American Idol 2012 Top 13 Rankings

Last week on American Idol we had our first elimination from the 2012 season’s Top 13. Now it’s time for us to look back at your votes in our first two polls (Pre-Top 13 and Top 13) and see which of the singers are in the danger zone and which of them are climbing the ranks.

Keep in mind that the Pre-Top 13 poll results simply indicate viewers’ overall impression and preference for the singers based on all previous performances in the early portion of the season. The shift to the weekly performance polls will more closely relate to their week-to-week performances. You’ll see the singers already starting to climb and fall from those early impressions.

The clear leader for the past two weeks has been Jessica Sanchez and after last week’s jump way, way ahead it’ll be interesting to see if she comes back down to join the rest of her American Idol 2012 friends. Phillip Phillips maintains a respectable second place while Hollie Cavanagh leap frogs over a few of the guys from last week to take third. That puts a girl in first and third place which might be a good sign for the ladies’ chances of winning the crown back from the guys.

With such a large chunk of the poll consumed by Jessica Sanchez’s 58% the other twelve singers’ numbers are tightly coupled especially considering our poll rounds off to the whole number. The remaining seats are shared between 4%, 3%, 2%, and 1% earnings. Well, one singer managed to earn less than 1% of the overall vote this past week in our poll and those results were mirrored during the live results show. Jeremy Rosado was both the lowest vote earning singer on our site and among all viewers. Looks like he was the right choice to be sent home during the American Idol Top 13 week.

American Idol 2012 Top 13 Week Poll Rankings:

  1. Jessica Sanchez – 58% – up 32 points from Pre-Top 13 poll
  2. Phillip Phillips – 9% – down 6 points from Pre-Top 13 poll
  3. Hollie Cavanagh – 6% – no change from Pre-Top 13 poll
  4. Heejun Han – 4% – down 4 points from Pre-Top 13 poll
  5. Skylar Laine – 4% – down 1 point from Pre-Top 13 poll
  6. Colton Dixon – 3% – down 4 points from Pre-Top 13 poll
  7. DeAndre Brackensick – 2% – down 2 points from Pre-Top 13 poll
  8. Joshua Ledet – 2% – down 2 points from Pre-Top 13 poll
  9. Jermaine Jones – 1% – down 1 point from Pre-Top 13 poll
  10. Shannon Magrane – 1% – down 1 point from Pre-Top 13 poll
  11. Elise Testone – 1% – down 2 points from Pre-Top 13 poll
  12. Erika Van Pelt – 1% – down 1 point from Pre-Top 13 poll
  13. Jeremy Rosado – <1% - down 7 points from Pre-Top 13 poll

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American Idol 2012 Top 13 rankings




    • Colton aint on it is he? oh well maybe he quit or something.
      Colton is my least fav from the start his voice aint decent.
      the americas fav is phillip an jessica very overrated however america buys inton them.

      • I guess they forgot to put his rank!

        If u add  all the percentages above,  it would be a total of 90%!
        The rest 10% would probably be colton’s rank!

      • @5867a0e951e2545d9fc11a673585cabf:disqus : Colton’s rank is 3% and is marked as the yellow line/triangles in the chart above.

        As noted in the article, the poll rounds off to the whole number, so the total count doesn’t add up to 100% since the partial numbers are lost in the mix.

    • Thanks for catching that. Colton is in the graph. He’s the yellow line as noted in the Legend at the bottom (click to see it full size).

      I’ll get his picture added on there too.

  1. what about Aerosmith week come on the year you was born is boring.
    how about people who has worked with randy before.
    or even jlo so they can out sing that skunkbag.
    but come on this week could be anything why dont they just name it players choice?

  2. I have 2 questions. will american idol have there save this year?
    and will they continue doing the lowest boy and girl thing?

    • 1) We’re wondering the same thing about the Judges’ Save. No word yet from Idol or FOX on that.

      2) No. The lowest boy/girl thing was just a stunt last week. This time it’ll go back to Bottom 3 mixed between the girls/guys.

  3. Things will change this week with Ms Sanchez dropping down to where she should be.  Philip will return to 1st place = Colton will move up to 2nd or 3rd.  Just my opinion!

    • Phillip hasn’t been in first place yet, but second place two weeks in a row is very close. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him at the top at some point during the race.

    • I totally agree, Jessica is good, but she can only sing ballads, so shes going down soon. Phillip and Colton for the win in my opinion. 

      • Say what again? Jessica can only sing ballads? Check out ther YouTube videos to see just hyow wrong you are.

      •  no. have you watch cover songs of beyonce, j. sullivan, rihanna, destiny’s child. they are pop/ rnb singer. try to explore things further before you comment. coz at the of the day u make yourself look like moron.

    • bring it on!! Jesicca FTW. so many here mentioned and preached Jessica can’t give justice to Whitney’s song, other said she’ll go down…FYI. Jessica make will another history in AI…Watch out for her next performance and clap her for a three time standing ovation from the judges and audience…

  4. Kevin & OliviaCanada……Are you both watching the same show as the rest of us.  As of right now Jessica is head & shoulders above the rest of the crowd because thats where she belongs.  No one comes close to her vocals (except maybe Hollie) on this show so far. 
    Scotty won last year and he only sang Country……
    When all is said and done she may not remain the top or the winner but right now, this moment, she is the one to beat in this competition.

    • yeah! your right. Jessica is great! I think the best vocalist for a girl since Kelly Clarkson won.. Hollie is good too, but nowhere near as good as Jessica! 

    • Definitely agree with you Phyllis. Still early in the competition but Jessica, Hollie, Phillip, Colton and perhaps Joshua  and maybe Skylar all seem to be the frontrunners right now. Looking forward to watching this week. 🙂

      • Rose……..Jessica really blew me away last week but I feel if these kids calm down we are going to hear some good singing.  I, too, am very excited about this week. 

        Tonight is The Voice…..I’m excited about that show too…..

    • Phyllis, Olivia is living in Canada, reason why she is NOT getting the right sound. haha! Or maybe she’s hearing other voices that nobody hears. freak me out with her comment. We are only in Top 12 and she said Jessica can only sing ballad? c’mon! is “Love you i do” by J-hud a ballad? again, CLEANING your EARS Olivia is personal hygiene. Ü

  5. My Rankings of the year so far
    12 Erika “Not her biggest fan she needs to bring it or will get lost in the 12”
    11 Deandre “The tweens will vote for him not the best but not the worst”
    10 Heejun “a jokester who made it cuz he is funny and nice”
    9 Jermaine “Really Bad at anything he does”
    8 Elise “Has had a attitude problem but maybe can work on that”
    7 Colton “has had massive bad performances 7 may be sugarcoating”
    6 Joshua ” not my fav black men has had problems winning as we have 1″ 
    5 Skylar “Lauren is back with a scratchy firey voice”
    4 Hollie “a underdog in my pick as a dark horse”
    1 2 3 tied Phillip Shannon jessica
    Phil has had great vocals
    jessica well she has had a two week standing ovation
    shannon before i get stoned i believe she has the best voice in the season.

  6. If she takes a Celine Dion song or Mariah Carrey this week………again, she will nail it and have another standing ovation from the judges……I am excited again for her another jaw-dropping performance.

  7. Elise Testone(’83)- TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART by Bonnie Tyler
    or WHAT A FEELING by Irene Cara (she has the vocals for this , kills this one

    Erika Van Pelt(’85)- CRAZY FOR YOU by Madonna or HEAVEN by
    Bryan Adams (imagining her sing either of this song gives me goose bumps)

    Jermaine Jones(’86)- THE LADY IN RED by Chris de Burgh (this
    will fit his voice)

    Heejun Han(’89)- STRAIGHT UP by Paula Abdul (He is great but
    he needs to break the usually)

    Phillip Phillips(’90)- BLAZE OF GLORY by Jon Bonjovi (He
    will kill this! And Slam this straight to the face of his haters)

    Colton Dixon(’91)- (EVERYTHING I DO) I DO IT FOR YOU by
    Bryan Adams or RUSH RUSH by  PAULA ABDUL (
    He has the Daughtry tone thats why I pick Bryan Adams but WHAT I WANT HIM TO

    Joshua Ledet(’92)- BLACK OR WHITE by Michael Jackson or END
    OF THE ROAD by Boyz II Men(He would do great on MJ, but I just wonder how he
    will take Boyz II men)

    Hollie Cavanagh(’93)- HERO by Mariah Carey or I’D DO
    ANYTHING FOR LOVE by Meat Loaf(She is the type of singer who would pick HERO
    but with that big voices and for her to break the usual she should sing  I’D DO ANYTHING FOR LOVE)

    Skylar Laine(’94)- THE POWER OF LOVE by Celine Dion(She can
    belt this to hell I’m tell you)

    Deandre Brackensick(’94)- ON BENDED KNEE by Boyz II Men(If
    he would sing this surely alot of people would cry and vote for him)

    Jessica Sanchez(’95)- ONE OF US by Joan Osborne(OHHH!! This one
    ! she can sing anything! But i hope she’d choose this one. T_T PLEASE!)

    Shannon Magraine(’95)- ONE SWEET DAY by Mariah Carey feat.
    Boyz II Men or DREAMING OF YOU TONIGHT by Selena (She needs to go back on track
    and show the judges and the people that she has that dynamics in her voices.
    Being the youngest is not a disadvantage!)

  8. J-lo is looking really hot and Skylar Laine is my favourite her Whitney peformance was out of this world she can sing anything. I don’t like that Diondre guy though I think it’s the hair

  9. Jessica is in a class of her own. She is really above all the others. I hope she keeps the momentum and not destroy everything with overconfidence.

  10. My top 3 finalists would be: Jessica Sanchez (beware of the Pia Tascano elimination), Colton Dixon (has a strong fan base on my opinion),  and Hollie Cavanagh (cute with a high voice). Could be in the top 3 is Skylar Laine (if she may be able to pull the votes of country fans) and Philip Philips (if he may be able to get a strong fan base). Anyways goodluck on the Top 12.

    • Colton Dixon is going to win this he deserves it and I think he’s going to outshine the rest! I’m sick of all the gospel singers! In the end I truly believe he will win

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