American Idol 2012: Top 13 Results Show Recap

American Idol 2012 Jeremy Rosado Elise Testone

We said goodbye to our first member of the American Idol 2012 Top 13 and the results couldn’t have been more predictable.

At the top of the show we were “treated” to a group number. And while it actually wasn’t that bad for a group number, it’s still a part of one of American Idol’s biggest problems – the results show. Every year I say the same things: It’s too long. There’s too much filler. And people singing in groups of three or more sound awful about 90 percent of the time.

Oh, I almost forgot about the Ford Music Video. Sometimes they’re cool, but most of the time they’re awful. And Thursday night’s might have been one of the worst ever. The graphics were TERRIBLE. What is this 1996? Awful.

Finally, some results. Ryan pulls Jessica Sanchez, Elise Testone and Hollie Cavanagh to the center of the stage. Gee, I wonder how this is going to go down. Jessica and Hollie are safe and Elise takes the first seat in the bottom 3 girls.

And before I go any further, can we talk about how ridiculous it is to have a bottom 3 girls AND a bottom 3 guys? Come on. half of the people in their “bottom” groups aren’t even in the bottom. They’re somewhere in the middle. It’s so insulting.

Next up are Heejun Han, Jermaine Jones and Colton Dixon. (Broken record alert) Gee, I wonder how this is going to go down. Heejun and Colton are safe and Jermaine lands in a bottom 3 guys chair.

Up next we get to see that last year’s runner-up gave in to the Hollywood/Nashville diet and lost all of her character somewhere in a¬† pilates class.

And it’s time for more results. The remaining girls, Erika Van Pelt, Shannon Magrane and Skylar Laine take the stage. At this point I think, oh, there’s going to be a shocker. All the other results have been so obvious, so I guess this means America is crazy and didn’t vote for Skylar. But luckily, that wasn’t so. Skylar is safe and the other two join Elise in the bottom 3.

The remaining guys step up to find out their fates. Jeremy Rosado takes the second seat in the bottom 3, to no one’s surprise. And finally, there’s kind of a surprise. Not a huge surprise, but a surprise none the less. And that’s Joshua Ledet is in the “bottom” and not Deandre Brackensick.

Ryan immediately sends Joshua and Erika to safety and stops insulting them by calling their rankings “the bottom.”

After Mary J. Blige takes the stage, it’s the final results.

Jermaine and Shannon are sent to safety so that leaves Jeremy and Elise. And just as I predicted, the judges save the girl and send Jeremy home. I wonder who had the actual bottom votes. I would venture to bet that the true bottom 2 were Jeremy and Jermaine. And Elie would’ve been in that third to last spot. But that’s just a guess.

Did America and the judges make the right choices?





    • Well deandre is getting the little girl vote think about jason castro
      he is so young with long hair and a unusual voice yeah he is getting little girl votes

      • Most of the¬†females singing are little girls!! Don’t they want to have their peers be the prom queen?¬† I think there is a reason guys win the contest so often, they sing better.¬† EXCEPT for Pia, she got screwed.

  1. My fav part of the show was when Erica joined Elise in¬†the “bottom 3 ” seats.Their mics were on and while they were hugging one of them made a remark about them being the “old ladies” Hahaha.¬†¬†¬† I am glad they kept Elise. I think she has one of the more unique voices in the competition and brings something different to the show.I look foreward to hear her sing something that is more suitable for her .

  2. I think a lot of us predicted this outcome.  I found it funny that when Ryan asked Randy whether America got it right, JLO instantly whispered to Randy loud enough for all of us to hear that she felt America got it wrong.  Showing her continued love affair for Jeremy.  Yes America got it right, Shannon probably needs to go next but she deserves another shot, though she sounded flat in the group song.     

  3. I personally believe that America and the judges made the wrong decision.¬† If we base it to last night’s performance, then Shannon should have been the one voted out.¬†¬† But most people saw it in another way.¬† One must have the talent and audience appeal and I guess, Jeremy lacked the latter.¬† J-Lo was right in bringing back Jeremy as a wildcard ‘coz the kid has talent and heart but unfortunately, most people didn’t see it.¬† Perhaps, it’s not yet his time.¬† Good luck to Jeremy.¬† We will miss him in AI.

    • no shannon is great youtube time i dare you to watch shannon on youtube you’ll see she is great she was nervous i think you would to when your singing whitney it front of millons of people she should stay jeremy was elinmated last week and if they didnt he would have went next week you cant keep giving chances to jeremy ass

      • and there’s the problem….a contestant wouldn’t have to be nervous….and shannon was nervous…

  4. Jeremygoing home, I didn’t expect that but I wasn’t surprised either. I mean, based on last night performances, I can name at least 3 contestant that performed worse than Jeremy. But, then again he was picked on wild card not votes, so no surprise he received the least vote.

    Btw, I don’t think it’s fair for the judges to play favoritism. You can tell who they want to stay, even to win the competition. Just hope it won’t last later on this season. Like the last season it’s so obvious they want Haley to go home. And give more credit than deserved to their favorites like Jacob and Lauren. Oh, how I miss the old judges ūüôĀ

    • I disagree.¬† I think they loved Haley last year and she lasted way longer than she should have.

      • Totally with you BB.¬† Haley was a nastylittle thing and had an average voice.¬† She lasted way longer than I predicted.

  5. My current analysis (pre-next week’s live performances) of who I think is America’s current Top 3. Personal preferences aside, these are listed in order of who I feel THE VIEWERS are feeling at the moment.¬†

    Jessica: Fan favorite. Her video on YouTube has already broken a million views. Of course a huge chunk of that is from Filipino viewers, (I’d love to see the statistics on that), but still a lot of the comments are from other viewers as well. She has set the bar on this competition, and I think she still has more vocal tricks up her sleeve to keep hold of her powerhouse princess crown, (for now.)

    Hollie: Solid fan base, KILLER voice, (“Siiick” as Mary J. Blige would say), but she is still standing in the shadow of her dark twin, Jessica. The two are like yin and yang to me, a perfect balance of petite powerhouse beauties. What does she have over her powerhouse twin? Transparency. She let’s us see the fierce drive that’s in her. She goes for monster songs and attacks them fearlessly. This trait alone could help her topple the crown off of the current reigning powerhouse princess.

    Phillip 2X: Sexy, mysterious, and guarded. Roars when he performs. Fades into the background when the spotlights dim. Shows he has heart by letting America in on his bromantic loyalty to fellow contestant, Heejun. All of this makes for an¬†IRRESISTIBLE yet stereotypical heartthrob for America’s tweenies.¬†He just has to keep roaring up there every week, pretending to be electrocuted by his guitar, (and maybe drop a few beads of sweat here and there), and America will keep voting him through to Top 3.

    (Honorable mention – Colton Dixon: IMO Colton Dixon is to Phillip Phillips what Hollie Cavanagh is to Jessica Sanchez.)

    What do you guys think? Agree?? Disagree???

    • Now for my personal preference: Deandre “Kamele” BrackenSIIIIIIICK!!!

      • Really?¬†?¬† Mainly because I was nodding my head to every paragraph;¬†so totally¬†appreciating your¬†dead-on depiction of the personalites and respective talents that I felt real symbiosis of spirit.¬†¬† I have no heart-vested interest in Deandre – but P2 – now that’s something else altogether!¬† He’s got that quiet smolder of an Eddie Vedder and I love, also, his “odd couple” buddy-ness with Heejun (whose personality I also enjoy).¬† Ah well – it was a mutual mash-on while it lasted.

      • I think Phillip will beat them both.¬† The girls have a tendency to choke in the home stretch.

    • I agree that Hollie (for now) is a close second to Jessica. ¬†I hope Jessica doesn’t fall into the Pia trap, she must show some versatility in her song choices and I believe she will. ¬†I actually prefer Hollie. ¬†I love Phillip and I agree Colton is second to him but in my opinion it is a distant second. ¬†I hope they give the guys a chance Jennifer has already started with the girl thing. ¬†I think the judges should be more objective. ¬†My (early) pick for the finale…Hollie and Phillip

    • Don’t get the ype on Colton tho I did miss his performance the other night. To me a cross between James Durbin and Adam Lambert but has the voice of neither.¬† Looks and cool are what he’s got.¬† Otherwise, not.

      • Totally agree.¬† Colton cannot hold a candle to either James or Adam, not even close……but he is a likeable guy and probably has the teeny votes all to himself when Deandre gets voted off…..JMHO

    • I believe those are the top 4 contenders but with this voting system we all know anything is possible……..

    • Heejun could surprise he has been playing it very safe but doing enough to be in the top half every week and at this point in the game that is the best strategy. ¬†From listening to his performances he has more range then he is letting on and seems to be holding back. ¬†It could work in his favor big time as the competitors dwindle down, one monster performance from him late, with lower expectations on him could catapult him into the finals. ¬†

  6. Shannon’s performance was so embarrassingly BAD, she should have gone home not Jeremy.

    • Nos he made it to the top 10 she should go on tour she dont need a fat ass who didnt make it last week to knock her off anyway it was elise that was there jeremy is going home but he should have done that last week

      • Is it just me or is that extremely rude to Jeremy? I mean, sheesh, people.

      • To its still kc Lor was rude to shannon i’ll be rude right back i hated jeremy just cuz he cried he made the wildcard spot and now look bottom 2 and still people are saying he should have satyed if you want him to stay you must vote for him

      • But Lor is right. Her performance wasn’t good. But making fun of someone’s physical appearance or body weight is certainly not a good way to successfully debate.

      • Wow, that comment about Jeremy was uncalled for. Show some respect for the kid, he’s worked really hard to get this chance and he just lost it. We all have our personal favorites, but let’s try to respect the other contestants. They’re all talented!

      • I thought we were looking for TALENT here.¬† This is why I think THE VOICE has it head and shoulders over IDOL anymore!

      • Noodlesoup50…

        You could not be more wrong in my opinion.  The Voice is great, but no one stands out on that show other than maybe 3 people.  The voices and talent are so much better on Idol!!!!!

  7. It didn’t matter who was there.¬† The producers wanted a guy to be sent home and that is exactly what happened.¬† It should have been Deandre that went home however.¬† The show is losing credibility very quickly this year with the little comments by the judges about who will be in the finals (in the first live week yet!)¬† and their apparent deafness regarding who can sing and how well.¬† Hopefully this improves.

    • what are you talking about? DeAndre had easily one of the best performances. And he’s one of the mose skilled singers out there¬†

      • I like Deandre, in fact he’s a favorite, but while his overall performance was really good it was hard to understand some of his words. ¬†That might be because he’s naturally not a powerful singer , or maybe his mic wasn’t the best.

      • Ya, I agree with you. It was the right choice, Jeremy is out, I do like him but we have to see who is more talented. Deandre will be able to hold on for quite sometimes, you’ll see Chuck. Wishing Deandre all the luck.

    • I agree. I dont see what people see in Deandre. He sings like he’s got his nads in a vice! Sing like a man and not like a cat getting stepped on. Good grief he’s by far the most annoying singer on the show. It’s like the bee gees 2.1, except way worse. The hair flipping just adds to the annoyance! He doesn’t even come close to what Josh can do vocally. Sorry Deandre fans, can’t stand to listen to that very poor falsetto crap, but that’s just my opinion right Go Josh.

  8. I am so happy Elise didn’t go home. She’s one of my favorite girls. Hopefully she gets it together next week! Any idea of what they are singing?!?

  9. I thought Jeremy was a lot like Neil Sedaka of Calendar Girl and other hits fame.  He was a bit chubby and dresses like a nerd, so that killed him I think.  Plus he is a bit too diffident (timid) and needed to be more assertive.  Too bad.

    I thought Colton was fantastic.  I disliked him for that awful hair, but he has the possibility of really appealing to teens.

    • One thing definitly dislike me is that people think that an artist should have “style” in the clothes…..and there are a lot of shy people with great and real talent…but people don’t see them only for the way they dress…

  10. The rite person went home, Jeremy can sing, but, he was lacking something, he was way to boring for me. The bottom 3 ladies were on point, the bottom 3 men should have been a bit different. Joshua should have been safe, his performance this week was better then most of the guys. Heejun should have been in the bottom 3, I don’t get the constant praise he’s getting he hasn’t wowed me yet, and he plays everything safe it seems. Overall, we have a great Top 12, I am so looking

  11. What is your problem with Lauren?? She was my pick from her very first audition. I love that girl, why are you so mean?? And what is wrong with a beautiful young girl wanting to lose weight??¬† Does that mean she is “CAUGHT UP” in something??¬† Geesh!!

    • not sure who you are replying to but I thought Lauren looked good. ¬†I actually think she needs to concentrate more on her vocals than moving around so much. ¬†She sounded very breathy and didn’t hold onto her ¬†notes last night.

      • She can’t hold a note period. She was easily the worst in the top 13 last year. She only made it ti the finale because of country and tween votes.

      • I’m not sure what you are listening to Haley…but this isn’t even a matter of opinion (I’m all about everyone having their opinion)…

        The fact of the matter is Lauren is a great vocalists, and her being there has nothing to do with country and tween voters.¬† I’m neither, and I continuously voted for her.¬†

        You may not like her voice or her and that is fine, but technically she is a great singer (and that just cannot be argued) no matter how much you do not like her. 

  12. Yay, Elise!¬† She wears her heart on her sleeve to a fault…despite not knowing/liking the Whitney song they gave her (not her¬†choice {why not a fun one like I wanna dance with somebody}), she rode it through,¬†singing it in her soulful, bluesy style that is killer on the mic.¬† Honestly, do you think Adele could have pulled off that song?¬† Lady sings the blues will be back stronger than ever next week!

  13. yes, we got it right. Elise has an amazing voice, don’t think she did that bad
    on Wed. show, there was much worse. Heejun should be next, just don’t get what the judges see in him., of course the judges are a joke this year.

    • I honestly don’t remember Elise singing.¬† She couldn’t have been all that good or all that bad if she isn’t memorable.

      • You don’t remember Elise because you dislike her….be honest,now the votes are more for who you like more, and not for for who’s the most talent (all have talent, but only 3 or 4 has a style defined)

      • In response to u.u. I disagree…I have read several comments on various sites reflecting same¬†opine, they simply didn’t remember what song she even sang.¬† I wouldn’t take that as a good sign if I were she. ¬†I can’t dislike someone I don’t remember.

    • Agree. The Judges are NOT judges but¬†ROOTERS for their favs. JLo is a joke and makes me puke every time she gives a standing ovation to her fav (this year Jessica). They should give feedback that is instructive like U need to watch your pitch, dont yell too much, watch your song choices, etc.), but JLo is just way too biased to ever do that and it ruins the show in my opinion.
      And Elise does have a unique voice but like most singers needs to do songs that are in her range which is limited, but most great singers have limits to what they can do well and whats the prob with that.
      The weekly show should do eras, years, not specific former singers which are good for some and really bad for others. They should be able to pick from many artists each week that gives them a chance to demonstrate their talent. How many artists even like Adele can look good doing Whitney…HELLO Idol followers…

  14. I agree with everything you’re saying about the results night.¬† It’s too long and there are times I only watch the last 10 minutes but it’s good if you happen to miss the performances the night before.

  15. I think by far Shannon should have gotten the boot.¬† did hear Jennifer say she hopes it will by two girls competing for the title.¬† I’m sure the guys appreciated that comment.¬† The best singer should win regardless of their gender.

    • Jeremy was the worst he desevred to go he arleady was elinmated once and now in bottom 2 come on jeremy sucked and obvoius has no fans so dont act like you voted for him now

      • Never said I¬† voted 4 Jeremy.¬†¬† I stated Shannon¬† sang embarrassingly bad.¬†¬† It’s only tv guest responder, chill.

    • Jeremy was the worst he desevred to go he arleady was elinmated once and now in bottom 2 come on jeremy sucked and obvoius has no fans so dont act like you voted for him now

      • @Jared or @Guest..just to help you out before I go 2 work..the word is spelled o b v i o u s. ¬† Quick lesson for the day.¬† Go Phillip!

  16. I ¬†think Jeremy was the right choice, my other choice would have been Shannon. ¬†Jeremy is a sweetheart and I wish him well. ¬†I loved hearing Scotty in the background with Please Remember Me…the kid is sounding better all the time.

    • If I had control, it would have been Elise or Shannon going home. But Jeremy was doomed from last week.

  17. btw, anybody know what’s the themes for next week song selection? I don’t think Ryan mentioned it, did he?

  18. OK, so here are who I think America favors, in order from front runner to doomed:
    1. Jessica- She is the one to beat. She has a VERY large fan base, and she really could go all the way. This isn’t to say she will. Because we have seen so many times in the past shocking eliminations. I think she could be Pia’d, or Daughtry’d, or Adam’d, or Clay’d. The thing is, the song Wednesday was the absolute best she could do. After this, I think it’s downhill. (projected finish- ???
    2. Phil- For reasons that I don’t understand, he is supposed to be a front runner. I think he will probably make it to the finale along with a girl. And it will be WGWG, which has triumphed over the years, vs. a girl, who hasn’t won since season 6. We will see. (projected finish- 1-3)
    3. Hollie- My personal favorite, Hollie has a huge voice and a HUGE range. I think she could definitely be one to watch. If she can get better every week and vary with her song choices, she could definitely win. (projected finish- 1-3)
    4. Skylar- I personally found it surprising, but I really seem to like her, and I think America does as well. She could be one to watch as well. But if she wins, that just gives America one more thing to complain about. (projected finish- 2-5)

    5. Colton- Ugh. Just… ugh. This guy has a screechy voice and I don’t enjoy listening to him at all, but he has the tweeny vote. It will probably carry him to the top 5. (projected finish- 3-6)
    6. Joshua- Decent fan base and biggest voice out of all the guys. It should carry him pretty far unless he is the victim of a shock elimination. (projected finish- 3-7)
    7. Heejun- This is one that could move up in the rankings if he steps it up. He is hilarious, likable, and has a good voice. But with this group of talented singers, he might not match up. projected finish- 5-10)
    8. DeAndre- He stepped it up this week and gained some fans. But I still don’t think he will be carried that far by the American public. (projected finish- 7-11
    9. Erika- Big voice. Good voice. But she had to be saved as a wildcard. That’s why America isn’t going to take her far. (projected finish- 7-11)
    10. Elise- She lost a lot of points with America this week. And compared to the other girls, except Shannon, she doesn’t have an amazing voice. (projected finish- 8-11)
    11. Shannon- Shannon sunk to the bottom of this list with her last performance. If America voted fairly, she would have gone home. But they didn’t. (projected finish- 8-11)
    12. Jermaine- America doesn’t like him. ’nuff said. (projected finish- 12)

    • I do not disagree with your list (altough I do like Phil…I can’t help it)…but I do want to point out that other wild cards have gone far in the competition. Case in point…Clay!¬† He was a wild card.¬† Although she didn’t make it far in the competition…Jennifer Hudson was a wild card and look at her now.

      I really do not see what everyone sees in Colton…I’m with you on that one.

      Although I like Jessica, I do not see what the appeal of Jessica is over Hollie.

      • Case in point: that was seasons 2 and3. This is season 11. Look at Ashthon, Naima, and Stefano last season. America does not take wild cards seriously any more. Also, I never said Jessica was better; I actually like Hollie more.

      • ITS_STILL_KC…

        That is a great point!  The way the wild cards are chosen are different as well, so that does make sense.

        I know what you had said about Jessica and Hollie, and I was agreeing.  I was more commenting on everyone else.  I was just trying to see what the appeal of Jessica is over Hollie for some. 

      • LOL good kris, the fact that hollie got no face time and is still a front runner testifies to her talent.

    • Why do you think ERIKA hasn’t caught on better with the fans?¬† I’ve liked her from the get-go.¬† You have to give HOLLIE her due.¬† She gives faultless performances.¬† For some reason, I JESSICA rubs me wrong which shouldn’t take away from her natural abilities, but it does (for me).¬† But ERIKA is such a smooth sylist.¬† She’s the only one of the girls whose music I would pay to listen to.

    • I actually agree that this is PROBABLY how it will all play out. That is, of course, if America votes sane and reasonable. But we ALL know that won’t happen. Still, that’s a great looking prediction list.

    • I feel it would be Hollie who would earn the most shocking elimination this season… and would be the next pia. two ballads in a row? and i don’t know, there were times that i feel like she’s not confident enough on stage. she’s good but i don’t think she can really show off versatility. Jessica and Hollie should be very careful and i love to see them both in fials. So far, I think Jessica’s giving an edge when it comes to stage performance and showing different styles.

      • I agree . Hollie should not sing another ballad . To me, she will struggle
        more than Jessica . As the show goes on , I think some of the people
        will see that . Hollie is a good singer and I want the best for her , that’s
        why I am saying she must show versatility ( not to sing another ballad )

  19. Jessica
    Mark my words, one of these four people is the winner of AI11. There is such a big gap between them and the rest of the following that the rest have 0 hope. 

  20. I believe American got it right, and so did the judges.¬† I know Shannon hit a bad note, but the rest of her performance was okay.¬† Jeremy’s performance was off throughout the whole thing, and he should have had an advantage with this week’s theme.

    I want to also point out how great Lauren Alaina was.¬† I love her, and I love her album.¬† I still feel she deserved to win last year…hands down over Scotty.¬† It should have been a Haley/Lauren sing off. I thought she looked great and sounded great last night.¬†

    I’m liking the season so far.¬† I’m still going to be voting for Hollie throughout this competition hoping for the win.

    • Absolutely. I will be voting for Hollie the entire season as well. She seems to have a strong fan base at least! Just a fair warning, let’s not get converted from voting for Hollie to voting for Jessica! ūüôā

    • With all these comments coming in, I have only one thing to say, Jessica will win this season! The first ever filipina to win American Idol!! How Ironic is that!

      • How is that ironic???¬† If anything is ironic, it would be Hollie winning since she has a british accent.¬†

        Maybe Jessica will win, but it will be a close race between her and Hollie!!¬† I’m routing for Hollie!!!!!!!

        I certainly like Jessica, but I am not letting any of my votes slip over to Jessica over Hollie.

      • ¬†Hi Gummy,
        Jessica is a great singer, no question.  There were many great singers that did not win the coveted 1st prize on Idol:

        Jennifer Hudson
        Katherine Mcphee
        Pia Toscano
        Adam Lambert
        Crystsl Bowersox
        and many others

        Just about every season there is that one or two great singers that
        did’nt win , should have won , could have won if only the fans were not
        cheating on¬† the voting” thing”??????? I still have my doubts that it is actually happenning.

        With Jessica, having a great voice is not enough if she wants to win,
        She has to win the fan’s votes , she has to stay above the rest of the competitors by staying away from monotonous and boring songs , what I mean is doing carbon copies of the original, I’m not saying that she does that, I heard some of her cover songs she has done on the “U”
        and it is not bad.¬† I like her and would like to see her win, but¬† challenging fans that don’t like her in this blog will not create support.
        She needs the support of the main voting population and to do that she has to be also “DYNAMIC” if she does that,¬† she would have an excellent chance of winning. Just saying……………..

    • A lot of people talking about last yr.¬†¬† So..I’ll join in…Boo on the Haley/Lauren pairing.¬† Haley was so theatrical and annoying and Lauren just not ready.¬† Last night her look was different but voice the same.¬† Not a country fan, but Scotty was the best singer in my opinion and glad he won.

      • That is certainly your opinion, but whenever Lauren and Scotty sang together, she sang circles around him.¬† I am all about country and a deep voice, but she technically is a better singer!!

        I understand people’s issues with Haley, but I still love her, and her voice is amazing!¬†

      • I was responding to the lauren/scotty post.¬† I thought scotty had it over her..BUT in response to the whole contest I’m with you @ITS STILL KC..Pia should have taken the title.

      • I understand Pia had a great voice, but I did not think her personality was likeable at all!¬† Everytime she sang a song, it was always done by someone previously on Idol…and personally, I believe her versions always paled in comparison.¬† I did not find her to be a relevant artist.

        …”Don’t let the sun go down on me”…better when Clay sang it
        …”I’ll Stand By You”…better when Carrie sang it, and when Gina sang it

        I love a good ballod…but you cannot have a whole album of ballods, and she did not listen to the judges and switch it up.¬†

        As far as James…I could not stand his voice or his cocky attitude.¬†He screached or screamed in every song, and not on pitch like Adam Lambert (although I am not a fan of his either). ¬†He sang one song really well all season last year…and that was “will you love me tomorow.”

        I know a lot of people disagree, but again, these are just my opinions.

    • ¬†I honestly think that AI should do away with the judges.¬† It doesn’t seem to matter whether the performer is talented or not as long as he/she¬† has got the numbers. It’s a number game actually. I’m rooting for Jessica Sanchez . C’mon this is about vocal chords not looks. ¬†

  21. No surprises at all last night.¬† The Gentle Giant has got an attitude that shows he thinks he is great and that will be detrimental to him in the long run.¬† Same for Elise.¬† She gets so defensive with any criticism.¬† She’s good but not the best.¬† Attitudes have a lot to do with who stays and who goes….Top four will be Jessica, Hollie, Colton and Phillip.¬† Skylar will surprise people with her versatility I believe and hang in there for a while.

    • I agree…I don’t care for Elise’s or Jermaine’s attitude .¬† One of these two will go next week or I should say….will probably go next week.¬†¬†¬† I’m still leary about this voting system…..One can never tell for sure….

    • I Don`t blame Elise for being a little defensive.The producers gave a clear advantage to their favorites , by choosing Whitney songs for the girls.In the past seasons the judges always tell the contestants NOT to do power songs by such iconic performers , because they will be compared to the original and rarely measure up!!!! If they had chosen blues songs for the first week I think¬†Elise would have been,by far,one of the best!!! I can understand her frustration.I still think she has one of the most unique voices.I predict she will rock it next week.

    • I agree with Jermaine’s attitude leading to his demise he will be gone within the next few weeks. ¬†

  22. I am rooting for Jessica to be in the finale with either Phillip or Hollie.¬† Am waiting for Jessica to show her versatility by tackling more up-beat songs. I also liked her version of Demi Lovato’s ‘Skyscraper’ showing her range and the unique tone of her voice. To me she’s the complete package to become the next AI. It would be great to see Jessica and Phillip – both great artists with different styles – compete in the finale.

  23. There was no surprises here last night.¬† I knew Shannon was not going to be in the bottom 2 because of J.Lo telling the world that she was awful.¬†¬†¬† No doubt Jeremy was going home.¬† All I can say is thank heaven for DVRs.¬† I will never watch another Ford Commercial……EVER!!!!!

  24. Hollie VS Jessica …

    I think Jessica showed that she is versatile ..¬†¬†¬† Hollie ; I don’t think so .
    That is my openion . After all, we need to see more.
    For me, Holli likes to sing  ballads more than anything. I want to see her
    singing an uptempo … mid…¬†

    • Check out Hollie’s¬†cover of Rolling In The Deep on youtube and you’ll see she’s more than capable of doing an upbeat number.

      • I watched it . She did an amazing job but not as good as Jessica . u too, Check out her cover of the rolling in the deep. After all , I want her to show that on the stage .

  25. re: Elise. It makes me wonder how different the performances are in person. I thought Elise did a great job on “I’m Your Baby”. She did not look happy and she needs to control that better, but they did switch songs on her last minute, it seems. But all the judges and Jimmy Iovine thought Elise basically was a train wreck. I was surprised to hear that.

  26. Shame on J.Lo for picking Jeremy over some of the other much more talented guys. Yes, Jeremy is a sweet person but, c’mon! He has been chewed up and spit out by the rest of those mega talented kids.
    No one talks about Erica. She has such a rich tone and such confidence on stage. What, is it her weight? Remember Jennifer Hudson?

    • ERIKA VP:¬† I’ve been a fan since the first auditions.¬† I wonder, also, why she’s not caught on more.¬† Her personality is head and shoulders above ELISE and JESSICA.¬† And she has good range and control.¬† It’s almost like the IDOL fans will go out of their way to spite the judges.¬† I’m thinking J-LO should stop pitching for ERIKA (case in point:¬† JEREMY)

    • EVP is definitely my favorite of the girls.¬† But you know how it goes, she’s not a itsy bitzy cutie girl like Hollie and Jessica.¬† She has a fantastic¬†voice and should go far but with the fickle nature of voting,¬†she probably won’t.¬† Hope I’m wrong.

  27. Jessica needs to be careful and not fall into the Pia trap though she does seem to have more to her voice than just a beautiful high note.  At this point in the game there are still at least three maybe four easy eliminations(Shannon, Elise and Jermaine).  Jessica should play it safe and set herself up for a monster finish as the competition progresses.  If she continues with her current trend the AI audience will start judging her performances by her past performances instead of the rest of the competitors.  Her expectations will be so high that she will have no where to grow and one average performance by her standards when it is down to 5-6 could knock her out.  

  28. Is it just me or is there anybody else that is puzzled by all the hype surrounding Skylar? I thought her version of “Stay With Me” was a complete mess (and her outfit that night was NOT flattering…).

    And while the wardrobe the other night was an improvement, her singing was only marginally better.

    I remain seriously underwhelmed and mystified by this woman…

    • They may be the best NOW. ¬†From what we have seen so far Jessica, Hollie, Phillips are 123. ¬†But expectations are set so high for the four of them already especially for Jessica and Hollie. ¬†Where do they go from here?? ¬†How do they build up momentum? ¬†I think it’s Jessica’s to lose if she plays it right she has to back off a little while there are still some easy eliminations. ¬†I would watch out for someone like Heejun or Erika who have been holding back and could have a monster performance late when it matters and catapult them into the finals. ¬†That is of course if Erika doesn’t get voted off before that. ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†

      • ¬†Hi Aaron
        That seems like a logical advise but may backfire for Hollie and Jessica.
        These women are powerhouse singers and are expected to stay consistent with powerhouse performances.  If they let up for one minute, the fans , judges will say:

        ¬†“It’s alright but you did not do it for me this time, I feel you are having an off day”¬† We are expecting you¬† not to hold back and blow the song out of the water”., something like what they may say, LOL

        I remember on XFactor , Melanie Amaro and Josh Krajic did not let up
        one bit and was head to head right up to the finish line, the rest is history.

        And if Erika and Heejun is holding back , then someone must tell them that it is very foolish to do, they only have one shot at this every week, I will not take one New York minute to gamble my opportunity, if I were them I will sing my heart out until someone says “Im in it to win it” LOL

  29. Elise is extremely talented!! Fabulous voice and plays piano, guitar, and drums!! She was treated unfairly Wednesday night as the judges had probably already formed an opinion of her performance after seeing her session with Mary J and Jimmy. She should have done the song she chose to begin with as she knows her abilities better than anyone. After all, she has a degree in music with emphasis on performance.

    • Bands, orchestras and school music programs are filled with very capable and educated musicians. ¬†What those people, however gifted they are, lack is star quality. ¬†IMO Elise does not possess the charisma to be a star.

      • Hi Templar,
        Please describe to me what “Charisma” is in your opinion?¬† Humour a
        simple guy like me. please.  It it looks? is it being unique? is it the clothes you wear? is it the way you smile or lack of it?  I am confused? LOL

  30. The best girl is Hollie for me. Iwant a final between Hollie and PP.

    Its something that i don’t understand. How they choose the songs. What happend when two girls want the same song. Iread somewhere that Hollie first want the same song like Jessica.

    • U are kidding !!!
      even if it was right , she will not deliver like jessica did .
      ¬†” All the Man That I Need¬† ” was a very good song choice. It suited her. I get that many Hollie fans feel threatened by Jessica
       but not on ur way !!!

      • What an obscured statement. Hollie fans do not feel threatened by Jessica. Most of us like Jessica, but like Hollie more. Hollie is just as great of a singer as Jessica, but a little different. We have only heard two songs…how can you say that Hollie cannot show diversity. I’ve seen YouTube videos of Hollie and she is quite capable of upbeat/up tempo songs.

        Hollie could have sung that song just as well as Jessica, and in my honest opinion, it would have been better because it wouldn’t have tried to sound like Whitney. Hollie seems to have her own voice. I hope

      • Kris .
        That is my openion. I like Holli too but after all, each camp will vote for their first fav .
        Hollie + Jessica = friendship  
        H fans + J fans = Enemies .  AT LEAST FOR NOW .
        ¬†coz one of them will prevail … I am still waiting for Hollie to sing an up tempo .¬†
        Q / ”Love u I do ”¬†Jessica tried to¬†sound like J Hud ,¬†right ?!
        She has her own voice I believe .

  31. it’s so unfair, they changed Elise song choice, from greatest love of all to im your baby… Mannnn!!! no wonder Elise looked angry. Elise’ gonna dominate this week anywayz!!!

    • I hate it when people say that¬†they changed her song in the last min.
      I am sure she is not the first one and it will not be the last one.
      She must work on her attitude or she will be lost.

  32. everyone listen to Haley Reinhart’s new single, free :] shes gonna perform it on idol 2 weeks from now. :]

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