American Idol 2012: What Should The Top 2 Sing?

American Idol 2012 Jessica and Phillip Top 2

It’s officially finale week and tomorrow night, the American Idol 2012 Top 2 Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez will be singing three songs for your votes.

They’ll both be singing the song they’ll release as a single if they win, a song picked by American Idol Executive Producer Simon Fuller, and their favorite performance from the season. And despite my better judgement, I’m going to go ahead and continue my weekly song suggestions. So there’s no way I can suggest the song for the single, I’ll take a jab at the other two.

Phillip Phillips

Song From Earlier in the Season: “Still Rainin” by Jonny Lang or “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins. Even though I think Phillip’s best performance from the season was last week’s “We’ve Got Tonight,” it’s probably too soon to repeat that song. So his other best bet would probably “Still Rainin.” It was his best performance to date before last week, so that would be a smart move. However, “In The Air Tonight” was also pretty good, even though that was from all the way back to Top 25. He can’t go wrong with either of those.

What else should Phillip sing? Of course this is up to Simon Fuller (and Simon’s suggestion in the past have been dodgy at best), I’d like to hear Phillip sing “Beast of Burden” by The Rolling Stones. I’ve been putting him with this song for weeks. I think it would be a great performance.

Jessica Sanchez

Song From Earlier in the Season: “I Will Always Love You.” Hands down, this is the ONLY song she should be singing for this topic. It was the song that actually made her a contender. It was the one performance that had me as much a fan as all the others. It was emotional and well-delivered. She needs that song if she wants to even come close to beating Phillip. If she doesn’t pick this song, it’s all Phillip.

What else should Jessica sing? Again, this is all up to Simon Fuller, but I think it’s time for Jessica to do some Beyonce again. Maybe “Listen.” There’s that one really powerful part of the song that I would love to hear her sing. But that was Melanie Amaro’s big song on X Factor last season. So … maybe something else. “Irreplaceable”? “Halo”? “The Best Thing I Never Had” Eh. I want it to be “Listen.” Who cares who did what on X Factor.

What would you like to hear Phillip and Jessica sing on tomorrow night’s American Idol?




    • P2 should do Wicked Game that he did very early on, and maybe either Smooth by Rob Thomas or I Put A Spell On You by CCR.
      Jessica would blow everyone away with When You Wish Upon a Star.  I know it’s Disney, but it’s a gorgeous song and everyone loves it. And the lyric speaks to this competition.

      • When you wish upon a star should be for Philip . Jessica should sing any song she likes . Based from the audition she always sing the most difficult song that anyone can sing. Jessica just be who you are, the best in the competition !!

      • I agree with Smooth and have suggested that song a few weeks ago for Philip. I’d LOVE to hear Jessica singing Killing Me Softly, but the Lauryn Hill version. She’d KILL IT!

      • Jessica should repeat “And I am Telling You” full of emotions, then LISTEN by Beyonce…. those are two powerful songs! Wow! End of story!

      • your right. i never thought of that song jessica, but it could sound beautiful with her voice. the only thing is, since it is the top 2 and philip will probably win cause of the girls, i think jessica should play with a song so it shows her vocal range and her style. she needs to have even more than 1 big moment this time

  1. Phillip could sing Change The World by Eric Clapton it’s a great song. I love Volcano or We’ve Got Tonight, I love all of Phillip;s songs. When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece. Phillp Phillps for the win

    • I will agree that “We got tonight” was one of Phillips better performances … But, I am not sure if I would call it standing-O worthy, like the judges did. I personally preferred Volcano over “We’ve got tonight”. But, that may have a lot to do with the super-imposed image of back-up singer that was shown while that song was being aired. As that image set the entire mood for that song. Which now that I think about it, may have been a unfair advantage for Phillip … As I have yet to see that double exposed video work done with any other performer this season. Between the fancy video work and the unnecessary standing-O’s, I should be like James and claim this show is being rigged … for Phillip to win. LOL

      • It bothers you that Phillip is gonna win and you know it. He is the best. I’m ready to buy his cd now. Phillip is as good as Scotty.

      • Gail,

        I would not be bothered at all if Phillip won and Jessica came in econd place. As I love the blusy style Phillip performs over Jessica’s more pop-like style. That said, I tend to note for Jessica more often (though not all the time) than I do Phillip. As she is a MUCH better singer than Phillip. As vocal perfection trumps catogory of music performed, most every day for me. But, thats just me.

      • I believe there were many unearned standing O’s.  These weren’t concerts, they were young, talented people all vying for a crown.  I also believe the judges are there to critique, not give their opinions on who you should vote for or who will be the lastone standing.

    • Philip Philips should sing Baby by Justin Bieber…Baby baby baby Ohh…

      • Yes because he is just another Justin bieber…. Tomorrow it is beyonce/ whitney houston vs. Justin bieber!!!

      • His voice might not be as amazing as Jessica’s but he has a passion for music and a vision for what good music should sound like and that would not be shitty 21st century music. thats a real artist..  @bc66dfdd176ed7079f3c8400c99ad444:disqus 

    • if he sing that song “Change the world” by eric clapton.. i will give him all my votes to him rather to jessica.. fav song of mine! i know he will slay that song and me in amazement.. Goodluck to the 2.. they’re the best!!

    •  Same old story when Lee Dewyze was on the final two, what happen now? Really? When love and skill work together expect a masterpiece? Really? Hopefully when PP wins, at least buy worth thousands of his record.

    • That is a great idea.  He will do well regardless,  I think he could be all about Clapton

  2. sorry branden but phillip is no match for jessica ,with it comes to vocal.phillip is only famous coz he has the looks .remember this is a singing contest not a beauty contest. but rooting for both of them.peace to all.

    • singing is a medium to express about feeling, something that you feel excited about, or sad or anything else that you can express through it. it is not all about vocal. it is true Jessica has more vocal ability than Phillip but does that means she delivered all of the songs with passion and make people excited to hear?? not really. don’t judge me wrong, i’m a fan of both of them but you can’t just compare them with one indicator only because they both are really different, both have advantage over the other and both deserve to win.

      • I used to say I seldom felt a emmotional connection with Jessica’s performances. But for about 4 or 5 weeks now, Jessica has been very good at making me feel that connection.

      • Yes, good luck to everyone.  At this point, we canonly hope for our own idol to win.   I know Phillip has a big advantage but you never know what can happen.

      •  You are correct in some point. I want to feel the emotions of the singer everytime he sings. But in the case of Philip I can feel his pain and its to hard to listen.

    • The topic of this post is what should they sing.  Why do you have to start the bashing?  Your name says a lot.  Is your last name Delinquent?

    • Phi should go home, he sicky and let Joshua screaming one take place then Jessica win for sure no sweater

    • Are you kidding me!  Get with the program and America, its never just a singing contest

    • Phillip is a true musician who actually feels the music he is singing.  While Jessica has a great voice she bores me with her stand there and just sing style.  Phillip takes far more risks than Jessica.

  3. i want SMOOTH by rob thomas and santana for P2, or an RnB song, pop song and arrange it to make it his own, just like what he did to YOU GOT IT BAD by Usher!….For jessica i want LISTEN by beyonce or a christina aguilera song, like BEAUTIFUL or HURT….its emotional and perfect for her voice….. 

    • jessica should definitely sing beautiful. ahhhhhh! there’s so many songs that would be good for her to singi don’t even know what her 2nd or 3rd song should be 

    • Amarie, I’ve been dreaming of P2 singing “Put Your Lights On” by Everlast and Carlos Santana. How cool would it be for Phillip to sing with Santana!!

  4. “She needs that song if she wants to even come close to beating Phillip. If she doesn’t pick this song, it’s all Phillip.”???? Can’t comprehend. I disagree.

    Actually, I would love to JS sing other song that “I will always love you” but it would also be great, I just prefer “Everybody has a dream”.

    • Yes..obviously branden is definitely a philip fan…philip only has to smile while jessica would have to do some tumbling while singing the telephone book…oh well….let us see tomorrow…:-)

      • Yes, I don’t believe the comments from people before about Branden not liking JS from his articles not until now. I can’t believe I even defended him for not being to hard on JS. HAHA. :)))))

        Branden must be the no.1 P2 fan here. 🙂 Peace out. XD

      • Never mind Branden..let him have his fun–and we will have our fun.  Still, we’ll be at peace.  We will still love Branden while we vote for out Jessica. 

      • I don’t know who really got the most no. of votes last week but really that I don’t get the idea of what Branden said about “It’s all Phillip!” with JS not singing I will always love you? :)))

      • For the record, we don’t know who the bottom 2 vote getters were. They never tell at this point. Scotty looked like he was in the bottom a couple of times and then it was revealed that he had never been in the bottom 2.

      • They always do the bottom three or those that are “safe” in random order. They didn’t call Jessica “safe” first just because she had the most votes. They most likely did it for the reaction of Joshua and Phillip being the final two since everyone though Joshua would be in the final two.

    • That song recommendation of “I will always love you” would be a GREAT song choice for Jessica. And I also have to agree that Brandon’s comment, “She needs that song if she wants to come close to beating Phillip” was close to being hysterically funny. Because if you ask me, it is Phillip that need a special song, in order to come close to beating Jessica. As Jessica can sing circles around Phillip any day of the week. Now Joshua, he would have been a more worthy contender.

      • I really don’t know how can Branden say that~ :))) 
        I can’t see P2 out-singing JS that much as Branden would describe it. 

      • @lizlie:  No worries, everyone has different taste in music.  That is his opinion.  When America votes we shall see.  I am a P2 fan but I do believe Jessica will win, she is amazing.    I like P2 because he has a different  sound.   Whoever wins, both will be very successful and it has been a great season on AI!!!

      • Don’t sweat it…but i think Branden has a point.  It we want Jessica to emotionally connect to the audience, I think that song with do it.  But I also my my prayer if they can go back far enough.

    • how about I have nothing by whitney jessica needs that haro power song should be great for her.

      • I suggested for the reprise song, Dave. 🙂
        But ‘I have nothing’ could also be good but personally, don’t want another Whitney song for her. 🙂

    •  I prefer “I Will Always Love You” its HER song. The song that made her famous and big worldwide. The song that made her a Youtube phenomenal. And the song that made her into the Top 2… If she sings this song again, im sure she will win… Jessica FTW…

  5. Jessica can also repeat “and i am telling you”…i think she also did an excellent job on it Branden! For P2 i want him to sing “volcano” again! im so excited! whoever wins is ok for me, its my dream finale! both are good and unique, they both have thier own style!

    • she really has  to sing this song again!
      cant believe peoeple came upwith i will always love you :S

  6. for p2 “volcano”, the only performance i liked.  for jessica, “i will always love you” and I think the song was done by streisand, “i am a woman in love”; think that’s the title. 

  7. Below is my pick.

    Song From Earlier in the Season:   “I Will Always Love You” or “And I am Telling You”.  I believe, one of these songs will show her wide range vocal prowess and will captivate the audience and viewers.

    A song chosen by Simon Fuller:  “Listen” is a good choice but it would be nice and interesting if Jessica will repeat “The Prayer”.

    Contestant’s individual winner’s single:  Hope Jessica can deliver the song with tenderness, as she always does, and show the world her amazing talent.

    Goodluck to Jessica and Philip!

    Jessica for the win.

    • hey i like that…The prayer! yah that would be amazing! and Thriller for P2, his audition piece :)) I just hope Simon Fuller will choose a great song for both of them!

      • Yes, “The Prayer” is my wishful thinking for Jessica to sing.  I like her rendition of this song with so much tenderness and you can feel her emotions.  I heard she will be singing this song in National Memorial Day Concert in DC on May 27th.

        Goodluck to her.  She erally made us proud!

      • @ Jerileo:  She will also sing the national anthem.  Chris Daughtry and his band will also perform…wonder if it will be televised. Would be awesome to see!

    • its too calm for the finale.she HAS to do you’re gonna love me.a song where she yells and people can hear her voice.Jessica’s got it!

    • Either of the 2 songs “I Will Always Love You” and “And I am Telling You” is an excellent choice but since Jennifer Holiday is probably there to support Jessica then I prefer her song more. Listen is definitely and anticipatingly a powerful choice but to sing “Prayer” again in other hand, is risky since it could be an issue of playing safe. I rather choose “I Surrender” than Prayer. Hoping Simon has chosen a  powerful diva song for her. With her healed throat now, every powerful song is a nailing performance to Jessica especially that this is the FINALE and I believed Jessica so much aware of that  than anyone else here!

      • NO she didn’t Andy Sleeter…………I only mentioned that song “I Surrender” for the other category like singing a song that they want to be their single once proclaimed the winner. After all, there is no mention of original composition.

  8. I hopw Phillip will sing “In the Air Tonight”  or “Volcano”. I think those were some of his best performances and they were done a while ago. I hope he will do something from The Rolling Stones, something that everyone knows. I’m rotting for Phillip – Phillip for the win! 

  9. CONFIRMED! Jessica and Jennifer Holliday will do a duet! OMG :0 that would be epic!

    • Really? How was it confirmed? I just knew jennifer holiday tweeted that she is so happy and excited because she got news that she is flring over to LA. Although, i knew it was a hint, but i didn’t know if it was confirmed. Soooo excited!!!!!

    • yyyyyyyyyyyyes if thats true oh my im so excited to see them doing a duet,, my my

  10. I hope Phillip will sing “In the Air Tonight” or “Volcano”. I think those were some of his best performances and the songs were done a while ago. I hope he will do a song that everyone knows – maybe the Rolling Stones? I’m rooting for Phillip – Phillip for the win. 

  11. Jessica didn’t have any decent performances over season, so can’t believe she would want to repeat any of them. Maybe she could sing the phonebook

    • Hello can u hear me george? Apparently george is deaf with a comment like that

      • deaf indeed ^x^ go jessica for the WIN.. sing “i will always love you” or “Im not going” or “this is a dream”.. all winning performances :))

      • I am notoriously not a Jess fan, but her version of Joe Cocker’s You Are So Beautiful was absolutely world class.  IMO that was her best performance hands down.

    • huh?! not one? ur obviously not a fan but to say that she doesnt have any decent performance is crazy :)) Both P2 and Jess have their shining moments in AI, one of the reason they are in the finale…Goodluck jess and P2!

    • Oh. WOW. HAHA. :)))
      You must have sooooooo high standard~ You must be so great , George. 🙂

    • sorry, george,
       jessica will win and will beat phillip at a ratio of 75/25. 25% goes to philip.

      I truly believe Jessica had a better voice, diversified and varsity voice.

      • I so totally dissagree!!  Phil Phillps buddy, all the way……..for the WIN!!

    • George, just be realistic, the mentors, the judges plus the resident mentor Jimmy I, they have only the good adjectives for JS. Common, just be happy for her. I’m a JS fan, but honestly since the top 24, mybets for the final 3 are JS, JL and PP plus Skylar as the dark horse. Whoever wins, he/she deserves it. Afterall both of them will have a good record contract deal after this.

      • But the winner isn’t decided by the judges or mentors – they are decided by THE VIEWERS. Personally, I hope Phillip wins 🙂

    • You have not watched the season for sure. She is the only contestant that all three judges did not and can not criticize her vocal abilities. All the rest including P2 YES P2 , were criticized about being pitchy. They said something about her dress, song that’ s too old for her but never about her voice. Where you get about your comments is beyond me. I do not want to call you a liar but when people make up stories then what does that make you?

    • If Jessica didnt have any decent performance over the season, then all the judges, mentors, and the American voting audience must have been imagining things all along.   Or George is just trying to get attention.

    • dont be a hater just wish a goodluck for both and the deserving one takes them all…..

  12.    I think Phillip should sing “Funny The Way It Is” by Dave Matthews Band. I know that he doesn’t want to be compared to him, but my gosh he would dominate that song! It may be too soon, but I thought “Volcano” was hands down the best performance. For Jessica, I agree, “I Will Always Love you” is a must! I would like to hear her sing “At Last” or maybe a different angle with something from Celine Dion. Just one girls opinion….. ha. 

  13. “She needs that song if she wants to even come close to beating Phillip”?
    My God, Branden. As far as I know, Jessica is on top of the leaderboard as is bound to win this competition. My God, Branden! Kid us not! Jessica will win all the way. Like if you agree!

    • I would have to agree with Jessica’s personal statement of “It’s anyones game now.” You also have to remember that the “save” had to be used on Jessica. So, you just never know really. 

      • Yes, sure it’s anyone’s game this time. But just put Jessica and Phillip side by side together. Close your eyes. Now decide. Who’s the next American Idol according to your gut feel. It’s Jessica Sanchez for me.

      • That’s just it though… They are SO different. Personally, I could see myself going to a Phillip Phillips concert. His music puts me in a good mood and I love his style. Jessica is absolutely amazing, and I think she would do really well. I also was a huge Melanie Amaro fan from The X Factor, and am sad I haven’t heard anything else from her. Hopefully, someone will give Jessica a great song that she can take off with. She definitely has the voice to carry it. On the other hand, that is another advantage of Phillip. He writes his own songs and all ready has his style set, so there would be no waiting and hoping. I do see Phillip being a more out of the light artist like Dave and Damien, but I like that. The Big set back just being on AI period is having to go on the tour instead of getting a record out while you’re still in the “now.” Ha… 

        Anyways… it will be interesting none the less… : )

      • I am aP2 fan and I love to listen to him, will go see him in concert and purchase his music.  That being said I also enjoy some  of Jessica’s music….this will be a nail biting finale.  Whomever wins, both will so so successful.  I am excited for both of them

    • I’ve noticed it too but for that statement to come from Branden, I was not surprised at all that’s why I chose not to comment. I am used to it because I have been an avid reader of this site since the very start of season 11 ironically I am still here and it is because of Jessica’s consistent great performance because she is an amazing singer.

      • Exactly the same sentiments. With all due respect to the author’s right to choose his bet, I think saying Jessica is way behind Phillip is ridiculously an understatement to her talent. Branden has done a good job though in keeping us all posted but now more than ever, I feel he’s really rooting for Phillip. And there’s no question to that. He’s been like that since day 1. Peace out.

      •  Tallying all your comments I would say the Jessica is so far from Phil. From commetns to likes.

  14. Jessica que dios te de muchas bendiciones mi nina porque eres excelente y las mereces realmente;eres magnifica!!!!

  15. better if jessica sings I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU…. i think its the best song for her,, just my opinion… GOOD LUCK JESS.. prayers for you

  16. As much as I love Jessica’s I Will Always Love You performance, I think Everybody Has A Dream is the perfect choice, especially for the finale. Go Jess!

    • I, too agree. ‘Everybody Has A Dream’ is but magical for Jessica. It sounded like it’s written long ago just for her. For Phillip, I think ‘In The Air Tonight’ is a good choice.

  17. They said on the TV that poor little Asian girl is sick again and they may postpone the AI show, seething about her throat.

  18. Phillip’s voice is awesome and he has more talent  he’d sell more cd’s. All because a person can hit the high notes don’t make them a better at the end of the day. 

    • Honestly, Philips selling more CDs. I dont think so. I watch all kinds of show never bought a CD for a long time because all the artist now in the US sounds the same to me. People just made a song it doesn’t matter if they hit the hight note or not. That’s the dumbest reason I ever heard. When Steven Tyler have said that to Philip, I felt ashamed on how the US music industry is going. Hey, the show is also telecast worldwide  and as American that is a very embarassing comment.  Did you even have a music subject when you were in school?

      I still listens to my old CDs. I think for the first time after a long time I will buy a new album, but not Philip though, he can’t hit the high note so he is not a certified singer. He is a guitarist who can sing but not a singer who can a hit a high note.

      Sorry to all the Philip fans, he is good but watch again the show in your dvr, there are songs that Philip sang that was out of tune. As in out of tune. That is very embarassing  for the US that he is still on the show and make it to the finale where there are a better contestant than him.

      Be realistic, this is a singing contest. I may never watch the show again because I think Jessica Sanchez is by far the best contestant on the show and I dont think any contestant in the future can top that.

      Im a person just watch a show but never vote but because Jessica Sanchez is so amazing she made me pick up my phone and vote that is something.

      • This has got to be the most asinine post ever. Phillip can’t hit the high notes.  Can Jessica hit the low notes? Can she sing like Scotty from last year? No. They’re completely different! No one is embarrassed that Phillip is still on the show. We like his music.  He doesn’t have to sing like Pavoratti for Pete’s sake.  Do you think many lead singers of rock bands can hit the HIGH note? No, most of them don’t have a four octave range and they are doing very well for themselves. Ridiculous post.

      • what do you callyour self nothing but a someone from another country tlling american that we dont know music people from around the world are not music genre like we are   you all like kareeoke music that is your speciality you dont like our music why are you listening to it.  in America we are proud of our music being so diversivied and unique.  bassing our country why dois every one want ot live here then.   another thing School for teenagers is a better chose.  What we are coming to is changing american idol to teen idol to get ratings meanwhile these teens need an education and us aults young and old want to hear 20 year olds and older trying their las t  chance of being a musican while teenager should have a summer idol so they sont miss school and can be a teenage.  parents want there children to be stars to young then they grow up to fast and you know where that leads.  myley cyrus britney and many other ones lindsy lohen.  I bet now they wish they went to school and where normal teens.  so if you dont like america dont listne or come here.  Your didding our citizen and our country/…………

      •  HAHAHAHA!!!! OUT OF TUNE!!!!! so true! “Time of The Season” was so out of tune, i was quivering in my seat while listening to it. I just had to hurl my socks and slippers towards the TV

    • He’s an obscure artist more obscure than Lee DeWyze and if that’s any indication he’s gonna crash and burn.  

    • You can say whatever Gail but to say that he can sell more cd is not a proven fact.  I love both of them but I do love Jess more so good luck to both of us :-).

  19. When it comes to song selection for Jessica, Branden really doesn’t have much to say..and if i remember it right, the “i will always love you” was the only performance that he actually praised Jessica..”only”..whatever song Jessica will sing, i absolutely believe she is well prepared..she understood this is the finale,something she cannot rewind everything that she’s gonna be doing up on the stage.this is her big chance to achieve her dreams..a make it or break it..On the other hand, i also love Phillip..he’s so humble..and i love his version of’s my fave performance of him..goodluck to you both..great careers ahead of you two..

  20. “Everybody Has A Dream” for really fits her..and the falsetto..just amazing and perfect!

  21. i will always love you?please,im a huge fan of jessica,but no i will always love you for her! she has to sing stuttering or you’re gonna love me!those were the ebst performances!!!

  22. Really? ” If she wants to even come close to beating Philip ” I’m certain, it’s the other way around! It’s Jessica Sanchez’s game and she’s in it to win it!!!

    • Most popularity polls have Jessica as a 2 to 1 favorite.  But, groups like VoteForTheWorst don’t participate in polls like that. 

  23. @Branden & Matt:  I for one have enjoyed this site and want you both to know how  much I  appreciate it.  Thank you!

  24. think jessica will shine and recognize her real talent if she will sing I M TELLING YOU IM NOT GOING or EVERYBODY HAD A DREAM… that two songs are really powerful or maybe I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU..  oh my.. anything.. my prayers and GOODLUCK

  25. I heard Jess is performing “Sweet Dreams”…  BUT WHY THAT?!?!! i mean its still nice but still… WHY THAT!?

  26. I can’t help but laugh with your comments about Jessica. Obviously you are rooting for Phillip. Again and again, don’t underestimate the power of voting. nobody knows what’s gonna happen.

  27. Branden…EVERYBODY….latest tweet from Jennifer H!/Jennifersspot/status/204572545507274753olliday herself…

    oh my GOD!!!!!!   people from all over the world will be watching!!!!!!  please spread this good news!!!!

  28. I don’t know if its allowed, but i want Philip to sing “Thriller”. He sang that back in the auditions and i remember it being really awesome… very cool rendition. perfect for him imo.

    Jessica should sing “everybody has a dream” there’s a part in that song where she belts out a two level high note or something like that. It starts with “I say… Keep dreaming!…. whooo  (low note) whOOOO! (then the high note)” I suggest she do a 3rd level with a even higher note. That would blow the roof off.

  29. How come I’m getting this feeling that the writer is pro Philipps?  You could actually tell the difference between a good writer and a bad writer when the topic is not bias.

      • @Branden & Matt:  I am saying it again, thanks for putting this site together and facilitating.  I enjoy reading your opinions, all of them.  I sometimes respectfully disagree but continue to appreciate both of you.  Thanks again!

      • Yes, everyone this is his blog.  Let him rule it.  Be nice–just take it.  And support our Jess.  That is all–no questioning the writer. 

      • shiney has every right to comment. the blogger has placed himself in a position to be criticized by anyone. deal with it.

  30. Volcano is P2 best performance this season imo, but I dont think the song could get any better than that. Same for U Got It bad. So In the air tonight would be logical since everyone knows it.
    I hope Simon choose Smooth. Rob Thomas’ voice sounds pretty alike to P2. Since the 1st one would prolly be a haunting phillipized joint, an upbeat song like Smooth is reasonable

    • Oh Yes! Rob Thomas’s “Smooth” would be great & I think “Volcano” was his performance also!

  31. Branden it’s Phillip who should do something special to come close to Jessica.

  32. Let’s beat the ”cute boy with a guitar” loving teens this year!let’s break the girls can’t win AI curse!

  33. Jessica pls sing Listen,I will always love you and The Prayer..pls select any of these song…GO GO GO Go

  34. I am actually also hoping for Jessica to sing “Listen”. I think she whe will top Melanie -X Factor winner.

  35. Volcano! It was his best performance I think, he had “moment” with this song. I loved it. Too soon for “We have tonight”. “The Blowers Daughter” is another one I’d love to hear him sing. But it’s by Damien Rice also.

  36. Really Branden, how bias can you be? Jessica can sing any song and people can hear right away how inferior P2 ‘s vocal. He is the one who can not come close to Jessica in terms of singing prowess and technical abilities. What we differ for sure is whether you like their style and clearly you don’t like Jessica’ s style.Now that’s a fair statement .Your saying that Jessica can’t come close to P2 is comical at best !!

    • I agree 1000% (not a typo).   Jessica can pick from a host of songs whereas PP can’t.  Branden has picked Jessica to go home almost every week, ignoring all of the polls and the fact that Phillip has had to endure the final two to be voted off twice now (with Hollie and Joshua)

      I know, PP should sing “Time of the Season” by the Zombies……he slayed that one.    You know……that’s the song that exposed PP’s gaping holes in his singing ability.

      From the comments I’ve read from outside of the USA, most can’t believe that PP even made the show, let alone be in the finale.   Sure, they think he’s good looking, but he can’t sing that well at all.  Perhaps the website VoteForTheWorst is stronger than we all thought.

      • If you mean he was in the bottom two (with Hollie and with Joshua) then no, he wasn’t. Ryan never said on either occasion that this was the bottom two.

      • t’s true we don’t know if he was ever in the bottom 2.  So it’s okay just vote and vote, jess fans.  It should not be an issue whether he was or not. 

    •  Power isn’t everything.  Jessica is a singer, not an artist.  Phillip is an artist.  And, his vocal’s are great.  Just because he doesn’t sing loud enough to be heard all the way to Uruguay doesn’t mean he isn’t just as good.  And there’s many people who think he is just as good, or better.

    • Branden is getting desperate so leave him alone.  Peace, Branden..we still love you.

    •  Me too.  My favorites are “We’ve Got Tonight” then “Volcano” then “You Got it Bad.”

  37. We know this is something bias against Jessica. We can do nothing about it. Its Brandens opinion. So just pay respect to the writer for the last couple of days. Or maybe, lets just wait for Matthew’s turn. Goodluck for PhilJess!

  38. “She needs that song if she wants to even come close to beating Phillip” I get that. Phillip doesn’t need a WOW performance to get the votes, he just need to get up on stage, look good and smile. But Jessica does need a WOW performance because people mostly vote for her because of her talent. “I Will Always Love You” would be a great choice. I really loved Phillip’s “U Got It Bad” but he will probably do “Volcano”.

    • Yeah, if he’s out of tune, he Phillip Phillips it,
      pitchy? he’s harmonizing. unrecognizable melody? he’s an artist.

      • Shilly, when I sing ” I will always love you” I can’t hit the notes so I changed it up to fit my register, little did I know I’m an artist. Dang! I should have known…

  39. I would like P2 to sing Volcano or We’ve Got Tonight but I agree that it may be too soon to sing those songs and the impact might not be as great because of that. Agree that Jessica should do a Whitney and Beyonce back-to-back–i imagine that would be awesome. 

    • Fine, that will not take away Jessica being the better singer.  The important thing is she made it to the finale.  It wouldn’t have mattered who is going against Phillip in the finale–Phil has it in the bag because he has so much support.  But if it does slide off ….will you be able as calm as I do?  Prepare for the inevitable–i am prepared. 

  40. I know PP is a writer.  Does anyone know if his first single will be a song he wrote?  I would like to see him sing “She talks to angels” that would be up his alley. JS should sing “I will always love you” thats a lock. Should be interesting tommorow.

  41. Jessica should sing “I Will Always Love You” or “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”. Besides that, she should sing something like “1+1” by Beyoncé or “I Surrender” by Celine Dion or maybe “The Prayer”, the song she sang on the TOP 42 stage. She’s my favourite, but I also like Phillip. 

    The only thing that would bother me with Phillip being the winner is the fact that he would be the 5th WGWG in a row to win American Idol. I really liked “Volcano” and “U Got It Bad”. I would also recommend him to sing something like “The Blower’s Daughter” by Damien Rice or “Come Together” by The Beatles.

    I think it will be a great finale! They are so different, which will make it exciting. I LOVED Joshua too and I was sad that he was gone but someone had to go and at this stage of the competition, it is tough to survive. I hope Jessica wins, but I will be happy for Phillip if he is the one to be crowned as AMERICAN IDOL 2012.

      • I agree that the song “come together” would be tha song Phillip NEEDs, to have any chance of winnng out of jessica. Good choice.

      • Which version of Come Together? My favorite is by Aerosmith..back when Tyler could still sing.

  42. dance with my father,,,thats a killer song,,,listen ,,,is good too,,,,this is where jessica is gonna shine,,,,she’s got this title in the bag,,,,if she loses this competition,,,thats ok too,,,,second place is not bad ,,,not bad at all,,,,,,

    • i don’t think jessica’s voice could fit that song. at all. her voice is really big for that.

  43. Branden….Definitely agree with “I will always love you” for Jessica but I’d like to hear Phillip sing “Thriller”.  His version was awesome.

    I know the season is coming to an end just wanted to let you guys know that I really enjoy this blog and Branden I enjoyed  your recaps on The Voice.
    Guess I’ll see you on “Big Brothers” soon.  Have an awesome summer.

  44. Jessica could  do “Everybody Has a Dream” from Top 10/ Billy Joel week. It was very well done and really meaningful, especially at the finale it could be a big moment for her again…that or “I Will Always Love You”,  since that song made us sit up and take notice of her. Or finally, “You Are So Beautiful” even though she sang it quite recently.
    Hope she doesnt screw it up and do “Turn the Beat Around” or “Stuttering” again, they were good, but were not moments for her.

    Jessica’s standing ovations:
    Hollywood Week Solo: The Prayer
    Top 25: Love You I Do
    Top 13: I Will Always Love You
    Top 10: Everybody Has a Dream
    Top 4: And I Am Telling You

  45. Everybody knows that Jessica can sing “I will always love you” well.  No need to repeat that.
    “The Prayer” was brilliantly sung by Jessica, but not in front of an audience.  I think it is time for her to showcase the emotion and conviction she has on her faith with that song.  Then she can sing another upbeat song like “Love on top”.

  46. Jessica Sanchez will win the competition this year if she does the incredibly inspirational “One Moment in Time” by Whitney Houston.  She is one of the few artists anywhere who can pull this off– and if she does, coupled with “I Will Always Love You”, will win it, regardless of what Phil Phillips does.

    • P2 should have been sent home a long time ago but he’s cute. Oops! I forgot this is a singing competition.

    • She will go home after the finale–don’t worry– but the big question is.  Who is going home with the title?  Jessica or not, I will still support her when her record comes out.   She will definitely get a contract no matter what.  Will just  enjoy her performance tomorrow.

  47. Yes.  At Last will be an excellent choice for Jessica if she can change up the tempo.  Otherwise, the kids are all going to say, “Boring”.

  48. to all my friends and relatives …i will not accept any cellular calls on tuesday  between 10 pm to 12 pm…:)))   JS for the win !!!

  49. Jessica will win only if people will vote for her, so is for PP.  No one is bound to win at this point.  Branden is clearly blowing hot air by saying that anyone comes close to beating another person with a particular song choice.
    I think most people have already had their minds made up on who is a better singer.  It is only a matter of whether they are eager to vote or not. 

  50. Jessica certainly has the better vocal skills and versatility.
    PP certainly has better stage attractiveness.
    PP is unique in his own style of music.
    Jessica is also unique in her versatile styles of songs.
    Both of them suck in dancing.

  51. How ’bout Tonight I Wanna Cry or You’ll Think of Me by Keith Urban for P2. . . he could have a moment like he had with Volcano and We’ve Got Tonight with these songs .  . .

  52. I’m guessing ‘Superstition’ for Phillip and ‘I Will Always Love You’ for Jessica.

  53. tomorrow will be the final singing contest for both Jessica and Phillip they are both winners no matter what,  my 1st and far most that i am voting for is Jessica her voice is so perfect, she comes across as being Humble and Sweet when she sings a song OMG she is another person and not the shy and timid person we see on tv.  I hope and pray she sings for her song choice that she sang in the competition is >>>>  I will always love you.  she nailed and killed this song when she sang it, it was tender, sweet, loving and caring with emotion.  I hope the second choice is by beyonce >>>>>  Listen.  i believe this song will seal the deal on her career.  no matter what i will be voting for her good luck jessica my prayers are with you.

  54. Phillips has the range of about octave and a half.  Jessica almost three octaves.  Jessica has never dodged any song based on degree of difficulty while Phillips has to be very careful of his song choice due to his limited range.  Given this, Jessica should be getting 2.9 votes for every 1 1/2 for Phillips.  Jessica winds hands down.

      •  range = true vocal talent!  philip is a “good” singer and may appeal more to the “masses” that are most likely unsophisticated!!!

      • People can have 3+ octaves, but if they don’t have the tone to match it, it’s useless.  Jessica’s tone doesn’t do much for me.  I think Phillip is more talented.

      •  Oh and I take high offense to that comment.  Liking Phillip doesn’t make anybody unsophisticated.

    • Just remember it’s the voting that counts–not who is better.  So put all your energy into the voting tomorrow–useless to argue on who is better.  We all know already.

  55. Phillip: “Volcano” or “We’ve Got Tonight” for songs from earlier in the season.  Or maybe, if allowed, he should sing “Somebody That I Used to Know” by himself.
    then “Hurt” in the style of Johnny Cash or “Smooth” by Rob Thomas and Santana.

    Jessica: “I Will Always Love You” No question.  That was the only time I liked her as much as everyone else does.
    then “Hurt” by Christina Aguilara.

    That would make a good finale, until the hideous songs written for them are performed.  🙂

    •  I forgot to mention “7 Things I Hate About You” by Miley Cyrus for Jessica.  And, before you freak out, I think she’d do a decent job.  It fits her age, and would suit her tendency to scream.

      • That’s right ! Scream like Jennifer Hudson, Jennifer Holliday, Aretha Franklin, Patti Labille, Chrisina Aguillera, Chaka Khan in short , just like the great singers of all time. Let’s see, P2 is like Kris Allen , David Cook. Lee Dewyze… Hmmmm think about it .

      • BTW..the only of those so called greatest singers of all time that I can actually listen to is Christina Aguillera and some of Aretha’s stuff.

      •  Phillip is not like Kris, Lee, Or even David.  And in my honest opinion, Jessica has nothing on either Jennifer, Aretha, Patti, Christina, Chaka Khan, or any other.  Her vibrato sounds like someone singing on a bicycle going down a bumpy dirt road, to me.  And she just can’t perform like them yet.  In a few years, I think she’ll be great.  But until she matures, I won’t like her.  Phillip is genuinely himself, and I think Jessica will just be an AI puppet.  I’m allowed to feel that way.  Nothing y’all say will change my mind.

      • Your opinion is just one among many.  And it is not important enough for anyone to try and change.

      • I take Jimmy Iovine opinion than yours anytime . FYI read his latest comments about Jessica. BTW Jessica is the only contestant that a lot of people in the industry are rooting for. Do you think you’re qualified to comment about her vibrato ? I’m actually amazed you can spell that.

    • You are right about ‘Smooth’ or ‘Hurt’–either one I would think he would kill.  Don’t think he will do ‘Volcano’ or ‘We’ve Got Tonight’ though–they were to recent.  I’m hoping for ‘Still Raining’–its up beat and he seems to really enjoys performing that song & it comes across to the audience that way too.

    • Jessica can sing anything. No problem . Philip however has to really dig deep as to what song he should sing to be worthy going head to head with the best singer in the competition.

  56. Vote for the person whose album you’d most like to buy. Nothing else. There are no politics in how you spend $$ as most people will not pay for something they don’t enjoy. Too bad AI doesn’t get on board with having iTunes as a portion of the vote, as people usually would only buy the music that was enjoyable to them, rather than looks or personality. Both are talented in different ways. Either one could take it, but at the end of the day it is up to America and we all have to understand everyone is entitled to vote how they like and for whatever reason that motivates them. It is the way the system is designed. Flawed or not deal with it. Fighting and insulting changes nothing.

  57. i definitely think jessica should sing i will always love you. but and i am telling you could also be a slight possibility. she should also sing listen by beyonce (she would kill with that song),through the rain by mariah carry.  (she’s probably not going to sing a song by mariah carry though because she did one last week). philip should sing volcano by damian rice,  for his choice. philip should in my opinion sing dancing in the dark by bruce springsteen also. if you listen closely, that song has got alot of philips sound and style. i like both of them but i think jessica should win, but every girl is going to probably vote for philip because everybody knows that he has a kidney problem and people want to support philip because of that. also girls think he’s cute so jessica will probably not win.

  58. Branden is obviously rooting for Phillip. The power of voting wins. That’s all that matters.

  59. Jessica will be perfect if she will sing I will always love you – the bodyguard

  60. For Jessica:

    Superwoman – Alicia Keys
    1+1 or Listen – Beyonce
    I’m Going Down – Mary J. Blidge
    Talking to the moon – Bruno Mars

  61. Phillip should do Smooth by Santana(Rob Thomas on vocals) and he would send all the women in America a-swoon!!!!!!!!  It’d be so good!!!!!  PLEASE!!!

    • I’d like to hear him do Grenade by Bruno Mars as Simon’s pick. Show us what you really got Phillip. I know he has it in him and now would be the time to show it. If he can do that well with “We’ve Got Tonight” then he can do this song.

      Jessica should do “Love on Top” by Beyonce. I hope Simon picked this for her. 

  62. EVERYBODY HAS A DREAM for jessica… I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU is good but boring… everybody has a dream is a winner song.. same with the lyrics.. “everybody has a dream… and this is my dream…”  perfect forher… i wanna see her sing this song while shes wearing a beautiful gown with the big band and the orchestra plus the back up singers and confettis flyng around her.. omg! finale song! for the winner… with phillip.. anything he sings will remain the same as the past performances he had on the show.. nothing exciting nothing memorable nothing fun to watch nor listen with…. honestly… im not bashing pp.. but i really cant see him in the limelight to be a big star in the future.. i can hear him in the bars with his own band. but not in grammys..

  63. I’ve been thinking about what  P2 shouldsing and I finally came to the conclusion that he should sing a song that brings a tear to his eye. Something like Volcano that has influenced his style.

    It’s funny how everyone says he sounds like Dave Mathews like that makes hom something bad…damn, I wish I sounded like Dave Mathews.

    Jesssica is not of my music genre so I won’t suggest anything. Both are very talented and the 16 YO pocket diva is impressive.

    My music taste is in line with Phillip so that’s where all vote, but it’s all good. Both will have big careers.

    • You are a role model for people on this blog. You eloquently say your view without bashing the other that is not your style of music. Hats off to you.

  64. I hope Jessica will sing I am changing. If u watch her cover of this song in YouTube, then u will see what Im talking about. She will win hands down.

  65. Why does Branden think P2 is such a favorite for the finale (by saying of Jessica “if she wants to even come close to beating Phillip”)? Wasn’t last week’s results in order of votes? In other words, P2 and Joshua were in the bottom 2? Or do they not do that with the final 3?

    • Because he is a favorite to win. He has a 50/50 chance the same as Jessica. There are only two left but Phillip is the odds on favorite to win for a very long time. Some people even have money riding on it. 

      Phillip Phillips = 7:2 chance of winning

      Jessica Sanchez = 4:1 which is not far behind though.

      According to one online gambling site.

      Basically it’s a toss up but Phillip is slightly ahead in odds.

      • Sure, I can buy that (the casino odds). If I were an odds maker, I would probably give similar odds because historically guys win, and no saved contestant has ever gone on to win the whole thing. But I’m really referring to Branden’s definitive statement implying that Jessica doesn’t have much of a chance to beat P2. I thought it was kind of a ridiculous statement from him, assuming P2 was in the bottom 2 last week, below Jessica. But I’m not sure if they do that whole bottom 2 thing for the final 3 and wanted to confirm before I made my comment.

      • We don’t know who was the bottom 2 last week. We only know Joshua was last.

    • He was not necessarily in the bottom  two.  When they get to the top 4 they send them to safety randomly.  Do not know if he has ever been in the bottom.  That happened to Scotty last year and it was later revealed that he was never in  the bottom.  I do believe Jessica will win, but you never now.

    • They don’t do that with the final 3 (or 4). We don’t know who had the most votes last week, so no, there is no proof that Phillip was in the bottom 2.

    • Yes they do that with the final three–they also did that when Hollie was eliminated.  They didn’t say Phil was in the bottom, either. 

      • Ryan said he was building the final 3..he never said that Phillip and Hollie were the bottom 2.

  66. I’d like to hear Phil do Grenade by Bruno Mars as Simon’s pick. Show us what you really got Phillip. I know he has it in him and now would be the time to show it. If he can do that well with “We’ve Got Tonight”(relevantly speaking of course) then he can do this song.

    Jessica should do “Love on Top” by Beyonce. I hope Simon picked this for her.

      • Sure he will. He is THE American Idol. He is awesome and wonderful and great!!! He can sing anything. Give him a phone book and let him have at it.

  67. I’m sure Jessica will sing Beyonce Listen! Definitely! But I don’t think she should pick Whitney …. In her place, I would be bold and sing Stuttering! It was excelent and effortless!
    And regarding Phillip, in my opinion Still Rainin’is not the best option. It’s not familiar enough and I think he has had some more powerfull performances. In the Air Tonight or Movin’ Out would be better!

  68. I would rather hear new songs than repeats.  “What I did for love” for Jessica would be a great finale song.  Its from A Chorus line, she could yet again make everyone cry as they listen.  If she was to repeat though, “and I’m telling you I’m not going” is my favorite.  Philips can sing any song he wants and it’ll sound like the previous ones because they say he’s an artist that way…I dunno….

    • If he did Springsteen, I’d prefer “I’m On Fire”.  It’s a pretty short song and he could do the whole thing.  It’s practically tailor made for his vibe, too.

      • I think a number of Springsteen songs would work for him – lots to choose from!

    • No one should sing Hallelujah on Idol ever again.  Retire it and Over The Rainbow,  and about 20 others that are so overdone.

    • He can’t sing that style…..he would be voted out. Something by joe Crocker could work

  69. My choices for the Finale:

    Repeat Song:
    PP- U Got It Bad or Thriller- he is not memorable when he takes a pop song and makes it him
    JS- I Will Always Love You or I’m Telling You- Those were her best by far. Since she most likely will sing with J Holiday the latter in tue finale I can assume she won’t sing that tomorrow. So I pick I Will Aleays Love You… Although since Jordin Sparks just sang it and she’s a past AI winner… They may steer her elsewhere to that Dream song from Phil CollIns or to Sweet Dreams by Beyonce…. Meh I hope not :/

    • Wouldn’t it be awesome if JHud would join J Holiday and J Sanchez for I’m telling You for the finale?!?! I’m tellin you it’d be a moment in AI history! They really should do this!!!

  70. Jessica should sing either “I Surrender” by Celine Dion or “One Moment in Time” by Whitney Houston

  71. Simon’s Choice:
    PP- Smooth is the best choice I think

    JS- I’d like to hear her do Halo personally as it is modern sounding but still a big vocal ballad. If Simon goes upbeat, I hope he picks Love On Top or Domino as JS really does need to show she can do a modern upbeat song

    • The more I think about it… I think JS could slay Leona Lewis’ single Happy! Talk about emotion! That song packs a punch! It may be a bit low for her though… It’s a great song none the less- prob not popular enough in the US to do now though so lets stick with my previous picks…

    • I hope it is cause WGWG is the only real talent left and the most maketable!!

  72. I think Jessica will kill this finale. Go Jess! AI will air live in Phil, and some other countries in Asia. I bet they’ll find ways to cast their votes knowing how resourceful they are. Well I don’t care, as long as they vote JS! Woohooo!

    • No voting is limited to the US–let’s play fairly.  JS fans in the US can do it!!!

    • We have led Jessica to the top 2 so far–we the fans here in the US and we will do it again. Even if it means we won’t have much sleep, texting and dialing. We want a fair outcome otherwise, victory is not sweet.

  73. Now the real issue we have here- and this is all in Jimmy’s hands- is picking a solid 1st single!

    When the competition is close- whoever does better on the AI single wins (think season 5, 6, 8) It’d also be nice if the single was actually radio ready as well…

    It’s going to be a ballad for each but here’s to hoping PP’s is like David Cook’s Time of my Life and JS gets something that sounds like Halo and less like Inside Your Heaven… Something like Listen could also be a big hit for her on AC and Urban AC as well a la Kelly clarkson’s Moment Like This. We shall see…

  74. I think Jessica should sing something upbeat.  She’s always singing ballads.

    • Jessica did many upbeat numbers in Idol such as How will I know, Turn the beat around & Proud Mary…and how about your Phillip?????????

      • Seriously? Jessica cannot sing upbeat songs which we have all witnessed. Phillip sang It’s Still Rainin’, Beggin’, Fat Bottomed Girls, Movin Out, In the Midnigh Hour…I know there were more. How can you say he didn’t sing any upbeat songs?

  75. Jessica should sing a popular song to relate with audience. It’s either I will always love you or sweet dreams (with some revisions on the notes, sing it with lots of high notes).

  76. At last.hehe.I 100% agreed to all of your picks for Jessica in the Finale.I really hope your picks are right.I know she will put her own spin if she’ll sing Listen.Melanie Amaro’s version is about the range but Jessica can put soul to it, vibrato, growls, swag and emotions. 😀

  77. I want to hear Jessica singing “It’s all coming bac to me now” by Celine Dion

    and Phillip… Lady in Red! <3

    •  Jessica’s 16.  “It’s All Coming Back To Me” would be way innapropriate.

  78. Phillip should sing happy birthday. Because thats the most sǐmple melody he can do. Jessica can sing I’ll always love you or any very difficult song… J lo can only dream of singing!

    • OK  Jess can sing The Alphabet Song and Phil can sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.  It’s  the same melody with different lyrics.  lets see who wins.

  79. Listen by beyonce. that would be the best and wisest song choice for jessica.

  80. A tweet from Jennifer Holliday says that she’ll be singing in a duet with Jessica. That goes ‘And I’m not telling you’ which leaves ‘I will always love you’ and ‘Everybody has a dream’ as repeat song for Jessica.

    For Philip, I would love to hear Volcano again 🙂

  81. Jessica is a great singer, and is very talented, but 2 be honest I would not be able to buy a record with her, her voice is amazing but not music that i would sit down and listen 2 rather music i am impressed by.. Phillip has a real star quality and has a voice that you can easily sit and listen 2, also he already has a style while Jessica is more kinda there. They are both amazing, but overall if either of them are gonna succede in the real world of music Phillip would. 

    • That’s your opinion . I for one can not listen to P2 genre. Whatever song he sing sounds the same , no range , no melody and bores me to death but then again ,to each is own. Peace.

      • Betty…its obvious you’re another filipino pushing for Jessica. Don’t disguise with a name like Betty.

    • “Phillip has real star quality”–you may think that way but other people don’t. My nephew shouted, “that’s our gardener on tv” when he saw him singing. That lead me to think that if he really wants to be a star as you think he is, he has to look the part (as well as the vocal range).

      • What do you mean..he has to look the part? Most guy singers wear jeans in concert. They don’t need to put on a tux for pete’s sake!

      • That was an unbiased, innocent observation from a 5-year old child. He mistook him for the gardener. I was just relaying what happened. It is a true story and don’t be too sensitive. He is still in competition and not yet in concert. When you are applying for a job, you look your best and always put your best foot forward.

      • He’s the most origunal contestant this year, give it up to that fact.  Phil Phillips doesn’t let the wardrobe department dress him into something he’s not.  Rockers know how to let it all hang loose and thank goodness they do, Rock On   Luv ya Phil, you go buddy!!

        * * * * * “Keep on Rockin’ in the Free World” * * * * *

      • “Not letting the wardrobe department dress you”–you may have just pinpointed the reason why the other WGWGs before haven’t made it to real stardom.

    • You got that right!!  There’s hundreds of “Diva” queens out there but only one original artist known as Phil Phillips.  He certainly has made this season of AI interesting, like him or not, you know deep down that he’s the one to be last man standing.  I love it, go Phil all the way baby!!

      • Can you tell me where is David Cook, Kris Allen And Lee DeWyze ? P2 is one of them. Original Artist. When you say Diva Queens, are you talking about Beyonce, Lady Gaga , X ‘Tina , Mary G Blige & many more ? If I would be successful like any of them , who does not want to be a Diva?

      • David Cook is doing pretty well for himself. IF you listen to the crappy stations that play Lady Gagme and Beyonce…you probably won’t hear him.

  82. If Phillip wins, this show is really a popularity/beauty contest. If Jessica wins, then this show a a Talent Contest. XD

      • That is actually quoting from P2 fans and if you are honest enough , own up to that . All this talk about how cute , eye candy and etc. These praises you showered on him that should not have any bearing because this is supposed to be a talent competition . If you deny that then I suggest to read all the post.

      • Yes..Phillip IS sexy but its his singing that makes him sexy. It’s called American Idol..not American singer.

  83. Branden you are dreaming if you think Phillip can out sing Jessica. It does not matter what she picks because she is going to blow it away, like always. She  has always been the best since day one, and nothing is going to change that. 

    • Why do you people have to insult someone when they have a different opinion than you do?

  84. “She needs that song if she wants to even come close to beating Phillip. If she doesn’t pick this song, it’s all Phillip.”

    This line is so funny. hahahahahahahaha

    the writer obviously knows nothing about music.

    Branden, better write another topic.

    • That doesn’t mean he doesn’t know music.

      All the Jessica people complaining about Branden are acting like such pansies.  He doesn’t seem biased to me at all.  Just because he isn’t writing “Phillip sucks Jessica’s the best ommmggggggg” doesn’t mean he doesn’t know music or that he’s biased.  Get a grip.

  85. Can you imagine 12 songs that sound the same? That’s how P2’s album will be.

    I prefer to buy an album with different kind of styles, music, melodies, voices and songs. Jessica’s debut album will be a huge success all over the world. You’ll see!!

    • I agree P2 now to change it up, but so does Jessica….lately she delivered mostly ugly songs. Don’t get me wrong, I favor Jessica, but hate her song choices

    • Oh come on! Jessica is your basic diva. I’m not say she isn’t talented but to say Phillips cd would be boring is ridiculous. He has a bluesy thing about him that I love. I could never listen to a whole Jessica Sanchez cd in one sitting.  Not from what I hear now. She doesn’t really even know what kind of music she wants to sing. All she does is copy other artists. I suppose she could be a karoake leader.

  86. I will always Love You of Jessica got the attention of the American public. However, I think a more relevant, but also a defining song for her is “Everybody has a Dream” of Billy Joel. She connected with this song and JLo said it was her defining moment.

  87. Mattew, you’re the best one here. Please, send Branden home! He’s not a good blogger.

  88. I hope Simon Fuller chooses a really difficult song for Jessica to prove to America what this 16 yo diva is capable of. She is fearless! She will take on anything no matter how difficult it is…..and the finale is the right place to do it!

  89. I suggest Jessica to sing One Moment In Time by Whitney Houston. And big songs like I surrender by Celine Dion.

  90. Drama queen Jessica should probably sing dramatic songs and P2 the soul searching and rendering type of songs

  91. For Jessica, Beyonce’s Listen or Best thing I never had or Christina’s I turn to you. For P2, Eric Clapton’s Change the world or Viva La Vida by Cold Play

    • I have to agree with whoever said Phillip should sing Bruce Springsteen’s I’m on Fire. It would be totally sexy…

  92. Genres of these two:

    Phillip Phillips: Rock
    Jessica Sanchez: R&B, Pop, Soul, Hip hop

    Song suggestions:

    I- Favorite Performance
    Phillip Phillips – Volcano/ In the Air tonight
    Jessica Sanchez- Everybody has a Dream
    (Simply, they both have the so-called “moment” in there”)II- Simon’s choicePhillips- I would like him to sing “If today was your last day” by Nickelback or “Simple man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd, it was just amazing hearing him to sing those songs. I’m sure he has the so-called “moment” again with that.
    Sanchez- “Listen” will do or “One moment in time” or “Circle of life”. She will definitely have the moment there. She will blew that songs, if she’s now well from her sore throat.GOOD LUCK and GOD BLESS to both of them!

  93. She needs that song if she wants to even come close to beating Phillip. If she doesn’t pick this song, it’s all Phillip. -WTF… this Braden is indeed biased in giving out comments.. as if he/she already knows that it’s Philip who’s gonna win. It’s ok to be a bit in favor of his bet but the way he stated the above is so unfair for jessica.. it’s like if jessica will read this she’ll feel demoralized… Branden be fair…

    • I so agree with you! As a writer for this website, Branden, you should be non-partisan. Just like any media for that matter. If not, expect Jessica Sanchez fans to bombard you with disgust.

    • Gee I thought we lived in a country where you didn’t get your head sliced off because of one’s opinion.  You people really don’t have the sense to admit that Branden is allowed to state his opinion whether you like it or not.  Grow Up and get a life, a real life.  JS’s music will NEVER sell the way Phil Phillips music will, I can almost guarentee you that!!  Would I ever listen to anything by JS while working out at the gym; I proudly say never; now Phil Phillips absolutely YES!!  Go Phil, bring it on and put an end to this very biased season of AI.  WGWG and a whole lot of personality, with the best tunes out there……Phil Phillips FTW!!! 

      • Yeah Soulshines, it will sell same as the other WGWG is selling now. David Cook , Kris Allen, LeeDewyze… NONE.

  94. For Jessica: The Voice Within by Cristina Aguilera
    For PP : Smooth by Santana

    I hope PP is ok, he looks so exhausted this days and i will pray that he will  be ok though i know he looks in pain due to his kidney problem. Goodluck, PP & Jessica!! God bless the both of you!! All out rooting and voting for Jessica to win, let’s do this blujays!! 🙂

      • how about “McArthur’s Park” or the song did by Susan Boyle on her first performance..that would be awesome!!

  95. “I think if Phillip Phillips wins season 11, then as ‘Idol’ fans, we kind of have to collectively shrug our shoulders and say, ‘It’s clear as day. You don’t have to be the best singer. You just have to be a cute white straight guy that appeals to a lot of the voting demographic,'” said MS, a senior editor.

    • Oh stop. Phillip is very talented. Stop saying it’s all about him being cute.

  96. Hey, Branden, you’re obviously a P2 fan. Even if Jessica Sanchez wont perform “I Will Always Love You”, she can still nail any song. She can bring the house down with her artistry. Actually, I really don’t find it a fair game comparing the two because the girl can belt out and the guy can’t much. But in terms of fanbase, they both have strong followers. I just really had enough with the WAWG or white guy with guitar as winners of American Idol. We need a female.

  97. This week is so difficult for me. I have enjoyed them both very much from the beginning. I LOVED Jessica, Stuttering and Phillips, Volcano. At this point they are both winners. It is more than obvious Jessica has an incredible voice and range, but I slightly favor Phillip because of his emotion, quirkiness, and uniqueness. I think his overall style is slightly more appealing.

  98. For Jessica I want her to do an upbeat… ONE NIGHT ONLY!!! a mix of Hudson and Beyonce.

  99. Jessica should sing It’s All Coming Back To Me Now. It would show her capacity. 😀

      • Ballads are BORING.  I have been listening to a shuffle all day of the top 10 and Phillip is AWESOME! Supersition is one of his best. Jessica puts me to sleep. Hollie had some great vocals that I had forgotten about.

  100. Stop arguing… just vote r your favorite Idol… and wish both of them luck.

  101. jessica is 16 right now.. there are still many things to work out for her. i don’t want her singing/belting songs to the top of her notes because she can’t (i don’t wann miss a thing…) but what i really want is her ability to whistle-like tune that makes my jaw dropped really… just like a nightingale bird!! And i will always love you will be the best song for her!! She owns that song nah!!

  102. Jessica has already earned her place among great Filipinos and Fil-Americans, who in their respective disciplines, have captured the hearts of so many Americans such as: Bruno Mars, Apl d Ap, Nicole Scherzinger, Jazmine V, Manny Pacquiao, Arnel Pineda, Jazmine Trias, Tia Megia, Erik Spoelstra, Charice, Lea Salonga, Monique Lhullier, Tai Babilonia, Phoebe Cates, Tia Carrere, Lou Diamond Philips, Rob Schneider, Steven Mcqueen, Enrique Iglesias, Malia Jones,  Jason Day, Mark Munoz, Raymond Townsend, John Ensign, Brianna Godshalk, Kristina Janolo, Natasha Brown, Isabel Preysler, Camille Velasco, Ramielle Manubay, Cher Calvin, Loida Nicolas-Lewis and many more!

    • Okay..I think I knew about three of the names you mentioned and the ones I have heard of call themselves AMERICAN.

  103. Sucks that everything is against her in terms of song choice. Jordin just did “I Will Always Love You”, then Ms Amaro with “Listen”. Perhaps the viewers might compare, if not, get fed up with those songs. I’m betting on LOVE ON TOP and she’ll just take it an octave higher. But seriously, something heart-warming, tear-jerking, and POWERFUL!

  104. i’d like Jessica to sing
    a.) from earlier season: full version of  “sweet dream” or her audition piece “natural woman”(not so sure of the title)
    b.) simon fuller’s choice: “You never walk alone”

  105. for me,Philip can sing “Against all Odds” by Phil Collins and Jessica should sing “One Moment in Time” by Whitney Houston…Those are 2 good songs worth listening 2…Anyway, good luck to both of them and hope we’ll gonna see a good season finale 11 of american idol….!!!!

  106. Jessica could also sing “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going” or “Dance With My Father” in the finale.  I disagree that “it’s all Phillip” if Jessica doesn’t sing “I Will Always Love You” because she is a great performer, whatever song she sings.

    Do you agree?

  107. I think Jessica Sanchez should sing “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going”. Even though this is a bit recent (or not), it would be really great if she’ll sing this in the Nokia Theatre.

    However, she should try walking while singing this time.

  108. i would like them to perform a duet endless love, wonder how it would turn out. Will JS be able to connect with PP not belting him out?! what you think guys?! 

  109. Branden if Jessica’s gonna sing i will always love you, as you suggested, who  she gonna do a duet with? the DEAD? (W. Houston?)… aww come on!!!!!!

  110. Good luck to the two aspirants for the final encounter, to JESSICA good luck being my compatriot.

  111. Branden is still at it, ramming down her biases down our throats! Is Branden a boy or a girl? If she’s a girl, I can forgive her. But if she’s not, Branden should be writing about  Obama’s stance on same sex marriage and not doing critiques in a singing contest! She’ll always be for a WGWG with a cutie face who’ll be a sensation in bars, weddings, and pub houses.

    • Well, this post was completely uncalled for. Just because someone doesn’t share your opinion doesn’t mean you have to bring his sexuality into it. Grow up.

  112. For me, Phillips should sing “Volcano” . He did a great job with that song. And (for the first time) I agree with Branden, Jessica should sing “I Will Always Love You”. Remember that the judges gave her the only standing ovation of the night during the top 13 with I Will Always Love You. 🙂

    •  But I think Jessica will sing “And I Am Telling You” but whatever she sings will be great, that’s for sure 🙂 GO JESSICA! 🙂

      • She can also sing  “Everybody Has A Dream” because as Jennifer Lopez said, “it is a defining song for her” 🙂 Any of the three will do for me 🙂

        I Will Always Love You
        And I Am Telling You
        Everybody Has A Dream

  113.  For Jessica
    1) I Will Always Love You/ And Iam Telling You/ Dance With my Father
    2) Listen
    1) ??????????? I cant remeber anything
    2) ????? whatever

    • They only do one of their past performances. This isn’t the Jessica Sanchez concert.


  115. jessica should sing the ‘i will always love yo’or ‘i love you i do’ for her best performances  and i’ ‘have nothing” she should look up charice favorites songs coz charice always pick a hard song to sing,,,go jess

  116. Branden should be the one voted off since the start of american idol.

    Epitome of a ‘BIAS’ writer:-)

  117. Phillip Phillip should sing “Home” by Marc Broussard.  Love that song and can totally see him doing it.

  118. Jessica should do I will always love you, something of Beyonce and a BIG emotional ballad

    Phillip should do still rainin’ or weve got tonight (even thought he just did it…it just that it was his best performence yet…in my opinion), something of Rolling Stones or Queen or Guns n’ Roses and a song that combineds with emotional moments and big rock notes to show the all range of his voice.

    anyway may the best one win!

    • Seriously…Jessica will more than liked do I will Always Love you. Then you want her to do Beyonce and and ANOTHER ballad?  BORING! I hope she does. Phillip for the win!

      • You know…first, she can sing a Beyonce song that isnt a ballad, second,  she need to sing her best song she yet sang on idol (and she didnt sang a better song than I will always love you) and third a thouchy ballad at the end will bring her TONS of votes

  119. Okay. For the one hundreth and fifty second time…we do not know who the bottom 2 were for the last 2 weeks. Ryan never says at this point in the competition.  Just because Phillip was standing there with Joshua does not mean that Jessica had the most votes. They did the same thing to Scotty last year and then later revealed he had never been in the bottom 2.

  120. People dying all over the world in conflicts – trying to attain the freedom to dream, express themselves freely, compete in fair competitions like this and here you all are beating yourselves up over who’s going to win. Both incredibly talented, humble human beings with dreams. Yes, talented in different ways and maybe not to everyone’s particular liking but at this stage maybe “Congratulations on a race well run”  would be a better choice of thoughts and words to be sharing. The comments below are rather distasteful and ignorant! Good Luck Jessica and Phillip may your road ahead be truely blessed and I hope that you success encourages other young men and woman the world over to live their DREAMS! 

    • You can’t be serious. I cannot hear that song without thinking about Jerry Lewis and the telethon.

  121. You are absolutely right!!  Especially when they have a 16 year old singing songs about sleeping with other men and on and on.  c’mon is that really appropriate music for her??  Of course JHO picked one of those songs so go figure!!  I’ve been around along time too and I hail from the greatest generation ever; Now if you really want to listen to some good sounds, listen to anything from Woodstock, August 1969…..3 Days of Peace and Music……..WOW now that was a time never to be forgotten!!!!!  BTW, Phil Phillips could sing with any of the groups that were there and do a sensational performance…we love you Phil….bring it on home buddy…..Peace  V V

  122. Phillip isnt winning because hes hot, its his singing that makes him good looking. If his singing wasnt so sexy, people wouldnt think he’s so sexy. If he sang like garbage, people would not think he was hot!!! He is awesome! Get over it!!!!!!! There are too many Jessica’s out there!!!

  123. Jessica should sing listen or I will always love you. Maybe one moment in time by Whitney Houston ..

  124. “Listen” “if i were a boy” or this gonna sound crazy “single ladies” why…? i believe in jessica and i kno she gonna make a big performance of this and shes young so this song will really make her get on the top.. but better spect.. “i will always love you” or “proud mary” one was the best interpretation of whole american idol 2012 and the other was just simple… we need a surprise from jessica sanchez in this finale… we need something fresh and new… i just  think phillip wont be able to do this but i give a 100% the title to jessica…

  125. if jessica sings ” all the men that i ever need” by whitney  and  “listen” by beyonce  it’s over!

  126. Theres NO WAY, Jessica will be sing “And Im Telling You” since they have a duet (Jennifer Holiday on the results night)….Most prob it would be  “I will always love you”….im wishing though that the producer Simmon Fuller would assign “LISTEN” by BEYONCE,…. never mind if it was the winning piece of the grand champion in another singing contest…..jESSICA IS STILL A BETTER SINGER AS COMPARED TO CHAMPS FROM OTHER CONTEST!!!

  127. in reply to George

    i think you better go to EENT  so you know what is wrong with your ears….

  128. Phillip can do anything, as long as he is true to himself… I wish he could do thriller..anyway, Jessica has a great voice, and yes this is a singing competition , BUT, who wants to watch or listen to boring ballads all the time. An instrument, a stage presence, he gets ur feet moving along w his !!! Jessica should have been gone wks ago… Phillip is gonna be an idol whether he wins or not, Jessica , not so much…

  129. Disagree that Jessica should sing “I Will Always Love You” – I don’t think she should touch that again (and btw, saw Jordin Sparks sing this on the Billboard awards and, while she was good, Jessica totally put her to shame)…think Jessica would be better off with something she sang earlier in the competition: Celine’s “The Prayer”.
    I do agree with everyone who says she should sing another Beyonce song, and “Listen” did work for Melanie on X Factor.

  130. You can all say what you want…AMERICAN IDOL is NOT about who has the best VOICE.  If you want all means, go apply for “The Voice”.  American Idol is about having stage presence, relating to audience, singing, the whole package…If I had $1 million dollars, I would bet PHIL PHILLIPS, will WIN AMERICAN IDOL THIS YEAR…deal with it

  131. Look at twitter they are working on unlocking the set list, it is a code…

  132. I think Phillip should sing “Can’t You See” by the Marshall Tucker Band.  I think Jessica should sing some new pop song. or a pop version of an old song, like “Killing me Softly”.

  133. Phillip should do the black Crowes song- She Talks to Angels. Jessica just needs to go home

  134. Phillip: Somebody that i used to know
    jessica: redo everybody has a dream

  135. I would die to hear Phillip sing “Put Your Lights On” by Everlast…with Santana, of course.

  136. If given a chance, Jessica should sing her own creation, “Hater LUV”. 

  137. PS. Phillip should do a Joe Cocker song.. “You are so beautiful” Or…”A little help from my Friends”.  Just sayin….    Again, I’ll watch to see Joshua. 
    PP and Jessica are great, but Joshua is out of this world great!

  138. I want to hear Jessica sings “I Surrender” by Celine Dion, I am sure this song could make her win everything…

  139. If there is one thing I hate is for a male performer grabbing his crotch at every other beat of a song, like the kid who sang Undefeated on American Idol.  It’s not just disgusting, but rude to the public.

  140.  Jessica mad me upset she forced Whitney Houston i have nothing out her mouth BUT she is a very good singer!!! I absolutely LOVE Phillip though

  141. It seems incredible that once more the judges favor the least of the contestant. We have been watching American Idols from the beginning and each and every time the best is not crowned. Latest example Lambert, what a voice and a showman. There is no comparison between Jessica and Phillip, Jessica is by far the best but the judges won’t move up from their seat but hey they do for Phillip, what a shame. Nothing personal against Phillip, nice guy, but come on be real.

  142. Jessica should win – better singer hands down …. also think it was unfair for the judges to give one a standing O while all three criticized the other.  Philip’s song was also a lot better, more relatable to Idol – more of an advantage.

  143. Best of luck to you Jessica,and if you don’t win the title your success has been well earned by all your past performances. I’m sure we are all going to see and hear a lot from you in the future which ever way it goes with the final result. 

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