American Idol 2012 Top 8 Performances

American Idol 2012 Top 8 performances

Get ready for the 80’s! The American Idol 2012 Top 8 performances will feature selections from the decade of rock and excess tonight but from what we’ve seen so far of tonight’s songlist spoilers there won’t be much rock at all.

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American Idol 2012 Top 8 Performances:

  • DeAndre Brackensick – I Like It – 1-866-436-5701
  • Elise Testone – I Want To Know What Love Is – 1-866-436-5702
  • Phillip Phillips – That’s All – 1-866-436-5703
  • Joshua Ledet – If You Don’t Know Me By Now (Watch it) – 1-866-436-5704
  • Jessica Sanchez – How Will I Know (Watch it) – 1-866-436-5705
  • Hollie Cavanagh – What A Feeling – 1-866-436-5706
  • Colton Dixon – Time After Time – 1-866-436-5707
  • Skylar Laine – Wind Beneath My Wings (Watch it) – 1-866-436-5708

Colton Dixon and Skylar Laine performed the Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton duet “Islands in the Stream.” Hollie and DeAndre did a duet of The Pointer Sisters’ “I’m So Excited.” Phillip and Elise tackled “Stop Dragging My Heart Around” originally by Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty. Jessica and Joshua closed out the duets with “I Knew You Were Waiting For Me” by Aretha Franklin and George Michael.

After the final performance I’ll add a poll so you can support for your favorite. Share your thoughts on tonight’s Idol show and who was the best!




  1. Go Jessica!  I really don’t know what song you’re going to sing! 🙂 I just know that you can nail all of those songs. 

    Whatever song you’ll going to perform on that stage, I hope that you will do it tonight with grace! 🙂

      •  she can sing whitney houston songs but this time i hope it’s something else.. to show versatility and to prove her detractors that she has what it takes to be the AMERICAN IDOL 2012!

      • My rankings tonight:
        1. Joshua
        2. Phillip
        3. Skylar
        4. Jessica
        5. Colton
        6. Hollie
        7. Elise
        8. Deandre
        They are all very talented. Congrats to all!

    • what do you really like about jessica???? duh! she’s so karaoke and is a beyonce wannabe

      • Jessica has never made a song her own. She simply sings it just as the original artist sang it. If she started recording music, I would NOT buy anything with her name on it. She needs to be more original.

      • What we like about Jessica is none of your business, hater!! You obviously know nothing about music!!

      • I agree hj. She doesn’t always connect with the song. A lot of people are basing all their love for Jessica off of one song, Whitney’s. Other than that one song she has been outshined by other contestants, but most Jess fans refuse to admit that. She is good, but she’s not perfect, at all!

      • Yeah her YouTube subscribers are keeping her alive, otherwise shed be gone by now

      • Gheez…. What kind of question is that?  Are you really that interested to know why I freakin’ like her????? And what is it to you if I’m crazy about her? You can’t even make a profit out of my likes, so who cares!

        PEOPLE—I simply like Jessica because she has proven to the world that she is a true performing artist. No Buts and no However…..  The problem with you guys is that you always find her to be the likes of other artist nowadays.  She’s a one hell unique performer that has shown consistency, versatility, personality and all of the positive -ITY that you  can think of.

        FYI, she got my attention during her performance of “The Prayer”. That was the most amazing part of this whole competition [And also her “Tur the beat around”].

        Don’t question why I like her. I also like Elise and Philip but I love Jessica the most. So why question that one @69656ff271ca6bbd28846ac4e181f94d:disqus  and company?

        Well, you can ask most of the people in America one-by-one. Make a survey so you’ll know why.

      • yeah she likes beyonce but that doesn’t mean she can’t be original and dude you can’t deny the fact that jessica’s voice is really amazing and she can sing any song and she’s a risk taker unlike the other contestants who’s always playing safe and becoming boring every week

      • hahahah heyyougirl, you are so funny……Is that  a joke..? DuH! Nothing to say..??? you make me laugh here…. Do you have ears.? Please use it wisely. Anyway check the polls. I think i don’t need to explain.  You belong to the 5% that don’t like jessica….

      • sound so bitter girl … so envy for someone whose talented… duh !!! vote for your idol instead talking shit :p

      •  you must be eating a lot of bitter gourd lately. i suggest you stop eating ’em.. it’s ruining your way sense of hearing and judgment.

      • Stop hating on Jessica…She has excelled on her performances and to be so young, she is amazing. Yes…she did a W. Houston song and she rocked it. There are not many people who can sing like Whitney and to do so, deserves recognition. Whitney was a power house not to be ignored. That girl has plenty of talent, all she needs is a little guidance. Jessica has a true gift not that the others don’t but she is remarkable. Give her proper credit. Can you even hold a tune? Every singer has someone they looked up to in their career; Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Christine Aguilera, Mary J. etc. If Beyonce is whom Jessica looks up so what. Beyonce is a damn good artist, why not look up to her. She has come out on top time and time again. Like I said stop hatin

      • Jessica has a quality of voice & she can always handle it. She’s like a pro!!!

      • To ballsoffire…. Yes. It’s easy actually. JOSHUA. and it’s a pitty you have to resort to name calling because someone doesn’t have your thought process and actually has a brain of their own! Never said I didn’t like the girl, just don’t think she’s been as perfect as a lot of people make her out to be. Chill out with the name calling bro, it’s a sign of lesser intelligence to resort to name calling. Sorry I won’t stoop to that level Good, yes, powerhouse diva like Whitney, Celine and Mariah….NO. not YET future………mist likely. So chill out their sparky.

      • Sorry but Joshua’s not perfect either! Only in your dreams!! I’m done with you!!

      • Great balls…..thank you…. No time for petty nonsense so have great night there buddy.

    • Yeah!! Jessica did well in every performance.  IT just a fact that some people cannot appreciate music and just judge her because of enviousness.  After 5 years, finallyit will be a GIRL for this season! Jessica will be the next American Idol!

    • I believe that Jessica Sanchez is the clear winner so far! She will definitely be in the finale with either……Philip Philipps, Colton Dixon or Joshua Ledet. 

      •  definitely Joe,,,even the judges knows it already who’s gonna win,,,even people who will hear her voice will surely conclude…see u Jessica on Final….

      • The way I look it….she is the best…..U can say all the bad thing/Neg things U want and in the final analysis we’ll find out who’s right.

      • correct… but because they dont have a the talent like jessica have it. God bless jessica we are proud of you.

    •  The producers making him go first is almost like a sure thing that he’s bottom 3 fodder, sadly. He’s rarely been given a spot anywhere near the pimp spot, which makes me feel bad for the kid. Anyway, I hope America can see his talent through it all!

      • yeah it sucks! because all they see are phil, colton and jessica! the 3 contestants who sound almost the same as the past other contestants!

    • that’s because jimmy only sees jessica and philip! geez, this guy has favorites! he should be fired!

      • DeAndre is definitely not in my top choices either. I would not be sad to see him go.

      • omg i so hate jimmy he i so baise how can he do that heshould be fired all the american idol crew hates him thatsnot fair it makes me feel bad if colton wins this season i will  not be suprise cos stupid jimmy is all over him and that guy cannot sing tooo gooosh i hate this show

      • Yeah — let’s fire the guy worth about $400 million — who’s produced over 100 #1 songs — yeah, what the heck does he know?

      • If I’d be Jimmy, I would have said the same thing about Deandre. I mean, do you really want to listen to a whole song being done in a falsetto style for the entire season? I guess not. 

      •  no jimmy is wise and legit! he’s appraisal of this year’s talent is authentic compared to what the three judges are talking. just because ur favorite idol is not getting good reviews from him, he is already biased? wow!

      • What the hell? a whole song in falsetto?? Apparently you weren’t listen. I rather listen to DeAndre’s falsetto, all day everyday than to listen to Colton’s emotionless crap of singing and  Philip’s   painful yelling. Why dont we challenge DeAndre, Colton and Philip to sing Beyonce’s “Listens” and  see who will sing the hell out of that song. I think it’s kinda obvious who will SUCK.

      • But because jessica she deserves it. she has a unique voice. you have that too?

    • I agree 100%  that stunk for Deandre and I am not a fan of his, but felt it wasn’t fair for him to have to sing after hearing – jerk Jimmy make a comment like that.  With Colton singing Kenny Rogers and things like this happening to Deandre, it makes me think Idol producers are trying to affect the results!  Stinks!

    • jimmy is so lame, how can he say that, all he knows is praising  Colton, who practically has no life or personality in his damn voice and Philips, who sings like hes taking a sh#t. It’s people like jimmy who is making the music industry is fall nowadays…

  2. Super excited for jessica! Never been a fan of ai but when i hear her sing, i was glued! Go jessica!!!

    •  Great to hear! It’ll be tough for him since he had to go first and every week fights for votes, but I hope this performance pulls him through to the next round.

  3. I think jimmy would make a really good judge because of his advise he give the contestants right before they sing and also on result show nights  

    • Why in the hell can’t these judges tell Deabdre the truth? He’s freaking horrible, tell the truth judges. AWEFULLLLLLLLLLL

      • Agreed completely I hate home so much! He need stop sreeking and sing like a normal man. I love Joshua!!! He is the hot topic in Louisiana every one is freaking out

  4. Ok the bad elise is back.  she is too karoake no matter what she does.  she is at risk i think.  very pitchy at times.  low register painful.

    • I agree. Thought she killed it last week and had the best performance, but tonight was really bad. I like her a lot but that was not good.

    • Yeah. She could have chosen a song that fits her perfectly knowing that any bad performance can possibly send her back to the bottom..and I was disappointed with her outfit. It didn’t seem like her at all.

    • Loved her last week, but did not like tonight!  Sorry.  I hope she doesn’t go home, I hope Deandre does, but it was not her best at all.

  5. I cant wait for Hollie to sing! She is my FAVOURITE! I’ve never really been a big fan of DeAndre at all but tonight he really tried to stay lower, just letting some high notes slip in. I really thought that the song Elise chose was fit for her and she did an amazing job!

    • this isn’t a one man show okay!!!!! we already know you don’t like him so backoff coz this is getting a little bit 2 personal………grrr.  

  6. Does colton ever say the words?  he slurs.  skylar step up babe.  don’t let this mugger grab your spot light. skylar should not have been paired with this diva. 

      • True. Colton doesn’t have special thing in his voice to be honest.m but he’s teenies likeable. No wonder top 3 will be Colton, Phillip and Jessica. But I think Phillip’s going to winm

      • Colton is awesome.. more people would listen to his music and phil phillips is great too..

    • Mary: Colton doesn’t slur, maybe you have wax in your ears or your having too many happy pills

    • I can’t seem to remember any of Colton’s performances. He should have a taste of the bottom 3.

  7. Glad Deandre did a Debarge song, that was right up his alley. Elise, sorry, loved her last week but this song was totally wrong for her. Didn’t like it at all and I LOVE  this song. One of my favorites from the 80’s.

  8. I think Colton & Skylar did OK.  It didn’t equal Scotty and Lauren’s “I Told You So”, but it was still pretty good.

  9. WTF???? Direct TV has been forced by Fox to not air their channel tonight. I am paying to see this show & it is blocked.

  10. Hey J Lo, get sum back bone and tell them the truth! They look pretty, but be honest about the vocals, please.

    • No Mary, he sounded the same once again. I don’t think he is capable of singing a tender ballad. You can’t have a cd of nothing but the same sound. He is very predictable and has become very Boring!, sorry Mary, it was not his best at all

      • It’s his style and I don’t think he should change. Jessica (I don’t hate her, but let’s be honest) sings exactly THE SAME thing every week, always a tender ballad. It’s her style and I can’t see her singing anything else. I love how he sings and I’d buy his CD, you know, with his voice, that sounds always the same cuz’ that can’t change.

    • yuck! are you deaf? that man sings like he always growls! He sings like a mad dog

      • O definitely agree with you Phil! Philips has nothing new to offer on the table. He keeps growling. It’s not suiting to the ears and annoys me very much! I definitely disagree with ste_lai11! Moronic comment indeed!  Jessica is very versatile and doesn’t only show her ballad side, she can sing upbeat songs just like her version of “Love you I do” and “Turn the Beat Around”. Sorry! Jessica is the best to win this thing!

  11. Love Phillip but was not crazy about the arrangement of the song. I still love him though. He sounded great!

    • Phillip nailed it tonight, just as he always does. I could see him winning the whole thing.

      • I thought it was boring and his worst performance yet.  Not loving anyone yet!  I can’t  believe they made Colton sing a country song.  I bet they are trying to get rid of him.  He did good though all things considered.

  12. Ok, so I’m going to admit, PHILLIP DID AMAZING!!!! I loved his song choice and thought it complemented his voice really well!

  13. i like Jessica Sanchez…she’s cam make it to d top 3,…hope she sing  ” Wind Beneath My wings  ” or  “Time after Time ” tonight. Goodluck Jessica…keep it up.

  14. Why does DeAndre always sing in his falsetto voice? No one wants to hear a boy that sounds like a girl. Sing normal please!

  15. I can see Deandre and Phillip duet to Easy Lover by Phil Collins and Philip Bailey.

    • I agree 100%  after last week this sucks!  Hopefully Colton and Skylar will be better.  Holly is just okay so far too.  Everyone is boring.  I think Jessica is the most talented vocally, but she is so young and I just don’t see her knowing who she is as an artist yet.  I still don’t know what we would hear from her on the radio???  Bummer for 80s night so far.

  16. Actually thought Hollie and Deandre sounded good together on that duet. Hollie needs to do more uptempo songs. After that performance she obviously can do them. Great job!

  17. Josh is good at recreating old performances as long as you don’t look at his mannerisms.  he is not going to be a star.

  18. Yesssssss!!!!!!! Come on guys, y’all have got to give it up for my guy Joshua. Another standing O. Another awesome flawless performance. He held back a lot and just powered thru at the end of the song. Amazing Josh, great job and I hope people understand just how good that was, like Jimmie and the judges all do. You would never know that was an 80’s song the way he performed that. Go Josh!!!!!!!!

  19. I did not like that song, but jessica did well.  i think she seemed more in tune with this song emotionally.  maybe she is getting more relaxed. 

  20. I thought both Joshua and Jessica did an amazing job tonight. Awesome performances from both.

  21. Jessica has a great voice but no originality. What they call is “Karaoke”. She copied exactly like Whitney Houston. I’d like her changing up a little bit.

      • I’m sorry, I can’t agree with you. She is a great singer with beautiful voice but you can’t call her an “artist”. She did not creat a new piece of music she copied it. She did the same cover as Whitney.

      • Jessica  is only 16 yrs old, with the talent she have right now, she would be very good and most awaited artist in no time at all.

    • What karaoke are you saying? LOL! She makes the songs she sings her own. If you hear the original artist and her renditions, you can really tell the difference. Try better next time!

  22. My station’s on blackout with DirecTV, so I don’t get to watch AI tonight…and possibly tomorrow. Ugh. Hoping everyone did well tonight!

  23. Jessica haters are just perfect, they are fueling up Jessica’s exaltation, ha ha ha Kudos Jessica, you simply are the best equipped contestant , the best among the best! 

  24. Hollie was karoake on that song.  and she missed some notes.  if you are going to sing just like the original artist you better be good.  this was average.  sorry hollie…you are in danger.

    •  yeah ok! The only reason why Phillip would ever win over Jessica is because he’s a guy and Idol sucks because of all the teen girls that vote for guys because of their looks and note purely on talent.


  25. To AIFAN– What have you been watching for the last few weeks of AI? On Billy Joel night Jessica sang  “Everybody has a dream” an obscure song but she changed it and made it her own. last week she sang Beyonce’s “Sweet Dream” she slowed down the song and made it her own also. Beyonce like it so much they posted it on Beyonce’s official websites.And yet you don’t critisize other performers who most sang their song exactly the same as the original. Only Jessica have the guts to changed a song to make it her own. So obviously your comment are bias.

      • jessica’s version of ” sweet dreams” its more than a million viewers now !!!

    • Very well said!!! I am not a JS fan but i think the girl is sooo talented, amazing vocals and definitely not a KARAOKE, thats really an insulting comments.  People who commented that dont KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT MUSIC.. 

    •  very well said Pb0071,just beacause the contestant isn’t their favorite they’l bash them even they r good,they won’t just accept the fact n what they really see and hear! honestly,JESSICA is the single most CONSISTENT,PITCH PERFECT contestant this year!

      • Saying a song is boring doesn’t constitute ‘bashing’ the person singing it. It’s a reflection on the song. Somebody can sing a song flawlessly but if it’s a boring song, it’s just a boring song period! The Jessica fans are the ones that can’t recognize or give credit to anybody other than her. Y’all are the worst fans on this site and have no room to try to call anybody out for not thinking she’s the absolute greatest thing since sliced bread when y’all are the ones that bash all of the other contestants when somebody outshines her. If y’all want to say she had a Grammy worthy performance everytime it’s your perogativr, but if I want to say I found a SONG boring, not the Singer, then it’s my Perogative and I will do so! So, it was extremely BORINGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!

      • Uhm, there are two writers here. You should check out Branden’s comments on the top 8 performance of Jessica.

      • @einna did you see branden comment? as if we are pleasing him to make good comment bout jessica.are you kidding me i think he is fake NO offense but thats how see it.

  26. I love Hollie and I’m always blown away by how such a big voice comes from a little thing, but I felt like she wasn’t comfortable. It came off as forced and it didn’t look like she was “feeling” it (pun intended). I fear that she will be in the bottom 3 tomorrow night, which is too bad because she really is a talented girl.  

  27. They put the two best vocalists together and had them in the last spot. Good move AI. And they sounded great Was that on purpose?

  28. I hate it when people keep bashing someone from Idol. If you are not pretty well satisfied you better audition yourself. Let us see if who sucks more. I mean, seriously people? Get over yourselves!

      • To Mary– That’s your Job? Really? What a moronic thing to say, you are dumb…lol

    • I love all 8 contestants, but just feel like last week was so much better than this week.  I could never do this, as far as the singing,  but that is what the show is for right!   That is why they make us vote.  We pick what we like and vote for our what touches our souls!  Everyone has different tastes and that is what makes this America to have that freedom!  AMERICAN IDOL!  They really are all talented.  Just not their best nights.  Although Colton performed while I was typing this and I thought he was the best so far!

      • One of the reasons last week was better was because the contestants could pick their own songs, not work from a crap list Nigel provided.

    • Please! These people are auditioning to be professionals. They have to appeal to the public! Unfortunately, despite some of the gushing buy the judges, none of these contestants are good enough!

      • Are you a good singer Rick????  Come on guys let’s just have fun.. if you dont like the AI contestants dont vote and if you really like your idol to win then vote for him/her… dont say they are not good enough as if  you know anything about showbusiness…. 🙂

  29. Has anyone noticed that the judges are cutting up the girls and none of the guys.  They only stand up for the guys.  Looks like they only want guys in the finals????
    Elise was awesome tonight and I don’t understand why they crushed her ????

      • Elise’s solo was just alright but her duet rocked.  She was much more natural than Phillip was in the duet.  Her previous 3 performances were spot on and last week’s was by far the best of the week and one of the best, if not the best of the season.  I hope voters kept that in mind last night.

  30. when josh does that funny little run across the stage he reminds me of a tv preacher for some reason…jessica looked nice…josh sings well, but when he pretended to sing directly at jessica who believed it? 

    • Uh. He showed her up actually. Watch it again and you will see that. The best two together and last, speaks volumes.

    • I couldn’t agree with you more Mary.. Joshua is so unpleasant to watch.. He will never be a star…

      • Wow, you and Mary need to get a life, you are so mean. Joshua IS a star. An amazing singer and a great dancer, with soul, fire and gentleness. He’s a natural artist, true and unique.

      • Josh is the best of the bunch.. A class act with an amazing voice and stage presence…….he IS the next American Idol!!  Not by the show….just on his own!!!

    • Sorry. I love Whitney. Will miss Whitney.  She sounds exactly like Whitney but that doesn’t make her better  But for 16 what a prodigy if she can find her own voice. 

      • Yeah! True Wolram! You can really feel how HatersGonnaHate, hates Jessica so much, coz she is a real treat to his/her favorite! 🙂

      • u fell asleep before the AI show and woke up at the end… thats why .. hehehe

  31. I figured around this time when it gets closer to the final Haters will starts showing up specially to Jessica Sanchez since she is not white, blonde and blue eyes. They will find stupid things why they don’t like her like “AIFAN”All the haters will not dare critisize black singers because they know they’ll catch hell and will be label as racist. 

    • Did I say I didn’t like Jessica? Did I say she was a great singer with beautiful voice? Have you ever heard of “constructive criticism”? Don’t jump to conclusion when you don’t know all the fact. Fans who are fanatical like you might not do her any good.

  32. Guys,  can’t we just praise our own idols without putting other contestants down?  They’re all trying their damn best, you know. 

  33. Colton the fake rocker. don’t mean to offend the teenies.  but he looks silly.  and sounds like a high school garage band.

    • Wow! You took the words right out of my mouth. I was gonna say that he just doesn’t convince me as a rocker. Maybe rocker-lite. LOL! But, we know that the teeney-boppers will keep him around.

  34. I agree with you Mary. She needed to kill it and she just didn’t. I actually cringed while I was hearing it. I almost wished she could’ve just stopped and started from the beginning.  

    • Lana if you agree with Mary about Colton (Colton is a guy) why do you keep referring to a “she”? I am confused.

      • I was actually referring to her comment about Hollie here but for some reason, it didn’t reply under her comment. Hate when that happens.

  35.  I love Jessica,  but I love the other contestants too.  If not,  what’s the use of watching AI if only one contestant is good.   At the end of the day,  I am rooting for Jessica but I applaud the others for giving her a good fight.

  36. Is it me or does everyone really sound horrible tonight?… the only performance I’ve liked so far has been deandre and hollie’s duet.

  37. Why don’t they just call it “Jessica” Idol?? There are other people in this CONTEST!!

  38. Colton!!!!!  Best of the night!  Most consistent!  May be the winner!  I would have never said that 5 weeks ago!

  39. Skylar nailed that song.  i think she showed more than just country to me.  though i think she will be a country star no matter what happens…i really like her. 

    • I agree….she is really good and will have future with country music for sure….

    • Another Carrie Underwood and Lauren Alaina! Boring! She is not too good IMO. Jessica is still the best!

  40. DeAndre going first was unfair. It is visible that the producers or whoever is in charge of the performance order is REAL UNFAIR.

    Another situation would be for Skylar. Skylar sang second last week and was in the bottom three. So to save her this week, they placed her last to gain the final impression of the viewers.
    *This performance night was so unfair.

    •  Deandre has been performing towards the beginning of each show, which has been a constant struggle for him to get votes. I agree, it just seems unfair.

    • I think they draw to see in what order  they perform….at least they used to do it that way. Everything is not a conspiracy to make someone win or lose. What would be the point?

    • Hurray!  Maybe there’s a reason to turn on the TV on the West Coast tonight.

      • You won’t be disappointed. She really did a great job. The range she showed on that song she has not shown before. She just might be the dark horse.

  41. Okay, here’s my bottom 3:

    1. Elise (I really wish she would’ve sang a Taylor Dayne song)
    2. Hollie (she should’ve nailed this song but just didn’t seem comfortable)
    3. Colton (he’s just so unconvincing to me as a rocker-he’s rocker lite)

  42. I actually loved hollie’s performance… yes, it wasn’t that perfect, but at least it showed her personality as an artist. it was filled with power and enjoyment. 

      • I like Hollie too, but she needs to show more emotion/connection to her songs….Jessica has it …I hope Hollie finds it.

    • Agreed..I just don’t understand why the judges keep being so biased and unfair towards hollie and even elise tonight…when I’m sorry mary but phillip sounded like he was in pain and josh whom I love sounded the same as last week and deandre who sounds like a girl, and colton who is a rocker wannabe.

    •  What are you voting for?  She is not a total package.  She sounds the same every week.  How about the total performer like Colton or PHilip.  They are FAR better.

      • ohhh really? may I say this to you.. FYI Jessica is the only one consistent every week..and showing her versatility in every song she nailed it.colton? philip? the hell i care. colton will be in the bottom 3 philip just safe

      •  Colton sings like he is eating his words and Philip looks like he is always in pain.

      • Are you in your right mind? Jessica Sanchez is the total package! She can sing any song and has the best voice in the competition! She is very versatile and she has never been pitchy at all. She also works around the stage very well and puts her emotions to the words she sings. Just look at her body language, facial expression, hand movements and moves. She is the total package. Not like Philips who sounds and looks like constipated when he sings. He just stand there with his guitar. Nothing more!  I prefer Colton than Philips.

      • thats what  Jessicas haters wants every week shes finally going home…….again in the mansions !!! hehehe…..

      • You see Kevin, we get called the bitter ones and get bashed and scolded and called names and so on when any minute thing we say about Jessica, that THEY can perceive as being negative, gets totally hammered. We are the bitter ones..ha…. but look how may people respond to posters that have anything other than praise for Jessica. I said the song was boring and I get 7 or 8 replies saying that I’m dumb and deaf and don’t know what I’m talking about and how dare I say that, but yet we are still the bitter ones wright? And you get all these replies doing the same to you. So.. According to the people on this site, Jessica should be off limits and should not have to endure fair and opinionated critique, that could be percieved as negative in any way, cause we have no right to disagree with the opinions of the Jess fans and their 100% accurate portrayal of her..correct??? NOT !

  43. As I was hearing Jessica Sanchez sing, I literally fell asleep until I had to rewind back to the other contestants cause I woke up on Skylar, which by the way did really good.

  44. i hate the fact the J.lo was about to give jessica a standing ov. but randy’ face looked “yah, yah.. not this time” with a smile that is so pretentous

    •  They believe that Jessica doesnt need it because they know that she has the spot on the finale.

  45. standing O doesn’t always mean you’re great. I miss those old AI seasons where standing O is such a precious thing

  46. I really like Colton, I just would caution that he watches how he pronounces his words and finishes saying the words.

  47. I am enjoying the judges and the fact that they don’t say things to be cruel, but to be taken as constructive criticism.

  48. GO Skylar . I love the way she changed levels when she sang. Se rides fourweelers and souts guns but she can realy sing. I thing the song she sang was a good song for her.I wish we were related. I also wish I had her voice.she was very good.

  49. Joshua and 
    Jessica  good job and Joshua you my number one  fun but both you are my idol.

  50. Joshua Ledet was off the hook tonight on American idol — I
    think Joshua is going to the top.

  51. Skylar did amazing and deserved that standing O no matter what people my say. love her voice. shes a true talent and deserves to be in this!

  52. Skylar rocked Wind Beneath my wings! Bette Midler did it best, but Skylar that was awesome!

  53. Based on tonight’s show, here goes my ranking
    1. Skylar (her best performance ever)
    2. Jessica (she is so consistently good)
    3. Joshua (i still wanna hear him pull it back a little)
    4. Hollie (love seeing her do something different)
    5. elise
    6. Deandre, philip, colton (sorry guys)

  54. Well, I’ve never commented here before but I feel I need to because something very interesting happened tonight. I haven’t seen every episode but my wife always has this and “Dancing with The Stars” on. We’re both musicians and I want to say that DWTS & AI have always had THE BEST musicians & arrangers etc.  Tonight, Flash Dance started fine with the keyboard & sequencer – but when the rhythm came in I just knew that something went wrong. It sounded like a cheap drum machine – no offense to the guy in back doing it – he was probably trying to cover & get through it? ANYWAY, I feel the judges came down on the singer, when the band dropped the ball (for the 1st time?) It did not have the energy & punch but the singer just kept on trucking through it. My hat goes off to her.

  55. Jessica Sanchez will prevail as the grand winner of american idol season 11, she is consistent in every song that she’ll perform.

  56. That was so hard to pick tonight. Joshua was great. Colton really surprised me as did Skylar. Jessica was so good.
    My favorites are Phillip and Elise. I think anyone of them can win it.

  57. pls vote for elise!!!! pleaaaaaaaaaseeeee!!!!!!!! i honestly like her performance though not the best!

  58. Hey, who’s a deaf person that is saying that Jessica Sanchez cannot sing? Please go to your doctor and have a check-up with your ears. I think it has a lots of problems. :))

  59. American Idol 11

    JESSICA SANCHEZ showing consistency and will follow kelly clarkson, fantasia barrido, carrie underwood, jordin sparks. But my 2nd Favorite Colton Dixon trend to folow from David Cook-Scotty Mcgerry as Male winners.


    But hope America will vote for Jessica!

      • For me, it should be Jessica and Phil, but it can be Phil and Colton too in the Finale.

    • i completely agree.. jessica and colton in the finale with jessica winning!
      BUT… i am liking skylar more and more each week! she is versatile unlike joshua and phillip who sound the exact same every performance!!

      • or maybe it could be 2 girls in the finale…jessica and skylar….and jess will prevail 🙂

  60. AI 11: JESSICA SANCHEZ showing consistency at her performance who sang “how will I know” 80’s theme today! Jessica deserve the votes of america from top 13-8 and never been place at bottom 3! GOODLUCK JESSICA!

  61. They all sucked ass! I’m embarrassed you guys even aired this episode!!! Please let this be the last season!!!

  62. wow, wow, its wonderful all 8 american idol contestant, they are super super talented singers 100%. im so much much proud this groups. i love them all. if im just the are all champions. im wachting it everyweek.

  63. Finale will be Jessica and Phillip they are the two most consistent in performances, feedback from judges, and on these polls.

  64. my number one on the list tonite is Miss Jessica Sanches, because  shes only 16 years old but she  have a voice like platinums. she can sing anything.  But  the all deserving talented indiveduals. I wish i can sing but i cant. SO go Jessica the worlds love you. YOUare super your parents should be proud of you. GO GO GO.

  65. I believe that Jessica Sanchez is the clear winner so far! She will definitely be in the finale with either……Philip Philipps, Colton Dixon or Joshua Ledet. 

    •  a boring and knock-off version o Dave Matthews.. I’d rather go watching the original than the copycat!

  66. I’m sorry Steven but Colton isn’t ready to do a album right now! No one would buy it except maybe his family and people from his hometown. As for De Andre yeah he did sound a bit like El Debarge but it’s bubble gum. Doesn’t it seem like American Idol is trying to push the people they want to contend . Don’t get me wrong Jessica deserves praise but Joshua is ok but he needs to Stp bouncing around and he does kind of messes up

    • Exactly what would be in it for AI to want a particular contestant to win? How does it benefit the show ? Last year 5 got recording contracts.

  67. I do not know what the judges see in Joshua Ledet. I mean he is okay for a church singer but really at this point the other all flat out sing him. He sound screaming and flat most of the time. DeAndre and Hollie blow him off the stage but don’t seem as popular, go figure.

    • Joshua’s style is not my cup of tea either. But, I am lucky enough to recognise a great voice when I hear one. Don’t you wish you could say the same. One does have to like their style of music to see that Jessica and Joshusa by far, have the best tonal quality to their voices. I think that is why I enjoy American Idol so much … I just enjoy hearing the different styles of each performer and judge based on how well each performer does on that given week. This show would bore me to tears if I voted on the same performer every week, regardless of how well they did that week. But, others seem to do so, each and every season … So what do I know.

  68. Colton, I just have to say I absolutely love every single song you go up and sing!!! And no joke they are all some of my all time favorite songs!!!

    God bless you Colton, you are so awesome!!! I love you!!!!

  69. Jessica Colton Skylar and Phillip are the top 4!!
    and… hollie you should be in there too, just have had a few struggling weeks

    •  yes it was! although i must say that joshua seems not connecting with jessica. he appears clueless and so pre occupied hitting the notes. i believe jessica outshone joshua.

  70. Jessica, Colton, and Skylar are the top 3 in my book. each one is versatile and can sing all kinds of songs.

    sure joshua and philip are good BUT each song sounds the exact same…

    my order from best to worst is
    1. Jessica
    2. Skylar
    3. Colton
    4. Phillip
    5. Hollie
    6. Elise
    7. Joshua
    8. Deandre

  71. Hello guys! Those outside of the US may now vote online though FACEBOOK! Just search American Idol Online Voting!  

  72. Hello guys! Those outside of the US may now vote online though FACEBOOK! Just search American Idol Online Voting!  

  73. not too much comments for Jessica… maybe they r busy voting for her right now.. hehehe…

  74. Philips philips is just a cheap copycat of Dave Mathews if i want to see Dave Mathews i would go to one of his concerts, the way he moves on stage the way he holds his guitar his stage performance is like watching Dave Mathews perform. Philips Philips needs to have a style of his on, if you dont believe you tube Dave Mathews in concert and you will see what i mean

      • Some people say philip philip has a Dave Mathews style of singing that is like say that somebody that sings and does the moonwalk and wears the white glove has a michael javkson style of singing that is just does not make any sense i remember when that was call a inpersonator

  75. Jessica’s going to win this simply because she’s consistently great in her performances. She has still to have an off night, unlike most of the other singers. 

    As for originality or ‘owning’ the song is concerned … if you sang in a contest and you ended up with 36% of the votes (the second highest being only 16%) ….   then YOU OWNED IT ! 

  76. Doesn’t matter who joins jessica in the finale,she/he won’t win.even phillip…jessica will definately win…even if she doesn’t she’ll be the next adam lambert…

    • jessica will do very well whether she wins or not.  she may be better off NOT winning.  look at adam.  he’s doing a helluva lot better than kris allen (and he’s a zillion times more talented!!)  jessica is a true star

  77. Hater’s gonna hate, but they cant deny the fact that Jessica is the most amazing american idol contestant EVER, even if she does not win I’m sure she caught a lot of attention out of her vocal skill 🙂

  78. Go go go JESSICA..!!!! you will be the next AMERICAN IDOL…..Mabuhay ( Philippines)….SAWASDEE (Thailand)…..

  79. JESSICA SANCHEZ……Mabuhay from the Filipino Community of Thailand we support you……!!!! God Bless…..

  80. why im feeling this for you JESSICA SANCHEZ? never been fan of AI before but now i cant wait till next week again just to see you I insane now?

    • same here… I’ve never been a type of person who would spend so much time browsing or reading something about the person that they like.. until jessica…  

  81. 🙁 can’t vote two ppl I think are going to come down to the wire, Eilse for the girls and my man Phillip for the boys ….  voting for sure 100% on Phillip ..

  82. See? I told you guys that none of them can take away the no. 1 spot from Jessica! 😀

  83. I can’t see myself buying a Jessica Sanchez CD. She does have a good voice, but I don’t see her as being the total package that the judges keep referringto. She would do well performing in Vegas or on Broadway but not as a performing artist for today’s mainstream audiences.

    • mind colton baby i think he needed you so badly right now..because hes in danger in bottom 3 i think..Jessica dont need you to buy her CD .you are nothing we are millions waiting for her so back off.

    • judges keep referring that because they see consistency to her. unlike COLTON? where is he now? after that one good performance last last week correct me if im wrong. he is now becoming predictable and so so performer trying hard

    •  if that’s your will, then dont buy her records. Its that simple. No one seems directing you on what and whose cds you should buy…ok?

    • I agree with you, Shay…so much goes into being a star in pop music. It’s not just being able to hit the high notes. Performance, personality, etc. all are important….also being unique.

  84. Colton will go far! It doesn’t matter if he wins this season or not (I’m hoping he does), he has a bright future as a recording artist! He sings great, looks great, he’s humble and comes across as a really genuine guy. I hope to see him and Phillip in the finals. They’re both excellent, extremely talented performers with great stage presence that can really draw the crowd in.

  85. Wasn’t a big Skylar fan until she brought me to tears with wind beneath my wings… Joshua is another that I will keep an eye out for wether he wins or not… They are 2 amazing talents!!

  86. wel this comments are for  those two, that jesseca is bejonce wannabe, but how about you two can you  guys sing? my answer to those two they really know anything about music period. i think jesseca is a very a young talented singer  and she will be rising the others. i will buy her music preety soon. you two just seat a relax.have a good day  god bless you two always.

  87. Well done Jessica!!!you nailed it…Thailand loves you and The Philippines as well…God bless you all the way…

  88. Jessica the whole world loves you just keep it up what ever you sing your the bset just like what the judges said your it.take care your voice. and always pray to god he will contenue to protect you. Never forgot to god because he is the anwers of everything you in life now and forever. stay sweet and always respect to othetrs, and dont ever change keep your foot on the GROUND. YOU are so beuatiful in and out. be shine and be proud. we love you and i will vote for you every week for two hours.  just incase you have time to read  my comments this is my number 4808098393. i will be your fans someday well meet and give you a big hug like your mother. thank you jesseca, show the world your talent of singing. bye bye.

  89. sanchez sucked . you judges can’t hear .all she does is scream and screatch through all her songs . it’s time to get rid of her.i am america and my votes were not counted i don’t like the cheating on line or by phone most of my votes were not counted and processed. idon’t like all the cheating.  it’s fixed when all the good singers are eliminated  and sanchez  and ledette stayed  get rid of them  and stop trying to keep me from voting with your tricks . just cause you judges want sanchez and ledete to win sanchez and ledete don’t deserve to be there. your voting is a cheat cause no matter whom you vote for the vote goes to sanchez and leddet. its strange sachez is ahead of everyone in the polls . when there are not many people to vote for her.and ledette also 

    • why dont you just accept the truth..than make you self a joke.. strange huh?? its simple america think better than you think so dont compare your chicken brain to most of them..

    •  here comes the REBEL….oooops! ya know what la-LOW-see whatever? You
      are bitter. You cant accept the fact that your personal idol doesnt
      stand out like Jessica does huh? I guess that’s it. Accept the fact.
      Besides, its 80-20 chances that she will win this thing. and what again?
      You were cheated by
      AI? I dont think so… It is simply because JSan is
      very talented that even the most planned cheating wont work because
      she’s in it to win it! Clear

  90. no more cheating american idol eliminate leddete and sanchez and stop playing tricks to keep me out of voting. like your votes were not processed . deserve to be there skyler , phillips, deandre, hee jun winner,franke witz winner, both eliminated because of cheating judges] ,hollie, colton,hailey

  91. american idol keep competition real and honest .no cheating. that means sanchez  and ledete goes and no wild card saves  for them. did all my un processed uncounted votes go to sanchez is that why shes is ahead in your polls .even beated out your other cheat card church boy ledette well all the votes of mine that weren ‘t processed  go to deandre, or one of the deserving people  not sanchez or ledette  . i want every vote recounted cause sanchez or ledette  should not be higher in polls .the other 6 were better than them. and since the votes were mine that you did  not count which were most of them. i get to chose who i like and this time my votes better be processed and counted on the people i pick. and stop the phone cheating and on line cheating

    • MATT,BRANDEN can you please explain all this things to this VERY  IMPORTANT person here. he/she badly need attention ..hes getting into my nerve already..

  92.  I saw JLo about to give Jessica a standing O but Randy gave a NO signal to JLo not to…LOL have you seen it? Goodness gracious. ..or was it the long dress she’s wearing.

    Ok my opinion, Hollie goes home tonight.

    • At first, I thought it was just her dress but when I watch it again, damn! I cannot believe that Randy is giving that “not-a-perfect-timing-for-a-standing-o” look. C’mon Randy! You could give some love for our JSan! Seriously!

    • We noticed that as well. 

      Randy is an out-of-date has been who hasn’t had a new thing to utter on AI in years. Every week he tells us that he worked on such and such a song with such and such an artist.

      He reminds me of my dad who got to a stage in his life where all he talked about what he did in the past and that is all Jackson has to cling to and he is a lousy “judge.” 

      This trio is the worst panel they have ever had on AI and it makes you wish Simon was back.     

  93. I am getting tired of these judges picking who they think should go — they should not be bias and tying to sway votes– It is fixed.

    The part of this program that was really good were the duets.  Getting bored with this year.   I try to watch it but keep changing the channel.

  94. i think jessica will win she is really good and she will be in the finale with phillip but all these jessica haters “please dont hate appreciate” i was hoping it was jessica and hollie in the finale but now i think it is jessica and phillip.
    Tonight: i think the botton three are:
    Deandre (song wasnt that good enough i was bored)
    Elise (she didnt do good in her perfomance tonight)
    Colton (i like colton but i thought his performance was a little boring)
    Deandre going home tm sorry

  95. I think the judges are being too harsh with Elise and they favor Philip and Colton. Elise has an amazing voice..she is going to have a great carreer just because of the exposure she is getting now Go Elise!!! 

    • I think Elise has actually been coddled for a few weeks, and last night they gave her honest feedback again.  At ourhouse, it is truly all we can do to leave the sound on while she sings – we think she is horrible.  Her stage presence is usually too planned and not good overall, the rasp is like a smoker’s voice, and she is just unpleasant overall – did you see her when they went to the mansion, the look on her face when she said “Why does Deandre get the biggest room” – she is not very likeable, and that will doom her as much as her voice. 

  96. I hope that the next American Idol is a girl. For 4 consecutive years, boys dominated the competition. Hope that America will make a wise decision. So, lets vote for Jessica Sanchez!!!! 🙂

  97. Personally I think Hollie is doomed. But I honostly wouldn’t be surprised if Deandrea went home because of all the hate I see him getting. Anyways back to Hollie, I really liked her on the first live show but sense then (other than mabey 1 performance) she has been on a downhill spiral. The judges have to use there save within the next 3 shows so if they choose to save her or not is beyond me. I doubt it but with these judges you never know.

    • I think they will use the save either this week or next because if they leave it to the top 6 (last opportunity) then the following week 2 will go so we will go from top 6 to top 4.

      They are more likely to go from top 8 to top 6 or even top 7 to top 5 so my guess is they may use it this week and most certainly next week at the latest.

  98. To those outside of the US: you can vote via Facebook. Just search for American Idol Online Voting now. There’s only allowable time for voting. In the Philippines, I think you have to be online between 10am to 2pm to vote. Up to 50 votes is allowed. Please spread the news!

    • we tried but they allowed us for only 1 vote,that is via facebook,first vote ok but the second vote its written there try again or incorrect letters,but it is right .please help us we like to help jessica ,but how?

    • I don’t care about u being out the us we talkin singing not out state accounts

  99. they do have the talents, all of them in a different ways…… we cannot blame others if they did not appreciate the performance of Jessica because she love to win the other……. Let us just pray that America vote for the real talent……. GOD Bless Jessica…….. GOD BLESS America

  100. jessica sanchez gotta have her own songs  as soon as possible,,,,covering songs is so easy for her,,,,is like listening to the original artist,,she will do much better if she has her own songs,,,,,

  101. Hitting high notes is good
    but can’t stand it if showing off too much, taht’s why I don’t really enjoy what Joshua and DeAndre are doing

  102.  here comes the REBEL….oooops! ya know what la-LOW-see whatever? You are bitter. You cant accept the fact that your personal idol doesnt stand out like Jessica does huh? I guess that’s it. Accept the fact. Besides, its 80-20 chances that she will win this thing. and what again? You were cheated by AI? I dont think so… It is simply because JSan is very talented that even the most planned cheating wont work because she’s in it to win it! Clear?

  103. To those outside of the US: you can vote via Facebook. Jjust search for American Idol Online Voting now. There’s only allowable time for voting. In the Philippines, I think you have to be online between 10am to 2pm to vote. Up to 50 votes allowed. Please spread the news!

  104. To those outside of the US: you can vote via Facebook. Jjust search for American Idol Online Voting now. There’s only allowable time for voting. In the Philippines, I think you have to be online between 10am to 2pm to vote. Up to 50 votes allowed. Please spread the news!

    • You have to have a US registered Facebook account and the only places outside the US (according to AT&T and AI) that can vote this way are Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The limit is 50 votes per account and you have to vote for one, complete a verification code, clean and start over to make your 2nd vote and on it goes until you reach 50.

  105. Following up on my post last week about the location, age and sex factor that seems to have impacted AI voting in the past with the demographics showing that the majority of votes are from young people in Southern States who tend to vote for the guys. 

    Florida and California are not considered Southern States, despite the fact that FL has the most Southern point in the 48 contiguous states. Hawaii is the most Southern state overall.In the top 13, we had:Southern States – 5Northern States – 3California – 2Florida – 2An Ex-Pat from Liverpool who has lived in TX for 10 yrs – 1 1st Elimination: Jeremy Rosado – FL in round of top 132nd was a disqualification: Jermaine Jones – NJ in round of top 133rd Elimination: Shannon McGrane – FL in round of top 114th Elimination: Erika Van Pelt – RI in round of top 105th Elimination: Heejun Han – NY in round of top 9So the 3 Northern acts are out plus the two from FL and now we have the 5 Southern acts, the 2 Californian acts and Hollie who is from Liverpool, England and has lived in Texas since 2002.No disrespect to the 5 true Southern contestants but Colton is an average talent who is very nasally when he sings and sometimes incoherent and, frankly, is a 10-15 year throw back.Phillip sounds the same, is very awkward and growls rather than sings most of the time. He has not altered  his “style” one bit and has absolutely no stage presence. Joshua has a powerful voice but sings most of the time like Michael Bolton on steroids. His duet with Jessica last night was excellent but his individual performance was, once again, over the top.Skylar is, no doubt, a country gal with a great, positive attitude and gave one of the performances of the night last night. However, it seems the country vote exhausted itself on Scotty and Lauren last year. Elise is a great talent who can command the stage and knows who she is and did not deserve the panning she got last night from the judges. Was she the best? No, but she was far from being one of the worst three.As for the not-true Southern contestant Hollie. She is brought out to sing and left standing on the stage because a piano was not working. Really AI; you bring an act onto the stage all set to go and then keep her standing there having “idle” chat with Ryan who then gets a pat on the back and tells her they are ready to go.Indications are that DeAndre (CA). Elise (the oldest at 28) and Hollie will be the bottom 3 with many saying it is between DeAndre or Hollie who is going home. So, the 5 true Southern acts will survive into the top 7.

    5 out of 13 becomes 5 out of 7 so please convince me that the Southern voting block isn’t impacting the voting again this year.

    I know Jessica consistently is voted the #1 on this site each week but can we be sure she will get the votes over Colton & Phillip as the contest gets down to the top 3 or 4?  



  107. The road to winning:

    8. Hollie
    7. DeAndre
    6. Elise (SAVED)
    6. Skylar
    5. Elise
    4. Colton
    3. Joshua
    2. Phillip or Jessica
    1. Phillip or Jessica

    Good luck all!

  108. To Pythagoras475 :  thanks for all the statistics  and data  relating to the locations, age, sex factors that can affect the votes.  Thanks for all your platinum data in the past 10 years.  You are amazingly detailed about data.  Thank you for your input.   I saw that they are opening the voting lines outside US.   Is that true ?     

    • Thanks for your kind words. My last response went into some weird moderator mode. Concerning the voting outside the US;
      You have to have a US registered Facebook account and the only places outside the US (according to AT&T and AI) that can vote this way are Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The limit is 50 votes per account and you have to vote for one, complete a verification code, clean and start over to make your 2nd vote and on it goes until you reach 50.   

  109. Please oh please may Elise go home.  Skylar and Colton had zero chemistry, although they sang very carefully, it was dull.  Phil has done better with the pro band players, although it was cool that he brought his brother-in-law onstage.  The backup singers for just about everyone are too loud, way too loud, and take up a lot of sound space with their full noise, it blocks out the singer.  Joshua’s taking us to church every week is getting tiresome, although I love his voice when he’s not taking the roof off the place.  Jessica is cute, sweet, and does excellent imitations of professional singers while never making anything her own.  Loved the denim jacket.  If we never have to hear that airy flat voice of meangirl Elise ever again, that would make my week.  Enjoyed the notes that Deandre sang in his natural register instead of the falsetto, which I hate as much as JLo loves it.  Hollie has such a great voice, it is unfortunate that the advice she is getting on attire, hair, and movement on stage is distracting from what is a truly powerhouse voice, better than Jessica’s.   The duets all seemed forced, too precise and both over and under practiced at the same time.  The judges trying to direct the voting is distracting.  I didn’t see a top performance last night, although Skylar mostly did well, except when she screamed and racheted her arm up and down like a caged animal.

  110. My best to worst from last night, and influenced by overall performances:

    1. Phillip2. Joshua
    3. Hollie4.Jessica 5.Colton
     6. Skylar
    7. Deandre8. Elise

    The biggest problem for me is that I would only pay to hear Phillip, Hollie, and maybe Colton.  The only CD I would buy is from Phillip.  Who’s going to sing well on tour and give a good performance:  Phillip, Jessica, Joshua, Deandre (boy does have some stage presence, I just can’t take the falsetto), Colton, HeeJun, Hollie, Skylar.  All of these guys will benefit from the loss of the pressure of competition.  Also, Erika may do some good performances, even though she doesn’t appear very current as she was presented on Idol.  Elise will continue to be a royal pain.

  111.        since           from the beginning of this season  11, i did watching this show,and most contestant can sing  really    good and when jessica’s turn to sing ,there i don’t wanna move from   my seat,,her voice to perfect to listen,only if   she can   pick    the song      on her    own   choice  of   what she like to sing , that’s a bonus,    anyway go  go  Jessica!you are amazing…

  112. There are only three contestants that should be there.  Colton, Phillip and Elise  Joshua can sing but he isn ot current except for church music, besides that there is something smug about his attitude.  Jessica can only sing ballads.  She was horrible last night.  DeAndre and Skylar-by-by and the worst of all….hollie

  113. Joshua Ledet is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a angel sent from above and i love him because he sing from his heart and i know his parent is so PROUD of him. I would love to hear from him so email me cause I AM YOUR GREATEST FA N.


  114. Sorry guys but according to me and some other English listeners Skylar is the most irritating from the whole group, big headed and not singing correct english.
    She should be out.

    sorry again but honousty is my word.

    • An Englishman or Woman criticizing a gal is from Mississippi for incorrect English and he/she can’t spell Honesty – ok!!

      Skylar is from Mississippi so does tend to have an accent, much like a Cockney, Geordie or Scouser (mine and Hollie’s home town) and please don’t tell Brummies speak correct English.   

      •  I never would see someone writing a song and not singing it, I am not the best in writing English but speaking is different. Nice that you tried to score points on something that was not about singing or speaking English. My comments where made on the singing and she is just thinking too much of herself, Skylar is bigheaded and should know that if simon cowell was there he would not save her at all.

  115. Jessica will be in the final with Phillip or Joshua and Jessica will win AI.

    I really dont like Deandre’s falsetto voice – it reminds me of Tiny Tim (for those who are old enough to remember). I hope he will go tonight but of course he will be saved for the second time as the judges seem to love him.

  116. Stop talkin so much bout Jessica hell ya do g but dudes there is other great singers goss

  117. The sexiest LOOKIN one is deandra. But the beast singer is well idk tell me wat u tink

  118. sorry but the judges are so harsh on Hollie I listened over and over and she didn’t sound as bad as they made her out to be. and Colton isn’t as good as they say he is. Hate his darn pants his legs look like short toothpicks.

  119. Jessica and Joshua have had the same type of performance each week – power ballad, ending big note or squeal; over it.
    The judges don’t seem to be challenging the contestants consequently the performances are redundant and bit boring.

  120. Sick of all the scripted comments by the judges. J Lo has to stop and read before she can finish her sentences. Phoney, and Randy who dresses you Chuckles the clown?

    • You know … I find their comments reasonable. 

      They can criticize when they have to … but they don’t beat up on contestants to the point of being mean and destructive. They say that they critique for the contestant’s sake and I believe them.

      Plus they are all stars in their own rights. They give the show plenty of class. This show is so popular and these judges are part of the draw.



    • Simon is honest … only thing is he tends to be destructive rather than constructive. Nope … his show doesn’t need folks like that. Nosireee…

  122. What in the world was AI thinking airing Jlo’s video?  that was too mature for young audiences ~ I found it disgusting & didn’t watch the entire thing due to the nature of it … seriously don’t lower the standards to ‘sell’ your judges as current artists … if they’re so good their work will sell without you pushing it at an hour when children are still watching television

  123. I think Jimmy has been right on the money all along, especially tonight! I love what he said about Jennifer! He should be at the Judges table! Move over Randy!!!

  124. Big mistake tonight America, holly needs to goooooooo she is awful the rest are growing but she is stagnet for the last 3 weeks. She just need to quit and let the others that want and have the passion to win go for the gold. She is not in the equation or at the level as the rest of the contestants.

  125. Jessica is the best because she rises to every challenges presented to her…she got a quality voice and a performance of a STAR performer at its best. I believe she will win the competition.

  126. P.
    Phillips looks like he’s either having a seizure, bowel movement , or just plain “stranger than strange” stature all the time; especially when he sings. He shouldn’t be an idol as ” it’s not him touching people’s hands as he walks by them while performing”- doesn’t he know this is all part of being a performer? GO HOME AS you really aren’t a performer anyway you look like a loser

    • You are so right there isnt nothing more pathetic as somebody without the will to develop his own craft. Cheap over the top Dave Mathews impersonator.

  127. I cannot believe that kid philip philip tonight he talk about been himself when he knows he is impersonating Dave mathews. I just dont like posers and why arent the judges tell him to find his true self his own style. Can you say COPYCAT

  128. MAD-what heck are the judges looking for in the SAVE? Most ridiculous comments from ALL of them especially Jennifer. Contestants are fabulous but ALL judges SUCK this year. LiSTEN to their comments!! So opposite of what they do- praise someone & then NOT save them! SAD & stupid! Whole show is now just about promoting Jennifer Lopez. Will never buy anything with her name ever.

  129. Colton and Skyler were the ABSOLUTE best solo and the duet ,omg was beautiful! Islands in The Stream was perfect duet for them ,the two of them together was the best ive ever seen or heard on American Idol !!! Out of all the others prior..Keep It up you two areAWESOME

  130. top 4 would definitely be Jessica, Philip, Colton & Joshua.  Jessica wouldn’t be easily defeated by anyone of those three guys. Even they combined all those talents, they were not half as good as she has. GIRL POWER!!! Jessica all the way to finale. :”)) 

  131. Elise does have a lot of talent.  Had an off week.

    I would rather listen to her attempts at different songs than hear other performers stay stuck in their niche.

    PS- I love your singing Skylar.

  132. i dont like jessica or joshuas singing too much screaming goes along with it messes up the sound of their vocals.I do believe joshua sounds more suited for a gospel career and jessica needs a little more time to develope some kinda style she doesnt seem to know who she is as an artist and at her age i understand why. i like phillip, colton (maybe has an advantage with the trendy music he has that style that alotta people are listening to now ) phillip needs to put his spin on better songs and its great he doesnt wanna worry about  “smackin peoples hands” but those hands are what dials the phones for his votes. deandre thank goodness hes gone i cant see hime flip that mop one more time. skylar tries to be too much like reba….generic i dunno anything can happen i guess

  133. You guys need to look at a Dave Matthews performance and then you will see how much Phillips is emulating him…it’s digusting.

  134. Deandre going was expected because he has a voice that will only suit certain songs and he has not really fitted in, songs like the Four tops used to sing high pitched. My predictions is that the top 6 will be Jessica, Joshua, Colton, Skyar,Hollie  and Elise.
    Philip is a bit like the double base player contestant last year, he is okay but not pop chart potential. The final will be definitely Jessica and Joshua unless he slips up.
    J Lo is too soft and the save should be saved until it is really necessary to use it, J lo falls in and out of love too easy, no sooner she is divorced from her ex she is involved with another. She doesn’t give her emotions time to rest and recover.
    It would be good if Jessica can win though she will be a great performer, another Latin girl like J lo which why I find it hard to understand the Pia is so quiet.

  135. I DO HOPE JESSICA will be the NEXT AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 11…To all HATERS of Jessica ..CAN U GROW and TRANSFORM OTHER PEOPLE with your MUSIC if YOU HAVE THAT TALENT SHE ‘s HAVING now?…GO GO GO JES…we know u CAN b on the TOP baby…:)

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