American Idol 2012 Results: Top 5 Elimination

American Idol 2012 Top 5 results

Dim the lights. We’re about to find out who got voted off American Idol 2012 tonight as Ryan Seacrest reveals the news. Both Carrie Underwood and Coldplay will help fill tonight’s American Idol results show as we learn who moves on to this season’s Top 4 and who leaves to await the summer tour. I’ve made my predictions for what could happen tonight, but now it’s time to know for sure.

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American Idol 2012 Top 5 – Bottom 2:

  • Hollie Cavanagh
  • Skylar Laine

American Idol 2012 Top 5 – Elimination Results:

  • Skylar Laine

The following singers are safe and make up your American Idol 2012 Top 4:

  • Joshua Ledet
  • Phillip Phillips
  • Jessica Sanchez
  • Hollie Cavanagh

What do you think? Did the right singer get voted off American Idol tonight?




    • Hope it’s JS. To young. No stage presence. Really hope Holly Gets through. Elise should never have been voted off. So unique.

      • No stage presence? Jessica is one of the best together with Hollie. They both were creepy amazing!

      • Elise is totally unique. Can sing them all off the stage the duet with Phillip was amazing.

      • she’s the best so far. she has class in addition to awesome stage presence and amazing voice. no one could beat that! if she doesnt win, something’s wrong with AI and america….

      • js is young but when she sings, shs d best, she got the voice quality and has a very powerful voice wch  every singer should have…. holly? shs not yet ready for the real world, she needs more more practice…

      • u really no stage presence? are you blind??? lets see you try to get up there and do what she does… please use your bran and realize real talent.

      • and she’s no too young!!! stop being ignorant. If you’ve got the talent(and she DEFINITELY has TALENT) than why not???  i think she needs more experience because of  the fact that she is young so she definitely has room for improvement but she’s not too young.

      • bitter Elaineheap , can you move on with your Elise Testone, if she is really good why america didnt vote for her, why dont you ask the expert why that old lady was voted off? she is good yes but is she the ONE ? do you think?Are you kidding me?Are you  blind?

      • Elaine, I don’t know if you’re simply out of your mind or just plain jealous, but Jessica is the best singer to come along since this farce of a show began.. It’s voters with your skewed attitude that cost many a good singer to get voted off waaaay too soon..

      • I’d rather have a young one like Jessica with lots of room to grow and mature than a stubborn dinosaur like Elise who doesn’t care about being criticized.

      • Elaineheap, you are absolutely a horrible cheap second rate lousy commentator. Shame on you!

      •  Why is everyone so upset?? Speaking harsh words!! She’s just expressing her own opinion and she’s entitled to it…and so am I…. Go Jessica go!!!!  I love you JS!!! Muahhahahaha!

      • jessica no stage presence (big big question mark). i just hope you really know what stage presence is.

      • do you even know what stage presence means? or were you pertaining that jessica can’t connect to her songs? those are to different things! 🙂

      •  Guys, let’s be positive and work harder next week. At this point in the competition, we should all give Jessica the support and respect she deserves. Let’s not waste our time to a bunch of ….after all, she’s only a few weeks away from winning.

      • Elaine, Iovine himself said last night, Jessica has the best vocal range in the competition… watch it and heart it…

      • No stage presence ? really ? do you know what you are talking about? who the hell are you ? are you the JUDGE, hey wake up you are dreaming, pretending to become an expert , hello you dont have a taste, no class, your ears has problem , you dont know what music is ok , so shut your big MOUTH..

      • Romeo Guapito
        I know Elise was voted off by America, but wasn’t Jessica too? She was lucky and the save hadn’t been played yet. Don’t get me wrong, Jessica’s really good and she probably does deserve it, but saying  if Elise was really that good why didn’t America vote for her, the same could be said about Jessica with that logic.


      • What did I say that was wrong? It just bothers me when someone contradicts themselves in what they say and don’t go by the facts, which was Jessica was voted off by America but was saved by the judges. The poster said Elise was voted off by America because she wasn’t good. With that idea, then Jessica wouldn’t be considered good because America voted her off. I like Jessica. She does have the best voice in the competition in my opinion. I think pretty much everybody is good this year.

      • Age should never be an issue, a 16 year old male won last year’s IDOL, It is whether you have the chops and can deliver the goods.

        Elise should have attempted a different style and range for her vocals, every time she came out,  it may have shown America that she was an all rounder in the competition and I think  if she stopped answering back the judges too might have helped too…

        Hollie, needs to change her way of attacking songs. Screaming is not singing. Many of her songs, have gone off key, during the songs, amazing the judges can’t hear it.  Another one who likes to answer the judges back.

    • After last performance night… It’s hard to predict who will be eliminated but it could hardly be Philip… He is like riding on a wave of votes to be casted by young and old women… The elimination tonight seems fair judging from their performance… Hollie should not yet voted off… Jessica had a very great night… Philip… so so… Jashua… i’m not sure… and Skylar… very entertaining… I thought Skylar would at least be top 3 because of the huge population of country singers… Oh well… AI 11 is really unpredictable…

      • Listening to all the singers last night and with due respect to all, only 2 really stood out for me, Joshua and Jessica. Why?  The other 3 were so predictable, Skylar-Country/Western, Phillip- Rock/Pop and Hollie-ballad/?.
        Both Jessica and Joshua are not afraid to try their voices with, ballads,country,pop,jazz,rap, soul and their vocals are to die for. You look forward and hear something different every week from both competitors. It’s a joy to wait for them to come on and perform and you know it’s from theirs hearts. 
        Of course Jessica is young, but age should play no part in  this competition. It is whether she can sing and be an IDOL. She has proven that everytime she performs, she is IDOL material.
        Last year’s IDOl was a 16 years old country and western singer, so what’s everyone’s problem here. Looks a little to me, that it’s bordering on race,  and that should never be.
        That goes for Joshua too. A killer voice, and both Jessica and Joshua have proven beyond doubt and their years that they do deserve to be there till the end.  
        It was quite obvious at the end of the show, when all singers were on stage, the cock sure attitudes of both Skylar and Hollie overcame them. Back chatting Ryan and laughing sarcastically. I thought they both looked cheap. Do you see that from Joshua and Jessica, NO. They are well mannered and decent people.
        That so called English accent of  Hollie’s is so overdone and over rated and that nasal sounding voice of Skylar’s  has been so irritating.

        But hey, America votes, and PLEASE AMERICA – VOTE  for either Jessica Sanchez or Joshua Ledet to be the next American IDOL. They both deserve that.

    •  looking at the past years it might be P2… i like jessica and hollie.

  1. All 5 are qualified to win. Just show your support by votes and stop pulling other contestants down just to push your bet.

    • THANK YOU!!! people are pissing me off! everytime their fave is voted off, they wanna say its rigged, and get all mad and say things about other people’s faves! like someone has to go home, it sucks,they are ALL  good so shut up and enjoy the  show! keep rotting for your fave! im shocked and sad that she went home but it is what it is!


        Uuuugggghhhh, grow up, people! It’s just a tv show.

    • Watch the show, vote for whoever YOU think is the best, and stop trying to force your opinions down everyone’s throats.  I know who I like, and I’m sure there are at least 100 people who disagree. And 100 more who agree. Quit whining and pimping your favs and spend that time watching and vote.  Complaining on a message board does absolutely nothing but piss people off.  It’s a tv show that is voted on by viewers so LIKE IT OR NOT, at some point it WILL become a popularity contest.  The only way for you to make sure your fav wins is to vote.  So do it and shut up people.  I don’t care who you like and I am 99% certain that you only care who I like if I don’t agree with you.  They are all good in their own right.  But, now it is up to America to figure out whose record they want to buy.  Keep in mind each of them is likely to get some kind of deal out of this in the end.

      • Kaitlyn , yes dont watch the show, and dont open this webpage anymore ok, i hope your comment will not be read hear because you are such a bitter moron…

      • Very well said, I agree with what u said, in the end does it really matter who wins, cause the top 5 well maybe even the top 10 will all get some kind of deal !! But I have to say this , I still don’t haven’t seen n e one come thru that can hold a candle to Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson, although I think Phillip would sound good doing a duet with either of them!!!

  2. It might be Phillip or Skylar
    1.Jessica Sanchez……………………Safe
    2.Joshua Ledet……………………….Most Likely
    3.Hollie Cavanagh………………….. Fighting for Safety

      • oh my dont,,, it should be JESSICA and skyler in the finale…. but never mind as long as JESSICA is safe its just ok… 

      •  she’s gone and it’s about time too. If the judges hadn’t raved on and on about the snotty singer she would have been gone a long time ago. The best are left now and it’s anyone’s win at this point….GLAD America finally woke up and voted Skylar off.

    •  Jessica go home better , she is not deserved to be american idol. poor Hollie why people always put her into boyyom why, she is xuch adorable n has a nice voice.

    •  Jessica is not that capable , look at her singing make us bored,her voice is good but when she sings a t the stage ,was not good performance, why the judges always says she is best?she is not good to be watch for long term……

    • Joshua is awful!!!  That screaming reminds me of of cats having sex… makes me want to stop watching completely.  He has a good voice, but once that squirrel starts chewing on his testies… it’s over for me… reminds me of Adam Lambert only darker. 

      • I totally agree. He just screams all the time. Don’t know what the judges are thinking – all the so’s

      • Stop watching then. Try expanding your musical knowledge and tastes before putting down an extremely talented singer. Try listening to Soul music maybe, instead of no talent pop music. Just a suggestion. Actually I broke up two cats going at it today, but didn’t sound anything like Joshua, wish they did tho, I could really make a lot of money off of them if they did. Ha. Get real, Josh is fantastic, don’t be jealous!

      • no one is jealous, I have to agree though.. I’m not hating on Joshua, nor am I a fan of Joshua, He has a great voice but the screaming is sometimes very irritating.. plus the judges kept on giving him a standing Os. when jessica actually deserves it! Her performance yesturday was AWESOME! and I was shocked that she didnt get the standing Os..

      • Caek1337, I do agree Jessica did extremely good on her second song, but the one difference I see between her and Josh, and maybe the reason for the standing O’s, is the emotional connection to the songs. Even if you don’t care for Joshua, and I understand his runs can be off-putting to some, but you can’t deny the emotional aspect he puts into his songs. You can just tell he FEELS the music in his soul, and it comes out on stage, whereas Jessica, although she sings beautifully, is sometimes lacking that emotional connection to the song, at least in my observation. That’s not an attack on Jessica, I mean she is only 16 and the sky is the limit with her, but I think that is something she will learn throughout her career, whereas it shows in Joshua that he already has that aspect down pat, largely from singing in church his whole life. If you re-watch their 2nd songs, and just watch the emotional aspect if it, I think you will see, that Josh makes people Feel the song and Jessica just Sings it beautifully. But that’s just my humble opinion tho, I think they’re both great and would make an awesome finale!

      • Um yeah i dislike when singers overd0 songs toobut um… shut up, you were overdoing that comment because  first there have been worse singers that  have overdone songs(im talking famous singers). okay, i’ve seen worse -____- . For the most part it was an Amazing performance.

      • oh i thk you are right his voice makes me want to take xrta meds at night. him and js are both the ones need to go home though.

      • I agree. I wouldn’t want all that screeching on my iPod (the thought of it makes me puke).

      •  I agree…but sweetie,that’s soul music. Aretha Franklin, James Brown and Tina Turner were amongst the black artists that were good at it!! Unless you don’t appreciate Soul music…you will always have something to say against it.  By the way…. i’m not fun of cats but i am very good at making cats’ screaming sounds to scare cats away… *v*

    • ha ha ha josh can not even reach the high note of Mariah Carey’s without you.  it was a shame josh should have been out that time.  how could it be a super flat contestant will  win AI.  shame on AI and the USA if that happens.  tell josh to practice more “without you” jejejeje

      • um he doesn’t have to “sound” like mariah neither as he trying too. oh and NOONE can!!! she has up to a 5 octave voice! very few people have  that so please chill. He made the song his own. can you sing that song? i’d like to see you try… Don’t hate. -____-

      • Both JS & JL are the best among the contenders. They’re not deserving to go home American idol should be the ones deserving to win the title not for the worst. We have to clean our ears guys…..

    • If he is, it was fixed from day one by the judges and all of their standing ovations just for Joshua.  If that isn’t unfair and discriminating to the other performers, I don’t know what is. 

  3. Darn!  Joshua is safe.  Keeping fingers crossed for Hollie, Phillip and Skylar to move on to the final 4.

    • piss on you ! jessica is the next idol skylar needs to go home tonight !

  4. I wonder Hollie got a lot of praises last night. Her first song was all over the place and the second one, well, I didn’t connect to it emotionally. I think she should go home. But there’s a chance P2 will go home tonight, based in his performance alone.

    • All a matter of taste, I thought Hollie was amazing with both songs last night and P2 was horrible with both songs last night.

      • I have to agree with you.  I haven’t been a Hollie fan, but last night I thought she brought power and emotion and really rocked her selections. 

         I HATED P2.  I thought he butchered a couple of songs that I really like, but the second one was better than The Letter.  If he hadna’t been singing the words I woulndn’t have known what he was doing!  But he’s cute and the judges are now praising his “touch” instead of telling him to expand, so he keeps getting through.

         I like Skylar’s country rock.  I would buy an album of hers right now!

         I usually love Jessica, but last night I found her Proud Mary not so proud.  She hit the notes alright, but there just wasn’t any connection, and she just sorta wiggled around.

        I liked most of Joshua’s perfomance, but could have done without some of the runs.  They weren’t needed.

        So, they’re all good.  I just wish I could afford to see them on tour this summer

      • She only sings one sided notes & very common voice not like JS she has her own style…

      • My current favs are Hollie & Jessica and both of them really did great last night.
        Round 1: Hollie did better than Jessica
        Round 2: Jessica really did a SUPERB job while Hollie did GREAT

        That’s how I see it «(°|°)»

    • I thought she was A on both her performances and P2 was the weakest but it is all a matter of personal taste and opinion. The world would be boring if we all thought the same.  

      • She did not do well on her first song.I think when they told her to change to the 7 count it threw her off.Sometimes they need to remember what sounds great with just a keyboard may not work with the full band.Her second song was amazing and I felt like that was the first time she really connected with what she was singing.Not my favorite to win…..but I would buy her cd as soon as available.Her talent is amazing and that’s a damn fact!!!!

    • Did you even watch the show?  She slayed both of her songs last night! Hollie is one to be reckoned with!!  She totally out sang Jessica in  the first round, and possibly out sang both girls in their trio round, and she she veery moving on her last song.  

      • Kmccormick …what ? Hollie outsang both girls?Are you kidding me?do you have ears? something wrong with it wif you have…Dont ever compare Jess to Hollie please, NO WAY..not even, so far, way way far from Jessica..Hollie could be an actress yes but to be one of the good singer of this country ? HELLO! Wake up dude, IN YOUR DREAM…

      • @ Romeo Guapito

        just by your name it is very obvious that you are a filipino monkey who thinks that filipinos are the greatest race in the world
        wake up! philippines is the poorest country in asia, the reason that filipinos are employed as housemaids anywhere in the world
        i like jessica…but the comments and bashing of your fellow filipino monkeys elsewere on the net gives jessica a bad rep
        and if you have brain…..this is AMERICAN Idol and not Filipino Idol
        hello! wake up dude, IN YOUR DREAMS

      •  to  StarSpangledBanner
        you bad. Filipinos are great. Philippines is not the poorest bcause the poorest was you. haha. 

        i am a Filipino. But Hollie Cavanagh is my bet. She is the best.

        dont ever judge a person with his country. I think u lack manners and good attitude. Philippines is not as rich as the others because they are one of the country which imbibes good attitude and never put other down. We never colonize and we are always down to earth. 

        I think, u lack knowldge with so much pain in the world. pathetic looser. haha

    • Nope he didn’t!!!  he still hasn’t been in the bottom 3. Go Phillip if you go home that’s the end of AI! for the rest of the season.

    • um hollie has improved. I think you need to go back and watch her performances last night… Don’t hate -_____-

  5. so josh is safe and if phil is safe that means it will be a all guys final

  6. they are all qualified to win but at the end of the day, we still need to rank them up, so here’s mine
    top 2 : joshua (nevermind the standing Os, i think he still deserve to be in the finale, he’s progressing every week..though he does it with screaming – which is sometimes annoying – i still think he could pull a great finale performance)
                  jessica (her main problem is SONG choices..yes she could pull any songs, but i just don’t get her song choices..but among all the 5 contestants she is the most versatile, and ”marketable” – means can sell records..
    top 3: hollie (she could be part of top two and replace ANY one from the top, what i like about her is her song choices and her progress..)
    top 4: skylar (i loved her performances but i think some of them were too nasally)
    top 5 : philip (he’s special, unique…but lacks versatility..all of the other 4 mentioned above showed already what they’ve got but P2 stayed stagnant..)

    BUT i think its anybody’s game right now….that’s just my opinion. 🙂

    • and my prediction is WRONG…DIAL IDOL is WRONG…this blog’s poll is WRONG… pissed, hollie did great last night, quite unfair

    • Biz, i totally agree to all your comments on each singer… it strikes me bulleye…

  7. i may be a jessica sanchez fan, but cmon!! i hate to see one of them go, even hollie, they are all good!

  8. I think the judges has a favorite and he is Joshua since, all the time he is given standing ovations even if it’s not that great, like Jessica sanchez her Dance with my Father is an impeccable performance, yet, she was not given her deserved standing ovation, just my opinion. 🙁

    • Jsan fan, read my above reply the 1337, and it might shed some light Jessica IS amazing, but so is Joshua.

    •  yeah i agree with you, even jo’s performance wasn’t great because of always screaming but still Randy has standing ovation…obviously randy is from louisiana and joshua is also from louisiana…i think so…

    • js preformances is never good i think shes to little trying to sing to big of songs

  9. OMG! Phillip Phillips is the one that got sent home!
    (according to my psychic dog! or was it hollie?) lol

    GO PHIL!!! U da man that gets me going every night so I get to sleep good 🙂

  10. Jessica S?! she needs to get the boot. she can sing, yes! but not as talented as P2 and the rest. they can change the song and make it their own. j.s. just sings and shake her hooker-like booty … like her mama did!

    • u really had to go that low for your P2?? not just bashing d contestant but even her Mum???? i guess that’s how good u were raised by your mother.. what a pity! 🙁

    • what a nasty ho bag you are. id love to slap your teeth right out of your mouth, you worthless piece of crap

    •  You are so mean! Your mama deserves a remarkable uneducated foul- mouthed trash from the gutters of wherever you came from. I hope your mother is so proud of you! You smell!

    • Wow.  I like them both, but how weird is that?  Hollie has been doing really well, including last night, and polls had her safe.  So either Jessica or Skylar will join Hollie in the bottom 2.  

  11. interesting.  i would have bet josh was lower than hollie.  but the judges have been pimping hard for josh.  has anyone looked at the stats for who goes home after being the first to be sent to the stools?  i think jessica could be in danger.

  12. i am glad my phil is safe.  i think he should win, but top three in this contest is very respectable.  i worry is should just go home and get well.

  13. Oh my! Jessica and Skylar next. They are the last on the hot seat. Who will be in the bottom 2? I’m nervous and scared! 🙁

    • Giz! How come Philips is safe and Hollie who did very well is in the bottom 2 again? It’s disgusting! 🙁 America please vote wisely. Don’t base it on looks and sexual appeal alone. This is a talent show!

      • Phillip is an artist, that just happens to be the COMPLETE package. Don’t hate!

      • philip has no sex appeal, he sings growling all the time, very intimidating looks, my  daughter who is even 14 years old is afraid everytime he growls.

    • At this point of the competition, it’s no longer who’s great and who’s talented. This is all about popularity among voters. Sad but true. Good thing is, this is not the end of the road for them but a beginning of a bright career.

    • no and its not right that  Skylar went home . Americas votes dont count. Go figure

  14. If Simon was there as a judge, i think he will not praise Joshua consistently and I’m sure he will comment a nasty word to Joshua like what he did to Fantasia Barrino as he sez ” you sounded like Donald Duck” hehehehe and for sure he will said it again to Johua “you sounded like Daisy Duck” hehehehe

      • Ha. I don’t normally laught at people being insulted, but maybe he deserves that one. Lol

  15. I   am a Hollie fan but I do think she will go home tonight.  The judges partiality  to Joshua and Jessica is so blatant.  Hollie will do well and at least she will not have to be humiliated by the judges again.

  16. Jimmy Iovine is the man! If you want to know the truth, just listen to Jimmie. Best performance of the year belongs to Joshua!!! But I guess everybody in this world has ‘haters’, no matter how good you are at something, someone’s always gonna try to bring you down, that’s just the sad state of this country. But anyway…….GO JOSHUA!!!!!!!

    • It is not hating.  I am  sure Joshua is a very nice person.  I just do not like his type of music (gospel) and would not purchase any music by him.  A matter of taste.

      • He’s not gospel, he’s soul, not fan of the music personally.  I love my ROCk & ROLL!

    • yes its not hating. not because we like somebody else we already hate the others. i think everyone here that does not appreciate joshua is because of the screaming, i like it when he is singing soft and hoping to finish the song that way because he don’t need to overdo it.

  17. p2 is safe???????
    come on america always voting for a good looking guys… 
    do you think? the voice of p2 is better than holie?
    is this  a real  singing competition?
    what a shame……………..

    • yes i do think Phillip is more talented and has a better voice than all of them.  the fact that he is good to look at is just a bonus..besides hollie is a beautiful young girl and if she was 50 and had a hump i doubt you would be voting for give it up.  Phil is Phil and not doing karoake. maybe the others should try that.

      • I agree.   The JS fans obviously arent ready to discuss how she was trashed on her “trashy” appearance and her Beyonce wanna be attitude.

    •  Atleast he has a better voice than Holly. She can sing ballades, but had a lot problemes with quicker songs. One week before many of you said, why isn´t Holly voted off.  This week she chosed two songs, who are comfortable for her. While Phillip chosed a  not typical song for him with extremly high notes. These notes would be difficult for everybody ( maybe not for Josh or Deandre). And Phillip, who have got a natural deep voice, must have problems with such high notes.

  18. The tween girls and the cougars voted crazy for Phillip Phillips last night!

    • WE SURE DID!!! and I am not ASHAMED to admit it!!  You are just jelous!!

  19. Jess and Hollie going to be bottom 2

    I hope they show Steven Tyler’s BK commercial again

  20. Those darn judges should GO! they have favorites and keep pimping them on TV! they even chose a convict – hello gentle gian my arse?!

    darn Judges should be replaced next season! even randyoinky!

  21. I have no idea why Phillip Phillips is even on the show and what is wrong with the judges this year! Joshua Ledet is only a gospel singer. They are building him up for a BIG fall. I don’t expect to see anything there in the future. Just telling it like it is.  I do expect great things from Jessica, Skylar and Hollie. Go girls!!!

    The Judge

    • i guess you are not qualified to be a judge based on your first sentence.  who cares what you expect.

    • So are gospel singers not successful, or failures? You know it is a genre that many people love and listen to. I guess people like the Winans have no talent and will fail also then huh? Success isn’t measured by only being on the station that you listen to, there’s hundreds of stations all with listeners, so the verdict is in judge, your WRONG, try again buddy!

  22. I can’t believe Philip is not n the bottom again.  He is aweful the same thing week after week. Holli was way better Phillip. 

  23. jessica is safe and skylar is in the bottom 2 one of the best friends will go home

    • I agree, I think  isiswrong but  it iswhat it is.  Again, she will be spared by the weekly humiliation of the judges.

  24. if p2 will win this singing competition…
    they must shutdown this show… 

      • yes it is.. he had mis-used punctuations though.. but that’s just ordinary nowadays with texting lolz.. you on the other hand had it wrong i believe… should used “is” instead of “was” as you’re asking still 🙂

      • guest you do not understand english tense.  i was asking if he used proper english..used as he did it already..get was in the past?  got it?  perhaps you could review that with your instructor in manila.

      • No need to point that out. If you cannot understand people’s comment in here with your so-called “Proper English”, then just ignore it.  Could you do yourself a favor? Puhleez!

    • Yes because no one will be as great as PP!! 😀 stop the bashing and hating on PP!!

  25. Could we all PLEASE remember when voting that we are supposed to vote for the American Idol. This is supposed to be someone we could see singing a year from now, someone who you would truly buy their album. C’mon now, are you REALLY voting with that in mind? Really?  STOP  listening to the judges. They have their favorites, they got them to the stage. Now they should critique and stay out of it.

    • People would truly buy ANY ONE of their cd’s, so what’s your point??

  26. woooohhhhoooooo, Jessica…. you are closing in my girl!! god bless you more!! 🙂

  27. If a white guy with a guitar will win this show AGAIN—I don’t know if they should continue this show anymore. American Idol my fart, it’s not just a singing competition my fart. 

    • clearly you are not an american, so who cares what you think.  your use of fart is not even correct.  i guess you skipped that english class.

    • u make no sense, even if you were to use the real F word!! Stop hating on P2 it’s not his fault he is beautiful and talented!! 🙂

  28. Last week, I expected Hollie to be next going home.  But honestly, if she goes home after her performances from this week, I think it is pointless to keep having the contestants sing.  They should just tell us who is the top right now and crown the winner.  It won’t seem like the singing each week makes a difference.

    • Well Phillip truly was the worst of any of them lastnight, so your probably right, but it’s obvious so many people Do Not vote on vocal ability, which is a shame. Skylar deserved to stay over Phillip, although she’s not my favorite. Let’s just hope any of the other 3 wins over him, or else we will end up with another Lee or David. He does not have the range, diversity or vocals to outshine any of the other 3, all he can do is play the guitar and change up the song, so that doesn’t constitute musical diversity. As long as he doesn’t win, I will be happy. But that’s only My Opinion.

      •  But he has the “looks” and in this show it’s proven many times that this matter counts.

      •  I AGREE WITH YOU GAZILLION %… philip is the worst of the 5!! huhu.. skylar… ='(

  29. Skylar should of been safe. She did AMAZING. Way better than any of them, in my opinion.

  30. I do agree with the judges Jessica is dressed as an adult not a 16 yr old. now Skylar is in the bottom what is going on. Skylar and Josh are the best ones there. Why they keep putting her in the bottom I voted everywhere and as much as I could and so did at list 10 people I know n she is still in the bottom and not Philip begining to think they is something wrong here.  Maybe someone is paying for Philip to win. between what he wears and the faces he makes and his voice no stage presence what so ever yet never in bottom ??? what is going on

    • Not because you voted a hundred times and 10 others that you know did the same, it would mean that the result would turn in your favor. There are billions of people in USA and would probably have voted more and have more than 10 others who voted for other contestants. I’m not pimping any contestant but your rationalization is quite absurd. Sorry.

      •  Ok, timeout.  

         There are about 300 million people in the us. about 18 million Americans watch American Idol.

        Ok, back to bickering!!

  31. Where’s TAYMARO?????? hahahahaha…Where are the bitters?????? hahahahahah

  32. To all Jessica fans in the world!  She is safe and is now Top 4! Hurray!!!!!

      • @22d681cbdea1cf96ac027120da2a475b:disqus You’re right. It’s not her fault, it’s her fans’ faults.

      • im not a fan of jessica but i dont think its jessica’s fault nor is it her fans’ fault that your favorite is going home. you and the rest of Skylar’s fans should have voted more….  @cede7936b6152a961d2b1efc43c9e08a:disqus , blame yourself for not voting enough. as your name implies, stop the hating!  stop bashing other contestants just because your idol is not in the race anymore.

    • Now we can breathe.  Dial idol is not reliable, it has Skylar on top and now, she was sent home.  We are happy that Jessica is safe … and she deserves it.  Kudos to all Jessica fans out there.

  33. Jessica should go home. She has no origniality and no artistry. I really liked Elise and I am very dissapointed she went home. The finale should be Skylar and Hollie hands down- They are the best two left in the competition… And why is Phillip still here? He isn’t any good- or anything new!

    •  You should go home. stay there, shut off all the night, and tell yourself what a moron you are. JESSICA FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • yah JS should go home>…Lets tell jennifer holliday, jennifer hudson, beyonce, colbie calliat, richard marx, adam lambert, kris allen, pia toscano, latoya jackson, akon, haley rienhart, lauren aliana, stefano, cris rene (x-factor), jesse mccartney that they’re so dumb and stupid for praising JESSICA SANCHEZ! wow….grammy winners praising JS…tsk tsk! (SARCASM OVERLOAD) hahahahaha

      • yeah, grammy winners praising her. that should mean a lot; and that came from you, yourself. if they’re “DUMB” and “STUPID” for doing that, how else should you call yourself? who are you again? yeah right. some poster who hasn’t gotten a name for herself. and please, comb your hair first.

      • and include Jimmy Iovine for being very vocal too with his admiration for her….. 🙂

      • @keyslambert! are u STUPID OR A MORON? my comment was pure sarcasm! stupid! im rooting for JESSICA SANCHEZ HERE! thats why i put in that comment! to show nfc33 that grammy award winners are praising her, meaning shes really GOOD…….READ AND THINK FIRST BEFORE PUTTING IN STUPID COMMENTS!

      • who should they praise then?you!poor girl..sourgraping.its not jessica’s fault if these popular artists are praising her..they find her amazing..if you want somebody to win vote for them!!so keep your dumbness and stupidity to yourself..

      • I know that he is just like Lee Dewyse and Kris Allen… Atleast America is consistent; voting through the guy with the gutair. LAME!

    •  hee hee….. elise, hollie and skylar are all nails on a chalkboard!!! good choice nfc33!  hmmmmm…..wonder where in timbuktoo you reside….lol

      • Who you vote for depends on what kind of music you like- I like Hollie and Skylar and Elise. Period. I like who I like.

      •  Ok, Timeout

        Timbuktu is a city located on the Niger River in the subSaharan African nation of Mali. When its name is mentioned it usually refers to being somewhere far out in the middle of nowhere in  a far away inaccessable place- Probably doesn’t get AI reception.  Just saying.

        Ok, back to bickering!  This is fun!

    • Singing itself is an art…the way you play with songs and the emotions behind it plus the vocal acrobatics and the movement even with just your fingers or eyes is what makes up the total package of singing. Jessica may not be as blessed with movement when she sings, but I don’t think it’s even fair to say that she has no originality…I mean, how can someone without it even make unpopular songs likable and popular? And the way she did “Everybody has a dream” and “Dance with my Father” and even “You are so beautiful”..isn’t that enough for originality and artistry? She can even make motown sound like it was just created yesterday!

      Maybe some people may like her to show off some skin and gyrate on stage like “every other artist” does, but to me and others like me, we’d rather just have her sing any way she likes because we accept her talent and we like her voice and everything else comes with it as she starts singing. I have nothing against the other contestants and I wish them all well. The fact that they have made it this far is already a feat beyond their years. But like I said, it is quite unfair to say that JS has no originality because many think she copies the originals…I don’t think she really sounded like Tina Turner and she may have sounded a bit like Whitney and Beyonce, but overall, she sounded like Jessica and that is more than enough for me.

    • you should go home, too. given your parameters, you should be the first to go home tonight; cook dinner, sleep, and probably catch a wonderful dream to get over it! duh. no amount of bickering can change the results — not even your wishful she should’a, would’a, could’a.

      • Well… not bickering the results here KeysLambert. ITS AN OPINION…. doesn’t need to trip your trigger or anything. And no Sherlock, really I can’t change the results? I had no idea. Tell it to someone who cares… maybe your hour on the couch?

      • nfc33, and you frequent this blog, clock in some comments, and exhaust time and effort to say that one contestant isn’t at par with the one who left BECAUSE YOU DON”T CARE? Gracious, tell me about caring, sistah!

    • There are new singers who resemble already established singers.  After a while, they prove their worth and leave a distinct mark in the public.  Take Mariah Carey.  When she first came out, her voice sounded like Whitney Houston.  Soon after, she made a mark of her own in the music industry.  There’s nothing wrong if Jessica sounded like Beyonce or Jennifer Hudson.  In due time, she will have her own identity.

  34. Jessica Sanchez
    The other contestants are like family to me. I love them all so much! There’s no need to bash anyone..

    Shame on you other people 😐 
    it shows how poorly educated others are 😐

  35.  Sorry Jsan haters, bluejays love are like gazillion times better than you hates. And dnt post sources or poll results, idol never reveal their true tallied votes. Instead of bashing jessica, try to love your idol more and support them

    • Quit pushing your beloved JSan down our throats. The only reason I hate her is because of you people.

      • yeah i hate these people too but you can’t blame jessica because of them. ^_^

      •  i aint pushing jsan on you guys, i said we fans, were captured by her talent, stop bashing jsan, and love your own idol instead, understand the statement duh. The opposite of love is indifference, not hate, haters. Just like your name

      • i agree.  jessica has the most obnoxious fans.  its all about race to them.  she is not that good. she is pretty, young and talented but she is not the best singer in america by a long shot.  give it a rest folks. she should have gone home when the voters sent her.  but i will not hate on a 16 year old..i wish idol would only allow 18 and above.  16 year olds are too young.  and yes i include hollie in that.

      • she is the most boring on the show.  I Have to skip over her because i get a headache after listening to her.

      • I pity you.  Perhaps you don’t have ears to appreciate good music.  Worse, you can’t carry a tune.  I guess you hate yourself soooo much for this handicap.  Take voice lessons.  It might help…

    • It’s quite funny how Jess fans are the first ones to call out someone for ‘hating’ because Jess I not their favorites, but are the first ones to ‘hate’ on other contestants and posters. Petty, pathetic, and and childish are the words I would describe many of you Jess fans. They are all good and deserving of being in the same stage as her, so get over yourselves, it’s becoming embarrassing actually. And I’ve called for Jess and Josh for the finals, but some of your posts are just so off-putting for anyone to want to root for her. Shameful

  36. hollie is safe and skylar is gone looks like my prediction was right from last night

  37. I am no music Guru but being a music lover and a person who has good taste in music, I would have to say that they are all good but Jessica stands out as her vocal range and technique encompasses all genres. I would live for her eyes to communicate though. Whether she wins or not she has captured heart of the Philippines and the world.

    • and if she was white girl and sang the exact same way you would not saying this.  you people are racists pure and simple.  this is american idol not your idol.  you are really hurting her chances with your hate. 

      • wheres the hate there????
        its not only because of her race that is why we like her.
        it is not the first time that a filipino is part of AI but for me it is only Jessica that I am very proud of and it is because of her talent and consistency. and I don’t see anything wrong either if filipinos around the world are showing love for her just because she is a filipino, its just the same as people from louisiana voting for joshua

      • Your comment is stupid!!! Not only White people vote you know!  JessPushers make it a race thing because we don’t like her type of music. I am not white I am Mex American and I have never and never will vote for Jess simply becasue I don’t like her style of music!

  38. Sad to see Skylor go, but happy she made it this far…

    Very Very Happy Jessica and Hollie are in the Top 4…can’t wait to see them again next week…they have both been improving so much…I am really enjoying American Idol 2012!!!

  39. hope that jessica will be safe tonight,,, oh my my….. cant breath with excitement…. arrghhhh

  40. Yes Jessica is safe! Celebrating!  Cheers! I think I will treat boxes of pizza for you #BluJays !!!

    And also at least Hollie survived. 😉 I’d rather want Phillip to go home or Joshua.

    Bye Skylar. Thanks for being great too.

  41. SKYLAR????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Skylar didn’t sing enough country to keep them behind her. Last year, Scotty and Lauren sang a country song every chance they got but Skylar only sang a country song three times. That just wasn’t enough.  

      • I think that is what happened but that’s the producers fault.  Last year they let them sing whatever they wanted and didn’t have theme weeks. The theme weeks are back and Skylar had to make it work.

    • Easy answer:  She’s too butch, she trashed a song about the Vietnam war and southerners take the military very seriously.  And she’s a poor imitation of Miranda and Jennifer Nettles.  Not a candidate for the country vote.

  42. I am so mad at this! Skylar was so much better last night (as usual) than most of the other contestants. Now I will have to vote for the 2nd best option and for someone who will beat out  Jessica, who has just grown to be arrogant, cocky, and vain.. 

    •  Maybe you can turn your eyes to the other contestants as well when it comes to attitude. Cocky and arrogant I would say can also go to Philip since he keeps on doing the same old thing while Jess tries something new (Tina Turner, at least she took a risk). Jess smiles and says thank you while P2 is just…well, no one can really tell since he has the same expression in everything he does. Don’t get me wrong, I like him as an artist. But I don’t think it’s also fair to simply say that just because Jess sings the way she does and smiles the way she does, she’s already arrogant and vain. She likes to dress up when she sings..and even if some do not really show off her better points, the fact that she’s stylish on stage is a sign that she can be the artist of the music that she sings. I wouldn’t call that vanity. It’s part of ‘artistry’.

    • She didn’t understand one word of Fortunate Son and she ruined You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me.

    • i am a big fan of all the contestants of american idol especially this year. i have no real favorites. i dont think its fair for you to call someone arrogant, cocky and vain…  do you know her personally??? saying this actually makes you arrogant, cocky and vain yourself. one more thing,  vote for someone because he or she has the best voice…. its a singing competition. dont vote for someone just to beat another contestant. its called crabs in a bucket. ill pray for you…

  43. I htink Skylar affects her votes when she dedicated her song solely to her home state MISSISSIPPI she should say for the whole america as well (theere were reaminaing 50 states girl from alabama to wyoming) in that case you will MISS the shot SKYLAR

    • I’m sure that meant a LOT to her small town of Mississippi! Every town needs something to be proud of, and SKYLAR is defintely something to be VERY VERY VERY PROUD of!!!! GO SKYLAR! Sing your heart out..I will be buying your records when they come out!

  44. This is horrible!!! Skylar went home way too early! Should have been Phillip!!!  And Hollie in the Bottom 2 again!? Apparently no matter what the poor girl does, people aren’t voting for her!

    • She clearly got a lot of votes because she beat out Skylar.  I agree that it should have been Phillip based on last nights performances.

  45. America made the right decision this time! The Top 4 so deserved it! 😀

  46. i love Hollie being saved week after week of being in the bottom 3 and even in bottom 2..she’s always lucky by not sending her home…i love this season..

  47. the show is crazy!! or those voting to leave those on there…Jessica and Skylar were the best female singers…but as you know the judges are really pushing  Joshua now

    • Has it ever crossed your mind that maybe the judges really enjoy his performances.   Like maybe they aren’t “pushing him” but enjoying what he does?  Just because you don’t like him doesn’t mean that others don’t.  Judges gave Hollie a hard time for weeks and she is still here.  Clearly what the judges say isn’t even everything.

    • Sky and Hollie are besties so Sky’s votes will go to Hollie next week.  Yaaayyy!

  48.  No Matter What They Say, PHILLIP PHILLIPS Will Win This Competition Anyway…

  49. Skylar made me love country rock.   She is young, talented and a natural performer.  Thank you Skylar Laine and wishing you an awesome career!!

  50. An interesting Top 4:  2 guys, 2 girls.  Rooting for Hollie and Phillip!  Who would have thought Hollie would still be in it after all the visits to the Stools and harsh critique from the judges.  Guessing Skylar’s fans will vote for Hollie, possibly Phil. A whole new ballgame!

    • I think you’re right.  Skylar’s votes will prolly go to Hollie and this just may tip the balance between Hollie and Phillip.  We’ll see.

  51. They are all great but one has to go.  After watching their performances last night, I believe America voted wisely.  It’s now down to 4.  I hope it will be an all-female finale this season….  between Jessica and Joshua….  er, I mean Jessica and Hollie….

  52. Joshua, Jessica and Philip are my bets … perhaps it is their final perfomances that will be the biggest factor as to who will be the next AI.

  53. I personally think Hollie should have gone home instead of Skylar. Skylar’s energy is something that only few possess. However, this definitely isn’t the last we’re going to see of Miss Laine. Her voice will be welcomed with open arms in Nashville. I can’t wait for her to put out an album! 

  54. Noo, Skylar! The most energetic of them all, gone. It’s so sad!
    American Idol turns into Bore Idol next week, just saying.

      • You know what? I think I will. American Idol is full of imbeciles like yourself, anyways.

      • Yes, honey. We’re all imbeciles here. Taking our time to bicker against each other after every show. we don’t have social lives. we don’t have wonderful relationships. i personally just want to ruin nights of fans like you who still watch AI after all your rants and ruminations. And oh, honey, I’m the greatest imbecile in town. haven’t you heard? =))

  55. “If Hollie goes home before me, I’m gonna cry.” – Skylar
    Well, looks like things changed tonight!!! 😀

    • Yes, honey. We’re all imbeciles here. Taking our time to bicker against each other after every show. we don’t have social lives. we don’t have wonderful relationships. i personally just want to ruin nights of fans like you who still watch AI after all your rants and ruminations. And oh, honey, I’m the greatest imbecile in town. haven’t you heard? =))

  56. im proud of skylar… never thought i would appreciate her talent since top13.. but i felt bad shes gone, ive learned to love her

  57. Mollie of IdolSoup who do AI review on youtube says she fears for Skylar (she’s on TeamSkylar)…and her fear comes true tonight.

  58. HOPEFULLY THE BESTIE SKYLAR’s FANS WILL VOTE FOR HOLLIE… she deserves to be there…and hopefully wins it all..

    •  I’m behind Hollie after P2, what we need to do is cooperate next week and vote so we can get rid of screaming pudding pop boy.

      • Good luck on that. Why you expect people to collaborate with you is beyond me. 

        Collaborate with the top TRASH TALKER here? HOLY COW !!!

      • James are you 13 or what, cause it would actually explain a lot. You claim to know so much about music, but you continuously make fun of Joshua, calling him names and making asinine comments about him, so why not just save us your rabidness, uninformed and ill-willed ridiculous remarks. It’s a pity to have to go through life making fun of people you don’t even know…that’s a classic sign of being unloved and unappreciated, so maybe when you start being respectful of people, someone will actually start to like you. Just a helpful tip for ya.

      • Btledoux1229You’re right, I can’t help it, I’m crazy and I drink a lot. My bad!!!
        Please…just don’t take me serious…cause none of it is…
        except for one thing.

  59. well i believe america got it wrong and i guess they just want the world to have a screaming gospel voice for their idol this year which will go no where like the last ones.  

    • you got that right. P2 and JL are almost the same except that JL screams his lungs out while P2 yawns the hell out.

    • I think there might be just a few people that disagree with you. Ha. So another country AI winner would of been better than just the second black male, and the first in Nine years, winning? So many bitter people. Winning this show is not the prize, getting a record deal and being discovered is, and they ALL are gonna get that. So go buy your favorite singers cd when it’s released, and stop whining about the contestants you don’t like! Every one of them are talented, and every one of them have their fans, some just have more than others, that’s just the facts, so GET OVER IT!

  60. Jessica, the Diva and Joshua, the Soulman for the WINNER’S FINAL !! 

    •  A 16 year old girl pimped out like a slut vs a screaming in the closet non straight Screamer…..
      Yeah that does reflect the reality scum that America has become

      • just one word, James…… JEALOUS! grow up and sometimes be judgemental. 🙂

      • i mean don’t be so judgmental…. stop saying bad things about Jessica.

      • people like you are the reason why JS the slut and Joshua d screaming non-straight whatever get the votes!!!!! why cant you just accept that this is a reality show and every week someone has to go! you are so BITTER! well sorry you, the slut and the closet guy is still there and may make it all d way on the top! eat ur heart out!

  61. Phillip Phillips, come on! we don’t need a growling cookie monster Idol. It is just sickening that people just vote for his appearance. 

    • Don’t get all bent out of shape.  They never said Hollie was bottom 2.  They never do say who were the lower vote getters except the actual loser.  I believe Phil was bottom 2.

      • Actually Ryan did send Hollie to one of the bottom 2 stools.  But then again, does that mean anything?  It’s interesting how Phillip once again escaped the bottom.  I say this bc I actually read a number of posts last night after perf that even Phil fans were getting tired of him and splitting their votes to other contestants.  I can only imagine that there must’ve been many posts like that out there.

  62. I am shocked!!!!  Skylar is the ONLY one that was the total  package!!!!  The other 4 have ZERO stage presence!

      • Screw off, Skylar has an amazing voice and appeal! You’re probably just jealous of her. 🙂

      • She was eliminated because so many others were voting for JSan. Just saying, is all.

    • cmon zero?? you serious? cant you see jessica rocking? hollie ‘s conviction joshua’s dance moves and gestures and philips crazy body movements??

    •  wow… So you are sure about what you think? The elimination of skylar was just right. I’m afraid it will be joshua and Jessica in the finals.

    • That’s a joke right?? Stomping all over the stage is your idea of stage presence? No she shouldn’t have gone before Phillip, but come on now.

  63. The American people must be really deaf.  If they thought Skylar was the one that should be off American Idol.  Phillip missed so many notes on his song last night it was terrible and although Holly did really well last night, she did not deserve to still be in the competion over Skylar (sorry Holly).  Canada

  64. l was rooting for skylar t0 be in the top 4 …..but l guess it didn’t happen  ..amazing  ,,hollie is hanging in there,,,,my prediction for  next week  is gonna be a shocker,,,although  they were my favorites,,,,they tuned…

  65. i dont think the judges should have used their save because who went home the last couple of weeks wasnt fair in my opinion

      •  Because she was a better performer, that’s why.  Jessica is just plain boring.

      • There wouldn’t be a need to argue if it weren’t for your snide remarks.

      • Oh, am I not have the free will to comment here? 🙂 I already it’s your opinion, I’ll respect everyone here. pls. respect my opinion here too. 

      • Skylar is a better performer than Jessica.  To be fair, vocally, Jessica wins hands down.  But what have ppl been complaining about AI these past years?  WGWG and country singers winning…  So one down tonight, one more to go.  If you think in terms of this, Skylar’s exit was not that surprising.

      • I think it’s not to be fair, ‘to be honest’ 
        However, Yes, Skylar really am mature as a performer already. She rocks. She’s consistently good. 🙂 but As for country singer, I like Carrie more~ 🙂 
        They’re all good. 
        I am not against anyone, they’re also best top5 ever for me. All deserving.

    • I think Skylar is boring to the point that she’s good all the time, sorry that’s just my opinion. 😉
      On the other, JS have the BIG moments and the not so.

      just saying.

  66. Skylar was the WRONG person to go…… you voters are all so wrong………

      • they are hiding because theyre ashamed of what they wrote yesterday,, they are commenting that jessica will be going home…. but unfortunately she didnt… HA HA HA HA ..   SO SORRY FOR THEM…

  67. Skylar was a better performer than Hollie. I predict the top 2 will be Jessica & Joshua.

  68. i wish jessica would go home so we don’t have to hear from her racists and obnoxious fans and they can concentrate on the rice crop or something.

  69. Ha…jimmy said the same thing I said, Jess was dressed and pimped out
    like a slut. Where is her father, he needs to control his 16 year old

    • My exact thoughts! She needs to dress better, like an actual teenager, and NOT like a slut!

    • A bit harsh there. Was a nightmare of an outfit, but let’s just call it a mistake. However I do agree with Jimmie’s assessment of JS’s performance of Proud Mary. I said yesterday that I thought it was horrible and easily the worst performance of the night, and P2 hardly inspired so that’s saying a lot. Also agreed with Jimmie that the second performance by JS was much better.

    • U don’t think he used the word ‘slut’ James, so don’t flatter yourself. And what did he say about Joshua….you wanna relay that comment???? Ha didn’t think so Such a bitter person huh.

    • if ever you have/will have a daughter, you better control her too. she might pimp herself out like a slut as well. 

      and yes, I’m a Jessica fan

  70. did you notice every time hollie is in the bottom 2???  her contender always gets the boot? as what happened to colton, elise and now skylar!! now i think  hollie is a fierce enemy!! woootwooot.. 

  71. wow.  wasn’t expecting that.  Glad for Hollie.  Sad for Skylar.  She’ll be a big country star for sure.

  72. I hope that supporter of Skylar won’t change its path to Hollie as we all know that both of them are BFF.

  73. Next would be Philip.  Then, Joshua… so Jessica and Hollie to the Finals.  Bravo!!!!

    • Agree with your picks.  But for me, I’ll only go as far as to say it will be Josh, Jess and Hollie Final 3.  Don’t know about those 2 in final 2 just yet.

  74. I’m literally crying right now. Skylar did NOT deserve to go home. Both her songs last night were phenomenal! I’m going to miss the most energetic person in this season. 🙁

      • Sailor moon, you have got to be a little kid huh. You think everybody that puts a contestant or another poster down is funny, unless it’s about Jessica, then that person is a racist or a hater, so grow up would ya!

    • she sang 2 very good songs, but far from phenomenal…. still I wish her luck in the future..

  75. No America has not got it right!!! for the last three eliminations!! Now its up to Phillip to keep this show NOT BORING!!!

    • Sorry, but it’s already going to be boring with Skylar gone. She was the whole reason I didn’t fall asleep this whole time, well both her and Heejun.

      • You can look for any NOSE somewhere…let it sing…skylar days are on for you…

      • good for you…now off to bed and don’t get any nightmares…
        Heejun????? ROFL        sweet dreams!

      • Heejun??? ahahahaha ahahahahaha ahahahahaha HAHAHAHAHA *ackkkk hair ball~ ahahahaha AHAHAHAHAHA

  76. Not surprised at all…. Not happy…. Why, why.. Does everyone really like how the JUDGES already have the winner…Joshua!!!!!!!!!!!! They stand up EVERYTIME he sings.. really…. NOT, he sings the same everytime…the others might just as well walk out the door now….they gush over Joshua, it’s so anoying…If Joshua’s head gets any bigger he wont be able to get out of any door…..thanks to the Judges favoritism….

    • Standing O’s do not equate to favoritism lady. Have you listened to their comments this while time or not? They have praised Jessica and Phillip just as much, and probably even more. And J Lo told Skylar lastnight she could just as well win idol the way she had been performing. They have had high praise for ALL of the contestants, NOT just Joshua. And if you actually LISTENED to what they’ve said, and not focus on who they give a standing O, you would know that they have pretty much made it clear they want Phillip and Jessica in the finals throughout the entire season. But Josh deserves to be in the finals based soley on his consistent vocals, and not because the judges have given him standing O’s, seriously Pathetic

      • Good points.. but I disagree a bit about the judges wanting Jess and Phillip in the finals.  Once upon a time they did.  But for the past 2, 3 weeks, I’ve sensed a diff in their comments toward Phillip.  Still positive but not gushingly, and certainly not saying much about the performance.

  77. Backstage interview with Randy
    “Skylar wasn’t my Biatch and therefor I manipulated things to send her home. My homoie boy Joshua is and he’s going to win no matta what the Dawg has got to do to pimp him”

    • You are simply amazing bro, a true example of a pitiful human being. I guess you don’t consider making fun of a black person as being considered racist huh. I hate throwing that word around, but most of your comments about Joshua. And Jessica, could easily be perceived as such. You make yourself look really really bad, and it’s quite pathetic all the insults you throw around on this site. You should be extremely embarrassed the way you conduct yourself here.

      • Yeah…I’m probably going to burn in hell.
        All I know…for a racist, I sure have lots of black, brown, golden, yellow, purple, and green friends….BTW, I’m mixed race,
        I once spent 60 hours as a hostage with a black and an Asian hostage as well…we all survived…the gunman was a white redneck….needless to say there were some conversations during the hostage taking….today, that Black man and Asian woman are the 2 closest people in my life…I would die for them and they for me….we almost had don’t preach to me about being a racist…maybe you are a bit too sensitive and it is as much of the reason racism is made into more than what it is. As long as I truly believe in my heart that anyone of any race can be just a good as me and that I don’t look down on them…I’m not a hating racists. I may suffer from stereotyping racism, but I assure you, it isn’t ever meant to be anything mean.
        So bro….lighten up.

      • James I’m not calling you a ‘racist’, I hate when people pull the ‘race card’ when something doesn’t go their way, and that goes for all races, but I was just letting you know that that comment, an maybe a few others of yours, could be PERCIEVED as maybe a racist type of statement. I don’t actually believe you are, I just think that in attempts at being comical, you can come off as an insensitive bully sometimes. I’ve just never been a fan of people that feel as if they need to put others down in order to be…..funny, or to make themselves feel better, maybe?? It’s just that so many people take this show so damn seriously, and in turn are just plain creul towards people they don’t even know, and I just find it kinda sad that people have to resort to such Measures to express an opinion. I do have a favorite that some people do not like, which can be said for every contestant, but to resort to Personal attacks towards any of them is just absolutely uncalled for, petty and immature. That’s all I’m saying, just don’t get why people have to use the tactic of insults to push their favorites, and yes you are included in that group of people that insult certain contestants, and I think it’s uncalled for. Every one of them are chasing their dreams and performing in front of millions of people, something I’m sure 99% of us could not do, so why make fun of, belittle, or personally attack any of them? I just don’t get it.

  78. Skylar going home is total bs!  Phillip was the absolute worst of the bunch and those teenyboppers out there voting for him obviously don’t care how he sings only how he looks.  he couldn’t even hit the notes in the second song he sang and his first song was unrecognizable and I know the song very well.  If Holly goes next week, which unfortunately I think she might, then I won’t watch anymore!

  79. Colton’s votes went to Phillip Phillips while Skylar’s to Hollie or Jessica. 

  80. I am so mad Skylar is gone. I’m hoping it’s Jessica and Hollie in the finale. Joshua sucks and the judges are being way too lenient on him. He needs to go home.

  81. Katrielle @keyslambert! are u STUPID OR A MORON? my comment was pure sarcasm! stupid! im rooting for JESSICA SANCHEZ HERE! thats why i put in that comment! to show nfc33 that grammy award winners are praising her, meaning shes really GOOD…….READ AND THINK FIRST BEFORE PUTTING IN STUPID COMMENTS!
    Flag Like

    KeysLambert   yeah, grammy winners praising her. that should mean a lot; and that came from you, yourself. if they’re “DUMB” and “STUPID” for doing that, how else should you call yourself? who are you again? yeah right. some poster who hasn’t gotten a name for herself. and please, comb your hair first.

    • I’m a poser, baby. That’s just who I am. So, sadly, none of the above. Whatever you say, sistah!

      • Oh Katrielle, I heard you invented the Toaster Streudell. So, yeah, I’m dumb. And I fear for my life because I’m dumb. Anything else? Haha

  82. did you notice every time hollie is in the bottom 2???  her contender always gets the boot? as what happened to colton, elise and now skylar!! now i think  hollie is a fierce enemy!! woootwooot.. 

  83. Hollie must have a horseshoe you-know-where. And you could see the look on her face before Skylar started singing her last song. She knew it should have been her. 

    Yeah, she can sing, but that’s all. Although she has improved in the last 2 weeks, there were others who were ready from the start, who came complete with actual personalities. A couple of them had already gone home, and now Skylar too. I don’t love country music, but I sure did enjoy watching her perform and sing. She will be sorely missed, but hopefully not for too long, cause look out world, Skylar is coming!

    What’s a real shame is that we seem to be losing the true entertainers, leaving the ones who need to read lyrics off a card to sing a song. I’ll bet Hollie couldn’t improvise her way out of a transparent bag.

    What is it America wants, I wonder?

  84. I wish Phil will go next week, he is weakest singer for me compare to 3 left idolettes. this is supposedly the best singer not the cutest singer,  I hope the teeny boppers should will wake up and stop voting for the cutest guys in AI..

    • if your idolettes were old ladies with humps singing exactly the same way would you be calling them idolettes.  i am tired of people saying we ladies vote for phil just because he is handsome..its much more than that.  romeo you are a fraud.  accept it.  not sure which of the “idolettes” you favor, but the fact you use such a dimunitive term of endearment just proves you are attracted to one if not all of them for being young, attractive girls. of course josh is excepted.  don’t assume you know how i or anyone else feels about Phil. 

    • Sadly i don’t think the teeny boppers are listening and I heard…the middle aged women are into him too.   Just powervote for your favorite maybe a miracle will happen and will overpower them…tsk.tsk…

  85. Before I comment on tonight’s elimination, I would like to once again request that the powers that be on Idol identify who we are voting for on competition night. Rather than say, “Thank you for voting for contestant 1” say “Thank you for voting for Jessica,” for example. If the numbers are not changed weekly, we can’t be sure who we are voting for: this week’s contestant 1 or last week’s contestant 1. This is just another way of providing confidence in the honesty of the voting process. Last night I said I thought Philip’s performance was at the bottom. I still think that. I will miss Skylar’s stage personality, positivity, and enthusiasm in addition to the way she sings the songs. I always feel good about her performances. Her upbeat attitude is contagious. To me there is no doubt that she loves music and will be successful in the music business. So, sadly, I say goodbye to Skylar and wish her the best of everything for the future.

    • You are very amusing.  Go to the Idol web site.  They state that they have the right to reject any votes they deem questionable.  So your votes are just to keep you invested in the show, make money for them and their partner AT&T and so they can announce 55 MILLION votes! to show how popular they are.  Wise up.

      • What I am talking about is already being done by “The Voice.” It’s not a big deal to at least come across giving America the impression that the voting system is accurate. I don’t need to “wise up” to know that there is nothing funny about this game that uses our time to get big bucks into the pockets of people who are already rich. But both of us are using our time to comment here, so maybe we should both wise up.

  86. now i can sleep soundly coz  my fave is already safe…. atleast i am not like someone here who switches faves every now & then and ending up his faves going home every week…. lolzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!

      • sailor moon
        You sexy fire-kat, that’s like 3 or 4 times you called me douche bag. I think you might like to meet me. I still got those tickets and I’d send you a plane ticket. I see you are the goddess I think you are.

      • you started it James, calling jess a slut and a hooker and calling you a douche bag is not enough

      • sailor moon
        I did not call her a slut….I said her clothes and actions were..pimping her. I wished you could sit next to me and see in my eyes…I’m not that kind of person, I’m very loving and protective…I just worry someone needs to protect Jess with her father being gone so much.

      • sailor moon
        Thank you…I always wanted to be a super hero…I’m just not sure what kind of costume “Super Douche Bag” would wear? A giant douche bag? What would his super powers be?

    • unless he starts wearing seductive clothes and shows off his chest hairs and bulge… I bet Jlo will shiver and pimp him more!

      • Yeah, he needs to take tips from Jessica. Just wear the sluttiest clothes that you can. (:

      • @2b08b1cb69d750837e59478f6bd2464c:disqus  .. what a foul git u are!! wash ur mouth! i guess ur more than a slut.. .. whether your a he or a she; i pity ur Mum!! 

  87. Very disappointed with tonight’s results.   It’s past time for Phillip to go.  He’s good, but not that good.  I cannot imagine trying to sit and watch him at a concert.  It’s painful to watch him grimace and groan for every song.  There’s no character, no creativity.  It’s always the same.   I could probably deal with hearing him on the radio for one song, but that’s as far as it goes.

    • need to get out…trust me, a cool alternative original like Phillip gives the most awesome concerts with lots of great action on the stage and in the crowd….wooohooo.

      Diva concert…you sit, watch the Diva come out, spotlight on her and sit/sleep through 2 hours of ballads.

      Dude live a little before it’s too late.

    • are you high dude… hows him redoing  an usher song like he does not creative….

    • why does everyone down phillip for his facial expressions?  look at joe cocker.  ever watch steven tyler or mick jagger?  come on people!

  88. The voting system is fatally flawed and utterly stupid. The brainless little twits that are doing the voting don’t have a damn clue. Why is this weirdo Phil Phillips still in the competition while greats like Skylar Laine and Colton Dixon are gone home ??  I, for one, am sick of Randy Jackson’s “make it your own” BS..AND, why do they always praise these oddballs like Phillips and Casey Abrahms ? This show is garbage and needs to change or fold. It’s too frustrating to see good singers voted off because of these morons voting a hundred times for their favorite.. It’s a singing contest, not a popularity contest..

    • because thos stupid judges have their own faves. they keep pimping joshua ledet! ughhhh!

      • WRONG! they’ve praised every single contestant and have pushed Jessica and Phillip more than anybody else. LISTEN to what they say, and pay no attention to standing O,s, and you will see for yourself that your statement is untrue. So the judges are wrong for showing appreciation for an extremely talented singer, just because you don’t like him? Get real buddy. Josh is phenomenal, as Jimmie and EVERY guest mentor has said, so get over it, they know what the hell they’re talking about, you DON’T!

  89. I’ve raised 2 daughters to adulthood and I know what reality TV has
    done to tell our young ladies they need to be pimped like sluts. They
    need to be their age, not try to be 20 year old something sex pots like
    Beyonce. If you have a teen daughter you love, then you will understand. 
    Mothers are way too permissive and it is the fathers place to stand up
    and put a stop to it if he loves his daughter at all. Otherwise, the
    father is responsible for letting his daughter be pimped out by anyone she lets.

    Jimmy it took lots of courage to say what you did on national TV and I appreciate it and salute you!!

    • JS dress in “Proud Mary” song is inappropriate, other else is perfect.
      No more, no less. No need for argument I guess. :/

      • how was that inappropriate?it wasnt LEWD!!!!!!!!!!IT WAS FLAUNTING HER great shape at 16…her nipples were not out?her bums were hidden…she didnt look like she was masturbating! what do you want? wrap her in a blanket…she is not 6…whew!!!

      • Inappropriate dress? Boring is more like it. There was nothing special about her dress.

      • I felt Jessica’s style of dressing was a bit much for a 16 yr old.However her parents need to step up to the plate with some limits.Her talent is undeniable,she does not need to dress so provocative.I understand that she is dressing as an entertainer,but she needs to dress as a 16 yr old entertainer.

      • I realized that they dressed her up that way to match her song choice–her dress was tight body hugging but it wasn’t giving indecent exposure except her legs.  They just need to be more careful next time. 

      • He doesn’t say this but I bet jimboy (James) musta bought tons of skanky Barbie dolls for his daughters. 

      •  Yeah, watch the show…it’s not about morality, it’s about self respect and giving enough of that to your daughter along with a positive self esteem so they don’t feel like they need to use their bodies to get what they want. I love my daughters and if anyone ever pimped them like Jess was, I’d beat the hell out of them.

    • You just a hater jimboy … that’s all there is to it. You’ve gone from obnoxious to sick with this dig. 

      •  I think James , meant the AI girls generally. Holly and Skylar ar both only 18, but are get stage make ups and dresses that lets look them like 25. And the behavior of both girls if the perform could be also a bit more natural. Then it is undersandable, that other girls in their age not vote for them, but for an cute and authentic young guy.

    • I hope you taught them good values and not to be demeaning and sore loser like you

  90. Given Hollie’s “lovely” track record, I think she’ll go home next week.

  91. skylar laine has more talent in her little finger then the rest of them put together. not to mention the best personality. she will exceed the rest of them no matter who wins. i’ve been watching for many years and i think that after the voting tonight, they pick who they want. why don’t we ever see the voting results. just take their word for it. i’m done watching for the rest of the season and i’m sure there are many more that are too.

    • This is only the second season I have watched, and I am  more  disappointed with tonight’s results than any other.   I will likely watch, but just in hopes that Phillip eventually gets voted off.  

    •  Country/southern votes are huge and last year country/southern votes were focused on two people who rose to the top (did anyone ever doubt that Scotty had it won from week 3-4 on?).  And Scotty was both the country singer and the good looking clean cut WGWG who got the teen girl votes. Double good whammy for him.

      This year, that vote has been diffused. Skylar is the only one who was pure country.  PP represents the WGWG, but also is from the south, sings a blend of rock and country and rebel PP, and that appeals to the country/southern voters too! So the concentration of votes that got Scotty to the top, was not there for Skyler. But I think she will be fine. Actually, the person she will hurt the worst as competition vying for the country time, attention, and dollar, will be Lauren Alaina!

    • Okay, have fun cruising after A1.  Thank you for the info.  You are entitled to it. Please take it easy–life is good :-).  Don’t be bitter.

  92. I love how butthutt the JSan fans/haters get when you say one negative/positive thing about her. I mean, wow, it’s so funny to watch and laugh! That’s why I neither like nor dislike her.

    •  I just pray that none of the contestants ever read these blogs.  They are all very best friends of each and would be so, so sad to see their fans say such mean things about their now best friends. Jessica and Hollie are friends and think each other sings very well.  They all love Josh and Josh loves them all. Etc, Etc.
      Just cheer for the one you love, not boo the others! As far as their singing abilities; they are all very good or they would not still be in this competition.

    • The judges had been very critical of her pitchiness in about 3 to 4 successive shows. These guys have clout. PLUS Hollie fans tend to hate on Jessica because these two are the most similar in style (pop) and same gender. Jessica fans hate them right back. HAHA !

      • That’s not true–i like them both but one can sing better than the other.  That’s just my point. 

      • They both have big voices but that’s where the similarity ends.  Hollie is more into pop while Jessica is into R&B and soul.

    • I don’t think they hate her. She’s just not a very good singer. She’s hit n miss. Mostly miss. Can’t control her voice well.

    • Hate is a pretty strong word, especially for a reality show when you don’t know the contestants personally, but I can tell you what I think.

      I don’t want to see Hollie win because we (I’m Canadian, but we largely share music with our neighbors to the south) already have enough blonde, pop-princess barbie doll singers who are un-dynamic and have nothing else to offer. Since the increased popularity of the music video, real talent (especially female) has been going by the wayside in favor of good looks and booty shaking. It’s not that good-looking people can’t be talented, too, but…

      I want substance. I want personality. I want to be captivated, wrung out, made to feel things I could never do justice to by describing.

      To me, there are two ways to do this: you either have to be a creative composer or songwriter, or you have to be a unique and artistic performer.

      I think people who dislike Hollie would like to see a move away from looks-centered stardom, and are revolting against it, in a way.

      • Oh, I have taste. It’s just that in both food and music, I prefer flavour. (Yes, that’s with a ‘u.’) Said with a smile.

    • To answer your question … yes and no. America was right with the bottom two … but sent home the wrong girl.

  93. wow…..skylar……………noooooooo… but i think every week will seem like a shocking result as the remaining contestants are really good… they all deserve a record deal…… and i will support them all the way….hay… i was dreaming of a skylar-jessica finale… but now i’ll go for hollie and jessica… i’m not really a hollie fan… but since she has proven tons of times that she has america’s votes…i’m thinking they can bring hollie to finale….goodluck to the remaining contestants…..

  94. American had it right a few weeks ago when they voted Jessica off.  Please American do it again; she’s got to go.  I’ll give it to her that she is very talented however every performance is the same, very robotic, no personality. 

    • maybe in your dreams tonight Weeble! Another BITTER in the house! HAHAHAHA

    • if u say so.. but thats not some or most of the US say since she’s till in d show.. most even believe her being voted off is a drama for d ratings lol

    •  It was America that got it wrong then when they voted Jessica out ( but was saved by the judges) America had 3 more chances to vote her out but Didn’t…. instead, she’s in the top 4… So, now I believe America IS finally getting it right! 
      And Weeble, you have the personality of an alien..

    • EXCUSE ME…How can you be so CRUEL. Jessica sings with emotion. Dig yr ears first

    • Hahhahah you believed that?……don’t have a heart attack if she survives another week and on to the finals.  Just power vote everyone. ..for your favorites.

    • thats what you think… just dream and dream again… coz jessica will be in the FINALE… robotic? i think its PHILLIP look at his face when he sings he is like electrecuted..

  95. Wow! I’m surprised. Skylar supposed to be in the finale. It ruins my prediction.
    Anyway, good luck TOP 4. See you next week.

      • No, she won’t. Skylar can only sell in the USA, JESSICA will be an international star.

      • It’s not a fact because you have not experienced it yet.  Let’s just see.  Kelly  clarkson sold more records overall including international market but Carrie Underwood sold more records here in the USA. 

      • Why are you only comparing her to Jessica–how about Hollie?  Hollie might even do better than her–not a fact :_)  just my guess. 

      • Fact, huh? really? Maybe you can also share the winning lotto numbers to us since you know so much about the future

  96. Finally Skylar got voted off. She’s my least favorite among the remaining contestants. I’m happy with the final four. I like Jessica and Hollie in the finale.

  97. I hated to see Skylar leave…I really liked her…but they are all so good…unfortunately…one has to go each week.  I just can’t see how Philip is hanging on…he is good, but not breat like the others.  Jessica gets my vote.  By the way…dial idol isn’t calling it so good this year…what’s up with that?

  98. By the way…it’s not my spelling…it’s my eyes….sorry for the typos…LOL

    •  Sorry for the bad eyes, I almost went blind last year, got lens implants and now I see perfect 20/20 no correction…they call my case a miracle. Good luck if you have that kind of problem.

  99. Idol is obviously fixed and I am done with it. I blame those lousy judges for saving Jessica! America had it right the first time when they voted her off. I am really disgusted with the whole show. The show hasn’t been good since Simon left! Now I really hope hope Hollie wins it and shuts that cocky Jessica up once ad for all!

    • seems ur d one cocky lol… set up ur own show/ set ur own rules or stop watching the show if u dont like whats happening.. save u some hatred.. all of us has complaints over d show and d judges but to use foul words… 🙁

      • No, that person is describing none other than Jessica Snchez. We’re you not listening?

    • How can you be SO VULGAR !! /You are like a child, honestly, cheez. I dont get my toy I cry. How can you blame everything on Jessica. Ok i Have it next time. when anyone auditions for AI, why not put in a condition”Only Americans may audition”I feel sorry for you

    • To Yvonne, and HeHe. With due respect to you, we are all CHILDREN OF GOD. So, pls dont call Jessica Cocky or anyone else in the competition. It’s not right, simply not right. We all have to the right to be here on earth. So pls examine yrselves in the mirror

    • Wow, you sure used a lot of negative adjectives. You must be a perfect individual to say such things to other people.

  100. Just watched the recording. That was nerve racking!!! Glad my favorite is safe for another week though!!! Holliepops, we really need to start voting like crazy. Stupid teenagers put Phil through. Ugh. Well, you know, that’s how the show has gotten.

    • Well are the brightside now that Skylar’s gone, her fans will more likely than not turn to Hollie

      • Not likely. If based on music taste and regional factors, they will go to Phillip and Joshua. If based on a sex bias, then Hollie.

    •  Boy did they! Just the opposite of what happened! Someone serve them so crow!!

  101. and the most important question i think america wants jessica to answer…what does dog taste like?

      • you would think she was the patron saint of the phillipines by her fan base. maybe you should remind them of that.  its american idol for you foreign folks.  don’t you have some idol show over there?  you really don’t have a dog in this fight..if you did, you would probably eat him.


      • Welcome school kids killer inside school campus. It’s always in the news man.

  102. Not a R&B or Gospel fan, but Joshua has completely won me over.  Him and Hollie are the only two I care to watch now that Skylar’s out.  The three most interesting performers were lost three weeks in a row.  Oh well.  Pulling for Joshua.

  103. My guess for the finale :

    a) Boy + Girl    60%
    b) Girl + Girl    35%
    c) Boy + Boy       5%

  104. jessica and josh should have got off a long time ago thats bull crap. yal made a mistake voting skylar off jessica is trying to sing to much and the music is to big for her. she tries to hard. her and josh are the main two that need to go home. skylar was the best girl from day one and ellis should not have went home either. holly dnt do anything but stand there like jessica does.

    • Excuse me….pls listen. I am one person who is not bias…I have been watching AI for 11yrs. Let me tell you, Both Jess and Joshua are better singers than Skylar. Even Hollie is better than Skylar. So accept it

      • What a silly comment, everyone on this site is bias.  JUst because you like the 2 J’s does not mean I should….all a matter of taste.

    •  Didn’t know that the contest changed it’s title as American country Idol…

    • Well sorry but she got voted off–and it certainly was not any of the other remaining contestant fans that  voted her off.  It’s her fans who didn’t vote hard enough  that made her lose her chance.  My favorite could go anytime too so stop complaining about the other singers.  It’s not their fault.   It’s not a battle of the best now but it’s a battle of who has the most fans willing to overvote.  Get it?

  105. Skylar is talented and very consistent. She’s a tough one. And she has a great market out there.

  106. Dial-idol completely & absolutely got it sooo wrong! LOL dialidol, you really suck!

  107. Early last month, I was shown a website with postings used to instruct Pinoys outside of the country about how to use network servers within the US to power vote for Jess. I have enough technical background to tell you the instructions would allow anyone, anywhere to vote for Jess if they wanted to, via Internet , Skype, or VoIP.  It isn’t that difficult to do and I don’t want to say anything else to give away how. I was trying to keep it quiet until that site was taken down, which it now is. However, it doesn’t stop them from doing it and I’m sure there are other sites like it.

    That’s is why, no matter what, Jess will never win AI with any legitimacy thanks to the judges save and favoritism, plus the actions of her disrespecting fans who are willing to cheat.

    • cheat??? prove it… don’t belittle those who are voting from your country, James…. i bet they know what they are doing.

      •  I can’t prove it either way as is the case with AI, they can’t prove it’s not happening either, they have a serious lack of controls when it comes to the voting process….even the Wiki page on AI acknowledges this is a problem.

    • Why are you so sure they cheat? A lot of people waste their money on her. I don’t know how to vote for her from here. I live in Argentina but I’d love to vote for JESS. I can’t do it. But if i could, i wouldn’t mind spending all my money on her. I just want her to win!! 

      Teach me how to cheat. LOL

    • sounds you know how to cheat then you are a CHEATER yourself! Bitter, Jealous and now a Cheater…. what else, James???? 

    • James, it must be awesome to be omniscient such that you know for sure that all Jessica’s fans are  disrespectful and cheaters! You probably also know that the rest of American Idol fans are such well-meaning people whose values are like yours – impeccable and positive contributors to  society. Tell me, do you also know when the end of world is?

    • how can you even say the word Cheat?? SHE IS A GOOD SINGER…VERY VERY GOOD. MY GOD !! Pls accept IT LIKE A GENTLEMAN

    • Wow this is serious allegations! I can’t believe a hate would go beyond like this!

      American Idol is not that stupid to let votes from outside the Continental US be counted.

      • you’re right sherwin that’s why i can’t stop laughing when i read his post

      • Hi to all :

        Guys listen please, don’t fall into this idiot’s trap.  This is exactly what he wants you guys to do.  He feeds on this crap.  And you are playing in his playing field.  Ignore the son of gun and he will stop.  If no one responds to him he has no choice but to play with himself.  That is all he does all day.  So take an advise from an old and experience son of a gun.

        Jessica will be fine with or without our help. believe it.

    • hmmm you really think so??? Technically it is possible but that all depends on American Idol productions, itself, and even if that’s true, still don’t matter bec. the show still have the liberty to manipulate the voting…
      And since you’re talking about technicalities, surely American idol have their own server who’s filtering their voting system(text/online/phone) and even those websites you mentioned hide and/or changed their ip addresses and the proxies, it can still easily detectable by the AI productions (IT programmers, engineers & etc) but nevertheless not really that big deal since they can manipulate the voting system especially the results…

    • that’s not true and you don’t know enough to make accusations, James.   Are  you so afraid that Jessica will win?   All the remaining contestants deserve to win except P2–Skylar should have stayed instead but she didn’t get enough votes from her fans so what can we do.  P2 fans are just overwhelming.    Jessica is not getting the votes that you are talking about–lots of talk but it’s not true. 

    •  very well said… coming from an expert…. i guess you are expert on cheating for you to know this….

    • HAHA … this is slander ! AMERICAN IDOL can sue your a** for this. Keep it up dude. I’d really like to see you in stainless steel bracelets.

    • That’s not true! I’m Filipino from Canada and tried to vote via Facebook or call via Skype but can’t because it says it’s not available in my location and in Skype I’m always getting a busy signal. 

    • To all, I am not about to tell you how to do it, but anyone with any networking knowledge at all will tell you it is possible. No, you can’t do it by the same route as we do in the US, you must use tricks, but not difficult ones, and that is all I am saying.
      I will say, cr8zyOLgal is as close to anyone who knows what they are talking about as well as their ultimate conclusions.

      There is one way I can prove it:  I have a huge crush on Sailor Moon. A matter of fact, I vote for Jess each week as a favor for her, 150 times each vote session. I have asked her to meet me multiple times. But I am only a Pepe LePew douche bag to her. If she will meet me, I will show her it is possible, however, I will not give out the knowledge to her, unless thing would develop.

      BTW, I never implied that all Pinoys cheat, only some do. And for the last fricken, chicken time….I’m not a Jess Hater. I was married to Pinay for 10 years, my own daughters are Pinoy/white….so quit ripping on me.

      BTW, Jess is a MexiPinay!! But I believe she is American first, let her be that. Her father is serving America.

    • James, after trying to put Jessica down with no success, you are now trying to take a different approach.  I am certain AI people are aware of the site you refer to. If your claim is legit, they are the ones who should do something about it.

      Anyway, out of curiosity, I tried voting via FB, and I got the message that the facility is not available in my country. So there.

  108. oh they remove my dog eating comment but we know fillipinos love their dog…its a national dish.  how racist of this website not to accept that.  lets pretend they do not eat poor rover.

      • Ai will be selling their albums inthe philippines. What will happen toyour american idol if their records will only be sold in the US?

    • National dish? oh come on… lechon is our national dish idiot…FYI  its illegal to eat dogs in our country

    • You’re children are shooting their schoolmates in school. Who’s the worse among two?

    • Here Thunder… (I throw stick)    Go Fetch you mangy mutt!  ROFL! LMAO!

    • It is NOT a national dish. While it is true that a certain segment of the population do, it is not true for the majority of the people, and does not characterize them. Get your facts right.

    • You ask what being a Filipino have to do with American Idol? Nothing. It just happened that one of the best contestants this season is ethnically part Filipino. You have a problem with that?

    • *Rolling eyes* so this prolly means that I’m not Filipino coz i don’t eat my pets!

  109. I can’t understand why people are still voting for Phillips. He sucked yesterday. It is not fair that he wasn’t in the bottom 2.


      • I remember how my professor in Graduate School would scold us whenever we speak Tagalog whenever our foreign classmates are present. She would always scold us for being rude and in connection with that I think it’s only fair to use English in an American site since most (if not all) readers of this site are Americans or came from an English speaking country. If this is a site run by Filipinos and most of its readers write or speak Tagalog, I wouldn’t mind using tagalog either. 

        In any case, this is the Top 4 and all of them are talented and has a strong fan base. Let us hope for the best for all the contestants and may the best one win. Although I am still rooting for JSanchez to win it all. Nonetheless, win or lose, I strongly believe that JSanchez will became famous.

        Sad to see Skylar go but at this point of the competition, as what JLo would always say “someone has to go home”

    • to translate:

      there will be a big vote happening next week. we must not play safe. hollie’s fans will attack the vote next week since she was in the bottom . i intended to use tagalog so only us would understand.

      so embarrassing. 🙁

      hollie is amazing and so is jessica but you are not. go hollie!

      • there is nothing wrong about the post of california. this is just some sort of motivation for Jsan fans… This simply means healthy competition between fans,whereas the fans of JSan try to boost their voting so that she will not be in trouble.  ANY PROBLEM WITH THAT?>???????????? hmm? palibhasa isa kang alimangong palaka!!

    • marami rin namang ibang lahi ang fans ni Jessica so ipost mo rin na lahat ng JSan fans dapat bumoto next week para makontra iyong upcoming votes–yong voters ni Sk  sana some of them boboto rin kay JS.


  112. Do you really think AMERICA voted JESSICA off a few weeks ago? She hasn’t been in the bottom 3 since then (I may say she’s always been in the top 2). 

    I think that elimination was rigged just because the producers wanted the judges to use their save. If Jessica won over Colton, Elise and Skylar, she could win over Hollie, Joshua and Phillips, too. She can win!!! You must vote for her. She MUST win the title this year.

  113. I said this before and and I still say this again that I will not be surprised if Hollie wins this whole thing…miracles do happen haha

    • The one who got saved does not usually win (base on a trend for saved contestants). This is still valid if Jessica gets to the top 2 and lose to whoever is with her.

      I think this season will just be a repeat of last year with the exception of having two country singers last year.

      Hollie is the Hailey this year. I can sense that she will survive for another week and a shocking elimination of one of the boys will happen just like James Durbin last year. Whoever is the representation of James Durbin this year, that’s what I don’t now, but I do hope that this season will not follow the same fate as that of last year’s.

  114. So glad to see Joshua is safe. I miss hearing a real voice and not auto tune. I have to admit I’m going to miss Skylar. Team Joshua !!

  115. where down to the best of  the best..this is the best season of AI..gracing its stage by very talented and young artists. as long as jessica is in the finale Im ok with it..she already had proven herself as one of the best talent of america..AI tittle is just a flavor/toppings on the cake..after AI,the real battle begins..surely she’ll top in the chart.

  116. to All filipinos lets stop Bragging that jess is Filipino… Coz people will get annoyed and they might just vote for others and not appreciate Jessica… So in behalf of all the people supporting to Jess.. I am sorry ..Jess is an american.. and I believe that she COULD be an american Idol.. PEACE

    • so what if she is Filipino, or mexican or Alien….bottom line is vote because she is a good singer….and a child of God

    • Pre akala mo ba pinoy lang ang nakakakita ng post mo? Mag-isip ka naman baka ka mag post ng ganito. 

      •  Tagalog? Really?  Speaking in Tagalog on an American website while trying to convince people to vote for an All American girl who happens to have some ancestors who came from the Phillipines (mine came from Switzerland, Germany, and Denmark- cool fact- but I have no other affinity towards those nations), will not cause others to want to vote for Jessica. 

        Americans, in fact, will react quite negatively to that.  Also, if they figure out that a lot of votes are coming from the Phillipines (and other nonAmerican nations) and that they affect the outcome of the competition, there will be a huge uproar and the show may lose its audience. American TV shows are paid for by advertisers who pay more if there are more people watching and less for fewer people watching.  If a huge number of people figure why bother to vote if foreigners are taking over the outcome, they will stop watching and the dollars will stop coming in. And the show may be cancelled.

        Someone interpret for Jojoandrada in case he doesn’t understand English.

      • @8ef96446c9a0b3ae50f0dbde2eb71a55:disqus 
        2 reasons why it doesn’t really matter 

        1.  AI production do have the liberty to manipulate the voting system including the results

        2.  AI production have  their own IT specialist (programmers, engineers, QA, Systems analyst & more).  These specialist works with the voting system(online/phone/text), they can filter where the votes are coming from and eliminate the ones that are not within USA.

        Bottom line: AI production have all the power to allow or not to allow  international votes whch I really doubt they’ll allow it because of protocols and legality issues

    • as a matter of fact, Jessica has Filipino blood in her, so she’s Fil-Am…

  117. are  you  out  of  your  minds  jessica  should  go  home  not  skylar you  all  are   crazey

      • guys, don’t be like that…but can still remember his awkward reaction when P2 put his arm on his shoulders while singing you’ve lost that lovin’ feeling …seems like saying…not here…joke!

      • You freaking people are so damn pathetic you know. Y’all got nothing better to do than to make fun if someone you don’t even know. It’s not the least bit funny to attack someone personally, it just shows the low life IGNORANCE you people display. Absolutely just pathetic, idiotic morons!! And the truth is, anybody that wants make fun of someone’s race, creed, nationality, religion or sexuality, is just a Biggot, Period! Just a bunch of f…ing IDIOTS!!

  118. biggest fake an d fraud of so called 60,000 votes i have ever seen!!!even a deaf pjessacaerson can tell that both holley and skylar are much,much better than phillip and  jessaca . the worst and most foney amarican idol i have ever seen. good by american idol!!!!!!!

    • if they do not support Jess cos she is Filipino, then they MUST ANSWER TO GOD…this is ridiculous. This is a singing competition and one should be judged not based by his or her, colour or race.

      • you can answer to your god, because in your heart he knows your greatest loyalty to jessica is that she is half filipino.  don’t lecture the rest of us racist.

    • give it a rest dude … fans are fans. you can’t tell them to do anything.


  120. I think all of Skylar’s fan will now vote for Hollie.Jessica may be in trouble next week.

    • great analogy…but so sorry, we heard that before…Colton or Elise fans to vote this and that…but look…Jessica is still there….LOL

    • colton’s, elise’s and now skylar’s votes all go to phillip!  yes!!!!

    •  We are not yet sure about that. We don’t know how the votes came about for the top three of the top five (Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet, Phillip Phillips). I guess the one who got the highest votes this week will still have the highest votes next week or will have the second highest votes since Skylar’s fans votes will split to all their second choices, and we don’t know how will that come to play. If Hollie won’t be eliminated next week, then the second and third highest votes this week will be in danger next week with Hollie in the bottom 2.


    •  Doubt that. Jessica will reign..she has a lot of fan base all over the world actually.

  121. There is so much hatred in this blog, and i will be the first to say I have done some too, but here is what i think about the last 4:

    **DISCLAIMER** They are all great or they would have made the Top 4 moreorless the Top 10

    PHILLIP: His style is definitely different from the power singers left but its becoming the same each week. It’s not new and fresh anymore.  If he doesn’t do something unique like he did with the Usher song, I’m afraid he will be in danger next week.

    JESSICA: Great singer and obviously has a big fan base but I think she peaked WAY TOO EARLY!  Her song choice is lackluster and IMO hasn’t had a stand out performance since “I Will Always Love You” and that was the first or second week of the actual Top 13.  She’s scooting by by her favoritism of the judges save and her fanbase but I honestly can’t see her in the finale. That being said, her talent for a 16 year old should be praised and she’ll have a career ahead of her.

    JOSHUA: Consistancy has been the name of his game….in the eyes of the judges.  His performances have been consistent but many have not been SO worthy.  He has been the judges favorite as of late but he does deserve it, however he can be a but boring sometimes.  I can see him in the finale but maybe not winning because of the judges blatant favoritism.

    HOLLIE: She started out great in the beginning, even to the point where JLo predicted a girl vs. girl finale after her Whitney performance, but she began to fall off in the middle of the live shows BUT man has she brought it back up with her performances.  IMO she is the only contestant to actually take all the judges and Jimmy’s advice and bring it back to the top.  She hasn’t always been consistent but i agree with Randy that she is peaking at the right time. 

    I predict a Hollie vs. Joshua finale.  If i have to be honest these two have been the strongest the past 3 weeks.  Hollie has been under the radar but has truely been the Seabiscuit of this competiton: from the degrading, harsh remarks of the judges to the standing ovations.

    Clearly I want Hollie to win but I have put reasoning behind it.


    • Would have to disagree. Yes, Hollie is Good but not as Gd a singer as Jessica. I am not being bias here. I listen to the vocals and do not look at a persons race, creed or colour. Or whether he is handsome, or she is pretty. etc. To me, well it is just my opinion, i would love to see a Jessica and Josha finala

      • Respect the opinion and I am with you I don’t look at all the irrelevant stuff…its a SINGING competition and that’s what it comes down too.  Im still pulling for Hollie though 😉

      • Problem with Jessica is she puts ALL of her feelings into her song but then fails to have a personality beyond that.

      •  hollie is too robotic and don’t act like a star on the stage (period).

    • Holie will go home next. The only thing Hollie has is a nice tune and a vocal range but she lacked the dynamics. She can’t even do a vibrato and having a hard time to sing a low pitch. She has been in the bottom two for the last three weeks so I guess her time will come next week.

      • She has been in the bottom 3 but I honestly think that each contestant that gets voted off, all of their fans go to Hollie.  I can almost gaurantee that Skylar fans will go straight to Hollie.

    • Scorpio09  Wow  I think you’re the first person I have ever agreed with to the letter.  Think that Jessica, Hollie and Joshua have the best voices and have all season,  Any one of them could win and I’d be happy.  Don’t get the Phil Phillips thing.  Just not my type, he sounds the same week after week and gets away with it and last night his second song was absolutely awful.  He was straining to hit, what for him were high notes (he doesn’t seem to have much of a range) and he missed a few notes.  Nothing against him but I do think everything he sings (and I’ve missed a few shows) sounds monotonous.  Love Skylar’s energy but not much of a country fan myself.  Think until they only allow 1 vote per person we will rarely have a true American idol.  I mean look at Blake, Kris Allen, David Archuletta – were they truly that unique to be in the finals or even win American Idol.  Where are they now?  And no offense but have you ever watched the interviews.  If Phillip says “you know” less than 50 times per 100 words I’d be surprised.  Thank heaven he sings and doesn’t talk – oh well I digress.  Not exceptional but unfirtunately the teen vote will gete him in the finals if not the crown.  We’ll see 

      • Kris Allen performed his new single on Idol a few weeks ago. He’s doing great with his music career. Also David Archuleta has released two great singles recently. “Wait” which he wrote in honor of a friend who passed away. Also “Falling Stars” which is a great song too. Check them out. Right now David has put his musical career on hold and is gone for two years on a mission over seas for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints to answer a calling that he felt was more pressing than music right now. 

        Just because you have forgotten these people doesn’t mean everyone has. I think that’s the meaning behind the song at the end of the show, “Please Remember Me”. Duhhhh!Who is Blake?  LOL

      • i think youre just going for the underdog that is hollie.  she may have  the most improvement among all of them but still not as good as jessica and joshua in their worst days.  

    • Hollie for me is not that good for the follwing reasons

      1) she can’t sustain a long note
      2) she doesn’t have a good flasetto ( trio w Jessica and Hollie)
      3) she’s not consistent in her performance
      4) no dynamics on her voice
      5) no uniqueness on her voice
      6) “What a feeling” irene Cara performance wheeeeeew
      7) she had a lot of flat notes
       8) her fashion statement is awwwwwwww
      9) she’s always on the bottom 3 that means no …..
      10) she’s not that peeeefecccct  

      • 1) Try rewatching Bleeding Love and hear her run right before she ended the song.  Pretty sure that was a long note…that was sustained.
        2)don’t know what a flasetto is…? maybe falsetto. and in the trio she most defnitely was better than both Skylar and Jessica.
        3)consistency isn’t always needed but I do agree with you.
        4)dynamics…uhhhh you’re kidding right ?!
        5)no one left in the competition, besides Phillip, is “unique” in their voice.  We all know ballad singers are a dime a dozen.
        6)That was her worst performance, i agree.
        7)I whole-heartedly disagree about flat notes.
        8)is awww like adorable? well that’s in her favor right?
        9)She is constantly in the bottom 3 but never goes home. Sorry, she’s a fighter and will stay until the end.
        10)No one is perfect dummy!

      • 1.) I know she improved a mile thought I didn’t like her Bleeding love. 
        2.) Her trio with Jessica and Skylar was great. The falsetto was okay.
        3.) She has been for 2 weeks.
        4.) Dynamics? She’s starting to show it, actually.
        5.) True and False. 
        6.) I agree.
        7.) False…..
        8.) She’s gorgeous.
        9.) But she’s striving to survive.
        10.) Nobody’s perfect.

    •  I disagree, all she (hollie) can do is singing a some popular song worse than the original.

    • I don’t think so. Jessica will be on the Finale… That shocking elimination happened to her on Top 7, made most of us, her fans to vote for her no matter what.

    •  To clarify your statement, Hollie is not the only one who took judges advice and brought it to the top. Jessica has been consistent with her performances because she took in the advices given to her and took it to the top that is why she is able to take risks of singing bigger songs with more style beyond her comfort zone and as JLo and Randy had put it, she has grown and developed into her singing, especially in the fields that she lacked, and continues to develop and improve still because she also takes in advice to heart.

  122. I think this is the most talented season ever. I think it is hard to see anyone go at this point

  123. I don’t think Hollie is  that good to be in top 4. Please America vote right and fairly.
    She is cute but I think her voice is nothing special.

  124. Yes, the right person was voted off.  We don’t need an average country singer with an average voice to win this contest….  I think the final four all have something special to offer – real talent, real musical appeal – and now it’s going to be a tough contest!!

  125. Skylar’s elimination was not really shocking for me. I believe she needs to go. I am really beating for Phillip-Hollie or Phillip-Jessica in the finale ’cause I want to see how a not serious contestant crushed a little girl’s dream. Phillip is the least talented contestant in the bunch but he is getting through (WGWG5). 
    Hollie Cavanagh is a cat with many lives. She is always in the bottom and still manages to escape execution. Hope that next week will be Joshua Ledet’s turn. 

    •  I am hoping this too! I have always said If I got to pick top 3 it would be Phillip, Hollie and Jessica. I hope either way Phillip makes it to the finials. I love him and Hollie. And For sure Jessica can sing great as well. I’m happy someone agrees with me.

  126. Thank God that we finally get rid of the girl who sings with her nose….lol! Wish the screech master next!

    • screech master??? hahahaha! LOL funny. i know who you are talking about. and i still can’t understand why the judges give a standing ovation to the screech master.

  127. I know they all are talented…but really skylar before any of the other two girls…please.. I know people say Jessica is talented and no doubt she is…I enjoy when she sings in the higher notes…but keep the lower and faster songs away from her…she can’t do them.  

    • are you sure you’re talking about jess? try to watch her video “turn the beat around”

      •  @ sailor moon …and try to watch her video “I will always love you” she was the only finalist who sang it perfectly in AI history…

    • totally disagree. listen to her recording again….listen. Besides Jennifer Hudson, Jessica is one of the best vocalists to come along

  128. We need the guys to go if we want a girl to win this year. As of now it looks like it’s not going to happen .

  129. well . . . they are all good singers.  i just wish joshua would be voted off, he can sing alright (no doubt bout that). . . but he screams half or throughout the song . .  and it gives me a headache.  if he wins.. what kind of songs would he sing… screaming records?  🙁  haist


      • Vy, i agree with your comment to just support your favorites. but everybody has their own opinions, which we also should respect. if julianne’s opinion is that joshua screams half of his songs, so be it. she is entitled to it.

        it may even serve as a constructive criticism for joshua if he reads this. he has a good voice in the lower register of his notes. but when his notes go high, he really has the tendency to scream. he loses control. and i cant understand why the judges don’t hear that. i guess they are also entitled to their biased opinion. i think the bottom line is just we should not use words that are insulting and below the belt, which majority of us here are guilty of.

  130. Does anyone here realizes how everyone jumps on each other’s throat?? I mean is just an know for a country that claims to have “free speech” and all of that your tolerance guys is quite pittyfull! It would be great if everyone just backed up their favorite instead of trying to trash down someone else’s oppinion..

    • I wholeheartedly agree. I have been trying and trying to bring this msg. across in my umpteen replied. It is so cruel to call all the singers names etc. it is so cruel. Ppl let’s be cordial. Vote for yr favourites and stop thrashing others

      • A lot of brave Americans died for our right to express our opinion. As long as we are not physically injuring anyone and we aren’t enticing a riot we can say what we please! Don’t disrespect those you have paid the ultimate price by trying to gag anyone here from saying anything. If you don’t like it then you have the option not to read it. If you start reading and it gets ugly then go on to the next post.

      • I had to work tonight. Just got home and just finished watching the DVR minus the filler. Skylar showed a lot of class delivering a performance like that in the face of defeat. Well, really not defeat. They are all winners at this stage of the competition.

      • Taymaro, thank you for saying Skylar showed a lot of class the way she delivered her exit song — no one else has mentioned it, and it was so true.  Skylar also comforted Hollie, who was broken up by Skylar’s departure.  Lots of class, indeed.

  131. who ever wins in this competition.. all the remaining TOP 5 are all well-deserve of their positions.. They all work it out!!

  132. ALL 5 will sell records and have fans that will attend their concerts. I think of these 5, Skylar  was the right one to go home tonight.

  133. To bad it wasn’t Philip.  Hopefully he will go home next week.  Don’t like his voice and everything he sings sounds the same!  Will miss Skylar. 

  134. all of them are amazing..but this is all about the voting now, so come on guys! please vote for JS….

  135. I have a feeling the way it is looking that Phillip will be the winner..He has never been in the bottom 3 ..He will be another Chris Allen…

  136. Just watched it on DVR, not disappointed it was Skylar, only cause that is not my style of music. That girl is awesome, great entertainer, great singer and I wish her the best. If fact that girl could turn me country I like her so much.
    True be told, I can’t be disappointed at this point because I like them all. My music taste is wide and varied, which is why I think AI so much. Great music. 

    •  I agree with you on this one! Not my style of music, but liked the girl, she did have a great voice, can’t knock that! But I’m not to sad that she left. I am happy my favorites are still there

  137. Joshua should have been eliminated he would be a great singer if we were in the 50s.  I am sorry but he will not appeal to the masses unless it’s at church where screaming has a place.  Sklyar is one of the most marketable contestants and will have a very good career she didn’t deserve to go home.  Although I am glad Hollie wasn’t eliminated out of all the contestants she has shown the most progression.  

    • Aaron, obviously nobody thinks like you. Joshua IS in the Top 4. Do you realize that you are wrong?

    • I’m not going to argue with your opinion because it’s your opinion but I love Joshua. He’s my favorite. I’m not saying you’re wrong, but we are all entitled to our opinion. I also like his humility.


    Let us not discredit DialIdol for their predictions because it does not measure the text votes that are coming in for the contestants. One thing I am sure is, the results on DialIdol really affected on how the votes played. I can sense some complacency to Sklylar’s fans here. Skylar was on the top since the east coast voted, and surprisingly she maintained it until the west coast. What really affected the votes was during the voting period of east coast. Skylar was automatically top 1 on DialIdol. Nobody thought that she could still be in danger because of that, that’s why some of her fans may have voted for those in the bottom. Jessica Sanchez and Phillip Phillips having a large fan base was also boosted up. Not only did their solid fans voted so much after seeing them at the bottom at DialIdol, they also had some votes from the fans of those at the top that considers them as favorites as well.

    After this results, I now think Hollie has established a solid fan base. On the other hand, Skylar also has a big fan base, but not that solid. In support to the idea of Hollie having a solid fan base, I think the recent uproar of the quarrel between Jessica Sanchez’s fans and Hollie’s fans can prove that. They wouldn’t fight for her, if they are not that solid as a fan.

  139. I happened to have liked Skylair, but most of the songs she sang all sounded pretty much the same.  I like the last four contestants but really feel Jessica Sanchez should win.  That girl aced every single song she sang on the show and is a consummate professional at her young age.  There is nobody else on AI that can say the same. 

  140. I did not like it at all. Don’t know how many of our votes went to Phillip phillips. It happened last week and again this week. While we voted e wry so many of the votes would go to # 5 which was Phillip. This week every so many would go to # 2. Again Phillip Phillips. So when you vote this coming pay close attention to what the recording is saying and you will find that someone other than the one you are voting for is getting some of your votes. Need to check the machine because there is a problem.

  141. I could not agree with Jimmy more about Jessica. Not sure what age group is on here but how many parents of a 16 year old would want their daughter to dress and act as provacative as Jessica did last night? Her mother has been pimping her since she was 3 years old. Read her biography. I know it is “show business”. It was for Britney Spears and Lindsey Lohan too. I have heard and read many post today about this subject. Jessica is a beautiful and talented young lady. She does not have to sex sale her way to the top. But, I can bet you that if her “Proud Mary” stage show is an indication of her future, we will see her destruction in the future. Jessica, please sing from your heart, stay true to your age and do NOT let your mother’s willingness to allow you to “do what it takes” destroy you before you get started. This poor girl has been on every show available. Someone save her!!!! She is too talented to be starring in a teen porn show!!!!

    • Gheeeez…earlier there was this post about Jessica’s voice being technically enhanced because she sang so well, then being a three-headed horror , then about padded votes and cheating…now it is sex sale and being in a pimping show !!! This is really taking it to extremes just to put down a 16-year old talented girl!!!

      I wonder why Jessica Sanchez  is making people go apes**t?!? What gives America? Is she a threat to America’s way of life, thinking and morals?  My, my to attribute such capability to a mere girl… Wow, geewhiz, OMGConspiracy theorists next???

    •  Oh my, Elisa1020. What a way to bring yourself so low. Please include your reading about Pres. John F. Kennedy, Michael Phelps, and the likes to help you better understand how a mother is positively instrumental in the success of their children. Your understanding of the word “sex sale, pimp, etc ” indicates the level of your maturity as well as intelligence. Yes, the attire worn by Jessica was not appropriate for a 16 year old but you have to blame the AI wardrobe team for that not Jessica’s mother who doesn’t even have anything to do with the clothes they wear on the show. Read further!

  142. I think it was time for Phillip to leave but because they are all good it doesn’t matter who wins….they will all make money in the business

  143. Just curious about voting patterns so I’d like to ask the posters on this board.  Please reply with your answer.

    1)  If you vote, do you vote once or more than once?
    2)  If you vote multiple times, do you vote for just your top favorite or for two or more contestants?

  144. If you recorded Phillip Phillips last performance last night, go back and watch the last verse in slow motion. His mouth and the words do not add up. He was not the lead singer on that song. He is a cute boy with talent but he is no where near a star singer. Last night, Holly showed class and sung beautiful!!!!

  145. Hollie is the little engine that could and she will become the little engine that will make it to the finale.  Poor Skylar, I don’t think it was her time but her fans more than likely will go over to Hollie and that will push her to the top.

    If Hollie keeps performing like she has, its pretty much a done deal that she’ll be in the finale.  Will she win? who knows, but I sure hope so.

  146. Thank goodness, Skylar’s gone! If a nose can sing, she’s IT!

    Looking forward to a Jessica-PP finale..

  147. Weeks ago I tried to figure out who should or would make the top 4 or 5.  Joshua is the only one I didn’t think would make it this far.  Skylar and Colton were in my top 4/5 though.

  148. Phew my faith has been restored but I personally think Jessica should have gone before Skylar

    • the judges MESSED UP. they wasted the save for THERE little jessica AND SHOULD HAVE BEEN USED FOR SKYLAR. skylar will sell more records then jessica and josh together.. 

  149. to me the top 4 and even those who made it to the top 24 are all winners because of their exposure and experience joining the contest..i believe that they are all great singers and i love their renditions of the songs they sang..and it boils down to whoever wins, an asian-mexican-american, african-american, british-american or the true pure american race, i believe that you deserve it..your all winners for god sake hehe..godluck and godbless to your u jessica..

    •  What is the deal…are you the chapter of the local KKK. They are all Americans…Period! stop with the race crap!

    • WE are all Americans. Our ancestors might have come from other countries but those of us born here are proud to call ourselves AMERICAN.

  150. Matt, were you actually dimming the lights tonight? Ryan said you were standing in for someone else. I didn’t know you were a lighting technician as well! They should have named you Jack!

  151. Skylar showed a lot of class tonight! I already liked her but now I have a lot of respect for her. 

    I think they all took a lesson from DeAndre(Except Colton who seems a little bitter in some interviews) on how to go out with dignity and pride in what you’ve achieved instead of dwelling on the fact that you didn’t win.

  152. Skylar showed a lot of class tonight! I already liked her but now I have a lot of respect for her. 

    I think they all took a lesson from DeAndre(Except Colton who seems a little bitter in some interviews) on how to go out with dignity and pride in what you’ve achieved instead of dwelling on the fact that you didn’t win.

  153. At least the AI result is not like the type how the stup*d judge Cristina Aguilera eliminated the best singer in the voice Jesse Campbell

  154. Not surprised. It was going to be Skylar or Hollie.  I always thought Skylar would not win because a country singer won last year.  She and Phil are the most confident 2 from the final 5.  I have no doubt that she will end up with a Nashville singing contract as soon as the AI Tour is over…..

    BTW, does anyone know why Phil doesn’t show up in the Ford videos?

    • He plays sick so he doesn’t have to get out of bed. 

      Now I don’t know if he’s pretending or not but some of the other contestants seemed to think so as they were all making fun of each other. He could really be ill for all I know. But if it’s the kidney stones then it’s not life threatening and I still don’t feel bad about my first sentence….LOL.

      • Your comments are so rude. First that Jessica comment and now you’re saying Phillip plays sick. He is sick. 

        Please stop poisoning this thread, thanks 🙂

      • His fellow contestants said it first. They even aired it on public television so who is poisoning what?

        Just sayin……

      • So sad how you don’t know the difference between a joke and reality. That’s probably because your life is joke. He is sick and even had to go through surgery. I pity you, so heartless. 

      • I asked forgiveness after I wrote that. Sometimes I am just over taken by demons. I have tried everything but they keep coming back!

    • Jimmy has balls.!!! I think he should replace Randy on the regular panel!

      Phillip is a foreign car guy and hates Ford

      • Jimmy has no place at the judges table. It takes him 24 hours to come up with a few sentences to describe what he saw and felt. Put him on the spot for an instant response and you will get Paula Abdul with less hair!

      • TRUE time for new judges IF  american idol makes it next season. they messed up saving  and all the standing o’s for josh has about done the show in….

    • Phillip has been suffering from kidney stones. Jimmy even said last night that a lot of people would have given up by now. He doesn’t feel very good.

  155. I actually agreed with Jimmy on one thing tonight. Well more than one. Wow this is getting scary. First Branden now Jimmy makes sense too? What is really going on?

    I didn’t like Jessica’s dress last night either. It was way too tight and her pelvic bones jutted out (maybe that was the inner Tina trying to get out)and it didn’t look flattering at all for a 16 year old girl. But I would have went on to say that she looked like a certain Wizard of Oz character at one point after her inner Tina emerged.

    Also agreed with him on Phillip. I thought he had really messed up. I guess the little girls and cougars are still alive and kickin’!!

    • Jessica looked pretty plain and boring during her “Proud Mary” performance. I dunno. She was just “okay” for me. Nothing too special (or slutty) about her performance and dress.

  156. Hollie has been horrible all season and Joshua and Jessica have the best voices and phillip hollie is most definatlly going home next

    • I know Buddy Holley and Phil Collins but i never heard of Phillip Hollie. Who is he/she?

      • Props to you for being so funny. Saying this sarcastically incase your poor brain thinks otherwise. We know who you are btw 😉

  157. l think the judges are over praising   joshua,,,,JLO even said his the best singer in 50 yrs,,,shes 42 yrs old,,,,how could she say this,,,,joshua wont even come close to jackie wilson,,,,what are they thinking…..????

  158. we can expect another,,,,,standing O for joshua  next week,,,,thats standard,,,,,good or bad song

    • YEAH I AGREE WITH YOU…. coz SO is exclusively for JOSHUA only.. hairkzzzzzzzzz

  159. Enough bashing all the contestants, It is a competition so what you will do is just vote for your favorite singers. THIS IS NOT A WAR COMPETITION!!! Please try to use your education watch your attitudes.

  160. Does America not realize the difference between “REAL” talent an that is which is mimicked by someone else? Wow! If I want to see Dave Matthews, I will go to his show, which I DO, and have done often for over 15 years!! This guys Phil Phil is nothing but a wanna be and
    Now has done “2” songs either written and performed by him or “covered” by him in the past , verbatim!! There is nothing ORIGINAL here at all!!! Wake up people and do your research or become educated on music! It would be an embarrassment if he were to win! Joshua is the talented and gifted one and should win, hands down!!!!!

    • Yes, considering how he scream at every song…..yes, he should win if u want something with not appeal at all……I dont want Phil to win, he is too good for that show, and he doesnt need it. He is the best, not another robot wannabe….

    • Did you ever stop to think that maybe he will be the younger version of Dave Matthews…maybe put some decent music on the pop channels for a change?

  161. I Really Love American Idol!

    1Jessica Sanchez 
    2.Hollie Cavanagh
    3.Joshua Ledet

  162. I feel so sorry for the female contestants. They have such a hard time with fashion! Look at Phil standing there. Hunter green on gray, sleeves rolled up. And that is all it takes. These girls have to work so hard to not get criticized for what they are wearing. Anyone else have a little bit of sympathy for their struggles in the wardrobe department?

      • LMAO I guess so after all you are a human being just like the rest of us, right? 🙂

    • Well, the last ex did have over 600 pairs of shoes…and it was a struggle for her find the right ones to wear with this or that outfit…eventually she got a database set up on the computer system where it was easier for her to pre-match shoes with outfits, even incorporated a bar code system to help locate both shoes. Technology is the answer!

  163. Absolutely crap!!!! Last week & this week’s singers who got voted off both have far superior voices than Hollie!!! America you need your ears cleaned!!!!

  164. Jessica Sánchez sigue siendo el mejor cantante. Vamos a votar por ella.

  165. Yey, Jessica’s safe. She’s the best for me and I hope she will be the next American Idol. >:)

  166. Oh yeah, Matthew I said it was impossible to predict. Boy was I wrong! You got it exactly right! You must be psychotic psychic. And you’re a lighting technician too, and a writer as well. Wow! Congratulations dude!!!

  167. I wish Hollie Cavanagh would be in the Finale. She did her best and improving every week. She’s really great. 😀 she showed what she can do. 
    Star Quality + great singer + easy to love + good personality + amazing behavior + has passion to learn = HOLLIE. 😀 go holliepops.

    the other remaining 3 are great. 😀 any one of them for the finale.

  168. Next week theme is “California”
    They’ll do Artist/Singers hails from California.

  169. How does Hollie survive every time?!?!
    She was in the Bottom 2 TOP 9 week….Heejun was eliminated, she was #8
    She was in the Bottom 2 TOP 7 week…Colton was eliminated, she was #6
    She was in the Bottom 2 TOP 6 week…Elise was eliminated, she was #5
    She was in the Bottom 2 TOP 5 week…Skylar was eliminated, she was #4

    She is one place before the last one every time!!! now that Skylar is out I am rooting for Jessica!!! I guess if Hollie wont get eliminated next week it is going to be Joshua…I think it’s almost safe to say the finale will feature Phillip, so my predictions (and hopes…): the next two to go home in no particular order is Joshua and Hollie.

    To sum up: 
    Hollie: 4th or 3rd (I hope 3rd…)
    Joshua: 4th or 3rd (I hope 4th…)
    Jessica: 2nd or WINNER (I hope winner!)
    Phillip: 2nd or WINNER (I hope 2nd…)

    • First of all. Some of those weeks we never knew who the bottom 2 were. 

      Ryan Seacrest: “I am going to send one of you to safety now. Okay these two are left, one is going home and one is safe.” 

      Notice he never says this is your bottom two? He could have very well sent the next to last person to safety first. The only thing that matters is who was going home. Sometimes he will say, “This is your bottom 2.” But other times he didn’t.

      Plus every time a person is eliminated the voting percentages change depending on where the other contestants votes go. 

  170. For every week Joshua has a standing ovation regardless of anything. A standing O will never be the same after this season.

  171. Hollie! Go home already! Cant believe she still managed to get into top 4. How can that happen? Colton and Elise was a sho