American Idol 2012: Top 3 Homecoming Events Planned

American Idol homecoming

Following in the tradition of past American Idols, the Season 11 Top 3 singers are heading home this weekend for a hero’s welcome. Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips, and Jessica Sanchez made the cut last night on American Idol 2012 and now they’ll reap the rewards for a hometown extravaganza on Saturday.

Joshua Ledet will travel to Westlake, LA where he’ll be greeted by a parade down Sampson Street starting around noon. Later that day at 6PM you’ll be able to find Joshua at the Burton Coliseum at 7001 Gulf Hwy in Lake Charles, LA. There you’ll have a chance at a free concert with live entertainment including a few performances by Ledet himself.

Phillip Phillips won’t be far away when he heads back to Leesburg, GA for his homecoming tour with a few extra bells and whistles. The Leesburg City Council has already announced Saturday will officially be “Phillp Phillips Day” in his hometown. Phillip will be honored with copies of this proclamation before launching a parade at 2:30 PM. You’ll be able to find the parade along Main Street before concluding at the Lee County High School stadium. Phillips is scheduled to perform for what county officials expect to be a huge gathering.

Jessica Sanchez doesn’t have far to travel when she returns to Chula Vista for her own hometown adventures. A parade for Sanchez begins at 10:15AM and will travel down Eastlake Parkway to the Eastlake High School. Wait a second. Eastlake? Joshua is heading to Westlake. Sounds like a good ol’ fashioned Lake Wars in the making! Anyway, Jessica will perform for fans at 11:30AM with seating provided first-come, first-serve starting at 9AM at the Eastlake school stadiums.

Congratulations to all three of the remaining American Idol 2012 finalists for their achievements in making it this far. If you live nearby any of these events then the chance to catch a free concert would be well worth the trip. Be sure to send us pictures to share if you attend any of the homecoming events.




  1. Man how do they plan all this in such a short time.  Impossible.  Does that mean Hollie’s parade was cancelled?

    • They plan these in advance and then likely cancel them if their respective singer doesn’t make the cut. However, that’s not always the case. Last season I recall James Durbin’s hometown decided to still hold the events as planned even though Idol wasn’t there to film it. Considering the influx of traffic I imagine the towns want that boost of dollars spent in their towns by visitors coming to see their favorites regardless of Top 3 status.

      • Got it.  All that planning ….if I ran the town we are a go….. filming or not

      • They had a Kellie Pickler day in Albemarle and I was late for work because the main street was blocked. I worked in Stanley county just south of Albemarle. Even though she only made it to sixth place they still had a celebration when she returned home. They were selling t-shirts at the Sonic drive-in that she worked at and all. 

    • There was no joy in McKinney, Texas after Hollie was eliminated — and no parade for her. Maybe she will go to Westlake, Louisiana as a Joshua Ledet groupie

      • @phil shiltz i’m so sorry for hollie but hollie gonna make album on the next so let us support her. From the time being jesicca in the competition & she still there, so lets vote for her. jessica american i@facebook-1210451751:disqus dol2012^_^

  2. I hope Jessica will have the best time on her heroine welcome and get more supporters in California for her to win!

    • enough already, there are still 2 others in the picture beside your beloved Jessica:-)

      • whatever anca,….we love jessica and arnulfo is not alone here , if you are keen observer , Jessica has so many fans in this website so please watch your fingers….

      • You can always do your own plug for your favorite. As long as they are not doing or saying anything offensive, they are free to do as they like.  

      • No one can stop us from supporting Jessica and I believe we are similarly situated…we can’t also stop you from supporting your favorite contestant so stop being bitter…that’s bad for your health!

    • Wow! That’s something Steven Tyler would support, heroine.

      Wasn’t anybody a little taken back when he encouraged a performer earlier in the season to keep indulging in things that take you away from your troubles and then added “mostly music” as  an after thought. 

      Maybe I was the only one that heard that. I don’t remember what singer it was.

  3. Hi Jessica, a winning dong for u will be you’ll never walk alone by Barbara Streisand/Regine Velasquez she won the Asia songs festival. Thanks

  4. I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing by Aerosmith is a perfect song for Jessica SAnchez

  5. the big 3……well,,,,this is it,,,,PP could be heading home sooner than you expected,,,,its gonna be the screamer and growler,,,,,,usually the screamer runs away  so growler prevails,,,,,

  6. fellow american, filipino-american and mexican-american please vote for jessica sanchez to be the american idol for 2012

  7. Can we have a female winner this round? It’s boring to see Joshua or Phillips win although I think all 3 of them will have great careers in front of them even if anyone is eliminated.

    • I don’t get it with the obsession of wanting a female winner. How bout wanting the Best to win, regaurdless of gender. So why not want to have only the second black male to be the winner, and the first since season 2! Nobody’s pleading for that to happen like so many are wanting a female to win.

      • I was gonna say something ugly but I will keep it to myself. Especially after scolding the JSan pushers about being mean. 

      • I would be happy with either of the J’s winning. Phillip is adorable, but I’m tired of WGWG winners.

      • Don’t worry.  Mexican Americns and Asian Americans can’t vote for their
        idol.  Most of them are working during the show-having two or three jobs.  So are the military supporters ( Jess’ Dad is a US Navy) most of them are overseas. 

      • Btledoux1229– They want a female contestant to win to break the monopoly of Male American Idol winners for the last 5 years!

  8. I’m sure Mckinney, Texas will welcome home Hollie too.

    Dang! it sure is a big celebration – parade right there in Chula Vista/San Diego for Jessica.

    Jessica let’s have a pizza and barbecue party down here in Miami Beach. Hotdogs anyone?

  9. Pls. vote for jessica for those who want to win a girl this season… already tired to see guys win AI….

  10. hey jessica . I am 65 yrs. old and I have not been singing all my life. But now I am . You are my new religion . You inspire the best in us. 

  11. Hi Jessica,can u include the ff songs . The prayer,Listen,One moment in time and What kind of fool i am…These are suitable for grand finals…

  12. why can’t Hollie go to her home town & have a big parade they had one for james durbin that is not fair.

  13. I hope it’s one of the men.   To me, Jessica is talented but no personality and very arrogant.  “Oh, I’m so wonderful and I’m just a kid!”

    I love Phillip’s zany self, though I believe Joshua has the most talent.  Either of the men as Idol will please me greatly.  All three probably deserve it.

    • Do not judge her!You dont know her pretty much and 1 question Have you met her?

    • @annie b. How would you know that jesicca is arrogant & no personality? You must be hate her.  Phillip is going home this week. His good looking & quality of voice is good but not enought.joshua&Jessica is the match voice in the competition they deserve jessica&joshua in the finale. Good luck jessica&joshua.@ annie b, the word you’d said to jessica arrogant No personality, hope is not coming out yourself.

    • Joshua and Jessica are both arrogant and think they are THE STUFF !!!That is the judges fault for praising and gushing every time they are up. The way they have been partial to those 2 is totally wrong and crossing the line. They are there to help them all with comments not to beg America to vote for those 2. They turned me off and I would never vote for either one. Ofcourse that doesn’t matter because the judges will take care of those 2. Maybe this is really Judges Idol.huh?

      • And Phillip is not arrogant?? Hell, he purposefully skips the Ford shoots, and says he doesn’t care!

        You’re all obviously just haters of Jessica and Joshua, who try desperately to nitpick tiny faults and ignore their talent.

      • GSM, Actually, all three performers are very well mannered individuals, if you ask me. The fact that you would be one of those old biddies to use the worn out “arrogant” line, tells me more about you than it does jessica or Joshua.

    • How can you say that she’s arrogant and has no personality? Do you know her personally? You have to find a more substantiating evidence, a more solid ground to base your logic on. There’s a thin line between confidence and arrogance. And it takes ample discernment to distinguish the latter from the former. You can never be a great performer if you always doubt your capabilities and if you don’t believe in yourself.

  14. Phil has never been in the bottom. He dosen’t let anyone what to wear, he is comfortable in his own skin.

    Go Go Go Philip, hope you win.

  15. i don’t want to miss a thing will be a great song for Jessica if Steven is the judge that will pick her song (for the judges’ song pick).

  16. I am voting for Jessica, and I am white. No issues on race, simply because of her voice. If even Akon thinks she’s overqualified for Idol, who am I to argue?

  17. Hollie sings better than Phillip, too bad America doesn’t want girls to win Idol anymore…

  18.  hello, im sure its up to the people in america,who is the next american idol! but i never heard that filipina won the american idol. i dont know if jessica give the name of the pilippines, but they are still 3, and the guys also are both great, well. we just watch whos next,””””””””””

  19. I understand what man James is saying. Why you people lying? I Pinoy and go to Pinoy sites and see what he is talking about. Last 2 weeks, I follow instructing and my call go through. I stop, cause now I ashamed, it is cheating. I just want to support Jessica and not like cheaters either so I stop now.

  20. Jessica can you visit New York and have your own concert here at Madison Square Garden or Nassau Colliseum.  We love talent in NY and you can represent with flying colors.  Btw, Jessica is now invited on Memorial Day in Washington DC to sing the National Anthem and sing “The Prayer.”  I hope you win because many many events are gonna be lined up for you and the world can’t wait to see all your talents.

  21. Just like what Jennifer said, “jessica, you’re IT! ”  Jess is the best. Phil is not versatile while Joshua keeps on Screeching, not singing.

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