American Idol 2012: Top 8 Performances Recap

American Idol 2012 Skylar and Colton

Tonight the Top 8 took to the American Idol 2012 stage and performed songs from the 1980s. Each contestant sang individually once and a second time in duets.

It wasn’t as strong a night as last week, but it was still a pretty solid show. As always, I’ll review each performance and assign the letter grade that I believe each deserved.

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In order of performance:

DeAndre Brackensick, “I Like It.” Again with the falsetto overload. I get it that he’s good at that. But if I want to listen to an entire song in falsetto, I’ll put on the Bee Gees. And even then, I’m all “no thank you.” There were a couple moments were we dipped into his lower range and I liked that. I wish he’d stay down there more. But as soon as I started digging it, he’d go back up and blow it for me. (C-)

Elise Testone, ” I Want To Know What Love Is.” I might still be on an Elise high from last week but I didn’t think her performance was bad at all. I think the judges were unfair to her and for someone like her who is on the cusp of being in the top or the bottom, I think they were too harsh. I even got the “goosies” during the chorus. So JLo, Randy and Steven can go (insert expletive here) themselves. (A-)

Skylar and Colton Duet, “Islands In The Stream.” OK, there’s something super cute about Skylar doing Dolly Parton, so I definitely enjoyed that. Overall though, it was kind of just OK. Colton and Skylar do have a decent chemistry, though. I guess I’ll grade the duets this week. (B+)

Phillip Phillips, “That’s All.” Phillip is a great singer and I’ve been accused of being a biased fan, so needless to say, I’ve given him good reviews so far. But this week I was actually a little bored. I’m ready for Phillip to do something different – just for the sake of the competition. I get it that he is who he is and he’s there for one reason only. I respect that immensely. But trying to branch out and embrace the competition is also important. (B+)

DeAndre and Hollie Duet, “I’m So Excited.” Eh. Uh. Hm. Yeah. No words. (C+). Edit, I watched it again because I was distracted at the time. It wasn’t as bad as I first thought (D), but I was still pretty bored with it and annoyed by DeAndre’s over-singing.

Joshua Ledet, “If You Don’t Know Me By Now.” Talk about time for a change. Phillip has nothing on this guy. Joshua is a phenomenal singer. Plain and simple. But for the sake of everything great, CALM DOWN for five minutes. Give us a softer side or something. I’ve been into all of his performances so far, but this one just didn’t do it for me. He still did some amazing things with the song, but it really didn’t need all those runs and growls. ¬†(B-)

Jessica Sanchez, “How Will I know.” Whitney again? I guess that’s OK. Jessica’s performance definitely stayed the most true to the 1980s theme. The song choice and arrangement was just right for the theme. And on top of that, I believed Jessica this week. She was connecting with the audience and smiling and enjoying herself. All while delivering a top-notch vocal. This is what I’ve been asking for. I’ve been rudely attacked by her fans the past couple weeks (for not even bad reviews, mind you), when all I wanted was a more playful and happy Jessica. She gave us that this week. Let’s hope it continues. (A)

Elise and Phillip Duet, “Stop Dragging My Heart Around.” OK, I take back my iffy review on Phillip. He redeemed himself here. And not that she needed to redeem herself to me, but Elise had some redemption of her own. The judges loved her vibe on this one, as did I. Great duet. (A)

Hollie Cavanagh, “What A Feeling.” At first I thought this was just what Hollie needed. She needed to step things up, drop the ballads, and get back in the game. But it didn’t’ turn out that way. I’ve always thought Hollie was a great singer, but tonight I started to see what others have apparently been seeing. It just didn’t’ work out for her. And that’s sad because she has a great voice. (C+)

Joshua and Jessica Duet, “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me.” I don’t even know this song, but I want to know it now. Joshua and Jessica were amazing. Easily the best duet of the night. Joshua was in a better zone and Jessica, though a little stuffy again, nailed the vocals. (A+)

Colton Dixon, “Time After Time.” I felt like Colton’s performance sounded too familiar (and he later admitted to ripping it off so I know I’m not crazy). I didn’t think it was a bad performance, I just thought it sounded like every guy band from around 2003 (Blink 182, Simple Plan, etc.), yet the judges called him current and unique. I think his sound is “so 10 years ago,” honestly. I think he’s a great singer and musician, but I think he’s getting a bit overrated by the judges. (B+)

Skylar Laine, “Wind Beneath My Wings.” When I heard someone was doing this song, I think I reacted the way everyone else did. I was like “Really? This?” I was certain it would be lame no matter who performed it. But Skylar freaking killed it. She was a little nasally, but she was crazy good. I saw a lot of Reba in her tonight and that’s pretty cool I think. So, take that America and your Bottom 3. (A+)

And now we get to the part that always confuses people so much that I should just stop writing about it. Haha. I’m going to PREDICT what might happen tomorrow night based ONLY on how I think America’s votes MIGHT play out. These are not my personal opinions. I’m just going on about eight seasons of watching American Idol and learning voting patterns and trends and what not. So if I gave someone up there an A but still think they’re in the Bottom 3, don’t call me an idiot. These predictions have nothing to do with my grades. Shew. I think I finally explained that well enough. Or did I? Haha.

  • 100 Percent Safe: Jessica Sanchez, Phillip Phillips, Colton Dixon
  • Most Likely Safe: Joshua Ledet, Skylar Laine
  • Possibly the Bottom 3: Hollie Cavanagh, DeAndre Brackensick, Elise Testone
  • Possibly Going Home: Hollie Cavangah
  • Will the judges use their save if it’s Hollie? No.

My Thinking: OK, I think Skylar did something that will save her from the Bottom 3 this week. And I think the judges cutting on Elise will put her back down there. Whether it’s Skylar or Elise in the bottom 3, I don’t think either of them are at risk of leaving this week. I think that’s most likely going to be Hollie or even DeAndre. And I don’t think the judges will save Hollie. They could save DeAndre though, because they like him a lot.

There’s one more scenario that just popped in my head. Elise could have picked up a lot of fans last week. Enough to keep her out of the bottom, which could push Joshua down there. Just a thought.

What did you think of the performances and how do you think the votes will play out Thursday night?




    • Phillip Phillips’ growling on American Idol is a dead-on impersonation of Cookie Monster

    • I am starting to think Branden is not really biased. Probably it’s me for Jessica but I have all the right reasons for this because she is undeniably and obviously the most consistent, most powerful, most versatile, most entertaining, the most talented and the most deserving contestant of Season 11.Now here comes another very long thread of comments, I just scroll down and everytime I see Jessica’s name mentioned then I stop and read then proceed for more for her…….lolGo Jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • she sings very well and she is very talented, but she has a way to go to be an entertainer, she dont quite have it all yet.¬† shes young

  1. I’m so sick of the Colton and Phillip love, it’s seriously getting ridiculous!! Phillip does the same exact thing EVERY week, when will the judges criticize him for that??¬† he goes on stage, stands there with his stupid guitar, sings like he’s dying in pain,
    and sings every thing in the same exact style he did the week before.
    He’s simply not exciting. I already know exactly what style Phillip will
    sing next week. I don’t appreciate Colton either, he’s a smart kid, he
    knows exactly what he’s doing, he decides to sing very repetitive songs
    every week and sings the chorus over and over and over again.. So by the
    end of the show you find yourself singing the song. He’s also trying to
    play the christian card, to get all the christian voters.. I’m so over
    Colton and Phillip. I want them gone, but of course it won’t happen.. I
    predict both of them in the final 3 or even the final 2 -___- because of
    the little girls voting for them.. Joshua and Jessica, the BEST singers
    need to be the top 2!

    • ¬†I love you because we think the same on this topic lol! I don’t hate Colton or Phillip but I feel like it’s the same thing every season. Two good looking guys come in with good talent but not talent that makes you go WOW and they win. Girl power for Jessica to win! Like if u agree <3

    • ¬†I agree.¬† Phillip is sooooo only one thing.¬† He actually cannot sing as I think of “singing”.¬†¬† You know how they get the Idol winners to sing the National Anthem at games?¬† Can you imagine Phillip singing that??
      Jessica is #1 no doubt.¬† Tonight Skylar was just as good.¬† Colton was one of those who did not hit the notes at all, but the judges thought he was “making it his own”.¬† (see my post above.)¬†¬† I thought it blew.

      • ¬†Skyler is a screamer and ur nuts comparing her for even a minute to Jessica who can sing.

      • Skylar was not as good as Jessica last night. She would not be as good as Jessica on Skylar’s best day and the day Jessica has a sore throat.

      • That is YOUR opinion. A lot of people prefer country music over r&b..or whatever Jessica sings.

    • Tell us how you really feel, CP2NEED2GO!¬† I do respect a nicely worded, fully supported opinion.¬† Thanks.¬†

    • Colton has always said he wants to do crossover to Christian Rock! ¬†for years and has sang in churches more than anywhere for years. ¬†That is who he is and I am so sick of everyone saying he is playing the “Christian card.” ¬†He is just being himself and you don’t even know him and you are saying he is just doing this to get votes. ¬†It has lost him some votes for sure, but he wants to stay true to who he wants to be. ¬†I don’t know why everyone is hating on him for that. ¬†I think Joshua and Jessica are very talented too, but Colton is the only one who knows who he is and is always true to his talent. ¬†Sorry, Jessica is too old sounding many times and I worry she won’t succeed because she has no clue what songs she would sing on the radio. ¬†I am not a fan of the type of music Joshua sings, but I am not hating on them. ¬†Man, I just don’t understand the haters in the world. ¬†I really think this top 8 is better than American Idol has had for years!! ¬†

      • we are clearly not haters ! we just don’t like PP and CD’s performance … seriously I really can’t tell the CHANGES in there performance every week.¬†

        Phillip and Colton are becoming like LEE DEWYZE.. PERIOD!

      • Totally agree. I can’t see Jessica singing top 40 on the radio. She is a singer more suited for performing in Vegas or on Broadway. I’m not a fan of Joshua or DeAndre either. I just can’t get into a guy singing with a higher pitch than most women. I’d like to see Colton in the final. I definitely see him having a career in the music industry regardless of the music genre he sings.

    • “Joshua and Jessica, the BEST singers¬†need to be the top 2! ” Two thumbs up!

    • I couldn’t agree more. Phillip is BORING. Same style every week, ZERO connection with the audience. And yet the judges lavish him with praise week after week. Crazy.

    • I am Phillip’s fan but I agreed – still cannot stomach Joshua thou’ – well can’t stomach DeAndre – never a fan of Jessica – but as a copy of previous singer such as Whitney she is quite okay

    • What are you a muslim who hates Christians keep your hate to yourself it’s not needed.

    • Joshua and Jessica may have technically the best voices HOWEVER we should be voting for the people that are relevant to todays music. Do we hear Gospell music on mainstream radio today? NO Do we hear Whitney type songs on the radio today? NO. Does anyone wonder why most AI winners do nothing after AI? Its because they are not relevant to todays music! Phillip and Colton ARE! They could both make a top 40 hit TODAY!!

    • they have also asked him to try a song without his guitar and he does not do it, why,¬† because he cant sing as well with out the noise of the guitar,¬† who knows and yes I like him, but he is not the best

  2. I wasn’t completely moved by any of the performances. ¬†I thought Elise was better than she got credit for. ¬†I also thought Phillip looked completely lost for the first half of his. ¬†I like Joshua when he’s singing softly and not getting the Lusky Stank on us…..

    Overall — bottom 3 (Hollie, DeAndre, and Elise) — Hollie going home…..

    There are no losers at this point — she’s a great singer — just not the total package.

    But, I have to admit, the song choices really blew tonight…..


    • ITA. ¬†I keep thinking “Where is the star power?” ¬†And I’m pretty sure a lot of the problem is Nigel’s tired song lists. ¬†When P2 is singing I always want to put a stick between his teeth so he doesn’t bite his tongue off. ¬†With Joshua, whom I love, I want to tell him “No church tonight.” ¬†Colton looks like a star but doesn’t sound like one. ¬†Deandre has star power, but lacks confidence and needs to do an entire song without any falsetto. ¬†I’m disappointed with all of the girls for various reasons. ¬†But I’m mainly furious with TPTB for refusing to change the voting policy. ¬†End of childish rant, my apologies.

  3. Deandre – C+
    Elise – B+
    Philip – B+
    Joshua – A
    Jessica – A
    Hollie – B-
    Colton – B-
    Skylar – A+

    I think the bottom 3 will be: Deandre, Hollie, Elise 

    • DeAndre was great doing Debarge, Elise a B+? more like a C- , I do like Phillp but face it he was boring last night, Joshua needs to come out of that rafters he’s starting to bore me too, he never does nothing new, but I will say his voice is meant for¬†Gospel singing. at least I think so. Jessica¬†has a high loud voice but¬†I’d in truth¬†give her a¬†B. Hollie needs to go home. She was scared rushed the beginning of the song, stayed off key a bit and I was thinking she should have sang Let’s Hear It¬†For the Boy instead. Colton is better then he sang last night and Skylar was a C too. She should have sang The Rose.

      • LOL. I Know Deandre sound great, FOR YOU. But for me, I really don’t like his falsetto voice. Sorry.¬†

  4. Oh my, I like Hollie, but based on her performance, I really need to let her go now… =( guess I have to root for Jessica.

  5. Great review Branden.¬† I am frustrated with the judges.¬† One time they will say “make the song your own”, then sometimes they will tell someone that
    they ” were pitchy” when tried to make it their own.¬† For example, Elise.¬† She did a great job–she CAN SING.¬† She was not off key, she was trying to “make it her own” but the judges stomped all over it!¬† WTH is going on?¬† She was one of the top three or four of the night!

    • If you ever heard that song before Elise¬†sang it you’d know she was off key and she took a good song and made it sound awful.¬†

  6. i saw jennifer wants to stand out in jessica’s performance but randy stopped her.

    is this right? or they are just aware that jessica always makes it outstanding 

    • ¬†I noticed that too! Jennifer should have stood up for Jessica because she deserved it. It’s not right that only the ballads get standing ovations. When she sings an uptempo song, they should stand! Jessica for the win‚ô•

      • Actually, the judges are doing Jessica a favor by not standing in the last 2 weeks. She did great tonight, but I believe there’s so much more she can offer. She has done enough to stay among the top performers. The magic or effect of standing ovations will decrease if they will give her standing ovation every time. Some people will get fed by that. I can sense that they are only reserving the standing ovations for a magical moment and that will be perfect and the standing ovation will be materialized and in its full effect then. At this point, the standing ovation does not really matters for her as long as she received good compliments. I believe the standing ovation will be crucial in the top 5.

  7. WOW AMERICAN IDOL SHOW TONIGHT..WOW!..A++ for Skylar & Colton on all of their songs and the duet..A+ for Phillip Phillips and Jessica, the I pick A for Hollie as I disagree with the judges on her performance, and I gave Elise a B+, then I gave Joshua and Deandre a crossover between C- B those two just didnt do me any justice so my bottom 3 are Elise, Joshua and Deandre and have a feeling that maybe Deandre may be going home this week. that is my prediction..but the duets were paired nicely and sounded great i liked colton and skylar the best and then elise and phillip

    • Josh in the bottom? Wow you might need to replay that Best performance along with Skylar. No way deserves bottom 3 after that. Expand your pop, country mind and listen to the vest SINGER in the competition……Joshua. Then Jess.

      • Joshua can only sing when he has he’s church choir singing with him I thought this was a singing contest not a church meeting

      • So it’s not ok for Josh to sing in His style, because it’s ‘churchy’, technically correct would be Gospel, but it’s ok for all the other contestants to sing in their style and comfort zone? He’s church based but he’s not allowed to show it right? Phillip is praised for staying true to himself and doing absolutely nothing different, but Josh is repeatedly bashed by you people for putting ANY of who HE is in a song, come on that’s such crap!! The guy can flat out sing, and should be recognized for such, instead of being criticized for being ‘church’, that’s his freaking style, genre and niche, no different from the other contestants singing in their styles.

    • I agree¬†about Hollie.¬† The judges are ALWAYS extra critical of her and most of the time¬†completely WRONG.¬† Her solo¬†performance tonight was NOT pitchy, and she¬†showed that she CAN let go and have fun, be spunky, etc.¬† Her duet was¬†fine too.¬† I don’t know what the judges are trying to do with her but it is certainly NOT constructive criticism.¬† It’s completely unfair, DESTRUCTIVE, and probably just makes her feel¬†she can’t do anything right and she becomes more insecure.¬† Her voice is actually better, prettier than Jessica’s.¬† Jessica’s vibrato¬†gets out of control and bugs me.¬† Elise’s voice isn’t as good/pretty as either of the other girls’ but she does¬† have¬† an edge¬†¬†in her¬†style,¬†professionalism, and appeal.¬† Joshua’s tone and vibrato¬† bother me, Deandre’s falsetto¬†is¬†as unbearable as chalk on a blackboard, and the other guys are¬† getting progressively more boring in their sameness and can’t really sing THAT well.¬† But as in other years, those little teen girls will probably help another only mildly talented guy win.

      • Hollie started out a little pitchy because she was singing in a key that doesn’t work for her.¬† How did that happen??¬† Those helpful folks backstage (Jimmy et al) should have put her in a different key.¬† When she shifted her song to a higher key midway thru, it suddenly got a whole lot better. She nailed every note from then on.¬† She wasn’t real flat; she was doing what a friend of mine calls “singing in the cracks” meaning between the notes (cracks are the breaks between piano keys).

      • I agree they have been too harsh to Hollie. Their choice is Jessica and Hollie was probably drawing from the same vote pool. But what about Skylar? She proved tonight that she can do more than country, more than dynamite upbeat, and has unbelievable performance ability in a ballad!!!

      • @e7755671a3da20fcfff12d58e370481d:disqus¬† Skyler didn’t prove anything of the sort tonight.¬† Although I like Skylar, her rendition of Wind Beneath my Wings was done in a country style.¬† Not in the original pop/Bette Midler style.¬† So I don’t know what you mean she proved¬†can sing pop – cause for all intents and purposes – she sang a country song tonight.

  8. My rankings tonight:
    1. Joshua
    2. Phillip
    3. Skylar
    4. Jessica
    5. Colton
    6. Hollie
    7. Elise
    8. Deandre
    They are all very talented. Congrats to all!

  9. Response:

    DeAndre Brackensick, ‚ÄúI Like It.‚ÄĚ (D)

    Elise Testone, ‚ÄĚ I Want To Know What Love Is.‚ÄĚ (A)

    Phillip Phillips, ‚ÄúThat‚Äôs All.‚Ä̬† (A)

    Joshua Ledet, ‚ÄúIf You Don‚Äôt Know Me By Now.‚ÄĚ (A-)

    Jessica Sanchez, ‚ÄúHow Will I Know.‚Ä̬† (B)

    Hollie Cavanagh, ‚ÄúWhat A Feeling.‚ÄĚ (B+)

    Colton Dixon, “Time After Time.” (C-)

    Skylar Laine, ‚ÄúWind Beneath My Wings.‚Ä̬† (A+)

    100 Percent Safe for Me: Phillip Philips, Skylar Laine, Elise Testone
    Most Likely Safe for Me: Jessica Sanchez, Colton Dixon, Joshua Ledet
    Possibly the Bottom 3 for Me: Hollie Cavanagh, DeAndreBrakensick, Jessica Sanchez 
    Possibly Going Home: DeAndre Brackensick
    Will the judges use their save if it’s DeAndre? If so, the judges need to get their freaking ears cleaned. 

      • I got nothing outta that performance. Nothing moved me. She’s not believable.

    • Elise is 100% safe, and possible bottom 3 is Jessica??????¬†¬† Worst joke of the night! HAHAHHAHA

    • Jessica Sanchez will never be in bottom 3! She is the best singer in that competition!

      • I’m sick of it being Jessica Idol, I really don’t see the greatness of her. Just another Beyonce wanna be and 16 with a good voice? Doesn’t it sound like Jordin Sparks? She’s got too much fame, unfair for other contestants. She’s not the best in my book, sorry

    • I didn’t want to react to this guy, but just this once, will do it. From his name alone, anybody who goes against him is a hater. That should tell something is wrong with him.

      Who is afraid of Jessica Sanchez? — HaterzGonnaHate

      • Anyone remember Pia? Everyone thought she would win and she went home early. And she was just like Jessica – powerful, technically beautiful voice. But she got boring. She did the exact same thing every week, just like Jessica does. Yes, Jessica is an incredible vocalist. But that doesn’t mean she should win this competition because you need to be able to sing more than Whitney Houston type ballads to sell records.

  10. you’re asking¬† joshua to calm down? phillip has been growling like cookie monster from the very start!

  11. I enjoy everybody’s performance and thought that the judges did a poor job as usual, overly criticizing Elise and Hollie.

    Deandre – C
    Elise – B
    Philip – B
    Joshua – A+
    Jessica – A
    Hollie – B-
    Colton – B-
    Skylar – B+

    Jennifer, her giggles and goosies – F
    Randy and his catchphrases – C-
    Steven “it was beautiful” – B+
    Ryan, always a pro – A

    • You kidding right? Your rating is out to lunch. Philip and Colton above Deandre? Deandre had the best performance of the night. Philip and Colton are really starting to bore me.

    • If viewers would vote on the best singers, then absolutely Just dont think the majority AI voters actually vote on that, so they will not vote Josh in the finals, even tho he 100%deserve to be there. So far.

    • That is pure BS, neither should be in top,just a lot of hype from so called judges.

  12. I get the feeling that when Joshua stops his power performance that’s when he will drop out of the competition. Joshua’s amazing because of the things he did with his voice and I still don’t think he sounds¬†gospel¬†at all. He’s been picking the right song most of the times and sang them the way he knows best, mind you he has never been in the bottom 3 so it’s working for him. Oh and good bye Holllie, I want Deandre to go really but Hollie = Pia.

  13. I think its Elise thats gone, I hope its DeAndre but think its Elise, with a chance at hollie

  14. Branden, you’ve become a favorite of the readers tonight! I’m going to say its because you gave their girl an A and that’s all they want. ūüôā
    That being said I think she did an awesome job tonight! One of my favorite Whitney songs. I guess my feelings on her are that I think she’s just too young. I wish they’d raise the age a little, let the kids get some more experience.
    Phillip is my favorite though he did kind of disappoint tonight, but no worries, he’ll be back on his game next week.
    Skylar kicked ass and it was totally unexpected!! I really hope she stays a bit longer.
    Colton was pretty good as was Elise, though it wasn’t their bests. As for the rest, I could take ’em or leave ’em.
    Phillip & Jessica for the final two!!!

    • Jessica is young…and has little Life experience, but when it comes to singing and performing, she has more than most of the contestants since she was groomed to perform since birth. Last week’s video of her dancing with heavy makeup on reminds me of the show Toddlers and Tiaras. I enjoyed her performance tonight, though, and think she deserves an A+.

      • I think you’re definitely right. I feel that often happens with the girls on this show–they’re so young and are pushed to look more grown up. While I think Jessica is a great singer and will go far I just wish they’d raise the contestant age. I’ve felt that for most of the young girls on this show. But no doubt her performance last night was kick ass!

  15. I think Jessica and Colton were great tonight. Elise didn’t have it tonight, i thought she sounded better last week. Hollie could be going home tomorrow. It’s a shame because hollie has a beautiful voice , but she just cracked under pressure tonight.

    • ¬†There’s a possibility that last week gave Hollie’s fan a much needed scare, and perhaps this week they rallied together to keep her from getting eliminated. It’s a possibility.

  16. Hi Patrick,
    Me too, he must have watched the whole show this time,  just kidding !
    One thing though, these judges tonite, especially Randy has to be on drugs or something, praises one singer who is offf key, then booos the other singer who is on key, go figure.
    My head is trully hurting tonight from over scratching it.  Someone somewhere is trying to sell something tonite and it smells bad.
    Hey Matthew , was I right on Skylar,I knew she would do right on that
    song.  She is the only one I thought that can bring a country flavour to that song and kill it, she did.
    Steven Tyler must have a recorded CD track on him,  all he said all night is
    beautiful , simply beautiful, I’m not sure if he was looking at the¬†girls or paying attention to the singing.

    I never thought I would say this but I miss Simon, oooops I said it, darn….

  17. Watching in CA, so have only seen DeAndre, Elise, and Phillip…I totally disagree with the judges on Elise. At the beginning of the season, she was not a fav of mine, but with each¬†performance, I become a bigger fan…I loved her song choice tonight and¬†I thought she nailed it..her voice is incredible.¬† Conversely, I¬†am not a DeAndre fan…the falsetto is ridiculous..and the hair..give me a break!¬†I¬†love Phillip but wasn’t impressed with his performance.¬† Holly/DeAndre duet…great. ¬†¬†

    • I enjoyed the judges more last year. It doesn’t seem like they think for themselves. I watch AI in spite of the judges. For the best judges, I watch The Voice!

  18. I also love Hollie’s performance! She and Jessica for top 2. ¬†I’m cool with either of them taking the idol crown.

  19. Colton has the “it” factor.Not the best singer but could take it all.
    Jessica is probably the most versitile and talented but may not win because the judges keep bringing up her young age.
    Josh needs to calm down a bit and show us another side of his singing.
    Skylar surprised me tonight..very nice.
    Phillip and Hollie need to go…soon

  20. Agree with the phillip part, he does the same thing every show and he should do something more. I still like Colton though. I’m pretty bored with Jessica and her duets. Last thing I want is Bring Heejun back!!!!!!! That will never happen but he just lighten the show up and he’s not boring…

  21. Jess was good (as usual), but slightly forgettable. But the duet (with Josh) made me jumped up and down! 

  22. I think Philip has alot of talent , but should change it up a little bit. Jessica is so talented it’s crazy. I agree with J LO when she said such a little girl¬†with a huge voice. It’s like she was born to sing.

  23. No way in hell Elise was better than Josh tonight. Sorry but that’s way wack and untrue. Josh easily had the best performance tonight and it wasn’t even close! It’s ok for Phillip to keep doing the same ole crap every single time, but Josh can’t put a little of who HE is in every performance, come on that’s a load of garbage. Josh has shown more versatility than any contestant. Give the guy the credit for another stellar performance. More standing O’s than anybody now. The guy is amazing and is hands down the best VOCALIST in this competition! It’s ok for Phillip to stay true to who he is, which is now the same ole boring, looks like he’s in labor..Crap, but not ok for Josh to put just..pieces.. of who he Is in every performance? Come on man. I don’t know what else you expect from this guy. He’s done it all, and hr’s done it ib a different class!!!

  24. Pretty tired of the judges being so harsh on Elise.¬† I’m surprised they haven’t just said “don’t vote for Elise”.¬† JLo’s over the top love of Deandre is really getting to me.¬† Last week she went so far as to tell us to “vote for Deandre”.¬† Not very fair to the other contestants.¬†

    • JLo has the hots for the boys so I guess she is getting ready for Cougar Town. She did the same last year, praised the boys and tore the gals apart, while saying she wants a girl to win – just like last year.

      She can’t sing herself so any girl who can is a challenge to her ego. ¬†

  25. I like Hollie. The judges stay on her for being to reserved. Who was one of the most reserved Idol contestants EVER?….. Carrie Underwood….and look how far she has gotten. Hollie can sing. She is seems like a good girl who is trying to plaease everyone and everyone is telling her different things. Give her an agent, a contract, and a team of people who are not against her and she would be GREAT!

    • Uhm, Hollie has the voice but cannot sing or perform well. And this performance just proved it.

      • i bet you weren’t saying that about hollie when she sang her whitney and celine songs…

      • ¬†Jessica doesn’t perform to the audience..just the judges..she can sing, but no personality of her own..

  26. Agree with you Branden. You well explained it enough ^-^ and for me, even if I don’t saw the performances yet of the Top 8, I already predicted that Hollie will eventually go home. She has never been versatile. so I think she goes home. It won’t matter too if its DeAndre as he has never been versatile like all the others..They have to have a breakthrough performance – however these two never did in the past weeks.

  27. Totally disagree with Randy on Elise…she was not pitchy at all. ¬†Gwen and Tony got the goosies. ¬†Elise’s unique flavor was all over this great song, and she truly made it her own. ¬†I thought Phillip chose the wrong song, That’s All. ¬†He wasn’t terrible, but he can do no wrong in the eyes of the judges. ¬†Everyone else good job, and even if you don’t like Deandre’s falsetto, that’s how El Debarge sings that song, so it’s either you like that style of music or you hate it.

  28. You know what’s wrong with Hollie that she keeps on sliding down week after week after week?
    Hollie doesn’t believe in herself. Haven’t you notice that she lacks confidence when performing? She’s always nervous. And here’s what I really noticed at the end of her performance…the kind of expression that you can clearly see in her face. Doubt was always written all over her face. If you can watch each performance of Hollie, you can see the uncertainty on her face. Hollie’s got a big voice but if feels like she’s not the competitor type.

    • I agree. ¬†Hollie has one of the best voices in the competition but she lacks confidence which is VERY important! ¬†I hope she stays for another week and give us a performance where she truly could shine. ¬†I love her and Jessica!

    • hells yeah she’s gonna lack confidence since they are beating her down,week after week…no matter how good she does, they always find something wrong with her performance…unlike their favorites, that couldn’t be more perfect if the tried … at this point it’s obvious they want her gone just like the did last year with haley..with hollie out they think that her fans will vote for jess, but guess what i’m not voting for jess no matter what and that’s not even jess’s fault it’s this so call judges fault.

      • I think they did worse with Haley last year, and she silenced them into recognizing her talent by giving those blow-out performances. ¬†And this is exactly what Hollie should do, or should have done weeks ago. Look at Skylar, she was bottom 3 last week but she came back strong this week. ¬†Hollie has to learn how to fight her way back into contention.

    • They are doing a Haley on her and she does not have the experience of Haley to fight back. They have taken a great raw talent and beat her down. Their “judging” of her performance tonight was disgusting and highlighted what lousy “judges” they are – really!! ¬† ¬† ¬†

    • I felt bad for her. She looked like she was going to cry in the middle of that song. What a horrible song as well. Oh Hollie.

  29. Am I a minority here? I tuned into Fox tonight to watch American Idol only to face a screen that says Fox has made Direct TV block out viewing. WTF??? I am paying for this channel & not receiving it. Called Direct TV & was told my viewing area no longer can receive the Fox broadcast. Can I watch a live stream of American Idol then online?

    • Maybe you should replace DirectTV……I thought all the battles between Fox and the various broadcasting companies were over and done….

      The performances from tonight will be on the AI website after the voting is done (they want you to watch TV to make up your mind for voting).

    • I don’t understand. ¬†I have Direct TV, and I watched Idol last night. ¬†Does that vary by area?

  30. OMG, among the girls only Jessica Sanchez could really sing…sorry no offense to other finalist but no point of comparison, Jessica is way ¬†better compare to all girls.

  31. While I was reading this, I was laughing the whole time. LOL
    People, I think we really have to be easy on Branden. 

    Anyway, I agree with your review on Jessica, Philip and Elise.

    1. Whitney’s was good for her tonight—-this is the 80s!
    2. True—we already know¬†Philip¬†can do that forte so I should start looking a performance that he can make other than that.
    3.C’mon! They shouldn’t have been so harsh on Elise. I think she did great!

  32. Both the duets and solo performances were good tonight (not as great as last week) but still good in general.

    Noticed the judges played the favoritism card for the boys tonight.

    I don’t like the fact that they ganged up on Hollie and Elise.¬† Hollie sang well tonight,¬†pitch problems, really ? ¬†¬†She was criticized unfairly, they needed to wash their ears seriously. ¬†¬†They treated ¬†Hollie the same way that¬†they treated Haley last year, they wanted her out !!

    The judges praised ALL the boys :  DeAndre, Joshua, Colton, Phillip.  Phillip had some pitch problems tonight, and none of the judges said anything, he was not very comfortable with the song at the beginning.   In the past few weeks, no judges had ever criticized Phillip or Colton, why criticized the  girls only ?    Judges loves Deandre,  bet he will be saved if he is at the bottom.


       (A) :   Jessica  Joshua   Hollie    Skylar   
       (B) :    Colton   Phillip  Elise   Deandre


    • ¬†I doubt he will be saved as he is a wildcard and has been constanly having to claw his up the ranks. They are probably saving it for someone more high profile, like Jessica or Joshua.

    • Agree 100% about Colton & Phillip who are both grossly overrated and the judges really are bad – even worse than last year, if that is possible.

  33. Kudos Branden! This is a well-thought of and realistic review.  Personally, Jessica stole the night!

    • These two are far and away the two best vocalists in this competition. Their duet was phenomenal and sounded like they could of been at the Grammys performing, it sounded so professional and miles ahead of any of the other duets. These two deserve to be in the finals, they are the best Singers without question, which is what this show is supposed ti be based on.

  34. DeAndre: A+  I was very proud of him tonight ..He was excellent in his performance.
    Elise: C+ I loved her last week and it hurt to see her sing so terrible this week.
    Skylar: A+ I was so upset with her screaming and this week she proved to me she can sing.She is awesome.
    Phillip: C- I hate the growling.
    Colton: C I can only hope he can do better then this.
    Joshua:C If anyone was out of pitch it was him.
    Jessica:A+ She was excellent as usual.
    Hollie:A I hope they give her another chance even though I do agree she needs to open up more and let go.

    • ¬†I agree with your review on Deandre, I thought he did great tonight! He has swag and rhythm, and his voice is amazing, both high and low. It amazes me to see how many people just don’t get him.

    • Totally agree with you. Finally, someone with an ear for music. Well done. Deandre kicked butt tonight. I think Jessica and Deandre were the best of the night.

      • ¬†Did you hear his studio version off of iTunes yet? It’s seriously gonna blow you away! You can check it out on YouTube, too. His voice is so unREAL on so many levels.

    • Agree and the so called judges were disgraceful the way the tore Hollie apart. She did a great job. If that wasn’t opening up and letting go, then I don;t know what you mean. ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†

    • Your rankings and much of your thoughts are a joke, sorry, not other way to put it. Laughable.

  35. Nailed it Branden!

    Jessica is great, but she just hasn’t done the song yet that totally wows me.
    Skyler changed my mind about her this week…she isn’t just a redneck angry female country singer to me anymore.
    Phillip & Colton still liking, but would like to see something a little different from them both.
    Elise is great and judges didn’t do her¬† justice.
    Josh & DeAndre…guys you can sing, but I would never buy any of the stuff you’re doing…way over the top and why the judges are so hot for DeAndre is beyond me, it’s way too much.
    I’m afraid Hollie is going this week, though I would rather see Josh or DeAndre go first.

    • really how you explained the number of viewers in youtube of all Jessica video it is more than a million views then u say she has not had commercial success. r u blind …

  36. Phillip Phillips:¬† It’s always theÔĽŅ same, it’s just a shame. That’s all.

  37. ¬†I think Joshua’s voice is great, but I just don’t see where he fits commercially. It’s too much over the top for pop music

    • Uhm….. There’s more out there than just pop. Turn the dial on your radio and you might actually hear better singers. Sorry but most Pop stars cannot sing, it’s called looks and auto tune. Pop loving fans are so musically inept it’s ridiculous.

      • Pop music is nothing but rappers and women like Rihanna and Beyonce…YAWN. However, that is where Jessica would be played on the radio. Maybe that’s why I just can’t get into her. Phillip, on the other hand, would be on alternative radio..and that’s what I listen to.¬†

  38. ¬†You ever have someone “just love you to death” until they almost do?
    Kind of what Josh is doing, too much, way-over the top for pop, we don’t need pieces of him in everything. He needs to dial it down. But I still don’t see his commercial fit.

  39. I seem to be in the minority here, but I have to be honest, I thought Deandre did great tonight! He has the perfect balance of sexiness with his falsetto and gritty swag when he screams and growls. It showed he could actually pull off a Prince song if he was allowed to.¬† I think the kid is talented and doesn’t get enough recognition.

    • I have not seen the show yet, but I hope you are correct with your review of Deandre. As I think he desrves much more respect than he gets on this website. His musical style is not my cup of tea. But, there is no way one can say he does not have a good voice, in my viewpoint.

      • I think the producers do not like him that much. He has been in the first half of the show most of the season. Dont know why.

  40. You overrated Elise, Branden. That song choice was HORRIBLE. I was expecting something from U2 or Aerosmith from her. Instead she chose the cheesiest song of the night. Why Elise why? Huhu.

  41. As usual, you guys have no clue. DeAndre and Josh kicked butt. Everyone else below them.

  42. In my own opinion the Bottom 3 will be Hollie, DeAndre and Skylar. And DeAndre will go home.

  43. Holy crap, Denadre’s studio version on iTunes is INSANE! His studio recording voice is unreal. This guy deserves so much more R-E-S-P-E-C-T than what he’s been getting.

  44. Hello guys! Those outside of the US may now vote online though FACEBOOK! Just search American Idol Online Voting!  

  45. Hello guys! Those outside of the US may now vote online though FACEBOOK! Just search American Idol Online Voting!  

  46. I think the judges and other so-called experts have  destroyed Hollie.  She started out as the best singer of the whole bunch with her fabulous voice and cool. lady-like Adele style.  But, little by little they have completely undermined her confidence in herself to the point that you can hear it in her beautiful voice.  I think the ones kicked off the show should be the judges.

    • Totally agree and I thought her performance tonight was one of her better ones and she showed some personality.

      The “judges” are lousy. ¬†¬†

    • These contestants are under a huge work load right now as well. They are getting worn down and that is part of it too. I think maybe it’s like being in military boot camp and they are ready to graduate soon….LOL. Skylar, DeAndre and Colton are the only three that I think aren’t wearing out physically yet. Or at least they are handling it better. These contestants have to do two hour shows for the rest of the season. That means they have a lot more performances to prepare for than in the past and they can’t focus solely on their competition performance.¬†

      • Hi Taymaro,

        Phillip was out of tune for sure. Way out, he was out to lunch, but those Judges are worst, I am sure Randy, Steven and Jennifer were told by the producers to sell someone or ship out , it was so  rotten obvious I can still smell the stink this morning.  Wow I could not believe what I heard from these guys, I have lost all respect for these guys.  They are on drugs for sure!!

        You got ears, and you heard everything last night tell me if¬†I was crazy to say what I’m saying.¬† Wow, I am running out of words.

        Purely disgusted on the judges comments, and I feel bad for the 8 contestants. 

        To my opinion all eight of them did not do well at all, and some did worst.¬† Their song choices were crap, oh by the way ,¬†I am including my own favourite in the crap department last night, just for your info ūüôā

        The only memorable event last night was two duets, that helped in salvaging the whole 2 hours of Blaaaaaahhhhhhh.

        Last word, Am I going to watch the rest of this crap till  it finishes
        why of course I would , why not ?  LOL

      • Ed……Didn’t you like Skylar last night?¬† She was over the top.¬† She didn’t do country…YAY!!!

      • ¬†Hi Phyllis G,

        Yes I did, just forgot to mention,¬† Actually Matthew and I were talking about her doing that song last night, I thought her style will fit and can do justice on Bette’s classic song and she did.

        My Elise sucked last night, wrong song for her, but she was influenced by Gwen and company to do that song instead of her first choice. Ogh well, she might be the one to go, I hope not.

      • Hi Ed,
        I hope she doesn’t go home either but¬† it just might be Hollie unless because of the judges comments, she got a lot of sympathy votes.
        There might be a chance that Elise, Hollie & DeAndre are in the bottom 3.¬† If ¬†thats the case I really don’t think Elise would be the one going home.
        I saw Kelli Pickler last Friday night and she really put on a good show.

        Enjoy the show tonight.

  47. i hope next time AI must give tribute to Madonna i wonder how they can reinvent or make their own rendition of Madonna’s song…based on performance tonight still Jessica the one to beat and the best duet with Joshua a lot of dynamics with the song.

  48. I am wondering if it’s just my TV…When Elise got to her bog chorus, the background singers were so loud, I could not really hear her. Anybody else?

    • I think they should Ban back ground singers I mean it is a contest betweet the singers not the back ground¬† singers who drown out the singers.

  49. Wow, Branden!¬† You pretty much spoke my mind!¬† DeAndre is SO much better when he leaves the falsetto behind.¬† He actually has a really decent voice.¬† Don’t know why he goes falsetto so much.¬† I sort of feel like Joshua has the kind of singing that would fit back in the late 70’s-80’s.

    And yes, Jessica seemed to be having more fun tonight and relating to the audience. Bravo for her.¬† And bravo for Skylar and her performance to close out the night.¬† I don’t expect her to win. She doesn’t bring the most entertaining performance to the stage, although she’s very good. I just don’t think the producers want another country singer to win this year.

    Now, we all know¬† that is more of a personality vote than anything else.¬† These kids all sing fine.¬† Do they reach the audience? Do they entertain?¬† That’s what the voting will tell.

    Finally, I think the duets will be a wild card.¬† The singers seemed to have more fun and relax a bit in the duets. Don’t think that won’t play into the voting! Everything each singer did on the stage tonight will affect how the audience votes for them……

    • Well for one thing, that is the way the song is supposed to be sang. Don’t you all get that yet? Most of the song last week and all the parts this week that he did in falsetto is how the original artist does it. I guess you just don’t know the songs and it’s probably because you don’t care for falsetto singing that you don’t know the songs. Nothing against you but he did the song correctly. I guess you just don’t like that style and that’s okay. I think it was appropriate tonight and last week because I know the original songs and know how it’s supposed to sound.¬†

      With Only the Good Die Young and the Master Blaster performance, those songs weren’t in falsetto so he didn’t sing them in falsetto. He is performing the songs as they were meant to be. He is in tune and on key every time. All people can say is I don’t like falsetto. That’s okay, you don’t have to like it. I just wanted to explain that once again. But I think he should be judged based on whether he does the song correctly and not whether or not you like his style. In order to do that you have to go listen to the original and compare.¬†

  50. I am wondering if it’s just my TV…When Elise got to her big chorus, the background singers were so loud, I could hardly hear her. Anybody else?

    • Same here. It isn’t your TV. She was off pitch from the back up singers and they sang over her. Or better yet she probably used less volume to allow them to sing over her because she knew she was blowing it. You could tell by the look on her face that it just wasn’t in her tonight.¬†

      • Taymaro, u r right … for me >>> Based on vocals
        1_ Jessica
        2_ Hollie
        3_ Skylar
        4_ Elise

      • @Ali…seriously did you actually listen to Hollie sing, it wasn’t pleasant to hear and she knew it.¬† I guess at this phase of the game we just like who we like.

    • She looked like she was in a bad mood while singing. Maybe it was the half-hearted song choice. I think Elise cannot sell a song she does not like and that will hurt her. ¬†We all know they are forced to sing songs they do not like. I hope she does not go this week though.

  51. Deandre –¬† With him it’s kinda hard, cause he’s a “love it or hate it” kind of guy. Don’t know about everybody else, but me, I’m pretty tired of his falsetto. Better performance than last week, still.
    My grade C.

    Elise – Oh boy, Elise what did you have choose this song? Not for her voice, performance was kinda dull. So much disappointment, especially from last week, when she was the best of the night. She was easily the worst of the night for me, Sorry.
    My grade C.

    Phillip – Never thought I’d say this, but I’m getting tired of him. I would like him to show his softer side, and sing much, much smoother ballades.
    But his performance was solid, as usual.
    My grade B+.

    Joshua – Brilliant singer, but just like in Phillip’s case, he needs to show a softer side. It’s like, in the beginning of the song it’s brilliant and all “goosies”,¬† but from the 1st chorus and later on, he’s just overdoing everything.
    Nevertheless, My grade A.

    Jessica – Today, I finally got what bothers me about Jessica. She’s always trying to sing the song EXACTLY like the original, even if the arrangement is different. If she wants to win the show (and she can) she needs to perform like she did on Billy Joel’s week, and she’ll get there.
    My grade A.

    Hollie – What Branden said. Plus, why did they dress her up like this? She started to look like Lindsay Lohan in that outfit, hair and make-up. Peformance was very karaoke.
    My grade C+.

    Colton – That was just weird. Not good, not bad, just weird. And I love Colton, but not today. That’s all I have to say.
    My grade B-.

    Skylar – She’s a true performer, sings like she mean it, and today she showed all of her talent. She’s flawless in her performances.
    Best performance of the night.
    My grade A+.

    Best girl today: Skylar Laine.
    Best guy today: Joshua Ledet.

    Worst girl today: Elise Testone.
    Worst guy today: DeAndre Brackensick.

    Bottom 3: Deandre, Hollie, Elise.
    Eliminated : Hollie. But I hope it’s DeAndre, and I really don’t want it to be Elise.

  52. I am not going to join in the rating game, with the exception of the “judges,” because everyone has their own opinions and that has to be respected.¬†

    However, for me, two of the worst performances were by Colton (sings very nasally and sometimes incoherent) and Phillip who sounds the same every week, hides behind his guitar and, of all of them, has no stage presence whatsoever.My rating is for the so called judges who, frankly, are useless. They have the same catch phrases week in, week out, give no useful feedback, are biased to the point that it is obvious and¬†embarrassing. ¬†They are a joke and Jackson tonight looked as if he had just come from performing as a clown at a kids party. He is forever letting us know that “I worked with —– on that song” and I have a message for him. We don’t give a darn because it is not about you, or JLo or Steve.They ripped Holly apart tonight and she gave her best performance since the initial round. There was nothing constructive or “trying to help her” as Randy claimed about the comments.The so called judging is a joke and they all deserve an “F” for Failure. Warts and all, I miss Simon Cowell.Based on the way the kids vote (primary voting block) I expect DeAndre, Elise & Holly to be in the bottom 3 and it’s anyone’s guess who goes. However, based on performances, Colton & Phillip should be 2 of the bottom 3.Biggest and most pleasant surprise of the night was Skylar. Best performance of the night was the Joshua/Jessica duet. That rocked and if it was released, I would buy it in a heartbeat.¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†¬†¬† ¬†

    • i haven’t seen the show yet but i HAVE seen these judges week after week and i think they’re just as bad as ditzy nicole and loon atic reid on the x factor.¬† i still think randy is bored, steven is out of his element, and jennifer lopez is in a universe of her own.¬† i miss the honesty and no nonsense of simon cowell who told it like it was.¬† if you were terrible he reamed your butt.¬† but, if you were brilliant he really let you know it.

  53. I am vacationing in the Philippines, so I will not see the show for another 3 hours. But, I am glad to hear Skylar and Deandre are getting decent reviews from a lot of people. As these two both have been my most consistent bottom dwellars for a long time, now that Heejun is gone. Is there a chance in hell that this is the week that Phillip Phillips will finally sing something that sounds different from the same thing he has done ALL SEASON. I hope so, as I really do like the guy other than that.

  54. These are Branden’s opinions of the performances so I respect them and yet I disagree. I will rate the performances to see how many agree with me. Probably very few…LOL

    DeAndre Brackensick: Good job on the vocals, very comfortable on the stage. He seems to be right at home and having a blast up there and when the audience¬†perceives that in a performance the artist can carry them right along with them. I think he has the ability to over come his nerves better than any contestant in the competition and that shows in his vocals. You either love him or hate him but in the end you have to judge the performance and whether or not he did what he set out to do or fell short. He did not fall short of his goal for that performance and for that he earns an ¬†“A”.

    Elise Testone: This performance fell short of even her own expectations. She was flat and off key most of the song. She let herself be talked out of singing her first choice and it hurt her. She has had good performances in the past, so we know what she is capable of but this was a bad night for her. She is better than this performance tonight but I have to grade this performance so she earns a “C”.

    Skylar and Colton Duet: I have actually heard Kenny and Dolly do a worse performance than this on a live show so in comparison this wasn’t that bad. It wasn’t spectacular but it was ok and they had fun with it. The audience seemed to enjoy it and that’s enough to get them a “A” in my opinion.

    Phillip Phillips: He seemed kind of off his game tonight. He didn’t really hit any of the melody of the song. What I mean is he was just flat all the way through and looked rather uncomfortable up there. I think maybe these artists are being stressed with too many different songs to prepare for every night for a two hour show and they are not able to focus on their competition performance to the degree that they would like. Phillip just looked tired to me. He had dark circles around his eyes and they were watery and blood shot. Phillip is on of the front runners of the competition and he is usually better than this. Could he be starting to feel the pressure? I don’t know but it wasn’t his best performance. I don’t think he fulfilled his own expectations either and for that he earns a “B-” from me.

    DeAndre and Hollie Duet: I absolutely loved this performance. I think that Hollie’s vocal ability really came through in this performance. She was on the money perfect with her vocals. DeAndre sang in a completely different tone than I had heard from him before. He has so many different dynamics to his voice and I agree with Randy that his ad libs during the performance really added a great deal to the whole thing. As usually, where ever DeAndre decides to go with his voice, he hits that mark right on the money.¬†
    It really didn’t matter what note Hollie hit, DeAndre was right there in perfect harmony, either a quarter above or below it. They both did an outstanding job on a very well known fun song and both of them looked very comfortable on stage and with each other. For all that they earn an “A+” on that performance.

    Joshua Ladet: Great job by Joshua. His voice took a different tone in this performance as well and I liked it. I wish there hadn’t been a choir and he could have performed more of the song himself but he blended perfectly with them and you could tell that this is the way he is used to singing. I didn’t hear a bad note through the whole song and loved his own twist that he put on it. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this performance. For that he earns an “A+” from me.

    Jessica Sanchez: I think Jessica has a great voice and hits all the notes. There are a couple of things I heard that maybe some of you heard as well. She always seems out of breath but I know that nerves can do that sometimes and even though she is hitting the right notes some come out a little too soft and low. The breathing thing made it a little choppier than I would like but over all it was a good performance. I liked it and for that she earns an “A” from me.

    Elise and Phillip Duet: Now this is Elise back in her zone and Phillip as well. Elise is a total natural on stage and seems very professional. Phillip on the other hand seems a little awkward and some of his mannerisms make him look like he has cerebral¬†palsy or something….LOL. But I’m not going to take points away for that. The vocals were awesome. These duets give us a chance to compare voices “side by side” if you will. Elise actually has a better voice than Phillip in my opinion but they absolutely complemented each other. They may need to consider combining their acts and becoming a full time duet because this performance was actually great! For all that they have earned an “A” from me.¬†

    Hollie Cavanagh: ¬†I agreed with everyone except Steven Tyler. She wasn’t “pitchy all over the place” in my opinion. She was off in the first verse but when she hit the chorus she soared. I noticed one thing. When the back up singers came in is when Hollie got on key. This is where her inexperience shows the most. When she was in the duet with DeAndre she said one reason she did better was because she had him to play off of. So she is struggling with being on key when she sings alone. She needs to find one instrument to tune her voice to and¬†separate¬†that from the rest of the backing track or band and that takes time to develop. She has an amazing voice, she just needs a little more time. All that said, she earns a “B-” from me.

    Joshua and Jessica Duet: This deserves all the praise the judges gave it. It was an amazing performance. I do know the song and they did an outstanding job on it. I don’t know about JLo’s prediction of the final but it was great. I really don’t have anything to say other than, “WOW!”. Another pair that maybe need to become a singing duo. All this is great material for the AI 2012 tour. You better be looking at the schedule and getting your tickets now. This performance earned an “A+” from me.¬†

    Colton Dixon: I didn’t like this performance even a little bit. While I think he did do what he set out to do, sometimes if you don’t build a strong foundation even the most beautiful house will eventually tumble down. I think the concept was wrong from the beginning and his vocals were probably just as he wanted them to be. It just didn’t appeal to me and I would never listen to that version of the song from beginning to end. I would flip the station 10 seconds in. I just didn’t like it. So he earns an unusual “C” from me.¬†

    Skylar Laine: The last of the night. Strategically placed there probably. I don’t know that for sure but her performance wasn’t half bad. I listened to it again and it wasn’t as powerful as it was the first time for me but it was more than I expected from her. She can actually sing a little. I think if you play it back in a month or two you will find out that it was the shock factor that made that performance stand out. It was so different from what we are used to seeing from her that we were all wowed by it. But as I stated it was pretty good. And best of all she found a way to get a few of her signature fist pumps in there as well. She is a sweet girl and deserves to be there. I think one of the saddest moments of this season is going to be when she gets voted off. For this surprise performance from her she has to earn a high score so I say she rakes in a cool “A+” ¬†from me.¬†

    Absolutely Safe this week are these:
    Jessica Sanchez
    Skylar Laine
    Phillip Phillips 

    Mid Pack:
    Joshua Ladet
    Colton Dixon
    DeAndre Brackensick

    Bottom Two: (Gotcha!)
    Elise Testone
    Hollie Cavanagh

  55. It has been difficult this year for Skylar because the winner last year was country, but I thought she was great tonight. The expression on her face during and at the end of the song was that of a person who loves to sing. So many singers act like they are boring themselves or are in pain. I’m disappointed in Philip who seems to have taken up Heejun’s place of comedy singers. He’s not doing himself any favors with this approach. It didn’t work for Heejun, and it won’t work in his favor, either.

    • Yeah I have a feeling the producers are not hyping her up too much before. As I said last week, this week she would get the pimp spot and she did! I think the producers are afraid of turning into “American Country Idol” so they are trying to lay low on Skylar. I know I am not making too much sense but what I want to say is that they are not hyping Skylar but not burying her either. ¬†

  56. Phillip Phillip Phillip Phillip……… same same same same………

    His name said it all !!!!!         hehehehe

    • I like him…although he wasn’t at his best last night.¬† He’s still my fav.

  57. My thoughts:

    1.) Joshua Ledet- He was fantastic and plus he was given a standing ovation which will give him alot of votes there.  Grade:A+

    2.) Skylar Laine- Unexpected, shocked! She really rocked it when she does ballads.. Unbelievable! WOW! Grade:A+

    3.) Jessica Sanchez- Not the best of the night but she really does it, she do what Randy Jackson said to her during the performance ‘Turn the beat around” which is shorten her vibrato.. Fun performance. Grade: A

    4th.) Elise Testone- ¬†It wasn’t that bad. The judges were a little bit harsh on elise. Just like what they did to Haley Reinhart last season, They wanted her out. I think one of her best performances ever. Grade: A-

    5th.) DeAndre Brackensick- Not his best, but I love the non-falsetto part. The falsetto of dre is kinda annoying. (don’t hatin’ on me Dre-Dreamers :)). Grade: B

    6th.) Hollie Cavanagh- Love her performance. Better that last week and on Billy Joel’s week. If she stays, hope she could do another uptempo song. And hoping to control her nerves also. Grade: B-

    7th.) Philip Philips- Same same same same……… He does this every performance which was a great let down. Grade: B-

    8th.) Colton Dixon- I don’t get it -.- . Grade: C-

    Bottom 3: Elise, Hollie, DeAndre
    Bottom 2: Hollie, DeAndre
    Eliminated: DeAndre – because a lot of people are hatin’ on him and plus he is the vote for the worst ¬†pick -.-

    So that’s just my thoughts and predictions. No offense to some fans ;))

    • I agree that the two worst performances were by Colton and Phillip but they will get the Southern Tweenie vote, which is the main voting block on AI. ¬†

      • Oh come on! Joshua’s performance was so over the top, it was laughable. BTW..I voted for Colton and Phillip and I’m nowhere near the South..nor am I a tween.

  58. My personal rankings based on tonight’s performance:

    1. Skylar Laine
    2. Joshua Ledet
    3. Jessica sanchez
    4. Colton Dixon
    5. Deandre Brackensick
    6. Phillip Phillips
    7. Elise testone
    8. Hollie Cavanagh

    1. Joshua Ledet & Jessica Sanchez
    2. Colton Dixon & Skylar Laine
    3. Phillip Phillips & Elise Testone
    4. Deandre Brackensick & Hollie Cavanagh

  59. Joshua and Jessica’s rendition of “I Knew You Were waiting For Me” was way over the top. Goosies from head to toe. Amazing!

  60. You hit the bull’s eye, Branden. Not that I’m a Jessica fan and you gave her an A (am not complaining though) but because I totally agree with your thoughts, opinions and predictions this time.

    I love Hollie, she’s in my top list next to Jessica. I may not like it but have to agree with you she’ll be in the bottom three.¬† But I don’t think she’ll get voted off. But if she does, the save will be used.

    If DeAndre gets voted off, the save will not be used.

    Elise sang great tonight. And the judges didn’t give her a fair shake. They want her out and they won’t save her.

    My prediction… Elise goes home. Sad cuz am beginning to like her.

    Ohoh, I did not totally agree with you. But 99% conformity ain’t that bad.

    And Branden. Hope you don’t get much flak from non-Jessica fans for the impression that you gave in.

      • Neither sold anything significant with their debut albums, especially Lee who was dropped by Production 19 and, as far as I know, he is doing little at the moment.¬†

        Kris Allen has continued doing a lot of philanthropic work, as he was before AI, and has just released a single “The Vision of Love” from his upcoming album “Thank Y0u Camellia” ¬†that is scheduled for release in May.¬†

  61. My thoughts : (Duets)

    1.) Skylar and Colton- I’m not familiar of the song and I’m not a fan of skylar…. But, Skylar has an advantage on the song. Grade: B+

    2.) DeAndre and Hollie- I am familiar of the song, though I don’t know the title before they sang this.. I think this was better than Skylar and Colton duet. Grade: A-

    3.) Elise and Philip- Not familiar of the song.. But Elise and Philip do redeem themselves here. Awesome. Best soo far. Grade: A

    4.) Jessica and Joshua- Hand down to both of them best duets and best performance of  the night. They could be a great partner. WOW!. Grade: A++

  62. People now are disliking  Phillips when Heejun was still there i hadnt read any criticism of philips ,,now your dislikes him because he was a bestfriend of heejun in AI..gosh 

    • nope i personally disliking him because ive seen him¬† and¬† nothing really¬† special about him he perform the same every week ..if you watch AI every week you should also know that

    • Phillip sounds the same every week, looks in pain while he singing and has no stage presence at all. In his duet with Elise, he looked awkward and didn’t know what to do with his hands. He spent most of the time grabbing his jacket and pulling it across his body. ¬†¬†

      • I admit Phillip didn’t have the best night but when he has his guitar..his stage presence is the best!!! He’s fun to watch. Not sure what you mean about stage presence. If you mean jumping around like the energizer bunny on crack, then no..he doesn’t have it.

  63. Hollie’s a robot.¬† Joshua is Jacob Lusk part 2 (or every gospel singer in america).¬† P2 looks like he’s constipated.¬† Elise is hit or miss depending on the song, completely inconsistent last week was good, this week karaoke.¬† Skylar is generic country (nothing special).¬† Colton does¬†some strange arrangements in his songs and it doesn’t always work (example: I liked¬†his Piano Man, but did not like his Time After Time –¬†which¬†btw is one of my all time favorite songs).¬† ¬†¬†Deandre’s falshetto is¬†too dated,¬†maybe in the 70’s that would have been cool.¬† Jessica is really the only contestant that I think¬†should win this year, and I don’t even find her all that exciting.¬† I’m not voting for anyone this year because, well¬†this year sucks.¬†

  64. I pretty much agree with your critiqe.¬† I will admit that I’m an old fogey, so I eally liked most of the songs for tonight.¬† I didn’t get to sit and watch, but I was¬†listening as I was working on various chores, so I was really paying more attention to the sound tonight rather than the whole package.¬† That being said, here’s my breakdown:

    ¬†I really think the judges just luuv DeAndre.¬† I like his hair, and the falsetto works with the songs he’s chosen, but, c’mon, let’s hear a little more of the range he’s only give us a glimpse of

    Same goes for Phillip¬† It doesn’t seem to matter to them that he just ignores most of the help he’s being given, and just does the same thing, with the same look, week after week.¬† Although, I thought this weeks song choice really worked for him.¬† I found myself singing along!

    ¬†The judges are waaay too harsh on Elise and Holly, week after week.¬† I enjoyed Elise tonight, and actually got to see Holly’s number.¬† I was so surprised when Steven stomped all over her and the others followed suit!¬† Are they just trying to make sure these two go home before their favorites???

    I’ve always enjoyed Skylar’s spunk!¬† Yes, she chooses country, but she rocks it!¬† But tonight she made me cry, and that’s just not an easy thing to do.¬† 23 years ago, my best friend died after a valient fight with cancer.¬† That was her favorite song, even though she really was the wind beneath MY wings.¬† I’ve heard it performed many, many times since then, but it wasn’t until tonight that I could see and hear my friend talking to me…I just cried because I missed her so much in that moment.¬† Even now, running Skylar’s performance back in my mind, I’m choking up.¬† Beyond A++!!!

    Jessica is amazing.¬† I don’t care how old she is (I keep seeing others post that she’s too young), that girl has TALENT!¬† And when I realized that she and Joshua were going to be paired up for a duet, I made sure I was on the sofa for that performance!¬† Wow.¬† I just don’t see how either one of them could possibly be going home any time soon!

    My bottom 3 — DeAndre, Colton, Phillip
    Who I think the bottom 3 will be — DeAndre, Hollie, Elise, with Hollie leaving.

  65. I doubt that the judges would save DeAndre again.¬† They already broght him back with the wild card, and he’s been in the bottom 3.¬† It’s clear that they love him, but hopefully they’ll realize that no way is he gonna be the AI!

  66. I thought Hollie sounded like Olivia Newton John with her duet.  All we needed was a Grease revival.

    Then I thought she looked great in that blue 20’s flapper dress and it helped her loosen up a bit. ¬†But boy did she ever looked scared and unhappy before and during the judge’s comments. ¬†She needs more confidence, but I guess she is too young and inexperienced.

    I thought Philip didn’t hit the notes for the Phil Collins song. ¬†Collins does it so much better.

    Joshua gets on my nerves.  He could sing like Nat King Cole, but he persists in trying to hit it out of the park when he sings.

    For once I loved Jessica.

    Funny for once I got DeAndre with that duet.  He was so loose and confident.

    • I actually thought DeAndre did the best I seen of him, on that duet number. I think it is because he toned down the falsetto a bit and just sang.

  67. I didn’t bother 2 listen to the last two vocalists because..LOPEZ declared SANCHEZ and Joshua to be in the finals.¬†¬† Really, JLOW, should the rest of the singers pack it up and relinquish the crown cuz you picked the winners.¬† Judges should give credit where credit is due but she is over the top.¬† I would like the rest of the singers to belt out their best even tho the message has been sent to us who should win.¬†¬† Of the ones I heard last night, I believe Holly will go home tonight.

  68. This DeAndre guy who constantly flicking his hair (much more than those girl contestants!) with falsetto overload is really get on my nerve! I’m sorry if I offended his followers, but he appears to be like a narcissistic to me.¬† I’d really don’t want to see him on¬†another week!

    Elsie & Phillips both choose the wrong songs (PP seems off keys a bit too!)

    Joshua is as “thoraty” as ever & screeched all the way…Zzzzzz……

    Best Performance: Jesssica (although I’m still no big fan of her) but she’s way above all of these contestants!

    So I predict the bottom 3 : DeAndre, Elsie & Hollie (wish Joshua is one of them)

    Going home: Looks likely Elsie…but how¬†I wish it’s DeAndre’s turn!!

    Finally, Can’t stand JLO’s faking expression for every comment! Can she actually able to judge??

  69. most people reactions here was purely based on fanatism to the contestants right now, no matter how they try to deny to be completely neutral they just can’t find a way to judge fairly based on performance, even with the author of this page, can’t hide his dislike to some of the contestant despite of their good performances. Im not against this page, find it really amusing how the author judge the contestant based on his own perspective, and more funny how some fans of the idol contestant bash him for giving them lower grades. To me most people here now is biased and we can’t help it, its a natural thing to like someone we feel really deserves to win.. its just a matter of who’s going to win it based on america’s votes, after all what they are competing right now is the bragging rights to be called AMERICAN IDOL.

    • “find it really amusing how the author judge the contestant based on his own perspective”
      That is what judging is about – your perspective. We watch AI in our family and each has an opinion about the individual performances. My good lady loved Joshua’s performance while I thought he was Michael Bolton on steroids. I thought Elise’s performance was much better than the “judges” said but she thought she picked a bad song.

      We both agree that Colton is overrated and Phillip does sound the same and has no stage presence at all. He growls his way through every song and looks constipated while he is growling. We both thought Hollie was given a raw deal by the “judges” and that Jessica is ridiculous for a 16-year old.

      So, it is a personal thing and everyone has a different perspective. My only wish as far as judging is concerned is that we had three good and objective judges on the panel and not three parrots who say the same thing week in, week out.   


  70. I Like Phillip Phillips, But Poor Phillips coz tonight lot of people thinks that he doing the same performance again and again.. I think so, but i like him. So I hope he reads this comment and other comments who wants him do something different for the next week, cause we know he can win this competition and lot of people love him..

  71. As usual Branden is right on his reviews, Elsie was not as bad as judges said,but they have some kind of love affair with DeAndre and Joshua. JLo makes me want to barf. What a fake.If we had some honest judging they could see the real talent. 

  72. Although I really do not want to see another “country idol” I will admit that Skylar had one of the best performances last night. Definitely concur on the ratings this week. ūüôā

  73. No one can deny that this a a very talented group.¬† Also, I agree, for what it is worth, with your predictions.¬† However, I adore Jessica, and sometimes, I ever adore Skylar.¬† Coltin and Phlip are cute and sing really well, but compared to those two young ladies…I don’t think they are in the same ballpark.¬† DeAndre is so getting on my nerves…I is boring…and what’s with the hair?¬† It is distracting.¬† Elise always seems angry.¬† He singing is wonderful, but her attitude is horrible.¬† And, poor Holly…she is trying to listen to everyone and it is getting her nowhere.¬† I wish she would just do what she wants and see what happens.¬† Joshua – too over the top at times…using “emotion” to get him through.¬† I am enjoying Idol this year…not quite as invested as last season…Scotty all the way…but I am pulling for Jessica.¬†

    • Let me guess. you are a13- i4 year old boy and anything that is not on your ipod … always “truly sucks”. I have been that age myself. Trust me, you will grow out of it.

  74. just giving my two cents worth – for what its worth! – why JS wearing all old beyond her time clothing and not because I am Phillip’s fan – she is common & commercialize – that is good but not for me. ¬†This week no one is up to ears – so so performance. I would love to see Joshua gone – he is no singing – he is shouting – too loud for my ears…

  75. I think Skylar stepped her game up this time. She really did give me goosies when she belted the note at the end. She redeemed herself with that song and I think she could be a frontrunner if she continue to wow us with that. She just showed the different side of her. If she gets to the bottom tomorrow, something’s not right.

    I don’t think Jessica picked the right song with her solo performance. I was waiting for her to make a beautiful or stand-out “moment” with her song. Nevertheless, her suet with Joshua was the best of the night. She just proved that she deserves to be on the finale and win the title. I am so excited wit her next performances on the show. SHE IS IN IT TO WIN IT! Goodluck Jessica! I’m a fan of yours.

  76. Branden, I disagree with you about Deandre. Are you familiar with El Debarge and his falsetto? That’s the way the song is supposed to be sung. As for Elise, I didn’t like this song for her (one of my favorites). I wish she would’ve sung Taylor Dayne. She would’ve nailed it.¬† And for Colton, I don’t know, he just doesn’t convince me as a rocker. He comes off like a Nickelodeon (from the channel) rocker. Rocker-lite, if you will. He’ll probably be safe though given the demographics that will be voting. Just my opinion…

  77. OK, finally saw the performance here in the Philippines. Tt runs a day later here. My overall viewpoint is Elise did not do nearly as bad as Randy made her out to be. But, Randy always seemed to have it out for Haley last year … So, I not surprised. Joshua has a great voice, but his over the top style does wear on me after awhile. DeAndre stills boires me with the falsetto … But you will not hear me say he is a bad singer. Not surprisinggly, Phillips sang the exact same way once again. And watching him in the duet,¬†without his guitar … was down right painfull to look at. Looked like he was constipated in a VERY bad way. Jessica, was not as good as she normally seems. Her worst performance for me (though still pretty good. My favorite was Skylar. Which has never come close to happening for me. Hollie was OK, Nothing to jump up and down about. And my worst was Colton. But, even the worst (Colton) was still a good performance. As this year does not have any real stinkers, hanging around, like in years past. Must be a hard year for VFTW.

  78. I agree with most of what you said. However, I haven’t been a DeAndre fan at all but I kind of liked him last night. Joshua..ugh. I love that song and he turned it into a scream fest. He is always so over the top. I loved Skylar! Who would have thunk. Jessica was good. I hate her fake shy thing when she is talking to the judges though.¬† What was up with Phillip when he was singing the duet with Elise? they sounded good but his Joe Cocker out of body experience was hard to watch..and I have been a big fan of Phillips.

  79. I actually liked Elise’ performance.¬† She could have picked a better song to show off her unique range and vocals, but she blew it out of the water with her duet with Philip.¬† I am also a fan of Philip, although his songs are starting to sound similar to me….no matter what he sings…which is not a good thing.¬† Elise nailed it with the duet…..and made Philip look better because of it. Elise should be safe tonight because she has a lot of supporters for her unique voice and she is one of the top talents of AI this year.¬† I actually thought Deandre did a little better last night.¬† He wasn’t jumping around the stage and flipping his head and hair as much.¬† He learned some head control…lol.¬† I don’t know….but is it just me….I don’t think so…..but Joshua is yelling too much when he sings.¬† He definately does not control his vocals yet and over sings many parts of the song…this will come with time and maturity….but I didn’t think all the¬†judges comments were accurate.¬† Hollie unfortunately did not sing well tonight.¬† She fell short in everything she did.¬† Her performance did nothing for me.¬†

  80. Just finished watching last night’s performances. Phillip didn’t look alright to me, it’s almost like he was in pain. Kidney problems again maybe? Be it as it may, it definitely wasn’t his best performance. Also during the duet he seemed really uncomfortable at times.

    I’m still a big fan though. I hope he’s alright.¬†

    Liked Skylar a lot. Hope she stays another week.

  81. It occurred to me this morning that Hollie was given a bad break last night. She was on stage all set to go when they had a problem with the piano?? So, having got herself set to go, she ends up standing there having a very awkward moment with Ryan who then gets a tap on his back from a stage hand and tells Hollie they are all set.

    That moment apart, her performance did not deserve the ripping she got from the judges, especially Steve Tyler. What’s up Steve, doesn’t she show you the love you like from young girls?


  82. I love DeAndre’s voice, looks, performances…….he has the star quality!! He doesn’t need to win this crap…..all he needs is a record deal!!!!! Enough said!!!
    Didn’t you’ll hear what Randy said??

  83. I don’t really get why people are saying that Hollie should take a break from ballad but they have nothing to say about Phillip singing *WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE TO ME THE EXACT SAME SONG EVERY SINGLE EFFING WEEK!*

    • And I don’ t really get it when the judges told Hollie and Elise that they were out of tune while they praised and gave standing ovation to Joshua who basically did this “uuuUUUUWAAAAAAAHH!” in every chorus of his every song every week here in AI! Didn’t you notice it?? VOCAL ACROBATICS IS DIFFERENT FROM “SINGING” THE SONG!

      • Have to agree. Joshua screams everything. And Deandre: enough with the falsetto already. Philip is the reincarnation of Joe Cocker. Like I said in an earlier comment, I miss Simon.

      • I totally agree with you about Hollie….(She is the Haley of this season) They really pick on her every single week.¬† I think she has a great voice but I don’t understand why the judges knock her every single week.
        Colton Dixon to me is an awful singer.¬† I would never buy his cd but on the other hand I would buy Phil P.s.¬† I know he sounds the same every week but that is who he is and he sounds great.¬† Who knew I was such a Dave Matthews fan……??????

      • All you Joshua haters are so musically inept and understand nothing about pure vocal talent. It’s a shame that all you Lady Gaga, Niki Mawhateverhernameisaj, pop loving, narrow minded wannabes dis the best singer in this competition because he is not a white pop or country singer, and because he grew up singing gospel. It’s a joke some of you people can’t look past his non pop style vocals to see how truly gifted this guy is. I guess it’s ok for artist Christina to put all kinds of runs in a song because she’s pop, but not for a church based black guy? No one comes close to the kind of range this guy has shown. No contestant has ever ‘screamed’ as much as Adam and James, but they were awesome right? Wonder why. I don’t even listen to gospel and I couldn’t stand Jacob last year, but Josh is just amazing. Jimmie, one of The best record producers in the world, said he felt every single note he sang, and has already said he’s the best singer in the competition, but I guess he and the judges have no clue what they’re talking about huh. Him and Jessica were amazing in that duet, but she gets most of the credit while he gets blasted by some of you. Just said when people can’t look past certain things to see the pure talent in someone. That’s what’s wrong with this country, always want to point out the bad, the ugly and the unlikable in people instead of the good. It’s a real shame!

      • Btledoux1229: Please…you’re bringing out the RACE card? Joshua’s race has nothing to do with why his over singing every song drives me nuts. He takes every song and makes it sound like a choir song. THAT drives me nuts. When I want to go to church, I go to church. I don’t normally turn on the radio to listen to it.

    • I feel you. ¬†No offense meant but P2 and Joshua kinda sounds the same every week. I did not notice it first. BUT, based on what I read from the comments and the blogs, ¬†just by re-watching all the videos and stuffs, it dawned on me. P2 and Joshua are actually doing THE SAME RUNS all throughout the competition. I hate myself for saying this, but I do believe that, they are just a one-trick pony that unfortunately can be “addicting” to some.

      I have to say this, when Joshua actually sang If You Don’t Me By Now, I was kinda feeling it first but then, he went to go for his ¬†“gospel” screams and there I throw my white flag! I am over this! I mean seriously? AGAIN?¬†I know that being gospel is what he is but we know for a fact that he can change things.¬†I hope he change it up a bit, or even tone it down for next week, for him to hold back. I am sure he will be around. The judges go gaga over his performance, so yeah, we will still hear him next week.¬†

      • Thank you and I’m sorry for being so unprofessional ^^ I’m just so pissed because of human’s double standard going on here. What is more frustrating is that the judges are overpraising them like they saw their “awesome” performance for the first time ever in the whole competition. Can’t they see it? at least hear it?¬†

        They are saying that Hollie has pitch problems but they praise Colton for being unique and modern (Colton is obviously not pitch perfect this week and last week)

        J-Lo once said that Skylar’s voice is nasally (which was defended by Jimmy) but they gave a round of applause to Colton this week but I know (or am I they only one?) that he is also nasally not only in the beginning but also on the end part.

        Double standards at its finest dude!

        And they are always telling that “you should get out there and have fun!” but why can’t they tell that to Phillip who is just basically standing there with his guitar and killing the microphone with his oh so loud scream? Because he’s just being his true self and music first before anything??? COME ON! Colton’s forte is piano but you don’t see him bringing that instrument every week!!

    • You do not have to be sorry. Haha. I am unprofessional too. ūüôā And yes, Colton for me, is just so-so to this week, but he brought his own flavor in to it and kinda brought something new in to the table (although the arrangement wasn’t that original) but c’mon, you cannot always hear Time After Time like that. I give him props for that (by doing his research of covers). Although, singing wise, there may have been some pitch issues but compared to the others, meh, I would forgive Colton for that.

      Big disappointment for me is P2 and Joshua and Elise (maybe). I already said my argument with P2 and Joshua so I am left with Elise. Elise didn’t do well this time. I think that Elise, kinda felt the pressure of the competition because of last week’s UHHMAZING performance. But with Elise, she cannot afford to have a bad week especially that she is somewhere in between. Her fan base is kinda unsteady so yeah, she may be in trouble. But I doubt that Elise would go home, the save is still up for grabs, and I do believe that Elise, deserves that second chance.

  84. In terms of perfromance, most of them were not good. The duets were fantastic, especially Elise and Phil. I give Skylar credit for doing Wind Beneath My Wings as she did a terrific job, although she would have rocked 9 to 5. What I am getting tired of with this show (and I’ve seen it on the Voice as well), the judges don’t criticize too much. It’s always, you sound great, go for it, etc. Many on this board may thinks I’m nuts, but I MISS SIMON!. He gave it to the singers straight. If they sucked, they wer told they sucked. If they were good, they were told they were good.

    As for last night, most of them were off key or not up to their potential, except for Jessica (she has to win this she’s so damn good), Elise and Skylar. I think bottom three will be Deandre, Hollie and¬†Joshua¬†. Who goes home: I hope Deandre as I’m tired of his flasetto and one style.

    • I agree with you about Simon……I know people rebuttal me by saying he was mean but I felt he was honest.¬† These judges are¬†wishy washy.¬† J. Lo was pulling a Paula last night with Elise.¬† She was not as good as she was the week before but you don’t have to start by telling her how nice she looked.¬†¬† Paula did that all the time when she wasn’t crazy about a performance.

    • I posted the same about the so called judges and, like you, miss the honest opinions of Simon who could be cruel at times but did give criticism that helped the contestants.

      I also agree that Elise was much better than the judges gave her credit for and have no idea what the fuss is about either Colton or Phillip. Seems to me that they are pimping Colton to make up for last year and, if you recall, he didn’t even go to audition this year – or did he??

      Seemed odd to me at the time that they “forced” him to audition again and said at the time that it all seemed staged.¬†

  85. How boring and bad performance tonight!! Phillip did the same every week¬† (was he sick? he looked not well, maybe missed Heejun so bad), Hollie was sooo bad, Jessica did¬†her vibrato many times and really didn’t get what she sang..

    and Colton was the worst of the night. Wonder why the judge kept on praising him.. nothing special with him.

    I never really impressed with Skylar, but now she’s the best of the night

  86. Elise’s voice sounded strained this time. Seemed like she was having a hard time pushing that song out.

  87. They treat Elise just how they treated Haley from season 10. She is CLEARLY the best but they cut her down so much each week just because she isnt “popular” and it causes her to lose a lot of votes.

    • I dont think so. Elise could not save the song. I like her but wrong song choice and when she hit some bad notes, she could not sell the performance anymore. ¬†I am so sad.¬†

  88. All this hate and bad mouthing some of tbe singers, if you thinm you can do better, why don’t you try out and go up there and sing.

  89. DeAndrea is by far the worse singer in the Top 12 and here he is still in the Top 8- are they basing it on his looks “too girly” for me – Im sure alot of young girls and guys are voting for him simply because he is eye candy BUT he just cant sing.

  90. Branden…..this week I don’t agree with you very much.¬† I really feel Hollie is a lot better than she gets credit for.¬†¬†¬† I feel Joshua has pitch problems but they never say anything to him.¬†¬† I do agree she will probably in the bottom 3 and probably going home.¬†¬† Colton Dixon is another one that sounds awful but of the time.¬† I don’t see or hear what the judges like so much about him.
    I agree with the Duets…..Elise & Phil were the best, followed by Jessica & Joshua.
    The surprise of the night was Skylar, hands down…..She blew me out of the water.¬† This is only the second time of this season that I got goosebumps.¬† The other was Jessica’s I will always love You.¬†

    I just hope there is no upsets tonight!!!!!

  91. To those outside of the US: you can vote via Facebook. Just search for American IdolÔĽŅ Online Voting now. There’s only allowable time for voting. In the Philippines, I think you have to be online between 10am toÔĽŅ 2pm to vote. Up to 50 votes is allowed. Please spread the news!

    • we tried but they allowed us only for 1 vote ,the 2 vote written there try agai or incorrect letters,we tried many times but it failed,we really like to vote for jessica pls. help us we don’t want to see her in tha bottom 3

  92. Jessica is always outstanding! Bottom three this week….
    If it’s DeAndre the judges will use the “save”….unfortunately!!!!!! He’s horrible!

  93. Jessica never fails me. She is always the top… on her way up…up..up. Comes Joshua and Colton, next is skyler, so emotional sweet tonite i fall in love with her, hopes she makes it to top 5. Don’t know why I don’t like Phil, I think he’ll be one of the bottom 3 with Hollie and Elise! I still want to see Deandre, I really like his performance, do vote for him…

  94. I agree with Brandon about some singers being boring.  I mute the TV when Deeandre sings and when Joshua starts screaming.  

  95. I think the the judges were very unfair with¬†Elise. ¬†I don’t know what they see in ¬†¬†DeAndre. ¬†I spent the 70s in radio. ¬†The last two stations I work for, ¬†one of my duties was music director.¬†
    DeAndre¬†would never had made in on my playlist.¬† I don’t normally vote, but last I night I made sure that I did. ¬†We had a taste of the judges bias last year. ¬†We don’t need it again this year.¬†

    I hope that American Idol will allow each contestant the choice of their own music throughout the contest.  stop the practice of other people selecting their music during the most critical stage. Let each contestant succeeded or fail by their own pick

    • They have to choose from the list of approved songs Dean. I don’t think that Elise was actually told what to sing. It was just a suggestion and she bought into it. She let herself be talked out of singing Hallelujah by the mentors.¬†

      As for Phillip. The original song has much more of a melody and requires a better range on the vocals. I knew he was in trouble with that song but then on the duet with Elise I did hear a bit of a vocal range from him. So I thinks he twists and contorts his body and that coupled with the nerves really restricts him vocally. 

      All the people in my house always say P2 is so painful to watch and I agree. Does he have to do all that to sing? IDK but maybe he does. 

  96. I agree with you on Elise. The judges were way to harsh on her and yet they say nothing about Phillip doing the same boring style every week.

    • I actually like what you call Phillip’s “boring” style. I don’t find it boring at all. I find it very entertaining.

  97. DeAndre drives me crazy when he flips his hair all during his performance.¬† His hair is pretty but I can’t watch him sing.¬† Am I the only one that feels this way?

  98. Completely agree w/Branden – EXCEPT for the grade on Skylar.¬† She was hollaring her way through “Wings . . .” enough to make my head pound!!!¬† And am I the only one who “ran” to iTunes specifically to download Phillip and Elise’s duet only to find they weren’t available???!!!¬† Those 2 could do an album together and I’d buy it today!!!¬† Wasn’t as crazy about the Genesis number P2 did as his numbers from past weeks – but was glad to see his bro-in-law playing with him.¬† He really can do nothing wrong for me.¬† He’s an “Eddie Vedder” in the making – but totally his own artist as well.¬† I’m just completely smitten!!¬†¬† Elise sang my favorite song from the 80’s and I thought it was much better than the judges gave her credit for.¬† Sheesh!¬† Guess they’re all about Joshua’s same-ole-same-ole though!¬† I was a big fan of all 3 of them (Randy, JLo and STyler) last year – but they’re playing a little tired for me this year.¬† Keep Seacrest – but I could really see some ++++ to having 3 new judges next year.

    • @ Noodlesoup50 :”Phillip has been my favorite all along. Last night wasn’t his best but I still like him. I have to disagree with you on Skylar. I thought she was fantastic. As for the judges, Ugh..we do need some new meat. Jimmy should be a judge. He is the only honest one there!

  99. I do not believe that the judges care for Hollie. I did not hear the pitch problems about which they spoke last night. I liked the vocals, but the bouncing around the stage was unnecessary and silly advice. I do not see where movement, short of dancing, adds to a singing performance. I much prefer her to the twang of Skylar who gets so much praise for ordinary performances that I could puke. Clearly, Jessica is the best female of the bunch, but I think Joshua is the best male. I do not get Colton and would like to hear something from Phillip that does not sound as if he is angry. DeAndre is the one I would prefer to see go home as I think he sounds like Alvin and his chipmunk buddies. The only falsetto singers I have ever liked were Smokey Robinson and Frankie Valle. DeAndre pales next to those guys.

  100. i love phillip, elise, colton, skylar, jessica i agree with alot of you i think hollie will go home her song did not help her deandre might be safe josuha is safe for this week bottom three elise hollie deandre with hollie going home.

  101. I totally agree with what you said about Elise. She has a fantastic voice and I hope we will hear her belt out another song next week…

  102. Elise’s voice is amazing. i heard it but the judges didn’t. Skylar dosen’t sing every song well either. i heard it the judges didn’t

  103. Elise is the total package. She’ll have a record deal in 2.3 seconds if she is voted off.

  104. Well… DeAndre went home… Sorta bummed… But, GO PHIL AND JOSH AND SKYLAR AND HOLLIE NOWWWWW!! ūüôā ūüôā <3 <3

  105. I got the same feeling with Skylar this week like I did when Lauren Alaina did Candle in the Wind last season. She finally really connected and her voice was spectacular – a bit nasally but it kinda worked. I’m liking Skylar more and more every week. She showed power this week like she’s never shown before. She’s improving the most by far and she knows who she is and what kind of music she will make.¬†

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