American Idol 2012: Which Top 7 Singer Goes Home

American Idol 2012 Top 7 round 2

After two weeks we’re finally ready for another American Idol 2012 elimination so let’s see who you’re voting to keep. There’s no “Save” in play this week and someone must go home. Will it be your favorite American Idol Hopeful?

So far the votes in our poll have their typical leader, Jessica Sanchez, but just like I pointed out last week our poll is open to a wider range than the official voting. Might as well just toss out Jessica’s 40+% of the vote as it’s proven to be inflated and unreliable and put her in the “safe” category. After last week’s scare there isn’t a chance that her fans will let it happen again.

Joining Jessica in our poll’s Top 3 bracket we’ve got Phillip Phillips with 14% and Hollie Cavanagh with 10%. Last week I expected Phillip to end up in the Bottom 3 based on his positioning in out American Idol Net poll, but that didn’t happen. With even higher numbers in our poll this time around I’d wager he’ll once again be safe. Hollie’s strong numbers are a little more surprising, but if they translate over to real votes then she should be just fine.

That brings us to the danger zone in our poll. We’ve got Skylar Laine and Joshua Ledet at 9% each, Colton Dixon at 5%, and Elise Testone at 4%. Will Joshua really be making back to back appearances in this week’s American Idol Bottom 3? I think it’s entirely possible considering Elise proved last week that even the pimp-spot can’t save these finalists. Then there’s Skylar who has slipped in to the Bottom 3 only once this season and may be a sign of building voter strength.

The bottom two singers in this week’s poll, Colton and Elise, are somewhat surprising. Colton was safe last week while Elise fell to the official Bottom 3. If accurate then it’d be Colton’s first visit to the stools but the third straight for Elise. With that trend in mind I’m expecting tonight’s elimination to belong to Elise. Despite earning mostly positive reviews from the judges over the past few weeks she’s had trouble garnering that same level of support from voters. I think her luck has finally run out on American Idol 2012.

What do you think will happen? Tune in later for the Idol results and we’ll keep you updated with live news throughout the show.




  1. sorry guys but I am rooting to either elise or skylar who will be going home tonight………….because I stick to my Top 5 favorites Jessica, Philip, Colton, Joshua and Hollie.

    •  I really do hope it’s Skylar but the judges seem to keep pushing her to the top with how great she is, when all I see is a jumping bean screaming and yelling. Hollie is fantastic and they still put her down why is this?

      • That’s your personal feelings coming out, which you are entitled to.  They are all about even in their performances now depending on their genre.  Skylar is good if you like country music, but if you’re not a CM fan, then you are not going to like her.   There is no way to predict who will win at this point.  Last night was Hollie’s best night.

      •  Besides last night, Hollie is way, way, way, way (I can’t even say “way” enough) pitchy.  The judges know music and know when people are off.  She’s off a lot.  I only enjoyed her twice: top 24 and last night.

      • @8dfe840ca4739a720327b6984d1d2dd7:disqus ,  very true.  Trying to predict who’s going to go home is so difficult, because they all have an equal ammount of good and bad points to them.  Though Hollie’s pitchy, once she gets past the first verse, she belts it out and does greeat.  The first verse is just usually rough. (Aside from last night, which was great.)  Anyone could win at this point.  Tons of talent this year.

      • Yeah, Randy likes to pick on Hollie for some reason!  Jessica Sanchez is pitchy as hell and they never critic her..Hollie does amazing and still Randy criticed her!!

      • Every year the judges pick on simeine no matter how talented they are.  Last yearit was Haley, this year Hollie.  Like I’ve said before, they must not like cute little blondes. 

  2. I think no matter who goes home, it’s the right choice.  They’re all pretty good.  There’s no bad performers left.  I like em all.  Yesterday I really enjoyed both songs by Hollie, Josh, Skylar, Phillip, & Colton.  I really enjoyed 1 song by Jessica and Elise.  Their other song was pretty good too.

    So no bad choices here.  We’re to the point where someone good has to go home.  That’s how it should be. 

    I’d rather have it this way than say season 9 where ya had Shiobhan, Crystal, Didi (sort of) and a bunch of bowling pins. 

    Whoever’s favorite goes home, I’ll fully understand the disappointment.  At the same time, please don’t bash the other singers.  They’re all good choices.  A case could be made for any one of them that they’re the best, but also that they’re #7. 

    This top 7, all the songs they’ve sang combined, from top 24 to now, I think there’s been 7 bad songs sung between em.  That’s out of 50 or so total songs (counting duets & such).  That’s pretty dang good.  

    So whoever goes home, it’s the right choice & not some shocker.  I tip my hat to the person & wish em well. 

      • Agree- I meant it as in those 3 were good, with Didi sort of being good, & then the rest were not.   I didn’t mean it like they all were terrible.  

        I should have worded that better.  I can see where it looks like I’m saying they all stunk.  More was saying very few good ones and the rest was brutal. Haley, Siobhan, & Allison are my 3 top all time Idols.  Carrie, Bo, Adam, & a few others are in the next group.  

    • They will only eliminate one tonight because earlier in the season they had to disqaulify Jermaine.

    • Bruno, thank u for the unreal imagination… I think the bitterness in you will stay until the finale….LOL

      •  thank you for your touchness kind sir but I don’t give much of a damn about your crush on Jessica. I just wanted to know how many are going home THANK YOU Ashley. And BTW Coralman2 Hollie is going to win this whole thing bitter is you sir who needs to ofend someone instead of taking a joke

      • Hollie & Colton will be the finale…the bitterness may stay but Jessica will go home tonight!!

      • Lol Hollie in the finale??

        I thought it was well known the pre determined finale is Phillips and Jessica not my opinion btw

      • AGREE. how sure are you BRUNO that Jessica will go home tonight? Hey you Bruno wake up , you are dreaming, you dont even realized that all things was scripted and the AI just want to have a high rating and that SAVE power of the Judges needs to be use as excuse but Jessica was being used so the SAVE power was justifiable. Are you kidding me? Get lost Bruno, have life!

    • Probably just Jessica Sanchez since they disqualified Jermaine before & still eliminated someone that week.  

    • jessica is NOT going home she has an amazing voice that can get anyone psyced up and also she can make anyone get lost in a song and i have cried multiple times watching her AND she is only 16!!!!!!!

  3. I pray that it is Elise she just doesn’t connect when she sings. I pray it isn’t Colton because I hope he wins. I think Scotty was in the bottom 3 once and he won the Idol last year. I hope Skylar is safe as well. I don’t trust the percentage numbers as well. I didn’t vote for Elise or Joshau everyone else got my votes.

    • Elise doesn’t connect, but Jessica and Hollie do?  Do you even watch idol?  Did you see her sing No One?  Her smile brought so much emotion to the stage.  She definitely connects.

    • Scotty was never in the bottom two. They said so on American Idol towards the  end of the season. I think Colton is in trouble tonight but Joshua and Elise might be sent home. Myself I’d like to see Jessica or Skylar go home and I’m a country fan but Skylar’s rough. 

      •  Scotty won cuz of his looks.  He sure does not have anywhere close to the voice of any of this years contestants.  For that matter any of last years contestant as well.

    •  Scotty was never in the bottom three last season. There was two instances where he was the last one standing next to the eliminated contestant. One where Casey Abrams was eliminated for the second time, and the other when James Durbin was eliminated. When Casey was eliminated it was a night when Ryan said the results were given out at random and there was no bottom three that week, and in fact the next week Ryan told Scotty that he had never been in the bottom 3. On the night James Durbin was eliminated they was no “offical” bottom 3, as it Ryan was looking for the top 3 that week and not the bottom 3.

      •  True not in the bottom three but was in the bottom 2 with durbin. These were not random they were the two with the least votes

      •  Top 4 week last season they never said if Scotty was in the bottom 2 or not, only that James got the least amount of votes.

    •  I heard what Elise said last night and I think frustration with the judges is setting in. I like her the best and Don’t know who will win but in my opinion the judges lose.  They are picking favorites and trying to critique them so they win.  I think Hollie is getting a bad rap from them just like Haley last season.  Her voice is crystal clear whereas a couple of the others are just too screechy to say the least.  I listen to most new music coming out and I don’t hear any of the hit songs sound so screechy.  They seem to think that screaming shows off their voice but I would disagree.  I am ready to make a prediction!!!!!  I will not win cuz< I am so bad when I sing in the shower the water turns off. :-))

  4. I hope you are wrong. Elise has such a different voice and style to her songs, and she adds to the show..She also has a much better personality than the younger singers, and she  knows how to give good answers to the judges. Hope this is not just a popularity contest, and that talent wins…

    • I don’t get hpw you could say she has a better personality. She’s a brat…and it really seems like none of the other contestants like her there. I don’t think she’s as good as everyone else and I don’t think she should be there. She has a “bar” voice. Not a top selling albums voice.

      • this is not a freaking friendship contest it’s a singing contest- phillip and hollie are her good friends on the show and they all get along. you are probably 12 and have no taste in music. 

      •  Hi Hollyroseharrison / Avabrooklynn

        a tweleve year old won’t use the word “brat” but a ten year old would
        he he he.

  5. I might add the talant is so great let’s suppose Colton goes tonight. Sometimes we hear more from the ones that are voted off than the ones who actually won. So it is not all bad. They all have a career in singing and will do very well. I feel it is Elise going home tonight.

  6. after watching the performances mulitple times…Colton does deserve to be in the bottom 3 this week but history should save him…

    agree, Elise luck may have run out, IMO, she is front runner to go home tonight…

    Wildcard to go home tonight, Joshua

    Philip, Hollie, Jess, Skylar should all be safe

    • I think you got it right, Joshua is going home. Elise can sing. I hope she makes it to the final two at least. 

      • Elise is the bomb.  Hopefully since the judges were so rude to her she will stay…they never talked to the younger girls like this.  Sucks

    • Great description….certainly can’t rely on AI providing real voter results.  It’s all hype and manipulation.

      • ghost: the results

        victims: the contestans

        spectator: the judges ( still remember jennifer’s face when jessica was   announced to go home last week)…LOL…

  7. this is definitely a cream of the crop for this season.. after this season one of the will have a successful career.. 

  8. I think you are right — and Elise is going home.  But, of all the singers this year — she’s the one I’d spend money on.  If you listened to her two studio songs from last night — they are very good.

    She’s got a nice career ahead of her — and I wish her the best.

    I don’t get the Hollie love — I think she’s getting the Tween Girl votes too — as she looks like one of them —

    Bottom 3 — Joshua, Elise and Jessica
    Elise goes home…..

    • After last night Colton, Joshua and Jessica should be at the bottom. Yes bottom, Jessica played it safe last night. Colton should have left September alone and Joshua’s change is gonna come when they send him home tonight.

    • Hollie is the best singer here & that is why she is loved..enough said!  Your bottom 3 may end up being correct but Elise is not going home..Jessica is!  Jessica is pitchy!!!

      • Your name itself shows you dont know anything about singing… Just leave Jessica and do your thing….

      • Bitter. Put a large Glee on your forhead loser … I will laugh hard the hell out of you if your hollie and not jessica is going home tonight…  

  9. Bottom 3:  Hollie,  Colton, Elise.

    Going home: Elise.  Maybe Colton.   🙁  (They’re my 2 favorites.)

    I’d say Hollie, but  I think she gets votes from young girls who want to look like her and guys who want to get with her.

    • I’ll be satisfied to lose any girl except Hollie.  I can do very well without the other 3.

      •  I don’t dislike Hollie one bit.  She did great last night, I just still don’t think she’s doing as good as she could do.  I’ve heard her do way better than she’s been doing recently.  Seems like nerves are getting to her, unfortunately.  (Not so much last night, though.)  I’d be sad to see her go, especially if Skylar’s still there.  She’s an entertaining performer, but her voice just bugs me.  Hollie’s better.  I was just saying that because that’s what I believe the bottom three will be, not what I think it should be.  If we’re going by should be I’d say Jessica, Skylar, and either Colton or Phillip. 

      • And I, Templar feel the exact OPPOSITE.  See ya Hollie.  But fear not, she’s not leaving…where does she live anyway, England.  Don’t know her story or care to know it.

    • There is no way Hollie & Colton will be in the bottom 3…I’m not even sure Elise will be.  

      •  I hope none of those 3 are in the bottom three.  I like them all.  That, unfortunately, is just what I feel will happen.

    • Agree on almost all of it.  We are at a point that the cuts are going to get harder and harder and last night there was no real clear cut winner.  Elise hasn’t attracted a solid voting block yet so she heads home.  Colton’s performances were the most out there and will turn people off.  But I think Jessica is again the third.  Hollie and Jessica are competing for some of the same votes and I think Hollie outperformed Jessica last night.  In addition I think that some people are suffering from Jessica burnout.

  10. Everyone keeps speculating as to who is voting for Hollie, well guess what…you are all wrong.

    Hollie is by far my favorite, and I am neither a guy who wants to get with Hollie, or a tween girl that relates to Hollie.

    Hollie has an amazing voice and a great personality.  She deserves to win this competition.

    •  Did I say thats how she gets ALL of her votes?  Nope.  That was simply my way of stating that young, attractive females will always have a lead over others, regardless of their voice.

      • Objective?  She is a very pretty girl therefore she’s attractive.  It’s a compliment.  I like Hollie I really do, I just don’t know if she deserves to win or stay in the competition much farther, because there are people who perform better and are not as pitchy this year.  Some years she would have been the very best and won me completely over, the contestants this year are just far more talented than a lot of the other seasons’ contestants were.

      • @e2cda677ca8daf153fb0282a01c6bb48:disqus  , I think they have a lead, not a guarunteed win.  Once it gets to the end, their looks stop influencing as much I believe.  (Though Hollie has a nice voice to back it up.)  I should not have only said females though, cause it has happened to males too.  My mistake.  I only said females because I was being specific to Hollie.  She got my support back last night, but up until then looks probably got her through.  Not a bad thing, since she showed she’s better than what she’d been doing.

    • I agree that Hollie should win the whole & predict that it will happen!
      As for who is voting for her..obviously people are, I voted for her 50 times online & tried to vote more via phone but the line was busy!

      • That’s so strange 2 me.  I’ve heard 4 yrs people vote hundreds of times 4 their fav.  Don’t get it.  Why not play fair and just vote like a normal human being.  Chances are u r wasting ur time anyway since all the kids do the same for their boy or girl.  I’ve got too much time on my hands…too much time…you probably don’t know the song!  Google it

    •  I think that Hollie has the best voice & agree that she deserves to win the whole competition this year….moreover, I predict she will!
      As for who is voting for her…obviously people are…I voted for her 50 times online & tried to vote for her more by phone but the line was busy!!

  11. I think skyler and Phillip gave great performances. they are all good this year it is great that we have that much talent on the show this year.

    • Phillip was so week ever.   I would love to go hear him and SEE him in concert because he’s so cool in the way he sings.  I am just a few yrs older than he is, not a cougar yet, but Jennifer who is old enough to be his mother was drooling, PaTHETic!  Casper her very young bf probably was jealous!

  12. The way the judges drool all over Jessica makes me want to hate her. I almost hope she goes home just to send a message to the judges and force them to notice the other contestants. I still can’t get over how disrespectful the judges were last week when they saved her. How many times did we see the replay of last weeks bottom 3 last night. Half the show was dedicated solely to Jessica.

    I also really hope Elise is safe. Without her the show will be a bit boring. Regardless of how she sings, she is always entertaining and it could be a snoozefest without her livening the show up.

    Those are my wishes although I doubt either of them are carried out tonight.

    • Elise is unique and awesome.  But..with the way this show works, the teenaged girls like the boys and the girls who are like them (they think) and the older ladies like the young girls cuz they’re so cute like their daughters and granddaughters.  Where does that leave Elise.  To teenagers, she’s an older woman!  I hope she stays around but have a strong feeling it will be her or Joshua because the teenagers girls don’t seem to b voting for him. If I ruled the world, Hollie would have left wks ago.  She might be btr in time, but not ready yet.

    • It’s been more than a week so you should be over it.  I agree with you that the manner they did the save last week was totally wrong, but why take it out on Jessica? In a sense she too is a victim here because she probably got a lot more haters because of that save. And they didn’t exactly drool over her this week.  If anyone was lavished with the judges’ love, it would be Joshua.

      And surely you exaggerate when you wrote that half the show was dedicated solely to Jessica. half the show/ Like one hour? really? How could they have possibly squeezed in fourteen songs in the show if they did that.

      I have nothing against criticism, but your arguments should at least be truthful.

  13. I think that your poll is not indicative of how it will play out..after all Colton has the biggest fan base via most twitter followers & facebook likes (not to mention the girls make a lot of noise for him) prediction is as follows:
    100% safe=Colton Dixon & Hollie Cavanagh
    middle 3=Elise, Phillip Phillips & Skylar Laine
    bottom3=Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet & one of the middle 3
    Going home will be Jessica Sanchez

      • You are only wishing but none of  your opinions make any sense (Hanzthedancer). Just dance hanz.. lol

    • You are wrong because Jessica got the save the saved person never gets eliminated or put in the bottom three the week after they are saved

      Plus I’m 99% the results last week were rigged so the judges would use the save

    • Firstly, Jessica has more Facebook likes than Colton, 2nd in twitter followers, and by far the moat YouTube views and you put her in the bottom 3 – so make up your mind if your looking at fan bases or your personal liking

  14. I think that your poll is not indicative of how it will play out..after
    all Colton has the biggest fan base via most twitter followers &
    facebook likes (not to mention the girls make a lot of noise for
    him) prediction is as follows:
    100% safe=Colton Dixon & Hollie Cavanagh
    middle 3=Elise, Phillip Phillips & Skylar Laine
    bottom3=Jessica Sanchez, Joshua Ledet & one of the middle 3
    Going home will be Jessica Sanchez
    I predict that the final will be Colton Dixon vs Hollie Cavanagh

      • The difference is my predictions come true…you are like a weather man, your predictions are wrong often!!

    • I bet Colton is in the bottom 3 tonight. I don’t give  a crap who follows him on twitter.

    • Hollie will be eliminated tonight! she’s pretty and that’s it. Her voice is way too pitchy all over. I don’t even know why she’s still in the top7. Randy clearly said that we should vote for the best, and i was thinking that He’s telling that to Hollie. She receives more critics compared to other contestants.  So hollie will go home tonight. 

    • your prediction is 100% right…maybe you did’nt vote last night. too confident enough not to vote for your colton…well sad to say your colton is gone…up next week is your hollie…bye colton

    • Dead wrong on all counts douche-bag! hahahahahaha
      douche-douche! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!

  15. 1.Phillip Phillips
    2.Hollie Cavanagh
    3.Skylar Laine4.Elise
    5.Colton Dixon
    6.Joshua Ledet
    7.Jessica Sanchez

  16. OK.. I really dislike Joshua,  I think Phillip is a stick puppet,  I do like Hollie but let’s face it she is pitchy.    They all need to be bottom three and home.  That leaves Elise, Jessica, Colton and Skyler.
    I think Jessica is a terrific singer but too much like Barbie.    Her voice is so good it disguises her lack of personality.  I really like Colton, I don’t think he is the new American Idol.   I love Elise and Skyler, Elise is so original I’m not sure she really connects to the younger crowd who really control the voting..  She is so special.     Skyler is my second choice and might just have the voting to get it…. If Phillip or Joshua gets it I will not watch another season of Idol

    • I have a feeling you won’t be watching another season. I think Phillip has a pretty decent shot at it.

  17. I wish Elise won’t go home, cause if she does,she won’t have a duet with anyone during the finale. Only the top6 will each have a famous duet partner (like last season). 🙁

  18. Whoever leaves tonight I wish them well and good luck with their futures in music ! Daughtry is playing this Saturday night can’t wait to see him live! I’m so happy he’s coming to NEW YORK !

  19. I really hope that Elise stays, because she deserves to stay.  I love her voice and want to hear more.  Her singing NEVER bores me, actually it inspires me and brings out my emotions.  She gives me the chills when she sings.  I’m amazed at her tone and her talent.  I see that she has a lot of fans on this site….I hope all you fans didn’t give up on her and voted for Elise.  I want to hear from you……

    • Agree 100% She has the most unique voice. Beautiful!! Kinda worried though because I didn’t have any trouble getting through to vote. 🙁

  20. Jessica would make a beautiful model if she loses. Nothing is over for her. She has many options and a lot going for her.

  21. 1.)  Colton  2.)  Skylar  3.)  Elise  4.)  Hollie
    5.) Joshua  6.) Jessica  7.)  Phillip
    That’s how I have ’em ranked… but judging by gut and current trends, my bottom 3 prediction is exactly the same as last week, only Jessica will not be eliminated.  It will either be Elise or Joshua.  Phillip reminds me of Scotty from last season… a “one trick pony.”  But Scotty had voter support and won, which leads me to believe I’m out of touch with “what’s hot” these days!

  22. ALL 7 are fantastic singers and ALL of them will have music careers. Tonight I think Elise goes home.

  23. I wish AI would tell JLO and Randy to stop TELLING America who to vote for. This is the first season that the judges actually told America to vote for someone. JLO has done it too many times this year. She was my favorite judge last year but NOT this year.  I think JLO wants her own show where  SHE is the sole judge and no one votes.

  24. The road to the finale:

    7. Elise
    6. Joshua
    5. Hollie
    4. Skylar
    3. Colton
    2. Phillip or Jessica
    1. Jessica or Phillip

    AI had “MILLIONS” of reasons why the judges’ ONE AND ONLY SAVE was used on Jessica.

    AI is all about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    • we are the same sentiment,that is the road to finale,it’s all about $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    • more like
      7. Jessica
      6. Skylar
      5. Joshua
      4. Philip
      3. Elise
      2. Colton
      1. Hollie

      • Not true as Casey went out at the top 6 stage. The week after he was saved, Thia and Adapo went followed by Pia the next week.


  25. TMZ reporting there is a voting fraud problem that occurred during last night’s AI voting. No indication what producers intend to do.

  26. I think that the only ones that are truly safe are Phillip, Jessica and Colton until the end. I think Sklar or Joshua might be in trouble tonight along with Elise. Holly will skate by tonight but next week she will go. Tonight will probably be Elise but I think it should be Sklar as she isn’t standing out to me. We shall see.

  27. I agree that the bottom three will be Elise, Colton and Joshua. I too think Elise will go home. I love all of them but Jessica and Hollie have always been my favorites. I vote for both of them equally.
    I think all of them are really great. I also think that Skylar may win it all. I have always watched Idol since the beginning. I adore Ryan and all of the judges. Keep bringing Idol back every year please. It is one of the few shows that my husband and I watch together. lol

  28. Elise needs to G-O. Why she has been able to hang around this long with her fake smile, fake voice and nasty attitude is beyond me or anyone I know. I don’t know a single person even rooting for her.

  29. we are the same sentiment,that is the road to finale,it’s all about $$$$$$$$ $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

  30. I’m not active in here anymore because of my working shift…. [too much info]

    Okay, I’m ready for the results later. I hope that my ultimate bet will be safe this week. Go Jessica!

  31. I must say I really enjoyed the show last night. I was kind of debating not watching it after watching the insanity that went on on the Voice this week, but last night was pretty enjoyable. First time in a while I can say that Idol was better than the Voice, it’s normally the other way around.

  32. I just got word that both Jessica and skylar are safe tonight. Not 100% confirmed, but from a very reliable source.

    • There are reports from a reliable source that Jessica got the highest number of votes (way more than the others) from last night’s voting that AI is investigating if there was fraud involved.

      • Probably the folks in the Philippines found a way to circumvent the Facebook log-in so they could vote on-line.

      • i don’t think there was fraud,i watched TFC[the filipino channel] today and i saw  pinoys in the US had lobbied to vote for Jsan and that maybe the result.

  33. My predictions.
    100% Safe
    Jessica-Will be safe as she’s getting the sympathy vote from her save. I will be surprised if she’s in the bottom 3.

    Phil-He had a great night last night and is probably high in voting last night.

    Could be safe, but could be in the bottom.
    Joshua-I’d put him in the bottom, but there’s a chance he won’t be there. If I were deciding then he’d be there, but he might have fans out there that voted hard for him since he was in the bottom last week.

    Skylar- This girl is one hell of a performer.  Though I’m sure she’s running about mid-low level on voting. No matter where she places I think she’ll have a deal of some sort out of this.

    Possibly the bottom 3.
    Hollie- This is one I could possibly switch out with either Joshua or Skylar. She had a good night last night and I’d hate to see her leave after having a good night, but I think she might be more at the high end of the bottom 3 if she’s there.

    Colton-  Didn’t have a great night, so I think he’ll have his first trip to the stools this evening.

    Elise- I think she will be there as she has never been able to establish a connection with the audience which is sad because I think she’s good.

    So who do I think is going home. I think it will come down to between Elise and Colton and I ultimitley think it will be Elise who will be packing her bags, but I could be wrong and it could be Colton, or it could be whoever the third person in the bottom 3 will be (wether it be Hollie or someone else) and either Colton or Elise. I could be wrong in this prediction however I was wrong in my prediction last week.

  34. TMZ reporting there is a voting fraud problem that occurred during last night’s AI voting. No indication what producers intend to do.

  35. TMZ reporting there is a voting fraud problem that occurred during last night’s AI voting. No indication what producers intend to do.

    • I’ve felt that all along. This show just reeks of FRAUD. The fact they brought in a 13th contestant and then had to let him go because they didn’t vett him enough – then Jessica in the bottom 3 last week and J-Lo’s horrific acting job in saving her. Now they’re not scheduled to send home 2 like they’ve done every year that they’ve used the save! They’ve always sent home TWO the week after using the save….something just reeks of FRAUD.

      • If the Filipinos are clever enough to do this, then people from other countries can do the same. It is the producers’ responsibility that voting is fool-proof.

      • why accuse filipinos of that? her fans just voted like crazy, just like what they’ve been  saying this past few days…  because some of them forgot to vote last week.

      • i don’t want to raise the racist issue again but i think you are forcing us, i’m a filipino and if you have nothing good to say please just shut your useless mouth

  36. Are they NOT sending home TWO tonight? They always have in the past when they saved someone – two were sent home the following week. If they’re not sending two home, then this whole thing is FIXED. And they didn’t want to have to send someone home last week because they’d be a week short of shows….This show is just reeking of FRAUD!

    • It is possible that the results are fixed, but it is not because they are not sending home two tonight.  They already sent home 2 in a week when Jermaine was disqualified, so if they want to keep to their schedule, they will be sending home only one finalist tonight.

  37. gotta admit this year is probably the toughest year for the fans as well as the judges, because all the contestants are talented in their on way. lot of talent in this year’s competition, but @ least we the viewers get to a star(s) in the making.

  38. I hate to say this but I have my best of the night singer last night. My ultimate bet did not came out as first in my list. 🙁 

    1. Elise – No one
    2. Jessica – Try a little tenderness
    3. Phil – In the midnight hour

  39. To all Jessica haters , get lost ! Haters! and for sure she will not go home tonight, you will eat what you said, watch and dont close your eyes tonight! 

  40. I don’t know if I can take another week of Jessica! Who picks out her songs, the sandman? She is a boring, bland, predictable, 16 year old choir singer! There are thousands of girls like her throughout the united states. I really don’t understand the infatuation. Please tell her to try something upbeat or go back to the choir!

    • duh? so much jessica hate? afraid your bet will lose to jessica. tsk tsk.

    •  Go ahead my namesake…..spread your hate to Jessica. The more you hate, the more popular she gets! Btw, why don’t you question Jessica’s consistent topping the polls globally conducted by AI?

      If you request her to try more upbeat songs, you’re clamoring for her. Isn’t it obvious that you want to listen to her? She’s gonna go back to the ‘choir’ and Hit Bigtime!

    • wow choir singer? if you are saying that there are thousands of girls throughout the US then why don’t you make your own singing competition then let those girls that you’re talking about to join your contest and haters like you don’t need to be in this site and if jessica is sandman then your a super douche bag

      • Yep, you’re so spot on…. Rick, you are the Ultimate Douche bag! Its usually people like you who doesn’t have an ear for music who makes ridiculously unintelligent  critiques of great singers/artists… I bet you’re a William Hung Fan!

  41. I’m afraid Elise might be the one go go tonight.  Along with Phillip, she has the most unique voice of any of the remaining seven.  Personally, I’m not sure why the judges are so enthused about Skylar.  I’m a country music fan too but don’t see where she’s that great.  She certainly doesn’t compare with Laren Alania from last season.

  42. jessica is amazing!!!!!!!!!!! she just sings the (as randy says) you know what out of a song and every time she sings i always get lost in the song. i love you jessica!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! keeping singing like you do and you will have no problem winning!!!!!! bring all you got!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 yo have a BEA-utiful voice!!!:)

  43. Whatever the results is we should be happy and accept it…for sure  an opportunity is definitely waiting outside the Stage…They will definitely get a record deal…

    • this is not TWILIGHT… there are no teams.. only good/so so voices.. and I HATE Jessica’s voice.. she has no emotions.. and her voice doesn’t have a nice tone

      • Personally, I enjoy Jessica’s voice, and after hearing her version of “Try a Little Tenderness”, I thought Aretha Franklin/Janis Joplin had been reborn in that slight 16-year old body.  Totally amazing to even contemplate.  Of course, Janis would be considered a “screecher” by some of you, and her style is not for everyone.  I still think Jessica is bound for greatness.  Just my opinion, you are all welcome to your own.

      •  There are teams in here! Jessica has a huge fanbase now globally esp what happened last week. Internet/text brigades (if you’re allergic to ‘team’)  were reactivated particularly in CA and NY.

        For every hater of Jessica equals a thousand votes. You can eat your rotten words at the finale!

      • no emotions? her voice doesn’t have a nice tone? what are you talking about are hallucinating?

      • @Sailor Moon.  Believe it or not..the entire frikkin world doesn’t love Jessica’s voice or presentation.   She’s starting to growl like Haley to the point I’m muting her out.  Pick your favorite not somebody elses.

  44. Hollie needs go home tonight!!!! I’m so sick of listening to her singing nasal and pitchy all the time. My ears hurt just listening to her. Sorry guys.

  45. Seems that the poll is reliable. If we think that last week’s elimination is staged, then this poll is still telling what is supposed to be expected. Hollie got 10% just a point over Skylar and Joshua, so that’s explain why Hollie is in the Bottom 3. From there we get the right results.

    I believe that the Tween girls felt the pressure, that from now on everyone will have to vote their butts off for their favorite, and this time they have to split their votes. If we based it on last night’s performances between P2 and Colton, Colton is off, while P2 got it bad 🙂 Therefore, they chose P2 to stay.

    Now, I can see that it is still anybody’s game, p2 may have been the only person to not visit the Stool of Shame, but we still cannot say that he is a shoo-in for the Finale. Especially with outcome like this. We’ll never know. But I have to say, P2 got it all. 🙂

    Just VOTE VOTE VOTE for the right person that will make us proud! Let us have a worthy winner!

    •  I agree with you. It is a disgrace that Colton was eliminated, while several of the others remain.  It is only proves how terrible the Idol voting system is.  BUT – let’s hope that it’s a Philip/Skylar final.  I would like to see Jessica go next since she is so over-rated, and just not as great as we are constantly told.

  46. Really feel bad that Colton have to leave… HOLLIE should be eliminated. She can’t really hit the notes right. She will not be doing justice to American Idol. America, please be fair… there are many candidates BETTER than HOLLIE! Hollie doesn’t deserve the title! 

    • I’m with you @44cc1ff05bd158cdbfeaf038a1516305:disqus !  Hollie should be eliminated…. she really does sing nasal all the time. 

    • Hollie is the best one & deserves the title!  Even if she gets eliminated next week–doesn’t change the face that she is the best one!

  47. Why some people say Elise looks old. She is the only girl who looks and behave like her age, I think the other girls look older compared to their true age.  Holly was a pretty natural teengirl at the audition. But now with her hard mimic and her  make up on the shows she appears as  affected 23old woman. And her voice is also the weakest of all 7. Thats why she should go.

  48. Did not like this week’s results…Colton?? Really? What’s up America?? Damn! Too bad the judges used their save last week…not that I don’t think Jessica deserved it, but still…between the two, in my opinion, Colton is my favorite!

  49. Hollie is a karaoke singer who has no idea how to interpret a song, much less create one of her own. She just sings loud. That’s what she does. That’s all she does.

  50. 3 girls must compete in the finals to assure no  boys this year,Jordin Spark was the last it’s their turn now.
    FTW………………….go go go girls1. Jessica Sanchez2. Elise Testone3 Hollie Cavanagh
    FTE…………………..bottom 3 elimination next week
    1. Skylar Laine
    2. Phillip Phillips
    3.Joshua Ledet

  51. Elise is not too old she is the oldest only among others,.got the looks and the voice also.Always at the bottom3 because of  limited fanbase for her,so still I’m rooting her in the final3 not in the bottom3 followers.I hope some of the fans of Colton Dixon share some votes for her to be included for final girsl3.But the winner should be Jessica Sanchez & Elise Testone 2nd & 3rdly Hollie Cavanagh,just sacrifice some votes for the 3 of them.

  52. RT @JessicaS_AI11: ★ 53,000,000 votes last night … way to go, #JessicaSanchez voters! I haven’t been watching #ai for years, so how does that compare?
    jessicas_ai11about 3 hours ago

  53. about 3 hours ago
    RT @JessicaS_AI11: ★ #KrisAllen reveals that#JessicaSanchez is one of his favs … #AmericanIdol

    ‏ @JesseMcCartney Reply Retweet Favorite · Open
    Just turned on American idol! Whoaaaaa!!! Who is this Jessica Sanchez??? She’s got my VOTE!!! For real! She’s unbelievable!!!
    Retweeted by Jessica Sanchez News
    19 Apr Jessica Sanchez News ‏ @JessicaS_AI11 Reply Retweet Fav

  54. Yo-yo yo I voted for Jessica Sanchez. Tonight 4 calls? And recording kept stating 4! Fraud fraud fraud! REDOBTHE VOTE FOR TONIGHT OR I WILL START CAMPAIGN RIGHT HERE IN EL PASO ON NEWSPAPER FRIENDLY AND I HAVE RECORDING OF YOUR RECORDING CONTESTANT 4over and over and over and OVER 4 times even though my cell showed number 8!

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