American Idol 2012 Promo Released

American Idol 2012

The first American Idol 2012 promo was released last night during the World Series and while there might not be much there it’s still exciting to know we’re just three short months away from the new season!

The video below features all three judges: Randy, Steven, and Jennifer; plus host Ryan Seacrest as they gather American Idol hopefuls from all over and bring them together for the January 22, 2012 premiere event.

Callbacks for the American Idol 2012 auditions have all wrapped up so hopefully we can start seeing some clips of the singers that we’ll be watching this season. Are you ready for the return of your favorite singing competition show?




  1. I am always excited about a new Idol season…..Three months will be here before we know it…..YAY!!!!

  2. I can’t wait for the next season of Idol to start, especially with the way X-Factor is going downhill rapidly. Steve Jones is a terrible time-wasting host and the show is more about the judges than the contestants. Too much Drama and not enough Music.

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