American Idol 2012: Joshua Ledet Top 3 Performances

American Idol 2012 Joshua Ledet

Last night on American Idol 2012 Joshua Ledet delivered three big performances: “I’d Rather Go Blind,” “Imagine,” and “No More Drama.” The judges loved his work and, as we’ve seen again and again this season, one of these even earned him another standing ovation.

Despite Randy Jackson introducing this song as “I’d Rather Be Blind” the song is called “I’d Rather Go Blind.” Check out Joshua Ledet’s Top 3 performance of Etta James’ classic.

There might not have been a standing ovation for his “Imagine” performance but the judges still heaped the praise on Joshua. Watch Ledet’s personally selected performance from the American Idol 2012 Top 3.

Jimmy Iovine sent the Mary J. Blige hit “No More Drama” Joshua’s way and the judges were thoroughly impressed with what he sent back. The judges loved his delivery including the jacket toss spontaneity and gospel styling.

Will Joshua Ledet’s American Idol performances be enough to push him over the top and head on to the finale next week? We’ll know later tonight when the American Idol results are revealed. Don’t forget to vote in our poll and share your thoughts on who was the best this week.




  1. glad to see that not only the judges are cheating for josh but americanidolnet. com is to

    • If Joshua Ledet gets his own post of his three performances, what do you think will happen for Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips?

      Hint: All 3 get their own post which will be published in the order they performed.

  2. Hollie sure seemed to think he was doing a great job.  Those shots of her were cute.  She seemed pretty excited at how well he was doing. 

    • Both Hollie and I thought he did a great job…your next American Idol and well deserved!

  3. i hope not..what he did throught out the season is screech & scream…the only time he sang was when he sang You raise me up…little screeching noted. Either jess or  philip in final 2….

    • Jessica was like a zombie in the first song. The other two were like karokee. Sorry but she is a good #3 just like Jasomine Trias. I called it from the beginning.

  4. Im a fan of Joshua but IMO, he blew his chance at the finals. I don’t think Randy chose wisely for Joshua (Id Rather Be Blind);  he should have challenged him just a little more. It was nothing bad, but also nothing amazing though he got SO.

    “IMAGINE”  is pretty much one of the greatest songs ever written, but after Joshua sang it, I think this was very bland and very karaoke.  He got some help here from when Randy asked him why he chose this song instead of Randy making comments.

    • I agree about Randy’s stupid song choice.  But I LOVED Imagine.   I really did.  It seemed to be the right fit for the night which was a night of coming back from their parades and feeling spiritual and connected. Both of the other song choices were not a good fit though.  They had a bitter theme to them and it was just all wrong.  I wish he was given the Mariah Carey tune.  If Joshua sang that song I think it would have been better than his It’s a Man’s World!  We really missed out.

    • How many contestants would choose a song soley based on the lyrics and emotion of the message within, instead of choosing one that showcases their vocals….only Joshua. He wants to make music that has positive influential messages, to be able to reach people through feeling the words. So much props to him for wanting to be a positive musician, the industry could use many Joshua’s actually. He did a great job with a song that connected with him lyrically. If anybody blew it lastnight, it was Jess.

      • I am a fan of all 3 performers to some extent. And I have to agree with your comment that Joshua picked a song with a potitive message, rather than one that would suit his phonominal vocal ability. Last night, he was by far, the best vocalist. I also agree the Jessica, who has had phonominal performences the past few weeks,  had a very ordinary performance last night. But, I heard she had a sore throat. I do not KNOW if it is true. But, it would explain the average performance she gave,  if it was.

  5. Oh, and I watched last years top 3 last night too.  Out of the 6, I’d rank Haley 1, Joshua 2, Jessica 3, Phillip 4, Lauren 5 & Scott 6.  If any of this years top 3 had beaten Haley, while I still thought she was the best, I could have understood it.

    Out of curiosity, which Idol elimination has bummed ya out the most?  IMO if a contestant makes it to the finals & doesn’t win, it’s not that big a deal because I wasn’t going to see em sing anymore anyway.  My biggest disappointment eliminations were-

    1) Haley- Total rip job- I didn’t watch the final 2 performance show.
    2) Shiobhan- same thing on the rip job, though I kept watching the show.
    3) Didi- I didn’t think she was the best singer, but I loved her voice.  I don’t think she should have won, but 10th place against that crowd?  C’monnnn.  There were only 3 good singers that year- Crystal the other- and to lose 1 of the 3 so early really made for a lonnnng year. 
    4- Melinda- though we only lost her for 1 week.  And I did like Blake and Jordan, so it wasn’t totally terrible.
    5- Allison- Dang she was good.  Sorta like Melinda, because I liked all the others who remained so it absorbed some of the sting. 
    Honorable mention to Hollie- I actually think she placed better than she should have this year.  I just like her attitude so to see her go was tough. 

  6. David Archuleta’s version of “Imagine” moved me to tears. Joshua’s version did nothing for me. Joshua’s preachy style didn’t suit this song…and that screechy scream in the end? what was that? it wasn’t ideal for this song….

  7. We like who we like and no one can change it. Who ever wins we just has to live with it. If you don’t like someone then just don’t buy the music it’s that simple people.

    • Jessica was runner up. First sone was so boring, second ok, third jsut didnt deliver. Sorry I go P2, Josh, Jess.

      Sorry but it was just that way…

  8. Mansini. Jessica should win. She can sing all kinds of songs. She can hit with high tone. She is the best I have ever seen in the American Idol. Jimmy is very right. If the people want Jessica to go hom every body/ all the Contestants should go home. Steven is right, Jessica is winning performance and she should be the one last standing on the stage. I want to see the good and fair judgement.

  9. P2 and Josh to the end.. Ya’ll even beat the magic jacks!

    P2 next Springstein
    Josh next MJ

    • I’d say Joshua will be more of a Luther Vandross or Aaron Neville than MJ, but OK.

  10. P2 and Josh are so down to earth they deserve it. Battle of the boyz til the end.

    Jess baby Sorry not the year of the Diva.

  11. Sometimes i cant understand the lyrics when he sings…and i agree with the others, he screeches. The technique works sometimes, but he has the tendency to overdo it and apply it to all of his songs. Why cant he just sing without sounding as though he’s coughing his guts out? It sounds like he’s about to vomit…

    • Everyone is talking about Joshua screeches. Well, what about the other singers screeches at the end and they were trying to make themselves look good. 
      Right now he is the best one that should be at the top.

  12. Jessica has range but shes a copy cat. Any drag queen in Manilla could sing those songs the same. Its what phillipinos do. Copy

    • Well yes its quite normal up in here hearing that kind of talent. Just a gift we seemed to be all blessed with. I guess Jessica…better yet, the FILIPINOS are just too much for American Idol considering  you said it can be sang by “drag queens” in MANILA. Plus. she got into top 3,  farther than millions of all-Americans who auditioned. What more if we, the FILIPINOS auditioned including those “drag queens” you were just talking about? I bet that would be a big problem won’t it? We don’t copy, we inspire from great singers. And even if we sang the songs you said we copy, we sing it damned better. Maybe you’re just an insecure guy with the worst grammar. Oh and btw, the capitalized words were the ones you mispelled, genius. 

  13. HAHA ppl on here are so funny!! OBVIOUSLY they were going to post the others video.. TAKE A CHILL PILL!! 

  14. & these are Joshua’a videos so I don’t see why ppl have to hate on here.. if you don’t like him go watch the other contestants  videos!!

  15. I’d Rather Go Blind — The best performance of the three for Josh but he loses me in his upper register when he starts the screaming. His voice becomes very grating and he loses the subtle nuances and inflections in the words. At this point it is more noise than melodic singing. I would like to hear more of his lower baritone range which is more rich and resonant and pleasing to the ears. Over all this was the best of the three performances to me but only in parts. He earns a B from me on this performance.

    Imagine — The first 2/3 of this performance was amazing. Joshua’s head voice is so pleasant to listen to. Some of the runs were expertly executed and added to the beauty of the lyrics. However at the end of the song you tried to pump it up a little to have a wow moment. That was the end of the feeling I had at the beginning. I had high hopes for the first 2/3’s of the song but you blew it. This song is all about the words. It just needs to be sang beautifully and no embellishments are necessary. The phrase “gilding the lilly” comes to mind. It might be harsh but you ruined the whole performance by screaming toward the end. C

    No More Drama — Let me start by saying that for two of you Jimmy made the best song choices. That being said, it was up to you, Joshua, to make the most of it. You didn’t in my opinion. This is a very intense and emotional song and you had all of that intensity inside of you. I felt the emotion of the song emanating from your very soul.  It’s just too bad you let the emotion of the lyrics and meaning of the song negatively impact your vocals. More singing and less screaming is what I need to hear from you in order to climb on board as a fan. You have an amazing singing voice I just wish you would learn to deliver a more dynamic blend of your head and chest voice and exercise more control to eliminate some of the need to scream. B-   


  16. I find Joshua Ledet so jumpy in No More Drama. It bothers me when I looked at him doing so. He is not that good with the other his other two songs either. I don’t understand why the judges keeps on giving him a standing O. Good thing on his performance last night, the judges came to their senses. They were showing their favoritism too much.   

    • He was doing the Bo-Bo. That was Fantasia’s signature bounce on stage. He just doesn’t have enough junk in his trunk to give it the same impact….LOL That and he’s not a female. Hmmmmm?

  17. Everyone has their own preference in music as well as artist…these 3 young adults are on the show for a dream. Bashing individuals is it really called for. I wish them success for there future. Yes I’m a Joshua fan (Louisiana Proud) but also like Phillip….If I get bashed for my comment. That’s all good because in my heart I stay true to great talent.

  18. At this stage of the competition,we already all know that all these guys could really sing. All of them have already formed their own fan base that will vote for their idol NO MATTER WHAT . 
    The judging of performances last night so as not to create bias( since 2 songs were handed over to them) SHOULD BE BASED ON THE DEGREE OF DIFFICULTY OF THE SONG they have given to this kids,and the judges comment is in the form of SCORES so as to keep those crap lack of vocabulary comments to themselves. (;)SCORES from Randy & J Lo;););) and comments from STEVEN who  is always supportive,says the truth, and do not play “politics” to confuse voters nor to increase ratings of the show)


  19. Joshua and PP should be in the finale. But Joshua deserves to be the winner because I feel with his powerful voice he can become a legendary genius.

  20. Omg I want the cd now. Whatever he does I want it. He just send chills up my spine every time he sings. Simply flawless

  21. You have to give it to Joshua, he is too good. He give it all 100% and do think he has the big head about it. He is nice and perserve. I just love him. I thought Jessica was gone to win, but I bet you Joshua is going to win.  Keep on doing your thing Joshua. 

  22. I love Jessica Sanchez ,,, the way she sing,,,with feelings and she knows how to control and delivered the song absolutely,,,,AMAZING……..

  23. I think josh should win.  He is the best. He sings with such passion and performs. That being said, I think Jessica is going to win. she can sing but can’t perform. She has the vote of the Latinos, Philippians, and the military. I think that Philip will be second. Not because he is that good.

    Philip has a huge following of teens and young people that have hours to sit on the phone and he is a wgwg.  Having had this exposure, I hope Josh goes on to have a great musical career. 

    • Josh is a phonominal singer. By far the best. But, I honestly do not expect hi to have much of a post idol presance. As the R&B style of music he sing, has been dead in the water for over 20 years now. One can blame the loss of R&B and soul music on the immergence of Rap music.  And the world lost out when that happened.

    • Woah. That’s weird!!! All what you said I agreed 100000% wth. Especially the part where you said that Jessica wasn’t a performer. I completely agree. Haha. I still think Hollie should’ve been in the final with Jessica. Then Hollie would’ve won

  24. Back when the top 10 were just starting to perform this season, I was not a big fan of Joshua. His gospel style and over-signing the entire song always set me the wrong way. But, for about 4 weeks now, he has given up on that gospel and very much toned down the over-singing. But despite this obvious change in his style, I know every week, sure as the shine shines everyday, there are STILL those that accuse him of “screaming”, every time he hits a crystal clear, high note and holds it for the briefest amount of time. Which is kind of sad to me. Because if that is your definition of screaming, you have the same musical taste as my 75 year old mom. But, she had a excuse … She came from a generation where bland and passionless music was the norm. Artists such as Perry Como and Frank Sinatra were the exciting performers of her day … Singing such songs as “Jimmy Crack Corn and I don’t care” as they snapped their fingers and smiled. So, those of you that STILL use the worn out and outdated battle cry that “all Joshua does is scream” … I truly do feel sorry for your passionless taste in music.

  25. I’m mad that Joshua got eliminated, idk why ppl like Jessica Sanchez so much. I mean her voice is cool 4 a 16 year old girl. But i feel Joshua Ledet just has that spark when i hear his voice. But i guess it all depends on the song that they choose. I bet if Joshua sang Mans world yesterday, things would have been so much different. It was just because of that last song that Phillip did the i guess blew people away. So very disappointed and sad

  26. If Jessica Sanchez Doesnt win the competition We  will never swach the show again. She is the best of the best

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