American Idol 2012: Jessica Sanchez Top 3 Performances

American Idol 2012 Jessica Sanchez

As part of the American Idol 2012 Top 3 performances last night Jessica Sanchez followed Joshua Ledet and delivered three of her own. The judges’ praise was overflowing including a surprising early prediction by Steven Tyler that Jessica Sanchez would win this season of American Idol

Jessica Sanchez starts her American Idol Top 3 night out with the judges’ selection of Mariah Carey’s “My All.” JLo praised Jessica’s restraint while Randy thought it was the best Mariah cover on television “EVAH!” Randy must go home exhausted each night from fending off every other singing show out there.

In a bold move, Jessica decided to sing a song by one of the judges, typically a move avoided by Idol Hopefuls. Here’s Jessica Sanchez performing Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” which earned her a standing ovation from Steven with his approval even if the other two judges remained seat.

Jimmy Iovine’s pick for Jessica was the Jackson 5’s “I’ll Be There.” Jimmy explained that he wanted a youthful song which could also appeal to an older crowd. Steven and JLo felt the connection while Randy said he was lost waiting for “the moment” that never happened for him.

Will Jessica Sanchez’s American Idol performances be enough to push her over the top and head on to the finale next week? We’ll know later tonight when the American Idol results are revealed. Don’t forget to vote in our poll and share your thoughts on who was the best this week.




    • @Sandi  we know you don’t like her (probably  even more)
      thinking negative to other people makes them reap what they think. Life’s most basic principle is that whatever you throws that is what exactly comes back to you. No better words to say, just better to say nothing.

      • I believe this site is for everyone t ogive their opinion and I shall continue to do so.  How can you  say I do not like her, I don’t know her.  What a ridiculous statement.  I do not and care for her music and again, I have as much right to state my opinion as you do!!!!!

      • it wasn’t a command, it was an option
        don’t give a HOOT on your excuses, excuses is still excusses…
        lol for a 20 yrs old, your actions is very typical but don’t worry I understand LMAO

  1. she can be Beyonce!she can be Whitney!she can be Mariah! oh Jessica what a versatile singer are you! what else can you be!

    • J doesn’t have her own style. Presumably, she followed another singers’ styles. I feel that her emotion when she sings is sth fake. And do you pay attention to the way she behaves. She doesn’t have best friends in the copetition. With her, this competition is seemingly a fight and she has to win… I think she behaves wrongly. I don’t like her

      • Hey!!! Don’t be so judgmental! This is your perception. Don’t forget that Jessica is so young. She is 16 years old and as we’ve just learned from her homecoming video, home schooled. I think she is used to socializing with relatives and family friends but can be shy towards strangers and does not know how to make the first move.

      • wow, who r you to judge her behavior, just because she doesnt have bestfriend in the competition. Sorry to burst your bubble, but this is not a Miss Congeniality Contest, my dear… this is a talent show, a singing competition. peace

      • How about Elise???? If you say like that, she doesnt have a best friend too!! 🙂 She’s 16! what do you expect from her??? Having all the emotions and then come back? Can you judges just based on having best friends or not? That’s a stupid way to judge a person!

      • ignorant post.very typical.
        you cant feel her emotions and it’s fake? you want her to cry while singing?
        just because you dont see her talking to some of the other contestants, it doesnt follow she’s not friends with them. how irrational.
        and mind you, she’s 16. dont you even think everything is kinda overwhelming for her even if she has dreamt of this all her life?

        your last statement just summarized what you said. you dont like her. period.

      • This is how I see it. Losers hates a winner. Jessica Sanchez is a winner that’s why her contenders hates her even more when she advances to top 3. Crab mentality. They (especially the female contenders) want to pull her down because they cannot accept American people chose Jessica instead of them. How do you think  will Jessica reacts to this kind of people? She has to be strong and stand up tall inspite of everything an she did great at that. Go Jessica! You deserve to be a winner!  

      • You have got to be kidding……..the Sweat Dreams tune from Beyonce was masterful.   Jessica can perform almost anything and is by far the most diverse contestant of this year.   The best Phillips song was Volcano and that was a total rip off of the Damien Rice YouTube video, everything was copied…….even down to the stage presentation. 

      • WOW. How shallow and prejudiced  are you? Did you see Hollie’s face last night in reaction to Jessica’s performances? Sour grapes? Envy? What abouts Skylar’s glare when Jessica was saved? Whatever. This is a competition with a lot of money and a career at stake. They are not there to make friends. They are there to win. Every contestant is very happy when another gets sent home. Doesn’t Phillip copy Dave Mathews to a tee? And wasn’t the James Brown song Joshua’s best performance? Who does Jessica copy? Beyonce, Whitney, young Michael Jackson, Celine Dion, Alisha Keys, Etta James, Otis Redding? Can’t answer that can you? And how does she behave wrongly? Maybe  because she sincerely thanks the judges when she receives a good comment.  She is sweet and gracious, and always thankful when she is praised. You said it in your last words. You do not like her and that’s ok because  she has millions of  fans and people that love her. We are all entitled to our opinions but we should try to judge others fairly. 

  2. all three song were sung by Jessica so beautifully.specially My All.Go Jessica…the next american idol!!!!!!!!

    • honestly so unfair to jess all song she sing is to hard.. compare to others.. but she made a good job with that.. im so proud of her she is the # 4 me n my fren…

  3.  I think she wanted to belt but trying to save her voice. She has sore throat right? I hope she enters the finals.

    • “my all” studio version is better than her performance on stage but still good though.. she didn’t belt it out

    • Despite her battle with sore throat, she still manages to deliver respectable performances. She’s a true vocal fighter!

      •  I don’t think a sore throat is a great excuse.  I’m pretty sure others have dealt with similar issues and done as well.  If you want to do this for a living, you’re going to have to perform sick without using it as a crutch.  I’m guessing at one time or another everyone has had to go out on that stage feeling like crap.  So how about we forget that and deal with how they sang.  Skip the personality evals, the friend/no friend debates and move on to how well they all did.  Each of them had great moments and not so great moments, at the end of the day it isn’t in their hands anymore.  They all came out and did their best.  And it was left to voters to decide.  Sometimes I think the people who rail against ‘haters’ for their fav actually hurt more.  So stop making it personal and pick someone based on whose album you’d buy if it came out tomorrow.  And understand that person may be different from week to week if you base it on performances.  I really like two of the remaining contestants.  And I respect the hell out of the third for their talent, but their music style is not something I enjoy.  But, that really doesn’t mean a thing in the long run, because there are thousand and thousands of people who love that kind of music.  So, let’s stop the pimping and politicing and enjoy the talent that’s left.  At the end of the day, AI will mean very little as all three will likely get contracts out of this. 

  4. as ive heard the three songs she sang.. i think shes amazingly awesome but the judges are more pushing the two males… it hurts and it so sad that they dont like JESS for the finale.. URGHHH

    • it is a competition that requires a preformance. I know she is young, but I don’t feel she has any stage presence and I don’t see any signs that she knows what type of singer she wants to be, other than one that belts out songs. Don’t get me wrong, she is an amazing vocalist, but she lack’s the “it” factor in my opinion. I just don’t see it.

      • I think she’s trying to show her versatility. She said in an interview she wants to do mainstream r&b type stuff. I think she has stage presence, especially before she got saved. That’s my opinion, but you’re entitled to you’re own.

      • From what I have read on the internet and seen on TV, your views are in the minority.  There are so many recording artists and studio execs that have singled her out as the best thing to come out of AI. 

    • the judges favor Ledet, the gospel singer and PP who can’t reach a high note. I feel bad for Bb sanchez

    • seriously? Steven claimed she’d be last one standing…did you miss that.  J. Lo has said the same at least 4 times, and when they saved her, J. Lo pitched a little hissy fit to America for letting her be eliminated. You must have missed those moments???

      • that was just because they know she deserved to go longer but now that they are only down to 3 they can’t help but show who they really wants–and that is Josh and Philip.

  5. I enjoyed Jessica’s song choice the most…to sing for Steven Tyler and get HIS standing ovation must have been an over the top experience for her…

    I dont know who is going to be in the finale…they all have loads of talent…but I am pulling for JESSICA!!!

  6. I voted like mad for JESSICA until my fingers were numbed! I just hope the others did the same thing! Did you?? Its not the judges nor jimmy’s opinion that determines their fate, it is oir POWER VOTING! I was really hping you did your homework last night! 🙂

    • I believe everyone rallying behind Jessica worked even harder last night.  

      • Yes i voted like crazy for her last night hahah slept so late. And i dont care.. I want my JESSICA TO WIN. joshua is a screamer. phillips has no melody.

      •  It was my first time to vote for her. I do hope that there were many first time voters voting her. I know that, if ever she will be in the finale, new voters will come to the scene just to make her dreams come true. The campaign for her will start rightt after she will be called in for top 2.

      • It did not worked for me but I dialed manually anyways until the last second for Jessica. 2 hours exact manually.

  7. jessica sang the toughest songs tonight…and for that i think she deserves to be in the finals:)

    • AGREE anybody who knows music technicalities would know the “level of difficulties” the songs she sung last night was “expert” categories…
      Even a “non-fan” would appreciate how she performed last night, just those “HATERS” who would deny her beautiful raw talent…
      JESS, we voted for 2 straight hours hopefully that puts you in the finale.

  8. She even sounds like Mariah in the studio version of My All, that’s how good she is ,that she even sounds like the bests. She even sounds like Whitney sometimes. So whatever happens, this girl will be a legend.

  9. Sounds like “KID MICHAEL JACKSON” Yeah JESSICA. You’re so versitile!! Love You So Much!

    • Michael NEVER made the registry drop that Jess did and it sounded terrible, she can’t handle the lower registries.

  10. ALL JESSICA’s songs are difficult but worth it…coz it will remain our HEARTS forever…

  11. Jessica you are so amazing.  The judges and Jimmy Lovine gave you the hardest song to sing among the three of you.  They tested you to see if you can actually sing these songs.  Not only you did it perfectly and flawlessly again, you showed them that you can make it on your own and make it so good.  I salute you!!!  I believe you are going to the finale next week.    Go Jessica!!!!

  12. Great great performance. . .no need to scream. . . . the tone , notes are flawlessly done!!!

  13. we did all our best to give our support and votes to Jessica, whatever happens tonight we were there for her throughout the competition and our support should not end there, win or lose. thanks.

  14. she took out the rock element in this song. Therefore she made one of the most legendary rocks songs in the world sound just like another one of her typical ballads. I mean, she made Mariah carey and aerosmith sound like the same genre

    • and  that make  her have her OWN style, don’t you think?
      Regardless you don’t like it at all  what matters is that she can sing songs beautifully no matter how difficult the song is…

  15. I so looooooove her gown!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder who is the designer of the stunning outfit?

    • Don’t you know that I’m the best contestant in Season 9? I know that Jessica is going home tonight.

  16. win or lose jessica already prove how talented she is and how she’s been working so hard her entire life….. and how she became an inspiration for the teenagers like me…. 😀

  17. pitch perfect you’re ridiculously talented. I can hear the vocals of MJ in this song. you are freaking amazing.

  18.     Last season, Scotty peaked the first time he sang Baby Lock Them Doors. Aside from two songs all season, Scotty never left his comfort zone. One of the two songs was good, the other not so much. Nevertheless, his samo, samo, week after week earned him the win. Granted, for his genre, his samo, samo was very good. He has done much better in his first year than the last several idol winners. He was rarely given criticism from the judges. This years Scotty would be P2. Not in genre, of course, but in his samo, samo approach to the whole season. Joshua has used almost the same approach as well, even though he sang songs that were not originally anywhere near his genre, he turned all his songs into his genre. So, basically, the two guys left have followed Scotty’s footsteps. The big difference between Scotty, and these two is that for his field, Scotty is a huge standout. Yes, there are a couple big deep voices in country that Scotty basically admired and copied, but they weren’t 17 years old. Taylor Swift opened the door for Scotty, simply by being Taylor Swift. She was a nice youthful addition to country, and this paved the way for the very young, deep voiced Scotty to be welcomed with open arms. There are many already successful artists around that are as good or better than Joshua and Philip, that sing the same style. 

        Last season, Haley was the most versatile. Jessica has been the most versatile this season (of the three remaining). Haley ended up in third, with the country kids fans voting her out top three week. Compared to P2 and Joshua, Jessica is much more well rounded in regards to her voice, but the boys have a much better stage presence. Haley gave more memorable performances last season than any other contestant, but she also recieved more criticism from the judges than any other contestant. This season, all three of the top three have had very little criticism, and a whole lot of praise from the judges. The number of standing ovations that the judges gave out this season, on many, many performances that did not warrant a standing ovation, cheapened the value of the standing O. So, while Joshua has had more standing O’s than any contestant in idol history (in fact, he may have had more standing O’s himself than the total of any season’s standing O’s, which again, cheapens the value of the standing O). 

       While I think Jessica was the weakest performer, overall on top three week, I think she has been the strongest overall performer for the whole season, having had several standout performances. P2 had a weak stretch when he wasn’t feeling well, but that does take away from his overall performance all season, he has had a couple of standout performances. Joshua has been the most consistant all season, with a couple of standout performances, but I think the judges have overhyped him to the point where not even Stevie Wonder could live up to all the praise the judges have showered upon Joshua.

        So, who will be voted out? Great question. None of them deserve to be voted out, but it is a contest, so one of them will be not be in the finale. I hope P2 and Jessica are in the finale, since those were my two favorites from the start. Joshua is very good, but I prefer to listen to Jessica and P2. I hope Jessica is the next AI winner, but all three of these contestants are equally talented and equally  deserving to hold the crown. A good argument could be made for each one of these three to be the winner.

  19. I’ve never been scared-er for Jessica! The competition is SO tough! And she didn’t have as good a night as the other two…fingers crossed that she makes the Finale!!! 🙁

    • Another Taylor Hicks will be American Idol? Yah he will be sensational like Taylor Hicks. Anybody buying his records? Beam me up–no signs of intelligence down here.

      • Every single person on the planet has a story. Don’t judge people before you truly know them. The truth might surprise you.

    • @bc66dfdd176ed7079f3c8400c99ad444:disqus @67119ddc5882b46d35905f6a0e39baf8:disqus …..what happened to u not talking bad about you fav contestant….”p2 is the next american idol’..thats it….what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…OMG!!

    • not awaken negative Karma towards P2…let the JessNutz spew their cult praises and may they beware of Karma’s backlash.

      • i agreed with u james…but chillex….sounds like u really mad… if jessica’s voted off tonight,…just wait and see..what i gonna say…

  20. This season must be bringing out my inner Paula.  I thought she did decent on the first one, not so great on Aerosmith, but real well Jimmy’s choice.  Overall I like her a lot better than I did at the beginning of the season.  I didn’t like how she had the built in excuse (she was sick) in her first preamble & then said she was taking a risk doing a Whitney song when it was Whitney week the 2nd week.  Little by little though she’s grown on me.  

    I didn’t know she was sick this week.  I’m glad it wasn’t mentioned on the show. 

  21. Whatever negative people said about her, it doesn’t matter! It’s not affecting her performance anyways! She can still sing her heart out, beautifully, awesome… can also reach high notes without screaming…. can sing angelically, that moves you and makes you cry… ending? Your standing-up, clapping your hands.. in tears… Amazing!

  22. Steven Tyler’s comment on her on this song was a true and honest. He loves the way jessica sang this song on her own style and thats what matters. Flawlessly

      • It’s okay-the song was not meant for you.  Just listen to your favorite, fair enough?

    • Sorry here but you really must not know the meaning of “perfection”.  All 3 songs she sang were 3 of her worst performances last night.  Here we go…………………Phil Phillips all the way……. you rock buddy!!

  23. Jessica only gave half of her overall on “My All.” Like I said on my other post, JLO jacked her up on that song choice for her. It didn’t suit her lower tone. The other Mariah song “Vision of Love” would’ve been JLO’s appropriate pick for her.
    Coming from Steven saying she made the song “I don’t wanna miss a thing” a great song greater, is an honor  although she struggled a bit when she hit the last high note of the song. There was speculation she had a sore throat based from what she tweeted a few days before the show. I quite enjoyed her rendition of “I’ll be there” with Michael Jackson’s younger version but I would’ve appreciate more if she fused it with Mariah’s passionate version in the end. That’s probably why Randy didn’t like it because there was no Mariah-like moment. All in all I’m still pulling for her to be on the top 2 finale. I have never voted for anyone but her in any AI season…maybe because she’s still a naive 16 yo kid with an exceptionally raw talent but has massive potential to be great…without Jessica in the top 2, it’ll be a just a very dull, preachy screamy  finale for me.
    Next season, I’m suggesting there should be a voter’s song choice for each contestant…that would make AI more viewer oriented. Anyways, goodluck tonight Jessica!!!

  24. I will not go as far as saying I do not like her, I do not know her.  I do not care for her music and certainly would not purchase it (I was not at all impressed with any of her performances last night) and I certainly would not pay to see any of her concerts.    
    @8d1ef9c2e8364473418ffd6773345df8:disqus uoyichen0908:  Jessica has been singing in public since she was very young.  She was on America’s Got Talent, has made a couple of albums, opened two SD Charger games, and much more.  She has had so much more exposure than most of the other contestants.  If she cannot show her personality after all of that she apparently does not have one.  Not saying she is not talented just cannot relate to everyone, that is not a good sign for an entertainer.  And everyone on this site has a right to their opinion.
    Do I think she will win American Idol, very good possibility, she has a huge fan base (many outside of the US and I do think they find a way to vote).  D0 I think she will go on to be another Beyonce, ect., no.  Again, MY OPINION>

    • Bless your heart. What a waste of time writing a long humdinger of a note about someone you don’t like. Get a life.

      • what!!! ‘get a live’…..ahaaaaa..TROUBLE!! TROUBLE!! TROUBLE!!

    •  Hey Sandi, at least Jessica is so busy working hard for her dreams to come true and not spending her time nastily bashing other people.  Go Jessica!!! Show these 3rd graders what maturity and determination means so they can have a bright future. Again, my opinion>

      •  She didn’t bash her, she said she didn’t like her music, that’s not bashing. You bashed Sandi for speaking her opinion, just like most of the other Jess fans…you are a sick people.

  25. Jessica is the reason why i keep watching this show, she sounds a bit of beyonce, j hudson, now even mariah and a young michael jackson, and thats how she is rolled in to one voice. You may say she doesnt have the originality by immitating some Divas outhere, but thats how it we learn, its by immitating like any big star does in the industry. Despite her young age she makes us wow, or makes haters envy,….. and what the hell are we doing when we are 16? As far as i remember is that i cant make a good marks in my music subject because i dont have a Wow voice.

    -She is not making her own rendition?….. Think of “Everybody has a Dream” or “Stuttering”
    -She is boring? Boring where?…. When she sung ” And i am telling You” or “Turn the beat Around”?
    -She growls and screechy and oversings!?? What about “Sweet Dreams” and ” You are so Beautiful”?
    -She doesnt have stage presence,….. Does she needs to run on stage while singing a Big Ballad?
    -I dont like it when she moves….. Why? Does anybody makes some choreography for her?
    -She doesnt have personality.,,,, nya nya nya nya……. Excuse me,… What are you doing when your a 16 yr old kid? Maybe you do thumbsucking,…. Or a spoiled teenage? Or a kid thats confused if he/she is straight or homo.

    -American idol is for amateurs, and so are the contestants in becoming a star or a legend someday.

    -A lot of people will love Jessica, the same feeling that i did. Because she inspires me a lot through her songs.

    -A lot of haters too,…. We cant make them like our favorite, as if eating our favorite ice cream,…. I like vanilla flavor, you dont like vanilla, you prefer chocolate….. So lets enjoy our own favorite because they are just the same…… Its only preferences.

    -Jessica have a lot of years to learn, what more can we expect from what she is now….. I mean, We want her to be perfect,…. But she is just human. Lets just support her if u like her. If you hate her for i dont know any stupid reasons why, well, tsk tsk tsk. You have your own world which is not mine……

    Now ill go back and listen to Jessicas Studio versions, which is damn good. May God Bless Her tommorrow to stay on the show until she win it! And im positive on it…..

    • Your first paragraph tells it all about Jess…she sounds like this person or that…that’s the goal of Karaoke or lounge singing. A real artist sounds like them and no one else. P2 definitely there and while I don’t like it, Joshua is there too.

      I’m sure if left alone and given a little bit of time…Jess will find who her sound is and become a great artist…I believe in her talent, but she needs time and maturity and be a Jess wannabee instead of a Beyonce wannabee.

      • thank you, james that is so sweet of you.  I like it when you are true to yourself in a good way

  26. WHATT!!!!! lady gaga, celine, stevie wonder, the beatles, michael jackson and beyonce lost to jessica..becoz jessica is the best singer in america…………im SORRY@ zekewalter, but u should say ONE of the best singer!!

    • Yah!!!what are they saying? P2 is the best just like Taylor Hicks. Watch him sell all those records later.


  27. Steven Tyler predicts Jessica will be new ‘Idol’:……p2 for the win!!1….p2 vs jessica…FINAL!!

    • Steven tyler is the worst judge of all time. Has nothing really critical to say to anyone. Instead he makes weird references and has nothing praise-worthy to say except “delicious!’ or “beautiful” then turns to randy or jennifer and signals, “your turn”

  28. Jessica can sing anything, anything, anything in a beautiful, beautiful,beautiful moment,moment, moment 🙂 (No negative comment)

  29. She’s the ultimate AI for me. But I agree that she might be in trouble after the judges unknowingly brainwashed the voters with their constant praise of Phillip’s “okay” performances. But Jess and Joshua were both great, yet it felt different this night, like they were not appreciated and praised like they should be, especially Jessica who delivered perfection again. This competition would be given justice if Phillip is sent home so it’ll let the two left considered as underdogs in voting fight for the title which any of them rightfully earned hard by now. The show was very transparent, it was all acted-out. 

  30. Phillip Phillips earns rave reviews from judges as Top 3 fight for spot in finals

    • The judges also raved about Phillips rendition of the Zombies “Time of the Season”.   Everything I have read has catagorically described that as the worst performance of any Top 13 Idol for this season.  Slow, simple and monotone……..that is the only thing that PP is good for.

  31. OMG!! why jessica’s fans keep bashing me when i said ‘p2 will be the next american idol’….i didn’t say anything bad about jessica……JESSICA FOR THE WIN

    •  Because they are nutz, they worship her like a cult, the “Jessonians” and you are a threat to their idea of being in total control…they are nutz. So..just email Matthew and tell him you are tired of the site being little Manilla and ask him to block the Philippines traffic to the site or you will go to another site not full of Pinoy bullies.

      • Come on James… you are enjoying their company… if they refrain from commenting here then you don’t have anyone to go against with… and your life will be boring…

    • Why not? They have the same style. What’s wrong with Taylor Hicks? He was AI too, same way you predicted P2 will be.

      • obviously…u said this “Another Taylor Hicks will be American Idol? Yah he will be sensational like Taylor Hick. ANYBODY BUYING HIS RECORD? Beam me up–no signs of intelligence down here.  “..that insulting…

      • Taylor Hicks sang Blues rock, blue-eyed soul genres and had no ambition to become a great star, he wanted to stay small. P2 is Alternative rock genre and has great ambition to become a great rock artist as a performer and song writer. To compare them as equals is like saying Jess is the same as Beyonce and we all know…they are no where close.

    • P2 and Taylor Hicks have the same moves. They both contort their faces, the same epileptic moves, the same rubbing knees. They are practically twins.

  32. If this little girl got shut out of the competition, then it would be an easy bet.  Joshua will lose because of the lack of  challenge to his voice range, people would think his power voice is not so-so anymore since they both differ in category. He wouldn’t be as spectacular, as special. It would be the search for the hottie-guitar playin-white guy-from south-show again. So to the viewers it would never be an exciting male big voice vs. female big voice power balladeers match but more like a white male winner who lacks versatility again just as the past four years and I know were tired of male winners (we all know its because of the so-called ladies’ choice).  I always felt like they were very careful in criticizing P2 whenever he blows a song unlike the others. Phillip will def win regardless, still because of the restless die-hard fans/voters that would vote for a one man- one song type of singer in a second rather than this powerhouse gospel singer. But in order to set the standard for this highly-rated show/contest, they should keep a quality singer like Jessica with Phil back at the pawnshop. Trust me, it would be more exciting to watch Jess vs. Josh in the finale. But the chances are low, considering all people are voting for Phillip on protocol just like robots. 

  33. I think Jessica has a pretty voice, but she sings to many ballads and just stands there.  I don’t feel the emotion from her singing like I do Josh or especially Phillip.  She just stands there and sings no feeling behind it.  I like her but not nearly as much as I like Phillip.  I could go to a Phillip concert and leave there feeling energized.  A Jessica concert might put me to sleep.  A joshua concert would keep me awake because of all the screaming.

  34. My All — Jessica again this was your strongest performance of the night. You can definitely sing and hit the notes. This was an especially difficult song to sing. It’s a vocal roller coaster and you did your best. The problems I see in this song are the same as I have been noting all season long. Sometimes you fail to enunciate the words and your phrasing trails off on the softer more sultry notes and phrases to an almost inaudible whisper. It is very hard to understand the words and in a song like this the words are very important. More diaphragmatic control and support for these softer notes and give crispness to the consonants and make the words and phrasing more recognizable when you are trying to inject that level of inflection into the words. I don’t know if your sore throat was the reason but your vocal went off pitch and a little too airy toward the end of the song also.  B

    I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing — This was the worst of the three performances of the night for me. I couldn’t put my finger on it at first and then after listening a second and third time I realized that you did this song in all chest voice. There was a tightness, even a tiredness to your voice. Releasing the tension in your vocal masque will allow more resonance and freedom in your vocals and improve the over all energy in a performance like this. C

    I’ll Be There — This was finally an age appropriate song choice for you by Jimmy. Great song choice. I just wish you had delivered the song with letting us see more of Jessica Sanchez instead of trying so hard to imitate so accurately the voices of the Jackson 5. You had the opportunity to make this your own and give a stand out performance. This emphasizes the problem I think a lot of people have in jumping on y0ur band wagon. We need Jessica Sanchez songs and not carbon copies of the originals. This is where Phillip and Joshua have an edge over you. Also when you try so hard to perfect every note from the original it just makes every failed attempt stick out like a sore thumb. There were many instances in this song where you did not reach your mark. Your horizontal mouth position squelched some of the notes and your voice did not resonate at times as it should have to achieve the full pitch you were going for. B

    • Nice review, I agree with you. But if it werereally because of her sore throat that made her unable to really sing all her songs, she, or someone should have mentioned it on the show. At least people would sympathize with her.

      •  I don’t think that’s right.  All of them have been sick at some point.  For the most part they don’t mention it until after the performance show.  Jimmy usually talks about it when he critiques the following night.  Yes, we’ve all heard Phillip was/is not feeling well.  We hear about Jess, too.  And Ryan talked to Joshua when he thought he was going to pass out from being sick.  But, all of those came on results nights.  Not performance nights.  I don’t think it is a solid excuse as all singers will have to perform through illness the same way someone who works in an office may have to go to work feeling under the weather.  It is what it is.  Not an excuse for people to feel sorry for her or any of the contestants.  I wouldn’t want to win on a sympathy vote.  At the end of the day if everyone votes based on whose album they’d like to buy, then even an off night shouldn’t hurt them.  If you wanted to buy her album last week you will probably still want to do so after last night.  She wasn’t bad last night, it just wasn’t her best night. Each of these contestants have had nights like that, she just had the misfortune of having it happen last night.  At the end of the day, someone throwing excuses for a poor performance is a lot more likely to lose my vote than gain it.  So I don’t think the people making this excuse for her are helping her.  Excuses won’t fix anything. She did fine and the people that have backed her all season won’t stop because she had an off night.  Whether that’s enough remains to be seen.

    • Jessica is a good imitator, not an original performer.  Not a musician or creative force like Phillip is.

      • I though Phillip was creative until the Volcano tune.  As someone pointed out, that was a spot on copy of the Damien Rice video on YouTube…….all the way down to the pop screen on Phillips mic.

      • Hehehhehe…i know you love Philip so keep on loving him.  And i”ll keep on loving my favorite but I am not going to say anything negative about Philip.   That’s just not me.

  35. I voted like crazy for her last night. I would like to see her win she has worked so hard. When she sings you forget she is only 16. I am glad they saved her but was sorry to see Colton and Skylar gone. Nice to see all of them and Hollie supporting her friend Joshau.

  36. I do hope that America voted wisely, that is, for Jessica.  The girl is really gifted.   She deserves to win.  The song choices given to her by JLo and Jimmy were not her comfort zone, unlike the songs given to Joshua and Phillip, and yet she was able to deliver beautifully.   

  37. Big Jessica Sanchez fan here. But i gotta say she had a bad night last night. 

    On her first song – My All – MC
    I was really excited for her to sing this song because i knew it would be perfect for her voice. I was expecting it be like the original, but her version was more toned down. Her tone was very low, could barely hear her in the beginning of the song. Had high hopes, and was disappointed.  

    2nd song – don’t wanna miss a thing – ST
    TBH, when this song first came out, i was digging it. It was catchy and perfect for the movie “Armageddon”. But then it got way overplayed in the radio and mtv and i just got sick and tired of it. Still feel the same way. I knew if she was gonna sing it, she had better have make it her own and change it up a bit. It did nothing for me except disgust especially when her high note at the end fell flat.

    3rd song – I’ll be there – J5
    Man, was i hyped for this song. I listened to the original wit J5 and i wished someone would of thought of having her surrounded by a choir or a group of female backup singers singing the chorus. It would have made things much more of “a moment” feel. Like most of joshua performances. But, It was sorta boring.
     I notice all three of her  perfomances, she basically just stood there in the middle of the stage the whole time without any theatrics or any sort. Like in “And i’m telling you”, just stood there singing, but unlike that perfermonace, her Voice didn’t steal the show. And her voice was definitely off tonight, just very ordinary. 
    * i heard she was experiencing sore throat which might have affected her performance, but why wasn’t it mentioned on the show by the judges, her, ryan. I’m sure if it were pointed out, america would be more forgiving. 
    I didn’t know until i read you guys comments, so take this review like the rest of Americas who didn’t know.

    she had a great run, I’m sure she gonna get signed with out a doubt, but judging her performance to the Josh and philip. She’s definetely last and wouldnt surprise me if she went home. Hopefully she doesn’t, come back in the finale, recovered, and blows our socks off!

  38. What she did? Well she just turned NON COMPETING SONGS to a COMPETITION SONG. nothing against the songs but i think the judges’ choice and jimmy’s choice for her are terrible. Good songs but wouldn’t showcase her 100% talent.

    This is not one of her best, but still she did it! I still voted for her though. 🙂
    Win or lose, jessica has a special spot in american idol from season 1 – 11 🙂

    • She will be signed to someone tomorrow.  Both Jimmy and Akon have said that they would sign her on the spot.

    • If she does, let’s just be thankful that she made it this far.  I still believe she should be in the finale but it is hard to imagine that they will give her a change–one bad night should not be used against her but I wouldn’t be surprised if she is sent home tonight.  Phil is a sure thing to be in the finale (not because he deserves in more than the other 2) but when it comes to votes, he clearly will have the most. 

  39. Great job Jess!!! I have preference to your kind of music… enjoyed all of it… voted for you!!! Hope to see you perform in the finale.

  40. I’m a bit frustrated since yesterday Top 3 show. I did not understand why judges+jimmy chose these song. My All, even if its a Mariah Carey song and JLO preferred song for tenderness…no chance here to have a moment…what judges were looking for and talk about during the hole night. And it was the same with the other ballad from Jimmy, I’ll be there, were no moment was possible also. Why they dont give the song ”I’d rather go blind” to Jessica ????? Check the Jessica rendition of the song on Youtube vs Joshua’s yesterday performance….he his far away behind Jessica. Please explained to me why they did not choose songs like ”Run” by Leona Lewis,’ ‘I wanna love you forever” by Jessica Simpson, ”One moment in time” by Whitney Houston,  ”Hurt” Christina Aguilera, ”I’m surrender” by Celine Dion, anything else sounds younger. For her own choice (aerosmith), she wanted to do a song done many times by South Asia stars like Regine Velasquez, Angeline Quinto and also to impressed America with a Steven Tyler song’s. My thoughts was they would not have singer on the top 2 finale that was voted off and saved in past shows…pure conspiracy. If not, explained me why for this CRUCIAL top 3 show, Jessica got these 2 bored, flatted, impersonal songs…. PLEASE AT CRUCIAL POINT, LET IDOL CONTESTANTS CHOOSE THEIR OWN SONGS…Its about to find the BEST…yes i said the BEST singer in this competition. Not the best style, not the best emotion transmitter, not the best dancer, not the best musician or all-in-one artist, it’s about finding the BEST SINGER.

    • several of the songs you mentioned have been pulled by the artists and are not available to sing.  Aguilera NEVER allows her songs to be used. Pretty sure Jessica Simpson is the same.  She has already done Whitney and Celine, Hollie did Leona Lewis.  But, at the end of the day they were all at the mercy of the judges choices.  I think she got some tough choices, but I am guessing they gave them to her because they expected her to be able to pull it off.  And people should push you outside your comfort zone.  Besides, this season they have had SO MUCH MORE freedom in choosing songs.  Thank god.  Fewer ridiculous themes that are in no ones wheel house.  That was by far worse than anything the judges/iovine rolled out.

    • several of the songs you mentioned have been pulled by the artists and are not available to sing.  Aguilera NEVER allows her songs to be used. Pretty sure Jessica Simpson is the same.  She has already done Whitney and Celine, Hollie did Leona Lewis.  But, at the end of the day they were all at the mercy of the judges choices.  I think she got some tough choices, but I am guessing they gave them to her because they expected her to be able to pull it off.  And people should push you outside your comfort zone.  Besides, this season they have had SO MUCH MORE freedom in choosing songs.  Thank god.  Fewer ridiculous themes that are in no ones wheel house.  That was by far worse than anything the judges/iovine rolled out.

  41.  Jessica did a fantastic job last night with all her songs. Like Randy said she can put out a CD called “Follow the Yellow Brick Phone Book” and it would go Platinum in less than a year. But i was just concerned with Jlo’s song choice, Mariah Carey’s “My All” was horrible. Not because it’s a hard song to sing. But because of the context of the lyrics. Jessica is only 16 years old she should not be feeling another  body  up against her’s at the age of  16. What kind of message is Jlo trying to send to our kids. That’s why it’s good that she is leaving the show. Her second song was amazing and she got a standing ovation from ST which is deserved. Why did the other judges not stand up? Maybe it’s because if they did it would solidify Jessica winning the whole thing. Shame on Jlo and Randy. Now Jimmy redeems himself and picks a great song for Jessica and that’s MJ’s “I’ll Be There” she worked it to the best of her ability. She did not go over the top like someone we know on the show. She was just brilliant. Even Jimmy in the audience said WOW! All the Judges loved it, ST thinks she is the one who will be the last one standing but out of left field Randy says he did not care for it at all…..?????? What is he thinking???? He then says he would have like to hear her do the Mariah Carey’s version of the song better. Why Randy?… She already did a MC song.  Randy do you not want an Asian to win American Idol dog? What’s the deal? I’m calling you out on this issue and i hope America will stand buy me on this one. Jessica I missed the “Growl” last night but i guess it wasn’t needed so you showed a lot of growth. And Like I said from day one. You are and will be the winner of 2012 American’s Idol!

  42. I’ll be honest that Jessica didn’t do an awesome job, but i bet she could cause during that day and the days before she was suffering from a sore throat, she even said it herself on twitter. 🙁

  43. very diappointed in tonight outcome. Gd luk to jessica. I dont plan on atching any more shows.

  44. I was waiting for Jessica to belt a “And I’m Telling YOu” type of song to compete with Joshua Ledet. But I was disappointed that she sang all three very soft songs, which for me were not competition type. But then, after the performance I went to youtube to listen to her again. Now I can’t stop listening to her rendition of “My all”.  This rendition is something you would want to listen to again and again, not the screaming type. What control! what tenderness! what mastery! She wove a beautiful tender ballad using strands of her natural voice and head tone, seamlessly. This girl displays vocal savvy beyond her years. Cheers! I hope she wins.

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