American Idol 2012: Jeremy Rosado Has Big Post-Elimination Plans

Jeremy Rosado

He might have been eliminated last week on American Idol 2012, but Jeremy Rosado has big post-elimination plans. Did I say “big?” I meant “huge.”

Jeremy was interviewed by MTV and divulged to their cameras that his big passions are acting and singing. No kidding. So he’d like to have a television show, do a few movies, win an Oscar, and then a big, big stack of Grammys. Why stop there, Jeremy? JLo is single again now so you could add marriage to your list.

All kidding aside, Jeremy had some pretty nice things to say about his mentor, Mary J. Blige, and his American Idol champion/judge, Jennifer Lopez:

Rosado is most grateful to “Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez, who not only seemed to be his biggest supporter on the show, but coined his now ubiquitous nickname: Jer-Bear. And then, after he had been eliminated, well, she helped change his mood considerably.

“Jer-Bear, yeah, I think I’m going to try and get it copyrighted or something,” he laughed. “Jennifer gave me a kiss on my check twice, and I got eliminated that day, but she made me feel a little bit better … a lot bit better. And to think someone like her or [last week’s mentor] Mary J. Blige fall in love with my voice, and with me as a person? That doesn’t happen every day, so I’m forever grateful.”

Best of luck to Jeremy Rosado as he seeks out his career after a brief stint on American Idol 2012. Check out Jeremy’s video interview after the break.





  1. Jeremy has got alot to do in his life maybe first vocal lessons
    i sory but jeremy has a voice that shouldnt have went past 25

  2. Jermey is one of the most talented and genuine singers in Season 11.  It’s just unfortunate that he was eliminated early in the competition.  Well, the road doesn’t end there.  A lot of opportunities are coming his way.  I hope America and the world will get to hear his voice again in an album.

  3. jeremy is a very sweet guy but i think he’s going to slowly fade away into the sunset.  sorry, dear.

  4. Why are people so mean?  Jeremy is following his dream.   Nothing wrong with that.   He CAN sang, he just wasn’t one of the better ones in the Top 13.

  5. Jeremy has a beautiful voice,  and he is a sweet fella. I can understand why Jennifer fell in love with him. There are not very many  good men in the world and she saw in him an incredible future husband for someone, someday.

  6. American Idol,

    Wow this show has made a turn for the worst horrible

    contestants. judges show they dont have good taste i

    wish they would get some better judges. Maybe the

    contestants wont be so awful. I am sorry this is the

    worst and saddiest i have ever seen this show.

  7. Really.. I hear it this morning on the news!  You ALWAYS do a background check before American Idol begins!  You got this wrong by waiting until Jermaine advanced.  Do you really need to destroy someones life for ratings??  I have been watching AI since the first show (fall of 2oo2).  I’m not sure I want to watch it anymore.  Nice job!!!  I was raised in a home with 3 horrible brother’s that wer e lost like Jermaine.    Jermaine is a wonderful soul!  If you would have at least looked in his eyes and understood his past!!!!!  BUT IT IS ALL ABOUT THE RATINGS!  I am sad for him, not for your show!  I can turn you OFF tomorrow!  You might have ruined his life!!!  I am not impressed anymore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. After watching AI tonight I am blown away with Joshua Ledet !  I’ve been in the music industry my whole life and have seldom ever thought a cover song was BETTER than the original !!  Wow !  I hope the voters don’t overlook this young man !!!

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