American Idol 2012 Top 3 Results Show Tonight

Last night the American Idol 2012 Top 3 performed for your votes and a shot in next week’s season finale. Which of the three will be heading home after your votes? Will it be Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips or Jessica Sanchez.

We’ll find out at the end of the American Idol results show tonight, which means we’ll get a lot of filler and little suspense since there’s not much Ryan Seacrest can do to mess with our heads when there are only three left.

Speaking of filler, OK, OK I’ll stop. The entertainment for the night will be Lisa Marie Presley (I’m serious) and Season 8 runner-up Adam Lambert. Lisa Marie will perform “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet,” from her new album Storm & Grace, and Adam Lambert is set to perform his new song, “Never Close Our Eyes.” Check that song out below.

Check back later for the live American Idol 2012 Top 3 elimination and for a complete recap of the American Idol results show.

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  1. I’m still hoping for a Philip-Jess finale, but if It didn’t happen…I’d still be okay.

  2. the best part of tonight’s show will be adam lambert.  break out the glitter!!!!!!!

    • ITA!  Adam is the best singer Idol has ever had as a contestant.  He set the bar so high, no one this season even came close.

      • Adam thinks that Jessica is the best………..I saw him in an interview and he could not stop raving about Jessica Sanchez.

      • & Josh is Adam’s 2nd fav.. during top 4 he tweeted that ‘Jess &Josh wipe the floor with the other 2 & that this is a SINGING contest’ .. OUCH! haha but gotta love adam, i thought that was hilarious

      • and he sang something different every week, showing  how versatile a brilliant singer can be.  no one has, or will, come close.  my opinion

    • I just listened to the song by Adam. I love him but it sounds a little too dance for me.

  3. Jessica can sing anything, anything, anything in a beautiful, beautiful,beautiful moment,moment, moment 🙂 (No negative comment)

  4. GOD I PRAY OUR LITTLE JESS MAKES IT !!!! DIAL IDOL HAS EVERYONE IN THE BROWN ! I’M SCARED ! Facebook was blocked in many areas last night ! Jess fans couldn’t get thru ! pray everyone !

    • I wouldn’t put much faith into DialIdol anymore.  There are too many other ways to votes this year.  When Hollie left, Joshua and Phillip were the bottom 2.  When Skylar left, she was on the top of the heap.

      • I have always wondered about the voting.  I like the way the Voice told the audience during the finals how close each of the last four contestants were. I believe Idol should do that.  The Idol judges do their best to slant the vote. I have faith the American voters are wise to the 3 stooges who need to be replaced.

      • I live in AZ and Skype would not work at all.  Systems like Magic Jack cannot be faked like some people have stated.  Everyone gets a domestic phone number per your country.  This way they can ream you for international calls.  No one from the Philippines with MagicJack can appear to be a USA caller.

      • That’s what I believe too~ but a blujay from twitter said, Dialidol are more accurate during top 2 & 3. Only failed once. I checked it and it’s true, seasons 6, melinda doolittle topped the DI but yet gone home 3rd~

        However, Still believe JS will be in the finale~ 🙂

      •  DaveyJ
        There are tricks…that will allow international voting, but very few know how except for when Pinoy website publish instructions. But no worry…the FCC is on it and on AI to handle the fraud.

    •  Personally, I think it’s a little offensive when people say “pray Jessica gets through” and stuff.  It’s just a TV show.  If you are religious enough to tell people to pray she makes it, you should know that that’s not an appropriate thing to pray for.  People are praying for food on the table, their loved ones who are ill to survive, etc. and y’all are praying for a silly TV show?  Kinda disrespectful, if you’re truly religious.

      • Just respect their beliefs, after all, prayer is for everyone as long as it comes from the heart.  Was there ever a time when a prayer has restrictions? I don’t see anything offensive about praying for the success of others. Selfishness is offensive.

      •  I respect everyone’s religious beliefs.  But I was offended by that.  And I believe praying for her to win is a little selfish.  There’s no need for that.  She should have said “Vote everyone.”

      • “WHATEVER YOU ASK, having faith and [really] believing, you will receive.” (Matthew 6:7)

        Prayers comes in different ways/forms~ Prayers comes from the heart~ If prayers are intented for just such things you have mentioned, then it must be scripted and couldn’t benefit all.(see: Matthew 6:7 )

      • Very true! I don’t know who God is to them… They know his name but they don’t really know Him personally. I believe God doesn’t interfere in worldly things….Besides, He hates division. 

      •  Think what y’all want.  I just think it’s wrong to pray for God to do make Jessica win, when the show is not Godly at all.

      • God doesn’t work that way….He is in the business of saving souls and He has no business with what the wordlings do!!  read(1John 2:15)

    • Do you mean..the Jess fans who were trying to vote illegally from other countries?

      • i work in a call center and im in china i dial jessica number earlier
        And guess what? I heard thank you for voting contestant no.2.i redial the number As much as i can..and i told my colleague to do the same..and they got the same prompt..after 2 hours line was busy and cannot be contacted anymore..what do you think? Is it valid??? good day!!

      • @Rexterricks26 it all depends on AI production (if they allow it) doesn’t really matter since the show can manipulate the voting system including the results

    •  My Facebook was blocked for hours too! I couldn’t vote online for Jessica and I’m so scared!!!! 🙁

    • Yeah, I haven’t able to vote thru FB~ haist!
      Hope she’ll still make it.


    • yeah…true…i too suffer the same fate on FB….seemed Fb wasnt friendly last night to let me vote on Jessica……..the first time it happened since the AI top 12 that  i started voting online at FB……seems there is sabotage…….

      • Sabotage? No. I think AI was just trying to keep the votes coming in from America..not all over the world.

      • Jessica for the win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Bye Joshua(Roderick Paulate )!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Actually, you can thank me and my work with FCC. The FCC and AI are now working together to try and stop the fraudulent voting that is going on. I reported much information to the FCC and they have been great to share information back.
        I love the FCC, they are allowing all fraudulent votes to go through, but making AI disqualify those votes or either announce they are accepting international voting..and AI isn’t about to do that. The ironic part is the disqualified voters are tying up the phone lines and not allowing legit voters to vote. So in effect, they are making their favorite they are voting for have less votes. Karma will always get you in the end.

      • @twitter-570711058:disqus The best thing about the end of Idol this season will be not having to see your self aggrandizing BS posted here.  Geez, you’re a blowhard!

      • @twitter-570711058:disqus The best thing about the end of Idol this season will be not having to see your self aggrandizing BS posted here.  Geez, you’re a blowhard!

      •  Hey whoever you are using my name is not funny.
        Even though I agree with your comments regarding James
        still, not funny……

        Just saying…………………….

  5. I believe either Joshua or Jessica will go home.  In my opinion, it should be Jessica.  Joshua puts his heart and soul in every performance.  He gives it everything he’s got.  Jessica sings nicely (when she’s not oversinging or using too much vibrato) but she doesn’t perform like Joshua.  Nobody this season has, really.  A Phillip and Joshua finale would be so entertaining, too.  But, at least I know that at least one of my favorites has ended up in the finale.  Can’t wait for the results.

      •  No, I haven’t.  That is what I see.  He leaves everything he has on that stage.  And I am allowed to believe that without being told I am wrong or brainwashed, thank you very much.

      • Yes, you are right.  It’s very obvious that the Judges are rooting for Joshua since the beginning of this season.  Just wondering why they gave Joshua a standing ovation for I’d Rather Go Blind.  I am a little disappointed because I thought Jessica would sing it.  I watched her version on Youtube and that was magnificently done.

      •  I don’t understand how y’all think he doesn’t put everything into it.  Whether I think he sounds good or not, he tries hard, and puts more emotion in his songs than I’ve ever seen anyone do it.  Oh and, by the way, the judges have been rooting for Jessica the same way.  Don’t criticize them for doing it to one and not the other, please.  Last night she received her very first comment saying she wasn’t perfect.  Joshua’s not the only one they pull for.

      • he is sissy.. hehe.. however, he did show he is capable of being in the finale, however problem with him is that he is not capable of shining in the mainstream… just my thought.. JessPhil Finale

      • have u seen him using his both hand from tip to top of the mic, lol. he is like tickling something else, lol

      • people are so RUDE! You do not need to hate on others, so ignorant. Root for who you like and stop putting others down

    • In my honest opinion, Agree. It’s either JS and Josh but I think it is Josh would be going home (based on fanbase). But as for performance last night, It must be JS. BUT then again, if it’s as for the whole season, It must be P2.

      •  Yeah.  This is the most difficult elimination to predict that I have ever encountered, I believe.

  6. For me, Jessica gave an excellent rendition of  “I’ll Be There” contrary to Randy’s comment.  Her renditions of   “My All” and “l  Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” were outstanding as well, smooth vocal range and yet.. captivating.

    I am hoping that she will be in the Finale next week.

    • Everybody CRAVES for Jessica to ACE it every single time. If she does just OK … it’s a let down. HOLY COW … this girl has ALL OF US hanging on her every note. It’s because we all know that she can give us what we really want. 

      A glimpse of virtuosity. Of uncommon brilliance. Of our own aspired for potentiality.

      She is the American IDOL.  

      • What Jessica had showed us was beyond what we expected.  Yes, you are right that everyone of us craves for Jessica to ACE her every single perfomances.  I am already contented to what she had achieved at this moment and I am proud of her.  What is important are the admirations we read heard and heard from Various Artists who really appreciate and know the true meaning of music.

        Thank you to Jessica for making us proud.

        God Bless.

      • Speak for yourself.  She doesn’t give me what I want.  I want a unique singer and performer.  She is not that.

      • Oh I’m so glad you think so, but please don’t even believe your own words.   We live in a society that is drowning in Diva music and I’m sorry but I feel the overload and am glad to say I found a new drug that I really enjoy and that drug is Phil Phillips.  JS singing music that talks of sleeping next to a man and wanting him to love all over her, c’mon she’s only 16 and totally not appropriate.  Of course JLO picked one song for her that magnified what I am saying here.  Oh well, hats off to Phil Phillips for that breath of fresh air you give me every time you sing.  Can’t wait til next week when you take the honor!!  We love you buddy……………..Namaste’

    •  @Jerileo:disqus : I fully agree with you. Jessica did a great rendition of “I’ll be there.” Randy’s comment was obviously fueled with bias since we all know by now that he is rooting for Joshua. He asked if he cant give an opinion. Sure he can, but I hope he wont be so obviously biased that his reasons wouldn’t sound stupid.

      He said jessica should have taken the mariah carey version. and Jimmy Iovine clearly advised Jessica to sing “I’ll be there” by Michael Jackson., explaining about the youthful arrangement, etc. and then Randy would suggest she contradict it by doing a Mariah version. i can’t see the wisdom in that. and another thing, jessica has already sang a Mariah song earlier. what the heck!

    • To Pally45:

      I know that you are anti-Jessica but … can you just leave Jessica’s supporters alone and make your own thread.  Every comment that you made is not pleasant and very negative.  It only shows what you are.

      Just support idol and leave JS’s fans alone if you have nothing good to say.

      • I am not anti-Jessica. I said I actually liked 2 of her songs last night. I am, however, anti-Jessica fans.  Quite a few of you are not going to know what to do with yourselves when this is all over. The obsession level is astounding.

      •  99.9% of Jessica’s supporters are way way way MORE unpleasant and MORE negative.  And downright rude.

      • LMAO oh you 2 again…
        both of you already attack her personal life, so what do you expect them to treat you???? 

        Just what I said….
        thinking negative to other people makes them reap what they think. Life’s most basic principle is that whatever you throws that is what exactly comes back to you. No better words to say, just better to say nothing.

  7. Joshua is the worst singer in the top 13.
    he was never good and now he is over the top losing his voice.
    is what it sounds like every night every song he ruins.

    • You need to check your ears b/c he is the BEST! clearly you don’t know music

    • I have been rooting for Jessica but sorry dude, I really 100% do not agree with your opinion. Joshua for me is the best male contestant of this season.

    • Joshua is the best EVER singer of all the seasons and it was said so many times on the show by many different people who are in the business just as I am.

      • Randy & Jlo & steven said so they have to over hype their contestants.
        to make american idol look superior to other eality shows like voice or x factor

      • sorry, the best ever will be on tonight singing from his new album, “trespassing”.

    • Hey, watch your words.  Respect other people please. If nothing good comes out of your mouth, don’t say anything.  You’re a shame to Jessica.

      *Jessica and Phil for final 2*

  8. You are right Branden, not a whole lot Ryan can do. 

    I was already messed up during last night’s performances.
    Today I will be super picky.  I mean all thru out the season we have seen only pockets of worthy performances by a few of the singers.  Is it just me
    feeling this way? I hope not.

    Last night’s music selections was probably the worst I have heard in a long time.  It is not the songs itself but the matching of the song to the singers.
    All three of them was not up to par in my opinion especially when we are down to the  final 3 singers.  I expected a lot more than that last night.

    And standing ovations again on a Seeger song that is not even half as  good as the original?  What are those Judges hearing last night?  They must be high on drugs to react that way.  And Joshua ruined Imagine for me, I hope I can erase that version from my memory with all due respect to Mr. Leddet
    who have a great voice, it is not his style of song to sing.  Jessica, I am not sure what she was thinking.  She has an opportunity to run away with this
    competition but no she sang songs that normally would not get her in the final 24 if she has to do it all over again.

    I was hoping last night that there will be a few moments of “Wow Factor”
    that Mr. Simon Cowell will say after a flawless performance of  a singer.
    But no, no Simon , no wow, only bow wow that is it. Sorry folks just my opinion.

    Just saying…………………………………

    • I agree with you. The only thing wrong with Idol now is the judges.  They contradict themselves all the time.  Just watch everyone, whether Jessica wins or not, she will soar above Josh and Phil in the real music world.  She was born a winner. 

    • Imagine was AMAZING! dad is a HARD CORE Beatles fan..owned all albums and went to many concerts, & also loves that John Lennon song. He LOVED Josh’s version and thought it was amazing. That is a lot coming from my dad

      • Hi Cenge13,

        I guess I am just a hard core purist when it comes to songs like “Imagine”  , you see that song is a statement by John Lennon.
        It was meant to be sang with simplicity in mind that is why piano was used instead of a lot other instruments.

        With all respect to your dad, Joshua sang it well , but I did not like the singing style he used at least the way I know how. I am also a Beatles fan, although that song imagine was a John Lennon composition and not done by the Beatles.

        Have fun tonight!  So who do you think will be eliminated.  It is hard to predict this one.  Jessica is in trouble I think.

      • Yes I agree. I am just a big Josh fan, so thats prob why I liked it so well and it was simple. ..but as for tonight, I was sad last night b/c I thought Josh could of had more of a moment like he did last week & at first I thought he might be going home b/c Phil went last, got standing O and never been in bottom 3. Also, I think Jess just has a HUGE fan base. But after reg reviews on here, yahoo, and other places, everyone seems to think there is no way that Josh will go home.. and that it will be Jess & secondly phillip. I was shocked, but also happy haha. I guess we’ll see! What are you thinking?

  9. Jess and phil for final 2….josh no no no no pls…too much irritatinggggg

    • What miracle are you talking about? JESSICA is dominating this thing. Feel the buzz ! Scan the net ! Look at all the independent polls ! Look at Facebook and Twitter. This little girl is DOMINATING.

      The fans are in a frenzy. HOLY COW … look at THIS blog!

      Jessica is dominating. She will win !

      • I like your spirit Sukiyaki.  But let’s not underestimate other people’s votes as well.  But I still can’t stop worrying for Jess tonight.  If she goes home, no more AI for me.  I’ll just hope Phillip will win if not Jess.

  10. I think she will be fine.  Last night before West Coast voting P2 was green and way ahead, after West Coast Jessica gained and P2 went yellow.  DialIdol is not as accurate as it used to be.

  11. I voted like crazy for 2 hours last night for JESSICA, until my fingers were numbed! I couldn’t get through the lines at first but when i finally did, i was able to vote for her non stop! I hope others did their homework too for JESSICA, 🙂 goodluck, i hope you make it to the finale!

    •  Oh, man.  Maybe she really is in trouble.  I couldn’t hardly get through for Phillip ten minutes before lines are supposed to close.

      •  Oh, and that is NOT an upset “Oh, man.”  That’s an I’m shocked “Oh, man.”

      • All the line were busy trying to vote for Phillip for the longest time.. But I got votes in big time.

    •  Oh
      heavily father, we pray you might smite the backsides of the evil enemy
      “Jessonians” from this website. Please dear Lord save us from their
      nasty nationalist boasting and give your humble servant Matthew the
      wisdom to block the Philippines IP address from accessing this website.
      This allowing the other children of God visiting the site the chance to
      live in harmony, peace,  and ever lasting love.  AMEN.

      Now a hymnal from brother Joshua please as we pass the collection plate.

  12. P2 is the favorite and expected to win. Joshua is also good. Jessica’s young and talented. A P2-Jessica is a fitting climax! 🙂

  13. If Jessica is eliminated, the blame is on Jimmy and Jennifer, because they shouldn’t have picked such mild songs. She belongs in the finale!!!! 

    • If she’s eliminated, the blame is on Jimmy, JLo and HERSELF. Singing “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” is not a good way to get yourself in the finale. It’s so oversung and Steven is probably the only one who appreciates that song.

      Well, 3rd place isn’t so bad, I guess.

      • Lets not blame anyone.  This is just a competition.  I believe in Jessica win or lose.  Let’s stick to that.  

        Jessica and phil for final 2!

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about that dude. I think people take it for granted that voters will vote based on the songs the singers sing for any particular night.

      WELL, the truth is people will vote based on ALL the songs that these singers have sung since the competition begun. With Jessica, we are talking about a whole slew of songs that she blew EVERYBODY away with.

      The appreciation is CUMULATIVE … not based on any single event. She is formidable in that respect

    • Jennifer’s song I agree with you. That version was horrible and was a terrible choice.. I wasn’t very impressed though with her own choice although much better than the first song. Her best song of the night was Jimmy’s song. I don’t personally like the song but then rarely like a song that she sings well. We have very different tastes in music, but she sang it well,  seemed comfortable with the song, and sang like she could relate to it.

      • I agree.. Jennifer gave her a hard time giving a very hard song. Ironically, I love it considering the effort she has given giving justice to a very hard song. With I’ll be there, I can’t understand Randy asking for a moment, moment… She already does with the two songs. Comeon, Josh’s Imagine doesn’t have one, Phil’s We got Tonight doesn’t have one, but praised them.. what is it he’s looking for?? the song was sung just the way it should be sung and Jessica enjoyed the song and connected with it and for me the best song she sung in the night…

      • Considering Jessica has a sore throat, she delivered it good enough. Thinking if she’s in perfect shape, how will that turn out? I know it will be the best as what I’ve heard from her studio versions (especially MY ALL). I like P2’s Beggin also.

    • On a difficulty scale of 1 to 10, the Mariah Cary song was an 11.  The songs that Phillips sang (all 3) had the difficulty factor of less than 3.  Slow, simple and monotone……that’s what Phillips excels in. 

      • That Mariah Carey song sucks. Talk about SLOW! When I’m going to a concert or listening to a CD,  I would definitely listen to Phillip. Now, if I was having trouble sleeping, I’d listen to Jessica.

    • If this happens … then the finale will be a massacre. Guess who gets massacred?

      • Jessica. can bet money..that any fan of any other contestant will vote AGAINST her.

      • Phillips gets massacred. YOU CANNOT hide the truth of it all. Jessica is simply BEYOND Phillip’s caliber. Phillip is a great artist …. BUT JESSICA is a STAR. You have to be able to discern the difference between an artist and a STAR.

      • Phillips would be slaughtered.  Almost ALL of Joshua’s votes would go to Jessica.  Whoever votes for Joshua would rarely ever vote for Phillips.

      • Sukiyaki. Seriously. Neither one them is a star yet and stop with the caps. I have to be able to discern the difference between an artist and a star? I can. For some reason, Nicki Minaj and Rihanna are stars. Adele is an artist.

      • I’m certainly not voting for Jessica in the finale.  No matter who she’s against.  So She may not be massacring anybody.  I’m sure everyone thought Adam would massacre Kris Allen.  And that Clay Aiken would massacre Reuben.  Or That Katherine McPhee would massacre Taylor Hicks.  Nothing is a done deal, people.

      • hey, sukiyaki, I’m a Jessica fan but Jessica is a very humble person and you are definitely a shame to her.  Don’t say things like that, as it can offend other people.  Just vote for her if you want her to win.   

        *Jess and Phil for final 2*

  14. Steven Tyler said to Jessica that she will be the one left standing. He meant it. When Steven Tyler made that statement, I’m sure that his basis for doing so went a little further back than what he heard Jessica sing on that night. 
    He remembers ‘Love You I Do’,  ‘I Will Always Love You’,  Everybody Has a Dream’,  ‘Sweet Dreams’,  ‘Stuttering’,  ‘Falling’,  ‘Try a Little Tenderness’,  ‘You Are so Beautiful’,  ‘Dance with My Father’ and the phenomenal  ‘I Am Telling You I’m Not Going’. 
    String all these songs together in any man’s memory and without a doubt he will convince himself that Jessica is the American Idol. 
    Jessica took all of us for a wild ride. Steven Tyler included.
    Jessica is the best of AI 2012 barring NONE.

  15. Imagine all the people…..will not vote for Joshua.. Jessica and P2 for the finale

  16. STEVEN TYLER said … ‘you will be the one left standing’. 

    NOW … why would Tyler say something like that?

    It’s because … he knows the numbers. He knows the votes. He knows that Jessica leads by a huge margin.

    HE KNOWS !

  17. STOP VOTING………… AT&T SYSTEM FAILURE?Was it just us, or were all your votes NOT going to the right contestant? We could not have been dailing the wrong number since the contestant’s number was programmed on our cell phones and house… phone. We were just “redialing” but some of our votes were going to the wrong contestants. We stopped voting after more than 30 minutes. What’s the point of voting if our votes were not going to the right contestant?

    • With the exception of Skype calls not going through, and the occassional “all circuits are busy” on the cell phone, I had no problems whatsoever.  The land line worked the best once the cell lines became overloaded.

    • I got through a few times and then it was busy the whole time. I took that as a good sign but a girl at work said something about her line failing also.

    • Usually I just get the busy signal beep, but last night I got some voice saying “All circuits are busy” when I was voting for Phillip.

  18. I would want a JS-Josh finale but for a chance of JS and P2 doing a duet, JS-P2 finale would be fine too~ 🙂

  19. Phillip Phillips will win this year…he has the country vote and the female vote.
    and yet again…2012-Phillip
    Anything seem familiar?

    • Its all those little 12 year old girls up all night on their mom’s cell phone voting for the cute boy.

      •  The demographics data is showing Jess gets the majority of teen and tween girl votes. P2 support comes from older Adults who are sick of hearing Hippity Hop/ Rap Crap and bored to death with Diva ballads. We await the return of an Alternative Rock Messiah to save the world of its musical sins.

    • basically WGWG haha.. I think its wrong. Phil is great and I would like to listen to him on the radio but I just do not think he is as pwrful as the others.  During Kris’ season, he even said that Adam should have won over him lol

  20. Stop with the praying for Jessica or Phillip or Joshua. I would hope that God has more important things on his plate than American Idol. It’s like praying for a Superbowl win…Wait..I’ve done that. lol

    •  Lol at least a Superbowl win helps the families of the many many people of the winning team.  An Idol win only helps one family.

      •  How selfish can you be even in prayers? Are you guys getting too desperate to restrict even the prayers of others?  No one has the right to stop another person to pray.

      • @ Madisonellis93, we were just saying…we hope God is worried about far more important things than who wins American Idol!

      • @ Madison, it just seems silly that while some are asking God to create and save lives, others are sitting there saying “God, please let Jessica win American Idol, all so I can jump up and down in my living room screaming ‘JESSICA WINSSSSS’ for five minutes.”  When I need a miracle, I do ask God.  But praying that Jessica wins?  That’s taking it too far in my opinion.

      • Nobody was asking you to pray for Jessica, after all the negative comments you have been languishing against her, I doubt if even a miracle can change your obsession to bash the poor girl.

      • Madisonellis93,  I am not bashing jessica. However, I freely admit to bashing her completely over-the-top, out0of-control, obsessed, insane and will be gone next year fans!

    •  I read some of your comments earlier and I know what you are trying to imply…maybe a little respect for others would be nice.

    • “WHATEVER YOU ASK, having faith and [really] believing, you will receive.” (Matthew 6:7)
      It’s just a matter of faith & belief, and not how big/important the prayer looks like. 🙂

      Madisonellis93, thanks for saying that~

      • Okay..what if I have the same faith and REALLY believe and I’m praying for Phillip to win?  I’m telling you..God does not care about American Idol. I was raised Catholic and the nuns at my school always told me it was selfish to pray for something trivial..which this is.

      • How do you know God doesn’t care??

        “Since God is the provider of every good thing, we shouldn’t be afraid to ask for anything, no matter how small or large.”

        Nun said that to you but you still need to double-check on His words. Catholics even do wordship idols other than God, they believe saints could help~ and it’s not in the bible.

        If we are praying to pass an exam, it is trivial, is it selfishness? but why are we doing it then? because there’s a need. (James 5:13-16)

        James 5:13-17
        Conclusion: there is nothing too trivial for God’s concern.

        just saying..~ I’m may not be correct.

      • but the big question is….Does that glorify God or the contestant?? God only answers prayers according to His will…but not for self gratification and pride! God doesn’t work that way. Besides, He hated division! He is not in the business of the worlding!… read your Bible. 

      • Yeah! AGREE. It’s the right motivation behind those prayers. 🙂 God looks into the heart, 🙂 Prayer is just a way of talking to God, right? Even we pray it or not, if it’s in our hearts, He knows~ 🙂 so what’s the difference if you utter it out or not?

        If God answer our prayers, then good. If not, BEST, bec. it’s His will that works and not ours.

      • But, tell me, why should American Idol have one thing to do with faith and belief.

        Oh, and the term “Idol” itself is disrespect.  The Bible says there should be no other idols..  Therefore, the people praying for Jessica to win are asking God to go against his own word, basically.

      • 100 % Agree that we should not worship any other God. But if I pray JS, JL or P2 win, is it already an act of worship, idolizing them? I don’t worship any other God but Him alone.

        Why are they going to go against his word? Sorry, please elaborate, would want to hear from you. 🙂

        My point about ‘faith & belief’ is just that if you pray for anything, you just need not to doubt, even if as for someone’s success.

        Again, I very open for any scriptures you could share to correct me. Thanks~ 🙂

      • Thanks for sharin’ but I just want to mean, isn’t bad to stop someone from praying? I don’t worship any idols, I worship only God. and I’m not here to please anyone. Would it bad to pray that JS, P2 or either JL wins? Does it do something to stumble or hurt other people??? I don’t get it. If I’m wrong sorry then.

        Open for any scriptures to correct me. (just scriptures)
        Thank you. Appreciate this.

      • Oh heavily father, we pray you might smite the backsides of the evil enemy “Jessonians” from this website. Please dear Lord save us from their nasty nationalist boasting and give your humble servant Matthew the wisdom to block the Philippines IP address from accessing this website. This allowing the other children of God visiting the site the chance to live in harmony, peace,  and ever lasting love.  AMEN.

        Now a hymnal from brother Joshua please as we pass the collection plate.

      • Pally45
        Don’t pray for a P2 win, God will be upset by it and P2’s career will die if he wins AI. Your nuns were holy and spoke to you wisely.

    •  Catholic school you said? Then the nuns have a lot of praying to do for you misunderstood their teachings. Nowhere will they teach you to think ill of others or better yet, admonished selfishness. I am not gonna waste my time arguing with you as I don’t want to dwell on religious issues as this is not the right forum.

    • Did you get the win? LOL.

      Think of all the people you have killed interrupting God’s concentration on healing sick people to listen to your selfish, retarded prayers for an AI win. May God Strike Jess’s career down to being a maid for it. You don’t see P2 fans praying do you…haha.. (cause we all agnostics…lol..not really just saying for fun). Anyways if God’s is going to favor anyone in this contest it will be Joshua. Joshua comes from very poor roots, very religious roots, and Joshua sings gospel praises to God. Do you really think God is going to favor someone who did the “Proud Mary” shame performance over Sweet innocent Joshua…NOT. Now leave God out of it, he’s busy killing some terrorists.

      • I think there are some who prays for each contestant? JS, JL, & P2~

        Actually you just prayed, “May God Strike Jess career down to being a maid for it.”

        Don’t use God’s name in vain~

      •   lizlieI’m not using God’s name in vain (you did hear me say G…dam). I asked God to punish those who are misusing his name and who are asking for selfish desires.

      •  Shame on you and your arrogance, I knew someone like you before
        but alas I don’t think he gets around much anymore. 

        I should just shut up but I can not resist this temptation.

        Just saying………………………………….

  21. Donna Summer has just Passed away…. RIP Donna Summer, our Disco Diva and a Legend. Previously we lost Whitney,… Now its Donna…. Its Good theres a new born Diva in the Industry, Its Jessica. Hope she can make it up to top 2 to do a Tribute for Her. I miss the “Mac Arthur Park” and ” Hot Stuff”

    • Jess would have to climb a very tall ladder just to get high enough to kiss the hem of donna Summer’s gown.

    •  Jessica doesn’t even BEGIN to compare to Donna or Whitney in my book.

      • I might say your correct, those are the legends that no one could be compared with……………. But those legends once became a 16yr old girl who has a dream,….. just like you and me, we have our own, and we look up to those whom what we want to be someday.

      • @ EverybodyHasADream, Oh I’m not saying she’ll never be a legend.  She’s just not anywhere near that level yet.

    •  Donna was no DIVA…arg..she was unique in the industry so don’t go dumping her in with druggy Whitney. If you keep telling Jess she’s a Diva at 16, she’ll be dead long before Whitney killed herself. Jess can sing lots of things, but she could not sing Donna Summer just like she couldn’t sing Tina or Mirah. She’s a Beyonce wannabee and she’s got to gain 2 octaves in vocal range before she is there.

  22. I am so sick of jokes about Joshua’s sexuality.  Nobody knows for sure if he is gay or straight.  And, his sexual orientation has nothing to do with his singing.  Clay Aiken and Adam Lambert are both openly gay, and nobody says a word about them.

  23. Jessica you are great , and i hope you win. If you don’t win it won’t matter because you will be picked up as soon as you walk out the door. Look at this way Idol won’t own you. The winner of Idol will be owned by them for a long time.

  24. i think this is going to be like AI season 6 top 3 result where jordin was 16 back then, very young but has this beautiful and powerful voice  like jessica now.  Jessica is definitely IN!…. Phillip is like blake  which is a true artist, has a distinct style and as all teen girls like… very charming. he’s also IN! with all those fans of him, but  i say like blake, hes going to be a runner up meaning jessica will win this whole thing like jordin .. and lastly joshua is the melinda doolittle… very consistent,  the judges always praise but with joshua it’s kind of overreacting with standing ovation everytime. he’s voice and style of singing is very old school, if today is 1980’s or early 90’s he’d be a superstar but it’s not and he’s not that marketable with all the leading artist today… It may be a big shock for everyone but i think joshua will go home… but everyone that will be shock will move on fairly easy because they would then realize that they can’t relate to joshua with all those screaming and dramatic way of expressing the songs… 

    •  I sure hope not for Jess’s sake. AI killed Jordan’s career, her last album only sold 177,000 less than William Hung’s album sales of 240,000. Look at album sales people, that’s what matters. I hope Joshua wins to protect the careers of Jess & P2. They will both do better if they don’t win AI.

  25. Jessica should stay but I’m thinking its not happening since Joshua is the judges’ most praised of them three so he gets votes from the people stupid enough to listen to the judges and Phillip’s got this huge Phil Phillips army of young female voters going on. God I’m so tired of a male winner every single year. We need an AI diva this year you guys! 

      • We for sure don’t need any screaming gospel staying – if Joshua was on my radio, I change the station. I could enev live with opera oner Joshua. Praise the Lord to give us a good- bye to the screamer

  26. So sad to hear about Donna Summer and the circumstances surrounding her death. 

    People talk about the 3000 lives that were lost on 9/11/2001 but this just emphasizes the full impact of that tragic event. We are still experiencing casualties to this day and then you have to add all the brave heroes that were lost in the subsequent wars overseas. This is compelling evidence that it still isn’t over and it’s so sad that we lost such a great musical icon as a result.No life lost to the events of that day are unimportant but sometimes it takes a loss such as this to really bring back to the forefront of our minds the initial emotional jolt of that day and remind people of the true impact that it had on our country, the world and society as a whole. It takes something like this to really put things into perspective and make us realize how petty a lot of our worries in life are.R.I.P. Donna Summer, and may God be with your loved ones to comfort and keep them through this difficult time.

    • RIP Disco Queen….too bad so many of you young whippersnappers didn’t get to dance to her at her peak. One of the few leftovers from Disco that I still like to listen to.

  27. American Idol shocker!

    All three will make it to finale!  First time ever!  We will see.  I hope Jessica will make it.  I hope she will win it. 

    • BS..anyone still watching on the second to the last show wants to know who is going to win…but to ensure viewers, it was smart to get Adam.

  28. donna summer and whitney houston is gone,,,,,jessica sanchez will picked up the  pieces whatever happens tonight…jessica will be a legend someday ,she will carry the torch…….

  29. I have a friend who works at iTunes. She says P2’s downloads are outselling everyone else’s 3 to 1.

  30. IMO based on last night’s performances, Phil was the strongest of the three. 

    However, they saddled Jessica with mundane song choices – nothing upbeat and current that we all know she is capable of doing. 

    Is there something weird and wild stuff happening in the show?
    Like they are making up the rules as they go along. 

    I would be very surprised to see Jessica in the Top 2 now.

  31. I would really like for Phillip Phillips to win…but that may not be the best thing for him. It is my understanding that the winner is locked into a contract with Jimmy Iovine’s record company. Phillip is a freestanding artist with the ability to be creative and entertaining. Steven T. said it last night and I agree…we may be looking at another “Springsteen”  Awesome

  32. I would really like for Phillip Phillips to win…but that may not be the best thing for him. It is my understanding that the winner is locked into a contract with Jimmy Iovine’s record company. Phillip is a freestanding artist with the ability to be creative and entertaining. Steven T. said it last night and I agree…we may be looking at another “Springsteen”  Awesome

  33. Hoping that Phillip and Jessica are in the finals. Love Phillip’s style and unique quality and lovely voice. I will buy his CDs as soon as he cuts one! He has a soulful sound that I haven’t heard from any singer in a long time. Jessica is gorgeous and has an awesome set of vocal chords. Josh? He is not my cup of tea; a little to arrogant for me and too much yelling when he sings. But that’s only my opinion. They are all good……loved Holly and Elise as well!

    • Debbie Downer.   You won’t know that’s true until 8:57 or so..sometimes one says the opposite of what they hope will happen and I think that is the case with you.

  34. certainly…it is a Jessica-Phillip Finale…..if we continuously vote for them officially….

    • She wasn’t terrible..but it wasn’t her best night by a long shot.  She sang her very best in the beginning of the season.

  35. Jessica ..Goodluck,win or loose,youre our winner what happened,ur the best.Goodluck to phil and josh too

  36. JESSICA  for the chance of a lifetime!!! Jessica ALL THE WAY TO THE FINISH AND EMERGE NO> 1.. NO LESS!

  37. Although Joshua and Jessica are arguably incredible singers, they are both one-dimensional.  They both can carry every note very strongly,  but it appears that their singing abilities are limited to one style only (ballads for Jessica;  gospel for Joshua).   Joshua has attempted to sing out of his comfort zone, but it always turns into gospel style.  In my opinion, Phillip Phillips (with all due respect, why would his parents put the first and last names together that way….just my curiosity) is multi-dimensional which is what AI should be looking for.  Jimmy L. said it best tonight when he said that Phillip is willing to take risks, even if it means failure.  In my opinion, Phillip has shown the most artistic, musical, and possibly emotional depth.  As such, I vote for him. 

  38. I think that it sucks that they fix the results by only allowing so many calls (votes ), for your favorite.  It was already decided that Joshua was not going to make it . He was the best, and I was allowed only so many votes for him then all I got was a recording stating that the number was no longer available.  Josh, just know that you were the best according to the public and we wish you the best and hope to hear more from you despite American Idols nonsence. 

  39. My five year old son is scaring the heck out of me. because every time i ask him who is going to get kicked out he picks the right one. but last night i thought he would be wrong and he was just taking lucky guesses. Anyway the show just started and like i always do i say Luke see all the singers i mean he watches it enough to know there names. So i say to him which one is going to get kicked off tonight. And without hesitation he says Joshua. But i say Luke this guy is really good. I mean he screams a lot and many times off pitch. But he covers it up with a lot of passion. No, my son says again Joshua is leaving the show my son then gives me my good nite kiss cause it’s time for bed for him that is remember he is only five but very smart. So now  my daughter and I are hoping Luke is right or he will wake up bald… lol. So LMP sings a very boring song. Then Adam Lambert rocks the house down as usual. By the way his new CD is awesome and i cannot wait till he tours and cuts a CD with Queen. Now Seacrest is ready to tell the world who is going into the finals. My daughter Cordana and I (Corey) get the hair clips ready. First person going to the finals is my girl Jessica Sanchez (Yes Jesus Thank You I Know She Is Going To Win The Whole Thing I SAID FROM DAY ONE! From day One!) So now Josh and Phil are waiting and i look at my daughter and i said to her “Cordana we are going to buy lotto tickets and let Luke pick all the numbers because he is going to be right again.” Seacrest then say’s the next person going to the finals is Phillip Phillips. We went crazy in the house. My son woke up my wife woke up. And my son said to me i told you so daddy you never believe me. I gave him such a big kiss he of course went “YUCK” and wiped it off like any boy would do. So now it’s Jess vs Phil and it will be close. But like i said Jessica will be the first Girls to win AI in a long time. And first Asian girl to win so AI will have some history to add to it’s legacy.

    Peace Out!
    And May The Grace Of God Shine Upon You All!

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