American Idol 2012 Top 3 Performance Show Recap: Singers Shine in Round 3

American Idol 2012 Top 3 Joshua Ledet

The American Idol 2012 Top 3 took the stage tonight and sang three songs each, and as usual, the results were mixed.

Round one was songs picked by the judges, round 2 the contestants picked their own songs and for round 3, the songs were picked by mentor Jimmy Iovine.

As always, I’ll review each performance and assign the letter grade I think each deserved. In order of performance:


Joshua Ledet, “I’d Rather Go Blind.” I think this was a great song choice for Joshua and the performance was as well. He handled this song perfectly because he held back a bit, then went full-on Joshua with the screaming and then threw in some scatting. It was overall a good performance. (A)

Jessica Sanchez, “My All.” I didn’t think this was the best song choice for Jessica. Why would the judges pick such a flat-line of a song when they constantly criticize such song choices? It was all just kind of there for. It didn’t go anywhere. (B)

Phillip Phillips, “Beggin.” For Phillip, this was pretty high energy. It was nice to see him doing something up tempo and still being true to who he is. I think it’s one of Phillip’s better performances lately. (A-)


Joshua Ledet, “Imagine.” Funny that I picked this song for Phillip and Joshua ended up singing it. I think my idea would have worked a little bit better. And I’m not being biased. I just didn’t think this was the right song for Joshua. I’ve wanted wanted wanted him to do a song where he just sings and holds back all that crazy emotion and screaming and he did it, but this was just kind of a letdown in the end. I think it just wasn’t the right song for him. The arrangement was just odd. (B)

Jessica Sanchez, “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” First of all, it’s pretty much the only lame Aerosmith song and it’s the one everyone sings. Oh, Diane Warren. I thought this came off very high school talent show. You know, the kind where I would definitely be asleep even in the front row… (B)

Phillip Phillips, “Disease.” I love Matchbox Twenty, but this isn’t one of their better songs. That being said, Phillip still kept it in his zone. The song was cool, mild and that’s that. Just a nice laid-back sound. But nothing to write home about. (B+)


Joshua Ledet, “No More Drama.” Great song. Good job, Jimmy. At first, when the song began and I heard the arrangement and the way Joshua was handing it, I thought, “well this is just weird.” But then I really started liking it. And we got to see a magic from Joshua tonight. I still wish he was more charismatic when he’s not singing, but whatever. Great performance. (A+)

Jessica Sanchez, “I’ll Be There.” OMG finally. I wanted to jump up and scream “FINALLY!” Jessica sings I song that I think was perfect for her. That song was just perfect for Jessica’s tone. It sounded totally natural and she even looked to be enjoying herself. AND I connected with her. I think the big diva songs just always seemed so weird to me for her so I never related. I mean, she has a big voice and can handle the big notes, but it was so nice to hear her do a song with a tender tone with a few power notes thrown in here and there. Easily my favorite performance of hers to date. (A+)

Phillip Phillips, “We’ve Got Tonight.” At first it was just him and the piano. No piano. Totally vulnerable. And he was nailing it right from the start. Then it went into the orchestra and the backup singers and it went from silver to gold. It was so tender and emotional. I wanted him to surprise us with a big note, but it was just fine that he kept it tender the whole way. It’s as beautiful as the judges said. And I never agree with them. (A+)

Round three was clearly the best round of the night. Jimmy Iovine is a genius. Let him run this show, please.

And now it’s the part of the recap that has not been at all easy this season. It’s where I make my predictions about who will stay and who will go. This has been such a weird season because it was never clear who was doing well and who wasn’t. The only person to never land in the bottom 3 this season was Phillip. So does that mean he’s automatically in the finale? I don’t think it’s that easy. I think anything could happen tomorrow night. But I’ll give this a try anyway.

(And PLEASE keep in mind, these aren’t my personal choices. These predictions are based ONLY on what I think might happen based ONLY on America’s votes.)

Probably Your American Idol 2012 Final Two: Joshua Ledet and Phillip Phillips.

Probably Going Home: Jessica Sanchez.

My Thinking: OK. Phillip has clearly had a strong fan base all season. And yes, that can change at the drop of a hat. But Jessica has already been voted off once. And if history has any say, the wave she’s been riding since getting the judges’ save expires this week. That’s just an observation from past judges’ saves. Joshua has been so strong the past several weeks I think his elimination is impossible. So I think I’m confident enough with that prediction. But we’ll see tomorrow night.

What did you think of the performances? Who will be the final two?




      • I dont think so….you should change ur sentence to:
        “I dont think so, you really have to have an ear for music!! to all lil fans of JOSHUA and phil…its JESSICA who will win!!!!!”

      • In your dreams London England….. Joshua will fall like as Hatton being knocked down by Pacquiao

      • Joshua didn’t give justice to the song. Jessica Sanchez already sang the I’d Rather Go Blind in you tube and she was way way much much better that Joshua. Sorry, Philip Philips is so boring. Both of Joshua and Philip lacks of voice clarity to me which supposed to be one of the criteria when singing a song.

      • That’s right… Joshua is going home!
        @London England… I have to cover my ears when Joshua sings…it hurts!! too much screaming…

    • I am a Filipino and I am an RN who vote for the best singer. That is Jessica Sanches.

    • @10a9b1cbf4640fe452e9dda4cd95e8c6:disqus  This Starspangledbanner clearly doesnt know what he’s saying.

    • Jessica is so going home.  She is not that good, really.  I find her to be sometimes off key and she can do ballads only.  She’s no Tina Turner – loses her breath and goes out of key on every upbeat song.   Definitely will come down to the two boys for sure.

      • As if you’re a singer to have comment like that, and for your information jessica proved already her singing prowess…despite of not feeling well, she delivered the songs well 

      • either you’re hearing someone that has the same name as jessica or you’re tv has bad audio … seriously…. out of tune? geez, then what do you call the other contestants who consistently go off key

      • Revised version!

        Joshua is so going home. He’s good but that’s that. Philip is better and JESSICA’s the BEST! I find Joshua to be shouting at times coz he can’t hit the high notes. Philip is the one who can clearly do ballads only. Jessica is the next Whitney Houston! Mark my word! From the beginnig till the end, we alread know who’ll be the next American idol, and that’s JESSICA SANCHEZ!

      • you wish,lets see,is that what you called VOICE? Philip,aww soo boring same tune.Joshua.ewwwww screaming….

      • If Jessica sings off key,  then why was she invited to sing in WA for the big Memorial Day event on May 27th?  Jessica has received several endorsements from music producers and well known artists.  And who are you to say Jessica is not good??  Go to youtube and listen to her other songs before she joined American Idol!

      • Jessica has the best voice. Joshua is always constipated when he sings,it pains me to listen to him.Philip is sooooo boring, no spice very redundant…they should have been given the same song to sing with different arrangement .the song no more drama was sung better in the voice by two dueling female contestant in Adam Levine team…. Hurray to Jessica the best ever american idol winner…..:))))))

      • In your dreams..the judges JLo and Randy are bias judges…they cannot even sing the song jessica or any idol contestant sang..their mastery of the American Language is so limited…like yo dude… You got it to win it…amazing girl…yaksss how many times do we have to listen to there crazies… I hope they will be replaced.. Steven tyler is better and much more honest….jessica to Win

      •  Don’t be sure of yourself!  Jessica and Philipp will be the top two tonight.  Singing is not shouting,  as if no one can hear you!

  1.  I agree Brandon on everything you said ..I do see a Phillip and Joshua finale… I loved it when Jessica sang I’ll be there she made me cry and sounded wonderful but Phillip did even more better with We’ve got tonight..I never was a Phillip fan until tonight ..He sounded excellent..And Joshua is always excellent ..

      • This is to find the best singer.  Not necessarily the best female singer. If she IS who American thinks is best, you’ll have a female.  If not, then you won’t.  Unless the producers have some magic brain washing vibe going, this is on the voters.   Nothing to do with hating.  Everything to do with whose album voters would most like to buy.  I already don’t buy Whitney or Mariah albums.  Not going to buy Jessica’s either.  Has little to do with her abilities and a lot to do with I don’t care for the style of music she wants to sing.  She can sing, no doubt.  I personally vote for the person whose style I enjoy and would listen to down the road.  For me she isn’t it.  And by the way, I am in my 30’s, married to an amazing guy and I am a woman.  So you can curtail the Woman hater, tween voter and fan crush voting comments.

      • j and j for an exciting finale. im a pp fan but he has totally diff style. it wouldnt be much of a competition if the finalists are so diff that you cant compare them. J and j have been trying to outdo each other for several weeks now. Imagine them singing together and trying to outdo each other like the battle round in the voice!!!

      • KellanE: Think before you jump into conclusions!  Jessica is an amazing singer! She’s even won the hearts of several professional singer/artists and music producers! The only problem is when the judges and Jimmy L make jessica sing songs that are not her genre, and yet still she makes an amazing  job in every single song she sings….Don’t blame her!

      • London England: oh i see…. Aren’t you in the climax yet with your PP?!!!! Another bitter melon! insecure!!  Love, if you have nothing good to say about other contestants, you better shut up your bloody face!! 

      • KellanE: Think before you jump into conclusions!  Jessica is an amazing singer! She’s even won the hearts of several professional singer/artists and music producers! The only problem is when the judges and Jimmy L make jessica sing songs that are not her genre, and yet still she makes an amazing  job on every single song she sings….Don’t blame her!

      • I dont see it happening this year sorry. Jessica doesnt  seem to know what kind of singer she wants to be. I like her shes adorable but, you cant get votes based on imitating other singers… sorry

    • Brandon, Jessica’s fan base will speak for itself… just watch out tomorrow’s results!

    • I agree with you completely.  I have voted for Joshua every week, but tonight there was just something special about Phillip. so I voted for both of them!!

      • Agree with you nealgiie, sick and tired hearing his screaming. He sing the same all the time

      • This time, i must speak out! I normally don’t bash on other contestants. Last week, i really enjoyed Joshua’s performance! I really felt it! but this week…he sounded like he’s being electrocuted!! 

      • and Randy, so over acting about his praises to PP…..there was nothing hard about philip singing the last song…. it was so plain…and even chicken to me! coz my friend can sing that song even much better with so much passion….

      • and who’s gonna’ buy Joshua’s album?? I believe, male R&B music is dead!!! 

      • Your an idiot…..You won’t know singing from screaming if it bit u in the a$$….

    • I agree with “He(phil) sounded excellent…..And Joshua is always excellent” you should have added “BUT,JESSICA IS MAGNIFICENT”

    • I vote for consistency – and that is so NOT Philip Philips. He has his moments though. He looks funny and distorted when he sings.

      • Instead of bickering, just vote. Dada kayo ng dada, hindi naman kayo taga america. This is AMERICAN idol, remember?

    • I agree I think Phillip was amazing last night! And he did that at the perfect time. Phil Phillips is gonna win!!

    •  I disagree, most of the time Philipp was out of tune, it’s only his face that young people scream on him!  Jessica has the genuine voice!

  2. My guess is Joshua & Jessica are in the final.  I’m fine w/ any combination though.  I’ve enjoyed this year like none other in terms of the contestants.  I’d love to see Jennifer Lopez take a hike though.

  3. Oh no!! Vote for Jessica for a Perfect Finale!! :DDD Jessica and Phillip in the Finale!! what a blast!! 

    • I Totally Agree!!!!! JOSHUA SHOULD LEAVE NOW!!!!! tired of his over singing.. Jessica and Phillip have much more control..

      •  joshua can’t sing the high notes, unlike the other two. that’s why he keeps on shouting and screaming. and the judges think that’s THE Moment? maybe its time to change judges

  4. I wont be surprised to see Phillip in the Finale together with Jessica! It’ll be a great show. If Jessica will be eliminated though, then she’ll have a duet with Beyonce (as a consolation lol) on the Finale Show. Surely, it’ll be a blast of pure talent. 

    • Beyonce is full of herself… So is Jessica so maybe you are right lol

    •  I do like Philips and Jessica in the Finale! Much more interesting. Some past winners of AI where are they now? they didn’t last much longer! I think Philips and Jessica will.

  5. As much as I hate to agree with you, I think you’re right.  No doubt for me the two best singers are Joshua and Jessica but PP has the teen vote and it’s just overwhelming.  I do however disagree with you on PP’s last song.  I thought he sounded like a cat in a cat fight.  Tender, yes, but the only notes that sounded good were his last three.  Steven Tyler even said, “it doesn’t matter whether you hit the notes or not (and I forget the rest) but it slayed me.  I beleive a PP album would sound like 10 rounds of the same song.  Having said all that it’s definitely PP and someone, and I think Josh has more than earned his way – not that Jessica hasn’t but as Josh says, “it’s a mans world”.

    • I think everyone’s album is 10 rounds of the same song. Personally I have to listen to albums one song at a time, otherwise they just string together.

    • You’re right, PP is choice of the teens. But Jessica grabs the heart of the international voters. And mind you, outside America can already vote. Check out the rankings, she’s always on top and that’s the basis who wins. 🙂

    • If you like Jessica that’s fine….but I am not a teenager and I voted for Phillip Phillips….I’m sorry but all Jessica and Joshua will ever do is sing someone else’s songs and Phillip will write, record, sell and perform!

      • Phillips writes songs????????   News to the world.   What has he written?

      •  We want here somebody who sings better more importantly. Idol is about who can sing and perform. Phillip has only one style and it’s sorta boring to watch him singing with guitar in every songs. Jessia and Joshua are in the finale!!!!

      • Sorry, but dont think Philip will sell that much. The past idols already done that but didn’t work out well. Jessica Sanchez is already a worldwide STAR that makes her sell more records. Hey, I am an American living in the US, just did so many travelling overseas.

    • Jessica and Joshua have been fighting it out for a spot in the finale. Is like they’re in a diff contest from PP, hollie et al. that’s because they have the almost similar styles. PP is not trying to compete with them – he has his own thing and a strong following already. joshua and jessica have the same fan base – those who like the diva music like mariah and whitney. Pp is alternative guy. its unfair to compare him to the two js. in a way pp already is a winner. For a spectacular, exciting finale it has to jessica and joshua. then we can call it a singing competition 

    • sad to say but i agree.. =( i’m a fan but have to be honest she was not ok tonight. if only she sang and im telling you tonight she might pull up a little from the race but then again if she did and chose a diff song last week hollie might be in the top 3 and not her.

      • The thing is that she was great tonight from a technical standpoint, but she wasn’t as super-great-amazing as she usually is. So by comparison it sounded like she wasn’t good tonight. It’s unfortunate for her, since she’s still way better than the average contestant.

      • They make her sing songs that are not her genre/style….Jimmy L sometimes confuses me! I’ll be there is not the right song-choice for Jessica, i know he knew that! Jessica could have sung Tony Braxton’s “Unbreak my heart” , amazing song! and she could have moved the audience!!

      • jessica isnt that great tonight.. maybe bcoz the song choices are so legendary that my ears and brain kinda compares everything….. the verdict is, most of the time she is nailing it. but am i satisfied? the answer is not quite.

      • For everybody’s info…Jessica was suffering from sore throat during the performance night and she tweeted that. Too bad, it hit her at the wrong time. She was too professional though that she managed to deliver her songs the best way she could.

      • Jessica should have sung “I’d Rather Go Blind” by Etta James.  She sang this song on YouTube much better than Joshua. 
        But I agree that Jessica was not at her best last night.  It could be because of her sore throat…

      • Jessica’s fans still supported her last night.. For someone who had a sore throat,  Jessica still pulled it off.  Luv Jessica!  She’s not only going to be big  here in the US but also in ASIA and LATIN AMERICA!

    • I’m pretty sure that Jessica fans will be voting at full strength regardless of her performance.  And, according to social media outlets and pretty much every poll on the internet, she has the most fans.

    • yes 11 season :Great performance from all of them.Pp and josha did fantastic and so is Jessica but i prefer the guys.

    •  Not as good as 2011. Scotty is the best Idol ever. He sigs great, has a fantastic stage presence. He doesn’t really have to do anything but sing and he keeps the whole audience in his hand. He just has the it factor as shown by all the success he has had. Jimmy Iovine said that he knew that Scotty would win last year. Scotty made all the shows exciting and i think most peopl will agree. He has really been successful and will keep being. Go to the very top Scotty!!!!!!

      Jane Cash

      • I thought both Scotty and Lana Alana were great.  They are both doing great with country music.  I think personally Phillip Phillips has the best ability to go on and be the better singer.  Joshua is great at R&B and Jessica, well Jessica can sing anything I just not sure where he genre is.  Love them all but PP got my vote.

  6. Joshua owned the night and I’m a Jessica fan (I’m filipino too ;))
    Jessica’s performance tonight wasn’t stellar but I thought neither was Philip’s so it’s between the two of them to fight for the 2nd spot in the finale.
    Either way, I am okay if Jessica goes home. She has done so much for a 16 y/o besides if what I’ve read/heard are true she has a lot of music dealings waiting for her after AI. If not right after, perhaps in the future, she’s young and very talented.
    Congrats to all three of them-Joshua, Jessica and Philip!
    Thank you Jessica. I’m proud of you 🙂

    • you are giving up so easily for jessica, now that she’d made it to top 3? just push the voting to the limits.. afterall its not really about who’s the best ( the winner) but who gets the highest votes. that the rule of this talent show. i agree i’m not satisfied with her tonight. but she still can win if she gets the most votes. as in the previous seasons the winner is not always the best singer.

      • Yes, Jess had an off night… but that doesn’t mean you stop supporting her. She still did great with a sore throat.

      • Well, it worked.
        The fans of P2 and Josh thought i/wegave up and some of the fans so they slowed down! Lol. I’m kidding!
        I did keep voting until it was over!
        Go, go Jess!

    • I would stop the assumming and VOTE for Kessica instead…How can anyone say they a fan of Jessica but okay if she goes home? about try to avoid her going home and vote and then it it so happens…then…..

  7. Jessica Sanchez fans are going to be voting hard core and I’m one of those fans. She is not going home because another guy is not winning Idol! Sorry not happening. JESSICA FTW! Like if u agree :))

  8. clearly this person is a Jess hater. Jessica has had way more stand outs than phillip.  Are you sure that you meant jessica is riding her way through? cause im pretty sure that phillip is.  The last couple of weeks, he’s been slacking, while joshua and jessica are giving it all they have.  in my opinion, joshua and jessica deserve the finale way more than phillip does.  Those two are versatile.  I honestly think that joshua deserves it most, but i would really like to see Jessica win it all. VOTE JESSICA 

    • I agree…Josh is amazing, but Jimmy has as much as said he’s giving him a contract….Jessica needs to win this and break the all male streak……

    • I agree with you, but that doesn’t mean that the writer of this post is a “Jess hater.” It is possible to have a differing opinion without throwing hate into the mix.

    • dude look at his basis. He said that Jess was voted off once. That’s is just his firm basis why’d he thought Jessica will be leaving tomorrow. Nevertheless, it still up to the voters. If jessica’s fans will be active voters as compare to last week…No doubt, jess will be part of top 2.

    • I like all three based.  There is no one that I hate.  Do I like one more over the others? Yes.  And here is why.  P2 maybe doesn’t have the same range as the others, but he does play several instruments well, and he is capable of making what he has work well for him.  I think at this point it is safe to say, they can all sing.  But all of them have not shown an ability to adapt songs to fit them rather than parrot them out.  Nor have they proven adept at playing an instrument.  I would buy an entire P2 album, where the other two I may buy a song or two. Also, I think he may write his own stuff.  Where the other two will likely sing others songs.  P2 may fall short in range, but the way he changes and arranges songs tells me he can likely write his own material.  All the other two have done is prove they can sing other peoples songs really well. 

  9. The ratings will be totally break down if Jessica will come home! She is the only reason why people are watching the show. It’s just a matter of fact that they didn’t vote for jessica because of overconfidence. PLEASE VOTE VOTE VOTE

    • …Josh is the only reason I’m still watching…and I’m sure this is true of all his fans as well…gooooooooo Josh.

      •  Joshua Ledet is THE most interesting contestant this season!  He really grabs your attention when he is on stage, and for being so young, he really feels the lyrics!  I have voted for him from the first, and don’t give a hoot about J. Sanchez.  She is the most boring AI contestant I have seen in a long time.  Same ole, same ole with her voice.  She has reached her full potential!

      • ai for some reason do not like to have a Gay guy represent ….just like Adam Lambert should have won and what happened? However, i love Adam L, and i actually Prefer Joshua anyday instead of Phillipses….

      • gooooo!!!! JESSICA…YOUR THE BEST….Phillips will go home & that leaves Jessica & Joshua  in the finale

      • Tell me, who’s gonna’ buy joshua’s album? Male R&B is dead! I loved his performance last week though….he sounded like he being electrocuted on the stage tonight!

    • If she doesn’t get the most or second-most votes, then she is clearly not the only reason people are watching the show.

      • And, she has been close enough to the bottom to get voted off.  And in the bottom more than once.  based on that I’d say your logic is a bit flawed.

      • Jessica got only to the bottom when she was almost voted off which is purely a set up by the AI management to increase their rating. PP should join American Gigolo Idol and should win hands down. Joshua and Jessica deserve to be in the final.

    • well Jessica is NOT the reason i am watching the show, so what you’re saying is not actually true

      • well MOST people watch american idol because of Jessica..we’re not saying ALL..duhh!! Why people are so dumb? Have some common sense!

    • sorry, she’s not the reason I watch the show at all …. I watch to see Phllip

      • well..i never watched american in EVER until i heard Jessica sing! so.. there goes my reason.

    • Jessica is not the only reason for the show.  I actually almost stopped watching after Skylar and Colton went off to me they should both still be there.  Skylar, Colton and Phillip.  So my vote is Phillip he can sing, play and make  any song his own.

  10. i am with you this week on the one who goes home and who stays and i think philip was the best tonight for all three of his songs..and josh takes second place..the first song jessica sang i could not understand her words, and then aerosmith song didnt do it for me and well her last song was just ok for me.

  11. Not trying to start a war here just my opinion but I think Jessica has rode the wave long enough ..But I do see her very successful…

  12. My you were in a very generous mood tonight. A couple A+ too many, but overall a fair assessment. As far as Joshua’s second song I thought it was a good choice in relation to the other songs he did. Would have prefers if he held back for the whole song though. He had lots of time to go for it on his other two numbers.

    Based on performance jessica should be on her way home tomorrow, but then this show isn’t usually dictated to by performances.

    • I agree as there were times that P2 was on his lowest performance level among the contestants on a particular elimination round, yet he was never in the bottom 3. This show is based on fan base and I really think that P2 and JS have the most number of fans among all the contestants. These fans are voting for their preferred Idol no matter what happens, whether they performed sub-par or above-par. That being said, I really think that its P2 and JS in the AI Finale next week.

  13. Phillip might not have the big voice, but I enjoy listening to him far more than Joshua and Jessica. Joshua and Jessica are good at what they do; just not my thing. I loved all 3 of Phillips songs tonight.

    • That was great and honest comment…. Yes, it’s not your thing but you didn’t bash on jessica and joshua…. I wish people would be like you when making comments…  

  14. I think Phillip will get voted off.  I’m trying to be realistic here and not let get my expectations too high.  And besides, Third place isn’t a bad spot.  I believe Phillip will go places even if he doesn’t win this show.  This show was just the boost he needed to get into the public’s eye.  I love Phillip, don’t get me wrong, but I believe that his luck has finally run out.  
    But who knows? It’s all up to America now.  

    • I would love to see PP in the finale, but he doesnt , it is ok because he has shown he is a great artist, unique, original, great musician, song writer…no, wait a minute, he has to be in the finale, America votes for PP!!!  greetings from LIma,

    • Wow I’m not the biggest fan of his.. I think he’ll do great things but I just think the other 2 are extremely powerful.. however, I honestly think Phil is 100% safe. He’s never been in bottom 3, he performed last & got SO. but we’ll see

  15. If joshua doesn’t get sent home I might scream! I think thought it might be his time, I think it will be a Phillip/Jessica finals. I think they both have a strong fan base, they both have the most fans on facebook as well. I’m hoping so! Phillip is my favorite!! 

    • well, i really thought that joshua MUST go home!! he is all screaming and yelling!!! i wonder why randy, steven and j lo are still giving him a standing ovation. every song he sung is all SCREAMING AND YELLING! come on. this is not a yelling competition.

  16. I think and hope Jessica and Phillips will be the final 2. I’d really like to be Jessica in the finale. She deserves it.

    • Im  a JS fan but P2 really did well & stand out tonight. But hey Joshua wasnt great either, his Imagine wasnt even close to Archuleta’s awesome rendition. I just dont like him screaming his  1st & 2nd song.. For me P2 & Jess in finale..

  17. I hate JLo! She chose a Mariah Carey song for Jessica and when asked  who wins round 1, she chose P2! Randy sticks with Joshua and Steven to P2. Favoritism…

    • yeah thats called being fair jessica has been there favorit all season while bashing others and she was’t very good tonight and i think shes going home

      • it’s because they made her sing songs that are not her genre…. I think, they were giving her a hard time!!! and this is what makes jessica so great!  I thought “Unbreak my heart” by Tony Braxton suits jessica’s style better!!

  18. You were watching a different show than I was Branden. How can you give any of those performances tonight an A? 

    You are welcome to your opinion but I was under impressed by the whole night. This was not a show worthy of the top 3 of American Idol. 

    Grade the singing please. Listen to the performances and if there are any notes missed, pitch problems, bad phrasing etc. you have to evaluate that. Joshua’s own choice was horrible. He couldn’t even do the falsetto parts and had to resort to screaming. 

    Phillip couldn’t hit the high notes on that last song either. So they decide to give him a standing ovation for at least trying? What in the world is American Idol coming to.

    Jessica was the worst of all. She was completely out of her league trying to sing a Mariah song. She has nowhere near the control in the soft lower part of her voice for that. I couldn’t even understand what she was saying and she trailed off so badly and went down to a barely audible whisper in some parts. 

    Just a bad night for all. And this is your final 3 America!!! Be proud, be very proud!

    • Because you’re still not over Hollie and Skylar, who both, should not have been in the Top 10 so to speak. Put up your own blog and do all your drama there.

      • It’s not about whether I’m over them or not. Steven Tyler said to Phillip. “It doesn’t matter if your hit the notes or not.”

        It absolutely does matter. That’s all that matters. All of them were off tonight. Don’t know if their visit back home cut into their rehearsal time but I am not the only one who thought last week’s show was better than this week.

        Hollie nor Skylar were my favorite by the way but either of them could have sang these songs much better. 

    • This is better than having Hollie and Skylar in the finals. Those girls can’t sing.

      • skylar knows rock songs only…..she was voted out because America didn’t love her ballad,”you dont have to say you love me” she was so irritating!!!!! while hollie was good but being a 4th placer is the only ranking she deserves…..

      • I know the song too. NO he didn’t. LOL nope! Sorry. He tried really hard and squeaked something out but didn’t quite get there. Sorry.

  19. Poor Jess got bad song choices :/ My All should have been Vision of Love. She should have picked a different song for herself that contrasted better but Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing was still good. I just hope it was enough to inspire voters. I really want a girl to win this year! Josh did fine if you like his style and PP finally did the quiet ballad I’ve been waiting for all season. I think josh will go home tomorrow. He’s great but he is a gospel singer not a pop star and I’m fine with that 3rd place will leave him in good company (Melinda, Elliot, Vonzell, Haley, etc) he is a similar artist to them and it seems right that his journey will end there.

    • 3rd place will be fine for Jessica.  Maybe her mother will back off for a few years and then force her to go for X-Factor or The Voice.

  20. Definitely Jessica is not going home. My final 2 are Phil and Jess. Joshua will go home. I bet with my all. She didn’t run the show well but she’s going on. Let’s see what happen 2morrow.

      • @Nealgiie Ehn
        Adam Lambert was gay, and he made it to the finale. Don’t be so flipping judgmental. If someone has a opinion, you don’t flipping BASH them.

  21. Because of this writer’s opinion that Jessica Sanchez is going home, many out there especially outside America, will vote for her more. 🙂

    And please, American Idol badly needs a female to win! The last was Jordin Sparks. We need another one of her kind for crying out loud! 

    • Huh, last time I heard, people outside American couldn’t vote for AMERICAN Idol.

    •  I want the best artist to win.  I don’t care one bit about race, gender, or anything else.  Phillip and Joshua are special.  Jessica seems just like a remake of so many of today’s celebrities to me.  She’s not best in my opinion.  And, I am a female, so don’t even try and call me sexist, people.

      • If she Jessica Sanchez is not a good artist, the judges should have not used the save. But they did. Obviously, they believe in her craft. 🙂

      • @twitter-412278296:disqus Yeah?  Well they used it on Mike Lynch.  What does that tell you?

    • People outside America cannot vote, if we could I would vote for Phillip … and anyway this is about talent and popularity, gender has nothing to do with it

    • Hello? It’s obvious, just look at those numbers who like the comments when they talkk about Jessica’s winning. BIG NUMBER. It means that right here in this blog she’s already a winner.

      • This blog means less than nothing.  International posters are insignificant to the actual Idol contest.  It doesn’t matter how many flies are on it, it’s still just a pile of s**t.

    • And Jordin Sparks is doing what? Not much, Jessica would do the same 
      we don’t need another copy cat Mariah or Whitney. But all of the white people where voted off and some of them were amazing. This show was a set up from the very first this season. Yes you can call me racist,I could care less.

  22. Who will vote for Jessica? Thumbs up if you will vote, and you are not a filipino or mexican! 😀

  23. Yep, Josh was flawless tonight.  I’d buy his CD in a heartbeat.  Elise was and still is my favorite, because of her realness in delivering a song.  Once she left, Josh filled in the realness gap for me.  I did like Phil’s Beggin’ tonight, and Jess did a fine job on I’ll Be There, but Josh gets my votes tonight.

  24. I actually agree with all of what you said.  Phillip outdid everyone in my opinion, though.  Hoping for a Phillip/Joshua finale!

  25. I don’t think your choices are necessarily correct, judging by the hometown visits Phillip and Jessica by far had the biggest, Joshua’s was quite small (and a small town isn’t a big excuse since Phillip also lived in a small town, results were much bigger).

    Next look at the facebook/social networking such Jessica and Phillip by far have more likes/follows than Joshua.

    Joshua sang first today, I know that doesn’t mean he goes home especially since there are only 3 left but that’s still a disadvantage.

    Joshua has been in the bottom 3 a couple times before, yes Jessica has been eliminate but that whole week was an iffy week and she hasn’t touched the bottom since then or before then, Joshua has.

    I’d say the most likely to leave is Joshua, second most like Jessica, least likely Phillip.

    As for your grades I think you were way to easy on some of those songs for all three of them.

  26. I think Josh is the greatest! While Jessica has a beautiful voice and Phillip has a style of his own, you have to really be able to sing to do what Josh does; he has a connection to the emotion in the music. I love him.

    • it’s not emotion and he is not a singer…..he should have auditioned for being an actor because he knows how to act and to shout….

  27. “I hope you just get used to encore. In another crazy way, you’ll be the last one standing here, I believe.” Steven to Jessica

  28. Joshua is too over the top in my opinion. Good if you like over the top stuff. Awful if you dont. I vote for less than good – irritating actually. Obviously some people love him. I see their point but I think he is going home.

  29. Negative comments about Jessica just make me(and other blujays) vote more. Keep em coming.

    • & obnoxious comments stating how she’s God’s greatest gift to the earth make other people vote for josh/phillip more…she by far has the rudest fans.

      • oh! they’re from the main stream religion! I’m filipino myself but i hate it when they involve God in their comments…. one thing for sure….God care less about this controversial contest…coz He hates division! 

  30. jess-phil finale could uplift the rating of ai. Because it will be a 50/50 game, we dont know whose going to be favorable for judges…unlike josh/phil finale

  31. I agree with ur prediction. I just don’t think Jessica connects in a big enough way to pull ahead tonight

  32. By the way I thought Joshua WAY oversung Imagine, it was laid back for him but still way oversung for that song.  You can’t screech or shout any notes in that song or it ruins it.

  33. if we talk versatility, then JS will win.  slap your face America so that you will awake and then vote for jessica.

  34. I am very seriously doubtful that Jessica is going to be in the finale. Sorry guys, looks like it’s another all-guy finale.

    • All Guys for the finale..  there are 2 girls and only 1 guy  — it’s a joke..  loL!

    • All Guys for the finale..  there are 2 girls and only 1 guy  — it’s a joke..  loL!

  35. Judges Choice:
    Joshua – I’d Rather Go Blind – (A) – Great performance. But kinda screamy for me. 😀
    Jessica – My All – (A-) – Good, but a bit boring. But not her fault, it’s JLO’s song choice.
    Phillip – Beggin – (A+) – I love it! The song fits his voice. 😀

    Contestant’s Choice:
    Joshua – Imagine – (B+) – Nice job. But I think , for me , his version is creepy. LOL. XD
    Jessica – I Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing – (A+)- Amazing! Steven should be proud. 😀
    Phillip – Disease – (B+) – I agree with Branden. 😀

    Jimmy’s Choice:
    Joshua – No More Drama – (A) – Good job. 😛
    Jessica – I’ll Be There – (A+) – Great great job! I don’t understand why Randy didn’t like it!
    Phillip – We’ve Got Tonight – (A) – Cool! He nailed it! 😀

    My top 2:
    Joshua & Jessica > This will the Ultimate Top 2! 😀

    • U R soooo wrong P2 killed it tonight. He is the only ARTIST on the show. It is much easier to just sing. Phillip has been my #1 since day one. He has a unique appealling voice and has stayed true to himself. That friends is the sign of a successful entertainer.

  36. Jessica sang well but I can’t see the invididual in her. Love Phil, hope he is in top 2.

  37. Dont underestimate the power of voting, Branden… You maybe surprise whats the outcome tomorrow… Im just saying..

    Confidence never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all the possibilities

    • Branden has failed in his prediction twice already with the top 7, between Holly and Skylar, and Elise and Holly….

      So, maybe he will be wrong again….AMERICA, vote for JESSICA! 

      JLO SUCKS for chosing this song for JS…..

  38. if jessica voted out i tel u guys viewers of American idol season 11 drop off.

    America wake wake up… vote for the best… Jessica vote for her.

  39. It doesn’t matter to me whether Philip or Joshua goes to the finals, but it will be crime if Jessica does not.  That girl has a voice that is only heard once in a generation, and she rightly deserves a shot at the finals.

  40. Joshua oversang Imagine and Jessica oversang I’ll Be There. Both are very simple songs, and “too easy” for them, and in doing so overcompensated and they sounded bad.

      • You are soooooo wrong Hans. Spend some cash on a hearing aid. And then put some money down to learn something about music. Break into that piggy bank on your dresser and learn the difference between screeching and singing. Hans, Hans, Hans ….. When you grow up and ditch your paper route, you will hear how wrong you have been.

  41. a few seasons ago, a great performer (a.k.a. Adam Lambert) lost to a cutie pie. adam’s got the soul and the voice but once again america was biased.  i doubt it that this season it will change.  america will still vote for the all-american singer – flat notes and all.  the teen girls will vote for the cute guy they want. and the verdict is … Philip will win.  Joshua will come in second. Jessica will be goin’ home.

    • This year “cute guy” got skill and style, in fact, a LOT. So one who is cute and skilled at the same time deserves to win.
      And no, Jess is not a great performer by any means.  Like many posters here, I cannot connect with her performance nor liking a 16 years old wearing 36 outfit and dancing like Tina Turner

      • @kalsae:  Cound not have said  it better.   P2 is amazing tonight and oh so cute.  I have never voted for him before but certainly am ready to do so  tonight.  And I am not a teen age girl, left that a couple of years ago. 

      • Hans How dare you  call someone cheap because they dont agree with your opinion … how dare you call someone cheap for any reason 

    • @ Stephanie:  To borrow a cliche, “the only thing permanent in this world is change” You’re right about the Kris-Adam finale. But Jessica is a female and variables will automatically change in this new equation. Girl power is an option that can never be ignored. There are so many factors to consider here, unlike in the previous 2-male one-on-one.   This is a new ball game  and a new kind of winner will finally emerge. Go Jessica! Go…home, Phil!

  42. Do not underestimate the power of voting… You maybe surprise what awaits you tomorrow.

    Confidence never comes from having all the answers; it comes from being open to all possibilties.

  43. AOL judges should not announce who they think is the winner. Randy fauns over Joshua, J-Low actually begged viewers to vote for a certain male singer and Tyler awarded Jessica the win before she even sang her second song.

    • Notice how Joshua is R&B – Randy
      Jessica is female singer – J Lo
      Phillip is rock singer – Steven The

      They each mentored one of them it seems?

  44. phillip put a great deal of respect into the already great bob segar song i think segar would be proud of the way he preformed the beautiful song i already thought phillip was great now i know everyone has to feel the same way i do after this show again thanks phillip for allowing us to share that song with you.

  45. You don’t have to blame the author, even the performance speaks itself.
    If you want Jessica to move in the finale just simply vote her as much as you can!

  46. they are all so wonderful, but Phillip Phillips is such and artist and I love what he does even on a bad night. It’s always so natural and humble

  47. I haven’t watched Idol since the !st idol but this season has really been wonderful with a great multitude of talent. I have been impressed with the judges as well and ryan… I personally think Jessicas is a wonderful vocalist just not a performer she is so young  and when she sings those mature songs i dont believe it .Phillip is a good vocalist but a better performer like eric clapton  and he has charisma. As far as Josh Ledet he is the total package he is only 20 he has an old soul he sings with all he has and its believable he is an excellent performer i cry ,i dance he makes my soul  feel he really gives me goosebumps …i would buy any thing he sells. I think josh is defineately the idol 2012 winner and vocally jessica is number 2 but performance wise phillip phillips is a better choice and the teen girls alone will put him over jessica . so i think it will be Josh and phillip the final 2…….Good luck to the all…..

  48. I agree with dear Branden, I think Jessica is the weakest tonight and in danger of being sent home

    • It’s not her fault! they made her sing songs that aren’t her genre, they’ve punished her!…Anyways, your criticism won’t count….Filipino power counts…wait  till you hear the result tonight!! 

  49. Nobody knows who will be going home tomorrow with certainty…. They are all great singers no matter what we say…  What matters is your VOTES !!!!!!!

  50. it hurts and sad to say but i think JESSICA will be going home tomorrow.. goodluck jess.. still proud of you and staying that long in AI is already an achievement.. GOD SPEED..  BTW theres still a MIRACLE who knows… jess fans keep on voting.. VOTE VOTE VOTE 

    •  so..this is like the Judges do. You say you think Jess will be going home, you don’t say why, but just reading between the lines, you don’t want to just wasn’t a good night for her even though you really like her. So…why would you say vote vote vote…if you don’t think she was the best….just doesn’t make sense.

      • She wasn’t the best. She hasn’t been the best all season. Why should that change now? None of these three did a great job tonight. None of them. 

        I don’t see how Branden can even get close to an A score. 

        At this point they should all be A’s. The best talent left already. In an effort to compete with the other networks, AI shot itself in the foot by pushing through unworthy contestants and letting the best talent go early.

        That’s my take on tonight’s show and the lackluster performances. Feel free to disagree but deep down I think each of you know that I am telling the truth.

    •  She doesn’t necessarily have the qualities I like, BUT I think she’s incredibly talented. She doesn’t need to win this show to have an amazing career. It may pan out better for her to not win. There are several artists who went on to be successful without the win.

    • if you are a really imean really fan of her you don’t think that way,i myself thinking that she will be in the finally.who knows.

  51. Jessica did not sound like Michael Jackson. What was Jennifer L thinking? There will never be another voice like Michaels!

    • all along jennifer lopez  wanted PP2 and Joshua to be in finals. She could have suggested a whitney song.

      • Jimmy Lovine confuses me….she’s giving  jessica a hard time….So what if she’s 16???  you’ve deprived jessica from singing other amazing songs that would move America! such as Tony Braxton’s “Unbreak my heart” and many more…. What was he thinkin’?  This is America!!  and This is about singing competition and not about jessica being 16… who cares? 

  52. really joshuah did nothing but call that singing ,the judges doesn’t know what good singer sounds like, JS and PP for finale,they can sit and sing beautifully,i don’t remember jushuah doing that.

  53. Branden: You’ve been wanting for Jessica to be booted out every elimination night, but the stars are so in love with Jessica’s voice and they don’t care whatever’s your opinion. I’m glad that I won’t be reading any more of your crap after this season because I’ve had it with AI and biased people like you! I’ll be watching X-factor or The Voice.Goodbye , Branden . I hope Karma gets back at you sooner than you think!

    •  I love Jessica but I cannot stand to come in here and read these comments from her fans that say the things they say…It has made me want to vote for Phillip and Joshua more because of  the comments..This is a singing competition and it goes week to week and who the best is should get the votes.. Tired of this…

  54. Jess should have had one upbeat song. They were all ballads. I was disappointed by the choices. But what do I know. I think PP vs JS would make an interesting finale though.

    • Again…I’m telling you, they targeted Jess tonight to go home. I wouldn’t put it past them to have passed germs to her to get her sick…It wouldn’t be that hard to do, think about it. Give her crappy songs to work with and get her sick…bye bye Jess, AI producers just torpedoed her. I hope I’m wrong, but I’m smarter than the average bear.

  55. I read a lot about Jessica delivered the weakest night and will go home. Hey, she has many bad weeks and still got the votes… what makes everyone think she will not overcome the other two. Myself, I feel Joshua blew it. The judges gave him praise, but I discredit this judges, feeling all three need to be replaced. Haven’t heard P2’s 2nd sound, so no vcomment yet

    • you are  a garbage,a big black garbage one.who are you to call people that  i’m not a fan 100% but never call people that.


  56. All three are deserving of a spot in the final two. It’s any ones guess who is going home.

  57. bye bye jessica.. i didn;t find the i dont wanna miss a thing version entertaining as well.. i can’t feel the emotions

    • I still like  Jessica’s performance than Joshua tonight, he screams & his Imagine was nothing compared to Archuleta’s..

  58. The whole country of the Philippines will prove that we are still the ‘txting capital of the world’..

    We’ll support Jessica all the way:-)

    • what?! you can vote outside US?! darn cheaters. and even proud of announcing it….pity

      • Did i say, we are voting??? I said, we are supporting jessica. Million of filipinos are in the U.S. right now.. And we are doing our best to let our countryman win this thing:-)

        So, dont accuse filipinos as cheaters…. I might sue you in court!!!

      • One good example is Manny Pacman Pacquiao who is in the U.S. for training… He is supporting Jessica 101%…

      • no we can’t vote ,my family and friends tried many times but don’t believed that moron ,hes pulling everybodys leg.

      • guest my family are in the phillipines ,they tried to vote but failed .thewant phillip and jessica for the finally .

  59. Jessica is far better off  not winning the american idol. She will be signed up by more credible producers and will shine even better that any of these two

  60. neither the judges nor jimmy wants  Jessica to win.
    its not Jessica’s  FAULT , the song selection for her
    was pretty much LAME! there’s nothing WOW on
    any of it!

    now its all depends on the votes!

    • I’m sorry that the song selection for Jessica was bad (haven’t seen it yet in Australia), but surely all of her fans will vote for her anyway?

      I’m annoyed with the judges obvious bias too (altho I’m a Phillip fan) but surely most people would just vote vote vote anyway, wouldn’t they? I would. I find myself liking poor Joshua less and less simply because of how the judges go on and on about him.

  61. according to dial idol (not sure if its reliable) jessica is going home if so…. bye jessica… hello to another MALE idol ahahahaha

    • Check out past results in dialidol~ and let me hear again from you~ 🙂

    • yes thats true ive read that also,, jessica is at the bottom and she might be going home tomorrow.. feel so sorry for my idol

      • dialidol has been wrong the past 3-4 weeks. you need to continue to vote for jessica (if you are truly a fan). there’s still an hour and 5 minutes of voting.

  62. I voted as much as possible. But I will say once again that the whole theory behind American Idol has vanished as the season progressed. The whole point is to have people who are talented and can succeed POST-Idol. You have to truly be able to see them making an album and being successful in the music industry. I admitted to myself tonight that there is a spot for Joshua – with the right songs. But Philip is who I see being long term. And if you look back over the past winners – if they were really good and true to the Idol theory they’re still making records today. Philip has musical talent reaching far beyond anything we’ve seen so far.

    •  PS – the judges “save” has to go. It interferes with the process that the fans are supposed to be following. AND – the judges have to stop picking favorites and promoting them. Save that for after the competition.

      • remove the save? nuh! it adds spice to the show.. the judges arent promoting any of the contestants they merely give their opinion and comments… dont be harsh to them they are nice and experts it doesnt mean they did not give the words you want to hear that they are bias.. thanks AI for a great season11! Congrats to AI2012

  63. I hope you’re right about the finale. I’d like to see Phillip and Josh face-off. I think it’s going to be another boy Idol, for sure.

  64. At this point of the competition, the contestant with the biggest fanbase and the most supporters that will generate the most votes (power votes) will be the next American Idol.

  65. OMG!!!! Joshua Ledet is the TRUTH!!! That voice is TRULY a gift from GOD! Joshua keep up the great work! This has been an absolutely amazing season. I have not been very interested in watching the past few seasons, since Fantasia won, but after watching such talent thus season, I am a due hard fan again.

  66. Jessica will win it all! Even thought the Judges tried to sabotaged it and gave Joshua “I’d rather be blind” to Joshua instead of Jessica and gve Jessica slow ballad. I don’t want to miss a thing for Jessica? What is she thinking?She is the best and most talented  among the top 3 but her song choices are not so good.

  67. Jessica fans I’m sorry, but I don’t think all the voting in the world is going to make any difference, I think they will send her home next. As I have been predicting, the AI producers are under great pressure from Simon and the X factor. An AI black R&B singer is their best offense to Simon’s attack on AI. Go read the website, the producers can do whatever they want to and ignore voting. They will do whatever they can to fight Simon. Joshua has been the pre-determined season 11 AI winner since early March. It’s really about the only way to explain the behavior of the Judges..or the Judges are just crazy.

    • Strangely, I agree with you. It has been predetermined already who should win *sigh(

    • If its true that they choose a lame song for Jessica to go home then that’s bad. If I can vote I will still vote for Jessica because I know she is better than that..

      • It has been said repeatedly by Jessica’s fans and the judges that Jessica can sing anything-even the phone book. Obviously that is very untrue. The song was not lame. Jessica’s version was lame. She can sing a balland beautifully(although i find her karoke), but she hits many off notes and keys.

  68. I trust the judges & Jimmy but doesn’t everyone feel that Joshua will do well singing in Church and is not really an American Idol.   I enjoy lyrics and sometimes when he sings, I don’t hear the lyrics but rather I hear him yell or belt out notes.   America should pick a true Idol and that is Phillip. Thank you

    • I second that! what’s with all the yelling? His singing is one that sounded the same all the time.. not PP

  69. i bet the 2 guys gave her lots of sweets or something to enjoy so thats why she cant be a ‘powerhouse vocalist’ this week.. lol

  70. The emotion that P2 showed at his homecoming showed his human side.  He really appreciated all those people being there, that was obvious.  His so talented, humble and don’t forget cute!!!!

      • Fashion sense….ever hear of Post-Grunge…you no nothing about cool…ever hear of American Eagle, Old Navy, The Gap. There has only been one contestant who has consistently dresses inappropriately for her age…..hmmmmm…who could that be….Miss Tina Turner Beyonce Wannabee.

  71. Philip was in the bottom two last week–inaccurate reporting! Philip is boring like Taylor Hicks. Where is he now?

    • Disagree, Phillip is not like Taylor Hicks.   He is a true American Idol.  Not sure what all the hype is about Joshua, he is a great guy but again, I like lyrics and when he sings, he yells or belts out notes and I don’t hear lyrics

    • No, he wasn’t in the bottom two – it wasn’t in any order. How many times do we have to say this? Happened to Scotty last year and if memory serves correct, he won the whole thing. So it is not “inaccurate reporting”.

      • You are so in denial. Philip was in the bottom two with Hollie. Pay attention.

      • Aileen16….check your facts. You are clearly wrong. Julie and the others here are right. If you can, go back an watch again. The built a top three ( not a bottom 2) and the top 3 was built in no order.

        Sorry, just a fact.

      • Yes, I guess if you keep saying something and believe it to be true, then that just magically makes it true.

    •  No you pay attention. Phillip was not in bottom two. they said instead of doing a bottom two they were building a top three, so they were sending the top three back in no order. We don’t know who was in bottom last week. They left him next to Hollie to use as a dramatic effect, they needed someone there.  They do that every year when it gets down to a low amount of contestants.

    • @Aileen …. Before you get so arrogant, you should know what you are talking about. Yes, it was Phillip and Hollie standing on the stage at the end; however, if you had been paying attention, you would know that they were building a top 3 and the top 3 were being selected in no particular order. Is this too hard for you to follow?

    • That classic Simon & Garfunkel song…Homeward Bound Jess

      Tonight Jess sang her songs again
      She played the game and pretend, Mmm,
      But all her words come back empty to her
      In shades of mediocrity
      Like emptiness in harmony
      She’s going to need someone to comfort her

      Homeward bound
      Jess is
      Homeward bound

  72. tomorrow will be the biggest shocker of our lives…. Hello, Manny Pacquiao in the US!!! hahahahaha :-)))

  73. i miss the times when the judges (simon,paula,randy) gives great song choices for the top 3 AIs. Songs that brings out the best and challenges the finalists. Now, it seems like there is too many favoritisms, bias judgements, and bad criticisms. They say that if you put a rotten apple in a basket full of apples, the good ones also becomes rotten. I guess, over time… AI became rotten through and through…

  74. P2’s second song, good but not great.  I thought the judges were a little harsch…I mean Jessica was all over the place on her first song and they raved about it…come on, be fair.  Oh that’s right, I am talking about Randy, Jlo and Steven…silly me.

  75. vote for jessica she needs to make it to the finale… we need someone who can be versatile!

  76. Im still positive that voters will still go for Jessica! Hope Joshua leaving tomorrow.

  77. Philip and Jessica will be a great finale. The judges have been smacking our faces with over the top standing ovation for Josh that all that screaming will be so hard to listen to at the finale. PhilJess finale will be sweet. I think even Jessica has a crush on Philip and that will be cool in the finale… Yeah.

  78. Jessica is sick huhuhu..
    She didn’t do anything very very spectacular tonight. But i’ll still vote for her. 🙂

  79. Joshua’s No More Drama, is not good song choice. I hate the mouthwash gargling voice!

  80. after watching back all top 3 performances, i had a light bulb moment here…big PP fan as i am, i no longer want him to win. he’s just way too good for this commercial competition, plus i would hate for him to be stuck in the AI contract confinements and not being able to do his own thing… let this one go to the preacher’s son, or the little wanna-be diva:-)

    • plus the fact i thought he is playing primadonna at this early time of  his career, not attending those commercial shoots just to evade acting and dancing? gosh, you will be in for a show business career you should not always stay in your comfort zone and it’s a must that you have to deal with it no matter what coz you are being groomed as an artist…. he has kidney trouble? Jessica has a bad sore throat but she gave her all and she is not complaining. it’s obvious PP doesn’t like dancing and acting but hey, how can you make endorsements in the future if you will not do those small things… just saying.

      • You have obviously never had a kidney stone. WAY different than a sore throat.

      • Zedicus16 just saying how important professionalism is… the show must go on eventhough you are in or not in for it.

      • ofcourse jessica has to sing even if she has sore throat.. if she wont sing then she’s out.. and she just had that sore throat this week.. phil had surgery and been undergoing medications for weeks now, and i haven’t heard him complain on tv or like used it to get sympathy votes..  he’s still performing and even jimmy said that he’s going thru tough times.. i don’t see any primadonna attitude there.. just saying.

      • I suppose you would jump off a cliff if your boss told you. The fact that P2 is his own man…makes him the cool artist that he is. I’m sure you don’t get it. Professionalism? P2 isn’t trying to sell his act with sex when he isn’t old enough to do that…like some are.

      • James : well, James i know where are you coming from this… just two words… TRUTH HURTS! 🙂

    • I agree, he is way to talented but he has endured so much to be there and deserves to win.

    • Lol…I posted virtually this very same comment about 3 or 4 weeks ago. Whoever wins AI is tied up for 2-3 years and must do what they want you to do. That would kill P2’s career for sure. P2 is cool and winning AI is very uncool.

  81. I think the reason Jessica will go home because shes a filipina mexican.. u know what I mean, but Jessica definitely so great at the age of 16. More power Jessica!

    • I don’t think people vote for contestants because of their race, so what if she’s filipina? 

    • So you are admitting that Blacks rank higher than Pinoys…lol…You’re no Pinoy or you have serious self esteem issues…no Pinoy would ever say such a thing.

  82. Jessica probably won’t go home, there is a text brigade going on right now in the philippines i don’t know how that happened but people in the philippines can vote which i think is unfair, its called american idol for a reason right?

      • it’s already been explained that votes coming from the Philippines are not going thru… so how can they vote?

      • What i heard from my friend is they vote thru skype and online by hiding their ip address

      • I work for an American company here in the Philippines, and everytime I log-in Facebook, I get notification that I’m logged in at Seattle, WA (having an IP address in the US). So I guess my votes are counted, so are the rest of my co-workers’ votes. Also, we can call a number in our US office where, after getting a dial tone, we can call any number in the US 🙂

      • I’ve told you peeps several times there is more than one way to do it and that many were doing it. Bad Karma will likely be pushing Jess off tomorrow because of it.

    • theres no such thing as text brigade in the philippines,my god if true my province will join them for sure ,but they told me .in my dream.

    • This is not true, I am from the Philippines, and I want to vote for Phillip, but I can’t. please stop the hating!

  83. the better to singers voice wise Jessica and Josh….
    I would like to see Philp and Jessica……
    But again I feel after tonight I feel Jessica is in trouble, hope not…
    When Fantasa won .. I don’t under stand how some you screems their songs win…
    And I feel Josh dose just that…
    I don’t get it sometimes…
    Hoping For Philp and Jessica

  84. The songs given to Jessica were just alright, all of us were waiting for the power voice but she sung tenderly and beautifully. Now producers will be convinced that Jessica is one articulate and prolific singer who can belt it out when she wanted and be gentle when needed. Songs given to her were a test and she delivered perfectly. KUDOS Jessica!, hope to see you and Joshua in the finals, its going to be a battle royale.. 

  85. This is not suppose to be about gender or race. Its about who supposedly has the most talent

    • Well those people were voted off long ago so you can throw that out the window. LOL

    • It starts off being about talent but quickly becomes a popularity contest….

    • Yes I dont understand this SO given to him by the judges. it wasnt great!! His 1st & 2nd song were all screaming…P2 did great so P2 & Jess for me in the finale…

  86. I want phillip Phillip to be in the final.His musice is fantastic.They all are good singers .Congrats to three of them.They will all do well after the shop.Good luck to all.

  87. P2 singing his last song, nailed it.  Gota standing O…it was awesome.  I want to go purchase that cd right now.

  88. Come on Philip!!!!! :):):) You can do it. You have the best voice of any. We are 100% behind you. Good Luck!!!!!!!
    C & L

  89. Jessica fans and admirers, Do Not be disheartened by the negative comments, the Votes are what are important!!! Jessica for the Win!

      • No, Josh!

        It must be Jessica, how can you be so dumb.

        Do you people not have ears, Phil croaks, Josh screaches, and Jessica um err, lets not go there – we don’t want her fan base to jump off the toilet in madness, drown there phone and than really rant do we?

        do we 😛

      • have to disagree. P2 has good vocals but not as good as jessica. Why not ask P2 to sing I will always love you. I doubt he can deliver stunning rendition

  90. Jessica always wins with votes no doubt. But, its the producers that butcher and hack the people they build with hype, and suddenly boot them off afterwards when no one is expecting… But, if the producers still want that massive 30-60% voting to be gone, they wouldn’t want to boot her, until the end of the show, where they’ll boot her off and give p.p. the job. Trust me, they did this to Kathrine Mcphee in a few season back… If you think they can boot off the best singer, for a dead beat that just rolls on the floor doing nothing, what do you think the producers can do? So don’t expect Jessica to be invincible, she will get voted off this season as runner up, or 3rd. 😛

    • Fine if you like Jess, but calling P2 a dead beat….You’re the loser dead beat. All these kids are great and you suck so why don’t you just leave and stop watching the show, no one wants fans like you. I’m certain Jess would tell you she wouldn’t want a fan like you. These kids respect each other, something you could learn from them, but I doubt that because you have already shown you are a closed minded ignorant Anjo.
      Tell me your location and I shall lead a force of valiant Jess supporters to tar and feather you and make you look like the chicken you are.

  91. American Idol Top 3

    Judges Song Choices

    Joshua Ledet – I’d Rather Be Blind – Wow,
    totally thought that Jessica Sanchez would be singing this song. The high notes
    were a little off. It was good, it didn’t blow me away. (B)

    Jessica Sanchez – My All – I figured that she
    would be singing this. I thought this was a pretty sucky song choice from the
    judges. She sounded pretty good on it. The low notes were off for me, and she
    sounded pitchy, which is never like her. This was not her best. (B-)

    Phillip Phillips – Beggin – To my surprise, I
    really liked this performance. I thought he did his THANG with this song, which
    I wasn’t really expecting. For me he won this rather disappointing round. (B+)

    I think that Phillip won this round.

    Personal Choices

    Joshua Ledet – Imagine – A good song choice on
    his part. I thought he did a good rendition of the song, not the best, but
    good. He sounded really good on this song, and glad that he didn’t take it too
    over the top. (B+)

    Jessica Sanchez – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing –
    Something is off with Jessica tonight for me. She isn’t on her A game. I am her
    biggest fan, but something isn’t working tonight for her. I know she said she’s
    had a sore throat, I’m not sure if that is it.. or what. But, something just
    isn’t right. I thought the last note in this song was good, other than that.. I
    found this song to be rather lack luster, she could have chosen better. (B)

    Phillip Phillips – Disease – This was everything
    that I expected from Phillip. A typical Phillip Phillips performance. It was
    alright. I enjoyed this more than some of his other performance this season.
    But, the judges are right, this wasn’t a stand out performance. (B-)


    Even though it may not make much sense, I’m
    going to go against my grading, and say that Jessica may barely have edged out
    round 2.


    So far this night has been VERY
    UNDERWHELMING!!! This last round needs to be amazing!

    Jimmy’s Choices

    Joshua Ledet – No More Drama – That is exactly
    what this show needed tonight. Usually I don’t like it when Joshua goes that
    far, but tonight that was fantastic. That was the best performance of the night
    by a mile. (A+)

    Jessica Sanchez – I’ll Be There – Another bad
    song choice for Jessica IMO. I’m not sure what happened. But, the judges didn’t
    pick a good song for her, and Jimmy didn’t pick a great song for her either..
    Is that her fault? No, it’s not. She can’t do anything about it. I’m just disappointed,
    because I don’t think she will make it to the finale now. This performance was
    pretty good. Had some nice moments, but it’s just not a blow me away type of
    song. (B)

    Phillip Phillips – We’ve Got Tonight – I thought
    this turned out better than expected. Although the judges gave him so much
    praise, you could tell that he was extremely nervous and stiff throughout this
    whole performance. I though that this was a pretty good performance though. One
    of Phillips’s best. (B+)


    Overall, I thought tonight was pretty bad for a top 3 show.
    I thought the standout performance was Joshua’s No More Drama. I do think that
    Jessica was pretty much screwed over. But, you can’t do anything about that. I
    also think that Phillip had a pretty good night. Unless Jessica fans power vote
    hard core, I believe that Jessica will be leaving us tomorrow.

    • Much better than Branden’s review. I watched the performances one more time to see if I changed my mind. I didn’t.

      The only problem I have with this review is “No More Drama”. I know this song. I know what it’s about. I know the emotion he was trying to put into it. Knowing all of that I do think he could sing a little more rather than scream. He has had one performance that I liked the whole season. The sound of his voice just does not appeal to me. 

      But I respect your opinion and you were very insightful with your reviews. Good job!!!

    • Worry about the boys dude. We got Jessica covered all the way to the Idol victory. We’ve seen enough this season to know who is the best. It’s etched in stone.

      It’s Jessica … without a doubt.

  92. I have enjoyed Philip throughout the competition but the poor guy looked so hurt after singing “We’ve got tonight”.  Its like he new an imposter was on stage.  Easily his worst performance.  It was so lame.  No passion whatsoever.  The judges comments were so obviously fake…. as if they realized this song should never have been picked for him.  He is such an awesome and unique performer and that song took away all of who he was and made him look stupid and very amateurish.  He looked like he was reading a teleprompter. 
    In the end, they are all so great and I hope their futures will be blessed.

    • another guy versus guy. Come on…Compare success of kelly clarkson , carrie underwood with that of Kris allen, leeD,taylor hicks. …i rest my case. Let a Lady win !!

      • Scotty McCreery will be huge, is already bordering on stardom.  David Cook is doing very well as is Adam Lambert (runner up).

  93. JS quite holding up to his diaphragm with all her 3 songs?

    Really, not the best night for JS,  still voted for her~ 🙂

  94.  If Jessica goes home, i don’t know what’s gonna happened! If Joshua and Philip are the finalist then the show is the most “suckest” of all on tv! People will not going to watch it anymore because in the first place jessica is the reason why this season is highly rated. Without jessica this show must go “BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!!”

    • The reason the season is so awesome is because nearly everyone in the top 10 is incredibly talented and have personality to boot.  Most talented season yet.  No one watches the show for just one person even if they have a favorite.  The show is also well produced.  I didn’t think it would compete as well as it has after Simon and Paula left.

    •  of course every time  she mention jessica always botom 3 or two..
      anyways jessica she still win..

    • Yikes.  How can you say that?  He gives her much better scores than I would’ve given her.  I think he was being kind.

  95. I think it’s either philip or joshua will go home tomorrow. Enough for tha male winner. Where are the male winners from the past 4 seasons? They’re gone! It’s time for the female winner this time! Go jessica!

    • Well actually, David Cook and Scotty McCreery have very successful careers, bordering on stardom really.

  96. Got to give Philip credit though.  When he gets cut up, he doesn’t care or get rattled, smiles and moves on.  Very humble.  Joshua also but not as much.   Jessica is very young and gets caught up in what the judges say a lot more.  Take for instance what she said after Steven Tyler said she would win (then he sat on the fence after the next performance).  Don’t blame her though, she’s still really young.  This is probably like a fairy tale for her.

  97. Jessica sung difficult songs beautifully like they were too easy for her, and without the need to scream.

    • I actually thought they were kind of safe choices; although, I did enjoy her last song… the others were just too simple for her style. Simple fits Phillip, he doesn’t have the best range, but his voice is very soothing for simple songs. I am glad she showed constraint, but I just don’t think they were the right choices for her.

  98. Philip
    is easy on the eye and the production value for that number was much better
    than Joshua’s or Jessica’s last number. 
    Hence, the enraptured comments of the ‘judges’. Yet his supposed best
    song has been sung BETTER by others.


    Jessica may not have been her usual FLAWLESS SELF she performed commendably and
    consistently well.  She is still, by far,
    vocally miles away from Philips and more lucid than Joshua’s ululations.


    she lacked IMPACT that STUPEFIES new converts. 
    Those who like her style will stand by her but those who don’t MIGHT
    give her the time of day ONLY IF they hear something that JOLTS them then
    piques their preference or taste.


    now, Jessica needs a MIRACLE. Either that or it’s really her DESTINY to WIN,
    come what may!


    her supporters, droves of them, might just make it REAL!

    • Jessica a has never been flawless. It is pure ignorance and beyond rude to not allow a person their fault; it is what drives us and makes us better – but never flawless.

  99. A girl should be a winner this season. 😐 i rather have a person who can sing really good like joshua and jessica than a person who is music wise which is phillips. i just think he’ll end up like kris allen if he wins 😐

      • Very true. I always forget that Adam wasn’t the winner due to all his progress compared to Kris. Yea Philip’s great but he seems so generic. I’m hoping for a J-J finally and hopefully Jessica wins it all. 🙂

  100. There is no doubt in my mind that the finale (at this point) should be comprised of the two most mature artists left in the competition, Phillip and Joshua.  Jessica is a talented young girl, but she was voted off once (and I think America got it right.)  Jessica is a work in progress (and she’s young – there is nothing wrong with that!)  Phillip and Joshua should be the ones duking it out at this stage.  Jessica seems to have 9 lives and a core group of fans that will vote for her until their fingers drop off, though; so, don’t be surprised if she doesn’t get voted off.  I think the song Jessica picked for herself was the best of the three.  I don’t think the others did her voice justice.  The best pick of the night was the song that Tyler picked for Phillip to sing.   So kudos to Tyler for that one – it was briliant.  He was also spot on when it comes to his comments about Phillip.  It seems to me that Joshua can sing anything, and he knows how to work the stage.  Since Hollie is out now, I think the finale should come down to Joshua and Phillip.

      • have to disagree. Jessica is not a work in progress. She has it….now and now is the time for her

    •  I really don’t think you understand what 9 lives means.  Jessica was only in the bottom 3 or even bottom 2 the night the save was used.  EVERY other week she was completely safe.  That week was also the week when Holliepoop sang her Flashdance song and received a crap load of sympathy votes from viewers who wanted to stick it to the judges.  Even Jessica fans voted for Hollie that week (knowing the judges would save her) just to show the judges who’s boss.  No, 9 lives would be someone who is always in the bottom 2 or 3 and never gets voted off (Hollie for instance).  Jessica was NEVER in the bottom 3, except for that one week.  America didn’t vote her off, America decided to spite the judges that week.  That’s all that was.  No matter what happens tomorrow, Jessica was never really in danger of leaving up until this point and the only one who had 9 lives this season was Hollie. 

  101. Dont worry, Iam  neverbeen  fan of this show. I hate the format and I hate the voting system. One vote is enough so we know how accurate the people votes. I cant vote million times. I live on eastcoast.  Imagine that, this show is already been 11 years but just started watching 6 weeks ago because of Jessica Sanchez. Well, if the judges want Jessica Sanchez to have a moment they should have given her a powerful song that will suit her voice. Anyway, she sang the song that nobody can sing except Mariah Carey and she pull it off. I like also her choice of song which I think she sang it amazingly. Jessica Sanchez already sang the I’d Rather Go Blind in you tube which she sang it way way and much much better than Joshua. The song imagine was not that good either and the Mary J Blidge song. Gosh, he just a screamer. I never said anthing bad against any contestants on the show but sorry, Philip Philip is so borng and the voice is monotonous. All songs sounds the same.

  102. To be honest, I thought the judges (especially Randy) were on fire tonight as far as giving accurate praise were it was due and calling out mediocre performances for Jessica’s “I’ll be there” and Phillip‘s “Disease“ …Up until the very last song that is. For the life of me, I can not understand what the standing O’s for Phillip at the end was all about. Yes, Phillip actually did something he seldom does and kept the original melody intact for Bob Seager’s “We got tonight”. But, musically and especially performance-wise, it was a freaking borefest compared to any one of the performances Joshua and  Jessica performed on this night. Really, is one really supposed to get a standing O for giving a rather average performance, while keeping the melody intact these days? Not in my book it’s not. Or maybe they gave it him just because he had the last performance of the night and they felt like the night needed to end on a high note.. Either way, I don’t get it.

    • Borefest to you, but some of us rather enjoyed it. Was it perfect? No. Was it his best? Probably not, but to me, it was on par if not better than the other contestants. Sometimes its not about instant satisfaction with upbeat stimulus, but a nice tone that lets us close our eyes.

    • All a matter of taste.  I became a fan of P2 tonight, thought he was amazing.

  103. when you vote! try to remember all the performances this season! not only thins one! jessica captured our hearts with i will always love you, and i’m telling you and dance with my father! all those magical moments 🙂 vote please vote! 16! a 16 years old just wants to achieve her dream!! 

    • They all just want to achieve their dreams, and they have all had spectacular moments on the show. Vote for your favorite and we will do the same, but enough of this “please” crap.

  104. If Jessica will be voted off tomorrow, Im done with the show and probably will never watch again. This show is unbelievable. No wonder, 70% of the idol winner lost a label coz they are not real good singers. What is more important to them, a label: to find the best singer or just a rating?

    • Here we go again, my favorite was voted off… the sky must be falling. Its just a show, the sole purpose of the show is to make money. Just enjoy it and accept it for what it is.

      •  lol…don’t mess with these nutz, I won’t say who, but there is a supporter on here who is into voodoo and has voodoo dolls of the contestants and she is claiming she is the reason for Phillip being sick…or rather the pins she sticks in his voodoo doll. Yes….I am serious there are some real wingnutz on this site.

  105. oh no, your probably wrong,  Jessica is far the  best, there must be some mistake if she goes home tomorrow, I mean look at her compare to the other guys!.. a girl has to win this season, come on ya’ll!!!!

    •  The  best one needs to be voted for regardless if there male or female black or white or asian or hispanic …This is a singing competition…

  106. I think Josh is going home tomorrow. Viewers can turn the TV on to any gospel channel and hear choirs singing just like Josh every day.

  107. Jessica did get burned with a very technical song that challenged her low range.  It just sounded ok.

  108. I hope Phillip goes home tonight. I like the way Jessica and Joshua performed tonight. And in the final season of American idol is Jessica Sanchez. Diana

  109. Joshua needs to do concerts already, ready to purchase a ticket!
    Phil  he is so disconnected with peep, its ridiculous, even when the others were being voted off, he made sure he sat away from the others…he wont be able to handle the fame, he needs to dress up a little instead of wearing the  washed out tees, and his clothes looks dingy every stage performance, he doesnt care what we think.
    Jessica, is so full of herself, and she is boring to watch, she is so fake..maybe next year, and get some form of compassion!

  110. I will vote for Phillip in the way that really counts. Buying his music. Neither of the other two could sell me a record. Sorry.

  111. I loved this season!  It was awesome!  I think it’s J and J in the finals.  PP is good but he strains when he sings…..can’t seem to hit the notes

  112. What if it will be Jessica and Phillip for the Final Two…I mean anything can happen…

  113. My wife and I enjoyed Jessica Sanchez performance tonight. She did extremely well with all three songs . Jessica, you are going to be the next American idol.

  114. jessica is not going home. It going to be jessica-joshua on the finale. so Philip will go home.

    • I did not know that Jessica had a sore throat. If she did, that would explain to me why her performances did not seem to have the same spark, they normally do.

  115. Im Jessica supporter, but if she gets through tomorrow then it’s a miracle. But for me, after tonight…I already thrown the towel. It was indeed a great journey for her on AI. Don’t want to elaborate anymore what went wrong cause things just happen even beyond Jessica’s control.
    It’s been a great season.

    • Did you vote for her?

      You’re not a real fan. You throw your towel when something is not good? Everyone has his/her ups and downs, but the most important is to support our favourite even if it’s not the best they could do. 

      BAD FAN! GO AWAY!!!

      • Well said!! If I can only vote here in the Phil I would have voted more. Song choice is not her fault tonight but still she delivered it good. I am still hoping for her to be in the finale along w/ PP who really did great tonight. 

  116. respect the contestants, respect every one who comments in this site, some here are badmouthing not criticizing.. full of insults.. so gross, shame you all…

  117. I am for Jessica but it seems like her songs were sabotage…coz it didnt showed her voice and what can she really do..

    its just an opinion…

    •  I mean her songs are way way much easier than Joshua’s…flat songs for jessica… Sabotage! haha

  118. Besides,Jessica isn’t at her best because she has a throat problem….what if they all have throat problems,will they sound beautiful just like Jessica?

    • Wouldn’t her talking voice had been hoarse if she had a sore throat? She may have strained her voice but she appears to have got over it. She just didn’t deliver the songs well.  

  119. My evaluation of each performer tonight:

    Joshua – I thought Joshua had a outstanding performances on all three songs tonight. No gospel choir type arrangement and he pulled back at just the right moments to avoid those crazy high notes that some on this website call “screaming“ … while letting his voice soar ever so briefly at the end of the song. To me, it seems Joshua consistently gives a very moving performance, with a LOT of passion … on every song he performsthese days. Grade for the night … A

    Jessica – I really like the way used her soft, clear voice on the Mariah Carey song. It was a very tender well done song, even though it did not show the range Jessica has. But, on Jessica’s versions of “ I don’t want to miss a thing and to a lesser extent, “I’ll be there” … I thought both were not what I usually come to expect from Jessica lately. Both were OK performances. But, not the magical moment like I expected from here … Grade for the night … B.

    Phillip – I very much liked Phillip’s high energy, first song. That old classic blues song by Etta James. I could have liked seeing that on his first CD. But, his version of “disease” by matchbox 20 was a huge, HUGE step backwards for Phillip, I thought. Way too slow and boring. And his last performance, the one that all the judges felt the need to order up one of their ever so unpopular standing O’s … That performance was a good song in the sense that he kept the original arrangement. But, certainly not one of the great performance the judges tried to convince us it was. Grade for the night … C+.

  120. If Jessica makes it to the finale, I’m sure she’ll win!! I can’t imagine if she beats Joshua or Phillips singing with this terrible soar throat, what she’ll be able to do next week! She must win!! VOTE like crazy, guys!

  121. WOW so I’m a HUGE Joshua fan.. and while I like all his performances, I did not get a wow moment like other weeks :/ ..Imagine was probably my favor. I like ‘No More Drama’ but I guess I was just expecting more of a moment in that one. Phil just does NOT do it for me & I did not like his last performance.. probably just bc I feel like I hear the same from him every week. HOWEVER, as sad as it is for me to say I think Josh might go home. I was surprised judges didn’t stand for his last one & that might hurt him. I think Phil is safe no matter what bc never been in bottom 3, he performed last &  got SO. I think Jess is safe as well bc of her huge fan base. But I guess we’ll see 🙁

  122. jessica sanchez said, i am going to give it “my all”  to those people who believe in my craft and “i don’t wanna miss a thing” of making my fans happy and definitely “she’ll be there” for us on the finally of american idol 11. joshua said, “i’ll rather go blind” if i ignore to see my fans’ appreciation on my talent and i “can’t imagine” to be voted off next so as to have “no more drama” in american idol 11. and finally phillip said, i am “beggin” for your votes that my good “decease” in my system which is my forte in giving happiness to my fans will go in vain and hoping “we’ve got tonight” the result that i make it to top 2.                                                                                                                being a filipina, i love jessica to prevail on the finally but anyone of them has the k to prevail as winner as they are all amazing performers on their own terrific way.

  123. There is something wrong with the phone lines.  I have been trying to vote for Phillip and have only succeeded a few times.  Most of the time busy (understandably), but several times the recording says I have just voted for contestant #2 (Phil is #3)!  After the first time that happened, I made a point of looking at the number I had punched in on the monitor before hitting “Talk” and even though I had punched in 3 or 6 or 9, the recording said I had voted for contestant #2!  It even happened when I had successfully voted for #3, then hit redial, but the recording now says I voted for #2.  I want those votes back!  There is an error in the system.  I am now afraid to vote by phone for fear I’ll be adding votes to a contestant I don’t want to.  Did this happen to anyone else?

    • Happened the same thing to me. I was voting for Jessica but the recording said I voted for contestant #3 and most of the time Jessica’s numbers are busy.

      • Well, maybe my erroneous votes for Jessica were offset by your erroneous votes for Phillip, so it all works out.  But really, we have no idea whether our votes end up with the intended contestant.  The worst is, I am afraid to keep trying to vote by phone because I don’t want to have my vote erroneously sent to the wrong contestant.  So I am done voting via phone. 

  124. Who won each round for judges?

    The first one: PHILLIPS.

    Second one?

    Third one?

  125. He doesn’t hate her. Why do you think so? LOL!! 

    He hates her with all his heart. It’s so obvious.

  126. Out of the 3 songs for jessica, i love My All the best. You really need to be a fan of mariah and her voice though to appreciate what jessica has done to the song.

  127. Joshua and Jessica have been the most consistent all season.  Philip and Skyler next.  Skyler will be snapped up by Nashville.  Its a lot tougher to make it in pop.  Philip has his own unique style and it is real, he but will have difficulty being widely commercial as most people like so much of today’s meaningless love fluff (which is almost always about lust).  Don’t get a message much anymore.  Ahh…wish there were more Bono’s and Dillon’s in the world.  One can dream can’t they.

  128. Please check wikipedia for their names … !! Cheers… (Oxford University)

  129. Joshua and Jessica are in a tie in dialidol.

    Can you still vote? Or is it over?

  130. Phillip is great… long as the song is slow and simple and doesn’t have more than one octave between the high and low notes.   Wait……. that type of song is easy for anyone to sing. 

  131. Although Jessica and Joshua are great “vocalists,”  Phillip is a great MUSICIAN.  AND he is the only one who shows respect to the musicians who back him.  He is one class act.  

  132. I am one who converted to being a Jess supporter and have voted for her every week, but the terrible disrespect and childish behavior of some of her fans on this site is shameful. How do you think Jess would feel about you being a fan if all you do is run down her best friends like P2 and Joshua; she would despise and chastise you for your rude behaviors. Shame, shame on you!! I think Jess is a very sweet person and would be very upset with you and you know who you are. If you are a Jess supporter say so, say you like her and why, and vote for her….but stop with the very immature name calling and negative comments you make about her best friends. Also, I’m sure if Jess is voted off, she will be supporting who is left…so none of this…if Jess doesn’t win, I’m never watching AI again. If that is your attitude, I’m sure Jess would tell you to stop watching now because she wouldn’t want support from people like that. Shame, shame on you, you disrespect Jess with your immature attitudes.

    • Dude, people have said that same thing about every single contestant in the top 7.  I know have read that same thing about DeAndre, Colton, Skylar and Hollie.   “i they are voted out then I will stop watching”.  Either you are not paying attention, or you have an anti-Jessica agenda.

  133. Jessica’s rendition of all 3 songs were GREAT….i hope she becomes season 11 winner……….

  134. It’s all about artistry. Jessica can sing but it’s the same every darn week. She bores me….Joshua as well. I feel with Phillip he is constantly drumming up different ways to show his true talent. Not only that – he has the whole package deal. He is funny, instrumentally and musically talented, good looking, and humble (won’t take fame to the head!) Jessica is overly-confident and Joshua, he’s just awkward. Team Phillip all the way!!

    • Wow……you could not be more wrong.  Jessica sings “you are so beautiful” and “dance with my father” and then comes back with the Etta James and Jennifer Holliday tunes.  Those are night and day.  Everyone knows that Phillips is the same thing over and over.  Don’t you read and commentaries or listen to the judges?  Everyone says that the big knock against Phillips is that everything has sounded the same for a few months now.  Sure the Volcano song was great, but is was a total knock-off of the original, both in sound and the way the stage was set up.  Everyone knows that Jessica is the most diverse of the bunch.

    • it’s phillip and joshua who sing the same everyweek ,what areyou watching anyway?its seems that you are lost of sighting.cheer man.

      • ARE YOU KIDDING? How has Josh sang the same every week..he has sang Mariah Carey, Bruno Mars, James Brown, John Lennon, India Arie and so on.. it doesn’t get much different than that

  135. And I am telling you, Jessica is not going home! P2 and Jessica in the FINALE! And Joshua, this is a singing competition not a screaming competition. You have to go home and learn how to sing with tenderness without screaming. 

  136. The girl stays and one of the boys will go home! I don’t care who! hahahaha. I’m just annoyed on how much support Joshua gets from Randy!

  137. If PP wins, AI should just be retitled the “Mr. WGWG Pageant (MR. White Guy With Guitar Pageant).” PP can have the title, but he’ll probably only sell DISMAL records like Lee DeeWizye and get dropped by his label a few months later and fall into obscurity, while Jessica Sanchez will become a MONUMENTAL name like Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, or Adam Lambert. American Idol MIGHT gain credibility back if Jessica Sanchez wins. OTHERWISE, JUST BLACKLIST PP AS THE WINNER OF MR. WGWG PAGEANT!

    • Bitter, bitter, bitter.
      The last Diva to win, Jordan Sparks, season 6, and her last album only sold 44,000.
      The last WGWG to win, season 10, and his last album sold 1,048,000.

  138. But Brandon…i beg to dis agree…you really don’t know that the whole world not only america is with Jessica Sanchez…She will be proclaimed not only an American Idol but an Idol but a new generation of Whitney.etc…

    • you are too much… as if you are only appreciating jessica and not the rest of the contestants they are all good… people here are too locked to their bets as if there is no competition…

    •  You worship her so much, maybe you should create a cult of followers and a new religion, “Jessonians”. She would be very upset with people like you if she knew the crap you were doing.

  139. Jessica deserves to be in Top 2. No one has ever reahched those high notes as her in that competition.

  140. Stop the fight! Because its already written that a girl will win these season……. No more,…. No less…..

  141. James, as far as i can remember you called jessica a “slut” and a “hooker” so who is more disrespectful? do you think jessica will be happy if she finds out that an old man like you is calling her a “slut” and a “hooker”? i know P2 is your idol and i never insulted him in this site because i think he’s a great singer too

    • James is the worst ‘trash talker’ in this blog. Don’t feed the troll guys.

      • You are just bitter  because you wanted Jess to sing Streisand and I told you that would be foolish because she wasn’t a grandma.

    • I never called Jess any such thing. If you recall…there was someone who was posting trash as me that wasn’t me. I’ve never called Jess a name and have never said anything bad about her with the exception that when she sang all the ballads, I found it boring. I have responded and reacted to “Jess Pushers”, but nothing negative about Jess because I have always been a supporter.

      • sorry James but it’s really you who called her a “slut” and a “hooker” after her “Proud Mary” performance and admit it or not you were really rude to jessica before but anyway just vote for her and p2

      • you got an evil twin somewhere hidden dude. i most definitely saw you post those vile things in this blog.

    • Miss Sailor Moon,

      Does this mean all of James dweeb like attempts to woo you a couple weeks back are … all for not?

  142. Josh will go home tomorrow,  unfortunately  !  I want to see Jess and Josh compete in the finale .  If  Philip advances to the finale, he’ll be the winner .

    • Yea because of all the 13 year old girls voting the cute boy in all night. That would be the only reason.

      • You are correct that Phillip has a lot of pre-teen girls who vote for him, based on his cute looks alone. But, there are a lot of people who vote because they like Phillips bluesy, songwriter style much better than they do the R&B style Joshua performers and the pop diva like music that Jessica sings. I should be one of those people, as my musical interests is blues and rock. But, I personally lost interest in Phillip a long time ago, because he seems to perform the same song most every week … with different lyrics.

      • I think they all sound the same each week, they have the same voice etc. But it’s how they use what they have and Phillip is awesome there is something specail about him. He takes a song and makes it new, his own. He is a true artist. I love his voice.

  143. i agree with you that the judges picked wrong songs for all members. The song My All told us that Jessica could not reach the high tone. I didn’t go anywhere.

  144. I haven’t watched the show yet. 

    BUT I’m saying Jessica is staying because the voting machine is already in place. Her near elimination might have ultimately been good for her. It kinda kicked her fans in the A** and got reminded  SHE’s NOT SAFE FOOL ! ‘Get off your a** and start voting.’My gut tells me … Jessica – Phillip for the finale.Joshua is great and all … but he has always had the most difficulty in getting in the votes of the three.

  145. Why the judges dared not criticize Josh for a bad performace ?    With a tender song like “Imagine”, Josh had no chance to scream .  The judges did not impress all the judges with his performance but they beat around the bush and did not honestly criticize him  .   Judges’ bias makes me vomit

  146. When Hollie Cavanagh was voted off, she was holding hands with Phillip. He was probably in the bottom two. Anybody care to comment on this?

  147. If Jessica goes home… I think thats the end of the show!…She deserved to be in the finale and take the AI crown. Sure Joshua and PP were good singers with their own different style but its been a while that a girl won AI. And all of the guys who won AI were not doing good with their career. Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are the two most successful AI winner and I think Jessica has the Potential to be like them!!!

  148. I thin the final two will be Jessica and Philip. PLEASE VOTE FOR ” JESSICA “…

  149. Joshua needs to go home , all he does is scream. Phillip you are boring. Jessica you are the best!

  150. i, too, thought phiLLip was going to sing IMAGINE… anyway phiLLips for the win 🙂

  151. Steven Tyler actually said that Jessica Sanchez will be the last one standing ! How’s that for a prediction  :-)))

  152. Thats what I hate about AI because its all about popularity contest, they should change the rules so the winner really deserve it.

  153. Jessica sang MJ’s ‘I’ll Be There’ like she were three separate people ! Her range is unbelievable ! Pitch perfect, impeccable timing. 

    I saw Michael Jackson’s ghost watching and cupping his chin as if saying ‘huhmmm … Billy Jean … is there something yo not telling me about?’HAH !

  154. wow…… so hot guyxzs chill.. okay.. first thing i’d like to appreciate philip for at least giving them a good fight…. okay i think jessica is not at its best becuz she has a soar throat but i have to give her some credits for that way even if her throat hurts… next y is joshua always screaming and they gave him all the praises in the world when in fact he does the same thing all over
    so i think the final two..(if they will just based on all the performance)…………
    it would be p2 and jess
    but fan base… p2 and josh
    thats my opinion

  155. Seems to me that JLO sabotaged that song choice for Jessica. “My All” wasn’t the best fit for her alto voice. I knew she has a sore throat coz on her 2nd song when she hit her last high note, she almost cracked. She somewhat redeemed herself with “I’ll be there, ”  it would’ve been better if she combined her MJ tender version with Mariah’s passion on the song. Her performance tonight didn’t gave me a wow moment but still…..I’m a fan and I power voted like I never voted for her before. Last girl standing and she should be locked in for the finale top 2.

      • Yes JS will take that as a compliment, she even admit it was hard to sing but it was the wrong diva Mariah Carey song. Let’s just say if JLO would’ve picked a Mariah Carey song that’ll be perfect fit including the meaning of the lyrics, it would’ve been “Vision of Love.” It would’ve catered to her range beautifully and the meaning of that song could interpret about her journey on AI.

  156. What a stupid comment by starspangledbanner!!!! Anyway for me the best two singers are Jessica and Joshua BUT the biggest selling artist will be Philip- his unique style will have a massive loyal following beyond this show. Not my style, but you see his undoubted talent. Another BUT who may go home- JOSHUA the other two have a unique fanbase that will vote for them regardless. Jessica’s woke up from its apathy after her save. Living here in Asia (but English) I see the votes her pouring in for her DESERVEDLY on line

  157. American idol is all about popularity.  For every haters, there will always be 
    triple sympathizers for Jessica. Love those haters! Everybody loves an underdog especially one with amazing talent like Jessica ! Now do you wonder why she is so popular ? Hang in there girl, show them what a class act you’ve got!

  158.  Gosh! I’m just crying right now because i think jessica will be going home tomorrow T.T.. I don’t know what’s on my mind today. It’s just hurts :'(

  159. Gosh! I’m just crying right now because i think jessica will be going
    home tomorrow T.T.. I don’t know what’s on my mind today. It
    hurts a lot:'(

  160. Jennifer Lopez Leaving American Idol?
    Access Hollywood
    According to E! News, Jennifer Lopez is leaving “American Idol” after two seasons on the FOX series.

    “She’s just too busy,” an E! source claimed.
    Earlier this
    month, J.Lo announced plans to kick off a summer tour with Enrique
    Iglesias, and E! reported that after the Latin music powerhouse plays
    stateside, they plan to take the tour worldwide, which would conflict
    with “Idol.”

    A rep for FOX had no comment on J.Lo’s reported departure and a rep
    for the star was not immediately available for comment when contacted by
    Access Hollywood.
    Last week, Access’ Shaun Robinson asked the superstar about her future with “Idol.”
    “I’ve had an amazing time doing it,” Jennifer said at the “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” junket.

    “[Will you] be back next year?” Shaun asked.
    “I don’t know. I
    didn’t know last year, and I don’t know this year. I will have to wait
    and see what the rest of the year brings,” Jennifer explained. “I’m
    going on tour right now, see how I feel when I’m done with that. You
    know what I mean? It’s like one day at a time.”


     Bye JLo. Thanks for screwing Jessica on the song choice.

    • Among all the judges, JLo had been the most enthusiastic and eloquent of Jessica’s uniqueness and prowess as a singer. I don’t think there was any intention on JLo’s part to pull Jessica down. On a superficial level, JLo might have actually meant well …. give a diva song for Jessica the diva, to sing.

      It most likely was meant to be a compliment to Jessica.

  161. Jessica, please sing Tony Braxton’s “Unbreak my heart” if you make it to the final 2!!! 

    • LOL dude don’t you know the lyrics to this song? it won’t fit her. She won’t be credible enough to deliver this song even if she nails the vocals as she’s never been heart broken before. IMO buddy.

  162. PHILLIP is going home tomorrow.. he sucks!… not the style of music i want to hear.. definitely not buying his album!

  163. I though Hollie was nice, kind and all. What’s with her twitter feeds (and from her fans) complaining about Jessica getting illegal votes, that she wasn’t the lowest vote-getter, that she wasn’t really eliminated last time.

    I’m sorely disappointed at Hollie.

  164. Joshua should go home coz his not singing instead his shouting! Philip always sings as if its always the same song his not Versatile,.. Jessica Sanchez is young with big vocals and can sing all type of songs,.. SOOO!! JESSICA FOR THE WIN!!

  165. your prediction was so lame.. JSanchez is the real idol and should be the winner or at least in top2..  She’s a risk taker and just 16 she had a long way to become more than just a diva.. Go jess!!

  166. Ok everyone I have a very obvious prediction:
    that’s it.

  167. After her last 3 performances id Jessica is the one going home,I’ll kill myself,because it’s unfair to just let her go…

  168. I’ll ask a loaded question. OF THE THREE judges, who holds the most clout with the voters. 

    ANSWER : Steven Tyler. He torpedoed Heejun Han’s hopes when he talked about Heejun not taking things seriously enough. He flicked the last feather on Hollie’s camel that broke it’s back. HE practically fuelled Jessica’s front runner status by saying, on THREE occasions, ‘you may be the one’.Tonight he said to Jessica ‘you will be the last one standing’.I had GOOSIES when he said that. Hah !  

    • I heard that too. So sweet of Steven. Among the three judges, I believe in him much because he has proven a lot to the music industry. And I know, America listens to him. 🙂

    • I hate to say it…but I think that Steven’s predictions will come to an end tonight.  Either way, I wouldn’t be disappointed to see any of the 3 remaining contestants win. They will all have contracts anyway.  Being second isn’t so bad if you consider that the contestant is not bound to all of the “have to” requirements before they can go out on their own. Look at Adam Lambert.  Second place for him was a blessing.

  169. I really believe that Jessica will make it into the Finale but if ever she doesn’t (which is highly unlikely), there are already people wanting to sign her. 🙂

    • So true. For the bashers of Jessica Sanchez, if she does not win, there’s already Tommy Motola as a fan and will surely sign her up. Review Jimmy Iovine’s thoughts during their rehearsals. She will still make it big even if she wont be declared AI this season. But I do believe big time on the girl. 🙂

  170. Jessica’s not going home. She will be the next american idol! RIGHT?! 

    • I don’t think that Jessica will be the next Idol. The guys are too good.  She has gone home once so I look for her “second” vote off tonight.  I am glad that they saved her because I do believe that she deserves to be in the final 3.  I have to also agree with the age limit of 18.  It would give these kids a couple extra years to grow up and mature.

  171. dialidol said jessica in  the bottom…i hope jessica not going home..i want phillips n jessica in the final….p2 for the win!!!!!!!

      • only season 6 top 3 dialidol was wrong..season 4,5,7,8,9,10 dialidol was right..but, i hope this year its get wrong….P2 VS JESSICA

  172. Surprised there was no mention in the show of JS having sore throat problems during performance night but putting that aside she delivered a very decent performance. Also for a change I liked that she put aside her growl and just let her soft tone take over. I hope she makes it to the finale. 

  173. I think American Idol should go back to the age requirement of 18. So much better in my opinion. All these 16 and 17 year olds are way too young to be doing this! They could use that time to improve more, too.

  174. Joshua relly showed his talent. I hope he will be American Idol this year. And phillip still performed in a boring way. I think he will be eliminated this week

    • I used to like joshua but now I don’t.He screams TOO much.even on some notes that he doesn’t have to.

      • I so agree! He screams too much. That’s what I posted here. Joshua sings powerfully to the point that he’s mad. It’s not good to be adopted every performance, in my opinion.

    • Comparing Joshua to Phillip is like apples to oranges. They are at separate ends of the spectrum as far as their singing goes.  I like them both and wouldn’t be disappointed to see either one of them as the Idol.

  175. I believe Jessica chose an aerosmith song to show her thanks to Steven Tyler  for his support and doting regard for her. She might have adopted Steven as her honorary grandpa haha :-)))

  176. I hope your prediction proves correct-not keen on Jessica at all as every song since her good first performance has not varied nor came across too well on TV 

  177. I’m Sorry admin but I don’t think it will be an All-MAle finale ’cause I think the two boys are in great danger in being eliminated this week

  178. I just do not get the Jessica infatuation.  She is not that good!!!!  Come on, people.  If Holly had a little more pizazz in her performances, her voice blew Jessica’s away.  Jessica sings out of key many times.

    • Hey Matt if you are a record producer like Jimmy Iovine or the artists who mentored Jessicca who all found her voice impecable (if you know what that means) then I may agree with you.

    • And who r u btw? R u an artist or a producer who knows what a professional knows in music industry?!!! If not, just shut up

      • Are you serious that Jessica was flat? That is crazy! Listen to the performances again before you say who is flat and who is not?

        Josh clearly is the judges favorite which is absurd! His first song was ridiculously off!

        Jess’ mistake was not her voice nor her tone it was the crazy song choice of Jennifer Lopez! She should be booted out (JLo).

        P2 is unique! He’s a hell of an artist! But he still makes flats throughout his 3rd song.

    • I didn’t get Jessica’s first two songs last night.  She seemed so flat.  Someone said that she might have had a sore throat. She just wasn’t on until her last song in my opinion.  The guys were pretty solid. At this stage in the game, I think every performance has to get better then the last.  I look for Jessica to go home tonight.  She is a great singer but definitely not the “best” ever as the judges have said. She has lots of room to improve and I believe that she will.  There is just so much talent this year that the Idol could go to any of the 3.  I think the fans are voting more for Phillip so I wouldn’t be surprised to see him take it all over the others.

      • Jessica always manages to get in a “flat” note.  It takes a musically trained ear to hear it.  I hear it and you do but for some reason, nobody else does on that judging panel.  Jess got voted off once before and should have gone.  She couldn’t compete with Holly’s impeccable pitch.

      • yes…she does have a sore’s very obvious…..she seems so uncomfortable while singing….

  179. You are always wrong Branden and it seems u don’t like Jessica.Joshua or your Philip will go home tomorrow.

  180. well..p2 sing beggin, SO GREAT…jennifer move too…i dont know if u guys said phillips is boring…..already proved that phillips was not boring…BEGGIN!..BEGGIN UUUUU…!!!!

  181. if Jessica wins… Branden is going to eat all his hateful words to Jessica…. He might be one of the THOUSAND haters, but I am one of the MILLION lovers. Go Jessica! 

  182. Phil is the idol.  He’s never even been in bottom 3.  He’s solid, versatile.  Joshua is my second choice but too much screaming lately.  Jessica does nothing for me, never did.  Same ole whiny songs week after week.  Phil is the solid winner – a true artist.  In fact, I would bet my life on it.

    • I’m a P2 fan too but please be careful of what you wish for.
      It’s not worth betting your life for a singing competition. 

    • i love phillips…but u know p2, jessica, joshua are the best top 3….they all great…just support our idol…don’t bashed joshua or jessica…I HAVE BEEN BASHED JESSICA….IT’S WORTH NOTHING, WHAT I GET, JUST  JESSICA’S FANS BASHING ME BACK….JUST ALL THE BEST TO THE TOP 3…P2 FOR THE WIN…

      • Sorry if I came across as bashing.  It’s just that I tell it like it is.  Joshua is great but like I said, he needs to tone down the screaming.  I didn’t say Jessica was bad, just that she is just another female vocalist to me.  No doubt she can sing but not to the level that people are making it out to be.  Holly was the one with the impeccable, perfect voice.  But P2 stands out.  He’s different.  He’s always on key.  He feels the music from his soul – it radiates from him.  He gets lost in it.  That, in my opinion is the sign of a true blue artist.   They all deserve to win but he deserves it just a little bit more.

      • Holly with impeccable perfect voice?  Are you kidding me!  Didn’t you hear what the judges have always told her…

    • Yes, he’d never been in bottom 3  because teen girls are supporting him – whether his voice is good or not.  Whereas most Jessica’s fans are voting her and i guess you know why!!!

  183. i agree… jessica did not have the best performance tonight as compared to her rendition’s “i will always love you”, “everybody has a dream”, “stuttering” (which made her nearly to elimination), and last week’s “and i am telling you”… but i wanted to see her in the finals!! 🙂

  184. The screamer needs to go home period. Who likes to hear screaming in a song.

  185. I agree.  Jimmy Iovine is a genius, and I absolutely love him – and he’s often the best part of the show.  Okay with me if Jessica goes home.   The other two have that special connection that goes beyond the voice.  

  186. I think Jessica is staying, judging by the precentage she pulls in polls week after week.  I think it’s more likely P2 is going home as they’ve been pimping the heck out of Joshua.

    • the polls have a lot of people voting on them that can’t actually vote on the show.

  187. Why the screetch king got the standing O evert week is beyond me…perhaps the judges are pimping him. But he sounds like he got something stuck in his throat to me….wish it’s the end of the throat…..road for him!

    Braden is right about “my all”…it’s M.Carey’s signature song, no one but her should touch that song!!

    I almost sense that PP would be the winner of this season!

    I’m so glad this Zzzzzz….. season is almost over……Can’t wait for the new season to come!

  188. hey sukiyaki…long time no see…im promise i will not bashing jessica…cross my heart….p2 vs how bout that..HAH

  189. I’m still holding on to what Jimmy said before ” If they sent Jessica  out, then everybody should go home”.  I think he never said such remarkable , praise to anyone else in American Idol . He sees a lot of potential  from Jessica that nobody has.

    • jimmy is, and has always been the voice of reason.  he knows his stuff. i wish the judges were a tenth as perceptive as him

  190. Another good night, I guess it’s to be expected when there are only 3 left.  I am not sure how anyone can actually predict who will win at this point as it now comes down to who decides to vote and how often.  I hop my my favorite is the winner though.  He/she did an awesome job last night.

    On another note, I find it absolutely horrifying that someone would take the time to log on to their computer so they could make a racial/hate/derogatory comment about what nationality/race some one is.  It shows pure ignorance and honestly it’s embarrassing.  These contestants are 16-21 years old.  Let them enjoy their time and not be bombarded by this hatred.  Take into consideration how you would feel if you were one of them, I am sure they read this stuff.

  191. maybe i am just out of touch with today’s music, but i think josh screams and does every song like he is in church.  really don’t get why people rave about him.  he clearly is gay and in the closet.  i feel bad for him, having to prentend he is straight, he is so uncomfortable. he needs to tone it down and just sing the songs. his movements and mannerisms remind me of comedian pretending to be a black preacher in a old time baptist church, running back and forth or bouncing up and down.  he sang i’s rather be blind, but when he sings i would rather be deaf and blind….

    jessica is a few notches better.  not hard to watch…usually a fair voice.  but you can tell jessica has been dressing up like her favorite singers and almost singing songs as well as the star.  she tried to look like whitney but she cannot be whitney.  she is a young girl, 16 i think.  she is clearly the victim of a stage mom pushing her in this direction.  the long gowns, like a 40 year old woman looks like a dress up.  she should be doing today’s music but not songs about sex and songs more suited to older ladies.  she needs time and coaching. 

    Phil is the only real talent of any originality.  you either love him or hate him by the reads in here.  he has been working on his style for a few years and you can tell he strives to be an artist.  he is humble but determined.  not sure i wish him to win, since i think idol producers get too much control of the winner.  but he is clearly in his own league. 

    but one other thing…they claim 70 mil votes last week..well if each participant had 1 mil voting fans which seems low…and each voted 50 times they should have at least 150 mil votes.  so i guess only a few hundred thousand people actually vote.

  192. Im very mad at Randy Jackson.
    he tried to get jessica or phil to go and brag so much on joshua.
    steven stands up for jessica and no one stands up.
    but when randy stands up for joshua everybody has to stand up.
    i want new judges that dont base you on color and creed.
    randy likes african americans
    jlo likes latino americans
    steven tyler is the only good judge.

  193. jessica even though she’s not feeling well..and it’s really obvious….she still manage to show her class…… a coed finale will be a great one….joshphil will be awkward to watch……go jessica….(although i’m really nervous…she really struggled last night)

  194. Looking at Jessica’s journey on this entire competition, it’s been hell of a roller coaster, there were (most of the time) superb moments and some bumpy road. And one of the climax of the seaso so for which was her near elimination way back top 7 where the judges used their only save. And now, top 3? Whew! One more step closer to her dream. And if she will win the whole conpetition, I believe that by no doubt, she will represent American Idol flawlessly. Let’s just pray that after the voting earlier, America won’t let this girl slip away or else the finale wouldn’t be exciting without her.

  195. Regardless what happens tonight the biggest sellers of this year will be
    Jessica Sanchez
    Colton Dixon
    Hollie Cavanagh
    Phil Phillips
    Skylar Laine
    and no Joshua

    • nah…COLTON FIRST…usually singer-songwriter sold more records…taylor swift, ladygaga, beyonce, maaron 5….u know what i mean…plus,..colton have finished writing 11 songs…CANT WAIT FOR COLTON ALBUM…

  196. Some of your best singers come from a gospel-church type background as does Joshua…for example, Mary J. Blige and Whitney Houston.  He’s not screaming, it’s his style and emotion.  He can also sing a song like Imagine where he is pulled way back…his talent runs deep.  He is a handsome, very talented, well dressed and well mannered artist.  I believe he deserves to take it home…Good Luck Josh!

  197. I’m praying that Jessica goes to finale. She deserves it. So many bashers and haters bringing her down yet she’s still there and singing the heck out of her. Randy put her down this week yet she’s still smiling and still composed. My lovely Hollie went home, I’m now rooting for Jessica. God bless her and her talent.

    • There are just as many bashers and haters for the others – just root for your favorite, but don’t call anyone else wrong for rooting for theirs.

      • I just stated that the fact that she indeed  has many bashers and haters yet she’s still there. I’m not calling anyone else wrong for rooting for theirs, where did you get that? Please, if you’re just tryin’ to troll, just go under the bridge. 

      • Some of these folks seem relentless about trying to shove their favorites down other peoples’ throats.  You just can’t do that.  People will like what they like when it comes to music.  It’s very subjective.  If you don’t like things that are subjective, then follow something like Olympic swimming where the race has a clear winner.  In music, personal taste comes into play.  No doubt about it.

    • She doesn’t “deserve” it.  She got voted off.  Why should she get special treatment?  One person getting a double elimination is so unfair. 

  198. My order before watching:
    1. Jess
    2. Phil
    3. Josh
    After watching:
    1. Phil
    2. Josh
    3. Jess
    Jessica is doomed.. Sorry… Josh did Mary J. Blidge’s awesomely (is it a word?) and Phil just Got The Night (punny!). And usually it’s the last round that counts.

  199. All of them are good singers now, but I think Phillip will sell more records across America, followed by Joshua then Jessica, So Scotty hand your tittle down to Philiip Phillips.

  200. Jessica’s going home. Her first two performances weren’t that good, and her last one was better, but still not good enough to beat the guys. Joshua and Phillip are going to be in the finale.

  201. I think Randy Jackson’s negative comment towards jessica is scripted!!!

    Example: “I liked it Ok. I didn’t love that for me. It was never a moment
    moment. It needed a moment moment moment. It was Ok it wasn’t like Oh
    My God.”


    • At the end of the day it is a TV show first, and I am sure a lot of what goes on is scripted.

      • So you’re saying you think that the judges aren’t giving their own opinions, but are just reading a script like trained monkeys?  No, I don’t think so.  When you hear JLo go on and on (and on and on and on), you know it’s not scripted.

    •  I doubt it was scripted.  I felt the same way.  Jeez, just because he didn’t run up there and kiss her butt doesn’t mean it was scripted.

  202. to all jessica’s haters, including branden, i respect your opinions cause all of us have our own favorites. And maybe you focus only to the qualities of your favorite and forget about the remarkable talent of their competitors. But I want you to  absorb these remarkable statements from wonderful individuals  who contributed big time in the music industry. Take note, they’re not just  fans..their
     opinions and taste really matter.

    Jimmy Iovine (  music executive and producer who has worked with the likes of Eminem, Lady Gaga, U2) —” If they vote out Jessica, then everybody should go home now”

    Akon (songwriter, record producer and businessman)—” Her voice is great, I want to kidnap her and stop American Idol already so she can sign a singing contract  with me ”

    Tommy Mottola (American music executive, co-owner of Casablanca Records in a joint venture with the Universal Music Group..)—

    ” I’ll definetely watch Jessica’s first concert. Her voice is fantastic”

    Well, that all came from those people who know well and can judge real talent and not just cute face and screeching voice. Is there any other contestants from American Idol Season 11 who got same remarkable comments before not just from the judges and fans but from big people like them? well feel free to say it!  Taking from them, i know who’s the great singer is.

    It’s a girl power !

    • Yet, your just ignoring all the great things said about the others. We are not Jessica haters, the term in itself is an inaccurate insult. Why can’t you accept that some people just have different tastes and move on?

      •  then why do you need to feel that way when i posted it?  it’s ridiculous how people react to her  voice, and for me i’ll just take it from those who know better. whether she wins or not, someone from a big recording company will get her. 

      • Exactly.  Everyone wants to shove JS down the throats of everyone.  You can’t make people want to listen to someone sing… lol!    Jessica is good.  Just let the chips fall where they may.

    • jessica isnt that great tonight.. maybe bcoz the song choices are so legendary that my ears and brain kinda compares everything….. the verdict is, most of the time she is nailing it. but am i satisfied? the answer is not quite.

    • If that’s really true, who cares if JS gets first place or not?  Adam Lambert didn’t win and look at him now. (Not that I would ever compare Jessica to Adam, because he’s in a different league.)   It seems like JS has fans who think that there are two places: first and not first.  If JS is that good, she will succeed.  Simple as that.  We’ll see who sells the most recordings of this bunch of people.  Time will tell.  JS got exposure on AI, and that’s really all that matters.  If she’s meant to be a big star, things will start to happen for her no matter what place she gets.  When will people understand that what place she gets on AI doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things.  It’s the exposure that counts.

  203. I have a feeling the same with you Branden. Jessica might go home tonight.
    Her last performance was not A for me, maybe B.
    Actually I really want girl wins this year, but who knows…….

  204. It’s so sad, I wish Hollie was still here. We would of had a better chance of an all-girl finale this year, but nope! The selfish side of many JSan fans didn’t give us a chance. I’m trying not to hate, I really am. It just tears me up inside that we could of had a great girl finale, if the JSan fans just voted at least a COUPLE of times for Hollie. I even saw some of JSans fans on here about a week ago (Top 4 Round) saying “Why should we vote for stupid Hollie, if instead we could vote for Jessica?” Exact quote, too. People these days, seriously… SMH

    • That isn’t our fault now is it? Of course I was rooting for an all-girl finale but seriously, it’s not the BluJay’s fault. Maybe you didn’t put enough votes for Hollie? Don’t blame us. We simply  just voted for our favorite. Btw isn’t it a tad bit shameful to be desperate enough to ask we BluJays to vote for Hollie. Just being honest here.

      • Sorry, I didn’t mean every single BluJay, I meant the selfish ones. I voted for Hollie every single second that I could that week; I gave it my all. Think of it this way: If Jessica was in Hollie’s position, wouldn’t you want some help keeping her inside the competition? I would of helped her, cause that’s what nice people do. It’s not “shameful”, it’s called KINDNESS. When someone is hurt, you help them; not hurt them more. I’m just being honest, as well.

    • I get your point though, but it’s a competition and I’m sorry Hollie didn’t make it through. 🙁

    • Who cares what sex someone is?  I’m female, and I couldn’t care less about an all girl finale.  Geesh.  How about putting people that are the best in the finale, regardless of sex?

      Hollie has way more appeal than Jessica, in my opinion.  I was waiting for JS to impress me last night.  I was completely underwhelmed.

  205. jessica isnt that great tonight.. maybe bcoz the song choices are so legendary that my ears and brain kinda compares everything….. the verdict is, most of the time she is nailing it. but am i satisfied? the answer is not quite.

  206. 1 Phillip
    2 Jessica
    3 Joshua
    1 Phillip
    2 Jessica
    3 Joshua
    1 Phillip
    2 Jessica
    3 Joshua
    for the whole show phil won then jessica then josh

  207. if Philip will win….he will not make it in the industry!!!! i’m sure of that coz he is boring…..!!!!!!

    • seriously…beggin! begin uuuuuu!!..put your lovin hand out baby…!!…hello!! jennifer move too….IT IS NOT BORING….

    • Beggin’ was my favorite of the night. If you want to talk about was the Mariah Carey song that was boring.

      • Beggin! Beggin! Begging for america to vote him.. he even didn’t reach the high note which can make the song more lively! I want to make a song entitled “A begging horse voice person” sorry

      • Yep, the song was the “genius” song pick of the night.  No doubt about it.

  208. I am never been a fan of this show. Just dont like the everything, the format and the voting system. I dont have any clue who has been on the show until 6 weeks ago. Just flip the channel and saw Jessica Sanchez singing, whom I thought was one of the guest perfromer. Just learn she was one of the contestant so start watching the show and vote for her. Just love her amazing talent that you dont see in any existing artist nowadays. The vocal ability and the clarity of the voice that she has which I think that was lacking in most contestants. Joshua is a great performer with all the back-up dancers and band but most of the same he just screams and yell that cant understand the lyrics anymore as well as Philip Phlips. I have seen so many like him in many places I went to esp in overseas.

    I probably wont watch this show again if Jessica will be eliminated. She is so great. But thanks to the show, they just make Jessica Sanchez a worldwide STAR!. People from other countries adores this kind of amazing talents where Hollywood sells more records.

    • another pretender…like we believe you.  jessica fans are so ignorant..they think we believe all these fake posters claiming they are being objective.  we are not a third world country.

  209. I love Joshua and Philip because of their deep connection with the audience probably because of their age. They have more life experiences to make their songs their own. However, I feel for Jessica bacause among all the contestants, she is the one who went through a lot of grilling not only from the judges but from everyone. Everybody wants more and more from her and keeps on pushing herself to the limit (rendering an almost flawless rendition of the 3 hard songs despite her sorethroat)and she always delivers. People criticize how she looks, how she connects, how she talks, what she sings… Sometimes we just need to imagine ourselves in her shoes to appreciate what she’s doing.. I think beyond her talent, I so admire her character.. her diligence, perseverance, humility, tenderness.. nothing happens by chance with what she has gone through…She’s an inspiration..

    • Wow – her mother couldn’t have said it better… lol.

      She’s a good kid, but I just don’t think she should win this year.  Sorry.

      •  Well there’s always the voice, she hasn’t tried to win that reality show yet.  Maybe the Padres will let her sing during the 7th inning stretch.

  210. No to Philip  on the finals! Please!!! cute face and not so good talent ain’t doing great in the music industry. It’s a singing contest  and it should be exceptional voice and  strong connection to audience and not just cute smiles and same style of singing!  Joshua and Jessica should make it on the finale!

    • OMG..did you listen to him last night? How can you say he doesn’t have talent!!!

      •  yes…and same style as usual..i got bored. When this season ends, you can’t hear him anymore..anywhere.. He only have looks! that’s all!

      • @Idol, Phillip is the only one of the three who is marketable for today. Joshua should have been a singer back in the 60s. He has a wonderful voice but he is sort of old fashioned. Jessica sounds like every other diva on the radio.

    • i dont think anyone have STRONGER connection to audience except COLTON DIXON….

    • I guess agree on “not so good talent”…Phillip has GREAT talent!  PP FTW!

  211. Okay…Phillip had a great night! Loved his first and last song. I didn’t mind the Matchbox Twenty song either.  For the first time, I actually liked Jessica. Maybe because she sang two songs that I actually knew. I loved I’ll Be There. The Mariah Carey song was a snoozefest though. I actually liked Joshua’s Imagine the best because he didn’t scream in it.  He had a good night also. Going by last night, Jessica will be sent packing.

    •  I didn’t mind Jessica either, on her last song.  But, the other two outdid her majorly in my opinion.  I hope it’ll be a Phillip vs. Joshua finale.  That way I know I won’t be disappointed at the winner because I love them both.

  212. i just can’t wait to finale…so i can watch colton performance…i wanna buy his album..CHECK IT OUT ON YOUTUBE…original songs (maybe) by colton dixon…SHELTER, WHEREVER I AM and FALLOUT…..seriously…colton will sell many records…this three songs…AMAZING…

  213. I love Phillip Phillips he is by far the most talented, he can sing and play.  Love Phillip all the way.

  214. Everyone knows that judges love jessica they will not eliminate jessica so change your sentence philips will eliminated

  215. If you are voting for best singer and not a popularity contest, Jessica should win, hands down. Joshua just scream and Phillip is boring.

    • Well, since Jessica is probably the most popular, it is a popularity contest that you’re voting for. :/


    • Hmmm…. Philip and Jessica had some pretty good performances (contradict to what Branden thinks) so I can’t say he’s boring tonight.

      And @ae5123f59c01265ee47c511b5a9e6511:disqus , American idol is not just a singing contest or a popularity contest. CONTRADICTION nullified. 

    • Jessica didn’t exactly blow me away last night – in fact, I was underwhelmed.  This morning, DialIdol is showing that it’s anybody’s game.  You don’t seem to get the fact that this is a popularity contest, more than anything else.  Who has fans that will vote until their fingers bleed?  The younger contestants are definitely at a big advantage.  Mature folks will vote once (maybe twice).  So, the person winning the most unique votes isn’t always the one that wins.  And I don’t know of any big accounting firm that is certifying the vote, either.   It’s all drama.  We all saw what happened to Adam Lambert (not that there are any Adam Lamberts his year, but…).

  216. just telling the truth JESS has the powerhouse voice than philip. Accept the fact. (enough for one comment) thank you for supporting

  217. I think Joshua is amazing but wish the judges would not have been so obvious about him being their favorite. How many standing ovations has he received? Deserved or not, I feel it’s unfair to the other contestants because the audience is being influenced by the judges. They are all amazing singers and may the best one win!

  218. Anyone who says PP does not have talent is being ignorant.  He can make a song his own, write his own songs, play guitar etc… He is likely the only one of the three who can sell albums and have longevity in the business.  Gospel doesn’t sell and JS doesn’t connect with her audience.  I understand wanting a female to win but, she ain’t the one.  A pop star needs something special or a hook for staying power, she has neither.  I think we may see more of Colton in the future as well.

    • I would have loved to see what Reed Grimm would have done. He was better than all of them!

    •  huh??? there were already so like Philip who won from the past 4 seasons..But where are they now? Gone! Yes, there are lots of screaming ladies but just for now.. when this season ends, he’ll be forgotten, and that’s for sure!

      • No way.  None of the ones you’re probably thinking of are as good as P2.  There’s a difference.

    • I am a jessican fan..but i think Phillips should win AI for his artistry as a whole like David Cook did in his time.

    • I agree with you, Jeff.  P2 is the complete musician package.  He will seel recordings.  Like you, I think we’ll see more of Colton in the future.  Some of his original stuff on youtube is very interesting – obviously, some of it needs to be recorded with better sound quality.

    • We will see “more of Colton in the future”, if he comes to perform at a church near you. And that is it.

  219. I predict and hope that Joshua Ledet(The Best Singer Ever on American Idol) wins this season . Phillip Phillips is the other best singer. He is very natural, original, professional, creative , talented singer.Now, Jessica Sanchez is also a good singer, but not as good and talented as the two guys. I can’t wait to buy Joshua/Phillip’s CDs.

  220. I agree that Jimmy Iovine is a genius. I think he should be a judge next season now that JLo has stated she may not be back for a third season. No great loss if she leaves.

    As for last night, I still think Jessica is the best although not that great on Mariah Carey’s song. She went too low; maybe she should have tried a chord higher. Her other songs were great. Nice to see one of the judges (Steven) get up and give her a standing O for a change.

    Joshua still screams 2 songs, and Pavlav’s dogs give him a standing O on the first one. Nice recording on a DVR so you can fast forward through their gushiness. I think his best was on Imagine.

    Phil was good on all three, but best on We’ve Got Tonight.

    My prediction for the winner of the entire show (although in my heart I want Jessica to win) is Phil Phillips. My reasoning: look at the size of the crowds when each of singers went home. Phil’s was by far the largest. He still gets the girl votes and the Bible Belt crowd. Similar to Scotty last year. He will win.

    • I couldn’t disagree more.  His song pick for Jessica last night was terrible.  It didn’t showcase her range very well.  The best song pick of the night goes to Tyler for the song he picked for P2.  That song pick was the only song pick that I could call “genius” last night.  Jimmy’s pick for P2 (with all vocal and no guitar) was dangerous.  I think P2 pulled it off, though.  However, it wasn’t nearly as good of choice as Tyler’s choice.  Of the people who are left, P2 may have the most universal appeal.  However, Joshua is the one who can truly sing anything.  Jessica really can’t, from what I heard last night.  She may have a lot of vote-til-they-drop voters, but the finale should be P2 and Joshua.  One this is sure, after last night’s round of performances, I was sure missing Hollie.

      • Only the truth,
        I very much agree with you. The song Steven Tyler picked for Phillip was a great performance. One of Phillip’s top 3 best of the season, in my viewpoint. The song “We got tonight” was a good performance, but hardly a standing O worthy performance. And I also agree that Joshua was the best vocal last nigh, by far. But, I read Jessica had a sore throat last night. If it is true, I do not know. But, that would explain a rather average performance from a usually phenomenal Jessica.

        But, I do think Jessica will have the most “universal” post-idol appeal. As she will have fans outside the US, that the other can not come close to competing with. And I think Phillip will have the most post-Idol appeal in the US, due to the style of music he performs. And Joshua … As good (no phenomenal) as his voice is, he will have the least amount of post-idol success. As the style of music he sings (rhythm and blues) is a form of music that has been dead in the water, for a couple decades now.

      • Agree on all fronts, especially Hollie but did see her a few times supporting her buddy Joshua as was Skylar. Others were supporting P2 (Elise I noticed) but none seemed to really support Jessica and that is part of her problem.

        Her mother has spent so much capital (not just money) to make her successful with talent shows and home schooling, she seemed lost during her homecoming and one of the scenes seemed to be a photo shop of her at Chargers Stadium where the crowd disappeared and she was left sitting alone.

        She sang the National Anthem twice there when she was 12 and again at 13 plus the two talent shows at 10 and 11.

        3rd place with Jimmy Iovine and all the pros he has around him will be the best for her because “Stage Mom” will be out of the way and she will be mentored and coached plus have time to form buddy relationships with the other young people.        

    • If you think Phillip was good on all 3 songs, I can see you are a typical American Idol fan who already knows who they will vote for, regardless of how they perform on any given night. As I am pretty certain Phillip had two good, though not fantastic performances and one very mediocore perfromce last night. That song by Matchbox 20, “disease” was a HUGE step back, compared to what Phillip has done the past couple weeks.And most of the judges picked up on that as well. As I suspect Jimmy will when he reviews it tonight.

      • I will agree with that. Disease was probably my least favorite out of all three of his songs last night but it wasn’t horrible.

      • Pally….They played PP song “Disease” on the radio this morning and it really sounded good  better than last night……He really sounded great on the radio!!!!!

      • @ Phyllis, was good. I listened again today. I just liked the other two better. He had a very good night.

  221. People please stop with the comments about the only people voting for Phillip are teen girls. You couldn’t be more wrong. He appeals to a lot of people.  Yes, he is very cute but I’m 45 and I hardly think I’m voting for him because of his looks. My husband likes him also. He’s good. Get over it.

    •  It’s just the Jessica fans making up excuses so they can still say she’s “like da best singer evaaa!!!”  when she gets beat.

    • We were driving to Santa Fe yesterday afternoon and listening to Bob Seger and saying we hoped he did one of his songs tonight (as it was when we were discussing it) and Jimmy chose one.

      My quick summary of last night:

      Round One: The “judges” proved that they could not only judge young talent but select decent songs for them. The choices were horrible and if there was an early leader, it was Josh.

      Round Two: The contestants did not do much better with their own choices but I thought Joshua and Phillip did best but thought Joshua’s Imagine may have got the edge but it was close. Jessica’s choice was bland and you can hear as good a performance of that song most nights at good Karaoke clubs.

      Round Three: The pro Jimmy Iovine came through and it was, by far, the best of the three rounds. My only slight issue was that the Jessica version was Michael Jackson’s sung by a young girl and not as young boy. There was  not enough difference in the arrangement.

      As I have written elsewhere, I think it will be better for Jessica to finish 3rd because professionals can take over her career and get “stage mom” out of the picture. She will be groomed and they will find songs that suit her voice and potential and learn to be part of a buddy system with her fellow contestants.

      • I agree with a lot but I think Steve’s choice of Beggin for Phillip was awesome. He easily won round 1.  I agree, Josh took round 2. Round 3…loved Phillip but I have to say..I liked Jessica singing I’ll Be There. She actually seemed 16 to me for once.

  222. PP had a great night, by far—However, you cannot based the idol winner on a one-night performance only—to sum up all the performances PP had. I think, he is still overpowered by the other two’s remarkable performances on the season–

  223. It’s amazing to read almost all comments have jessica on it! It’s either their praising her or saving her from those cheap comments.

    I just wanna say this! On finding out the songlist on every performance day before they even sang it, I’ve already had visions and expectations on how
    philip and Josh are gonna sing theirs. Phil, ph yeah his style of singing… Josh, shout at high notes… But Jessica, how
    the hell is she gonna sing this??? It’s hard to predict coz she’ll give you unexpected surprises which will make your day!

    Jessica will be one of the most successful American idol ever! So vote for the best! Vision someone who will last till the end. Not someone who will be remembered as, oh he/she won that year but this day only a few know him/her.

  224. Joshua is good for concerts & live shows but if I play his CD at home, my neighbors will probably think thath I’m having an argument or illing somebody. Too much yelling in his songs!!!! I’m scared now. PP’s songs and voice is calm but the same rythm and tone. Did not even hear him throw a high note. Jessica can be molded as a future diva, she just have to refrain from trying to be cute. She has the most versatile voice quality and has more future. Thanks.

    • PP has a limited type of crowd and audience. Do you think he will click abroad where most of the idol contestants perform? Joshua will do good in Europe and Jessica will dominate the pop category in the US with her voice.

      • What ARE you talking about? Most idol contestants perform abroad? I think the “big” ones perform mostly here! Carrie, Kelly, Daughtry…

      • The biggest idol success abroad of the recent ones has been Adam Lambert whose debut album sold 838,000 here (Gold) but he has sold over 2 million overseas and won one more Platinum and Gold so of the last 4 season’s top 2, he has been the most successful with David Cook #2 behind him.

  225.  I think it’s between Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips in a Finale ,not because he’s  2 good but because he’s a lot of fans than Joshua Ledet………… i wish jessica and joshua in a finale becz there are both great in any kind of songs…………

  226. I think Jessica will pick up the majority of Hollie’s fans this week and lock a position in the final 2.

    That leaves Joshua or Phillip going home.  Joshua should be the one staying, he has been nothing short of spectacular lately, unfortunately this may not be the case.  Phillip has such strong unwavering support from the young girls and moms out there that he will probably stay.

    I have really liked many of Phillip’s performances lately but he just can not compare to the other two.

    • No, Jessica won’t get Hollie’s fans.  I’m a Hollie fan.  No votes from me for Jessica (especially after last night’s performance).    Hollie’s fans will likely go to Joshua or Phillip.

    • I follow some Hollie fans on twitter & they were all asking me for Josh’s #s last night to vote for him.. so Im guessing a lot of hollie fans will vote for him

    • You have to be kidding. Jessica essentially ignored Hollie during the show – obvious during the duets and trios and when Hollie sang her farewell song. The two people Hollie was closest to were Skylar and Joshua and if you watched Hollie at the end of her farewell song, she went straight to Joshua to hug him.

      Jessica has been about herself and for that. I blame her mother who has raised her in a cocoon to be a success in show business and she home schools her so she is not distracted by high school temptations.

      This is her third talent show since she was 10 and she has already released 2 singles when she was 13 plus sang the national anthem at Chargers games when she was 11 and 12.

      Hollie’s fans will likely vote for Joshua first and Phillip second.

      Based on last night’s performances, Jessica was out of her league, showed very bad lower register and proved that she was simply a power singer who does not have the great range claimed.

      Frankly, I feel bad for Jessica because she (more so her mum) will be devastated if she does not win it all. “Stage Mum” will consider her daughter a failure.

      Personally, I think it will be better if she ends 3rd because Jimmy Iovine will take her under his wing and that of his group and she will be mentored and cared for to make her a better person as well as star.

  227. I am a Jessica Fan…But with her performances on the Top 3 seemed like some of the people here say underwhelming, it seemed that she was outshine by the two guys…

    As much as I wanted to see her win…or have a Joshua and Jessica finale since they’re both great singer in RnB, soul genre…i think it would be the best if she did not and prove to all  after the IDOL that she could have a record deal, make an album, and be a hit not only in the US but also around the world…i think that what’s matter most.

    I rather see Phillips win than Joshua, if the two go through.

    I see only the resemblance of Joshua to Fantasia once when he sings NO MORE DRAMA but that was only it.   Fantasia is Fantasia.

    I would still go for Phillips for originality and creativity, as an artist as a whole, he got that songwriter look also…hope he could make a great album someday.

    Best of luck to Jessica tomorrow.

    Still hoping she’ll get through the finale with Phillips.


  228. During the home visits, PP was the only contestant that got emotional.  I would of thought the other 2 would have been more humble.

    • That endeared me more to Phillip. The part with Phillip and his dad…adorable. I even got a little misty eyed.

    • Jessica didn’t have a homecoming per sé because she was home schooled, spent a full scholarship at the School for Performing Art in Hollywood and has been pushed by her mother since she was 3.

      I feel sorry for a young girl like her who, frankly, does not seem to be enjoying life the way a 16-year old should and I hope she does not become another Brittney or Christina who were also pushed as kids, had no life and are still “messed” up in their 30’s.

      Jessica Sanchez is living the life her mother wants her to have and wished she had herself. I am surprised that her military father hasn’t pulled in the reins a little.      

  229. A side note to  Taymaro……..David A. still holds the title of best rendition of “Imagine” since Joshua sang it instead of Phillip…..LOL….

    This season had a lot of talent and from the start I didn’t have any one favorite, still don’t, but after last night I will be happy with Phillip or Jessica getting the win.   I really don’t like Joshua’s singing and or screaming and or drama.  JMHO!!!!

    Most of these Idols will get contracts so we all can go out and buy our favorites’ CDs……..

      • I totally agree with you…..I was a hugh fan of David A. during his Idol season.  BUT…I would love to have heard Phillip sing his version of the song, just to see what he what have done with it………

      • I agree — so far, Archie did it best. Can you “imagine” having a Mormon missionary coming into your house and singing “Imagine”?

    • Hi Phy….that’s exactly of my thought too….except I prefer PP to win…although I’m still not a fan of him! That horrible screetch king didn’t deserve standing O each week  from these so called judges at all!

      • Oh I agree TA as long as its not Joshua……I think Phillip is so unique.
        Did you notice that PP sat during the last two songs he sang…..I think this kid has medical issues…..I hope he is OK….

    • Phillip has a medical condition, which is why he has not been in the Ford films for the past 3-4 weeks. 

      He was hospitalized for treatment a few weeks ago and if you watched him walking during his homecoming, he was in obvious discomfort.I believe he had Kidney Stones removed or was treated for them recently but is still suffering stomach and back pain. 

      • Thanks for the info.  Such a young boy to have kidney stones…..I hope he is ok soon.

  230. I think the bottom 2 will be Jessica and Joshau. I really do not care for Phillip 2. I think Joshau will win and Jessica runner up. I hope Phillip goes home tonight.

  231. Jessica can sing anything, anything, anything in a beautiful, beautiful,beautiful moment,moment, moment 🙂 (No negative comment)

    • Simple question for you; if sh can sing anything, why were her first two performances so insipid and her first one, especially, so poor especially in the lower ranges?

      •  She sang Bohemian Rhapsody to which ST stated rock wasn’t her thing so she butchers his only number one hit last night.  Just a little arrogant and no she can’t sing anything.  She will do great in piano bars but not much else. 

  232. the judges gave that song to Jessica its not a power built songs,,,so its not Jessica’s fault,come on…..

    • If that is all she can sing then she should not be American Idol. To be #1, she has to be able to sing any type of song and not just the big power diva type ones, which she and her “stage mom” have trained her to do since she was 3.

      • Exactly.  A talented person should be able to take a simple song and make it great.  Joshua and Phillip are in the “artistic expression” stage right now, and JS is only beginning to find herself.  And I’m sure she will.  It’s not a horse race.  There’s no finish line.  Let the girl grow at her own pace.

      • And, I am sure neither of you actually know. The only who are really sure are the small circle surrounding producer Nigel Lythcoe (And maybe Julianne Hough, if she and Ryan Seacrest are still on speaking terms).

  233. It’s been awhile that i watched AI since the Adam Lambert era, w/c got me really turned off. On Jessica, i really have a feeling she’ll be gone tonite. If so (knock 3x), never worry Sanchez fans, her career will be BIG, BIG & BIG. After all, when was the last time an Ai winner got huge strides, except 4 Carrie. And not to mention Adam, Catherine McPhee and J. Hudson who are mere runners-up, made it to the business. So America, i hope u don’t make “another”epi fail.

    • I honestly don’t think it will be an epic fail if Jessica goes home tonight. Phillip should win. He is the most all around talent.  Jessica doesn’t know what she wants to sing yet. Joshua…he is very talented but sort of old fashioned.

      • I agree with what you said.

        One thing about P2’s performance last night during the last song: Why was he rubbing his hand up and down his leg?  That was kind of -um- weird.  Did anyone else notice that? 

  234. If there is any justice Phillip will be sent home. He isn’t in t he same class vocally as the other two.  However, since Kris Allen beat Adam Lambert in the finale I don’t hold my breath anymore.  Phillip the mediocre honky tonk, turkey trotting, face grimacing, one note Charlie will probably win the whole thing and I will stop watching the show for good. Every single contestant in the top 12 were better and more talented than Phillip.

      • jessica’s fans are fanatics.  for them its a religion or something.  they have no objectivity.  she could fart out the filipino national anthem and they would love it.

    • Seriously..did you even bother to listen to Phillip last night? His first and third songs won each of those rounds for him! 

      • Tyler was right when he compared him to Bruce Springsteen.  And Jessica fans, notice that Tyler recanted what he said about Jessica being the last person standing.  At the end of the round, he said he really didn’t know.  There are plenty of artists out there who aren’t vocal powerhouses.  What about Bob Dylan?  He was more of a great lyricist, but his music is greatly loved.  JS is a good little singer, but last night her flaws were much more exposed. 

        What I will say to all of the contestants in top is this: people will not remember who won AI 20 years from now.   What’s most important is what you do in the future, not what place you get on AI.  The contest is meant to create drama on television.  It’s not like a Julliard audition.  No matter what place you got, get out there and do something you love!  See who is still around twenty years from now.  When Tyler told JS she would be the last one left standing, he might not even have been talking about the results of this competition.  So, JS, if you get eliminated, keep that in mind.  The journey isn’t over after AI!  Everyone in the top got exposure.  That’s what contestants should hope to gain from this.  Hollie had the right attitude, for sure.

      •  Why should anyone bother to listen to Phil Philips when they can listen to Dave Mathews. Oh wait, I can’t stand either of them.

    • Round One to Joshua
      Round Two – slight edge to Phillip
      Round Three – tie between Joshua & Phillip

      Jessica was 3rd in each round and proved that unless she is singing power, growling songs, she is limited, especially in her lower range.

      We were driving to Santa Fe yesterday listening to Bob Seger and saying that P2 should do a Bob Seger song so I guess we have good taste – just like Jimmy. :):) 

      • If you don’t like  Jessica  that”s ur right!!! But why do you have to bash her and her supporters? That’s very unbecoming!!!

  235. Jessica Sanchez will win this competition.  That is final.  Jimmy Lovine is a music producer and he knows well which singer can sell records and will be big in the music industry. I believe that Jimmy learn a lesson from the past that it is not good for American Idol to become a popularity contest and not a singing competition. He is now involved because the past AI winners were forgetable like Lee Dewyze, etc. He senses that good looking guys without inate singing talents are winning the contest. Then what? After american idol contest ended, where are the winners? So far only Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood are popular now adays and these are women. Jessica Sanchez must win.

    •  Why MUST she win?  If it is about versatility, talent and performance then you have to say that P2 is the best.  The obsession of some of the Jessica fans is a little scary. 

      • I agree John. I keep saying she is going to have to take out restraining orders when this is all over.

      • jessica’s fan are here for one reason and it doesn’t have anything to do with talent.  they will deny it, but its really about heritage.  if they did not share part of her heritage, they would never be posting the ridiculous posts about america must vote jessica…there was even a freak that posted like he was an international voice coach in london wanting to assist americans with this major decision and that jessica was the only one who had the technical…blah blah…its really scarey first how little they respect jessica and even worse how little they respect america. its way too personal for them. a sick obsession.

      • I know exactly what you mean.  It’s like the wheel is spinning, but the hamster is dead.

    • Adam Lambert’s debut album sold over 2 million worldwide and he has just released album #2.

      Daughtry is #3 in sales behind Carrie and Kelly and is very successful on tour.

      David Cook has a Platinum debut album (sold more than Scotty McCreery) recently released #2 and is very successful on tour.   

      Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar plus numerous Grammy’s.

      David Archuleta is very popular in Asia

      Clay Aiken has been big on Broadway and sold over 5 million records.

      Katharine McPhee has made a great career for herself and is currently on Smash, which is receiving rave reviews and the album is a platinum selling CD.   

      The point  is that with the download of music being pirated and not credited as sales to the artists, most of the money they make, once the initial records sell, are via tours.

      This is why the old geezers like the Rolling Stones and Aerosmith have to keep touring to make money. :):):)  

    • Oh, well now… the Oracle of All Knowledge has spoken; so, it must be so… lol.

  236. Have you listed to Jessica’s cover of  Thinking About You by Frank Ocean on Youtube? That’s talent, so versatile.

  237. I believe all three contestants deserve the best accolades ever..they are all performers in their own rights. However, it is so obvious that there seems to be producers’ and judges’manipulation. It almost feel like a sabotage..the song choices were just terrible. And I feel like Jessica got the short end of it. As Randy pointed out..they always tell contestants to shun away from Mariah songs and yet they give it to her…for me Mariah has the best vocals ever and to let an aspiring sing her song is just unfair. And then she was asked to sing I’ll be there and he then comments that he didn’t see a “moment”…come on Randy, with a song like’s just repetitious and you will never see a “moment”. And then they criticize Phillip for his performance for which I believe was uncalled for…he was being true to himself as an artist…give us a break. I feel like thay are manipulating this so that their fans will become irate and will persist to vote some more, hence, more viewership to this “ailing” show. It feels like they are doing this on purpose to create more drama, more buzz…and based on people commenting…they have succeeded. Do they really think the American voters are senseless and can easily be swayed? At this point..all three singers have a solid fan base ..and people are intelligent enough to vote based on over-all season performance. We don’t need all the intrigue..they should focus on helping the three succeed in their carreer….and JLo why try to grab the limelight from these three by creating buzz that you’re retiring…such a poor attitude… are not retiring from the show…the viewers are voting you out.

  238. I did not and will not watch the show now that Hollie is gone.  However, I did listen to the singers here on this website.  It is so unfortunate that Hollie is gone because from what I heard they all blew it.  Hollie was the real winner……

    • Hollie is definitely missed, but I expect we’ll hear more from her.  She has the best attitude I’ve ever seen.  She must have really great parents.

  239. Phillips is a pitiful singer but the girls will declare him winner. Ledet can’t sing a song without screaming and Jessica is the only one who can actually sing a song.

  240. I was just wondering why people in this site kept saying that Jessica struggled with the song My All, I just watched Mariah Carey sang it live on youtube and Jessica sounded way better than her. I watched Mariah’s  performance  during her heydays and even when she was older and she was no way better than Jessica. Why dont you go to youtube and then judge for yourself?

  241. sa totoo lang di masyado maganda ung pinili milang mga kanta para kay jess  bakit pag c bading ung kakanta tumatayo ung mga hurado bakit pag c jess hindi gusto nila matanggal c jess

  242. Randy’s critique of Jessica’s ‘I’ll Be There’ was ridiculous. Her level of artistry was light years above Michael Jackson’s version and she is clearly the most talented singer of them all.

  243. All three have worked hard to win but I think it will be between Joshua and Phillip. Jessica is talented but I don’t think there is anything unique about her talent other than the fact she is only 16. Phillip has a different style and so does Joshua. I wouldn’t buy either one of their recordings but based on performance alone Joshua is more entertaining both watching and listening to. I haven’t seen anything like him in years and I hope he pursues a gospel career.

    •  I am so tired of hearing people talk about how “different” Phil Philips is.
      He is exactly the same as Dave Mathews, down to the mannerisms. It goes way beyond him having an “influence.” 

  244. Round 1
    1. Phillips
    2. Joshua
    3. Jessica

    Round 2

    Round 3
    1. Phillips
    2. Joshua
    3. Jessica

    This is how i rate their performances last night. If the voting is opened to worldwide, I’m going to vote for Phillips. I’m not buying their faces or races or skin colour, I just go with the one with the one that I really think steal the night for me. I’m a regular voter in this website’s poll, and my vote is totally based on the performances. Previously I’ve voted for Jessica, Hollie, Colton, Elise, Phillips and Joshua, so I’m not anybody’s die-hard-fan here. But for the Top 3 performances, Phillips is the winner.

  245. Jessica will not go home tonight. You said Philip has a fan based but you didn’t say anything about Ledet. You think Ledet was best about his performance, no argument with that. He’s just not idol material.

  246. Jessica Sanchez is not going home, American idol needs a female artist this year it’s been several years that male have been taking the winning title but didn’t become popular. As soon as Jessica Sanchez songs are out it will be a massive sold out all over the country. She has strongest voice ever in this year’s competition. Joshua ledet has a bad habit he screams out his songs it’s so f-king annoying I get headache after listening him singing. Phillip is a great artist but I’m not buying his songs there’s so many male artist who does his genre so I don’t think he would sell out his songs he will just be another male artist who is laid back after winning the American idol title, however Jessica has captured the hearts of so many people around the world not only America her single album will be massive hits so if American idol is looking for a capital in the music industry you found it

    • JS was sent home once.  After last night’s performances, I think it was the right decision.  Singing is about more than technique.  Of course, technique is good to have.  However, delivery is important, too.  When Jessica took a very simple song like “I’ll Be There,” she paled in comparison to the original.  I would’ve never given her that song to sing (if I was trying to showcase her talent).  However, I’ve heard lots of people sing that song, and I don’t think her performance of it was anything special.  A good singer can take any song and make it great.  Joshua took “Imagine” and made it great.  Here is where maturity shines through.  As I’ve said repeatedly, let’s hear Jessica in a few more years.  This year, I think the title needs to go to someone with a little more life experience.  There is plenty of time for Jessica.

    • Ugh! Jessica Sanchez is boring as hell, and Phil Philips is not a great artist– unless you think he’s a great Dave Mathews rip-off artist! The guy only has about an octave and a half in his range! Is this a singing contest or a popularity contest?– Wait don’t answer that, I already know the sad answer.

  247. i dont think Jessica is leaving tonight. If she is then its AIs loss and a gain for the likes of Akon,Motola,etc. I couldn’t get into any of Jessica’s listed voting numbers last night,busy for the first 1.5 hours. Resorted to online voting instead, while both of  the the boys’ lines were open.. I guess her lines were all clogged up with votes. Let’s see what happens tonight!!

  248. In case any of the violinists who performed in P2’s last song are reading this, here is a comment for you guys: either, play softer when you don’t have the melody OR have just two people play.  It was too much!

  249. Does anyone know why Phillip Phillips is not in the Ford commercials? I have noticed this for several weeks but no one else seems to notice it.

  250. Again the American public made the wrong choice. This is the third year in a row that you got it wrong. Joshua by far far had the best voice and stage presence of the three finalists. What is wrong with this audience that watches this show. They #1 must be tone deaf and #2 they must have no idea of what a star is on the stage. I think your audience is between 12 and 19 years of age. 
    The three of them were all three great, but of the final 3 Phillip Phillips is a great musician but not a great singer and performer. If you like sitting on a chair and playing the Guitar and that was the performance than OK he was good ,but if your looking for someone who works the stage and can perform than Joshua was the winner. 
    Jessica is very, very good but needs some time to be become great. 
    I don’t think it is going to be problem because Joshua will become a great performer without American Idol. It’s just to bad that he will have to do it without the backing of  AI. John

    • How could America have gotten it wrong last year??? Scotty’s debut album went PLATINUM!!! Maybe it is you who does not understand that the purpose of the competition is to find the next RECORDING STAR!!! Joushua can play his small blues and R&B clubs and ACK, ACK, ACK his way to a small, NON-RECORDING career!!! Phillip has a chance to have a serious recording career and should thrash the karoke singer Jessica in the finals!!!

    • I think Scotty is a truly outstanding musician.  We’ll see if any of the top three this year go platinum on their first album.  That will tell the tale.

  251. As Randy says: Let’s keep it real. Jessica, is and has been all season a very good karoke singer. She has practiced in front of mirror since she was 2 and it shows. She has many bad habits. She is NOT better than the divas we already have singing so who needs her. Joshua Ledet is insufferable with his constant ACK, ACK, ACK the-devil-made-me-do-it performances. He is TOTALLY irrelevant to today’s singles market. Phillip is freash and new and exciting and can actually have a career making chart hits! The judges have NOT been in Phillip’s corner, though Iovine has. NOW, we know that Joshua is OUT!!! ACK, ACK, ACK. Phillip should destroy Jessica in the Final!!!

  252. I am devastated that Joshua didn’t make it to the finale.  He was my favorite.  I will not watch the finale next week.  Jessica and Philip don’t compare to Joshua’s talent.

    • I am envisioning Jessica taking the whole thing at this point.  I’m sure they want to make her the first contestant to win after the big “save” … just wait and see.  More and more, I’m convinced this show is all about the drama.

  253. American idol is a joke. There is no way Joshua Ledet should not be in the finals. No more american idol for me. No wonder Simon left. Big joke.

    • You have to remember who is deciding the vote here.  The kind of people deciding the vote are the kind of people who have nothing better to do than vote 10 zillion times.  They are not musicians.  It’s not an audition for the Curtis Institute or anything.  It’s reality tv.  It’s sad to see a fine musician like Joshua eliminated.  All I can say to Joshua is keep doing what you love – there are many people who admire you and will be watching and waiting for more good things from you.  God bless you, Joshua.  It doesn’t take a crown to be a winner!  🙂

  254. What’s funny is that the last 5 or so seasons, the runners up are more successful than the actual “American idol”. Just goes to show. Jimmy didn’t want Josh to be stuck with an American Idol contract, so they had to do what they had to do. Joshua is amazing. And so is Jessica. Very talented young people who have their whole lives ahead of them. Who are we to judge them? This is their dream. This is what they have worked so hard on. So, why don’t we congratulate them, and praise them for chasing their dreams and working so hard to be where they are today. So with this said..CONGRATULATIONS JOSHUA, JESSICA, AND PHILLIP! No matter what happens in the end, and what people say, there’s a reason yall are where y’all are right now:) Be super proud and NEVER EVER GIVE UP!

    BTW: Josh and I are from the same town. And as you can see, I didn’t choose sides or say this one is better than that one. Y’all should try and be nice an say positive things. It makes you feel better about yourself.

  255. Jessica is going home after she grabbed the title of American Idol S11 winner….

  256. Joshua has a really good voice but the screaming became too much and I think a lot of people would agree… Jessica has an advantage in terms of vocals but it’s always the vote that counts…either way, I think they are already winners having gone this far in the contest…Thank you guys for sharing your talent to the world! 🙂 

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