American Idol 2012 Top 7 Round 2 Week Ratings

American Idol 2012 Top 7 Round 2 Live

This week on American Idol 2012 the ratings took a dive despite the previous week’s lead-in of nail-biting results and outcomes. Looks like Nigel will have to start thinking overtime if he wants to generate enough buzz to make things spike every week.

During the Wednesday’s live American Idol performance show where each of the remaining seven finalists performed two songs the ratings took an approximate 6% dip in the key 18-49 demo over the previous Top 7 round ratings but still managed to pull in 16.9 million viewers.

Meanwhile on Thursday things weren’t holding last week’s momentum either. American Idol 2012 dropped 9% from last week’s “shocking” results show which led to a tie with its previous low in ratings for the entire series. This week Ryan Seacrest’s delivery of Colton Dixon’s elimination managed to draw only 15 million viewers, down nearly a million from Jessica Sanchez’s elimination and rescue event.

Wednesday’s viewership of nearly 17 million really isn’t bad at all, but again I’m surprised by such a low number for the results show in comparison. After all that drama last time around definitely had me anxious to see what was going to happen. Do you ever skip the results show and just check here instead?

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  1. According to the AI producer, Nigel Lythgoe, the remaining contestants will perform 2 songs each. One from the Queen, and the other one is their personal choice.(contestant’s choice)

    I’m hoping that one of them will sing Bohemian Rhapsody.

    •  again…is that personal choice a current one…so the title of the theme would be NOW and the QUEEN?? LOL

    • I hope that the contestant to sing Bohemian Rhapsody is Jessica because such powerful song needs a powerful singer but if not I also want  Jessica to sing either of these “Mama”, “We are the Champion” and “Love of my Life” because they are powerful songs too. Hoping Jessica will not sing an unfamiliar or strange song from the Queen or else she will lose a critical or vulnerable edge from the other remaining finalists.
      Personal choice?….Wow Jessica knows her stuff for that definitely!!!!I am excited now!!!!

      • Jessica’s the best! We’ll make sure she’s the last one standing… we’ve been outraged!!!

      • Now, they have reasons to accuse Jessica of screaming…. Don’t rock music rocks?? Don’t rock singers scream?? and they rock like a thunder???  You have no more excuses…. Go Jessica!!

      • Sorry Cherie Bare……I would love to but as far as Jessica sings  I always get addicted to her voice….How can I get rid of her when I loved my addiction now!

      • @16bca7960e645143c6b80521212e949d:disqus is right!  Get rid of @8ed643f22a2b78dc3c631f772ce864cf:disqus ! Sorry…. i used to be a colton f fan… now my vote goes to jessica. she is by far the best among the top 6.  next to her is philip philips then joshua. the rest, well…. never mind.

    • No one should sing Bohemian Rhapsody.  Even Queen doesn’t do the choruses live.  Those multilayered tracks are impossible for a solo artist.

    •  Will be interesting to see if anyone takes on “We are the Champions”, “We will rock you” or “Another one bites the dust”…looking forward to the show!!!

      • I have to agree that the year Taylor Hicks (Soul Patrol man) won, is the year that American Idol may have jumped the Shark. I would say the year that Simon Cowell left the show … But, Adam Lambert pretty much made the following season a success, all on his own.

      • Ami wrong? Was Simon still a judge when Adam Lambert was on Idol?. If so, then the year Simon left is the year American Idol jumped the shark.

      • That would probably it. The top 4 that season is really something. From Daughtry to Yamin to McPhee & Hicks. Yamin’s my favorite that season.

  2. maybe they did more harm with the save than good.. after all there were a lot of unhappy people not so much at who they saved but how they acted judges and producers who were said to be pushing the judges to save way before hand. And now another head person is gone… hmm my moneys on ratings dropping more. They need to remember its AMERICAN idol not WE THE PRODUCERS AND JUDGES RUN THE SHOW AN CHOSE THE WINNER idol… 

    • You’re right about that, despite of the hype of the stage drama…the judges prejudice over a contestant seems biased and over dramatic…i’m fan of jessica so you know but i don’t like the way those three acted, quite degrading for the contestants and insulting to the viewers.

      • I have nothing against who they saved at all.. Jessica is talented and deserves to be there they all do they are all talented its just the judges and producers acted way out of line that night and insulted a lot of people and contestants. Its sad to see any of them leave at this point.

      • Why shouldn’t it be here to stay. Their actions can’t be reversed. You can’t un-ring a bell. They haven’t apologized for insulting the voting public. They did feel the backlash because they were very careful not to answer Ryan’s question of whether America got it right. That Ryan is sneaky. You got to watch him. 

      • Right ! the judges were paid to do their job, who are we to judge the judges? It’s us the voters who will decide the move on..just vote for your fave and that’s it.

    • She should have went home, I wonder if Elise had been in the bottom would she have been saved that night. I think not I can’t forget Deandre  I never heard the auidence ask the judges to save someone before not like they did for Deandre. But Jlo has her favorite and this late in the game she shouldn’t be telling people to vote for Joshua, she can pick up her phone and vote if she wants him to get votes.

      • She didn’t ask for people to VOTE for him, she said, ‘please people don’t send this boy home’. You can interpret it to say vote for Josh, but it’s not what she actually said.

        Everybody wants Simon back, including me, but he had his favorites every season as well. He voiced his opinion on who should stay many times, so why is it not ok for the judges on the show now, not voice their opinions on who THEY think are the most talented? Them saying, ‘vote for this person’, may not be right or fair, or us agree with it, BUT the good thing is, we can vote for who we WANT to vote for. Most people only bash the judges if they praise someone other than their favorite, but if their favorites are praised, it’s all good. So were you offended when J Lo asked people to vote for Deandre? They see talent, we see talent, but we don’t have to agree on who has the most, that’s what makes this show so compelling to watch, to see young singers have a chance to make their dreams come true. That’s why none of them deserve to be attacked by any of us.

    • Hi hill12,

      It is called “Manipulation”  it is one of the oldest trick in the world.
      If you have small children you would understand how the game is played.

      I really believed that the show was not rigged, but manipulated.

      I am sure you were following the show from the time it started.  The influence that the judges generate, combined with Jimmy’s own rendition of ” I know everything” and Ryan’s taunting questions to the judges who should go home.  The “pimp” spot , etc etc etc.

      And even choosing the theme for the following week play an important role on each week’s outcome.

      This year though they went overboard with the over reaction of Jessica’s elimination, and by the way,  everyone that is involved in the show knew before that night who was last place, and already knew what to do when it was announced.  The 3 stooges already know what to do by the time Jessica started singing her salvation song, the rest is history.

  3. Honestly?  It has been better for contestants to lose than to win Idol.  If they win, they are subject to Idol’s control over them until their contract ends.  If they do NOT win, they can accept offers and free to do their style of singing/performing/song choices.

    I loved Colton as a singer/performer….also love Phillip and Skylar.  Phillip would do well to leave soon.  Skylar is the only one left that is strong enough in herself and her style to be “ok” with a contract with Idol.  Colton and Phillip would have been dogged down by it….which would have hurt them more than helped.

    Everyone is a winner in my opinion.  Whether they leave now or stay.  The public knows this better than anyone.  As far as many of us are concerned,  there isn’t any point to watch or vote any longer.  What will be, will be.  No matter what WE want or think.

    Contestants….REJOICE if you have to leave!!  

    We will rejoice WITH YOU!!!  🙂  

    • Adam was happy he didn’t would have uncooled him.  Even Carrie, had feedback from the country world on how easy it was for her to walk in the door.  I can’t imagine Chris Daughtry, the rock star would even want 2 b called an Americal Idol.  The show opens doors, the win could hurt, except for Scotty who seems to be digging it!  Prob the less rock u r and the younger u r, the btr the win.  Lastly, poor Kris Allen, still the little shy boy who lost out to the real winner…Adam, looked and sounded exactly the same as he did three yrs ago.  Awww

      • Hi Essa,

        What kind of BS is that Essa?  Adam was happy he did not win?
        c’mon you expect me to buy that? Please…………………

      • @1383bfe567b54bb5a0c263bffa5ea908:disqus Yes Adam has often said he was glad to come in second because it gave him time to make the album he wanted to make instead of a lightning fast release to cash in on the momentum.  He was able to work with pros of his selection rather than people dictated by the Idol machine.

      • @Pepe..yeah he did win dude.  He’s traveling the world making lots of dough, most people know his name.  Can’t say the same thing about Kris Allen..although he seems like a nice boy.

      • Hi Essa/Templar

        You can convince your selves all day long.  Adam did not enter Idol’s
        competition to loose or to come in second, nobody does.  He said that after the fact, not before.  Only short minded people would buy your logic.  Let us stop it now , I said what I said and that is that right?

        And Essa , I really don’t care about Kris Allen, that’s not what were are talking about.

      • @1383bfe567b54bb5a0c263bffa5ea908:disqus Neither Kris nor Adam knew what they were really getting into when they auditioned.  Nobody does.  The restrictions and limitations are not understood when you sign your wavers at auditions.  It’s only as you go along and see how it works that you can appreciate what you’ve gotten into.

      • @1383bfe567b54bb5a0c263bffa5ea908:disqus Neither Kris nor Adam knew what they were really getting into when they auditioned.  Nobody does.  The restrictions and limitations are not understood when you sign your wavers at auditions.  It’s only as you go along and see how it works that you can appreciate what you’ve gotten into.

      • Hi Alex,

        Exactly what I am trying to say, when these two guys entered the competition along with the many thousands of hopefuls that year,
        their hopes and original plan is to come in first, win the whole thing
        not to come in second and be satisfied with second best.  That is absurd to even suggest that is what Adam planned to do from the begginning.

  4. Yes , cyz I don’t agree with the Judges. For their safe of Jessica ! Now this week America TOTALLY GOT IT WRONG WHEN THEY VOTED COLTON DIXON OFF THE SHOW !

  5. for the top 6 ~
    i think she doing a great job and finally back to the game(before was 80%) and the last one thing need to change is the RIGHT AGE CLOTH!!!!!

    finally go on stage without the Guitar and he did a great job but still need to come out something new so he can 100% made it top 2

    Phoniex Girl(lol)……she is great but can’t catch america vote…..problem for her is like jimmy said pick a right song

    she is good but this week lady gaga – born this way + country vision ?!…..and the judge said good?!…..i dont think is a right song to + country vision…..sry…..problem same as elise pick a right song…

    honestly he has a good voice but he choose to scream more than singing…..hope he can change it

    sry for all the jessica fans…..but i think she sound like yelling too when she sing….she truely have a good voice but why she have to sing like yelling,why she cant sing like melanie amaro(XFactorUsa Winner)…even pia season of past(who have a powerful voice too) also didnt sing like that….you might think i am the group of hate jessica…i am not….because i think she can win it and i hope she can change it so she can more vote….

    he really can be a any type of singer but he stronger type is “soul”,catch alot america vote when he sing “piano man””love the way you lie”…..alot of “soul” you can feel it…too bad he made a big mistake choose lady gaga song but i truely believe this is not the end of his road(unless he give up),he will be famous like chris daughtry,jennfer hudson…..etc

    • They said, she was just constipated…but i thought, she was yelling at those people giving Jessica very negative remarks….  Go Jessica! 

  6. A small number of people (I call them Bible Belt Biddies) have been openly critical of Elise this season for “having a bad attitude and being arrogant”. Yet, I am not seeing any of those Bible Belt hypocrites mention one word, when their beloved Colton did the same thing, if not worse than anything Elise has ever done. Perhaps they can explain. As the sound of their silence, is deafening to me.

    • Colton was on his knees earlier in the show with tears in his eyes pointing to the sky where Jesus watches him.  That’s good enough for the biddies!

      • Yes, on his farwell perfomaance, he was on his knee’s praising Jesus. But, the does not begin to wash away his unexcusable arrogance and bad attitude that far, FAR outshined anything that Elise (or anyone else) ever did this entire season. So according to Essa, arrogance and bad attitude are OK … as long as it is done by someone that believes in Jesus. Essa, can you spell the word h.y.p.o.c.r.i.t.i.c.a.l.

      • @Foxstar42..u totally misinterpreted every single thing that I said..but won’t even try 2 explain 2 you.  I was being just go and have urself a nice day!

      • Essa, I can see were I might have misinterpeted what you meant. You have a good day as well.

    • Why should they say anything. We found out about him saying it and he got voted off the same night. 

      I personally haven’t seen a lot of arrogance out of Elise. Maybe I haven’t been paying attention but I haven’t seen the attitude issue. The only questionable thing I have seen her do is say that they only criticize her because of her age. Could it be because that particular performance sucked? I guess she is not capable of giving a bad performance. But I don’t trust anything JLo and Randy says anyway. Their integrity is shot with me. And then Ryan gets up there and asks them the most awkward questions he can to try and make them shoot themselves in the foot.

      They say it’s only about the talent and not the personalities or anything else but yet they try and reveal each contestant’s less than endearing qualities through their little mini-interviews. Why do they do that if that shouldn’t be one of our deciding factors? They should just come out and perform and waddle on off the stage if we are supposed to base our voting decision on talent alone, don’t you think?

      • Taymaro I agree, I have never seen a single example of arrogance coming from Elise. Not even remotely close. Yet, I saw it mentioned three times in the past couple weeks on this website. Which of course is a drop in the bucket to how much hate they poured on Haley last season. That poor girl got hated on in vile ways and on a daily basis by what I am guessing is these very same group of judgmental people. But, I personally think that the ones who recently wrote about Elise and her so called “bad attitude” … Do in fact owe EVERYONE a explanation as to why they are not saying the same thing in regard to Colton. As his actions were more blatantly disrespectful than anything I saw come out of Elise. And I do not think I am “way off base” for asking, like some have suggested.

      • He sang the very same song weeks ago and was much more profound in his tears and looking straight up to the sky as though we might all hear a clap of thunder or maybe see a rainbow.   But thats certainly not the reason I thought he was a douche, just look at him…he’s an 80’s pretend rock star.  Now he can go on to do duets with his sister.  yay

    •  I live in the bible belt and voted for Elise every time as most of my friend and family. You’re way off base thinking the BB is against here, BB doesn’t like Jess.

    • Bible Belt Biddies….well a biddie is a small, young chick.  So would that make Bible Belt Biddies young southern chicks?    who like most young chicks across the USA vote for the cute, young rooster…..I don’t suppose Elise has anyone critical of her that lives below the Mason Dixon line……

      • I am not familar with your versian of Biddie. But, I meant along the lines of a  Old Biddy. Have you heard that term? Maybe I am just too old. 

  7. i th9ink 2 hours is way too long with only 7 people – it should be cut to 1 hour max.

  8. The question was “do we/I look on AmericanIdolNet to see what happened on the show for the week?”.  No, I watch the show…devoutly!  I look at this too but I watch the show AND VOTE for who I think should stay in the competition.

  9. I don’t care about anybody but Phillips and Elsie.  Duet wise they are so good !!!  The judges are way to hard on Elise.  She is way better then the judges think.  I hope Phillips takes it all.  I feel him every time he hits the stage and opens his mouth.  OMG  He just steals me away.  Jessica can never do that no matter how good she sings!!!

    • Well, here’s a view from good old England.  I think ALL of this year’s kids are wonderful. My least favourite is probably Skylar, mainly because I’m not a country fan  –  but, honestly, compared to British talent shows like the dreadful X-Factor, A.I. is way, way superior. There’s always going to be critics of these things, but my friends and I find the talent, the humour, the camaraderie and good natured-ness so much BETTER, it’s a joy to watch, believe me. These kids, wherever they’re from, appear to have so much respect and confidence. I wish they all could win  –  but, as we know, lots of them do go on to good things in the music industry. Yeah, you’re doing it RIGHT.  I wouldn’t miss it, 2 hours an’ all. (We get it one day later in England!)   ElJoannie in Sussex

      • Some of us think they are wonderful too but we don’t appreciate the way the judges handled the save. In our country that is not cool. There were 6 other contestants on that stage and they told us we voted wrong which means that those other six were not worthy of our vote. We don’t agree with that and we are gonna be outspoken about it and let them know. The best way to hurt them is to hit them in their hip pocket. If we don’t tune in they will lose money and that is what hurts them the most. We love the talent on the show, it’s the judges we disagree with. 

        Maybe they should take the show to England since you like it so good. Spare us the torture of having to endure another season of this BS.

      •  Hello Joan (from Jolly Old England!) I’d like to to start by apologizing for the remarks made by Taymaro who had the unmitigated audacity to try to “school” ME re: my reading comprehension skills and dress me down as someone who simply “likes to criticize”  but who then goes on to speak for ALL Americans watching Idol as if she had some authority (she doesn’t)
         I am 60, a retired nurse and a published author.Yet Ms. Taymaro just wrote “Maybe they should take the show to England since you like it so good”…..I assume she meant to say “since you like it so WELL”.
         That said, I personally wish to thank you for enjoying an American show in spite of the few “Ugly Americans” that one will invariably encounter. The overall level of vocal talent this year is higher than usual, in my opinion.
         That said, please if you’re able, see Adam Lambert when he tours there next.He is already sold out for two shows at the Hammersmith Apollo for 2 shows in July with Queen but Brian May has said they may add yet a third so, ear to the ground my friend! He is nothing short of spectacular live! In fact, he’ll be performing before this season of Idol is over..possibly week after this one coming.Please enjoy and thank you again! ;D

    • I am with u, but also like Joshua…but don’t think he will win.  Jessica already had her 15 minutes of fame due to her ridiculous fan base. She must be tired of doing singing shows since she’s been doing them since she was 11.  Take a break and be a kid…you already look (but don’t act) older than you are. 

      • Jessica’s just beginning! Her “ridiculous fan base” will make sure she wins this… charrrrggggeee!!!

      • Yo Hollie, gonna get sore fingers disagreeing with everyone who doesn’t like your favorite.  Reality check, it’s a tv show.  She’s not your bestie, ya know..u give me a headache…go away.

      • Another bitter.  It’s usually women rooting up for men that are bitter… What’s your problem sweetie?? You shuuut up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • wow essa talks like she’s one hot chick haha hey girl if you want attention by hating jessica well sorry to say that she has lots of fans and compared to your idol whoever he/she is

  10. Mathew, I think the reason for the huge dip of viewers on results night can easily be explained. Having to sit through lame Ford promotion videos and extremely lame musical groups like LMFAQ is the reason why I many times do not view results night. I am not exaggerating when say LMFAQ was THE WORST musical performance I have ever seen. If that is what passes as music these days … I am glad I was born in a better time, musically.

    • The way to do it is RECORD it (on Sky) and watch about ten minutes behind the recording, that way when you hit something naff (like LMFAQ) you can just fast-forward  –  that’s what I did. I completely missed it I am very pleased to say, it looked absolutely awful!!  I liked Chris Wotsit (?) though, the winner from a few years back.    J.

    • I agree. I tape the results shows and zip through them, especially the fillers of bad and disgusting groups. How many times was LMFAQ bleeped out during their performance? What about the young kids in the audience listening to that crap.

  11. I am wondering if the judges’ unfair comments and obvious bias has muddied the waters for voters. Perhaps the confusion, backlash voting, and apparent switching of loyalties  has affected the ratings. I remember when there were not the definitive judges’ remarks (including Jimmy Iovine’s absolute judgments), and we all felt like we could think about the singers and make our own decision and it would count.

  12. Not good for AI.  Ratings falllllllllling…didn’t someone just screech that song last wk?!

    • Ear check donations for Essa are being accepted. Anything will be greatly appreciated!

      • Sorry, I still can’t hear…have PTSD from listening to the most pathetic rendition of Alicia Keyes song ever.  But Miss Hollie, I will gladly take cash donations on ur behalf.   Sweet dreams dollie!

      • In reading ur post again, it is actually pretty witty.  Props to u 4 at least having a quick sense of humor!

      • Okay Stevie, let me ask my husband if I can have a boyfriend!  I enjoy listening to four of the remaining singers.  The other two I don’t care for, but have the option to mute them or change the station.  Hate is a four letter word I don’t opt to use.

  13. Let me start by saying I have never been a die hard Colton fan. I do think he had at least two good performances and one was actually very good. So I don’t really care that he left the show. That doesn’t change my feelings about the way things have gone this season.

    I watch every week no matter how painful. The 6% and 9% dive was due to the way the judges acted the week before. If we are so incapable of voting properly then why should we watch or participate. I plan on not watching next season unless some BIG changes are made. I am already in this season so I will continue watching.
    The way the judges acted was such a disgrace. Yes, they are there to judge and that means they tell the ones that did bad the truth and the ones that did good the truth. And they give advice on how to improve. I don’t think they have always been truthful with these contestants. (i.e. giving Hollie a hard time and all the undeserved SO’s for others) The interviews on the previous post are very revealing as to what their real goals are. You have to pay attention to the subtext any time these three talk. They speak in code and skirt their real opinions to reach a different goal and that is not good when the judges have no integrity. 

    If you are sitting during a performance and you are totally captivated and awed by it then it is going to show on your face. Your SO reflex will be automatic. You will not be sitting there debating with your two friends as to whether or not to stand up. One thing about Paula Abdul. You could always tell that her standing ovations were genuine. She was just over come by the moment and that is the difference between being fake and being real no matter how loopy she might have been. She was real and honest and that is what at least two of these judges lack.

    •  I was surprised at the comments Randy made following the vote count that was to send Jessica home…however, he is a judge and has every right to say what he wants…I dont think he said anything that disgraced himself or the show…I think the enthusiasm people have toward the show is awesome but America is supposed to be voting for the best performer…and Randy did do a good job of getting that point across

      • No people are supposed to be voting for who they want to vote for. The best is based on personal preference and if you don’t think that then why is it up for debate in the first place? If the best can be determined by a calculated measure then what is the purpose of all of this.

        Some people like butter pecan and some like cookies and cream. You shouldn’t stand by the freezer in the market and yell at someone for not buying your favorite ice cream. Randy disgraced America. He offended  us and the other 6 contestants on the stage. I think a few people might agree with that. 

        Read the reviews of Rosanne (Giallonardo) Simunovic. A classically trained musician with more credentials than anyone involved in this show and you will see that opinion on who is “the best” differ even to the trained ear of professionals.

  14. One more thing. You can expect a slight dip when someone goes home because some people just quit watching when their favorite is voted off. Nobody went home last week so the drop can only be explained by what happened last week and people being upset about the voters being chastised for not voting for Jessica and the other contestants being embarrassed the way they were. 

    •  Yep, Hollie! I think she is very good.  Think about how bad she must feel when someone else is cut and so many people (starting with the judges) say what a mistake it is and imply that it should be have been her. It must feel awful.  Yet that little trooper just stays in there with a good attitude the whole time.

  15. I haven’t been watching this season at all after they disn’t put Johnny Keyser back on and after watching every other season but the first one. I just check here to see what’s going on but I think this season was just so boring I stopped watching.

    • Laura, I have watched every season and I think the talent on this season is better than any other season. By that I mean the top 7 are all so good that it is hard to see anyone go home. I didn’t feel that way before when there were seven left.

    • Personally, I think this is a great season. I say that because there are no stinkers that hang on much longer than they should (remember Sanjaya). And the fact that thereis no one who completely outshines the rest of the group (Adam Lanbert) means anyone can win this year. Since everyone is somewhat close in talant, the show has a bit more suspense to it, compared to years past.

  16. AI producers pay attention:  biased, inappropriately behaving Judges+boring, poorly chosen songs+retarded guest appearances==lower and lower ratings

    • James, exactly…..guest singers are awful. I zip right through them. Judges’ bias on the night they save Jessica was so inappropriate. I was surprised when they didn’t apologize the following week. Instead they confirmed their save of Jessica.

      • Absolutely right, its not fair to other eliminated contestants because they too had sung their heart out during the elimination and even hoped to get save.

      •  for your information jessica haters , of the 53 million votes last wednesday , a whopping 54 % was by jessica’s fans . the revenge is sweet indeed . watch next voting as BB Chez fans all over the world galvanized even further . nya ha ha
        AI’s ratings suffered a slight dip USA wise but current worldwide numbers are phenomenal, i’m sure…

      • Who’s speaking, the supreme court judge?? The judged did what they think was right…. Go Jessica! 

      • Who’s speaking, the supreme court judge?? The judges did what they think was right…. Go Jessica!  A judge judges…and when decisions are made, why would the judge apologize??  You’re lucky, it’s not judge Judy!Flag

    •  So, Ernie from Canada, you are admitting that there is a giant cheating scandal on behalf of Jessica and every Filipino, in the Philippines, and many other foreigners (perhaps Mexicans) is voting 50 times on the internet for Jessica.  I am very sure that Jessica is a very nice young lady but from what I have been able to read through all the various blogs, her fans are the very worst of the lot; mean and thuggish, and extremely aggressive and insulting to all. I am sure she would be embaressed, but she is probably unaware.

      • As if they haven’t character assassinated Jessica…. they’ve called her all kinds of things…80 year old frog, it’s offensive! Good will always prevails!!! 

      • As if they haven’t character assassinated Jessica…. they’ve called her all kinds of things… like an 80 year old frog, it’s offensive! We are not aggressive… The truth will always prevail!!! 

  17. I do think Elise is a great singer but she comes across as being better than the rest. I don’t like her commenting on the judges comments saying “I know I’ve got it.” in other words she is not humble like say Philip and that turns people off. She is pretty, needs to smile more, not put on a pouty puss when in the bottom three and not try so hard to sing. If she leaned forward any further I thought she might fall over.

    • Pretty?  She and Lady Gaga could be Cinderella’s two unattractive step-sisters.  Elise would lose a beauty contest to a mud fence.

      • actually i’ve noticed that elise really looks like lady gaga and they also sound the same

  18. Jessica can certainly sing but right from the beginning I didn’t care for her sorrowful look when she is singing. Something about her brow and her eyes turn me off. On the other hand I love looking at Skylar and Hollie. In this day and age of TV sorry to say but you have to look good as well as sing!

    • If that’s the case…the judges shouldn’t have picked her from the start…. She can sing like other professional black artists!  Sweetie, AI is not a beauty contest… don’t judge the book by its cover.

    • No you’re wrong… in this day  and age tv, you have to look like a slut and parade your body!!

    • hey there, AI is a singing competition so don’t judge Jessica by her looks because she’s asian and asian people are browned skin and have black hair so it’s obvious that she’s not a standout among skylar or hollie but she is more famous that those two ok and Jessica is beautiful and poor you, you may be beautiful but with an ugly heart

  19. No I don’t watch Results shows. I stopped a couple years ago. It’s honestly just a waste of time to find out what the result is at the end of the hour. I either skip to the end later in the evening or look it up online. The only time I ever watch it is if someone I’d like to see is performing, and that isn’t very often.

  20. I just read an article “the 8 things the facebook generation will not buy”, one thing they won’t buy is a TV, the new generation prefer to get their news and entertainment from the internet. I think Nielsen should take this into account when rating TV shows these days and in the future. The TV may become obsolete.

  21.  Actually Idol has become all about the judges and producers’ egos instead of the contestants.  And I’ve really grown weary of the back stories to pimp contestants rather than focusing on taking raw talent and morphing it into a recording and performing career.  But I understand that the producers only care about making money for the show and not caring what happens to any of the contestants’ careers.

    Fortunate for Adam Lambert that he had years of music and performance experience that transitioned nicely into a great first album, a sold out tour and another soon to come (May 15th) album and performances fronting Queen, who are on Idol this week.

    • Dear, has become? It’s always been about the producers/judges/ratings, ie. Simon, Paula, Nigel, Randy….You blast the show and how they run it yet, you applaud Lambert, who was so good, he needed the show to jump start his career. Yes maybe all the producers care about making money and I certainly don’t agree with everything they do, but there has been some “raw talent” as you say, that has benefited from this…..maybe you’ve heard of them, Clarkson, Underwood, Hudson, Daughtry, Mcphee, Sparks, Lambert, McCreery, and so on. People worry too much about the crap that goes on for a “reality show” than just enjoying contestants trying to be that next star.

      • I disagree somewhat. Some people only need the show to jump start their career because they aren’t born with a silver spoon in their mouth. Some people just don’t have the funds to do the marketing. AI is a great way to get your name out there and actually make money off the deal instead of starting out in the hole. It’s not necessarily that this platform was their ONLY avenue.

  22. Last week I mst admit I missed the show but was glad to hear that Colton was dismissed. I am waiting for the country singer and Skyler to be eliminated moreso than the others. I just do not wnat another country American Idol. I know that it’s where the producers make their money but there have already been so many.
    As far as the singers –all of them are singing so hard these past two weeks that I actually have heard them and I’m surprised that none of them have lost their voices by now. At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised who won this years contest. America isn’t getting it right lately for some reason if America’s votes are REALLY counting at all.

  23. I am not a tweey bopper.I am an adult over 50.  I would like to say I am upset that Colton left. I think the producers did not want Colton because he spoke a small bit about God!  And if the judges are ever ignorant enough again to rush up to someone like Jessica I definitely will not wacth American Idol again. Nigel you are the producer of this show. And if you want to see the ratings fall watch how your judges are doing. I mean there were ather contestants on when Jessica was put in the bottom 3. And then WAS SUPPOSED TO SING FOR HER LIFE.  Sorry to scream. But what happened was so stupid. And I can tell you it outraged many people. See if you can get the judges, mostly JLO and Randy to act like adults. If so the show might not go on next year. You have the voice, duets,X/Factor and who knows what other song shows will pop up. So just a heads up for Nigel.  The best contestant EVER is going on to have a nice caree. Even if he was cheated on AI. ADAM LAMBERT. Daughty is doing real well too. I also like him too!!!!  

    •  Sherry, I see your disappointment but you need to understand, this is a contest…if you are upset, Colton apologized that he didnt perform his best…it happens…Your still upset over Adam Lambert? bottom line there, Kris Allen was consistent that never sold out on his beliefs and who he is…the producers of the show never asked Kris to back off on his beliefs and he won…Kris Allen is a bonafide worship leader that won American Idol…it is interesting Colton was voted off the same show Kris Allen performed…if you are a woman of faith, easy to connect the dots there

      • Yeah, she wasn’t upset about Lambert. She was just using him as an example of someone who didn’t win and still went on to be successful. Read and understand. She was using the English language. I could understand your mistake if it were written in Chinese. LOL

      •  About the year that Kris got first and Adam got second.  That was extremely easy to predict.  #3 that year was Danny Gokey- basically a taller version of Kris with glasses (same belief system, same fans, etc.). So when Gokey got cut his voters are naturally going to vote for Kris, not Adam.  The most obvious thing in the world. #2 was actually best for Adam.  He was able to do music his own way, without the straightjacket that AI would have put on him (no simulated sex on stage, etc.). Also, they call the save the “Daughtry rule”. Daughtry was #4 that year; he would not have been saved that year, if the save would have been in effect since it cannot be used after #5.

    • There are more outrageous/ridiculous things than what happened last week result night on TV. If those people who’s actually on the show can moved on…why can’t you?

      • They’re in a contest to try and win it. They have no choice but to move on. They don’t want to ruffle feathers and be cast to the lions like some of the others.

        A very telling quote from a contestant voted off earlier this season, “I guess they didn’t think I needed the whole show to do what I wanted to do.”

        They being the producers not the voters.

    •  Wow Sherry…I got dizzy just reading your comments! First you accuse Idol of NOT liking Colton BECAUSE he showed his religious roots..Then you site Lambert, who NEVER showed a religious bone as the “best contestant EVER”…..
      While I am a total Glambert and have seen Adam LIVE 8 times (and even met him up close, got autographs etc.) I fully believe that Fox, (owned by right-wing conservative Murdock and Co.) totally sideswiped a win by Lambert. There is more than ample proof but ya know what? That’s in the past and he sells WAY more and has a much bigger career (International star) than the Season 8 “winner”, who made a HUGE deal out of being a “married Christian guy with guitar”, lol! In fact, I am sick and tired of the WGWG (white guy with guitar) syndrome, ala Phillip Phillips! Really America? Seriously? At least Elise, Joshua and Jessica can really SING!(But no one beats Lambert!)
       The bottom line is, we can’t have it BOTH ways sweetie. Colton lost because vocally, well, he sucked! If you don’t think so, compare him (on YouTube) to Lambert. There ya go…Next, they can send Hollie and Phillip, then Skylar (we HAD TWO country winners last year!) home.
       Before they sent Deandre home, I had him, Jessica and Josh in my Top 3, followed by Elise in the #4 spot. But as long as we have Lambert, I don’t really care, lol. And the judges? Tyler was only being honest when he said “I CAN’T judge you”….Hahahaaaaa! So true..none of them seem capable. Take Care & enjoy Adam’s new album (Trespassing) when it drops May 15th! ;D

      • I think her point was that you don’t have to win to be successful so what they did wont hurt his career. I think that is why she cited Adam and Chris in her comment. Please! I had to pass my tests on reading and comprehension in school in order to graduate. I think some people might not have had to take the same tests. Of course it could be that some people are just looking for an excuse to contradict someone.

  24. …one more thing I have noticed this week and a few weeks back– the dress mode. Isn’t it a little bit off for the images of such young performers? Just a question. Anyone else see an older perhaps maybe even a ragdoll effect on thesse kids outfits lately? I think its being a bit overdone.

  25. there are still 2 or 3 on the chopping board: Hollie, Elise, and Skylar. Joshua, Jessica and Phillips, should remain in the top 3.

  26. “Love of my life “is fitted to a pure vocal ability singers only,it is jess who can nailed this song for her powerfull air pipes.None of the remainig  AI11 contestants can deliver high notes as Jessica does,but all of them can sing  the QUEEN songs.

    high standard voice:Jessica Sanchez,Elise Testone only
    med.standard voice:Phillip Phillips,Joshua Ledet only
    lowst standars voice:Hollie Cavanagh,Skylar Laine

    “NOTES’ this analysis is base only for singing “QUEEN” songs

    • Yeah ….. Just not getting your opinions at all but I guess you get it and thats all that matters.  I find your high, med and lowest standard for Queen songs quite bizare …. Must be another Queen that I don’t know of 

  27. You asked the question, “Do you ever skip the results show and just get the results from here”  My answer is “Good God Yes!!!!”  In fact I tape both shows and watch it without all the adds and fluff that the show puts on.  I can more than half the time of the show by doing this on the first show and i only watch the results shows last 5 minutes (thats only to get everyones reactions)   I do love to watch the singing but my God they sure know how to drag a show out at times. 

    • Yes. I think the 2 songs per contestants are too much, unless they are in top 5 or something. I also especially hate the duet/trio.

  28. Country singers are popular only in America not globaly,nice music to listen but not saleable outside u.s.a.
    If I’m a producer I will not risk some my capitals to focus in this genre alone.If Skylar Laine win the contest good for her to stay singing in america only.If she had the voice of Tanya Tucker,Loretta Lyn,Wanda Jackson,Patsy Cline etc…………….better but her nasal voice is not the best to sell in other country.

    • What country are you from …. Country music may not be saleable in your country but it is in mine and others i know????? weird statement you make there.  Also I love watching american idol but I’m not American and I realise its their idol to choose.   Everyone goes on about Skylar being Country and maybe she is but the girl has shown she can sing lots more than just country and sing it bloody well.  Also as for those who feel the need to comment on her weight and nose …. of all things.  You need to get a life. 

      • That’s right because I keep up with all of these talent shows in other countries and in the auditions they perform a lot of country songs. Country music sells world wide. Not just in the USA. 

      • the quality of her voice (skylar) is not as versatile and good as the other true singers…
        still nasal…

    •  Well, Canadians like country as well; as do Australians and Kiwis (Keith Urban); oh, and those guys tour Europe all the time and people actually come to their concerts!

  29. the last twoweeks are drama. to pull more viewers. jessica eliminated? come on, it’s just a scenario like always. producers…..? i know it lol

  30. about the save, i think producers n judges don’t choose the winner,
    because they only have chance to do that to top 5. so, i agree with the
    idea of the save, because the top 5 talented should be in top 5. we,
    producers, n judges know it from the performances week by week , right?

  31. “Battle Of Stars” in AI11 2012

    1. Jessica Sanchez    (Teens & Adults Supporters + Asian U.S. Citizens)
    2.Phillip Philips        ( Teenie Boppers Fanbase +  Rocks Enthusias}
    3.Joshua Ledet         ( Gosphels Followers + Soul & Balladeers Enthusias)
    4.Elise Testone         ( Middle Ages Rock Enthusais +Rock Bands)
    5.Skylar Laine           (Country Music Enthusias + Minimal Teenie Boppers)
    6.Hollie Cavanagh   (Teen Boys Followers + Adult Boys Followers)

    • I have 2 Asian friends who watch Idol, they don’t vote for Jessica. I think you meant to say “Philippines” fans.

      • Did you study the voting percentage? Do your friends represent the whole pie chart of voters? Gheez, there are a lot of Asian fans other than Philippines. Why do you people always insert these racist issues? Such a lame…..

      • Anyone with an understanding of statistics would know that 2 out of all Asian Americans is nowhere near a reliable sample. 

    •  Actually, many young ladies and woman love Hollie- just look at her tweets, and facebook comments.

    •  Pinoys are obsessed with women singers. Jess is the next Imelda Marcos, she even has the shoe obsession too.

    •  So with a fan base of ( Gosphels Followers + Soul & Balladeers Enthusias), how is Joshua staying on, this is a small group.

  32. I don’t watch live anymore, I DVR-ed it. I am sure many people do the same. Probably the other 10 million LOL.

  33. When it comes to powerfull & pure vocal ability it’s only Jessica Sanchez has the lead to all the remaining 6 AI11 contestants.But to be the winner it’s quite hard for her reaching there,Colton elimination made Phillip Phillips to reach on top,Colton fanbase will shift their votes for Phillips.But if Hollie Cavanagh will be next,there’s possibilties Jessica Sanchez  have share of some votes that was left by Cavanagh.

    • Jessica will have a hard time winning the idol title BECAUSE … some people think so and fuckit, they keep on saying so. 

      I still think that people will eventually overcome their native prejudices and will come to embrace brilliance for brilliance sake.

    • The song is called Bicycle Race.  They would not do that song on Idol because the lyric mocks religion.

  34. I’ve seen the video already yes it’s nice to listen,but in a competition like AI11 that song is only ordinary song.She must show some vocal ability to win the contest.Anyone can sing that song easily standard notes are good for listening but not in a battle.I love Country songs I got a lot of singers.
    Tanya Tucker,Loretta Lyn.Helen Reddy.Wanda Jackson,Brenda Lee etc. these are the most popular singer of their decades.

    • I can’t believe it but I actually agree with something you’re saying.  It’s a nice song but not big enough for this contest.  I believe the reason Jessica got the lowest number of votes last week was due to poor song choice that week and unfortunately for Colton it was the same thing for him this week, in my opinion anyway.  Also have to say that (and I don’t want to offend people but its just my opinion) I just don’t see the talent in Elise that others do. 

    • actually i think it would have been nice to see it done. Carrie underwood did it and people loved it! it became one of her biggest hits on idol.

  35.  Singers that can nailed high notes pitch are:

    1. Whitney Houston
    2. Celine Dion
    3. Beyonce’ Knowles
    4. Mariah Carey
    5. Alicia Keys
    6. Jennifer Holliday
    7. Jennifer Hudson
    8. Christina Aguillera

      • Boring to you maybe. 

        But that list up there represents excellence. 

        Holy cow … they are names people will remember 2 or 3 decades from now. The non divas are those who just wish people will one day call them … divas. I’d rather be remembered as a diva rather than an OK popular good enuf singer (but not good enough to be a diva).

      • Jojo, a lot if other people must agree with James because Divas don’t sell. J Hudson total sales below 500,000, divas don’t sell.

  36. The judges suck and the contestants suck. the show is rigged.  The true singers never win cause the judges eliminate them.  Its time to get professional SINGERS not entertainers to judge this singing contest.  I stopped watching IDOL. 

  37. I do not know about anyone else, but I watched the show but did not watch the results was my little way of protesting how the judges handled the elimination of Jessica…I was so annoyed at that stupid thing they did by running on stage and not letting Jessica sing. Plain ignorant. It was also my way of saying we need new judges without taking it out on the actual singers. It will not make a difference, but it made me feel better.

  38. Thanks for sharing Skylar doing “Independence Day.” She sounds good!  Also, for the cheap shot person who said Skylar was fat: she sure looks nice and thin in the YouTube video…..

  39. Elise needs to go home and Philip the week after. I don’t like Philip’s style of singing. Elise sings  through her nose. I don’t know what people like about her voice. She does a lot of screaming when she sings. Good luck and may the most talented win this year. We are looking for talent, not cute guys or screamers.

    • Joshua needs to go home and Jess the week after. I don’t like Joshua’s
      style of singing. Jess sings  through her nose. I don’t know what
      people like about her voice. Both do a lot of screaming when they sing.
      Good luck and may the most talented win this year. We are looking for
      talent, not cute guys or screamers.

  40. To answer the question, do I ever skip the results show…no, in fact, I watch it multiple times…here in the Philippines the show is about a 10 hour tape delay…so I do follow it live here in your chat area but I never “skip” the opportunities to watch the tape delay show…and they play the tape delay multiple times…I tend to watch almost every replay

  41. If Colton were still here, he could do Somebody to Love and get a standing O. He’d do a great job with that. I know he could show so much more.

    American Idol Season 11 Top 6 songs: SPOILER ALERT!!!1 Jessica Sanchez “Radio Ga Ga” (Queen)2 Phillip Phillips “We Are the Champions” (Queen) 3 Elise Testone “Somebody to Love” (Queen) 4 Hollie Cavanagh “Love of My Life” (Queen) 5 Joshua Ledet “The Show Must Go On” (Queen)6 Skylar Laine “The Miracle” (Queen) 7 Jessica Sanchez “Listen” (Beyonce) 8 Phillip Phillips “It’s Not Over” (Daughtry)9 Elise Testone “We Are” (Ana Johnsson) 10 Hollie Cavanagh “Candle in the Wind” (Elton John) 11 Joshua Ledet “Lean On Me” (Bill Withers) 12 Skylar Laine “As You Turn Away” (Lady Antebellum) 

  43.  Order
    Song (original artist)

    Jessica Sanchez
    “Radio Ga Ga” (Queen)

    Phillip Phillips
    “We Are the Champions” (Queen)

    Elise Testone
    “Somebody to Love” (Queen)

    Hollie Cavanagh
    “Love of My Life” (Queen)

    Joshua Ledet
    “The Show Must Go On” (Queen)

    Skylar Laine
    “The Miracle” (Queen)

    Jessica Sanchez
    “Listen” (Beyonce)

    Phillip Phillips
    “It’s Not Over” (Daughtry)

    Elise Testone
    “We Are” (Ana Johnsson)

    Hollie Cavanagh
    “Candle in the Wind” (Elton John)

    Joshua Ledet
    “Lean On Me” (Bill Withers)

    Skylar Laine
    “As You Turn Away” (Lady Antebellum)

    •  Is this true? I got it from the wikipedia. I hope this is all true………….

    •  “Radio Ga Ga” a bad choice, “Listen” boring Diva tune
      Where was Jimmy, thought he was going to help her make better choices
      “The Show Must Go On”  a bad choice
      “The Miracle” a bad choice, “As You Turn Away” a bad choice

      Phillip 2 great choices
      Elise 2 good choices
      Hollie 2 good choices
      Joshua 1 good, 1 bad
      Skylar 2 bad choices
      Jess 2 really bad choices

      I would think contestants would know by now, one way to win is to chose very well known songs. There are better and more well known Queen songs than “The Show Must Go On”  & “The Miracle”; very bad choices for that reason. At this point, bad song choices are enough to get eliminated. I think these song choices put Joshua, Skylar, & Jess at risk based on song choice.

  44. No, I never skip the results show; however I hope sometime in the future that your space time on air will be used for past idols and not celebrities.

  45. we record both the performance shows and results shows.  that way we can get rid of all the junk – commercials, filler, horrible performances by guest stars, music videos, dumb judge moves,   the “journeys”, etc. we WATCH the contestants perform,  jimmy’s  mentoring and subsequent comments, and “dim the lights”.  i think that covers it

  46. If you can be more specific on what you feel is the ‘travesty’ then I might happily jump in ….

    Cheers !

    • Sure I will be glad to elaborate. The travesty is that of the judges trying to push certain contestants down our throat while sabotaging the plight of others on the show. Jimmy Iovine included, this whole season has just been one big marketing scheme for certain contestants and they stopped at nothing to make sure that others didn’t get the credit they deserved. 

      Help yourself to the link above and have a read. Rosanne (Giallonardo) Simunovic is a classically trained musician who is much more qualified to express an opinion of the talent than anyone associated with American Idol. Take a look what she has to say about who the “best” was on the show this year. Randy was pleading for everyone to vote for the best. I guess, even to the trained ear of a professional the contestant who is “the best” is relative to one’s personal preference.

      I was thinking that I had gone crazy and could no longer recognize talent when I saw it. I have never held the opinion that the two contestants that are being touted the most on the show were the best in the competition and the fact that someone of her stature and musical prowess just helps me to realize that I wasn’t wrong after all. 

      Too bad they are trying to discredit Hollie and that they worked against DeAndre the way they did. The power of suggestion can go a long way in influencing people’s opinion of what they are seeing in front of their face. They absolutely sabotaged these two from the very beginning because they knew they were a threat to their picks to go all the way in the competition. They even went so far as to rip their choice of songs away from them and make a group number out of it so that they couldn’t demonstrate their true abilities. 

      So have a read and read it all. The comments below the article and replies to those comments to get the whole picture of what I am talking about. I have let it go but I was just so relieved to find this and have it confirmed in my own mind that I wasn’t going crazy. And it was so surprising to me to find a professional in the industry who saw ,and sees in the case of Hollie, exactly the same thing I was seeing and hearing.

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