American Idol 2012 Top 3 Performances: Choices, Choices, Choices

American Idol 2012 Top 3 live performances

Tonight on American Idol 2012 we’ll be treated to three songs by the final three performers with a wide range of choices without the limits of themes. One song will be selected by the finalists, another by the judges, and the last will be from the mind of Jimmy Iovine. We’ve got the song list spoilers already for you if you can’t wait to hear what’s heading your way.

Along with tonight’s Idol performances we’ll enjoy the homecoming events for Phillip, Joshua, and Jessica. From what we saw over the weekend the turn out was huge for all of them which bodes well for the American Idol summer tour.

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American Idol 2012 Top 3 Performances – Judges’ Choice:

  • Joshua Ledet – I’d Rather Go Blind – 1-866-436-5701
  • Jessica Sanchez – My All – 1-866-436-5702
  • Phillip Phillips – Beggin’ – 1-866-436-5703

American Idol 2012 Top 3 Performances – Singer’s Choice:

  • Joshua Ledet – Imagine – 1-866-436-5701
  • Jessica Sanchez – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – 1-866-436-5702
  • Phillip Phillips – Disease – 1-866-436-5703

American Idol 2012 Top 3 Performances – Jimmy’s Choice:

  • Joshua Ledet – No More Drama – 1-866-436-5701
  • Jessica Sanchez – I’ll Be There – 1-866-436-5702
  • Phillip Phillips – We’ve Got Tonight – 1-866-436-5703

Tonight’s performances and votes will decide who moves on to the season finale next week and who goes home just shy of the big event. Will your American Idol 2012 favorite make the cut? You better keep voting to make sure that happens.

After the final performance I’ll add a poll so you can support for your favorite from tonight’s show. Share your thoughts on this round of American Idol performance and who you thought had the best performance from the group.




  1. Here is what i think JESSICA SANCHEZ gonna sing. I mean it will be this:

    IMAGINE- as chosen by Jimmy
    MY ALL- as chosen by Randy
    I’D RATHER GO BLIND- as chosen by Bebe Chez herself 🙂

    It couldnt be any more accurate than this ^+^

  2. this is wiki thinks/saids            
    1PhillipImagine- John LennonN/A2JoshuaMy All- Mariah CareyN/A3JessicaNo More Drama- Mary J. BligeN/A4PhillipWe´ve Got Tonight- Bob SegerN/A5JoshuaI Dont Want To Miss a Thing- AerosmithN/A6JessicaBeggin- MadconN/A7PhillipDisease- Matchbox 20N/A8JoshuaI´ll be There- Jackson 5N/A9JessicaI´d Rather Go Blind- Etta JamesN/A

  3. no matter what happens, you guys will still top the charts compared to XFactor and the voice winners! Woohoo for AI

  4. And to continue….

    Joshua is singing:
    I’LL BE THERE- chosen by Jimmy
    WE’VE GOT TONIGHT- chosen by J.LO
    NO MORE DRAMA- chosen by him/herself (LOL)

    PHILLIP is singing: ( and will get the PIMP spot)
    BEGGIN- chosen by Jimmy
    I DONT WANNA MISS A THANG- chosen by Steven (of course)
    DISEASE- chosen by him ^_^

    • I’m not quite sure with Phillip doing I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing. But if he does, if would definitely be different and something to look forward to.

  5. my thoughts

    If it is

    JESSICA VS P2 in finale – that would be a battle of  Versatility vs Originality
    (we don’t know who could pull a great performance..its just balance)
    JESSICA VS JOSH – diva night..unless they could pull a great show (expect a more screeching, shouting and growling finale)
    JOSH VS P2 – we would who will be JUDGES FAVORITE of the night.this could be 3-0 in favor of josh (according to judges)

    they’re all great but i sincerely want a PHILIP-JESS finale. like if you agree

      • They desided months ago they wanted a girl.But they should have pushed Skyler,if they were going to push one at us!

    • couldnt agree more. Yes, JOSH-JESS would be a great tandemn for finale (ratings would be low though) but I have to say that PHIL-JESS would be better.

    • Phillip v. Josh finale – thrilling
      Josh v. Jessica finale – moving
      Jessica v. Phillip finale – exhilirating

    • This is clearly philip’s night2nd would be jessica (somewhat underwhelming)
      3rd would be joshua (the screaming its really out-of-place…..even in ‘imagine’ he screamed.)

      • I agree every Wk. It’s the same screaming no versatilty. I hope America sees through judges bias. Jess vs Philip sq. That’s the real competition!!!

      • Admit it Josh, can sing, Jessica alright, Philip alright,  would not be surprisefd if Josh, was sent home. It’s America remember Idol……

    • All three of the Judges picked only one of each ! Randy ~ Joshua , Jennifer~Phillip , and Steven said Jessica will be the winner of this years AU !

  6. GOODLUCK to the Top 3!!! Will start in few more minutes, we are all set & ready to watch…
    We like all of the remaining 3 coz of their own style but rooting for JESS

  7. Whew! Seems like I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing is gonna be part of our Diva’s Repertoire tonight! Oh dear, I can already imagine her nailing those high notes a la Songbird! And Steve Tyler would just be stunned! #MegaExcited

  8. Have watched Idol since it started..If Phillip loses I am gone and will be satisfied it is a fix..

    • I guess same thing goes in the minds of Josh and Jess fans. If they lose it’s a fix for Phil.

      Oh well, just vote for him and pray that everyone else who vies for him do and  hope that it would be enough to push him to Final 2.

    • Seriously?  After watching Crystal lose to Lee and Adam to Chris, and Scotty winning last year?   If that didnt stop you from watching, nothing would.

      • Scotty has gone on to have a great start in music !!!! What more would you want from a AI?

    • The way the judges used their save on jessica, telling america to pretty much vote for her, i think they want it to be a jessica/joshua finale.  I personally want to see phillip take it because he is a true musician, not just a singer.

  9. joshua mumbled and sounded awful when singing high notes, the judges stand.

    • I wonder why yah keep knocking Joshua, He’s the best if he does not win, we know why……..

  10. JOSHUA —-> wow! Etta James “rather be blind” not expecting him to sing this song but SO + great performance – screeching (wish he lessen it)

  11. to all haters who said Jessica Sanchez is a monkey… She had a toy monkey beside her an it was way too different than she looks! Go Jessica!

    • Haters gonna hate. Just live with it. They love it most when you give attention to them.

    • So you think a Americam Idol needs a monkey by her side. Please, it just shows she is not mature enough to win AI.

  12. I like all 3, and I think the show will be entertaining. I miss Hollie and especially Skylar. Joshua and Jessica tend to perform inside themselves, and to me, Phillip doesn’t really have the vocals. Skylar’s ability to connect and give herself away is more compelling. I am sure we will have a very competent Idol.

  13. Joshua: Horrible performance……….Judges give standing O. Anyone els see the problem here???

      • Just wondering if I was alone thinking that way. Glad other people out there arent deaf!

    • They liked it and we can’t do anything about it. But still, the power is in your votes.

      It seems JLo is somewhat hesitant to stand up.

      • That’s what I thought Anne, she stood but what do you do when all the other judges are standing? Randy is the only one that gave the first round to him. Not a surprise there. Too bad Simon isn’t around there would be a bit more objectivity

    •  Judges definitely push Joshua …. he has had some good performances …. but nut 13 or so standing ovations!

    • No problem. Deserved once again He’s the best, plain and simple get over it.

  14. What is wrong with jennifer?  this is not only a boring song its also not appropriate for a 16 year old.  bad choice jennifer. 

    • Not true Joshua was great.   Jessica was nearly incomprehensible on that song.  I couldn’t understand what she was singing.

  15. So far its been bad picks by the judges.  can’t wait to see what phil gets.  they contestants are doing the best they can.  maybe it will get better when they pick their own.

  16. Is it me, or are they ALWAYS giving Josh and standing O.  I just can’t stand it!  I mean, the boy is a good singer, but the platitudes are just preposterous.  Come’on Man!

      • She’s attacking it low and tender. She did well but you can feel that she’s challenged with the low notes.

      • Very unfortunate song choice for her.  She was struggling big time with it.

      • Uh oops. Professionals. Texting and a 40 yr old, not a match made in heaven. But Josh still rocked it. Standing O, ha. He deserves the praise. Haters are just musically inept that’s all.

  17. hmmmm just saw Joshua sing Etta James’ “I’d Rather go Blind.” Pretty good, but go yo UTube and see Jessica’s version from 2 years ago …. phenominal!!!!!

  18. Josh gets another standing O tonight????? At least J Lo seemed hesitant to stand, but when the others are standing I don’t guess there’s much choice. Maybe if he quit screaming it wouldn’t be so bad.

  19. Oh M! my 1 wish came true JS not singing I’t rather go blind~ Yes! thank God! 🙂 Go JS.!

  20. these judges are high on something.  all three choices sucked.  phil’s song had a little more energy than they thru at jessica.  josh would make the national anthem sound like gospel so i guess it does not matter with him.  i liked phil’s higher sound at times…he should explore that aspect of his voice more.  i think round 1 is a wash…going to all our favs…mine is phil.

  21. No SO, yet again! But the judges sooo loved it that Steve Tyler publicly announced his fearless prediction – that our Diva is gonna be The One Last Standing! Now, that says it all! BB Chez FTW!!!

  22. For the first time in this season I didn´t enjoy Jessica´s performance, I felt it was too very hard for her to sing this judges choice.  Josh imo screamed more than usual and even Phillip has not been my choice at all, being fair round one for me goes to Phillip

    • It was out of her comfort zone. The judges want to see her attack a song with a soft and tender feel. Good enough performance but not great.

  23. does anyone else think its wrong for jessica being forced to sing a song with no energy about wanting one more time in bed with a dude…come on she is 16 years old…she has many mature aspects to her voice but shouldn’t she be singing something more fun? the judges always make the contestants uncomfortable.  phil at least is mature enough to push back.

    • Some of her song choices have been very bad all season, I believe Jimmy to her that.  Besides,  I think we all know the judges are pushing for Joshua.

    • Maybe JLo did her all at 16. 🙂

      I think Jessica did well by not doing it ala Mariah. At least we’re able to see her tender and soft side of singing.

  24. JLo’s song choice really sucks, this girl really doesn’t know how to pick songs and she really wanted Jessica out… good thing Steven Tyler come up with a good comment that Jess for her is the Last One Standing…. i am still voting for Jessica no matter what happens, POWER VOTE guys!!! 🙂 This is is for her, let’s bring her to the Top 2!! 

    • i mean this is it for our Jessica, it’s now or never…. vote, vote, vote!!

      • well, she can eat her heart out now coz she (JLo) can’t sing a Mariah, she can’t even sing live. Atleast Jessica proved that she can still anything without immitating the original, she still has her way…. this JLo really needs to step down on Idol, she is not a real singer.

  25. So what did Phillip sing?  Matthew has yet to update the list, above, and no one has mentioned the song title in their comments…

    • Isn’t the idea of this competition to make it your own  Beyonce, surely you jest.

      • She did that’s why she sings ballads that all her haters complain about. That’s who she is yet people use it against her. It’s her forte. Was Josh Groban blamed for singing his kind of songs and not singing and dancing to fast songs? No, because it’s his thing.

    • ahhhh not Mariah, there’s only one Mariah and Jess sounds nothing like her!!!!!!!

    • Uh, not even close. She was not good tonight at all. Wasn’t her normal self. Just sounded really off.

  26. ok young people might not understand my rant, but first Josh, imagine is not a gospel song, and in fact is about humanism not religion at all.  and only people who respect this song for what it is should sing it with the respect to john lenin he deserves….i give Josh an F…all he sings is gospel  and jennifer he missed the entire meaning to this song…i guess the verse imagine there’s no heaven would never be sung by a preacher’s son. 

    • So singing a song based only on the lyrics and their meaning, instead of choosing one that fits their vocal style, gets an f from you. Well the whole point of him singing the song just went completely over your head, easy to do for narrow minded people I guess More props to him for singing a song with a message he believes in rather than one that fully fits his style, takes an amazing person to do that, but of course Mary is a boring ole hag with no commen sense, so she is clueless Great job Josh.

      • Well I guess I am a boring ole hag  also because Joshua is horrible. All his songs sound alike and all that screaming drives me up the wall. The only place he is going is home to sing in church. Now that he can do !!!!

  27. jessica sang mariah’s song beautifully…..she is going to make it to the finals…goooooooooo jessica………………

    • She did not do a good job on that song.  She was a complete mush-mouth on it.

      • With due respect, I think she did well with it. Singing that low is harder than belting it all out. It was not her best but surely she sang it beautifully.

  28. J-Lo could have picked another Mariah Carey song, “Through the Rain.”  It better fits Jessica than “My All.”

  29. Joshua Ledet sounds good from i’d rather go blind so  he got the standing Ovation by the judges but Jessica was much better than Joshua and she didn’t get any SOv? Judges suck!

  30. no offense but i’d rather hear David Archuleta’s version of Imagine than Joshua… just saying. 🙂

  31. I almost want Josh to win.  When his album comes out and totally bombs it will show these idiot judges how wrong they are.  PP can sell albums, maybe JS can sell some but Gospel doesn’t sell….Period!!  They really need some changes w/the judges and get some who can be critical, even when their favorites don’t fair well. 

    • So the Winans don’t sell records?? Get a clue bro. Good thing he fits into more than just gospel. Guess Jimmie doesn’t know what he’s talking bout either, how many millions have you earned from the music industry?? Obviously nothing. Another clueless poster looks like.

  32. p2 just owned the beggin song really like it jessica bad song choice of jennifer joshou i just dont want to hear him now(no offense) Jess-P2 in the finale!!! 

  33. well i don’t really like this song, but it did allow jessica to use more of her range than jennifer’s choice.  nothing exciting though.  but so goes the night.

    • At least Jessica is showing her versatility.  She might not have nailed the songs but she did a pretty good job considering she was out of her comfort song.

    • At least Jessica is showing her versatility.  She might not have nailed the songs but she did a pretty good job considering she was out of her comfort song.

  34. Steven Tyler should stay in AI…he knows what talent is…SO for  JESSICA !

  35. I’m tired of listening to Joshua’s screams!! Jessica slayed my all without growls and screams, a truly performer

  36. Was I the only the only one who heard Jessica’s voice crack in Steven Tyler’s song? 

      • Honestly I didn’t hear it and so as my friends who were rooting for Philip and Joshua–that being said..we all have our own ffavorites and none of us heard the cracking of her voice.  They were laughing at me when I told them somebody chatted about her voice cracking on that song.  Tell me what part so I can listen again, please.

      • Honestly I didn’t hear it and so as my friends who were rooting for Philip and Joshua–that being said..we all have our own ffavorites and none of us heard the cracking of her voice.  They were laughing at me when I told them somebody chatted about her voice cracking on that song.  Tell me what part so I can listen again, please.

    • no, you were not the only one.  Everybody  heard it.   Will it finally be enough to send her home?

  37. At the end of the day when all the dust cleared up ….JESSICA SANCHEZ …”LAST ONE  STANDING!!”

    • Yeah, with a broom.  She can sweep up after everyone’s left for Phil’s after party.

  38. I’m voting for Joshua Ledet, he get what it take to be american idol…

  39. Sorry; bsut Joshua Sounds like a cat screaming on a hot tin roof! JRC

  40. ok here is my short analysis…when phil sings, you believe him…when he did the duet with elise you really could see a couple breaking up…when he sings about love or heartbreak you can see it…but when josh sings about loving a woman…come on…do you believe him?  when jessica sings about life, she has not experienced enought…Phil is Real!  he is blowing the others away.

    • duet with elise was one of the best performances of the year.  Liked their version better than the original.

    • spot on. phil may not be pop culture idol however he is one great musician. i have high respect for his and elise’s musicality and artistry. 

      •  I agree with you.  I have a lot of respect for the people who are able to not only sing, but play the music and entertain.  Regardless of where they end up at the end of AI, those are the people I would buy albums from.  Wish they’d put up that duet on itunes.  I thought they were great together and it looked like they had fun.  Some of the other duet pairings looked PAINFUL, and some of them sounded painful, too 🙂 I am all for true musicians, but to be believable you have to be able to enjoy yourself  first in order for others to enjoy it I think.  Clearly some of these guys and girls do this better than others. 

    • So true he is one I would buy his music  in a heart beat the other two don’t sing songs you would run out and buy PHillip all the way

  41. jennifer you don’t even know what a wow performance is.  shut up and exit stage left.

  42. I just realized who PP reminds me of: Jude Law. I can hear him singing all day.

    • I like his first song than this one. Although judges’ remarks we’re kinda lame.

    • they have been slobbering all over the other two for so many weeks now, they would look stupid if they gave an honest appraisal tonight.  They should have been standing for Phillip tonight.

    • I think it has been pretty obvious since the beginning that they want the two 2 Js in the finale.  Fortunately they don’t getany more saves.

    • Mary, they’ve been pimping him the entire season, you must be def. One truthful comment and you go nuts.

      • They have not! They’ve been pimping Joshua for ages now.

        I know that they haven’t given Phillip proper critiques when they should have, but that goes for most of the other contestantstoo  except for poor Hollie who they criticized every chance they could.

    • don;t worry, mary, Philip will be on the finale for sure.  The other better sigers will have to battle the other spot for the finale. Sad but true.

    • don;t worry, mary, Philip will be on the finale for sure.  The other better sigers will have to battle the other spot for the finale. Sad but true.

  43. Steven Tyler giving Jessica a SO??? wow, Steven you love that song the Jessica Sanchez way….. 🙂

  44. I’ll just go ahead and declare Phillip the winner after seeing the show tonight.   I enjoyed his songs the best.  Josh second.  Hope I’m right.  We’ll see…….

  45. jessica was just sucking up to stevan thank god the other two did’t stand up

  46. Are the judges deaf?!?  There is some serious bias going on at the judges table.  JS butchered “I don’t want to miss a thing.” PP was far better.

    • I just listened to this song again and your right, she took a meat cleaver to it.

    • Hahahahahaha.  I just listened to Randy’s critique.  Started out slow (does that mean boring) then she finally hit the “note” he was waiting for.  Guess since she can sing one note, she redeemed herself.

  47. I thought Phillip Phillips was “just good” too. However, I would still rather see him in concert than listen to the screeching nails on a chalkboard sound coming from josh. I think Jessica and Phillip would make an entertaining finale!

  48. I would like to hear PP sing Jeff Buckley’s “Lover, You Should’ve Come Over”. Love that song and think that he would sound great singing it.

  49. oh now josh is bouncing,…any minute he will do his skip i am afraid…and a few screams…and the judges will jump to their feet.

    • Mary, did you forget your depends tonight? Must not feel good with wet drawers on, guess that could get ya cranky. Upgrade your cable to get dvr so you can make it to the bathroom on time, so then you can pause it to go to the potty. I’m sure that would be irritating. Check your hearing aid and bifocals while your at it.

      • Why so mean to Mary?  She deserves an opinion. Maybe you forgot your depends,huh?

  50. I applaud Jessica she has her sore throat yet she give this song a justice.  I will vote,vote,vote for you girl!

      • Sorry but Jessica killed that song. Try singing it the way she did, she hit the falsettos and the very low notes. She may not be in her best condition but she was still the best. She is a professional and showed people that the show must go on whatever happens even if her throat is killing her.

    • Good excuse for singing so bad. Guess she has had a sore throat all season,huh?

  51. josh that was awful.  nothing but painful…thank god for the mute button….can you scream that?

    • No Mary, that was Phillips last song, that was awful. Clean your glasses baby.

  52. Judges … I’m impressed …. only 1 standing ovation for Joshua out of his 3 performances ..

    • he will be a great sales representative for tanks and he can even imitate the tank’s noise….his clients will believe him 100%

    • So watching David Cook and Kris Allen’s CDs bomb was ok? Not to mention many other winners. Don’t buy it jack… Many others will Cry baby b I o t c …..

  53. I prefer Lauren Alaina’s version of I Dont Wanna Miss A Thing over shrieky Jessica!

  54. still going out for a full support for Jessica Sanchez no matter what happens, i am sooooooo craving for a GIRL to win it this time…. my fingers are ready to get numb….

  55. People VOTE FOR PHILLIP….jessica n joshua shld really go, everytime screeching on the stage like they’re constipating…

  56. I think  the judges need to wake up. Joshua is not like the idol in the past and he is not all that.  Jessica still need to dress more for her age. Philip is as close to what american idol is all about

    • So Josh isn’t like idols from the past, because he’s black?? And Phillip is what AI is all about? Ha. Say no more, you made it too obvious. Wow!

  57. Josh JoshJosh…. u are the Greatest…… I can’t wait to see u in the finale. Jessica and Phillip you are  good as well. Wish u the Best!!!! As for the judges. We love the chemistry. JLO u are some kinda fly. love it

  58. please……… please……….. please……….. GOD BLESS YOU AMERICA LET’S VOTE FOR JESSICA!!! PLEASE…………

    • Sounds like JLO , begging for votes for someone who does not deserve the votes.  SAD!!!!!

  59. please…. help jessica  vote for her! to those who want  a famale american idol please… support and vote jessica! GOD BLESS US ALL!

  60. ok jessica was better than josh, she did ok.  but i am not sure.  seemed a little boring…its hard to do anything by michael jackson.  overall she should be in the final..josh should be out…

  61. i think the judges need to wake up. first of all Joshua is not the best to represent idol. I  also think  that Jessica needs to dress more her age. Philipis as close as you can get for idol. Jessica is also a good choice.

    • I also think PP is idol material. His only con is there’s been a row of WGWG winners and some are getting tired of it. I wish I’m wrong.

    • Though I am not a fan of Jessica’s, Randy’s strategy is to do whatever it takes to get Joshua into the finals, then for the win.  He has been so obvious all season long, that now that it’s close to the end, he is turning on the other contestants to reinforce his other strategy of standing always and only for Joshua.

  62. please…  vote jessica!!! she will be the  best singer of merica once she wins!  

    love you ll! GOD BLESS US ALL!



    • If she can be a great singer she can do it without Idol.  Most of the great singers out there did not have Idol as a launch pad.

  64. i have a gut feeling jessica is going home tromorrw i won’t mind that


  66. Good thing Jimmy Iovine picked Jackson 5 version of I’ll Be There for Jessica and not a Mariah again, Jimmy is one mentor who really think coz he wanted those 3 to showcase their voices unlike these 3 messed up judges who loves to give advice to contestants to pick the right songs and yet they can’t even pick a better one…. whew!! 

  67. So technically, Jessica sang two Mariah songs….  She did a cover of “I’ll Be There”….  America, vote for JESSICA SANCHEZ!!

  68. Jessica Sanchez’s top 3 performance night song titles says, “I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing…(so) I’ll Be There…(with) My All” ★★★Go for it!

    by Chocoleitwits

  69. How was Phil’s We’ve Got Tonight?  One of my favorite songs, sung by my favorite idol.  

    • It was good but at this point in the game I expect GREAT!! There were rough spots. Notes he had a problem hitting. He did try to stay with the original melody and I give him props for that but you still have to judge the singing and it wasn’t all that great.

      The thing is that he is compared to his earlier performances and you see the improvement. It’s like your car is dented on all four corners and you have it in the body shop and they repair all but one corner. It looks better but still not all that great.

  70. 3rd round




    jessica will go home


    joshua should go home

  71. there are better bob seger songs for Phillip.  i don’t think it was his best performance on the song ever, but it was the best performance of the night…which is not saying much, since everyone else pretty much were average tonight.

  72. SO tired of the judges pimping who they LOVE. 

    I wish they allowed voting based in some part on itunes, sales as well.  I think people would vote for the artist they like more reliably by the music.  I have my favorites, but I matter very little.  I can tell you I buy songs that I like…even when they come from a contestant that maybe isn’t my favorite.  But, if I like a particular performance I will buy the song regardless of who sings it. 

    Most people won’t buy music they don’t like so perhaps that would cut down people voting so heavily for someone based on something other than music. Just a thought.  All three of the finalists are excellent singers.  Though I can say there is only one who I would listen to a full album from.  Who knows if everyone else feels the same…I hope they all enjoy the ride and I suspect they will ALL find success in the industry.

  73. I think all the contestants are wonderful, but Randy seems to be so clear about not wanting Jessica to win and Jessica’s vocals are AWESOME!!!! Steven Tyler seems to be the most honest judge and fair…Joshua is great but can’t handle the yelling…James Brown I can handle but his yelling sounded great, not so for Josh.

    • Actually it is all a matter of taste, I would not purchase anything recorded by the two Js but would purchase and go to a concert of P2’s.  Why, because there are many Jessica’s and Joshua’s out on the market now, P2 is unique and nice to look at.

  74. Phil and Joshua received standing o. we know now who they want to go in the finals.

    • Oh I hope not, I get my degree in 3 weeks.  What a waste of time that would have been.

  75. Overheard a friend commenting while Joshua performs saying: Stop it, Joshua it’s already irritating since day 1, not anybody can sing but everybody can SCREAM!! LOL :-)))

  76. Even though I don’t like Joshua and Jessica and so is Philip because I am once rooting 4 Hollie weeks ago but now honestly, without any bias , this night goes to Joshua. I don’t like him. I will never like him , but he is soo good that I cannot really deny that he deserves to win. jessica is also wicked gret but tonight shes just good. Joshua and Phil overshadowed her.
    Philip on the other hand, did grat tonight. He slayed it but Joshua was better than him. I hate to say that. Well good luck to all of them though. Wish them all the best tom. 🙂 Vote wisely America.
    Philip- 88%
    Jessica 87%
    Joshua 91%

  77. Sorry Jess fans. I’ve been calling for a J&J final, but tonight she sounded really off. Don’t care what the judges said, she was really off compared to her past performances. She was shaky and under the whole time, which could be from her soar throat, bur did not enjoy her at all tonight. Sorry guys, not bashing or being ugly, just an opinion.

    • Yes I agree with you, it was because she was suffering from a sore throat look at her tweet yourself.

      • of course she tweeted an excuse.  Why not throw in some fainting as well for good measure.

  78. Let’s bring the only girl to the Finale, let’s go all the way for Jessica Sanchez…. it’s time for a girl to win!! Power vote, vote vote!!! 

  79. They hyped tonight’s show to no end. I hope I am not the only one who feels very let down. Everyone said this should be the top 3. In my opinion all 3 of them failed to deliver tonight.

    The best performance of the night was the last one but even that one had it’s rough spots. The good comments were mostly about who was singing it rather than how it was sung. 

    I feel so disappointed and robbed right now of having a true singer be in the top 3. Tonight just proves that all three of these contestants have vocal limitations and others who would have nailed these performances are long gone. What a shame and a sham American Idol is this year. 

    Sorry that is just my opinion and I can’t vote tonight because that time and effort would be wasted in my opinion. Sorry but sometimes the truth hurts!

    • It’s human nature to find fault in anything that you don’t like and appreciate flaws of anything you do.

      • The problem is that you didn’t have to even look hard to find the fault. It walked up and slapped you in the face. 

        I am just voicing my opinion of the way the season has turned out. I am not looking to get into a back and forth with anyone on this issue. 

        Even if your favorite is still there and you will support them until the bitter end. There is no doubt that this was not a show tonight worthy of the top 3 of American Idol. The performances were the weakest of any past season. It was just a total let down. 

        The biggest let down is that there were singers who got eliminated. Singers who didn’t even get to the live shows who could have easily performed these song choices 10 times better than these 3. 

        That’s my opinion and I wont be swayed on that. None of the performances tonight deserve an A grade. None of them.

        When you get to the top 3 of American Idol they should ALL be grade A performances. All you should have to do is place the appropriate amount of plus signs behind the A. This night was a big disappointment for me. I wanted to be wrong and I wanted to be wowed but it didn’t happen. It just didn’t.

      • I think she would have at least sang in tune. She was never my favorite from the start btw. But she was better than these three from tonight’s performances.

      • Go back and read my reviews of the songs this season. I had my favorite this season but I was always honest with the reviews. I didn’t artificially build a performance up that wasn’t deserving and I didn’t bash anyone that had a good performance. 

        I only speak what my ears hear and what I feel in my heart and this was not a show worthy of the top 3 of American Idol. 

        Others that have gone were more deserving and that’s the truth. Others that never made it to the live shows were also more deserving. 

        Candice Glover and Lauren Gray were much better singers than any of these.

  80. Randy, jLo, and Jimmy did their thing! they sabotaged Jessica!!! it’s our time to do our thing! let’s make Randy, jLo, and Jimmy be very very very SHAMEFUL!!!! VOTE BB CHEZ!!!

    • you do have to be black or white to win the show, so you shouldn’t really expect anything else.

    • oh please. they gave her two well-known songs. if she didn’t rock it then it’s her fault. & plus, the judges have been rooting for her even on weeks when she wasn’t good they favored her. It’s seriously a JOKE for anyone to say that the judges don’t favor Josh or Jess. Jess fans are so annoying… Go Phillip Phillips!

  81. phil’s line is constant busy both mobile and land line.  never experienced that before.  anyone else getting all busies or try again messages?

  82. 1st round – Phil
    2nd round – Jess
    3rd round – Josh

    it’s anybody’s ball game
    Overall performance tonight – average… compare to last week…
    All of them are great!!!!
    VOTE VOTE VOTE… for ur idol…

  83. Don’t care if you like his style or not–Phillip did it his way and threw it down tonight.  He is unbelievable & will be big with or without this title.  He is the true artist–he is not just a singer–he feels the music and songs he is performing.  Good luck–I will be buying his music whether he wins or not!!

    • There is something very wrong with the outcome of the season when they have to qualify a standing ovation with the fact that he actually managed to sing with some melody. 

      It was more about who was singing and surprise that he did that good and not about the complete performance. There were rough spots all through the performance and none of that was brought to light by the judges. What a sham! Sorry but it’s true.

      • May be after two bad performance by Josh and Jess. They were eager to praise somebody and it happened to be him? You don’t get the pimp spot for nothing.

  84. I don’t agree with Randy’s comment on PP’s performance being his best ever. His first song was his best for tonight and his best ever was Volcano. His last song, it feels like he’s just uttering it with a tune.

    • Randy keeps telling PP the same thing ” this is your BEST EVER ON AI!!!
      But PP is AWESOME!!!

  85. I am totally voting Joshua and Phillip for the finale. Jessica did a nice enough job, but they were both SO good tonight.

  86. I really think  josh or jessica should win this because I never seen phillip emotional until he went home, America Idol be sending the wrong people home, This wil be my last year looking at this, A BIG SET UP.

    • ok…well…neither jessica or joshua cried at all in the hometown visit clips…Phillip was the only one who we saw get emotional on the hometown visit…just saying. maybe you should think about that if you’re basing your decision off of that.

      • He is also the only one that thanks his back ups before he goes to get the judges comments. That is class and a real American Idol.

  87. Jessica did a great job with her performances It wasn’t as much i would have expected it but it was alright since I saw her tweet that she’s suffering from a sore throat. 

  88. I didn’t like tonight. Lot’s of so-so performances.
    The winner tonight is (and I can’t believe I’m saying this) is Jessica. She restrained herself form those growls and screams and actually sang the songs. Here my Scores:
    1st: 6/10
    2nd: 7/10
    3rd: 2/10 (It was TERRIBLE)
    1st: 8/10
    2nd: 5/10
    3rd: 7/10
    1st: 7/10
    2nd: 7/10
    3rd: 8/10

  89. I really want Jessica to win. Please let’s all finally get a girl winner that we will hear from later on. Jessica is clearly the best among the 3.

  90. Im shocked at who sang what…but NOT disappoiunted…I think Jessica had the BEST song choices…I like what P2 did, think his best choices to date…

    Hoping for a Jessica/P2 Finale

  91. i have a gut feeling Jessica will be going home tomorrow… 🙁 i hope i’m wrong…

  92. One of the two guys (Joshua or Phillip) will go home tomorrow.

    Jessica will be the last one standing.

  93. I came home just in time to watch the final round and I gave it to P2. Therefore, I’m voting for him.

  94. It’s obvious that Randy is putting down Phil and Jess!
    But i think this two will move into the finale!!!


  96. Personally, I think Phillip stood out tonight.  Based on performances, I believe Jessica deserves to go.  Doubt she will though.  She’s the only one who didn’t have a special moment.

  97. Are those Jessica/P2/Joshua fans posting here don’t have means to vote?  I would rather vote that post comments. As for me, I just appreciate them (contestants) do their stuff but I don’t vote.

  98. Wow, Phillip you really did it tonight. I have loved you throughout the whole show, but tonight you stole my heart. Good luck. I want to see you in the winners spot. Love your voice and smile.

  99. My question isn’t really relevant to the article…but I noticed comments on Youtube saying that international voting was available through Skype. Is this actually true or just a rumour floating around? Coming from a Canadian viewer. 

    • Whether you’re for it or not, yes it is open to international voting. FB and Skype votes are acceptable means.

      • Oh, that surprises me. I always thought it was limited to the US. Guess that’s why there is a ridiculous amount of votes cast now. 

      •  The FCC is involved and working with AI in cleaning up the scandal. They
        are going to allow the calls to go through, but are not going to count
        them. Which is kind of dirty…lol.. because the call volume could keep
        legit calls from getting through and counted. FB votes are also being filtered. But even with all that going on, yes votes will still get through. I don’t understand it, it robs Jess any chance at having a legit win of AI, only a cheating one…not fair to her at all and I’m sure she would be very upset if she knew people were cheating for her.

    • do you know his number to text? try the online voting? it’s kinda time consuming but that’s what I do when his numbers are busy.. 

      • text is 5703 and you just type in the word: vote
        Only works with AT&T though!

    • i have switched to voting online with fb.  got too many busies…maybe its a good sign.  never have gotten busies before like this…

      • ur getting hurt its true, i dont like the way he sing sence day one.. hollie is good or calton compare to josh. sory

  100. people on this just don’t joshoua becuse they want jessica to win but jessica is going home josh is going to be in final so ha ha

    • I do not like either Joshua or Jessica, I am a Hollie fan.  But the best of the night….P2.

      • Was he really the best of the night? I thought they were all equally bad tonight. There were rough spots throughout all of their performances. Joshua picked a song he could not sing for Christ’s sake! Phillip couldn’t hit the high notes again. Jessica was out of her league trying to sing Mariah and couldn’t even sing the Jackson 5 song all that well. What in the world?

        There are people who have gone home, like Hollie, who could have nailed any of these songs.

      • So, I guess the question now here is: Who is the BOTW (Best of the Worst)? Is P2, Jessica or Joshua?

      • I’m a Hollie fan, too, but I saw Hollie there tonight, looking like she was giving lots of support to Joshua. 😉

  101. DialIdol Prediction Rankings:
    1. Phillip Phillips – 33.701
    2. Joshua Ledet – 28.254
    3. Jessica Sanchez – 20.632

  102. What happened tonight? I couldn’t see the show. 

    I hope Jessica makes it to the finale. She had a sore throat tonight. But she can be so much better. Please, vote for her.

  103. I’m so tired of all the praise Jessica and Joshua get from the judges, All Joshua has is his screaming week after week and it’s old news. Jessica sings well but she always sounds like the person who made the song famous, she would make a good lounge singer!

    • I’m attempting to but I can’t get through for anything 🙁  Guess that’s a good sign, though.

      • vote online at the official American Idol website until the lines clear some.  u can also text when the phone lines are busy

      •  Lol I already did my onlines and I don’t have AT&T.  Still can’t get through.  Yay Phillip!

  104. randy wants joshua in the finale…but it will backfire, hehehe…P2 and Jess on the finale, thats what randy gets for always giving SO for joshua even if sometimes his songs are just an average one!

    • Personally while I think Randy has been too easy on him, he has improved immensely and without a doubt deserves to be in the final. He doesn’t grab me as much as he grabs Randy, but he does some great renditions.

      The weakest performance of the eveing was Jessica’s first number. That was simply awful and I have no idea what happened. My first thought was that the judges don’t want her in the final and thus gave her a song she was totaly incapable of singing. Her second song was better although not great and she saved her best song for last. I only wish she would choose a song I like.

      As far a P2 he was best out of the block, ho hum in the second round, and while he finished strongly I’m not sure what drugs the judges were on tonight to say it was his best performance, because it wasn’t a touch on Bob’s versiion.

      At the end of it all I kind of think the judges want Jessica out. I personally think it’s a close call.

      • I think it may be close.  I think Phillip is in, and I think Jessica and Joshua will battle for the second spot.  However, I think the spots should go to Joshua and Phillip, particularly after tonight’s performances.

    • I think it’s more JLO than anyone else when it comes to overpraising Joshua, but you’re def right on him getting too many SO’s!

  105. I just want to hear  the “coronation song” for this season’s winner, and of course, to hear Jessica’s version of that song. So vote for her America!

  106. I can’tg get through to vote for Jessica.  They were all so good.  I hate to see one leave but I do hope Jessica is in the finals.  She is amazing!

      • And so has pretty much every idol contestant in history at some point.  And Phillip has had kidney stones and surgery this season.  Not being well just isn’t an excuse in the singing business.  Plenty of singers have a sore throat and sound just dandy, and on pitch.  Tired of everyone having to find some excuse when face it, she didn’t have a great night.

    • Yes,she was a tad bit off,she has a hard time with her lower register.However her fan think she is the best damn thing since sliced damn bread.They will never admit it,but I sure will.She did okay,but nothing to jump up and down about.

      • If she’s the best thing since sliced bread, then Joshua is the best thing since clean underwear!  Sliced bread is over rated.

    • Her low register is very poor and this has shown in a number of songs in the past. She is not the complete package her fans think she is and I think she was 3rd overall tonight.

  107. Most people on this site want Jessica to win.WHY??? She is no more worthy than Phillip or Joshua.Why the constant need to shove her down everyone’s throat? She is a good singer,however not a good performer.Look at tonight….okay she had a sore throat and I feel she was given songs she could pull off with ease,with a sore throat.If she was a performer and capable of connecting emotionally no one would have really noticed vocally she was a little off.I think Phillip and Joshua pulled off 2 out of 3 great songs tonight.Jessica on the other hand had 3 not so great vocals.I don’t know or care who makes it to the finale,all 3 are deserving of a win.Not just Jessica!!!

    • this site has a lot of filipino visitors so jessica is very popular here…she wins the poll every week here, even when she was voted last.  so its very skewed.

      • This is just so sad…..but true I think.Why do we care about race,nationalities,or gender.Talent is talent!!! She has had some great moments this season,but so have the others.I could care less if the contestant was a one legged damn Smurf,as long as they sang the song like it would earn them a new damn leg.

      • Email Matthew and ask him to put on an IP filter to stop the filipinos from taking over the site…it is American Idol after all. If enough of us do, he will because they don’t make any money from filipino traffic.

    • Because we think she’s the best. I’m not a filipino. I’m Argentinian and I love her so much.

      • She’s a talented little girl, but I think she will be even better in two or three years.  This year, I think the win should go to someone who has a little more life experience and maturity.  That doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge her talent, however.

    • @Aprilalford268:  It has been obvious from the beginning that Jessica has many fans,many from the Phillipines.  Some, not all, of her fans say nasty things and are just plain rude.  Pay no attention, after tomorrow they will all go away.  You are right, the top 3 are all deserving and all will probably do well.  I for one do not think the world will end if Jessica goes home or does not win.  At least I hope not, I am young and still have much to do with my life…fortunately Idol a pasttime, not my life.  🙂

      • I thnik all three of the contestants standing are very talented and all 3 deserve respect.

    • Welcome to the little Manilla website…

      Email Matthew and ask him to put on an IP filter to stop the filipinos from taking over the site…it is American Idol after all. If enough of us do, he will because they don’t make any money from filipino traffic.

    •  JLO has praised her no matter what she’s done all season.  Jeez, she has a bad night and everyone goes and blames it on everyone but her, but let another contestant do less that stellar and bash them to death.  Sore losers.

    • If I were picking a song for Jessica, it would be something like “Think of Me” from Phantom. 

  108. Tonight was interesting.  I wasn’t blown away by the some of the song choices.  Here are some general comments.  I really liked Jessica’s wardrobe choice tonight.  I also liked that her makeup seemed to be more natural looking.  Unfortunately, I don’t think the judges or Jimmy did her any favors with song choice tonight.  Phillip and Joshua both have a distinctive style, and it shined through for both of them tonight.  Jessica’s song choices were all over the place (not all her fault, but…).  It was like everybody thinks she has a nice for her age, but nobody really knows exactly what she should be singing.  I can’t believe they had her ending the night was such a sleepy song.  The songs the judges picked seemed to showcase her lack of vocal maturity more than anything else, sorry to say.  She’s a talented girl, though, and there’s plenty of time for her to shine.  And who knows?  She seems to have a fan base that has decided ahead of time that they will vote for her before they even hear the performances.  So, maybe they will come through for her tonight.

    If I am going to be fair, I have to say that Joshua delivers great vocal performances with generally excellent intonation, and he owns the stage when he sings.  He deserves to be in the finale.  If America is fair, he will be.
    I’m not sure if it will be Jessica or Joshua in the finale with Phillip.  For me, artistic maturity is important, and I’m going to hope for Joshua.

    I was a little worried for Philip on the last song when he decided to sing without the guitar.  I think the guitar playing is part of his overall package.  But, alas, Tyler was right when he said that it didn’t really matter if he didn’t hit every note perfectly.  Phillip is a package that will sell.  He’s handsome, humble, and the girls love him.  I think one thing is sure: Phillip will have one of the spaces in the finale.

    If all is fair, the finale should be Joshua and Phillip.

    • “It was like everybody thinks she has a nice for her age” should read “It was like everybody thinks she has a nice voice for her age”

      “was such a sleepy song” should read “with such a sleepy song.”

      Sorry for the typos.

  109. To Aprilaford, because she’s that darn good. Sure Josh and Philip are excellevnt but it’s American Idol. Think about it.

    • If she was that good her performance would not have been so lackluster tonight.I will not lie to make her fans happy.She is talented,that I will not deny.However tonight was not her night.

      • It certainly wasn’t.  Song choice was terrible, which didn’t help her cause any.

    • Her performances were lacking any passion tonight, almost as if she thought she could coast and make the final. 

      Maybe this is why she has failed twice before because the pressure of having a “stage mum” push you from age 3 and home school you may just get to you when the chips are down.   

      • I think it may be hard to feel passionately about songs that don’t suit your voice and songs that someone else picks for you.  Maybe the songs were meant to “test” her, rather than showcase her voice.   I feel sorry for kids whose parents pressure them too much.  Kids have to know that they are loved for more than just their talents.   It’s not a race.  Music is a lifelong endeavor, and there is no finish line.  I think Hollie’s parents really have done a great job to give their daughter such a positive attitude.  If Jessica gets eliminated (again), I wonder if she will bow out as gracefully as Hollie.

      • @d8a783389eb365ca016a968406c7e518:disqus One sad thing that stands out for me is that because her mother wanted her to be always competing in things, she wouldn’t get Jess braces to fix her teeth.  Jess’ dad is military so it wasn’t a money issue, the Army gets dental.  But it would have interfered with her mother’s ambition.  Sad.

  110. Can you please tell me what did the judges say about each performance? THANK YOU!

  111. Josh was 3 for 3 tonight.  This kid has become so comfortable with performing.  Love watching what he’ll do, never boring.  A true talent.

    • He always gives polished, finished performances, for sure.   He’s a mature artist.

  112. Phillip Phillips shows that he is here to last and I hope he keeps it together in the final with Jessica !!!

  113. they were trying to get jessica off any 16 year old girl would feel uncomfortable singing about having sex infront of there mom.

    • Who is “they?”  SHE picked that song.  That was from the CONTESTANT choice

    • If she is to be successful she will have to sing such songs and she has sung similar songs in front of her mum in talent shows when she was 10 and 11. 

      Her mother is ‘stage mum” and will let her do anything as long as she succeeds. She has been pushing this kid since she was 3 and I feel badly for Jessica but nothing but disdain for her mother.

      • If a child really loves performing and wants to be performing, it’s one thing.  However, parents need to make sure that the child knows that he/she is loved unconditionally, win or lose.

      •  Tigger
        Yes…and what really sucks about that…is the military would cover the cost of them….but I suspect her mother though braces would curtail her singing efforts…how short sighted she is and what a terrible stage mother….always push push push.

      • First her Dad is not in the Army. He is only part time Navy Reserves. They are not offered dental care unless they are deployed for more than 90 days.
        All that bull earlier about her Dad was only for sympathy votes.
        I don’t fall for such lies !!!!

  114. Jessica is a true idol….even under difficult circumstances(song choices, sore throat, etc) but still she manage to give us performances to be appreciated. P2 and Josh did their best too but at the end of the day, perseverance and hard work prevails.

    • Like when PP had a kidney stone and surgery and performed that week? Sounds a lot worse than a sore throat 😉 maybe you should consider voting for him then if that’s your reasoning.

      •  I like Phillip even before I liked Jessica. Correct me if I am wrong, the veracity of that news about Phillip’s kidney surgery was never acknowledged nor confirmed but I do hoped he did have surgery for health reasons. My vote is based on my genuine appreciation of the person I believe deserves the effort and hard work I do during voting hours. 

      • It was the top ten ( I think) where phillip/ryan seacrest talked on the show that PP had surgery that week. There’s been rumors lately that he’s been sick again but I’m not sure of those. However, if you look it up he did have kidney stones/surgery and they did talk about it during one of the shows right after PP performed.

      •  You can still sing even if you have a kidney stone. I for one had it before but a sore throat?! Your voice is the 1st one to be affected. This is from a medical point of view cause I am a doctor.

      •   Madisonellis93They all worked hard…you think that Jess is the only one…lol. I hear she did work extra hard at being a Diva and going shopping for 8 hours one day.

  115. I totally disagree with JLo saying that Joshua goes out there giving an unpredictable performance. In my opinion and no offense to his fans, even before he starts singing, you can already see him delivering a powerful range like he’s going mad. And every show this season, it always happens. Such a guy diva. 

  116. Judges make me mad…

    because someone can sing doesn’t mean that their voice sounds GOOD.
    Josh freaking screams at me. He’s a good performer but I would never
    download anything from him because I feel like if I listen to that sh!t
    in my car the screaming would cause my ears to bleed and that’s
    obviously not good when you’re supposed to be paying attention to the

    PP is my fav.Total package. Love.

    • But that’s your opinion.I would not download Phillip’s music either. We all have our favorites.Depends on what you like.I don’t think Joshua is capable of making any sane person’s ears bleed when they can turn it off or down. I think they are all packages,however none are total packages.

      • it was a figure of speech. I don’t really think my ears are going to bleed. I was just getting the point across that I feel like his voice is nails on a chalkboard when he screeches. & I know it’s my opinion. I was just stating what I think. People don’t have to agree with me.

      • @Avabrooklynn  I have the same opinion, I would not purchase Joshuas music or go see him in concert.  I think P2 is the total package and I am looking forward to purchasing his first album.  And he is so damn cute!!!

  117. Oh wow, on the West Coast and just saw/heard the first performance from Joshua, sounded average, not impressed.  cannot believe they gave him a standing o.

  118. solution is: Let’s make the judges favorite GO HOME, so they would know who RULES!!! :-)))

    • And you think it matters? No one has gotten through the phone lines are ring busy. Wikipedia controvesy on idol. IT happens. Maybe they shut down phones so all the magicjac users and skype users in phillipines are SOL.


      • The FCC is involved and working with AI in cleaning up the scandal. They are going to allow the calls to go through, but are not going to count them. Which is kind of dirty…lol.. because the call volume could keep legit calls from getting through and counted.


  120. i am just hoping that this night won’t define Jessica. i still believe in her and her talent.

  121. It dosen’t matter how America votes.  The judges are bound and determined to make Joshua win.  On tonights show the judges comments were at least twice as long as for Jessica & Phillip combined.  It’s been that way all season.  Very biased.

    Its happened before.  America really does not pick the winner!

      • At this point in the competition, the dye is cast.  They’ve all had enough air time for the public to know which one they will support post Idol.  See Adam vs Kris Allen.

  122. Oh Randy, pleeeeeeze…Jessica sounded terrible, that being said I love her dress.  I can’t believe Steven predicted her the winner.  Jlo was the only honest judge with her.

    • P2 was bumpin tonight. Jessica was just off. They can say go go powerpuffgirls and go go Jolibee but she is just not good enough to be the AI.

  123. You Know I’m voteing for phillup.! Jessica andc josh are good but how i think about it is the only CD that i would buy is phillup’s.don’t think i would ever get jess or joshes CD’s it’s just not something i would listen too driving down the road.. 

    • Oh dear MaryEllyn, I do believe you hurt someones feelings….that is ok, this is a site for opinions.  Keep it up. 🙂  And yes, Phillips music is the only of the Top 3 that I would purchase…and Idonot careif anyone cares.  🙂

    • BTW as an american its not too cool to put a terroist on your thumbnail. Freedom of speech is cool but that is really offensive!

  124. I think this is the night for Jessica’s bashers.

    but still… Jess will win!

    • Kalelneurons, just keep believing in that. Drink the cool aid. I wil even serve from the ladel but not happenin!

  125. All phone lines are busy. 

    I know who will be voted off tomorrow…… Randy !!  Too bias !!!!

      • I have a bank of magic jacks and laptops in my lab constantly polling and connecting. And 14 phantom facebook accounts. Go Jess!

  126. i couldn’t get thru on Jessica’s lines…. this is totally insane!! we will fight it out till our last vote will be counted, vote vote vote!!!

  127. I’m voting for phillup!! You know how i think about it? I like jessica and Josh it’s just i don’t think i would ever get jess or joshes CD’s it’s not something i would listen to driving down the road. PHILLUP ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!

    • Oh BS!  P2 has been performing while ill all season.  Last year Lauren performed with serious throat problems.  Jessica can only sing power ballads in the style of [insert legit diva’s name here].  She is sorely limited.

    • P2 has been still sick all season! I don’t think that’s a good reason to excuse a poor performance.

      • PP was sick of a kidney stone, jessica has a sore throat…is PP using his kidney to sing?

    • So she should call in sick and get a free pass? Its AI. DOnt pass go dont collect $200.  You could start to see the cracks around the seams. Pressure and stress. Its part of the business. Shed be better off under Jimmy or another labels wing. Esp at 16 she is really fragile and open to the negative side of the biz too. All folks see is shes a girl vote girl or shes a filipina go pinaypower. REally should think about whats best for her.

  128. The first round – The Judges Choice – only showed that the “elder” judges are as bad at choosing songs for young contestants as they are “judging.”

    First round:

    1. Joshua – did a great job with a poor choice
    2. Phillip – average performance at best  
    3. Jessica – sounded to me that Jennifer picked a song she wishes she could sing. Jessica has a poor low range and it was “low lighted” with this song.

    Second Round:

    1. Joshua – Unlike Branden, I like that Josh did a cool, laid back version of a classic and it worked.
    2. Phillip: Took a chance with a relatively unknown MB20 song and did a good job with it but not his best.
    3. This Aerosmith song is sung in just about every talent show on earth as well as every Karaoke show. It’s easy to sing and Jessica added nothing to it.
    Third Round: 

     Unlike the “judges” Jimmy chose 3-songs that suited each singer and my only comment was that the arrangement of Jessica’s was too close to the original. During the day, while driving, we were listening to Bob Seger and saying that Phillip should one of his songs and hey presto – he did.

    On the night, overall, Joshua took it but who is voted through is anyone’s guess,especially now that the Filipino’s have discovered ways to vote using alternative methods like Skype, et al.

    Based on overall performance tonight, it should be another all male final but who knows? I was also underwhelmed by Jessica’s home coming and actually felt bad for her. I guess that happens when Mum pushes you from age 3 to be a success on stage and home schools you. No-one at high school knows who you really are or have any experiences to share. 

    I feel sorry for Jessica because for a 16, going on 17, year old girl, she has undergone a lot of pressure to succeed so maybe her third talent contest will finally do it for her. If it does, I don’t think she will survive long because the pressure to succeed will only increase.

    Honestly, I think  it will be better for her finish 3rd and let a pro like Jimmy take over and guide her career because then she will be successful but she needs a true mentor who fully understands the modern music scene.

    All that being said – good luck to all three and I hope you and many other from the show have great futures.

    • Missconception’ better keep magic jackin if you want that to hold true. Our American Idol will not be chosen by voter fraud.

  129. WC Time:  Joshua’s second song, actually pretty good.  I liked it!  He actually toned it down a bit.

  130. Decisions already made. You can magic jack from Manilla all you want not gonna help.

  131. If you want Joshua in the finale West Coast voters, you need to vote hard for him.   Dial Idol is predicting Phillip is safe and in the number 1 spot.  The other 2 are duking it out for 2nd and 3rd.  Of course, Dial Idol isn’t always right, but I suspect it is this time.

    • Yea for PP!!  You go buddy……..yours is the only music that will sell big time!!  Looking forward to your first of many CD’s.  Roadtrip music to listen to and really get in the groove with.  You rock big time PP!!

  132. Randy Jackson…come on….Jessica’s 3rd song wasn’t her choice.It was Jimmy’s..So do you know what your’re talking about????????

  133. Go Jessica!!! Go for AIdol!! 🙂  Excited to watch you perform, esp. singing the ‘I don’t wanna miss a thing’.. hooooo! 😀 God Bless!!

  134. how i wish Jessica sing I surrender, im sure she can nail the song.Please continue voting for jessica sanchez.She has the potential in the music industry.Look!!! where is Lee Dwyaze , David cook and Kris allen after Idol.

  135. I am currently voting now for Jessica Sanchez, win or lose she is still a winner for me.

    • The American Idol voting process is administered and carefully monitored by an independent vote management company. The producers, in consultation with this independent vote management company, reserve the right to remove so-called “power dialing votes” (via toll-free, AT&T Text Voting and online) that are identified as having been cast in such a significant block, either by technical enhancements or otherwise, that it could unfairly influence the outcome of the voting.

  136. wow 59% in the poll question,,, go go go jessica….


    jess/P2 for the finale

  137. Joshua and Jessica are very close in dialidol. It means Jessica can still make it to top 2. Go, JESSICA!!

  138. Top 3 are all pretty good but  jessica did Grand Slam again. I strongly believed  that she’s the deserving one to be the American idol. 

  139. Jessica was the best tonight I don,t get why the judges stand for Josh or Philips to me both of them sing all the  songs with the same way and same voice same stile , Jessica is the only one who sings like a Diva

    • A 16 year old Diva…..Don’t you think Whitney killing herself was enough….you want to do a younger one? The last thing Jess needs is people telling her she is a Diva.

  140. RANDY JACKSON IS AN IDIOT! he is also BIAS! Jessica did a Fantastic job in her last performance! don’t you have ears? haha! Im worried right now! Jessica is at a high risk of EVICTION! 

    • i did not see the judges’ commentaries and reaction since i am only watching via youtube but it seems there is a risk as you said of Jessica being eliminated…got that weird feeling about it.

      All great vocal singers get third or fourth place in the past Jasmine Trias of Season 3, Vonzell Solomon of Season 4, Elliot Yamin and Chris Daughtry of Season 5, Melinda Dolittle of Season 6, Syesha Mercado of Season 7, Danny Gokey and Allison Iraheta of Season 8, Haley Reinhart of Season 10.

      It doesn’t matter if she wins or not, what matters is that can she get a deal after AI and be a hit…

  141. Jessica Sanchez’s performance was outstanding, excellent, bravo! We will support you Jessica, we love you, muahhh!!!

  142. you were great with the 3 songs jessica..we love you…….you will be the next american idol!!!!!!!

    •  I’m offended that cheaters are ruining Jess’s chance of a legit win…I am for Jess wining, but without cheating.

  143. this competition is grueling….they just wanna go home,,,and end this,,,,they  already have a career waiting,,,,,

    • You know what they say…don’t count your chickens before the AI results show…that’s really bad karma BTW.

  144. Jessica Sanchez is leading the votes in this website. This may not have any impact with the official tabulation but it still speaks volumes. 🙂

  145. That little girl with a big but great voice has captured my heart. She is learning to connect and engage more in the every performance she is doing lately. Viva la Chicana-Filipina!!!

  146. God bless these 3 singers… they were all awesome.. they did their best and it’s all up to their supporters who among them can bring the 2 of the 3 to the finale..i commend JSan for her showmanship even she has sore throat..i heard her studio version of My All,,, not so sure if im listening to MC or JSan..=)

    Whoever be the top 2, Congrats and Good luck… surely,you 2 deserve it… =)

  147. I think Randy Jackson’s negative comment towards jessica is scripted!!!

    Example: “I liked it Ok. I didn’t love that for me. It was never a moment
    moment. It needed a moment moment moment. It was Ok it wasn’t like Oh
    My God.”

  148. Jessica we know you should win , but you probably won’t because you are not the cute boy. This whole show is one big popularity contest . How typical of idol. Randy you just want a guy to win , so you put Jessica down last night with your oh that was ok comment. I think you and Josh should go out on a date after Idol, then you guys can scream at each other .

    • I don’t know if the judges want a guy to win or not. If they do, from their comments, I believe they’re leaning towards Josh.

      All 3 judges put Phillip down.  Geez, Randy kept repeating, “I didn’t like it.   Steven, did you like it?”  ” Jennifer, did you like it?”  “I didn’t like it either!”   I mean, they each said it like 3 times that they didn’t like Phillip’s song.  Nothing like beating it into America’s heads that they didn’t like Phillip on that song (and therefore shouldn’t get your vote.)

      For me, Phillip is the only one that sings in his own style.  Jessica and Josh are excellent at singing other people’s songs, but Phillip sings other people’s songs, changes them up, and they’re still amazing versions. He’s the one with the most talent.    The judges even said that Jessica sounded “just like Michael Jackson.”  She took the song and sang it just like Michael. In my opinion, she shouldn’t sound like Michael, she should sound like Jessica!  

      • Yea Josh should go home and the last 2 standing  should be Jessica and Phillip. Josh screams way to much, can’t take him at all.

    • Here we ago again…the Jess fan base contains more girls and tween girls than anyone else’s. P2’s support comes from the older adult crowd that is sick of Hippity Hop/Rap Crap and boring Diva ballads…we want Alternative Rock!!!

  149. It would be better if Jessica could go tonight because she can start making money and Idol won’t own her. If you win, Idol owns you for a long time.

    • Up to 3 years…I so hope P2 goes home so he can get into albums ASAP. All the final 12 make at least 6 figure income the first year from the AI tour.

  150. well after tonight’s show i believe that joshua screamed his all hehe…but for me it’s jessica and P2 who were able to perform out of their boxes…and hey, to randy, YO this is  just a comment but i admire the support you are blessing joshua, i mean same birds of the same feathers go along pretty well together but i am begging you to stop pulling someone down just to send someone up…with the support fan that jessica has, i believe that she is a force to reckon with…they know and we know her spot  and hope they will give what she deserves…
    i always believed in you jessica since the start so you better keep moving girl…just do your thing and godbless you as always…

  151.   its  a great to hear if the next american idol winner is a woman!  america really need a NEW FEMALE SINGER FROM IDOL! 


    • Why? The last one, Jordan Sparks’ last album only sold 44,000. If you’re so into AI women why aren’t you buying their albums? Fantasia’s last album only sold 458,000, and poor Kellie is in a Pickler, her last album only sold 71,000. The great Jennifer Hudson’s last album only 420,000. You Fem Nazis talk big about wanting a female AI, but you DON’T put your money where you mouth is. You don’t support the female artist by buying their albums. It’s your fault…so don’t whine about needing a woman winner…

      BTW, Scotty the last Male Winner AI…sold just 1,048,000 in the first 6 months for his first album release.

  152. The two (J and J) came out of the stage fabulous like they’re in the finale already…LOL…

    Per round, in my opinion…hear me out LOL…
    Judge’s Choice: Phillips
    Phillips…from the start got my attention…wow…Tyler pick out the best for him, he rocked it…going slow, fast, slow, fast…very upbeat.
    Joshua…why did Judge Randy gave I Rather Be Blind to him when Jessica already performed this on Youtube, just a thought…but hey Joshua somehow gave justice to it…I just did not like how he entered and ended the song.
    Jessica…why did even Jennifer gave this song to Jessica, is this a sabotage of some sort, when we all know that she is not her favorite? LOL   But hey she atleast she sang two Mariahs in one night…well, how about that!  

    Singer’s Choice:   Jessica
    I expect Joshua to pick this Imagine song, making it more gospel since it has drama in a sense, if he wants to get the votes…the voice is impressive but not the performance as a whole.
    it is a tie for me, between Phillips and Jessica.
    Phillips again did his magic, making the Matchbox Twenty’s song his own…but I would go for on this one Jessica because I was waiting for her to do a Regine Velasquez version where she belts out the high notes to the highest level LOL but she did not and rather shown poise and control over her voice and the song.

    Jimmy’s Choice: Joshua
    Phillips shown vulnerability, the song suits his voice…he sounded different and unique like in Coldplay’s Yellow.
    The winner in this round is a a toss up between Jessica I’ll Be There and Joshua’s No More Drama…
    but I would probably go for Joshua on this one, he is like a male version of MJB and now I could see the resemblance to Fantasia although Season 2 winner got more husk in her voice compared to him…well, beside from the fact that he somehow re-enacted Heejun’s gimick LOL and I did not expect it…and you could see the fellow ousted contestant cheering on…bravo!!!

    1. Phillips
    2. Jessica
    3. Joshua

    I was really hoping for a Jessica and Joshua battle in the finale…but I got the weirdest feeling that it would be not like that…they’re all good damn it…I don’t know what to think anymore…well, crossing my fingers though!!!

  153. Phil Phillips is not just a song writer however a great singer . He should win easy . Jessica should have been gone as well as Joshua who wants a screamer also they sing off key . Phillip does not sing off key .

  154. Steven Tyler and Jessica and Randy need to be voted off as well . Get some real judges like the program Voice .

  155. If Joshua wins it is rigged for in March I saw a post that Joshua would be winner .

  156. I just hope the screamer Joshua gets voted off…all the false praise from the Judges is sickening. If he wins AI I will know it is rigged

  157. My assessment of the final 3

    Jessica – great voice
    P2 – good voice, plays instruments, writes songs
    Joshua – OK singer but screams too much…dont know why the judges are hung up on him

    Jessica and P2 for the final. Dont care who wins

  158. All did really good. I’m just very Disappointed in American idol this year. Some of the best Talent was left behind. It seemed from the beginning what direction they were going for. Someone thats not a country singer. I feel like we want here from any of these top 3. Joshua is a screamer and Jessica is all over the place and phiLlip is a bar singer. It’s just seems that the talent could have ended up much better this year. They keep saying this is the best talent ever. It’s like they are trying to beat these singers in our head. The show really needs to stop and take a new approach to the show!!! This is not the best group of singers in the show history so quit trying to make us think that. It’s the judges who sat out to have someone different to win the show this year. So they will watch the person who win never be able to even make one song that will be a hit!! Thanks for running the show judges!!!

  159. I’M GLAD TO SEE JESS WINNING ! THIS ! SO MUCH NEGITIVE TODAY ON JESS ! FACEBOOK GOT BLOCKED IN MANY AREAS LAST NIGHT ! I PRAY EVERYTHING WAS HONEST ! Jess tweets, I’m scared for tonight ! please dear lord let het make the top2 !

  160. I personally want to fall asleep when Jessica sings, because it is always a ballad and she doesn’t give off the energy or the feeling that Phillip and Joshua do.  The two guys definitely feel the music more than Jessica.

  161. no need for Jessica to show her vocal prowess at this time- she has done that early on and over and over again that is why she is here for the finals! so maybe she can do one more uber vocal calesthenics on finals night!

  162. jessica did an amazing job on the 3 songs. i already have the studio versions and it was fantastic.  Go jessica!!!!

  163. Джессика – уникальный талант,в столь юном возрасте,такая фантастическая выразительность и чувственность,необъятный голос,потрясающе!Браво!Спасибо за наслаждение видеть и слышать НАСТОЯЩИЙ  бриллиант .Приезжай в Москву,девочка.

    • Huh?  Who are you even  talking about? 

       for those who can’t guess, this requires a Russian to English  translation.

    • Translates to:

      “Jessica – a unique talent at such a young age, such a fantastic expression and sensuality, an immense voice, amazing! Bravo, Thank you for the pleasure to see and hear real diamonds. Come to Moscow, a girl.”

    • Translates to:

      “Jessica – a unique talent at such a young age, such a fantastic expression and sensuality, an immense voice, amazing! Bravo, Thank you for the pleasure to see and hear real diamonds. Come to Moscow, a girl.”

  164. if josh is eliminated tonight I QUIT WATCHING AMERICAN IDOL> he is the best in all the history of the show besides David Cook.

    • Sorry Darla but the best singer that has been in the show is Adam Lambert and Clay Aiken a close second. No one can outsing Adam. He is the complete package. His voice is a killer and then he has a great personality, charisma, he connects to the public. Anyone can live life as they choose so why is Adam’s life style scrutinized? Adam will continue to be an Icon. You have a right to your opinion but Adam should have won season 8 in Idol. He deserved  the  title because he is so talented and the best singer in the show. It is sad to see someone so talented be robbed of a title because of his life style. I wish all 3 participants the best in life because they deserve it. Phillip should win Idol this year.

  165. Phillip was the best by far…I can see myself at his concert…never being bored. Josh was good too, but not as good as Phillip….As usual, I thought Jessical sang very well, but so boring…I would be asleep at one of her concerts…she needs to mature a bit. Again, the contestants are too young this year. Raise the age back to where it was.

  166. Why is Jennifer pushing jessica  on us.She is nothen new.sixteen year old,who can’t hold her sholders back.Isn’t it up to us,not the judges?

  167. I’m a bit frustrated since yesterday Top 3 show. I did not understand why judges+jimmy chose these song. My All, even if its a Mariah Carey song and JLO preferred song for tenderness…no chance here to have a moment…what judges were looking for and talk about during the hole night. And it was the same with the other ballad from Jimmy, I’ll be there, were no moment was possible also. Why they dont give the song ”I’d rather go blind” to Jessica ????? Check the Jessica rendition of the song on Youtube vs Joshua’s yesterday performance….he his far away behind Jessica. Please explained to me why they did not choose songs like ”Run” by Leona Lewis,’ ‘I wanna love you forever” by Jessica Simpson, ”One moment in time” by Whitney Houston,  ”Hurt” Christina Aguilera, ”I’m surrender” by Celine Dion, anything else sounds younger. For her own choice (aerosmith), she wanted to do a song done many times by South Asia stars like Regine Velasquez, Angeline Quinto and also to impressed America with a Steven Tyler song’s. My thoughts was they would not have singer on the top 2 finale that was voted off and saved in past shows…pure conspiracy. If not, explained me why for this CRUCIAL top 3 show, Jessica got these 2 bored, flatted, impersonal songs…. PLEASE AT CRUCIAL POINT, LET IDOL CONTESTANTS CHOOSE THEIR OWN SONGS…Its about to find the BEST…yes i said the BEST singer in this competition. Not the best style, not the best emotion transmitter, not the best dancer, not the best musician or all-in-one artist, it’s about finding the BEST SINGER

  168. I’m a bit frustrated since yesterday Top 3 show. I did not understand why judges+jimmy chose these song. My All, even if its a Mariah Carey song and JLO preferred song for tenderness…no chance here to have a moment…what judges were looking for and talk about during the hole night. And it was the same with the other ballad from Jimmy, I’ll be there, were no moment was possible also. Why they dont give the song ”I’d rather go blind” to Jessica ????? Check the Jessica rendition of the song on Youtube vs Joshua’s yesterday performance….he his far away behind Jessica. Please explained to me why they did not choose songs like ”Run” by Leona Lewis,’ ‘I wanna love you forever” by Jessica Simpson, ”One moment in time” by Whitney Houston,  ”Hurt” Christina Aguilera, ”I’m surrender” by Celine Dion, anything else sounds younger. For her own choice (aerosmith), she wanted to do a song done many times by South Asia stars like Regine Velasquez, Angeline Quinto and also to impressed America with a Steven Tyler song’s. My thoughts was they would not have singer on the top 2 finale that was voted off and saved in past shows…pure conspiracy. If not, explained me why for this CRUCIAL top 3 show, Jessica got these 2 bored, flatted, impersonal songs…. PLEASE AT CRUCIAL POINT, LET IDOL CONTESTANTS CHOOSE THEIR OWN SONGS…Its about to find the BEST…yes i said the BEST singer in this competition. Not the best style, not the best emotion transmitter, not the best dancer, not the best musician or all-in-one artist, it’s about finding the BEST SINGER

    • It’s called ” American Idol”. Not “American singer” It’s all about who would you pay money to go see & buy albums from. Not who has more twitter friends or you tube hits. America’s voters don’t care what the rest of the world thinks about the show, they don’t care what person the judges want to win. America will vote for the person that they choose to vote for, plain & simple.

  169. Go Jessica Go!
    Calistoga Christian Center Church and Napa Wedding Ministry supports YOU!

  170. Jessica Sanchez great voice has reached the 7 continent around the world. America should give her the title she was the reason viewers of AI has increased. I don’t usually watch American idol but when I saw this girl’s performances on YouTube damn.. She is very young with amazing powerful voice .. I don’t know how to describe it ..all I can say is that she is my weekly highlight. She is such a good role model to younger generations who has a big dreams, I just wish she won’t end up like the rest of singers who takes off their clothes to show their talent i.e lady gaga with just knickers, rihanna with her high waisted underwear, nicki Minaj showing almost everything she is famous cuz of her booty n fake chest, beyonce, Jessie James. I hope Jessica performs like Whitney Houston so much respect for Whitney she is still best singer of all time.

  171. win or lose, jessica already made a name in the music industry… producers already want to give her a record deal… i’m just happy she made it this far, top3 isn’t that bad… so cheers to jessica!!! 😀


  173. Jessica Sanchez is the best among them 3…considering she’s only 16..Wow she can sing..Go Jessica, you’re the best Sweetie..

  174. Jessica Sanchez is a great singer, but no more than any other female idol. If you listen to her with your eyes closed she could be mistaken as many of the other singers out there.  Joshua and Phillup are unique. they have their own sound and would sell more records. I pray they will be in the top two and Jessica will be sent home.

  175. i am sorry but i feel that jessica sanchez should not be the top three , because she was voted off weeks ago and saved by the judges and now she has the highest votes come on american do our votes really count i do not believe for one second that we the people just suddenly decided that she is the best. i believe in fear play and she should have gone home when she was voted off by the people . one mad new yorker

  176. You can like a contestant as much as you want, and that’s great. However, it comes down to music people will buy. Music people will pay to go see. Ballads do not sell anymore. You don’t see or hear Celine or Whittney or even Carey playing on the radio anymore. Unless its an oldies station or playing in the dentist office. Great voices! But it doesn’t sell! Joshua is interesting because I don’t think a clear picture has been shown of exactly what type of music he will do. If he goes down the religious road he will sell, but to a much smaller group. Phillips is the most mainstream of the three. He pulls in bits from many types of music. I bit of blues, jazz, rock, country, bluegrass ect. He will sell to a larger number of people. That’s my opinion. I wish them all luck. They will all make a crapload more money than we ever will! Good for them!

    • I think he has had health issues which prevented him from doing anymore than what is absolutely necessary to stay in the show. Kidney problems, I believe, but I could be wrong. I know he has been ill, so I am assuming that is the reason.


  178. Jessica should have been cut 2 months ago when AMERICA
    voted her off.

    While the east coast is asleep at midnight its 9pm
    in Calf and still voting = unfair.

    Phil will do better than Jessica in real world.

    • Two things:

      Shut up

      And another thing: how is it not fair that Jessica is still in? And obviously the world doesn’t revolve around just you. That’s why theirs voting all over American idol, hence the title “American” idol.
      Tsk tsk tsk self centered much?

  179. Why is it that PP cannot even look smart for the semi final, where as the other 2 come on stage looking smart and elegant, where as PP looks like has has slept in clothes, perhaps he should go into the porn shop and pick out a suit, he is the worse dressed individual ever.
    A man who doesn’t care about why he looks like wont make it.
    Jessica is 16 and looks gracious and well presented, I hope it’s between the 2 J’s if PP then its game over.

    • I could care less what Phillip wears or does not wear. This is not a fashion show. Phillip dresses like Phillip…He is always clean and extremely presentable……The other two feel the need to dress up to impress us. Phillip does not need that..he impresses us with his voice every week. He will be the next American Idol, dressed up or not.

  180. I really hope Phillip wins!!!  <3  Yes!  He has talent, he's got the voice, the looks…..all the right stuff!  Gotta love that he can't keep his feet still…..even when sitting!!  Oh!….and one more thing…….what a great smile!  Ok….one more thing…..he's got the sense of humor that everyone needs!  I don't see this in Jessica!

  181. Finally she voted off again. It should of been Josh and Phillip the two best singers by far!

  182. The finale by Jessica was a complete let down, it needed a big final moment, but because she is only 16 she did not seize the chance to take the crown.PP won it hands down a total walkover and as a Jessica fan he deserved it with the last song, he connected with the audience and involved the audience number one rule. So in the end not everyone’s favourite won but the best person on the night won. Hollie’s You never walk alone should have been sung during the contest. The organizers should make a limit on the age who can compete in AI because 15-17 is too young.
    AI should start at 18.
    Oh well another year over

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