American Idol 2012 Premiere Date Set and Judges Officially Confirmed

American Idol 2012 season 10 judges

FOX has officially confirmed the return of all the judges for American Idol 2012 after Nigel Lythgoe let the word slip the other week. Apparently Jennifer Lopez, the sole holdout, had not yet signed her contract. But now she has and is $20 million richer for it.

FOX released their usual “greatest season ever!” press release with all the highlights you’ll need for the new Idol season. Highlight of the news is the American Idol 2012 premiere date set for Sunday, January 22, 2012 on FOX.

Global icon Jennifer Lopez, rock legend Steven Tyler and Grammy Award-winning producer Randy Jackson will return to the judges’ panel for the 11th season of AMERICAN IDOL. The trio, along with Emmy®-nominated host Ryan Seacrest, will begin their search for America’s next singing superstar when AMERICAN IDOL debuts Sunday, Jan. 22 (10:00-11:00 PM ET/7:00-8:00 PM PT), immediately following the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP GAME on FOX.

AMERICAN IDOL recently received an incredible 10 Primetime Emmy® Award nominations, more than any other reality program on television and the most nominations in the show’s history. Highlights include Emmy® nominations for Outstanding Reality-Competition Program as well as an Outstanding Host for a Reality or Reality-Competition Program for Ryan Seacrest.

“Having both Jennifer and Steven return to IDOL in 2012 alongside Randy is such a positive reflection on what was a wonderful and hugely successful season last year, and everyone is delighted,” said Simon Fuller, Creator and Executive Producer, AMERICAN IDOL.

“I am very pleased to have our panel of judges back for the 11th season of AMERICAN IDOL,” said executive producer Cecile Frot-Coutaz. “Their chemistry and ability to select amazing talent made last season one of our most successful yet, and we look forward to going on another exciting ride.”

“From the very first day of auditions, we knew we had something special in our new judges panel, and we’re so happy that America felt that way too,” said Mike Darnell, President of Alternative Entertainment, Fox Broadcasting Company. “Together with Ryan – who is fantastic day in and day out – they built an incredible connection with both the contestants and our viewers, and I’m absolutely thrilled to welcome them all back to IDOL for another season.”

The final day of 2012 auditions wraps up this week, but then the judges will continue touring the country for the callback events. Lots more news should be coming soon as the new season closes in with just four months to go.

Source: FOX press release




  1. Sorry, but I can’t stand the weird non feedback from these lame judges…I will not be watching this show in 2012

  2. I am willing to give Idol a shot for this coming season. I am sure the judges will do well where they did well last year in finding good talent, but hopefully once the live shows start we won’t have to hear repeated catch phrases like “that was beautiful” “that gave me goosies” or “in it to win it!” instead of good critique. Mostly because if there is a repeat of that I am sure fans will turn out in droves, second because the landscape has changed. The Voice had a pretty good season last year and while it didn’t do quite the numbers that Idol does it come on pretty strong. Secondly the X-Factor starts next month, and you know Simon(who does actually give good constructive criticism though he can be a bit harsh) is going to be pushing the contestants on that show to give their all. While Idol will not be in direct competition with the X-Factor for ratings(they will be shown at different times of the year and on the same network) they will be in competition of which show can produce the most sucessful artist, so there in lies where having good constructive criticism is a good thing. The judges will have to up their game when the lives shows start and not just say “that was beautiful” or “in it to win it!”.

  3. This panel of judges gave us a much better selection of candidates than The Wicked Witch and Cowell The Cruel did during Season 9.

    • I agree which is why I am willing to give them another chance, their problem was when the show went live they went from being judges to cheerleaders so I am going to give them another chance based on the talent they found last season, but if they start saying “that was beautiful” or “in it to win it” again then I will see what else is on. Pia Toscano finishing 9th, and James Durbin finishing 4th shouldn’t have happened and had they been more on the ball with constructive criticism then perhaps those travesties wouldn’t have happened.

      • If Kara & Simon were still on board, Pia and James would never have made top 24. So, that’s progress of sorts. Fingers crossed for the coming season.

  4. James maybe not, but Pia probably could have made it into the top 24 with Simon there, and since Simon gave constructive criticism during the live shows then Pia might not have been eliminated because he wouldn’t have been telling everyone else that they are great, not to mention that the save wouldn’t have been used to early on someone who had two very bad back to back performances.

    • I may be mistaken, but I thought Pia tried out for Idol a few years ago and was rejected.

      • I just researched it. Pia tried out four times. She made it to Hollywood week in season 6, but Simon rejected her.

      • Who says that Simon would have rejected Pia for season 10? The fact of the matter is that the current judges succeeded in finding some of the best talent that Idol has ever seen, where they failed was giving honest criticism during the live shows which can be partly blamed for why people like Pia getting eliminated well before they should have been eliminated, and not to mention that these judges wasted the save on someone who had two back to back bad performances, when they could have held onto it for someone like Pia or James.

      • I agree about them wasting the save. In fact, I wish they’d dump the save entirely. I believe Simon would have rejected Pia in season 10 because he was even more bored and sour than he’d been 4 years earlier.

  5. It wasn’t the judges who made Idol successful this year it was the talent. With such an army of young talented contestants, it was a pleasure to watch them develop into the stars they have become. The response to their live concerts, without the judges, should reveal that it is the contestants the audience comes to see…not the judges. The talent pool was exceptional this year.

    • Uh. The judges chose the contestants. Without their input we might have had another season 9 lineup. Shudder.

  6. So Idol is going to be on Sundays this year instead of the Wednesday/Thursday format?

  7. I forgot to check Notify me of followup comments via e-mail so I am asking again. Since Idol will be premiering on Sunday, January 22, does that mean Idol will be on Sundays instead of mid week ?

    • It’s season premier is on a Sunday after a big football game, so my guess is that after the season premier it will return to it’s normal timeslot, especially since Sunday night on Fox is mostly for the animated series that is aired on Fox like the Simposons and Family Guy.

  8. If they really want to make this a knock out show they should have regular folks from all the States to be guest Judges on each show even the auditions. I believe more people would relate better with the show and make it the best “Reality Show in the world”

    • IMHO It’s already the best reality show in the world. How would they have people from all over as guest judges? That would involve a lot of legal headaches and people who just wanted a few minutes in the spotlight, not to mention the screening nightmare. They’ve had enough problems in the past just getting clean backgrounds on the contestants, and they’re on more than one episode. That would be foolish to do that screening for judges every week.

  9. I’m wanting to find out when will the 2012 Auditions will be airing on TV. If you could please let me know I would greatly appreciate it. I’m totally addicted to this show and miss watching it when it’s not on.

  10. Parabéns por manter os mesmos jurados para a próxima temporada. Gostei muito da atuação de todos e terão a minha audiência.
    Particularmente, sou MUITO FÃ do Steven Tyler!!!
    Um beijo.

  11. I don’t think Pia was eliminated due to judges critiques. America is smarter than that. I, and others I know who watch. thought she had a great voice but she was boring performance wise and had an attitude of superiority. That can and does affect voting results. I look at all of a contestant’s performances, how they have grown, their voice, performance and attitude.

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