Judges.  

      • Yep.  I’ve always hated the save.  They are so afraid another Daughtry will be sent home too soon?  It didn’t make a bit of difference for him at #4.  The save, to me anyway, is telling voters they got it wrong and the judges have to make it right.  Not!

    • the “save” was just a drama, the truth is, Jessica, was never in the bottom 3, she’s always on the top, the finale was already drawn since the TOP 8, the voting off was already in that “order.

      • Actually Phillip was never in the bottom.  This is only an opinion, but I believe P2 was so over and above everyone else in voting, and hence, his illness and AI’s almost certainty of his victory led them to give JS so much camera time on the finale and for Ryan not to do his usual the winner is….and wait forever, this time he said it quickly.  I think they felt bad for a 16 yr old kid.   When you put yourself in a certain situation, you have to be prepared to accept the consequences.

  18. Jessica or Joshua should of won hands down!!!!!!!  Your ratings are low because of judges saying Phillip is wonderful…..  He has no range… He should of never won…     You may need new judges!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

    • are delusional. They praised Joshua and Jessica more than any other contestant! Apparently, America just didn’t agree with them

      • Absolutely!  People tend to rewrite history when their favorite doesn’t win.

    • Oh dear. In fact I liked Joshua, but over the final two weeks at least, Philip brought his A game and won, especially in the final week. Think you will find most articles written also agree with that. There really isn’t much controversy over the winner. Philip doesn’t have a great voice. Ask him and he will be the first to tell you that. Unfortunately for yourself anyhow American Idol is more to do with the total package. JS at this young stage in her life just didn’t have it, and thus was unable to garner enough votes. Yes she had the voice, but she didn’t have the life experience, which ultimately hurt her. Don’t be disappointed though as life experience is something anyone can and will obtain, vocal talent is something you are born with. Philips future success will be based upon his songwriting skills. Let’s hope for success for all contestants, and not dwell on the fact our favourites didn’t win. I think you will be a much happier person for it so cheer up.

    • His “victory” song Home is number 1 on YouTube and is predicted 2 b a solid hit.  He should have won and did win, so deal with it.

  19. i think the problem with getting people to watch is the performance they have. all the hollering and screaming ruined the show. if they had only one to do that MIGHT be ok. the song phillip did was ok and skylar and reba was the best. the producers and judges  need new hearing aids if they like that junk. there is no singing, just sceraming.. UGH !!!!!!!!! ENOUGH 

  20. I know alot of people who tivo it and watch it later…does this take them into account???? I loved the finale and love the entire season of AI…I get annoyed at the judges but overall, I love Ryan and how he/they showcase these young artists. I wish there was a fall version of AI as well as the spring version like the Voice is now doing. Congrats to all of the top twelve … are all awesome and Phillip is amazing…Good luck to him with all his health problems.

  21. Idol Contracts

    • TMZ had Kris Allen saying Idol was over and he didn’t watch finale.  The show made him whatever it is he is today.  They ventured 2 guess he was acting out to promote his album.  Good luck Kris

  22. The Mantasia and Whaletasia scream off was responsible for people changing the channel 

    • That really was horrible. Joshua started out he always does and then once she showed I muted it immediately.

  23. A lot of people watch Dancing With The Stars, plus it did turn a lot of people off the night Raandy and Jlo saved Jessica and said he she was the best. That was wrong, another factor people record it so they can skip the commericals. The DVR is not good for American Idol 

    • I think I read on TV By The Numbers that Neilson Ratings do include DVR recordings. 

      I think if your DVR is set to record that they will pick that up as well, if you are on cable TV which most everyone is now. I don’t think they have to rely on just the phone survey anymore. 

      Yes, that means they know what you are watching in your home. If it hasn’t already been implemented there have been reports that they will soon be piping advertising to your TV based on what programming you watch coupled along with your purchases which they track by your use of discount cards/credit cards/debit cards. 

      So if you have registered your discount and credit cards with the same name, address, phone number as your cable TV account they can marry all that together to send the commercials to your house that are customized to your personal practices and viewing/buying habits. They camouflage the fact that they track your purchases and habits in order to protect you against identity theft, fraud and just theft in general but that information is passed on(or sold) to other organizations. 

      I just moved recently and I began to be bombarded with telemarketing calls for home security among other things. When I asked how they knew I had just moved they said they got it from and other internet databases and guess where brandnewmovers got the info. They got it from where I used my credit card to rent a moving van and from the utilities companies and other moving related purchases. 

    • I disagree with this. The ratings of the show went up the week after JS was saved. The week were JL elimination, the ratings dropped because viewers were tired of watching a WGWG….Should it have been a JL and JS in the finals, it will be a different story.

      In the finale night, somehow people already knew who will win. AI is always for the men with country genre.

      • Phillip is not a country singer.  Can’t change fate bc Jess didn’t win, but I know it isn’t fun to have your favorite lose.  If it helps, Tommy Mottola’s wife tweeted he was going to work with JS.

  24. judges need to go…..lost interest when they starting pushing their favorites.

  25. One of the main reasons why A I is losing viewers is because it has become a kids show in the voting. Young viewers sit and vote over and over for the whole amount of time provided. Most adults and people who actually have a ‘life’ are not going to do that. I am afraid that AI may eventually go under because they care more about announcing how many million votes they received than they do about the right person winning.

    Also, the judges sway the votes. People who do not really know good vocals from not as good are influenced by the comments. Randy says that he makes negative comments to ‘help’ a contestant, but why not do this after the show instead of on the air? I agree with a previous comment about getting more professional music critics as judges. Just because someone is successful in a music related career does not necessarily make them a good judge. I believe Harry Connig Jr would be a good one. ( Hey, here’s a thought… what about Jimmy Iovine on the judging panel?) I consider the judge’s job to be over as soon as the show goes live for viewer votes. Their comments are no longer needed because the people should decide who they liked without influence . 

    Let me say right away that I like Phillip very much, but he was not the most talented vocalist by far. He is a great guy and well liked. We all want to see him succeed. There were a few excellent vocalists who were not greatly ‘liked’ so they could not pull in votes. Erika Van Pelt and Hollie were very talented, also Skylar and Joshua (when he wasn’t screaming) among others.

    There have also been other years when the best vocalist did not win. The winners have mostly been those best liked by the young viewers instead of the most talented. A I please listen before it is too late for the show. Sacrifice your love of bragging about how many million votes came in, and put a limit on the number of times each voting method can be used (10 or less). You can save the show if you will!

  26. If they won’t replace the judges, the numbers will keep dropping. I don’t want to hear “goosies” or “over the top” anymore!

    • By most accounts, JLo is history.  I heard Carrie Underwood say she would definitely consider it, if asked.  Altho, she said she didn’t know if she could be mean…another Ellen.

  27. Please don’t replace the judges.. they fit the show so much. hahaha.. Just change the auditions rules.. why not drop all the girls auditionees? LOL!

    • The rating drop because AI is winner is always men, with a country song genre….we need to see women in the finals. Its kind of boring actually.

      • That’s why drop all the power divas, most Americans find them boring. Put all the cute guys and let them vote for them all. LOL! For sure it will pull more viewers :p

      • I actually think American Idol did their absolute best to get rid of all the male country singers this season. As they did not want a repeat of last season, for whatever reason. As there was one very good, male country singer (I forget his name) who was eliminated by the judges, just before the fans were able to vote. He had the vocal talent and looks that far surpassed Scotty, from last season. Yet, he was eliminated, before the fans had a right to vote for him. The timing seemed strange to me.

  28. Easy fix

    A. Replace judges
    1.carrie underwood
    2.will smith
    3.Lisa Marie Presley – the new Simon

    B. 10 votes per device, stop non US votes

    C. Raise age to 18-30

    D. Get rid of judges save

    E. Greatly improve songs choices and limit repeats, no using song if used in the last three years

    F. Force contestants to use more than one genre of music, only allow them to do 3 songs from the same genre.

    The producers should have an online feedback like x factor did and listen to the viewers!!!!!

    • If only the PTB would listen to people like you!  Like your assessment, especially B. C. and D.   Problems solved!

    • I’ll go along with all you say except the judges.   I’m Ok with Carrie, but much as I like Will Smith, he’s a rapper and rap is not music.  As for Lisa Marie, just no.  She isn’t much of a singer, paid no dues for her art, and has no idea what to do with herself much less advise others.  Cher for voice of experience, Babyface for marketing logistics and Carrie would work for me.

      •  Babyface??…really.
        Cher is way too old and would never do it.
        Will would bring comedy and he has done more than just rap
        Lisa Marie….i think could be the jack pot…she is the dark Brittney and I disagree with your assessment of her music, she is very true to who she is.

      • B. Spears is a manufactured celebrity from the Disney Machine.  She is no judge of music as she will show on X-Factor.   I agree that Cher probably wouldn’t do it, but she’s had hits in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s, so she’s more than qualified.  You don’t think Babyface would be better than Randy “Yoyo” Jackson?  I think almost anyone from the music biz could replace Randy.  But it ought to be someone with longevity not a newbie.  Jon Bon Jovi would be great, but he wouldn’t do a long term west coast gig.  Richie Sambora might because he’s west coast, now.

  29. How about a split season, fall season top 12 girls, spring season top 12 boys, and have two American idols each year. Double the pleasure, double the fun, and have Doublemint chewing gum sponser them instead of Ford unFocused LOL. Would be interesting to see the viewing totals and the voting totals. I bet there would be more viewers for the girls, and wayyyyyyyyyyyy more votes for the boys.

  30. Hi, I come from New Zealand and watched final last night.  We were so disappointed Jessica didn’t win.  The voting system is definately wrong and needs to be changed.  We are sick of watching it over the years and the wrong person winning.  It supposed to be a singing competition not who appeals to the young girls.  What about Josh! NZ thought Josh and Jessica shouldve been in final

  31. After two seasons of watching this show…disappointments with the two season finales…definitely WILL NOT be watching the next season. Randy has to have some new lines people! Well, Ryan said so too and why do they keep repeating songs that has been done the previous seasons? There are thousands of songs they can use. And can anybody in the judges please just stop saying these lines…”One of the best performances on IDOL…ever!” Listen, I’ve only glimpsed of this show the past seasons and I’ve only started to watch it in whole last year and this year, but I have had enough of hearing these lines. I hope the ratings continue to drop so they’d just stop the show.

  32. Phillip never was in the bottom three, people went on and on about Jessica only because of her age. Her voice some, but mostly because of her age. She to me wasn’t the best. My top two would have been Phillip and DeAndre or Holly,,,,, And Johnny Keyser if he weren’t sent home…… They sent Johnny Keyser home….. It woudl have been a show down  between he and Phillip, but in truth Phillip would have won. He stole American’s hearts, he is awesome.

    • People went on about Phillips because of his looks. 

      People supported Jessica because of her talent and incredible voice. 

      • Deandre or Hollie??? You obviously choose your favourite because of the looks. Shame on you!

      • My favourites at some point over the course of the season were Philip, Joshua, Colton, Van Pelt and Elize. Should I feel shame also?

      • @Ferjp – People voted for Phillip !!! Kept him out of the bottom every week ! Peolple DIDN;T VOTE FOR HER (JS) because she was NOT Entertaining – She bored me to the point that when it was her turn I would watch Criminal Minds for a min. untill it was the judges turn to speak… AMERICA agreed otr she would have pulled in enough votes to stay on on talent instead of the judges pitty. PHILLIP PHILLIPS WON BECAUSE OF AMERICA  LOVES HIM!!!!!! Take your whinning attitude and BS Comments and go away ! You will not be missed….

      • I love Phillip because he is talented, love him singing & his style. The same goes to Scotty for the same reason. Never a fan of Justin Timberlake – he is good looking. I love Maher Zain too

        1. The most good looking singer & entertainer at the point of my life will be Chris Brown…. until someone else come along the way

        2. The most cute, handsome guy I ever come across in my entire life since I was 6 years old will be Valentino Rossi the motogp rider.

        3. I  never go for the diva entertainers- the late Whitney was fantastic, but I am not her fan. Lady Antebellum is my kind of singer & I am her fan. Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Riahnna or Katy Perry they have big names, but not for me – they are all very good, but not to my ears and to my music soul. Then why would I want to listen to a 16 years old girl sounding like 40s-50s & 60s singer, might as well get the original which I never did – so that is the reason Jessica is not for me- never said she is  not good – good luck & all the best  for her. Improve her family live style – God’s will. 

        4. Why would I want to dislike Asian or colored people – I am from Malaysia – Asian by definition even if I am a half breed – ancestors from Holland/Indonesia. Never been racist , as a Muslim I should hate what the Israelis did to my fellow Muslims in Palestine, but I do not hate them, so how racist that can I be? Nonsense those who again & again mentioned about races, colors and termed people black & white are just fueling for war and I hate their kind and hope one day they will realized that if they go on about this – they will destroy this world faster than God unintended it to be destroy. They will be no music – just enjoy while it last. You all can like whoever you like just do not fueling for hatred.

        5. About the same time next year people with positive tune, comments and wisdom – well if Randy, Steven and JLOR still around – count me out – I cannot stomach their their judging style anymore

    • Sweety, you’re Top 2-3 cannot even measure up to Jessica. Really…really.

  33. People don’t believe in this show anymore. It’s obvious the white cute guy always wins. There is no mistery or doubt for anyone. It’s the same since 2006 when the last girl won the show. Couldn’t they think that’s the reason of the low ratings? I think it is. They should change the voting system. People might be able to vote just once and the best one will win. I think if could be fairer and ratings will be better. 

  34. I hate the voting policy just as much as everyone else, but they won’t change it. Know why? Because they love hearing Ryan Seacrest say how many hundreds of millions of votes the finale received. But as the votes go up, viewers are going down.

  35. Best duet of the night skylar/Reba Worst was neil diamond has lost it/Jlo shows how it should be done without screaming/Give the judges more voting power as they are there to judge make it 30 % of voting criteria 50% phone voting 20% internet voting

    • JLo wasn’t even singing…LOL. She was lip syncing and it was computer enhanced. She sucks at singing.

      • You got that right! Does she even have a song where her voice isn’t enhanced by a synthesizer?

    • How come JLo was criticizing the contestants these and that while she can’t even singer her songs live? A total duschebag! Anyway, correction, it’s Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez duet which was the best by far! The fiercest duet on AI ever!!!

  36. I heard Tommy Mottola wanted to sign Jessica before the finale. He offered a good deal for her debut album and American Idol took it. That’s the reason they gave Jessica a less than good song for her “coronation song”. They knew she would lose after that. That way, Tommy could manage her career. It makes sense, right?

    • BS!  No way.  And JSan will be forgotten by this time next year, just as Pia is nowhere.

    •  Eh, not really. There is some fact here, but more not so much. The coronation song was no factor in getting Mottola involved. That was in the works a couple weeks ago. The songs that Sanchez makes will not be anything like she did on AI. Urban, R&B, Soul and even some Rap. Based on what some execs have told me, that grammy prediction is no fluke. The duet with Holliday was just the tip of the iceberg.

    • You are too gullible. All 12 finalist are tied up in AI contracts for at least 5 years, AI is in total control of their careers for at least 5 years. Carrie & Kelly still under AI Production company control.

    • Even JS in a radio interview denies any knowledge of this.  She is committed to AI.  Lots of people want to catch the coattails of up-and-coming stars, so no wonder there would be a “leak” of involvement.  

    • Guess people are voting more times each… The show still wins it’s time slot, so not all is lost.  And it still has millions and millions of viewers.  There is a natural life cycle to all products… It is not necessarily a reflection of the talent this past season or judges or whatever.  Just the way it is.  Though, I was not happy with the judges inserting themselves in the public’s votes.  Give an objective evaluation, then leave it to the viewers to decide!

    • there are more gadgets to vote in this year – someone said something about worldwide voting – hummm… I read somewhere that peopla outside US could vote via SKYPE – which I do not think it is fair. I live outside US, I watch the show – live broadcast in the final 2 shows – and I would never ever vote – it is American Idol after all, only Americans should be allowed to vote

    • Because they quote the number of all the votes including outside the USA.  But they toss out the illegal votes before they tally them to see who won.  More hype from the Idol machine.  They don’t exactly lie, they just rearrange the truth.

  37. The shows dying.
    Auditions like William Hung w/c was funny and good for the rating.. they do not show those nemore. LAME
    editing for this season was so darn confusing!
    remember phillip p… he sang on stage in Hollywood… he got to stay… they leave… then you see him again ON STAGE.. but this time the  judges are judging Lauren Gray… she got to stay and they leave as groups again. LOL stupid editor(s)!
    I also read that the runner-up only gets 30K now instead of 170K Lauren got from last year.
    if AI owner continues to cheapen and do editing like season11. GOODBYE!

    • They all get a three figure amount for the tour. I think they said it was 175k each. That is a big increase from last season. Maybe that is why they lowered the amount for the runner up position. IDK

  38. I am going to predict that four people will have better careers than P2. Jessica, Joshua, Skylae and Colton, and Hollie really close as well. People will grow tired of the one note tunes that Phillip will put out. There’s no diversity in his music whatsoever, and that can only get him so far. He may outsell a few of them to begin with, but in the longrun, he will get passed up because people will grow tired of hearing the same thing from him. My prediction; Skylar, Joshua and Jessica will have the most successful careers, and the title of AI winner will just be proven laughable once again.

    • tired? im tired of the same old high notes, then higher than ever beyond the sky notes and ballads.. there’s too much balladeers in the industry.. diversity? how close is “we got tonight” from “superstition” to “volcano” to “still raining”.. and im pretty sure he got more.. i love listening to his music.. dont forget.. there’s people like us that loves his voice.. goodluck to your prediction..

      •  Yes….Alternative and Rock are poised to again take over and dominate the air waves again…..may gangsta music die forever!!!!!!!!

      • Actually, like the early 90s, country is going to dominate the next 5 years or more.  With young acts like Taylor Swift, Scotty McCreery, Lady Antebellum, and such, more young stars are crossing over to where the real songwriters are.  That’s Nashville.  And with all of the music reality shows, more young people are realizing that rap is crap, Rihanna can’t sing and you can’t dance to most of the top 40.  Kelly Clarkson, David Cook, Casey James, Kellie Pickler, Bucky  Covington, Danny Gokey, Melinda Doolittle, etc.  all doing fine in Nashville.

    • I hope they all have successful careers. But, I suspect they will not. Joshua is a fantastic vocalist that performs R&B. A style of music that has been dead in the water for over 20 years. Skylar is bundle of energy, but she is only a average vocalist, at best. And you see very few country music performers that succeed with a average voice. I do not see Phillip as being a big name performer anytime soon. I suspect he will be as unheard of in 2 years as the other WGWG performers that have won in the past. Jessica, has perhaps the best voice to ever perform on the AI stage in 12 years. But, I am not sure her style of pop with be popular here in USA. But, I suspect outside of USA, she will be a huge success. History has shown it is mostly the girls who have the best, post-Idol careers. Even though they may not take the AI title.

      • I see Joshua recording gospel music and Jessica working in Broadway musicals or any other type of musical theather – not selling recors. Actually, these days, the ones who are making it in the recording business have to be the full package – write their own material, like Adele and others.

      • For starters there have only been 11 years of Idol, not 12.  And the best voice in those 11 years has been Adam Lambert.   Jessica’s voice, while intense, is thin and often reedy. And she has no lower register.   Hollie has much more body in her tone, although she has more problems controlling pitch.  Neither will reach superstardom.  There was no breakout star this year.  Certainly no one that can hold a candle to Adam.

  39. i bet, season 12 will be a majority of wgwg. if you might be one of them, better hit the gym too. lols!

  40. Maybe one of the reason why the show’s rating is going down is because the show is getting too predictable. Like this season how many critics or idol fanatics predicted at the very beginning that it’s Philip who is going to win. No offense to Philip i also like him but what i’m just trying to say is most people already know who will win it’s just a  matter of who is coming 2nd or 3rd or who is leaving first. That’s why the ratings are not that high compared 6 or 7 years ago when the show was still new. Maybe if we will have a different winner next year not the typical WGWG then maybe people might get interested to watch the show again. 

    • There’s a natural life cycle to all products and shows.  At least it is still winning it’s night.  So all viewership may be down for either a temporary/one-time reason or a more general reason.  AI still rocks!  And Phillip is Da Bomb!  Love him!

      • I agree. AI still rocks and Philip is Da Bomb! I also like Philip as what i’ve said and it’s its not his fault that his a WGWG but let’s just take him out of the picture just for the purpose of discussing the issue of the ratings going down. Let’s say next season there is another WGWG contestant and he is a great singer and even good looking ( again not his fault ) of course, a lot of people would predict again that he is going to win and as a result may affect the ratings of the show because of the ” predictability ” factor.

    • I totally agree – I wrote the same thing in my comment. I think that first, contestants should not allowed to play anything, second viewers should be allowed to vote earlier – like, out of 24, the audience would peak the final 10 or something like that. Based on what I saw during Hollywwod week, there were better singers than the final team – that were chosen by their looks

      • Marta, I agree. I wish we could vote much earlier in the season. As there was one or two that were cut just before the top 12, that I thought were amazing.  Had fans been allowed to vote on them … The show this season would have been much stronger.

    • I will agree the ratings are down. But, not for the reasons you say. First of all, this show has been running 11 seasons now. I dare you to name a single TV show in television history that is as popular in the 11th season, as it was in the first few seasons. Secondly, the success of American Idol has spawned a lot copy cat imatations. Which will further dispurse the viewer numbers. I personally think that if American Idol is STILL one of the highest rated shows after 11 seasons (and it is) they must be doing something right.

      •  Yes it could be true but there are a LOT of reasons out there … i just stated what i believe is ” one of the reason.” We cannot just pin point one reason. The copycats of course has affected the show and also as what ruut said the show has reached maybe it’s decline cycle just like in any business. Now, it’s up to the show’s producers to innovate to keep the ratings up again!

  41.   HaHa…America got it right and the show got it right!!

    iTunes – Top Singles Chart

    P2-#1 single – Home

    P2-10 Songs, 6 in top 100, his lowest #151

    Joshua-1 song, #177

    JS-1 Song, #194


    iTunes – Top Albums Chart

    P2-Journey -#2, soon to be #1

    JS-Journey -#8, maybe she can ride P2’s coat tails and move up to #7


    Where is all the support for the great and wonderful Jess now???

    P2 is topping them all:





    Blake Shelton

    Maroon 5


    Who won the voice? He’s not on the charts


    Phillip is KING OF SALES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    TIME TO GET IN LINE JESS FANS….step up and get your nice warm crow to eat!!!!

  42. Looks like Phillips surgery is coming sooner than later–he has been dropped off of the guest list for all of the NY morning shows next week.  Instead its Jessica & Joshua who are doing the press tours.  Get healthy & then put out a great album.

    • Seems he doesn’t have to do a lot of the things the other contestants have to do. No Ford Music videos, doesn’t have to pick his own coronation song, gets it spoon fed to him, now no media tour. Lucky guy!

      • Yeah, sounds like he should be counting his many kidney stones blessings right.

        He should keep those things and have them bronzed and place them on the shelf right next to his AI trophy. After all they have gotten him everywhere he wanted to go in life.

        I wish him the best.

  43. The show has been going strong for 12 years now. Probably bringing in more cash reneue than any show in television history. But, even though it is not as popular as it was in season’s past … it is STILL one of the most poplular shows today. I do not know of ANY television show in TV history that can say that, after 12 years.

  44.  I think you will see Johnny Keyser again next year…I believe he didnt make it this year because he had disrespected the show with his work ethic…if he learned his lesson…he will be in the top 10 and going on the tour next year…

  45. Well, for me, I did not watch the show because it was clear that the cute white dude with a guitar was going to win it – as usual. Not only the ending was very expected and predictable, I think even the big fans are getting tired of the same song selections – always the same singers, same songs, those gospel=like screemings in the end and so forth – very passé, not current at all. Also, some of those songs were major hits of singers that had like hundreds of songs recorded with just one major hit, not mentioning comparing the contestants´performance with the studio versions of the original singers, not their live performances… duh! Whitney Houston, for example, had not been singing well anything live for the last 10 years, you can´t compare apples with oranges. The judges have to be changed – continuing with a crowd pleaser mode, I would get Shania Twain and Bon Jovi as jurors, I would keep Randy in, because I thought this season he made sense. The voting system definitely has to change – the ideal would be voting by computer only, the control would be on the IP number. Problem is the sponsor is AT&T that makes millions with the show – might not work… Anyways,I think the ratings of a finale for this kind of show is directly connected to the predictability factor – last year, we did not know – it could have gone either way – this year, for me, it was pretty obvious, and probably for millions of other people as well. If the finalw was Hollie x Joshua, the ratings would have gone to the roof… the voting would have to be connected with singing, not appearances, even a  weird voting system like the current one would have worked in a way…

    • Hi Marta.  I agree with much of what you say.   Sadly Jon Bon Jovi won’t do the show because it’s in California and he’s raising his family on the east coast.  Shania would be good, as would Cher.  Steven Tyler will be touring to support his new album, so maybe they could get Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora [who lives in California] to replace Steven.  He’s a singer, musician, songwriter and has been in the business for a long time, but he’s more than 10 years younger than Tyler.  

      • Sambora might be a good choice, as long as he can review the performers from a more technical perspective. I like the rocker formula – it is kind of entertaining, but maybe someone younger would be better. Shania was on the show last year – she can talk, she is smart, and I think she will be more technical than JLO – at least, Shania does not seem to be totally focused on crowd-pleasing. Cher would be a blast, but as she is bluntly honest most of the time, it might be too much tough love for those kids… Unless she takes on the role of a new Simon… that could be interesting too… Actually, any change in the judges would be an upgrade to the show…

      • Marta, Richie would be good on several levels.  He’s a terrific musician, singer, songwriter and has done two solo albums as well as all of the Bon Jovi albums.  Plus he has a really friendly and funny personality.    Let’s start a campaign for Shania and Richie.

    • I think there would have definetley been no “ratings through the roof” no matter which two performed. At least as far as the results show goes. I think this because a lot of fans are not going to feel like sitting through 2 hours of lame guest star pefrormances. When they can get on the Interenet and see who won BEFORE the show is even aired, here on the West Coast.

      • Sooo true – the fillings of star performances are also hard on the fans. But for me, the worst was the final performances, before the voting – I have only seen the last 3 seasons kind of all shows, previous years one show here, one show there, maybe the finale — but the final singing of the contestants this year was the most boring ever… I am glad I watch the show on my computer, this way I could get some work done in other sites, otherwise it would have been a waste of time…

      • Who ever didn’t tune in for the finale missed an awesome performance that I wouldn’t have missed for the world. Jennifer Holliday and Jessica Sanchez. That one performance was worth tuning in for if nothing else.

      • Cant argue much with the guest stars not attracting viewers. A couple bright spots but on the whole a pretty fluff night of so called entertainment. The John Fogerty bit was so so, Reba McEntire was quite good, Chaka Kahn disappointing, Fantasia downright dismal Neil Diamond also disappointing, Rihanna not too bad, Jordin Sparks made no sense , Aerosmith simply trying to drum up interest for their tour and Jennifer Holliday who was so bad many people think that American Idol has been going for 12 seasons.

    • What the hell are you saying?! Are you sure that’s American Idol you’re talking about? Duh?!

    • How do you know Randy made sense this season if you did not watch. You have got to be kidding.

      “Listen something”

      “Everyone says we always agree, well this time we disagree because we agree. I didn’t like it either.”

      And there were more. Randy needs to go. He just needs to bow out gracefully. 

      Sorry that’s just my opinion. 

  46. I am one of those who DVR it so I answered “no” when asked if I was watching at that moment.

  47. In my opinion the reasons the ratings were so low, Betty White’s show is on and the same time, different channel, and Big Bang Theory, different channel.

  48. Why didn’t they just use the screaming of  Joshua/Whaletasia to generate  ultrasonic sound waves
    to break up the Phillip’s kidney stones saving thousands in medical costs.

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