American Idol 2012 Rankings: Top 3 Week In Review

American Idol 2012 Top 3

It was the last week of American Idol 2012 eliminations before the big finale show arrived. The three remaining finalists, Joshua Ledet, Phillp Philips, and Jessica Sanchez, took to the stage and performed for your votes. In the end it was Joshua who came up short of the votes he needed to carry on to the next round both here on our site and in the official voting. Let’s take a look at how you, the readers, voted and ranked the American Idol 2012 Top 3 performers.

Jessica Sanchez has lead our site’s poll every week of the season 11 competition and Top 3 week was no different with 58% of our poll. Now’s the time to see if she can keep the momentum going and relay it over to where it officially counts. As other singers have been eliminated she’s managed to assimilate at least some of her competitors’ voters here which contributes to her continued climb. It’s still yet to be seen how she managed to lead the top of our poll and the bottom of the official poll the week she was eliminated. This trip to the American Idol 2012 finale marks the first time an eliminated singer has returned to make it that far. Let’s see if her song selections for this week treat her well.

Phillip Phillip, who earned 26% of our poll’s votes, remains the only singer to have not ended up in the confirmed bottom 3 ranks all season, but that hasn’t kept him safe here in our polls. After starting strong Phillip took a dive to the middle of the pack and then even down to the lower tiers as far as our polls went this year. Now he’s made it on to the end of the Idol road and history stands on his side with his absence from the Bottom 3 and the past four seasons’ winners’ profile. Has America decided to change things up and vote in a female winner or will they stick with the streak?

Joshua Ledet had the misfortune of coming up short in our poll last week with just 14% of the vote here. Just as we’ve seen for the past month, the singer who earned the fewest votes here also earned the fewest official votes. His fans may have been disappointed, but we weren’t surprised based on those numbers. Joshua still did a great job this season and will have all the opportunities he needs to make a go of it. Anyone disappointed that Joshua fell just short of the finale should be happy to know he’ll get another chance on the stage when he duets with, allegedly, Fantasia Barrino on Wednesday’s big American Idol 2012 season finale event.

We’ve got just one more poll left this season, so get ready to vote for your favorite after Tuesday’s performance show. It’ll be a close competition with exciting results, so don’t miss our coverage as American Idol season 11 comes to a close.

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American Idol 2012 Top 3 rankings




  1. I had Colton #1 the week he was eliminated, Skylar #1 the week she was eliminated, & Joshua #1 the week he was eliminated.  So my predictions aren’t worth the pixels they’re typed on.   My only defense is it was “veryclose” from 1-7. 

    So with that said, I think Jessica wins.   I’m fine if either of em take the title.  Both have provided a lot of enjoyment.   It doesn’t matter to me so much as to who wins, I just hope they do 3 killer songs.

    This has been the best season IMO.  I’d rather have 7 real good singers than 1 Great one (Haley or Siobahn).  Even with Jblo & Randy trying to ruin it, this has really been a great season.  I saw somewhere that Martina McBride is a huge Idol fan.  She’d make a great judge I bet. 

    •  All I can say is, I am thankful that Skyler was gone a few weeks ago.  That “twang” is the only thing more annoying than Joshua’s screaming.  =)

  2. Go Jessica! The trend from the graph says and determines who is bound to win the competition…

  3. That just goes to show Jessica’s immense popularity. Her AI live rendition of “I will always love you” on Youtube just shot up to 5 million views today from 1.9 when I last saw it yesterday. Probably because of comparisons to Jordin Sparks’ rendition at the Billboard Music Awards yesterday. Polls can’t be justified if the fans don’t vote on the official AI voting where it matters. Goodluck Jess, you’re already a winner to me 😉

    • we’re praying that this is the song she’ll choose to sing tomorrow (one of the 3)

  4. I’d like to see the polls if only those in the states vote, Then we’d get a clear picture of the votes. Last year Scotty won and that chart didn’t agree, I remember well

    • So true!  I remember Haley Rinehart being ahead of Lauren Alaina on this poll but look who was voted off. 

  5. The night Jessica was elliminated, I think her own mother slept early, everybody thought she was safe.

    This is a fair, unbiased article. it is gonna be an exciting finale!

    • Normally, I vote rabidly for Jessica.  That night, I foolishly tried to “save” Hollie and Skylar.   I didn’t think that Jessica needed my vote whatsoever.   Everyone at work felt the same way, and voted for others to “save” them from elimination.

  6. Jessica Sanchez has been leading the poll by long margin despite of the fact that Branden obviously does not have an eye for her to win.
    Now I feel like I wanna ask and please don’t get me wrong with this Branden:
    How does it feel when a  contestant who used to be not your favorite has been dominating your survey even from ths start?
    There is something on it that does not LIE?
    Nonetheless we are thankful to have a site like yours.  

    • Actually I’m the author on this one and I run the site. Branden is the lead supporting writer. We’re two different people. There’s an author tag at the top of every post on the site.

      Again as I’ve said many times. We’re glad to open the poll to all visitors from around the globe, but that means our poll results won’t always match up w/ the official ones. For example, the week Jessica was eliminated. We won’t know for sure how she does in comparison to the polls until the final, official results come in. We’ll be reporting that info as soon as it’s known.  Global visitors can support their favorite in our poll while US visitors can support their favorite in the poll and the official voting. Best of luck to all singers.

      • So glad and thankful to have been replied by you Mr. Matthew Boyer. Now I know that you actually the one who runs this site because Branden’s name is very much associated by many readers here and many even used to think that he owns this site hehehe. Anyway, I am happy that you welcome different visitors here with different views. I have been sending comments here almost every post using my nickname only “Sam” until I decided to fully use my FB account because it is the road now to the finale and my idol Jessica  is one of the last 2 standing so it’s worth my constant visit here. I am proud to share that even here in Saudi Arabia I have met Arabs (Saudis and Lebanese) who have been following Jessica Sanchez too because they have been amazed by her vocal prowess.
        Yup best of luck to our 2 remaining singers and of course especially to JESSICA SANCHEZ! THANKS again Matt……………..

  7. Matthew…not sure if you’ve seen my comm, but we’re sure Jessica’s % will be so high when viewers will witness the duet bet. JESSICA SANCHEZ and the one and only JENNIFER HOLLIDAY on the finale!!!!!  oh my GOD!!!  this is gonna be a history!!!!

    • To Catherine:

      I am glad you mentioned this, it very interesting to see Jessica and Jennifer Holiday singing a duet in the finale.  Jessica’s haters should realized that Jessica’s supporters (including us) are not the only one who admire her amazing talent.  They should be aware of the admiration given by various artists in the music industry, including Jennifer Holiday and that only proves Jessica is worthy of winning the title. 

      I am hoping  that Jessica would sing any of these (3) songs: I Will Always Love You, And I am Telling You and The  Prayer for the Song From Earlier in the Season theme.  I will not forget her explosive performances of these songs.

      We are looking forward for the Duet of Jennifer and Jessica and we are sure this will be another history in the making.

      We are proud of Jessica Sanchez

      • Where is Jennifer Holiday’s career today??? She has been riding the wave of one play and 3 songs.If Jessica sings with her she will be totally over shadowed.Jennifer Holiday can’t do duets,I have seen her try and it is always a hot mess.She would be better off doing it with Jennifer Hudson,at least Jhud would not over shadow her and would be mindful of it being Jessica’s moment.

    • I do not think she will perform will Jennifer  Holliday until tomorrow evening, the vote is tonight.  Shewill do great tonight and I am sure will win.  Best of luck to both, America  will decide.  🙂

  8. BothP2 and Jess  are great!  Who ever win is fine with me BUT I give my votes to Jessica…

    Matthew, most  probably you have your own pick between the 2, but nonetheless it is greatly appreciated with outmost respect for giving us a UNBIASED article. 

    wish you more success and really had a blast with this blog site…. Thanks

  9. Jessica is a worthy winner. Since it’s not based on singing at this stage anymore, please vote tomorrow for Jessica. if winning is based on number of votes, please bring them on. Jessica, please sing your heart out tomorrow and show us that you deserve to win.  good luck for the finale !!!!

    •  Many, including myself, are tired of J. Sanchez’s “style”, if you can call it that.  She seems to need to mimick other entertainers, and doesn’t have any flair, on her own.  At least, Phillip has lots of flair & definite ideas as to his own take on all his songs.  Sorry, but we can’t bring ourselves to vote for J. Sanchez.  Although, she will be crowned probably, on Wednesday night.  Phillip will have more freedom if he is second.

      •  Vocally, I do not think that there is a question as to who has more talent.  Phillip is definitely more creative at this point and may always be, but Jessica is only 16, so cut her some slack. I like Phillip’s voice and it is unique, but is limited. Who knows who will have a bigger career. There are many very successful acts that are not great singers and many great singers that aren’t very successful. Bob Dylan was successful, but has a horrible voice.

        BTW, according to Vegas odds Phillip is 4/13 favorite.


      • to each is own…. i believe in both P2 and JS’s talents and styles… they are too different. one should not even try to compare them.  they are both good in their own genre of music.  some people like phillip because of his originality. some dont because he changes the song’s melody too much. even steven tyler and jlo says so.  that may be a sign of his creativity but some people do not appreciate that.  jessica on the other hand is loved by her fans because of her beautiful and powerful voice and she’s only 16!  @bee1d4d67d33804e16549907ec3aa049:disqus , how many 16 year olds do you think have that voice?  btw, you dont have to yell you know. some may find her boring because she lacks “originality”… give it a few more years, i’m sure she’ll develop her own style of music.  as for me, i’m happy that both of them are in the finale…. i wish them both well.  P2 fans, vote vote vote! JS fans, vote vote vote!  to God be the glory!

      • Just wait and see, Jessica will be Jessica on her own style after this final! Beyonce cant have her own style without critics, trainer, songwriters and choreographer and etc. Imagine, Jessicas voice can mimic, so its like that her voice is a mixture of that of beyonce, mariah, whitney, etc. Thats so great!

  10. Congratulations Mr. Matthew Boyer (GTP) for such a fair assessment! Good job Mr. Writer.

  11. I think the reason the polls are so off is because a lot of people that vote on the polls can’t vote on the show. So…with Phillip have 26 percent on here last week and Jessica have 58 percent. I’m going to say…they were probably very close in actual votes.

    • I have seen MANY polls that put Jessica at least 2X over Phillip.  One poll received more than 20K votes in just a few hours (at a time when most Filipinos would be sleeping) and it was 70.8% Jessica vs. 29.2% Phillip.  That is a HUGE difference that I’m sure was mostly domestic voting.  The only polls that I have seen Phillips leading were ones that had less than 100 votes…….hardly a large number of votes.

      • The bookies have it as
        Phillip Phillips 4/13 Jessica Sanchez 5/2

        Bookies aren’t going to foolishly throw their money away, at the same time doesn’t mean they are correct. However they are a way way way better indicator than looking at some poll where a large part of the poll aren’t even eligible to vote. Based on the poll P2 is a huge favourite to win the competition. 

      • nope! it would not happened! it was morning in the philippines when voting lines were open! so all of us can vote on those unofficial polls! LOL #iamafilipino!

  12. sorry… im not accepting calls tomorrow between 10 pm to 12 pm… Go Jessica!!!!!   :))

  13. Anybody hear who Phillip might be singing with during the finale show??  Joshua I hear is with Fantasia & Jessica might be singing with Jennifer Holiday–but I haven’t heard anything about Phillip.

    • None of that is out yet, at this point it’s just talk, I’ve been looking to see who has concets that night that I think might sing with Phillip but I haven’t had any luck, but wouldn’t it be awesome if he sings with Scotty McCreery who is also from the south. Gotta love it…

      • Can’t say that I am feeling him singing with Scotty!! lol!  But–I could be wrong–it wouldn’t be the first time and it sure won’t be the last.  Just think that would be a little weird! Ha!  Hope they both do well–just hope Phillip does a little better–I really enjoy his take on music.

      • You could be right, I can’t find anything for Damien Rice that night, I believe Matthews will be in NC. 

  14. Phillip Phillips already won. AI is staged. all the hype and pimping from the judges for jessica… just for the ratings.

    • Don’t worry!!!  The Latino-Americans and the Asian -Americans
      can’t vote.  Most of them are working during the show-having
      two or three jobs.  Also the military supporters( Jess’ Dad being
      a US Navy) won’t be able to vote- most of them are overseas.

      • tsk…tsk..tsk..  thats how frustrated some PP fans right now..If u want.. you might call USCIS to deport illegals from Philippines and Mexico so they cant vote for Jessica…hehehe it will never happen..coz  most of immigration agents r rooting for Jessica .. :))

    • What about americans who work outside US? I think we can vote using Skype! Or Facebook!

    • you said for the ratings it means that she is huge in that show ,nobody can put the rating in a high bar except this girl name jessica , wow i never know that …goodluck for both of you.

  15. I’m crossing my fingers that Jessica is gonna be the last one standing. 🙂 USA is so lucky to have such an amazing singer. She’s young and she’s already making a big name! She’s gonna be huge! Huge-huge-huge! The most dramatic and interesting season ever since Adam’s time!

  16. She has a beautiful voice, and hits every note just right with passion and personality, but she still doesn’t hit me the way Joshua and Phillip did.  She doesn’t sound original to me, but I wish her the best of luck.  I think she’ll win it tonight though.

    • Jessica is very original and legit when she sang ‘Everybody has a Dream’…

  17. I know that a lot of people will going to oppose this. But I think this season’s AI had been more exciting because of a girl, named Jessica Sanchez…yeah

  18. good luck Phillip and Jessica!!! Vote for your favorite idol people!  i think it’ll be close….. i’m happy whoever wins. 

    • Let the best Idol win, regardless of gender, nationality, ethnicity, etc.  If WGWG is the best, then it is no curse.  In my mind, Phillip is the best, so that is who will get my vote.

      •  yes lets vote our favourite, i am still hoping JS win this season.i loved all her perfomances no matter what.if not, she already won my heart,,

  19. Jessica and P2 will perform their 3 songs tmorrow evening and the duets will performed on Wednesday evening, correct? 

  20. Thank you, Matthew and Branden, for putting together this site. I have been coming here for 3 years and it’s been great.

    • It’s been great. But I’ve really hated Branden sometimes. Idk, maybe he speaks as if he “knew it all” and then you find out how wrong he is. That shows his weakness as a writer and predictor.

    • Although he does have talent, I think that Jessica has a more pleasant voice that I can never get sick of no matter how many times I listen to it. Joshua sounds good when he doesn’t scream too much, but can become very irritating when he does.
      That being said, I don’t think he should’ve won and don’t think his career will be as successful as the other 2.

  21. She must not sing I Will Always Love You….i disagree with the blogger. Sing another song and belt it more give it more power!!!!

  22. Amazing! sweet 16 jessica has lot of voices that could never be taken for granted as the TOP OF TOPS. Bring out your tools and use it..!!!!LET VOTE JESSICA SANCHEZ!!!!!!!!!

  23. the site owner is rooting for Phillip Phillips, because he has a history of wrong predictions. he probably just want to be consistent. 🙂

    • I missed the part where I was rooting for either of them.

      We’ve actually had a very good prediction rate this season. You must be new here and have poor reading comprehension skills.

      • @08581cde23ffbf2985aaf48f7e6f6be7:disqus : I’ll make that prediction on Wednesday after their performance show. And no, that still won’t mean I’m rooting for either, just who I expect to win.

      • Who was your favorite on the show this year Matt? 

        Can you give us a clue? Are they still in the competition now? Do you have a favorite? 

        I think it’s safe to say that it wasn’t DeAndre. 

        Maybe it was Elise or Skylar?

      • Honestly, I didn’t really have a “favorite” this season. I liked a lot of different singers on and off through the season. Someone I really enjoyed one week might have completely disappointed me the next.

        Yeah, definitely not DeAndre. I saw some of his stuff on YouTube that was better than anything he did on the Idol stage. Hopping around and flipping his hair did not connect with me.

        Not a Skylar “fan” either. I appreciated her enthusiasm and energy which made her a good performer, but I’m not a country music fan.

        Elise was a matured, developed sound which was often nice, but her post Idol interviews were so cranky that it soured me on her.

        Colton’s performances were probably closest to music I’d listen to outside of Idol, but again he had some consistency issues.

        I don’t listen to Mariah or Beyonce, so Jessica isn’t for me.

        If I want to hear DMB, then I’ll listen to DMB. Sorry, Phillip.

        They each had standout performances through the season, but it varied so much that I preferred to just enjoy the show as a whole rather than focus on any one specific singer.

      • That’s fair enough. I actually agree with most of that. 

        Thanks for the reply.

      • Maybe you never say who you are rooting for … But one can tel buy what he writes, that your associate Brandon has never been a very big fan of Joshua or Jessica.

  24. .To those people who in the past that said Jessica is unattractive and dresses a bit too sexy for her age. Are you kidding me? Jessica is very attractive for only being 16 year old. And I have never seen her ever dress in anything close to being inappropriate. So why do you feel the need to say such things? The only negative thing I can say about Jessica (or Phillip for that matter) is they are both a bit on the shy side.

    • I think that Jessica looks just beautiful in the purple dress, in the picture above. However, I do think that one or two outfits have been a bit too “sexy”for a 16 year old.
      Also, I don’t consider shyness as being a negative. I realise you are probably saying it will make it harder for them in their chosen careers, which is probably true. But we sure wouldn’t want everyone in the world to be loud and outgoing or it would be a very noisy world indeed!

      • I think Jessica is a very pretty girl, regardless of her age. I do think she will probably only get better as she gets older. As far as her being shy, it may have a lot to do with her being homeschooled or maybe it is just her personality. Either way, she seems like a super sweet humble girl that has amazing talent. I think and hope that they will both have big careers.

    • I happen to think Jessica is a very cute girl. For a while there, though..they were dressing her totally inappropriately for a 16 year old girl. Jimmy even said something about it.  Although she looked beautiful in the purple dress last week for the results was WAY too old for her.

  25. Jessica’s destined to win this, great talent, hardwork, perseverance, ambition, humility, support equals TRIUMPH.!!

    • there’s no way phillip fans give way to jessica’s fans,they will nail you instantly.they are huge as in HUGE.too bad another WGWG again this year so sick and tired of that.we wish you will win but the fans of phillip outnumbered us .but you will always be our in middle we love you.if only we can vote…..

      • Then I guess she’ll be like Adam lambert, or the one who should have won. After Idol, her record label will give her songs which will be hit after hit, because she trusts them and won’t be a headache to them, unlike other artists who want to be in control at once. She’ll be famous internationally and when she’s older and gained experience, she would be in the position to be creative too. She’ll let the people of interscope be in charge first because that’s their expertise. it will be like what Kelly clarkson did.

      • Humility will get Jessica where she belongs…..American Idol Winner! If we fear those Phillip fans, then we are not who we are….we have yet to confirm the enormity of those fans but Jessica’s fans are more than ever challenged and determined to help her fulfill her dreams tonight.

    • Interscope will give her the right material, and if Whitney Houston broke the barrier for African American women singers, I believe Jessica will do the same for the Asian American singers. I’m si excited for her.

  26. so that many people will lose money and if Jessica wins, all those bettors will be fooled by this misleading and unbelievable betting odd.

  27. If Richie Law, Lauren Gray and Candice Glover were put through, Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips and Joshua Ledet would all three be a distant memory by now. 😉

    Just sayin…….

    LOL Good Luck to Jess and Phil. God’s Speed to you both!!!!


  28. What ????   There will be a movie named ” HeeJun and the cowboy “…….lol 

  29. The graph said it all, Jessica will win with “I Will Always Love You.”…

    • i don’t think so , here in middle east we’re rooting for jessica but phillip fans are too huge ,we are outnumbered.we still wish jessica to win no matter what,she is very talented ..goodluck jessica.

  30. Plz plz if you are a Jessica fan we have to vote as much as possible. I made a bet with my mom over who would win, and unfortunately she’s going all cougar on Philip, so…. Yah. Let’s make Jessica the youngest contestant to win in idol history!!!!

  31. I arrived in LA today…really getting excited about shows Tues & Wed. My tickets are 6 rows behind judges…not too bad thanks to my friend on AI staff.

    Because most of you “Jessers” think I hate her, my lady friend and I will be holding up a 6’x4′ sign with two lines, line one: “We love you Jess & P2!”, line two: “You are both Winners”. Look for us, you know my ugly face (according to Jess fans), will wave to all of you…yes even the James

    Will try to post during or after shows and let you know what AI is like in person. So far…lots of parties to go to. Hope to meet at least one of the 12, idk if possible will likely be after shows, if so, we’ll make sure to get pics together

    • hope can see ur face on tv , james….haha…gudluck dude!

    • James, we are not referring to your physical aspect, but the way your comments regarding Jessica…

      Whatever you look, it doesnt matter much. 

    • They don’t hate you at all. I don’t even hate you. The people (Jay fans or JamesHaters) just hate most of your posts…. So don’t you feel that way. Anyway, have fun sitting 6 rows behind the judges.

    • we don’t hate you james ,it’s your posts that we hate ,those unpleasant comments for jessica from you,what i hate .peace to all.

    • We never said you had an ugly face. We said you had an ugly way of communicating and giving your opinions. 

      Good luck. Take a picture with Jess if you can. You’re gonna love this girl!

      • not just them both..all the top 12 is the winners……………..but sometimes I think we(ai net members) are the winners too….from the beginning of american idol 11 until the finale,..we fight each other ,…sad because some contestant was voted off..happy for jessica and p2…we should be happy to ourself…hmmm…i have to go to college next week…i will remember this blog…until next year..american idol 2013…!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. I do not think Simon Fuller will give Jessica a Whitney song because she has already done 2 on the show, but if he does, I hope it is “I have Nothing” or “One Moment In Time.”  As for what she will choose, I think it will be either “Everybody Has a Dream” or “The Prayer.”

  33. There is no basis on the odds… i think that writer is just one of Matthew’s friends who do not favor Jessica. Just take a look on the numerous polls alone, Jessica leads them all with wide margin. Facebook & Twitter followers, Jessica has more hundred of thousands than PP. Just the same, let us continue our support for Jessica. Let’s beat the odds… Let’s watch & vote & vote & vote …

  34. The fruit of silence is Prayer. The fruit of prayer is Faith. The fruit of faith is Love. The fruit of love is Service. The fruit of service is Peace.

    We love you Jessica!! vote for here…
    Philip ill just miss u..

      • Yes, they all worked hard and the two finalists are both amazing.  I am a P2 fan but will be happy with a Jessica win.  Great careers ahead for both.  It is going to be great to see the Top 10 performing again.  In the end we are all AI fans!

      • at least, i stopped from hating jessica…I realize that…Bashing people,,..its worth nothing….now, i like jessica, i like p2,…….BUT I LOVE COLTON MORE……LOL…at the end..everybody is the winner!!!!!yeah..sorry to all jessica’s fans….!!!!!!! please forgive me!!

  35. Hehe, it feels so awkward yet cool to be in the same school as Jessica. They’re always rooting for her on their homepage. I’m glad that they’re supporting her all the way. I dont care who wins now, cheers to the both of you! 🙂

      • No, she’s not homeschooled, she goes on an online school. It’s called CalPac Online School. It’s awesome~:D

  36. the ONLY losers on the show are the three stooges at the judges table.  the three finalists will undoubtedly get recording contracts.  how far they go is up to them.  but the powers that be behind the show should take a serious look at who sits at that table.  they need knowledgeable, unbiased judges sitting there in the future.  they have a whole summer to start looking for replacements.  they don’t have to be icons in the biz, just people who know what they’re doing.

    • well, the  judges are people too…like us…sometimes, they make a mistake…like us…nobody perfect…!!

      • This is true but if you are getting paid 20 mil for the season you should be held to a higher standard.

    • Judges should be giving critique to the contestants.  They definately stepped over the line on numerous occasions by telling America how to vote or stating who would be the last one standing.  Also should not be using AI as a platform  for launching their tours, new videos, etc.  That being said, best of luck tonight to both contestants.  They both have amazing careers ahead of them, I see good things happening for the Top 7.  Aside from the judges behavior this has been an amazing year of talent.

  37. It’s hard to predict who’s gonna win the contest,but for me the Jessica Sanchez is much ahead than Phillip Phillips in terms of vocal ability.The only reason that Phillip win the battle is because  his massive teenie boppers in America are everywhere. 

    • Its going to be finale showdown in a few hours..are we still gonna argue about that???Thats an old issue & people here are already happy for the both of them.  Just vote like mad for jess coz I cant lol..Good luck to both..

  38. Guys watch “Idology” for this week~! 🙂
    Search in youtube: 
    “IDOLOGY: American Idol – Week 18 – Top 3 Recap, Can Jessica Beat Phillip?: ENTV”

    • The ‘idology’ was a hoot!!  Laughed really hard about Phillip rubbing his leg and JLo keeping her eyes open!!  Good call out.  Hope Phillip does well tonight–good luck!!

    • Love IDOLOGY! I also like the Slezak interviews with the eliminated contestants.  

      • Yeah, that’s also great! They tackled the whole ex-idol experience in an interview~:)

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