American Idol 2012: Randy Jackson Rates The Top 4

American Idol 2012 judge Randy Jackson

A few weeks ago Randy Jackson shared his predictions for the American Idol 2012 Top 4 and now he’s be back to rank them again.

Randy previously predicted the Season 11 to feature Skylar Laine, Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips, and Joshua Ledet. Now he’s ready to discuss the actual Top 4 and his thoughts on each.

Unfortunately for Hollie Cavanagh, who made the Top 4 cut while Skylar didn’t, Randy still isn’t ready to accept her as a potential performer for the finale. Jackson does note that Hollie had a big week during the Top 5 performance show and is peaking at the right time, but unlike the rest of the singers he doesn’t mention her having a chance to win American Idol 2012.

Joshua impresses Randy with his old school R&B styling and believes he “has a shot at winning.” Randy admires how Phillp just wants to be “unique and who he is.” Of course Randy also thinks Phillips “has a shot at winning.”

Jessica gets a few cheers at the Tonight Show taping before Randy explains how the Judges Save was used because they thought she deserved a second chance. Randy details Jessica’s chances of winning this season as “maybe.” No “saved” singer has ever gone on to win, but Jessica could always be the first to break that trend.

Watch Randy Jackson’s interview with Jay Leno and you’ll be rewarded with seeing a guy get hit by an ice cream truck. Seriously.




    • Jess & Hollie!!! hopefully
      If Jess break the “save” issue, then thats another break through

  1. when jay leno showed the picture of joshua , i thought randy was gonna stand and do a standing ovation !

  2. All of the remaining (4) finalists deserve to be the winner and I am sure whatever happens, they will be succesful in their singing career, not only because of their amazing talents but also with their popularity. Who would think that Holly will reach the top 4 when everybody knows that she was always on the Bottom 3.  Well, I think it’s her fate to be there and who knows, she might be one of the (2) finalists this season.  I really admire her voice as well as Jessica’s and I am looking forward for their battle for the title. 

    Our family and friends are rooting for Jessica to win because we believe, she has the best vocal in this competition…. this is just an opinon.  Many said that Jessica lacks personality but we still believe that talent is the key for an AI winner to succeed.  She is still too young but she can learn to adjust herself and acquire the personality that every bashers are looking for.  What matter  is …  she has that talent that will make her succeed in the future.

    Goodluck to Jessica and to other finalists.  You guys deserve to be there.

    • American Idol Season 11 Top 4 SpoilersCalifornia Dreamin’ Songs“Have You Ever Seen the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival“Steal Away” by Etta James“You Raise Me Up” by Josh Groban“Faithfully” by JourneySongs You Wish You Wrote“And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going” by Jennifer Holliday“I Can’t Make You Love Me” by Bonnie Raitt“Volcano” by Damien Rice“It’s a Man’s, Man’s, Man’s World” by James Brown”I was so happy to see “And I am Telling You” as one of the songs tonite and I hope Jessica will sing it.  Probably, she might sing You Raise Me Up for the California Dreaming Them.Big songs for her and I am sure she will give justice to these songs.We are very happy and excited.We will continue voting for Jessica.

  3. Get ready for the yo yo yo Randy Jackson to give bad comments to Hollie. No surprise there.

    • Calling all Holliepops!  Let’s prove Randy wrong.  Vote, vote, vote!!!!

  4. ME: *crying*
    MOM: What’s wrong?
    ME: Randy Jackson got hit by a truck!!!*cry*
    MOM: oh honey….it’s just a video….it’s not real
    ME: I KNOW ….*CRY* *CRY* *CRY*


  5. Joshua has been consistanly the best performer since the top 13. along with Jessica. I like Phillip, have done from the begining, but really, he is very, very limited musically and looks cringingly embarrassed whenever he has to step outside his comfort zone. Holly is a good singer but very boring and always looks like she`s about to burst into tears or pee herself. Joshua and Jessica can puch holes in steel with their voices but he seems more assured an artist, picking unusual and interesting songs and making them unmistakeably his,Jessica is still struggling to find something that takes her beyond the very good karaioke , maybe time will do it but there is`nt enough time left and she still looks like someone trying to be someone else. In my book , Joshua has everything it takes to be a successful recording artiste tomorrow, I just hope the voters will realise it and make him the next idol.

    • Joshua is always screaming.  He is hugely overrated.  I hope he goes next.  Phillip is cool but limited, I will give you that.  I hope it’s down to Jessica and Hollie.  But they all will do well in the future anyway so it really doesn’t matter….

  6. It’s ok, after all it’s Randy. Sorry but oftentimes now his comments seemed unreliable, uninteresting and even pointless…………..

      • Shouldn’t be surprised of exaggeration here pal………Remember the time after  JS sang “I Will Always Love You” when Steven said she made 40 million people cry? – hey not even close to 30 million viewers that time…..then the latest when  J.Lo said to Joshua that he’s one of the best singers she has seen in 50 years hmmmmmmmmm how old is J.Lo by the way?………..and how many times Randy used to say – that’s one of the hardest songs to sing to contestants?……..simply because the world now is full of unbelievables LOL………….

  7. At this stage of AI, each and every remaining contestant has an equal chance of winning…they have all proven they have the talent and deserve to be there…

    • agree whole heartedly
      But at this point people will vote for their favorites no matter how their performances is done unless of course  you’re still voting even after your fav is already eliminated (vote who performs best or whom they want to be eliminated)

      • No! He’s gotta win if Hollie can’t. I have got to be right on something about this show…..LOL My ego is really taking a beating this season.

  8. OMG like, I so like, want Phillip to like, win, like! He’s like, the cutest!
    And I like, HOPE that FINALLY a GUY wins American Idol! I’m like, so, like SICK of FOUR girls winning in a row! I mean WHAT IS THAT like? I like, so hope that a guy wins American Idol and like, breaks the chain of four girls winning in a row!
    Phillip is like, so, like CUTE like!!! And he’s into like, brunettes so like, I’m gonna go dye my hair brown!!! OMG Phillip has to win! Otherwise there is no hope for this show. Like.

    • Candy, I hoe you are just kidding or being sarcastic otherwise it sounds LIKE a dumb groupie…

    • I’m quite sure there a lot of fans of Hollie fans saying the same thing.   America is caught up on beauty and age….being a P2 fan tho, he is interesting to look at especially when he sings, but I don’t know if “cute” is the right word.  (I do understand ur sarcasm!)

    •  Ha ha, good one Candy. I totally get the sarcasm in your comment! Enough with girls voting for the cute guys and time for a girl to break the four-year streak of guys winning. Totally agree and hope Jessica and Hollie make the finale!

    • yeah….according to Randy as well, ”
      but Jessica could always be the first to break that trend”

    • The logic behind that observation is … a saved contestant was eliminated because he/she was not popular to begin with. And that’s why they eventually get kicked out again.

      I think this is not the case with Jessica Sanchez. She doesn’t have that problem.

      Her elimination was a fluke.

  9. when jessica sing’s, it really represents the true talent of a filipino,,,go jess!!!!!! we are proud of you,,,we really support you here in the phillipines,especially here in sabang morong bataan,be proud to be bataeneos ,’goodluck,were always praying for you,,,

      • She was born here. She is an American. I don’t call myself Irish/American. I call myself an American.

      • Gary..we all know Hollie is American. We just don’t have every Brit coming onto this site and saying. Well. Hullo Governor! I do say..Hollie is the best thing to come across the pond since the colonies were formed.  Carry on old chap and good day.

    • Stop…..d makakatulong s kanya kong patuloy kyong ganyan. Lahat nkakaalam n sya ay noypi huwag ng bataan bataan kc mawawalan ng ganang bumoto ang mga hindi taga bataan. Sana naintindihan mo ang buod ng aking mensahe. Bumuto k nlang kong may praan k.


    •  Gusto kong iboto si Jessica Sanchez dahil may filipino blood siya. Para sa akin si Jessica Sanchez ay amerikano dahil doon siya ipinanganak. Citizenship-wise, she is American. Blood-wise, she is filipino-mexican.

      Sana wag na natin ipangalandakan na pinoy siya dahil nawawalan si Jessica Sanchez ng votes dahil sa sobra natin pag-angkin sa kanya. We vote because she has the blood!

      Sa tingin niyo ba hindi mawawalan ng votes si Jessica sa isa pa niyang lahi kung sobra tayo mang-angkin. Baka hanggang pangarap na lang natin panalo niya kung ipagpapatuloy pa natin yan. Wag natin hayaan mawalan ng gana ang ibang lahi na bumoto sa kanya.

      Angkinin niyo na siya pag nanalo na siya. Wala naman magrereklamo na sa inyo. Gawin natin ang lahat ng paraan na mas dumami sumuporta sa kanya kaya itigil niyo na yan.

      •   You just admitted that the only reason you are voting for her is because she has filipino blood. Wow. How racist is that? I’d better check and see if Phillip or Hollie have any Irish blood or I can’t vote for them. What is wrong with you people?  Do you not have any other heroes in your country? You need to try and take over AMERICAN Idol?

      • I have no idea what you’re saying but by what Pally45 just said you seem very racist to me. Hollie Cavangh for the win!


      • WRONG! You vote because of the talent not because she’s half-filipino….its like saying that even if she was the worst singer in AI, you would still vote for her because she’s a filipino….that was so wrong to say!

      • Google has a translator..which is the only reason I know what this says. Seriously..I fear for Jessica when this is over. Some of her “fans” have already gone over into the obsession or stalking state.

      • Tama. Dapat tayo manahimik at abangan na lang ang kanyang pagkapanalo. Hayaan natin ang mga kababayan natin dun na ipalawig, ikampanya at ipagdasal natin sya.

  10. To those who’s idols (who had real talent) we’re eliminated… please hand the title to someone who can really sing. 

    •  Like HOLLIE! Who is not getting nearly the credit she deserves. This show is so obvious.

      •  Hi Menopaws,

        Did I just heard you say “men do not have paws” heh heh, we never did.
         At one time we thought we have some but the cougars took over and have taken it all away.  LOL

      • I agree with you and Hollie is my favorite and I will try my best to keep her in.

  11. To those who’s idols (who had real talent) we’re eliminated… please hand the title to someone who can really sing. 

  12. To all my friends:

    A future excerpt on Randy’s Comments about Hollie’s performance this Wednesday. 😀

    Yo hey yo , listen , listen “waving his hands up and down to the audience to quiet them down.  Hi Hollie, I mean its nice and all that, I mean it is not one of my favourite song and all that, I mean you sounded ok but to me you were pitchy on some parts, but I say it’s alright. But you know this is the finals, and this song didn’t do it for me , you know………………

    But Randy I did not sing yet????

    I know but you will and so that’s why I am saying now……………………LOL

    Just having fun guys, it is almost over……………….just saying………….

    • Great Ed, just great. Now you have ruined it. We were so anticipating what Randy would say this week and now you have gone and spoiled it. Every voter in America bases their votes solely on what Randy Jackson says you know? 

      Now you have done something worse than Jimmy Iovine in predicting a contestant would be in the bottom 3 even before they performed.

      I hope you are happy with yourself! LMAO

      Good one…..just sayin!

  13. To all my friends:

    A future excerpt on Randy’s Comments about Hollie’s performance this Wednesday. 😀

    Yo hey yo , listen , listen “waving his hands up and down to the audience to quiet them down.  Hi Hollie, I mean its nice and all that, I mean it is not one of my favourite song and all that, I mean you sounded ok but to me you were pitchy on some parts, but I say it’s alright. But you know this is the finals, and this song didn’t do it for me , you know………………

    But Randy I did not sing yet????

    I know but you will and so that’s why I am saying now……………………LOL

    Just having fun guys, it is almost over……………….just saying………….

  14. The judges are there for so called entertainment. They’re a joke and their routine is getting old. Randy’s worked with everybody and knows everyone, but I never hear any of these people praise him. Tyler only knows two words in the English language, “beautiful” and “great” and he’s never heard Bleeding Love? Lopez makes Paula look like Einstein. She’s also self serving and rocks the cradle with every male singer in the competition. Also Randy is either very smart or very stupid…..I have never seen anyone the judges have “pimped” win.

    • Seriously…in what world do you live in if you think Steven Tyler would EVER listen to a station that would play Bleeding Love.

      •  Dude, it’s better to be thought a fool, than open your mouth a remove all doubt. They are supposed to be judges of a “singing” competition. The contestants have a relatively short list of songs to choose from. Numerous times, in the past, a judge has said, “When I saw or heard you were singing this song” to a contestant, confirming they know what they’re singing. If in fact they’ve NEVER heard a song and they are judging a singing competition, any intelligent person should at least find and at least listen to the song, especially one that’s been all over the internet the last couple of years. Seriously…………………

      • @Tcody325 first of all, don’t call me dude. They say that ALL the time that they didn’t know the song. JLO didn’t know the Letter either! Don’t act like I’m the stupid one here. Maybe they like to hear something from the contestant first so they don’t have a pre-judged version in their head. Bleeding Love has been all over the internet? Where? I mean, yes, I had heard it but it wasn’t like it was my favorite song of all time like you are acting.

    • Come on…I think you are a bit too harsh. What about when Simon joked with Paula…remember SEason 2 and were caught lip to lip….Why did you not say that Paula “rocked the cradle” with Simon?? I rest my case. When Ellen or Kari were judges together with Simon and Randy, there were complaints and complaints….Bottom line is, judges are human…they are just giving comments fm their experience. Sure, they may not get it right, but when they Save anyone in any Season we surely must respect their decision…then why not have an AI without judges then..Just Ryan would suffice? That would be boring right. Noone will be pleased with any panel of judges, trust me…Look at X Factor, 2 judges were let go after first Season. This happens in any competition., right?

  15. Oops….that ice cream truck was loaded with tons of Holliepopsicles…..

    • So you did catch the joke. I think the whole point Leno was making was that she cracked Randy’s face. Every heard that term. Leno is very clever that way. And I loved that there was an ad for “The Voice” at the end. That just capped it all off. I got a good chuckle out of this whole exchange. And I liked how interested Kristen Stewart was in Randy’s suggestion…LMAO. That was the ultimate diss!

  16. All the singers are good in their own way. I enjoy hearing Hollie’s voice. She is right on. Her voice is incredible.Wow. You have a great voice Hollie. Randy may be in for a big surprise. I sure hope so and I wish the judges would quit telling America who to vote for. It’s not their job and it’s not nice to leave somebody out. I’msure Hollie knows she’s good, but it hurts so much to hear those comments from the judges, even when you are so good. I guess Holly is a threat to Randy’s ego or he wouldn’t say things–or not say things–like that. I know Holly will do it. 

    • Hollie is one of my fav, so the way I see this is like this:  All of the judges knows that Hollie do have a very exceptional voice but the problem is, she let her nerves get through her.  The judges knows what’s hindering her and they know she knows it too and because of that fact she “HAS” been criticized that way.  The critics she got from the judges maybe harsh to most but to me it was appropricate because it pushed her to strive harded and prove them wrong (reason why she became one of my fav).

      And now that she already overcome her nerves, she’s performing better than ever and reason why judges are praising her and giving standing ovation (besides from JLO for you know what reason) she just simply needs to keep it up and perform like there’s no tomorrow.

      my 2 cents

  17. I hope Jessica will be on the final. If there is one singer that can be dubbed as above their league of singers it is Jessica followed by Phillips. I just can’t fathomed why Randy, JLo and Stevens always praised Joshua’s singing as the best singer of all time and the best in 50 years for all that screechy hollering voices. If Simon is there, he’d tell the truth saying Joshua’s voice  is like a cat in heat.

    • sorry, not that i would like to support the judges. As an innocent onlooker, Joshua does really have a good voice…..Like Louis Armstrong, “scratchy” but in a good manner….mixture of Rod Steward and Louis Armstrong I would say. Just an opinion

  18. Jessica needs to get a personality to match her singing voice. Then, I’d want her to win!
    I like P2 for the win…he is a 21st century Neil Young or James Taylor in my opinion and we could use a rebirth of that late 60s/early 70s style music.

    • P2 is good, no question abt it. But, frankly we had Kris Allen, LeeD and David Cook, do we really need another guy with the same style to win?

  19. Hollie has proven she can sing as good as the rest and her confidence will only grow as she does the summer tour. A boost of confidence, a style change ,the right teacher and she will be the most marketable of them all.

  20. I’m all aboard the Hollie train.  Yes she struggled early on, but it’s not where you start that matters, but where you end up.  Not only is Hollie peaking, but she is peaking at a level that is higher than the others.  From the top 7 on Hollie has been  the best of the lot, and she continues to improve while the others have flatlined or gone backward. 

  21. She’s done it to Colton, Elise and Skylar that I can think of..Hollie definitely has a chance to knock of any of the other three.  I believe Randy is going on odds, trends, etc. more than Hollie’s skills.  It is, afterall, a reality show and he knows it inside and out having been there 11 years.

    • sorry have to disagree. Yes, Hollie is good but i think frankly, she will not be able to beat the other 3. Sorry that’s my opinion

  22. Holly is getting better and better. Her voice is beautiful. She deserves a shot at the top 3. I hope people will give her the chance she deserves. Philip, on the other hand,  seems to be stuck in one place. Jessica is doing very well. Joshua sounds great, when he doesn’t scream.  Please vote for the most talented and not for a cute face. Don’t forget Taylor Hicks. Does anyone remember him? Good luck to all and may the best talent win the competition.

  23. I love Hollie so much!!! Come on holliepops!!!! She will win!!! Power vote for Hollie guys!!

  24. Jessica and Hollie for the finale!!! A lot of people agree here. Pls vote, vote, vote for the girls!!! Specially Hollie who needs our help more to get thru!!! Go GiRL POWER!!!

    • Yeah. This was JLo’s prediction during the Top 13 week. She said that we might have a sing-off between two girls this season. Hope that’s true! 🙂

  25. Hollie must win this! She deserves it all. She could be the next Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood. She makes the best studio recordings so that means… She will be famous soon. One more thing, she has the most marketable voice and look.

    Randy will swallow everything he said negative about Hollie’s great performances. *I still wish that fake video of Randy getting hit by a truck was true* *just kidding* hahahaha

    • Sorry to disappoint you. Hollie is good, yes but not as good as Kelly or Carrie. Sorry

  26. i just wanna clarify this one! Jessica is not a Mexican-American nor a Filipino-American! She is Mexican-Filipino [blood-based] but she is a real American Citizen because she was born and raised in America :]

  27. Well of course Randy would pick both guys, that does not surprise me. I’m sure in the end those 2 guys will be standing. I wish it was going to be Jessica and Hollie standing in the end with Jessica winning.

  28. Oh great we get to she JLo on thursday night have sex with her boyfriend on the stage . lol

  29. don’t know if this is true or already confirmed that Jessica Sanchez & Jesse McCartney finally recorded their duet…..

  30. JESSICA AND HOLLIE in the finale… much better.. its gonna be exciting..

  31. Jessica had to be saved because she is sooooo good, many fans didn’t think it necessary to vote.  Now that her fans have been awaken, she will win in a landslide.

  32. IMO Leno’s prediction as shown on TV:
    1 Jessica 2 Philipp 3 Joshua 4 Hollie

    • OK … Add Leno to that long list. And Kim Kardashian. She tweeted that she ‘will throw her falt screen TV out the window if Jessica doesn’t win AI’. Haha !

  33. Interestingly it is only this site that rates Jessica so much.  If you go to other sites and Facebook, you would see that Jessica is not rated that highly and I agree with the other sites, Jessica has a great voice but a great voice won’t sell concert tickerts unless it goes with a great state presence which at the moment she does not have.  If she wins  people will go and see her and then if she continues to perform the way she does now, she could become a one hit wonder..she really needs to mature and develop her stage presence.

    Out of the top 4 left, I would go and see Philip live as he would be different and his take on music would be entertaining but I wouldn’t bust my gut to see him.  Whereas Joshua, I would queue up and see him.  His stage presence is electrifiying and win or loose he is amazing to watch.  Modern day James Brown in the making….

  34. hollie vs jessica would be one of AI’s best finale ever… and whoever wins will be great for they both are great. 🙂

  35. I read the interview as Randy annoys me for talking too much on AI. We go for a drink or break when he starts talking during the show. The last person to win Idol that Randy predicted was Fantasia. Randy said James Durbin would win last yr. Poor James believed Randy and quoted him on interviews after his elimination. It took James a while to finally get over the shock of being eliminated. Randy is WRONG about Hollie. She WILL be a success in the music industry.

  36. “because they thought she deserved a second chance” — c’mon! the results were rigged for ratings! you can fool no one! 

  37. MOM and I,just agreed that only this person gave the balance performances in this season,,,,JESSICA SANCHEZ,

    top 7
    FALLIN(rnb/smooth)-TRY A LITTLE TENDERNESS(uptempo/ballad)

    top 6
    BOHEMIAN RHAP(uptempo/rock)-DANCE WITH MY FATHER AGAIN(emotional/inspirational)

    top 5
    PROUD MARY(loud,powerful,upbeat)-YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL(inspirational,smooth song)

    and even her before weeks,,,you can see the versatility of this gal…

    everytime we watch her performances,it’s like we are eating a complete meal..ahhhh,we’re soooo fulllll………

    • Felt the same thing~The moment I watch the “Proud Mary” performance, I was like. Wowwh. Who ever have the nerves to dance, to spin while singing like the moment with “Turn the beat around”. It maybe not be a great performance but it’s fun, feels like a bit of a concert~ 🙂

      • I’ve watched her perfomances again and again, particularly the more criticized ones (Turn the beat around, Stuttering, Bohemian Rhapsody, Proud Mary, Try a Little Tenderness), and each time my appreciation for her performances with these songs seem to improve.

        I didn’t understand it for a while until I finally realized that she sang her OTHER songs so well, that it’s a let down if she sings something below her usual brilliance.She has raised her bar so high, that a good performance comes across to me as .. subpar and therefore unsatisfying.It’s about expectations.  

      • @942a38f077c022748f8109fe4e097aa4:disqus  I think “Stuttering” doesn’t belong to the group~ 
        But yes,.. it’s probably depends on expectations~ like Steven Tyler once said, “I think you can’t sing anything bad” 
        I mean, expectations from JS would be different from the rest & vice versa~ 🙂

      • @  lizlie – I only included that song because that was the song she sang before she almost got eliminated.
        Frankly, after listening to that song over and over again … I have to say it was flawless (ignoring the near spill with the seat … whew!).It was a beautiful interpretation of that song. I downloaded Jazmine Sullivan’s original for comparison and IMO Jessica brought that song from obscurity to to possible HIT status.Only … as Jessica feared, that song was relatively obscure … and with songs that are obscure or entirely new, you have have to listen to it 2 or 3 times before you positively know that it’s special. 

      • oh yes, I agree~ I’ve been listening to her song until now especially “stuttering”~ 🙂 It’s beautiful~ 🙂 As far as I remember “Stuttering” by JS got the highest ranking in itunes from AI next is Colton’s —~ 🙂

  38. Go Hollie!!! Still don’t understand what P2 is still doing on the show…he’s good and I loved him since the beginning but some of the people that went home deserved it more.

  39.  I hope Jessica & Joshua will battle out in the finale because they have beautiful voices.

  40. idont like idol before and didnt watch it.
     but when me open my tv set and se e and hear a young girl singing DANCE WITH MY FATHER i just stare and  sit  infront of my tv set and watching her. i love her voice and i admire her so much. i hope she will gonna win. i will vote for her from now on.jessica sanchez   for AI…………

  41. Seems pretty obvious to me that the Hollie fans are latching on to a Jessica – Hollie scenario to pull their girl up haha !

    I have no issues here  :-)))

    It’s a  bit of a ‘hail mary’ but a fan’s got to do what he or she has got to do !

    CHEERS !

  42. correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they save Jessica Sanchez because she is Randy Jackson said that she is one of the best singer in America…. EVER!!

  43. The battle would be Jessica & Josh but the winner shoul be Jessica, I hope.

  44. I think, Jessica have all the quality of being an American Idol. She is young, talented good personality (humble) and have an overall beautiful looks!. I think not only American’s knows that but all over the world that Jessica should win!

  45. Randy can’t hide his dislike for Hollie even when he is on a talk show. American Idol should ban the so called judges from appearing on such shows during the season and commenting on the contestants.

    Since Skylar and Hollie were the best of buddies and that was clearly shown last week with the hugs and how upset Hollie was that Skylar was eliminated, I believe Hollie will pick up many of Skylar’s votes.

    I hope AI gets rid of Jackson and the other two and bring in some younger judges who are more in touch with current music. Last week, we had Tyler saying he didn’t know “Bleeding Love” which was a smash worldwide hit for Leona Lewis and JLO had never heard “The Letter.” Maybe she has an excuse because it was a hit before she was born.

    Tyler is 64 and Jackson is 56 next month and the only reason the average age is 54 is because JLo is 42 (43 in July). Tyler has nothing to offer with his comments, Jackson is useless and biased and JLo keeps saying she wants a girl to win but then pimps the boys.

    Whatever they do, they should not be on other TV shows, talking about the contestants. I hope Hollie saw it and is pumped up to throw it right back in his face tomorrow!  

    In the 11-years the washed out “I’ve worked with everyone” dude has been on AI, he has only predicted the winner once. 

  46. will go for jessica…… this time experimental & variety songs is no longer applicable….just to be sure of winning she should sing a songs that best describes her personality & most type of songs that she’s really excell……………ballad & slow songs with high notes really good for her…..a sure of winning !!!!   Go jessica!!! God bless….

    • I say stay with 2 songs of a different beat~ 🙂
      1 upbeat and 1 slow ballad~ 🙂 It’s not boring keep it up~! ^^
      but stay fun girl~ 🙂 We’ll support you~ 🙂

  47. Just cannot imagine the final 2 being anyone but Phillip and Joshua ~~ in that order.
     Phillip is a unique talent and very special artist.
     So sad that Skylar is not in the final 3.
    Look to hear a lot of great music from all 3 of these talents for many years to come.
    Good luck and God Bless!!

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