American Idol 2012: Phillip Phillips Top 3 Performances

American Idol 2012 Phillip Phillips

Phillip Phillips nabbed himself the pimp spot last night on American Idol 2012 and while he didn’t convince the judges on all his performances there was still plenty of positive responses including a standing ovation. Check out his three performances from the Top 3 show.

The judges start Phillip Phillips with Madcon’s “Beggin’.” JLo delivers the insightful commentary “you’re so funny” (gee, I wonder why she’s not coming back next season) while Steven Tyler likens Phillips’ potential to Bruce Springsteen. Randy congratulates Phillip for being “in the zone” and delivering an “incredible performance.”

Phillip’s own musical selection is Matchbox Twenty’s “Disease” but it doesn’t go over too well at the judges’ table. Lopez is disappointed in the selection saying it lacked the “wow performance” they need at this stage. Steven echoes JLo by suggesting the performance came up short. Randy tightens the noose around Phillip’s performance with a third strike. He felt it was too subdued and something Phillip could “do in his sleep.”

Jimmy Iovine delivers another great selection with Bob Seger’s “We’ve Got Tonight” and it was just what Phillip needed after his previous performance. The judges award Phillips with a standing ovation and pile on the praise for his performance. Randy says it was his “best performance on the show evah!” JLo can’t provide her feedback without reading it off her notepad instead of just speaking to him, but it’s good news for him. Steven closes out the praise with some of his own.

Will Phillip Phillips’ American Idol performances be enough to push him over the top and head on to the finale next week? We’ll know later tonight when the American Idol results are revealed. Don’t forget to vote in our poll and share your thoughts on who was the best this week.




  1. I was happy and moved by his rendition of begging. It was a nice choice for him. Good luck phillip phillips!!!

    • Agree, I think P2 ended the night with a win.  Not sure how he will do tonight but of the top 3, I am sure he will have the most successful career.  His personality, talent and certainly the his good looks.

    • I was too–begging him to stop. I couldn’t take the boring repetitious song and singer.


      • His looks have nothing to do with it.  Phil Phillips has a universe and more full of soul and there’s not one thing fake about him.  Kinda like the guy you wish had his recording studio next to your house so you could go over and chill with good tunes riffling through ones mind. The kind of music I listen to really matters to me and Phil is right there all the time!!  You go buddy, rock our souls!!

  2. Omg. Clean your ears people Phillip is a true artist omg. Just love his voice. I know out of the three remaining. Phillips music will be in my possession …
    God I love his voice.

  3. How can they give this man a standing o for such a simple song? I mean “We’ve Got Tonight”? Really you guys? Perhaps they all knew that it was the extent of  what he can offer as a singer. Come to think of this, if Jessica or Joshua sang that song it would be the end for them. Such a big praise for such a plain song which is plainly sung as well. I don’t think his voice’s “sexiness” is worth a standing o and not even for the other’s superb performance. Oh well. All choreographed again by the producers. 

    • Simple answer to your question..It’s because that was the first time that he really sang the melody clearly. Most of the time he is like mumbling. 

      • Still not a justified answer if he got a standing O just for really singing the melody clearly. He is too overrated. Since the beginning of the show they always say things like “come out of their shell” or “versatile” to me the constestant who have shown poor growth in terms of mastery of their craft and capability to be bold is Phillip and yet he still gets the ladies votes which is understood as the majority of where his votes comes from.

      • I don’t understand, why are you even reading the post about Phil if you hate him so much.  Go shuffle yourself over to the beyonce wannabe or Joshua.

    • he got a standing ovation because of the emotion he brought to the song while he sang it, the connection he made to his listeners, and his originality in singing it. the audience felt it. for me i appreciate music that i can also listen with my heart.. jessica and joshua both have great vocals. i also love listening to them, until they start screaming.

      • Emotions are easy to provoke when you’re singing a song that allows you to do other things and sing at the same time. Jessica’s and Joshua’s songs leaves little space for those things when they are singing a completely big song from what Phillip gets to sing. And from what I saw, they gave emotions, I feet connected to the way they sang the song. So it means they should all be given a standing ovation because they all gave out emotions? Like what JLo said, emotions can get the best of you,  and what is an emotional song without a voice that could do justice to it? I felt all their songs with their emotions, and its still not enough to convince me to give them a standing ovation. Yes, they are both great singers with high ranges sometimes mentioned as growling or using a high tone when hitting a note. See, you can never hit a high note without getting loud and its not screaming. It happens when you belt out a powerful song, not something you hear from a Phillip song. It is never screaming. If you hear it that way then you don’t know a thing about powerhouse performances or even music at all. 

    • I never said I hate him so much and don’t ask me why I’m here in the first place since you can’t do nothing about it anyway. Saying someone that he or she does not deserve that big of a praise from the judges does not mean I hate him. Getting pissed off at my comment without clearly reading it right is too dumb for you to admit that you’re just another die-hard Phillip fans. How about you go shuffle yourself over some brains. 

      • In reply to Scout. I’ve never seen Josh show true heart felt emotion but I’ve seen Phillip cry. Anyway, give it up Scout. The guy is going to have a HUGE career.


    • well speaking he kept it so simple and never got outta tune or did his signature phillip harmonizing…….. Which I love so much, made it so special and thats why he got that standing O… He is the next american Idol in my eyes!!!

    • You don’t need a big song and a big voice to move people. You just need to have an appeal and a voice that can translate what you feel. I think the judges felt that Phillip has that 🙂 

  4. Oh I totally agree with every ounce of what you said!!  Phillip Phillps is gonna win this season because he is the most likeable singer of the 3 and his CD’s WILL sell.  And yes Phillip Phillips rocks our souls to the core……….Peace to all who enter Phils kingdom

  5. Jessica can sing anything, anything, anything in a beautiful, beautiful,beautiful moment,moment, moment 🙂 (No negative comment)

    She can sell 1million or even billion albums :), Just watch the viewers of jessica in youtube

  6.  Phillip does look like Elvis Presley when he was young, I checked. He’s nice and humble like Elvis was too.

    • if you only what he admitted after Jessica was saved. all other idols didn’t talked with Jessica at idol mansion including your P2. is that humble attitude for you.?

      •  Yes they did. Chill out. After the judges acted during that I wouldn’t blame for not wanting to talk to her though, saying in front of them that she is the best one in the whole world is pretty rude to the other contestants if you ask me, rather you believe it or not, keep that to your self.

      • i am sure jessica’s stage mother dominates jessica’s time.  poor girl.  made to dress up like an adult and almost sing like one.  Phil is awesome and a gentleman.  i think jessica has a big head and probably snubs the rest..especially when she hears nonsense coming out of randy that she is the best singer in america.  how crazy.  jessica has been at this little diva thing since she was 6 so its all gone to her head.

      •  He is making a prediction based on what the judges said and how everyone is reacting, if you look at all the comments now, many people have switched from saying they want joshua/jessica in the finals to they want phillip/ jessica in the finals after last nights performance it’s not that he is being bias he is going off what he is seeing . If you don’t like it don’t come here anymore. I guess we will see after tonight?

  7. All polls are showing P2 to be clearly in the lead.  Good luck buddy and win this thing hands down!!

  8. so I download the songs on iTunes. Damn that Disease sounds so much better. It may not suit for live performance but still an awesome song to listen to with your earphone on

    • It wasn’t bad live’s just a very laid back song and dark which is more for personal reflection while listening to it alone rather than in a live stage performance setting.

    • Bcuz. He was having a hard time singin while sitting with no guitar present. Sort of a weird habit he can’t quit. He’s always acts weird whenever he sings.

    • By the way, this was for his performance We’ve Got Tonight but I’m sure you guys know what I meant…

      • Yes, a big question mark to the judges. What can we expect from them anyway? They are not the type of critics that should be qualified to judge the contestants. Great criticisms comes from great critics with long years in the music business. 

    • He is Leftistic. He doesn’t talk about it, kind a shy about having it…but he does have it. He has it under control most the of the time with meditation.

  9. It was pretty clear to me that all the other Idols in the arena last night stood up loud and proud for P2.  and I just loved it when Hollie kept sitting after JS’s performances.  Hollie should be in the top 3, JS gone when America voted her off.  Oh gosh it was good to see Colton, he should also be in the top 3!! 

    • I like your comment about Philip, everyone’s looking for an american idol that’s different and not the same old type that you hear all the time. The other two contestants are good but not different, soul is soul and disney is disney, but Philip is very different and very good too! I too had other contestants I favored this season but sadly they were gone, but I always voted for Philip equally and now that he’s still there I see others agree with me that he will be the next AMERICAN IDOL 2012!

    •  I like all three idols however, Hollie is a sole looser as your co-competitors on the show why did she not clap or stand for Jessica.  She was the one that was so happy when Jessica was almost eliminated that night.   Just for being together I am sure they all established some kind of relations but Hollie showed her true colors after Jessica was saved up until last night.   She looked always so mad at Jessica.  Watch the video after Jessica sung.   She is  older than Jessica she should know better.  I really like her before but that changed when I saw how she is. 

      • Hollie was a super class act on her exit….I hope we get to see how Jess handles the exit, I got a hunch it’s won’t be pretty.

  10. I read a few of  the comments and what’s with the P2/Phi-Phi thing?? Why can’t you people just call him Phillip? His full name is already unique enough for you guys to even change it

    • Ever hear of a nickname P2 is shorter than typing Phillip 
      Why do they have to call Jessica BB chez, it’s so stupid
      Are you complaining about that too?

  11. time for Jessica to step up again and  sing another uber awesome jaw dropping mesmerizing song like Vision of Love

    •  I think everyone should not judge these contestant with just one performance.  In fairness to Jessica, she has been singing wonderfully and should not be punished for one not so good criticism from Randy who seems to be very bias on Joshua.    All three will not be top 3 if they do not deserve it.   Whoever gets to top 2 well deserve.   My choice which I should be allowed to express is  Jessica and P2.

  12. I think Phillip is good…probably did the best last night and should win but, come on people do you not see who he wants to be??? 

    Dave Matthews style, guitar, dance, facial expressions, I mean jeez. With talent like that he needs to find himself a little more and let Dave be Dave and Phillip be Phillip

    • stop with the dave matthews comparisons…he does not sound like matthews.  he is a young white man with a guitar who looks a little like matthews did when he was younger but no way do they even sound close.  you are just vomiting what other idiots and haters have been saying.  i guess if josh played the piano he would be trying to be ray charles…Phil is actually more talented than dave matthews.

      • You are funny. If you don’t see it then…I don’t know what to tell you. His mannerisms are just like Dave…I haven’t heard anyone said that he sounds like Dave…btw you are freaking crazy if you think this kid is more talented.

        He stole a style, therefore is not his own artist, therefore cannot compare. I said he was good but, really…come on watch some of Dave’s even recent videos watch the eyes, how he times the music with is foot and brings his leg up (the Dave dance), the pauses in the music where he drops his hand…I can go on forever about this just take a look at this (first video I came up on youtube)

  13. I really dont no  who is going to win.they  are fantastic so so good fantastic they all should win

  14. Beggin’ — Phillip Phillips. This was actually one of two very strong performances tonight. It’s funny that all of your personal choices turned out to be the worst of the night for me. You work well within the limitations of your vocal ability. The problem for me is that it is so limited. How ever I do hear things in your voice that tell there is more there. I have been able to hear little tidbits of it all season long. I just wish you would find the freedom to relieve the tension in your vocal masque and let the fullness of your range resonate uninhibitedly. If you would hone your techniques to incorporate this there would be no limit to your potential as a vocalist. The artistry is there you just need to bring your vocals up to match that. B

    Disease — This was your weakest performance of the night. In a way I wish you had done “Grenade”. The beginning of the song sounded an awful lot like parts of the Bruno Mars hit to me. Then I fell asleep. The song never went anywhere. It was just flat all the way through. There again, if you would free up the tension in your body you would be able to reach your true vocal potential. Once you reach that potential and couple that with the true musician that you are there will be no stopping you. Relieving all that tension will enhance your vocals by leaps and bounds. C

    We’ve Got Tonight — This was the weakest vocal of the night but the emotion in your voice actually pushed it far and above your second performance. It was such a tender and emotional deliverance that hitting the notes really didn’t matter as much. Another genius choice by Jimmy. He must have some sort of infatuation with you to envision this song for you and performed in that way. Either that or he had the help of a female in picking this out. This reminded me of man singing a one off love song to his wife or girl friend for a special occasion. It was very heart felt and because nobody expects it to be perfect it just pulls at your heart strings. But at the end of the day this is a competition with singing and vocals as it’s very foundation. So with that being the fact you have to evaluate the vocal as part of the grade. There was a lot of missed opportunity to make this a great, great vocal and they were well within your vocal ability. I think you had a real chance to go ahead and seal the deal with this performance. There was a lack of intensity in this that I really missed. There is a punch to certain parts of this song that you failed to deliver and that actually took away some of the emotional impact for me. A little more creativity and vocal inflection would have given a much more dynamic impact to this performance. B

    •   I strongly disagree, Jess had the weakest performance with “My All” thanks to Jennifer. Actually her other performances weren’t very good either, it was Jess’s worse night since ‘Proud Mary”. The registry drop blunder in “I’ll Be There” was terrible. P2 knows how to put on a low-key, cool show.

      His performance of “We’ve Got Tonight” was great. “Beggin” was also great and fun. “Disease” was fine, I don’t know why you think it was flat, it was not. If it had been Randy would have been on that with his “it was pitchy” thing.

      • I was referring more to the mood and flow of the song rather than the pitch. It was Phillip Phillpie I guess in the middle, nothing unique or stand out about it. Not enough energy I guess would be a better way to put it. For a song that was co-written by Mick Jagger it was really too subdued and just didn’t work for me and lacked the vocal inflection that Rob Thomas brings to it.

        It was more in line with the rhythm of another Match Box 20 song, “Smooth” and that zapped the energy right out of it.

      • I didn’t say it was THE weakest. I just said it was Phillip’s weakest. 

  15. “We’ve Got Tonight” was great and P2 hometown trip was the best one….wow the most peeps and P2 was really touched by it all…his humble can’t help but like the guy.

    • Right you are about “Smooth” Peggy. It’s a Rob Thomas song nonetheless. A lot of his vocals have a similar vibe to them. Much like a lot of Phillip’s performances.

      • Ya know…you are right. I love Rob Thomas and Matchbox 20. I can’t think of a single song I don’t like. I hope Phillip comes out with the same kind of CD.

      • I don’t think he has the vocal chops right now. But he may get there. Or they may be able to create it with a computer.

      • I don’t think he has the vocal chops right now. But he may get there. Or they may be able to create it with a computer.

      • Ha Taymaro..well, isn’ that how most of the crap on the radio is made nowadays anyway?

  16. In my opinion, Phillip Phillips is the entire package for an American Idol winner-
    personality, humility, likability, all American looks , and of course pure unique
    outstanding talent! Last nights”s redention of “We’ve Got tonight” was moving!
    My prediction is that he’ll be the last one standing and go on to have an awe-
    some career.

    • Those things are what the past male winners are. America is tired of the repetition and I can feel it. Give Jessica and Joshua this season. If Phillip wins he would end up just like the other winners. Just another random AI winner, same old same old. 

  17. P2 is the best performer and artist of the 3. I hope he doesn’t win and get tied up for 3 years doing what AI wants and not what he wants.

  18. Phillip is still bringing us the best. And his homecoming event and parade was the best of the three. So heart warming.  His music moved me to tears on last nights performance.

  19. The American Idol competition is supposed to be about the all-around best performer. Weighing in on musical ability, vocal range and stage presence, Phillip Phillips should win hands down!! He is the most entertaining of the three performers, and all my votes have been for him! (and, no, I’m not a teenage girl obssessed with his looks, thank you very much!

  20. Phil Phillips is the most “unique” competitor.  Love his voice.  Can hear him sing all night.  His tone is pleasing to my ears.  I keep wanting to hear more.

    Joshua had a couple of performances that WOW!! but too intense most of the time.

    Jessica I find boring.  Most of the time I couldn’t wait for her song to be over.

  21. Phil wins……Jessica got voted off 4 wks ago by AMERICA and does not deserve to be in the final.

    • Bently, and Anna315 I agree with both of you! I don’t think Jessica should win. But, she is from San Diego! Just think of how many votes she will get from San Diego! I would like to see Phillip win. He is so great at entertaining! Plus I like it that when ever he comes on he is smiling!  He has that great unusual voice too. With a kind of growl to it. So Phillip I hope you win!!!!

  22. I was afraid it was going to go to the end with Jessica and Phillip!  Wow. A lot of people need to vote. If you are a Phillip Phillip’s fan vote, vote , vote!! I hated to see Joshua go!  He is very talented. But I think someone will sign him. So no harm. But I am hoping Phillip wins. Jessica is a good singer. But I think Phillip would be a better performer. He is so at ease on stage. No matter what is thrown at him. Or if he doesn’t feel good, he still just pulls right through. And as Stephen said if he can write his own music WOW! I am not dissing Jessica.So don’t go getting all shook up if you are a fan of hers. Perhaps if she wins someone will sign up P.P. too!  Actually I thought this year all 3 of the finalist’s were great!

  23. philip philip your voice is amazing   n so nice ,every day i  vote you till and the end 

  24. I did not like Phillips song begging!  But I think he totally redeemed  him self with Jimmy Iovine’s Bob Seger song ” We’ve got tonight”. Way to go Jimmy! I even went to Youtube later last night and listened to Bob  Segers version. And the to Phillips rendition. I actually like Phillips better than Bob Seger. But then I was never a huge Bob Seger fan. I did like him. But he was not one of my favorites.

  25. @Phyllis:disqus  G. girl friend, If you get some spare time go to the page “:American Idol plans creative changes fior season 12″POSTS.  It is about half way throught the other posts. Look and see what exciting news I have about ADAM.
     I personally think Phillip Phillips should beat Jessica. But I think maybe production and the judges are pushing for Jessica. She is not ready yet! She needs a couple more years of playing some small venues. To get more uses to playing to a packed crowd. See you later girfriend! 

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