American Idol 2012: Reactions to Colton Dixon’s Elimination

American Idol 2012 Colton Dixon elimination

The American Idol 2012 judges were as shocked as the rest of America last night when once-presumed frontrunner Colton Dixon was eliminated from the competition. So what did they have to say following the shocking news?

Jennifer Lopez clearly wouldn’t have sent Colton home if the decision was hers, but she understands how it happened.

“He was definitely in my Top 5,” Jennifer said. “But at the end of the day, you have to have a great performance every time.”

Randy chimes in in his usual I-don’t-really-care-and-won’t-even-act-like-it monotone.

“It’s tough,” Randy said. “We didn’t want to see him go tonight. But we used the save with Jessica last week.”

The judges all agree that Colton didn’t have to win American Idol to put his stamp on America and that he should have no problems finding his career in music.

Show mentor Jimmy Iovine was as matter-of-fact as always. If you want to get a good understanding of what’s going on with the show, look to Jimmy.

“I thought there was a heavy girl vote going in for all these guys,” Jimmy said. “I didn’t think he’d get voted off for one performance. I did not think the performance last night (Wednesday) was good at all. I thought it was his worst performance and he got voted off for it. Which actually is a healthy thing for the show. I think it should be based on what you did that night.”

Like the judges, Jimmy doesn’t think Colton will have any issues having a music career.




  1. Man, I love Jimmy!!! He keeps it real. Colton was the worst of that night, and he is the least talented vocalist who was left in the was time for him to go.

    • and hollie too…when she’s taking the high node, she sounds like cat being fought…

      • and josh sounds like someone is stabbing him through his back when he sings anybody could scream and it is really annoying sorry hollie deserves more credit then what the judges give her she comes out every week singing big songs that all people know and she is something that can be a huge star

      • Although I am rooting for Jessica. Hollie did well that night especially the first song. It was predicted that it would be Jessica-Hollie in the finale.

      • everytime joshua performed… i always remember my neighbor screaming to her husband! that is how josh sings! im sorry…

      • Im not saying that Colton wasnt good but he didnt deserve to go yet…the one that suposed to go last week was Hollie…what ever she sings sounds cute but not enoughhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!…dont vote for people that sings bad but are cute and beautiful

    • You obvisiouly don’t know what a good voice is!!! I’m sure you can’t sing a tune!!!just saying

      • I can sing in tune and going to sing in an opera and I can say Colton had the weakest voice and performance

      • you don’t have to be talented to HEAR talent!!!!¬† It’s like, TO ME, Beyonce screams most of her songs.¬† She’s not really as talented as she’s given credit for.¬†

    • Yes, Jimmie is great. He is the only judge of talant on American Idol who says it like it should be said. Having him evaluate each performance on results night is probably the smartest thing American Idol has ever done. As it is the one thing that makes results night interesting to watch. Unless you think your idea of entertainment is to see groups like LMFAQ perform. What a waste of time that was. And yes, Colton was the worst of the night this week.

      • im agreed to that…i also liked Colton a lot,but its just sad that really his performance was the weakest last thursday.,compare to the others who gave there best..

      • im agreed to that…i also liked Colton a lot,but its just sad that really his performance was the weakest last thursday.,compare to the others who gave there best..

    • Well then obviously you don’t know what a real artist is Colton is the BEST

    • ¬†Hi Leemfam2150,

      Yes I do too, but one item that he said that I agree with but the producers still have yet to listen to him is:

      He commented on one of the singers that , this singer should stick to a more up to date songs because the songs this singer is doing is too old.

      So, next week they are doing “Queen’s song selection.¬† Ha ha ha ha
      Does that make sense,¬† Most of the singer’s parents were probably not even born or¬† just babies when Freddie Mercury wrote this classics.

      Don’t get me wrong , I like Queen, but talking about too old.

      I am hoping that the show’s producers will learn from the other shows
      that in order to really bring the best of these singers why don’t they let them choose the songs , and leave them alone, enough of this theme
      songs, where these guys have no clue or emotional attachments to the
      songs they are doing since it is not in their era.

      Just saying……………………………………..

    • What Jimmy said was really an ouch. But he was right as a music mogul.¬†
      1. Jessica’s 2nd performance was way older for her. I did not like the performance [Though I liked how she sang it].¬†2. Phil’s 2nd song….Hmmmm, It was—-kind of okay….¬†3. And Colton—-I did not get the whole Gaga and September thing. By the way, I got confused with him lately. A lot of times, he was preaching about God and next—he sang Gaga’s.

  2. first don,t blame on hollie she did¬† a great job and she is no the one to be in bottom 3,that person should be Joshua and send home…..

    Colton Fans pls continue support PP cant let joshua become last man standing in this season……(if really happen i will quit watch this season and continue watch it next season)

      • The judges keep saying Joshua could sing the phonebook but if he really did sing the phonebook you wouldn’t be able to understand a single persons name or number.¬†

      • OMG…Why do people always want to make it a race thing? Some people don’t like the way he screeches, some don’t like Holly’s English accent or the country girls twang…don’t hear them being called racist…grow up

      • pls. stop talking about race, don’t we have enough problems?Joshua is very talented and some people have issues to understand this.

      • Okay..seriously..becaue someone like Phillip and not’s a race thing? Grow up!


    • Joshua has more talent than Colton and Hollie. He has more feeling, more heart, more soul and clearly the ability to sing like there’s no tomorrow. I’m sorry our opinions differ so much. But to each their own.

      • no he doesn’t….all three are very good singers and all three are about equal in abillity.

      • i am not a hollie fan… but i agree with kernan and holliepop… josh does’nt have the voice to compete with other contenders… he SCREAMED so loud especially when he cannot hit his high notes… Sorry but that is the fact… I am also a singer, I know what is singing and what is screaming… = (

    • for those who compare Colton with Chris Daughtry…listen…he is can be a rock¬†type singer¬†but he is not the strong and yelling type rock singer,he is the soft rock singer,he can sing any type song but he¬†is¬†truely type¬†is “soul”¬† singer(i don’t think he know it)…..round 1 he didn’t did a great job but round 2 with piano,100% feel colton is back with his own real type “soul”….¬†

    • Joshua should win the whole thing. American idol is a singing contest. He has the best voice I have ever heard on American idol. His personality is very respectful. Not one time did he say he did not care what the judges said to him. I am voting for Joshua all the way. He will win this thing. If he don’t he did not lose because he could not sing. All the contestants were very good this year. Some just didn’t sing songs that people got really excited about. But I really loved the all. My opinion Joshua is better than all of them because he sings from his heart and soul

  3. Teenieboopers are having a day off?? they must be too busy¬†attending Biber’s concert last night?? LOL

    • I was wondering where those teenyboppers were on Wednesday night!!!!!!¬† Hope they come back next week to vote for Phillip………anyone except Skylar……I think she is adorable but I don’t want another Country Idol….

      • ¬†Yeah, you are right.. I love Skylar, but I don’t want her to win, she can be top 3 or 2.. with Phillip as the winner. ūüėÄ

  4. Contestants should give more attention to Jimmy’s constructive critisms. He’s there in AI as mentor for the longest time. He knows what he’s talking. I just admired Jimmy for apologizing and admitting that he’s at fault that he wasn’t able to notice that the 2nd song which JS sang was too old for her age. I hope this will change the choice of songs for JS in the coming weeks.

    • how about Randy J, he is also there from the beginning right? Why can’t he expand his vocabulary and JUDGE accordingly…

    • Jimmy has not been there in this major role for that long. I preferred the show without him. I like to think and react to the songs and the contestants for myself rather than let someone else dictate the truth of it all.

    • ¬†jessica’s 2nd song ‘try a little tenderness’ is really ‘made current’ throught the years. in the 80’s jon cryer as duckie mimicked otis redding with that song . in 2000 , the film ‘duets’ starring gywnete paltrow , paul giamati sang ‘try a little…’ with a black dude beautifully and just recently , glee featured the song to the delight of its young audience .
      ¬†jessica just made it ‘in’ again with her fresh approach. just wait and watch BBChez’s you tube¬† of this otis redding song reach a million hits in 1 week time as what happened to her other¬† AI songs.phenomenal !!

      there is no such thing as an ‘old song’. only old excuses…

  5. Colton is the only contestants among top 7 who didn’t received a standing ovation from the judges and it means that he deserved to be out with the performance last night. I am sorry but that is the truth and the reality.

      • She deserved a standing ovation for her “Rolling In the Deep” performance. That was exceptional.

    • bullshit!!!

      After their performance in Jessica’s favor, those judges should go forever!!!

      • Oh that makes me sad. If I were you I would read Steven Tyler’s autobiography if you haven’t already. Not only should he be an AI judge BUT he should be giving these kids the advice Jimmy is giving as well. He is a TRUE artist…I know he’s often perceived as some hard rocker who only screams but he has so much musical talent. He’s been there, done that and more. Randy Jackson, I don’t know his background as well but he does usually give the finalists great constructive criticism to take to the next show. J-Lo built herself up from a very non-known person to famous for movies, music and dance. She has a right to be there too, although I think she isn’t as tough as she could be. But that’s the soft-spot coming out in her. Seriously, read Steven Tyler’s autobiography, absolutely incredible! Amazing!

    • The judge’s standing O’s don’t mean squat! The producers are so determined to have this show viewed as a genuine singing competition that they are doing everything possible to prove that people are are voting based on the performances and not popularity. They want people to think that he was voted off for one(or¬†two) bad performance(s) and thus it will appear as though people really care about the talent.

      I am absolutely certain that the JSan elimination was staged and the fix was in last night as well. They are so desperate to not become a joke in the midst of all of these other singing competitions that are popping up the past two years that they will do anything to have it demonstrated that they are a legitimate singing competition.

      There is no way that a contestant’s fans would abandon them for one(or two) bad performance(s). Of course I haven’t been jumping up and down about Colton from the first of the season. He has had one or two memorable performances tops imo. But I know he had a stronger fan base than that.

      This is all a joke and rigged to the hilt if you ask me. And before you reply I know nobody has asked me but that is my opinion of the whole matter. It’s still entertaining to watch and I hope their goal isn’t to show that the judges know what they are talking about because they gave him good reviews on his first performance Wednesday night. To be honest with you, I didn’t like either performance but I still don’t believe his fans would have abandoned him for one bad night.¬†

      • What does that mean? I don’t respect the voting public because I am calling the show out on this? I look at it as trying to protect the integrity of the voting process.¬†

        The producers are the one disrespecting the voting public. If the viewers all tuned out next week and didn’t vote they wouldn’t sell a single ad or have a single sponsor. Where would the program be if that happened?

      • This is ONLY my opinion. ¬†Colton has been very vocal about wanting to do Christian music. ¬†After the judges critiqued him wednesday, and they showed him backstage he said ” I really don’t care”. ¬†The Bible belt voters don’t like that kind of arrogance. ¬†And he did a lady Gaga song, something else they don’t like. ¬†So, IMO he lost the Christian vote.

      • Did they show him saying that on Wednesday night? I thought they didn’t show that until Thursday night. I could be wrong.

      • Oh please you really think last night was a fix, well for starters dial idol had him in last place so I don’t think it is too far fetched to believe that he actually got the least votes, and secondly reading through all the blogs and comments around the Internet I was surprised to see so little disappointment usually after an elimination for ex. Deandre, Heejun (and of course Jessica) there were a lot of solid supporters who were greatly distraught and said they won’t watch American idol again, but by Colton it was much less toned down; most ppl. Are just saying it was a shock he was eliminated but they personally felt he wasn’t that good anyways – so I really don’t think last night was a fix (but last week on the other hand…..)

      • I agree with all of that but to go from 20% of the votes all the way down to less than 1% is quite a swing imo. Even when DeAndre went from 1st to last is was only a 13% drop and I thought that was a big swing. I am just not buying it. That’s all I can say. Each to their own opinion but I’m not drinking the Koo-laid. You see that icon by my name. That’s what I think of the whole charade up to this point. It’s still interesting to watch and entertaining but one thing it is not and that’s believable.¬†

      • The only way you can rightfully say that you are “absolutely certain” that Jessica’s near elimination was staged is if you have inside information about it. ¬†If you don’t, then you are just speculating and exaggerating.

      • No I can say it with a pretty good conviction and no inside information because I refuse to drink the AI Koo-laid that all the rest of you cads are partaking in these days. The reality, talent show atmosphere has really taken a nasty turn now that there is more than one on TV. The competition is fierce and their is no limit to what they will do for ratings. I wouldn’t put anything past FOX or any other network for that matter. Look at what NBC producers did to the 911 call in the Trayvon Martin case for example. And that was no cheesy reality show. That was a very serious, real life matter. If they will do that in a tragic case like that then don’t ever drop your guard and don’t ever take anything you see on TV at face value again. I don’t.

        It’s still entertaining and I like music, so I will keep watching solely for the music but as always I watch with a very skeptical eye. Sometimes I see things that are so obviously staged or rehersed that it makes me laugh out loud and I just wonder how many people are buying that crap. It really gives me a good chuckle. ūüėõ

      • I wrote a longer reply which is currently in moderation before it is posted. I don’t think it will get posted but I wrote it. Bottom line is the interviews above say it all. Listen to what they are selling and then tell me that I am wrong.

        It doesn’t need to get posted. The fact that I wrote it got it out of my system. I guess you just have to figure it out for yourself.

    • Hmmmm, standing ovation is not a good thing now. LOL. They give standing ovations every week. Look what happened before to Hee Jun. XD.¬†

  6. Colton may be gone from A I

  7. I was shocked and totally disgusted with this elimination.  Colton was one of the most talented in the competition.  I still help thinking that the Jessica episode was totally staged last week with it hoping to cause people to vote for her.  It is so sad that the producers have resorted to this type of thing in order to ensure that a girl wins.  But for Colton to go when most of the others are still in it is just disgusting.  Shame.

    • ¬†I don’t think that what you are saying sounds reasonable.¬† Why would the producers care if Jessica wins the show or not?¬† Plus as much as I like Colton, I think he is the least talanted singer of the bunch.¬† What carried him through was his stage presence, his looks and his charisma.¬†

      • Totally agree with you. Colton is a good artist but not as good as many of the other finalists. It was sad to see him go but someone had to and out of all of them, in my opinion, he was the next most realistic choice in regards to the overall package of what a true musical star is and does.

    • I was one of those who voted for her and I will keep on voting for her . Jessica and Joshua have the most powerful voices since AI started. On the other hand, Phillip will go the route of Daughtry and be a sensational musician.
      Let us not put race in the mix, for it will just trigger bias from the huge African-American and Asian-Filipino demographics.
      Let us just keep ourcomments and insights geared towards vocal talents

    • I watch his performances. It was good. One more time unfair things happen in AI. He’s a nice and talented guy. I like him and his sister so much. Next week it’s going to happen something wrong like this. It will be Phillip, Elise or Hollie. Imagine a top tree Jessica S Joshua and Skylar ūüôĀ I miss last year so much, even I like Lauren and James. Scotty and Halley too. I like Jessica S. but judges are flattering her so much, it’s a shame. Joshua is a stagey church singer and Skylar c’om! Every talks so much bad things about Hollie, but Skylar voice it’s so boring, ¬†and it’s disgusting how she try to be Miranda Lambert. Erika, Deandre and Hee jun are much more better than her. ¬†

      • ¬†jessica does’nt get the standing ‘O’ anymore from the judges despite of her spectacular performaces of late. i think too much standing ‘O’ are actually causing backlash from viewers. so that’s alright.
        the one finalist who gets the bulk of standing ‘Os’ is joshua. he got 2 lat wed and another one , the previous show due mainly to the urgings of randy . many viewers noticed how randy dudged jlo to stand up . of course , tyler will just follow the 2 ! at one time , randy even preventer jlo from standing up after jessica’s performance of whitney’s song.
        so it’s joshua who the judges , mainly randy , flatters. randy is always ready to give josh the standing o …rgasm !

    • At first, I wondered about the Jessica incident…I have been voting for her from the beginning, but slacked off the week she was in the bottom 3…felt confident that she was doing well.¬† I have also started voting for Skylar…and I adore Holly, but voting for two makes no sense so I won’t begin with 3.¬† Personally, the guys aren’t doing it for me this year…I find them cute but boring…even Joshua, who really brings emotion when he sings.¬† In other words, the voting is fluent for the most part…rarely is it consistent (as last year..until the end…only Scotty it seems was consistently on top)…so I don’t think anything was done for viewrs.¬† I think the people that vote were relaxed, didn’t vote for Jessica, found Colton’s performance this week not as good…any number of things.¬† It’s the way the voting is set up and it’s the way American reacts.¬† Every week is a new beginning.¬† At this point, they are all good.¬† It’s what¬† your “good” is…

  8. Colton did have an off night. ¬†He tried something new, and I for one didn’t think it worked for him. ¬†Doing something new should not be penalized, but if you do something new at this stage in the game it has to soar. ¬†It didn’t. ¬†I still voted and voted for Colton as I genuinely like him. ¬†There isn’t anyone left that I will cast votes for. ¬†Seriously. ¬†This for me, has been the most boring season and I have watched since the very beginning. ¬†Colton showed class at the end – total class. ¬†This kid will go far, and I for one will support him.

    • that is not correct! Hollie has never recieved a standing ovation either (althought she deserved one this week!!!)¬†

      I did not expect Colton to go home last night, and was convinced that it was going to be my favorite Hollie last night when Elise was sent to safety.  I was not surprised that Hollie was in the bottom 3, but I thought she would have been the first one sent to safety. 

      All the Hollie fans out there…Keep Voting!!!!!¬† She deserves to make it to the end.¬† Let’s try to at least get her into the top 3 or 4.¬†

      I know it will not happen, but I would love to see the final 4 as Hollie, Elise, Skylar and Philip. 

      • It’s possible that could be the final four as I believe Hollie and Jessica pull votes from the same market as I believe Colton and PP did. ¬†Personally I am a bigger fan of Jessica’s but which ever one of them gets voted off first the other one will go far. ¬†I think now that Colton has been eliminated PP is guaranteed to be in the final 2.

      • ¬†I agree! Hollie was perfect. I think every week the jugdes take it on her! She seems so scared! OF COURSE SHE IS’ NO MATTER HOW HOLLIE SHE DOES IS NEVER ENOUGH FOR THE JUDGES! SHE DESERVED BETTER THIS WEEK! Colton didn’t deserved to go before Elise!!!What about Jessica? No way! The jugdes are crazy saying she’s the best singer in
        america today! She can sing, but let’s not make a big deal of it. She
        has a good voice, but joshua is better, and Hollie has a stronger voice,
        just need to let go a little bit. Jessica looks like an 80 year-old
        frog each time she goes out, she overdoes and overdresses too!
        Phillip!!!!what an artist!! He’s gonna be huge! and Colton wil sell millions
        of records( If Justin B, does why not a truly talented boy???)                                                                                                             I vote
        for Phillip-Hollie-Joshua and somebody please make elise go home once
        and for all! She can sing sometimes better than others but it is painful
        to watch her sing!

      • ¬†@Kris, i agree with u. Hollie should b in top 3 or 4. If she is in top 2, i want her and Jessica.

      • I think some people who are trying to analyze the voting demographics and reasons why people vote the way they do have forgotten to take into account the votes from those whose favorites have been eliminated. If they’re still watching and voting, it’s hard to predict where their votes will go. Colton may have been eliminated because Heejun’s fans may well have thrown their support so much in favor of another contestant that Colton’s fans couldn’t carry Colton to the next round.

    • So what? Standing ovations from who?¬†

      Why do you think that someone is good only if he gets standing ovation from J.L. or Randy?I don’t support their opinion, so, for me, thy are irrelevant…Last week they made such a circus performance with Jessica, they openly supported her and they should go out AI forever.
      The result of that performance was madly voting of Jessica’s fans, not because she was so good, but because of their agitating!

  9. Jimmy definitely keeps it real. He is another Simon and¬†I love it! Elise had better keep up or she’s next.

    • jimmy tells it like it is and sugarcoats nothing.¬† he’s a zillion times better than the three stooges at the judges table.

      • That is why he is more and more visible. Did we see or hear him at all when Simon was still here? No! The producers only brought him out because the three supposed jugdes that they have are not worth a dime.

  10. let’s face it, to put it mildly because colton fans are wearing black arm bands, his performances left a lot to be desired.¬† he was outsung by the other six who, for the most part, did amazingly well.¬† except for 1, really, a name i dare not mention because his fans will also go ballistic, repetively speaking, if you catch my drift.

  11. Just goes to show every performance has to be great at this point.¬† Colton’s wasn’t.¬† All six left are good performers, each one has to have a great night to remain.¬† This is what it is all about.¬† I think at this point it will be whoever has a poor night on Wed will be eliminated on Thurs.

  12. standing o doesn’t show anything.. some who’s been giving bad
    performance and stepped up for one night was given standing o.. not
    because they’re THAT great. but it’s because they have shown slight
    improvement…..or maybe it’s just because the judges felt like giving a
    standing o. Colton was always consistent and stayed true to himself. he
    did not hide anything when it comes to his passion…..maybe he strayed
    a bit too much in his top 7 performances and that he lost his way..
    just like he said, he wasn’t himself that night. As a whole, I think he
    deserved to be in the top 4 if based on what has he been doing in the
    competition.. but based on that night’s performance, he maybe deserved
    to go….. whatever. I still love him. and I can see there’s a huge
    career ahead waiting for him. All the best for all the remaining
    contestants! the show is much less interesting now for me as my man
    Colton Dixon was voted off, which I am so devastated with. but i’m still
    gonna watch the show to see how it ends this year. hope the best talent
    wins. :’)

  13. Colton¬†and¬†him not being cocky and he really don’t care ‘statement’ after judges comments, shouldn’t be aired on TV. Honestly, I think Jesus didn’t like that and smited him sooo bad.¬†

    • I think the producers showed that clip of Colton being cocky to lower the impact of him being voted off the show. ¬†

  14. Whoever wins AI, undoubtedly he/she deserves it. They are all talented! Stop all the trash talk..just keep on voting your fave! ūüôā

    Don’t feel bad for Colton, just accept it then moved on! He’s good but¬†unfortunately, last night was not his night. He has to go.

  15. How on earth Steven Tyler strings a sentence together let alone a critique is beyond me! Jimmy is amazing and knows talent when he sees it and also knows how to talk constructively unlike the 2 male judges!

    • I suggest you read Steven Tyler’s autobiography before you slander the way he talks. He has more experience and talent wrapped up in him that MANY MANY MANY judges and other artists. Educate yourself please. I’m not saying this to be mean, just giving you a different point of view. He’s more than so many people give him credit for and it drives me nuts.

  16. The most insane act yet,I hope this young man makes it big,and thumbs his nose at the judges, Who I blame for this,had they not acted like Idiots about America sendin Sanchez home,A wonderful singer could have been saved.
    I am not sure of the honesty anymore of this program. We have decided to go with Voice and XFactor.
    Idol needs three new Judges in order to stay alive another season.

    • I’ve never watched The Voice nor X Factor. You’re saying they’ve never sent the wrong contestant home? But did they decide or the fans? Please enlighten me.

  17. When Jessica was the less voted, everybody in this blog say that it wasn’t wrong, that this was the America’s decission… and now that Colton was eliminated is a mistake?? For me the two was a bad decissions, no only Colton…

  18. I will not be watching the show anymore. ¬†The Fix is in…..come to think of it, has anyone ever verified any of the reality voting shows? ¬†

    • YES!! Me too! I will not be watching this show anymore…
      I think this season the judges were using the wrong save for the wrong people!!!

    • You really think JLo has that much influence on the voters? And Colton deserved the critique on his second song. It wasn’t good. And him saying he didn’t care may have cost him some votes.

  19. 53 million votes were cast last Wednesday, 20 million more votes from the previous week when Jessica was saved.

    Here’s the breakdown of how America voted:

    1. Jessica Sanchez-28,964,500 (54.64%)
    2. Phillip Phillips-12,046,900 (22.73%)
    3. Skylar Laine-6,715,100 (12.67%)
    4. Joshua Ledet-2,888,500 (5.45%)
    5. Elise Testone-1,325,000 (2.5%)
    6. Hollie Cavanagh-768,500 (1.45%)
    7. Colton Dixon-291,500 (0.55%)

    If this voting trend continues, Skylar, Phillip and Jessica will be in the final 3, with Phillip and Jessica in the finale, with Jessica winning it all.

    Bottom 3 next week: Hollie, Elise & Joshua

    Going home next week: Hollie or Elise

    • And how do you know these numbers? AI never releases the number, so where did you get them fron?

    • I think we are supposed to believe this is a legitimate leak but the more and more I think about it I think these numbers serve the same purpose as all of the other charades on the show this season.
      ¬†Everything is to try and secure AI’s spot as one of the most respected talent competitions on TV. They are going to desperate measures to compete with other shows this year and this is part of it.¬†

      If you look back over the numbers that were released over the past weeks it makes absolutely no sense. We are to believe that Colton went from over 20% last week to less than 1% this week.

      We are also to believe that DeAndre went from #1 on top 9 week to last on top 8 week? 

      Those numbers are just not adding up for me at this point.

    • Wait. Wait. Those votes aren’t true. Do all votes of contestants ends with two zeros?

      Oh no. Joshua or Jessica/Elise/Skylar will go home. Likewise, they will be the bottom three.

      • The percentages are from Thia Megia’s fanpage. ¬†I think pcosmachine multiplied the percentages by 53 million to come up with those numbers ending in double zeros.

    • my question is: if AI producers never published the vote number, why would somebody whose name I never heard of know about this thing?

      and as bad as Colton did on this week performances, there’s no way he only got zero point percent only… keep it real, people!

      • I agree, you have to take these figures with a grain of salt not knowing where it came from. Rounding to the nearest hundreds by the way is not an uncommon practice. Cheers!

  20. I was very sad to see Colton go, but I am afraid it is down to the wire, and every song has to be great..He is a wonderful person and will go far with or without American Idol. I still think that Jessica should have gone…but she is also good, just boring to me. Phillip, Skylar for the win.

  21. after colton was voted off….

    phillip phillips supporters: increases


    # just saying….

      • actually it already happened..look all the colton supporter…MOST OFthem all going to p2…hahaha…better think before you post your comment..

        PEACE OUT..

    • this is getting to be sooo tiring…why always place the blame on her? if its possible for ¬†all of you to put the blame on her for the sinking of the Titanic, im sure you will.. just be rational and stop being a sour grape

    • This is very hard to tell..even if you combined colton’s votes to p2. he’s still make a long way to reach jessica.¬† Jessica and Joshua¬†¬†are the only real singer on the show and they¬†are one to beat. The rest is meh!! and wannabe’s!! ouch!!¬†

    • well if Colton supporters doesn’t ¬†agree with Jessica, those people got no understanding regarding music and a real talent and that pisses me off, big time.

  22. I wish Steven Tyler didn’t do so many drugs, at times he goes brain dead when he’s speaking and CAN’T come up with his next word ,also I have noticed he’s not as with it on the show,he’s drifting away at times , I wish him the best of health, and holding on to what he has ! I Love Aerosmith, but that’s all staged ! I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART STEVEN !

    • If J.Lo have set next to me and I should be forced to listen to her squeaking voice I should be drifting away too!¬†

  23. America got it right.  Colton is talented but out of that group he was one of the most inconsistent competitors.  He had two horrible performances the other night and had a really bad performance two to three weeks ago that was by far the worst out of all of the competitors at the time.  Out of the 7 that were left he was the least talented vocally he deserved to be eliminated.  

  24. As for last nights show , it is what it is , I liked Colton Dixon, I will GREATLY MISS HIM , as Jimmy said he will go far as a Performer ! Can’t wait to hear your first CD ! Looking forward to seeing you in concert, my best wishes and Prayers are with you Colton Dixon !

  25. ¬†Skylar is still¬†my favorite idol, just enjoy all¬†her stage¬†performances. I am also¬†voting for Hollie &¬†¬†Elise who¬†has been¬†growing on me ever since her Led Zepplin performance. I think Elise needs to sing “RESPECT” so she gets some. I am tired of the judges belittling her performances. I voted for Colton before too but I was not impressed¬† by Wednesday’s performanc enough to vote for him.

    • let’s face it people.jessica has an excellent voice.the music industry knows who¬† has¬† a good voice¬†.we are just watching.respect the decision.

      • Industry has many good singers and Adele is a proof. Jessica is good, but there are a lot of black american girls that sings like or better than her. In the AI auditions this year there were two girls very talented and carismatic: Gabi Carruba and Ashley Robles, remember?

  26. Was sad to see Colton leave but out of the rest, all are good …BUT I WANT PHILLIP TO WIN. ¬†Love, love , love Phillip!!!!

  27. Colton was the most talented one on the show. His performances were always different each week. Unlike the others, he didn’t do the same song over and over. Jimmy said for Joshua to stick with what he’s doing but that’s what I hate about him. He sings the first part and screams threw the last 75% of the song. Elise as well. I don’t like Skyler at all. She’s a joke in my opinion. Hollie has a great voice but no performance skills. Jessica has the best voice but Colton was a true artist, musician and¬†songwriter. He is the only one that I could see in concert or listen to his whole cd without wanting to kill myself. I loved Phillip but all of his performances are the same. It’s like he gets angry and that vien starts bulging out of his forehead. I did like the Usher song until the end. The point being that I vote for who I think would put out a¬†great¬†cd and put on an awesome concert. No one wants to go to a concert or buy¬†cd and every song is the same!!

    • u right…Colton was the most talented one on the show…his performance never been boring like the other….his always do something different….may be, this week, he want to do more different…he take a high risks to sing lady gaga song….but it did not going well….at least, his performance NEVER BEEN BORING LIKE THE OTHERS……

      i mean, seriously….everybody wanna buy his album….GOOD LUCK COLTON…

      • @047f7602981636cc8c9820a277397937:disqus¬†HELLO…have u read all the comments ….better think b4 u post ur comment…PEACE OUT…

  28. I like Philip Philips, he’s crazy to watch so much fun. Jessica is boring, wonderful voice but Jimmy was right…wrong songs, Elise sang Zepplin-Whole lot of Love,¬† fantastic but the other songs she picks are wrong , maybe some Joplin or Etta James or Josh Stone…. & she needs to quit whining & get some confidence…Holly isn’t consistent, Joshua is old school soul voice but too screechy…Skylar is great & I’m not a country fan but she adds rock & makes it fun,¬† I’m sticking with Philip & Elise if she kicks it up…we had country last year so Skylar…Hmmm Just my opinion from someone who can’t sing LOL

    • Have you noticed Phillip and Elise seem to be getting close? ūüôā They probably like doing duets together even with their very different personalities. And Phillip seems to be a nice guy after all. He cares for Jessica too.

  29. It is ~ What it is people.  They are all talented~ but only as good as their last performance! 

  30. out of 53 million votes ¬†..jessica had 28 million,,,thats only the beginning,,,,jessica’s followers will vote over and over until their fingers gets numb….thats how bad they want her to win ¬†or at least 2nd place……

    • If u feel the necessity to overkill vote, then what ur actually saying without realizing it is, she wouldn’t win if voted for fairly.¬† So there you got dude.

    • It doesn’t matter if she wins. ¬†She’ll never have a successful record/CD etc. ¬†Not being harsh, just practical. ¬† Lee DeWyze won and went nowhere. ¬†Ruben won and went nowhere. ¬†Taylor won and went nowhere. ¬†Sure you can vote your fingers off, but how cruel is it to win and then watch it all disappear? ¬†Lee, Ruben and Taylor were all grown adults when they won and then lost. ¬†But at 16 and having a super ambitious stage mother, how hard is that going to be on Jessica?

      • Jessica is different from Lee, Ruben and Taylor. Jessica is more talented than them i think. What if Jessica’s career went succesful like Carrie, Kelly and Jennifer Hudson? You’ll never know. NGANGA! XD

      • @Tico, you’ve gone too far by mentioning Jessica’s mother. you are out of scope. . .

      • Do you know her mother personally to make this comment, or is it just perception/hearsay on your part? If it’s the latter, then you should stop doing it because that’s unfair to her.

      • rojo; ¬†Do you think she entered herself in all those competitions as a child? ¬†Did she take herself to try out for AGT when she was 10 or 11 years old? ¬†Her dad was gone in the army. ¬†Who do you think has pushed her since childhood? ¬†Do the math.

  31. I have not liked Colton from day one!¬† He is boring, boring, boring.¬† I can’t even look at him as he sings.¬† Yuck!

    I am glad he is gone!

  32. Actually, I’d blame the sound guy. The music was too loud and over powered Colton this week.¬†¬† The season started¬†out with that problem¬†but I thought they fixed it.¬† I’ll miss Colton!

  33. Colon was always amazing should not have went home. Wtf America you can’t recognize an artist there are only 3 on the show oh well 2 now . I don’t get to vote I work 3rd shift and get to see the show the day after

  34. ¬†I have heard many ppl complain that when they went to vote for Colton a message said it was not a working number. Makes me wonder if it is rigged…..

  35. Is it me, or has anyone else noticed the following: last week when Jessica was saved (and rightfully so) Skylar had the look on her face of “damnit she’s still in it”. And this week when Colton was booted off, everyone else was crying or shocked, but not Skylar. She had that smug air about her of good, now I have a better chance. Did anyone else see that?

    • I agree. Colton was so nice with Hollie and Elise. He’s a nice guy. I don’t like Skylar at all. It’s such a fool thing compare her to Reeba. I hope she goes home next week.

    • Okay, honestly…stop. Maybe she was shocked. But, of course, beneath all that…every single one of them is happy. It means they are that much closer to the title. Don’t let that whole happy group thing fool you.

    • Never liked Skylar, her countenance nor her voice nor her fashion sense.
      But she has good stage presence which means nothing to me.
      She tries her best to be likable but failed with me up to now. Just doesn’t do anything with me. I was even surprised she got into the Top 13. there were a couple more country girls better than her.
      The 3 judges are useless. Yes, they are stooges. Why do they have to give standing in unison? Don’t they have a mind of their own? Saw Randy nudging JLo to stand for Josua. Just stupid that they keep giving standing O like there’s no tomorrow.

      • Yeah. They shouldn’t nudge each other to give 3 standing o’s each time. It makes standing o’s so overrated. I always see Tyler the last one to stand as if he’s thinking “okay, here we go again..”

    • They didn’t show Skylar’s face after Jessica was saved but I did think it was odd that she didn’t seem as sad as the others when Colton was eliminated.¬† And I thought it was much worse when Ryan informed Elise that she would have to watch one of her friends go home, she started laughing and smiling.

  36. Just like Colton stated last night, “He knew what he did and he will take everything that was told him to heart and people will see when he starts putting out his music.” Colton has a career and that is his music. He is awesome and I believe he will put out some great music. Sharon from Murfreesboro, TN


    • Somebody forgot the all caps rule again.¬† Screaming ur view doesn’t make it better, just more annoying

  38. Hollie and Elise are 2 damn lucky girls……they should have even been gone before Deandre…….especially Elise with her creepy voice.¬†

      • Yep thats why Elise was 5 times in the bottom of 3 and was the first girl who was eliminated and Hollie … was her 3rd time. I still don’t like Elise voice, sounds to ripe for me.

  39. I’m sorry to see Colton go. ¬†Wasn’t my favorite, but definitely not the worst left. ¬†But, at this point, they are all good and one slip up can cost you.

    One thing I notice is how polarizing Jessica is. ¬† She is my favorite, but there’s no middle ground with her. ¬†Either you love her or hate her with a passion and the comments point that out. ¬†I’m actually thinking it’s a good thing. ¬†Controversy, whether bad or good, ends up being good in the long run. ¬†Look at people like Madonna, Howard Stern, Paris Hilton, Kim K, LiLo, and the many others like them. ¬†They polarize people and the ones that love them support them, and the ones that hate them watch them to see what’s next. ¬†One thing I do know is that it translates to money.

    • Oh..and another thing. I don’t hate Jessica. I don’t know her. It’s a lot of her fans that are turning people off.¬†

      • ¬†Yep that’s true it’s the ones that call anyone who isn’t a Jessica fan either haters or racists that are really annoying. I don’t think Jessica will win and any career she will have after the show will be at Disney.

  40. Guess America likes screaming and not singing which is why skyler didn’t make the bottom 3 and hollie did

  41. Really liked Colton but after last 2 weeks not surprised he out, should have stayed true to his own style, too much influence by idol.

  42. Colton will have no problem getting a record deal!!! He is such a great singer,, just didn’t like his song choices that night!! Good luck Colton, you will become famous some day!!!

  43. im sorry but colton did not deserve to go home. he had one bad night & got sent home? what about how many bad nights hollie & elise had?? america got this one way wrong! colton is not only a great singer/performer, hes an artist & just like when daughtry got voted off, it was a blessing in disguise,look at him now. that will be colton, i have complete confindence & FAITH in him, 100%. however i am losing faith in the show & ive been watching since season 1 but i have to question it now!?! love you colton.

    • I agree Colton should not have been voted off for one bad night’s performance as he¬†was more ¬†consitent than 2 or 3 of the remaining contestants. But that is just my opinion, to each his own. The moral of this is, if you like the performance or she/he is your favorite, then go vote. I’m not sure yet what happened to all the Colton fans last Wednesday night. Seems like many of them took the night off from voting thinking, like myself, Colton was safe. Cheers!¬†

  44. U got the little English girl that’s been floating by the whole show she should have been gone in the beginning!! Then ur Asian Vegas lounge singer.. and Joshua who nobody ever remembers his last performance.. big Colton fan and I will probably stop watching because of it.. Phil is the best thing on the show now

    • Dear Kariboceks, This is Simion Cowel, producer of¬†the show. Sorry to hear you will stop watching now that Colton is yesturdays news. Goodbye, we will miss you.

    • Dear Kariboceks, we will miss you. Im glad your fav is gone. he’s so annoying. Good bye!!!

  45. umm actually hollie is the only singer their who goes for all the major hits and sings them amazingly so basically you should rethink about that little english girl

    • I agree.¬† So many people try to sing Adele songs and they always sound bad but Hollie did a great job.¬† Judges gave her praise but not enough imo.¬†

  46. he got voted off because people like moving performances when its near the finale and comparing to what it used to be there are good singers that will never compete with season 1-8 jordin sparks was the last amazing season but hollie is singing very good songs whicjh is making it more exciting but i think the best performance on idol ever was Diana Degarmo dont cry out loud i dont think anyone would ever try to sing songs like that again

  47. umm actually no deandres falsetto got old and annoying if anything heejun should left after deandre did and actuall elise should go home but hollie is amazing gives her all every week and should would be even better if the judges would stop tryna convince america to send her home its hecka jacked up i miss simon cowell him and jimmy are the only ones wo kept it real now theirs a standing ovation every week and thats bad it took alot to get that from simon

  48. I still stick with my top 3

    Hopefully, J vs J in the finals.

    Hollie is a good singer but has to learn a lot. For me, she should’ve went home after her HONESTY performance, but what’s good is, she’s getting better now. Less pitch problems.

    I like skylar but no more country singers please. Hehe.

    Philip? Oh men, he’s good but it feels like he’s doing the same thing everyday. Haha!

    I actually like cd, but his creativity was too mich for the people. Great musician but his vocal quality is the least among the 7.

    I will surely buy cd’s records especially Worship songs!!

    My vote goes to jessica. But she’s really affected with last week’s drama. Hope she gets her gears back.

  49. i actually think the judges are horrible that act like evryone on the show is amazing i miss simon because if somebody gave a horrible performance he wouldflat out say it to them i can only imagine what he woulda said about joshua when he sang MARIAH Carey i thought that was horrible

    • I have to agree, Amrican Idol lost a lot of it intagrity when Simon left the show. If by chance he was to come back, that would be the rating boost this show could milk for all it’s worth.¬† And with the lower than expected rating for X-factor this season, it might happen. We can only hope.

  50. Did anyone notice how¬† freaking disrespectful Colton was when the judges for the first time criticized his performance. He then said ‚ÄúI don‚Äôt care‚ÄĚ when later asked by Ryan Seacrest what he thought of the judges comments. So RUDE AND DISRESPECTFUL Colton was. Maybe that is why people voted him off? Can you imagine what the Bible belt Biddies would say if Elise answered that same question in the exact same way.

  51. umm jessica did not get 28 million your makin that up because fox producers are not allowed to realease that type of info for individuals only all in total so please do not overexagerate jessica like that you only make people vote less look what happened to pia toscano people like you are going to make jessica lose but its okay because me and my family spend the whole 2 hours after voting for hollie with twitter facebook and our phones

    • Are you proud of what you did? Voting for two hrs for one contestant is why a deserving idol gets eliminated. It’s so wrong!

      • it s allowed so its not wrong. its the voting system that is wrong and AI should change that. i wonder what will happen to america if you can vote 200x during election, argghh!

    • you’re one of the examples why AI always end up with non deserving winners on the show.

      • He did not do anything wrong here. It is within the legal venues of voting system. Until the limit enforces, a voter can vote many times as he/she wishes to. You should do the same for your favorite.

  52. ummm no people only liked him because cuteness again judging off the voice hollie and jessica should be the final 2

  53. Hollie does not get enough credit and that is so unfair now she gives her all every week

    • I agree. Hollie has a freaking amazing voice for such a small girl. Her first song the performed this week was as good or better than anything Jessica did this season. If she keeps it up, she could be the darkhorse contender that Haley Rhiehart became last season.

      • Hollie DID have a great performance last Wednesday. ¬†A contestant needs to have the best voice/talent and star quality to be declared the next American Idol. Another thing that he or she also must also have is CONSISTENCY…¬†which, i’m sorry to say, Hollie does NOT posses. Her first song last Wednesday was her ONLY great performance since live show began. So not consistent. tsk tsk!

  54. American idol wil never be what it used to be in my opinion david archuleta was the best season even the new stage they have is way too much theyr tryna compete with The Voice and Xfactor they just need to keep doin what they were doing American idol adverages 19 million viewers during the week
    The Voice adverages 13 million viewers every week 
    and suprisingly XFACTOR USA get about 12 million when it on air
    american idol needs to get their act together before simon cowell  gain the thrown back

  55. there all fantastic and someone has to go .But the 7 were fantastic and still are

    • noone was the worst but someone had to go¬† i wish¬† colton¬† wouldnt of i voted for him i would¬† of voted for someone else to go

      • Please check your spelling, grammar and most of all syntax.¬† What did¬† you mean by:¬† “I wish Colton wouldn’t of i voted for him i would of voted for someone else to go”?

      • You don’t vote for someone to leave the show. You vote for who you think is the best and appeals to you. Whoever gets the least number of votes that night is voted off.¬† Cheers!

  56. I sometimes wonder if people can hear. I’ve been doing music for quite sometime and Colton Dixon is a class act. A part of being a singer is your ability to stand apart from the crowd and your versatilty…all of which COLTON does. Sure the rest of the crew here are great singers , but, are we tired of hearing the same thing yet? When you have someone like COLTON that can sing anything, perform and write songs you should never let them go they are a mark of a true artist. I won’t down any of these competitors because they all deserve this in one way or another,but, what I will say is I believe there was a huge mistake here error of all the voters or error of the American idol show I’m not quite sure but in my professional opinion this error was big and should cost them quite a few viewers.

    • I actually think it’s not about his singing, but his preaching that did him. Just my thought.

    • I wasn’t a Colton fan at the beginning but he won me over.¬† It looks like his faithful fans didn’t like the Gaga song choice.¬† And I think the judges did him in by telling him how great he was at putting the “Colton touch” on every song because¬†it didn’t work with “September”.¬† Trying to sing a fun, lively song in a dramatic, emotional style fell flat.¬† Judges need to stop over praising their favorites and add some constructive criticism or¬†caution¬†to help prevent wrong song choices.

    • ehhh. i tend to disagree. I think Jessica was worthy of the save. Colton’s elimination was based on his performances and his fans. If all of his fans voted enough, he would still be in, so that’t kind of colton’s fans’ fault.

  57. I love how now that Colton’s gone (which I’m really sad about), everyone’s voting for Phillip! But, I love BOTH Joshua and Phil, so there’s proof that you can love both of them, and not just like one or the other… ūüėČ I see a lot of people like just one.

  58. Colton seemed so fake to me.¬† Like a hypocrite standing on the street corner saying his prayers so everyone would hear (Matt. 6:5)¬† He just did it for the Christian vote.¬† Joshua probably is a Christian, with his dad being a pastor – and he didn’t milk it all for the Christian vote.¬† It made me sick.¬† I was laughing when he got down on his knees to sing his final song last night, “you’re all I want” (Yeah, that AND a record deal) Please.

    • If you ever check out his twitter of FB he was always posting something about scriptures and Jesus. The producers told him to stop doing it b.c it would hurt his votes. Also, he switched the lyrics last night to including God and to say He is all i need….instead of you, like the song says. This was at a point when votes and what the producers thought didnt matter.¬†

    • How can you know what is in other people’s minds and hearts? Just give them the benefit of the doubt. It won’t hurt you to do that, right? ¬†

  59. PP, Josh are great¬†but in different genres! The girls are a force too but these two boys¬†are on another level. Sad Colton’s flavor¬†is out. Even if Josh is voted out, he’s already stepped into hall of fame

  60. I’m really enjoying this season so far, I’m kind of rooting for Elise and Phillip at this point, but I really like Hollie as well. And I will not be¬†disappointed¬†whoever wins.
    I think Jimmy spoke the truth, Only some of these kids are going to make it in the real world, because there is so much more to it than just being a great singer.
    Proof: Past winners you can’t even name. Still I like the show.

    • Yeah, it’s still entertaining but in different ways for different people. I won’t stop watching this year. I am already in but next year I will try not to get into the show unless they make some big changes. Getting rid of two judges would be ideal.

  61. the contestants have got to connect with the audience and fan base each week to stay in it…American Idol is a serious competition and you have to care…in Colton’s own words, he “didnt care”…and paid the price…he’s out

  62. If anyone goes home instead of Skylar it will be unjust. She’s going so far. She has a screaming voice and sings nasally every time. She’s has that fake performance. I don’t like her as singer and performer. She’s NOT Miranda Lambert, and nobody(“judges”) says that to her. It’s a shame!

    • Skylar can sing better than anyone on the show and has personality. She also writes and plays several instruments. I sang in a Talent show 3 years ago with Skylar and she was only 15 years old and she blew the roof off with her performance.

    • you are right skylar sounds nasally, and for some people they consider it a good music. unfortunately LOL

  63. josh should have left a long time ago .he screams to much i dont know why they think he is so good .jessica they give her the wrong music to young to be singing the stuff she has done .if you get jimmy as a judge idol would be over in less the time each year .im sure next week hollie will go but josh should

  64. I think Randy is so
    true in saying that Jessica is one of the best singer in america! EVER! as
    steven tyler added.. I think a lot of us americans today are deaf. Voting for
    the contenders because of their good looks is ridiculous.

  65. I think Randy is so
    true in saying that Jessica is one of the best singer in america! EVER! as
    steven tyler added.. I think a lot of us americans today are deaf. Voting for
    the contenders because of their good looks is ridiculous.

  66. Philip is so annoying to watch!!! He “sings” like he is in agony. I can’t stand him and am praying he goes.

    I liked Colton, but to he honest, he was getting boring. He only seemed comfortable at the piano singing another ballad… it was getting old and so.predictable…

  67. The best part of this week, Jimmy taking the hit for the wrong music for Jessica…I am looking forward to seeing what is next of Jessica…can Hollie continue to improve…this thing isnt over…anything can happen…and as we have seen in the last 2 weeks…anything IS happening

    • Jimmy is right in saying that the music Jessica is choosing is not right for her but I’m ¬†a little bit doubtful in his saying that the songs are not right because she is too young for them (not age appropriate).

      I think the correct formula is to choose popular songs (or at the least recognizable songs) that suit your style while avoiding ‘cliche’ songs that became ‘too’ popular.

      Jessica’s problem with Stuttering is that the viewer’s first reaction is (or was) ¬†‘ huh!!! … who dat … what dat?’. This kind of reaction don’t get votes.

      The first impression must be ‘hey, I know that song … wow she’s killing it !!!’. This reaction get votes.

      • ¬†IMO, 16 is too young to be allowed into this competition…but if they are going to put minors into the competition they cant be treating like the adults they are not…it is wrong…exploitation of a minor and it is sick to say the very least…I do not question the Jessica has talent but this show needs to be more careful with what they do with that talent

      • It think it all boils down to the question of whether a precocious talent is ready or not.

        I remember Nadia Comaneci, the romanian gymnast. She was awesome. She conquered the world and it made for one hell of a human interest story. People rejoiced for her giftedness. I think she profited by it and so did the world.

        I think Jessica is ready. She has clocked in more time in honing her gift than most of her competitors (from what I hear and see)and it would be a pity if that talent is not allowed to be appreciated at a time when people will see it as something spectacular.

        There is something unexplainably uplifting in witnessing youngsters with such gifts. In a funny way, their triumphs become everybody’s triumph.

      • I also think some people were turned off by the Bebe Chez stuff.¬† It can come off as being over confident/arrogant.¬† I don’t think she mentioned it this week and even when JLo asked her what her other name was she didn’t respond.¬† The judges can be pretty clueless some times.

      • It’s a very minor thing. Some may find it cute, some may not … but it’s … IMO, not really significant.

      • It’s a very minor thing. Some may find it cute, some may not … but it’s … IMO, not really significant.

  68. Everyone in this forum seems to be expert in music the way they bash other contestants just because their fovorite is voted off. common guys. This is a competition, someone has to go to give way for the ultimate winner. They can’l all be winners.

  69. Everything was wrong with Colton last Wednesday. The song is wrong, both of them. Hair is wrong. Too many colors, looked like he outdone the feathers of an exotic bird. And the outfit was just bleh. Feels like he came out from a Tim Burton film. (though i like tim’s film)

  70. Every singer- pro or not- experiences bizarre moments in their singing careers. It is  just too bad that it had happened to Colton having not reached the top three. Nevertheless, he acted gentlemanly by accepting the verdict and offering everything to the Lord through his exit song.I hope music companies have spotted him and his talent and that they will continue to mold him into one of the best singers in the music industry.   

  71. Colton made his own fate when he told us that he didn’t care what the judges had said, when they critqued him. Anyone who has ever watched American Idol knows that not caring , makes the voters not care. Too bad. I thought he’d end up in the top 3 anyway.

  72. By Colton Dixon voted off all the fanbase that was left by him in the middle of the contest,there’s possibilities to swift their votes for Phillips next week.
    If Hollie,Elise or Joshua next week then the coming week, all their votes will be transfered to Jessica, then Skylar will be the lowest voters in the finals.Surely without a doubt that Jessica,Phillips & Skylar are competing in the finale.This my personal analysis in terms of voting records & poll ratings to all sites were I had visited for 3 weeks.Anyway my opinion is for myself only.
    Next week voters poll
    1. Jessica Sanchez(safe)………..fanbase followers & supporters
    2. Phillip Phillips(safe)………….fanbase followers & supporters
    3. Skylar Laine(safe)…………….small fanbase & few supporters
    4. Joshua Ledet(safe or b3)……few supporters & followers
    5. Hollie Cavanagh(b3)………….fanbase followers small supporters
    6. Elise Testone(b3)………………non fanbase but many followers
    Note:these are base of all polling sites online & dial idol survey only.

  73. All the remaining AI11 are all good,this time they are fighting whom has the most voters to be the winner.Good looks is not the score now for the voters look what happened to Dixon it was thrown out,1st time in b3 the suddenly voted out instantly.Adults are betting for the best not like the teenie boppers that their votes are exclusively for cute looking guys only.
    The shocking elimination of Miss Jessica Sanchez made her followers to vote massively to show her that they are doing their job now to support her now.This little girl showed already that she did everything for them,now it’s their turn to keep her in the finals.

    • Good looks will always be a factor, IMO.¬†

      Colton is a good looking guy, but NOT everybody is into skinny jeans (red leather at that), mohawk style colored hair and Steven Tyler style type of clothes. ¬†Colton might have painted himself into a ‘smaller’ corner by his choice of clothing style.

      Maybe he should have ‘toned’ it down. Remember that the ‘sweet spot’ is always close to the center.

  74. Who Will Go Home (Top 6 Pre-Performance)?
    Published on Apr 20, 2012 by DJSlim in American Idol, Polls, Season 11, Sticky

    One of the fun things we do around here is put up a poll each week before you get to hear the performances and ask who you think will go home. We close the poll just before the show airs on the East Coast Feed and then put up a new poll right after the performances and see how it changes.So here is the pre-performance poll for the Top 6. Simply leave who you think will go home on Thursday night in the poll below and your thoughts in a commentThank you for voting!Joshua Ledet 10.46%  (16 votes) 
     Skylar Laine 5.23%  (8 votes) 
     Jessica Sanchez 11.76%  (18 votes) 
     Phillip Phillips 1.96%  (3 votes) 
     Elise Testone 47.71%  (73 votes) 
     Hollie Cavanagh 22.88%  (35 votes)  

  75. Jessica and Elise are my favorite left¬†in the competition. Elise may not have a fanbase as strong as Jessica’s, but i feel Elise has a very unique raspy tone in her voice.

  76. This is what really happened before the elimination’
    Hollie Cavanagh……………………………………………. 24 pts
    Colton Dixon………………………………………………….12 pts
    Skylar Laine…………………………………………………..55 pts
    Joshua Ledet………………………………………………….58 pts
    Phillip Phillips………………………………………………..62 pts
    Jessica Sanchez………………………………………………48 pts
    ¬†Predicting the results on American Idol isn’t a science. But it’s fun to approach it that way. Our fast-track formula determines which singers have momentum. Progress reports are handed out the day after the performance show, with final grades given after elimination.

  77. ‚ÄúIdol Meter‚ÄĚ

    Predicting the results on American Idol isn’t a science. But
    it’s fun to approach it that way. Our fast-track formula determines which
    singers have momentum. Progress reports are handed out the day after the
    performance show, with final grades given after elimination.

    Hollie Cavanagh   24

    Colton Dixon   12 pts

    Skylar Laine   55 pts

    Joshua Ledet   58 pts

    Phillip Phillips   62 pts

    Jessica Sanchez   48 pts

    Elise Testone   18 pts

    This is really what happened beore the elimination of Colton

  78. According to the AI producer, Nigel Lythgoe, each contestant will sing 2 songs. one from Queen and the other one is from their personal choice, meaning whatever song they want to sing

    • Wow… personal choice. I sincerely hope that the AI contestants DO NOT SCREW UP on the song selection.

  79. Oh my gosh. This site is just littered with narrow minded know it alls. To sit here and constantly trash contestants to try to promote their favorite is just downright petty, immature and childish. Everyone of these contestants sing better than any of us, so to sit on a computer and put ANY of them down is just stupid and getting to be really ridiculous! It doesn’t really matter who the hell wins, they will ALL get the opportunity to record an album, so if you dislike somebody, don’t buy their cd, if you really like someone, then support them and buy their cd…Simple. There’s always people who like who you dislike, that’s life, get over it. I always wonder who the adults are on this site. I get tired of trying to take up for, and defend, my favorite contestant from the extremely harsh comments made on here. There’s a difference between voicing an opinion, and attacking or putting someone down, or in essence bullying. Some people take this site to such a low place, and it’s a pitty.

    • I so agree. Joshua is my favorite as well. It’s not about black or white, Christian or non believer, it’s about talent and Joshua has it in spades. No one on the radio sounds like him. He makes me smile just by listening to his voice.

  80. American idol is totally rigged it should be called “producers idol” not American Idol. I am Colton fan all the way. I honestly don’t think it was America that voted him off it was the producers. They had warned him about expressing his Christian beliefs and he continued to do it. I think they got sick of it and put him in the bottom. I am sorry but someone can’t go from the bottom to the top in a week. He has the most twitter followers and facebook friends in the whole competition. I am so proud of Colton that he puts god first and knows god has a plan for him. I am honestly never watching idol again. It is totally rigged. Colton is the real winner and the best idol there could be

    • I agree with Coltons number one fan’s¬†assesment of what happened to Colton! The fact that there was so much controversy over him being a christian. And I do believe the priducers did not want Colton to win because of it!!¬† I mean come on!! He had 1 night that was off and the next day he is out of there!! DUH. I don’t think it takes much brain power to figure out what happened to Colton. I will not worry about him though. He has God on his side. I am like Jimmy Iovine. He can still have a career.And what about Kris Allen??? EVERYONE knew he was a christian.¬†And it didn’t matter back then????????¬†I hate to go on and say this. But I just have to because I guess I do not know what is going on anymore. I watched JLO”s latest video. And I do not want to watch porn on AI or anywhere else for that matter. In stead of that being a video it should have been behind closed doors in her bed room.ToBtedoux1229, I am¬†not putting any of the contestants down. I like all of them. I do wonder who the adults on this blog are too. And I have not put anyone down!! But I think Colton got the shift. And that is all there is to that matter.¬†¬†

      • ¬†Kris Allen was a Christian Worship leader and he WON season 8…the producers did nothing to Colton, he did it to himself…when Kris Allen won, he never got confused and did some song that he should not have been singing nor did he ever dress like he should not have been dressing…Christians can win…Country Singers can win…when they are humble and true to themselves…

    • I totally agree with you. They’ve already chosen the winner. For sure. They just manipulate the audience and the contestants. It’s awful to feel such a fool, isn’t it? ūüôĀ

    • It’s not rigged just because your favorite was eliminated. Colton went from singing a Christian song, and professing his Christianity on the show (which I really admire), to dressing and looking like Billy Idol and singing Lady Gaga. I think he lost a lot of votes for confusing his voters as to what type of singer he wants to be, Christian or rock & roll. He even apologized and admitted he wasn’t himself, that Gaga song just didn’t portray who he really is in any way. I would love for him to record Christain music, that’s predominately what I listen to, but he would have success just like past contestants Chris Sly and Mandeesa. But I don’t think it’s rigged, just think he made a bad song decision and it unfortunately cost him. He will be ok tho, he made it far enough to record deal, and that’s all that really matters in the long run.

    • .I love it when someone‚Äôs favorite gets voted off and the first thing they say is “the show must be rigged”. Clearly, Colton got voted off for 3 reasons:
      1- His bad song choice and lame rocker want to be attire turned off his Christian based following.
      2- His saying “I don’t care” when asked how he felt about the judges negative review, cost him with the voters who are quick to judge based on perceived attitude.
      3- My person favorite reason is: I think all the young, pre-teen girls who make up the core of his fans, must have been attending a pajama party, watching a Justin Beiber concert on TV or something like that. LOL
      I love it when someone‚Äôs favorite gets voted off and the first thing they say is “the show must be rigged”. Clearly, Colton got voted off for 3 reasons:

      1- His bad song choice and lame rocker want to be attire turned off his Christian based following.

      2- His saying “I don’t care” when asked how he felt about the judges negative review, cost him with the voters who are quick to judge based on perceived attitude.

      3- My person favorite reason is: I think all the young, pre-teen girls who make up the core of his fans, must have been attending a pajama party, watching a Justin Beiber concert on TV or something like that. LOL

      • I don’t believe that his “I don’t care” quote was aired until Thursday, feel free to correct me if I’m wrong…

        Also, most of the time these statements rub me the wrong way and although I think it was poorly chosen words on Colton’s part, I honestly feel as if he had the right to say it. The judges consistently tell him, “Yo dawg, that was…good” when he has a great performance (ones where Jimmy agrees with that!) and then they rave about their favorites…and of course give them a ridiculous amount of standing ovations.

        I don’t know how I feel about the “rigged” hypothesy, I would doubt that, but then my mind goes back to Twenty-One and other quiz show scandals. It’s not unheard of.

        Lastly, not all of Colton’s fan base was people who cared about his looks. I am a teenage girl, but I like Colton for his voice and genre of music. Everyone else was music that I would change the station if it came on.

      • u really compare Colton to Justin bieber or sth like that????!!!!u really think colton’s voters are teens justin’s fan???!!!!!!
        you are soOOoo wrong dude…
        Colton is true music and want TRUE music not something like justin lady gaga and….. but the worst thing and bad bad mistake was picking gaga’s song and i dont even know how he picked that that was sOooo not Colton

      • Taymaro,
        I think you are correct on when it was aired. So yes, it was not a factor. But, there are many on this website who have said Elise (and Haley from last season) are rude and arrogant, for saying A WHOLE LOT LESS than Colton did. Yet, I am not seeing any of those Bible Belt hypocrites mention one word when their beloved Colton did the same thing. That is what I find to be so annoying and disgusting.

    • ¬†No one made Colton sing a lady gaga song…Bad Romance was a real bad choice…if everyone should have learned from the previous week, Christian voters do not take kindly to sexy dancers singing behind a Gospel singers and when asked, a pastor father gave his blessing…led to bottom 3 for Joshua…Colton did his own thing and got himself voted off…he blew it…he knows it…his fans need to accept it

      • I wasn’t a Colton fan but there is something definitely afoot with the voting. Listen to the videos above. Hear what they are trying to sell. It was a real slap in the face when Frenchie Davis made it to the finals on “The Voice” last season after being disqualified on AI for starring in porn movies. AI is trying to change it’s reputation. The JLo video was disgusting and should have never been aired on a family show. Fox needs to accept their fair share of the viewing public and stop being greedy. Maybe they need to give the judges a pay cut too. I think 10 million would be sufficient for all of their nonsensical, contradictory blabbering. The only one I would keep at this point would be Steven Tyler. I respect it when he knows that person on stage is a better singer than he ever was and refuses to critique them based on that.

      • ¬†one two wrong song choice doesnt mean he should vote off all the rest contastants do wrong songs all the time and they are still thereeeeee

    • i agree i can’t imagine people voted off colton!!how can it be possible??!!!when for example Colton has more twitter followers than Pia last season or almost as much as winners of idol now in top 7…and u know what 7th place???this is rediculous!!!

  81. Colton’s a light. Love him, but his last two performances were not great enough to keep him there.¬†
    Phillip Phillips wowed us last time, great voice, memorable voice. Jessica is amazing and Joshua is soulful, wonderful. Love him. he’s growing.¬†
    Holly needs more experience. Skylar is excellent, though a bit too far country for the general public. She’s a real performer.
    Elise, go home! She’s too intense, defensive. Constructive criticism should help them grow. She just feels everyone’s against her. Go home girl!¬†

  82. Elise will surely rock this week. Jimmy advised her to sing rock and roll to be in the finale. And the good thing is, one song from queen and the other they will freely choose which makes me excited for her I hope she shows her range like when she sang It’s a Man’s Man’s World

  83. We will definitely miss Colton… he did not deserve to go home. it should have been ____. ¬†oh well… as they say, if a door closes, another one opens. ¬†i’m sure he’ll have a fantastic career in the music industry soon. ūüôā ¬†as for the top 6, except for maybe two of them, are really talented. ¬†Cant wait for the finals!

  84. I like the timbre of Jessica’s voice. She has very good control over that fantastic instrument. She’s not pitch-perfect but very few are during live performances. I just hope she stops growling. That’s what makes her performances “old”. That’s what kids joining amateur singing contests in the Philippines do, when they sing “Big Spender.” She’s way better than that. There’s a very good arrangement of Steven Tyler’s “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” done by this Filipina singer Regine Velasquez. Maybe she’d like to give that a try.

    For this reason I hate Joshua when he screeches. If he can give one outstanding non-screech performance he gets my nod. I think they should make him sing a Barry Manilow song. If he can endure the experience without screeching, maybe I’ll vote for him.

    Philip Philipps hooked me with Thriller in the auditions, but I haven’t cheered for him since.I think he needs to sing something with real melody, like (maybe) Michel Legrand songs. Then I’ll know if he really has music in him.

    Skylar wowed me once, with Wind Beneath My Wings, but I can’t get past her “nose-to-the-armpit” pose. She’s just too frisky onstage. She should be made to sing a classic 70’s disco song from, maybe, Donna Summer. That’s one genre that’s almost impossible to “countrify.” I want to hear her sing “Dim All the Lights,” which should not be given to Elise who will run away with it.

    Which brings me to Elise. Forget the personality or the rudeness or whatever. This girl’s voice sounds like she has a synthesizer permanently wired to her vocal cords. Which means those special microphones used by Cher or Kanye West? She doesn’t need them. She just needs to listen to Diane Reeves or Oleta Adams to get inspiration. And sing an abbreviated version of Better Days or Get Here.

    Hollie will need to channel her inner Barbra Streisand. She’s sticking to songs everyone knows so this shouldn’t be too hard to do.

    I would have wanted Colton to do Boy George. Too bad he’s gone. ¬† ¬†¬†

    • Now that is what I’m talking about! A comment with absolutely nothing to argue about. Just straight to the point facts. You should be a judge or mentor on this show.¬†

      Don’t know about the Boy George thing though….LOL

    • ¬†Hi Jamba Camba,

      At last a musician, what a breath of fresh air.  Stay on Jamba Camba
      we need you here.

      Just saying…………………………………..

  85. 53 million americans voted cotton to 7th place and i supported them. I am surprise to see him surived this long. Theres nothing in his voice worth the recording but would vote him in americn good looking.

  86. Why does no one see that P2 is Taylor Hicks Jr?! He growls like him, has awkward dance moves like him, and listens to about the same amount of advice as Hicks did. He will not sell records or get played on the radio. To his credit though, he knows who he is and sells himself very well. He may win the millIon dollar prize but he will join the ranks of hicks and lee dewyze as a forgettable and unsuccessful idol :/ let’s hope one ofthe girl win this year!!!

    • ¬†Hi Cfrit002,

      Some of the most successful platinum recording artists don’t dance period.¬† You must be a new breed of record producers?¬† You seem to know a lot about music?

  87. I want to give a real challenge to Jessica, I want to see her sing JLO’s “Lets Get Loud”…To Philips “Pearly Shells”¬† Skylar “Tiny Bubbles” Elise “Dream the Impossible dream” Hollie “And I am telling you” Joshua “Ketchup Song”

    Can they kill all this songs?

  88. thank¬† to all the viewers…who voted my idol jessica,….she”s a great singer so she deserves to win,,,as for colton,his good as well…its good the viewers looked the performance they showed last thursday ….they knew who really performed well….thanks viewers…..

  89. I still can’t wrap my head around the idea he is voted off the show.
    Congrats America for getting the best voted off. You really messed it up!
    Oh well. American Idol doesn’t deserve Colton. He is going to go on to better things.ÔĽŅ God has a plan for him.

  90. I still can’t wrap my head around the idea he is voted off the show.
    Congrats America for getting the best voted off. You really messed it up!
    Oh well. American Idol doesn’t deserve Colton. He is going to go on to better things.ÔĽŅ God has a plan for him.

    • i couldnt understand, he is mentioning God all the time but have u seen his video where in he used the sign of demon? its weird… but i like him and i think its not yet time for him to go.

  91. Colton is a whiny singer who has dug into the “emo” performance too much it was sickening to watch. We couldn’t understand a word when he ‘sang’ & it was getting worse each week. His angry expression during elimination was a clear indication that the idol fame has gone to his head too early in the game and he needs to learn what humility is. It was his time to go. The results were SPOT ON.

    • I don’t think his expression was anger, I think it was disappointment in his choices and the result and also trying to suppress any sadness.¬† If you listen to what he said you can tell he already knew he let down his fans with his song choices.¬† And after the farewell video, if you listen closely, you can hear Ryan thank Colton and Colton respond “No, thank you”.¬† That doesn’t sound like someone who was angry.

  92. I still can’t wrap my head around the idea he is voted off the show.
    Congrats America for getting the best voted off. You really messed it up!
    Oh well. American Idol doesn’t deserve Colton. He is going to go on to better things.ÔĽŅ God has a plan for him.

  93. I agree that Jimmy is the only person I like to hear evaluate the performances, I wish he was a real judge, instead of J Lo.

    While I understand that everyone has different opinions and you may or may not like Colton, I think we can all agree that he has talent. I personally really like him. To me he is the only artist on the show who I would not change the station if he came on.

    Now, don’t get wrong, all of the people on the show are very talented and they all seem like great people. But are they relevent? Would I ever listen to their music? No.

    Most of the people on the show have a specific niche, take Joshua, the judges love his voice and think he will have a major career. Yes, I can appreciate his voice, do I like it? No. And many in America would not listen to his music.

    I have felt apalled this season at how biased the judges have been. Randy and Steven are definitely at less fault with this, but they have still been party to it. (Although, I do love Steven Tyler as a judge. He’s just so sweet to everyone and sometimes so out of it. :P)¬† Anyway, they have been consistently pushing their favorites and while they say that “America should vote for their favorites”, they become upset when their favorites aren’t America’s. Jessica Sanchez? She could have gone home and I couldn’t have cared less, yes she has a good voice, but I don’t like listening to it.

    Also, addressing Colton’s “I don’t care” statement: Most of the time these statements rub me the wrong way and although I think it was poorly chosen words on Colton’s part, I honestly feel as if he had the right to say it. The judges consistently tell him, “Yo dawg, that was…good” when he has a great performance (ones where Jimmy agrees with that!) and then they rave about their favorites…and of course give them a ridiculous amount of standing ovations.

    I really don’t know who to vote for now…I like Skylar, but I think AI needs a winner who isn’t country. I really like Hollie’s voice, but she needs more stage experience. Phillip and Joshua always sound the same, I honestly can’t tell their performances apart. Jessica, she’s alright, but uses way too much vibrato. And Elise is also alright, but¬†I feel like she keeps getting put in the bottom three because of her lack of personality.

    Well, I guess I’ll just watch the finale…honestly the only thing I’m hoping for is for none of the judges “favorites” to win, which makes me feel bad because I don’t have anything against those singers, but I’m very bitter about the judge’s bias this season.

    Well, there you have it. Agree or disagree with me, this is just my opinion.

    • i like colton, i tried to listen to his rendition of September. however when he hit the high notes i turned it off. . . just my opinion.

  94. How is Elise still in the competition?¬† Randy’s critique of “Let’s Get it On” was exactly right.¬† And she makes it worse by making excuses.¬†

    • Yeah the only reason they are so hard on her is because she’s the oldest. Not because she sucked that night…LOL

  95. Does anyone know the names of the past winners?¬† I am just curious..My point being is that there are very few that has won that has become famous but the ones like Daughtry ,Jennifer Hudson,Kelli Pickler,Adam Lambert..People know there names more than the past winners.. Colton we will see you become famous you are awesome…

    • Taylor Hicks who won over Katherine McPee. Taylor as he said in the AI, he has a concert coming up, but KM is more successful than him. Aside from her music career, a TV¬†series titled SMASH where she landed as the lead actor.

  96. Honestly, I am still trying to get over Colton’s elimination.¬† But as I was dwelling so much on his ‘early’ elimination that he seemed not deserve considering how good he is as a musician; I was learning so much from his experiences.¬† His apology may not be necessary but I was grateful he did to redeem himself from the compromise he made when he strayed from what he truly is as an artist.¬†¬† His send-off song maybe too obscure to some but he indeed delivered to people what he truly is as a person.¬†¬† I admire his strength on demonstrating his faith that may not be appreciated by many but may have touched other people’s lives.
    I am a Colton fan not because he is the best singer in the competition but because I can easily connect with him on almost all of his performances. But just like Deandre said in his previous post-elimination interview, we should not dwell on something that did not happen but instead rejoice on all the things that have.



    • Your correct. It’s bad taste to say you don’t care about the judges comments. As soon as he said that I felt he¬†was way to full of himself.
      He put the nail in his own coffin, so to speak.

      • They didn’t air that until Thursday night. Do you people not pay attention? How can you not know that. They put that on air and then all of a sudden everyone starts saying that is why he got voted off. How can the public vote him off for something they didn’t even know he said until Thursday?¬†

        How many times has P2 given his little snippy remarks. Somehow he gets a pass on all that.

      • I think it was just a wrong/poor choice of words so¬†rather than not caring what the judges said, he actually meant that he wasn’t going to let what the judges said get him down.¬†

  98.  According to the AI producer, Nigel Lythgoe, each contestant will sing 2
    songs. one from Queen and the other one is from their personal choice,
    meaning whatever song they want to sing

  99. You are only as good as your last performance. That’s how American Idol works. You must impress everytime or your yesterdays news, your history,
    but if you really have talent you shall survive as a performer in the future.

  100. I thought Colton really hurt himself when after he performed on Wednesday
    night & when the judges told him he didn’t do so hot this time around, Colton said to the cameras back stage that he didn’t care what they thought.

    • OMG so many people keep bringing that up. It wasn’t aired that he said that until Thursday night. That had nothing to do with the so called voting. That had nothing to do with him ending up going home.¬†

  101. I’m missing Colton.. :'( I agree with Jennifer…If I was to choose..I wouldn’t have sent Colton home¬†

  102. Wow!!! QUEEN the best theme we have to wait for AI11,I hope Jessica Sanchez “Love Of My Life is better for her,it might be difficult but she have to show her versatility next week.Rock is quite hard for the 3 girls,only Elise Coltone got the advantage this time.Slow rocks are nice songs to listen if you’re alone drinking…………..just wait and see who can nailed these classical rocks of the late Freddie Mercury.For me pure vocal ability is needed that Jessica Sanchez had already,lot of power vocal is needed this time.

  103. yeah i think the producers voted him off  and if u think on performance
    night he had a feeling it was pretty obvious and Ryan called her sister
    on the stage and said that he didnt want to audition and now he is
    here… u know if u¬† think it is not possible …for example weeks ago
    Colton had more followers on twitter than someone like pia last season
    or as much follower as winner of American idol …u know this is crazy
    to suddenly see Colton in bottom 3 of top7  and bang he voted off i can
    Not ever believe this …this is impossible…that was NOT people’s Vote

    and u know what? im pretty sure that Colton will have much much more
    better future and career than the winner of American Idol im sure about
    this… we will see

    • it was a simple sabotage on the part of colton to solidify the votes for p2. they know that when colton is gone votes will go to p2. jessica has a strong fan base and now that he’s gone p2 momentom will start to build up.

  104. i liked colton, honestly but he kinda deserved what got to him…
    at this rate of the competition there is no more room for mistakes…
    hollie i think is probably one of the luckiest persons i have ever met, she keeps landing in the bottom three and when the time comes she Really needs to go, somebody does something worse and saves her in the nick of time….
    i used to really like joshua but lately his voice becomes so irritAting to my ears at least i don’t know …
    it will be philip and jessica in the finale

  105. Jimmy L better stop Jessica from screaming her lyrics.

    Does she always need a “loud moment”…?

    • If Jessica is “screaming her lyrics” … She is doing so with more vocal control than anyone since Adam Lambert. Who was also accused by many on this website as “screaming his lyrics” alot, if memory serves me correctly.

    • Excuse me !! Jessica DOES NOT SCREAM…She has a very good range. So, pls do not make sweeping statements

  106. FINALE: >>>Phillip (he will be the best in choosing the right songs and will surely get the female votes; especially now that Colton is eliminated) VS. >>>Jessica (she will outshine the other girls for the coming weeks and could probably win because many people wants to have another female American Idol after Jordin Sparks)

    Top 3: Skyler (will be consistent but not enough to be in finale.. the country singers dominated AI last year and Americans will probably get tired of voting for her)
    Top 4: Hollie (will continuously improve but people will realize that she needs to go home despite her adorable character)
    Top 5: Elise (unfortunately, only few appreciate her type of music.. its time for her to leave)
    Top 6: Joshua (most people will be irritated by his screams, shouts, and growls & many will realize that he is oversinging oftentimes)
    *please don’t get mad at me.. these were just my OWN insights..*

    • I agree with your entire ranking. But, do not under estimate the power of country music fans who will most likely vote for Skylar. And Hollie is turning into a darkhorse contender, I think.

    • I like and agree with your insights for the most part.¬† I think Joshua might make it into the top 4 although I am rooting for Hollie cause she seems like such a sweet young girl.¬† Elise has a unique voice but it only works with certain songs.¬† And now she’s trying to do too much (Let’s Get it On) to try to match the other girls which makes it worse when she chooses the wrong song.¬† And now she’s starting to disagree with the judges and trying to explain why she didn’t do well.¬† I was very surprised when she finished ahead of Hollie and Colton this week.¬† Colton had a bad show but I thought Elise would be going home.

    • So Josh screams, shouts, and growls….I think you got him confused with Phillip, so that means you got Josh beating Jessica in the finale…. Great choice. Ha

  107. Well like I said on another post, the judges were wrong last week oohing and awing over Jessica. They pretty much ruined the contest for everyone. Colton should still be there for at least 2 more rounds. Jessica and Holly were the not the greatest last night as well. They way the judges attacked Elise was¬† wrong too. Thew judges have a favorite and they have influenced the vote not matter what anyone says…

    • No, no, no. America got it right when they voted Colton off. I am guessing the only reason they got it right this week, is because there must have been a Justin Beiber concert on TV … Which made all the pre-teens miss the show. Whatever the reason,¬†I am glad for it.

      • ¬†Well we’ll see who has the first record deal. Daultry, Hudson, and so on…

    • Sorry TOTALLY DISAGREE. Jessica DESERVES TO BE SAVED. Now, we all have favourites. But we must at the end of day think, we has the best voice. This is a singing competition. The judges may have their favourites but I disagree that they influence votes. Come on, everyone in this planet have minds of their own, don’t they? We are not robots to be easily influenced

  108. What we DON’T need is another country western singer that sounds just like the last 10 country western singers.¬† In the last years, all those who won that have the country western thing going on ALL SOUND JUST LIKE A REMAKE OF THE LAST ONE.¬† Please go for original…new voices in the music world.¬†

    • And I think Americn Idol agrees with you. As they only let one country singer (Skylar) through. And they let others that were far better than her go before we got to the top 13..

    • ¬†We don’t need any more Diva music either….the market is saturated with it and sales of Diva music is in the toilet; go look it up on the web. So Hollie, Jess, & Joshua can go home.

      • I cannot believe you made such a remark. Speak for yrself. Some of us out here love Divas viz. Celine, Mariah, Whitney. So, pls pray for yr favourites and JUST STOP saying who is to go home. It is upto God not you…So leave other’s favourites ALONE !!

      • hey James, you’re not Mr. America to say that the sales of the diva music is in the toilet ok and i have nothing against your comment but please be fair to the other idols who are doing their best to win the competition¬†

  109. What they should do is NOT show the people and just have the voices, I’m betting that would make a huge difference in the way the audience votes.¬† If you’re swayed by good looks, even if that person is not the best singer, you’d tend to want to cheer him on.¬† If the person is of another color or dresses in a fashion that you don’t care for, but sang GREAT, you’d be inclined to not vote for him.¬† Do it blind and then see.¬† Especially when it comes down to the finals.¬† Don’t give names, just introduce them as 1, 2, or 3 and THEN let America take a vote.¬†

    • Wrong! ¬†It is not American Singer, it’s American Idol. ¬†That means voice, charisma, looks, style, star power, personality, being photogenic and graceful. ¬†“Video killed the radio star”. ¬†Singers have to make videos, tour on the concert stage and do interviews where they impress and engage people. ¬†Just a good voice won’t cut it.

    • Can you imagine how freaking boring it would be to hear somebody sing and not be able to watch it. Don’t give up your day job in hopes of being a television producer is all I can say.

  110. My fave performance of Colton Dixon was “Love The Way You Lie.” Anyone agree with me?

  111. If last year Pia Toscano eliminated @ top 9 and i skipped to watch top 8 until finale, i think will be doing the same thing too this year Colton Dixon eliminated @ top 7, so see ya on Grand Finale!

  112. Colton started off just fine. He pretty much kept singing first and looks and attitude second. But over time, he got a little too precious for ¬†his own good and before long had become a legend in his own mind. He began looking more and more like a clown every week–until he became one in his last performance. He actually is a very handsome guy but he did everything he could to ugly himself up because he obviously thought it was so cool. It didn’t work.

    ¬†The others are all trying to have a serious but elegant look. Colton went for the trash/Easter egg color in the hair bit. Add that to a bad performance and cocky attitude (“I don’t care what they think”) and you’ve got a bona fide mess. Coat that all over with a heavy dose of Jesus and it confuses everyone. There just weren’t that many Jesus punks out there to support him outside of his mirror–and thus he went.

     The others should take notice that concentrating on their music choices, their performances and their looks are the things that will keep them there the longest. 

  113. It’s not that I had anything against him. I just didn’t like the choice of his music. I think that’s why America voted him off

  114. I also love Jimmy’s comments.¬† At least he makes sense unlike the other 3.¬† Now that Colton is gone, I just hope neither of the 2 guys left will win.¬† Jessica Sanchez is the best one left.¬† Jessica FTW!

  115. ¬†this episode is the most embarrassing part of this season ……………………..we love you calton…..we still here for you and support¬† in your¬† journey………….

  116. I think when Jessica and Joshua were in the bottom 3 last week everyone voted to keep them safe. I thought Colton and Phiilip were safe and voted for Hollie since Rolling in The Deep was the best Adele I’ve seen done by someone other than Adele. I going to get slapped but I liked Elise’s Alicia Keys better than Jessica just prefer Elise’s singing style.

  117. Yeah, Jimmy’s the best!.. no biases… just REAL.
    They were all good..and there’s no question when it comes to their talent.. they really are the best singers in America….but at the end of the day, i think it always comes down on how good they perform on stage during performance night. . . as what i have noticed based on the results of every week’s bottom 3.

  118. I’m not a Colton fan but personally I sad to see him go. He has the most twitter followers amongst other contestants, but it didn’t help.
    Honestly I don’t think he has special in his voice, and most of the time he was pitchy. James is far talented than him ..

  119. Jessica should choose better and more popular songs, if not, Elise and Hollie will topple her down. Philip will be in the top 2.

  120. I love Colton Dixon he was the best and he did great on bad romance I’ll always be team Colton but now I greed I’ll go for phillip cuz I don’t think Joshua should wim

  121. I love Colton Dixon he did great on bad romance he shouldn’t of want home Jessica should go or joshua they not that good but Colton is amazing and great plus cute he did a great job im always team Colton well now I gress I’ll go for phillip cuz he’s good but Jessica or Joshua shoudn’t win

  122. Jessica, Phillip and Skyler are the best. I am so glad Jimmy is going to let het sing younger songs

  123. Josh sounds like a church choier singer, screeming and shouting like mad. Jimmy is the best they could ask for.

  124. I really enjoyed Colton’s preformances. I am really sad that he is gone.¬† My next pick is Skylar. She is always on.

  125. closest competition ever in american idol…you just don’t know who will leave next…..:)…but still rooting for jsan and pp….

  126. I like how Jennifer says “Every week different people are in the bottom 3.” Umm no. Every week Hollie, Elise and one other person would be in the bottom 3 and the other person would get eliminated.

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