American Idol 2012 Rankings: Top 5 Week In Review

American Idol 2012 Top 5

We’re getting down to the end of American Idol 2012 so let’s see where your votes are placing the few remaining Idol Hopefuls for Season 11. Over twelve thousand votes were cast in our Top 5 poll last week and once again it correctly predicted the lowest vote-getter.

Jessica Sanchez broke the half-way mark this week with 51% of the vote. As fewer singers remain there seems to be more coalescence behind her than the other singers. If official voting was international then Jessica could probably win this whole thing without even showing up for the last two weeks. We’ll have to wait and see if she can draw enough domestic support to be the first eliminated singer to come back and win it all.

Randy Jackson might not be a “Holliepop,” but he admitted Hollie Cavanagh had a big week last week. Hollie placed second in the poll with an impressive 16% which gave her the best she’s earned all season here on the site. Of course it still wasn’t enough to keep her out of the Bottom 2 last week so that won’t give her much so much comfort. Hollie will be the favorite to go home again this week after taking over Elise’s vacation home in the Bottom 3. Can she have an even bigger week this time around to avoid that elimination?

Joshua Ledet continues to ride the middle of the pack with 13% of the vote last week. Other than a stand out week for Joshua back during the Top 11 where he pulled in 26% of the vote there’s been rather mild support here on the site. Of course mild is better than vacant, but mild won’t win you the competition even if the judges say you are “the best singer on Idol EVAH!” Ledet does go in to this week well positioned for a chance at the American Idol 2012 finale, but he’ll need to do a lot more if he wants to win it all.

Phillip Phillips looked like he was in a potentially dangerous position after coming in second to last in our poll, but when the time came for official results he was sent to the safe zone. Following the trend of the past four seasons it seems like Phillip has this season in the bag. When you have an off night like he did last week with only five singers left and you don’t fall in to the Bottom 2 then you know there’s little wrong he can do in the eyes of his fans. I’m definitely expecting Phillip to head on to the finale.

Last but not least, well I guess it was least when it came to the votes, is Skylar Laine. Pulling in just 8% of the vote here put her in the hot seat both in our poll and on the show. It was her second week in a row in the Bottom and despite being the only country act left in the show she couldn’t draw the support she needed to stay in the race. After last season’s finale showdown between two country performers you’d think there’d be support for at least one this time around, but maybe last season was a one-off. Either way, the lowest vote getter here was once again the lowest vote getter on American Idol 2012. Well done, readers.

This week will keep the pressure on especially for Hollie who will have to defy the odds and pull out her biggest week yet if she wants to move on to the end. Anything can happen so keep watching and get ready for more American Idol!

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American Idol 2012 Top 5 performance rankings




      • Actually Bob, none of them will lose. They will all most definately get recording contracts, and that was the major prize going thru this process. The title of American Idol has proven to be not as important as making it into the top ten, as Daughtry and Jenifer Hudson can attest to. So Joshua doesn’t need the title, he’s already accomplished what he set out to do, as have several of the top ten. So you see Bob, he’s already won. And just for laughs, I kinda hope Phillip wins, cause then he would be contractionaly obligated to make the kind of record that Idol sees fit, which is actually hilarious considering Phillip could give a damn what Idol thinks, so that would be a great power struggle to witness. So Joshua will be successful no matter where he finishes, so he wins no matter what Bob. But Josh for the finale!!

  1. I hope Jessica wins too,but don’t forget Hollie who is an underdog with a tremendous voice.Even tho Randy doesn’t like her and JLO doesn’t get Goosies every time ,I think Tyler likes her.I would like to see Jessica and Hollie face off in the finale..

    • Holly and Jessica’s battle for the title is our wishful thinking.  Both of them have poweful voices and they will be fun to watch.  Our family and friends want them both in the final’s night.  It is just…Holly is so lucky to be on the Top4 and I think it’s her fate.  Jessica’s edge is her being consistent since the elimination round.

      Between the (2), we prefer Jessica to grab the title.

      Goodluck to the (4) finalists.

      • definitely! no doubt about it jessica is going to win or grab the title she’s the ONE

      •  Holly had one good night ( with good song choises) and  some get hysterical about her having the best voice and belonging into the finale. What is with all the weeks before, where she brought mediokre or weak performances? Did you forget this?
        We should wait  2 weeks to talk about a Jessica-Holly-finale.

  2. You know I agree, Holly is great, and Randy has his favorites he does not know talent, Jessica,Holly and Josh are the best.

    • I agree Jessica is the hole package. She should win, is the best. JLo must just stop week after week to tell Jessica she is so young, the Idol is about voice,  talent, personality and the best performances.

  3. Jessica Sanchez peaked too early in the American Idol, that’s why she went slowly down as it is the only way since she was already at the top. Now, since she was almost eliminated (the lowest part), there is no way for her, but to only go up. The good thing is that she is not peaking fast again, but rather slowly until possibly getting a 60% again in the poll in this site.


    (1) Disregarding the 60% at the top 13, her percentages in this poll is slowly going up, does tells us either there were an increase of international Jessica Sanchez’ fans reading this site or just some of the supporters of eliminated contestants jumped ship to support her, and also maybe she’s just slowly earning back those who liked her at the top 13.

    (2) Jessica Sanchez is getting under the radar now. No one or a few is really acknowledging  that she’s having great nights again, but rather the votes are the one that speaks that she is still being great in her performances. I am sure that she’ll end up in the top three and a high possibility of getting into the top 2. Winning the American Idol? I’m starting to pray for it now.

    • IMO in this point of the competition, Jessica will start showing us that she is really after for the WIN…  She knows tons of current/popular songs and she know its time to start showing off (outstanding performances with crazy vocal techniques) and I honestly anticipating for it…

      While Hollie, since she already knows what to do, she’ll be very determine to show to everybody that she’s just a pretty girl.  She’ll be showing us that she do have vocal techniques just like Josh and Jess.

      Now well see how the remaining AI hopeful play their strategies!

      Go girls!!! 

      •  So why hasn’t she been doing it all along?
        Sanchezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz very sleep inducing

    • Given the comments i am reading here, i do not think jessica will win. There are ppl out there who will vote just to ensure she does not take the crown

    • JS peaked– but not having some bad song choices but I think still consistent– I think she’ll peak again~ now that’s the right timing for me~ 🙂



  5. No one said Josh was the best ever…pay attention…they said ” ONE ” of the best!!!

  6. here is how i see each contestant is doing numbers wise :

    jessica is climbing
    holly is peaking
    philipps is rising
    joshua is screaming

    • No.

      Jessica is winning.
      Hollie is singing with Jessica in the finale.
      Phillip is going home and suffer from constipation.
      Joshua will be shedding his real colors.

  7. You usually receive that praise when you are an all around performer with both vocals and stage presence…GO JOSHUA! Jess will never receive that kind of praise cuz she is boring and need to work on her stage performances…She can sing, but that only takes you so far…Have to be able to carry a concert…which she is not ready for just yet?

      • She wasn’t signed before because she wasn’t that ready. Have you ever heard of singer-producers wanting to sign Jess before now? Na-uhh…. How about now???? If you haven’t yet. Start searching my lovely @f724eb9806b2247da84cde7955d66df4:disqus … 🙂

      • And you know this for sure how?? Opinions are like buttholes buddy, everybody’s got one, doesn’t mean your right. No one has any idea what these contestants will do in America, much less internationally, unless you are Nostradamus 2.0, which I seriously doubt. So you want to answer for millions of people you don’t even know, and predict the future………erroneous and hogwash

      • @ab544e3bd5eaaf087957c6132a36d262:disqus Let’s see…. It’s always erroneous to predict the future. It doesn’t stand to be right as always. Everyone has its control of stating what he or she thinks will be happening even if it will go the opposite way. I’ve seen how the idols went to fame while others spent their whole time trying even with the tag of having the title or the runner-up title are in their hands. Idols that are seemingly right toward the infamous list are Clay, Lee, Justin, Ruben, Taylor and Blake. They were all pimped a lot by the Judges. Joshua is right on that track. That’s how I pass my judgement conceiving that most of the people think what I think. If you’re not on the side I’m relating to, I can understand that. I really do. .^_^ Have a great day!

    • Your so right.. Jessica has been boring me lately too, I think she’s good but just not my cup of tea. & Joshua does something new every week and its amazing! TEAM JOSH!.. & for you haters, I don’t know what you are hearing but it’s not called screaming, its talent. Steven Tyler did the same thing for years and made millions, so hate all you want.

      • to each his own. By the way, I am not a Joshua fan. But it is not screaming. It is good vocals

      • i think most of those who said that joshua screams were Whites…coz they know very little about Soul music, we Pinoy do. that’s why jessica screams a hell lot like she want to swallow all her haters!! 

    • speak for yrself. Like I said, one man’s meat is another man’s posion. WE love Jess

      • that’s my point…don’t hate on a person if you don’t understand or like their music…if you like jess that’s cool but to criticize a whole genre of music…by the way jess happens to idolize the same genre you criticize???

      • I see sailor moon has a pic now…huuh, I always pictured you a guy..haha

      • IMO there is no way that Jessica could headline a concert.  She has no personality, isn’t a looker and has no shape.  She sounds Ok for one or two songs on a CD, but then she’s boring.  I’d never be able to get through an entire Cd of hers.  She’s not marketable in the USA or Europe although she might do very well in Asia.  A dynamic performer like Adam Lambert does well all over the world, but there is nothing dynamic about jessica.

    •  I am sorry but you seem to be out of tune! Carry a concert???? Just what do you mean by that? I suggest that you write down your opinion without too much emotions involved…it simply gets mixed up. Read some sites, blogs, maybe the LA Times, just maybe you’ll see for yourself who wants to sign-up with Jessica.

      • she has over 200 youtube videos and has been in many events, she can attract a crowd and capture them 

      • Yes, dwelling on our feelings alone without principle is so deceiving!! We can’t trust our impulse! It’s selfish! liar! envious! domineering!

    • i dont know, check out some of her youtube videos, she is amazing 

    • Sabracita  Stupida!
      Sabunutankita! You’re armpit stinks and so is your empty coconut shell!

  8. I hope Phillip continues the trend and wins this thing!  J & J will be fine with their voices…I’m hoping its Hollie v. Phillip.  I know this isn’t going 2 b popular on this site, but we all have our own favorites.

  9. I hope Hollie makes Randy eat his words. Something tells me of his character that even if she does he wont admit it. She has already insulted him by being in the position he predicted for Skylar.

    I have predicted Phillip to win from the beginning even though he is definitely not the best singer. That is how I predict the votes will go.

    Of the four left I really feel that Hollie should be the winner. She absolutely out performed Jessica and Skylar in their trio last week. That is my opinion but my confidence is not high. Hollie has done great against all odds and definitely should feel proud of what she has accomplished.

    • Yeah, Hollie was the best. Everyone should have known of that.

    • anything can happen. Frankly i feel, given his lady fan base Philip will take the crown and no matter how the other 3 fair, he will win cos of his popularity

  10. Jessica is in it to win it! Don’t get stressed. I f you choose songs that would captivate the whole America, you’re in. 🙂

  11. It isn’t right that any judges will be giving predictions despite that the show is still running.

    Randy is such a faggot. He just stepped-crushed Hollie for being predicting her the odd one out last week and now Randy is doing it again this week.

    Gradually, I feel like killing Randy. He is becoming so ugly inside and out.

    Holl-Jess for the finale!

  12. Here’s hoping that Hollie pulls off another “WOW” this week to keep her momentum going.  If she does she definitely will have earned her spot in the top 3!

  13. wow . i saw jessica’s cricket commercial. awaesome. now i am looking for joshua’s creepy commercial….

    •   markblanchard  
      hmmmm,….the little gecko dances more in his commercials…what she did in the commercial is not dancving, it’s called vogueing and was invented by Madonna.  I don’t think this commercial helps her image at all, it makes her come accross as a very spoiled teen girl with no morals or controls.

      • Bobby, I doubt you could do any better. You are probably stiff as a log. Based on your comments you are the one that sounds spoiled and who didn’t get a lot of love. Deprived Bob?

  14. I hope Hollie goes all the way to battle against Jess. These girls are the best. Teenage girls, do not vote anymore for PP or Joshua: the first has already a girlfriend, the second will never be interested in you!!! Vote for the most beaultiful voices: GO GIRL POWER!!! Ps: let’s save HOLLIE

    • I guess it’s about time to have an all-female finale.  I believe the last time we had one was in season 3.  Some people say power singers or ballad artists are not in vogue.  No one can ever predict that.  With the right songand perfect timing, things can be great for these two young ladies.  Go, Jessica and Hollie.

    • I’ll keep voting for Phillip, he’s the best and I believe he’s the one in the group who will have the longest career.  

    • Joshua is winning!!!!
      Joshua is the best!!!!!
      The man with agolden voice!!!!!!!
      Even Hollie agrees that Joshua’s voice is out of this world!!!!!

  15. YO!!
    COME ON……….

      • @b114eac4e5bf69a8b76a0a84b063c85d:disqus 
        Yes, JS is the only one that got a million/s views in youtube alone in american idol channel alone, I guess~correct me if I’m wrong. 🙂

      •  Well, when you say the “best” one can only think you are talking about Phillip. Maybe Jess has so many views because there are 94,000,000 people in the Philippines.

      • @ca7fc47a098c11098707f66f47fe5945:disqus Let’s see… You Youtube is accessible worldwide.
        You’re saying it’s because of the pinoys. Hmmm, Jessica is American-Mexican-Filipino.

        Don’t count the 94 M people my dear IdolTruth whatever your name is…. Mexico has 112 M and Us of A has over 300 M people. Youtube will welcome you with arms wide open to check the viewer statistics. 🙂


  16. I don’t see why people keep saying Phillip had an off week this past week. He did much better than the previous (Queen) week, in my opinion. He also looked like he was feeling better, besides, so hopefully his performances will ramp up to the par for the finale.

  17. Jessica fans, please please vote for Hollie. She really needs your help. I’m not the BIGGEST fan of Jessica, but I want to see a Hollie-Jess finale just as much as you do! Plesae vote guys! Much love!

    • No way! Jessica fans will only vote for Jessica! We don’t care who else is in the finals as long as Jessica’s there!

      • Amen to that… we don’t need split votings coz we don’t care who will be with Jessica at the finale as long as she is there, we will vote solidly for her.

      • Yep, because all of you JSan fans are so selfish. Show a little tiny shread of kindness for once… -_-

      •  A sure way to get Hollie voted off, so many of Jess fans will only vote for Jess and so Hollie fans better only vote for just Hollie or you will be sending her home before Joshua and Phillip.

    • Yes, I think JS fans will vote for only JS.
      Hollie fans, the same.
      But good news for Hollie, she might get some votes from Skylar fans though~ 🙂

      • Im a skylar fan, but i will have to wait until the pervormance night beforei give my judgment. As of now, its still open, and i will give my votes (not as much as i gave to skylar) to whoever will perform best (based on my standard, not the judges’, not the boggers’ opinions) goodluck to the 4 remaining contestants. This is a crucial night for you guys! 🙂

      •  skyesHollie and Jess, they called Skyler a big ole fat country hoe. They should go down, they stole it from Skylar. Hollie in bottom every week should be gone. Jess voted to go home, judges save her. They stole it from Skylar they jello of her.

    •  well i dont like hollie in the finals, so just keep on voting, let’s all vote for our bets and mine is JESSICA!

    • why jessica fans vote for hollie,,, yaarkzz… it should be solid vote for jess… 

  18. Okay, I’m joining the club! Jessica vs. Hollie for the finale!!! Lets VOTE like crazy, people and make it happen!!!

  19. Since when AI had all female finale? Was it Fantasia and Diana? Well it really is high time to have another all girls finale. It’s like Celine Dion vs Beyoncé Lol!

  20. Praying for Jessica to bag this prestigious competition “AMERICAN IDOL11 , they are all winners, juicy recording contracts definitely underway… but we have to respect and honor who will be crown the best of them all.  God bless… Good luck…

    • amen! new york supporting jessica sanchez all the way until she’ll be crown as a AMERICAN IDOL WINNER, SOLID votes for this girl. southampton up to east end only recognized jessica because of her being classy and elegance  and she’s been recognized and love all over the world.

    • Praying….is that the only way she can win? Pathetic.
      I crown her, princess of teenager Filipino Hookers.

      • a very classy comment… your heart out BOB…JESSICA is in it to win it! hahaha! obviously a hater, you’re the pathetic one! Im not even a filipino, but morons like you with comments like that makes me sick! Thats why some filipinos here thinks we are discrimating them, tsk tsk!!!! loser!



      •  Wern anderson. I’ll pray for your soul. next time be sensitive with your comments . loser

      •  you’ve got so much hatred within you…pity, such a loser…when you could be doing more worthwhile things…

    • Aside from praying for Jessica to win, we should vote for her to make it happen

    • God hates division and controversy! Why are these  people always have to involve God in this worldly matters….is this how they perceive God?    

  21. Skylar should have won. But I’m still rooting for Hollie and Joshua. :/

  22. BBCHEZ IS IN IT TO WIN IT! I’m praying that that Joshua fag will have his/her grand exit this next elimination night! I’m so sick of him/her shouting and shouting. He/she is like castrated every time he/she opens his/her humongous mouth! Dang!

  23. I am huge idol follower and fan but this year has really seemed to bore me. Although I still have my personal favorites, I feel like it is lacking in excitement when it comes to the performances and they all closely mimic the condensers previous performances. I feel like we get similar performances every week and although great not fantastic although I 100% support and believe the top 4 are incredibly talented.

  24. Hollie Cavanagh has the best voice….phillips is too bluesy, Josh screams too much, Jessica has too much vibarto…Hollie out of these remaining 4 has the most pleasant voice to listen to…

    • if she has the best voice….then why no praises from different artists, grammy winners? just saying you know…im not here to hate…she is in fact the most improved, but the best voice among the four? questionable!

      • Because she doesn’t have fans out there trying to push her down the worlds throat. She’s gotten many comments from non other than:

        Leona Lewis, “I was so honored by Hollie’s choice of my music. Her voice and stage talent will carry her as far as she wants to take it.

        Kylie Minogue, “Hollie has such an incredible voice and stage presence, She will take the world by storm”

        Sir Paul McCartney. “I thought we were the only good thing from Liverpool, Hollie solidifies Liverpool’s role as another legend in music”

        Pink “I’m not a Idol watcher, but a friend told me about Hollie’s talent and when I watched her, she just melted me”

        Madonna, “Hollie’s is such a beautiful girl, she is all you see and hear when on stage”

        Justin Beiber tweeted “I’m such a Holliepop!”

      •  IdolTruthRuth   You forgotIke Turner said “That Filipino B****, I’d slap her silly, trying to do Tina, made Proud Mary into Pinoy Hoe, she has no chance against that hot cute white girl Hollie, she’s a dream on stage”Pope Benedict an advid Idol fan said: “Hollie is such beautify specimen of Aryan supremacy, our Führer would be so proud of her and she has God’s inside blessing” he winked.

      • I dont believe Pink & Madonna would make a comment like that. Remember these two celebrities that don’t like publicity only when they are making a concert because they said performances werent appropiate for teenagers to watch. There were instances that Madonna had been stopped from one of her concert years ago beacuse of moral issue.

        I remembered growing up that I was not allowed to listen to Madonna’s songs because it promotes materialism and worldly. Well, just an opinion.

  25. I just watched several JLO music videos. Other than her butt, this woman has no talent. WTF, no wonder she gets gooseys all the time from screamers…though Steven may have to to with that via under the table shenanigans. BTW, Simon admits he and Paula had many under the table shenanigans, usually involving Paula’s shoeless feet.

  26. Skylar fans might be voting for Hollie starting this week, since they’re good friends. Just my thought.

    I’m for Jessica winning this title …

    • A skylar fan here waiting for the performance night before i give my judgment! 🙂

  27. skylar should have had the save WASTED on jessica.. if hollie goes next  i hope phillip will be the winner then.i dont see what the judges see in josha to give him standing o’s. i guess its the hollering and screaming. they need new hearing aids i guess.. 

  28. #1 hollie
    #2 phillip
    #3 jessica
    #4 good by josha

    this is the way i would like it to go but i doubt this happening with the judges putting there two cents in and doing standing o’s for there favorite..

  29. I am ready and hope you all are!!! Jessica for the win! Let us rally behind her all the way and exert more effort during voting hours. Unity is the key! Please notice a lot of below the belt comments and I wonder why it is allowed. Another reflection of mentally abused youth without the benefit of education. Let us not stoop to their level and show these poor lost souls that we are here to support Jessica.

  30. I would like Jessica more if it weren’t for the obnoxious side of her fanbase. Just saying. -_-

  31.  don’t like Jess. do not know why though I am Asian. just wait and see when the competition over. who will be in the road of success. who will sell more albums and be on billboard chart!

  32. i think jessica trying to copy beyonce……not original for me….just saying..

      • of course u said so what!!…because what do u want is jessica to win…from ur face i think u r pinoy right…okayy………..just saying….

    • I think Team CD (NOW P2) is trying so haaaaaaaard to pull Jessica down… so pathetic… just saying…

    • From your ison with no photo, i have a feeling you’re a devil disguising as a human being… just saying…


    • Really??? She should’ve copied the name as well. LOL 🙂 

      Making Beyonce as one of her inspiration doesn’t mean copying The Beyonce… She’s making a name for herself. 

      How about Phil sounding like Dave Matthews minus the Electrical moves, Hollie sounding like Adele’s protégé and Joshua being a Mantasia. C’mon…. All of them are original. 

      Just saying..—->[I think I’ve read this last sentence already postssssss ago…]

      • hahaha thumbs uo @yahoo-3EVFHKEKYBC7BJLUFNUW6TRFJA:disqus  just sayin…

      • jimmy said about jessica’s performance ..

         However, he didn’t love the Tina song. “I think we all know by now that I think Jessica is technically the best singer in competition, but last night was a travesty. She took on Tina, added Beyonce  

        jennifer lopez…. Jennifer called it “a little bit of Tina, a little bit of Beyonce.” 

      • Jimmy paid a lot of attention to Jessica’s outfit.

        A little bit of Tina and a little bit of Beyonce is different from “Copying the Beyonce…” From a judge’s point of view—it’s fairly normal to say that at one performance or another, the contestant will have his or her “a little bit of someone”. We’ve had our ears on that kind of opinion from the first season up to now.

      • Oh. That’s what you are trying to point out……. I see. Well, you should see what words to place so you won’t be misquoted. 🙂 It’s really a funny thing to mean what you want to mean and others are thinking the opposite, right?

    •  It’s a disgrace that another noypi who sits in some computer shop trying so hard to put another noypi down. Your opinion matters if it makes sense….does it make sense to you? Sorry it does not.

      • jimmy said about jessica’s performance ..
         However, he didn’t love the Tina song. “I think we all know by now that I think Jessica is technically the best singer in competition, but last night was a travesty. She took on Tina, added Beyonce  
        jennifer lopez…. Jennifer called it “a little bit of Tina, a little bit of Beyonce.” 

    •  Phillip and DM are very different, they may been in the same genre, but use very different vocal styles as well as the music being different. Phillip wears much more formal clothing than DM does.

      You take Jess…she dresses exactly like Beyonce does even when it so very tasteless.

      • jimmy said about jessica’s performance ..
         However, he didn’t love the Tina song. “I think we all know by now that I think Jessica is technically the best singer in competition, but last night was a travesty. She took on Tina, added Beyonce  
        jennifer lopez…. Jennifer called it “a little bit of Tina, a little bit of Beyonce.” 

    • Beyonce would always be the original, if Jess is singing beyonce’s songs, it doesn’t mean she’s trying to copy her, she’s just doing her own interpretation of the songs…Ofcourse it has to sound like the original otherwise it would be different and boring!! Eventually, she’s going to have music of her own….unique, not copy….and if someone’s gonna’ like it, she/he’s going to sing it the way it’s being interpreted…but it doesn’t mean it’s trying to imitate or copy the artist…you simple minded… Think!!!

  33. i just hope for Jessica to sing any of these songs, by Contestant’s, Producer’s or Judge’s Choice, Laserlight or Domino by Jessie J, Love On Top of Beyonce, We Belong Together by Mariah Carey, Fighter, The Voice Within or Beautiful by Christina Aguilera, And I’m Telling You by Jennifer Hudson, Skyscraper of Give Your Heart A Break by Demi Lovato… keeping my fingers crossed…

      • Have you travelled overseas? I have seen singing competition in other coutries where a 16 years old and below sings an older songs but still won the competition.  The most hard songs to sing and show more vocals are sang by most matured let say veterans singers. In other countries, they break it down in percentage, like 50% vocals, 20% audience impact, 20%originality, 10% performace. Something like that. So people have basis how they vote for the contestants. And they don’t have backup dancers, singers, musicians in the background. Just simply a band that you will not see on stage. That way, you can measure the contestants according to their percentage. I think competition here in the US are more of a show, ratings, production and good looks.

        Well, thats only my opinion.

      • Yes, Agree~ I used to watch competition with such criteria or almost the same like they’re giving the voting percentages just one part of the criteria but however AI winner is 100% base on America’s choice/voting~ 
        Nevertheless, I still think the top4 deserves to win~ 🙂 I’m enjoying the show~ 🙂

  34. I think Team CD (NOW P2) is trying haaaaaaaaaaard to pull Jessica down… so pathetic… just saying…

  35. I think Team CD (NOW P2) is trying so haaaaaaaard to pull Jessica down… so pathetic… just saying…

  36. @f5263eacb22b7df53dfa6f7042c2dd85:disqus @twitter-168893411:disqus  @eyeseyes:disqus ……guys…i’m not pinoy…..i’m asian…but not philipino….but i watch phillipines’s dramas…marimar, she wolf, endless love, stairway to heaven….i know dennis trillo, dingdong dantes, i love phillipines….i love hollie, i love p2…….FTW!!!!!!!!!!!

    •  She Wolf album by Shakir, moving Jess into more slutty realms as if not enough all ready. Why are you Filipians so slutty? I thought some of you Muslims, this is not Muslim in any way….you going to burn 

      • ummmm…i don’t know how to say …but firstly i’m not pinoy…ummm…but if u don’t know anything about what i’m comment please don’t reply….and she wolf is a DRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAAAA…..NOT AN ALBUM….and even though i’m not pinoy, but im mad at u,…ur comment is too controversial….

    •  Please, please spare me the humiliation. It doesn’t make sense. Be true to your self and maybe then, you’ll end up a happy person.

      • i am not pinoy….i’m swear to god..i am not pinoy…what do u want me to do to proof that i’m not a pinoy…what!!!!!!…but that doesn’t mean i don’t like phillipines…I LOVE PHILLIPINES….but i doesn’t like when people think about me that actually not me….u know what i’m saying….

      • top secret….. . 
        because I was afraid if I post a bad comment to a contestant, you all will condemn my country .. …i will reveal it… b4…….american idol finale….

      • Cmon dont worry…i myself too is doubtful about jess…yes im filipino..but it aint gonna mean that she’s the one i think gonna win..i like her bcoz she has a blood of filipina, but AI wise, im worried

      • PEOPLE!  This is American Idol.  Stop all of the childish name calling and international bickering.  Jessica is Mexican/American.  That her mother is filipino is of no importance whatsoever.  She carries her father’s name not her mother’s.  People in America do not regard her as filipino and her winning will not bring any honor to the Philippines.  It may bring some honor to the Latino community.  

  37. ABC News this morning
    Jess Sanchez may be disqualified. Apparentlt birth certificate she submitted was not an official one. Now there are questions about her real birth places as some are saying it is really Mexico. If she cannot present official US birth certification, she will be disqualified.

    • This is a poor allegation of AI production to disqualify the only legit winner. 

      • sorry to inform you… but Ms. Sanchez was already eliminated once. I think she may be the best there, but if she takes the crown, it won’t be legit

      • Chubaca, Why not LEGIT? as far as I’m concern. “The Save” is part of the competition and that’s make it legit~ haha. 😀

    • If this is true, it would be another SHOCKER! I hope they won’t allow it. They should have check it even before the audition I guess~ 🙁

      So far ABC site doesn’t post anything about, I hope it’s not true~ 🙂

    • what genius started this rumor???  does it really matter where she was born??  isn’t it about where she’s living NOW?????  leave this little girl alone and let her SING!!!!!!!!

    •  There is such a thing as US citizen by birth, immigrants, or a permanent resident, and not to forget that her dad is with the US military. I don’t think that’s an issue.

      • The real Americans in this country are the Indians. Everyone of us are immigrants. The first settlers are the hardworking people and the new generations are but not all are spoiled and lazy. Thats why the United States still hiring professionals from overseas even to this time of economic hardtimes. And even how much the government would like their jobs to come back here in the United States it will never happen because people from overseas are more hardworking people. Most of the reason are not really beacuse of cheap labor, I think its a lot easier to work with peoplethat the majority are goal oriented and workso hard to support their families.

        Hey, for those people who traveled in other countries can compare our kids in the US and the kids in other counties. Miles…miles away in difference especially in family values and how they take responsibilities even at the age of 6 or 7.

        Im sorry guys, I am not  here to put down other cultures and values. Its really nice if everyone of us can experienced seeing other coutries and know their values, tradition and cultures. And everyone of us can pick up some good things that will help all of us to respect each of us.

    • Hmmm… I believe Hollie and HeeJun weren’t born in the US, right? So what’s the deal about Jessica’s birth issues?

      She was born in Chula Vista, California from a Mexican American and Filipino couple. Where’s the issue again? “Some are sayin’?….” People’s minds when they work….

      •  I agree with you there. Jessica is NEWS! How can a daughter of a US military personnel from Texas who studies in a Calif high school not a citizen of her own country? Granting that she was born in whatever country outside the US, but she has lived in the US for so long enough to be given or apply an immigrant’s visa or permanent visa at that. Again, Jessica is plain and simple…. sells, is news, and popular now. Everybody wants to take part of the pie.

      • Madisonellis93 I think you are right. I think you can considerJessica as a STAR. Everyone talks about her. Bad or good comments still a great publicity. I never seen anyone in years that talks about a contestant in AI or someone in many years. That’s the reason why I was curious to search her online and watched her videos on you tube. Hey, they talk about her on the radio, on TV and even online. Well, thats an accomplishments. And record producers like that meaning people are interested on her even they show hatred, negative comments. What the producers wants are if someone will even react on her. One example is me. I never watched AI until a radio host kept talking about Jessica of AI so I got curious and now started to make a comments. Meaning the publicities on her works.

      • Hollie was born in the UK and Heejun in South Korea. In Season 7, Carly Smithson was from Ireland and Michael Johns from Australia. I’m sure I can find more if I tracked the contestants from all seasons but as long as they are residents of the USA, it does not matter where they were born.

        That being said, there is nothing on the news blogs about it so I think it is BS anyway.  

    • OK, it’s a hoax. This guy Idol News has got only one single post in his Disqus account. This post and nothing else.

    • You are funny…hahaha! Hollie was born in England, so she must be disqualified too. So, Joshua & P2 in the competition. A  news to talk about not a reliable one….

  38. I hope the trend here of the lowest vote getter leaving AI stays true this week.

  39. I prefer Jessica to sing “You Haven’t Seen The Last Of Me” by Cher from the movie ‘Burlesque’. It’s a very good song. It’s like a statement song saying that her top 4 performance won’t be her last on idol ’cause we’re still gonna witness her bag the title. The first ever ‘saved’ contestant on AI to win the title. Jessica for the win!

  40. How true ….??  Phillip is the pick of VFTW…??
    Does that site still have any clout???

    • In season past, there was always someone who ended up being in the top 10 who had no right to be there (such as Sanjiya). And because of that, very VFTW always had something they could work with. But, this season VFTW must be having a difficult time. As there it really is a close compitition this years, with no stinkers.

  41. All Jessica fans please don’t stop voting for her.just know that when you think you’ve voted enough for her you’re wrong.keep voting as much as you can.don’t just say “i want jessica to win” or “I think jessica will win”.JUST VOTE YOUR **** OFF FOR HER!

  42. I am actually hoping Phillip wins……his sound is so new & refreshing. Jessica, although she has a nice voice, is mainly a one trick pony who only sounds great singing ballads. Hollie almost always sounds just a tad bit flat to me & is not consistant or special at all. Joshua, well Joshua just doesn’t do anything for me, too screachy & lounge singer in his sound & his appearance. My votes will continue to go to PHILLIP!!!!! 

    • Let me see if I got this right. You are calling Jessica a “one trick pony”. Yet, you are saying “Phillip’s sound is new and refreshing”. That is interesting, as I think most people would agree that Phillip is the very definition of being a ONE TRICK PONY. As there has not been one song of his that on any given week, that did not sound EXACTLY like the one he sang the week before. And this is coming from someone who likes the style of music Phillip performs … But, can’t stand the same repetitions, week in and week out.

    • Hollie is not consistent since the start of the competition but now she is consistently improving~ 🙂
      JS sounds great in Ballad, YES! But the uptempo songs she sung are also good just not great as she is singing ballads.~ We knew her forte~
      Josh, what’s the matter with his appearance? He has a great voice~ 
      As for P2, yes he sounds new but does he sung songs almost the same~?? I hope he some kinda different stuffs aside from his type of genre/beat~ 🙂

      They’re all deserving though~

  43. Hollie has all the right stuff to win,talent and she’s very pretty! Sanchez is very sickly -anorexic looking!
    As for the guys I like philip!

  44. My rank: 
    4. Joshua Ledet: Joshua is kinda boring. i dont even think he deserves to be in the top 4.
    3. PP: WGWG is done. He should make a difference this week. I want to see him rocks the show like he does in the first 5 weeks. 
    2.Jessica: Jessica is good. but can you imagine? being saved by the judges and win? that seems unfair.
    1.Hollie Cavanagh; I can see the growth in her. The confidence. the vocal. The presentation. I would love to see her winning this title. 

    I think this is what America will decide:
    Jessica – Phillip – Hollie – Joshua.

    • It’s kinda funny that the only reason you don’t think JS in no.1 spot is because she is saved. 🙂
      I would always like to believe “Save” will always be save~ It is part of the competition, It doesn’t make anyone illegit for the title~ 🙂

      Go JS-Hollie~ 🙂

  45. Jessica can sing pretty good but doesn’t have her own style yet! And needs to put some weight on, she’s like a tiny skeleton!! Holly on the other hand is a great singer , for some reason the judges favor Jessica ! But holly should win,she has the voice, looks and connects better with her singing and audience!
    For the guys, Phillips is happening!!

  46. Wow, 51% of the total votes cast, and still rising! It is very clear to me who is the next AI idol. Geez, the rest are not even close.

    • but doesn’t really reflect the AI votes since polls here are open international~ 🙂 
      @americanidol official twitter just said US is the only one that can vote~

  47. I hope it will be Jessica and Joshua in the finals.They both deserve to bein it.

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